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Stevie D

Stevie D

Feb. 25, 2016 119 Min.
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Torrey DeVitto isDaria Laurentis
Daria Laurentis
John Aprea isAngelo DiMarco
Angelo DiMarco
Spencer Garrett isJack Laurentis
Jack Laurentis
Al Sapienza isNick Grimaldi
Nick Grimaldi


STEVIE D is a humorous crime drama about a Los Angeles construction magnate whose only son has accidentally killed a connected man. A sinister plan is hatched that sends the son into hiding while an unsuccessful actor is hired to fill his shoes and unknowingly take the hit.

Original titleStevie D

(10) comments

  • rhardy-390-701341December 14, 2016Reply

    Odd Generational comparison

    I find that we all grow up hearing our parents tell us that this or
    that is not acting, that in their day sew-n-sew was X and he did Z

    This movie…seems to be an actual representation of that view. Sure
    when you see a movie that is a lower budget you will find that 1 lone
    guy usually is the movies only draw, that he/she carries it. It reminds
    me of how many BAD MOVIES were bearable, to me at least, if Luke Goss
    played the main roll.

    This is NOT one of those films.

    In the movie, hand to heart, everyone UNDER 40 sucked per acting and
    delivery and everyone OVER 50 owned each specific role. I have to
    ponder a reality where geriatric actors are able to ”own” a role, even
    if it is a bit part with 30 seconds of screen time, yet the lead actor
    and the co-lead struggle to deliver ANYTHING that can be compared to

    I assume it is simple experience….except I can hardly, for the life
    of me, think of an actor that was BAD in his late 20’s and early 30’s,
    that morphed into a PARAGON OF ACTING SKILL !

    So, either you have it or you don’t. Bad writing can only cover so many
    of the excuses before it falls onto the actors.

    There ARE some WELL acted scenes in this movie….but NONE of them
    relate to anyone who is not of Social Security.

    The rating, at the time of this writing, is a LOADED and FIXED 8.5. I
    assume a ”family and friends” rating 🙂 The movie is to comedy fans
    what a low budget zombie flick is to zombie fans. Bearable but leaving
    them trying to explain to other’s why they should have enjoyed it……

    Solid acting and delivery from Hal Linden,Al Sapienza, John
    Aprea…sadly they were NOT the focus of the movie and only allowed
    this to move from a potential 2 to a 4.

    Good acting can only fix so much as well 🙂

  • mialicia516December 15, 2016Reply

    Charming, funny, engaging film

    I really enjoyed this film. The relationships are all really
    thoughtful, even the hit men have loads of personality and a natural
    and funny rhythm with their banter. They provide a lot of genuine comic
    relief, and they are almost like watching a funny old married couple. I
    also really enjoyed the connection between Michael (the fake Stevie)
    and Lenny (played by the fabulous Kevin Chapman). It was fun to watch
    Lenny go from thinking ”we’re doing this poor sap a favor” if the fake
    Stevie (Michael) gets bumped off in their ruse…to actually putting a
    guard on him because he wants to protect him from getting hurt. Could
    it have been edited a little tighter? Sure! But given that it’s a low
    budget film, and I’ve seen so many of those, I think Chris Cordone did
    a lovely job, and it’s obvious he squeezed every bit of substance out
    of that budget that he could…especially with all the great casting. I
    loved seeing John Aprea do his thing, better than anyone else. Such a
    natural. And I also really enjoyed seeing the great Hal Linden! He is a
    treasure. Torrey DeVito is beautiful and does a nice turn as Daria.
    Even the characters that have less than 5 minutes of screen time make
    the most of what they’ve got and bring something engaging to the film.
    I think it’s a refreshing and fun film, in a sea of remakes and big
    budget boring movies. I like movies with characters I can actually care
    about it…and Steve D. delivers.

  • dent-26890December 15, 2016Reply

    I liked it!

