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Tank 432

Tank 432

Oct. 24, 2015 UK84 Min.
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With nowhere else to hide, a group of mercenaries and their prisoners take cover inside a long abandoned Bulldog tank. But, while they try to keep the forces outside at bay, the real enemy is already among them, locked inside the ‘Belly of the Bulldog’. After collaborating closely with Ben Wheatley on FREE FIRE, HIGH-RISE, A FIELD IN ENGLAND and KILL LIST, director Nick Gillespie makes his feature debut.

Tank 432
Original titleBelly of the Bulldog
IMDb Rating3.6 671 votes
TMDb Rating5 6 votes

(25) comments

  • Anthony Cordle ([email protected])August 25, 2016Reply

    Just nothing good to say about Tank 432

    My reviews will not be bashing or telling you whats bad . I’ want to
    review what was done well in a movie and I just can’t find any reason
    to suggest you watch this movie. I really would like to say an actor
    gave a good performance, the score was great, the location was
    attractive….but there is just no reason to pay to go see this.Its in
    English and it is 88 minutes long.Its British and had a minimal budget.
    It stars Rupert Evans and Steve Garry who also did Samuel and Emily vs
    the world in 2013.Rupert Evans has done extensive television work .Co-
    star Deidre Mullins has starred in both television shows Man Down and
    the Frankenstein Chronicles.

  • Snaggletooth .August 25, 2016Reply

    A Tank Full of Fun

    I’ve just seen Tank 432. And I can predict that many are likely going
    to hate it, but I absolutely loved it.

    I basically can’t give anything away, particularly involving what its
    about as that just wouldn’t be fair, but let’s just say that all is not
    what it seems, and the mystery of the situation certainly adds to the
    atmosphere. My missus who saw it with me, didn’t like the ending at all
    (which brings only some explanation of events) but I was happy enough
    accepting how things were left to the viewers own interpretation of the
    situation. And in some ways the film is about as straight forward as
    Benson & Moorheads Resolution (though maybe its not just as head
    scratching as that).

    The scenes within the tank are tense and very well done, with all
    actors playing their parts in the enclosed space wonderfully and all on
    a limited budget too. This is the second horror film I’ve caught Gordon
    Kennedy in after the brilliant Borderlands movie and I enjoyed this one
    nearly as much. Tank 432 doesn’t really kick into gear until the group
    get into the vehicle so just hang on for that.

    Just don’t expect to be dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s by the end

  • ahmegy-914-445509August 26, 2016Reply

    Worthless crap!

    Whenever I see such a horrible, horrible movie I can’t help but wonder
    why people make such total waste of time cinema?! Why would anyone
    produce and star in this awful movie? Low budget does not mean to throw
    non-watchable motion pictures at our faces! The only thing I can say
    about this movie is that the scene of one of the characters taking a
    dump truly represents it! Pure crap! Unbelievable characters with no
    background or depth, ridiculous plot, unexplained events, motives,
    actions, doped girl that just wakes up to scream and is put to sleep
    all the time and stupid end and the list of absurdities go on and on
    and on, let alone that 80% of the dialogue is the F word! I never saw a
    movie in which all characters keep swearing all the time using this
    word in almost each sentence they utter! Stop making such awful,
    infuriating movies for God’s sake!

  • ratboy-82638August 28, 2016Reply

    I only watched it because I thought Wheatley directed

    The acting was fair, Gordon Kennedy keeps popping up, but having seen
    the ending coming a mile off after 10 minutes I only watched to the end
    for the slim chance of being proved wrong. I was not. The film started
    off mysteriously, asking the viewer to draw their own plot lines with
    weak special effects and oddball performances. Too much too soon.
    Perhaps it was my own fault for watching ‘Darkest Day’ about a month
    previous and expecting something different, nothing was – except the
    acting which was immensely improved but pi**ed away by the tired old
    plot. Shot with competence but no real flair for suspense, character
    building or even editing the film promised far more than it had to

    I tried

  • LugodocAugust 31, 2016Reply

    Jacob’s Tank

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jackmeatAugust 31, 2016Reply

    Well, this movie really ”tanked” (had to do it)

    My quick rating – 4.0/10. Well, that was a movie where it ended and my
    thought was ”ok, take it or leave it” it certainly didn’t have any
    strong points. The acting was ”there”, the dialogue was non-existent
    without using the f-word. Sentences often made absolutely no sense when
    uttered. Not sure why this is considered a ”horror” either. Barely a
    psychological thriller really. I only gave it a 4 because I appreciated
    the claustrophobic feeling these people must’ve endured and the poorly
    acted insanity it would bring out. Slight side note, I read a review
    that compared it to ”Dog Soldiers” and I have no idea what that
    reviewer was smoking, but it doesn’t even hold a candle to that movie.
    Almost an insult putting them in the same sentence.

