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Smurfs: The Lost Village

Smurfs: The Lost Village

Mar. 30, 2017 USA89 Min.PG
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Kelly Asbury


Julia Roberts isSmurfwillow (voice)
Smurfwillow (voice)
Ariel Winter isSmurflily (voice)
Smurflily (voice)
Ellie Kemper isSmurfblossom (voice)
Smurfblossom (voice)
Mandy Patinkin isPapa Smurf (voice)
Papa Smurf (voice)
Jeff Dunham isFarmer (voice)
Farmer (voice)
Michelle Rodriguez isSmurfstorm (voice)
Smurfstorm (voice)
Gabriel Iglesias isJokey (voice)
Jokey (voice)
Jake Johnson isGrouchy (voice)
Grouchy (voice)
Tituss Burgess isVanity (voice)
Vanity (voice)
Danny Pudi isBrainy (voice)
Brainy (voice)


In this fully animated, all-new take on the Smurfs, a mysterious map sets Smurfette and her friends Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty on an exciting race through the Forbidden Forest leading to the discovery of the biggest secret in Smurf history.

Smurfs: The Lost Village
Smurfs: The Lost Village
Smurfs: The Lost Village
Smurfs: The Lost Village
Smurfs: The Lost Village
Original titleSmurfs: The Lost Village
IMDb Rating5.8 3,709 votes
TMDb Rating6 121 votes

(49) comments

  • secundus-76721March 26, 2017Reply

    Awesome film, true to Peyo’s original comics

    The Smurfs The Lost Village is the latest offering from Sony Picture
    Animation, the team that brought you Goosebumps and Cloudy with a
    chance of meatballs. As a longtime smurf fan, it is without question
    that I would go to see this film. I was delighted with this latest
    film, its animation is beautiful, the look of the smurfs is faithfully
    recreated from the well loved cartoons of Peyo. The depiction of the
    smurf village is stunning and the detail of the characters is lovely,
    you can see every texture and this really adds to the movie. The new
    characters are a nice addition, finally Smurfette isn’t the only girl
    in the village. The character voices are handled well and are in
    keeping with the feel of the film. I would recommend it wholeheartedly
    to everyone, children and adults alike. I hope to see more films and
    lots more merchandise. I would love to see more stories that include
    Johan & Peewit and Homnibus etc..well done Sony Pictures Animation on a
    glorious film

  • akberry-79206March 26, 2017Reply

    Peyo’s cartoons come alive!

    I went to see this film with my family today. It was beautifully made
    and had plenty of laughs involving Gargamel and his minions. I also
    liked the way that the plot from the Smurfs 2 sort of carried on a
    little, but only having ONE human in this film made it much better. No
    New York or Paris. Firmly in the Smurfs world where they all belong. My
    only gripe is that some of the pop songs were a bit annoying. I would
    recommend anyone to go and see this film. Forget about Smurfs 1 and 2
    and even Hannah Barbara! This is TRUE Peyo!

  • samyoung-82648March 27, 2017Reply

    What is Hollywood doing?

    If you have a son and you care about them, avoid this movie. The amount
    of sexism and gender politics in this movie is very disappointing. I
    never thought I would be so shocked in the inappropriateness in a kids

    It may be time for people to turn their backs on Hollywood if this is
    what we are going to get. Sexism (especially this extreme) should not
    be tolerated.

    If you want to marginalise your son or want to instill sexist attitudes
    in your daughter, this is a must see movie.

  • chaserrayMarch 28, 2017Reply

    A great homage to the classic Smurf characters

    ”Smurfs: The Lost Village” is a story that fits nicely between the
    classic Peyo comics and the Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning cartoon. The
    animation is beautifully done. There is no way you can take every
    little detail in with just one viewing. The plot is fairly
    straightforward with adventure at the forefront. This film avoids the
    misplaced pop culture references and overused Smurf puns that many
    disliked about the previous movies. ”Smurfs: The Lost Village” aims for
    a younger audience, but adults shouldn’t have a problem remembering why
    they liked these characters themselves.

  • mikenontonmuluMarch 28, 2017Reply

    The First 3D Animated Movie of the Cute Smurfs

    Well this is the first time Smurfs movie was done in 3D animation. The
    previous 2 movies were all combined with humans with some well known
    actors and actresses played in the movie such as Neil Patrick Harris,
    Jayma Mays and Hank Azaria. The animation of this movie was done very
    beautifully and I am pretty sure the 3D effects are very good (although
    I did not see the movie in 3D, but I can imagine some scenes that would
    be very great seen in 3D). Furthermore, the movie was shot in 3D and
    not converted into 3D at later stage like other recent live action
    movies. So the effects would definitely be good.

    The movie seemed to be aimed for children and family as there was no
    heavy story line and the movie also felt very colorful, with few nice
    songs here and there. The jokes/humors were not the adult type and
    should be easily understood. So parents should not be worried of
    bringing their kids to see this movie. My wife and I enjoyed the movie
    as it was quite light and was funny with some touching moments as well,
    plus some good moral message.

    Because the movie was aimed for the younger children audience and
    putting emphasis on the cuteness of the smurfs, it should not be
    compared to heavier animated movies like Disney or Pixar production
    such as Toy Story, Moana and so on. I am confident that if you go to
    see this one with the objective of being entertained and had some good
    laughs and to see those cute smurfs, you would definitely be satisfied.