    My aunt and me decided to get this movie on iTunes because it sounded
    fun. She has been going through a hard time and wanted to just chill
    out and relax. I don’t think we were expected to be so entertained by
    such a sweet movie. I don’t usually write reviews but I see A LOT of
    movies and this one really hits the spot. It was funny but also had
    great heart. The guy who plays the lead is very handsome and I totally
    believed him in both roles. There are a TON of supporting characters
    you WILL recognize from other movies and TV shows. Hal Linden from
    Barney Miller is in it and what a treat it is to see him. My aunt said
    she had a major crush on him back in the day. The lead girl is good in
    the movie but something about her makes her seem stuck up. I don’t
    know, maybe she was just acting. I would totally recommend this movie
    to anyone who was looking for something fun and entertaining. We both
    really enjoyed it.

  • jaygill-1December 17, 2016Reply

    A fun night out at the movies!

    As indies go, this IS AN INDIE for sure. By that I mean it is easy to
    see that there were budget constraints and maybe more time could have
    been spent editing in some spots. But overall, this film hits the mark,
    tells a good story with likable, well written characters brought to
    life by a solid ensemble cast.

    At the opening of the film, I was concerned that I was going to be
    subjected to 2 hrs of a predictable, mafia-trope-laden tale of
    caricature bad guys from the East Coast doing and saying ”down and
    dirty” East Coast things (in LA). While there were elements of this
    (strip clubs, the uber-machismo of the film’s antagonist and his legion
    of sycophantic followers) the story quickly settled into an engaging
    and charming ride for the audience.

    In the end, this is a wonderful film. Chris Cordone scores the
    proverbial hat trick – It is well written, directed and acted with ALL
    the characters from main cast to supporting players to the bit parts so
    well developed and ALL contributing to the story. A fun tale that I
    characterize as: ”Prince & The Pauper meets the confluence of RomCom,
    Mafia, ActorLife & Noir”

  • Jackie SimmonsDecember 19, 2016Reply

    Funny and entertaining

    Saw the trailer to the film and took a chance based a few of the cast
    members I like from TV. Funny and entertaining the whole way. I like
    the look of the film and the”realness” of the dialogue and acting.
    Definitely a Get Shorty kind of thing but also has a love story which
    worked for me. Good to see Hal Linden again as well as Kevin Chapman,
    who I’ve liked since he was on The Brotherhood. Not familiar with the
    lead actor but it kind of worked for the story as he is supposed to be
    a nobody. The story really surprised me along the way and the two hit
    men add a needed laugh at the right moments. All of the character parts
    were good in the movie, which is something that I like. Not exactly a
    mob movie, not a romantic comedy but somewhere in between. Would
    definitely recommend.

  • joyfulaeDecember 20, 2016Reply

    Really enjoyed it

    Based on some of the reviews that I have read, I didn’t expect this
    movie to be all that good but I was gladly wrong. Every actor in this
    film did an amazing job bringing their characters to life which is
    something that is rare during films these days there’s always that one
    actor that just doesn’t get it quite right, but I loved all the
    performances. I really loved the romance between ”Stevie” and Daria I
    personally love Torrey DeVitto which was why I watched this movie and I
    think she and Chris did an amazing job chemistry wise. The hit-man were
    a great add for the comedic aspect of the movie, you will possibly find
    yourself chuckling at their antics. Jumping back a little, I LOVED how
    the movie started with the black screen and someone telling the
    audience that Stevie is dead, that really drew me in and made me pity
    the character more and more throughout the film. I also loved near the
    end where everything was coming to be making you really sit at the edge
    of your seat.

    The only thing that I do agree with from the critics is the length. I
    do think it was a tad bit long for the plot to not be so complex, but
    with that being said every scene flowed together nicely, there wasn’t
    anything that looked out of order or out of place.

