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The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur

Little Arms With Big AttitudeNov. 14, 2015 USA93 Min.PG
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Peter Sohn


Raymond Ochoa isArlo (voice)
Arlo (voice)
Jack Bright isSpot (voice)
Spot (voice)
Jeffrey Wright isPoppa (voice)
Poppa (voice)
Frances McDormand isMomma (voice)
Momma (voice)
Maleah Nipay-Padilla isYoung Libby (voice)
Young Libby (voice)
Ryan Teeple isYoung Buck (voice)
Young Buck (voice)
Jack McGraw isYoung Arlo (voice)
Young Arlo (voice)
Marcus Scribner isBuck (voice)
Buck (voice)
Peter Sohn isForrest Woodbush (voice)
Forrest Woodbush (voice)
Steve Zahn isThunderclap (voice)
Thunderclap (voice)


An epic journey into the world of dinosaurs where an Apatosaurus named Arlo makes an unlikely human friend.

The Good Dinosaur
The Good Dinosaur
The Good Dinosaur
The Good Dinosaur
The Good Dinosaur
The Good Dinosaur
The Good Dinosaur
The Good Dinosaur
The Good Dinosaur
The Good Dinosaur
Original titleThe Good Dinosaur
IMDb Rating6.8 77,363 votes
TMDb Rating6.6 1432 votes

(377) comments

  • aoshinaNovember 14, 2015Reply

    One of the most mediocre Pixar films in a while.

    How do you go from making a masterpiece like Inside Out to such a
    bland, ”safe”, and predictable film as The Good Dinosaur?

    Now, here me out Pixar fanboys. I don’t think the film is terrible. The
    backgrounds are some of the best I’ve ever seen. It really submerges
    you into its world. Some of the designs of the animals are realistic
    and cool looking. The score is phenomenal, even rivaling Inside Out’s.

    But the praise stops there. The main problem I have with the film is
    that it’s SO DANG LAZY!!!! It is literally Big Hero 6 crossed with
    Finding Nemo. You can predict the plot within the first few minutes of
    the movie. It’s the same ”boy and his dog try to find their at home”
    story we’ve seen millions, no, billions of times. C’mon, Pixar (and
    movie industry in general)! Can’t we just move on from this freaking

    The characters are no more than two dimensional and very forgettable.
    They don’t portray any emotion. Oh the irony, Pixar.

    The humor is either non-existent or to kiddy like. There isn’t anything
    really to engage anyone older than let’s say, 9 years old.

    The designs of the dinosaurs are atrocious. I tired of the gummy,
    overly cartoony look. Give them some feathers already! Even the 2000
    movie DINOSAUR did the designs better!

    To sum up, it’s for the most part a visual treat, but not story-wise.
    This is strictly a kids film or a 3D nut’s film.

    Premise: 3/10 Writing: 4/10 Characters: 5/10 Visuals: 7/10

    Final Score: 4.5/10

    (I decided to be nice and round it up to a 5 for the IMDb score).

  • scottca075November 18, 2015Reply

    The Good Dinosaur Is Great

    Another terrific movie from Pixar and Disney. Let’s start with the easy
    stuff, the craft of the movie itself. It is amazing how far the state
    of the art has come since Pixar first started making movies. The
    animation is seamless and deep. The characters move with such dexterity
    and you can read the emotions with out the words or music. The
    backgrounds are equally magnificent.

    But as great as the animation is, the story, as with all Pixar movies
    is what makes it truly great. The story is familiar, a boy and his
    dog….. er dinosaur, and it is even predictable. You know how it is
    going to end (more or less), but what makes it great is how it gets
    there; how the bond and friendship forms and how they face adversity
    together. The movie has a lot of heart, that same kind of heart that
    they brought to Toy Story 3.

    Given the timing and season, I expect this to be a big hit, maybe not
    to the level of Frozen, but I think it will have legs.

  • kkccooNovember 20, 2015Reply

    OK movie for kids younger than 6

    This movie is only for kids younger than 6. The plot is too familiar,
    looks like a rip off from other animation movies. You name it, ice age,
    home, the croods, finding nemo.

    If you watch movie only because of beautiful scenery, you will find my
    review useless since that is only light spot of the movie. But I would
    rather save money from staying away from this movie and travel to
    Yellow stone national park to see the real thing.

    Just like I said, if you are younger than 6, you will probably still
    find it enjoyable. nothing deep, but for an adult like me, it is bland
    and painful to watch a kid movie unlike other Pixar movies.

  • almightyminimanNovember 23, 2015Reply

    Better than Expected!

    I went into the movie thinking that it would be a little too childish
    for me. But it was much better than I expected. What really drives the
    movie are the interactions between the two main characters and the
    amazing visuals.

    The story is a bit lackluster, which is the main downfall for the
    movie. It is predictable and pretty simple and unoriginal. But the
    interactions between the dinosaur and boy are amazing and genuine. They
    hit the comedy right, and do an exceptional job at the drama. Though
    the uninspired story holds it back a bit, the strong characters make up
    for it.

    The visuals are stunning. It almost feels like they made the movie just
    to show off the scenery, effects, and animation. It really is top

    Music is fitting, though no particular track stuck out to me. The focus
    was more on the characters, and the music simply reinforced it.

    Overall an amazing movie. Highly recommended!

  • www.ramascreen.comNovember 23, 2015Reply

    The best movie of the year!

    Hands down, #TheGoodDinosaur is the best movie of the year. It was a
    really tough decision for me because #TheMartian blew my mind, but THE
    GOOD DINOSAUR just hits all the right notes. It’s fun, it’s
    awe-inspiring, it’s full of surprises and it melts your heart. I don’t
    know how it would’ve been like had Bob Peterson still been in charge of
    it, but what Peter Sohn and his fellow screenwriter and the story &
    animation team at Pixar have crafted here is nothing short of a

    The film asks the question of what if the asteroid missed the earth
    resulting in dinosaurs and humans coinciding, essentially. But the
    other idea that THE GOOD DINOSAUR also presents is a switcheroo, by
    having the dinosaurs act and behave like humans and having the humans
    behave like your man’s best friend. An Apatosaurus named Arlo lives
    with his farming family. Unlike his siblings, Arlo gets easily scared,
    so his dad, Poppa, tries educate him about courage, but Arlo ends up
    learning it by experience when he forms an unlikely friendship with a
    human as the two travel their way back home.

    There’s a bit of ”Bambi” and ”The Lion King” element going on in THE
    GOOD DINOSAUR but I think it’s because often times, coming-of-age or
    the rite of passage can only happen once the children are out of the
    parents’ home and they apply the wisdom they’ve heard their entire
    upbringing. If you’ve come to get that good cry that most Pixar movies
    often deliver, you’ll definitely get that and a bag of chips with THE
    GOOD DINOSAUR. And to add to that, this is also probably the most
    daring movie Pixar has ever produced, meaning that there are aspects
    about it that are not necessarily brutal or violent but Pixar pushes
    the envelope just a little bit further just to emphasize the harshness
    and the danger of the landscape that our characters have to venture
    their way through.

    I can’t praise the animation enough, you’ll be amazed at how real-like
    some of the sceneries look in this film, it’s as if they took a shot
    from the national geographic segment and combined it, hybrid-style,
    with their already detailed animated characters. The designs are aimed
    to give you that sense of wonder and they also reignite your childhood
    love of all things dinosaurs. Speaking of the characters, you will fall
    head over heels for the friendship of Arlo and Spot, it’s like watching
    pre-historic ”White Fang.” And the setting is the frontier, so the
    dinosaurs have their own jobs, there are the villains that hunt and
    scavenge, and the T-Rex’s that happen to herd the bisons, so they’re
    pretty much cowboys complete with harmonica and thick accent. These
    encounters will lead Arlo to becoming the dinosaur that can live for
    something larger than himself.

    Another thing that you’re going to love about THE GOOD DINOSAUR is that
    if you’re looking for a father & son story, you’ll get that, if you’re
    looking for a story about overcoming your fear and becoming courageous,
    you’ll get that too, if you’re looking for a story about coping with
    the loss of a loved one, it has that, if you’re looking for adventures
    and death-defying thrills, it has those too, there’s also a part about
    adoption, which is something that I’m very passionate about, so you can
    take any good themes off the book shelf and you’ll find them in THE

  • GoneWithTheTwinsNovember 23, 2015Reply

    There simply aren’t enough fresh ideas to warrant a feature-length production.

    65 million years ago an enormous asteroid headed toward Earth, readying
    to end the Cretaceous period … but it missed. Millions of years later,
    a family of Apatosauruses harvest crops from their cornfield in
    preparation for the coming winter. Poppa (Jeffrey Wright) and Momma
    (Frances McDormand) teach their children Buck (Marcus Scribner), Libby
    (Maleah Padilla), and Arlo (Raymond Ochoa) how to run the farm, but
    timid, panicky Arlo never quite manages to muster the courage necessary
    to finish his chores. When tragedy strikes the dinosaur clan, and Arlo
    is stranded in a perilous and faraway land, he must befriend an
    unlikely ally (a feral human child called Spot) to brave unimaginable
    dangers in his quest to return home.

    It’s immediately evident that the computer-animated environments (with
    water, rain, clouds, etc.) and backgrounds are stunningly authentic.
    The photorealism is essentially indistinguishable from actual outdoor
    locations, which begs the question as to why these components were
    animated at all. But in the middle of this visual splendor are
    incredibly cartoonish dinosaur designs – even though they possess
    completely convincing textures and skin/muscle movement. It’s a strange
    contrast to put bouncy, goofy, big-eyed creatures into this backdrop of
    total reality (especially since this version of Earth doesn’t betray
    its 65 million year-old time period), but it arguably matches the
    second tremendous contrast: human dinosaurs.

    One of the most inventive aspects of ”The Good Dinosaur” is the role
    reversal – a key piece to prior pictures like ”Ratatouille,” ”Toy
    Story,” and ”WALL-E.” Here, the dinosaurs are the humans and the humans
    are animals (or pets, as Spot’s behavior mimics a domesticated dog to a
    tee). Taking this bizarre twist on anthropomorphization to whole new
    levels, the dinosaurs don’t just exhibit facial expressions and speech,
    but they also engage in the activities that people would have
    accomplished (if evolution had proceeded unchanged by an unexpectedly
    veering asteroid), such as building a house, plowing land, and erecting
    a corn silo for storage. Curiously, farm animals constitute the lower
    life forms, along with various insects and pests.

    Despite a brilliant setup populated with extraordinary inhabitants
    (many of which probably shouldn’t belong in a Pixar film), ”The Good
    Dinosaur” struggles to focus on an original story, falling back on
    individual, creative elements to distract viewers from its strict
    adherence to familiar territory. It can’t just be a slight twist on
    ”The Incredible Journey” (or ”Homeward Bound” or ”101 Dalmatians”) with
    the routine themes of earning stripes, conquering fears, and coping
    with premature loss. In failing to transcend such basic motifs (many
    borrowed liberally from other Disney projects like ”Bambi,”
    ”Pinocchio,” and ”The Lion King”), this coming-of-age yarn feels
    uninspired and flat. Even a few emotional moments are unable to evoke
    the standard Pixar tear-shedding.

    Though the dinosaurs are essentially interacting in a Western setting
    (a T-Rex family herds longhorns and treat their own bodies as if they
    were astride a horse, perhaps like a centaur, while they defend against
    velociraptor rustlers), the comic misadventures are rarely
    unpredictable. There simply aren’t enough fresh ideas to warrant a
    feature-length production. It’s doubly disappointing that Arlo is the
    least amusing of the various dino personalities, regularly appearing as
    downright pathetic; when he’s eventually redeemed, it’s wholly
    implausible. It’s also a bad sign that select bit parts (like fed-up
    gophers, a styracosaurus meditator, and fanatical pterodactyls) are
    more memorable than the lead character.

    – The Massie Twins

  • MisterWhiplashNovember 24, 2015Reply

    Good, and that’s about it – which for Pixar…

    This may seem like I liked the movie quite a lot by my star rating, and
    I did… for what it is. And what it is is Pixar not going quite as far
    as they usually do. It was hard for me, I have to admit, to not take
    into account that it’s almost a miracle the movie made it to screens at
    all – it’s been in production for 6 years (which for Pixar may not seem
    like a long time, but it is), and the original director and cast were
    replaced and the release date pushed back twice over the past two years
    (it was supposed to come out *before* Inside Out to give you an idea).
    What could’ve been may be a question for documentarians to come, but
    for now we have what’s before us and it is… familiar kids stuff that
    is at often times odd, inexplicable, and achingly beautiful in its
    scope and simplicity.

    The story starts off with an asteroid that should destroy the dinosaurs
    missing the Earth, and it cuts to ”Millions of Years Later”, and we
    have our main characters as… dinosaurs who are farming their corn
    harvest. We follow little Arlo, who is the smallest and cowardly of
    three dinosaur babies hatched at the start, and he seems to be afraid
    of everything and can’t help with the corn. His dad tries to boost up
    his courage, but on a walk in the rain along a river to get his gusto
    up, he falls into a massive river-flood and dies. Then Arlo too later
    on falls into a river (not during a flood) and gets knocked on the
    head, far a way from home, and with the little human runt who started a
    lot of this mess – he was stealing some of the stash of corn – and so,
    at first a rather ‘odd couple’, they have to find their way back home.

    So as you can imagine from how I just summarized this, the story is
    rather goofy and weird. Also, the first part of the story was not
    something that I really grasped from how the filmmakers show it – when
    I got home I saw a video from Neil Degrasse Tyson who put the
    asteroid-missing-Earth ‘what-if’ scenario in context and *then* it made
    sense – and while I didn’t really take too much stock in dinosaurs and
    (albeit early/cave-man type) humans co-existing as it is, you know, a
    cartoon, it made things in perspective. The main part I mean of that
    is… why are they dinosaurs? Why do they have to be that for this
    story? There are other dinosaurs in the story; eventually, I should
    note, as they aren’t really variations (including the closest thing to
    a villainous threat aside from Mother Nature itself in the form of
    a-hole pterodactyls), until halfway through the story. But it just
    seems random that they are farming for corn and the only thing I caan
    chalk it up to is the good ol’ Joseph Campbell hero mythology (after
    all, Luke Skywalker was a farm boy too, so…)

    The other thing about The Good Dinosaur is that it’s simple. It does
    have little moments of comedy, but not really, and the director and
    animators rely on physical action and reaction for the most part. And
    the movie does have its moments that stick out – Sam Elliott voicing a
    T-Rex who has a *story* about how he got the bite marks on his face is
    one such amazing thing to recommend about it – but so many things that
    happen are odd for such a movie. At one point little Arlo meets a
    triceratops (I think that’s who it was) who has a squad of little
    animals that he’s named as like ”Destroyer” and ”Diane” or whatever as
    his protectors. OK… And then Arlo and ‘Spot’ (as Arlo names the
    little cave-boy) eat some berries which turn out to be, uh, psychedelic
    berries. OK then. And there’s just some dialog that straddles a line
    between being very kid-friendly and being on some other plane

    The quest here has been seen many times before, and aside from other
    Pixar movies, with the ‘finding our way back home’ scenario (hell, this
    was the basis for Inside Out just this year), one has to think about
    The Land Before Time as well. Remember Littlefoot trying to get back to
    his family and separated by so much land and nature? That’s pretty much
    this movie, except kind of a buddy/family movie and with a different
    nature-filled backdrop. It goes without saying the animation is
    gorgeous – the day the animation for a Pixar movie is crap (or lazy)
    then it will really slip off. While the designs for Arlo and Spot and
    some of the other dinos aren’t the most original, the backdrop more
    than makes up for it, and if you’re simply a fan of animated films for
    the technique this is must-see stuff.

    For the story, however, it doesn’t really strike the balance wholly for
    adults and kids, which is why as *family* entertainment The Good
    DInosaur is less than great. For little kids this will certainly be a
    treat, it has a big heart and a message that they can relate to, but I
    can only speak for myself in saying that it’s not the strongest stuff
    Pixar’s put out as far as finding something really *new*. But then it’s
    also Pixar, so the standards may be so high by this point that for any
    other studio this would be their crowning jewel.

  • daniel-melvill-jonesNovember 24, 2015Reply

    Nature is the Main Character

    Ah, 2015. The Year of the Pixar Double Feature. The year we all sighed
    deeply with relief when Inside Out denied our darkest fears of a Pixar
    permanent creative slump, even as we anxiously shuddered when staring
    down its dim pipeline of pending sequels. As if that weren’t enough
    drama, Inside Out, which crowds of critics heralded as a
    capital-C-Classic, has been immediately followed by The Good Dinosaur,
    a film with enough production drama and postponed release dates to make
    us all fear a failure. Will the circle of Pixar masterpieces be

    Well, relax. Between Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur, I think we can
    comfortably trust Pixar to continue producing both flat out
    masterpieces and first class stories for the foreseeable future. To
    view The Good Dinosaur’s trailer is to get a grasp of the movie’s
    elements: a well executed ”what if” (dinosaurs not being wiped out but
    evolving ahead of humans) providing the setting for a
    dinosaur-meets-boy adventure story as the two characters journey though
    the wilderness, all told against stunning photo-realistic landscape
    that will surly inspire the highpoint of every review (including mine).

    If you thought the trailer’s odd mixture of photo-realistic scenery and
    cartoonish dinosaurs was odd, so did I. But it works. The simple
    strokes of the CGI pens allow for the characters themselves to shine.
    The animators invite us to share their delight in these figures through
    joyous visual gags, as well as the endless fun of a classic western
    story and setting (complete with a western soundtrack) turned all
    things dinosaur. A homestead straight out of Unforgiven, a strange
    spiritualist learning tyricartop, and a trio of longhorn herding T-Rex
    cowboys provide some these delightful genre callbacks (as well as some
    of the straight-up funniest moments I’ve seen at the theatre this

    And these characterizations only serve to heighten the power of the
    visuals. As someone who grew up shouldered by the Rocky Mountains, next
    to towns where Unforgiven and Brokeheart Mountain were shot, I
    recognized the landscape captured so well; the deep blues and greens of
    mountain river waters, the dusty grays of its sandy silt, and the
    glorious oranges of the virgin birch forest. I also recognized the
    dangerous menace of the quickly approaching mountain storm, as well as
    the haunting vastness of the wilderness. Whenever I travel into the
    mountains I return refreshed and in awe—of something, or Someone, who
    is far greater than me. Something untamed. Such is true in this movie

    In The Good Dinosaur, this wildness (call it creation or call it
    nature) is the main character. Everyone and everything else is just the
    backdrop. I left as refreshed by this scenery as I do when I visit the
    real mountains, or when I watch films like The Thin Red Line, The Lord
    of the Rings trilogy, or the 1978 animation of Watership Down. These
    movies are alive to wonder and aware of terror and The Good Dinosaur
    joins their ranks. (All the more reason to catch it on the massive
    screens, powerful sound system, and 3D technology of our modern

    The story is simple, and is content to be that way, serving as the bare
    backdrop to this beauty. A touch more complexity might have made it
    more satisfying. The villains seemed underdeveloped compared to the
    other magnificent side characters and unlike many other Pixar films,
    there is no third act that throws everything into jeopardy. This is
    just a simple coming of age adventure story, our protagonist getting
    from Point A to Point B while growing up in the process.

    But what is not lacking is the emotional depth we’ve come to expect
    from a Pixar film. I was pleasantly surprised by how sensitively the
    father of the main character was portrayed. The emotional core of the
    film is contained within two largely wordless scenes that pack heart-
    rending emotion all the more genuine for their simplicity. With our
    deep-rooted fears of the foreigner at our doors dug up yet again by
    current crises, this film acknowledges such differences yet reveals the
    source of deepest empathy.

    Inside Out has found its perfect counterpart in The Good Dinosaur. One
    takes place in a dizzyingly complicated internal world, the other
    amongst the fast expanse of the wilderness. One is a vivid candy-land
    of primary colours, the other finds its lush colours in the natural
    palette. Inside Out gave us a complex plot knocking on every emotion,
    while The Good Dinosaur is a simple story with a joyous heart. What a
    year indeed, Pixar.

  • moviexclusiveNovember 24, 2015Reply

    One of Pixar’s weakest efforts ever, this technically accomplished but narratively bereft coming-of-age story feels prehistoric next to their illustrious oeuvre

    Pixar, most of all, should know that what goes ‘Up’ must eventually
    come down; and so it is with their second effort of the year, which not
    only is a step down from their brilliant ‘Inside Out’ but is also
    ultimately one of the least in their oeuvre. Grafting a familiar
    man-and-his-beast story around a young Apatosaurus named Arlo (voiced
    by Raymond Ochoa) and a feral human child whom he names Spot (voiced by
    Jack Bright), ‘The Good Dinosaur’ strands the former miles away from
    home in service of a coming-of-age tale that sees him learn to overcome
    his fears while developing an immutable bond with the latter. It’s a
    road trip all right, but one that though inspired in parts feels on the
    whole pedestrian to the point of monotony.

    One certainly expects much more from the premise, which imagines an
    alternate path of evolution based on the supposition that the asteroid
    which killed the dinosaurs millions of years ago actually missed Earth.
    As such, the prehistoric creatures have remained Earth’s dominant
    lifeforms, learning to farm, rear chickens and build homes. On the
    other hand, humans are much further down the evolutionary ladder, no
    more or better than cavemen that go about on all fours sniffing things
    and peeing on trees. That explains the role reversal between Arlo and
    Spot, such that while Arlo speaks perfectly good English, Spot pretty
    much does so in grunts and growls while gnashing his teeth at anything
    it perceives to be hostile.

    At first, the relationship between Arlo and Spot seems to cast in a
    much more complex mould; after all, they first make each other’s
    acquaintance when Arlo disobeys his father’s order to kill the critter
    who has been stealing their corn supply and instead sets it free, a
    move which in a chain reaction of events results in Arlo’s dad being
    tragically killed. It is somewhat disappointing to learn soon after
    that their unlikely bond is made up in fact of entirely familiar stuff,
    so in too short a matter of time, the former adversaries become best
    friends after Spot helps Arlo find food and navigate the initial
    ‘culture shock’ of the wilderness. With only each other to depend on,
    Spot also becomes Arlo’s unlikely companion as he makes his journey
    back to his family, made up of Momma (Frances McDormand) and two older
    siblings Buck (Marcus Scribner) and Libby (Maleah Padilla).

    The journey back home for Arlo will be a test of his bravery and
    willpower, both of which Spot demonstrate in good measure, no doubt
    honed out of sheer necessity from having to forge his own way in the
    world. Their tender, largely wordless friendship is the emotional
    anchor which holds the entire movie together, and to first-time
    director Peter Sohn’s credit, accumulates poignancy over the course of
    the film, paying off in an exciting climax in which Arlo’s courage will
    be key to their mutual survival as well as an understated sendoff right
    after that will bring tears to the eyes of some. As is typical of such
    tales, it is the ”beast” – or in this case, Spot – who steals the show,
    and the hunter-toddler swaddled in a diaper of leaves with his dog-
    like antics is adorable and hilarious to say the least.

    Yet even though the cross-species bonding does have its emotional
    resonance, there is more than a nagging doubt that it could have been a
    lot, a lot more affecting. Across beautifully rendered CG backdrops
    that look breathtakingly realistic, our unlikely pair of heroes engage
    in sporadically amusing encounters with various colourful characters,
    including a kooky cross-eyed styracosaurus (voiced by Sohn) which tries
    to claim Spot as his own, a group of unhinged pterodactyls led by the
    ”enlightened” Thunderclap (Steve Zahn), and a trio of cattle ranching
    T-rexes whose leader is the gruff and grizzled cowboy Bunch with the
    signature baritone (that’s Sam Elliott for you) as well as a pack of
    nasty raptors who have been preying on Bunch’s herd.

    Between themselves, Arlo and Spot also squeeze in a hallucinogenic
    episode courtesy of some queer fruit as well as a game of blowing
    gopher-like creatures out of their holes in the ground. Notwithstanding
    the fact that these vignettes are entertaining in and of themselves,
    their broad, often madcap mode of humour feels jarring next to the
    quieter, more sublime moments between Arlo and Spot alone. More
    significantly, their very fleeting nature leaves one with the
    impression that they serve ultimately no purpose than as diversion from
    a thin story that is coupled with a formulaic, well-worn character
    narrative, with the same unfortunately true for the thrill ride-like
    setpieces that send Arlo and Spot tumbling down rapids.

    Given how Pixar’s works are often held up as the gold standard of
    feature animation, it is more than a little disappointing that their
    latest is that mediocre. The technical accomplishments here in terms of
    recreating the natural rugged beauty of Yellowstone’s waterfalls to
    Montana’s grasslands are undeniable, but Pixar’s mantra has always been
    about putting the story and its characters first, and ‘The Good
    Dinosaur’ leaves us feeling short-changed on both fronts. Indeed, we
    would have been suitably impressed if this were the debut effort of a
    fledging studio, but as one bearing the Pixar brand name, this is no
    ‘Ratatouille’, no ‘The Incredibles’, no ‘Inside Out’ and not even
    ‘Cars’. It is barely serviceable despite evident steps at salvaging a
    troubled production, which by Pixar’s standards, is simply a letdown.

  • PrincessTarahNovember 24, 2015Reply

    This makes me sad – and not in a good way.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • spventreNovember 25, 2015Reply

    This movie disappoints

    This movie is on the scary side, too many anxious scenes, my little
    ones were crying begged to go home. Made the mistake of telling them
    scary part is over. Even the six year old who loves dinosaurs was
    disappointed . At the prices of 3 d movie wish had my money back. If
    you think your going to a fun enjoyable dinosaur movie,think again more
    like sadness of Bambi with a mediocre plot line.. The story for a Pixar
    movie was no were up to par with Nemo. The friendship of spot and the
    little dinosaur was one of the bright spots of the movie. The previews
    were not a good representation of the movie. The movie need to flesh
    out the supporting characters.

  • jdonalds-5November 25, 2015Reply


    We saw a preview of The Good Dinosaur at Disney World on Nov 6th. Based
    on that I couldn’t wait to see it in full. The preview was adorable and
    funny. Sadly I think we saw the best parts in the preview.

    There is no doubt the graphics were superb in The Good Dinosaur. Only
    for the briefest moment in one scene did I see a weakness in the CGI.
    Things that a few years ago were not possible, water and hair, were as
    close to real life as I’ve ever seen, and there was a lot of both in
    the movie. The terrain, crops, trees, etc were even more enhanced
    because the dinosaurs were more like a child’s rubber play toy,
    contrasting the sharpness and high quality of the rest of the scene.
    But as another reviewer said I don’t go to see a kid’s movie for the

    This movie just didn’t have the humor and light-heartedness of the
    typical Disney/Pixar movie. 10% of it was heartwarming, funny or
    touching. There was a bit of a moral but it was so smothered by the
    rest of the story I’m not sure young children will get it. The rest of
    it was filled with despair, animals brutally attacking each other, dark
    skies, and more. It just didn’t seem like a children’s movie.

    I did see two families leave the theater during the movie. There can
    always be other reasons for leaving, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen
    anyone leave a movie as a whole family before.

    My almost six year old was bored. He has the capacity to lock on to a
    video but he was not locked on to The Good Dinosaur. I will not be
    recommending this movie to friends, will not be buying the movie, and
    will not watch it a second time.

  • pal05052003November 25, 2015Reply

    In an alternate universe where asteroids missed the Earth, a young dinosaur has to overcome his fear to earn his mark on the family while befriending a human child.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • subxerogravityNovember 25, 2015Reply

    Another Pixar movie hits it a home run!

    It’s everything you love about a Pixar movie.

    The Good Dinosaur, explores a world where the dinosaurs never became
    extinct and centers around one name Arlo, a scared young dino who
    befriends a human cave boy while getting lost in the wilderness, and
    must survive a scary terrain as he finds his way home.

    It’s a wonderfully done story about an unlikely duo working together,
    and bonding, as well as a story about finding the courage within

    The voice cast that they used was actually spectacular, especially the
    kids they used to voice Arlo and the rest of the young dinos.

    And that terrain was scary indeed. This movie had some creepy elements
    to it. Some so… ”interesting” that I’m surprised it made it into a
    kids movie. Guess they justified it by saying this happens in nature.
    It reminds me of Disney animation from the 1980s like, The Black

    For those of you who remember the late 80’s animated classic, The Land
    Before Time, than this movie is definitively for you. The Good Dinosaur
    is a Great Movie.

  • Clayton Davis ([email protected])November 25, 2015Reply

    Solid Film But ‘The Lion King’ with Dinosaurs

    Pixar offers another base hit for its already stunning performance as a
    well-oiled studio with Peter Sohn’s ”The Good Dinosaur.” Standing tall
    as one of the Pixar’s most beautiful creations to date. A lusciously
    crafted piece that stands as another key example of cinematography
    executed brilliantly in animated features. While the story hawks too
    much back to past Disney films like ”The Lion King,” there’s no denying
    the emotional and cautiously executed impact the story and its
    characters possess. It also assembles an impressive cast of voice work
    that should surprise no one as each one excels in their own way.

    ”The Good Dinosaur” tells the story of Arlo, an Apatosaurus who makes a
    perilous journey back to his family, while meeting an unlikely human
    friend named Spot.

    Young Raymond Ochoa, who voices Arlo helms the picture with gifted
    innocence and a palpable feeling of growth. Arlo, who’s small, fearful,
    and unconfident is visually seen growing and maturing before our eyes.
    Ochoa nails every nuance and emotion required of him. Around him,
    Jeffrey Wright and Frances McDormand, who voice Momma and Poppa
    fearlessly engage with the very mature subject matter. As one of
    Pixar’s most ”adult”-like themed movies to date, there is still a sense
    of naïvety as the parent dinosaurs attempt to teach life lessons. The
    rest of the cast is littered with the works of Steve Zahn, Anna Paquin,
    Sam Elliot, and more, all culminating in a smorgasbord of raw talent.

    From top to bottom, ”The Good Dinosaur” soars on its visual elegance.
    Using the backdrop of real nature camera work, the two worlds are
    blended in a most fascinating way. You never feel as if the animated
    dinosaur and human are plucked into the scenery unwillingly or
    awkwardly. It works in every frame. Also worth noting is the another
    vivacious musical score by Academy Award winner Mychael Danna and his
    younger brother Jeff Danna. The two come together for a swelling of
    tears and suspense, all littered throughout the Pixar treat.

    With all the positive vibes and words that ”The Good Dinosaur”
    inhabits, the story structure and baseline for our main character
    doesn’t fall into Pixar’s most original database. Essentially ”The Lion
    King” for dinosaurs, the film takes queues from many animated tales
    seen before, and while those aren’t exactly poor representations, you
    are very much aware of its predecessors. There are also two or so dead
    spots, where the film feels like it hits a brick wall. Possibly suffers
    from lingering too long on a moment or not exactly going places well
    enough, its apparent by the middle of its highly publicized troubles
    before release.

    All in all, ”The Good Dinosaur” works. On an emotional level, I felt it
    hit better than ”Inside Out,” but in terms of innovation and
    originality, it come up a little short. Great for kids and adults like
    always, Pixar does its job and does it with satisfaction.

    ”The Good Dinosaur” opens on Thanksgiving.

  • vram22November 25, 2015Reply

    A dark, B-movie for kids …

    If you watched the trailer and wondered if there’s any strong plot
    going on — you’ll be disappointed … unless you’re a kid. But even if
    you’re a kid, this is no ”Frozen”.

    Most of the audience in my viewing were kids. It mostly held their
    attention but there was minimal responsiveness … it’s not humorous,
    high-action, fast-paced or sprinkled with lots of color; It’s kind of a
    somber-toned, B-movie.

    It basically follows two child characters trying to get home in a
    wilderness — and that about sums it up. One doesn’t speak and the main
    one is kind of dull.

    Compare it to strong movies like ”Finding Nemo”, ”Toy Story”, ”Cars”,
    ”Ratatouille” – heck, even ”Little Mermaid” and ”Alladin” and you’ll
    immediately realize that this is seriously lackluster and mediocre by

    And the 3D visuals? Good – not great. I’ll bet if it were on TV, you’d
    channel flip after watching a few minutes … no such luxury in the

  • josiahliljequistNovember 25, 2015Reply

    The Boring Dinosaur

    I came into this movie with tempered expectations (thinking it would be
    the B-grade pixar movie this year.) I still walked out of the theater
    disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the animation is gorgeous and the
    visuals are possibly the best we’ve seen in an animated movie. But I
    don’t go to watch a movie to see how realistic the scenery is, I want
    to watch a movie that’s funny, heartfelt, and has those favorite
    characters we’re all used to loving from pixar. To me, this movie had
    none of those things. Sure there were a few funny moments, but nothing
    that would elicit more than a few chuckles. And even though this movie
    tried (and I mean really tried) to have an emotional element to the
    story, I don’t think you get to know the characters enough to even care
    about what happens to them. And then, perhaps the biggest weakness of
    all, there are only two characters that are in the majority of the
    movie (and only one character that actually talks) and not enough side
    characters to keep it interesting. This is a movie that I just wouldn’t
    be interested in watching again and that, I fear, is the biggest
    criticism of all.

  • antoinedb2001November 25, 2015Reply

    A fun and entertaining and often touching family film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Carsten LangrockNovember 25, 2015Reply

    What happened?

    Someone please tell me that this isn’t a Pixar movie. Can it really be
    that the same company that gave us Inside Out not too long ago, the
    best animated movie I have ever seen, produces an utterly forgettable
    movie such as this? I cannot even recommend watching this on Netflix.
    Absolutely horrible story line, too scary for smaller kids (6 years and
    under), violence, and strong language (”I’ll end you!”). Really? Where
    are the lovable side characters that make a movie enjoyable, where are
    the twists in the plot? There’s nothing new in this movie, just a
    rehashing of old ideas stolen from gems like Finding Nemo. My
    6-year-old daughter complained about there not being enough dinosaurs
    in the movie and that it wasn’t very interesting. Pixar, do you hear
    that? A 6-year-old figured this out.

