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Small Crimes

Small Crimes

Apr. 28, 2017 USA95 Min.
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8.9 1,406 votes

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E.L. Katz


Jacki Weaver isJoe's mother
Joe's mother
Robert Forster isJoe's father
Joe's father
Gary Cole isLieutenant Pleasant
Lieutenant Pleasant
Molly Parker isCharlotte Boyd
Charlotte Boyd
Daniela Sandiford isCara Coakley
Cara Coakley
Michael Kinney isPhil Coakley
Phil Coakley


A disgraced former cop, fresh off a six-year prison sentence for attempted murder – returns home looking for redemption but winds up trapped in the mess he left behind.

Small Crimes
Small Crimes
Small Crimes
Small Crimes
Small Crimes
Small Crimes
Small Crimes
Small Crimes
Original titleSmall Crimes
IMDb Rating5.9 2,278 votes
TMDb Rating5.8 32 votes

(12) comments

  • BasicLogicApril 30, 2017Reply

    This film was felt like a sequel

    There are lot of background history spare parts in this film looked
    more like a sequel to an earlier film but there’s actually no such
    prequel, so we viewers got to connect the dots by ourselves, but still,
    it gave you the feeling of a nicely directed and well acted film,
    didn’t give you any B movie like lousy taste. Nikolaj Coaster-Waldau
    used this film to show us he could really act, a total different role
    from what he played in ”Game of Throne”, and he was very very good to
    prove he can be an A list actor.

    But even so, this film are missing a lot details that should came from
    another earlier film.

  • lauraj515April 30, 2017Reply

    Engaging but not quite what I was expecting

    I enjoyed Small Crimes and would recommend it with two caveats. Based
    on the trailers for the film and even the beginning of the film, I
    expected there to be more dark humor (of the absurd variety). Like ‘how
    can this guy have SO much bad luck’. It very quickly turns away from
    this direction. Also, there are a lot of players, and the film takes
    very little time to help the viewer understand each players roles. That
    being said, you definitely get the gist well enough, and it certainly
    keeps you intrigued enough to want to see the whole thing through.

  • LeftbankerApril 30, 2017Reply

    Contained Elements that Could Have Made for A Good Film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tareq Abo ShokurMay 1, 2017Reply


    Our Hero here isn’t a hero but we still like him. a great performance
    from Nikloaj to bring a complex yet simplified character. However the
    movie is tonally inconsistent. just when you think we’re going in fast
    pace and more entertaining way the movie pulls back. which is off
    putting. some character motivations aren’t very clear.

    This movie is smart, good looking, dark and very original.

    The story is really good and interesting. I was wondering all the time
    what’s going to happen. and the movie was able to still surprise me. If
    you like original and different movies you should watch this.

  • dale-51649May 1, 2017Reply

    X con desperately seeking his daughters and X wife

    The story starts off promising, with a realistic looking prison scene
    and the protagonist being released. He goes home to a not too goofy
    looking white trash family, and the set up for a good story (or
    narrative in today’s lingo) is arranged. Problem is, the story quickly
    becomes confusing. The acting is good, scenery not too phony, but it’s
    just tough to figure out what is going on.

    We are introduced to the protagonists parents, as well as some gnarly
    looking people from the past. However, the blanks are never filled in.
    The Mom is really down on the main guys behavior, but we are not sure
    why. Was he a sociopath who deserved her wrath? Or is he an OK guy with
    a loony mother? There are also some obnoxious ”bad guy” looking and
    acting characters, but we never really know if they are valid when they
    beat up the main character, or if they are just evil.

    This is the sort of film that looks like they had the cash to hire some
    good actors and directors, then ran out of money before they could hire
    a writer. What they end up doing is the old ”FOR THE CHILDREN” routine.
    He is desperately trying to find his daughters, whom he has not seen
    since before prison, and give them all of his money.

    We are suppose to believe that if a man can only have that one more
    meeting with his daughters, that he will be complete and fulfilled,
    even if he is never allowed to see them again. He explains this to his
    father, who believes he is not even deserving of this. What? a guy is
    so evil he is not even allowed to give some cash to his daughters? Yea,
    right. Even our society doesn’t believe a guy is too evil to give
    money. It goes with the new Hollywood mantra ”women and kids can do
    whatever they want, men don’t matter”.

  • ciprianaiMay 2, 2017Reply


    The film seems to be building something from the beginning only to come
    to a confusing pointless end. It doesn’t make any sense. Loving
    parents, by the way. Cheers for not getting all that time back. Too bad
    the cast, the performances and the technique used to film it had a high
    standard, although the screenplay is bad. Seems like it has been
    written by a schizo who got bored at the end.

  • Miles ArcherMay 2, 2017Reply

    Modern Noir Film for those who ‘get’ noir stories

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • stormy724May 6, 2017Reply

    Confusing and not in the least comedic

    The summary states this is a black comedy, but I found nothing at all
    funny in it. I don’t think I even cracked a smile. For me, it was a
    tragedy about a man released from jail determined to make amends and
    live a better life, but no matter what he does, it all goes wrong.
    Everyone is determined to undermine him, including his family.

    The back story seeps out a tiny bit at a time, but I still found it
    confusing. In the end I wasn’t sure what exact crime had put him in
    jail. I admit I found it less than engaging, so maybe I wasn’t paying
    close enough attention.

    I also couldn’t figure out why, after a couple of bad incidents and
    threats, he didn’t just leave town and start a new life elsewhere.
    Thomas Wolfe was right —”You can’t go home again” – –especially not
    a former cop who spent time in jail.

    If you’re looking for a a fun comedy, this is not it.

  • farkaspalMay 7, 2017Reply

    A story about second chances and those who (don’t) deserve them

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rustrotattooMay 10, 2017Reply


    I was really surprised to see movie like this done by Netflix, it is
    noir, it is bare (so You feel what You feel there is no ”correct”
    interpretation). Nikolaj gives very realistic performance completely
    appropriate for story. Reminds of good old European post war dramas

  • lesbutchart-31640May 17, 2017Reply

    An original, surprising, truly independent film.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pauldavidbrazillMay 18, 2017Reply

    A brilliant, blackly comic noir comedy of errors.

    Small Crimes is a sharp, short slice of noir. A low-key crime film that
    that is packed with great nuanced performances. Tightly directed with a
    gripping screenplay that smartly straddles the razors edge of noir and
    absurdity. Rich characters with a marvellously self-deluded and
    engaging protagonist. Small Crimes ticked all the boxes for me. I loved

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