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Soldiers Of The Damned

Soldiers Of The Damned

An Evil Secret Awaits...Aug. 17, 2015 UK99 Min.
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Mark Nuttall


Gil Darnell isMajor Kurt Fleischer
Major Kurt Fleischer
Miriam Cooke isProfessor Anna Kappel
Professor Anna Kappel
Tom Sawyer isLieutenant Eric Fuchs
Lieutenant Eric Fuchs
Nicky Bell isPrivate Carl Scherer
Private Carl Scherer
Jason Kennedy isPrivate Dieter Baum
Private Dieter Baum
Mark Fountain isPrivate Rolf Nadel
Private Rolf Nadel
Lucas Hansen isMajor Hinrich Metzger
Major Hinrich Metzger
Matthew John Morley isSergeant Nicholas Lang
Sergeant Nicholas Lang
Natalia Ryumina isNatalya Kovalenko
Natalya Kovalenko
Andrei Zayats isSergeant Yartzin
Sergeant Yartzin


WWII German soldiers take an occult scientist into a haunted forest in Romania, only to be confronted by their own ghosts.

Soldiers Of The Damned
Original titleSoldiers Of The Damned
IMDb Rating3.6 354 votes
TMDb Rating3.8 7 votes

(11) comments

  • simon-ball3August 21, 2015Reply

    Nazi Relic Hunters Enter a Haunted Forest

    Romania 1944 and the German Wehrmacht is in full retreat from the Red
    Army. Battle weary commander Major Kurt Fleischer (Gil Darnell) is
    called into HQ to take a briefing for a top-secret mission. Under the
    direct orders of Heinrich Himmler he is to escort an archaeologist from
    the SS Ahnenerbe behind enemy lines to search for an ancient occult
    artifact that Himmler believes will help the Nazis win the war. The
    matter is complicated by the fact that the Ahnenerbe scientist
    Professor Kappel (Miriam Cooke) is both female and an old girlfriend of
    Fleischer’s. Worse than that Fleischer’s crack squad is to be
    accompanied by SS Major Metzger (Lucas Hansen), Fleischer’s’ men hate
    the SS and Fleischer has a bit of previous with Hansen.

    Crossing behind enemy lines things start to get creepy when the
    soldiers catch mysterious glimpses of things in the woods, the gory
    remnants of the previous mission turn up and Fleischer’s’ men start to
    combust. What is the secret Kappel and her SS buddies are looking for
    and is it worth the death of his men? Only Fleischer can decide.

    Soldiers of the Damned is a dark gritty occult chiller with just a hint
    of Raiders of the Lost Ark about it, here the real monsters are not
    necessarily the supernatural ones. There is plenty of well staged gory
    action and despite the tiny budget the props and costumes have a really
    authentic look to them. James Martin’s cinematography is perfectly
    complimented by Tug’s dramatic soundtrack. The only let down is the odd
    bit of clunky dialogue, but it is good to see most of the Germans being
    portrayed as ordinary blokes with only the real Nazis as truly evil.

  • frompagescreenAugust 21, 2015Reply

    A film that knows its fun and is fun…..

    Right from the opening credits of Soldiers of The Damned, we know what
    sort of film we are about to view. With opening credits very
    reminiscent of Army of Darkness,

    I cant help but feel that if Sam Raimi made a film featuring Nazi’s,
    then Soldiers of the Damned might well be the result. Taking the often
    told format of ‘men on a mission’ Soldiers of The Damned injects the
    ‘genre’ with a dash of the type of Germans often seen in the world of
    Indiana Jones. A fun film, whilst gory in places but its a fun gore and
    not the emotion draining seriousness of films of recent years.
    Schindlers List this isn’t (not does it try to be), Soldiers of the
    Damned it is’

  • bournemouthbearAugust 21, 2015Reply

    Superior British Supernatural Nazi Horror

    There would appear to be a revival of sorts for horror flicks of a Nazi
    soldier bent. With both the Outpost and Dead Snow franchises doing
    reasonable business, especially in the retail market, it was inevitable
    that others would look to tap into the same lucrative vein looking to
    reap similar rewards. Earlier this year we were treated to the retail
    release of Backtrack: Nazi Vengeance. This British flick, again using
    Nazi’s as its primal force, was a bit of a mess. With that still
    playing in the back of my mind I approached this feature d├ębut for
    former TV, commercial and music video director Mark Nuttall, with some

    Fortunately both Nuttall and screenwriter Nigel Horne have fashioned a
    tale that manages to feel both familiar yet fresh at the same time.
    Soldiers of the Damned is fresh in the way that it doesn’t completely
    cover the same tracks as the aforementioned movies, although there are
    some similarities – the Nazi’s interest in the occult for example. It
    also impressively manages to capture the period it is set in. Both the
    production design and hair and make-up teams are to be applauded for
    their work on the film within such a limited budget.

    Unlike its comtemporary-based counterparts Soldiers of the Damned dares
    to be period set taking place in 1944 on the Eastern Front when the
    Russians are pushing the German Army back through Romania. Major Kurt
    Fleischer (Gil Darnell) is instructed to escort female scientist
    Professor Anna Kappel (Miriam Cooke) into a forest behind enemy lines
    so that an ancient relic can be retrieved. The soldiers in Fleischer’s
    ensemble say that the forest is spooked or possessed but he doesn’t
    initially believe them. Soon ghostly visions are seen and soldiers
    disappear as if burnt to ashes before their very eyes. Fleischer
    doesn’t take long to suss that there is something far more sinister
    than expected lurking within the forest and has to figure out exactly
    what that something is before he and his team are completely wiped out.