    Save your time and money, go buy a copy of Inside Out.

  • James De BelloNovember 25, 2015Reply


    A very underwhelming entry in the Pixar canon. And a strangely
    unfitting movie for the studio itself. It really strays a lot away for
    many, almost basic Pixar standards and that is also an element that
    really left me confused.

    Straight up from the animation this doesn’t really look like a Pixar
    movie. It isn’t really remarkable as 95% of their other films. Yes the
    landscapes look crystal clear and the detail in things like water and
    leaves is stunning, but I found the character animation and design to
    be really underdeveloped, not to mention, tonally weird. For example I
    couldn’t make sense of how the T-Rexs were designed in this film, it
    was way too distracting. Throughout the film there is this problem
    which I really found surprising in a Pixar film, because that’s a
    department in which they have rarely even got it wrong for me.

    Now that is definitely a problem, but the real problem with the film is
    its overall story and characters. They sometimes edge boredom and that
    is really not what you’d expect. In the beginning I thought I was
    giving the film too much of a hard time, but as the story progresses
    and finally ends I realized I was right from the start. ”The Good
    Dinasour” is insanely predictable and standard. With way too many seen
    before moments and concepts. Story and emotional beats are hardly ever
    engaging or original. There is really, really little that can be
    pointed out in the story department that actually has substance or
    heart. Now that I come to think of it, this film is really forgettable.

    Fortunately, even if all of the above is present, there is also a
    levity and good intended spirit that makes the film much more enjoyable
    that it could have been. The animation design might not be excellent,
    but the cinematography is pleasant and interesting. The basic dynamic
    between Arlo and Spot is freshly entertaining and the whole story is
    wrapped in a package where, despite being bored at times, you will
    never be angry at the film and will flow with it until the end. Whilst
    the visual storytelling sometimes is an abyss away from the Pixar
    standard and others it is used to convey concepts in a terribly cheese
    way, the majority of it is mildly admirable.

    There you have it. This is an innocent little movie with some good to
    it, but that is miles away from what you except when going to see
    something with the pixar name on it.

  • Hoang NguyenNovember 26, 2015Reply

    Good animation but…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ear05001November 26, 2015Reply

    Great film with a great message, I left the movie feeling better about myself and others

    I highly recommend this film.

    It has a great message about overcoming fear and the goodness of

    It has some wonderful humor. I love Sam Elliot’s character. HAHA!

    Sometimes it does feel a little slow, and their are a couple cliché
    moments, but there are also unique and original ideas.

    The message of this film is so wonderful!

    This is a movie that the world needs right now. With so much happening
    that is down-grading, depressing, and ill-intended. But this movie
    makes you believe in goodness, overcoming the wrongs of the world, and
    that you can overcome your fears.

  • LI WangNovember 26, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kennethmorazesNovember 26, 2015Reply

    Scared my son to tears…We had to leave early!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • beng5435November 26, 2015Reply

    Not Up to Pixar’s Best, But Still a Good Film

    If you are looking for another Inside Out, Wall-E, Up, or Toy Story,
    than you will be surely disappointed. If you come into this movie with
    your expectations tempered, however, you will have an enjoyable
    experience at the theater.

    The characters are not as deep as in previous Pixar movies, but they
    are still are easy to get behind and root for. Despite the basic
    characters, there were multiple scenes in this movie where I was nearly
    moved to tears. Many of the side characters are pretty interesting as
    well, and seem like perhaps they should have gotten more screen time.
    The plot doesn’t run very deep and perhaps follows more traditional
    movie tropes than it should, but these didn’t deteriorate from my
    enjoyment from the film. The film itself is remarkably beautiful and
    one of the most spectacular animated films I’ve ever seen. The
    landscapes are breathtaking and some scenes look realistic enough to be
    a Planet Earth episode. I didn’t see this movie in 3D, but I am sure it
    would be worth the upgrade.

    Negative reviewers were probably expecting a Best Picture nominee kind
    of film. This is not that film, but it is quite a good one nonetheless.

  • hyperGermangirlNovember 26, 2015Reply

    Terrific Tragedy Timeline

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mohan59November 27, 2015Reply

    A prehistoric parable on growing up

    The Good Dinosaur begins with a ”What-if” premise. A possibility that
    would have likely altered the course of evolution on Earth but what it
    does, and it does with refreshing honesty and exquisite realism, is
    tell a simple tale of friendship and coming-of-age.

    As children, we all had fears. Some irrational, most age-driven, and as
    we grow older, a majority of them fade away with the loss of innocence
    and gain of knowledge. Each of us has that journey to take in
    overcoming those fears (or at least attempt to). As Arlo, the youngest
    of three in a family of five, is lovingly raised by Henry and Ida, he
    exhibits timidity bordering on paranoia, with the simplest of errands
    scaring him out of his wits. His father takes him on one such journey
    to get him out of his ”comfort-zone” but in a cruel turn of events,
    Arlo loses both his father and his way, ending up in a completely
    unfamiliar region. After a series of adventures ranging from frivolous
    to frightening, he finally comes to face his fears in a life-or-death
    situation. As he walks home to reunite with his family, his mother
    initially calls him ”Henry”, a testament to the fact the boy has now
    returned a man (for lack of a better phrase) and is later overjoyed to
    watch her son return at last.

    Thematically, The Good Dinosaur checks most of the right boxes –
    friendship, loyalty, maturity, family values, and the ability to let go
    and be yourself. Most of them are ably fleshed out, with some curious
    contrasts (the paradox of the dinosaur speaking and the wild-boy making
    guttural noises being especially delightful). Also, I found some
    similarities with The Lion King – a young member of the family in
    search of oneself and his place in larger scheme of things.
    Technically, this is a visual marvel – the stunningly realistic
    backgrounds, the mesmerizing use of light and perspective, the
    understated score by Academy Award winner Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna
    elevate this film significantly. I did feel that the voice cast, with
    notable exceptions of Raymond Ochoa as the Dinosaur and Jack Wright as
    the wild-boy, could have been chosen better; considering the film was
    plagued by production difficulties, this is probably an unintended

    The biggest surprise to me was the traditional Pixar short preceding
    the feature presentation. Titled ”Sanjay’s Super Team” and focused on a
    middle class Indian Hindu family, the short had me and my friend (both
    of us are from India) spellbound and when it ended, we looked at each
    other, exchanging meaningful glances. I cannot say more, but those who
    appreciate that ethos are in for a pleasant surprise. Impressive effort
    from Sanjay Patel and team.

    In terms of past Pixar offerings, The Good Dinosaur may not provide a
    convincing commentary as an Incredibles or pack as much emotional punch
    as Inside Out but it has its moments. It celebrates familial
    togetherness, embraces friendship between unlikely comrades, and
    educates belief in oneself. In a modern world increasingly tearing
    itself apart, a prehistoric parable is probably worth the entry price.

  • Thomas DrufkeNovember 27, 2015Reply

    Pixar Doesn’t Make Bad Films

    Pixar doesn’t make bad movies, they just don’t. Brave, Monsters U, and
    now The Good Dinosaur are easily my least favorite from their lore. But
    by no means are any of them bad. Pixar pretty much hits 95% of their
    films out of the park, so when a harmless little film like The Good
    Dinosaur comes out that is just okay, I can’t be mad. I enjoyed The
    Good Dinosaur but it’s also a rehash of some of Pixar’s and other
    animated films same plot points to drive home relatively the same

    Centered upon the far fetched yet still interesting idea of ‘what if
    the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs never actually made it to
    earth?’. We find Arlo, a unique long neck dinosaur who is struggling to
    ‘make his mark’ within his own family, suffers a family tragedy and is
    stuck with a ‘critter'(human) named Spot to find his way home. Taking
    some of the same plot points as Finding Nemo, The Lion King, and even
    Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, The Good Dinosaur makes its own mark
    with beautiful animation, even if the touching story has been told

    As Arlo and Spot travel through various obstacles and come across
    numerous other creatures, sometimes the story of the two of them
    creating a unique relationship, is lost in the shuffle as Arlo goes
    through his own troubles. Ultimately, that’s one of the issues with the
    film. I really dug the quiet moments between Arlo and Spot discovering
    each other’s own lives through non-verbal actions. But in reality, the
    focus is on Arlo’s own struggles to overcome his fears internally. It’s
    not as focused or fluid as most of Pixar’s other films. I think this is
    one of those safer films for Pixar. They didn’t take enough chances.

    But there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had with the incredible
    animation, unique dynamic between two outsiders, and another great
    adventure story from Pixar. Similarities to other films may be too
    close for comfort and the lack of a big villain doesn’t give the film
    the push it needs, but I think families and Pixar fans alike with enjoy
    this one.


    +Twist on the dinosaur story

    -But a few too many similarities to animated classics

    -Nothing too big happens, not enough chances taken


  • Steve PulaskiNovember 27, 2015Reply

    The sub-par dinosaur that couldn’t

    ”The Good Dinosaur,” at least at the AMC where I saw it, opens with
    director Peter Sohn thanking us for supporting creativity and actually
    going to the theater to see his film, rather than sitting hunched over
    a computer seeding a torrent of it. He proceeds to tell us how, as a
    young boy in America with a mother who struggled with English, he would
    explain the story to her so that she’d understand. However, being that
    many moments in animated films are emphasized by music, facial
    expressions, and true human emotions, he says, some moments didn’t need
    any explanation at all. Sohn concludes by saying that ”The Good
    Dinosaur” is a testament to animation’s universal language.

    I may have been the only one in my respective screening with a pit in
    my stomach after hearing that, because right then and there, I feared
    ”The Good Dinosaur” – a relatively low-key Pixar release and arguably
    destined to be about as forgettable in the minds of consumers as ”A
    Bug’s Life” – would be an animated film that emphasized emotional
    claptraps and mawkish sentiments. Sure enough, my worst fears were
    realized. While its imagery is evocative and its landscapes
    immaculately detailed to a rare level of photorealism, ”The Good
    Dinosaur” is a shamefully manipulative and disappointingly routine
    story by an acclaimed studio that should be spending its time a bit
    more wisely.

    Unlike many people, I don’t feel that Pixar has fallen off so much as
    they’ve begun taking the easy way out, churning out sequels to films in
    order to assure a high opening weekend and even higher merchandising
    revenue, rather than consistently releasing subversive animated works
    like this year’s ”Inside Out” (with the future holding ”Finding Dory,”
    ”The Incredibles 2,” and ”Toy Story 4,” I hearby rest my case). This is
    a film that would’ve been perfectly acceptable as a direct-to-DVD
    Disney sequel to the long-running ”Land Before Time” series; it’s not
    something that we should try and justify as a great, or even a really
    good, work from an animated studio that has redefined what an animated
    film can and who it can appeal to.

    The film revolves around a family of Apparatuses, who serve as farmers
    of a large, fruitful area of land. They are Henry (voiced by Jeffrey
    Wright) and Ida (Frances McDormand), who give birth to three children
    in the opening scene: Libby (Maleah Padilla), Buck (Marcus Scribner),
    and Arlo (Raymond Ochoa). Arlo is different from both Libby and Buck in
    that he’s significantly smaller, not as mischievous, and struggles with
    arduous tasks that Libby and Buck can perform with ease. During a time
    when food scarcity is a very real problem, Henry encourages his
    children to ”leave their mark” on the silo where they store food; such
    is a privilege is obtained when they do something selfless that
    benefits the family. Before Arlo knows it, when Libby and Buck earn the
    privilege to do so, he still can’t even muster the bravery to
    adequately feed the chickens in his coup.

    After a task to trap a hungry critter, who turns out to be a feral
    young boy, that is robbing them of their food for the winter ends in
    calamity for the family, Arlo winds up straying far away from his home
    into uncharted and dangerous territory. In order to get back, he needs
    to muster the courage to find his way home, assisted by the likes of
    the same feral boy who was once stealing from his family.

    ”The Good Dinosaur” features some of the most bizarre characters this
    side of a Disney film, including a dazed, meditative rhino, a restless
    pair of dinosaur brothers and sisters, and some cowboy dinosaurs that
    act like loose canon outlaws. Anybody who thought the onslaught of
    ”Cars” characters we had to endure were strange should see this film
    and compare their notes. This wouldn’t be such a glaring perplexity if
    ”The Good Dinosaur” wasn’t trying to be rather blunt with its humor
    like ”Cars 2” one moment, but then more sort-spoken and harmonious in
    flow and style like ”Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron” the next.

    With that, the general vibe of this film is almost unacceptably
    generic, as the same tired morals of family, being brave/masculine, and
    leaving one’s legacy on a community are constantly reiterated as if
    they are somehow refreshing ideas. Sure these are valid morals children
    of any age can use, but compare them to the ideas communicated in
    ”Inside Out.” That film showed the complexities of being a young girl,
    thrust into a situation few could adequately handle emotionally at such
    a young age, and one that handled depression, conflicting emotions, and
    recurring sadness in a way that could be communicated to children of
    any age.

    While ”The Good Dinosaur” is innocuous fun, and features luscious
    animation (though sometimes the photorealism becomes too close to a
    Disneynature visual spectacle than an animated film) throughout, it
    shouldn’t be so easily and readily accepted by an audience spoiled with
    such greatness as ”Inside Out” this same year. Even ”Monsters
    University,” an often shortchanged project in terms of its themes,
    serves as better entertainment and more significance than this. ”The
    Good Dinosaur” is like giving somebody who loves freshly basked pie
    with a secret ingredient off-brand, store bought/packaged pie and
    telling them, ”just pretend for now, while we work on something else.”
    NOTE: The short before this film, ”Sanjay’s Secret Team,” an alleged
    true story revolving around a small Indian boy who takes up mediating
    after being forced to by his father, operates on much of the same plane
    as this feature film; it’s boldly stylistic and colorful, but offers
    depressingly little sustenance in the face of others before it. I
    surprisingly didn’t lava it.

  • Quietb-1November 27, 2015Reply

    Another Pixer winner

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • christian-larsonNovember 27, 2015Reply

    Better than expected

    The Good Dinosaur is Pixars second feature film, that is about a
    dinosaur that gets separated from its family and meets this kid that
    will guide him home. The Good Dinosaur is really not Pixars best movie,
    but it is really a really good story. However, the plot is kind of used
    already and you can predict what is going to happen. But is the
    beautiful scenery and characters that really makes this movie shine.
    The background is utterly fantastic, every single thing looks real and
    beautiful. The character Arlo, starts kind of weak but in time, he
    evolves into a real dinosaur. The kid named spot helps the protagonist
    interact with something, but Spot also has a backstory and he explains
    it in a heartbreaking way in a beach. There is also a scene where the
    T-rex’s need to get to a herd, and it really is not that interesting
    and kind of derail the movie. But the part the dinosaurs wanted to tell
    Arlo, is that fear is necessary to see what really are you made of, but
    they tell it in such a rushed way, the message is really not clear.
    Also the first 15-20 min. are really not interesting but later it picks
    right up with Spot and Arlo and we get a really great story in between
    the bond they share. The Good Dinosaur is not nearly as good as Inside
    Out, but its really a good story and some really memorable characters.

  • wjberry-24570November 27, 2015Reply

    Pretty good but not awesome

    I won’t give a summary of the movie because you can get that somewhere
    else. The things my ten year old daughter and I liked about this movie
    were that 1) the scenery was absolutely amazing. It truly was a
    visually impressive film in terms of well done all aspects of the
    background nature were – rivers, waterfalls, mountains, and trees. 2)
    The story itself was well developed in terms of how it emphasized the
    importance of family, helping others, and having courage. 3) It also
    had some unexpected twists that kept us very interested. I will not
    reveal those. What my four year old daughter, who was also with us, did
    not like was how intense, mean, and sad the movie was. Without giving
    away too much information, a bug’s head was bitten off! Not a classic,
    like Finding Nemo, but I would still recommend it for kids ages 6 and

  • MarvelRebootedSpidey ([email protected])November 27, 2015Reply

    Stunning visuals hold The Good Dinosaur together

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Elina ElinaNovember 27, 2015Reply

    A movie more for adults than children – Leaves you speechless.

    Let me begin by saying this movie is NOT for children younger than 8
    years old, potentially 10, depending on how easily scared your child
    is. The movie is not scary at all, there are several jumpy moments and
    it is easy to see how a child aged 6 can be scared by certain scenes,
    but I think to leave a bad review and rating based on your child crying
    and having to leave the cinema is unnecessary.

    The Positives: Absolutely breath-taking sceneries. The graphics are so
    realistic and I wanted to pause the movie every few minutes just to
    absorb all the beauty in. It truly is remarkable how they focused on
    the details. It was as if I was in the area myself, seeing the details
    on the tree barks, leaves, sand and water with my own eyes. The movie
    touches greatly on family and friendship ties. While the characters may
    be simple, their relationships have a certain complexity to them that
    many of us can relate to. The movie addresses so many inner issues we
    have all faced at some point in life. There were many moments of
    laughter; the cinema I was in was large with over 200 seats and it was
    only half-full due to it being a later night movie at 9PM, but when we
    laugh, it was as though every one of those 200 seats were filled with
    people laughing. That is how funny it was and how we laughed and
    laughed, and we also cried. Yes, this movie, like every other
    Pixar-Disney production will cause you to either tear up, sniffle or
    gets tears streaming down your face. The build up of the characters
    are, as I said, simple, but effective. The characters are appealing
    because of their innocence, their individual charms, their awkwardness,
    their boldness – it just works.

    I can’t find any serious flaw in this movie because that would just be
    nitpicking, searching for a flaw on purpose to try and find one bad
    thing about this movie. There is a certain scene some people (I would
    presume a small group of people) may not find amusing due to its
    relatively adult content (no, nothing sexual, just good humour) but
    it’s fine because children won’t get it, teenagers will find it
    hilarious, and adults too (well, depends on your personal views).
    You’ll know which scene I am referring to when you watch it.

    I conclude by saying that overall, it is a fantastic movie. If you
    watch this movie, go in with an open mind. Sit back, relax, enjoy your
    cinema snacks and drinks. Go in and *think* about the movie, its
    message and its complexity. Even if you find the plot predictable, a
    predictable ending does *not* mean the movie is not good. There are
    some familiar elements from other Disney movies, but The Good Dinosaur
    uses these elements in its own way. It is its own story. Understand and
    respect that, and you will enjoy the movie 🙂


    Also, the short at the beginning? Another stunning production. Only
    uncultured and uneducated people can call it ”a stupid short that
    doesn’t make sense”.

  • hope-58748November 27, 2015Reply

    The Good Dinosaur/ Sanjay’s Super Team Review

    The movie was wonderful. My children and I loved the rural, western
    theme. The animation was outstanding. Sam Elliott’s voice touched my
    heart. We laughed, cried, cheered and cried more happy tears.

    I was however shocked by the Pixar short film Sanjay’s Super Team. I am
    Christian and so are my children. I was not warned that a Pixar short
    film about Hindu religion would be shown before the movie. I literally
    thought I was in the wrong theater. That short film was not something I
    would have chosen to allow my sons to see. I read the reviews on the
    Good Dinosaur movie, but didn’t see anything about this short film. I
    would like to warn other parents so that they can make the choice to
    either allow or not allow their child to see a short film about Hindu

  • Michael Seng WahNovember 27, 2015Reply

    Second Best Animation of the year after Inside Out.

    Simple, straightforward and predictable, the second Pixar’s production
    of the year might not be creative as usual, appear to be familiar and
    formulaic plot but overall still has no problem to become a holiday
    enjoyment of the young and the old one. The main part of the story sets
    between human and the dinosaur based on a reversed formula which the
    dinosaur talks; it is a smooth A to Z educational animation which is
    filled with a lot of positive values that intends to influence the
    young adults. Presented in colorful photorealistic sets, it is visually
    stunning and there are certainly some beautiful scenes without any
    single dialogue, which effectively works well just like Wall-E,
    together with satisfying scores from academy awards winner Mychael
    Danna (Life of Pi). The adventure of grow and learn, cherishing family
    bonding and appreciating the value of friendship are the three major
    elements of usual Pixar’s trademark, not only adorable, charming and
    family-friendly, but also emotionally engaging at certain times that
    might challenge audiences tear holding power.

    Short Film: Sanjay’s Super Team Similar to the film, strong family
    bonding element in between the father and son, effectively presented
    without dialogue (except final scene), strong culture element and
    creatively featuring Gods as superheroes warriors.

  • AdrenalinDragonNovember 27, 2015Reply

    The Good-ish Dinosaur

    As with every Pixar movie, I had high expectations for The Good
    Dinosaur. Although there’s a few decent things going for it, I don’t
    know if I can quite call it genuinely good. There are some problems
    with it, most likely stemming from its development issues, but it also
    has quite a bit of heart and emotion to it, and some nice scenes here
    and there.

    The movie follows an alternate world where Dinosaurs and Humans live
    together. A young dinosaur named Arlo unsuccessfully tries to fit in
    with his family and mark his place, despite having a timid yet
    cowardice personality. After an unexpected event happens, it leads him
    to start a friendship with a Caveboy named Spot. He becomes lost and
    tries to return home.

    The story is pretty straightforward and some of the humour seems to be
    aimed more for kids, but it’s still funny for adults in places. It is
    visually stunning, with cartoony animals mixed with realistic
    backgrounds and reflective waters, and the music is effective when
    needed to be. Our protagonist Arlo is both likable and relatable, which
    is always a good thing, and Spot has his moments in short bursts. As
    for the other characters, Arlo’s father will be reminiscent to a
    certain Disney character, but that’s not a bad thing, and the others
    seem to be not as important to the story, but have some development
    time in there.

    I think my biggest problem with The Good Dinosaur is that it feels a
    little inconsistent and ”Been there, done that” at times. The first
    half I feel is stronger than the second, and there’s a bit of a homage
    to a specific genre in there. Most importantly, I cared about the
    characters, but maybe I was expecting more from Pixar I don’t know. I
    seem to notice the more effective emotional scenes were either the
    silent ones, or ones that were kind of loosely based on previous
    Animated movies that popped right in my head at the time of watching,
    so not being entirely original could be considered a problem to some.

    Despite the shortcomings, I found The Good Dinosaur entertaining. It’s
    probably in the weaker tier of Pixar movies, but I wouldn’t call it
    bad. It’s kind of halfway between average and good, and I feel the
    troubled production and staff switching caused it to be a mixed bag,
    although good intentions are clearly shown throughout the movie. Kids
    will certainly like it, and adults will at the very least appreciate
    what the movie tried to achieve.


  • kujosroseNovember 27, 2015Reply

    Not a kid movie – very disappointing

    If you want your child’s movie to have cute little critters that are
    rescued only to be savagely eaten, the words ”kill”, ”killer” and
    ”murderer” (just a few that stuck out in my mind), and sentences like
    ”died in his own pool of blood”, this would be the one!! Can’t believe
    how off the mark this movie is from Disney – Disney, shame on you!! Get
    some new writers who are in touch with children! And what a ridiculous
    story line. Seriously? A family of Apatosaurus dinosaurs who farm corn
    – Monsanto must have loved this movie – wonder if their corn was grown
    from GMO seeds? They really could have fed the whole world!! how many
    millions of years ago was this? Pathetic overall.

  • klare28November 28, 2015Reply

    Lame story…disappointed

    Overall pretty lame movie. Predictable story like we’ve seen a million
    times before. The title is not even accurate. It’s not like the other
    dinosaurs in the movie weren’t good. If anything I would have called it
    the ”different” dinosaur. Not sure what age group this was going for.
    The posters seemed to target younger kids, but some of the scenes were
    actually pretty scary, as in surprise/shock effect kind of scary and
    some were borderline brutal. Lots of kids (and some adults) jumped out
    of their seats. Not sure if that was because we watched in 3D. As
    others mentioned, animations were flawless but that’s not what the
    movie is about. The kids enjoyed it enough, but from an adult
    perspective, it’s not worth seeing. In my view this movie was one of
    the weakest Pixar productions.

  • Screen SquintyNovember 28, 2015Reply

    The Good Dinosuar Review.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • richet-15259November 28, 2015Reply

    Anxiety Attack Dinosaur

    Although this movie did have some great parts and a strong overall
    message, you will have to sit through 90 minutes of one anxious, overly
    harsh, morbid, stormy or unpleasant scene after another. There were not
    enough characters to enlighten us from time to time, even if just for a
    moment. People keep using the word scary, but I prefer to describe
    differently. Remember that feeling you had while watching James Franco
    in 127 hours or Sandra Bullock in Gravity or even Tom Hanks in cast
    away? That feeling where you start hoping that something good will
    finally happen? But it never does? Well this is your kid version of it!
    There were a couple of lighter scenes that were actually quite powerful
    but not enough for my taste. I though it was a bit too much, even for
    older kids, (and I’m not sensitive or easily offended at all.) Worth a
    watch maybe once you can see it at home and not feel bad about walking
    out or having your children be frightened by too many intense scenes
    that leave them feeling really sad and helpless.

  • clark-157November 28, 2015Reply

    Up to Pixar Standards, if all you’ve seen is Cars 2.

    In a parallel universe where dinosaurs can talk and are highly evolved,
    while people can’t talk and are remarkably dog-like, a young dinosaur
    struggles to find his way home, and finds himself along the way.

    If you’re thinking this sounds familiar, minus the people who can only
    sniff the ground and howl like dogs while dinosaurs carry on
    intelligent conversations, you’re right; it is familiar. This is
    because it uses two fairly common themes in movies, and, more
    generally, in stories: The ”Coming of Age” trope, and the ”Homeward
    Journey” trope. The Odyssey is one of the oldest examples of the
    latter, but plenty of films have used it, such as The Incredible
    Journey, War Horse, and even The Martian.

    Pixar has used it previously as well, in Finding Nemo, and, to a lesser
    degree, Wall-E. So, while the trope is as old as storytelling, it can
    be the plot basis for great films.

    Alas, Pixar fans, The Good Dinosaur is not a great film — too many
    elements are just too predictable, no real surprises — but it is
    nevertheless a pretty good film, just not up to Pixar’s standards. It’s
    enjoyable if you don’t let the predictability didn’t get in the way,
    and if you can convince yourself that this is not really a Pixar film,
    so that you don’t expect too much. Actually, I guess it is up to Pixar
    standards if all you have seen of their films is Cars 2. And this is
    probably just a smidge better than Cars 2.

    But, coming right after Inside Out, The Pretty Good Dinosaur is a
    pretty major disappointment, an inexcusable lapse in their normally
    high standards.

    However, it’s not by any stretch a bad film — this is why I gave it a 6
    — and two aspects of this film are really well done: The
    cinematography, and the music. It is visually amazing; they were able
    to create landscapes in an animated film that are often
    indistinguishable from a live action film, and kudos to them for that.

    The music is by Canadian Mychael Danna, one of the best contemporary
    composers of film music (The Life of Pi (for which he won an Academy
    Award), The Time-Traveler’s Wife, Capote, and, I believe, all Atom
    Egoyan films) and his brother Jeff, and once again they do a really
    good job, although perhaps not quite as good as The Life of Pi, but
    hardly any films can meet that standard for music.

    Mychael Danna also does a fine job with the music for the short that
    precedes The Good Dinosaur, and that short film, Sanjay’s Super Team,
    is sweet, original, and well worth seeing.

    Pixar has set an insanely-high bar in terms of quality in their films,
    and while this has clearly not achieved the level of their best films,
    it is nevertheless a pretty good film with some exquisite touches
    (cinematography, music). I recommend seeing it with significantly
    tempered expectations, if you were expecting something closer to Up,
    Finding Nemo, Wall-E, or Inside Out. Or, really, any Pixar film not
    named Cars 2.

  • steve beard ([email protected])November 28, 2015Reply

    Nice ‘What If?’ From Pixar

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tomluptonNovember 28, 2015Reply

    A good film but the ending completely ruined it for me!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • monkey_bean10November 28, 2015Reply

    Pixar is for kids. My kid loved it.

    So, I’ve read a few reviews from grown ups saying how disappointed they
    were with this film but no mention of their children. So, here it goes:

    My son is 5 years old. He is completely obsessed with Dinosaurs of any
    description so there was no question that would have to see this film.
    We went to the cinema to see it today. He adored it, he sat perfectly
    sit throughout, oohed and aaahed and giggled his way through it.

    Yes, the story has similarities to other Pixar stories out there. But
    it’s a lovely little story, there’s plenty of action in a child
    friendly manner, plenty of genuine laugh out loud X moments and even
    the occasional scene where adults need to pretend that their not
    welling up or even full blown crying.

    As an adult viewer,, no it’s not the most original story out there, but
    the story is told well, the visuals are truly beautiful and the
    relationships formed in the film are Disney classic style.

    For the first time ever, my son asked if we could return the next day
    to watch it again which he’s never done before. I really enjoyed this
    film too . It’s by far the best kids film that has been released this
    year (Minions was god awful and we never bothered with Inside Out).

  • GusdeNovember 28, 2015Reply

    Remember, it’s a light animation movie for kids.

    I used to expect this movie to be a really bad film, just like what
    happened with Minions. But, when i watched it with a very low hype-
    actually this movie is so entertaining. From the opening scene, kids
    can easily understand what is going on and what is up next.

    The animation is wonderful, the scenery of the Dinosaur-Human age make
    me amazed. The character design is fine, but the Apatosaurus design is
    kinda bad, but its okay.

    The plot is standard, but its quiet twisty- And thats good for kids and
    underage viewer.

    The comedy scenes inside this movie made my theater room laughed so
    hard. It’s nice to see this movie because i admit this movie is a
    stress reliever.

    I feel kinda relaxed and entertained watch the movie, And every single
    kids in the theater seems so happy watched this movie.

    Remember, animation movie mostly watched by kids- not adults. Its
    unfair if you want every single animation movie on this world has heavy
    story lines or full of twisty plot. Kids need movie that easy to
    understand, not movie like ”Inception”.

  • Mek TorresNovember 28, 2015Reply

    Charming Innocence

    The Good Dinosaur is another high concept from Pixar, asking what the
    world will be like if the meteor never hit Earth and dinosaurs continue
    to rule the world. The film’s theory is dinosaurs will talk like
    people, farm like people, fear like people, etc. While people
    themselves are now their vermin. To sum everything else up, this is
    survival tale with a total Western vibe, except with dinosaurs, and it
    is an unlikely result to an intriguing question that it was trying to
    sell with the audience. And it’s strange since the origin of this world
    seems more interesting than the conceit itself. However, this is a
    pretty old fashion animation that shows innocent nature while going
    through darker situations, mostly told by visual storytelling. The best
    thing to say is nothing’s particularly groundbreaking about this movie,
    though it’s quite an admirable film when there isn’t much dialogue and
    we see these innocent beings interact during tougher times. It’s quite
    lovely, even if it keeps stalling to cute moments, but despite of its
    flawed narrative, the movie manages to flourish its charms, anyway.

    The film is mainly about a young apatosaurus dinosaur, Arlo, who is
    learning to fight his fear after being lost away from his family. He is
    also stuck with a feral little human boy who was once their farm’s pest
    and now forced to be together as they both face the same situation. And
    despite their bond is more about finding food and fighting other
    strange creatures, it’s quite endearing how nearly wordless and
    expressive their smaller moments are. Some moments may really seem just
    stalling, allowing the visuals to bring something cute or gorgeous on
    screen, but it does earn something a lot to the experience. It may not
    always mean something, but think of something like Bambi or Disney’s
    Snow White; even though there are moments that don’t always move the
    plot forward, it’s still an affectingly wonderful moment that you don’t
    usually get from many animated films nowadays, but would love to remain
    settling with it.

    The plot itself is just stumbling into one place to another, meeting
    another set of characters after another set of characters, despite that
    these characters have more dialogue than the interaction of the main
    two, they’re rather forgettable and that is odd for a Pixar film.
    Whether you like the movie or not, whether they’re the main characters
    or just secondary, they always have a place on your mind and even heart
    to remember from a punchline or just personality, but here, they’re
    just, again, forgettable. But I guess Arlo and Spot are good enough
    characters, though it’s just strange that the others exactly aren’t.
    But it sure is visually dazzling. Despite that the dinosaurs are
    obviously fake looking, the backgrounds are just amazing. That alone
    could already be worth the price admission.

    The Good Dinosaur also has been in tougher developments which we could
    see what’s lacking in the story, but the movie manages to gloss it over
    with stunning imagery and delightful and heartwarming moments. There’s
    also a scene between the two lost kids which doesn’t quite need a lot
    of dialogue to express what they’re feeling, it’s just a quieter warmth
    that used to define the old Disney animation and that’s kind of a
    refreshing experience for a while. You may not find enough depth in
    here, but for what it is, it’s a kind of a beautiful film; about
    surviving whatever is up with this world and trying to find empathy
    towards something that is supposed to be a common enemy. It’s not even
    close to the quality of another Pixar film this year, which was Inside
    Out, but there is still a lot to like in The Good Dinosaur.

  • rgkarimNovember 28, 2015Reply

    The Good Filler: A Story of A Dinosaur and His Boy

    What if Dinosaurs never died out? This question continues to plague
    minds to this very day of a world where the gigantic lizards reigned.
    Fortunately Disney/Pixar have decided to take a crack at answering this
    with another culmination of their animation studios. Today’s review is
    on the Good Dinosaur. With all the advertisements, Disney certainly has
    faith in this film not only in their overzealous trailers, but also
    making it in 3-D much like their last movie (Inside Out). Does Pixar
    strike gold, or is it only fool’s gold being sent to the masses? As
    always, read on to find out.

