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The Good Boy

The Good Boy

Nov. 10, 2016 95 Min.
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Oksana Karas



Contemporary Moscow. Ninth-grader Kolya falls in love with a beautiful young teacher at his high school. The most beautiful girl in the senior class falls in love with him. How will he make his way through this triangle?

The Good Boy
Original titleХороший мальчик
TMDb Rating5 3 votes

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  • Rare Movie CriticFebruary 6, 2017Reply

    Boring teen movie

    I’m not sure who liked this film other than teenagers in Russia. It
    does not deserve a 6/10 rating it currently has here, but considering
    that I’m the first (and only) reviewer of this film a year after it
    came out, it shows you how limited the interest for this film is.

    I won’t spoil the film, but let’s say that it has a lot of dancing. A
    lot of it. Dance rehearsals, dance-offs, dance lessons. It’s not really
    a dance film, it’s more of a love story, a highly contrived, highly
    improbable one at that.

    The acting is okay for a teen film, but it’s on the level of TV shows
    where actors speak to the camera than one where you really believe
    these people exist.

    The film has a fluffy, TV show-like quality to it. It doesn’t feel
    cinematic. It is a popsa film for teens. Calling this pop culture is a
    compliment. It’s more like bubble-gum pop culture.

    The story is not really interesting or deep in any way. The scenes have
    too much lighting that it’s insane. You can see heavy shadows
    everywhere. As much as I hate this Hollywood obsession with making
    everything dark that you could barely see (Game of Thrones), Russian TV
    and cinema go the other way. Actors cannot have 3 or 4 shadows in
    different directions. People don’t have floodlights at home. Most homes
    are quite dark. Some scenes do the opposite, where everything is so lit
    that there are no shadows anywhere. Houses that just have light coming
    from every direction.

    The lighting does not make or break this film. It’s just an objective
    thing I could demonstrate to tell you what kind of film this is. It is
    not a great story marred by poor production values, it is a 4/10 script
    with 4/10 production.

    If you are Russian, you probably already know of this film. If you are
    not, well, don’t expect one of those masterpieces of Russian cinema.
    It’s the Russian equivalent of Can’t Hardly Wait (1998) but less
    entertaining and with more dancing.

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