    All in all I thought that this was a great film to watch, it’s in the
    mix of a romcom but not quite haha. 7/10 Stars

  • jtmliveDecember 21, 2016Reply

    Well Rounded Story and Well Developed Characters

    The Real Stevie D is a funny, thought provoking and one can relate to
    the characters. The plot of the story is thought out and well executed
    by the entire cast. Really enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to
    all my friends to go and see! The role of each character is real and
    human and brings the story to life. With every twist and turn in the
    plot the viewer gets more and more of a glimpse of the plot and it’s
    intricacy. Christopher Cordone, not only wrote and directed the film
    but essentially plays 2 different characters with ease and believable.
    The film is very well cast and each characters lines are perfectly
    written for them. Go see it and ENJOY!

  • Mr. SkeffingtonDecember 29, 2016Reply

    Charming and Intelligent Homage to Bad Guys, Classic Film and Los Angeles.

    I recently saw Stevie D with a friend at the Laemmle theater on
    Wilshire in LA. Going in with little knowledge – beyond the title and
    poster – I kind of had reservations about sitting through a movie I
    hadn’t had time to vet.

    In short, I absolutely loved it. Stevie D is an homage to a number of
    films, film genres (and sub-genres) – Film Noir / LA Noir, Dead Ringer,
    Sisters, A Stolen Life, Scorsese, references to Cassavetes, old movie
    posters on the walls of the agent’s office, etc. etc. There was even a
    little Rock Hudson (in his duel role) / Doris Day in Pillow Talk. For
    this reason, it would be easy to say the film was at times ”derivative”
    – but that’s the point, and all involved are obviously in on the joke.

    The main reason I enjoyed the film so much is because it’s effortlessly
    charming in a way I rarely see anymore. Also, every actor is strong –
    there’s no weak link. The male lead (Chris Cordone) is terrific and
    extremely charismatic. He has a Cary Grant quality, which he utilizes
    wisely switching roles from suave to insane. The female lead (Torrey
    DeVitto) is stunning to look at and an overwhelmingly captivating
    presence. Other notables include Hal Linden, John Aprea (who appeared
    in four of my favorite films of all time – Bullitt, Caged Heat, The
    Godfather: Part II, and The Stepford Wives), and Kevin Chapman (from
    The Boondock Saints).

    My only criticism would be that the last third of the film needed to be
    tightened up a little. The pacing is generally rapid and then at the
    end it seems to take longer than it should to reach its conclusion.

    Overall, this is a real gem – and I’m giving it 9 stars because I’m so
    sick of going to the movies and having mega-budget junk constantly
    rammed down my throat. Filmmakers need to get back to basics, take a
    look at classic movies and learn how to craft a good story – and these
    guys obviously did.

  • jpgiuliottiJanuary 16, 2017Reply

    A fun, engaging picture.

    I was thoroughly entertained. The main reason why is that it had a
    plethora of likable characters and the story itself was quite simply,

    With a mix of good established and up-and-coming actors propelling the
    dialog, Chris Cordone’s script manages to pull off the romantic comedy
    set against a backdrop of ”Mob Affairs” without falling into the trap
    of relying too heavily on cliché (there are some, but they are minor
    and serve to move the story.).

    All in all, if you are a fan of charisma and chemistry between romantic
    leads, witty banter between hardened Mafia torpedoes and of course, the
    great Hal Linden (who plays a wonderful supporting role), then check
    this one out. It’s a good time out!.

    One more thing; Cordone portrays the title role as a complete jerk
    while going 180 degrees with his doppelganger. Very nice job.

  • Timothy G. DelaneyMarch 17, 2017Reply

    The Real Deal

    Who or what is for real? This movie is, and in so many ways. It’s a
    sharp satire on the mob. It’s a wry commentary on the acting life. It’s
    a witty dig at the LA lifestyle (the west part at least). It’s a sweet,
    comic commentary on love and family. And it’s a classic
    mistaken-identity farce. Watch it, and watch it over again. You’ll get
    more out of it each time.

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