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Sicilian Vampire

Sicilian Vampire

Nov. 03, 2015 Canada124 Min.
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8.5 1,851 votes

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James Caan isProfessor Bernard Issaacs
Professor Bernard Issaacs
Daryl Hannah isCarmelina Trafficante
Carmelina Trafficante
Paul Sorvino isJimmy Scambino
Jimmy Scambino
Robert Loggia isSantino Trafficante Sr.
Santino Trafficante Sr.
Robert Davi isBig Sal - The Don
Big Sal - The Don
Eric Roberts isDetective Louis Marshall
Detective Louis Marshall
Tony Nardi isLittle Anthony (Sonny's wise guy)
Little Anthony (Sonny's wise guy)


Equal parts Goodfellas and Dusk till Dawn, Sicilian Vampire tells the story of reputed mobster Sonny Traficante who was hoping to get away to the family hunt lodge for a little rest and relaxation and create some memories. Instead, what he got was a night he will never forget. Once there, Sonny is bitten by a bat released from a container of bananas they brought up to the lodge. The bat takes a vicious bite of Sonny’s neck and then flies off into the night. From that moment on Sonny is entrusted with powers beyond that of any mortal – supersonic hearing, enhanced sight, and superhuman strength – even the ability to speak to the dead. Because of these heightened senses Sonny now feels a responsibility to right the wrongs in his life, and protect those he loves. At first, he resists these new found powers but in the end he welcomes his fate.

Original titleSicilian Vampire
IMDb Rating8.3 8,388 votes
TMDb Rating2 2 votes

(47) comments

  • dd_4October 13, 2015Reply


    I had the misfortune of seeing this film when I was in California last
    month attending the Action On Film Festival. The plot, editing, music
    and overall look of this movie were terrible. I realize not every film-
    maker has an unlimited budget but this was limited in every way
    possible. I do wonder if it was filmed with an iPhone or if the DP was
    visually impaired. The ‘star’ Frank D’Angelo (who is also credited on
    almost every other role from writer, director, soundtrack etc.), sadly
    is none of those things. He seems to have a knack of hiring actors
    whose stars have faded and do not care if being in this film
    extinguishes their flame for good. In a nutshell, the film is just bad.
    Not ‘so bad it’s good bad’ but just plain bad. Those of us in
    attendance at the screening kept trying to muffle our laughter as this
    Mafia don is attacked by a vampire bat that had snuck it’s way into a
    banana crate. I would suggest you save yourself the misery we endured
    and steer well clear of this mess.

  • Jovy BautistaOctober 26, 2015Reply

    Surprisingly great movie – well worth the watch!

    I also happened to catch the much touted Sicilian Vampire movie at the
    Action on Film Festival, I was expecting another typical vampire movie,
    but I was pleasantly surprised. This was a thriller of a movie for
    adults with great actors that I grew up with. Not only did I enjoy the
    story, but there was a rarity of comic relief scattered within the film
    which you rarely find in these types of movies. James Caan was
    excellent and very funny in several scenes. I did not know he could be
    such a comedic actor, since everything I have seen him in has been
    dramatic roles. I love Darryl Hanna as an actress and since I have not
    seen her in many movies lately, it was wonderful to see her on the big
    screen again. She played the character of Carmelina, the wife a mafia
    don perfectly to complement Frank D’Angelo’s character of Santino,
    which he also did an amazing job. Other great performances that cannot
    go unnoticed were by Robert Davi and Paul Sorvino, two incredible
    actors. Overall, I truly enjoyed the film, it was well worth it.

  • mikekornOctober 29, 2015Reply


    I love Indi films for the simple reason that they are more raw and
    truthful without all that Hollywood glossiness. Sicilian Vampire has
    great a rawness and reality feel that immerses you right into the
    movie. The story is not overwhelming but it takes it to a level of
    reality unseen before in a vampire movie. The director creates
    scenarios where you get absorbed with the characters so that you’re
    there every step of the way with them. The cast is unbelievable for an
    Indi film which already tells you something. Actors are looking to do
    something different every once in a while so they can flex their acting
    chops, and they certainly do that with this film. James Caan, Daryl
    Hannah, Paul Sorvino, Robert Loggia, Armand Assante, Robert Davi,
    Michael Paré, Eric Roberts, Daniel Baldwin, Frank D’Angelo…what a cast!

  • ambert-79808October 31, 2015Reply

    I have seen better film on teeth

    I was also one of the unlucky ones who saw this film at the Action On
    Film Fest. It has to be THE worst movie ever made (until Mr. D’Angelo
    makes another one). The actors all looked throughly embarrassed to be
    involved in this disaster that makes ‘The Room’ look like ‘Citizen
    Kane’. I can only imagine that hiring actors who have exceeded their
    ‘best before date’ saves money and that certainly shows but the worst
    actor in this movie is the star of the film, Frank D’Angelo. We are
    supposed to believe that he is some mafia don who can throw down with
    the toughest guys on the block? Beating up guys in a nightclub who are
    twice his size and half his age. On an interesting note, I also noticed
    that the review by user mikekorn misspells Daryl Hannah’s name the same
    way it was misspelled on the film’s YouTube trailer. Coincidence? I am
    not sure who the filmmakers are trying to fool but trust me, stay away
    from this steaming pile as if your life depended on it.