  • NarryBormanSeptember 7, 2016Reply

    Incoherent story line, frankly, boring.

    Given writer, Nick Gillespie’s pedigree (e.g. Kill List, Sightseers) I
    was hopeful of an entertaining story.

    The film starts with a ”jolt”; five minutes in I found myself reaching
    for the DVD box to read the synopsis, in order to try and ”work out”
    what the opening point of the film was (the box confirmed – I can’t
    think of a time I’ve ever had to do this before in all my years of
    watching films, though).

    What followed for the rest of the film somewhat reminded me of being a
    participant of a paint-balling contest, without the ”excitement” of
    actually being there.

    This is certainly a step backwards from previous efforts, perhaps, due
    to budget constraints?

    Without spoiling the ending, I’d just say that whilst Kill List left
    you pondering things, this one just doesn’t seem to mean anything at
    all; to me anyway.

    Hopefully the next film will be better.

  • monsterjazzlicksJanuary 2, 2017Reply

    RE: Definitely AVOID!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Chop SockyFebruary 14, 2017Reply

    sTank 432

    The actors are trying so hard to make the best of a terrible script and
    the forced visuals hover somewhere between 1 to 0 dimensional. With my
    constant sense of ‘Have I missed something here?’, at first I thought
    the film was operating within some realm of higher concept that was
    beyond the limit of my intelligence – but really it was just clunky and
    confusing. I’m unsure of what else to say other than next time focus on
    story and dialogue and don’t throw the budget at props, costumes and
    smoke machines as if that’s all that really matters and will mask how
    poor everything else is. If the budget of 1 million is true, it was
    wasted. FYI the DVD cover is very misleading as it almost looks like
    the film was made by someone else rather than the person who actually
    did it.

  • GwydionMWMarch 16, 2017Reply

    Nothing is real and all is dull

    Nothing is real and everything is horrible: that seems to be the

    It starts as if it were a tale about mercenaries in some near-future or
    alternate world in which independent band of mercenaries fight each
    other. We follow a band with two hooded captives called ‘The Cargo’.
    The mercenaries seem to be expecting payment for them.

    Then they behave like silly kids, getting themselves stuck in the tank
    without taking the simplest precautions with what is a visibly
    deteriorated machine.

    Then we get the typical smart-Alec scriptwriter twist – maybe nothing
    is real. Strengthened when a man with a massive leg injury the previous
    day is able to dance about on the tank.

    Or maybe it is real. The end suggest this, with monsters commanded by
    an apparent human treating the people like experimental animals. Of
    course it resembles a profoundly ignorant person’s vision of what
    science might be, not science as it might be practiced even by people
    with no human concerns.

    Wish I had not wasted time with it. Any fool can set a riddle with no

  • James H. Van HouteApril 6, 2017Reply

    Horrible – Just Horrible

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • slayerjmk95April 8, 2017Reply

    Brilliant Cinematography and Solid Acting Can’t Save a Lackluster End

    Tank 432 is the directorial debut film of Nick Gillespie, a frequent
    collaborator with Ben Wheatley (Kill List, High-Rise, Free Fire), who
    is an executive producer here, when he should have been a co- writer,
    because this film, while admirable for it’s stylish and truly terrible
    (in a good way) atmosphere, the ultimate payoff never comes.

    When a group of mercenaries transporting two hooded individuals through
    a rural forested area somewhere in Europe, they eventually become
    trapped in a tank, where the enemy slowly reveals itself to be not the
    enemy from beyond the forest, but trapped in the belly of the steel
    beast they now reside.

    The story, characters and setting were all there, with the latter two
    being pretty solid, but the psychedelic and surreal imagery, while
    compelling and intriguing, doesn’t help to clear up the confusing and
    pointless plot. The pieces to a ground-breaking horror thriller are
    here, but Gillespie just couldn’t put the puzzle together himself,
    being the writer and director. I feel if Wheatley had co-written the
    script or did re-writes after Gillespie, the issue could have been
    worked out and through, but sadly, we’re stuck with an empty but
    stylish thriller, with some truly awesome acting chops (Michael Smiley
    has an outstanding moment of craziness that does show Gillespie’s love
    of the craft).

    Tank 432 is a missed opportunity, but still worth a watch for the
    performances and the cinematography. Maybe Gillespie will have better
    luck directing a script from a more experienced playwright, or have his
    script directed, because the man has talent.

