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Thani Oruvan

Thani Oruvan

Aug. 28, 2015 India159 Min.
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M. Raja


Jayam Ravi isMithran IPS
Mithran IPS
Arvind Swamy isDr. Siddharth Abhimanyu
Dr. Siddharth Abhimanyu
Nassar isChief Minister
Chief Minister
Thambi Ramaiah isSengalvarayan
Sricharan isKathiresan
Rahul Madhav isJanardhan


An idealistic cop and an ambitious scientist-businessman indulge in a high-stake battle of wits.

Thani Oruvan
Thani Oruvan
Thani Oruvan
Thani Oruvan
Thani Oruvan
Thani Oruvan
Thani Oruvan
Thani Oruvan
Thani Oruvan
Thani Oruvan
Original titleதனி ஒருவன்
IMDb Rating8.6 8,771 votes
TMDb Rating7.9 20 votes

(36) comments

  • eminemprabhuSeptember 3, 2015Reply

    the good vs evil

    Wow….. superb movie…. superb story…. superb acting…. new level
    to Tamil cinema… even though there are some fault in the story
    line… don’t mind those things… total thriller and the whole credits
    goes to Siddharth Abhimanyu i mean Arvind Swamy. His acting was awesome
    and super characterization. On the whole this movie ll be a treat for
    everyone.. BGM is superb. music is very nice. Negative parts are there.
    but don’t mind those things. Dialogues are superb. Over all acting
    performance is good. Aravind Samy plays the major part in this movie.
    If u want to watch the movie again that only for Aravind Samy
    performance. My rate for this movie is 9.7/10

  • sraavan-narayananSeptember 3, 2015Reply

    One of the best stylish thrilers

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Naveen SankaranSeptember 4, 2015Reply

    One of the best scripted cop thriller

    I was Dumbstruck when I saw this movie at theater. M.Raja has indeed
    grown a long way from being a ‘remake’ director to his ‘own make’
    director. The base script is usual one – good vs bad. But the way it
    has been scripted especially the bad part, deserves standing ovation!


    Aravind Samy – dashing stylish villain is everyones favorite and he
    doesn’t disappoint you ! This villain is very unique! He didn’t lay his
    hand on the protagonist at all! not even for a single shot. He carried
    the bad role in a subtle but powerful manner! You will surely fall in
    love with this character!

    Thambi Ramayyah – humour is different from comedy and he is the trump
    card in this movie who keeps on giving us some enjoyable part with his

    Jayam Ravi – He worked very hard for this movie! It is evident from the
    word go itself. This is a tailor made role for him and he did exceed
    the expectations.

    Atlast, Raja – scripting a detailed cop thriller with pacey screenplay
    is very difficult and he succeeds very much here!

    Very good movie after Thuppaki which should be watched in theaters
    purely for its excellence in story telling!

    This is a smartly made movie though not a genius film!

    Kudos to the whole team! Very happy to watch a very good thriller.

  • SivakumarBalachandranSeptember 5, 2015Reply

    It has got everything to make a perfect cop thriller

    A well enacted thriller with a racy screen play portrays the war
    between the good and the bad (evil). Jayam Ravi’s brother Director
    M.Raja has given so many hits but most of them would be remakes of
    success films in Telugu. This time he has took quite time to pen his
    story and screenplay after his last venture Velayudham starting Vijay
    which has worked quite well even though the basic concept is the same
    cat and mouse game. Corruption, Corporate mafia, underworld,
    Pharmaceutical Company’s illegal research, Goons, Strict and straight
    forward IAS, IPS officers working with anti corruption motto, realistic
    fight with corporate Dons, A Solo Hero with a vision and a supportive
    lead lady some of the keywords that can describe this movie’s plot. The
    ultimate show stopper of the movie was the performance of the
    antagonist played by none other than the yester year’s charming hero
    Aravind Samy. He plays Siddharth Abimanyu a suave middle aged notorious
    scientist and has lifted the role to a different level with his
    charisma in a sophisticated set up. His comeback as a good hearted
    priest didn’t work out in Kadal but sure this negative role will be a
    break through character in his career. Mithran (essayed by Jayam ravi )
    is the best cop ever who shadows his aim case and moves exactly with
    his supporting team of friends. Mahima (played by the beautiful dusky
    Nayantara) who is head over heels with Mithran supports him with her
    skills. The overall love sequences seemed sensible and mature didn’t
    bore us with instant dream sequences except the one and only song which
    was bearable. Other than these leads we have Nasser, Thambi Rammaiah
    (don’t know how many movies he will play the same innocent character
    with the same tone), Vamsi Krishna, Ganesh Venkat Ram, Jay Prakash,
    Mugdha Godse (of the Hindi movie Fashion fame). On the technical bit
    like cinematography, editing, BGM, Arts was in place and gave what was
    needed for a script like this. Except a bit on editing would have made
    it look perfect. At times it would make you feel and compare portions
    with Kakha kakha and similar cop movie series, plus Ramana, Nimirndhu
    nil, E, Thupakki etc Verdict: A good thriller with an over shadowed
    antagonist which is the current trend where villain takes over easily.