  • michaellodiNovember 9, 2015Reply

    Fantastic movie!

    I had a chance to see Sicilian Vampire at The Big Apple Film Festival
    in New York and it exceeded every expectation that I had. This is a
    modern day Goodfellas with a twist. If you like wise guy films then
    you’ll love this flick because it takes mob films to a whole new level.
    The acting and the story were superb, as real as it gets without a lot
    of violence. The casting of the actors is spot on with Robert Davi,
    Paul Sorvino and others. The theatre was packed and at the end it
    received a standing ovation, so anyone who says that this movie is not
    good or not worth watching, then they have not seen the movie or are
    outright liars. The straight goods from a fellow New Yorker.

  • John MarxNovember 9, 2015Reply

    One of the great mob movies!

    I also caught this movie at The Big Apple Film Festival in New York, I
    loved it. It sucked me right into it, no pun intended. I was absorbed
    with the great cast and how we’ll the acting was. It feels like these
    guys really lived the wise guy life. Never mind Sopranos, although it
    was great series, but this movie is more gritty, more lifelike. The way
    the director shot it, it makes you feel like you’re right in the room
    with the characters, like a fly on the wall. It was a really great
    experience for the entire audience. Sicilian Vampire is certain to
    become part of the repertoire of classic mob movies. If you get a
    chance, see it, I highly recommend it.

  • marywilNovember 12, 2015Reply

    Amazing Movie! Unfair Review in Vanity Fair!!!

    I travelled to New York for a weekend of shopping and dining with three
    girlfriends! Our annual getaway and while there our timing could not
    have been any better! While reading The New York Times I saw an ad
    about the screening of Sicilian Vampire! A fellow Canadian! D’Angelo is
    a producer and myself and my girlfriends are huge movie buffs and were
    familiar with D’Angelo and his films so of course we were excited to be
    in town for the screening!! We went and we had such an amazing time!
    The theatre was packed full of people and the atmosphere was terrific!
    The movie was fantastic and we felt a sense of pride being Canadian and
    watching the work of a fellow Canadian and with such success and
    enthusiasm, it was clear all in attendance were impressed by the
    feature and truly enjoyed the movie. Everyone laughed at just the right
    moment, were slightly jumpy at another and the film was just great! I
    felt as though everyone left with the same over all consensus that it
    was just a pretty awesome film! Which brings me to the Vanity Fair
    Article I read! I truly hated this review of Sicilian Vampire! I felt
    it was vindictive and set forth with a malicious intent that was
    unfair! The Author spoke of the film being amateur! The only thing
    amateur was this author’s subpar writing and largely inaccurate review
    of a film that was far beyond anything amateur. It was well directed
    and portrayed. I was truly stunned by this review that I came to find
    in sheer coincidence. The review itself felt as though the Author may
    have had some sort of hidden agenda, while my initial reaction was that
    there was no way this Critic was in the same theatre as the entire
    crowd that loved Sicilian Vampire where myself and three friends
    watched with much pleasure. Clearly this person was mistaken and
    watching some other movie other than Sicilian Vampire!! I suggest you
    re watch this film and anyone who hasn’t seen it, should ignore that
    profoundly Falsified review and see it for yourself! You won’t be

  • mauricemidgleyNovember 15, 2015Reply

    Excellent, keep up the great work!

    I saw an ad in The New York post for this film Sicilian Vampire, it
    attracted my attention because it was featuring James Caan. Since he is
    one of my favorite actors and the film was only being shown for one
    night, I thought I’d take my girlfriend out for dinner and a movie. I
    did not know what to expect but with its all-star cast, I figured let’s
    take a chance. Every time I go with my gut feel I always end up right
    and with this movie it was worth the night. We had a great time and we
    even had a chance to meet the director and Phil Esposito. James Caan
    was great, in fact he was hilarious at times. I can see why he did this
    movie, it’s not a typical Hollywood film, it’s an Indi film and just
    like Indi music, it’s more edgy. I thought James was great, then a few
    days later I saw a Vanity Fair article questioning why James Caan took
    the part in the movie. Clearly the writer of the article is not a great
    fan of Indi films or he has an agenda because everyone in the theatre
    that night loved the film. Critics do just that, they criticize, most
    of them never produced or directed a film in their lives and most of
    the times they just don’t get it right.

  • thomastankengine-79185January 26, 2016Reply

    My Film Class Loved It!

    Remember when Robert Downey Jr.’s character in ‘Tropic Thunder’ said
    ”Never Go Full D’Angelo”? Well, this movie definitely goes full
    D’Angelo! I attend a film class for the cerebrally challenged, and
    we’ve studied the classics. Leonard Part VI, Ishtar, Gigli, Master of
    Disguise. We know them all inside and out. And this barely literate C+
    student is proud to say that me and my fellow retards absolutely LOVED
    Sicilian Vampire! We saw it in Plattsville Family Fun Time Cinemas, a
    matinée showing. And it didn’t take long for things to get crazy! My
    classmates, Shy Pete and Mumbles, got kicked out because they could not
    contain their excitement when Paul Sorvino appeared. Skipper Terry, who
    is known for always wearing a big blue hockey helmet, he loved the Just
    a Gigolo cover that randomly took place without warning. Me? I liked
    the generous cursing, the use of the banana crate, and the complete
    lack of a script. It was really cool to see the old guy, who was from
    Elf, in the few scenes in which he appeared. My teacher, Professor
    Timothy R. Masters III, he kept taking drinks of his awful smelling
    medicine that makes him walk wobbly, quietly sobbing, and saying ”three
    years at Juillard…..three years at Juillard!.” So if you are ready
    for something completely outside the ordinary, my classmates and I
    recommend Sicilian Vampire! Hey! Maybe he can make a film about my
    class next! I know just the role for him!

