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The Black Death

The Black Death

Phi ha AyothayaMay. 14, 2015 84 Min.
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The chronicle and the archives have recorded that in 1586, King Bayinnaung led his army through the Malamao strait in Tak province to invade Ayutthaya. After long continuous battles, Ayutthaya finally lost the war to the Burmese troops from Hongsawadi in 1569 and end their independence. The collapse of the Ayutthaya Kingdom could not be explained ….some said that the cause might be the “Black Death” that wipe out the residents. Some blamed the hungry ghosts, some blamed the plague that came with the Portuguese. But nobody could find out the real cause until all the corpses transformed themselves into a kind of living dead called ‘The Black Death’ who fearlessly bit and ate the villagers, even the monks were not able to exorcise them…

Original titleผีห่าอโยธยา
TMDb Rating6.7 3 votes

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  • Thaneevuth JankrajangJune 20, 2015Reply

    Zombies And Thailand’s History

    We heard about Ayothya or as presently called Ayuthya of Thailand or
    Siam. We knew that it was a bloody period, where violent games of
    throne were common. What we did not know was that the massive deaths,
    in wars and epidemics, had lively turned into an army of flesh-eating,
    fast zombies. Even George A. Romero himself wouldn’t have dreamed of
    it. It is how popularized the genre of the living dead has been to the
    world of entertainment. Now, is it a good match? I must say that the
    film is exciting and quite grabbing. Zombie effects and makeups are not
    inferior to any other films. But the weakness of the story, back
    stories, and general acting can’t be ignored. It is not a well thought
    out script, compared to the likes of ”28 Days Later”, ”Shaun of The
    Dead”, or even ”Evil Dead”. This failure prevents us from falling
    harder for the characters, whom we do not really care. It is a regret.
    The script writer as well as the director initially provide quite a few
    characters which can be much developed and made the film memorable, and
    yet left them dried out there, almost unused. For instance, the
    characters of the deaf and mute service girl or the warrior who turned
    into a drunk, and even the forbidden love of the main couple.
    Introduced to us and left to die senselessly. Thai filmmakers must take
    a serious observation to the artistic progress of some Korean films:
    how they achieve the so-called commercialized art-house works by
    developing stories, storytelling, and the overall sophistication. Of
    course, notable ones like Apichatpong Weerasethakul or Pen-ake
    Rattanarueng need no such advice. But they are not of the mainstream of
    Thai movie-making. Such mainstream needs to rid itself of
    self-depreciation and graduate in a hurry.

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