  • nandhini-21525September 6, 2015Reply

    best action thriller

    Go and watch this in theater. Mohan Raja made Tamil movies one step
    higher. All the characters have done their best. Jayam Ravi catches all
    the people’s attention in each and every second of the movie.
    Nayanthara’s best movie I can say. She did a wonderful acting. Each and
    every second of the movie went thrilling and I sat on the edge of the
    seat while watching. Villain was amazing. BOSS OF THE OTHER VILLAINS IN
    TAMIL CINEMA. Only few comedies but nice one. Don’t miss it.You can
    watch this movie more than 10 times. It is also the best police based
    movie. There are so many amazing twists in the movie. Best movie of the

  • jeevinaveenSeptember 9, 2015Reply

    Great movie….

    Excellent movie. Enjoyed the thriller and saw a very good tamil film
    after a long time…Great acting by Arvind and Ravi…Credit should be
    given to director Raja..Good concept and well narrated with no
    deviation..Raja should continue to do straight films, even if it takes
    a year.

    Talking of music, just loved ”kaadhal cricket” song and the awesome
    voice of the singer. The last song was also good and peppy. Hope this
    will change the attitude of most of the tamil directors, as long as the
    story is good and well narrated, it will be a big hit. This also
    proves, a movie with unrealistic scenes and characters can be
    successful and in fact hugely successful movie. Big kudos to the entire
    Thani Oruvan team. All the best..

  • suganthatSeptember 10, 2015Reply

    Box Office hits need Out-of-the-Box Thinking

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • venkadeshnSeptember 10, 2015Reply

    Box Office hit needs Out-of-the-Box Thinking

    As we all witnessed during the past 10 days or so, ‘Thani Oruvan’ got
    rave reviews and has been accepted by the film industry and audience as
    a benchmark movie. There is a transition happening in the Indian movie
    industry; that is driven by the audience. Today movie goers are well
    aware of the worldly events. The life-cycle of audience taste is short,
    meaning audience preference is undergoing change at a higher rate than
    ever before. The typical romance movie is no longer going to pull the
    audience. It had been already exploited by the uncountable number of
    movies in all the possible formats. So what is next? That is called
    ‘Thani Oruvan’ way! – A strong theme, embedded with authentic data &

    How it all started? Way back in 2013, director Mr. Mohan Raja met with
    a group of consultants from Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd.,
    specializes in business consulting and business analysis (An EEP of
    International Institute of Business Analysis, Canada and REP of
    International Requirements Engineering Board, Germany). By that time,
    Mr. Raja was thinking about the story for at least 3 years. The one
    question he asked the group of consultants was ”I want to make the
    movie authentic and different, how you could contribute?” Fhyzics was
    also looking for opportunities to explore the movie industry.
    Subsequently, Fhyzics team met the director few times and demonstrated
    how they can make it different. It clicked, and Fhyzics got its maiden
    movie project.

    The assignment given to Fhyzics team is data and logic research for the
    movie project. The team researched the IPS training, minute-by- minute
    daily routines of IPS probationers and officers, costumes, usage of
    words & terminologies, technologies, background, analysis methods etc.
    The team also did intensive research on crimes both at national and
    international level from 1990 onwards to till-date. Organized the
    crimes under different heads and drawn the linkages. Prepared crime
    charts, time-to-time emotional graphs, hero vs. villain rise & fall
    maps etc. Even Fhyzics created a PPT that was presented to the
    producers by Mr. Raja to give them a holistic view of the movie.
    Massive amount of data and information were collected, organized in
    SharePoint (a Microsoft technology), then distilled and presented on
    weekly basis to the director for the entire duration of the movie
    making and it has been judiciously consumed in the movie without
    affecting the entertainment element of it. At Fhyzics, we profoundly
    thank Mr. Raja for the opportunity and helping us in launching our
    services in the movie industry with this landmark movie, ‘Thani

    Venkadesh Narayanan, MBA, CBAP, PMI-PBA Former Indian Civil Servant –
    IRAS 2000 Batch, Principal Consultant Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt.