  • Wes PrattFebruary 28, 2016Reply

    Drink up D’Angelo, you truly are the king of kings

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Karole SheadMarch 1, 2016Reply

    Great job – Four stars!

    This movie is an interesting take on the typical mobster movie. In the
    film, Santo Trafficante, is a mobster who in addition to being in the
    middle of an impending gang war, is bitten by a vampire bat and finds
    himself capable of superhuman abilities. Though this may seem like a
    bit of an odd blend of genres – mobster meets horror – it comes
    together quite seamlessly, and makes for a great movie to watch.
    There’s a little bit of all everything – action, drama, horror, some
    comedy, all tied together with some great acting from James Caan, Daryl
    Hannah, Robert Loggia, Armand Assante, Robert Davi and more. Not too
    shabby for an indie movie filmed in small-town Ontario!

  • roseannaalvidrezMarch 1, 2016Reply

    Worth a watch!

    My boyfriend is a huge fan of gangster films and asked me to see
    Sicilian Vampire at Colossus Vaughan Cineplex last weekend. He was
    really interested in seeing The Godfather’s James Caan in an indie,
    Canadian film. The premise seemed different than other mob movies I’ve
    seen – especially with the vampire element to it – but I thought, why
    not! I was pleasantly surprised with it and was immediately sucked
    right in. It combines elements of the great mob movies with the
    fast-paced and hard-hitting action of a thriller. It also delves much
    deeper, as you really begin to sympathize with protagonist, and
    lead-gangster Santino Trafficante’s goal to protect his family.
    Definitely worth a watch!

  • Rick LiberatoMarch 1, 2016Reply

    If you like mobster movies, then you’ll enjoy this one!

    I enjoyed this movie, but I’m also into the mob and old-time gangsters.
    It really is a must-see for anyone who is into mob movies or even a
    good story line with lots of action. What I really enjoyed though, was
    the cleaver jokes and witty-banter interspersed within the film, which
    offers a nice break from all the action and drama. In addition to the
    storyline and all the action, the all-star the cast really made the
    movie. James Caan, Daryl Hannah, Paul Sorvino, Robert Loggia, Armand
    Assante, Robert Davi, Daniel Baldwin, and of course, Frank D’Angelo all
    did a brilliant job all the way throughout. I didn’t expect this to be
    one of those films that I didn’t want to end, but it definitely was.
    Give it a shot – you’ll enjoy it.

  • michloganMarch 3, 2016Reply


    Caught this movie in theaters and didn’t know what to expect but this
    film was highly enjoyable. I loved the cast! Haven’t seen some of these
    Actors in a while and it was pretty neat to see them back up on the big
    screen! I liked the story line very much. It showed a very soft side to
    D’Angelo who always seems to play the tougher mobster type of roles.
    Showed a family side to him that was very believable and refreshing.
    This showed a true range for D’Angelo within his acting. Caan, Sorvino
    and Baldwin did not disappoint! I even enjoyed the soundtrack to this
    movie and didn’t realize D’Angelo was so multifaceted! Hannah is still
    gorgeous and a sight to see on the big screen. This film was small but
    mighty in my opinion. Two thumbs up.

  • cathiepuskarMarch 3, 2016Reply

    This movie isn’t one to be missed

    I just watched this movie in theatres and loved it. It was much better
    than I expected it to be. It’s filled with tons of action from start to
    finish and each of the cast members played their roles really well.
    There were a few gruesome scenes, which is expected from a mobster and
    horror movie, but there were also some pretty hilarious one-liners and
    wise-guy cracks. It was just a great mix overall. Also, I love the fact
    that the film is Canadian made, filmed in Canada and written and
    directed by Canadian, Frank D’Angelo. So I’m more than happy to go out
    and support Canadian cinema! Overall, this movie isn’t one to be

  • George BrzozowskiMarch 3, 2016Reply

    A must see!

    This movie has everything you could ask for and is the perfect blend of
    an action-packed emotional thrill ride and suspense-filled crime movie.
    There are just enough instances of pleasant surprises and feel-good
    moments even within the dark vampire undertone. I felt glued to my seat
    in the theatre throughout the entire movie and I didn’t want it to end.
    The cast is filled classic actors such as James Caan, Robert Davi, Paul
    Sorvino, Daryl Hannah, Eric Roberts, and Daniel Baldwin who have been
    in similar types of movies which really added to the overall feel of
    the film. This is a Quentin Tarantino type film made by non other than
    a Canadian. Go see it, you will love it.

