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The Gallows

The Gallows

Every School Has Its SpiritJul. 10, 2015 USA87 Min.R
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8.8 1,681 votes

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Travis Cluff


Mackie Burt isCheerleader #1
Cheerleader #1
Travis Cluff isMr. Schwendiman
Mr. Schwendiman
Melissa Bratton isPfeifer's Mom
Pfeifer's Mom
Theo Burkhardt isRick Houser
Rick Houser
David Herrera isDavid the Janitor
David the Janitor


20 years after a horrific accident during a small town school play, students at the school resurrect the failed show in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary of the tragedy – but soon discover that some things are better left alone.

The Gallows
The Gallows
The Gallows
The Gallows
The Gallows
The Gallows
Original titleThe Gallows
IMDb Rating4.2 15,434 votes
TMDb Rating4.9 311 votes

(157) comments

  • mikeyyyyyyJuly 8, 2015Reply

    Don’t even Bother

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • HorrorPlayhouseJuly 9, 2015Reply

    I Wanted to Like it, I Tried to Like it. It’s Awful

    Coming from a die-hard fan of what Blumhouse has brought us up to this
    point. And no, I am not against found footage films. There are many
    great ones out there. Sadly, this is not one of them. The lighting was
    terrible and frustrating to watch. Deaths are incredibly tame, and the
    MPAA thought this was Disturbing?! It is a short 82 minutes that drags
    for an eternity. If you are a fan of found footage movies, skip this
    one and watch ”The Houses that October Built” or ”VHS.”

    This was the most disappointing movie that I have seen all year…it
    was just terrible. Some pranksters are harassed by a paranormal entity
    in the least scary and cliché ways imaginable. It’s the same old,
    ”Wait…did you hear that?” 15 seconds of silence..then an attempted
    jump scare. Throw that in with a shaky camera, horrible lighting, and
    all around bad cinematography – with no likable characters… and you
    have an 82 hour snooze-fest called, ”The Gallows.”


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  • horcrux2007July 9, 2015Reply

    Surprisingly Intense

    Unsurprisingly, this movie has gotten a lot of hate around the
    internet. With a 4.7 on IMDb based on only 164 ratings, a 16% on rotten
    tomatoes and a 31 on metacritic, you’d expect this to be a complete
    disaster. Fortunately, The Gallows is a surprisingly intense and
    effective little found footage flick that has a few good scares up its
    sleeve. The Gallows is a supernatural found footage film about a group
    of teenagers who break into their school the night before a play,
    appropriately titled ”The Gallows”, so that the show can’t go on.
    However, 20 years earlier, a freak accident happened during the same
    play that resulted in the death of Charlie Grimelle, the star of the
    show. For the most part, this film is rather tight and controlled.
    Clocking in at a criminally short 81 minutes, this does allow the movie
    to move at a pretty brisk pace, but a few scenes do feel rather rushed.
    Some of the scares do fall flat because of this and go for a jump scare
    that would have been much more effective if there wasn’t a ”big whoosh
    sound”. Other than those few scenes, there are quite a few well- timed
    jump scares and a lot of incredibly intense and scary scenes that,
    luckily, don’t end on a dramatic jump scare. Watching the four
    characters roaming the dark, empty corridors of their school is rather
    unnerving, especially when they find hidden rooms underneath the
    school. The sound also makes this movie very atmospheric and
    unsettling. The Gallows isn’t without its glaring problems. This movie
    definitely won’t win any awards in the originality department, and the
    acting (something I usually never mention) is largely uneven from a
    couple of the cast members, but the worst thing about The Gallows is
    the atrocity that is the ending. I don’t want to spoil anything, but
    the big plot twist at the end was insanely predictable and cheesy. It
    was almost as if the filmmakers couldn’t come up with a decent way to
    end the movie, so they just wrapped it up with some lame plot twist
    that makes no sense at all. That might have been why this was only 81
    minutes. The worst thing about the ending is that it actually created
    more questions than it answered, which really frustrated my friend and
    me. Despite the absolutely awful ending, The Gallows does not deserve
    the scorn it’s been getting on the Internet. It’s a very intense and
    sometimes scary movie, and it’s definitely a movie you’ll want to watch
    in the theater.

  • AngelAHorrorJuly 10, 2015Reply

    hmm? OK.

    I honestly don’t know how I think of this film. Not too bad but not too
    good either.

    The Gallows overall i say is a horror movie for people who are getting
    into the horror genre. I wasn’t too impressed with the film considering
    it did have useless jumpscares (the ending was so bland & typical) but
    at parts of the movie it did add a creepy atmosphere.

    If you’re a die hard horror movie lover than you might not be too
    satisfied with this film. It had the pace of ouija. One moment their in
    school then then 2 seconds later Charlie is attacking them.

    Overall ”ehh” film I feel like it could’ve been better even with its
    found footage genre. If this film was thought out through more
    thoroughly it could’ve been a movie to remember to the audience but of
    course typical jumps cares.

    One thing I gotta say is Reece’s jawline could seriously cut glass,

  • honestmoviereviews-58487July 10, 2015Reply

    Great Clean Horror Film

    I was concerned about going to an R rated horror film, but was
    pleasantly surprised that there was no nudity, F words or blood and
    gore. It was nice to be on the edge of my seat and to be completely
    scared throughout the movie. I was surprised by some of the negative
    reviews because this movie was great entertainment and definitely worth
    seeing on the big screen.

    Some of the reviewers say that the movie has a slow start. Perhaps some
    of these people have a short attention span, because the group of
    friends that I watched the movie with, felt that it was just telling
    the story in the beginning and then the suspense begins about 30
    minutes in. We were on the edge of our seats and the ending was

  • Rayhaan Sabir (rayhaansabir)July 10, 2015Reply

    Keep on hanging from the gallows

    Most horror films tend to follow the perception of how they must build
    to create suspense and keep the overall presentation a mystery until
    the end. The Gallows doesn’t quite go beyond the imaginary and
    depiction of evil characters and chooses to become another cliché found
    footage done from the eyes of teenage kids. The idea is a bright one
    and the character design for The Gallows is quite something unique
    opposed to just the supernatural but doesn’t quite justify the overall
    film to say that the ‘hangman’ leaves his mark. I personally went into
    this screening feeling proud of what the film could’ve been in its own
    format, red and dark. The trailer is something that certainly leaves
    people gasping for breath, but I assure you that the direction of the
    film is quite bleak opposed to how these teenage characters come into
    contact with ”The Hangman”. The idea of the film is quite ingenious
    having one location of a high-school in the US and a large entity that
    surfaces the school but the film tends to show more of these teenagers’
    problems rather than the attack from the hangman himself.

    More horror, less teenage drama please. -London screening, 17th July UK
    Release Date

  • quincytheodoreJuly 10, 2015Reply

    Like actual high school play, relatively tolerable if audience is lenience, but honestly rather tedious and shoddy.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • zardoz-13July 10, 2015Reply

    Hemp Hokum!!!.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nucci-90402July 10, 2015Reply

    Not That Bad! Actually really enjoyed it!

    OK I had to write a review for this, because this is getting horrible
    reviews and scores everywhere. I almost didn’t go see it in theaters
    because of that and am very glad i took a chance and did! It was
    definitely one of the better found footage films to come out lately. It
    is mostly jump scares but they are done well and got me almost every
    time. The acting isn’t great but its not too bad either. Iv’e seen much
    worse in horror movies. And for the ending that everyone’s complaining
    about, it was a pleasant surprise to see it end the way it did. I was
    expecting much worse. People need to lighten up and take movies for
    what they are. No its not the scariest movie in the world but it was
    decent and i’m glad i went to see it as a horror fan. If your a fan of
    found footage horror films then go see it. If not then see something

  • Steve PulaskiJuly 10, 2015Reply

    The bare basics of horror housed in one brief, engaging horror film

    In October of 1993, the students of Beatrice High School in Beatrice,
    Nebraska put on a play called ”The Gallows.” A last minute casting
    switch had an understudy playing the lead role, who’s character was
    hanged before the townspeople at the conclusion of the play. Due to a
    horrific accident, shortly after the actor, named Charlie Grimille,
    slipped into the noose, a malfunction sent him through the floor
    beneath his feet, killing him almost instantly. Twenty years later, to
    honor the cast and the late Charlie Grimille, the students of Beatrice
    High School decide to resurrect the show, with a student named Pfeifer
    (Pfeifer Brown) directing the play.

    Former football star turned thespian Reese (Reese Mishler) has decided
    to take on the lead role this time around, much to the dismay of his
    father, who wanted him to continue football, and his pal Ryan (Ryan
    Shoos), who hangs around the set during rehearsals just to ridicule and
    belittle the castmates. Reese desperately wants to get close to
    Pfeifer, though his own stage fright and lack of acting abilities
    prevent him from being much more than just another body on stage in her
    eyes. In an attempt to win her affection by being there, Ryan hatches a
    misguided plan of breaking into the school one night through an
    unlocked door and destroying the set of the play before opening night,
    presumably resulting in an opportunity for Reese to console Pfeifer.
    Reese, Ryan, and Ryan’s girlfriend Cassidy (Cassidy Gifford) go along
    with their asinine plan, breaking into the school late at night, but
    once they wind up meeting Pfeifer at the school, they encounter a
    barrage of paranormal activity and strange occurrences from what is
    believed to be Charlie’s undead ghost.

    Such is the premise for ”The Gallows,” the umpteenth rendition of the
    found footage genre, which I claimed to be ”uniformly dead” following
    the release of 2012’s ”The Devil Inside.” With ”The Gallows,” a film
    made on a shoestring budget and released by Blumhouse, a known indie
    horror company, no new ground is broken but the ground that the film
    manages to chart is interesting, twisty, and a great deal of fun.

    I’ve always found high school/college drama rooms and theaters to be
    creepy places where one can find just about any old prop or relic.
    Seeing these locations captured with lowlit, dingy lightning only
    emphasizes their almost inherent eeriness. With ”The Gallows,” we don’t
    settle for creaky floorboards and shifty objects, but rather, detailed
    props and set designs of colonial periods that really intensify a
    feeling of discomfort. Being that there are only four characters,
    confined to the spacious setting of a theater-focused high school,
    there is a lot of room for which to roam and play around, which adds to
    the fun of the film.

    The writing/directing team of Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing also have
    fun toying with the visual possibilities of their setting. Consider the
    scene where they evoke an effect that almost communicates an optical
    illusion to the audience, showing a long, narrow hallway in the bowels
    of the school, captured in almost complete darkness, with the bottom
    half of the walls painted dark red. The visual effect makes it look
    like we, along with the characters, are wading through a thick, black
    sea of sorts, or are encapsulated into nothingness. These visual
    tricks, whether conscious decisions on part of the filmmaking team or
    fortunate occurrences, make for a film that is never visually boring,
    constantly finding ways to invigorate its setting.

    The videography and editing, while shaky, also works to help the film
    create this spooky atmosphere. The nauseating effects of found footage
    films are well known, and this year saw some of the shakiest
    videography the genre had yet to see in ”Project Almanac,” which still
    wound up succeeding in my mind on a plethora of different levels
    despite its guerrilla filmmaking. The shakiness of ”The Gallows” is
    never a real issue, for it continues to add to the suspense and Edd
    Lukas’s cinematography, which is very fixated on the lowlit and the

    ”The Gallows” could’ve also fallen prey to the faults of ”As Above, So
    Below,” last summer’s low-budget horror effort, which failed largely in
    part because of its interchangeability in its execution. ”The Gallows,”
    however, keeps things moving not only with a great setting but
    narrative twists and a persistency to show what other found footage
    films won’t always show. We have multiple different camera
    perspectives, and once we see a character is doomed from one angle, we
    will eventually see the event unfold from his or her perspective and
    not just the one that closes us off from the events. So many found
    footage films leave us in the dark when it comes to the fate of the
    film’s characters, figuratively and literally, but Cluff and Lofing
    seem to be sick of being left in the dark and, in turn, give us
    multiple different perspectives to show us what we wanted to see in the
    first place.

    If you’re no fan of the found footage genre, ”The Gallows” certainly
    won’t make you one. It lacks the power of being the subversive piece of
    horror that the genre really needs now (look to films like Patrick
    Brice’s ”Creep” for that kind of quality). However, this is a film that
    does the very bare basics of the genre correctly, and with a budget of
    approximately $100,000, ”The Gallows” finds itself stripped to the
    genre’s minimum, forced to focus on narrative and the creepiness of its
    setting. This is the perfect horror outing that makes audiences active
    in the mystery and the looming ominousness of the story, rather than
    passive observers simply anticipating the next jump scare.

  • Allen ShepherdJuly 10, 2015Reply

    The Gallows Review

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • subxerogravityJuly 11, 2015Reply

    A few scares with nothing In- between to make it worth seeing.

    The movie is about a drama school kid who dies accidentally on stage 20
    years before his ghost haunts another set of drama school kids.

    It’s a funny premise considering the actors in this movie were so bad.
    Though the movie had some jump out of your seats moments (with the
    false scares being the best) this movie was dull and painful to sit

    I’ve seen some bad flicks before, but this one really takes the cake.
    It’s a unique story that tries to give you a message on bullying, and
    fails miserably at ever turn.

    By far the worse found footage movie I’ve ever seen.

  • George Morris (gmorris-95282)July 11, 2015Reply

    Excellent and Very Scary!!

    Nice to finally see a really scary movie!!! It was great to hear so
    many people screaming in the theater!! My friends and I were on the
    edge of our seats for most of the movie. Previous reviewers have
    mentioned that the movie got a slow start. We didn’t think that it had
    a slow start at all. The beginning of the movie is a very important
    part of the story, and then BAM….it gets scary and suspenseful for
    the rest of the movie. I highly recommend seeing this on the big screen
    because scary movies are always better in the theater.

    The actors were great in the movie and Charlie was freaking scary!!!
    The ending had a very scary twist too!! Loved the ending. I’m giving it
    10 stars.

    My friends thought it was one of the best scary movies they’ve seen in
    theaters. I have to agree.

  • geddyneilalex28July 11, 2015Reply

    Why was this rated R?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Joel JerezJuly 11, 2015Reply

    Totally Caught Me Off Guard

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • freetobemeevaJuly 11, 2015Reply

    to each their own

    so i wrote this when the movie first came out and I wasn’t sure why a
    lot of reviews were so poor. But then I recently watched ”It Follows”,
    looked up the reviews and am editing this because now I get it. ”It
    Follows” reviews are saturated with what essentially are rough drafts
    from a film class paper. There was a lot of talk of theme and motif,
    and praise of the ambiguous ending because apparently it resulted in
    cinematic freshness and sophistication (yes i’m generalizing). I on the
    other hand, was irritated by the characters and the ending. None of our
    opinions are wrong, we are just two different audience groups. Reviews
    should definitely be honest, but you should be clear of who’s writing
    it and who you’re writing it for. (The beauty of everyone having
    different minds 🙂 )

    So, if that’s the lens you’re going to view this movie with, then yeah,
    it probably won’t be your cup of tea. But if you want to be entertained
    by something, I think this movie succeeded. Honestly I was initially
    drawn to the movie only by the creepy smells like teen spirit cover,
    but it’s a decision i’m glad i made. Found footage movies usually turn
    me off with all the shaking, but it was very minimal in this movie
    which made it that much more enjoyable. The cast was a bunch of fresh
    faces and I rather enjoyed the longer exposition in the beginning,
    because it sets you up for a whirlwind at the edge of your seat for the
    rest of the movie. It did have the tired douchey character in it but he
    is not overwhelming. And then there’s a twist at the end that you
    probably won’t see coming until it’s already hit you. There are clues,
    but you don’t really pay them any mind until it’s too late.

