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The Driftless Area

The Driftless Area

Destiny can lead to dangerous places.Apr. 18, 2015 Canada95 Min.R
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8.8 1,665 votes

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Pierre Hunter, a bartender with unyielding optimism, returns to his tiny hometown after his parents’ death. When he falls for the enigmatic Stella, Pierre is unknowingly pulled into a cat-and-mouse game that involves a duffel bag full of cash, a haphazard yet determined criminal, and a mystery that will determine all of their fates. A contemporary fable about the ways we struggle to control time and fate in a possibly predetermined universe.

The Driftless Area
The Driftless Area
The Driftless Area
Original titleThe Driftless Area
IMDb Rating5.3 1,273 votes
TMDb Rating5.2 21 votes

(11) comments

  • HelenaHydeNovember 28, 2015Reply

    Great cast, remarkable photography… but very confusing story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • zif ofozMarch 20, 2016Reply

    Murder – Metaphysics – Afterlife

    This is one of those films that should be watched two or three times to
    catch everything that is happening in this story. I will not attempt to
    relate the plot line here. My advice is to listen to the philosophical
    statements many of the characters speak during the movie. That is key
    in understanding whats happening just above the obvious.

    Anton Yelchin as ‘Pierre’ finds himself, on his return to his hometown,
    caught between the real world and the metaphysical world and a murder.
    Human desire and action – is it impulsive or predetermined? What
    controls our life – lust for material gain and if so what effect does
    that have on the next life? Maybe I’m reading way too much into this
    film but I found it entertaining and thoughtful. The murder for profit
    eventually comes to the surface and Pierre’s fate hangs by a thread.
    There is mystery and action enough to keep the casual viewer

  • BogdanHApril 27, 2016Reply

    Worth to see, but forgettable

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • lavatchMay 17, 2016Reply

    Quirky Indie Film is Worth a Watch

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Adam_West_as_BatdanMay 19, 2016Reply

    Not bad but not exactly great either

    This movie is a bit hard to explain, as it often jump back and forwards
    in time and tbh even after finishing it I think many (including myself)
    will struggle a bit to figure out what the movie was actually about.

    But sometimes the destination is not what’s important but the journey
    there is as they say, and the movie for the more-part entertains with
    mostly quirky abstract dialogue that could only exist in a movie (or a
    novel of which this movie is based on), often with a very dry sense of

    The first half is pretty stellar, the second half halters a bit gets a
    bit uneven and there are a lot of loose ties that remain untied even
    after the credits start rolling.

    But it was still worth watching and it’s nice to see Zoeey Deschanel in
    something new and the rest of the cast does fine as well.

  • alanpginiJuly 14, 2016Reply

    A just plain awful hipster transcendental attempt for cult status

    I should know better by now that when producers do an existential
    movie, that it will be bad. But yep, here I go again watching it. I
    guess I’m looking for a life raft to save the sinking ship. It stars
    Zooey Deschanel,and Frank Langella, and a bunch of non-entities. I
    don’t know what possessed Zooey and Frank to do this thing. Maybe they
    needed the work. They did make the most of a very bad situation, with
    great acting. I’m still wondering though, what the non-fleshed out
    Langella character was supposed to be. An angel? A later day biblical
    prophet? Good grief. The producers put in a basic plot, threw in some
    cryptic existential dialog and alternative music, then try for ending
    transcendence and what have you got?…Garbage. Whats even sadder, is
    that the slightly supernatural plot line isn’t even original. Though I
    wish it was. That way, we’d have seen less of these kind of movies. l
    give it a 1 of 10. Some producers want to go for cult status and video
    sales, and all we get is a waste of time. How bout more story, and less
    otherworldly goofiness people? How this has got a 5.3 on IMDb so far,
    is beyond me. I’d like to rate it below the one I gave it.