  • kyliedogsMarch 3, 2016Reply

    So Proud of this Canadian Film

    I just went to the Theatre to watch this film with a bunch of friends
    over the past weekend! It was awesome! We all really enjoyed it. I am a
    huge supporter of Canadian Film – partly because Im an avid movie buff
    and because im a film major. What a delightfully scary, humorous film.
    I enjoyed the story and the slight variance of traditional Vampire
    themes meets new age additions that gave for a softer side to such a
    dark theme. Nice to see some older classic actors still doing their
    thing. The film was dark, humorous with a loving undetone. We laughed,
    we jumped and then we cried. All in all, my entire group of friends
    enjoyed this film.

  • taymichael-30323March 3, 2016Reply

    Brilliant and Interesting

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Brittni AhnMarch 3, 2016Reply

    Get some popcorn and enjoy!

    I saw the trailer for Sicilian Vampire and thought I’d give it a chance
    at the Vaughan theatre since it’s close to my house. The story had
    enough meat for me to chew and I was totally hooked once the I saw the
    scene where the main character Sonny Traficante gets bitten. I couldn’t
    wait to see how far he could take is vampire abilities! In terms of
    casting, I was super intrigued by the ensemble cast which made me
    reminiscent of some of the classics like The Godfather, Goodfella’s and
    so on. All in all, it was a fun film, had thrilling moments that kept
    me entertained. I recommend watching it. This is definitely a classic
    so get some popcorn and enjoy it!

  • jpeterson-32386March 3, 2016Reply

    cool flick

    What can I say, this flick was pretty awesome. It had all the
    ingredients for a great vampire themed movie. Me and my lady enjoyed it
    very much! It was pretty great to have caught this film in the theatre
    as it just needed to be played on the big screen! I liked the vast
    group of Actors that come from all various types of films! And all
    characters were just so convincing and genuine! My girlfriend loved the
    music and the loving relationships between family members. I think
    Canadian films are highly profitable, well done and well written and
    this was clearly one of those. Im a huge supporter of independent film
    and proud to support such a terrific film. Well done

  • Tandra KaselMarch 9, 2016Reply

    Just brilliant!

    I was waiting for this movie ever since the story broke that James Caan
    dropped out of a television series to take a part in it. I thought this
    has to be a great movie for an actor like James Caan to drop a series
    for it. Finally it came to the Vaughan Cinemas on a limited engagement.
    So we went the very first night. The theatre was a buzz with suspense
    and then it started and it literally sucked me and my friend it from
    the first scene. No pun intended. We were mesmerized with the big
    visuals and the big music. Every scene kept us on the edge of our seats
    as the story unfolded. The entire audience fell into the spell of this
    cinematic mastery as the director took us on a journey into the life of
    a mobster struggling with anxiety and anguish. This is a brilliant
    film, if I did not know better I would have thought that it was
    directed by Tarantino. I enjoyed it thoroughly, nice work Frank

  • regenavillafanaMarch 9, 2016Reply


    I’m a big fan of Frank D’Angelo’s work. I’ve seen the majority of his
    movies, watched his late night show and enjoy his music, so watching
    Sicilian Vampire was a no brainer. This movie, like other D’Angelo
    films, definitely delivered and I thought it was just awesome. The
    whole vampire storyline really had me hooked and I couldn’t wait to see
    what the main character could do with his new super-human powers once
    he was bitten. And even though the movie is filled with lots of action,
    gore and some suspense, it does have a human element to it with the
    ”family is everything” subplot especially with the main character’s
    desire to protect his daughter. Overall, it was a well-rounded film,
    and really enjoyable. I can’t wait to watch the next D’Angelo flick!

  • Tony HarrisMarch 12, 2016Reply

    I highly recommend it

    Just watched it at Landmark Cinemas in Whitby. Sicilian Vampire is a
    hit for me. A nice and refreshing change from the typical mobster movie
    with an interesting blend of gangster vs. vampire really makes the
    movie fall into a genre on to itself. This film proves that a good
    story and script can really make a great movie as the dialogue and
    storyline were fantastic. It will totally leave you absolutely
    speechless by the end. And, unlike so many big Hollywood films, this
    was shot locally and completely independent. Keeping that in mind as I
    was watching it made it all the more enjoyable as it added a
    down-to-earth, ‘real’ feel to it. So, if you’re into movies that have
    been well thought out, with some great acting by some true legends,
    then I highly recommend this one. I hope to see more from D’Angelo in
    the future!

  • houstoncowartMarch 13, 2016Reply

    A nice pleasant surprise!

    I saw an ad in the Ottawa Citizen for Sicilian Vampire, and since I
    love vampire and zombie movies this was right up my alley. I had no
    idea what to expect so I looked online and watched the trailer and that
    clinched it for me. I made up my mind I was going to head to Kanata and
    watch it, so I invited a friend to come with me, she was skeptical
    because she hates horror films but with a little convincing she agreed.
    Anyway we get to the theatre and the movie starts with big scenery
    shots and upbeat music, and then we get introduced to a fabulous cast
    of actors who I remember from so many great movies but have not seen in
    a while and it was just a great experience. I was pleasantly surprised
    that it was not a Dracula or werewolf type movie and took the vampire
    story to another level. At the end my friend and I could not stop
    talking about the film, the characters, the story, and there was not
    too much gore. I love movies that when you leave the theatre make you
    think that was all worth it.

  • baylonjolynnMarch 13, 2016Reply

    One of the best Vampire films!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Lukas StrautinsMarch 16, 2016Reply

    If you enjoyed this…

    If you enjoyed this, you must be high on bath salts.