    The Positives:

    1. The Animation: No surprise that Pixar continues to push boundaries
    of computer animation. Once more the team has crafted characters that
    not only move as expected of their anatomy, but also integrate human
    like qualities to them that represent the western theme of the movie.
    Watching the Apatosaurus family farm the land or seeing the T-rex
    galloping as if they were on horses, added that spunk Pixar is always
    known for. Even more impressive for this reviewer was the scenery.
    Whether it was designing a forest strewn with bugs or unleashing the
    ferocity of storm upon the prairie plans, Pixar captures the details in
    extraordinary definition that it is difficult to determine if it is
    real footage.

    2. The Emotions: Recently Pixar has missed the mark in eliciting any
    real emotional response in me, but in the Good Dinosaur that is not the
    case. Disney tries their usual tactics to get you to cry, but those
    overdramatic moments are old hat to me. However, this movie uses the
    animation and a killer soundtrack to craft a number of scenes that
    radiate the feelings of our characters. I felt myself feeling the
    excitement as our characters ran through the plains, felt the fear of
    being caught in situations that pushed your limits, and mostly the love
    between friends. So many emotions ran through me as I watched these two
    grow scene by scene. Those with strong bonds to their pets will fully
    appreciate what Spot and Arlo have, overlaying their experiences into
    the movie, perhaps to the point of shedding a tear.

    3. The Cuteness/Laughs: Pixar keeps the cuteness rolling in this movie
    not only in the design of the characters, but in their countless
    antics. If their design doesn’t get you, then the relationship between
    Spot and Arlo will certainly melt your heart. As for comedy, little
    kids were screaming in delight throughout the movie, primarily at Spot
    biting Arlo. Eventually the tactics got old for me, but the more clever
    jokes kept me chuckling throughout the movie, especially from Forrest
    Woodbush whose craziness was well timed.

    The Negatives:

    1. Formulaic/Predictable: No surprise here The Good Dinosaur is not the
    most original tale. Disney’s throws out the usual tactics to establish
    our character’s background and get the story rolling. Some of you may
    cry, others may be like me and laugh at the illogical elements in this
    tale. Even after the cliché opening, the tale doesn’t throw many
    surprises at you as Arlo and Spot go through the typical character
    building elements we’ve seen time and again. This normally isn’t too
    bad when it comes to Pixar movies, but in this film it left me bored at
    parts. Pixar has smoothed out their more aggressive edges in this film
    to make it more kid friendly.

    2. Loose ends: The point of this movie is obviously a character
    building one centered on Arlo, but that doesn’t mean we get sloppy on
    other plot elements. In this film there are a couple of elements left
    untied that were a bit annoying. A few of the characters were in the
    film for mere minutes before disappearing from the story. Family, side
    characters, even villains vanish hastily in an all too convenient
    manner that was a little sloppy for Pixar’s team. Even the ends they
    did tie up felt a bit rushed and again illogical if you’ve seen other
    movies (I guess evolution didn’t favor them in this case.) Fortunately
    the emotional aspect of this movie makes up for the lacking plot, but
    not the best for Pixar.

    3. Scary to Kids: This factor all depends on the kids, as well as the
    parents, but I want to warn parents about the scarier aspects of the
    movie. Unlike other Pixar creations, this one is not afraid to dive
    into the darker elements of story telling. Those with a fear of thunder
    and lightning may end up wailing through the movie providing a grand
    distraction that is very irritating.. The high definition surround
    sound amplifies the sounds further, and the dinosaurs fierce roars were
    able to shake the younger audiences. Plus there are a few moments that
    were a little more adult as well, so caution has been advised.

    The Good Dinosaur is certainly a cute addition to Pixar’s library. The
    adorable characters and heartfelt relationship are certainly the
    strongest elements of this movie and the animation further amplifies
    the emotions of this movie. Unfortunately it isn’t their most
    entertaining tale lacking some of the fun surprises and elements that
    we love in their creations. Therefore I can’t say this one is worth the
    trip to the theater (especially in 3-D) and would recommend a home rent
    for this installment.

    My scores are: Animation/Adventure/Comedy: 8.0 Movie Overall: 7.0

  • p_bangerNovember 28, 2015Reply

    Just doesn’t work: Bottom three effort from Pixar

    ”The Good Dinosaur” is one of the three worst full-length movies Pixar
    has ever made.

    Now, while that is still better than at least 75 percent of family
    movies in existence, I am posting my first-ever review on this film
    because it commits the cardinal sin of failure with both of its primary
    audiences, parents and children.

    My four-year-old found it too scary, which it probably is for her age
    in a couple of intense, graphic scenes. The title character and his
    family are inexplicably rendered with all of the depth and detail of
    rubber duckies. Plus, there is a hallucination scene involving
    caricatured drawings of the two main characters that didn’t deliver in
    the humor department for anyone in my audience.

    These three shortcomings epitomize the failure of ”The Good Dinosaur”
    to connect with parents or kids, actually undermining the otherwise
    brilliant photorealism of the visuals. The film is already asking
    audiences to suspend disbelief about dinosaurs speaking English within
    its first five minutes, introducing feral cave-dwelling humans within
    the same time period.

    There are moments of brilliance in the movie that remind you that you
    are, indeed, watching a Pixar film. No complaints, for instance, about
    the quirky supporting characters and the usual color they add to the
    story–with the exception of the clichéd cowboy T. Rex family, whose
    overly Western scene around a fire actually had me laughing AT a Pixar
    film, and that NEVER happens.

    What happens to them, along with several other characters, is never
    resolved, so the Pixar moments are too few and too far between such
    boring dropouts in the story and disappointingly few resolutions to the
    arcs of most characters for ”The Good Dinosaur” to work on any level
    other than role-reversing adventure.

    There are multitudinous reasons why talking-dinosaur movies have been
    categorically financial and/or critical failures. ”The Good Dinosaur”
    is the exception that proves the rule only because it carries the Pixar
    name–thus is virtually critic-proof, will have unparalleled worldwide
    distribution and marketing and is supported by the closest company to a
    universally-accepted monopoly in world history.

    Addendum: The short before the film, ”Sanjay’s Super Team,” while
    concerns about the film’s Hindu iconography are ridiculously childish,
    shares some of ”The Good Dinosaur”’s flaws and falls flat for those
    same reasons.

    Look, we know you’re going to try to wow audiences with your visuals,
    but that’s not the Pixar standard. Delivering on a thoughtful story is,
    and the short was so amateurishly executed on that score that my wife
    thought it was something a contest winner sent into the studio–not the
    product of a veteran Pixar animator.

    It has a couple of profound moments and has a theme, but ultimately
    fails to tie off either character arc and has too many long moments of
    silence even for me. ”Lava” didn’t necessarily push the envelope
    visually, but the narrative is so flawlessly crafted and completed that
    it succeeds as art narratively as well as visually.

    Animation has to be good at both in order for audiences to accept a
    serious cartoon, and ”The Good Dinosaur” just didn’t come close to
    pulling that off.

  • themadmoviemanNovember 28, 2015Reply

    A cute kids’ film, but pretty dull in general

    This is a cute film, and one that will definitely be entertaining to
    its target audience, which is kids between the ages of 3 and 8.
    However, for anyone over that age (and yes, most 9 year olds will
    probably even think this is a bit stupid), it’s a excessively
    simplified affair, with an extremely plain story, a lack of great
    humour or strong emotion, or anything that would mark this as a film by
    Pixar, the studio that has made so many iconic animated films that
    absolutely anyone can enjoy.

    Before we get into why this film is a bit of a disappointment, however,
    I have to say that it is, and is meant to be, a movie for young kids.
    This isn’t like the emotionally deep and compelling classics like
    Finding Nemo, Up and Inside Out, it’s just a textbook adventure story,
    with a nice, fun character at the centre, so it will entertain the

    However, that’s all that you can really say to defend this film,
    because it really is nowhere near that high standards that we know
    Pixar are capable of, and that’s why it can’t hide behind the defence
    of being ‘just a kids’ movie’.

    The main issue, by a country mile, is how simple the story is. There is
    no real sense of genuine peril for our heroes as they travel far across
    the land, and nor is there any interesting insight into this world
    where dinosaurs still roam, after they weren’t made extinct by the

    Instead, the film takes the premise in a very dull direction, and
    personifies the dinosaurs way too much, making it no different to any
    movie about humans. Although Pixar have done that with other animals in
    films such as Finding Nemo, they at least provided a different take on
    the world through the eyes of those animals, which provided for some
    good comedy and a bit more interest, whereas the world of these
    dinosaurs is nothing different.

    Also, the film lacks an emotional power to it that could have saved it
    from being so dull. Again, it’s targeted more at younger kids, but it
    still clearly tries hard to tug at your heartstrings, but I felt so
    completely removed from any sense of emotion in the film, making it
    even more dull to watch. And when you then couple that with the fact
    that this isn’t really that funny (not even the kids were laughing out
    loud at some of the jokes), this becomes a much more disappointing film
    to watch.

    Finally, let’s talk about the animation. Normally with Pixar, it’s a
    foregone conclusion, but this time round, it’s not. The scenic
    backgrounds are all absolutely gorgeous, and look as close to real life
    as you can get with animation, but the design of the dinosaurs as these
    more cartoonish things makes them stick out like a sore thumb, and it’s
    just another detail that removes you further from getting into the

    Overall, The Good Dinosaur is a film that young kids will find
    enjoyment in, but its lack of emotion and an interesting story make
    this so much more generic than what we know Pixar can do.

  • Juan Manuel FormosoNovember 29, 2015Reply

    Just awful

    I never write reviews, but I had to for this one.

    I went to see it with my 6 year old son, and he was scared and sad the
    whole movie, this is not a movie for children nor adults.

    The story line is non existent. The ”characters” are not relatable, and
    the resolution and ending is horrible.

    Skip this movie at all costs.

    I simply cannot believe this is a Pixar movie, I really hope it was
    just an experiment and they realize they failed and they don’t pursue
    this line any further.

    If you watched the lion king, you watched a movie that’s 100 times
    better than this one.

  • Pablo GuevaraNovember 29, 2015Reply

    Nice Film – But an Adult Film Hidden on cartoons

    I have two kids. Almost 3 years old and and almost 7 years old girls.
    When i first saw that this was a ”dinosaur movie” i thought than maybe
    not the best subject for them (they don’t show that they love
    dinosaurs). The little one like it, she is even laughing in scare
    situations, probably because she does not understand deep human
    emotions that are hidden in the film.

    The film touch deep emotions, probably the worst fears that a kid might
    have. Loosing someone, Loosing himself, friends separation, fear,
    Storms… it really has it all.. and the plot shows a kid that borns
    different and it might happens a lot of negative stuff to him, because
    he has to be a big dinosaur. The Spanish translation of the movie i
    think that hits the idea more than the English one… The movie is not
    about being good…it’s about being big (in Spanish the movie is titled
    A Big Dinosaur).

    Not to many funny moments…because a lot happens to the main character
    to get big. My 6 year kids was disturbed actually. You take the
    Dinosaur out, you put some Matt Deamon in it and you have a drama… So
    that’s the main problem of the movie. No to many good moments. When a
    success happens, something immediately bad happens.

    Not a KID film, that’s the problem. It has a adult theme hidden in it.
    The rest of it, Animation, sound, texture, water, were awesome.

    See ya

  • raywrodNovember 29, 2015Reply

    Too scary and depressing for kids

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • genuinejoyNovember 29, 2015Reply

    Pixar Should Be Ashamed

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dave McClain ([email protected])November 29, 2015Reply

    ”The Good Dinosaur” has much to recommend it to families and fans of animated movies, but lacks the inspiration that makes the difference between good and great family fare.

    ”In a world where dinosaurs never became extinct…” would be an
    appropriate opening phrase for the trailer promoting the
    Pixar-animated, Disney-distributed adventure comedy ”The Good Dinosaur”
    (PG, 1:40). Most scientists believe that 65 million years ago (give or
    take a million years or so) a meteor struck the earth, changing its
    climate so dramatically that dinosaurs became extinct. (For more on
    that, check out Charlton Heston’s opening narration to 1998’s
    ”Armageddon”… or Wikipedia.) If that meteor, whose collision with
    earth seems so random, had somehow randomly missed the earth, dinosaurs
    would’ve likely maintained their dominance over our planet. It also
    stands to reason that they would have continued to evolve. Just maybe
    the herbivores would’ve become farmers and the carnivores, ranchers.
    Other species would have evolved too, and mankind could’ve appeared on
    the scene, but probably wouldn’t have dominated the huge reptiles.
    That’s the world in which this film immerses us.

    Meet the Apatosaurus family. They’re large, green and have long tails
    and very long necks, which they use to push their snouts through the
    dirt to make furrows where they scatter corn seeds. Poppa Henry
    (Jeffrey Wright) and Momma Ida (Frances McDormand) work hard, and
    they’re about to get some help. The couple is happily awaiting the
    hatching of their three eggs. Within moments of each other emerge Buck
    (Ryan Teeple / Marcus Scribner), Libby (Maleah Padilla) and the
    under-sized, overly-anxious Arlo (Jack McGraw / Raymond Ochoa). As the
    three young dinosaurs grow, Buck and Libby become useful members of
    this farm family, each rewarded for their labors with an opportunity to
    place a muddy footprint on one of the rocks that make up the family’s
    corn silo. Arlo, on the other hand, tries hard, but is either too
    scared or to too clumsy to accomplish much and longs for his chance to
    ”make his mark”.

    Poppa does what he can to help little Arlo, but he knows that,
    eventually, Arlo’s going to have to accomplish something on his own.
    Poppa gives Arlo the job of trapping and killing ”the critter” which
    has been stealing corn out of the silo. The creature that springs the
    trap turns out to be a feral young caveboy who grunts and moves around
    on all fours. To Arlo, this is just an animal who steals the family’s
    corn reserves, but he still can’t bring himself to kill the critter.
    When Poppa finds out that the critter got away, he and Arlo give chase,
    but a sudden storm keeps father and son from catching the little guy.
    Arlo comes to blame the critter for everything that’s wrong in his
    life. The next time the kid shows up, Arlo angrily chases after him,
    only to fall into the river, hit his head on a rock, get swept
    downstream and awake to find himself alone, scared and far from home –
    with no recognizable landmarks in sight.

    The rest of the movie involves Arlo’s attempts to find his way home –
    before he is done in by the forces of nature or the predators that
    surround him. ”The critter”, which Arlo names ”Spot”, joins Arlo on his
    journey and the two end up friends, helpers and protectors for each
    other. On this journey, the pair encounter a Styracosaurus oracle /
    animal whisperer named Forrest Woodbush (Peter Sohn), a group of
    viciously predatory pterodactyls, led by Thunderclap (Steve Zahn), a
    family of Tyrannosaurus ranchers headed by Butch (Sam Elliott), and a
    gang of cattle rustling Velociraptors which includes a dinosaur named
    Earl (John Ratzenberger). Between the wild animals and the similarly
    violent and unpredictable storms on this alternate version of earth,
    Arlo and Spot making it back to Arlo’s farm is far from certain.

    ”The Good Dinosaur” has much to recommend it to families and fans of
    animated movies, but lacks the inspiration that makes the difference
    between good and great family fare. (Revealingly, the film involved a
    mid-production change of directors and several postponements of its
    release date.) The story is original and fun to watch, but doesn’t
    really have much to say. At times, you may even wonder what this is
    you’re watching and why, but a couple magical scenes involving
    fireflies and the movie’s spectacular computer animation (especially
    the scenes involving water) help hold the attention of kids and adults
    alike. The script is strong but not what I’d call special, and contains
    a mildly amusing, but rather odd scene of Arlo and Spot eating berries
    that make them hallucinate. The voice work is solid, even with an
    unusually large proportion of little-known actors in the oft-changed
    cast. This movie is entertaining enough to be worth a look, but has
    problems that make the adjective in the title more descriptive than the
    filmmakers probably intended. This Pixar/Disney release isn’t great,
    but it is pretty good. ”B”

  • bjk-49320November 29, 2015Reply


    An amazing movie!!! Visually stunning with a familiar story line but a
    surprisingly unique twist to it. Pixar you have set the new standard
    for animated videos to be judged. I cannot fathom the time it must have
    taken to create such a masterpiece. The clouds, the river, even the
    soil and trees all are so breathtakingly realistic. I dare say this
    movie will not get all the recognition it truly deserves. I will add
    that at times the weather turning for the worse appeared rushed and the
    bond between Arlo and Spot could have been further developed near the
    beginning. An emotional roller-coaster so say the least(No let down
    there). Highly HIGHLY recommend this movie. Great Job Pixar. BTW did
    anyone see the Pizza Planet truck?

  • saffisidhu255November 29, 2015Reply

    amazing movie

    I’ve been waiting for this movie since 2013 .I knew this movie gonna
    rock .I watched this movie its very adventurous and funny .Story is
    very good thanks to writers .This movie is better than toy story ,the
    incredible ,ratatouille ,inside out .Awesome Soundtrack .Picture
    quality is far beyond than amazing .Lots of comedy in the movie
    .Amazing Jurassic world .characters and good .Arlo character was great
    .The adorable characters and heartfelt relationship are certainly the
    strongest elements of this movie .shoot man this movie is pretty
    amazing i enjoyed and laughed a lot watching this movie .Many thanks to
    Production companies Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures .MY RATING ARE 9
    out of 10 = 9/10

  • flamingblok11November 29, 2015Reply

    Animation Evolution, Plot Fossilization

    Disney•Pixar insists that you call this movie The Good Dinosaur.
    However, my snark tells me that a more appropriate title would have
    been The Pedestrian Dinosaur.

    The newest offering from the beloved animation studio that gave us the
    Toy Story series, and most recently Inside Out, features a figuratively
    yellow and literally green dinosaur named Arlo (Raymond Ochoa), and his
    pet human, Spot (Jack Bright). The pair, separated from their families,
    go on an all too familiar adventure to find their way home.

    The film, helmed by rookie director Peter Sohn and penned by sophomore
    Meg LeFauve, can’t help but feel like lesser Pixar fare, on the level
    of Brave or the Cars films. The uneven tone and poor pacing, coupled
    with the less than taut script, give the film a mediocre quality,
    especially considering the greatness we’ve come to expect from

    It isn’t a mortal sin to be predictable, and not every film needs to
    revolutionize the industry. That being said, The Good Dinosaur can’t
    escape from out of the shadows cast by its better, more innovate older
    siblings, like The Lion King. From Dumbo in particular, the film
    borrows a lot, including: the themes of family, belonging, and finding
    one’s self, a smaller, braver sidekick aiding a young pariah of an
    animal, and a strong mother/son bond. The film even has its own pink
    elephants-esque sequence in which Arlo and Spot eat fermented peaches.
    It is hilariously out of place, albeit exceedingly brief.

    I don’t mean to say that the film is offensively bad; it simply isn’t
    particularly remarkable. It attacks its subject matter from a juvenile
    perspective, without offering many laughs or interesting details for
    anyone older than thirteen. The voice performances aren’t especially
    strong, and the characters aren’t memorably cute. Arlo and Spot are no
    competition for the likes of Mike and Sully.

    The film seems to exist as a glorified tech demo. One that Disney•Pixar
    didn’t feel like tinkering with anymore, but decided to wedge a story
    into and bill as a feature-length movie for very little children. The
    scenery is absolutely breathtaking and majestic, and special attention
    seems to have been given to the water effects, which are inarguably the
    best ever seen in an animated film.The photorealistic landscapes are in
    stark contrast with the oddly cartoony and largely undetailed
    characters, further strengthening my idea that the movie itself was
    merely an afterthought. If you took Arlo and Spot out of the film,
    nearly any frame could be hung in the MoMa without much backlash or

    Feel free to watch the flick on ABC Family in a couple of months, if
    you really like Pixar films. If you’re just looking for a cute, short,
    animated story, try to find a theater that’s still playing The Peanuts
    Movie instead.

  • Pass_The-PopcornNovember 29, 2015Reply

    One of Pixars Best!

    This movie is an emotional ride but an incredible journey. The
    animation and visuals are stunning. It is quite simply amazing. I was
    in awe looking at all of the small details throughout.

    Despite what some say. The film is not scary at all. I was at the
    screener packed with children aged 4 to 15. It was emotionally driven
    like almost every Disney Movie and the dinosaurs animation was
    purposely kept ‘cartoony’ to avoid any fear factor. The only risk is
    shedding tears caused from a strong bond between viewer and the
    characters; the emotional aspect that is no worse than what was
    portrayed in The Lion King.

    Do not judge this movie on the negative reviews, most of these are
    written by Un-educated people and refer to the Pixar Short Film shown
    before it about the Hindu religion. I agree that this short was out of
    place and could offend some people but The Good Dinosaur should not
    suffer for this. It is a masterpiece, take it for what it is and enjoy
    the journey.

  • Awesome Movie DiscussionNovember 29, 2015Reply

    Pixar does it Again

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • aileencorcoranNovember 30, 2015Reply

    The Good Dinosaur – Go see it; it’s beautiful

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Clayton Holloway (Darkhorse_Knight)November 30, 2015Reply

    DHKR: The Good Dinosaur

    The Good Dinosaur isn’t a masterpiece by any means. It’s got plenty of
    flaws that really hold it back from being as Spectacular as it could’ve
    been, but you can’t help but see the glimmer of Pixar magic that’s
    inside. Is it Inside Out good? No, but it’s better than what people
    give it credit for. It’s certainly better than Tomorrowland ever wish
    it could be, anyway.

    The Film’s biggest strength is in it’s visuals. This has to be one of
    the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen, and you’ll be chewing up at
    the scenery for most of the running time, especially at those night
    time scenes. I’m giving props to those animators, who probably went
    through a hell of a cycle just to come out with a product. The visuals
    here, like in most good Pixar films, also help tell the story when
    their’s a quiet moment. I can safely say that this was one of the few
    times I’ve ever teared up at any moment that I can call cliché. Even if
    it was done in so many other movies and some arguably better than this,
    those visuals sell it. I’m not gonna spoil it, but you might find out
    instantly if you’ve seen most Disney movies.

    The storytelling, however, was hit-or-miss. Like I said before, those
    moments where it’s just the visuals telling the story are just fried
    gold. There, you see the effort put in. However, there are moments in
    the film that either feel like either a misstep or a moment where it
    falls flat on it’s face, the latter of which involved halucinahenic
    berries that feel terrifying. Most of the bad moments unintentionally
    falling on Arlo himself, even if I don’t really want to beat up the
    actor too much as it wasn’t his fault.

    Another turn off this movie has is something you probably wouldn’t hear
    from a Pixar movie; it’s got really graphic moments that some children
    might find unsuitable at best and scary at worst. There’s a moment of
    decapitation, tearing into limbs, and even a hefty amount of scars are
    prevalent. Now, I’m not a censor-buff thinking kids shouldn’t see
    violence or scars, and there are moments with said scars are
    justifiable, but there are too many other parts that I felt was pushing
    it too far.

    If there’s any other saving grace the movie has, it’s in its humor.
    There’s enough humor in this film to help ease you out of the last
    violent scene. It isn’t much, but it’s something.

    The latest Pixar movie isn’t going to be remembered at this moment, but
    it’s still worth watching with your kids if you think they can handle
    those dark moments. Give it a watch, and make your own mark.

  • Robin SayerNovember 30, 2015Reply

    A poor film for an average company, a disaster for Pixar

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ncarolina-43197November 30, 2015Reply

    Sadly disappointed that I took my daughter to see this. **SPOILERS**

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • efrat85November 30, 2015Reply

    Amazing animation yet disappointing and problematic for young children !

    I’m not sure what the age of the target audience is. My guess? 8-12. On
    the one hand the plot lacks in depth with a few profound moments (and a
    few references to ”The lion king”), on the other hand it contains many
    thrilling and frightening moments. It’s unlikely that a 6 year old will
    cry during the movie, yet he/she will most likely feel uncomfortable
    (like my 5.5 year old nephew who asked a few times ”when will the movie
    end?” and held my hand). On the other hand, a 12 year old will be bored
    (in my opinion). As a 30 year old ”kid”, that watched quite a few
    animated films during the past few years, I was disappointed.

    Pluses – amazing animation, cute characters and a few moments of
    bravery and resourcefulness for kids to relate to.

  • marcvalenzuelaNovember 30, 2015Reply

    A Simple, Less Impactful Pixar Effort

    A few months following from Pixar’s last hit Inside Out, I was eager to
    see what their second title this year would bring. After watching it
    from beginning to end, it felt more like a buzzkill. Don’t get me
    wrong, I enjoyed watching these characters being voiced by lively,
    young newcomers (Raymond Ochoa as Arlo and Jack Bright as Spot)
    delivering interesting performances, and even its beautiful landscape
    setting was well-detailed. But what needs to be focused heavily upon
    are not perilous moments or cute, vibrant characters: it’s more
    attention into story (which was sorely lacking).

    The plot focusing on an alternate timeline with the concept of ”what if
    the dinosaurs never went extinct?” is an interesting theory to tackle,
    but for this to be the directorial debut of Pixar storyboard artist
    Peter Sohn, it’s more of a creative, too simple effort that needs to be
    stretched out even further.

    I’d say this movie does play on a similar concept to the 2010 animated
    film How to Train Your Dragon (albeit with the two main characters
    playing on role-reversal). Whereas the idea of misfits like the
    insecure dinosaur Arlo paired with feral caveboy Spot going on an
    adventurous trek together across the land in search of salvation feels
    very much like the scenario in Don Bluth’s 1988 film The Land Before
    Time (a childhood movie I remember well), and a touch of Jurassic
    Park’s theme of ”life found a way” is written into these dinosaur
    characters’ daily lives. The movie is nowhere groundbreaking and that
    it lingers more toward the ”Brave” level, rather than the more creative
    ”Toy Story” or ”Inside Out” peak point. Although the entire movie plays
    on formulaic material some adult audiences are already familiar with,
    the kids will see it as a spectacle delight with a sense of tragedy and
    triumph (albeit somewhat intense for them in some scenes) that I
    therefore assume their journey alongside Arlo and Spot will grow on
    them when it’s all over. To me, it’s a mixed bag with an okay alternate
    prehistoric, western-like story as simple as can be. As being the least
    impactful flick that’s dancing on the boundary line between forgettable
    and well-recognized, it’s worth checking out.

    Equation: ”How To Train Your Dragon” (backwards) + ”The Land Before
    Time” + hint of ”Brother Bear” = The Good Dinosaur

    The moral: No matter what life throws at you good or bad, seize the

  • Louis BroughNovember 30, 2015Reply

    A Dinosaur Western… Now I’ve seen it all.

    Did I really just watch a Dinosaur Western?!

    Its probably not what would normally come to mind when I say that –
    Dinosaur with a gun on his hip looking for revenge and fighting off
    Indians; No, nothing like that. However, I kid you not that
    thematically it fits the bill.

    Before I dive into a full analysis let me say that I really, really
    enjoyed this film, Loved it in fact, despite a few issues but the major
    thing to mention is that I don’t believe that its suitable for
    children. It is very intense and isn’t sugarcoated in its adult themes
    and yet I can’t help at respect it that little bit more for it because
    I remember watching Disney films when I was young and found some of
    them to be incredibly scary (Hunchback of Notre Dame for example) but
    they were saved by a strong and educational ending of the good winning,
    helping this in need, doing the right thing and generally the right
    kind of life lesson. It being a Pixar film, however, would normally
    suggest its ability to soften the blow of its adult themes, as was so
    well done with ”Up” and its heartbreaking introduction.

    So then, we open with the context in place which is that the meteor
    that wiped out the Dinosaurs on earth never happened. Millions of years
    later they still occupy the earth and are intelligent and ”resourceful”
    whilst humans are still evolving. Visually the film is unlike anything
    I’ve ever seen, the animation looks so real, in fact I honestly believe
    that some of it wasn’t but I would likely be proved wrong. The scenic
    shots felt alive and water flowed so realistically, it is
    groundbreaking animation.

    The story, rather appropriately, is as old as the hills and is in no
    way original but there aren’t many westerns out there that are. But
    even so the simple truth is that a story doesn’t have to be original as
    long as your character is right and you handle your themes with passion
    and conviction then your story will seem as fresh as anything else and
    I honestly feel that this was handled with that right kind of passion.

    Speaking of character, our protagonist is a young Apatosaurus named
    Arlo who is fearful of the world around him and accidentally gets swept
    away down the river whilst trying to frighten off a hungry human
    critter. Forming an unlikely friendship with said human Arlo takes a
    dangerous trek to follow the river back home. It is, if nothing else, a
    coming of age story that teaches our young Dino about friendship and
    not overcoming fear but simply accepting it. Young Arlo not only hits,
    but gets physically smacked, by every bump along the way and he is
    given the cuts and scars to prove it. Even though there are other,
    villainous, Dinosaurs to contend with on his journey the main
    antagonist is that of nature itself, which is shown to be as deadly as
    it is beautiful. Looks can indeed be deceiving, as this film examples
    many times, but it also fits the territory of the western.

    The score as with most Pixar films is simple yet beautiful, half the
    time I didn’t even notice it which means that they got it right and
    accompanies the film incredibly. I would also defend the argument that
    there isn’t enough variety of Dinosaurs in it because, as was the wild
    west, the world is so vast and we explore only a small part of it.
    There is a drug reference in there which is completely misfired and
    doesn’t need to be included, even though it was for comic effect.

    Here’s what I’m going to get some stick for… This latest effort from
    Pixar is better than ”Inside Out”! Where Inside Out is strong and deals
    very well with the emotional complexities of childhood, it also lacks
    excitement and tries to be over creative with its explanation. This is
    a strong mix of fun, danger and important lessons that is brave enough
    to not hold back any punches.

    A very fine film that will proudly be added to my Blu-Ray collection as
    soon a possible.

  • Viswanath DhanisettyNovember 30, 2015Reply

    A good movie

    Quickie Review:

    In an alternate world where Earth is not catastrophically hit by an
    asteroid, dinosaurs have evolved and are thriving. Arlo, a young
    Apatosaurus is accidentally separated from his family. He must overcome
    his fears with the help of his unlikely human friend Spot, and survive
    the journey to find his family. The Good Dinosaur, is a great family
    friendly animation that lives up to the Pixar reputation of innocent
    humour and emotional beats that tug at your heart. On a technical side,
    this is a marvellous looking animation, perhaps their most advanced
    movie yet. On the story front however, the creativity is lacking.
    Nevertheless the movie is executed well, sure to be an entertaining
    time with friends and family.

    Full Review:

    Pixar, as I’ve said in the past is arguably one of the best studios in
    the business, and will always attract an audience no matter what they
    release. So loved are their films that perhaps we get too upset at even
    the small flaws of the movie. Now, by no means is The Good Dinosaur one
    of Pixar’s best, but it certainly has the charm we’ve come to know from
    their previous work.

    The interesting twist here is that the dinosaurs and humans have
    switched the roles of animals and ”civilised” beings. We see dinosaurs
    that farm or herd livestock or equivalent to a crazy cat lady a
    dinosaur that obsessively collects pets. There are plenty of colourful
    characters, and the ways in which human behaviour is blended into each
    of them is quite clever. The focus and true gem of the movie is the
    growing relationship between Arlo and Spot. Of the two only Arlo has
    dialogue but it’s in the quiet moments that the movie is most
    impactful. Both share a tragedy in their lives and they are depending
    on each other. So when we see the lengths they will go to for each
    other, it is genuine and heartfelt that does not need to be put into
    words. As for the animation itself, it is absolutely gorgeous. The
    landscapes are so photo-realistic that you might wonder at times if you
    are watching an animation or actual footage. The animals are more
    cartoon-ish but it is a contrast that actually works, and perhaps helps
    soften the negatives I’m about to explain.

    All Pixar animations try to cater to audiences of all ages. Humour wise
    I think this movie strikes that balance well. However, I must give a
    small warning to parents with very young children about the violence.
    Now it is not graphic, it’s still given a cartoon treatment, but as a
    full grown adult even I must admit there were some scenes that caught
    me by surprise that it’s in a kid’s movie. This may be a concern for
    some parents so that’s why I bring it up, otherwise don’t worry about
    it. On the other hand the lack of creativity in the plot is something
    that everyone will notice. Compared to Inside Out the bare-bones story
    here has been seen time and time again. So don’t expect to be blown
    away by something new.

    All in all, The Good Dinosaur is well… a good movie. Sure the story is
    unoriginal, but it is one that resonates with the audience because of
    the relationship of Arlo and Spot. With the holiday season coming up,
    this a great option for the family to enjoy together. And prepare
    yourself to get emotional over a cartoon dino.

    P.S. If you are of Indian descent like me, with Hindu parents. You will
    love the short shown before the movie. It instantly transported me back
    to my childhood Saturday mornings.

  • dslamb-85066November 30, 2015Reply

    Not appropriate for young children

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Oliver RendchenDecember 1, 2015Reply

    Like Fant4stic, it too did not turn out better after problems behind the scenes.

    The Good Dinosaur is a film that has been in the making for four years.
    Being a Pixar movie I was excited, and it was about dinosaurs which I
    love; then due to a lot of story problems and various people leaving
    the project, it was eventually pushed all the way back to November
    2015. Now it’s here and I get to review it.