    In addition to the above, it also had some other well known names
    providing their voices such as Julia Roberts, Michelle Rodriguez even
    Meghan Trainor who also sung a song titled I’m A Lady. By the way,
    during the end credit, there was some brief funny scene that you could
    enjoy. So be sure to wait in the cinema and watch this part before you

    So if you are a fan of Smurfs and want to see them running around,
    providing funny moments, plus the usual chasing of Gargamel and Azrael,
    then you would not be disappointed. But if you are looking for some
    serious animated movie, then beware that this is not that kind of

    for my complete review, pls have a look at

  • masonrobledoApril 1, 2017Reply

    Pretty ”Ehh..” But Better Then the Other Live-Action Movie

    I didn’t expect much of this movie after the two Live-Action movies
    which I did see one of them and It was awful. Although after I saw
    this, It was…an Improvement, not a major one, but at least It’s close
    to It’s source material, like I said ”Close”, the animation Is pretty
    top- notch, It’s colorful, creative and has nice call backs to the
    cartoons from back In the day like the smashing effect, It’s pretty
    respectful, I did have some laughs especially Brainy and Clumsy Smurf
    and there Is one scene I thought was well done and pretty touching (I
    won’t give It away).

    But this Is still not good, weak and predicable plot, not enough
    development from the new characters, Gargamal Is a unfunny and stupid
    villain, the movie becomes too modern with It’s pop songs and use of
    modern words like ”man”, dang, ”cool” making It a little out of place
    at times.

    But never the less this movie Is not….bad or good, I’d said mediocre
    at best, kids will love It, parents will like It fine, not the worst
    but not all that good.

    I’m giving Smurfs: the Lost Village 5.9/10

  • Hugo FloresApril 2, 2017Reply

    Finally Hefty and Smurfette!

    Absolutely loved the movie 🙂 They took the original cartoons and
    rebooted the whole thing in a very cool fashion. And Hefty has always
    been my favorite, so it was so damn cool to see the team back together
    again. The ending was very very emotional. Hope to see more Smurfs
    after this one. Way to go!

  • MindtechApril 5, 2017Reply

    Unpretty and forgettable

    I went to see this with my daughter on her seventh birthday and brought
    my girlfriend as well. I own several of the old comics by Peyo, which I
    have read to my daughter, and neither of us have seen the other two

    First off, the movie is very quick paced. Maybe you’d like to enjoy the
    fantastic realm of the smurfs, but there’s no real time for that. Maybe
    you’d like to know more about their mushroom houses and how the smurf
    village works, well, you get 30 seconds of that combined, and off we go
    into the very simple and predictable story.

    I wasn’t impressed with the visuals. They were standard, clearly below
    Disney/Pixar quality. Several of the characters and animals looked like
    stock visuals, like the studio rushed the design. Completely
    forgettable. The dialogue was dubbed into our language, and they did a
    fine job with what they had, which wasn’t really anything.

    My daughter laughed once during the entire movie, later said it was
    kinda boring. My girlfriend cringed at the female empowerment theme,
    clearly aimed at children and immature adult females. You know how the
    old Disney movies are filled with females who have to be saved by the
    prince? In these new movies they make the prince stupid so he can be
    equal to the stupid princess. A lower sense of equality for everyone.

    The original smurf comics had so much to offer. They handled racism and
    dictatorship and threw in some adventure bits too. Some of the
    characters like Old Smurf had a deeper side. In this he was shallow and
    uncharacteristically stupid. This to me was a cash in.

    Pro tip: Look at the reviews giving 10/10. Then check the users. Notice
    a pattern regarding the time those user were created? Yeah, soon as the
    movie came out, same time as they got paid.

  • vasanisalimApril 5, 2017Reply

    Nice, clean family entertainer

    I got to see the advance screening of the move with my kids. I enjoyed
    the fast pace of the movie and the exciting story line. Kids did not
    get bored throughout the movie. Unlike some movies that are geared
    towards boys or girls specifically, this movie entertains both boys and
    girls. There was no vulgarity in the movie and no unnecessary violence.

  • rgkarimApril 6, 2017Reply

    Sing A Family Friendly Song

    La La La La La La, sing a happy song! It’s an intro will never forget
    for not only its ability to get stuck in my head, but also for the show
    it represents. The Smurfs’ legacy has extended over the decades into a
    plethora of forms primarily in the TV shows and movies of the 80s.
    After a six-year hiatus from the live action movies, the blue creatures
    return to the silver screen to try to regain footing. Will the new
    style work, or does it fall much like the character Clumsy Smurf?
    Robbie K here with a review on the Smurfs: The Lost Village. Let’s get

    LIKES: • Animation style works • Feels like a Smurfs Adventure •
    Surprisingly emotions • Soundtrack

    Summary: When I saw the trailers for this film, I had my doubts after
    seeing the definition the live action movies did. Fortunately, the
    animation works and feels more Smurf like than the previous movies. Our
    cast of blue minis has fluid movement and style that is representative
    of the classic series, as the colorful world and all its creatures pop
    in the same happy, righteous style they capture all those years ago.
    However, the animation is not the only thing that represents the
    classic style. The adventure of Lost Village is representative of the
    classic Smurfs cartoon, filled with epic silliness and kid friendly
    action for all to enjoy. Much of the audience targeted by this film,
    will enjoy all the quirky jokes and simplistic scenes, sure to feel
    their hearts fill with joy at all the happiness packed in this movie.
    This movie isn’t all sunshine and rainbows though, as the film has a
    little more emotional punch than I expected, with a few sequences
    well-crafted to derail the ecstasy this movie elates. And if all that
    isn’t enough to convince you the movie is fun, then the soundtrack will
    certainly bring this point home. You will certainly find the musical
    numbers full of energy and may find yourself dancing in your seat… like
    me. Not the most unique, but the tracks picked for this film are quite
    perfect for the scene and would be one CD to pick up.