    11 million budget?? Jesus Christ, I’ll put down that the cast received
    10 of those to remotely tolerate this horse s$#%. In what
    calamity-ridden dimension would one need to exist in where it’s okay
    for this travesty against cinema and humanity as a whole, be allowed to
    be created? The shear fact that this exists raises far more questions
    about the world than it answers. It’s like saying Donald Trump is a
    pretty reasonable, humble and all-caring guy.

    Thank you IMDb for forcing me to write at least 10 lines for a review.
    I would’ve stopped with one line, but you’ve given me the opportunity
    to avoid a therapist.

    For shame.

    PS. what the f&$% is a ”D’Angelo fan”?? Unless you are talking about
    the musician, these are mythical creatures that only manifest in the
    ”Writer/Director/Executive Producer/”Actor”/Music By”’s twisted mind.

  • ahmedlink-76502March 20, 2016Reply

    The best movie experience ever!

    I watched Sicilian Vampire at the Landmark Theatre in St. Catharines on
    Friday night with my wife and it was and awesome experience. But it did
    not start that way because we were running late. As we arrived we
    noticed that there was a red carpet into the theatre, we did not think
    too much of it because the movie was about to start so we rushed right
    in to the theatre. As we sat down the movie started playing and it was
    intense with the music and scenery. Big sound, big visuals of the city
    just beautifully shot. Overall I thought the movie was very skillfully
    written and the acting was superb with a cast of real notable actors.
    There were some very dramatic scenes and some really hilarious scenes
    especially with James Caan. As the movie played the entire audience was
    engulfed in the moment, hanging on every word with gasps and laughter
    at the appropriate times. It was a real enjoyable movie, the saddest
    thing about the movie was the ending, because we did not want it to
    end. But as it ended there was a thunder of ovation from the audience
    and cheers. Then to our surprise a few people from the audience stood
    up and walked to the front of the theatre, apparently they were some of
    the actors from the movie. Now we realized why there was the red carpet
    outside, this topped off a great evening. The actors were there
    watching the movie with us and then we asked them questions about their
    experience in making the movie. They were amazing, they answered every
    question and were very appreciative that we all enjoyed the film.
    Needless to say this was one of the best movie experiences of our

  • cultfilmfanMarch 25, 2016Reply

    Sicilian Vampire

    How could any fan of cult films pass up the new film, Sicilian Vampire
    which is said to be a mix of Goodfellas meets From Dusk Till Dawn? Even
    more interesting is the film’s auteur itself, Frank D’Angelo, who
    before becoming involved in the entertainment industry was mostly known
    as a business mogul with his food and beverage brands and over the
    years now his fairly successful music, his late night talk show The
    Being Frank Show and now a series of films that he has all written,
    directed and acted in himself as well as doing a host of other
    technical and other things behind these films. I first found out about
    Sicilian Vampire, this past Summer and Fall as late one Friday night, I
    stumbled across The Being Frank Show on television and something
    compelled me to watch it. Week after week I would tune in and to say I
    wasn’t intrigued by this program and by D’Angelo himself would be a
    lie. At that time he was promoting his newest film, No Deposit and then
    within a very short couple of months, you would every Friday night see
    trailers and music videos for his newest venture, Sicilian Vampire. The
    film looked like it would be a fun time out at the movies, but I was
    curious whether D’Angelo could make a film of any decent quality, or
    even if one of his films would come to my local theatre seeing as it
    only gets big budget mainstream titles. To my surprise my local theatre
    got Sicilian Vampire, and even had a red carpet premiere which to my
    understanding, even had D’Angelo there himself. On it’s last night of
    playing in my city I and some others went to see this film in large
    part because of sheer curiosity for the reasons mentioned above and to
    see where and how this film would turn out. To my great astonishment,
    call me pleasantly surprised. When the film first started out, I really
    didn’t think it would be my thing as the characters seemed obnoxious to
    me and the overabundance of swearing by pretty much all the characters
    on the screen was a major turn off. I kept patient with the film
    however and thankfully after the first little bit the film got a lot
    better and while there was still language in the film, it was not as
    pervasive and the characters were not as obnoxious as when the film
    started. Keeping all this in hindsight, I can now see why the film
    decided to do that because I think in a sense it was foreshadowing both
    to what these characters were and are like and to also show changes for
    them and through them throughout the film as well as establishing the
    kind of tough guy characters they tried to live and swearing just
    happened to go with it, but as I said the characters and the language
    did tend to improve greatly after awhile. The film was going to be a
    film that I thought would fall into the category that it would be so
    bad that it was good much like, say an Ed Wood film, or even the recent
    Sharknado pictures which have become so popular. I know that I will be
    going out on a limb by saying this and that many if not most people
    will not agree with me and my statement, but I personally loved this
    film and it was an extremely entertaining time out at the movies and
    certainly one of my most beloved times out at the theatre this year.
    Yes, there were certain things in the film that didn’t always work, but
    on the plus side, most things did work and quite well. I liked how
    humour was thrown into the film as a good mixture and while not all the
    jokes worked, most of them did and gave the film a lighter and more
    playful feel at times. The actors (some of which I have not seen in a
    film in ages, or perhaps ever) all held their own pretty well and while
    they are not Oscar worthy performances, they still carry the film all
    their own and the characters seem real and not just bad stereotypes or
    caricatures from a B movie. The film successfully mixed both elements
    from a gangster film and also the more Gothic/horror aspects of the
    film quite well and in the long run I was deeply intrigued the whole
    way through. Some parts of the film were a bit campy, or over the top,
    but I loved that about the film because again it was showing a playful
    side and wanted to have fun with the audience and this is a film that
    had the lights been on in the theatre during the course of the film
    that you would have seen me with a big smile on my face. So it turns
    out that D’Angelo knows full well how to market his food brands as well
    as sing and most importantly here, make films. And while this film will
    not appeal to everyone and probably the majority of the film-goers who
    go to see this will think it nothing more than a glamorized B movie, I
    fall in the other category as I loved this film as much was possible
    which turned out to be a lot in this case and I would say that this
    film and D’Angelo showed much potential and if anything he does comes
    this way again, I will be sure to see it. Also please keep in mind that
    my alias is ”cultfilmfan” and if you are not a fan of such films then
    you should look elsewhere, but this was definitely my cup of tea and a
    film that was a pleasure and a joy for anyone who likes offbeat and
    skewered films that actually shows more talent than what they think.