    To start off I’ll go straight for the things I enjoyed about The Good
    Dinosaur. The animation is some of the best animation I have seen in my
    life; the textures, the rain, the landscapes, everything about the look
    of this movie is stunning, some of which is so well- done it looks
    real. It is all shown brilliantly as well through the directing, which
    Wikipedia tells me was done by Peter Sohn, a long- time employee of

    Now for the things I did not enjoy about The Good Dinosaur. If you go
    into this movie, do not expect award-winning material or a unique
    family experience, like we’ve come to expect from Pixar. Instead get
    ready for a bland, cliché and sometimes inappropriate story. It’s about
    a young dinosaur called Arlo who is separated from his family and must
    find his way home, this could be interesting and give us some fun
    adventures but for me, it just wasn’t. Despite the fact that it took
    forever to get going, Arlo’s journey was the same thing over and over
    again which is that he is scared by something, and then more scared and
    then scared by something else and is constantly followed by a human boy
    who for some reason acts like a dog. I may be to harsh but there were
    very few scenes I found entertaining, don’t get me wrong, they were
    some, but few and far between. Also, for a movie about dinosaurs it
    doesn’t actually feature that many dinosaurs, and the ones our main
    character, Arlo, does meet are walking stereotypes we’ve seen hundreds
    of times. And I don’t want to spoil it but does the line ”I drowned him
    in my blood” belong in a kids movie? I don’t have kids so I’m just
    throwing that out there. In the end, it pains me to say that Pixar’s
    The Good Dinosaur did not overcome it’s behind the scenes disasters and
    so I have to give it a 4.5/10.

  • microhofDecember 1, 2015Reply

    The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

    This film dares to show children the good, the bad, and the ugly
    (perhaps that is why the middle act was framed as a western). Everyone
    appears to be outraged about precisely what makes this film great. If
    you thought Up had sad moments, just wait until you see this film. It’s
    a modern-day Bambi.

    The film is minimal on plot and dialogue. There’s no need, because we
    can all relate to every moment without any need for words. Children
    will understand this film on a level they don’t understand most others,
    because they aren’t being bombarded by jokes and flashy colors. What
    they will learn by seeing, empathizing, and deducing for themselves is
    the truth about life. It’s hard. It’s full of good, bad, and ugly. And
    one of the most important things they have to get them through it is
    family. They’re us, and, hopefully, more.

    The fact that it’s not a typical Pixar film is exactly what makes it
    the next great Pixar film. Don’t listen to everyone else. See it,
    process it, and be glad someone was bold enough to make it. Your child
    can handle this film, and so can you.

  • riddiolsDecember 1, 2015Reply

    It’s a good movie.

    First of all, to parents who are complaining that the movie is too dark
    and scary, CHECK THE RATING. The movie is rated PG for a reason.
    Secondly, if you are expect a movie to be exactly like the other movies
    from a studio you are going to be disappointed. Sure its no Toy Story
    or Incredibles but on it’s own it is a very enjoyable and emotional

    Also to the people who complain that there is a Hindu short in front,
    suck it up, experience other cultures. They aren’t brain washing people
    or anything like that they are just reaching out to other audiences.

    As a huge Pixar fan and aspiring animator, I really enjoyed this movie

  • RforFilmDecember 2, 2015Reply

    The Good Dinosaur is more of the ”Meh” Dinosaur in one of Pixar’s weaker efforts

    With a movie like The Good Dinosaur coming from Disney, the first thing
    that comes to mind is how late in the game they are in the prehistoric
    creature game. When I think of Disney and dinosaurs, I think in the
    sequence from Fantasia that tells the story of the creation of the
    Earth with a part on dinosaurs that is in total silence with the
    exception of the Rite of Spring symphony from Igor Stravinsky. Or even
    with animated movies in general, when I think dinosaurs, my mind goes
    to The Land Before Time movies (the first one being the only good one)
    that was already Disney-like in tone.

    But with The Good Dinosaur coming from the Pixar team, that left me
    open to the idea and for my expectations to be raised even higher.
    Especially with the incredibly good Inside Out coming out earlier in
    the summer, this movie must be really good if the Disney company set
    this for Thanksgiving weekend, a week that normally is the ground for
    some of the best. If Pixar can take us under the sea with Finding Nemo
    and into a world of living cars in Cars, how does Pixar do with
    imagination in The Good Dinosaur?

    The film starts out (as the previews have shown many times) that this
    is an alternative world where the asteroid that killed all the
    dinosaurs has never hit the Earth. Instead, the dinosaurs get to evolve
    into more intelligible creatures that can farm, hunt and start families
    like humans can. Millions of years later, two Apatosaurus’ farmers
    Henry (played by Jeffrey Wright) and Ida (played by Francis McDormand)
    are witnessing the hatching of their eggs. The first two, Libby and
    Buck are regular sized and seem ready to go to help out on the farm,
    but little Arlo is the runt of the litter.

    Arlo is timid and prone to fear, especially from the chickens that he
    feeds. His dad tries to make him feel more important by tasking him to
    trap the one that’s been stealing the food they’ve been planting. When
    the trap captures a young cave boy, Arlo frees it, feeling he can’t
    kill it. Sometime later, the cave boy returns, though Arlo goes after
    it. When the young dinosaur accidentally falls into the river and gets
    knocked unconscious, he wakes up in a part of the land he doesn’t
    recognize. He sees that the cave boy keeps following him like a dog, so
    Arlo names him ”Spot” and the two set off on an adventure to get back

    The Good Dinosaur had the unfortunate luck of having to come out after
    the other Pixar movie, Inside Out, which still remains one of my
    favorites of 2015. When comparing the two, The Good Dinosaur is
    surprisingly underwhelming. The story feels very reminiscent of Finding
    Nemo, except that neither Arlo nor Spot are that interesting of
    characters. They’re pretty much the typical coward and feral child, yet
    the only dynamic of this ”a boy and his pet” story is that position is

    The more I thought about the idea of a world where dinosaurs and people
    live together, the more I thought that there was a lot of possibilities
    with the idea, but with the people just as non speaking cave people
    that act like animals, you could easily replace them with monkeys and
    the story would not change a lot. At least the Flintstones took their
    environment to their advantage.

    As a Pixar movie, the story is still emotional and the animation is
    some of the most photo realistic I’ve seen, but this is likely to cater
    to only kids, leaving adults wondering what happened to the family
    friendly writing that made Toy Story and Finding Nemo so likable.

    I’ll give this four Apatosaurus’ out of ten. The Good Dinosaur is not a
    bad movie, just a very weak story when compared to what Pixar has given
    us and is likely to stay as a serviceable story for the younger ones.

  • christianakaraDecember 2, 2015Reply

    Where is the plot?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rileyreviewsDecember 2, 2015Reply

    Worth the watch

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Matthew MillerDecember 2, 2015Reply

    Great animation, not-so-great movie.

    I’ll keep this simple with no spoilers.

    The good: Amazing animation. The environments are incredibly realistic.
    Surprisingly the characters are probably the ”worst” animation in the
    film, but still good. This is the only reason for 3 stars.

    The bad: SLOW. Drawn out boredom punctuated by moments of pretty scary
    intensity. (Way too intense for young kids, in my opinion.) Very little
    dialogue. Very few moments of levity. Very little character
    development. Characters aren’t really likable or relatable.

    The ugly: Several instances of scary and violent dialogue and very
    scary situations. I understand were talking about dinosaurs, who were
    the apex predators of their day, and that they supposedly lived in a
    brutal environment, but this is supposed to be a kids movie!

    Summary: My wife and I took our boys (9 and 4) to see this. We were
    sorry we did so. My 4 year old sat still as a stone, very unusual for
    him, and the look on his face alternated between fear and boredom for
    most of the film. I actually considered taking him out of the theater a
    couple times. My 9 year old did not laugh once during the movie, also
    unusual, and told me as we were walking out he thought the movie ”was
    just okay.” Sorry to say I can’t recommend this as a family movie.

  • ironhorse_ivDecember 2, 2015Reply

    The Good Dinosaur wasn’t that good. It was more like the Mediocre Dinosaur

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • lilkimmypDecember 2, 2015Reply

    This Pixar movie is actually a children’s movie

    The Good Dinosaur, by Pixar is truly a children’s movie, but one that
    even adults might shed a tear. All of the other Pixar movies lost my
    younger kids’ interest and half way through they were ready to leave
    because it was rather deep, but The Good Dinosaur had my children’s
    attention from beginning to end. Pixar has always had over the head
    jokes for adults that kids would not understand and I think that’s why
    everyone is so ”disappointed”. It’s a kids’ movie! The animation/CGI
    was so realistic even I forgot I was watching an animated movie during
    some of the scenes. So for those of you who have yet to see it, think
    like a child, because after all, it is a children’s movie!!

  • jade8855December 2, 2015Reply

    Not As Bad As Everyone Says

    I’m not sure why everyone is so harsh on this movie. It must be
    exhausting trying to critique a children’s movie as if it were a Star
    Wars or Lord of the Rings sequel. I took my two- and four-year-olds and
    they both loved it. Neither of them were scared at all as others
    stated. We laughed, we cried. It was cute, fun, and emotional in the
    right spots. It did start off a little slow, but so have many other
    beloved Pixar movies. Certainly not worthy of decreased ratings because
    they slowed the pace a little. We loved how outdoorsy it was (being a
    very outdoorsy family) especially compared to the very-urban Inside Out
    (which we also enjoyed, but not as much as this film). The scenery and
    visuals were awesome. Enjoy this film for what it is: a children’s film
    meant to entertain young kids, which it did fabulously for mine.

  • imel_yunDecember 3, 2015Reply

    It’s a great movie

    I love this movie, I watched 2 times. I love the story line, there’s 2
    favorite scene. I laughed when Arlo and Spot ate that berries, they
    became so cute. I also feel touched especially the scene about Spot and
    Arlo family,and when Spot and Arlo have to say goodbye each other. I
    love the characters. Especially Spot, I wish Pixar will make a story
    about Spot, because I’m curious about what happened to his family. I
    love the scenery, I love everything in this film. It’s perfect and
    heartwarming. Please make the 2nd sequel, when they meet together again
    and do an adventure. I think this is the best movie. I love The Good

  • David Ferguson ([email protected])December 3, 2015Reply

    Beautiful nature, Bleak story

    Greetings again from the darkness. Two Pixar films in one year? Earlier
    this year, the brilliant Inside Out reminded us just what sets Pixar
    apart from other animation studios … the film was intelligent,
    insightful, thoughtful, beautiful, funny and emotional enough to bring
    tears to the eyes of many parents. In other words, it’s a tough act to
    follow – even for Pixar!

    Of course, 2015 was not intended to be a double-header for Pixar. The
    Good Dinosaur ran into serious production and story issues at the same
    time the studio was going through layoffs and reorganization. So the
    six year project turned into eight, as a new creative team was brought
    in (led by director Peter Sohn), and the story and characters were
    re-worked and re-imagined. The finished product is likely the most
    staggeringly beautiful animation to ever hit the big screen, while at
    the same time being some of the darkest and bleakest material ever
    presented by Pixar.

    The premise is pretty interesting: What would Earth be like if THE
    asteroid had missed, and the dinosaurs survived? That’s about as
    sciency as the story gets, other than it does portray nature as a
    colossal adversary. We first meet Momma and Poppa Apatosaurus as they
    work their corn fields (?) and wait for their baby eggs to hatch. The
    runt of the litter is Arlo, who just can’t keep up with his more active
    siblings and who feels inadequate in comparison to his majestic father.
    Arlo and nature are responsible for the tragedy that sends Arlo off on
    a journey that features the full spectrum: the importance of family,
    the sadness of loss, the strength of friendship, and the self-discovery
    that leads to independence. While there are quite a few laughs along
    the way, the fear and isolation that Arlo experiences takes up most of
    the movie, and could leave all but the strongest kids feeling anything
    but upbeat and happy.

    There is a life lesson about making one’s mark, and the oddball
    friendship between Arlo and young boy (named Spot??) who is wise to
    nature, but this one lacks the charm of most Pixar outings, while at
    the same time reaching technical levels that are breathtaking to
    behold. It’s difficult to imagine many kids wanting to watch this one
    again and again, but for all you Pixar nerds, you can rest easy … John
    Ratzenberger does make a vocal appearance.

  • plrt-65227December 3, 2015Reply

    Pixar, yes. This film is good enough to watch.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Cody LetwinchDecember 4, 2015Reply

    The Good Dinosaur – Review by Cody Letwinch

    Pixar is known to make some pretty amazing animation films. Everything
    from Toy Story, Finding Nemo, UP, Monsters, Cars, even the latest film
    released before this one, Inside Out. With all of these extraordinary
    films in the back of my head, and a two and a half year old daughter
    that loves dinosaurs, this pretty much sealed the deal for me. I was
    seeing it.

    From the opening scene to the closing scene, the animation is
    spectacular. In fact, most of the movie looks so good, you sometimes
    forget you are watching an animation film. Especially when the camera
    pans out and shows epic shots of scenery, lighting, and water. Yes
    seriously, it’s that good.

    The film starts off in a close up view of an asteroid. It is from
    sixty-five million years ago, and yes, its heading straight for earth.
    We all know exactly where this leads, right? Well they have the
    asteroid pass scarily close to earth, and then fast forwarding
    ”several” million years into the future, perfectly explaining the
    co-existence of humans and dinosaurs.

    The story follows an Apatosaurus named Arlo (Raymond Achoa) who becomes
    lost and is forced to face his fears (which is pretty much everything)
    with his new human companion, Spot, in their attempt to make it back
    home. They work well with each other and have a growing relationship
    that seems to adapt and develop together throughout the film.

    ​ Arlo is played by Raymond Ochoa, who does a pretty good job,
    considering this is an animated movie. Arlo is an extremely likable
    character and no doubt kids will love him. Spot is played by Jack
    Bright. I am kind of confused as to why they needed an actor at all for
    this character, seeing as though he has zero, yes ZERO, dialogue in the
    entire movie. He is portrayed as a lost pet, a dog to be precise, and
    just makes random grunts and noises.

    Some of the characters throughout the film that appear along their
    journey, besides a group of 3 dinosaurs that I found pretty
    entertaining, seem almost thrown in to try to add more to the film. I
    did not find the main villain, a group of ‘vulture’ like dinosaurs, all
    that interesting. I thought at first they would be a quick in-and-out
    character that would appear the one time, but they keep popping up
    along the way.

    In typical Disney fashion, there are some pretty big ‘tear jerking’
    moments in the film. I did however hold up like a champ… until I
    thought nobody was looking at me. Some of it will go over the kids
    heads, however the biggest one in the film was repeated by my two and a
    half year old for the entire car ride home. Yup, really.

    This film has some pretty funny parts, and was entertaining. They even
    add in a little bit of humor that is directed toward the older
    (parents) audience. One scene in particular, without spoiling anything,
    involved a hilarious psychedelic experience that felt like it came
    right out of an adult swim cartoon.

    Overall the movie is good, though you could definitely tell there was
    some sort of disconnect, more than likely due to all their pre-
    production issues the film had (recasting of the cast members, writers,
    even the director). Though not as iconic as other Pixar films, this
    will most likely stay relevant, selling tons and tons of merchandise
    that has already been out since before the release of the movie. I’m
    sure Pixar will stay true to this film as with their other titles,
    revamping this movie with eight different sequels, knowing we will be
    there to see every single one of them.

    ​Movie Score: 7/10

    My Video Review:

  • David M FarringtonDecember 4, 2015Reply

    Astonishing Visuals, A Standard Story

    Pixar burst onto the computer animation scene with Toy Story, the first
    feature film to be fully computer generated. Since then, the studio has
    won 15 Academy Awards, boasting a number of successful films including
    Monsters, Inc, Ratatouille, and most recently Inside Out. Always on the
    cutting edge of animation technology, nearly every Pixar film finds a
    healthy balance of quality entertainment for children while also
    catering to the adults who bring them to the theater. The Good
    Dinosaur, the latest feature from Pixar to hit theaters, succeeds
    admirably in taking computer generated animation to the next level but
    tends to get lost in the grey area of its vastly age-different target

    Supposing that the meteor which led to the dinosaurs’ extinction missed
    the Earth, the screenplay by Meg LeFauve (Inside Out) opens on a time
    in history near the beginning stages of man’s evolution. Dinosaurs have
    continued to evolve and they can speak, farm, herd livestock and
    greedily wallow…

    Read the full review on David ‘n the Dark! /

  • Guus JanssenDecember 4, 2015Reply

    I liked it a lot

    First, let me mention that it being an animation movie doesn’t
    necessarily mean that it is a children’s movie. It’s got some scary
    pieces and may not be suitable for everyone.

    That being said, in my humble opinion, this movie is really great!
    Sure, it’s story isn’t really original and might be a bit cheesy, but
    it is really well done. The characters are lovable and do evolve during
    the story and teach us some very meaningful life lessons in a very
    playful manner.

    The visuals are by far the best I’ve ever seen in any animated movie.
    Sometimes it was hard to tell if it was real world footage or animated.
    The art of animation has come a long way since the first Toy Story. The
    score was very jolly and uplifting and at moments very touching when it
    needed to be. The voice acting was excellent as expected. The movie has
    some similarities with the Lion King and Brother Bear and in the end,
    really touched me.

    It definitely isn’t Pixar’s best, neither is it it’s worst. Coming
    after Inside Out, which set the bar extremely high, it leaves people
    disappointed for obvious reasons. Try to look at this as a movie apart,
    without comparing it to other Pixar movies which are incomparable. Go
    see it in the cinema with an open mind and enjoy the fun, emotional and
    visual feast of The Good Dinosaur.

  • Taryll BakerDecember 4, 2015Reply

    ”Make Your Mark”

    The Good Dinosaur is Peter Sohn’s directional-feature debut after his
    work on Pixar’s short film ‘Partly Cloudy (2009)’ and stars Jeffrey
    Wright, Frances McDormand, Ramond Ochoa & Jack Bright.

    Millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed free before an asteroid struck
    and changed the earth forever. This film tells a story that asks the
    question: What if the asteroid missed our planet completely? A young
    apatosaurus named Arlo becomes unlikely friends with a human and sets
    off on an adventure through a beautiful landscape with challenges and
    lessons along the way…

    It’s safe to say, Disney•Pixar are back from their slow and
    less-quality driven years of 2011-2014. With Inside Out and The Good
    Dinosaur being major successes, they have put themselves back on the

    This film is stunning. The animators have really put in the time and
    effort to create these wonderful scenes and bring beautiful landscapes
    to life. The artwork is incredible. So much colour and life in every
    single shot, you find yourself asking: ”is this is animation or is this
    real?” It’s expertly crafted and so much emotion is poured on to the

    The performances throughout by all of the cast, highlighting Raymond
    Ochoa and Jeffrey Wright as the leads, are outstanding. Convincing,
    dramatic and full of heart. It’s feels so good when actors can portray
    feelings through just their voice, leaving it to the animators to
    depict their expressions.

    The original music by Mychael & Jeff Danna is an underscore of hope,
    sacrifice, love and friendship that carries the film through its deep
    and carefully thought-out screenplay. Using an array of instruments not
    so commonly heard in film scoring anymore, the Danna brothers have put
    together one of the best motion picture soundtracks this year.

    Go and see this film in cinemas. It truly deserves all of the money and
    support it can get. Huge thanks to the hard-working individuals that
    make these films so special to watch. Without you, I wouldn’t be the
    same person I am today. I’ve grown up watching your work develop and
    evolve into these gigantic productions and it’s always a pleasure to
    feel like I take something away each time.

    My verdict; The Good Dinosaur lets us know that anyone has it in them
    to face the hardest of challenges to succeed. The animation is
    incredible, and the story is touching. I’m still amazed that Pixar have
    the talent and skill to create these characters completely using
    computer technology, and still make us feel so much for them. Over and
    over again.

    The Good Dinosaur, 10/10.

  • Neil WelchDecember 4, 2015Reply

    Not classic Pixar

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Katelyn RiceDecember 4, 2015Reply

    Best movie I’ve ever seen

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CinemaClownDecember 5, 2015Reply

    Technically Accomplished But Falls Short In The Storytelling Department

    While the year of 2014 was the first in nearly a decade that didn’t
    feature any film from Pixar Animation Studios, 2015 marks the first
    time that this pioneering studio has released 2 films in the same year.
    The first was Inside Out which signalled a much-awaited return to form
    for Pixar after their quality slump in the past few movies. The second
    arrived just recently in the form of The Good Dinosaur that employs
    Pixar’s signature thinking process that begins with the idea of ”what
    if…” and is a technical marvel but purely from storytelling
    perspective, it’s one of their least impressive works.

    Set in an alternate timeline in which the asteroid that destroyed the
    dinosaurs missed Earth, The Good Dinosaur introduces a world that’s
    still ruled by these giant reptiles and concerns Arlo; the youngest
    member of an agrarian family of Apatosaurus who’s unable to adjust due
    to his timid nature. But when a strange set of events separates him
    from his family & throws him in an unfamiliar territory, Arlo finds an
    unlikely friend in a human child and takes an epic journey through the
    wild to return to his home and in the process also learns to confront
    his fears & discover his true capabilities.

    Directed by Peter Sohn, who helmed the Pixar short, Partly Cloudy, The
    Good Dinosaur has bits n pieces of Pixar’s patented fusion of
    breathtaking animation with emotionally resonant storytelling that
    appeals to viewers of all ages, it falls incredibly short of the high
    standards this studio itself forged over the course of its existence
    for the story, characters & humour present in the screenplay is more
    intended for the younger members in the audience, which isn’t really
    Pixar’s thing, and even though its second half makes up for a lot of
    drawbacks in the previous half, the overall experience still remains
    more or less underwhelming.

    If The Good Dinosaur was the product of any other animation studio,
    nearly everyone would be raving about its 3D animation but since it
    isn’t, this aspect is easily taken for granted for we expect nothing
    but extraordinary computer animation from the studio that’s responsible
    for the very existence of it in the world of animation filmmaking. And
    the tradition continues in their latest entry for it is quite possibly
    their most photorealistic work to date. The picture is breathtaking to
    look at, each frame is extraordinarily detailed & every image seems
    highly lifelike. But the characters retain their cartoonish look which,
    at times, creates friction with its insanely realistic-looking

    But all that jaw-dropping work in the animation process is rendered
    useless by its unoriginal story, in addition to its surprising
    inability to make us care for our protagonist. The narrative takes its
    inspiration from existing classics but is unable to recreate the
    emotional depth that was so evident in those gems. There’s still some
    creativity & imagination to be found in this flick, as visible in human
    roles played by different species of dinosaurs. The humour is quite
    childish, voice acting is finely carried out, the background score by
    Danna brothers is fitting for the most part, and of all the characters,
    it’s only the human child who is able to impress the most and manages
    to steal the show, quite effortlessly.

    On an overall scale, The Good Dinosaur is technically accomplished in
    every manner but it falls short in the storytelling standards we’ve
    come to expect from Pixar Animation Studios. It certainly makes up for
    an enjoyable, entertaining & family-friendly entertainment but in the
    long run, I highly doubt if it will be as cherished as Pixar’s finest
    efforts. An amusing mixture of ordinary direction, mediocre screenplay,
    uneven pacing, underdeveloped characters, apt voice performances,
    stupendous photography, astounding animation, appropriate score &
    slapstick humour, The Good Dinosaur may not live up to its high
    expectations but it isn’t entirely devoid of the usual Pixar charm and
    is still capable of putting a smile across many faces, if not all.

  • Edgar Allan PoohDecember 5, 2015Reply

    Pixar and Disney trot out some Weird Science . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • atharp-03220December 5, 2015Reply

    Save your money – this Disney isn’t for little kids or grown-ups

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tharp_johnDecember 5, 2015Reply

    Save your money

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • StevenDecember 6, 2015Reply

    The Good Dinosaur is a good Pixar movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tjgoalie13December 6, 2015Reply

    Beautifully Animated, Despite a Weaker Story

    The Good Dinosaur is a good film from Pixar, that suffers from the
    heavy expectations of being a Pixar film. If this film had been made by
    any other studio it’s reviews may have been a little more positive, but
    considering the pedigree of Pixar this film falls slightly short. The
    Good Dinosaur is funny, gorgeously animated, but suffers from a
    slightly weaker story than has become expected of Pixar. That being
    said it’s still a very enjoyable film, that kids are sure to love.

    As with many other Pixar films, The Good Dinosaur does have a few of
    the studio’s cornerstones. The Good Dinosaur features a great sense of
    humor, and a fun overall tone. The film also has a lot of emotional
    depth, in that department The Good Dinosaur feels very much like a
    Pixar film. The reason that The Good Dinosaur has such a good emotional
    depth, is the character development of the main characters. In all of
    those ways The Good Dinosaur lives up to the expectations of Pixar.

    The animation in the film is gorgeous. While the script may be a little
    weaker than some other Pixar films, The Good Dinosaur may have very
    well broken ground in animation. The animation looks real, is
    meticulously polished, and flat out looks real. The score, large
    panoramic backdrops, and certain plot elements make The Good Dinosaur
    feel a homage of the classic Westerns. However, this becomes an issue
    as the film progresses.

    The main problem of the script is that it’s unfocused, which is
    surprising, because most Pixar films are extremely focused and
    groundbreaking narratives. At times The Good Dinosaur feels like a
    western, at times it feels like a comedy, but no one overall feel is
    kept, the film switches erratically. Another problem is that the
    pterodactyl characters are poorly developed and they drag the film
    down. They don’t have real motives, they just appear and act like a mix
    between stoners and storm chasers.

    In conclusion The Good Dinosaur is a good film from Pixar, but falls a
    little short of their normal standards. While the story is weak for
    Pixar’s standards the film is still very deep, and features glimmers of
    classic Pixar. Still kids will probably have a good time with this
    film, as it’s funny, beautiful, and emotional, just not the strongest
    thing Pixar has made.

  • Imad RiazDecember 7, 2015Reply

    Worst Pixar Movie Till Date

    In one phrase….this is the most disturbing Pixar, or quite possibly
    any animated movie that I have seen till date. This movie glorifies
    death and killing in a way no movie has as yet done.

    Had the movie not been so colorful, I doubt it would have made a PG
    rating. Either that, or the censor board is starting to forget that
    animated movies are watched by 2-4 year olds ALSO!!

    Kids in the theatre were crying, my three year old kept asking
    questions that I had no answer to since I have never exposed my kids to
    such stuff. My only advice to parents – please see the Parental
    Advisory on IMDb before watching this movie.

    Lastly, I’m all for celebrating diversity and other religions, but
    never expected Pixar to start preaching hinduism as part of its opening
    short. Sorry – but thats a big fail in my book.

  • lisafordeayDecember 7, 2015Reply

    A truly moving yet captivating story about a dinosaur and a young boy

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cbrownlaw-771-107746December 7, 2015Reply

    Worst Pixar. Wish I had not seen. No heart – not original by a ”long-neck”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • aboodash56December 7, 2015Reply

    A Great Animated Movie.

    The Good Dinosaur is the second released Pixar film after Inside Out.
    When i was younger, i used to watch Pixar movies like Toy Story, Toy
    Story 2, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up, Cars, Brave
    and Finding Nemo. This is the second Pixar film i get to watch after
    Inside Out on August, and i gotta say, i loved this movie. This movie
    was great and i was entertained watching it in theaters.

    So the story takes place in an alternative timeline where dinosaurs
    have survived and tells an epic journey about a Apatosaurus called Arlo
    befriending a human called Spot. Also, Arlo must learn to confront his
    fears and discover of what he is capable of.

    Let’s talk about the positives. The animation is fantastic. The
    landscapes are amazing and feels real. I was invested in the story. The
    voice acting is good. Raymond Ochoa, Jack Bright, Frances McDormand,
    Jeffrey Wright, Sam Elliot and even Anna Paquin. They all did a good
    job. The soundtrack by Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna is very well done.
    It does have emotional moments as well, like the scene where Arlo’s
    father, Henry, dies and when Arlo saves Spot. It does have some good
    humor in it. This is one the best animated films i’ve ever seen.

    But’s it’s not a perfect movie. Some of the characters aren’t as deep
    as other Pixar films, but still entertaining to watch, and the story,
    while good, doesn’t move deep. The villains in the movie aren’t really
    that developed and that’s the weak spot of the film for me.

    It may not be great Pixar movie or Best Animated Picture nominated
    film, but it’s still an entertaining movie. If you really love animated
    films, go check it out.

    I’ll give it an 8.4 out of 10.

  • Ayal OrenDecember 7, 2015Reply

    How the lizards have won the west

    After the chameleon Rango took on spaghetti westerns, the thunder
    lizards are doing the same for the other sort of westerns- the stories
    of the pioneers of the west. We even get both versions of pioneers, the
    vegetarian dinosaurs representing the farmers, while the meat eaters
    are the cowboys. And both are getting a favourable treatment.

    But lets forget the trivial details. It’s not a story about what if the
    famous asteroid didn’t hit earth neither an exploration of humans as
    would be pets. It’s a heart warming coming of age story using dinosaurs
    and humans and other animals to demonstrate the universality of these
    issues. As is, it’s very well done animation, with great characters,
    and great characters’ portrayal by all involved. Loved the visual
    brilliance of it all, not only the technical aspects of it, which are
    the standard nowadays, but rather the inventiveness, that depicts the
    birds of prey as the sharks of the sky.

    I read here a few saying it’s a nice story but not Pixar’s best. They
    must be among those who went head over hills for Inside Out, I didn’t,
    I like this one way more. It doesn’t pretend to invent the wheel, it’s
    just plain good story telling, and I’ll never tire of good stories.

  • ze_pedro-15708December 7, 2015Reply

    Pixar strikes again with this cuteness overload

    After watching Inside Out this year, Pixar kinda raised the bar high
    and the expectations to watch this one. But well, if you’re expecting
    to watch a clever film with the same type of comedy and storyline than
    Inside out, then you’re mislead about this movie. This one is more
    aimed for a young crowd, I mean, if you’ve haver younger siblings, sons
    or even a friend that enjoys animations movies, take them to watch this
    one. The good dinosaur is a ‘voyage’ that follows the adventure of this
    cute dinosaur, Arlo, that like a small snowball rolling on the floor,
    filling up, he puts himself in every kind of troubles. Relatively
    scientific accuracy, this movie fails at some points, when it shows the
    earth 65 million years ago, during Jurrassic time, with the continents
    all spread apart like they’re now, when they should be kinda unit back
    then, according to the scientists. It also shows an interesting
    perspective, where all these dinosaurs know how to communicate and
    talk, while the human that crosses Arlo’s way, doesn’t know how to
    talk. Basically, it sums up ‘ironicly’ what would happen if the meteor
    didn’t hit the earth. It’s a mix of emotions, there are moments in
    which I laughed out hard, and moments that can put u sad as well.
    Finally, it’s not the quality we’re used to have by Pixar, but it is
    most of all, a CUTE and a worth-watch movie, overall.

  • Ashley MarieDecember 8, 2015Reply

    Too Boring for Adults; Too Disturbing for Kids

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • zizumiaDecember 8, 2015Reply

    I enjoyed this film

    I saw this film over the weekend, not really wanting to watch it after
    hearing its reviews. But honestly, it wasn’t very bad at all. The
    graphics are absolutely stunning! I am a HUGE fan of animation,
    especially when it comes to quality, and this movie gets a 9/10 from
    me. The reason I put 9/10 is because the thing that bothered me with
    the animation, was everything was so realistic, that the characters
    lost their realism to me. They looked like placed cartoon characters on
    photographs. But whatever The story is not the best, but not the worst.
    I personally thought Cars 2 and Brave were worse movies. Although,
    reading through the reviews, I can tell some peoples points. While
    watching the movie, I was sitting there surprised on how scary some
    scenes seemed to be,thinking if I was a child, I would pretty scared!
    Such as the scene where Thunder Clap eats the ”cute fox” then fights
    over its corpse. Surprisingly graphic!

    But other than that, I thought the movie was pretty good! Some parts
    were so moving I almost cried. The movie seemed to lean more toward the
    adult side when it came down to it, which is pretty rare for Pixar
    movies, Pixar has good history of creating films that are fun for the
    kids, but adults can also enjoy.

    I recommend seeing this movie.

  • enilenisDecember 8, 2015Reply

    The Bad Dinosaur

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • scottshak_111December 8, 2015Reply

    The Good Dinosaur is an endearing speculation on a winsome possibility.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Rahul KuncheDecember 9, 2015Reply

    MicroReels Film Review – The Good Dinosaur

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • goolizapDecember 9, 2015Reply

    Twizard Rating: 91

    You can’t blame Pixar for anything really. It’s tough to find things,
    but honestly they’re there. The films almost always follow the same
    signature moves: the long journey home, the unlikeliest of friends, the
    conceptual antagonist. And then they always include the signature Dumbo
    effect, where they just hand you a character who is so cute that you
    can’t help but love them–and, in turn, the movie. But no other film
    does these more blatantly than The Good Dinosaur. Let’s face it, you
    can attribute much of Pixar’s success to these attributes. People fall
    for them. However, when it becomes this obvious, you start to take
    notice unlike ever before. And with this film, it’s more evident than
    ever that the studio’s biggest pitfalls are what have made them the
    powerhouse that they are today.

    The film follows Arlo–the runt of the litter of talking dinosaurs–as
    he tries to discover what his true mark on this earth is. After a
    series of events finds him extremely far from home, he must figure out
    his way back with the unbidden assistance of a feral, dog-like child,
    Spot, who is actually inadvertently responsible for a few tragedies in
    Arlo’s life already.

    The Good Dinosaur is the most Pixar-iest Pixar movie thus far. So much
    so that it’s becoming increasingly more obvious what they’re doing and
    why they’re doing it with each film that comes along. This one’s a
    ”journey home film” in the strictest way possible–not really playing
    around with that concept a whole lot like they do with Toy Story or
    Wall-E. Of the 16 films made by Pixar over the last 20 years, I’d say
    all but three of them are about the characters finding his or her way
    back home. And I understand why–mostly thanks to this movie–because
    it’s easier to find conflict. Throughout the film, there is mishap
    after mishap, without much room to breathe or develop it’s own organic
    voice. I wouldn’t say it’s predictable, but it does have a tendency to
    be by-the-numbers a bit.

