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The Answer

The Answer

Sometimes it's better not to know who you areApr. 11, 2015 USA83 Min.
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Iqbal Ahmed


Austin Hébert isBridd Cole
Bridd Cole
Alexis Carra isCharlotte Parker
Charlotte Parker
Mark Deklin isCole Sr.
Cole Sr.
Cranston Johnson isDelivery Man
Delivery Man
Tyler Richardson isSecurity Guard
Security Guard
Katherine Meixel isYoung Waitress
Young Waitress


When mailman Bridd Takes his sexy date Charlotte home, they find their boss on the floor with a mail opener stuck in his chest. The assailants are also after Bridd and he has to use all his talents to foil an extra-terrestrial complot.

The Answer
Original titleThe Answer
IMDb Rating4.0 345 votes
TMDb Rating5.1 9 votes

(7) comments

  • JvH48April 28, 2015Reply

    Mix of genres with surprising twists, seeing it happening to an unprepared odd couple. Comedy, romance, thriller, SciFi and mystery genre joined together in a surprising movie

    Saw this at the IMAGINE film festival 2015 in Amsterdam. A bit of
    romance, a bit of humor, a bit of tension, a bit of SciFi, and a bit of
    mystery, all of that mixed together in this surprising movie. The story
    line leaves us continuously guessing what is going on, and what could
    reasonably follow after that. In the final Q&A the director declared
    this to be a ”hybrid” movie, and that is precisely what we got. We see
    several people and follow them while several mysterious things happen.
    It starts a bit colorless within an office and a date between two very
    different colleagues, in fact an odd couple no one would have expected
    them to go out together. According to the director, they are opposites
    and that was intentional. Narratively speaking they are the actual
    binding elements, to guide us through various genres like Romance,
    SciFi, Thriller and any combination of that.

    No chance to outguess in which direction the story is going to develop.
    Whatever you anticipated, it is totally different from what really went
    on. And, more importantly, it was much better than I had thought.
    Strange things start happening, and it is good to consider that the
    overall theme. It is not exactly an ”Action” film as IMDb misleadingly
    tells us, due to the mere fact that aforementioned odd couple cannot be
    considered super heroes by any definition.

    Some additional notes from the final Q&A with the director: They used a
    lot of places in his home town in Virginia, which he could use for
    free, knowing his budget was small. The masked men in the library were
    dressed as they were on purpose, as this was the only way not to give
    immediately away that some SciFi was involved. These masked men behaved
    like any military force, secret police or drug gang. That their
    assignment was of a totally different nature, was to become clear much
    later, being one of the surprising twists in the proceedings.

    All in all, the low budget does not glare us in the face at all. It was
    surprising and very entertaining, yet I don’t think it will provide for
    the same mix of sensations when viewed a second time. Whatever happens
    to the main protagonists is very unusual, even a bit far fetched, and
    they survive only through sheer luck. Nevertheless, the genre mix was a
    nice find and it kept our attention throughout the running time.

  • DrTeeth007July 30, 2016Reply

    Such promise

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mehdi ZouaouiNovember 12, 2016Reply

    The Cromance

    The movie is a nice try by Iqbal to bring some romance between humans
    and aliens if we say so. However, I felt that movie lacks many
    important factual information that would allow the viewers to have a
    grasp of where the story has begun from. Also, the movie does not
    qualify to the canonical movies but I can call it a ”soap sci-fi” movie
    where we already know what would happen by just having a simple guess.
    In the same line, the plot is not that sophisticated and was not really
    polished at least to avoid some clichés. The actress fell behind in
    some scenes where she didn’t seem natural and I bet that many have
    noticed that especially when they argued. Again it’s a nice watch by
    Iqbal but compared to the gurus of sci-fi movies, it is only a decent
    try. The movie could be improved only adding more mini climax to it.

  • planktonrulesDecember 21, 2016Reply

    For a first-time film, it’s got promise.

    Iqbal Ahmed is a very inexperienced filmmaker. His credits are pretty
    sparse and ”The Answer” is only the first full-length film he’s
    directed. He also wrote and produced the film…something not uncommon
    with up and coming indie filmmakers. So, because of the very low
    budget, I am willing to cut his film a bit of slack. So, while the
    production values and story left a bit to be desired, there is a lot of
    promise and I would sure like to see more of his films in the future.
    The film begins with a creepy prologue. Women are being held captive as
    breeders by folks who dress a lot like members of the band Daft Punk!
    And, after they give birth, the women are viciously killed! So, it’s
    obvious from the onset that these folks are kindness impaired! The
    story now jumps ahead many years. An unimpressive guy named Bridd
    (Austin Hébert) is working in the mail room of some stock trading
    company. He also looks a lot like a slightly more macho version of
    Sheldon from ”Big Bang Theory”. Who would suspect that this guy has
    hidden abilities that make him a bit of an action hero?! But, after
    going out on a date with Charlotte (Alexis Carra), they find themselves
    in the middle of a murder scene…and the Daft Punk wannabes are looking
    to kill or capture Bridd and blood and mayhem abound. Can he and
    Charlotte manage to elude these weirdos as well as determine who they
    are and what this is all about by the end of the film?

    There are a lot of neat story elements and the why of all this is
    pretty interesting…even though Bridd almost seems to magically figure
    it all out at times. The notion of aliens and a hybrid species as well
    as why they need these hybrids is intriguing. But, unfortunately, much
    of the film seems rushed and not quite worked out properly— especially
    the relationship between Charlotte and Bridd. It seems as if parts of
    the story are missing…and so it all moves too quickly to be realistic.
    Also, the soundtrack is intrusive and repetitive. Fortunately, there
    are enough good parts that make me want to see more from the filmmaker
    and his cast. Overall, a miss…but a near-miss that is still worth

  • davet-29923March 8, 2017Reply

    better choice: the drum of your laundry machine

    think about that: someone managed to collect money and to recruit a
    crew to make this… whatever it is! film, in any case, it is not. it
    is so idiotic, that it leaves deeply astonished: what he was thinking?!
    and how did he manage to pull this thing on?! the director and film
    maker, got talent, that’s for sure! i mean, if he managed to bring
    people to put money in this… thing, and to convince actors to take
    part in this.. whatever it is… that’s take talent! it is not as if
    the actors did act! hey, we don’t need to go that far! they were there,
    that’s for sure. but acting?! come-on! it would have ruined the whole
    thing! and if only that talent could be channeled to movie making! woo!
    that would make Iraqi, the director, Spielberg! now, i know, people put
    sweat in it. they worked hard to make it happening. but still, someone
    had to see it – and in this case it was me! and who will bring me back
    the 80 minutes i wasted on this… whatever it is??!! so if you feel
    that you must, but really must! – to waste about 80 minutes of your
    life, put laundry in your washing machine. put powder , or whatever you
    use, in the right box. set the program. take a comfortable chair, and
    place it opposite your washing machine. push the Start button. now look
    at the laundry machine drum rolling. it is much more exciting and
    satisfying than watching this… whatever it is. just don’t say ‘film.’

  • phoenixmichaelsMarch 23, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • abisioMarch 26, 2017Reply

    A very intriguing and well done sci fi movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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