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Oct. 04, 2016 UK83 Min.
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9.5 1,227 votes

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Robert Myler isOld Gentleman
Old Gentleman
Wayne Swann isStation Master
Station Master
Tom Bonington isDavid Evans
David Evans
Cullum Austin isHarry Finch
Harry Finch
David Edgar isPoliceman
Darren Higham isMedical Droid (voice)
Medical Droid (voice)


A grief stricken captain embarks on his final mission in command of an ageing cargo ship. The ship’s small crew, frustrated and discontent with their lives in deep space try to complete a successful mission, but the ship has ideas of it’s own. Soon, an ‘accident’ onboard forces a diversion to Somnus, a derelict asteroid station in a forgotten sector of the solar system. They soon discover the colony is populated by a mysterious and sinister cult, hell-bent on dark plans for Earth. The crew’s hope of sanctuary on Somnus soon turns to peril, as they fight for their own survival against the colonists, and humanity’s ultimate fate. Terrifying truths about the end of life on Earth soon force the captain to face up to his personal torment leading to a climatic and exciting conclusion.

Original titleSomnus
IMDb Rating2.9 242 votes
TMDb Rating5.3 7 votes

(6) comments

  • tellcallOctober 6, 2016Reply

    not Kubrick

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • darrenedwardsOctober 7, 2016Reply

    sad for sf fans

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ross M. GreenbergOctober 16, 2016Reply

    Tedious. Painfully pointlessly tedious.

    Well, that’s 1:22 that I just wasted. Half-way through I realized that
    it was too deep for me.

    A bunch of derelict-type space-trash are on some type of a mission that
    get sidetracked to an old forgotten colony that is wonderfully verdant
    – except for some all the residents (perhaps the offspring of the
    original settlers? It was at this point that I decided that I simply
    did not care)

    I’m sure that the movie will appeal to some. Just not to me. I’ve been
    blamed as being too shallow to appreciate fine art. It could be. I just
    do not think that this movie is an example of fine art.

  • Geoff TaylorOctober 23, 2016Reply

    A hit and a miss…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • monsterjazzlicksJanuary 13, 2017Reply

    RE: Definitely AVOID!

    Hi folks.

    Don’t even bother with this one.

    Possibly one of the worst films ever made! The acting is exceptionally
    poor as is the plot. This is obviously supposed to be something like
    Kubrick’s ”2001”, although it is an extremely irritating, confusing,
    and cheap and nasty version.

    The GREMLIN monster is like something from the 1980’s series ”V”. I
    mean come on, how on earth did they come up with something on such a
    pantomime level? The VOICE of the ship is that of a thin and nasally
    female which lacks character, sincerity and depth. It sounds like the
    crew are speaking to a supermarket checkout employee! Half way thru
    their mission the crew discover they have accidentally taken off with
    an extra passenger – an engineer who had not disembarked before take
    off. I should have turned it OFF at this point.

    Might suit a young teenager audience with very limited knowledge or
    lack of insight into this films genre.

    A complete waste of time and money.

    Hope this helps . . .


    Paul David Seaman (UK)

  • tommakesmusicFebruary 10, 2017Reply

    Don’t go by the box art – this is not Interstellar!

    I bought this film on DVD and feel that the independent film on the
    disc was badly served by the artwork on the box.

    It isn’t a blockbuster, and, really, it doesn’t try to be. This is an
    old fashioned sci-fi film that tries to play for tension and atmosphere
    rather than thrills and explosions.

    In reality, I’m not sure it always achieves this, but it is a good,
    honest, attempt at it!

    There are some notable performances – especially Mac McDonald, who is
    as good as you would expect, and there is an inspired choice of
    location for the ship-board shots, but, ultimately, I think it fails to
    make the most of the ”story” and there is an uncomfortable shift of
    gears from ship location to the other location.

    Watch this as an independent, low-budget sci-fi made in an
    old-fashioned style, and you won’t be far away from the director’s
    intentions. Believe the box art and posters and you’ll be disappointed.

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