    It also may be the weirdest Pixar movie to date–which actually helps
    set it apart from the others. In one scene, we see Spot literally rip
    the head off of a live bug that’s the same size as he is. Another has a
    pterodactyl eating a cute furry little creature. In perhaps the most
    odd moment of the film, Arlo and Spot eat some hallucinogenic fruit and
    proceed to trip out with much detail.

    But it’s not to say that I didn’t like this movie, because it’s
    actually very pleasant. I mean, he humor is just middle of the road–I
    probably laughed the least amount out of any Pixar film. But I was also
    smiling throughout a lot of it. Also, the visuals are spectacular–a
    triumph in its own right.

    The depth of the characters are another highlight, as both children and
    adults will be able to relate. Arlo is likable, but not Disney perfect.
    He shows hints of selfishness and stubbornness, which round him out

    You’ll hear pleasant echoes of City Slickers, which is perhaps the
    movie’s most unique quality. It’s not as tight nit as you would expect.
    It starts off painfully slow, but mostly picks up after about 30
    minutes. Also, there is not a lot of tonal balance found. It makes
    jarring leaps between comedy and sheer terror in a few instances.

    We see your road movie, Pixar. We’re just curious if you’re using it as
    a fallback now. Try moving away from it more often. 2012’s Brave was
    awesome. It felt like one of the most unique films to come out of that

    While The Good Dinosaur is actually a really good movie, and I like it
    way better than Inside Out (yeah, for real), I still think that Pixar
    can do a whole lot better. At least with this film I can watch it
    multiple times and not get frustrated doing so.

    In staying the same, it’s safe to say that Pixar has devolved a little
    bit with The Good Dinosaur, but nonetheless, it’s still way better off
    than what most other studios serve up as their animated offerings.

    Twizard Rating: 91

  • atmommyDecember 9, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jadepietroDecember 9, 2015Reply

    This Dino is Good but It Doesn’t Soar

    (Rating: ☆☆☆ out of 4)

    This film is recommended.

    In brief: A mammoth undertaking that entertains even if it is woolly at

    GRADE: B

    The new animated film from Pixar, The Good Dinosaur, bases its
    existence on a what if theory: What if that deadly asteroid missed the
    earth millions of years ago and dinosaurs went on to rule the world?
    Granted, it is an interesting enough premise that stirred the
    imaginations of its filmmakers. But perhaps a better what if question
    would have been: What if we would have taken more time to rewrite the
    screenplay? The film does suffer from some script issues and plot
    contrivances, but the animation still impresses and the film has its
    share of poignant moments that are emotionally attuned for adults and
    children alike. Solidly directed by Peter Sohn (who took over for Bob
    Peterson), the film is always entertaining and engaging.

    We follow the adventures of Arlo, the runt of the litter who fears
    everything in his world. To him, and many of the young audience
    members, this world (and film) is a real scary place. Forced to fend
    for himself due to the inexplicable forces of nature, our hero learns
    to survive the deadly food chain with the help of a wild child that he
    befriends and names Spot. Their friendship becomes the crux and guiding
    force of the film.

    This boy / dog theme is a major plot device that works very well, as
    does the idea of the importance of family in one’s life, even if the
    script by Meg Lefauve makes some bad choices by adding some scenes that
    do little to advance the plot (a hallucination-induced bout of
    poisonous berries, a western-themed sequence involving rustlers, a
    dream episode involving father and son). These detours seem like filler
    and veer away from the central storyline and its impact.

    The main character, Arlo, is also in need of some revision, as it is
    renders. It comes across as too cute in a clumsy Gumby sort of way. In
    fact, most of the characters lacked refinement and are too simple and
    cartoony. (An exception to this complaint is the pterodactyls that are
    slight exaggerated to maximum effect and filled with glorious menace
    and the facial reactions and movements of Spot the Boy Wonder.)

    But Arlo and the other creatures lack the necessary details to be
    memorable characters, especially when viewed against the
    photo-realistic backdrops that are truly astounding. The vista and
    panoramic scenery are the film’s most stunning accomplishment. The
    lighting and textures are remarkable in their state-of-the-art visual
    expertise (more so than their character counterparts). The layered
    backgrounds continually capture the beauty of nature that is awe-
    inspiring. (The firefly sequence is memorable for its lyrical
    splendor.) These surrounding landscapes are handled with pure artistry
    even if they completely upstage the characters and story.

    That said, The Good Dinosaur, has much to recommend. The reviews have
    been overly unkind to this film and undeservedly so. While it may not
    be one of Pixar’s best, it certainly was a noble effort that is
    worthwhile viewing for the epic vibe alone. Go see it.

    Visit my blog at:

    ANY COMMENTS: Please contact me at: [email protected]

  • Thomas ([email protected])December 10, 2015Reply

    Second genius Pixar film this year

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • geekissexy-385-917812December 10, 2015Reply

    Visually Astonishing, Story Falls Flat

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Adam ParksDecember 10, 2015Reply

    A beautiful, heartwarming means to an end.

    For as humorously disorienting as the animation team illustrated a
    fruit high, for as vibrant and photorealistic as endless plains and
    fluid water effects are implemented, equal praise should also be
    reserved for the practical use of Arlo’s cumbersome Apatosaurus body.
    Whether he’s scaling the side of a mountain or extending his
    already-lengthy neck to grab some out of reach fruit, the creative team
    never felt limited, but rather motivated to show talking dinosaurs in
    the most gorgeous and uniquely dinosaur-like way possible.

    A prevailing survival tone is evoked through Arlo and Spot’s journey
    home. A pack of hungry pterodactyls, headed by Thunderclap (Steve
    Zahn), their dude of a leader, serves as the duo’s first encounter with
    nature’s savagery with a rather visual introduction. Yet, although
    their sole motivation for food supports the film’s survivalist angle,
    it also limits any promise of further characterization. Nature is the
    main antagonist, yes, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for writing
    hollow characters, which adds little depth or meaning to the hasty


  • michaelhirakidaDecember 11, 2015Reply

    Don’t Listen to the Haters! This is Pixar’s Best Film Since Toy Story 3!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Niamh McDermottDecember 11, 2015Reply

    A Pleasant Surprise!

    I was very surprised to read some of the negative reviews for this film
    on here so I decided to write my own to show that everyone’s views on
    this film are not the same!! I absolutely loved this film, the scenery
    was outstanding and the story was very moving, I wouldn’t recommend it
    as a film for younger children but it just goes to show that animations
    are for adults too! I found Inside Out a bit disappointing in
    comparison to previous films by Disney & Pixar in the last few years
    but this film was very moving & emotion packed. I’ll admit it was a
    little slow moving at the start but it picked up shortly into it then.
    There were some very tear moving scenes! Overall a highly recommended
    movie & I will certainly watch it again! 😊

  • dkbowzerDecember 12, 2015Reply

    Roller Coaster of a film

    I am still unsure if I enjoyed the movie, the wounds are too raw. It
    was an emotional roller coaster and not appropriate for children (or
    adults) with sensitive feelings. For young children there are several
    scenes that are intense and scary. The good dinosaur went through
    internal and emotional turmoil, feelings of depression and revenge. The
    movie follows him as he grows and matures but it is a painful process,
    even without much dialog.

    The good thing i can say about it is that the animation of the
    surroundings was beautiful, although they didn’t spend as much effort
    on the animation of the characters themselves.

  • cinzia -December 12, 2015Reply

    A brilliant film! A MUST SEE!

    First of all I would like to ask: Those who have rated this film less
    than 5, what film have you watched?

    This film is full of characters, emotions ( I’m 27 and I laughed and
    cried while watching this film), spectacular scenery and a deep

    I am not a person who writes reviews but when I saw what people wrote
    for this film it made me think twice on watching it, good thing I
    followed my idea of: I Will Make My Own Mind if I like it or Not. And
    believe me when I say, I’m extremely happy to have gone to the cinema
    and watched it. SO I had to write this.

    This IS a Pixar film, a film with animated characters that suck you in
    to the story; a film where situations appear unexpected which makes you
    feel for those beings.

    DO NOT READ or TAKE TO HEART the previous reviews, THIS FILM is made
    both for Kids and for adults. The screening that I went to was filled
    with 3 to 8 year old kids where they all asked questions in different
    situations while watching happy and excited their new favourite
    animated characters.

    Finally I want to say: No matter the review always go and watch it to
    make your own mind. This IS a film to watch and I will be watching it

  • kenneyken-94849December 12, 2015Reply

    Loved it

    I took my son to see this movie recently and we both loved it, I’m
    reading all of these lengthy reviews in astonishment, character depth,
    animation, story lines…. ITS A KIDS MOVIE!!! FOR KIDS!!! It was good
    entertainment, funny in parts, sad in others and a few times my son was
    little bit scared.

    Imagine the movie if you were a kid, nothing is better than dinosaurs
    at that age (apart from sweets)

    Go and see it, make your own mind up, but I must admit all the kids
    loved it from what we could hear walking out after wards.

    Good job.

  • rickystickymanDecember 12, 2015Reply

    I went in planning to hate it, and came out loving it.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Millennium FalconDecember 13, 2015Reply

    Average film with great background images

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Johan DondokambeyDecember 13, 2015Reply

    This is a Pixar movie?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kgprophetDecember 14, 2015Reply

    PG Rated Film Targets too Young of an Audience

    News had come a while back that this film was in trouble. The story
    wasn’t working and a rehaul was undertaken. What we get is a weak and
    conventional film that has all the hallmarks of a Disney film and
    little of the Pixar magic. The first troubling thing that happens is
    before the film even begins; a special introduction by the new
    director. He mentions how this film pays homage to the big upset
    moments that happened in other Disney films, specifically Bambi (the
    mother dying and all). What it comes off as instead is an attempt to
    address the criticisms about the number of scary moments there are in
    the film. One of the central problems with the film is that it is a
    story aimed at kids 10 and younger, but is rated PG instead of G. Yet
    the older audiences will wince at the way too cute renderings of the
    dinosaurs, and lengthy scenes of kids at play. Another central problem
    is the thin story. A great effort is made to wow you with spectacular
    backgrounds (mountain ranges, floods, hot water springs, torrential
    storms, rapid rivers, iconic sunsets), almost as way to cover for the
    simple story.

    My first observation was that the small child character was
    underdeveloped. The kid is depicted as a small dog, which is a fun spin
    on how humans are normally perceived. However, there is no development
    to the kids character, and very little background is revealed. Finally,
    at the very end of the film, some connections are made for the kid. But
    more should have been revealed much earlier in the film to help bring
    depth to the child character.

    Which leaves the main character, a pretty cliché amalgam of all the
    weak children who have to face their fears to finally become a man (or
    an adult dinosaur). From Finding Nemo to The Lion King, nothing feels
    fresh about the story. I will say I rarely got bored, with the help of
    enough supporting characters appearing during the course of the film to
    find new energy and new danger. I am not a parent, but I didn’t notice
    anything absolutely inappropriate in terms of peril. I actually thought
    there might be more of a concern of small kids emulating the wild child
    and start climbing cliffs or eating rotten fruit. ”Kids, don’t do this
    at home”.

    Once the very dark and dangerous journey had played out, I though out
    loud (I was alone at this screening) that I would rather watch ”Up”
    again than spend time with ”The Good Dinosaur”. ”Up” had far more
    humour and more to offer for adults. The appeal of dinosaurs is also a
    non-factor. With the dinosaurs of ”Jurrasic World” so realistic
    looking, the claymation look of these dinosaurs underwhelm. I did enjoy
    the nod to the makers of ”Wallace and Gromit”, by mimicking the goofy
    faces they made famous (see ”Chicken Run”). The music was generic as
    most everything else with this film. As an adult, the only thing that
    kept me daydreaming at times was trying to figure some of the logic
    holes. Like, if the family will starve if they don’t finish the harvest
    in time, why don’t the two other siblings help the little dinosaur? Or,
    how come the mud footprints they make on the rocks don’t wash away in
    the frequent rainstorms? For adults who go see this film, you can keep
    yourself occupied by admiring the terrifically rendered landscapes. My
    guess is that the background artists had time to put extra touches in
    the landscapes while story changes were being made, and the film
    benefits from it. But word of mouth seems to indicate the the target
    audience is either too scared or too bored. Still, I would say it’s
    better than say, ”Cars 2” or ”Brave”.

  • Lucas VersantvoortDecember 14, 2015Reply

    Bambi + The Lion King

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bennyvegas-914-705406December 14, 2015Reply

    Excellent! Do not listen to the bad reviews

    I truly do not understand all the bad reviews for this movie. What a
    shame. I never write reviews ever. And I’m very careful In picking
    movies that’s why I do not go to the theatre this often. I also was
    about to give up on going to this one based on reviews. But, there was
    one reviews that said not to listen to the other reviews. Explaining
    that the movie was just too realistic and maybe not as politically
    correct or fake like most movies this days. It just shows life as it
    is. This movie left its mark on me, I’m a grown 37 year old man, I
    cried, laughed, got angry all the emotions you can think of this movie
    will bring out. The BEST visuals I have ever seen, best. There wasn’t a
    moment in the movie I got bored or lost track and that’s rare. DO NOT
    listen to the other reviews I don’t know what’s wrong with people this
    days, seems as everyone just want lies and can’t handle the real things
    anymore such as this movie. There are parts in the movie that may be a
    bit harsh or not easy to explain to real young kids, but kids are very
    smart this days give them some credit. I loved this masterpiece I wanna
    shake the hands of the creators. Go see it.

  • tavmDecember 14, 2015Reply

    The Good Dinosaur is another wonderful Disney/Pixar animated feature

    This Disney/Pixar feature is about a young dinosaur boy facing his
    fears and making a new friend, a human boy who he names Spot, in his
    traveling back to his home after being lost from being put out in the
    river during a storm. Slow-going at first, it picks up when these two
    go on their adventures together and encountering many adults-both
    friendly and fearsome-along the way. The music-sounding bluegrass in
    many scenes of beautiful nature scenery-is some of the most wonderful
    to hear in an animated movie of the computer kind. My movie
    theatre-working friend and I really enjoyed this. So on that note, we
    both highly recommend The Good Dinosaur.

  • ([email protected])December 15, 2015Reply

    A Fine but Sad Animated Film!

    I was with a school trip to the movie theater and this was the chosen
    presentation. The film has first rate animation with star voices. I
    felt the weakest part of the film was the writing. I felt that Arlo,
    the good dinosaur, had a sad life. His relationship with the human
    critter was sweet and kind. I felt that the film could have been
    happier at times. I loved Sam Elliott who was the voice of Buzz, a
    fellow dinosaur. The other celebrity voices include Frances McDormand
    as Arlo’s mother. The visual animation is first rate and high quality
    as only Pixar can provide today. It’s a fine family film with some
    minor flaws. You can’t help but feel for Arlo at times. I enjoyed the
    visual effects and animation with regards to the water scenes. When
    Arlo rescues his friend from large vulture creatures and the storm,
    it’s quite an adventure. The film will be very popular among younger
    audiences especially.

  • bigcd57December 15, 2015Reply

    cute just remember pg means something

    OK walked in to this movie with my teen siblings expecting a lot but
    not too much didn’t think Disney could make me feel my emotions the way
    inside out did ‘another huge hit with our family ‘but was i ever wrong
    i believe i felt a little bit of every emotion watching this movie it
    made me laugh cry fell excitement for the dinosoar i even had to remind
    myself a coupel of times it was just a movie the bromance between him
    and the little boy was too cute it reminds us again that u are never
    too small to do anything u set your mind too it was a good lesson for
    young and old alike told in a way that anyone could appriceate no mater
    how young or old u are its perfect for anyone just please be careful
    with really small kidos as it may frighten or even sadden them

  • Demetrius StorkDecember 15, 2015Reply


    Every great production company simply has to have a film that just
    isn’t that great. Like all of the terrible sequels from Disney or Shrek
    3 from Dreamworks. I was certain Pixar’s worst would be from Cars but
    it seems they weren’t out of the woods yet with The Good Dinosaur.

    I didn’t necessarily hate this film, but I also feel that I don’t need
    to see this movie ever again. It just wasn’t anything original, which I
    understand is hard to do with so many great ideas having already been
    done, but this should not be a viable excuse.

    Let’s start with the positive, the animation is fantastic, specifically
    the landscape. I have a hard time even grasping how computers and
    technology in general can make these worlds look real. At times, I
    almost forget that these worlds aren’t real (Very rarely but still).
    The animation on the people and animals is fine too, but a little too
    cartoony for me. The realistic landscape combined with silly cartoony
    people and dinosaur is an interesting clash but it’s fine for the most

    Secondly, this movie did make me laugh. It has a lot of energy and some
    quality comedic timing. The main character Arlo is clearly meant to be
    funny and they did a good job with his character. Most of his humor is
    silly and slapsticky, but works well and can definitely make kids (this
    movie’s intended audience) and I guess me laugh out loud at times.

    The voice acting is a mixed bag. Arlo is fine and I loved the voice of
    the father T-Rex (But I’m always a sucker for those kind of voices so
    this could be biased). But for some reason I couldn’t stand the dad
    dinosaur. He sounded more creepy than a loving father. More of a
    seducing tone in his voice, I couldn’t buy into it.

    But let’s talk about the bad and boy there is some of it. This movie’s
    plot is bland and completely unoriginal. The plot of a journey with a
    small animal like companion is one we’ve all seen before. The twists
    were all predictable and could be literally seen from a mile away. But
    overall there just wasn’t any real suspense in this movie. I was never
    at the edge of my seat, wondering if they were really going to make it
    or not. This was fine for me I guess the first 100 times I saw it with
    Pixar/Disney. But it’s getting old. If I see another scene where
    someone is supposedly dead but they come back to live, it will
    automatically be an 8/10 or lower, I’m just sick of it. Wouldn’t so
    much more powerful if one of the main characters DID die in one of
    these movies? I think so.

    I didn’t care for the characters in this movie very much either. Arlo
    was alright as the protagonist, I didn’t mind him but he wasn’t
    anything new and he definitely won’t stick with me like Woody or
    Russell or other timeless Pixar characters will. The family was boring,
    enough said. The kid was just a pet. The rancher dinosaurs were just
    Ranching dinosaurs nothing more. The villains were just cookie cutter
    bad guys that made Attila the Hun from Mulan look three-dimensional.
    The one character that enjoyed was the stegosaurus. This might be
    because he just suddenly appears and starts spouting out hilarious
    lines and has an interesting design. But sadly he’s only in the movie
    for one scene, then is never heard from again.

    Overall, meh. This film is fine and at the very least it’s a harmless
    movie that kids will enjoy, but it just simply didn’t do anything for
    me. Hopefully Finding Dory can propel Pixar back to the top real soon.

  • anvesh-29869December 15, 2015Reply

    Simply Super

    From the beginning of the movie, I forgot that I am a 26 years old
    fellow. Literally became 5-6 years innocent kid and enjoyed a lot..
    Loved it, very good movie to end the year 2015.

    The characterization of both Arlo and Spot was awesome through out the
    movie and it was very good to see the cultivation and herds. Deeply
    touched when Spot tells that he lost his parents (or) family members. I
    would recommend this picture to everyone. THIS FILM is made both for
    Kids and for adults. The screening that I went to was filled with 3 to
    8 year old kids where they all asked questions in different situations
    while watching happy and excited their new favourite animated

    Kudos to the makers.

  • ShmuelDecember 15, 2015Reply

    What the hey was this?

    Any Pixar entry into the world of 3D animation comes with a great deal
    of baggage. We expect a top-notch movie, with excellent dialogue, an
    interesting plot, some lessons to be learned, intriguing characters,
    and cutting-edge animation.

    So I was disappointed to see only the last item in The Good Dinosaur.
    The movie deals with a pre-industrial level farm, manned by family of
    dinosaurs. The farm is located in a Western America type of location,
    on a little flat piece of ground near a river downstream from some
    mountains that look like the Grand Tetons.

    The father and mother work the farm until three children are born, who
    are expected to help. Arlo – the hero of our story – is the runt of the
    family, hatched incongruously from the largest egg. Why he was hatched
    from the largest egg yet is the runt is never explained. His brother
    Buck and sister Libby – hatched at the same time – manage to carry out
    their work, and get to leave their mark on the family storage
    container, yet little Arlo is not able to do this. He feels left out
    and disappointed.

    Until – well, something happens, and Arlo and Dad are thrown into a
    challenge against elements of nature and against man – or rather –
    dinosaur kind. With a classic scene taken right out of Lion King, and a
    detour to a Western (T-Rexes gallop like horses), Arlo tries to get
    back home with the help of a loin-cloth clad ”creature”. This creature
    is a human boy about 10-ish, crawling on all fours and baying like a
    wolf. Arlo and Creature try to get home together, but the messages
    given and emotional challenges are weak and not clear. It’s like going
    on vacation with your family, and if I wanted to go on vacation with my
    family to Yellowstone National Park, I would have packed the car and
    headed off, not gone to the movies.

    The characters are not memorable, there are no cool lines like Inside
    Out’s ”ruined pizza” line, or many others. In short, I am forgetting
    this forgettable movie.

    One thing I will grant it: the scenes of Arlo and others in a river
    flood were so realistic as to raise the standard of 3d animation once
    again, which is what Pixar does so well. If that’s what you like, then
    go see this movie.

    But if you want to see an interesting story and interesting characters,
    pass on this one.

  • Jennifer-edwards1December 15, 2015Reply

    Disney should be Ashamed

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • edwardbaillargeonDecember 17, 2015Reply

    Calm Down, People! This Dinosaur is Good!

    I was surprised that after Pixar Animation Studios had their massive
    success with ”Inside Out” after making their first critical failure
    with Cars 2 (and I am the only person I know who does not hate this
    movie or any movie from Pixar) and a few good-but-not-great films like
    Brave and Monsters University, The Good Dinosaur falls into the latter
    category!? With a 77% on Rotten Tomatoes and is Pixar’s first box
    office failure with $300 million worldwide! The story, at first may
    seem predictable from beginning to end. The main character, in this
    case Arlo, is a coward and one day falls into a river and is far from
    home and meets a human boy named Spot and now the two must journey back
    home, blah, blah, blah, NEXT! But, what helps is the heart of the movie
    which is some very heartwarming moments between Arlo and Spot. The
    animation is beautiful, as you would expect from Pixar. The characters
    are also very likable. Don’t listen to all the people who gave this a
    1/10! Those people are either people who were very disappointed and
    went in thinking this was going to be another Toy Story 3, Finding
    Nemo, Up, or Inside Out. Or they were angry parents who had to take
    their children out of the theater because they were scared of a few
    storm scenes or the short that was before the movie which to me is not
    scary. Or because of a scene that features hallucinations between the
    two main characters that is ”not appropriate for a PG movie.” THE MPAA
    a 9/10.

  • Lomax343December 17, 2015Reply

    OK … but this was from Pixar.

    Pixar films can be divided into three categories – good, very good, and
    outstanding. This film is good. It is also a disappointment, coming
    from the people who brought us the Toy Story trilogy and WallE and The
    Incredibles. I’ve heard that its release was delayed by three years
    because its makers were dissatisfied with it. Maybe they should have
    cut their losses.

    Or maybe I’m being unfair. It is, I say again, a good film. The concept
    is interesting, the animation is outstanding (particularly of water –
    by all accounts the most difficult thing to animate well), there were
    two moments that made me laugh out loud (the line about the
    dream-catcher and the gophers), and there was one touching moment. But
    whilst there have been other Pixar films that I’ve loved in their own
    right, this one was simply something I took my son to see – and even he
    probably guessed the plot after the first five minutes. To be fair, he
    loved it even so, and I suppose he’s the target audience. But I’ve come
    to expect Pixar films to be better than just good.

  • Madhav BDecember 18, 2015Reply

    Mediocre script But technically it’s Visual Delight of landscapes and rain effects

    The Good Dinosaur is a movie with mediocre script with technical
    aspects. The plot is all pretty basic nothing exotic where a little
    dinosaur whose is naive and struggling with fear to do anything, here
    comes the father dinosaur who give’s moral support and strength all he
    need and die. There after the adventure begins of the little dinosaur
    like getting list from family after 20 minute screen time and somehow
    getting back to the family at last with help of friends. In this case a
    jungle boy who doesn’t spoke,walk,talk. He only howls. Yet somehow he
    show humanity to the dinosaur and help him to get home.

    When it comes to Technical aspects, The Good Dinosaur movie is at its
    peak. The Landscapes and The Rain and Water affects used in the movie
    will be the pixar’s best achievement So far. Even though the dinosaur’s
    and the rest of the animal CG is cheesy. They don’t fell good. Rest of
    the technical aspects of the film is really good . KUDOS to the
    technical team of ‘THE GOOD DINOSAUR’.

    Finally, It’s a one time watchable worth movie for animation lovers
    ’cause of its technical aspects and the landscapes used in the movie
    and for the children,they don’t need any technical aspects to enjoy. It
    will be eye feast to children with lots of emotion.

  • mostafaraafat1December 18, 2015Reply

    Boring For Adults, Creepy for Kids

    Pixar you are doing it wrong!!!

    The movie contains a lot of creepy scenes for children, this never
    happened in your movies before. My kids were too scared, actually i
    sometimes was scared!!

    The story really sucks, its a regular trying to return home movie.
    Nothing special. Its too boring for adults.

    The only good thing in this movie is the graphics ALTHOUGH i think
    pixar was not about graphics as much as a unique story. Look at and how is it a unique story that can not be told in a

    Graphics :9/10 Story: 1/10 All overall: 2/10

  • frm-26755December 19, 2015Reply

    Outstanding tale of friendship and overcoming fears.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DareDevilKidDecember 19, 2015Reply

    A Disappointment 66 Million Years in the Making

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • EllieDecember 20, 2015Reply

    Don’t listen to the bad reviews, it is a beautiful, heartwarming picture! Watch it!

    I have never wrote a review for a movie before now, and I have written
    this because I am so annoyed with people’s ignorance towards a good
    animated movie.

    I watched ‘the good dinosaur’ yesterday at the cinema, not knowing what
    to expect as I had not looked at any reviews and I had only watched a
    30 second trailer…

    I entered the cinema with my mum and we were the only adults without
    children with us! So, before it started I was slightly sceptical,
    thinking that it was going to be very kiddish! Then the film started..
    through most of the film, my mum and I were in tears! It is the most
    heartwarming, emotional, animated film I have watched and it really
    touched my heart, some of the scenes in the film were so brilliantly
    thought out to show real messages! There was one scene where I was in
    floods of tears, the scene dealt with a serious theme, but did it so
    brilliantly! (you’ll know what I mean if you watch it!) I even came out
    of the cinema with my eyes still watering!

    All I am saying is do not listen to the bad reviews. Most of them will
    be expecting something complex but, this film is really not about that!
    This film is inspiring! Especially for children! It is a simple film,
    but the subtle messages, such as overcoming your fears, the importance
    of family, and making your mark were heartwarming, and make you think,
    a lot!

    And for those reviews that said the film scared their child? Well, I
    was in a cinema full of children ageing from 2-10, and throughout the
    film they were asking questions, laughing, and full of excitement! This
    film was very funny, but emotional at the right times, with a great
    plot that really makes you think! I loved this film a lot more than
    other Pixar films such as wall-E, Up or Toy Story. Yes, I know that
    these films have imaginative, classic plots, but this film teaches you
    a lot more than they do, and also makes you feel for the characters! So
    go ahead and watch! But don’t listen to the bad reviews! Make up your
    own mind!

  • martin-andre-ekDecember 21, 2015Reply

    Male feast

    How come so many of these films intended for kids are close to all-
    male casts? This one has two WEAK female characters with minimal screen
    time. WHY? I always view the films i consider for my kids beforehand,
    because children the age that mine are are so very influenced by all
    cultural impressions, i want them to be influenced in a way that
    broadens their horizons, not limiting them. Thus, the films they see
    have to have a prominent female role to relate to; Were i do let them
    see this pile of dung, I’d be letting on influence intending to inspire
    my girls to step back and let the males have all the attention,
    initiative and intelligence.

    Just, WHY does so many casts in this day and age seem inspired by
    ancient Greek theater?!

  • Dream PoolDecember 21, 2015Reply

    Worst Animated Movie I’ve Ever Seen from Pixar

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ukulele33December 22, 2015Reply


    Yeah, i really wanted to like this movie but it let me down time and
    time again. it was a fantastic plot for a movie.. What if the dinosaurs
    didn’t die off. I feel like they really didn’t use that but more of a
    gimmick. They could have switched out dino’s with people and the kid
    with a dog and it would equate to the same old story that has been told
    over and over again. Then it was just sooooo slooooow. Nothing
    happened. plot was as simple as it gets.

    The places where pixar wanted you to get your feels on, i just didn’t
    care. The characters were so vanilla that it just didn’t move me.

    I’m just upset with Pixar. Its really not a kids movie and it shows.
    When they advertised it, you would think its a family fun romp with a
    dino and a kid. Not at all. I was going to take my 3 year old to see it
    but i’m glad i went to see it first.

    Well rant off. Summery, plot was nothing new, characters weren’t
    developed, and was too boring.

    I Just hope Finding Dory brings Pixar back out of the slump.

  • Reuben SaundersDecember 22, 2015Reply

    Even better than Inside Out

    Pixar are filmmakers known for the quality of their films, despite
    being a bit off form in recent times… Until Inside Out came out earlier
    this year. The Good Dinosaur is the product of two new films in one
    year from Pixar; however, being released as the second in one year
    means the limelight has already been taken by Inside Out, and being
    shown in the same window as Star Wars has meant it’s fallen short in
    the box office — but totally undeservedly. Now, to review!

    When the film first started I wasn’t quite sure what to think. Well,
    other than, ”Is that water real? What about those trees? And those
    mountains?”. I realised that they were not real, and so I was aptly
    impressed by the mind-bogglingly realistic computer generated
    environments and the beautiful world Pixar had created for the
    adventure coming. Who for, you ask? Arlo, the third of three babies of
    a farming couple who at first sounded odd with their voices, but only
    until I got used to it after about 30 seconds. The voice acting is very
    good, actually. Anyway, Arlo turned out to be a bit of a coward
    compared to the rest of his family, and was made to feed the birds they
    had in an enclosure on the farm – which led to numerous amusing
    encounters. Eventually, his dad realised Arlo was a bit of a dweeb, and
    made him catch something that was eating their food for winter. What
    was it? A kid, of course! Some serious shizzle then happened and the
    drama enfolded, leaving Arlo alone in the wilderness, until he
    befriended the kid, who was aptly named Spot.

    As Arlo’s quests get more and more dangerous, it gets more and more
    gripping, exciting and emotional, through a plot that twists and turns
    within various different settings which all bring different side- plots
    and side-characters which never fail to deliver, and gradually gets
    worse and worse for Arlo. It does this through numerous perfectly
    crafted dramatic sequences, scenes which forced me to relate to Arlo,
    with every bump to his head feeling like a bump to my own. Furthermore,
    his bonding with Spot made for a more light-hearted feel to the film to
    be introduced, in amidst all the drama and sadness; with Spot’s actions
    being both intriguing and amusing. With Spot, also, came some pretty
    intense emotional stuff, which almost provoked crying three times for
    me. The way Pixar force you to relate, and bond, with Arlo and Spot
    really is incredible.

    The film also has a nice Pixar sort of feel to it that can’t quite be
    described, though it is unique in that it does not at all focus on
    comedy, and more on the drama and character building than any other
    film they’ve done. However, this is a good thing, especially
    considering there is a fair amount of lines in the film that were
    particularly funny – a lot of them in the western-like section of the
    film, with the rustlers, who really are fantastic.


    The Good Dinosaur is a better film than Inside Out in my opinion, with
    escalating drama, action and emotion within a great story which follows
    fantastic characters; with the most impressive animation I’ve ever
    seen. It’s not Pixar’s best, but it’s not that far from it.

    So I give it: 93/100.

  • redtownergmDecember 23, 2015Reply

    Worst Pixar Movie To Date! Even Worse Than Cars2!

    Why I watched this one? Come on…..this is a Pixar movie….and I have
    a 6 and 9 year old….was it possible for me not to see this movie?
    What is this one about? In a world where dinosaurs and humans live
    side-by-side, an Apatosaurus named Arlo makes an unlikely human friend.

    My thoughts on this one? DO NOT TAKE SMALL CHILDREN TO THIS
    MOVIE!!!!!!!! Yesterday my 6 year old had another 6 year old over for a
    sleepover. We thought it would be a good idea to take them to the
    latest Pixar movie…The Good Dinosaur. The 6 year olds survived the
    first tragic movie event pretty well….even at 6 they know that
    parents have a short shelf life in Disney movies. When they saw a
    creature get it’s head ripped off and eaten they started to squirm.
    When they saw a cute furry little creature get saved, then eaten alive,
    and then watched some other creatures fight over the remains of the
    carcass they started asking when the movie was going to be over. When
    they watched our two heroes get stoned from eating some rotten fruit
    they were just confused. When they heard a story about how a T-Rex
    killed a raptor by drowning the raptor in the T-Rex’s BLOOD (spoken in
    the best deepest Sam Elliott voice)…they were ready to go.

    So when the movie was gearing up for the relentless violent
    finale..they both had enough. In tears they wanted to leave the
    theater. On the way out the door they were joined by two more small
    crying children. On the way into the theater my oldest daughter (she’s
    21) and I saw a poster for Krampus…we joking said…”We should take
    them to that movie”….turns out that is what we did! This movie has
    been promoted as a great family movie…maybe for the Manson
    family….but not for my family! Last night my wife and I felt so bad
    that we took another parent’s kid to this movie. Is this what Pixar was
    shooting for? A movie that would scare the hell out of kids….well if
    that was their goal….then they accomplished it with flying colors.