    Definitely worth a watch even if just to say you think I was wrong 🙂

  • smoothasDieselJuly 11, 2015Reply

    Not so bad

    Nice to see a clean film for once, no nudity or cursing and no boring
    gory overload like saw movies.

    It made me jump a little, and it had a few brief humor moments that was

    not a fan of movies filmed like this though, the camera made me wanna
    throw up, by the end i was nauseated and had a headache that was trying
    to split my skull open.

    But on the horror level it actually wasn’t that bad. I would’ve
    preferred waiting until i could watch it at home though, the only
    benefit to the theater was watching and hearing others jump and scream
    at the stupidest moments!

  • ernieluna1007July 11, 2015Reply

    Worst movie ever made . Do not waste your time or money

    I love and enjoy going to the cinema to watch a movie. I feel if I am
    paying for the ticket I am at least owed a slight feeling of
    entertainment and satisfaction . I feel that as a patron the director
    ,producer and writers have at least an obligation to honestly attempt
    to make a good film. This film by far is the worst film I have seen in
    the last decade .

    Shallow ,empty , dull , unoriginal and plot less is what I received for
    my money. I feel cheated out of 45 minutes (left at that point )
    Literally felt an uncontrollable pain ..physically and I forced myself
    to leave before I was so angry for being cheated that I started to yell
    out loud what a PIECE of SH…T this movies is….

  • steve beard ([email protected])July 12, 2015Reply

    Cheap Attempt at a Horror Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dvallet-20927July 12, 2015Reply

    Do you think if I hung myself in a school they’d find my body?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Pumpkin_ManJuly 12, 2015Reply

    A Clever and Creepy Found Footage Horror Flick That’s Sure to Give You Chills!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rgkarimJuly 12, 2015Reply

    Cheap Budget, Cheap Horror!

    Let’s skip the fancy introductions and word play, this is another
    Robbie K review with a focus on yet another horror movie. Today we jump
    into the latest teen horror movie entitled the Gallows, which also acts
    as another attempt to revive found footage films. From the trailers it
    looks ”interesting” (to be nice), but I didn’t hold much hope for this
    film. So let’s get started…

    Like most found footage films you can expect bumpy camera work giving
    you details about the perilous journey to unfold. I have to admit that
    the camera work isn’t too horrible in this film, most of the time
    stable enough to give you the same shots of the abandoned school. The
    crew also gets points for some clever ideas on switching the camera
    perspective from the camcorder that starts our journey to cell phones
    equipped with a night vision application. But the good stops there.
    Much of the time our cast is running from the unseen force that is
    Charlie, the camera unfortunately swaying to and fro with not
    stability. Sure it brings a little more reality and edge to the
    picture, but too much of it left me annoyed at the lack of details. In
    addition, the multiple camera angles were an interesting twist, but
    they were executed in the wrong manner. When the doors close and you
    hear someone screaming you can get an idea of what is going on? So why
    then do I have to see footage minutes later showing what I pretty much
    already knew. To do this not once, but about three times didn’t make it
    any better, and much of the time was more cheesy than anything else. Oh
    well, with a $100,000 budget, I guess you have to get as creative as
    you can right?

    But you probably want to know if the Gallows is scary right? In a one
    word summary, NO. The Gallows is cheesy, all horror drowned out by the
    ridiculous characters tale integrated around it. At first you get the
    chills as the suspense builds and you wait for that first moment of
    terror. In fact, the scariest part of the whole movie is the setting
    itself, a school after hours where one can feel abandoned in the dark
    hallowed halls. Why is a school so scary? Most likely because it is
    real, a place we can all relate to, one that is supposed to safe from
    such horrible fates. That comfort is robbed though when the school
    closes and the lights go out, the unknown frontier of the dark
    instigating that primal urge of fear. But past the dark halls, the
    scares are diluted to comical level. For one thing, the teenagers are
    idiots, obnoxious, rude, and annoying examples portraying the typical
    behavior of the average American youth. I found myself having no pity
    for them, waiting for their stupidity to get them in a situation they
    couldn’t talk their way out of. In addition that building suspense is
    rapidly dropped, as the hunt unfolds in a manner of minutes, each
    predictable moment unfolding the way you expect. And the story that
    explains all this is rather… lame. At first it seems a simplistic tale
    of Charlie exacting revenge on pay defilers, but it quickly becomes
    more convoluted, a plot that has a few soap opera factors to it that
    again make it cheesy.

    As for Charlie himself, well the team dropped the ball on that one too.
    Again they started off strong, doing some subtle, traditional scare
    tactics that invisible specters do. Your imagination begins to paint a
    scary, creepy picture of what the creature looks like, and what tools
    he will use to torture our victims. Then you see him for what he is and
    well… it is very disappointing. Charlie is just a modern looking
    version of Jason Voorhees where the mask is replaced with a sack, and
    the machete is replaced with a noose that can skirt ceilings. This
    diluted version lacks the edge that the classic killer had and quite
    honestly represents the product of a low budget. There isn’t much more
    I can say about this, other than Charlie’s main scare is his lurking in
    the shadows in that manner that makes you want to look over your

    The Gallows is a movie that is as cheesy and cheap as the budget they
    used to make the film. A film filled with predictable scares, a shallow
    story, and obnoxious characters do not make for a good scare film.
    Throw in the camera-work, lack of diversity and low budget villain and
    again you don’t have much to go on. Thus, this reviewer cannot
    recommend this film for the theater, and would say it was better cast
    on the SyFy channel where cheesiness is welcomed. I can’t even think of
    a group to go see this in the theater other than teenagers looking for
    a good, ”cheap” scare.

    My scores are: Horror/Thriller: 4.5 Movie Overall: 3

  • CleveMan66July 12, 2015Reply

    Don’t hang around ”The Gallows”.

    Great marketing and a little controversy can make a mediocre movie more
    successful. We’ve all seen it time and time again, but rarely so
    effectively as with ”The Gallows” (R, 1:21). There is an urban legend
    that in 1983, a Nebraska high school drama student named Charlie
    Grimille accidentally died on stage when a prop noose malfunctioned and
    broke his neck. As the story goes, Charlie’s ghost now haunts the old
    Beatrice High School. Supposedly, in 1992, the ex-wife of a substitute
    drama teacher hanged herself shortly after he subbed at the school, and
    in 2008, three teenagers broke into the school and were later found
    hanged. These stories don’t appear on the film’s official website, but
    the contradictory claims on several internet message boards can only
    serve to heighten interest in the film.

    Whether the film’s producers have anything to do with the controversy
    over whether there really was a Charlie Grimille who died during a
    play, they did do some other things that were pretty smart. In one of
    the movie’s trailers (which is the one featured on their website), the
    filmmakers slyly allude to the ”Charlie Charlie Challenge” pencil game,
    which some people believe has paranormal connotations. The game
    appeared in Europe back in 2008, but only became popular in the U.S. in
    2015, leading many people to think that the game was created for the
    movie. And in that same trailer, the music includes a creepy new
    arrangement of Nirvana’s ”Smells Like Teen Spirit”. That song came out
    just two years before the events at the beginning of the film and the
    song’s title and lyrics fit perfectly with this movie. Then there’s the
    movie poster. The only color it uses is red, a color not very prominent
    in many movie posters today, but very suggestive of blood and danger.
    The poster’s main image is a girl who looks like she’s scared and
    crying, making the potential moviegoer wonder what happened to her – or
    what might be about to come out of those red and black shadows to do
    her harm.

    Now, only if the movie were as effective as the publicity surrounding

    The film’s action begins in late October 1993, when a character named
    Charlie Grimille is performing in a play called ”The Gallows” and
    suffers the same fate as the Charlie Grimille in the story from 1983.
    We see the horrifying moment of Charlie’s hanging on home video. In
    fact, the ”found footage” technique is used throughout the rest of the
    film. 20 years after Charlie’s death, the school is bringing back the
    play. Most of the video we see is shot by a character named Ryan Shoos
    (played by an actor named Ryan Shoos). Ryan’s off-camera commentary
    mocks the play and those involved with it, including his best friend,
    and fellow football player, Reese Houser (played by Reese Mishler).
    Reese is only in the play so he can be close to his high school crush,
    Pfeifer Ross (Pfeifer Brown). Since Reese isn’t a very good actor and
    really doesn’t care about the play itself, Ryan suggests that they
    break into the school the night before the play and tear up the set.
    That way, Reese doesn’t have to embarrass himself in front of the whole
    town and he can ”comfort” Pfeifer, who would obviously be in great
    distress over the show’s demise. Ryan’s girlfriend, Cassidy Spilker
    (Cassidy Gifford) insists on joining in, and so, a plan is made.

    Of course, this being a horror movie with the memory of a tragic death
    looming in the background, breaking up the set doesn’t exactly go as
    planned… and there seems to be someone or something wanting to make
    these teens pay for their disrespect of the theater. The three have
    barely started messing up the stage when Pfeifer shows up. Reese makes
    up an excuse to explain his presence there and the vandals decide to
    just leave. They soon find that every exterior door is locked and no
    one has cell service. That’s when they start hearing noises that can’t
    be explained, doors start slamming, TVs turn on and off on their own
    and the teens find out that the school has some corridors and corners
    that are very scary – especially in the dark. The only questions that
    remain are who is doing all this and how many of these four potential
    victims will make it out of the school alive – if any of them do.

    ”The Gallows” has decent acting, a fairly original story, a cool creepy
    vibe and does the found footage thing pretty well, but a lot of the
    stuff that happens in the movie doesn’t make a lot of sense. How could
    a problem with a fake noose not be discovered until the night of a
    play’s performance? Why would any school stage another performance of a
    play in which a student died, especially just 20 years before? And if
    your stated goal is to tear up the set so it can’t be repaired in time
    for the performance, why just kick over fake plants and use tools to
    neatly detach the stairs from the gallows? I have other problems with
    this film’s lack of common sense, but I can’t discuss them in this
    review without resorting to spoilers. When I think about this movie,
    the thing that seems to make the most sense is… just not seeing it. ”C”

  • Jonathan RosasJuly 12, 2015Reply

    Not just bad but horrible.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • humasrtkanwilbaliJuly 12, 2015Reply

    Can’t believe this movie is better than I expected.

    I was going alone for this movie since I’m a curious horror fan movies.
    Had no idea of what kind of terror it offered, and really. Surprised! I
    love this movie. The first time I saw the poster, I thought it would be
    horrible. But thanks for the plot and anything else took part in it, I
    saw no nudity and cursing words like latest horror movies did. To the
    people who criticized the sound effect, damn, you’re so wrooooong. I
    found it an amazing job there. The details they did, it’s like,
    woaaaah. Especially the hanging rope sound. Every single time I heard
    that sound, I was always wondering,”S**t, what goes after this?”. After
    shocking sound here and there, I keep screaming as hell. Everything
    felt so real, and full of fear. Literally. The ending is frustrating
    actually. I can’t even believe it ends that way. But still doesn’t hold
    me down from loving this movie. Anyway, do you guys know who the guy is
    hanging when Ryan is parted from the other three at the basement room?
    I kept thinking it. Really, who is it? 🙁

  • Quinn McCoyJuly 13, 2015Reply

    Not bad, but far from good.

    This movie was not entirely unwatchable, which says a lot for this
    ”found footage” genre overload. It was surprisingly not a splatter fest
    of gore, and overuse of the F-Word, in fact it’s not deserving of the
    R-Rating it received. The problem that plagued this movie most, other
    than the lame tired out stereotypes was that it was very predictable,
    some of the chatter in the theater was the audience calling nearly
    every bit of the plot and scares. It had the makings of being a good
    horror movie, but the problem is to make anything good or special it
    has to stand out from the crowd. The Gallows simply does not stand out
    from the rest of the ”found footage” movie general. If you’re looking
    for a cheap horror thrill wait for this to come out on DVD, and rent
    it. Seeing this in theaters will make you feel like you wasted your
    money to be entirely honest.

  • jagermeister-35947July 13, 2015Reply

    Predictable and barely entertaining

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • HellmantJuly 13, 2015Reply

    I have to give movies that don’t bore me at least some credit.

    ‘THE GALLOWS’: Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    Yet another micro-budgeted found footage horror flick; about high
    school students terrorized by a supernatural force, while preparing for
    a school play. It was written, co-produced and directed by Travis Cluff
    and Chris Lofing. The cast includes Reese Mishler, Cassidy Gifford,
    Ryan Shoos and Pfeifer Brown. It’s pretty cheesy and unoriginal but it
    is entertaining; I have to give movies that don’t bore me at least some

    The story begins at Beatrice High School, in the year 1983. A student,
    named Charlie Grimille (Jesse Cross), is horrifically killed during the
    production of a school play; in a tragic accident, caught on a parent’s
    camera. The movie flashes forward 20 years, to when new students are
    trying to recreate the same play (in honor of the original attempt). A
    few troublemakers try to sabotage it, by breaking into the school; the
    night before the big performance. They’re mysteriously locked inside,
    with something from beyond the grave.

    The movie is definitely nothing anything fans of the genre haven’t seen
    before. It’s the same old clichés and gimmicks; but it is well done (to
    a certain extent). The acting is bad (especially by Mishler and Shoos)
    and the dialogue is sometimes atrocious; but it is fun (if you like
    these types of movies). I also really enjoyed the ending, and (like I
    said) it’s never dull. So I’ll give it a very minimal recommendation;
    to fans of found footage horror flicks.

    Watch out movie review show ‘MOVIE TALK’ at:

  • Mr_EctoplasmaJuly 13, 2015Reply

    High school confidential

    ”The Gallows” documents a conniving high school student who convinces
    his jock friend — a bad actor starring in the school play— to trash the
    set before opening night in order to sabotage the production; along for
    the ride is his girlfriend. Things get progressively messy when they
    are interrupted by the play’s female lead who comes to investigate, and
    they find themselves locked inside the school with the vengeful ghost
    of a student who died onstage in the same play twenty years before.

    Where do I even start? As everyone knows, this is a ”found footage”
    movie, widely abhorred and widely berated by hardcore genre fans and
    casual moviegoers alike. Make no mistake, ”The Gallows” brings zero to
    the table in terms of innovation in regard to the sub-genre— but
    honestly, what more innovation could be had? ”The Blair Witch Project”
    essentially set the standard over fifteen years ago, and more or less,
    every post-millennial found footage horror attempt is toiling in its
    wake. We know this. Critics know it. And yet, these films are still
    trending nearly two decades later.

    Why? Well, because some of them do work the formula well, even if it’s
    absolutely silly. ”The Gallows” is one of these. The actors do
    senseless things, the camera is always inexplicably rolling, and yet
    we’re still watching, either shaking our heads or enjoying the ride.
    Technical presentation aside, what I think I found appealing about the
    film was its use of setting— an old high school after dark. A motif
    that goes back to the 1980s, we have a bunch of teenagers running amok
    inside a high school (which by virtue is spooky at night), tormented by
    an attacker— here, it’s a supernatural one. The film is traditional in
    that sense, and almost plays out like a supernatural slasher flick, and
    the noose and stage plot devices are definitely different from the

    The typical use of shadows, noises, and bumps galore are utilized to
    their full extent here, and were even able to get a couple of jolts out
    of my jaded genre lover’s body. A particularly stunning sequence bathed
    in red light, which appears on the film’s poster and as the staple of
    its advertising campaign, was one of the most craftily-orchestrated
    scenes I’ve seen in a horror film this year. The acting is overall
    pretty good, especially for a cast of young unknowns. Amateurish at
    times, but overall very serviceable, particularly the two female leads.
    The ending of the film is admittedly absurd and follows the found
    footage formula to a T— for that I do have to knock it a bit. This
    could have ended with a bit less fluff and been all the better for it.