  • Gordon-11August 12, 2016Reply


    This film tells the story of a young man who is in love with a victim
    of arson. He finds a bag of cash, and his life becomes complicated
    because the crooks who own the cash come after him in the quiet small

    The plot summary sounds interesting on paper, but unfortunately the
    film is not at all interesting. It feels like a bunch of incomplete
    jigsaw pieces being forced together. I don’t quite care for any of the
    characters, even Zooey Deschanel’s character who is a victim of arson.
    There’s no thrill suspense even when crooks hunt Pierre down. Events in
    the film are muted, and the film is pretty uneventful and non
    happening. There’s no connection between the characters themselves or
    with the viewers. What is the point of the story? I find it boring and

  • kosmaspSeptember 22, 2016Reply

    After as in Meta

    Life after death? Or rather drifting around after it? Does the movie
    deliver answers to some questions it has or rather the viewer will
    have? Probably not might be the right answer. The performances are
    great all around. Especially with the weird dialog that takes place
    throughout the movie.

    So if you are into weird, not easily explained (if at all) things
    happening and watching them unfold, dialog that either is on the nose
    or very subtle and not telling at all, you may have found the right
    movie for you. Towards the end there may a bit more action than some
    would like, but the true ending is ”making up” for that … if you
    don’t like that though, than it will break the movie for you. You
    should see it coming though, not just because what I used as summary
    line …

  • krocheavNovember 5, 2016Reply

    Drifting Into The Never Never.

    From Canada – the land of great short subjects ‘n documentaries but a
    few too many dismal features – what’s in their psyche that produces
    some of these misguided movies – could it be the cold that numbs their
    senses?. The opening of this movie looked most intriguing.
    Photographically it’s all class, it has good performances, the music
    maybe a bit loose but it fitted the story. Looking at the ”story” – it
    seems too many writers and directors want to copy the Cohen Bros –
    problem is, now that the Cohen Bros have gone commercial and begun
    copying themselves, it’s become tiresome and overdue for a face lift.
    Are there so few left out there who remember how to tell a
    strait-quality-story?. It doesn’t need to be outlandish just

    Apart from D.O.P. Daniel Voldheim’s quality cinematography (AKF: Into
    The White ’12) the best thing about this film is the fine performance
    from interesting Russian born Anton Yelchin (Hearts In Atlantis” ’01).
    What a great shame we lost this interesting young man in such a tragic
    accident – way before his time. Will look forward to seeing his final
    complete performance in ”We Don’t Belong Here” ’16/17, hoping it may
    offer a better departure note for Anton. Farewell Chekov.

    This story seemed to be heading down an OK path till it wanders off the
    trail, then ends up stumbling over itself. It’s yet another stylish
    looking movie in search of better overall treatment and script. The
    cultists will excuse its sometimes pretentious pseudo ”psychology”
    along with the usual bunch of foul-mouthed-bad-ass low lifers but,
    anyone looking for depth could find themselves being led into a dismal
    driftless bog.

  • mifunesamuraiNovember 20, 2016Reply

    Melodic, quirky, somber, dreamy…

    After watching this I really wanted to read the book, only because it
    was pretty decent, which means the book must be worth a read! It’s a
    very dry melodic somber piece where characters are going through the
    motions of a placid existence, until the Universe creates a little
    chain of events that has a purpose to one’s being. Yes, it’s that kind
    of movie that keeps the mind ticking through the whole duration, and
    really does not give away too many answers, allowing the viewer to
    indulge in their own fantasy mindset and reasons.

    Yeah, I know, another schmaltzy piece about life after death and the
    whole damn thing. But this one really downplays it. The tone and speed
    of this movie will not elate the majority, but then again, being
    amongst the majority can sometimes be bland and plain narrow-minded.

    Yelchin is perfectly cast, toning it down a notch for his melancholy
    character. Zooey is literally angelic, and Langella adds another
    mystery level. Even the supporting cast played into the wry tone of
    this neat little production.

  • Michael O'KeefeMay 6, 2017Reply

    Wrong place at the wrong time.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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