  • fruitifulgamerApril 9, 2017Reply

    Super bad

    This movie was extremely bad and very very disturbing, the plot made no
    sense and the characters were sh*t. Do not watch this movie. If you
    google horse sh*t this movie comes up. Everything fx effects, costumes,
    practicality, acting, plot and anything else you can think of was
    completely horrible. I repeat do not watch this movie it is the
    definition of cancer.

  • jhr2012April 9, 2017Reply

    Typical Netflix crap

    I’m so sick of finding movies on Netflix that are rated 4 stars or
    more, and in reality, are nothing higher than zero. In this case, that
    rating has to be false as no viewer with half a brain would rate it
    more than a 1, if that? My God, what an awful movie. There’s not much I
    can add that hasn’t already been written. Disastrous plot, terrible
    acting, atrocious dialog, etc., etc. I still have no idea what was
    going on, or why. And to top it off, I don’t care! Avoid this at all

  • jimspaid-86934April 10, 2017Reply

    THAT was a waste of 1 1/2 hrs

    The ”F” word was used more than anything else. I stayed with it
    expecting to find out what was going on & what they were running from.
    It never explained anything. Then they got locked in the tank & that
    was the gist of it. The ending only gave a fraction of what was needed
    to piece this worthless movie together. It would have been watchable if
    the screenwriter added some meat to it. Dead bodies, puking, & taking a
    dump. That’s about it.

  • guidegoldblattApril 13, 2017Reply

    Truly a Terrible Movie

    I was intrigued by the premise and decided to give it a try. What a
    huge disappointment.

    This movie is bad on many levels. Just a few:

    – None of the characters are remotely likable. They are either jerks,
    poorly-written, or bland as hell. – Almost all of the acting is really
    poor. Particularly bad are George Kennedy as Smith and Tom Mateen as
    Evans. Ever, Rupert Evans, who is decent in The Man in the High Castle,
    can’t muster a good effort. – Most of the story makes no sense and very
    little of substance seems to happen.

    Please, don’t torture yourself by watching this movie – it is that bad!

  • Freakshow85April 20, 2017Reply

    *Spoilers* Believe us, don’t waste your time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • donzidudeApril 21, 2017Reply

    The dumbest movie I have ever seen

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kung_Fu_VooDooApril 24, 2017Reply

    Dear IMDb,

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rick509April 30, 2017Reply

    absolute garbage, only watch this if you hate yourself

    Like others, I created an account just so I could review this movie.

    You’re dropped into the story somewhere in the middle, with no clue
    what is going on. Made no sense at all, I kept watching with hopes that
    the story would come about. It never did.

    Please do not watch this garbage. Possibly the worst movie I’ve ever

  • wolf-04605April 30, 2017Reply

    My 13 yr old could have made this movie!

    Like another reviewer, I created an acct just to leave feedback about
    this awful movie. After watching it, my wife looked at me and said
    ”That’s a hour and a half of my life that I wasted.” Seriously, the
    story line and plot are so bad and incoherent, it’s as if a group of
    7th grade boys made it up as the movie was being filmed! What I wanna
    know is this: Did someone actually get paid to write this script and
    direct this crap? Do yourself a favor, if u are inclined to watch this,
    first go to the garage , grab your hammer and smash your big toe, it
    would be less painful. Then, re-think your decision to watch this!

  • ericrnolanApril 30, 2017Reply

    Do not see ”Tank 432” (2015)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mochteamMay 1, 2017Reply

    They’re not stuck inside a tank it’s an armored personnel carrier

    When the title of the movie can’t even get the military vehicle its
    title is based on right what more do you expect from the movie but
    crap? I rarely write reviews but I actually was expecting to see them
    stuck in a Tank that’s is actually and the only reason I watched this
    because it sounded interesting then it turns out there’s not even a
    tank in the movie. There’s no excuse for that how could they not even
    know the difference between a tank and a passenger vehicle? It’s like
    confusing a minivan with a Mac Truck.

  • mchughenMay 2, 2017Reply

    88 minutes I’ve lost from my lifespan.

    This is the worst movie I’ve seen in years. Why did I continue
    watching? Because I felt there had to be improvements and explanations
    coming if only I stayed a few minutes longer. I was wrong. It starts
    fine, but accumulates mysteries, stacking one atop another, for 80
    minutes and answers almost none of them. From the beginning, I asked
    myself ”Why did (character) do/say that?” Never explained. Repeated
    repeatedly over the entire course of the 88 minutes. It’s too late for
    me… save yourself.

  • cadapultMay 27, 2017Reply

    88 minutes wasted I’ll never get back :^(

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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