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Jun. 18, 2018 Lebanon92 Min.
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Therese, the mayor’s wife in a Lebanese village, joyfully prepares for an overnight visit of her daughter’s suitor and his parents. She excitedly shares the happy news of the engagement with pictures of her beloved brother who was killed by a Syrian bomb 20 years ago and is still bizarrely present in every corner of her house. Only when the long-awaited guests are at her doorstep, she discovers they are Syrian; this engagement will only happen over Therese’s dead body!

Original titleSolitaire
IMDb Rating7.9 84 votes

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(5) comments

  • Wissam ChidiakMarch 22, 2017Reply

    Saved by Julia and Bassam

    I watched Mahbas/solitaire, I did laugh, but I am totally ambivalent
    about the movie… For a Lebanized version of ”guess who’s coming to
    dinner”, I was expecting more… I mean when you copy a plot, you
    should have enough time to care for the details… It was said that the
    movie tries to heal through art that conflict/racism between Lebanese
    and Syrians, while all it did, was use that Lebanese/Syrian conflict to
    create a shallow chansonnier-like comedy… It laid cliché jokes from
    both sides, that reached nowhere… That movie mocked the
    Lebanese/Syrian conflict, But decided to solve the conflict with a
    fictitious invisible magical wand instead of trying to find a more
    realistic way… Some scars need to be bled again to heal… This
    conflict is one of them, arguments and counter arguments, screams and
    even fights, real ones needed to happen, to find a way out of this…
    Not just a kiss and hug without mentioning anything!

    One has to give credit to two actors: Julia Kassar and Bassam Koussa…
    These two seemed like the only credible characters in the movie, and
    the only ones who did a great job… Kassar’s was able to convey all
    the emotions she felt with a simple facial expression, and Koussa was
    able to give that comedic atmosphere without turning himself into a
    hysteric clown… Other than the two mentioned actors, the rest of the
    actors were either too over-acting with annoying big hand gestures or
    neophytes trying their best to recite their lines in a school play
    while praying the teacher doesn’t ask them to do something out of the
    ordinary… The Scenario was seriously naive at times, especially when
    the lovers are talking to each other…

    You’d laugh while watching it, but I’m not sure you’d remember it once
    the credits start rolling, and I certainly don’t think it’ll offer
    anything but a good laugh because of the clichés Lebanese Syrian
    fights, no healing, no dealing no nothing…

  • Alan MehannaApril 5, 2017Reply

    Finally a genuine Lebanese story worth telling!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mohammad AlQaqApril 8, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • oeliwatApril 9, 2017Reply

    Love over bigotry

    So, how can you tackle an issue as sensitive as deeply-rooted,
    conflict-induced bigotry racism while at the same time introducing a
    heart-warming work of art with love at its core? I don’t know if
    director Sohpie Butrus had that in mind while making this movie, but
    whatever she was thinking, she surely translated right on the screen.
    In just 90 minutes, the movie tells you several stories each with its
    own significance, tackling themes of loss, prejudice, love and
    reconciliation. But the keyword here is ”story”, after all this is what
    life is about, the everyday stories of ordinary people, those affected
    by the big events but who are not accounted for in news broadcasts and
    history books. I didn’t go into that movie theater expecting a solution
    for the Lebanese-Syrian conflict, for art’s job is not to give
    solutions, but to put the problem out there and create a conversation
    about it.

    I truly enjoyed watching Solitaire, it was funny and touching in its
    own way. The actors and actresses owned their roles, and it was very
    visually pleasing with the excellent cinematography and beautiful
    scenery from the Lebanese countryside.

    If you’re looking for something that’s moving without being depressing,
    and entertaining without being shallow, then I would recommend you give
    Solitaire a shot, it will be worth your time.

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