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It's HER turn now!Mar. 29, 2016 USA96 Min.
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8.6 1,579 votes

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R.A. Mihailoff isR.A. Mihailoff
R.A. Mihailoff
Bill Moseley isSoggy Christian
Soggy Christian
Malcolm Danare isMalcolm Danare
Malcolm Danare
Don Shanks isDon Shanks
Don Shanks
Ritchie Montgomery isMountain Man
Mountain Man
Michael Berryman isMichael Berryman
Michael Berryman


Five horror icons ditch an unprofitable autograph signing convention to earn some extra cash haunting an RV park, but find themselves being haunted instead.

Original titleSmothered
IMDb Rating4.1 198 votes
TMDb Rating3.8 5 votes

(6) comments

  • Albert MuickSeptember 12, 2015Reply

    Lost hard to this!

    I had the great pleasure of watching the premier last night at the
    Scare-a-Con at the Turning Stone Casino in New York.

    The film was an absolute hoot, and had the audience laughing and
    gasping at the same time. The horror icons (too many to list – see the
    cast list) did their jobs admirably and with perfect execution. The
    camera work and post-production work was very well done. My only
    concern was the non-linear time line jumps, but as John Schneider
    pointed out in the subsequent Q&A session, it keeps one focused on the
    film, but in the same breath he assured us that a completely linear
    version will be on the DVD when it is released.

    In short, I’m probably going straight to Hell for laughing at a lot of
    this stuff, but I guess I’ll see you all there. You’ll know me, I’ll be
    the guy in the trench coat black-marketing ice cubes!


  • Mary Lou Tringali ([email protected])December 3, 2015Reply

    Surprises, gasps, and fun

    Few people would have believed that JOHN SCHNEIDER known earlier in the
    1980s as Bo Duke (Dukes of Hazzard) and later as Jonathen Kent
    (Smallville) would have conceived, written, and directed a
    horror/comedy film, but in fact he did! I was privileged to view this
    iconic film at Mad Monster Party at Charlotte, NC back in March, 2014.
    The full to capacity crowd, standing room only, howled at the fun
    parts, and gasped at the horror scenes, laughed at the insider jokes,
    and clapped at the close of the film with wild cheering and many
    ”yah-hoos and yee-hahs!” Without giving spoilers here, true 1970s/1980s
    horror fans will have a great time watching their favorite icons from
    famous movies such as Halloween, Christine, The Hills Have Eyes, Texas
    Chainsaw Murders, and many more. John has proved himself as an A-1
    director who understands gruesome humor speckled with shocking scenes
    to delight even new movie goers who have never seen a horror movie
    before. Being in show business from the tender age of 8 years old, John
    Schneider has proved that all his years of experiences and performances
    including 14 studio albums and 4 number-one hit singles, plus numerous
    Broadway (Grand Hotel, Chicago) and touring dates have culminated in
    not just this film, but in several other films on the horizon – Like
    Son, Anderson Bench, Inadmissible, and others. Watch out for more
    exciting and tantalizing films from John Schneider Studios shot in his
    58-acres of pristine property in Holden, Louisiana!

  • A_Different_DrummerMarch 25, 2016Reply

    ”Wake up and smell the corpse” (dialog)

    A hard film to review, overall.

    First, as I have mentioned before in a few of my 1100+ reviews, most
    film-makers secretly yearn for the ”trifecta” of movie making — which
    is low budget, small cast, single location. Since film (like everything
    else in our society, and I mean LITERALLY everything) is a business,
    even a moderate audience for such a low-budget film means profits,
    which means you are a hot ticket, which means you get new money for
    more product. Which means you have a new career.

    So in this light Schneider (and I am a fan of his TV work) did the
    smart thing all the way. He not only went after the Holy Grail of film
    making (as above) but did so with a sharp concept (name horror stars
    hoisted on their own petard) with many of the cast playing against
    type. Clever. Very clever.

    So what went wrong? Not much really. The problem is that, with such
    careful and meticulous preparation, this film can never aspire to be
    more than it was originally designed to be.

    In other words, you have (perhaps) an instant ”cult” film, designed to
    appeal to a youngish demographic that ”gets” films that deconstruct
    themselves, and are looking to fill some two hours with harmless and
    forgettable fun.

    On the other hand, this is not a true horror film (like Conjuring) not
    a true comedy (like the films Leslie Mann appears in) and is at best a
    super-lite version of the ”ensemble films” that the late Robert Altman
    was known for.

    Not bad for a first effort. But you are not going to see it mentioned
    at the Oscars.

  • Philippe BretonMarch 26, 2016Reply

    home video by 12 years old

    Horror that is, indeed, not in the way you might expect. Comical, not
    one bit, except if you are rotten inside or in a drug induce haze. I
    stop watching 46 minutes in, 24 of which where I try to justify the
    existence of such a piece. So tedious, badly done and overwhelmingly
    boring that I ended up laughing, laughing at the poor Scared Movie fan
    who paid $3.99 to buy it out of the leftover bin at the flee market
    delighted at the idea of such an epic actors reunion. John Schneider
    should have taken is buddies on a all you can eat buffet trip and spare
    us this garbage self indulgence. Editing with is non-linear story
    telling, post-production with is distasteful choice of music are
    serious contestants for a Golden Raspberry. 3.4 out of 10

  • DarktragedyApril 13, 2016Reply

    Loved this-Big Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley fan!!

    I really enjoyed this, I don’t usually get to see this much Bill and
    Kane in a movie! Yeah, it is kinda cheesy, but that is what I loved
    about it! I laughed at several parts and I thought everyone did a great

    I think this is great for those that love all these horror icons, R.A’s
    secret cracked me up, lol. I am not going to give spoilers, why read a
    movie review for the spoilers!? Instead, I will say this is great for
    what it is, and I could tell everyone had a great time making the
    movie, that is what counts! We all know that no one in this just did it
    for the money, they did it because they love what they do! This is a
    fun movie and I will be watching this again!! Great job!!!

  • James WrightMay 1, 2016Reply

    Put it out of its Misery

    I love low budget horror, even the lowest of the low and have an
    appreciation for ‘so bad it’s good’ cheese-fests. This movie is so bad
    that it is basically unwatchable, and it doesn’t help itself by having
    editing that makes very little sense.

    For no apparent reason the story is broken up into chapters(?) that
    don’t really correlate and don’t help to reveal anything or enhance the
    story in any way, so I have no idea why they didn’t just make a linear
    film. Sure, there is actually very little in the way of story to tell,
    but at least you could have made an average lame horror movie, rather
    than some chopped up piece of garbage that thinks it is saying more
    than it is.

    Finally the premise, it barely has anything to do with what happens in
    the actual movie and the smothering plays so little a part that it is
    nothing more than a gimmick. There is nothing redeemable about this
    movie apart from the names in it and they are completely wasted so that
    means very little. I was really hoping this would be a fun horror
    comedy watch and it just wasn’t, it was a pain to sit through. Avoid!

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