  • originaldatamanApril 17, 2016Reply

    Oh, The Humanity!!!

    I had never witnessed anything crash and burn like the Hindenburg till
    I saw Sicilian Vampire. In trying to emulate Goodfellas and Dusk till
    Dawn this ‘film’ is reminiscent of neither and really shouldn’t be
    mentioned in the same sentence (paragraph, galaxy.) I only spoke to two
    of the other four people who comprised our audience and they also
    thought it was hilarious. So if your tastes lend themselves to hordes
    of washed-up gangster types with limited language skills F***ing this
    and F***ing that through some sort of incomprehensible bad guy
    redemption tale then this baby’s for you. Seeing as we viewed this
    ‘film’ fifty miles from the star’s home town our biggest fear which
    grew with each belly laugh was that he would be in the lobby to greet
    us as we tried to escape. Oh and Daryl Hannah in the Elvira Mistress of
    The Dark wig… priceless. In summation, should this turkey gobble into
    your local film emporium by all means go. I mean, wooden acting,
    idiotic F***ing dialog, washed up movie mafioso’s you thought died
    years ago and Daryl Hannah as Elvira, where else ya gonna get that for
    eight F***ing bucks? Exquisitely bad.

  • Pat MacDonaldJune 4, 2016Reply

    Loved it, a film not to be missed!

    I have been waiting to watch this movie as I heard so much about it.
    Now I just watched it on Rogers On Demand and I must say that I was not
    disappointed. Great, great movie. We’re all familiar with vampire
    movies, but this film takes the vampire genre into an unexpected place,
    which is very refreshing. The mob family element added to the story is
    a smart and clever twist and the cast play the characters so good that
    you’d think they are real mobsters and we’re just dropping in to take a
    peek at their lives. This is definitely one of the best vampire movies
    I’ve seen. Beautifully shot and directed with a great cast of fantastic
    actors, this film is a must see.

  • sarahJune 5, 2016Reply

    relentlessly awful

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • itschner-24305June 6, 2016Reply

    awful waste of time ~Maybe~ a spoiler or just an accurate description

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dave GallantJune 8, 2016Reply

    Very cool movie!

    Just downloaded Sicilian Vampire on iTunes. I heard a lot of positive
    reviews and some negative reviews about the film so I wanted to see it
    for myself and be the judge. So here goes. Great story with an
    unexpected twist, superb casting. James Caan, Robert Davi, Paul Sorvino
    were at their best. I was also pleasantly surprised to see George
    Chuvalo and Phil Esposito in the film. And not to mention an
    unexpectedly great performance from Frank D’Angelo. The film felt
    realistic and down to earth and a little edgy like a Pulp Fiction.
    Really cool special effects, with even cooler music tracks to
    complement the cinematography and story line. If you get a chance
    download it. I Loved it and will see it again.

  • Philip MartinezJune 11, 2016Reply

    Really enjoyed it!

    As soon as I saw Sicilian Vampire as a new release on BellTV I had to
    watch it, and I’m glad I did. We saw it twice in a 24hr period and we
    enjoyed it even more the second time because we picked up things we
    missed the first time. The cast is spot on, whoever casted the movie
    really did a good job, they picked the right actors for each character.
    The acting was fantastic which is expected from seasoned actors, but
    the characters they played really had an impact on how good the overall
    story and film played out. I believe the basis of any good movie is a
    solid story and script and this has both. This film kept me riveted and
    interested for the entire two hours without missing a beat. Totally
    recommend it.

  • a9valentineJune 25, 2016Reply

    one of the worst mobster and worst vampire movies ever. its a double header

    Jesus Christ who gives this guy money to make movies? And then to add
    insult he makes himself the lead. This guy so wants to be a star and
    even a name. But surrounding yourself with names isn’t going to make
    you one. He has no sense of pacing. No sense of storytelling. Almost an
    hour into the movie there is still no vampire action.This director cant
    even execute a comedic beat or a dramatic one. I feel bad for the real
    actors in this movie that had to put up with this joker. I don’t know
    how anyone that knows anything about film making would like this movie.
    And i see no entertainment value in this unless it is to laugh at how
    bad it is. But it could be studied on how not to make a movie. And it
    could be studied on how to get away with making a bad movie.