    DISLIKES • Rushed at times • Lost Potential • Anticlimactic Ending •
    Gargamel not as funny

    Summary: Smurfs adventures have never been long, but when in cartoon
    series form you had plenty of episodes to tell a complete story. Not
    the case for this film. Sure, they wrap up a lot of the ties, but many
    times the film seems rushed, leaving things underdeveloped in an
    attempt to cram everything into the short run time. While I give the
    editing props, I also sigh at the lost potential of this movie. Lost
    Village does a nice job showing off the Forbidden Forest and giving us
    some unique flora and fauna to the world. Yet, the trek could have had
    a few more obstacles for the heroes to challenge before getting to
    their goal. Not that big a deal, okay how about the fact that some of
    your favorite Smurfs have been tossed to the secondary bin including
    Papa Smurf the legendary leader. If that still isn’t enough, then how
    about the fact the new tribes of Smurf girls are very underdeveloped.
    After a cool introduction and sweet styled montage, the girl Smurfs are
    almost as useless as Gargamel’s jokes. No cool moves, no special magic,
    and almost very little importance to the plot, the girl Smurfs tribe
    really could have been taken further to make it worth all the casting
    they did for voices and the money they spent. And because of their
    minor involvement, and a predictable story line, the exciting climax at
    the end… was so climactic as it was an animated light show. Had I not
    had to struggle through the forced comedy of Gargamel, that often
    devolved into mindless, one directional banter, that few above the age
    of seven will enjoy. Really missed Hank Azaria’s delivery and writing
    on this one.

    The Verdict:

    The Smurfs Lost Village is a nice reintroduction of the gang back into
    the modern world with the feel, design, and energy the show always had.
    However, the lost potential, rushed development, and anticlimactic
    moments certainly took away from all the potential the movie could have
    brought. Perhaps instead of a movie, the Smurfs should have been picked
    up by Netflix and the show restarted for the new generation of
    streamers. Needless to say, this movie isn’t so much theater worthy
    (outside of music and animation) and would recommend waiting for this
    one to hit home.

    My scores are:

    Animation/Adventure/Comedy: 6.5 Movie Overall: 5.0

  • foghorn_leghorn-51598April 6, 2017Reply

    Great animation

    Sony outdid themselves with this movie. I have been waiting for a long
    time in anticipation of this movie and it definitely did not disappoint
    me. If you liked the first two then this is a must see movie, and is
    great for children and the kid at heart. I look forward to Sony making
    another Smurfs movie in the future but please don’t take so long next
    time. Keep on Smurfing.

  • monstermayhem32April 7, 2017Reply

    The return of the smurfs

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • afijamesy2kApril 7, 2017Reply

    Smurfs: the lost village is just lost

    Although I give credit for the smurfs, at least this disjointed effort
    to revive the smurfs franchise is not as truly dreadful as the smurfs
    live action films, but still pretty bad, very poor story, boring plots
    and silly acting voices, the smurfs first find a lost village and is
    battling gargamel as usual, none of the actors are interesting, the
    screenplay is a mess, the animation looks cheap and the editing is
    truly predicable, you know the smurfs hasn’t been a good franchise
    since 1989 and after peyo’s death in 1992 and this is another example
    of another failure and a big disappointment, just like power rangers
    and the rest, the smurfs: the lost village really shamed me.

    I Give it a D.

  • steve beard ([email protected])April 7, 2017Reply

    Pleasantly Surprised

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Darrell KaelinApril 7, 2017Reply

    Third time’s the charm

    First off, I’ve been a smurfs fan/collector for over 30 years now and
    I’m going to be as unbiased as possible. Despite its flaws, I loved the
    first Smurfs live action movie from 2011 and unfortunately I have a
    hard time watching ‘Smurfs 2’ in it’s entirety. Simply put, ‘Lost
    Village’ gets back to its roots and is the best of the Sony Pictures
    Animation offerings. It may not have the depth of most Pixar movies but
    the movie has heart and it stays true to what the Smurfs are. I’m
    planning on seeing it again in 3D (which I’m not a huge fan of) due to
    overall visuals in the movie which really popped even in 2D. The only
    concern I had originally is how Rainn Wilson would be as Gargamel since
    it’s hard to top Paul Winchell’s Gargamel from the classic Hanna-
    Barbera series but he brought something new & different and I wasn’t
    disappointed with it. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen and be
    sure to stay during the credits for a little added bonus about halfway
    through. Overall A-/B+

  • rannynmApril 8, 2017Reply

    Full of Creativity and Good Animation but the Story Falls Short

    Smurfs: The Lost Village is a fun family film full of creativity and
    good animation. The movie takes kids into a vibrant new world with a
    new crew of Smurfs. Unfortunately, some bland characters and stale
    laughs don’t live up to the visual achievement of this movie.

    Based on the works of Belgian cartoonist Peyo, this film follows
    Smurfette as she struggles to discover her identity. Smurfette was a
    lump of clay created by the evil wizard, Gargamel, who is the Smurfs’
    sworn foe. Whenever she tries to forget the terrible notion that she is
    not a true Smurf, something happens that reaffirms her of it. One day,
    while playing with a group of Smurfs, she sees something that may lead
    to the uncovering of a new faction of Smurfs. Smurfette, Hefty, Brainy
    and Clumsy set out on a journey together. With Gargamel on their heels,
    what they find could change the world around them forever.