  • Sakthivel GanesanSeptember 12, 2015Reply

    A Critical though about ”Thani Oruvan” and ”Death Note”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • srinivasanSeptember 13, 2015Reply

    Movie screenplay is good except one small thing

    Right from beginning to end all looks good in the movie.

    Arvind Swamy acting is awesome.

    Thambi Ramayyah – humour is different from comedy and he is the trump
    card in this movie who keeps on giving us some enjoyable part with his

    Jayam Ravi – He worked very hard for this movie! It is evident from the
    word go itself. This is a tailor made role for him and he did exceed
    the expectations.

    However one small thing looks impractical.

    Mithran friend Jana despite being an IPS officer uses a motorcycle to
    handover SD card and does not have a jeep or car.

    In current generation even a Police Inspector uses jeep to catch

    If Jana was using jeep, the story would have been more different.

  • yadhu de hosureSeptember 15, 2015Reply

    The usual cop cliché but will not appear so..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Afsal Hussain (afsalthodupuzha)September 15, 2015Reply

    ”A Smartly Packed Edge Of the Seat Thriller”

    Cent percent worth the expectations,Mohan Raja’s Thani Oruvan puts an
    end to the long wait for a neat thriller from Kollywood and delivers
    two memorable characters Mithran I.PS and Siddharth Abhimanyu,portrayed
    by Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swami respectively.

    A brilliantly crafted thriller with intelligent screenplay and terrific
    narration,Thani Ourvan is a delightful original offering from Raja
    who’s know for remaking successful films from other languages down
    south.The screenplay by director himself and the writer duo Subha
    framed upon the cat and mouse chase between protagonist and the villain
    is immensely stylish and substantial,being successful in gaining
    attention of the viewers who gets to be a part of the proceedings.

    There isn’t a single dull moment in around 160 minutes of the running
    time and leaving aside some minor glitches,Thani Oruvan stands out as
    one of the best thrillers ever produced in Kollywood for its racy
    script,powerful and meaningful dialogues,lack of unwanted elements
    aimed at masses,the brilliant performances and strong technical
    perfection.Unlike many thrillers produced in the recent past,the
    romance portions were well-written and Raja deserves a special applause
    for handling it convincingly so that it never turn a stumbling block in
    the thrills offered by the enthralling fight between the hero and the

    Jayam Ravi has comeup with a top-notch performance as the protagonist
    Mithran IPS and showcases his mettle in handling intense roles with
    ease.Expecting more such roles from him rather than disappointing ones
    like Shakti from ‘Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar’. Casting Aravind
    Swami as the suave,intelligent and cool antagonist worked out wonders
    and he stole the show with his matured act.Arvind’s character Siddharth
    Abhimanyu will be long-remembered as one of the best villainous
    portrayals in the history of tamil film industry.Welcome Back Swami!!
    Choose Wisely and you are here to stay !! <3 Thambi Ramaiah managed to
    evoke laughs with his hilarious portrayal of Sengalvarayan.Nayan Thara
    as the heroine was convincing in a neatly written role and pulled off
    her part really well.The supporting cast that includes Rahul
    Madhav,Ganesh Venkatraman etc were good.

    Music and score by Hip-Hop Tamizha were effective and gave more depth
    to the narration.All the songs were perfectly placed and avoiding
    unnecessary item songs and other unwanted numbers proved good for
    tightening the screenplay.Frames by Rajaji were slick and cuts by Gopi
    Krishna were neat.

    Overall,Thani Oruvan is a stylish and captivating thriller,a must watch
    this season.