    Overall, ”The Gallows” is an enjoyable flick. It is not innovative or
    refreshing in the slightest, but it plays up its best qualities for
    maximum effect, and it’s engaging and at times surprisingly thrilling
    in spite of filling its found footage shoes. There are some throwback
    elements as well that recall slasher traditions of the eighties, which
    may be a major reason that I inexplicably enjoyed the film no matter
    how silly it was or became. A fun, contrived ninety minutes. 6/10.

  • Devin PriceJuly 13, 2015Reply

    Innocent till Proved Guilty

    At first glance I assumed this movie was going to be bad but then after
    thinking about it for a few weeks before the movie came out I thought
    maybe they left out important parts of the plot and just maybe… just
    maybe this film will be good. Well I was right at the start this film
    was terrible, trash acting, mediocre story, cardboard cut-out
    characters, bad camera work and predictable events. When I started
    watching this I started out really wanting this movie to be maybe a
    critique or parody (A large part of this possibly being the case was
    the personalities of the characters, it was as if this movie was made
    by some head executive that saw a scary movie once in the 70’s and I
    thought hey maybe they are like that on purpose for a good reason) of
    found footage movies but the more I watched the more my feelings turned
    into despair as this movie consumed my money without even saying thank

  • Quinn McCoyJuly 13, 2015Reply

    Not bad, but far from good.

    This movie was not entirely unwatchable, which says a lot for this
    ”found footage” genre overload. It was surprisingly not a splatter fest
    of gore, and overuse of the F-Word, in fact it’s not deserving of the
    R-Rating it received. The problem that plagued this movie most, other
    than the lame tired out stereotypes was that it was very predictable,
    some of the chatter in the theater was the audience calling nearly
    every bit of the plot and scares. It had the makings of being a good
    horror movie, but the problem is to make anything good or special it
    has to stand out from the crowd. The Gallows simply does not stand out
    from the rest of the ”found footage” movie general. If you’re looking
    for a cheap horror thrill wait for this to come out on DVD, and rent
    it. Seeing this in theaters will make you feel like you wasted your
    money to be entirely honest.

  • mcssjakeJuly 14, 2015Reply

    The Gallows is awful

    This movie deserves a rating of a ”0”. Don’t waste your money! We
    couldn’t understand what was being said in the beginning. The actors
    were terrible and the acting was pitiful. We’ve seen better acting at
    an elementary school play. It was filmed like the old movie The Blair
    Witch Project with someone using a video camera the whole time. There
    was no plot or story. This movie shouldn’t even be in theaters at all.
    It was very frustrating to have spent our date night in a movie theater
    watching this movie. It’s not even worth renting when this movie comes
    out on DVD. The producers and directors should be ashamed of this
    movie. I don’t even know how this absolutely horrible movie was allowed
    to be released.

  • Edgar Allan PoohJuly 14, 2015Reply

    This documentary exposes the sad state of Nebraska schools . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • keithlovesmoviesJuly 14, 2015Reply

    The Gallows Review

    Twenty years after an accident during a school play where high school
    student Charlie Grimille hung to death after a prop failure, the same
    school attempts to bring the play back, The Gallows. Now a former
    football player Reese (Reese Mishler) decides to take the same role.
    His friend Ryan (Ryan Shoos) hangs around the set during rehearsals
    just to tease his castmates. Reese’s only reason for being there is
    because of a crush he has on one of his castmates, a girl named Pfeifer
    (Pfeifer Brown). When the lead actor starts to have second thoughts,
    Ryan develops a plan to break into the school the night before the
    opening night to sabotage the set to possibly create an opportunity for
    Reese to console Pfeifer. Reese and Ryan are able to convince Ryan’s
    girlfriend Cassidy (Cassidy Gifford) to go along with their plan but
    when they run into Pfeifer, the four of them encounter a series of
    strange paranormal occurrences.

    There’s nothing here that you haven’t seen before. I personally though
    it started off rather slow. This is coincidentally the problem I have
    with most found-footage horror films. They usually all start off a
    little boring and then eventually place the main character(s) in any
    danger. It took a while for this one to really get started as well. I
    thought the plot was rather predictable and does have some holes but
    you’re too busy being scared to notice (until it’s over which was when
    I did). The acting wasn’t that great either. Just a warning, the film
    is just 81 minutes long and that length did create some problems with
    me. The film moved with a pretty fast pace which I found unsettling and
    I wish they could have spent more time explaining certain elements of
    the plot which were glossed over. I was surprised that this film got an
    ”R” rating since what I saw did not deserve it. There was no blood or
    gore or any real violence, no swearing, or any boobies whatsoever. With
    that, the film is made up of mostly jump scares where some are hit or
    miss. There were fewer of those than I would have liked but I enjoyed
    the suspense and the atmosphere which was at the expense of those
    scares. This is achieved with the eerie sound. The fact that it is a
    found-footage film did hurt it at certain times making it hard to
    follow what was going on. Most with common sense will be able to
    predict the plot twist coming at the ending which happens to be the
    worst part of the film. It is incredibly cheesy and served no purpose
    when compared to the rest of the film. It creates more questions than
    it answers. This is probably what they deemed the best thing they could
    have done with the amount of time they had. Casual horror move fans
    will be engaged but die-hard fans will be wanting more. For a decent
    found-footage film (although an argument could be made that it isn’t),
    I recommend Unfriended.

  • djyosnow-37654July 14, 2015Reply

    I want my $5 back (spoiler alert)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • epdarkstar71July 14, 2015Reply

    Paint drying…is scarier.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hersanto-junkmailJuly 15, 2015Reply

    don’t waste your money on this cheap horror movie

    this movie is crap. watching this movie made me dizzy. it seems the
    story line is written by Hollywood teenager. don’t waste your money and
    time on this cheap teenage horror movie. this was the most awful movie
    i watched in 2015. i felt being robbed by Hollywood movie maker after
    watching this movie. the first 30 minutes of this movie made me want to
    puke. i really don’t understand why this movie could be released in
    cinema. everything in this movie is terrible, the actor, the story
    line, directing, lighting etc. i can’t believe it Hollywood still make
    worst movie like this trying to rob my money. stay away from the
    gallows. it even isn’t worth a dime

  • lutphxJuly 15, 2015Reply

    Please stop the found footage movies

    I’m done with the found footage movies. I think I was done shortly
    after Cloverfield 6 years ago. The cheap a** producers of these
    horrible movies should be sued for wasting movie goers time and money.
    If anything we should be warned ahead of time with something like

    Okay.. So you decide to go anyway because, like me, you’re a horror
    film junky. Consider this.. This is not really a horror film but rather
    a weak attempt at susoense. False advertising.

    My advise to anyone considering paying for this movie.. Get a lobatamy

  • Robert W. ([email protected])July 16, 2015Reply

    That moment when you start to envy the guy in the noose

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Steve HrdlickaJuly 16, 2015Reply

    .Best scary movie I have ever seen!

    I loved the fact that a scary movie can scare me to death without gore,
    nudity or unnecessary profanity. There was a believable plot. Most
    scary/horror movies frustrate me because they put people in unrealistic
    situations, and have characters do absolutely stupid things. The
    Gallows does not do that. They nail the what, how, and why everything
    occurs. This is clearly the best scary movie I can remember ever
    seeing. The second time I saw the movie, I enjoyed it more. This is a
    movie you can see multiple times, and still be scared and see things
    you did not see before. The R rating is completely because the movie is
    so scary! This is easily a movie you can take a date or family to and
    not be embarrassed. I give The Gallows an enthusiastic thumbs up.

  • ArgemalucoJuly 17, 2015Reply

    The Gallows

    The Gallows is a tedious and irritating ”found footage” horror film
    with a poor screenplay, weak direction and antipathetic characters
    without the slightest trace of humanity for us to feel any empathy for
    them. The most hateful character is the cameraman Ryan, accompanying
    the videography with ”funny” comments which constantly torture the
    spectator. That might be the only horror offered by The Gallows,
    because I couldn’t find it in any other place. This film is basically
    the same thing we have seen too many times: exploration of dark
    corridors, many screams and discussions and strident sound effects.
    There isn’t any suspense, unless you call suspense to long shots of
    nothing, in which we expect to discover any apparition or supernatural
    manifestation… but there isn’t such; we just have more walking and
    filler wordiness. The Gallows doesn’t offer a single original element,
    and on top of that, everything it copies is badly copied, with such a
    listlessness and ineptitude that it doesn’t generate any tension or
    expectation. For example, the solemn introductory text which says:
    ”Evidence – Property of the Police Department”. Do they really think
    that trick still works? When it was employed in Cloverfield, it seemed
    ”real” and mysterious… like if we had genuinely found forbidden
    material. But 7 years later, it just provokes an eye roll due to the
    laziness with which the film was made. On the other hand, there is some
    explanation for the outdated attitude of this film; The Gallows started
    in 2011 as an indie project, but when it was acquired by Blumhouse, new
    scenes were shot and it was ”polished” for an international release.
    Unfortunately, that didn’t end up bringing a good result. And the least
    I say about the actors, the better; even though I found it funny that
    Reese Mishler is a bad actor playing a bad actor. I enjoyed that small
    irony for approximately two seconds; unfortunately there are 81 minutes
    of boredom around them.

  • ldavison530July 17, 2015Reply

    Made me mad how awful this film was

    Haven’t watched a horror film in a long time & decided to go check this
    one out. I almost left after 45 minutes but decided to stick out ,
    since I paid for the ticket. Huge mistake, this movie wasn’t even
    remotely scary at all or suspenseful. Camera work was annoying &
    distracting. Highly do not recommend if you’re older than 15.
    Characters were not likable at all, so you really didn’t care when on
    of them died. The ”scary parts” were predictable and very juvenile,
    mainly included sudden loud noises or a person appearing out of
    nowhere. Very lazy script in my opinion, not much originality. I
    honestly don’t understand how a movie like this could ever make it to
    the big screen, if this is the future of horror movies , then I just
    watched my last one.

  • Hannah GriffinJuly 17, 2015Reply

    Waste of money and time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • karenmeyer32July 17, 2015Reply

    I was scared the whole time! Great movie!

    I can’t believe this movie has such low ratings. I went into the
    theatre with marginal expectations but I absolutely loved it! When I go
    to see a scary movie, I want to be scared and this movie did just that.
    Almost every second of the movie I was in suspense or completely
    freaked out. Yes, it was a thriller with stupid teenagers, but it was
    SCARY and I loved it. The movie was set in a high school theatre which
    is extremely creepy on its own and I thought the story-line was solid.
    At the end of the movie every relationship and plot came together in a
    smooth and terrifying way. Also, the antagonist wasn’t on screen much
    which made him even more frightening. When the antagonist is shown too
    often it looses the scare factor.. Great movie!

  • ChristinaBarrettXxXxXxXJuly 17, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • knebworth75July 18, 2015Reply

    The Winner

    Just back from watching ‘The Gallows’ and I have to say it is THE
    winner! In all my days of going to see the movies , I have yet to see
    anything as bad as that, and believe me I have seen some turkeys. I
    realise we are all entitled to our opinions,but honestly, how could
    anyone give this steaming pile of manure a 10?? It beggars belief! I
    have one of those ‘Unlimited Cards’ (its a UK thing where you can see
    as many movies as you like for a monthly fee). If I had not had the
    Unlimited Card I would have asked for my money back! Let me say that I
    do not like the ‘unseen footage’ type of movie and this one was no
    different. It was supposed to be a horror film? There was absolutely
    nothing scary about it. It consisted of a bunch of kids running around
    in the dark screaming. The narrators use of ‘dude’ and ‘awsum’ clearly
    indicated that it was aimed at 14 year olds. The script was dreadful,
    and a monkey with a typewriter could have made a better job. This site
    has lost all credibility and I personally believe that most of the
    ’10’s are inserted by people in the employ of the film-makers. If you
    are not employed by the film makers please seek medical advice.

  • Will SmithJuly 18, 2015Reply

    TWO People Directed This?

    Going into this movie and seeing reviews, I expected nothing and was
    still disappointed.

    Everything was wrong with this movie. Poor plot, very slow start,
    disappointing scares, unlikeable characters (the cameraman may be one
    of the worst written characters I’ve seen in a movie), mediocre shots,
    and poor writing. If you name it, there’s probably something wrong with

    The ending was by far the worst part, with a nonsensical twist that
    leaves the viewer with more questions than answers.

    It was bad, really really bad, and the only redeeming quality was that
    it ended at a merciful 82 minutes. Don’t see it. Just don’t.

  • mcgregorrowlandJuly 19, 2015Reply

    Too scary for me to enjoy in addition to the horrible movie that this was

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Zbigniew_KrycsiwikiJuly 20, 2015Reply

    A mess, riddled with unanswered questions due to poor screen writing

    A random assemblage of ideas, without a cohesive, single storyline to
    tie all of them together, this tells the contrived and implausible
    story of high school students locked in the building late one night,
    and being hunted by a supernatural entity, possibly the (now fully
    grown) ghost of a kid who was accidentally hanged during a production
    twenty years earlier.

    But if it’s his ghost, how has he grown to a full sized adult? And it
    was far too coincidental that the group ended up at the school on the
    night of the anniversary of his death, gaining entry through an
    unlocked door, which has allegedly been broken for an extended time,
    without anyone having made any attempt to repair it.

    And why did this ghost want to kill the son of the guy who he blamed
    for his death twenty years earlier?

    If it was the older woman, shown briefly early on, then again, how did
    she know they would be at the school on that night? Why didn’t she try
    to kill him/ them earlier, she had plenty of opportunities?

    If this guy, Charlie, is a ghost, why did he need the woman and/ or her
    daughter to get them to the school so he could go after them? And why
    did he attack the cops at the very end? Did he not figure that would
    draw attention to the woman and her daughter? And again, if Charlie can
    leave the school to kill, why did he have to wait until the son of the
    guy he blamed for his death went there on, coincidentally, the twenty
    years anniversary of his death, to kill him?

    I didn’t mind the shaky-cam, what I minded was the fact that the plot
    made no sense, even for a low budget horror film, and the nonsensical
    plot took far too long to get going. There was a bit of atmospherics in
    the second act; the school itself was creepy, as the group wandered the
    darkly lit, empty corridors, but again, the plot was a complete mess, a
    desperate attempt at setting up another horror series, like Friday the
    13th. Even the line ”Don’t say his name!” seemed like a desperate
    attempt at creating the obligatory, seemingly contractually obligated

  • vengeance20July 20, 2015Reply

    Nerve Shredding!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tyler_stevenJuly 20, 2015Reply

    Not the greatest story, but good for a nice scare

    I am basing my review based solely on an entertainment basis. I watch
    movies to be entertained not to nit pick on plot holes and minor
    details. With that being said,it was not an overly entertaining movie,
    but it was enough to keep me interested in the outcome. It starts of
    pretty slow, but it seems necessary to set up the rest of the story.
    After you get through the beginning, strap your self in and get ready
    for your heart rate to raise for the duration of the movie. Most horror
    films have scenes where the viewer can let their guard down and relax a
    while…not so with this film. Once you start the last hour of the
    movie, there is no let up on scares the rest of the way. If you’re
    tough and ”don’t get scared easy” that’s great for you, but for those
    of us that enjoy being scared to a certain extent this movie is a good
    way to find some of those scares. If you’re looking for a movie with
    deep storyline and character development, this is not for you. Just
    looking for a good scare then this is the movie for you.