    For the best part of an hour our interest is maintained with something
    of interest happening throughout. However when it comes to wrapping up
    proceedings the energy on-screen flags under the weight of a script
    that has run out of more decent ideas. It also jars that the mainly
    British cast talk in English accents when they are meant to be German
    otherwise the performances are decent with Miriam Cooke particularly
    impressing in the key role of Professor Anna Kappel.

    Mark Nuttall proves himself as a name to watch. His work in the
    director’s chair is assured and bodes well for his future career in
    films. Despite the flaws mentioned Soldiers of the Damned is worth
    seeking out. For its limited budget the film sounds, looks and plays
    like a bigger studio production. Soldiers of the Damned is a breathe of
    fresh air in a genre that is otherwise currently stagnating under the
    weight of wearisome found footage and cheap zombie flicks. It’s
    surprising, involving and far better than you would perhaps expect.

    Check out more of my reviews at

  • s3276169September 17, 2015Reply

    Damned if I know….

    If someone were to ask me what Soldiers of the Damned is about all I
    could think to say is ”damned if I know”.

    Lets start off by saying the acting is good, the sets are good, the
    general premise of this film is good. Where this B grade film falls
    down very badly is in the storyline department.

    I had assumed as the film progressed the threads would be drawn
    together and we would gain some insight into the inexplicable events
    that take place. This however, is not the case. The result for the
    unfortunate viewer is one of those ”what the….” moments. As in, what
    the hell did I just waste my time watching?

    This is an incoherent, borderline silly film. Its watchable but the
    lack anything like a finale/conclusion is a substantial shortcoming.
    Four out of ten from me.

  • mr_hirstSeptember 18, 2015Reply

    Old school b-movie good time

    Watched this the other night and it’s far better than most recent b
    movie nazi horrors that it might got pigeon-holed with such as Iron

    The director shows real promise and the effects stand up well for
    something that is low budget. I class The Keep as the top of the game
    when it comes to Nazi horror, and this is not like that at all, but
    again it is superior to the likes of Dead Snow and Iron Sky.

    If you like zombies, war, and good old fashioned b-movie horror then
    this is well above the average. I really enjoyed it and will definitely
    watch it again with some friends and a few beers one night.

  • Jakub BednarSeptember 18, 2015Reply

    Made me want to punch someone in the face

    I got suckered into watching this movie because I’m a huge fan of
    history, the DVD cover looked really cool and it had a promising name
    for a title. I was hoping it would be something like the movie ”Dead
    Snow 2: Red vs. Dead” which is unquestionably a masterpiece compared to

    There are so many flaws in Soldiers of the Damned that thinking about
    the specifics hurts my brain.

    By the end of the movie for the first time ever I just froze staring at
    the entire credits daydreaming wondering how the hell someone could
    make such garbage. While staring blankly at the credits I noticed there
    were 3 assistant directors, this is probably where the movie really
    failed. I can’t possibly imagine why there would need to be a total of
    4 directors when basically the entire movie was about 5 people in the

    There were only 2 decent actors in the entire movie and I REALLY felt
    sorry for them.

    I don’t know how a few members of IMDb reviewed this movie with a 9 or
    above praising everything about it. All I can say is they were probably
    on drugs when they watched it or had something to do with the movie.

    I would rather go to work for an entire week without pay than watch
    this again.

  • markmillicentSeptember 23, 2015Reply

    Killer Flik!

    Sat down last night with a few beers to watch ‘Soldiers of the Damned’
    and I have to say that I was mightily impressed. Although the actors
    are not well known, they give a hell of a performance way above their
    pay grades.

    This film is not about Nazi Zombies, it is an intelligent film that
    requires your attention to follow the clever and ever twisting plot
    line. If you want ‘Nazi zombies,’ then go look elsewhere, this is
    completely different, a horror thriller that happens to be set in WW2
    in one of the most haunted places on earth.

    I’m not going to give any plot line away, but there are some great
    scenes in here and plenty of action for a low budget movie and it did
    keep me riveted until the very end. Cleverly written, well directed and
    great camera-work have all pulled together to deliver an enjoyable
    movie that leaves you mulling it over long after the credits have

  • murada1967November 6, 2015Reply

    I gave up

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • geraldsenearApril 14, 2017Reply


    This movie is Horrendous. One could not write a spoiler for it because
    there is no substance to write about in the first place. Script is
    terrible, Acting is terrible and plot is terrible. What more is there
    to say. Nothing. I would suggest avoiding this movie like the plague. I
    am only adding this text after the word nothing because the review was
    too short.

  • Dave PollardApril 22, 2017Reply

    I want my 99p back

    I rented this movie from Sky and to be honest if there has ever been a
    bigger waste of 99p I can’t think of it. Paper thin plot, dreadful
    stilted acting and a script that would disgrace a masturbating
    teenager. Pathetic special effects, laughable editing, a different
    colour every shot. Worst of all the direction. I do not know when I
    have seen worse direction in a film. I know this is low budget stuff,
    but surely there must be better projects for people to throw their
    money at? I just read that it won an award in Marbella. Perhaps they
    felt some sympathy for it. I didn’t. It was a waste of 99p and 99
    minutes of my life, neither of which I will get back. I can’t believe
    the director will get another script. Perhaps he will, I shall
    certainly look out for his name and that of the writer- specifically so
    that I can keep their next straight-to-bargain-TV release at several
    arms’ lengths.

  • dcarsonhagyApril 24, 2017Reply

    Soldiers of the Absurd

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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