    Verdict:: Mind-blowing performances from Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swami
    backed up with a taut screenplay,technical brilliance,powerful
    dialogues and and an energetic score makes Thani Oruvan an easy
    addition to the list of best thrillers to come-out from Kollywood till
    date.Don’t miss this one from theatres,Period!! Un Yedhiri Yaar Endru
    Sol..Nee Yaar Endru Solgiren B-)

  • skvigneshSeptember 15, 2015Reply

    Extremely Good Concept But…

    There are so so many things that could have been done better, but hey
    let me take the time to say a great step in the right direction. If you
    are someone who is not willing to be emotionally indulged and love a
    social subject with a bit of typical cinematic stuff, then yes this is
    it, you may not get many such movies please watch.

    Personally I would like movie makers to control the itch to add the
    artificial fights and the out-of-screenplay songs. Imagine the depth of
    the movie without those and a bit more of logical screenplay wow, then
    we are talking of a masterpiece.

    But it was a genuinely good feeling coming out of the movie and yes not
    everyone in the audience would enjoy a total logical package so I think
    its a class 1 entertainer and Arvind Swamy and Ravi have done
    exceedingly well. The lead actress Nayanthara to her credit also
    supports very well to the plot.

    Must watch!

  • Capsicon NoseSeptember 18, 2015Reply

    Awesome thrilling script

    This would be my first ever reviews/ comments in IMDb, though am a
    regular user I found this time for this movie I should give some
    reviews here.

    Totally fantastic picturization and a very strong script. Enjoyed the
    flow how the director taken us from the beginning till the end. A huge
    break for all the cast and crew of this movie. Mohan Raja proved the
    best of his talent and Music/ BGM by Hiphop Tamilzha Aadhi is awesome

    Best movie scene… – When child Sidharth Abhimanyu speaking of the
    deal for his father to take the blame from Naser. – When Sidharth
    Abhimanyu got shot by his lover and lying on lap of Jayam Ravi with the
    last dialog was simply superb.

    Worth of every penny!

  • Jacob PoopaulSeptember 21, 2015Reply

    Thani Oruvan- Impeccable story with a masterpiece performance by the crew

    The Last time when I was spell bound by watching a movie was a
    Hollywood One. This one deserves a top notch applause right from the
    word ‘go’.

    Here, during the movie, you sit at the edge of your seat pondering what
    would happen next.

    This is how a class movie must be.Every small thing fitted rightly in
    its place, with absolute no nonsense scenes, well that’s what an
    exemplary movie should be.

    I could go on and on heaving praises for this movie. Excellent overall
    performance, racy screenplay, top notch directing and impeccable

    If you expect a lot of love scenes from a movie or off track songs or
    bodies getting thrown off without a damn reason, then this is seriously
    not your movie.

  • kirankvknetSeptember 23, 2015Reply

    A perfect handicraft

    Imagine a cop, who keeps a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable (?),
    Realistic, Time bound) goal to demolish one bigwig criminal in his
    lifetime and secretly maintains a R&D center to study the latter. He
    has a skill developed since his childhood to read media news between
    the lines and strongly believes every small-time crime news item
    appearing has at its back hidden an organised crime. His skills of
    reading between lines, connecting the dots & of course the never dying
    passion, brings him into the battleground with one Siddarth.

    Also imagine a criminal, who plans more on covering himself from the
    crimes he masterminds, than on the crime itself. He is one helluva
    opportunist, who takes birth in a minister’s car with the siren on,
    does an unimaginable cease of an opportunity at age 15, and controls
    the powerhouse of politics, business and research together through his
    allies and alas, he is a renowned scientist. His smooth flow gets
    perturbed on one Dec. 10, when his plan to discourage announcement of
    generic drugs by a swiss pharma owner lady gets deviated for a while,
    and he is in the battleground with our cop Mitran.

    Thani Oruvan is likable for every aspect of it. I generally judge a
    Director’s capacity in creating the unique personality for his
    characters and ensuring the character maintains the same throughout the
    plot. M Raja & SuBa get 5 star on this aspect. The way the traits of
    both Ravi & Aravind are etched and maintained through shows the

    Aravind Swamy (of Roja fame) is a real discovery in the role of
    Antagonist (or should we say, the protagonist? I wonder, why not?). He
    will actually make us like the villain of the movie more than the hero.
    Quiet a contrary. The crisp & slow delivery of simple, yet powerful
    dialogues between him & his father (played by Thambi Ramayya) are
    treat. Of course, Ravi & Nayantara have done their best as usual. Never
    loses curiosity. No loopholes in the story. No mediocrity in production
    values. Limited but essential use of CG. Lot of research has gone in to
    connect current affairs to hypothesis.

