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The Fury

The Fury

Mar. 24, 2016 Netherlands117 Min.
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8.9 1,754 votes

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Based on the novel by A.F.Th. van der Heijden, written and directed by Andre van Duren. Tragi-comedy about “Tidy Tini”. The fury amuses and astonishes the viewer. But when we find out what happened to her in her youth we are left devastated, and a shiver will replace our smile.

The Fury
The Fury
Original titleDe helleveeg
IMDb Rating6.8 373 votes
TMDb Rating5.5 4 votes

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  • leonvandersandenJuly 4, 2016Reply

    De Helleveeg shows the life of an intriguing young woman from the point of view of a boy

    Through the eyes of a young boy we look at Tiny, an intriguing young
    woman.All men seem to love her – and she seems to love and please every
    man — even the ugly and older ones. Tiny is like a hurt little bird.
    Sometimes she rages, sometimes she is warm and tender for the young
    boy. The movie shows how she and the boy get older – and how he
    discovers an awful secret about her. The actors all play very daring –
    they become older and older during the play. It is all about the
    hypocrisy in a family in the catholic south of the Netherlands in the
    fifties and sixties. When at the end the secret about Tiny is revealed,
    the personages are all very old – their lives have slipped away and
    nobody ever noticed Tiny’s pain. Life is irreversible and Andre van
    Duren shows this in a moving and impressive way – and transcends the
    mere movie-anecdote of a hurt and abused girl. This is a worthy
    successor of the other movies by director Andre van Duren. With again
    realistic provincial people made of flesh and blood — who are comical
    as well as tough and narrow- minded in their smugness. In De Helleveeg
    you can feel how a whole life slips away – and therefore it was moving
    and poignant.

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