    The animation in this film is vibrant. The creatures in the forest
    surrounding the Lost Village are colorful and creative. The look and
    feel of the film overall pays homage to the original comics but also
    exploits the nuance and richness of modern computer animation

    I don’t care for the story in this film. Other than the addition of the
    Lost Village and its inhabitants, it feels pretty formulaic. The story
    has a lot of the tropes of the original cartoon and that isn’t a bad
    thing, but the plot is predictable and the antics between Gargamel and
    the Smurfs in a full-length feature film grow old very fast. I would
    have liked to see this film take a different path than the adaptations
    before it, but it plays it safe.

    The voice cast of this film includes a broad range of actors from Julia
    Roberts to Jack McBrayer. The film never really uses these actors to
    their full potential, sidelining many to bit cameos rather than real
    roles. Mandy Patinkin is a standout in this film as Papa Smurf, a wise
    guy who helps the Smurfs when they seek guidance. Patinkin is the
    perfect choice to play this role. His voice is both soothing and
    authoritative. Patinkin also has the right amount of charisma to voice
    this character.

    The lesson of this film is that you will not be remembered for what you
    were good at, but the kindness in your heart. Smurfette has trouble
    finding a skill that will define her personality unlike her other Smurf
    pals. But that is not what is important in life. The way people will
    remember your legacy is by how you treated others. I recommend this
    film for ages 4 to 10 and you should be aware there is some crude
    humor. I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars.

    Reviewed by Benjamin P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

  • Robert Setlock, IIIApril 8, 2017Reply

    Smurfs: The Lost Franchise

    To tell a Smurf story well one must overcome some serious conceptual
    hurdles. Especially since your core cast are all two-dimensional
    characters defined and named by one attribute and one attribute alone.
    To overcome this obstacle you would need to come up with some creative
    storytelling to make the movie work. Unfortunately, this movie doesn’t
    have any creativity and reeks of another studio attempt to milk more
    money from a well-known franchise with a pointless reboot.

    With the exceptions of Jack McBrayer, Mandy Patinkin, & Frank Welker
    the entire cast stinks of stunt casting. Take as an example Joe
    Manganiello’s casting as the weight-lifting pompous Hefty Smurf. Sure,
    if this were somehow a live-action Smurfs movie he’d probably look the
    part as well as anyone due to the physical presence he brings to a
    role. Here, he’s just a voice. If you want to get a noteworthy voice
    for that role, why not H. Jon Benjamin? Granted he lacks the physical
    gravitas of the character, but who cares; it’s animated.

    The titular Lost Village doesn’t even appear until late act two and the
    cast for all the new female Smurfs is impressive: Michelle Rodriguez,
    Ellie Kemper, Julia Roberts, Ariel Winter, & Meghan Trainor. And with
    the exception of Julia Roberts, all the characters they play are
    completely interchangeable. So while male Smurfs are forced to be
    defined by one attribute, female Smurfs all share the same mixture of
    traits. Does this mean female Smurfs get to opportunity to be
    three-dimensional characters? The movie chooses to go the other way
    making them one-dimensional. Regrettably, they don’t even have the
    single identifying attribute to define them.

    Most this movie is about the journey to the Lost Village. A journey in
    which a collection of two-dimensional characters make inane mistakes
    while being pursued by Gargamel (whose defining characteristic appears
    to be stupidity). At no point does the audience care about any of the
    Smurfs and and no point do we ever sense Gargamel is a genuine threat
    to them. Eventually, the movie teases that an actual sacrifice may have
    been made. However, don’t be alarmed; it is not beneath these
    filmmakers to employ deus ex machina.

    If your looking to take your kids to the movies, there’s no reason to
    waste your time here when Power Rangers and Beauty and the Beast are
    still out. Of course, these movies have issues too, but at least they
    have stakes and character development.

    If movie makers go to the trouble of making a film then why don’t they
    care enough to try to make this material work? Consequently, if
    ”Smurfs: the Lost Village” is the result, why should the moviegoers be
    bothered to watch it?

  • rhanseneditApril 9, 2017Reply

    Fun for kids

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dave McClain ([email protected])April 9, 2017Reply

    ”Smurfs: The Lost Village” is a big step… sideways.

    Are you familiar with the term ”Les Schtroumpfs”? No? Well, how about
    its Dutch/English translation, ”The Smurfs”? Les Schtroumpfs was the
    original name for the small, blue humanoid soft-cap-wearing creatures
    that the Belgian cartoon artist Peyo (the pen name of Pierre Culliford)
    created way back in 1958. Peyo’s comic strips featured a small group of
    male Smurfs who had mushroom-shaped homes and lived together in a sort
    of forest collective, led by Papa Smurf. Eventually, there came to be
    over 100 Smurf characters, including Brainy Smurf, Grouchy Smurf, Hefty
    Smurf, Farmer Smurf, etc., and just a few female Smurfs, most notably
    Smurfette. She was created by the Smurf’s archenemy, the evil human
    wizard Gargamel, as a way to help him capture the Smurfs so he could
    throw them into his cauldron and make a potion to harness their magic,
    but Papa Smurf was able to turn Smurfette from bad to good and she
    became a full-fledged member of the Smurf community.