    In conclusion, its not everyday we get such treat from Indian movie
    makers…get yourself feasted…

  • Dheeraj MalineniOctober 17, 2015Reply

    Thani Orwan is real awesome movie..loved its story and screenplay

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • surajsuresh27November 12, 2015Reply

    one of the best tamil movies

    and here comes another Tamil movie that doesn’t have the masala and
    unbelievable fights as in singam 1 2 pokkiri etc. A class movie with
    class actors such as Arvindsamy and Jayam Ravi. Unbelievable scripting.
    Amazing Dialogues. The essence of the movie is Hero vs Villain as
    always but the way its shown is really a new stle for Tamil Cinema.
    Another addition to the set of unforgettable must watch movies such as
    Thuppaki, Vaaranam Ayiram, kaaka kaaka, dhill,vetaiyaadu vilaiyaaduetc.

    A must watch for all. No unnecessary songs, no unnecessary mass punches
    and theme music, no fights where the hero hits 20 people to the heights
    of 20 ft. a simple yet simply awesome cop movie.

  • LadduNovember 12, 2015Reply

    Can’t imagine but can happen

    Few years back, Tamil movies were junk. But now, the time has gone and
    they had grown up. At once I can say this movie is a Excellent & worth
    watching. Jeyam Ravi is doing the finest job over here as the hero
    while Arvind Swamy doing a magnificent role over the villain.
    Nayanthara is bit small character in here as Mithran’s girlfriend & the
    director should focus to take much more from her. And a word about the
    director, M. Raja has proved that he can do many things more than
    re-making old movies. And the musics were very good & synchronized with
    the movement of the movie. and the finally, I would say that this movie
    is worth watching. You have to spent 2hours and 37 minutes. but it
    deserve it.

  • ListonFermiNovember 15, 2015Reply

    Worth Spending – Best of its type

    Minimally the movie is a must watch experience for all class cinema
    lovers.Thriller,Action,Some piece of Social message.

    The movie has quite good characterization from the 1st level characters
    to the final level supporting characters are perfectly and beautifully

    Aravind Swamy portrays the villain character as ‘Never before in
    Kollywood’.From his mannerism,body language,attitude he has shown much
    of evilness more than hat of the script wanted which suits the
    character perfectly.

    My favorite scene of the movie would be the pre-climax sequence where
    Siddarth Abimanyu (Character) hears to his father’s words,The scene in
    the investigation room.

    The movie totally emphasizes our Indian society and a battle of a
    ‘Single Man'(Thani Oruvan) who want to protect the society and a
    ‘Single Man’ Who knows only about ‘Money’

    However, you have shown interest in the screenplay.The message of the
    movie will catch you surely! Go for it!

    There is no speed breaker & a perfect song placement The Villain’s
    character is well designed and more special from other negative
    characters of Kollywood Cinema.This movie is totally different from
    M.Raja’s earlier movies.Unexpected turnings and easily catch-able
    screenplay.The best movie of this kind ”GOOD vs EVIL”.You’ll have no
    reason to hate this film.

    This movie is a ‘Gem Of Tamil Cinema’. Must watch movie for all movie
    lovers.Don’t Miss this Roller Coaster Ride 🙂

  • vinothrajcvNovember 17, 2015Reply

    Brilliant stuff !! From remakes to a straight film ! hats off !

    from remake raja to m raja. yes, thats what people used to call the
    director of this film before thani oruvan. this is a path breaking film
    for not just m.raja but in Tamil cinema.

    everything was good. you cant point out any mistakes in the film. close
    to perfect. the script, oh my… the film is so good that you would
    want to watch it again and again. definitely, one of the best action
    thrillers in tamil cinema. this is one of those films where the villain
    is given supremacy for most of the time. arvind swamy nailed it as
    siddharth abhimanyu, he is the kind of negative shade people would like
    to be. cool as cucumber. music is apt and deserves a special mention
    and it resembles the contribution to what dark knight(2008) was.