    Final thought: As for a review…the animation is excellent, the story
    is pretty plain, the characters are not very likable….though Spot was
    easily the best character. Pre-teens might like this movie….but kids
    younger than 9 should not see this movie…wait until it is on DVD.

    Ranked 38th of 41 movies on my Pixar vs DreamWorks Movie Ranking Page.

  • HellmantDecember 23, 2015Reply

    Just doesn’t live up to Pixar’s standards!

    ‘THE GOOD DINOSAUR’: Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    The new computer-animated comedy-adventure flick, from Pixar Studios;
    about an alternate world, where dinosaurs rule the land. It revolves
    around a young outcast Apatosaurus, who befriends a feral human boy.
    The movie was directed, and co-written, by first time feature filmmaker
    Peter Sohn. It features the voice talents of Raymond Ochoa, Jack
    Bright, Sam Elliott, Anna Paquin, A. J. Buckley, Jeffrey Wright,
    Frances McDormand and Steve Zahn. The movie (surprisingly) is Pixar’s
    first failure at the Box Office, and it’s only gotten mixed (to
    slightly positive) reviews from critics. It’s a good flick, but it
    doesn’t quite live up to what I’ve come to expect from Pixar.

    The film is set 65 million years after an asteroid, that caused the
    extinction of dinosaurs in our world, passes by earth. Dinosaurs are
    now the most advanced, and dominant, life-form (on the planet); and
    humans are wild animals. The story deals with a runt Apatosaurus, named
    Arlo (Ochoa), who befriends a human caveboy, he was supposed to kill,
    named Spot (Bright); after they both fall into a river, and are swept
    far away from home. The two bond, as they struggle to find their way
    back to their families.

    The movie is somewhat fun, and slightly emotional. I like dinosaurs (as
    do most kids) and I like the concept for this film; but it still feels
    like a bit of a mess. The animation is kind of sloppy, and unappealing,
    and the script just isn’t very well thought out. The film doesn’t feel
    touching, or special, the way that most Pixar movies do. It’s still
    decently made though, compared to regular Disney animated flicks; it
    just doesn’t live up to Pixar’s standards!

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  • TheeAvenger007December 23, 2015Reply

    The good dinosaur

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gaver50December 24, 2015Reply

    cool animation

    Just been to watch this movie. As said by others, no great plot or so,
    but the graphics are awesome. Been dabbling myself with 3D programming,
    but wow, those Pixar dudes make me feel like an infant at high school.
    Although I am mature for quit some time now, the characters almost
    brought a tear to my eyes ( That’s for expressions ) Also the
    environment is great, makes you wonder if it is animation or not. Also
    liked the accents of some of the characters, and the way they
    improvised some of the tools. The water scenes were very realistic to,
    makes one wonder what the next project will bring. It is a
    recommendable movie to go and see over X mas. To finish this, take your
    kids, wife and grand parents to the theater for a great experience.!!!

  • stephendaxterDecember 25, 2015Reply

    Disappointing, Average, and way too many parallels to another Disney classic

    ‘The Good Dinosaur’ is the latest film from wonderful Pixar studios,
    and their second one this year after ‘Inside Out’. It is a very
    light-hearted family friendly film that follows a dinosaur who gets
    lost from home, makes friends with a little human and goes on an
    adventure… a rather uneventful adventure. Pixar are known for their
    striking visuals, great themes and morals, fantastic humour, memorable
    characters, and their incredible ability to craft unique and original
    stories. Well, the visuals definitely deliver, some of the themes and
    morals were fairly strong, the humour is kinda present, the characters
    were OK, but where this movie completely dropped the ball was in the
    originality and storytelling department. This movie was supposed to be
    released way back in 2013 and has since been riddled with many issues
    and problems that ultimately did have an effect on the quality of the
    film. The film was pushed back to 2014, where there were lots of
    re-writes to the point where the director and producer left the film,
    making the final product completely different to what it was originally
    going to be. It was pushed back to 2015 due to more story issues and it
    is definitely visible in the final result.

    I will start with the positives, this movie is probably Pixar’s best
    looking film to date, the visuals of everything from the dinosaurs, to
    the nature and landscapes and even the weather effects were so
    beautiful and stunning that it really does suck you into this animated
    world. Everything was so perfectly polished that it looked very
    realistic whilst also incorporating Pixar’s signature animation style
    that only gets better and better with every new property. In terms of
    the performances i thought it was just average, pretty much the whole
    film is led by performances by young child actors and none of them
    really did anything great with the performances. I thought the best of
    the performances were by Steve Zahn and Sam Elliott who gave their
    secondary characters very distinct and interesting personalities that i
    wanted to see more of. It isn’t really the kids’ faults as they are
    probably very inexperienced but still, there was nothing great about
    their performances.

    This movie, like pretty much all other Pixar films deals with certain
    themes or morals that are designed to allow viewers of various age
    groups to connect with the film on a more personal level. This film
    deals with the obvious ones like family and belonging, but also goes
    into confidence, and overcoming fears, and i quite like how they were
    handled in the film. None of them were force fed to you and they play
    out naturally over the course of the film so it feels very natural. The
    film does incorporate some humour but pretty much all of it is suited
    for young kids, there isn’t much for older audiences and that is a real
    shame coming from a studio like Pixar. And even then, there wasn’t much
    in this film that even kids will find particularly humorous. There were
    a few moments that were very cute, but no real laugh out loud funny
    moments that would get the whole audience laughing.

    As i mentioned, the biggest thing wrong with this film was the lack of
    originality and a plot that was very basic for Pixar’s standards, and
    something we had seen in other films. The film hits a lot of the same
    plot points as other animated films, most notably, ‘The Lion King’. And
    i’m not talking about a few scenes that were reminiscent of events in
    ‘The Lion King’, i’m talking about 3/4 of this film pretty much being a
    semi- reboot of the iconic 1994 film. There were so many parallels to
    draw between the films that it honestly did seem very lazy because they
    had to know whilst writing this that it was strikingly similar to ‘The
    Lion King’. Not everything in the first 3/4 of the film is taking from
    Simba’s adventures as there are scenes and sequences and events that
    occur that does differentiate the two. But overall, as a main concept
    it hits many of the same beats and did make me lose interest at times
    because i felt like i had seen this before just with more interesting
    characters and more depth to the story.

    In the end, ‘The Good Dinosaur’ is a very average film and a step down
    when you consider the quality of Pixar’s other memorable films. Kids
    will get a lot more out of it than adults, i hope…. as the humour for
    a wider audience isn’t really there. The many similarities to ‘The Lion
    King’ for me was a huge strike against the film but i managed to still
    come out of it having seen a decent/average movie. – 6.2

  • thomasvanderDecember 25, 2015Reply

    Just not a good movie….

    I must admit I already got in subject to a lot of the negative word to
    mouth, but after seeing the movie, I can only concur: this is not up to
    Pixar’s standards. It would have been a great direct to DVD animated
    movie, but for a cinematic release it lacked a lot of qualities that
    even Hotel Transylvania (1 and 2) had…. and that’s not a compliment
    (though they didn’t suck half as much as this movie). The story is
    weak, the character dept is lacking on all fronts, you can’t get into
    feeling very attached or emphatic to the main character….. The
    visuals are nice, but there’s too much landscape and too little
    story….. Still, the story has the classic Disney elements with the
    necessary sad part in the beginning, the ‘Long Haul/Journey’ in the
    middle, but it misses critical scenes that are worth remembering and
    the deeper elements that makes a movie ‘classic’. It feels as if not
    enough effort was put into the story. And the end is…. well…. way
    to abrupt. Seems they just got fed up with the project and wanted to
    end it quickly instead of aiming to do something memorable… Which
    they maybe did to make sure budget didn’t explode….

    Worth a watch on TV, not in a theater….

  • pinkarrayDecember 25, 2015Reply

    This is just sad

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Antony InnitDecember 25, 2015Reply

    Awesome Funny Surrealism

    Hilarious for an adult of 37 years because it is a lot sharper humour
    than it has to be to merely amuse a child, it’s thoroughly weird and
    dramatically surreal, it moves at a calm and yet a fast pace, awesome
    artistry, sheer cliffs, avalanches, dangerous monsters with a charly
    chaplain slapstic finesse, and an educational message to force people
    to think about the logic of the worlds animals changing through eons.

    It’s very surrealist and i can imagine republicans and creationists
    being embarrassed at the mention of dinosaurs, and at the thought of
    initiating little chilren to the concept that dinosaurs are cool,
    funny, amazing things… Perhaps that is why the title has not got
    higher marks, it is offensively non-biblical and non-redneck.

  • yasser kamalDecember 25, 2015Reply

    just WHY?

    I am simply a big fan of animation. And since the trailr for this came
    out i was looking forward to watching it. Now to just summerize what i
    think; some dudes sat together and each said something they liked about
    a modern animation i mean talk Lion King, ice age, even panda fighting
    his fears, and then collected these in a film about a biy finding his
    home.and his courage. But i mean just why make it a southern taste? Why
    the wolf calls? Why the smart kid for a pet? Why after why after why is
    all i could think of while watching

    And it really didn’t mean any sense to me Sorry but this one was not a
    movie i would recommend to anyone

  • leosmith-11166December 25, 2015Reply

    The Good Dinosaur: Greatest Animation Ever

    What can I say. I am dumbfounded. The Animation in this film is so
    awesome and lifelike, it’s kind of creepy. The Mountains, The Rivers
    and the Trees are so well animated that it will twist your mind.

    The Story was great, but I heard complaints that it was to basic and
    slow. Well yes, the story is basic, but that’s why it’s so good. The
    films target audience is younger children, not 40 year olds. I agree
    that it was not even near as great as Inside Out, which was complex,
    charming and humorous. But Inside Out probably appealed more to adults
    and nostalgia Pixar lovers( me included), but it wasn’t as big of a hit
    with the kids, due to the complex storyline. So with The Good Dinosaur,
    they tried to make a film that will make kids laugh and appeal to their
    minds. Even for an adult, the Good Dinosaur still has its emotional and
    humorous moments, and it has some really good messages that kids can
    understand. I know that it is no where near as great as Toy Story,
    Monsters Inc, Up or Inside Out, but it is still a very beautiful and
    magical film. Pixar once again deliver.

  • eweidenfeld23December 26, 2015Reply

    The Good Dinosaur is Classic Disney, Which for Some Reason is Upsetting Viewers

    Fresh off of their success from ”Inside Out” (2015), The crew at
    Disney-Pixar visually stuns audiences with their new heartwarming tale
    ”The Good Dinosaur” (2015). The premise of this new story answers the
    question ”What if the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs actually
    missed Earth?” Arlo, a tiny, fearful dinosaur joins forces with an
    equally miniature human being, the fearless and eccentric Buck.
    Together they find their way back to Arlo’s family after he is swept
    away in a river during a severe storm. Throughout their journey, Arlo
    and Buck learn how to adapt, befriend welcoming Tyrannosaurs Rex’s,
    face evil foes, and become best friends. The premise of this film is
    somewhat clichéd, as it describes an outlier of the family who seeks to
    prove that he is deserving of some sort of honor, which in this film is
    putting their footprint on their families personalized food-container.
    Arlo, of course, is the last of the family to have his print on the
    wall. One thing all viewers seem to be able to agree on regarding ”The
    Good Dinosaur” is the astonishing visual work of the film. The film
    takes place millions of years ago; meaning that virtually all of the
    scenery is pure nature. This may have been a challenge, as creating
    life-like visuals of nature can be hit or miss. With this films
    impressive rumored budget of $200 million, Disney-Pixar was able to
    produce visuals that made me question whether or not what I was looking
    at was real or animated. There were times during the film that I could
    not focus on the actual dialogue because I was so completely stunned by
    the scenery. This film is by far the most visually appealing film by
    Disney-Pixar, which gives it a great boost. The mistake Disney seemed
    to make was releasing this film the same year as their massive hit
    movie, ”Inside Out.” Similar to how ”Big Hero 6” (2014) did not compete
    amazingly at the box office because people were still reeling from
    their most successful movie ”Frozen” (2013), ”The Good Dinosaur” has
    not impressed at the box office. It seems evident that people were
    feeling a slight overkill from Disney and company, so they seemed to
    ignore the new film. If ”The Good Dinosaur” were to be released in
    2016, there is no doubt that there would be a higher box office income
    as well as more critical acclaim. Still, even with the
    not-so-impressive commercial success, ”The Good Dinosaur” managed to
    make just under $200 million worldwide, as well as receiving a Golden
    Globe nomination for Best Animated Film. It is no surprise that at this
    point, Disney and company can successfully produce films that are
    entertaining for people of all ages. ”The Good Dinosaur” relies on
    adults to explore their inner child, and remains simple enough for kids
    to understand what is going on. Rather than have huge underlying
    meanings like ”Inside Out,” this film is pretty straight-forward, but
    that in no way takes away from its charm. ”The Good Dinosaur,” which
    stars Jeffrey Wright, Frances McDormand, Steve Zahn, Anna Paquin, and
    Sam Elliott, will not go down in history as one of Disney-Pixar’s best
    films, but will without a doubt keep a loyal fan base, and will pave
    the way for stronger animated features in the future.

  • tiniyearsDecember 26, 2015Reply

    Good, but still kinda empty

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MrDHWong ([email protected])December 26, 2015Reply

    Great visuals but a surprisingly predictable story

    The Good Dinosaur is the second of two Disney Pixar films released in
    2015 (the other being Inside Out). While I enjoyed it for the most
    part, I didn’t find it to be on the same level as Inside Out. It has
    great visuals but a surprisingly predictable story.

    The film takes place in an alternate universe where dinosaurs never
    went extinct and live alongside humans. A young and cowardly
    Apatosaurus named Arlo ends up getting swept away by a torrential river
    while trying to catch a feral caveboy trying to steal Arlo’s family’s
    food storage. After finding himself a long way from home, Arlo
    eventually catches up to the caveboy and befriends him. Arlo later
    names the caveboy ”Spot”, and the two set off on a journey to find
    their way home.

    Filled with amazing visuals, The Good Dinosaur is so far one of the
    best looking 3D animated films that Disney has ever made. The
    soundtrack was great too, it perfectly complimented the most sweeping
    scenery the film had to offer. Unfortunately the story offers nothing
    new. It’s the usual ”face your fears” and ”journey home” type of plot,
    which is fine but if you’re expecting something deeper and more
    philosophical then you’ll probably be disappointed. Overall, it’s a
    pretty decent entry into Pixar’s already expanding library of films and
    worth at least one viewing for its visual style alone.

    I rate it 7.5/10

  • pranayjalviDecember 26, 2015Reply

    Another good one from Pixar

    As always expected from Pixar to create and deliver good movies to its
    viewers, The Good Dinosaur too stands upto its hype. However the plot
    was not too magnificent but it works very well for me. The story
    centres on Arlo, an Aptosaurus and Spot, unlikely human. The movie is
    debut for Director Peter Sohn who has made an equitable justice to the
    movie. However as compared to other movies, The good dinosaur was less
    creative and a bit disappointment for Pixar. Brightly coloured and
    magnificent animation helps the movie in creating a good surrounding to
    watch for children as well as Adults. Like other Pixar movies, I loved
    this one too and go with 4/5 for this animation from Pixar. Hope
    everyone likes it the way I liked it.

  • JosephDecember 26, 2015Reply

    Not bad.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tim BrooksDecember 26, 2015Reply

    Better than it looks

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • darrenrmullerDecember 27, 2015Reply

    How dare you pixar?!

    Concerning the SanJay’s Super Team bundling with the Good Dinosaur. As
    parents we are careful to consider the content of the movies that our
    Children are exposed to. I strongly object to how parents have no
    warning about what their children are about to be subjected to. I do
    not consent to my young children’s mind being infiltrated with false
    gods and frightening imagery. My wife had to leave the cinema as our
    soon to be 2 year old daughter was distressed (as were we!!). My 4 year
    old son buried his head into the chair as I covered his eyes and tried
    to protect him from the disturbing voices and images. This is
    completely unacceptable to take away the rights of the parents. The
    ‘feature’ was clearly slipped in just before the movies appearing to be
    the start of the actual movie we wanted to see. My wife looked at me in
    shock with what was being portrayed and asked is this part of the
    movie. Clearly trickery to get people guard down and seize the
    opportunity of a captive audience. I was uncomfortable with the
    aggressive attempt to force my children to accept this as cool and
    somehow relevant to them. It is not and if this was in the movie we
    paid to see we would have simply walked out. Very concerned about these
    practices! How dare they?!! I can’t fathom how this is okay?!! It seems
    to be to the point where we can’t trust our own screening through
    watching previews.

  • Red_IdentityDecember 27, 2015Reply


    It’s a shame that this film has rather come and gone like nothing. I
    don’t think it’s anywhere close to being the worst Pixar film. It’s
    true that it’s not as great as the best offerings that Pixar has given
    us, but that should not matter. The film should definitely be seen as a
    very good animated work, and as a very good film in general. It’s very
    simple in its structure and plot, but it really highlights the best
    thematic issues that Pixar can do so well. The emotional engagement
    with the two lead characters is strong, to the point that it may
    actually be one of the strongest duos that Pixar has offered. It
    certainly doesn’t hit the emotional depths or complexities that
    something like Inside Out did so great in developing, but this is still
    a strong entry in the studio and is rather underrated.

  • bjedmond-936-641996December 27, 2015Reply

    Great film ignore the bad reviews

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • norywongDecember 27, 2015Reply

    Touching friendly movie not just for kids, recommend to watch

    I am a grown up and I enjoyed watching this movie. This movie is a
    touching and loving movie with powerful messages.

    The movie is very well made with beautiful scenery and beautiful music.
    This movie is not just for kids. You will laugh and cry with this
    movie. This movie that will make you think and want to watch twice and
    more. Do not believe the bad reviews. It’s totally worth watching!

    The two stars missing are for Arlo. I wish Arlo could learn more
    surviving skills in this movie. Waiting to see ‘The Good Dinosaur2’
    when Arlo and Spot meet again and adventure the wild planet before the
    dinosaurs extinct from the earth.

  • Jimmy PhamDecember 27, 2015Reply

    What a wonderful tear jerking and hilarious movie!

    When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I truly did not think I
    would enjoy it very much. It seemed like a semi-cute but too corny type
    of movie that I’d probably wait till it got on cable TV before I’d
    watch it. But boy am I glad I didn’t wait! We all watched this movie
    together as a family and we had a wonderful time.

    First off, the CG in this movie (besides the actual but obvious
    cartoonish characters) are simply amazing and incredibly lifelike! It’s
    like they shot realistic scenes somewhere like Yosemite and just make
    cartoon computer generated characters for the movie!

    Now don’t expect a 100% recreation of the Jurassic era with gigantic
    prehistoric plants and all that jazz because if you do, you will be
    SEVERELY disappointed. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk
    about the movie itself.

    The story is about a young dinosaur named Arlo who finds himself on a
    fun filled yet perilous journey with a newly made yet unexpected friend
    which happens to be a human being. From nearly the beginning of the
    movie and all the way until the end, you will, like one reviewer said,
    be on an emotional roller coaster. But the great takeaway for children
    is that they will learn wonderful lessons like overcoming fears, taking
    responsibility for what happens, and that anyone no matter how
    unexpected can somehow become a friend.

    Even though the full story line wasn’t spectacular, the emotions that
    the characters go through at times will break your heart and it will be
    very hard to hold back your tears. At others you will laugh so hard
    you’ll be literally tearing and dying from laughter!

    So bust out your tissue box, bring together your family and enjoy this
    wonderfully scenic and emotional roller coaster ride of a movie! This
    is one that you’ll enjoy watching time and time again and will be an
    excellent addition to your collection when it comes out.

  • Caitlin LoweDecember 28, 2015Reply

    Heartwarming and enjoyable film, but dark.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Troy_CampbellDecember 28, 2015Reply

    Lesser Pixar.

    Pixar’s form has been mixed of late. For a long time they couldn’t put
    a single foot wrong, yet in the last few years it seems that for every
    hit (Toy Story 3, Brave) there was a let down (Cars 2, Monsters
    University) just around the corner. Now, only a few months after the
    sublime Inside Out, comes this incredibly light and often meandering
    effort that lacks the wit and ingenuity present in most Pixar feature
    films. The movie follows an always-frightened Apatosaurus, Arlo
    (Raymond Ochoa), as he treks through the wilderness to return home,
    facing his fears and forming a bond with human ”critter” Spot (Jack
    Bright) in the process. The premise is extremely basic even for a kid’s
    flick, with the story offering very little in the way of surprises or
    originality. Disappointingly, the layer of adult-targeting amusement is
    absent and there’s a dearth of humour in general. My God it looks
    amazing though. Boasting phenomenal CGI environments that blur the line
    between animation and real life, the photorealistic vistas partially
    compensate for the narrative blandness. The Good Dinosaur isn’t a
    complete flop, but it sits squarely in the lowest tier of Pixar

  • maria-potterDecember 28, 2015Reply

    Worst Pixar Film (by far)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cartoonfreak1989December 29, 2015Reply

    Beautifully simple and simply beautiful

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rohanjohal102December 29, 2015Reply

    Not as good as other Pixar films

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dillon HarrisDecember 30, 2015Reply

    Sweet and Emotional, albeit Brief,

    The Good Dinosaur is a great movie with a very well developed storyline
    and a terrific voice cast. It’s a very enjoying ninety minutes as we
    are taken on a journey with Arlo, a young dinosaur, in a world where
    the species never became extinct, we see a ”boy and his dog”
    relationship develop between Arlo and a human boy, who are like wild
    animals in this universe, it’s an interesting, original set up for a
    movie that gave Pixar a lot of creative space to do as they pleased. I
    was disappointed that the film didn’t establish and develop its
    universe as much as it could have, I expecting Arlo and Spot to travel
    far and wide while searching, but we really never feel that far away
    from home at all. We also aren’t introduced to enough dinosaurs, there
    are only four different species in the whole movie, the trailers really
    made it seem like there was a big world that they were going to
    explore, but in the end they barely scratched the surface, it should
    have been longer, ninety minutes felt tight and the ending was very
    rushed. The film has a lot of heart, and that ended up being the
    highlight, Arlo has a complicated relationship with his family, and
    eventually with Spot, that feels very real, and you will be surprised
    with how human a talking animated dinosaur real is, I found him very
    relatable and I think most people will. There are two great messages to
    this movie, to face your fears and make your mark, and it never forgets
    these two points, it’s a strong, powerful aspect of the story and it
    was wise to always make it evident, establishing how important both
    really are. Sweet, funny and very well animated, it may not be Pixar’s
    finest but the Good Dinosaur is still a charming film that I would
    recommend to anyone looking for something to entertain the whole

    A dinosaur named Arlo makes friend with a young boy who helps him find
    his way back home safely.

  • isaac-udoujDecember 30, 2015Reply

    Clichéd but fun Children’s film

    The Good Dinosaur suffers from some clichés that are common with this
    genre of dinosaur movies for children.

    If you have seen the Land Before Time you can probably predict most of
    the events of this film.

    However,the gorgeous almost lifelike backdrops and fun simplistic story
    make it a great watch for kids.

    The negative reviews pertaining to violence are a bit over dramatic.

    The raw emotion of the film and beautiful message of friendship and
    loss makes this a worthy watch for children.

    (my girlfriend tried to make a review with glowing praise but was told
    to stop shouting by the website)

  • Katia MarichevaDecember 30, 2015Reply

    Amazing fairy tale ! everyone should watch ! I sure it gonna take Oscar!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JojoDecember 30, 2015Reply

    All the bad reviews in here are from angry parents. read my honest review.

    I just finished watching the film. If you are a parent and have a young
    child and want to see a family movie with him or her do not watch this
    film, you might think because the movie is made by Disney it’s going to
    be OK for your child you are wrong, the movie is very dark very
    dramatic, there are words used like death,blood, murderer in it the
    movie also has drug/alcohol references. If you are in your early teens
    there is a good chance you will not care much about this movie and find
    it boring, But in the other hand if you are 18 or over and want to
    watch an animation with the girlfriend/ boyfriend, husband/wife I
    recommend this movie it’s worth a watch I give it a solid 7. I
    recommend this movie for adults that do not have children and want to
    watch a animation movie

  • Asri DiniDecember 31, 2015Reply

    Cliché IDEA, good execution

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Necromancer SakDecember 31, 2015Reply

    The Good Dinosaur is not GOOD enough.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jon-kroeker2January 1, 2016Reply

    BIG regret taking our 5 year old to this. (Contains Spoilers)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • danNQJanuary 1, 2016Reply

    NOT for the young kids it was targeted at!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • alex watsonJanuary 1, 2016Reply

    Not Pixar’s Most Original but Still a Touching Family Film

    In an alternate universe where the asteroid never made impact on Earth
    65 million years ago, a young dinosaur named Arlo must find his way
    home after being stranded by a powerful storm. The Good Dinosaur is
    directed by Peter Sohn in his feature film debut. Despite Pixar’s
    latest film not being their most original or most thought-provoking,
    The Good Dinosaur still manages to tell a heart-warming story that the
    whole family can enjoy.

    The Good Dinosaur’s story is very linear, which makes it easy for kids
    to follow. This is very important for a family movie, but the story
    itself is not entirely original and feels like a combination of Finding
    Nemo and The Lion King. However, the main characters, Arlo and Spot,
    are very likable and memorable Pixar creations. Arlo is a nervous
    dinosaur, and Spot is a rambunctious child. The differences between the
    two make for some humorous and emotional moments together.

    The emotional moments that deal with family and loss are more for the
    adults, while the colorful visuals and simple story will still satisfy
    the younger viewers. One of these moments that involves a circle in the
    dirt is one of the most heart-warming pieces of film I’ve seen this
    year. The balance between the straightforward story for the kids and
    the more emotional beats for the adults illustrates how great Pixar is
    at crafting a piece of entertainment everyone can enjoy. While the kids
    will enjoy the movie for the visuals alone, they can also learn
    valuable lessons like being brave and attempting to ”make their mark”
    on this Earth.

    The film does go in a few odd directions along Arlo and Spot’s journey.
    The two meet some bizarre side characters that feel tacked on. To be
    more specific, there are three Tyrannosaurus Rex that feel terribly out
    of place and do not add anything to the film.

    Outside of the story, The Good Dinosaur’s visuals are very unique. The
    dinosaurs themselves look very cartoonish, but everything else,
    including the landscapes and their surroundings, are very realistic and
    detailed. The contrast in animation made for a very interesting and
    memorable visual style.

    The Good Dinosaur is not as thought-provoking as some of Pixar’s
    previous films like Inside Out, and Wall-E, and that’s okay. A family
    movie should not always be expected to be thought-provoking, but it is
    a nice surprise when a movie does have this added element. The Good
    Dinosaur is like getting a milkshake without a cherry: it’s still
    pretty good.

    Check out this review and many more over at
    or follow me on twitter @alexwatson1994 to talk movies

  • paytronomonJanuary 1, 2016Reply

    Great movie

    This is a great movie. I love every thing about this movie the story
    and characters. I loved the emotion in this movie it really made you
    want to cry throughout the whole movie. I especially loved Spot he
    added comedy into the movie along with some action and fun. One thing I
    thought was strange was that it stormed bad almost every day, so I
    really don’t know how more of the characters didn’t die. Other than
    that the movie seemed pretty logical. Also the animation in this movie
    was amazing like at the beginning when you see the water I almost
    thought that was real water and the clouds looked great. I would
    definitely give this movie a 8 out of 10 for emotion and great story.

  • Burjan ChitrakarJanuary 2, 2016Reply

    Yet another amazing movie by Pixar

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Have Wisdom Will TravelJanuary 3, 2016Reply

    A Simple and Beautiful Classic

    I have adolescent nephews and nieces, but no kids to drag me into every
    Pixar flix or 3D cartoon on offer so I won’t call myself a 3D animation
    connoisseur. I watch it as a random walk-in one Saturday as a couple,
    with some other young as well as middle age couples, and of course some
    families, in a new theater in the city.

    Everyone laughed a lot. The kids laughed at certain things a lot louder
    than the adults. But people are definitely moved and entertained. I
    laughed plenty, so did my other half who didn’t expect to. I admit I
    also teared at touching and beautiful bits too…

    I really really really LOVE the two lead characters. Especially the so
    so adorable and very fierce and ”bite-ty” little wolf boy Spot.

    Visually and musically it is just stunning – the opening scene of the
    expansive green vista and corn field are and the flowing water, river
    rocks and pine forest are just so…wow. Soon it doesn’t matter it’s a
    CG world, I could smell the delightful crisp fresh mountain dew air.
    That alone should keep the most jaded adults occupied…I reckon

    As a narrative it is emotive and true. The overall theme is about lost
    young one overcoming fear and blame, cultivating self-care and becoming
    own authority. More subtly, it is also about overcoming lower nature of
    vengeful impulse, ethnocentric-ism and xenophobia. The overall
    narrative tone is un-sappy, non-preachy, unforced, even warm, fun,
    heartening, and…just adorable.

    For parents with young kids: there are a few potentially ”scary” scenes
    of animals being swallowed (eaten) alive in cartoony manners, no blood
    or guts, just instant. There’s also Spot biting (to kill) all sorts of
    poisonous or yucky creature enemies, which can be yucky to some I
    think. Some may call the lead dinosaur’s momentary hallucination astral
    dream scene kinda ”creepy” too. Also a few life-threatening chase/
    kidnap scenes. So perhaps no under 7 year old or easily-scared

    What I love most about this production – and quite a few local viewers
    have aptly noted – that it is a totally independent standalone story
    world with no reference to any existing Disney story world or Hollywood
    characters. How refreshing and daring! Especially in this era of
    endless soulless mergers-Avengers and clever meta-narratives, a cynical
    time of giant studios aggressively squeezing the last drop out of their
    over- prized, milked-to-death back catalogs. So nice to be able to
    immerse in a wholistic story world again without feeling the greedy
    invisible hands of big studio boardroom suits.

    All that over-thinking analysis aside, this is a story worth
    experiencing simply because it is a good old fashion coming-of-age
    adventure story, with good characters, and lots of heart and beauty.

    I will recommend this movie not just to teens+, but to any adult
    friends, even the most jaded ones – especially the most jaded ones.
    Definitely a 10/10.

  • Thawng KemJanuary 4, 2016Reply

    another winning movie that will melt your heart once again! Pixar does it again

    just wow!!.. thats what i felt after seeing THE GOOD DINOSAUR.. the
    movie makes me smile in tears and give me satisfaction 10/10!.. I have
    always admired Pixar movies and their creative ideas that cross the
    viewers imagination and take us to their worlds.. they always make sure
    you learn some valuable life lesson one or two from their movies.. in
    this you will find a beautiful friendship that protects each other in
    danger,a parents unending and sacrificed love on their
    children,overcoming fear,finding who you are beneath, and you are more
    than you think of yourself!.. Go see it for yourself seriously! ignore
    the negative reviews.. see beyond!.. Peace!

  • Bee BeeJanuary 5, 2016Reply

    ”The Good dinosaur” was likely the worst animated movie I’ve ever seen.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • coldcrush390January 5, 2016Reply

    Ridiculously Good! My child enjoyed it!

    First off, I’d like to say that there is a massive amount of reviews on
    here that are simply rubbish. From butt hurt parents to children being
    scared of storms (that actually happen in real life) is simply just
    ridiculous! The movie starts with a ”What If” question so what does
    that tell you? My son is a big fan of dinosaurs and enjoyed this movie!
    I highly recommend this and if you haven’t seen it, it is a must watch!
    I would also like to add a side-note for all the butt hurt parents that
    felt this was too violent for there kids to watch. If your kids cannot
    tolerate storms and a fictional movie where dinosaurs rule the earth,
    please feel free to indulge them to movies like ”Frozen”, or

  • Ike HarrellJanuary 5, 2016Reply

    The Pretty Good Dinosaur

    I have been watching movies for years and coming to this site to read
    reviews and I never wrote one. But I had to for this movie. All I see
    are negative reviews from this movie and that is crazy. This was a
    pretty decent movie. Now yes it could have been better and I will say
    that this is no where near Pixar’s best film…but if you think about
    it, that means nothing. Pixar is the same ones who made monsters inc
    and wreck it ralph and finding nemo. So by saying this isn’t the best,
    it means nothing because 90% of Pixar’s movies are amazing. This movie
    was not complex, yes, but it is a kids movie and it targeted little
    kids. I’m 17 and I enjoyed this movie. Its not deep but very enjoyable
    and it had its emotional moments. If you went into a children’s movie
    expect some deep plot with plot twists and deep meaning, then you’re
    the problem. This movie achieved what it set out to do which was

    And Omg the at the beginning the scenery looked soooooo real!

  • zetesJanuary 5, 2016Reply

    Minor Pixar, but not bad

    Most definitely minor Pixar, but not bad Pixar (to date only Cars 2
    qualifies as bad Pixar). It took me a while to get over my biggest
    gripe with the film, which is that the sauropod family at the center of
    the film represents, by far, the worst character design Pixar has ever
    come up with (and I’d be hard pressed to come up with any other uglier
    or blander animated characters in recent animated cinema). It doesn’t
    help that the script is so straightforward, and I didn’t immediately
    latch onto these characters. It does help that everything else in the
    film is gorgeous, and eventually the master/pet relationship between
    the protagonist, Arlo (Raymond Ochoa), and the human boy, Spot (Jack
    Bright), caught me. The story is simply that Arlo gets lost and must
    find his way home. There is a good message about overcoming one’s
    fears. By the end, The Good Dinosaur becomes surprisingly involving.
    It’s worth a watch if you’re a fan.