    Of course, these developments took place over a long period of time in
    which Peyo’s Smurf comics grew in popularity, spread internationally
    and became a much-loved American cartoon on NBC from 1981 to 1989. The
    Smurf characters also naturally found their way into the marketplace
    and, of course, there are Smurf movies too. Feature films were released
    in Europe in 1965 and 1976 (the latter of which was dubbed into English
    and released in the U.S. in 1983 as ”The Smurfs and the Magic Flute”).
    A number of short films and DVD and Blu-ray releases have also come
    out. 2011’s ”The Smurfs” and 2013’s ”The Smurfs 2” brought the animated
    little blue men (and girl) into the live-action world in which they’re
    pursued by Gargamel (Hank Azaria) and helped by a New Yorker named
    Patrick (Neil Patrick Harris) and his girlfriend, Grace (Jayma Mays),
    with the Smurfs voiced by Johnathan Winters, Katy Perry, Alan Cumming,
    Fred Armisen, George Lopez, Kenan Thompson, Jeff Foxworthy, John
    Oliver, B.J. Novak and Anton Yelchin and many others. 2017’s ”Smurfs:
    The Lost Village” (PG, 1:29) is a computer animated reboot of the
    Smurfs film franchise.

    Like the previous cinematic outing in 2013, 2017’s ”Smurfs: The Lost
    Village” focuses on Smurfette more than any of the other Smurfs. The
    movie starts by explaining who the Smurfs are and then, after
    illustrating the appropriateness of the names of the male Smurfs, the
    narrator asks what a Smurfette is. And she’s also asking that question
    herself. After we’re reminded of her origin story (as explained above),
    we’re told that the only thing that really distinguishes Smurfette (the
    voice of Demi Lovato) from her fellow little blue people is her gender.
    In the 21st century, that’s just not enough – for her or for us. As she
    searches within Smurf Village (and within herself) for who she really
    is, Smurfette stumbles upon a mission for herself that may end up
    giving her the sense of identity and purposes that she craves.

    When Smurfette joins Brainy Smurf (Danny Pudi), Hefty Smurf (Joe
    Manganiello) and Clumsy Smurf (Jack McBrayer) for a day of fun outside
    their village, Smurfette sees a pair of eyes looking at her from just
    this side of the Forbidden Forest and retrieves a cap that is similar
    (but not identical) to those worn by all the Smurfs she knows. Just
    then Monty, the pet vulture of the evil and comically egotistical
    wizard Gargamel (Rainn Wilson) captures Smurfette and takes her back to
    Gargamel’s castle. He sees the cap that she is trying to hide from him
    and comes to the conclusion that what it means is another village of
    Smurfs. He makes a plan with Monty and his other helper, his cat,
    Azrael, to find that village and capture those Smurfs, along with the
    original Smurf Village, so to increase the Smurf magic that he can

    Brainy, Hefty and Clumsy are able to infiltrate the castle and free
    Smurfette, but she is very worried about Gargamel’s plans – and what
    she did inadvertently to lead him to make those plans. Back in Smurf
    Village, Papa Smurf (Mandy Patinkin) is very upset at his four Smurfs
    for the danger that they put themselves in and he grounds them.
    Smurfette throws off Papa by quickly and enthusiastically agreeing with
    everything he says. She uses her grounding as cover for leaving Smurf
    Village again to warn whoever is in the Forbidden Forest about
    Gargamel. Brainy, Hefty and Clumsy discover what Smurfette is up to and
    insist on coming along to help. When they enter the forest, they
    encounter some unusual and potentially dangerous creatures and then
    they meet the forest’s primary residents, a large group of ________ –
    and they’re all ________! (I won’t spoil the big reveal, but it is a

    ”Smurfs: The Lost Village” is aimed squarely at kids and is only mildly
    entertaining for those in their tween years and above. (And one big
    scene may be too intense for the littlest Smurfs fans.) Eschewing the
    live-action of the previous two Smurf films, this one keeps its
    characterizations, plot and script (by Stacey Harman and Pamela Ribon)
    very simple and inoffensive. But as director Kelly Asbury brings those
    ideas to (animated) life, he sure keeps the screen bright – VERY
    bright! In addition to the extraordinarily detailed computer animation,
    this movie is as colorful as you can possibly imagine (similar to
    2016’s ”Trolls”). The script and the types of scenery that we see
    presented are more reminiscent of the Smurfs’ origins in Peyo’s comics.
    The problem is that all this isn’t quite enough to entertain most
    people whose age is expressed in two digits and the little kids in the
    theater with me seemed similarly unimpressed. The film’s big reveal is
    a big step forward in the franchise, but the film’s oversimplification
    seems to be a step backwards. Call the end result… a step sideways.

  • CarycomicApril 9, 2017Reply

    Pretty good family flick! But, it’s going to be overshadowed by POWER RANGERS.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Theo RobertsonApril 11, 2017Reply

    Okay Animated Family Film

    Britons of a certain age will remember the Smurfs via a very annoyingly
    memorable song by Father Abraham which once heard is never forgotten no
    matter how hard you try. In other words I’m not a fan of the blue ones
    but since I want to expand my film watching experience I thought I’d
    see what the mainstream audience are watching at the multiplex. On top
    of that II did read the synopsis on this site:

    In this fully animated, all-new take on the Smurfs, a mysterious map
    sets Smurfette and her friends Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty on an exciting
    race through the Forbidden Forest leading to the discovery of the
    biggest secret in Smurf history

    Reading that I was instantly reminded of Tolkien’s LORD OF THE RINGS .
    a film trilogy that I didn’t expect much from but was totally blown
    away by this cinematic masterwork. Again I should guard my back by
    saying I wasn’t expecting all that much from the Smurfs but went in
    with an open mind If I have a problem with SMURFS THE LOST VILLAGE it’s
    that I found it totally forgettable. Of course it’s difficult to
    empathise with blue dwarfs but even so I found myself wishing I had a
    better connection with the characters. It’s also not helped by much of
    the story not taking part within the forbiddingly named ”The Forbidden
    Forest” and wished the story elements had been much darker . That said
    the film is made as family friendly fare and that’s the target audience
    rather than me

