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Sweet Home

Sweet Home

May. 08, 2015 Spain80 Min.
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8.9 1,735 votes

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Eduardo Lloveras isEncapuchado 1
Encapuchado 1
Luka Peroš isEncapuchado 3
Encapuchado 3
Leticia Dolera is112 Operator (voice)
112 Operator (voice)
Mariona Perrier isSra. Carmen
Sra. Carmen


A couple decides to spend a romantic evening in a floor of a semi-abandoned building that slip because she works as a consultant for the council house and got the keys. During the evening they discover that a hooded murderer is the only tenant left in the building…and they have become the new target.

Sweet Home
Sweet Home
Sweet Home
Sweet Home
Sweet Home
Original titleSweet Home
IMDb Rating5.2 1,486 votes
TMDb Rating4.5 26 votes

(9) comments

  • Kev Kev DeJiang (dashingmusic)September 6, 2015Reply

    Watch it for Violence and Scare

    Actually the only problem i had with this movie was the different
    language that is used. The production used Spanish and English. I’d
    rather its in Spanish and i read off the subtitles. Casting of the
    actress was not the best of choice as her accent was too thick when she
    speaks English . Other than screaming, which she is best, her acting
    for other scenes did not have the depth nor expressed too well.
    Violence and all .. is worth a watch though. Plenty of scary moments.
    It really did remind me of REC, where everything happens in a building.
    Quite a good choice if you are picking a movie for your halloween get
    together with friends. Lastly, the ratings could’ve scored
    better(current 4.7)

  • kosmaspOctober 25, 2015Reply

    Cheap and unwise

    That’s regarding a character decision very early on in the movie, which
    is actually one thing that you will immediately pick up when the movie
    starts. You could say it lays out the work of what is going to happen
    later on. And while that is not really in favor of the movie and the
    movie itself takes awhile to actually jump-start, when it does (late),
    it actually is more than decent.

    Let’s say the bad guy in this, really deserves that tag. And you could
    do more with this idea/character. The ending is pretty strong, though
    whatever direction they’d go, someone would be annoyed by it either
    way. I thought it was the right way to go … no pun intended

  • FlowJanuary 10, 2016Reply

    Almost as good as Vacancy!

    To me, it was refreshing seeing a horror with a small budget acting far
    better than the latest productions. I got more intrigued with every
    minute so all in all, it was quite a pleasant surprise.

    The story is typical, the execution is good, acting OK, and most of the
    time the decisions taken by the characters are natural, they don’t seem
    to be written by someone. The bad guys did their job, our heroes the
    same and at the end of it you get your closure. For that I am thankful
    to Sweet Home.

    If you give it a try and lower your expectations just a little, I’m
    sure most of you will appreciate this little movie cause it has quite a
    baggage to offer. I recommend it!


  • Peter Pluymers ([email protected])April 26, 2016Reply

    A Spanish horror as bland as a paella without any spices.

    A Spanish horror / slasher / thriller about the phenomenon of forcibly
    removing elderly people out of their homes by criminal real estate
    agents, who’ll use that space to build luxurious apartments. That’s
    what you’ll read at the beginning of the film. Strange but true, the
    used language during the entire film is English (apart from a few harsh
    Spanish swear words). For once, I wished it was Spanish. Not only
    because I find Spanish a delicious sounding language but also because
    it would benefit the authenticity of this film. What really terrifies
    me is the fact that these evictions really happen there. Apparently
    there were more than 46,000 evictions in 2012. That’s more than 500 a
    day. Terrible! I don’t know if they use the same technique as in ”Sweet
    Home”. I hope not, of course.

    Ultimately it’s just a stupid movie. Full of stupid decisions, stupid
    coincidences and probably the dumbest Spanish girl you can find in that
    sunny country. She’s one of those girls who drops her cell phone or
    flashlight at the most crucial moments of course (I’m forcing myself
    not to start about her being blond). I’m aware that these kind of
    incidents always occur in this type of movie. But every time I’m
    annoyed by it and I start to say things like ”Oh come on” and ”Not
    again, stupid cow”. And also, this is the strangest building ever. It
    fitted the mood and was ideal as a background and setting for this
    movie. But still I thought there was something weird about it. It’s an
    old, dilapidated building and most residents already left (voluntarily
    or horizontally with their feet first). But those rotten doors seem to
    be soundproof. Apparently no one on the first floor could hear the
    rattling with the front door and the loud shouting through the mailbox.
    And when help arrived (in the form of El Liquidador. Nice chilling
    name) who took care of the victims by using some kind of chemical
    substance in order to reduce them to dust material and vacuum it away,
    they were having a friendly conversation on the other side of the hall
    door. Strange architecture over there in Spain.