  • markhunter1980July 20, 2015Reply


    The noose would have been a blessed release from this film, I found
    myself yearning for the Gallows throughout. In fact the scariest thing
    about this Movie was to see it’s grossed £20m…a shocking feat.The
    actors seemed to be holding back the laughter during some scenes and
    who could blame them I found it comical rather than shocking. At one
    point I thought one of the actors had been to Joey Tribbiani’s school
    of acting as he tried to divide 232 by 13. Some of the scenes were
    regurgitated from all the old horror clichés gone before and the
    constant narration spelling out the film step by step made me feel like
    they thought very little of my intelligence. Maybe seen as I’d already
    paid to view it they had a point.

  • James BalJuly 21, 2015Reply

    This horror movie will be one of the better ones you will have seen

    They short trailer of this movie really got me excited for The Gallows.
    However, the low grade of a 4.6 and some bad reviews made me doubt
    that. After all, that was all completely unnecessary, because this
    movie was one of the better horror movies that I have ever seen on the

    This movie just really did what it should do as a horror movie, which
    is scaring the audience. And it did! Just hearing the audience scream
    was already worth my money. This movie includes some great jump scares,
    and even though you can feel them coming you will still shock!

    Some people were complaining that they did not like the way of filming,
    that is similar to unfriended and paranormal activity. But the way of
    filming did not bother me at all. As a matter of fact, I think it made
    the film better. Mostly because the film gets a lot more scarier when
    you see the halls from their camera, that they keep closely tot their
    own faces. So it is oftenly filmed like seeing the environment through
    their eyes instead of from a short distance.

    In short, I would highly recommend to go see this movie in the cinema
    if you are in for hell of a scary movie with a hilariously scared

  • jamamaesJuly 22, 2015Reply

    Awful film to a point of anger do not watch

    I have never been so angry leaving a cinema, I really disliked this
    film I have seen the same plot a million times and found footage has
    had its day in my opinion. The actors were terrible, there was so many
    plot holes after the ending. I was spending most of the time in the
    film saying to myself what will happen next and 90% of the time I got
    it right, such a clichéd film. Some of the acting was laughable to a
    point where I burst out laughing in the cinema. I was also surprised
    that the cinema was fairly packed I thought I as the only idiot to go
    see this film.

    I see films like this making over $18 million on a $100 thousand pound
    budget and then more and more of the same film comes out. I understand
    me watching it is feeding these films being made but nothing unique is
    coming out in the horror genre.

    Spend your time and money on other films, like ‘It Follows’ which came
    out this year a way better psychological horror or even Insidious 3
    where they have much better intense moments. I would give it a 3/10
    only because I admire that they tricked so many people to think it
    would be a good film by the trailer.

  • Film Watchin FoolJuly 22, 2015Reply

    What to Expect: The Gallows

    Why You Might Like It: The low score and expectations hopefully have
    you going into this movie with little hopes for a great product. The
    reality is this movie is your run of the mill found footage horror that
    isn’t anything new, but also isn’t going to disappoint. There are
    plenty of creepy and jump out of your set moments that will satisfy
    viewers. If nothing else, I found the movie to have an okay pace and it
    managed to be engaging.

    Why You Might Not Like It: The first 30 minutes is difficult to watch.
    It is full of poor dialogue and humor that even the teenage crowd would
    shake their heads at and find little room for laughs. There are many
    spots in the film that the acting is noticeable and bad. Again, the
    ”first person, found footage” horror movie is a bit played out at this
    point and in this movie in particular there is a lot of aggravating
    camera work. To me, the realistic effects made it hard to watch at
    times due to blurring and being out of focus. I get the idea, but it
    shouldn’t make the movie difficult to watch. It is full of unrealistic
    circumstances and obvious solutions to the dilemma at hand, but that is
    a given with a film like this.

    Acting/Casting: 4.5*

    Directing/Cinematography/Technical: 5.5*

    Plot/Characters: 5*

    Entertainment Value: 6*

    Total – 4.5+5.5+5+6 = 21/4 = 5.25*

  • mom-29-22843July 22, 2015Reply

    Spoiler – The Gallows Not For the Faint Of Heart

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mvealJuly 23, 2015Reply

    Tedious and poorly made found footage movie

    The teaser trailer for this film was great and I was looking forward to
    what looked like a savage and rather nasty horror film.

    Sadly I found The Gallows to be utterly tragic in every way. The film
    is another entry in the overcrowded found footage genre and the story’s
    cameraman was obnoxious and idiotic right from the start.

    All the characters here are paper-thin and clichéd, they make stupid
    decisions to put themselves needlessly in peril.

    But generally there isn’t much peril, or danger, or scares.
    Distractingly amateurish, The Gallows looked as if it was shot for
    fifty quid in a spare weekend.

    It’s very annoying to pay a lot of money to see a film as awful as this
    in the cinema, because it’s not even worth a rental.

    Avoid paying to see the full film and just watch the trailer for free,
    that way you won’t feel robbed.

  • mm-39July 23, 2015Reply

    another camera tells the story horror movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • (MovieMama625)July 24, 2015Reply

    This awful movie will have you begging to be on the hanging end of a rope before it’s over…

    Do not, I repeat, Do not fall for the made up 10 star reviews…( It’s
    obvious those affiliated with producing this garbage want to pique the
    interest of others so they give fake ratings & reviews, hoping others
    will be interested enough to see it- & they make more $$) Take it from
    me, Wasting my $ & time on this terrible so-called ”movie” left me
    leaving the theater very upset I wasted $ on this trash & annoyed. All
    found myself wanting to do, was to drop-kick the blonde,
    camera-holding, guy. (.Whoever decided THAT guy has any talent in
    acting, needs to have their heads examined.,I can only surmise he has a
    family connection or paid to be in the film) The story/ acting was way
    too cheesy to be scary. I have nothing positive to say about this film.
    It was just plain junk. When I went to see it, it was opening weekend,
    therefore, there weren’t many reviews or ratings accumulated to get a
    real idea of whether or not it was going to be any good. I believe this
    crap actually had a 6.1 rating…Now, for horror movies- I considered
    that to be relatively high ( even from just a couple hundred ratings)
    Wow, was I duped!! Now,after seeing ( most of ) the movie ( ended up
    walking out, it was THAT BAD) and then seeing the 10 star reviews, I
    KNOW the ratings on here can’t be trusted…( until you see at least
    5,000 – 10,000 people rated it) SO- save your $ , time & irritation
    -skip this boring, sad excuse & find something better…

  • rancillJuly 24, 2015Reply

    Don’t waste time watching this movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Lee Davis (leeadavis-01355)July 24, 2015Reply

    I Would not recommend this movie – Poor

    I have seen a lot of horror movies in my time and i had good
    expectation for this movie however I would say this was one of the
    worst I’ve seen. The story line was good however the bad camera angles
    (handheld camera view) and the poor acting made this a bad movie for
    me. It was at the same quality as if i made this at home.

    I would say that this was more of a in your face jump out on you,
    rather than what i would suggest as a ”Horror”. I Would not recommend
    this movie due to this and would put this on the same level as the film
    As Above, So Below (2014).

    Please be aware this is my personal view and should only be taken as

  • Neil WelchJuly 24, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Joey Nolfi ([email protected])July 28, 2015Reply

    The Gallows Snatches Necks Like Wigs

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • White ZombieJuly 29, 2015Reply

    Bad acting, even worse ”Special Effects”. B Movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Python HyenaJuly 29, 2015Reply

    The Gutter.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kyle CampbellJuly 31, 2015Reply

    Why do people expect something remarkably new?

    I’m so tired of hearing the same drivel when it comes to horror films
    these days: ”Nothing new here, tired same old horror crap”. Why do
    people consistently expecting something so new in horror films these
    days? It’s no secret that in horror it’s all been done before, so the
    more people say ”this is nothing new” the more it begins to fall on
    deaf ears!

    When I watch a horror films, I don’t seek ‘new and exciting’ because it
    is so hard to find that in modern horror, what I seek it, is it any
    good regardless of whether it’s fresh and innovating?

    The Gallows is a good, solid film with excellent acting, a good –
    albeit done to death – concept with great directing and some really
    good scares! This is why I’ve given it a 7 out of 10! People expect too
    much from horror these days, the sooner we accept that it has all been
    done, then we’ll be able to enjoy the genre a lot more! Judge based on
    whether the film does what’s been done before well, and not whether
    it’s innovating and fresh. If a horror does bring innovation and
    freshness, then this is a bonus, but we’d be so lucky!

    I enjoyed this film, and instead of being a sceptic, try to enjoy it

  • sajpratt-82-265277August 4, 2015Reply

    Another ‘found footage, writer-director travesty

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • briggnalleAugust 4, 2015Reply

    Surprised me more than those kids

    I will start out by saying I walked in having no hope for this film,
    but walked out kind of impressed.

    Reason why, I wanted to give this movie a try because it was new. New
    story, new monster, new scares. Was I disappointed at the fact that
    this was one of those footage horror films? Absolutely. I don’t like
    them as much because they’re constantly moving around and it just makes
    the acting more cheesy (Hence why I am not a big fan of paranormal
    activity among other reasons) but this movie was good despite the
    shoddy camera movements. The story behind the main storyline fits in
    and delivers the feeling of dread before it even begins. The scares
    were good, and the ending was a complete shock to me. I walked in with
    limited expectations, but walked out impressed. What I liked the most
    about this movie, is the sheer innocence of it. What I mean is most of
    the horror movies today will have demonic elements, constant cussing,
    tons of sex and nudity (which completely destroys the mood of terror or
    dread) or buckets upon buckets of blood and gore. This movie is proof
    that you can deliver a good story with great scares without so much
    added into it. This is a very clean horror movie that was actually
    scary and good, and I actually liked it. Is it perfect? No. Is it the
    best? No. But if you want a clean horror with a new story and great
    scares or elements, then The Gallows is for you.

  • nguyentrongnamAugust 4, 2015Reply

    The camera effect killed the whole movie..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • loomis78-815-989034August 5, 2015Reply

    The Gallows should be sent there.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MJ WelchAugust 5, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mikevonbachAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Weeeeeeee awesome sauce not as bad as they say …try it .

    LOOK AT IT THIS WAY . The women that are coming out on Bill Cosby Today
    are older decent people ( NOW TODAY ) . But who were they 30 years ago
    when their breast were perky and the butt was tight and alright . I
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    that love women and had the tools or trappings to draw women know that
    many times chicks will make the suggestions as far as doing super
    FREAKY stuff behind close doors . Women are hunters for sex just like
    men are today and yesterday . And I know for a fact that some of these
    nice old grandma’s that make cookies for their Grand babies are lying
    on Bill COSBY . Just jumping on the band wagon thinking that this may
    be a PAYDAY FOR THEM . okay now you can curse me out grandmother .LOOK
    AT IT THIS WAY . The women that are coming out on Bill Cosby Today are
    older decent people ( NOW TODAY ) . But who were they 30 years ago when
    their breast were perky and the butt was tight and alright . I know
    many chicks today that were Hell raizor’s back when they was young
    chasing dick and participating in ORGIES . Heck speaking for many men
    that love women and had the tools or trappings to draw women know that
    many times chicks will make the suggestions as far as doing super
    FREAKY stuff behind close doors . Women are hunters for sex just like
    men are today and yesterday . And I know for a fact that some of these
    nice old grandma’s that make cookies for their Grand babies are lying
    on Bill COSBY . Just jumping on the band wagon thinking that this may
    be a PAYDAY FOR THEM . okay now you can curse me out grandmother .

  • xxitalianbabezxxAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Worst Movie Ever!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jacob ThompsonAugust 7, 2015Reply

    I Have No Clever Analogy. It Just Sucked.

    Remember back when the found footage style was a unique style of
    filmmaking and only a handful of films used it? (I.E. The Blair Witch
    Project, Paranormal Activity, Rec.) But it’s common knowledge nowadays
    that it’s become a cliché and a cheap gimmick for studios to save on
    production costs. Most of the time, there is almost no effort put into
    the film’s storyline, characters, or scares. The Gallows certainly
    doesn’t help its case.


    -A few decent performances

    -Good production design

    -Has the potential to be scary


    -Insufferable main character

    -Bullshit plot twist that makes no sense

    -Plot itself is nonsensical

    -Relies on cheap jump scares

    -Has a few good ideas, but they’re usually screwed up somehow.

    -Found footage style is given no explanation

    3/10 (Horrible)

  • manuelasaezAugust 8, 2015Reply

    A complete and utter waste of my valuable time

    A found-footage movie has to be a special kind of awful to be
    considered one of the worst, and this is definitely up there with the
    most horrid of them. This movie just screams ”amateurish” as to make me
    glad I did not pay my hard earned money to see it at the theater.

    1. The acting was good, but the characters were so unlikeable as to
    make me wish they had died sooner, and more gruesomely.

    2. The R-rating was pointless, as nothing terrifying or even remotely
    scary happens. A few cheap jump scares, no nudity, no cursing. This
    movie was made for teenagers with bad taste.

    3. The special effects were sophomoric, at best, and embarrassing at
    worst. I cringed any time ”charlie” was up close to the camera, as his
    outfit look like low-budget cosplay.

    4. Ryan should have died sooner. He was a D-bag and is the exact type
    of person I would have despised in High School. Is this what teenagers
    are like these days? Yuck.

    5. The movie took to long to get going, and when it did, everything was
    too damn dark to see anything worthwhile. Who goes into a closed school
    without flashlights? Bunch of idiots.

    I saw this movie as a screener, and I still want my money back. It was
    a complete pile of garbage, does not deserve anyone’s time or the
    effort it takes to download, and I hope that many people dismiss this
    as the garbage that it is. Avoid it like it had VD.

  • FlashCallahanAugust 9, 2015Reply

    A new Gal-LOW in found footage horror….

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • atinderAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Watch teaser Trailer and your done with the movie

    The found footage genre is really odd one.

    I seen to number of them , I liked a lot of them but I hated few of
    them else And there are some feel are OK.

    If we the gallows falls in the hated pile, when I first saw the teaser
    Trailer at insidious 3, I thought it looked and sound really good . But
    sadly that was not the case.

    The doing play on stage but some goes wrong when is accidentally hung
    on stage.

    The the movies onto modem time and people getting ready for the same

    But the football player who is really bad actor on stage (and off stage
    as well)

    They break into school at night and trash stage, then when movie Start
    to up, with the door that never locks , is locked!

    What this movie is missing is that that there was no atmosphere at all
    , I didn’t find anything creepy or scary at all.

    Even the jump scene didn’t work and I saw them coming a mile away.