    Thani oruvan joins the list of my all time favorites such as KO,

  • yunusitbossNovember 22, 2015Reply

    Thani Oruvan (U/A) TAMIL ——— my Rating: ★★★★½ SEAT EDGE THRILLER

    New movie Reviews and lots more Hot news …. LIKE THIS PAGE : English
    Hindi TAMIL TELUGU Facebook : Movie Review by Yunus Irshad

    Thani Oruvan (U/A) TAMIL ——— my Rating: ★★★★½ SEAT EDGE THRILLER

    STRENGTHS:- * M.Raja’s story and direction * Screenplay: unpredictable
    scenes back to back….. very gripping…. * Siddarth abhimanyu
    character was very powerful and well delivered on screen by Arvind
    swamy…. * Music and BGM: were excellent by Hip hop tamizha….. *
    Casting and performances were really great…..

    WEAKNESSES:- * Two many twists in single movie….but enjoyable…..

    FINAL VERDICT:- * Overall…it is a clean powerful thriller which
    rocked all over… I strongly recommend this movie.. This movie must be
    awarded as BEST FILM of 2015….. Remake rights will be sold
    highly….. Must watch….

    Revolving around a police officer who is passionate to destroy the most
    corrupt person in the country, Siddharth Abhimanyu.

    Director: M. Raja Writers: A.N. Balakrishnan, M. Raja, 3 more credits »
    Stars: Jeyam Ravi, Nayanthara, Arvind Swamy | See full cast and crew »

  • jeyanthDecember 3, 2015Reply

    10 times watchable .

    Thani Oruvan is a bit too long [..] And even though it is a plot-driven
    film, the film gives us well-rounded characters, who lend the slightly
    far-fetched story plausibility.There are a lot of sub-stories but it
    will not make you confusing at all. The plot revolves around IPS
    Officer Mithran who wants to arrest Siddharth Abhimanyu, an affluential
    scientist who uses hidden illegal medical practices for profit.Sre you
    must hit your nearby cinemas to watch this film.Aravind Samy is the
    backbone of the film and he is the hero . Even Mithran IPS,Jayam
    Ravi,has less scope and lesser number of scenes .The title ‘Thani
    Oruvan’ fits Aravind Samy more than the hero Jayam Ravi . Every scenes
    has a lot of twists and turns

  • vidyaglDecember 14, 2015Reply

    Awesome thriller, powerful story, beautifully directed and executed..a complete movie

    I was absolutely dumbstruck after watching this movie. I just can’t
    believe that it so flawlessly written and executed. Hats off to the
    script writer and director. Aravind Swamy- What an actor!! Superb and
    so convincing. He is a treat to eyes. Total package of acting, dignity,
    good looks and most importantly STYLE. Superb. Aravind Swamy in his
    role was the best and am sure none other than him could have done it
    better and carried the role at the required level of dignity. Excellent
    casting. Very meticulous of director, actors and script. Excellent
    scripting, flawless execution by actors. Hats off to the whole team.
    The scenes and sequences are so well arranged and timely that I didn’t
    want to take my eyes off the screen even to wink.

  • Adithya IyerDecember 25, 2015Reply

    Warning – A Horrible Movie!!!!

    I was waiting a lot to see this movie with my family ! I have no idea
    how it got 9/10 rating here. The whole plot, dialogue, directors,
    acting everything is disastrous.

    PS – I registered IMDb just to rate this movie 1 star, thats how
    horrible it is!

    Many scenes don’t make sense. It seems the movie has a serious plot
    with twists and turns, but it’s pointless if it’s not placed nicely in
    a little realistic way.

    Anyways the choice is yours… Enjoy!!! It might be a better option
    than a flop movie but there are many more better ways to get
    entertained. And also there has to be some movie left to watch better
    than this. If not, then why stoop so low to watch this?

  • M S ArunJanuary 8, 2016Reply

    Awesome Movie

    Very Good Movie with a valuable message..!!

    The extremely positive reviews made me curious to watch it. Yes it may
    be far better than most of the films done by M Raja and Jayam Ravi. The
    film surely has some good moments and action scenes. Some of them are
    the flashback of Arvind Swami’s character, Mugdha Godse’s flashback,
    the way Jayam Ravi zeroes in on Arvind Swamy’s identity.we profoundly
    thank Mr. Raja for the opportunity and helping us in launching our
    services in the movie industry with this landmark movie, ‘Thani
    Oruvan’.M Raja’s Thani Oruvan ultimately is a winner that keeps you
    excited for its more than two and a half hour run time. My rating is
    4.5/5. A terrific Aravind Swamy will captivate you for sure.