  • Matt GreeneApril 12, 2017Reply

    La La La-La La La, La La-La La-La Lame

    Look, let’s cut to the chase: either you don’t have kids who want to
    see this latest Smurf retread (in which you probably won’t see it and
    need not bother reading any further) or you have kids who do want to
    see it (in which you’ll probably see it regardless of reviews). But I
    implore you, for the love of all that is blue, PLEASE take your kids to
    Lego Batman or Boss Baby, because The Lost Village is Smurfin’ awful.
    There are ”Tinkerbell” movies with more grace, lore and laughs than
    this. Other than the animation, which is fine, nothing (humor, story,
    characters, writing, adventure) in Smurfs works. It’s a tired story of
    Smurfette trying to find out what her purpose is. Not only is that
    theme covered in millions of stories before, it was the exact plot of
    the very last Smurfs film. This brand has never been known for its
    ingenuity, but this one’s insistence on senseless plotting is
    astounding: magic comes and goes at will, characters suddenly appear
    whenever they’re needed & worst of all, it’s just not funny. Like at
    all. The movie’s brought to halt with every punny punchline. At one
    point, Eifel 65’s insufferable ”I’m Blue” plays & is clearly thought of
    as a really clever joke. I really hope that 2016’s Trolls (a funny,
    sweet and lively little animated fantasy) has officially taken over the
    mantel of tiny, happy, singing creatures. Otherwise, if this is the
    best entertainment our kids are gonna get, that makes me very blue…and
    if that joke annoys you, then you’re really gonna wanna stay away from

  • Gordon-11April 12, 2017Reply

    Lacking a magical spark

    This animated film tells the story of Smurfette and her best friends
    Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty accidentally discovering an entire village of
    Smurfs that is previously unknown to the Smurfs. The evil wizard finds
    out about this too, and attempts to capture them all.

    ”Smurfs: The Lost Village” has a simple plot, that is easy to follow. I
    get the impression that the animation is for young children, as the
    faces, demeanour and action are quite over dramatic. Even the evil
    wizard looks and acts silly, which does not give the film much
    credibility. I find it a little boring to be honest, and lacks the
    magical spark to make me feel happy and cheerful.

  • tapthat-51581April 12, 2017Reply

    Mildly sexist, panderingly politically correct

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • akrabbitApril 13, 2017Reply

    Classic Peyo

    Brilliant animation work. Smurfette looked like Peyo’s Smurfette
    instead of the half human half smurf humonculus that was the first two
    movies. Seriously, the first two were a mockery of the smurfs. Hefty
    needed to be in them and this time he was. The voice acting was spot on
    and Demi Lovato voiced Smurfette perfectly and the animation captured
    her sweetness. People who say it is rubbish are not fans of the Smurfs
    and should not be taken as credible critics. The Smurfs needed to be
    done right and now it has. I could share this with my kids and say”
    This is what I watched as a kid and learned tolerance of other’s
    differences.” Everyone was different and that was okay, in fact it was
    treasured. Where is the heart in movies now days? I loved it! Brings
    back childhood memories.

  • Anthony MApril 13, 2017Reply

    A very good time with the smurfs

    Better than the ”realistics” movies, this new Smurf adventure in 3D
    animation is a pleasure. New history, new characters and a new world,
    all ingredients for a good time with or without child ! Only one thing
    : if the movie was a little bit longer, and don’t have a ”quick” end,
    it had 10/10

  • specialo-86327April 15, 2017Reply

    Fantastic Fully Animated Movie

    The Smurfs – The Lost village is a tribute to Peyo and his artistic
    ability in 1958 in creating the Smurfs. Great work to the director,
    crew, stars and of course Sony Animation to creating a lost village
    like no person not even some Smurfs has ever seen before. Avatar had
    loads of colour. The Lost village is that and more. Great movie for

  • Bulldog1721April 15, 2017Reply

    The smurfs done right, *for a change*

    This movie was a masterpiece in its own element! It was how I
    remembered my favorite cartoon as they ran through a forest, on an
    adventure, with that true Smurfs charm which really made me blush like
    crazy! Don’t get me wrong, but the Smurfs and Smurfs 2 was pretty good
    and they were unique; but, this movie was the right way to do a Smurfs
    movie! This movie is such a treat! The family will love it! I am sure
    of it! And seeing it in 3D was even better! So I highly recommend
    seeing in 3D, it’s worth the extra bucks!

  • Animated AnticApril 17, 2017Reply

    A contrived attempt at bringing the Smurfs to the screen again.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • chrisman-24354April 17, 2017Reply

    Cute little movie with misleading previews

    I went to see this movie over the holidays and i absolutely loved it
    there were plenty of new friends to make and it was super fun my only
    gripe is that it took so long to get to the girl Smurfs when the
    previews made it seem like they were gonna be in the entire movie but
    aside from that it was good and i definitely recommend that you go see
    it take the family and have a good smurfiing time

  • Edgar Allan PoohApril 18, 2017Reply

    America’s been rife with speculation ever since World War Two . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RforFilmApril 19, 2017Reply

    Smurfs: The Lost Village tries harder then before with better animation, but is nothing more then kids entertainment

    I was over at a family gathering last Easter when I saw my little
    cousin carrying a bunch of Smurf stuffed toys. When I asked her mother
    if they were from the 1980’s cartoon, she replied that they were from
    those movies from a few years back. Both The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2
    are not good movies that attempted to cater to the adult fans of the
    animated series and children that have never heard of the Belgian
    creations from Peyo. I myself was never a fan to begin with and had
    only seen the cartoon once or twice as a child. I was born too late to
    get in to them.