    I didn’t like how the movie ended , it was predicable

    I going to give this 2 out of 10

  • nikola17August 11, 2015Reply

    Movie should Have Hanged To DVD AND BLU RAY

    *** review contains spoilers***

    worst movies of (2015) well the first time when i saw the trailer it
    looked so scary dark and red intense Most of the time we’re treated to
    feet treading floors, epileptic hand-held cameras prowling creepy
    passages, and dramatic lapses when the characters avert the cameras
    from the action. Unfortunately, sound of horror movie and also i like
    the ideas of movie but then when it turned out to be one of worst
    movies i have ever seen no likable characters let me tell everyone i am
    done with found footage movies they even don’t go for long as 81
    minutes long it was little longer then Unfriended but unless it was
    better movie then this. and no likable characters in movie, completely
    one of idiots in movie acting is very terrible very terrible they

    needed to go drama school more they were worst actors and characters in
    movie they could got someone else in but even the movie is boring half
    way i was bored completely i wasn’t scared expect for when it was dark
    and felt same way it was scary Plot: 20 years after a horrific accident
    during a small town school play, students at the school resurrect the
    failed show in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary where
    Charlie Grim is student who did the play then got hanged in stage then
    later on it still goes on 2013 then these stupid characters(Ryan
    shoos)Ryan was such pointless, idiot pointless character making himself
    number 1 idiot front of people at school and specially stage in movie
    even such a worse movie i have ever saw and he was with friends with
    Reese and Cassidy specially they find Pfeifer Ryan wanted trash the
    play down not respecting the place when someone died ? hello does this
    person has to be respected no wonder why these characters had no
    personalty bullying Reese to this especially his girlfriend got angry
    when he destroyed theater for noting she got very disappointed to Reese
    but Ryan made him to say yes to go with him at school and destroy the
    play ? thought he can get away i thought the doors were locked that was
    never locked, they could smashed windows or smash the doors down but
    somehow why don’t they don’t try to call cops with there IPHONE could
    of called cops try but they don’t. Cassidy boyfriend to Ryan what that
    she was just doesn’t have brain Reese said don’t leave the door when
    Ryan was screaming like little girl. she keeps running out to yell help
    and door keeps locking like they can’t get out smash it down find
    something before that scene when they said trash the school Cassi
    wanted to change her mind clean the stage and fixing stage said i am
    fixing the stage ? you go there for noting just go home her boyfriend
    got everyone killed especially Reese wasn’t that bad but he still did
    wrong thing agrees Ryan for noting. and even the girl he liked girl and
    ruined the stage

    killing i thought it was lame death scenes all the characters got
    hanged because it’s called gallows they don’t die different way lame
    every different horror kills them the different way but this just
    hanging, the title of gallows is lame name i liked the trailer all
    staff but movie was going to be titled stage fright witch has better
    name apart from using boring name the gallows witch sounds like boring
    name it’s only 1 Gallow there’s not many gallows title should of named
    the Gallow that’s it. movie was going on since 2012 even Ryan making
    things a lot worse for all his friends got them in danger but i wish
    he’s friends said no that’s it got all his friends killed in movie the
    thing is all actors are so bad like i can’t stand it i always think
    about leaving the theater this movie wasn’t scary at all it was just
    worst story, i love idea of movie with darkness how scary it was i like
    found footage films but this killed it the all thing no point of making
    it :/ some of scenes are very scary and dark i like idea of movie with
    scary is haunted and all that but this with gallows and another crap
    was like what ? but the trailer didn’t had same scenes in movie i can’t
    remember witch ones but then some how movie didn’t do much there’s not
    much too say i am glad this movie got 4.5 very short story line like
    grade 3 kid had written this movie, movie needs to be more to be scary,
    more of running around the all school surviving but ending killed it
    there’s not much to write about all plot it mean to watch movie goes
    for 91 minutes no need for to write plot for this review. gallows
    needed to be 2.1 least and even this movie should have went to DVD the
    movie budget think’s it is made more then Paranormal Activity ? least
    Paranormal Activity is $28.015 million and Unfriended 1 million still
    didn’t noting like gallows got $100,000 from what did they got budget
    from toilet ? boy i would have done better movie then this better
    characters , better plot, much scary then this ? 1.10 one of worst
    movies in 2015 worst acting ever and ending killed it with cops i
    rather watch cops or end of watch. BEST HORROR MOVIE IT FOLLOWS

  • reece catlinAugust 13, 2015Reply

    Not bad at all

    Was A little slow going into it but the twist was great and never saw
    it coming, acting was good.

    the effects and sets were good for the very low budget, a few jump
    scares but I don’t mind that either, I would actually call this an
    almost original concept in the plot I mean not the way it was filmed.
    I’m almost hoping for a sequel

    My Friend and I really enjoyed it.

    As Horror fans living in a smallish town, this was the first horror we
    have had in a while (No wonder Piracy is rapid in this country.

    I was suggest catching this movie, I give it 7/10 🙂

  • Kellie StewartAugust 14, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Harcovitza IonutzAugust 14, 2015Reply

    So awful !!!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gilbert WardaAugust 14, 2015Reply

    Horror Movies are now all the same

    Every 2nd Horror movie coming out that is Cinema Released ( I won’t
    bother to mention or comment on the B-Grade never ending Zombie and
    Shark Horror Movies ) are all from the makers or producers or the
    writers or directors of the rubbish that was Paranormal Activity and
    even worse Insidous.

    They are all the same. Same with the UFO Alien ones as well.

    However, I thought ‘Dark Skies’ was the best movie out of the lot of

    But they have no new ideas anymore. People get pulled and dragged and
    doors close and open.

    It’s the same crap with every Horror Movie that has been coming out.

    When will this end and when will we get another phase of different
    types of Horror and something clever for once? I used to love watching
    Horror movies but now they are all the same.

    Someone must agree with me out there.

    It really hurts 🙁

  • Bloodmarsh KrackoonAugust 15, 2015Reply

    100k Budget?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • januddin-31896August 15, 2015Reply


    This film is un-scary, un-interesting and is full of the worst class
    acting. The Director is really to be blamed as the whole thing is badly
    thought out and executed. By far the worst thing about the movie is the
    awful screeching voice of the actor playing ‘Ryan’. I cannot believe he
    was allowed to get away with his performance. I wonder whether when
    they watched the daily rushes they didn’t take him aside then next
    morning and either sack him or severely repremmand him. The truth is,
    both male actors made this film virtually unwatchable. I love horrors –
    I even secretly enjoy the process of watching bad ones. This, on the
    other had is a total pile of crap. Insuliting to any horror fan… in
    fact, insulting to any movie watcher. Don’t watch!

  • rwacarsalesAugust 17, 2015Reply

    A found footage film worthy of watching

    For a movie that is on a shoe string budget, I couldn’t ask for more.
    The suspense was well done. They made found footage a enjoyment which
    is a rarity these days. Don’t let the negative reviews fool you….this
    is a great film. I have not been impressed with many found footage
    films. In fact I can only think of one I truly enjoyed outside of this
    film here. So for anyone that is looking for a movie that will keep you
    anticipating what might be happening next…this is a film for you…
    It is a edge of your seat, right from the start kind of movie! I’ll be
    looking forward to aiming what is in store for the future of these film

  • Serch_ReviewsAugust 19, 2015Reply

    One of the worst horror films i’ve ever seen.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • garalogiasAugust 24, 2015Reply

    Please God…. kill me.

    So apparently Hollywood thinks that to make a good horror film is to
    follow a stream, in this case is found footage.

    But that’s the least of the problems in this film. The worst problems
    is that falls into the cliché that the vast majority of such films
    have: the classic characters and their so burned development, the
    classic jump scares, the classic entity/monster/ghost that -somehow- is
    killing just for the sake of the plot, the classic perfect end to the

    I’m mean… I get that thanks to movies like this you can just
    disconnect from the real world and enter a world that you don’t have to
    think to much, not that cinema has to be that way, but man… this
    movie is such a wast of everybody’s time, even the guys that made this

    This is boring and for the sole purpose of getting the most money to
    the cinema audience .

    Clearly, Hollywood is an industry and as such seeks to maintain a way
    or another, is an industrial monster that does not care about the
    product but the financial result.

    Now, making money is not a crime, everybody does that. The crime is to
    not take enough respect to the story and the intelligence of the

    Thank God I did not pay a penny for this crap , but I did paid the
    price for my time.

  • hoxjenniferAugust 24, 2015Reply

    Just awful…

    Awful, just awful. If you are expecting a good horror movie, the
    closest this movie has to offer are a few jump-scares and loud noises
    with shaky home video camera action and low lighting. It’s the typical
    horror movie scenario: a bunch of teenagers with no brains whatsoever
    decide to do something stupid, in the middle of the night, with no
    light save for the light coming off their camcorder (which – they
    decide to bring along with them for some reason) and get into more and
    more stupid decisions one after the other. Save for maybe Reese, the
    protagonist, the characters are all annoying in their own way. Youv’e
    got the instigator: Ryan – who plans the whole break-in to the school,
    whines most of the time, and doesn’t really do anything other than hold
    the camera. You’ve got Cassidy – the blond bimbo girlfriend of Ryan and
    Pfeiffer – the overdramatic drama nerd who just happens to show up at
    the school the night before the play inexplicably and nobody bothers to
    ask her why she’s there? Hmmm… It’s an interesting story line, and the
    movie could have gone so much further. But it didn’t deliver. Another
    unimpressive 21st century horror flick.

  • djangozelf-12351August 27, 2015Reply

    Wanted to thank the honest reviewers for saving me from this.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kermitkidAugust 28, 2015Reply

    Ignore the haters!

    Review taken from my blog

    This is without a doubt, quite literally, the scariest movie I have
    ever seen! The Poltergeist remake scared me, but this terrified me. I
    still have a pit in my stomach, and my heart is still thumping as I
    type this. A lot of people will write off this film as ”bad” simply
    because it’s found footage, without even seeing it. (Looking at you
    IMDb message board trolls.) This movie proves that found footage is not
    dead, and can still be scary. The acting is phenomenal (which is a
    surprise considering this is the first movie for almost all the
    actors.) It feels incredibly realistic. I was in stagecraft in my high
    school and this movie is the reason why I will never join that class
    again. I will also never join drama. Simply because this movie has
    scared me off those two classes forever. This makes the game ”Five
    Nights at Freddy’s” look like ”Sesame Street” by comparison. (No
    offense, Scott Cathon. It’s still scary, just not as scary as this.)
    This is the kind of movie you want to see with your friends in a room
    with the lights off and locked doors, so there is no escape.
    Bwahahahaha! I cannot recommend this movie enough. It’s quite
    impressive that it has such a small budget and yet it still feels like
    a theater-worthy movie. I won’t give away the end, but know that it is
    one of the greatest twist endings I have ever seen! Bravo!

    Grade: A+ 10/10 5/5 stars

  • willievegazAugust 28, 2015Reply

    ” The Gallows ” is the found footage that created all that uproar of ” Charlie, Charlie ”

    ” The Gallows ” is the found footage that created all that uproar of
    ” Charlie, Charlie ” that rocked the Internet, which has made many
    people to create huge expectations on the film. What was not my case,
    since I do not expect anything. But finally have to say I did not like
    ” The Force ” from the beginning, where the acting is unconvincing
    and often forced (which in my opinion is essential for a home movie), I
    found the poor script, I gave to see that there was a potential that
    there was very little explored, the scenes of death were little
    creative and mostly identical, the ghosts is pretty lame, at last I did
    not like in any way, but had a lot of people that likes. If you want to
    check comments there and let your opinion on ” Forca ” there’s this
    version has a Chinese background caption that does not hurt so much, ma
    image and audio are great..

  • spyroskonstAugust 29, 2015Reply

    One of the best ”found” footage horrors

    When i saw the trailer i thought ”oh, man not another shaky cam horror
    film” and ”gosh, if this trailer is so boring, the rest of the film
    must be terrible”.

    Well i was dead wrong! The movie is a straightforward ”cam horror” type
    but everything is so well done. It takes off after 40min but that does
    not mean you should skip it. Trust me on this one, you will need it for
    the end.

    I must mention 3 things i loved in this movie:

    1. Literally the are NO JUMP SCARES! Yes, not even one!

    2. The ”camera on hand” shows everything you want to see clearly. Yes
    it is shaky when they run, but every time horror comes, it is there and

    3. The last 10min where everything ends and wraps up with a twist felt
    so good! After the ending i was satisfied for seeing this film and did
    not felt cheated by the producers & writers.

    Overall ignore the haters and go see the movie. It is miles better than
    Paranormal Activity and VHS. By far one of the best horror cam films i
    have seen and i place it high with ”As Above, So Below”.

  • g_burns-457-890206August 31, 2015Reply

    Pass me the rope…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dukeakasmudgeAugust 31, 2015Reply

    The Gallows

    When I saw the trailer I couldn’t wait to see it.It looked
    awesome.After watching The Gallows I’m just glad I didn’t pay to go see
    it.That would’ve been a MAJOR waste of $$$.It started off good enough
    even though there wasn’t all that much to it.I thought I’d end up
    actually liking the movie (Boy was I wrong) It started falling apart
    near the very end & the final ending was just straight up garbage.I
    absolutely hated it.I hope The Gallows is 1 & done.As much as Hollywood
    LOVES to make Sequels I truly hope The Gallows doesn’t get 1.The movie
    was bad enough the 1st time that there shouldn’t be a 2nd.If you’re
    thinking of paying to watch The Gallows, Take my advice & wait till you
    can see it for free.There are way better movies out there that you
    could be spending your $$$ on

  • jackmeatSeptember 6, 2015Reply

    Almost mediocre….almost.

    My quick rating – 4,8/10. Since this says, ”The plot is unknown at this
    time.” I suppose I will clue you in. The movie is about an accident
    where a kid named Charlie is hanged on the set of a school play. Now 20
    years later the school decides to do the same play but the word is the
    ghost of Charlie haunts the theater. Of course the kids decide to break
    into the school and trash the set the night before…..piece together
    the rest. Anyway, the movie does well keeping you wondering where the
    scares will come from, but it tends to scare more with anticipation
    then the payoff. First person is at least used well to show the story
    unfold even though there have been many copycats and few turn out well,
    this one was average. The actors were just plain stupid throughout
    which was distracting and at times it was pretty slow. Overall, sure
    watch it if you like the handi cam flicks and/or horror in general that
    uses atmosphere more then gore for the scares. Netflix should work just
    fine for this one for you all. BTW, feel free to look into Charlie
    Grimille being real or not, the end says ”In memory of Charlie
    Grimille” and quick google brings up all kinds of truth/fake and
    supernatural stuff about it.

  • Tony Heck ([email protected])September 7, 2015Reply

    I prefer my movies with a story & not just a ”how cheap can we make this” mindset. Fans of the Blair Witch Project will like this.

    ”Don’t say his name!” A horrific accident occurs at a small town high
    school play and a student winds up dead. Years later the school decides
    to put on the same production for the first time in twenty years. The
    students begin to notice strange happenings and they all wonder if the
    school is cursed. I will open with the one thing that really annoys me
    about the majority of the new generation of horror movies, and I know
    I’m not the only one. This is a found footage movie. Even though this
    new genre has been around for ever now this one is the closest in feel
    to the Blair Witch Project. The movie really has no plot or story to
    keep you interested and tries to rely on little jump scares to keep you
    watching. The problem I had with this is that I found my mind wandering
    and all the jump scares did was to bring my focus back to the screen.
    If you are a fan of this genre you will most likely enjoy this. As for
    me I prefer my movies with a story and not just a ”how cheap can we
    make this” mindset. Overall, if you loved the Blair Witch Project you
    will like this one as well. I give this a C.

  • ggmcheartagramSeptember 14, 2015Reply

    What A Disappointment! Just Watch The Trailer!