  • hamsamichJune 28, 2016Reply

    Not Good

    There is no way this movie should be an 8.8!!! Scarface, Goodfellas,
    Casino, Godfather this is NOT. Not even close. Mildly entertaining, and
    hey, I like cheesy stuff at times. But this just didn’t fit the bill.
    Supertroopers is a cult classic worth its weight in gold, not this
    spoofish attempt at combining gangster with vampire. Somewhat
    entertaining but don’t expect 8.8 performance, which this was when I
    reviewed this. I was reading some of the reviews and the more I read
    the positive ones, the more fake they looked. Proceed with caution.
    Needs work, but has some pretty darn good actors in it who are not near
    their best. James Caan was believable but he must have been laughing to
    himself the whole time at the cheese in the dialogue. Maybe they should
    have went one way or the other because it seems to be trapped in limbo
    between cheese and serious. More like Meatballs 2 meets dusk till dawn
    6, if there was one.

    Oh, and Eric Roberts’ dialogue was so bad, it was obvious they put him
    and his partner in the show as cops just to try to be ”realistic”. What
    I mean to say is, obviously there must be cops around since the main
    characters are gangsters. But whoever wrote his lines and scenes, it
    was so awkward!

    Oh and if you don’t think the reviews are fake, look at how many times
    the negative reviews were found ”helpful”. Any negative review has
    about 700 not helpful votes and about 12 helpful votes. Look at other
    movies and you will see this isn’t the case. A group of people
    connected to this movie somehow are going thru and ummm, ”voting”.
    Ahem. Also, the positive reviews seem pretty similar in format, always
    a 9 or maybe an 8 trying to look like a real review by not giving it a
    10, sometimes a weak attempt in the write-up to give a small con, kinda
    like a job interviewer attempting to give one small weakness to make
    him/her look good…..sad.

  • Jonathon ReyesJune 29, 2016Reply

    One of my all time favorites!

    I just watched Sicilian Vampire on Google Play – finally a movie that
    does not suck. I truly enjoyed this film. I am a vampire movie freak
    and this is certainly one of the best I’ve seen to date. A real good
    story with plenty of action and not a lot of blood and gore. Very well
    thought out plot with a great cast of characters. It’s finally great to
    see a director that breaks out of the box and does not use an old
    formula used over and over again for vampire movies. This movie stands
    in a class all by itself and is destined to be one of the greats. I
    highly recommend this movie as a top shelf favorite. Watch it if you
    get a chance, you will not be disappointed.

  • Sara MendozaJune 30, 2016Reply

    Just beautiful!

    I am new to IMDb and this is my first post. I signed up because I want
    everyone to know about this great film. A friend of mind told about how
    good the movie Sicilian Vampire was, so I searched it out and found it
    on Amazon instant video. After seeing the film, and how good it was, I
    had to share my excitement for this beautiful piece of work. I loved
    every aspect of the film, the story, the direction, the cinematography,
    the wonderful cast and last but not least the music was amazing. This
    is a gem of a movie that is certainly developing a following as more
    and more people discover it. If you get a chance to watch it, do it!
    I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

  • Jayson PaulinoJuly 1, 2016Reply

    Very Impressed!

    I just finished watching this film at on iTunes, and it was nothing
    like I expected. Very little gore, with a cool and somehow likable main
    character. Frank D’Angelo gives an outstanding performance as Santino
    the main character. James Caan is terrific as Professor Bernard
    Issaacs. I was also impressed by Paul Sorvino and Robert Davi with the
    portrayal of their characters as mob bosses. The film takes a modern
    story of crime and gangsters and adds a Vampire twist to it which makes
    it a very interesting piece of work. The film also brings forward the
    concept of an existing underworld or afterlife as expressed with scenes
    of Sonny communicating with his father. If you’re looking for a total
    horror movie, this is not it. This is drama with elements of suspense,
    mystery and crime and there are only a few gruesome scenes in the film
    compared to typical Vampire films. If you like vampires as ordinary
    heroes — and not the fangy or sparkly kind – you’ll enjoy it this
    movie immensely.

  • Chad AnchetaAugust 14, 2016Reply

    A gem – a rare find!

    Good movies about mobsters are fairly rare. How many have come out
    since ”Goodfellas” appeared 25 years ago? So it’s a pleasant surprise
    to see a good mob movie like ”Sicilian Vampire”. This is an example of
    fine film making and storytelling. In the realm of great directors,
    Frank D’Angelo hits it out of the park with this movie. When it comes
    to gangsters and vampires, this film is now certainly up there as one
    of my all-time favorites. Sicilian Vampire is a depiction of a modern
    mobster family. By telling the story through the eyes of the main
    character the movie grounds itself in a measure of realism, stripping
    away a great deal of unnecessary cheap delight.

    A solid cast of actors that deliver some of the best performances of
    their lives. And a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat and
    won’t let go with some very interesting effects and several superb
    well-handled action sequences. A film not to be missed, I highly
    recommend it.

  • jimboba-1September 10, 2016Reply

    Give me back my time please.