  • stonedraimJanuary 6, 2016Reply

    A family is important….even if it is a new one…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • xviagent-60306 ([email protected])January 6, 2016Reply

    Not so good…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Cleo SmithJanuary 6, 2016Reply

    Weak but beautiful

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sean LambergerJanuary 6, 2016Reply

    Valiant Effort That Often Seems At-Odds with Itself

    A lesser Pixar effort that’s still meaningful and effective, swapping
    the roles of man and beast in a creative, interesting turn. Its tone is
    a bit conflicted, though, with a plot that’s clearly aimed at younger
    audiences but several distressing scares and a harsh edge that might
    make it difficult for children to swallow. Thankfully, it’s got a big
    heart, and an unexpectedly sharp sense of humor that often left me
    chuckling alongside my two young sons, so those frights were almost
    always immediately diffused. I didn’t care for the overly-simplistic
    character designs, which call back to the stop-motion history of
    dinosaurs on film, but the landscapes are appropriately stunning and
    the big effects work is top-of-the-line. These guys know how to press
    their audience’s buttons and provoke a visceral reaction, even in the
    midst a disastrous production with major seismic shifts behind the
    scenes. It’s a good adventure flick, deep and expansive, with a nice
    message and a strong character arc, but there’s still something
    missing. Again, I’d place it among Pixar’s weaker films, but in that
    cellar it keeps fairly good company.

  • Cameron GallantJanuary 7, 2016Reply

    What is Pixar thinking?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • thenzaJanuary 7, 2016Reply

    Dismayed with story and dialogue for myself and son

    I been to many bad movies of course: this one was one for obvious
    reasons 1. poorly thought out story/dialogue 2. character development
    that didn’t climb/arch or was relevant at all. Those things can happen
    in any bad movie of course, but this movie pushed the boundary of a bad
    movie in the case that it was the first movie my nearly 3 year old son
    saw with me at theaters; which ultimately made me harbor resentment
    towards the writers and story directors for a number of reasons. I am
    nearly 30 and my son nearly 3 and I don’t find myself to be an overly
    protective parent when it comes to what he views (of course I am
    against unnecessary violence, the poor treatment of others, and things
    that would unnerve myself if I was a child things ANY parent would more
    than likely agree on) with that being stated this movie was completely
    inappropriate for kids. Firstly the Hindu story at the beginning was an
    interesting after thought in completion but the fact that the kid is
    trapped to fight some horrible monster immediately scared my son who
    isn’t usually scared of monsters or situations in other movies, so
    immediately I felt it went a bit far and shouldn’t have even been a
    part of the movie in the first place. Given that I gave it a pass as
    just being an unnecessary story about surpassing fears and embracing
    peace a concept I don’t think a 2-3 year old would grasp I now move
    onto the movie itself… Surpassing fears is one thing but exposing my
    son to a dinosaur movie that circled around the killing of other
    animals in a malicious manner, a supposed drug trip scene, scene after
    scene about feeling helpless and showing that you have to fight others
    in order not to be victimized are basic values that I would never teach
    my son. The scenes were not endearing or funny, it showed struggle and
    plight, a dinosaur being knocked out, his leg being hurt when told to
    be strong in stalking and killing his enemy a human child… and being
    teased by siblings while later having a pet human who doesn’t speak..
    but rather that bites everyone are not reliable or enjoyable things to
    show to a child. Or a story that an older dinosaur told about drowning
    a crocodile in his own blood? I wouldn’t want to expose my son to fear
    in this sense of the word, yes dinosaurs are scary but the overall
    frame of this movie was not about surpassing fear it was about dealing
    with it as a necessary evil and I do not believe in that, i relate it
    to telling my son a scary story and turning off the lights saying deal
    with it. Granted he wasn’t scared during the movie but more so bored, I
    WAS DISMAYED that I had to expose him to 3 pterodactyl animals tearing
    apart an animal as entertaining when it was revolting, or a father who
    is teaching his son how to be a strong man by killing someone who is
    trying to eat to survive. This movie was a failure in my book for all
    parties. All he could say towards the end was ”watch pandas” as he saw
    a poster for another movie earlier. I feel bad that this had to be his
    first movie experience and that he had to feel fear or a lack of
    entertainment just because the writers and story editors couldn’t grasp
    what are good values or depictions of characters should be. I also feel
    bad for all the other parents who had a similar experience that in the
    hopes that your child likes dinosaurs so much that you had to pay the
    markers of this movie money based on that marketing scheme just to find
    out that you were paying for something you would not want to expose to
    your child. Finally, As a viewer and not a parent I can say that a
    dinosaur getting lost for an hour just to end up where he started is
    not a movie and seeing the characters victimize each other only to
    learn NOTHING in nature or life besides you have to fight/you have to
    fend for yourself falls extremely flat under these circumstances.. THAT

  • Mike BlanchardJanuary 8, 2016Reply

    Exhilarating, gripping and different…

    Whilst there are many people speaking out against the numerous
    polysemic cliff-hangers and plots, it is important to acknowledge that
    it is good that Pixar don’t always create films that are wholeheartedly
    sweet. After all, nursery rhymes often include morals and hidden
    messages underneath their child-friendly exteriors. This film had me
    absolutely gripped by its excellent character development, where you
    absolutely invest in the protagonist. This could be one of the reasons
    why the film is such a roller-coaster ride: because you truly adore the
    main characters.

    Overall, I love the fact that this film is different, gritty (for a
    children’s film!) and thrilling. One of Pixar’s greatest.

  • scififanmanJanuary 8, 2016Reply

    On it’s own, quite a fun movie to watch. For a Pixar film . . .

    I’ll cut to the chase and say I took a point off for lower-than-normal
    animation standards for Pixar, and a point off for the somewhat cliché
    story (no spoilers). The rest of the movie was very fun to watch, but
    that’s from and adult perspective. My father went with my niece and
    apparently she wasn’t that captivated by the movie. I enjoyed the small
    bits of humor for the adults, and the characters were very fun and
    enjoyable. This is more of a character-driven story than plot driven,
    as are a lot of Pixar films.

    I liked it enough I’ll probably see it again sometime, but probably
    won’t buy it. I feel like preteens and early teens would appreciate
    this movie more than younger children. I’m in my 30s and still enjoy
    cartoons though, and this one had me chuckling and laughing out loud a
    few times. Good movie, just not ‘amazing’. I feel like the people who
    only give this movie 1-3 stars are setting their standards too high,
    but I guess that’s easy to do with an awesome company like Pixar. In
    the Pixar catalog, I’d call this movie ‘filler’ between their bigger
    projects. I’m hoping ”Finding Dory” will be amazing =)

  • csfalcaoJanuary 10, 2016Reply

    Complete disaster Pixar – a dark, tense and creepy movie for children?!?!

    I never had such a disappointment with a film for children, and even
    more from Pixar !

    The film ” The Good Dinosaur ” is extremely tense, with the characters
    going through life- threatening constantly , several passages
    mentioning or showing body parts being torn , etc. One of the film’s
    sentences say that a character was ” drowned in his own blood ” … !

    In the movie audience we saw children 3/4 years wept with fear during
    the movie , talking to other parents who were afraid , and my 7 year
    old girl had nightmares because of the movie … not attend , I never
    seen anything like it .

  • nourrabuomarJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    Love it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ole Sandbaek JoergensenJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    Mostly for the kids

    I saw this with my kids and wife, we all liked it, but for my sake
    there were most fun and excitement for the kids an not the adults,
    Pixar is usually good at having adult jokes or things that speak to the
    older audience, but not so much with this film. I stilled had those
    feeling moments, where you think awww and that’s nice, but it is
    missing something, it doesn’t hit you in the feelings like some of the
    other 🙂

    It is a sweet story, some lovable characters, but the most stunning in
    this is the whole scenery, the nature, the liveliness of it all. It
    just looks so real and you really want to go some of these places,
    because if they didn’t have big dinosaurs or creepy insects etc. they
    look to be a very nice place to spend a holiday. It is truly amazing
    how great it all looks, if for nothing else, go see it for that.

    Location, seating & time: Falkoner, Nordisk Film, Frederiksberg,
    Denmark – Bio 2, row 11 seat 10, 12, 14 & 16 – 09.01.2016 at 12.30

  • taylort-62416January 13, 2016Reply

    Best Pixar movie, I’ve ever seen!

    I’m shocked at all the reviews I’ve read on here. I found the movie to
    be quite enjoyable and have recommended seeing it to many of my

    This movie stars some of my favorites actors and actresses: Raymond
    Ochoa, Jeffrey Wright, Frances McDormand, Steve Zahn, Marcus Scribner,
    A.J. Buckley, Sam Elliott and Anna Paquin.

    As the story progresses, we meet Arlo, an Apatosaurus. He eventually
    befriends a human cave boy named Spot. Arlo journeys to find his way
    back home to the Clawed-Tooth Mountains with Spot by his side, after
    his father’s death. They encounter many other dinosaurs that try to
    keep them from getting home.

    The message in this story to me is deal with your fear and have faith
    that you are able to overcome it.

  • vinodemailsJanuary 14, 2016Reply

    Extinct dino story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Python HyenaJanuary 14, 2016Reply

    Good Dinosaur. Bad Film.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SilfirielJanuary 16, 2016Reply

    Not just Pixar’s worst

    I was hesitant about this title anyways, but thinking it’s a Pixar film
    I wasn’t expecting to be this bad. An unoriginal story full of clichés
    and bad dialog. The idea that humans and dinosaurs living together at
    the same point of time in history is fine I guess, but it is very badly
    executed. The humans walk like monkeys but howl like wolves and act
    like dogs!? Really? And the dinosaurs are human in every aspect. OK,
    maybe it’s a good movie for ages 2-6. At some point it’s got the Ice
    Age vibe, bit based on the story not the quality of the movie. So, this
    is one of the worst animated films lately and not just by Pixar
    standards, it feels like everybody who was creative in Pixar left the
    company and now it only operates with animation hobbyists. The only
    good thing about it is hat it only lasts 85 minutes, credits not

  • umme4ukeJanuary 18, 2016Reply

    Did no one get this? (Spoilers)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Samuel RedeJanuary 22, 2016Reply

    Finally a Nowadays Movie Exposing Complex Issues to Children

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Pipe Carrillo BuitragoJanuary 23, 2016Reply

    ”The Most Humane Pixar Movie”.

    ”Simplicity is the key to brilliance” – ‘Bruce Lee’.

    ”Simplicity is the first step of the nature, and the last of the art” –
    ‘James Bailey’.

    Two phrases that embody the pure and beautiful that it is ”The Good
    Dinosaur”. 2015 was a resounding success for Pixar year, with ”Inside
    Out” in the first half of the year, as for the second half not going to
    be easy. but the film went well rid.

    ”Inside Out” is full of complexity, colors, deep characters, joy, a
    real Pixar Movie, ”The Good Dinosaur” is radiant, with a simple linear
    plot but even more profound than success at the box office.

    You could say it isn’t the invention more lucrative and embarrassingly
    wealthy of the producer, however, it is a familiarly rich and rewarding
    film, with lessons for children and adults. It is absolutely
    sentimental and highlights within the competing for being more human
    Disney film.

    The fact that Pixar released two projects in the same year, apparently
    would mean production and distribution problems, it was not so, not
    counting the delay generated by the departure of Bob Peterson of the

    What have happened if 65 million years ago a meteorite had not finished
    with the dinosaurs? Yes, right now, we would be dinosaurs and humans,
    so would exist millions of ”Jurassic Park” films.

    After a beautiful birth, Arlo (Jack McGraw and a little more old
    Raymond Ochoa) strives to meet the expectations of his father, but his
    fears more intimate do not allow it. Throughout the development of the
    film characters (prehistoric) are added to the adventure, however is a
    human child who actually manages to make story, acting sometimes as a
    secondary character.

    Dinosaurs’ genera are not clearly distinguished, but, What importance
    does this?. Perhaps they are totally invented or maybe not, better not
    entering matters paleontologists.

    The nice colors (for anything equal or similar to the colorful ”Inside
    Out”) of the creatures are tones obviously suitable, since despite
    being clear and flat tone, they want that appreciate us the lush
    landscapes as a field, a barrage seen in reality, ravines and plains
    touchingly real.

    Arlo becomes the character more beloved today, When to be beaten, weak,
    bruised, unprotected, still feels strong to return home. A stunning
    scene in the river is terribly strong and harrowing. As it is common in
    the animated films, the fantastic characters acquire qualities and
    features human, accompanied with story’s visual and subjective mood.

    Disney impresses in this case, reversing the typical story of true
    friendship ‘Dog – Human’, where in this situation the human being is
    the dog and the human is the creature. some touch clichés as, on the
    road to decay and decaying but throughout these setbacks the friendship
    begins to emerge.

    Sentimental, emotional and human of the film is held for a couple of
    scenes that vividly portray a heart strong and beautiful, softening the
    heart of all viewers. A viscerally emotive product and substantially
    full of learning for the family.

    Defects, errors, effects, successes, are the ones who manage to ”The
    Good Dinosaur” to achieve one of the posts more high of the Pixar
    podium and not for external and visual emotions, is one of the most
    profound (perhaps the deepest) to achieve the main objective that must
    have a producer to children ”Teach in family”. Except for the emotional
    end, the film is full of friendship and family, never feels his
    solitude, because in all film different prehistoric characters are
    born, Finally, do less, on this occasion, was truly do a lot more.

    ”Simple entertainment, but never empty,”The Good Dinosaur ” in moral
    and human aspects exceeds from head to toe to its predecessor”.

  • dan-804-672327January 24, 2016Reply

    Felt like a bad Tarantino with dinosaurs and kid friendly colors

    We just took our 6 yo to see the Disney PG animation movie ”The Good
    Dinosaurs” which turned out to be a horrible miss. Kids were horrified
    and crying until about 45 mind into it when we left like others.
    Basically, the movie features lots of gratuitous violence like
    dinosaurs eating other creatures alive, parents killed by random
    events, kids hallucinating on toxic fruits, and a ton of mediocre
    meaningless plot twists that make the story look like an episode of
    ”The Wire” played in dinosaur costumes. Give me my money back and
    especially give my little girl her innocence back. She said that she
    would invent a better ending than the one the movie probably had and
    eventually get a job at Disney with it so she can tell them they are
    bad story tellers and she was the little girl crying in the theatre’s

  • Raul FaustJanuary 31, 2016Reply

    On top of the world

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • maggiekeeneyJanuary 31, 2016Reply

    Very good movie…no matter what they say

    When this movie was released in theaters, I like most people read the
    reviews and checked the ratings. Because I did this I decided against
    taking my younger siblings to see it in theaters, believing that it was
    too dark, and might scare them. While I might not let a very small
    child watch this movie on their own, it is no worse than Land Before
    Time. Both movies deal with the same general premise, and while this
    film is a little clichéd in places, it is still a sweet, heartwarming
    movie, and not only made me laugh several times, but also brought me to
    tears more than once, a feat very few movies can accomplish of this 17
    year old. This is definitely a movie I will be watching again.

  • Chappy WatchedFebruary 3, 2016Reply

    CHAPPY WATCHED: The Good Dinosaur

    Before seeing this movie, I had heard that it was going to be the first
    box office loss for Pixar, at least from an Australian point of view,
    that might have been in part because before the movie was released, I
    didn’t see a trailer on TV for the movie until after it’s release and
    even then it was only once or twice.

    I loved this movie. Was it Pixar’s best? No but it definitely isn’t
    their worst!

    It’s your typical Pixar film; has the laughs, the feels, the action,
    the drama and the tears (and boy were there tears!). Also in typical
    Pixar fashion, the detail in things like the dinosaur scales, hair and
    everything else is amazing.

    The story was awesome with a brilliant concept, the voice work was spot
    on and the animation was colourful and beautiful.

    If you are a fan of Pixar’s previous works, you should give it a watch
    despite what you might have heard. This will definitely be something I
    purchase and watch again.

    CHAPPY THINKS you shouldn’t listen to those negative reviews, this
    movie is no Tyrannosaurus wreck!

  • Sabri Avila ArancibiaFebruary 4, 2016Reply

    Not that bad as most of the reviews

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nanza87February 6, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • leochan-00715February 6, 2016Reply

    What a Good Movie ! Absolutely underrated!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kaka-19482February 7, 2016Reply

    One of the best movies made by Pixar and Disneyland

    Well done Pixar and Disneyland!!! I have watched your movies since I
    was born. Therefore, I have already seen a loooot of movies made by
    Pixar and Disneyland. To be honest, ”the good dinosaur” is truly a very
    very touching, meaningful and educational movie. It also got a lot of
    very amazingly beautiful scenes and soundtracks. The story of it
    successfully touches the soul of people and delivers a very meaningful
    and encouraging message towards the audience.

    I love this movie so much. Excellent and great job!!

    I firmly believe that the hard work and effort made by Pixar and
    Disneyland into this movie will be appreciated by others.

  • khaled-elramyFebruary 7, 2016Reply

    Great Movie, I’m really surprised for those who did wrote a bad reviews!!!!

    You can’t skip this one guys!! it’s one of the best animated movies
    I’ve ever seen and you will see that yourself.. The reason that I’ve
    decided to write this review is because the tons load of bad reviews
    that I’ve read before watching this great animation Movie.. Really WOW,
    I think the bad reviews that I’ve seen here not about fans saw the
    Movie I think it’s kind of internet war from a mafia movies producers
    companies!! maybe who really knows!! How in hell those Guys wrote such
    a horrible reviews about the movie while it was very funny, so
    emotional, very heart toughing, and crafted like a real perfect.. you
    will see that yourself.. I really can’t believe my eyes that Hollywood
    bad review wars came here in IMDb!!! I’m really worried for that since
    IMDb was the best guidance for most of the movies lovers and fans all
    over the planet.. For the last time Watch it guys and let your kids
    watch it too, it is very cool.

  • Benjamin SmithFebruary 8, 2016Reply

    The spirit of ‘Finding Nemo’ meets the heart of ‘Up’

    I’m amazed at how critical audiences are being of this film – and I’m
    ashamed to admit I had judged it so harshly.

    When I found out Pixar was releasing two films in fairly quick
    succession (Inside Out and the Good Dinosaur in 2015) I was suspicious.
    After reading so many negative reviews I assumed the latter was a flop
    and a quick buck for Pixar after the success of Inside Out.

    Having finally seen the film I can easily confirm it is far from ANY of
    the above. The Good Dinosaur has plenty of humour and heart to put
    Pixar back on the map, if only people would give it the chance.

    The Good Dinosaur provides an infectious amount of humour, with a heart
    breaking/warming narrative, and truly stunning visuals. The attention
    to detail is breath-taking, something the animators at Pixar should be
    very proud of. One thing I truly appreciate about Pixar is their
    attention to characters communicating through gesture, movement, and
    imagery. These moments resonate so much more than flat- out dialogue
    (take the opening sequence to Up, or the effectiveness of Wall-E.) The
    story itself is somewhat familiar but it works perfectly as a
    standalone film because the characters drive it so well.

    Now, I imagine a lot of people will dislike this review and assume I
    don’t know what I’m talking about, but please assume nothing unless
    you’ve experienced this film. It’s worth a chance. I’ll proudly add
    this to my Pixar collection, and truly hope there will be more from
    director Peter Sohn in the not-so distant future.

  • djfirionFebruary 8, 2016Reply

    I Found It To Be A Cool Movie

    First of all I would like to say all these 1 out 10 reviews really what
    were you guys watching cause what I saw isn’t what you were reviewing
    all your negative stuff about the movie is outrages and stupid.The
    movie was for pretty cool there is some scenes that will see familiar
    from other Disney movies and yes the kid is like an animal in the movie
    cause he grew up without his family and it seems like he is the pet in
    the movie and in a way he tells his story on how he lost his family
    there is a story in the movie and its good.So don’t read the negative
    nonsense that other people Wright they probably don’t even have

  • nasreddine abdelwaheb HamadaFebruary 10, 2016Reply

    A movie that touches the human part we seem to have forgotten

    I just logged in just to say these few words. I never had the chance to
    write a review about a movie before until I saw this one. Lots of
    people before me rated it poorly claiming many things that are not true
    at all. This movie may have a story we’ve seen so many time before but
    succeeds in making us get touched by the story of a dinosaur who gets
    lost and his journey into becoming worthy. In his journey, he makes a
    companion out of a little human boy and the plot is about these two and
    how in the end no one is ever alone. You may lose someone in your life,
    but that doesn’t mean you are alone. I can tell you that this story
    related to the human part of us and everyone who rated this Pixar movie
    as a failure failed big time to be HUMAN. Do not listen to these people
    who claim things randomly thinking they know it all. I can tell you
    that when a movie fails to make an audience cry in a moment meant to be
    a sad moment is a failure. This movie succeeded and amazingly in each
    moment It presented. This movie is one of the best movie I ever
    watched. Thank you Pixar for this amazing work and shame on those who
    failed to be human!!!

  • Asadullah KhanFebruary 10, 2016Reply

    Not Pixar’s worst, but definitely not their best either. It is just sorta in the middle. It is simply OK/Normal.

    The Good Dinosaur is the second release from Pixar in 2015 (Other one
    being the amazing ‘Inside Out’), and I was really looking forward to
    watching it because, well, It’s Pixar, CMON!!

    The movie takes place in a setting where the asteroid that killed all
    the dinosaurs missed earth, resulting in them to keep on living for
    millions of years more. Now this is a really interesting premise and
    they could have done so much with it, but sadly we only get a buddy- up
    adventure type movie. Not that there is anything wrong with those types
    of films, they can be pretty fun but I just can’t help but feel like a
    huge opportunity was wasted here just because of that approach.

    Anyway, so the movie focuses on a child dinosaur in a family of
    dinosaurs, which are obviously sauropods (But not sure which one, eh
    who cares), and are living on a farm because I guess dinosaurs not
    dying out have evolved them a bit more. Some stuff happens and the
    child dino now has to find his way home while being accompanied by a
    human child, and now we have our buddy adventure story.

    Now the movie does some things really great. The animation quality of
    the environments and surrounding are simply gorgeous. Photo realistic
    beauty. The level of detail in some areas was so great that you almost
    forget that you are watching an animated film. Along with that, there
    were some truly genuine great moments/scenes in the movie that you have
    come to expect from Pixar’s brilliance. They were beautiful, tugged on
    my heart strings and I wanted more of them. The Soundtrack was also
    pretty good.

    But then there is the other side; the story was lackluster, the
    secondary characters weren’t anything special and the movie wasn’t
    particularly funny/humorous, which isn’t bad per say but to have a
    serious movies, you need a better story, which this was certainly
    lacking. The overall execution just didn’t felt right, made the movie
    to not naturally flow between scenes of brilliance. Also, what’s up
    with the weird dino design. They looked off to begin with but then
    coupled with the gorgeous surroundings, the contrast just became too
    profound. Wish they did em like dinos from ‘Dinosaur’.

    The couple of amazing moments give you hints of something that could
    have been another pixar hit, but the less than stellar scenes in
    between strung together with a lackluster story made for an experience
    that, although not low enough to be called mediocre or even bad, still
    ends up being a disappointment. For all intents and purposes, this is
    not a bad animated movie overall. It is just not a great one either. It
    is simply normal, which was a disappointment for me as I was expecting
    a lot more from the premise and from Pixar. I would still say it is a
    worth a watch it if you like animated movies.


  • kathy770312February 10, 2016Reply

    A Good Dinosaur; A sad movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kevin Lea DaviesFebruary 10, 2016Reply

    Beautiful Animation Throughout, But Pixar Misses The Mark

    I saw this film last night with my girlfriend. She and I catch every
    Disney/Pixar animation that comes out, and I’m happy to say we both
    enjoy these type of films. Normally we find ourselves totally involved
    with their films, and we always recommend them to just about everyone
    we know, but last night we both left the theater and we both felt…
    disappointed with it

    The Good Dinosaur takes a look at what the world would be like if the
    dinosaurs hadn’t died out 65 million years ago. They evolved into these
    kind of cartoony googly-eyed anthropomorphic creatures, instead of,
    well something more realistic, while the human species have devolved
    into nothing more than wild dogs, unable of basic communication despite
    having vocal cords, cognitive brains, and the ability to build things.
    Anyways, the film is supposed to inspire a master and pet kind of
    relationship between the two of them, as a twist on our relationship
    with domesticated animals perhaps. The design of the characters were
    just so off and clash with the realism presented in the background and
    they really feel out of place throughout. The backgrounds however were
    possibly the only real part of the film that I loved. The scenery is
    astounding to say the least, but it makes the characters stick out like
    a sore thumb. They look totally out of place when you compare them with
    the realisism that the animators perfected for the scenery.

    The plot is kind of a ”Homeward Bound” series of events, which
    certainly brings nothing new to children’s films. It touches on some
    important themes, like inadequacy, loss, fear, and grief, but pales in
    comparison to it’s predecessor ”Inside Out.” Rather, it lacks any real
    palpable moments of emotional content and empathy towards the main
    characters of the film, and to be honest it’s pretty boring throughout.
    Even the moments of action in the movie, it lacks a sense of danger and
    fear that other Pixar films like ”Toy Story” have brought to this genre
    in the past. Like I said before, we both felt extremely underwhelmed by
    the whole thing.

    Anyway, for those of you with children, you might have some different
    ideas. It is a wholesome story (except for the acid trip), but I think
    most kids will be bored stiff throughout. For adults who love
    animation, the backgrounds are stunning, but the characters and plot
    are flat as a pancake. Far below the expectations for most Pixar films.


  • dave LeeFebruary 12, 2016Reply

    One of Pixars best animations

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Reid CouchFebruary 12, 2016Reply

    Beautiful animation does not soothe my wounds

    All I can say is, who hurt the writers? Like what kind of sick, messed
    up childhood did they have? I’m 16 and I was terrified. I feel like
    this is worse than all the paranormal activities and Friday the 13ths
    combined. it was a stressful week so my family and I just wanted to
    watch something cute and sweet and so we decided on the Good Dinosaur.
    The trailer was sweet, Of Monsters and Men was playing in the
    background, and the animation was stunning. We started it, it was
    nice… At first. It went from 0 to five million in 2.5 seconds. It
    just got BRUTAL. But my family kept thinking, ”oh it’ll get better”. It
    does not get better. It gets worse. So much worse. The end was nice,
    but just… I don’t know how to explain it. I’d like to say that it was
    a sweet movie with dark undertones, but in reality it was a dark movie
    with dark overtones. Yes, I meant to say ”dark movie with dark
    overtones”. I’ll admit, my family laughed at the dark parts, but we’re
    all over the age of ten and it was the kind of laugh that students give
    out when they say that they just want to stand in the bus loop and wait
    until they get hit because there was a presentation or test or other
    unpleasant things that day. Don’t waste your money on this unless you
    are emo and like pain or death and dying. If you are evil and want to
    mess up your kids, this is the movie. No need for the ”Himan Centipede”
    the ”Good” Dinosour will suffice. Needless to say I, a 16 year old girl
    who enjoys dark shows, will have nightmares. At least the scenery in
    them will be nice..

  • Morris MaFebruary 12, 2016Reply

    An animation is an animation

    There is every reason for this animation to be nominated the best
    animated feature film. An animation is an animation, it doesn’t need to
    be real or any close to, otherwise animation is not needed in those

    The story was quite conventional journey of adventure despite how the
    characters were set up. Neither impressive nor surprised. However, the
    idea of that the dinosaurs did not distinct is very inspiring.

    The feature of the screenplay was the best part of the movie. There
    were scenes that are so real that confused me whether they were real
    shots or just animation. Probably its animated feature is the best in
    the animation. I am astonished that nowadays animation technique has
    reach this far. Not even any fancy game’s feature could get this high

    Just enjoy the feature of the movie and don’t overthink about the story
    or characters.

  • NMFebruary 12, 2016Reply

    Absolutely stunning – shocked with 1 star reviews

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jjhale-03084February 12, 2016Reply

    Good Family Movie

    I went into this movie with zero expectations not being a fan of the
    ‘dino’ rendering. My family was pleasantly surprised! My two sons (age
    3 and 6) absolutely loved the movie too! I saw a post that it brought
    another parents son to tears and out right crying… not sure how, poor
    guy must be softer than Egyptian Cotton. It follows the ebb and flow of
    a standard epic style of story telling. The overall feel of the movie
    was a warm feeling reminding me of a Milo & Otis type of vibe with
    animosity, danger and founding of oneself. I would recommend watching
    this movie with your family and making your own decision and not skip
    due to a slew of 1 ratings on this website.

    This is my first ever review and probably last. I just couldn’t not
    write my own after reading all the bashing reviews by ‘millennials’ of
    this good family flik.

  • George WestrupFebruary 13, 2016Reply

    Loved the Movie

    Our family loved the movie. Yes it had some issues that need to be
    explained to a child but that is the reason for the movie. Fear, anger,
    sadness, lonely, family, lost etc are all things that need to be
    explained to children at some point. My whole family loved it and
    laughed and asked questions. Ages are 6, 7, 8, 13.

    There is no reason to hide these subjects from a child. It is best to
    learn them and understand that they are real and how to deal with them
    like Arlo does.

    The landscapes are beautiful and the characters are a little cartoony
    on purpose. Spot is spot on. Love that little guy.

  • ishu_somebodyFebruary 13, 2016Reply

    Should Have marketed better to fit the audience!

    This story of a underdog character living his fears is the main plot
    that Disney has always worked with. A character comes along beating all
    odds and regaining the title of a bad-ass or the main part of a herd or
    group has been the bread and butter to Disney. There are some gruesome
    scenes in this movies which has gave negative impact to the audience
    viewing. Disney being known for characters that are too friendly( too
    friendly) even for the children is the main cause for the outburst this
    movie received. This movie should have marketed a demographic of 15- 25
    as there are scenes which will make a child cry and a mother flame over
    disgust. Having said that, this movie is a piece of art, the connection
    between the characters is real. The circumstances, the character faces
    is actually the most real adaptation of wildlife done by Disney, i
    praise their team for this effort. Whatever he faces through the plot
    of the movie gives you the idea of ‘survival of the fittest’ and how
    dangerous it was back in the dinosaur days where everything and
    everybody was there to kill or be killed. The part where the little
    dinosaur falls n see’s his father as he takes him with him was too real
    for me to digest for a little time. This movie is the real adaptation
    of wildlife, the dinosaur being more intelligent then humans is also
    praise able, as we were on cavemen phase. This movie is not for
    children as it suits better for 15-25 demographic.

  • elsol-3February 14, 2016Reply

    You know Pixar has blundered when Cars 2 is better than this…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Octavia BFebruary 14, 2016Reply

    Worst Pixar Movie Yet

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • capone666February 14, 2016Reply

    The Vidiot Reviews…

    The Good Dinosaur

    If an asteroid hadn’t wiped out the dinosaurs than the Flintstones
    would have been the first reality TV show.

    Instead, this family-movie reimagines that non-extinction scenario as a

    After losing his father (Jeffrey Wright), a naïve dinosaur named Arlo
    (Raymond Ochoa) is separated from his mother (Frances McDormand) during
    a flood and forced to find his way back home.

    En route, Arlo befriends a laconic cave-boy he names Spot, and receives
    guidance from an array of prehistoric predators (Sam Elliott, Anna
    Paquin, Steve Zahn) who may or may not want to eat the travelling

    With unconventional character designs, mature themes involving loss and
    scary scenes of animal- on-animal violence, The Good Dinosaur is a
    definite departure from Pixar’s predictably upbeat output.

    Unfortunately, none of these new elements help make this black sheep a

    On the bright side, if dinosaurs had survived we’d all be wearing
    Velociraptor leather coats.

    Yellow Light

  • VinceFebruary 15, 2016Reply

    Heartfilled Adventure for the Entire Family!

    After reviewing the reviews I was skeptical about this movie. I had
    read that there was no plot and how terrible the movie was. However,
    much to my dismay I recognized the plot right from the start. What if
    the big bang never happened and the asteroid just flew on by? This
    movie was an epic tail on family values, importance of overcoming
    obstacles, love, passion, friendship, and so much more!! I found myself
    in tears a few times quietly trying to hide them all while watching my
    13 year old daughter wipe hers off her cheeks. I absolutely loved this
    movie. My son, who is 3 years old, has never found much interest in
    sitting and watching an entire movie. There is so much to be touched by
    in this movie. Great Job Disney Pixar! A+++++++

  • roshan-245-24837February 16, 2016Reply

    A Unique Concept, A Simple Plot, Execution…Mediocre and Flimsy.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CatDVFebruary 16, 2016Reply

    Different in a bad way…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JerghalFebruary 17, 2016Reply

    Boring and unoriginal

    In the Good Dinosaur the meteorite that wiped out the Dino’s misses
    earth and the Dino’s become the dominant species on earth. And despite
    their lack of opposable thumbs they all become farmers with a sort of
    Texan accent. So they’re stupid AND they can’t work their tools.
    Awesome. But the humans strangely enough also roam the earth but they
    must have been held back by the Dino’s or something coz after millions
    of years they still are Neanderthals despite having opposable thumbs
    and bigger brains. The creationists at Pixar must have taken over and
    had a field day with the script it seems. Anyways, the main character,
    the ‘Good Dinosaur’ which should have been called the ‘Cowardly
    Dinosaur’ coz he fears EVERYTHING loses his parents and has to find his
    way back home and learn to conquer his fears on this journey. Sounds an
    awful lot like ‘The Land Before Time’ another overrated piece of junk.
    Very original Pixar. Just give up and make Cars 3 already… I
    digress…so the main coward Dino is boring and I didn’t like him very
    much. The dog-like critter child (on his back on the poster) is more
    fun but we have seen this before in ‘The Croods’. Again with the
    stealing Pixar? I probably do not have to spell it out but I did not
    like this movie at all. It’s a new low point since Cars 2 and I even
    liked ‘Inside Out’ better, that one at least had an original and
    engaging story. The best thing about this film is the almost
    photo-realistic scenery. Some shots almost look like live action
    photography. The Dino’s on the other hand look like rubbery plastic
    toys (that’s probably easier for the merchandising) which makes them
    stick out like sore thumbs. Maybe kids will like it (they liked Cars 2
    so what do kids know right) but other Pixar movies appealed to adults
    too. So if you have to take your kids to this one take a pillow with
    you and take a nap. And if your kids have good taste it might be wise
    to bring their pillows as well.