    The Smurfs 2 was a flop in theaters and I’d thought that that would the
    last time in a while before we’d see these characters again. In this
    day and age, a reboot can happen whenever they want (which only does
    harm in the long run and makes the brand valueless), though this time,
    the Smurfs are fully animated rather then live action. It’s a big
    indicator that Sony wants to try to go back to what made the cartoon
    memorable in the first place. Let’s see if Smurfs: The Lost Village can
    fix that.

    Just like the cartoon, the Smurfs live in a mushroom village during the
    medieval era, though the only human in this movie is the evil wizard
    Gargamel (played by Rainn Wilson) who created Smurfette (played by Demi
    Lovato) as a way to find the rest of her kind so that he can extract
    their magical powers. Papa Smurf (played by Mandy Patinkin) however was
    able to convince Smurfette to join the village and contribute to their
    living. It seems however that while other Smurfs like Hefty Smurf
    (played by Joe Manganiello), Brainy Smurf (played by Danny Pudi) and
    Clumsy Smurf (played by Jack McBrayer) know their place, Smurfette is
    having trouble figuring out her purpose.

    While out having fun, Smurfette sees another little person like herself
    going through a small hole in the wall that leads to the forbidden
    forest. She tries to get Papa Smurf to take her into that forest to see
    if more Smurfs exist. When he says no, She along with Hefty, Brainy,
    and Clumsy, head out in the dark of night to see if they can find the
    legendary lost village. Following them is Gargamel and his cat Azrael.

    I have to give Smurfs: The Lost Village a lot of credit for actually
    trying much harder then the live action movies did. While the previous
    films were made to sell toys, I can tell that the creators attempted to
    tell a story. Unfortunately, we still have an uninspired journey that’s
    full of unfunny jokes and a story that seems to end without giving much
    indication what our characters have learned. Along with that, the film
    may have some of the worst song placement for a soundtrack. I don’t
    just mean the addition of Demi Lovato songs, but also Eiffel 65’s
    ”Blue” song.

    I feel bad as there are some good elements. The nice animation is
    bouncy and seems the suit the Smurfs well. It could have benefited from
    some more design, but it was nice to look at.

    Surpisengly, actors like Mandy Patinkin and Rainn Wilson so seem to be
    trying their hardest to make the material work. The movie’s fault come
    onto the script. For a world that comes from sorcerers, dragons, and
    magic, you’d think the Smurfs could come up with something better that
    doesn’t seem like its trying to emulate every other animation studio.

    I’ll give this five Papa Smurfs out of ten. Smurfs: The Lost Village is
    clearly geared towards elementary school-aged children. I doubt anyone
    above that bracket will find much out of the Smurfs. Depending if you
    have kids, you can decide if they want to get smurfed.

  • Thomas ([email protected])April 21, 2017Reply

    Again not really a success

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • trinaboiceApril 22, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MaximeLoonaticApril 23, 2017Reply

    This movie is the perfect Smurfs movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Phillip MossApril 24, 2017Reply

    I’m letting my child write the review (except he can’t write yet)

    I don’t know what people are expecting from a kids movie. Its the
    smurfs. Its not like they were going to come out and make a new take on
    a classic. My son, who just turned six, said he loved it. The animation
    was beautiful. There were parts that did seem truly original. I enjoyed
    it and Frank Welker did an awesome job as always. I don’t want to spoil
    anything, but the end credits scene was really funny to me. None of the
    recent kids movies I’ve seen have been all that original except Kubo
    and it was special in its blend of traditional and CG animation. See
    the Smurfs, or rent it, your kids will love it.

  • Daniel MartinezApril 25, 2017Reply

    Enjoyable to some demographics

    In 2011 Sony Pictures brought a revival movie to the original comic and
    80’s animated TV show The Smurfs that seemed like a good idea…right?
    WRONG! the disastrous Live-Action Smurfs film that had high celebrity
    voices, Irrelevany Product Placement, and cameos that didn’t help the
    story at all. the film and fell flat with barely making back its budget
    that left adults childhoods ruined. Later in 2013 was the just as bad
    sequel to The Smurfs that failed more than the first with the same
    premise of cameos, unnecessary characters and product placement, and
    was downright awful spawning the films to roll in peyo’s grave. Later
    in 2017 is a fresh breath of air from the terrible Smurfs movies that
    Sony made, despite this new being made by Sony. Smurfs The Lost Village
    is Directed by Kelly Asbury, the same director behind Shrek 2, Shrek
    the Third, Gnomeo and Juliet, and Spirit. The Movie’s plot has best
    friends Smurfette (Demi Lovato), Brainy (Danny Pudi), Clumsy (Jack
    McBrayer) and Hefty (Joe Manganiello) use a map that guides them
    through the Forbidden Forest and wonderland that’s filled with magical
    creatures. Their adventure leads them on a course to discover the
    biggest secret in Smurf history as they race against time and the evil
    wizard Gargamel (Rainn Wilson) to find a mysterious village. The plot
    is your basic Lord of the Rings like quest where the characters are
    forced to handle environments and new creature that would either friend
    or eat them. It is a reused basic scheme that Hollywood uses, but it’s
    the execution to the specific details of what matters. The Characters
    are mostly reminiscent to the creator, Peyo’s vision, and maybe some
    changes that either compel or drag the story either feeling annoying or
    acceptable. I feel that most of the background Smurfs would have been
    more reliable and interesting rather than the main smurfs. While the
    acting is great with the voices not being original and rather that
    happy-go-lucky charm you either find endearing or redundant. The
    animation I will say is great though, and seeing the smurfs having more
    of a look to the comics did feel charming with how the other two,
    felt…creepy. This movie has it’s feel of the Trolls film from 2016 in
    which they kinda stole their expedition with revealing them in a
    musical standard. Despite the similar impact, the movie does feel
    better with the movie barely spewing pop culture references and
    worthless innuendos. Overall, The Smurfs lost village is good movie
    despite the childlike humor in most scenes while giving a more
    character impact whether if you found the useful or useless to the
    plot. The Plot is executed well in which i give credit for being better
    than the CGI smurfs movies. This movie can be better for some
    demographics specifically for younger audiences while boring adults or
    older teens. The movie is what i call enjoyable for a Point of View
    whether if you are a child with a pov for thrill seeing characters
    going on an adventure facing many adversity and discovering a new life.
    You can pay respect respect for this film considering it has a lower
    budget than the other terrible Smurfs movies of 60 million with the
    others being over 100 million, that is bull. I thought the movie was
    good despite some concerns in the characters not being that reminiscent
    from Peyo’s original vision. If your child or little brother wants a
    smile on his face, let him watch this movie, and it is a better excuse
    to just enjoy it better than the previous trash films. B