  • thirusuryaJanuary 17, 2016Reply

    portrays following ideology and progressive modification of it

    Mithran searches for link between News between different pages of
    newspaper. His room is covered newspaper cuttings.Narrows down the
    criminals and finally decides his enemy ,because of his ideology ” tell
    who is enemy, I will tell who are you ” which is modified form of adage
    ”tell who is your friend ,I tell who are you”. Nayantara alters his
    idea ,that not to target at single enemy and die for catching him,you
    live and kill him and get new enemies.Finally he decides to continue
    his enemy hunt ,by trying not to kill Arvind swamy after he is caught
    arrested . Arvind swamy took 10 minutes to think and became good man
    and gave evidences and became ready to die.

  • Prashanth IMDBJanuary 18, 2016Reply

    Great thriller, one of the best Tamil movies made in the last 5-10 years

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie – a thrilling and engrossing
    script. Jeyam Ravi’s acting was fabulous and Aravind Swamy was
    outstanding in this comeback movie after a long hiatus from the
    industry. I only wish the script was longer, especially the portion
    where Jeyam Ravi is constantly monitored via the GPS implant and
    harassed by Aravind Swamy. I wished there could have been at least one
    or two more subplots in that portion, whereas in the movie Jeyam Ravi
    discovers his implant too quickly in my opinion. Otherwise, it is a
    great movie & a must watch for any Tamil movie fan. It is the best
    movie that has come out of Kollywood in the last 5 to 10 years.

  • kvchivukulaFebruary 26, 2016Reply

    Simple and real thrilling

    This movie is one of the good movies I have ever seen. From the
    starting of movie to it’s end, even a second I didn’t feel like the
    movie has some boring or copied scenes. I have seen many logical movies
    before but all of them have some big and pin-pointed flaws. This
    movie,inspite of containing some scenes which are superficial, has
    succeeded convincing the audience. The characterizations of Jayram Ravi
    and Aravind swamy are amazing.The background score is very good and is
    apt for the situations. A Critic: It would have been better if the
    character of Jayram Ravi is played by some one else who has better
    physique and handsomeness. Its not to belittle Jayram Ravi but he is
    not so handsome when compared to some of his co-stars. This is
    definitely one of the best clinches of police-thriller genre. All
    sections of audience like it for sure. Kudos, Indian cinema has got
    some dumb.!!

  • Mani GandanMay 25, 2016Reply

    OK movie, not worth of 8/10

    Its not a bad movie. Its an above average movie with some good
    soundtracks.Its definitely entertaining. Acting is very good
    (especially aravind samy). The dialogues and screenplay is very
    mediocre. Not much(any) humor. But its barely good enough for 7/10 ,
    nowhere near for 8.9/10 rating. Hype for this movie is too much. Same
    old, good guy chasing bad guy thriller. Characterization of both
    villains and hero is not as realistic as they think. After seeing lot
    of good movies, characters and dialogue seems vague, childish, forced
    and juvenile even. Whole plot is dragged unnecessarily at the beginning
    and rushed at the end. High tech plot elements is not a substitute for
    a decent screenplay. The premise of the film is innovative , but
    execution is mediocre at its best.

  • chandrachud-53817May 27, 2016Reply

    The best movie in Kollywood

    It is very rare that Kollywood makes good films .They add songs,romance
    and make the movie junk.This is not on of them.The film first of all
    has a very good story and a very good cast.You will never get bored in
    any point in the film especially climax is really good.Really waiting
    for the sequel. The character of Siddharth Abhimanyu was really good
    The hero even if it is not one of the best he did a good job.This film
    will surely succeed in other language remakes.Many directors Should try
    out technology based thrillers like this especially the best part in
    the film is that even when they share extreme enmity they never touch
    each other

  • gurunathankrishnanJune 22, 2016Reply

    Excellent screenplay supported by stellar performances

    Be it an epic or novel or movie, to make it interesting and
    entertaining, you need a powerful villain. What if he is also handsome
    and charming? That’s exactly what Thani Oruvan offers. You can see one
    of the most handsome evil cold blooded villain of Tamil cinema.