    The most annoying thing in this film, is the story on its own. I
    expected more. I was just looking at the screen sheepishly and
    patiently I waited to see how it would end. That’s it. It’s far from
    being exciting. Besides two bloody scenes, there’s not much blood to
    see on the screen. Only when El Liquidado arrives, it gets a bit more
    exciting. For a short while that is. He’s some kind of ultimate
    solution to straighten out a situation that got out of hand. But
    haven’t we seen this before? Such a rugged, muscular guy who routinely
    does the dirty work. Usually such a person is moving forward in such a
    nerve-racking slow pace, while dragging along a huge ax. That’s nothing
    new under the sun. Before you know it, you get a cat and mouse game.
    And most of the time you can easily guess the outcome. Except in this
    film. But what was this ”Saw” -like end? It was as if I suddenly
    watched a complete different movie.

    Isn’t there anything positive to report? Yes of course there is. The
    location where the whole story takes place looks absolutely stunning
    (as said before). A gorgeous old building ideal to play hide and seek.
    A unique and scary place perfect to film a struggle to the death. The
    camera angles used by the director were sometimes impressive. For
    instance the excerpts while the rain is pouring down. Or those images
    of the staircase. Simply gorgeous. But otherwise it was just as bland
    as a paella without any spices. Everyone dreams of buying a Spanish
    hacienda at an older age and enjoy the Spanish sun. After seeing this
    film, I wisely decided to accept the bad, cold weather of Belgium.

    More reviews here :

  • torunodenAugust 6, 2016Reply

    Horrible Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dopenamehereAugust 10, 2016Reply

    Could have been named Trapped

    I’m always on the look-out for a good horror flick and Sweet Home was a
    delightful treat.

    I admit, at the scene in the beginning of the movie where the girl was
    speaking Spanish with the older gentleman,I stopped watching. I
    understand Spanish a little, but it seemed like the movie flipped to a
    foreign language altogether. At that point, I gave up. The next day I
    decided to continue the movie, simply because the movie is short in
    length(only 80 minutes). To my surprise, the Spanish dialogue was only
    a few minutes long and really didn’t affect my viewing pleasure nor
    hinder my ability to follow the story.

    I’m glad I decided to give it another try because it was honestly a
    pretty decent movie. Of course a few cliché moments in the film, but
    I’ve certainly seen worse. This film had me on the edge of my seat
    waiting to see what was going to happen next.

    The movie moves along pretty quickly and has action throughout. I found
    myself thinking what would I do in this situation?

    Although a fair amount of the reviews are negative, In my opinion, if
    you like horror/slasher films, check this one out! Honest rating 7/10.

  • SIMONE HARITOSAugust 21, 2016Reply

    A real gem.

    I’ve been using IMDb to choose what movies I watch for a few years by
    now. I’ve seen my share of horror films but not once have I ever felt
    compelled to write a review. Awesome movie! Decent acting with a great
    plot that’s packed full of suspense. I gave it a 10 because in my
    opinion that’s the rating this movie truly deserves. It has been a very
    long while since I’ve had an opportunity to watch a really good
    thriller/scary/horror movie and this one didn’t disappoint. Don’t allow
    the little bit of Spanish spoken in the film turn you off because there
    isn’t very much. I loved it. If you’re into horror, don’t hesitate.
    This is definitely a must see!

  • The CouchpotatoesSeptember 26, 2016Reply

    Not the greatest, not the worst

    To me Sweet Home deserves a bit more then it’s actual ratings. Okay
    it’s not the greatest movie ever but it’s worth watching once. There
    are a couple good horror parts, the filming and sound also contributes
    to make it an okay horror movie. Maybe the story might not be the most
    original and sometimes you wonder why they don’t make other more logic
    decisions to get out of the building they’re trapped in but with most
    cat and mouse horror movies you rarely have any logic. The mixture of
    Spanish and English was fine for me. I don’t mind reading subtitles so
    it wasn’t an issue for me. Ingrid García Jonsson and Bruno Sevilla are
    the two major actors in Sweet Home and they did a good job. Are there
    better movies in this genre? For sure, but it was still worth a watch.

  • trashgangJanuary 23, 2017Reply

    made with love to the genre

    After seen Don’t Breathe (2016) my best friend told me to pick up this
    flick. So I did and I’m happy I did because it’s a hell of a ride. It’s
    not all that good, it’s not that you think, aaa it’s all over now and
    things start over again.

    Here you could see it coming so no suspense on that part but it’s the
    effects used and the brutality that makes it worth watching. It do
    involves a bit of romance and in some parts the romance takes over but
    there’s a thing, just before you think, omg, not the romance again
    you’re in for a smasher.

    For a first attempt as a full feature Rafa Martinez did well. The story
    itself is a bit over the top. Nothing is explained and so this can go
    from a romance into a home invasion towards a slasher. For me all
    things were done with a wink towards black comedy. Just see the
    beginning, the old lady going to the shower, guess everybody said,
    noooooo nudity here please. Well done. But what it adds toward the
    story I don’t know and as mentioned before the romance and the head
    (you will see) is black comedy too.

    Don’t get me wrong, no humor at all, pure horror.

    Gore 2/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5

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