    I’ve been desperate to see this film ever since i watched the trailer
    but i wish i hadn’t bothered! The trailer is so much better than the
    final film. I’m one of the few people who is actually quite fond of the
    found footage horror genre, i feel that it adds realism and that adds
    to the movie’s scare factor for me. unfortunately i found the usual
    found footage creepy atmosphere to be missing from this film. I wasn’t
    keen on any of the characters, therefore, i really didn’t care what
    happened to them. I found the film to be quite boring and it wasted so
    many chances for potential scares, also the best scares (apart from the
    end) were all in the trailer, so there weren’t many surprises to be
    had. I did like the creepy ending because i did get creeped out a bit,
    but the reason for the film ending up there was absolutely ridiculous
    and a very, very annoying plot hole! It would have been kind of clever
    if it had made more sense, i also predicted a lot of things that
    happened. It’s so annoying because this could have been really good,
    the antagonist had a lot of creepy potential but it was wasted, as was
    the creepy school setting. I jumped a couple of times but it wasn’t a
    hand squeezing or hide your eyes movie and for me that’s the whole

  • tmdarbySeptember 16, 2015Reply

    I had hopes for this one

    It was an okay movie, not great, not terrible. Hollywood seems to have
    forgotten a key point to a good horror movie. You have to make it so
    that it could happen to anyone. That’s what scares people. Like Friday
    the 13th, a lot of people go to summer camps. Nightmare on Elm St.,
    everyone sleeps at some point. Here if you aren’t in a high school play
    called the Gallows, you’re safe.

    For all the hype concerning this movie it was pretty disappointing. The
    acting was decent, and there was some good jump scares, but that’s
    about it. I didn’t even find the character very scary. If you’ve seen
    scarecrow in DC comics, you basically have the look of this guy.

  • evenstar_elessar04September 20, 2015Reply

    Don’t waste your time

    Just another Paranormal Activity movie. Those movies, like this one,
    were terrible. Characters were unlikable all around. I also have to
    wonder if the characters shared the names of the actors who played them
    because they were all too stupid to remember any other name? I can’t
    believe that I have to have ten lines to leave a review of this God
    awful trash. Does not even deserve 10 lines of review it is that bad.
    Very predictable movie. There are very few good scary movies out there
    anymore. I really miss scary movies like I watched when I was younger.
    They just don’t make them like that anymore. I really wanted to like
    this one, but it was a complete flop.

  • sarahpalmer-63711September 23, 2015Reply

    Avoid this rubbish

    I am a big horror movie fan, The Trailer for this film looked good so i
    couldn’t wait for it to come out to watch it. When i finally did watch
    it… i was so disappointed. It was so Boring, slow, such a Pointless
    movie with crap acting, not scary one bit. I hated all the characters i
    just wanted them to all die by 10 minutes in, It would of really saved
    my day but no, I sat through this rubbish with people getting killed
    off as slowly as they could without actually seeing any good proper
    killing just hearing it. If you like good films… Don’t bother
    watching this. I gave it 1 out of 10 but it probably worth more like
    zero. 🙂 Bring on sinister 2

  • Bri MaerSeptember 23, 2015Reply

    Save your money.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mihajlomiladinovicSeptember 25, 2015Reply

    Extremely Average

    The Gallows is a found-footage horror/thriller.This review will not
    contain spoilers.OK The Gallows as you read in the description follows
    3 friends trying to sabotage a set.The story is very…empty.The
    description that you read is the story.The acting is descent though and
    the location is scary as hell.The scares are…kind of a mix-bag.It
    sounds weird but this movie is literally just jump scares when it comes
    to the horror.There aren’t many scares until the very end of the
    movie.Mix-bag is because the scares don’t feel cheap to me at least(I
    was scared to death)but the frustrating part is because of the
    jump-scares’ EAR PIERCING NOISE which means you have to tone down the
    sound or stick fingers in your ears.The ending is also mediocre.It’s
    the best part of the movie cuz it’s super scary but at the same time
    feels rushed and anti-climactic.Overall the gallows is a mediocre movie
    that leaves you empty and wanting…

  • Kaat1220September 25, 2015Reply

    A Solid Horror Movie UNTIL the End

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jayloopOctober 3, 2015Reply

    truly awful

    I wish I could write a more constructive review but i have wasted
    enough time on the movie itself and I urge you not to do the same. Its
    not as dreadful as unfriended (that was truly horrific) but this is
    truly awful, it never seems to get going. I urge you not to waste your
    time on it.

    I wish I could write a more constructive review but i have wasted
    enough time on the movie itself and I urge you not to do the same. Its
    not as dreadful as unfriended (that was truly horrific) but this is
    truly awful, it never seems to get going. I urge you not to waste your
    time on it.

  • Michal SzpuntOctober 5, 2015Reply

    Interesting idea, confusing twist

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MikepUKOctober 5, 2015Reply


    I’m not usually a fan of found footage style movies and I admit I
    watched this because I read the review on the page which happened to be
    one of the 10 star ones! It was watchable and I didn’t want to stop
    viewing even though there are some inconsistencies in the plot. I
    wouldn’t watch it again though.

    There are the usual bits where the camera shows things that couldn’t be
    seen if it was hand held by one person and the almost permanent low
    light or black became a bit irritating at times but as I said above –
    it was watchable.

    The most interesting fact for me is that the estimated budget was
    $100,000 but it has so far grossed almost $23m – a better percentage
    return than many high budget movies which makes me wonder what made so
    many people want to go watch it.

  • Nicole of ArchonCinemaReviews.comOctober 7, 2015Reply

    Oh. My. God. Why? Just whhhhhy?

    You know what we need? Another found footage film” – no one ever

    Within 2 minutes of watching The Gallows I didn’t care about the story
    or the characters at all. And after 5 minutes you couldn’t pay me to
    care about anything in regards to the film.

    Loosely, the plot of The Gallows is as follows: twenty years after a
    high school play goes horribly wrong and an accident leaves a student
    dead, students resurrect the play to honor the anniversary of the
    tragedy. Four kids go back to school at night, and that is when things
    go wrong.

    The Gallows is a flimsy excuse at a horror movie plot, and everything
    about it is pathetically contrived. The lore is pathetic, the
    characters behave irrationally and are terribly one dimensional. To top
    it all off, The Gallows is a ‘found footage’ film and is unwatchably

    With this type of film, and given the quality of the material, it is no
    wonder that the actors are also pretty bad, not horrible, but far from
    ‘good.’ They moan and whine and whimper as the shadowy figure lurks and
    attacks for no good reason. Not all of the blame can be put on the
    actors, for the dialogue is partially responsible. It is written so
    forced and unnatural that it is impossible to believe these are lines
    from a standard high schooler. It is a puzzlement that The Gallows
    actually managed to be greenlit from the screenplay alone, let alone
    get distribution when this garbage was produced.

    But hey, a broken clock is right two times a day, so maybe The Gallows
    will have some worthy scares so it is not completely possible.
    Unfortunately, this is a misguided hope that needs to be squashed. The
    Gallows relies on simple horror and the majority of the time I was
    laughing at the supposed ‘scares’.

    Please check out websites for full reviews of all the recent releases.

  • WoodBangers EntertainmentOctober 11, 2015Reply

    sad to say i watched it

    Right off the bat one actor stood out very badly. The actor playing the
    role of Reese seemed to loose character every time the camera was in
    his face. Now that I mentioned that let’s start with what is with the
    Blair Witch cheaply making movies phase? Has it come to ”this is what
    horror movies should be?, or is it that ”anyone can make movies
    cheaply” phase?

    I’m a bit unsettled on this one, the film is fairly put together, and
    the story is fairly done. The acting for what it was held to be okay
    for what it was, I’m just very dizzy from the single camera following
    throughout the entire movie. Oh and of course when the group split up,
    instantly it was phone cam time; gotta love it.

    Now I’m sure they had to do somethings to make the film piece together
    on separation and of course this was a very low budget film. For what
    The Gallows brought to the table as a story makes up for a lot of
    things. It does have a good story-line and if I were younger I’d
    probably be scared.

  • steven foglemanOctober 11, 2015Reply

    Besides the view its an OK movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jessemiller-19777October 13, 2015Reply

    waste of time

    I just got done watching the movie and all i have to say about it
    overall. Really bad acting, Effective of holding the camera is really
    awful(Personal hate movies like that), and the story line is terrible
    as well. Its as bad as watching the ”The Blair witch Profect”. You are
    110 times better watching ”My Little Ponys” than this.

    When I first seen the Trailer, I thought it was gonna be awesomeness
    and good like other awesome Horror films. But it was all lies when I
    started watching it and it make me very depressed that someone had to
    make low budget film to make their payments and ruin our time with
    this. Good thing I didn’t go to the theaters to watch this or I would
    be asking for my money back or get a free pass for another film. But
    everyone has their own opinion on movies and you never know if your
    gonna like it till you watch it. But at least these Reviews helpful
    give you some kind of an idea on what your gonna to expect.

  • dcarsonhagyOctober 14, 2015Reply

    I MUST Have My Hanging

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • freetheblizzOctober 16, 2015Reply

    Pretty Good Horror Flick

    So somehow I talked my wife into a random scary movie night tis the
    season after all. After watching about 15 trailers on amazon, I settled
    on The Gallows. This is kind of another of the found footage movies or
    reminiscent of the video footage type films we have seen from
    Paranormal Activity. I have to say this movie was pretty darn good, and
    if you are in the need for a scare you should check it out.

    The story follows a set of teen’s as they try to reenact a play from
    the past. The original play ended with a tragic accident that haunts
    the small town until the present day. As you can guess normal teenage
    shenanigans ensue, and it gets hairy pretty quickly.This isn’t your
    normal teenybopper movie, though. The first one to have sex doesn’t
    die, in fact, there is no sex or gratuitous nudity. Trust me when I
    tell you won’t mind the break from the normal doldrums of horror.

    IF you are into the dark and some well-placed scares that get your
    heart racing check this out. This movie is all about creating tension,
    and then exploiting it. I find those the scariest kind of films, and
    then I get to watch my wife jump. In this case the tension was so great
    she actually covered her eyes a few times, that’s a new record.

    I would check this film out, I think you will like it. I gave it an

  • capone666October 16, 2015Reply

    The Vidiot Reviews….

    The Gallows

    Typically, it’s the audience that hangs themselves during a high school

    However, it’s a student swinging from their neck in this horror movie.

    On the 20th anniversary of an ill-fated play where a faulty gallows
    prop claimed the life of teenager Charlie Grimille (Jesse Cross),
    Beatrice High School decides to stage a repeat performance starring
    Reese Houser (Reese Mishler) in Charlie’s infamous role.

    The night before the performance, Reese, his co-star (Pfeifer Brown),
    his friend Ryan (Ryan Shoos) and Ryan’s girlfriend (Cassidy Gifford)
    break into the school to vandalize the set only to discover the legend
    of Charlie is true – and he’s out for revenge.

    Featuring the most nauseating found-footage in the fatigued genre’s
    history, The Gallows also boasts a laughable villain, and one of
    cinema’s most obnoxious characters in Ryan Shoos.

    Besides, with all the school shootings nowadays suicidal teenagers
    never even get the chance to hang themselves anymore.

    Red Light

  • utgard14October 18, 2015Reply

    ”You suck. You’re a terrible actor.”

    Twenty years ago, a student died in a high school play called The
    Gallows. Now the school is putting on the play again, with a jock who
    can’t act as the male lead. The jock’s irritating friend convinces him
    the play will stink and he will be embarrassed. So, along with another
    friend, they sneak into the school at night to trash the set so it will
    be cancelled. But they are discovered in the act by the play’s lead
    actress and then everything goes to hell as the four find themselves
    trapped in the building with the vengeful ghost of the boy who died in
    The Gallows.

    Another found footage movie trying to find a hook in a played out
    horror subgenre. It has most of the usual found footage problems,
    including my favorite: characters continuing to film the terrifying
    goings-on in the movie even when all logic would dictate they should
    drop the camera. One particularly galling scene is when one character
    is running for his life and has to climb a ladder to escape the hangman
    ghost thing (don’t ask). The guy holds onto the camera with one hand
    the entire time he climbs the ladder. I mean, come on, that’s beyond
    stupid and unrealistic. The characters are very annoying in this. The
    guys are the worst, with Ryan Shoos giving new meaning to the word
    obnoxious and Reese Mishler having a slack-jawed wide-eyed expression
    on his face the entire movie. I can only assume he calls that acting.
    The highlight of the film is when Ryan’s character calls Reese’s
    character a bad actor. That the characters also share the names of the
    actors just made the scene all the more enjoyable. I’m sure Ryan loved
    getting to say what he was thinking about his fellow actor without
    breaking character. The two girls, Cassidy Gifford and Pfeifer Brown,
    are fine but ultimately forgettable. It’s not a scary movie in any way.
    The beginning is very boring but, once it gets going, it at least
    manages to keep your attention. You probably won’t like it much but try
    to stick with it for the unbelievably corny ending.

  • Drew SauveurOctober 18, 2015Reply

    Why was this movie made?

    I went into this with no expectations. Somehow, this movie managed to
    dig a trench below my expectations just to spite me.

    I watched for 40 minutes, and nothing happened… No suspense, no build
    up, nothing! Just teens being teens in high school.

    I kept watching hoping that something would happen, but alas, I had to
    turn it off because it was putting me to sleep.

    I’m actually angry this film was made and released. There’s no plot,
    the dialogue is juvenile, was this written as a high school drama final
    exam paper? Because it has that feel.

    Please, I beg you, bury this film.

    Save others from wasting the time to watch this poor excuse for a film.

  • Kenyae KofiOctober 24, 2015Reply

    The Gallows need to perform the gallows on itself

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Michelle Sullivan ([email protected])October 25, 2015Reply

    awful..sorry but true

    The gallows is awful. For one it is kids using a video camera and talk
    about a headache, I have one with all the moving around of the camera
    and lots of the movie is focused in the dark and the floor! NOT ONE BIT
    SCARY! Tired of seeing movies cheaply done using home video cams!
    Someone please make a real scary movie! One that doesn’t make the
    audience want to puke!!!! It was a real bummer….I was so hoping for a
    scare me and make jump and scream… This DID NOT do that.. It will
    leave you feeling why did waste my time on this movie! The movie ”The
    visit” is also made the same way with a children using a home video
    can. Also another bummer and waste of time!!! I really recommend
    insidious 3… now that movie will scare you😨

  • thesar-2October 25, 2015Reply

    Hang Me, Quickly

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • meliuscyzar-48473November 4, 2015Reply

    Sure is a perfect way to induce a massive migraine.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • enzocodiniNovember 6, 2015Reply

    Yes, it’s awful. And yes, it’s cliché.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SteveJ_888November 12, 2015Reply

    Bad Amateur Hour …

    I like the Blair Witch Project. I like the Paranormal Activity movies.
    Unfortunately, though, those movies inspired a succession of
    non-talents to simply recruit a few annoying non-actors, get a cheap
    camera, record some BS, and call it a movie. They then find a
    distributor who will be complicit in attempting to scam the public.

    I’m writing this as the movie is still playing just in case anything
    interesting happens. It’s almost over – and still nothing but total
    garbage. I’ll wait for the ending.

    Here’s comes the ending – no, nothing there either.

    I won’t even dignify this non-movie by making any specific comments.
    I’ll only say that it achieves the highest level of suckitude possible.
    If you watch it all you will see is an extremely boring and irritating
    improvisation. The end credits are truly the highpoint.

    Of course when I checked out the other user reviews for this movie I
    found some glowing and highly suspicious 10-star reviews. The scam
    wouldn’t be complete without them.

    People – if you have no talent, no imagination, and no principles,
    please stay out of the business! Redbox – I want my $1.59 back!