  • Anurag-ShettyApril 26, 2017Reply

    Kids will find it amazing but, adults will find it mediocre.

    Smurfs: The Lost Village tells the story of the tiny blue creatures,
    known as Smurfs. Some of the Smurfs are, Smurfette(Demi Lovato), Hefty
    Smurf(Joe Manganiello), Clumsy Smurf(Jack McBrayer), Brainy Smurf(Danny
    Pudi) & the Smurfs’ leader, Papa Smurf(Mandy Patinkin). The Smurfs are
    always running away from the evil wizard, Gargamel(Rainn Wilson).
    Smurfette discovers something strange. Smurfette takes Hefty, Clumsy &
    Brainy on an adventure, to find out what exactly she thinks she

    Smurfs: The Lost Village is a good film. However, director Kelly Asbury
    has made this movie only keeping in mind its target audience, children.
    There is nothing in the film, that the adults can take away. The
    animation is beautiful. The highlight of the movie is the 3D effects.
    Every other scene in the film, is duck-worthy in 3D. The humor in the
    movie, is mainly slapstick & very childish. The soundtrack of the film
    is memorable. The voice-over work is great. Demi Lovato is spectacular
    as Smurfette. Rainn Wilson is outstanding as Gargamel. Joe Manganiello
    is brilliant as Hefty Smurf. Jack McBrayer is hilarious as Clumsy
    Smurf. Danny Pudi is superb as Brainy Smurf. Mandy Patinkin is
    impressive as Papa Smurf. Dee Bradley Baker & Frank Welker are amazing
    as Monty & Azrael, respectively. Michelle Rodriguez, Ellie Kemper,
    Julia Roberts, Ariel Winter & Meghan Trainor are excellent as
    SmurfStorm, SmurfBlossom, SmurfWillow, SmurfLily & SmurfMelody,
    respectively. Smurfs: The Lost Village is not a must watch. However,
    watch it with your little ones, who I can guarantee will love every
    minute of the movie.

  • gembayangApril 26, 2017Reply

    A perfect family movie! I give it 100%!

    The artwork is amazing and the visuals are a feast for the eyes. Great
    movie for kids to encourage their imagination. The story is
    entertaining and brought a lot of laughter to the audience. By the way,
    3D is really worth the money!

    I have never enjoyed an animated movie so much since ”Finding Nemo”.
    Our family all loved the movie and we plan to watch it again!

    If you have not enjoyed Peyo’s Smurfs or the TV series Smurfs, please
    give Smurfs 3 a chance and see it. It is a huge improvement over all
    past Smurfs. You will love it!

  • Hidden HowardApril 27, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pinkarrayApril 28, 2017Reply

    Okay movie but has a lot of problems to bring it down

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Arth JoshiApril 29, 2017Reply

    part smurf and part ette..

    Smurfs: The Lost Village

    Plenty of boys and only one girl something seems missing right?? Don’t
    worry they are here to fill that void. As standard as that story is a
    little original and gripping screenplay would have been better. It
    doesn’t completely cracks you but some moments enlightens you. Although
    the maker pretty much knew his audience and hence kept it light and

    It’s a kids movie so unless you are a kid or a ”Smurfs”fan I wouldn’t
    recommend it..

  • Jason HardenApril 29, 2017Reply

    Just Another Distraction

    There’s something depressing about seeing a film that obviously had
    some work put into it, but in the end their artistry was wasted for
    just cashing in on a licensed property with trendy music, and trendy
    references to get cash from family audiences. This film is definitely
    an upgrade from the previous two Smurfs films we got, and this one was
    certainly not as bad in regards to quality and for having at least a
    little more respect for the source material. I will say this film was
    GORGEOUS. The animation was fluid, the expressions were huge and
    interesting, and the world was just so fascinating to look at. Problem
    is, there’s just no substance. There is no strong lesson. There is no
    growth. The plot was extremely predictable, and has nothing but trendy
    music to keep the film upbeat. It just ends up being another film among
    a library of films for disgruntled parents to use as a tool for keeping
    their kids out of their hair for an hour and a half. It’s just an
    unfortunate waste of time.

  • prince movieMay 22, 2017Reply

    b+ movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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