    It’s a perfect cat and mouse thriller with some great background music(
    though it’s inspired from lot of western music). The movie starts with
    an interesting scene with a twist and moves on with great pace. One of
    the movies which do not have any unnecessary scenes barring a duet.
    Jayam Ravi is very effective and intense as police officer while
    Aravind Swamy is a cool and sophisticated evil doctor. Some great
    humour is provided by Thambi Ramaiah during his conversation with
    Aravind Swamy without deviating/spoiling the pace or the intensity of
    the scene. Hats off to Jayam Ravi for choosing a role with a very
    powerful opponent which shows the craving for a good movie than
    heroism. Jayam Raja to be lauded for good directorial venture(taking
    off his remakes from his filmography). The movie also has some great
    theme connecting petty thefts to grand scams and how the two keeps
    crossing each other in their paths.

    Good editing, great cinematography and excellent BGM with great
    dialogues and screenplay makes it worth watching for sure. Had the
    climax been little different, it would have been a classic.

    It will be known as one of the successful movies for villains than the
    hero in the league of Mankatha, Jigardhanda etc

    Go for it and you won’t get disappointed!!!!

  • maadithyamaheshJuly 7, 2016Reply

    First-Rate Modern Thriller

    Thani Oruvan is a boon to Indian Cinema. It marks a milestone in Jeyam
    Ravi’s career. Thickly plotted and directed, it is an entertainer for
    sore eyes. Also it is one Arvind Swamy’s best movies.

    The first pre-title scene itself installs the base for the movie.

    The plot revolves around Mithran (Jeyam Ravi), an IPS trainee who
    connects all local crimes towards greater, carefully executed business
    plans. He connects them all to Siddharth Abhimanyu (Arvind Swamy).
    After becoming a police officer he tries to take Siddharth down, once
    and for all, which triggers a series of events which ultimately leads
    to an outstanding climax.

    Moreover, there is a memorable scene where Mithran proposes Mahima
    (Nayanthara) in a special way due to unforeseen circumstances.

    Overall, this is an outstanding thriller which does not fail to
    surprise at all!, and therefore, is a must watch for all.

  • Reno RanganJuly 14, 2016Reply

    A cop vs an evil scientist! The ultimate clash!

    This is definitely your regular Indian style film, but the script was
    top notch, that’s the vast difference you would find in this. It was a
    cop-thief clash theme something like the Korean film ‘Veteran’.
    Initially I thought it might be a remake of some Korean film, because
    it looks like a Korean thriller, but after learning that it was an
    original, I was amazed. Because, you know, the director has a nick name
    called remake Raja. He’s known for bringing the Telugu blockbuster to
    the Kollywood. That’s not bad and I’m not against remakes, he sure did
    do a wonderful job with those projects to succeed.

    The actors were brilliant, especially like everybody saying Aravaind
    Swamy in a negative role stole the show. The plus point was minimizing
    the musical track. I mean the narration was not interrupted by
    unexpected and unnecessary musics and dances like usual Indian films
    does, except on one occasion I think. The two and half an hour was too
    long, but that’s the average Indian film length and totally worth it.

    Not easy to predict, but in a few segments you would know what might
    come in the next scene. Because it might be an awesome film for the
    Indian audience who are seeing it for the first time, but in the world
    stage it is just an above average with partial cliché. There were a
    couple twists, the ending was excellent too, and looks like a follow up
    might come. My only disappointment was they missed a wonderful
    opportunity to make this film more realistic in the line of ‘Unnaipol
    Oruvan’. Instead, they opted to narrate it more commercially appealing

    So if you are an Indian or watch regularly Indian films, you would find
    it great. I was impressed with the film’s promotions and it did well at
    the box office. Now it is getting remade in a couple of other
    languages, I hope they would as well do well. The brothers; the lead
    actor and the director did many projects together, but this one was a
    very special and will be a game changer for their respective career. So
    you might need to check it out if you haven’t seen it yet. I’m not
    saying it is a masterpiece, but if you know Indian cinemas, then would
    learn how unusual it is.


  • karthickjothimaniDecember 2, 2016Reply

    Watch this for knowing Life Skills to thrive on this century

    I learned quite some of the essential life skills form this Movie which
    is needed for striving and thriving in this world, from both characters
    Siddharth Abhimanyu and Mithran IPS.

    We have to play both the characters in our life and I’m sure it helps,
    check it out!!

    The dialogues are really good and few are valuable ones, from
    Siddharth, Mitran and Mahima. The story line is fabulous, and what
    makes the movie great is the acting of Siddharth and his role(
    Excellentone) which I’ve never seen in Tamil movies currently and the

  • Rayan ShihabFebruary 6, 2017Reply

    its Overrated

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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