    Some good cameos – James Cann in particular – other than that, I cannot
    see how the positive reviews of this film can stand. Truly dire film on
    all levels – (some of the) acting, script, plot, editing, music, etc.
    It felt like a ‘favour’ movie where most of the cast pitched up for an
    hour or two to do their bit then it was all stitched together in to
    something that lasted as long as a feature film.

    I kept watching hoping for the gags to come because that’s what this
    film needed to give it any saving grace – make it a comedy because
    that’s all that would save it. (Made in 2015? I paused the film to
    double check this – it felt like early 80s on a shoestring+favours.)

  • opinionated-alchemistSeptember 11, 2016Reply

    This might be the most boring vampire movie to date…

    I was intrigued by the surprisingly great ratings. And the cast is
    absolutely stunning. This movie seems like the ”Expendables” of Italo-

    It surprised me then, that the movie was incredible boring…
    repetitive, slow pace… not horror at all, no real drama, no real
    backstories – not thriller. The screen play definitely focuses on style
    over substance. Maybe it is because I am usually not enjoying mafia
    movies- but there are for sure so many more better mafia movies around.

    The whole vampire thing is also very understated. The vampire related
    weaknesses are inconsistent at best… I actually like the portrayal of
    a un-stereotypical vampire… but here it isn’t characterized – but
    just hinted – and as said inconsistent.

    Even the end, is rather annoying than unsettling… and brings up the
    ”wrong” questions. Maybe the real issue is, that the movie doesn’t
    bother to show any inner conflict of the ”vampire”.

  • johnzelzerSeptember 20, 2016Reply

    Eternally Bad

    I love the premise and wanted to like this movie, but OUCH! it was
    painful to watch. They attempted to have ”real dialogue” which just
    ended up being boring repetitive scenes that were less real than
    contrived reality TV and with less charm. This movie was basically a
    porno without any sex scenes. The 8.6 stars it received on IMDb has me
    questioning the site’s rating system and I suspect the movie creators
    have fluffed the score by getting everyone from the main actors down to
    the key grip to add false reviews. I gave it an extra star for the
    concept which could be entertaining, but at the 1:30 mark of a vampire
    movie and the scariest thing so far is a mouse farting. Shame on you
    Frank D’Angelo. I’d also like to add that aside from the fact that the
    Italian stereotype gangsters can swear a mean streak they are less
    intimidating than Spanky and his gang. You would think Italian Mob
    would equal frightening tough guys, and then add the fact that one of
    them is a vampire things would get graphic and intense. I’m going to
    wade through the final 30 minutes of this movie in hopes that something
    remotely exciting happens but I expect more discussions about where to
    go for lunch and a sniveling Dr. begging to be bit.

  • SnaggelpussJanuary 8, 2017Reply

    Awful just sad movie and another sickening dangleo performance

    Don’t believe the spammed computer reviews, from accounts that only
    ever wrote a 10 star review once. Clear rating manipulation ignored by
    IMDb it is an extremely bad movie that would fail a film student, such
    terrible acting is a joke want to la-ff at a bad movie them watch this
    steaming pile the guy who arrange the move and had his self acting in
    it was the worse, the only thing he could act was the undertone of his
    characters gay attraction to James Caans(Sad to see his career over and
    hard up for a $) character, but that was very blunt.

    if you don’t like my honest review, why not do some thing honest and go
    thru and delete all the 10 start reviews that have been done to pretend
    this movie is good , nearly all the reviews have been posted by
    computers, only ever one review by the account, only ever one vote a 10
    for this bad movie. the same for the rating votes 10? NO SANE PERSON
    WOULD SAY A TEN! The signs of clear manipulation

  • Perry BeeJanuary 19, 2017Reply

    Low IQ

    Check the reviews on this horrible film made by some one with the IQ of
    a baboon! Most of the reviews are done by Frank D’Angelo, what a joke
    he is, but he is not as bad as this horrible film, it is about the
    worst I have seen.

    And if you read the board on here, Frank D’Angelo even threatens people
    that ”we are going to trace your account” what does this fool think
    he is? I hope he reads this and traces my account, as I would gladly
    entertain his little dick syndrome, what an absolute fool he is.

    I am not even going to say anything about this dribble of a film, as it
    is an insult to any one with an IQ above 10, yeah it is that bad!

    IMDb you used to be a credible source of information, but that’s some
    years ago now, and the ratings for this film with all its fake reviews
    is the proof of this.

    Avoid this junk film, and anything that has Frank D’Angelo in it! A big
    fat ZERO out of 10!

  • robb-53552May 11, 2017Reply

    Very Very Bad

    I only gave this a 2 for the entertainment value of being very very
    very bad. Plus to all those fake 10 star reviews, why not throw in a
    couple of 7 or 8 , or is someones ego that big he cant bear to do it.
    In case I forgot to mention , this movie is very very bad…Maybe a
    bigger budget. Maybe a better script. Maybe a lot of things. But this
    movie is very very bad.

  • sparkgaryMay 13, 2017Reply


    Overly long and boring. Speaking a lot of Italian does not make it
    authentic. Neither a good mob or vampire movie. Some good actors but
    the directing was lost. A waste of 2 hours. I almost turned it off
    several times. Cute cameo by George Chuvalo. This movie has made in
    Canada all over it. And I am Canadian.

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