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Swarna Kaduva

Swarna Kaduva

Tale of a Selfish CrookNov. 04, 2016 India150 Min.
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Swarna Kaduva (English: The Golden Tiger) is a 2016 Indian Malayalam-language comedy film directed by Jose Thomas, starring Biju Menon in lead role. The script is written by Babu Janardhanan.

Swarna Kaduva
Original titleസ്വര്‍ണ്ണ കടുവ
IMDb Rating5.3 109 votes
TMDb Rating7 1 votes

(2) comments

  • Tejas NairDecember 25, 2016Reply

    Anti-Hero Of The Bad Kind. ♦ Grade D+

    Jose Thomas has relied on improbability to make films throughout his
    life. While one of his recent features was a path-breaker, this comedy
    drama is straightaway impalpable.

    Rini Maatummel (Biju Menon) is a self-interested middle-aged man who
    does all the dirty work for Lonappan (Innocent), an unscrupulous gold
    merchant. Other than his commission, Rini dupes his boss by charging
    him extra for the unpleasant things that he does. In an attempt to
    siphon as much money as possible, Rini goes to huge extents (sleeping
    with a random woman, marrying another random one) to a point when he
    disregards his own family. Things go wrong for him as Rini becomes a
    victim of his own greediness. The story is chiefly about the man’s
    highfalutin exploits as he make his way through the crowd – all to get
    richer and for what!

    Babu Janardhanan’s story borrows from a lot of Malayalam films that we
    have seen in the last few years. It tries to be Jibu Jacob’s
    Vellimoonga (2014) and Ranjith’s Indian Rupee (2011), but fails to pull
    itself together. Watching Rini as he dupes one man after another is
    like watching auto-played YouTube videos about a single topic. The
    degree of improbability in the sequences is far too high, and that is
    what acts against the film. Viewers are generally informed nowadays,
    and you cannot expect them to believe everything that you throw.
    Therefore, if you choose to watch the film, there will be instances
    when you will be exchanging glances with your family members or
    friends, as in ”What the heck?” Attempt at humour is fine, but when it
    begets dubiousness, things stop getting interesting.

    Biju Menon is fine in his avatar as he delivers the character with the
    perfect Thrissur accent. Supporting cast like Innocent, Suresh Krishna,
    Hareesh, and others help in the flow. Actresses Iniya and Poojitha
    Menon are, as usual, puppets.

    There is not much to talk about here. A few jokes here and there that
    may make you laugh and some drama in bits and twists. Rest everything
    is Rini trying to make money and succeeding at it until when he loses
    this one time. A skim-through wouldn’t hurt, but don’t expect anything

    BOTTOM LINE: Jose Thomas’s ”Swarna Kaduva” is a fairly-made film about
    a man who will stop at nothing to make money. The only problem is that
    his imagination level is way convoluted, forcing us to doubt the
    feasibility of the entire premise. Switch channels when it airs on TV.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

  • PimpinAinttEasyMay 18, 2017Reply

    Meandering but interesting black comedy

    Swarna Kaduva is one of the few Malayalam films that took on the
    hypocrisy and corruption behind the alcohol ban in Kerala. The film
    really tears into the hypocritical Catholic priests and corrupt
    ministers who combined to deny Malayalis their fun and also destroy the
    livelihood of many bar owners and employees. But that is only one of
    the film’s sub plots. The film is primarily about Rini Ipe Mattumel
    (Biju Menon) who is the street smart ”Man Friday” of Lonappan Muthalali
    (Innocent). Rini is a man would do anything for money. Opportunity
    presents itself when Lonappan accidentally kills a man. The blackly
    comedic adventures of Rini and his assistant Joju (Harish Perumana)
    forms much of the film.

    The first half is excellent. But the film falls apart a little bit in
    the second half due to some uninteresting sub-plots. It needed a
    tighter editorial hand. The uninspired background score by Gopi Sunder
    does not help matters. Jose Thomas’ direction is nothing to write home
    about. I checked his filmography and realized that he has made many
    awful films like Mayamohini and Shringaravelan. He was a strange choice
    to direct this film. Lijo Jose Pellishery, Jude Anthony Joseph or Lal
    Jose could have made this film a classic.

    The writer Babu Janardhanan is the real ”behind the scenes” hero. He
    comes up with many witty one liners and twists. Biju Menon and Harish
    Perumana make a great team. This could well be a breakthrough film for
    Harish who is hilarious with his Thalaserry accent. Iniya is very
    impressive as a sultry woman who catches Rini’s eye.

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