  • town_nightNovember 13, 2015Reply

    A fun, but not really scary found footage horror film

    I would give this movie a 6.5 so I rounded up to a 7.

    This movie gets a lot of hate, and I understand why, its not a
    masterpiece, or will scare you so that you can’t sleep. The thing it
    is, a fun quick horror film set in a good location of a school at
    night. The location is the best part of this movie, as its a big
    school, with a lot of corridors to get lost in.

    One particular character is also unlikable which brings down the
    enjoyment level, but not enough for me to hate the movie.

    Just go in with modest expectation, and understand its not going to be
    a deep film, and just enjoy yourself.

  • (neuromancerxl)November 17, 2015Reply

    not that great

    This film is basically another blair witch Clone. I really can’t stand
    the ”found footage” or ”cam” films much anymore. They’re very difficult
    to pull off, where the end result is a good movie. The Gallows didn’t

    The filming location is OK, the high school theater stage is cool, but
    the basement/hallways where a lot of scenes take place are boring. The
    directing is ”eh” to bad, the actors unknown, acting subpar, plot was
    boring and unimaginative.

    I would skip this. If you enjoy ”found footage” films try ”The Visit”

  • AaronMendozaJrNovember 27, 2015Reply

    Devoid of Substance

    If you like seeing bad films like this one, you are what’s wrong with
    this world. The Gallows lacks anything scary and is probably the worst
    movie I’ve seen all year. The acting sucks, the plot is boring, there’s
    no character development, and nothing makes any sense. I seriously have
    no idea why the characters are filming and I have no idea why they’re
    friends. The ”ghost” is apparently haunting the school because he go
    hanged at a school play even though it makes no sense why he got
    hanged. Shouldn’t there be something under the trap door at all time to
    make sure that an accident like this could happen. This movie has
    nothing going for it and there’s no sense of realism whatsoever. The
    Gallows is a pointless film with nothing scary, funny, or even good. No
    one can act, the plot goes on forever, and ”Charlie” is not even scary.

  • Barry SmithDecember 4, 2015Reply

    Fun movie!

    Wow, this movie got hung by most reviewers here…! It met my
    expectations for a horror movie: an escape from reality for 80
    minutes.. No intellectual thought, no analysis of technique, no life
    changing moments of grandstanding messages from the producers… Just
    fun entertainment! Found footage films are a clever and exciting genre,
    in my opinion.. And in the hands of creative producers, quite exciting
    and terrifying.. Not so much like the plodding and predictable Blair
    Witch, but the masterful Spanish gem from a few years back: REC It’s
    American remake was the lame and boring Quarentine… Gallows is no
    REC, or even close, but it is fun!

  • cmendo-45083December 13, 2015Reply

    Terribad the musical

    If the fact that the characters names were also the real names of the
    actors didn’t stop you from watching this movie, then this being an
    outdated first person blare witch style horror film minus the horror
    should. Movie made less than zero sense. Only reason this 80 minute
    movie wasn’t a complete waste was because I drank a beer during it.
    Might I suggest another 4.3 rated movie…really any 4.3 movie besides
    this…the concept which I thought looked decent from previews..was
    actually terribly enacted in real life. The movie has shotty production
    and even worse acting. I’ve seen bad horror movies…but this is the
    only one bad enough to make me create an IMDb account just to warn
    others how bad it was

  • David ArnoldDecember 14, 2015Reply

    A Massive Let Down

    Don’t you just hate it when a movie you’ve been looking forward to for
    a while turns out to be pretty crap/lifeless/dull/boring/annoying
    (delete as applicable) for the most part, especially when the trailers
    make said movie look so good? Well, that’s pretty much my situation
    with regards to The Gallows…I saw the trailers for the cinematic
    release, looked forward to it coming out onto Blu-ray, but only to be
    disappointed after finally seeing the film.

    What disappointed me about The Gallows wasn’t because it was another
    found-footage film or that it was another high school ”teeny” horror,
    but because out of those adjectives I used above, it’s pretty boring,
    dull, and lifeless for the most part. This isn’t a horrid or a hideous
    film, and there are definitely worse films out there, but it’s
    definitely a massive let down.

    Reasons as to why this is a disappointing film for me are numerous…a
    lackluster script with an anti-climactic (and somewhat nonsensical)
    ending; the lack of ”edge of your seat” thrills; the absence of likable
    characters (more on that in a minute); the predictability in a lot of
    parts. There’s definitely far more going against this film than going
    for it, and one of the bigger annoyances was the characters. It usually
    takes me a while for certain characters to possibly p*ss me off, but
    here it didn’t take long. The characters of Ryan & Cassidy really
    grated me, with Ryan being the typical a*shole high school top jock and
    Cassidy being the female version of Ryan. Reese was the most likable
    character, but was just a lemming to Ryan.

    In saying all of that, though, one good thing I did actually quite like
    was the atmosphere that was generated in a few scenes. There was none
    of the usual ”impending doom” music which helped create better tension,
    and there’s a good claustrophobic feel to these scenes as well. I think
    without this tension & atmosphere, the film would definitely be 1-Star
    all the way.

    Very disappointing overall.

  • skybrick736December 15, 2015Reply

    The Gallows (4/10)

    As one of the most marketed horror films of 2015, The Gallows was
    strictly made to pick up money from teen audiences. The story revolves
    around a drama class at high school and drama between characters. The
    story is set up terribly making no sense at times and the characters
    were unlikable and had terrible dialogue. The writing was awful from
    the start. Besides the found footage technique which wasn’t really
    needed, there is an element of originality with some of the concepts so
    I’ll give it points for that. However, the film crashed for good once
    the ending rolled along, it was just terrible. Skip The Gallows unless
    you’re looking for a movie with lots of jump scares or something to
    laugh at with your friends at the films absurdity.

  • TheBarleyGuyDecember 18, 2015Reply

    An insult to the movies that it compares itself to.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • 851222December 21, 2015Reply

    OK horror flick

    Greetings from Lithuania.

    ”The Gallows” (2015) is far from being original or very scary or
    particularly good horror flick, but it is enjoyable little horror
    flick. Acting was OK i guess, there are some scary and creepy moments,
    it is nicely paced – at running time 1 h 15 min it barely drags.
    Although i found some scenes especially by the end kinda funny, they
    looked funny i mean when they shouldn’t be.

    Overall, you won’t loose anything if you skip ”The Gallows”, but for a
    boring evening when in a mood fore some horror flick, this one is OK

  • jgoldsmith-90038January 10, 2016Reply


    After seeing the trailer for this film i thought it might be pretty
    good, but i did have a couple of doubts and those doubts were
    justified. The film was all filmed using a mobile phone which was
    cheap. I nearly fell asleep watching the film, and the ‘scary’ parts??
    What scary parts!? Typical teen typecast and you know what is going to
    happen to who. It almost reminded me of those Paranormal activity
    movies which are also YAWN. This film is predicable and it looks like
    not much effort has been put into it. I mean, giving all the characters
    the same name as their own name. Genius.

    Lets just say, if there was a 0*, i would have given it that.

  • Felix FriedrichJanuary 17, 2016Reply

    Not really original.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • connorsharpJanuary 19, 2016Reply

    This might be the worst movie i have ever seen

    I really don’t want to put too much thought on this review,if the
    writers and directors (yes,two people directed this)don’t take the time
    to write a decent script and create a decent movie I’m not going to
    make a serious in depth review.This film is insulting to people that
    want to work in film,it is a joke,the characters in this film are the
    most unlikable people I have ever seen in a movie.I was rooting for the
    villain of this movie to kill these idiots(not that the villain is very
    good either,he actually kinda sucks).And of course we come to the
    problem with most horror movies today,god damned jump scares,i didn’t
    get scared at any time in this film,there is ZERO suspense,all these
    guys are trying to do is a cheap jump scare,this movie is found footage
    and when you find out the reason why it’s found footage you will either
    laugh or cry from how stupid it is.There are two twists in this movie
    that make the twist in The Happening look like genius.A quick note to
    all horror directors,jump scares and ear piercing sounds are not scary.

  • jtindahouseJanuary 19, 2016Reply

    Nowhere near as bad as people are making out

    New Zealand very rarely gets horror movies into its cinemas. We usually
    get the annual ‘Saw’ or ‘Paranormal Activity’ at Halloween and then a
    couple more throughout the year if we are lucky. ‘The Gallows’ turned
    out to be one of those recently. I’m not entirely sure what separated
    it from the hundreds of other horror movies that we don’t get every
    year, but I’m very glad it made it here because it was a very enjoyable
    horror movie. I had seen a very bad rating here on IMDb for it and
    consequently had gone in with very low expectations (perhaps that
    helped things). While it was far from flawless, it certainly had me on
    the edge of the seat right until the dying seconds and was a very
    enjoyable film.

    The gripes with it seem to be the characters and some unrealistic plot
    points. The characters in horror movies are frequently a struggle for
    writers. There simply isn’t enough time to build them up properly and
    being that they’re often young teenagers, they’re doomed before we even
    meet them. I admit though that ‘The Gallows’ didn’t have overly likable
    characters even for a horror film. The plot pieces like a school that
    is open to get into 24/7 and real gallows being used in school plays
    are admittedly weak points, but I see no reason why they should ruin
    the film for people. The fact is that this is a horror movie, not a
    biopic. The point of it is to scare you and keep you in a very tense
    state. This did both of those for me in very fine fashion, therefore it
    was a successful horror film in my books. Don’t listen to the
    negativity around this film, give it a go.

  • mwidunn-95-631875January 24, 2016Reply

    One reason this movie stinks . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • trashgangJanuary 28, 2016Reply

    nothing special

    The positive thing about The Gallows is the fact that it was well
    promoted worldwide, you can find it in every shop selling flicks and
    all magazines were talking about this found footage flick. But the hype
    was a major let down for me. I can understand that teens will love this
    kind of horrors because there’s the usual nerd loves cheerleader story
    and pranks being done until things go really wrong.

    Bur for me there wasn’t any frightening moment or so typical with those
    found footage flicks a jump scene. And you have seen it all before,
    people levitating, being thrown in the air, the usual stuff.

    On part of the effects, it’s well done but it’s so low on horror that I
    even thought to push the stop button and go hang myself…

    Gore /5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5

  • kosmaspFebruary 2, 2016Reply

    The Yawns

    This being a horror movie, you just know at the beginning that
    something will happen. It just has to. So no surprise there. One of the
    twists may not be as expected, but is at least superficial, not to say
    complete and utter nonsense. Having said that, we also get what many
    horror movies have: the bad idea/plan, that never, ever makes the
    viewer having any sympathy.

    In this case it makes even less sense, for the main character to go
    along with it (as the story unfolds and things and other characters pop
    up). It does have a few decent effects and some of the jump scares
    might get to you. It would be a complete failure if they didn’t now
    wouldn’t it? Also the ending is kind of nice, though the whole ”Found
    footage” thing really is boring – though the guy who found it, did a
    good job editing it …

  • Thanos AlfieFebruary 5, 2016Reply


    ”The Gallows” is a horror movie in which we watch a group of friends
    trying to destroy the scene of a play. But due to a horrific accident
    that happened 20 years before in the same school and of course the same
    play something change their plans.

    I have to admit that I did not expect something extraordinary from this
    movie but I was expecting to watch something different. Unfortunately
    such a thing did not happen. For a horror movie the plot was not
    something new or something that I have not seen before so, I was
    already prepared of what will come next. The ending of the movie was
    not also the best since it was already prepared from before and you
    knew which will be.

    ”The Gallows” tries hard to be a good movie but with low budget, poor
    cast it takes the ratings and the reviews which has to. I do not
    encourage anyone of watching this movie because I am sure that you will
    lose your time. In addition to this ”The Gallows” is a good example
    that shows us what happens when there is a combination of low budget
    movie and a poor cast.

  • wtsallwFebruary 13, 2016Reply

    81 Minutes I Wish I Could Get Back

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Claudio CarvalhoMarch 2, 2016Reply

    Time is Irreversible and Life Is too Short to Spend Watching Low-Quality Films (Like This One)!

    I saw ”The Gallows” with low expectations, but at least expecting to
    see a decent horror movie, based on the IMDb User Rating (4.3).
    However, the film is awful in every aspect: the storyline is poor; the
    twist is nonsense and ridiculous; the screenplay is terrible. The
    camera of this cheap ”found footage” genre is a pretext to produce low
    quality films with low cost. In this movie, there is no explanation for
    the use of the handy cam. Sometimes I question why I see flicks like
    this to the very end since time is irreversible and life is too short
    to spend watching low-quality films (like this one)! My vote is one

    Title (Brazil): ”A Forca” (”The Gallows”)

  • jtncsmistadMarch 10, 2016Reply

    ”The Gallows”: This stinker hangs it’s own self.


    I went in to ”The Gallows” with an open mind. And, MAN, was my brain
    shut down but at HYPER speed.

    Aimless wandering through the seemingly interminable catacombs of a
    haunted high school. Entering dark and ominous halls and rooms which
    were everything short of SCREAMING at these clueless kids ”You’ll get
    killed” and for no discernible reason whatsoever. And, I swear, one
    more shot of a hand slowly opening a door to who knows what the hell
    (yet usually not a DAMN THING) and I’ll put the flippin’ noose around
    my own neck for crissakes!

    The ending (and thank God there finally WAS one) was admittedly and
    actually kinna cool. But it was WAY too little too late to keep this
    weak and wearisome found footage flop from hanging itself by it’s own
    regurgitated premise rope.

    For more of my Movie Reviews categorized by Genre please visit:

  • ModernDayRenaissanceManMarch 16, 2016Reply

    Surprised by The Gallows…. Decent.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • GL84March 17, 2016Reply

    Highly flawed and troublesome haunted-school effort

    Attempting to revive a popular play, a group of high-school students
    become stuck inside while pulling a prank and find themselves targeted
    by the wrath of a supernatural entity long rumored to haunt the school
    and must find a way to get out alive.

    Overall this one wasn’t all that great and had some pretty
    disappointing elements about it. One of the main elements featured here
    is the fact that there’s just nothing all that interesting about the
    group here with hardly anything all that interesting happening
    throughout here. The fact that the film is about high- school teens who
    do nothing but complain, argue and act like condescending douche-bags
    for their scenes setting up everything here is certainly commendable at
    accurately getting the right mentality and mind-frame for the group,
    but the problem is that this sort of behavior makes people seem far
    more despicable and intolerable than anything and it grows infuriating
    seeing them constantly pick on others and insult them following through
    on their stereotypical issues clashing with each other than occurs in
    nearly all teenage high-school efforts. On top of that, the fact that
    there’s so much of this that it eats up the time resulting in quite a
    bit of time before something actually occurs is also a big problem here
    with this one waiting nearly half-an-hour waiting for them to get to
    the school. Even once we get there, this one is mostly undone by fact
    that there’s just an endless stream of cliché and rather
    rudimentary-styled haunting scenes that are just so commonplace and
    ordinary that there’s little suspense to be generated from them as they
    just come and go without really offering anything interesting with
    them. It really tends to make this one come off all the more clichéd
    when combined with this typical type of storyline where it runs through
    all these expected points without much deviation or change-up in them
    and there’s just such an overall feeling of disenchantment with this
    one for the majority of the time here. As well, there’s the issue here
    with nearly every found-footage film in that there’s so much wrong
    imposed on the film merely for the inclusion of such a feature in that
    the characters become far more concerned with keeping the camera
    running than their own personal safety which really ruins the suspense
    of the situation, the continuous need for it to be involved in areas
    that have no business there and basically making it so obviously
    off-kilter and impossible to see what’s going on that there’s little
    chance of seeing what’s going on. These here do hold this back, though
    there’s some rather good parts here. The back-story with the haunted
    school-play and how they’re bringing it back gives this a pretty solid
    framework here to build a believable story, and with the whole amount
    of time spent on delivering a fine twist to this there’s some rather
    good times to this one. The other good part here is that this one does
    occasionally get the haunting scenes done right with the way they get
    attacked throughout the school’s hallways in the second half which are
    somewhat creepy and chilling with the way this one dishes out the
    continuous encounters to really seal this one as a frenetic finish to
    the film. These here make this one good enough to be watchable, but
    that’s as good as it gets.

    Rated R: Violence and Language.

  • Lars BearMarch 24, 2016Reply

    It’s really not as bad as people are saying

    OK, so it’s not going to win any Oscars. But is it so awful, as some
    reviewers have suggested (in jest, I hope), that suicide would be
    preferable? It’s surely not the worst movie ever made, as somebody

    It’s an unpretentious, slightly silly, high-school horror movie. The
    acting is way better than the plot deserves — in fact, I think every
    one of the cast puts in a credible performance. The dialogue is
    amusing, and convincing. The story isn’t Tolstoy, but it’s not as
    vacuous as most movies like this. There is (unless I blinked) no nudity
    or overt sexuality, which film-makers are often compelled to sprinkle
    around, to brighten up an otherwise hopeless film. What drama it has,
    it has through decent acting and production values.

    For the most part I don’t really like ‘Handycam’ movies — where the
    film-makers try to simulate amateur recording — but I think it was
    tolerably well done here.

    One criticism I would make is that there isn’t enough plot to carry the
    movie through its full length — it does get a bit samey after the
    first hour.

    On the whole, I prefer honest movies that offer what they claim to
    offer — even when that isn’t much — to those that pretend to be more
    than they are, and fall short. I had pretty low expectations of this
    movie, and it exceeded them. I’ve certainly spent my time less well
    than in watching this.

  • ProloxApril 9, 2016Reply

    A slightly above mediocre horror tale, but still not very good.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • eddie_bagginsApril 21, 2016Reply

    Plunges the found footage horror genre headfirst into new lows

    For years mankind has wondered about the possibility of there being
    someone/something out there in the great expands of the universe.
    Another intelligent life-force that may one day visit our lowly shores
    to learn about us curious beings and hopefully not blast us away with
    advanced technology or decide to take us away for some good old
    fashioned experimentation. If indeed one day we find ourselves in
    communication with a great race equal to our technological advancements
    let us all hope that these visitors do not find a copy of found footage
    horror film The Gallows, as their judgements upon mankind may be

    A film so daft and downright dumb it’s hard to fathom how it came into
    existence in the first place, The Gallows as directed by duo Travis
    Cluff and Chris Lofing (seriously it took two people to make this
    turkey!) is the type of film where you can feel your brain cells
    disappearing with each passing minute as annoying characters make
    unintelligible decision upon unintelligible decision and seemingly
    solvable solutions are ignored in the sake of more shakily handled

    A new low in the past it’s use by date genre of found footage horrors,
    The Gallows plunges to previously unseen depths of narrative drivel to
    tell the story of painfully badly acted teenage brats breaking into
    their seemingly medievally secured school to wreck the set to an
    upcoming play only to be haunted by an ominous fiend who locks them in
    the school facility (really there’s not a single window that could be
    smashed to break out of?) to wreck all manner of nasties on them.

    Watch on in disbelief as these unlikeable creations knock pot plants
    down, ”dismantle” sets by taking a piece of wood out of a stage setting
    and generally fail at their objective only to be bettered or worsened
    by the fact that their school break in just happens to be in a school
    that seemingly has forgone any type of security, whether it be guards,
    cameras, motion detectors or even the locking of a door that would take
    1 minute to fix, this school does not care who wonders its grounds come
    closing time! It’s almost as if The Gallows creators Cluff and Lofing
    decided they were onto narrative gold or perhaps just an easy paycheck
    and set forth on making their film no matter if anything actually made
    sense or if logic was totally bypassed, it’s almost akin to a home
    movie production, just far less funny or enjoyable.

    The Gallows is neither scary or original and nothing about the film
    feels even remotely believable, even in a genre that’s not supposed to
    be clothed in reality.

    Taking place around some seriously lax logic and scenarios, The Gallows
    gets its rating purely based around the fact it’s something that needs
    to be seen to be believed as for those that thought modern day horrors
    and found footage films had reached their lowest ebbs, The Gallows is
    here to show us all that the bar has been set even lower.

    In other words, all copies of this film should be locked away or simply
    destroyed quick smart…… before the intergalactic visitors arrive!

    ½ an unsecured school facility out of 5

  • jacobjohntaylor1April 23, 2016Reply

    This is awful.

    There are so many found footage movies that suck. And this is one of
    them. I do not find these movie to all that real. Most just badly
    written and badly acted. I would be OK if there were more good found
    footage movies. It is just so many like this one. Are badly written and
    badly acted. And have an awful ending. This movie is not scary at all.
    It is about a hunted school. And it is not scary at all. It got a 4.3
    which it not a good rating. But this movie is so bad. 4.3 is overrating
    it. It stink so mush it should be lower then 4.3. That does not really
    show just how bad this movie is. This is one of the worst horror movies
    of all time.

  • Michael_ElliottMay 7, 2016Reply

    Starts Off Horrible but Quickly Picks Up

    The Gallows (2015)

    *** (out of 4)

    During a school production of The Gallows, a prop goes horribly wrong
    and an actor is killed. Flash forward twenty years and the school is
    putting the play on again. The night before the show the lead actor and
    his two friends break into the school to damage the property when they
    bump into the lead actress. Soon the four are trying to find a way out
    but realize that they’re not alone.

    THE GALLOWS is a rather strange movie because I started off hating the
    picture with a passion. I really do mean that I hated this film because
    I thought the first twenty or so minutes were incredibly annoying. I
    thought everything about the ”found footage” film was annoying and
    especially the character holding the camera most of the time. For the
    life of me I couldn’t help but wish something would happen to him
    because he annoyed me to the point where I wasn’t enjoying the movie.

    As I said, the first twenty minutes are pretty bad but once the horror
    elements start and once the characters get locked into the school
    things really pick up. I really love found footage movies when they’re
    done right and I think THE GALLOWS is extremely well-made and
    well-acted. As with the best films in the genre, what makes them work
    is how the camera just floats around and you’re mind prepares you for
    something scary to happen but you just never know when it’s going to
    happen and this just builds up more suspense.

    For my money there were plenty of very creepy scenes throughout the
    picture. This here is certainly the most important part but I’m not
    going to provide any spoilers so I won’t go into any details about what
    exactly happens. I will say that the look of the killer was very creepy
    and it certainly helped keep you on guard throughout the ending. I also
    thought the four actors were extremely believable and good in their

    As I said, I really hated the first portion of this film but a film
    like THE GALLOWS is made to scare you and I must admit that the film
    got the best of me and in the end I had fun with it.

  • Saiph90May 29, 2016Reply

    Bogus reviews

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • NyingmaJune 17, 2016Reply


    Here is another low budget horror film trying to scare the audience,
    alas, once again without success.

    The ”found-footage” horror genre has been spreading again lately, but
    oh boy does it suck. In year 1980, when Italian director Ruggero
    Deodato filmed the groundbreaking, underrated found-footage original
    horror, ‘Cannibal Holocaust’, the subgenre was a success. Following
    this turning point we have had some good movies inspired by the
    original masterpiece, such as ‘Blair Witch Project”, ”Rec.” and the
    overused ”Paranormal Activity”.

    ”The Gallows” has nothing to add to the subgenre. The plot is boring
    and predictable with stupid plot twist. When reaching the climax, the
    movie throws everything it has built into a thrash can with a very lame
    ending, possibly the lamest horror ending I’ve ever seen.

    All in all, the movie is very forgettable and you will not miss
    anything worth spending time on.

  • lorcan-61881October 8, 2016Reply

    Not so great

    The gallows follows a bunch of teenagers who are doing school play of
    The Gallows which happened in 1994 in a old school but weirdly a child
    was killed during the play. These teens then break into the school one
    night and soon they find out the ghost of Charlie Grimille hasn’t left
    and soon each teenager starts to disappear. When the movie came out on
    DVD,I bought it cause I thought the film would be so so so cool and
    brilliant and scary but what I got was a pile of crap,this movie like
    most found footage but this had so much shaky camera in it,all the
    characters ever did was just cry and moan and start screaming’HELP,WERE
    The acting in the film was honestly terrible,this was the biggest issue
    of the film the acting was like just crap. They could’ve thrown in
    Selena Gomez,Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus there would’ve been no The gallows is like most horror films these days
    horrible,don’t watch this and if you do hopefully Charlie Grimille will
    kill you while your watching this.

  • frizzysemonsoniOctober 11, 2016Reply

    Gallows Humored

    Found footage horror films have been old hat for years. ”Blair Witch,”
    though problematic, is definitely the best of the genre to emerge, with
    the original ”Paranormal Activity” in a close second. Though there have
    been more copycats than original films produced the genre persists, and
    has even spawned two ”Haunted House,” movies, which is in itself a
    monstrous side effect of this epidemic. Every year another article
    emerges saying that either the genre is over-done and lazy, or there
    are new innovations. ”The Gallows” falls into the former.

    The premise is simply ridiculous. A high school theater production is
    putting on the same play they did twenty some years ago, even though
    that original production saw the lead die on stage. That would just
    never happen, period. From that hackneyed premise a narrative of
    retribution and revenge emerges, but it isn’t doled out to anyone who
    actually deserves it. Instead four nearly random high school kids get
    the brunt of a ghost’s revenge, and they don’t have anything to do with
    the original issues of twenty years ago. Oh, the film thinks it
    explains itself with a random, nonsensical twist ending, but in
    actuality there’s little to bond the story other than a red filter and
    hyena like screams from off-screen.

    Besides the idiotic plot, these characters are so painfully written
    that you may need a sedative to quell the rising anger you will feel at
    the back of your throat. Their two dimensional personas are bad by
    horror movie standards, which have been especially low in this era of
    found footage micro-budgeted laze fests. Everything about this film is
    intolerable and contrived. Do you really think we don’t know what
    you’re doing when you have someone follow their friends around with a
    hand-held camera? No one films themselves opening doors, or pulling
    ropes, even when no one else is on screen.

    The only reason I sat through this underwhelming student film is
    because others like it have emerged and been lauded. ”Unfriended,”
    ”REC,” and the Paranormal Activity films have all been studio
    strongholds for the past three years, with some serious fan service to
    boot. This is strange to me, because there is nothing enjoyable about
    these films. The jump scares might make you tense, and the look and
    feel are popcorn for your brain, but doesn’t anyone miss the old stuff?
    Does anyone miss the novelty, the ingenuity, and weirdness of really
    diverse horror? Horror used to be the one avenue to explore things like
    trauma, obsession, and evocative terror in a creative way. A genre that
    once housed ”The Exorcist,” and ”Dawn of the Dead,” should not have to
    subsume to something of this nature. Not every horror film must be a
    masterpiece, but originally horror films did more shock and awe,
    because they had to. Directors like Wes Craven, Mario Bava, and Joe
    Dante made films for little money, and replaced studio effects with
    weird makeup, odd characters, and grisly action. There is nothing
    salvageable about this particular nonsensical trash, so find something
    better to get you in the Halloween spirit.

  • Eddie CantilloNovember 12, 2016Reply

    The Gallows Review

    The Gallows(2015) Starring: Cassidy Gifford, Ryan Shoos, Pfeifer Brown,
    Reese Mishler, Price T. Morgan, Mackie Burt, Travis Cluff, Melissa
    Bratton, Theo Burkhardt, and David Herrera Directed By: Travis Cluff
    and Chris Lofing Review EVERY SCHOOL HAS ITS SPIRIT Hello Kiddies your
    pal the crypt-critic has found some frighting footage. More like
    screwed up by then end if you’ve seen the film. I remember when this
    film first came out and I saw the TV Spots for it during the summer I
    was like wow this actually looks pretty good. Much too my dismay after
    you’ve seen one lame found footage movie you’ve seen them all. 20 years
    after a tragic accident at a school play called The Gallows, the
    students are getting ready to perform it again. Ryan is recording
    everything going on with his friend Reese and girlfriend Cassidy, The
    three of them go that night to wreck the equipment and meet up with
    Pfeifer who Reese has a crush on. The films tactic of static buzzing
    that you get in these found footage films which after one too man times
    is no longer scary and just becomes an exercise in seeing how much can
    we make you jump. None in my case, I didn’t feel uneasy, scared or any
    sense of terror. These kids are obviously not actors because they are
    awful, no commitment, no gravitas no nothing. Just screaming, acting
    like annoying little dunderheads and stupid decisions. The Gallows has
    no sense of purpose or fright that it just ends up looking like a spoof
    in which nobody cared, nobody saw and if you did see it, you probably
    forgot about it. I’m giving The Gallows a one out of five.

  • ozyhmandias792December 14, 2016Reply

    The Gallows : average level. Nothing more, nothing less.

    This movie is a perfect example of ”second generation” Found Footage,
    with good quality camera shots, frequent dynamic movements and a lot of
    frantic action. However, in order to maintain the narrative expedients
    coherent, it would be necessary to find a suitable justification for
    them. While in movies such as those from the Paranormal Activity
    franchise the presence of portable cameras is legitimated by the plot
    itself, in ”The Gallows” and many others F.Fs, the public often ends up
    wondering : ”why are they carrying a camera right now? is it realistic
    to go on filming while in danger or under pressure?”. This important
    gap between reality and fiction creates a feeling of uneasiness in the
    most careful among the viewers, discouraging them from concentrating
    completely on the movie. Another small observation : there are a few
    attempts of creating humor, I believe, in the first scenes. It has
    become quite a tradition in modern horror (I remember the beginning of
    ”Grave Encounters 2” or ”Cloverfield”), but in my opinion not all the
    habits need to be respected. This confusion of genres, this mix of
    feelings is dangerous and cannot bring positive consequences : it only
    spoils the atmosphere, which is an essential precondition for Horrors,
    and also the most difficult and unstable element for writers to deal
    with. To sum up, I would say that ”The Gallows” rests quietly on a pile
    of far worse Found Footages, but does not surely belong to the most
    exciting and surprising examples of the genre.

  • Mish Sher BergmanJanuary 13, 2017Reply

    I’d rather ask the hangman to hang me than have to watch this again.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tyler SheirbonFebruary 17, 2017Reply

    If you’re a lover of found footage, give this one a shot.

    Now before I go on about this, I do enjoy most of the Paranormal
    Activity series. The 4th and 6th one were kinda meh, in my opinion but
    I’ve always loved the style. I’ve also seen Area 51 directed by the
    same guy who made those, and I was pleased to see this was too.

    For me, this absolutely blew Paranormal Activity out of the park. Yes
    it has cliché moments, but not as predictable as those movies. If you
    love found footage movies, especially with twist endings, I 100%
    recommend this movie. Not gonna give it 10 out of 10 cause of course
    this is a recurring style genre which MANY get bored of but I eat it
    up. Loved it, would watch it again. Would recommend especially with a

  • Michael O'KeefeApril 19, 2017Reply

    A high school play honors a previous tragedy.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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