  • Mushfique AhmedFebruary 17, 2016Reply

    mind blowing

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gordon-11February 17, 2016Reply

    Beautiful visuals

    This film tells the story of a cowardly young dinosaur, who lost his
    way home after a storm. He befriends a young human being in prehistoric
    times. They navigate the treacherous lands in search of their
    respective homes.

    The visuals in the film are quite stunning. The colours are vivid and
    bright, while the backdrop is always beautiful and at times even
    breathtaking. It’s interesting to see a talking dinosaur, while the
    young human being behaves more like a dog, which is further reinforced
    by the name spot. I enjoyed the exciting and on occasion dangerous
    adventure they share together. It’s an inspiring story to help children
    and adults find courage to conquer difficult times.

  • Rahul HolaniFebruary 18, 2016Reply

    Its Pretty Bad

    Although The Movie is From Pixar and I had high hopes for it, the
    Dinosaur thing is way out of fashion. It was uncanny how much the movie
    was similar to the Lion King. I hated the voice of Argo (Thats the main
    Character). His voice was very annoying against the background music. I
    also hated his Character. In-fact, I Literally had no feelings for Argo
    until 50 minutes into the movie. And even after that, the movie was a
    complete bust. The other main character, Spot, although was portrayed
    as a human, he played the role of a dog. The Movie was full of clichés.
    I do not recommend watching it as you would feel as though the Pixar
    ideology has gone in the Dump.

  • lgerbickFebruary 19, 2016Reply

    Too scary with not enough fun

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • glenn93-8-324920February 20, 2016Reply

    Nothing new, but still great!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mahd AhmedFebruary 20, 2016Reply

    Pretty good movie..

    This is my first ever review. I watched this with my younger sister and
    brother. They enjoyed and so did i… kind of. The first half of the
    movie was brilliant, with great visuals and some funny moments. Towards
    the end, the film got way too emotional. The plot wasn’t anything
    special, though it was very executed for the most part. My biggest
    problem with this movie was the ending. It was simply bland and a
    ending we all saw coming. Another thing. This movie was quite messed up
    and some children may be disturbed by it. Overall i didn’t hate the
    film or even love it. I can’t recommend it to anyone was

  • tedg ([email protected])February 21, 2016Reply

    Background as Foreground

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ankit Bhatt (ankitbbd)February 21, 2016Reply

    Beautiful family entertainment

    Story-In a world in which dinosaurs never went extinct,a young
    Apatosaurus named Arlo, meets an unlikely human friend while traveling
    through a harsh and mysterious landscape.

    I haven’t watched such a beautiful animated movie since a long
    time.Movie’s story was innovative with great animation.

    We cannot expect better animation than this.Movie is full of beautiful
    landscapes along with some funny characters.

    There are some emotional scenes that really touched my heart.We should
    see this movie with our family as it is meant for family audience and
    it will make your bond stronger with them.

    Movie gives you message that we should not fear from strangers and no
    matter what,our family and friends are always there to protect us.

    I did not understand why people are writing bad reviews about this
    movie.This movie is not that bad.In fact, it is great. If you love
    animated movies then this will be a treat for you. Overall I give it

  • makuribuFebruary 21, 2016Reply

    Gorgeous CGI background, nothing on top of it.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kaleb SearleFebruary 23, 2016Reply

    Deserves a better review than many give it, however movie does have quite a bit wrong with it.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • alwildingFebruary 23, 2016Reply

    The Good Movie

    I don’t understand why the low rating. This was a fantastic movie
    (lighthearted, but sad). As a teacher (who understands plot) this
    definitely has a plot. However, I would say the ending is quickly
    wrapped up, I loved watching it! I didn’t feel it was slow moving at
    all- but I’m a 30 something. Funny and beautiful graphics (worth that
    alone). Definitely worth seeing and buying. It definitely is good for
    both children and adults. I think this movie didn’t do as well due to
    being released at an unfortunate time, however my family loved it.
    Laughs and tears. I’d say it is up there with Up, Toy Story, and pretty
    much every other Pixar film. Great movie, great Dinos!

  • TheLittleSongbirdFebruary 24, 2016Reply

    Not as bad as feared, but very much a lesser Pixar

    After being blown away by Pixar’s previous film ‘Inside Out’ (which is
    one of their best too), while not really deserving of so many 1- star
    reviews ‘The Good Dinosaur’ disappointed on many levels.

    Not just lesser Pixar but a contender for their worst too, even more so
    than the often panned ‘Cars 2’ (which to me while not great was not
    that bad). It is a long way from an awful film, certainly much better
    than several reviews have lead you to believe (seeing as 1- star
    indicates no redeeming qualities, which is not the case here), but
    considering Pixar’s usual incredibly high standard I was expecting so
    much more.

    There are a number of good things here in ‘The Good Dinosaur’. Much of
    the animation is spectacular, including some of Pixar’s most gorgeously
    vivid colours and some of their most stunning and rich- in-detail
    backgrounds. The music score is both whimsical and energetic, and the
    film also benefits from some clever casting and very strong voice
    acting, Sam Elliot in particular stands out. Many have complained of
    Arlo’s voice work, it wasn’t a problem personally.

    On top of those, ‘The Good Dinosaur’ does have some genuinely funny
    moments (mostly visual), parts that are genuinely touching, some
    thumping, thrilling action, a beautifully realised central friendship,
    an endearing lead character in Arlo and an inspirational main message
    (as a matter of fact, all the lessons and messages the film teaches are
    great). So a lot to admire.

    However, ‘The Good Dinosaur’ does fall short. While there is much to
    admire in the animation overall, it also contains the least appealing
    character designs in any of Pixar’s film, the photo- realistic look
    looks cartoony rather than realistic and jars against the vivid
    backgrounds . While keeping things simple can work in a film’s favour,
    ‘The Good Dinosaur’ is rather too simple and straight-forward that the
    storytelling while not completely dull lacks momentum and veers on
    being too paper-thin and simplistic as well as being too predictable
    and familiar. Target audience is also an issue.

    Adults may find themselves checking their watches, not that it’s
    completely dull but unlike much of Pixar’s other films it is not
    consistently captivating. And with children, while this viewer usually
    tries to not complain about anything being too dark or unnecessary and
    has been known to defend films criticised for that ‘The Good Dinosaur’
    is an example of a film where that criticism is valid and
    understandable, because there is some dark and disturbing content (like
    a decapitation and a drug reference) that added absolutely nothing and
    quite frankly had no place in a family film. The violence is similarly
    gratuitous. The script is inconsistent in the laughs and emotional
    investment factors and is not as clever, witty, insightful or as
    intelligently structured as the writing for Pixar’s best, coming across
    as even more paper-thin and simplistic than the storytelling and the
    dialogue itself is often cheesy and clichéd.

    In conclusion, not as bad as most have made out but very much a lesser
    Pixar. Has enough good merits to make it watchable, but it’s the only
    Pixar film to date to disappoint me. Very hard to decide between a 5 or
    6, as it was actually not easy to rate, so it’s got a 5.5/10 (somewhere
    in between). Bethany Cox

  • tamrawillettFebruary 24, 2016Reply

    not for kids!!

    Good lord! It’s irresponsible–at the least–and reprehensible–at the
    most–to promote this movie as a family-friendly comedy. Anyone
    familiar with how Disney treats parents won’t be surprised by the
    beginning–but that is followed by an hour of unrelenting intense and
    scary action with only a wee blip of calm in which to catch our breath.

    This isn’t to say it’s a bad film–the coming-of-age trope is told in
    an interesting manner and the visuals are breathtakingly beautiful. But
    it ain’t a movie for kids–it ain’t a movie for me either, but I
    believed the commercials and trusted the Pixar name. Goodness, I saw
    this on TV–can’t imagine how horrible it would’ve been to see it on a
    big screen. Yikes

  • bigdeezee-74223February 26, 2016Reply

    C’mon people

    My kids and I enjoyed this movie. There are areas that could have been
    done differently. I did only rate it a 7/10, but it’s just a movie.
    Disney/Pixar doesn’t owe me anything. I don’t have a sense of
    entitlement like some of the other reviewers. TGD was a visually
    appealing movie, with a decent (not amazing) storyline. I’m not
    interested in hashing out where they could have improved. Or
    down-talking the movie. I liked it. Some others don’t. If your kids
    were traumatized by this movie, you should be looking inward, not
    blaming a MOVIE. HA! Bottom line is, watch the dang movie and make your
    own decision. Was it worth the $2 to rent at RedBox? Absolutely.

  • gedpurvis-332-659799February 26, 2016Reply

    Enjoyable children’s animation.

    OK how many times have we heard this story? Main character ends up
    lost, finds friend and when confronted by the bad elements of life they
    discover their inner bravery to steer them ahead in their life. Its not
    a unique tale but still its told very well by Pixar, the animation is
    outstanding although the characters seemed a little out of place with
    their cartoony style but that is easily overlooked by the way the movie
    moves along.

    I cannot understand the many bad comments about this film saying it was
    too dark and scary for kids but people said the same about Return to
    Oz, Snow white, Pinocchio and even the Lion King and they are now
    deemed as classics. The Good Dinosaur although not in the same league
    as The Lion King is just an enjoyable romp and has many great things
    going for it and I as an adult enjoyed it, its a nice film and cannot
    see the problem with it being scary for the young ones.

    Kids are a lot more tougher than some people give them credit for and
    lest we forget the days of old when we hid behind the sofa sh***ing
    ourselves because of the monsters from Doctor Who … This film is
    nowhere as extreme and deserves better credit as a good wholesome
    family movie. 8 out of 10 from me.

  • DavidFebruary 27, 2016Reply

    What is wrong with everyone?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jcherry-67528February 27, 2016Reply

    An alright movie for adults, my 4 y/o loved it!!!

    I thought this movie was a good movie for the family, not the best
    Pixar film by but we stayed entertained, I just don’t see how all you
    upright parents can write about how this movie is to violent for your
    children! Have you forgotten what we as children watched so many years
    ago? This is nothing compared to what we would see watching even Looney
    Tunes! My 4y/o loved it and knows that’s it’s not real and just a
    cartoon, get a clue people, your children are going to see things more
    violent and obscene growing up and you won’t even have a clue! If you
    think this was to violent you have problems! You did give my wife and I
    a great laugh reading your ignorant reviews!!

  • Ajeesh VijayanFebruary 28, 2016Reply

    Just Another Average Movie

    A wonderful thought, beautiful theme but a mediocre and lackluster
    direction. When the meteorite which was supposed to collide the mother
    earth but bypasses the planet and the dinosaur races still reigns the
    earth and develops a civilization. The story is about a young dinosaur
    named Arlo who lost his way back home befriends a human boy and they
    continues their adventurous journey together. The theme is new and
    animation is good. But the story is a mix mashup of previous animation
    movies like jungle book, croods, etc. the movie is interesting in parts
    and yawnful in the other areas. The kid looked cute. And the ending
    note was good. All total a just above average movie but its watchable
    for its joyful moments. I will vote 6 on 10

  • aerickwFebruary 29, 2016Reply

    I Wanted To Like It

    But I didn’t. My wife and children saw it in the theater and ranted and
    raved about it. They finally bought it and begged and pleaded me to
    watch it with them. The trailers looked bleh, and the dinosaur
    character looked ”Magoo”, but I promised I’d keep an open mind as we
    popped it in the player.

    The background animation is PHENOMENAL!!! That is what earned the 3
    stars for this review. Otherwise, it would have been a 1.

    I do realize that, in order to enjoy just about any story or movie, you
    need to let the storyteller take you on a journey, and usually that
    involves suspending reality in some cases. That’s often part of the
    fun. But this just had way too many of those moments, to the point
    where I found myself rolling my eyes and even frustrated at times.

    Couple of examples:

    1) Arlo hatches out of a huge egg, and yet he’s about a quarter of the
    size??? With all that yolk to feed on during development, wouldn’t he
    have been much bigger?

    2) Why do these dinosaurs look so dumb? They look like what people
    thought they looked like a hundred years ago!

    3) So, just because the meteor missed Earth in this scenario, somehow
    millions of years later dinosaurs can farm (without opposable thumbs,
    mind you) and humans didn’t evolve at all???

    4) T-Rex’s, for some odd reason, aren’t carnivores, and instead raise
    cattle? And Velociraptors are idiots?

    5) Arlo makes his mark at the end for doing what? Overcoming his fears?
    Never mind the fact that his family had to spend the Fall harvesting
    for the winter without his help (and his father’s help), and now he
    shows up just in time to eat!

    And there’s more, too! But my wife and children do love it. This isn’t
    a movie for adults who expect a story to make sense, or at least appeal
    to some hidden-in-plain-sight mature humor themes. This has neither.
    But if you want to watch a movie about an overly cutified dinosaur and
    his adorable dog – I mean human pet – without any of the charm we’ve
    seen with so many other Pixar movies, then I guess this movie is for

  • Phoenix StarMarch 1, 2016Reply

    Refreshing, but hampered by clumsy execution

    The Good Dinosaur is definitely an odd-ball among Pixar movies. What
    makes it stick out like a sore thumb is that it actually dares to
    drastically step away for your typical Disney/Pixar ”happily ever
    after” formula. Especially for Disney which kinda are known for
    favouring feel-good cliché stories over harsh morals.

    This film goes for the later however in quite a few of its attempts, it
    falls flat because in some instances the makers did not understand how
    to go about it, which for a studio this big is baffling. I’m all for a
    kids movie dealing with death, mortality, morals and teaching them that
    nothing in life is granted – it’s only natural. However, even when it
    isn’t trying to teach things and is purely goofing around, there are
    always crass scenes like for example an giant bugs head being ripped
    off (while alive no less) which truly make my forehead wrinkle thinking
    ”what the fudge were they thinking!?” Those scenes are frustrating and
    unnecessary it’s almost overwhelming, and it’s unfortunate, because it
    really makes all the good moments easy to forget and ignore. And there
    are fairly enough of them too. What to me started as a pretty bad
    movie, progressively got better toward the end, but it definitely
    required some tolerance along the way. And in the end it came of a
    solid film, but still I can see why parents won’t be pleased with this

    Technically there is little doubt that this is state of the art. While
    the characters themselves seem pretty basic, the world around them is
    anything but. There is so much detail, various materials and elements
    (like water, earth…) behaving with incredible realism. Best
    landscapes too. They have set the bar higher with this one.

    Doing rough and harsh life lessons in movies aimed at younger audiences
    can be done right as some in the past have proved, but it’s obviously
    not an easy thing to do and requires much finesse. ”The Good Dinosaur”
    struggles in that regard and sometimes handles thing badly and
    inappropriate. Still there is also a fair amount of moments where it
    shines and manages to get the message across, and it shouldn’t be
    judged sorely on the negatives. All said it’s a decent one. It may or
    may not be Pixars worst, but it still isn’t bad.

  • arpanvinayakmaxMarch 1, 2016Reply

    NOT AT ALL a bad movie, an unforgettable experience.

    Its very unfair that the other watchers call this a bad movie. What did
    they find bad, I wonder? I have seen almost all of Pixar’s movies and
    many of Dreamworks’. I believed that Dreamworks made animals more
    beautiful than Pixar, but after watching this movie, I have to change
    my opinion. The animation is stupendous, I don’t remember the last time
    I saw animation this wonderful. The water, the trees, the child, they
    all seemed REAL. The story is better than many meaningless plots that
    animation movies have nowadays (ex- Minions). Its beautiful, meaningful
    and it did make me cry at several parts. The music (OSCAR WINNER
    Mychael Danna from LIFE OF PI)and the voice acting are superb. Yes,
    this movie might be disliked by kids, because the level of violence is
    a tad above other animation movies. This movie feels a little bit
    serious when its telling you something. Everything is not supposed to
    be a joke. The maturity level of this movie is a tad high over others.
    And that’s actually great, IMO. Animation is for everyone.

    All in all, Pixar has surprised me. This is a wonderful animated movie.
    Its an unforgettable experience. Should be watched by all. Watch it,
    and then form your opinion. Don’t MISS IT BY READING THE BAD REVIEWS. I
    was going to miss it, after reading the reviews. I am so lucky I
    didn’t. Believe me, it’s worth it.

  • Joseph W DicksonMarch 4, 2016Reply

    A beautiful and powerful movie… especially for shy and/or insecure kids…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Reno RanganMarch 4, 2016Reply

    Arlo and Spot’s adventure to the Clawtooth Mountain.

    To be honest, I have been looking forward this since the day I came to
    know about it. But it took so long to come out, even the Windows OS has
    upgraded thrice since then. After all these years, now I feel this is
    not what I wanted. It should have been different, especially the story.
    It was a fine animation, including all the technical aspect had no
    issues, but the story was not convincing.

    Seemed just like another version of ‘The Croods’. In fact, crossover
    between these two would be awesome like the boy from this and the
    family from other title as an original family who lost each other for
    some reason. But the trouble is, both are from the different production
    house and coming together is a tough task.

    The civilised dinosaurs? That’s kind of weird, but in a children’s
    story and animation, all are fair. So I turned into one and enjoyed it.
    Apatosaurus are farmers, T-Rex are cowboys, yeah whole new perspective,
    apart from the humans who are still in lower on the chart of dominance
    and intelligent.

    In my opinion, I’m being honest with what I felt. The theme about self
    discovery and to throw away fear is inspiring for the little children.
    At a same time, it is not a freshly developed story, kind of reminds
    ‘The Lion King’. I know they’re not same, but the initial parts are,
    between father and son. You can watch it once or twice, because it is
    not a boring film, but not the best.


  • madauboshMarch 5, 2016Reply

    Horror movie for Children

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • blaudrukMarch 5, 2016Reply

    The Mediocre Dinosaur

    Yes, I’m a grown ass man and I love Pixar movies. There, I said it. I
    can’t help it. They make me giggle like Bieber and cry like Kanye. That
    being said, let’s see if The Good Dinosaur is actually… euh…good.

    The Good Dinosaur?

    So what if, 65 million years ago, that one colossal asteroid missed
    Earth by a hair’s breadth and didn’t drive the dinosaurs to extinction?
    Obviously this would lead to dinosaurs working as farmers -duh- and
    humans still walking on all fours. Our main dino, Arlo the Apatosaurus
    (giraffe dinosaur), is the youngest member of an agrarian family of
    five. He’s weak, small and afraid of anything that moves. But when a
    cruel twist of fate leaves him stranded and alone in the wild, he has
    no choice but to team up with an unlikely -not really- ally and try to
    get back home.

    The Mediocre Dinosaur?

    It’s no secret that this project has had some speed bumps on its way to
    the audience. It took Pixar six years of development, several changes
    in both script and cast and even a different director to finally get it
    released. Unfortunately it really shows in the movie.

    Firstly, I want to give props to Pixar for the animation of the
    background scenery because it is straight up stunning. I seriously had
    some doubts there for a moment whether I was watching an animated or a
    live action movie. So kudos for that. Sadly, the same can not be said
    of the character’s design. They looked underdeveloped and bland, like
    they were developed by…well… anyone other than Pixar. The contrast in
    animation is so noticeable that the characters almost look out of place
    in this realistic environment. Even more so once you see the tragic
    experiences they go through.

    Which brings us to the story that is, again, very inconsistent. The
    first act, watching Arlo’s struggle to fit in with his family, is a
    downright snooze fest. It looks like whoever was in charge couldn’t be
    bothered anymore so they handed over the reins to their janitor for a
    while. No offense, Scruffy. After that, the movie wakes you up with a
    scene that is awfully similar to a certain Disney classic – you’ll
    know- and the adventure finally takes off. Now this is the part where
    the movie shines. Arlo’s reluctant teamup with a human kid, called
    Spot, provides us with some very genuine and heartfelt moments that
    belong right up there with Pixar’s best. Some of them involving: a
    hilarious blow-a- mole -what?- game; having a psychedelic trip after
    eating some rotten fruit; and a heartbreaking scene with just sticks
    and sand. Other than that, the remainder of the movie is a patchwork of
    story lines they don’t follow through and characters you’ll forget
    about before you finish your Diet Coke.


    The Good Dinosaur is a bit what disappointment looks like, this movie
    performs so inconsistently that it makes you wonder if it’s actually
    the same movie. Had it been any other studio I would have dubbed it as
    an okay, fine movie. But that’s the cross of being a Pixar production,
    this was definitely the most mediocre movie they have brought out since
    Brave –we do not talk about ‘Cars’ in this house-. Like my parents
    always tell me, I expect more .

    But in the end it is still a family movie. Kids will love the silly
    action and the jokes that go over their heads, will keep the adults
    interested. The good moments in this film are few and far between but
    when they do show up, you’ll be reminded of why you still claim to buy
    movie tickets just because your little sister wanted to go. And that’s
    just fine.

    How to watch? -not as bitter old man; on any screen Score: 6,5/10

    For more reviews, visit


  • lazydazncMarch 6, 2016Reply

    Great Family Movie

    We took our 4.5 yr old to see this movie and we all loved it. The story
    line takes you through all your emotions from tears to laughing.
    Adorable. Even my husband kept saying ”wow that was a great movie!”.
    The family dynamics portrayed in the film were great. The struggle that
    a child, that maybe isn’t as successful as their siblings, goes through
    is perfect. The friendship with a creature different from oneself is
    such a valuable message. The struggles to fit within a family and
    outside of a family are real. This movie highlights all of it in a
    sweet and sometimes harsh manner, which is just like life. Overall
    worthy of a 10.

  • gfloressatxMarch 6, 2016Reply

    Realistic animation, emotional scenes

    Yes, the movie has some scary scenes and characters for young children
    (under age 9). I can understand parents’ negative reviews, since they
    do not want to take their kids to frightening movies. Also, there are
    rancher/cowboy stereotypes, which I didn’t like. But I believe that the
    animation is very realistic,especially the scenery. The music is moving
    and the scenes between Arlo and Spot are very sweet (I cried). I like
    the messages of pressing on through fear and love of family. The voice
    actors are also good – I love Sam Elliott’s deep voice as the older,
    wise rancher. It is not the best animated movie I’ve seen, but not the
    worst. I would rate this movie a 6 out of 10.

  • necrosquelchMarch 7, 2016Reply

    Unfocused, Unrealized, Uninspired, and Confused

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tenderlovingtonyMarch 7, 2016Reply

    Entertaining, but not all that special

    ”The Good Dinosaur” was a fun movie and will probably be memorable for
    young children, but the plot is entirely predictable. The animation, as
    usual, is superb. The notion of humans and dinosaurs living in the same
    ecosystem, with dinosaurs as the more advanced creature, is jarring.

    The animalistic Spot character (even before being named) reminded me of
    a first grade classmate of mine who was lacking in language ability and
    seemed to unleash his rage while playing dodge ball very aggressively,
    for example.

    I happened to view the film in an audience that was about half parents
    with young children and half college students. All seemed to enjoy it.

  • ratslovetherachel2March 8, 2016Reply

    We enjoyed it immensely!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Adit ThakurMarch 8, 2016Reply

    A good movie but not great

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Wei Jay Tan ([email protected])March 10, 2016Reply

    ”A different Pixar film, but still very unique and one of a kind.”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • digitalbeachbumMarch 12, 2016Reply

    Awful movie. Pixar and Disney should bury their heads

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • raydooMarch 14, 2016Reply

    A very funny and touching movie

    The Good Dinosaur is beautiful movie with kind characters, a wonderful
    story about friendship and family and the artwork is just amazing. Of
    course there are evil characters too- it’s about dinosaurs, so that
    seems obvious. Compared to other computer animation movies there are
    only a few action scenes, instead there are beautiful generated
    landscapes. And about tragedy: it’s as ”disturbing” as ”Lion King” and
    ”Bambi”. We really enjoyed The Good Dinosaur every minute! Maybe not
    the best Pixar Movie out there but with the Heart at the right Place.
    Nice twist to the Boy and his Dogs Movies. This sentence is for the
    sole purpose to reach the 10 Lines …

  • DrmortydMarch 16, 2016Reply

    Made my 7 year old cry. Thanks Disney-Pixar!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gin225March 17, 2016Reply

    Lacks humor

    I rated this a 6 because although I didn’t like this much, my 5 year
    old did. The movie was slow and pretty much humorless. It developed
    more of a plot and a pace towards the middle through the end. I only
    liked the cowboy dinosaur voiced by Jeff Bridges or someone that sounds
    like him. If you have a timid child or a toddler or a young girl, they
    probably won’t like this movie. Which is confusing from the poster and
    trailer. It appears to be a young children’s movie. The background
    animation is incredible, the main protagonists/dinosaurs are drawn
    rather childish. Quite a difference. The situations that occur, well
    you have to understand, this is a dinosaur world. So in that world,
    it’s eat or be eaten. Why would any parent find that disturbing. (I
    read some of the other reviews) My favorite character is the young boy.
    But again this movie is from the dinosaur perspective. So the main
    protagonist for me was boring and I didn’t care for him till three
    quarters through the movie. My son liked the gross parts, the
    relationship between boy and dinosaur. The adventurous parts. He didn’t
    understand certain situations. And he was overall happy with it.

  • Daniel PierceMarch 17, 2016Reply

    A Worthy Ride!

    We only got 30 minutes in before we paused it and started making out. I
    enjoyed listening to the main character Arlo scream while I was
    receiving head. Something about watching this movie while having mild
    sex in the living room and almost getting caught really turned me on!
    Like, seriously, oh my goodness. It was amazing how we just slowly
    started going at it. I have no idea how I managed to get hard while she
    rested against me while watching a CGI movie about a talking dinosaur
    but I did, and she felt me poking her which led to making out which led
    to blowing and nipple foreplay. God, it was awesome! It got so bad my
    babe and I went to our room and she rode me in there! Thanks The Good
    Dinosaur, I still have no idea what you’re about now that we’re further
    into the movie but you got me some good head!

  • Auburn HaleMarch 18, 2016Reply

    Pixar, have you lost YOUR mind?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • thomaseddwyerMarch 19, 2016Reply

    ”Scary” for younger audiences, but I was used to it.

    OK, now this is going to be a nice, quick review. I have seen better
    movies, but this movie was great for me! Now, for me personally, I like
    dark stories. I like dark themes and settings. I guess that is why this
    movie appealed to me a little better than to others. Now, I have to
    rate this movie an 8/10 because, while I found it enjoyable, others
    (especially parents with small children) may not find this suitable.
    I’m just a fan of stories with dark themes. I will not spoil the movie
    in case you plan on watching it, so I decided to keep it brief. I would
    recommend this movie to older children/teens that are in to ”dark”

  • toharmstrongMarch 19, 2016Reply

    Not for Kids!!!

    This movie is described as ”Adventure, Comedy.” We all love Pixar, so
    when looking for a fun movie to watch at home, we decided on The Good
    Dinosaur. I’d like to mention that the group included a drastic age
    range, from middle school to college age and parents. Much to our
    surprise, there was little humor in this film versus how it was
    represented in its previews. There was, however, a large amount of
    violence and sad – bordering on depressing – scenes. Not at all what we
    were looking for. Keep in mind we all love all the other Pixar films,
    so this was a huge disappointment. Totally inappropriate if there were
    little ones in our group. Save your money, pick another film to
    entertain you on a family night.

  • EllieandEllitMarch 20, 2016Reply

    When dinosaur has IQ, while human still uncivilized.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bennettdeMarch 20, 2016Reply

    Really not as bad as some reviewers said

    My son is really into dinosaurs, so I got this for him, but I enjoyed
    it none-the-less. I’m surprised by the multitude of overly-critical
    reviews. It wasn’t bad enough to warrant less than 5 stars, in my
    opinion, let alone those who only gave it 1 star! I think some people
    really got into over-analyzing this film while watching it instead of
    just watching it for the sheer enjoyment of what it was.

    I know my sister hated it, and her reason was because she didn’t like
    the parallel it drew to the Lion King in one particular scene. Yeah, I
    saw that parallel and didn’t really like how similar it was to the Lion
    King either, but it certainly did not ruin the whole movie for me.

    Some people are so critical that they fixate on minor flaws and let it
    ruin the whole movie for them. If you’re not one of these people, you
    will probably enjoy this movie.

    My opinion was that the beginning was super cute. I loved how the
    developers asked themselves, ”If you were a dinosaur living on a farm,
    how would you manage it?” and then showed how a dinosaur might water
    the plants, or feed the chickens, etc… Really cool stuff. I loved the
    personalities of the dinosaurs, too. My only complaint besides the Lion
    King parallel was that they made the human out to be too much like a
    dog. They could have really …not. done. that.

  • morrison-dylan-fanMarch 23, 2016Reply

    Good dinosaur,good dino…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • masmith333March 23, 2016Reply

    A sad, scary movie for some children

    My family loves Disney/Pixar movies. However, this movie was too dark
    and sad for my young children.

    As an adult, I appreciate the struggle of the main character to grow
    and become stronger and brave. However my children were often crying
    because of the many sad scenes and dark, stormy feel to the movie.

    The animation; i.e. backgrounds like trees, mountains, rocks, grass,
    etc. were amazing! I was very impressed with how realistic the
    environment looked in the movie… especially in HD! Wow.

    Overall, just be aware that many younger kids, maybe under 10, might
    find the movie too sad for their liking.

  • OneEightNine MediaMarch 24, 2016Reply

    Why is he called the ”Good” Dinosaur?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Pruett MadduxMarch 25, 2016Reply

    My spoil-free movie review: The Good Dinosaur

    *I will be basing my review out of 0/5 along with a description*

    Friendship: 2 -This movie had a rather dull friendship between the two
    main characters, unlike many other Pixar productions. I found this
    movie unmoving and unsatisfying because the only relationship they had
    was depending on survival, not liking the other person’s personality.

    Romance: 1 -The movie had a very mild love relationship between the
    main character’s parents, but there was no contact. Visuals: 3 1/2 -The
    backgrounds to this movie were beautifully realistic, but with the
    characters being cartoony and fake-looking, it made an unappealing
    visual with the contrast. Violence: 4 1/2 -For a children’s movie, this
    was very surprisingly violent. It not only makes kids scared, but it
    makes adult’s cringe. There is no blood, but refers to drowning,
    beating someone to death, eating something alive, blood, decapitation,
    and killing others in general. On a smaller scale, some dinosaurs have
    battle scars and explain how they got them in detail. This is probably
    the worst part about this movie and should be referred to as the
    ”graveyard of Pixar”. Drugs: 1 -This movie has a rather surprising
    scene that refers to consuming fermented fruit and hallucinating. My
    overall rating: 2 Religion/Beliefs: 5 This movie very much infers to
    evolution with referencing that humans came after dinosaurs, humans
    walked and acted like animals, humans could scent the air like a dog
    and track a scent, and that dinosaurs were more civilized than humans.
    To some religious people, it may be disturbing.

  • MissSimonettaMarch 26, 2016Reply

    Ignore the complaints of paranoid parents; this movie is good

    The Good Dinosaur (2015) may not be top of the line Pixar, but it’s
    still pretty darn good. An aesthetically pleasing fairy tale quest
    about courage and friendship, the kind one could easily see Don Bluth
    making in the 1980s. While the first ten minutes are a bit twee and on
    the whole, the plot is predictable, this is a warm, well-made movie,
    with the journey emphasized over the end destination.

    Alas most parents find the frightening elements of the film reason to
    give it one star reviews. How petty. Imagine if this mindset were
    applied to the great children’s films, like Disney’s Pinocchio (which
    critic Leonard Maltin once described as a nightmarish fantasy with
    comic interludes) or Bluth’s The Secret of NIMH (a movie with horrific
    elements that make the most intense parts of The Good Dinosaur look
    like Care Bears material) or that granddaddy of children’s cinema, The
    Wizard of Oz (1939), which had Dorothy and her friends menaced by all
    kinds of terrors.

    My point is, just because a kid’s movie is scary does not mean it is
    unsuitable for children. This is a movie about overcoming fear; of
    course a lot of it is going to be frightening. But even then, none of
    it is nearly as frightening as the blue monkeys from Oz or the lab
    flashback scenes in NIMH. Give your kids more credit! If you coddle
    them with harmless, electric baby sitter entertainment forever, how can
    you ever expect them to face the unsavory aspects of the real world?

  • MugseyGrantMarch 26, 2016Reply

    Told In Walt Disney Glory

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • leonblackwoodMarch 27, 2016Reply

    A good watch but not a Pixar classic. 5/10

    Review: This movie has a sweet storyline with brilliant animation but I
    was left feeling empty at the end. I would have preferred the movie to
    be about Spot than Arlo, because his character was much more
    interesting and you never get to find out how he ended up in the
    wilderness, away from his family. When the two, lost souls, meet up in
    the middle of nowhere, it’s great to see how they build there emotional
    relationship together, even through Spot can’t speak a word of English.
    I also enjoyed the farming scenes at the beginning of the movie, with
    Arlo’s father, mother and butch brothers bonding together but it all
    seemed a bit safe to me. Like many Pixar movies, the animation is spot
    on and the attention to detail is truly amazing and there are some
    touching moments, like when Spot reunites with his family and when Arlo
    loses his father, so you can tell that the director really did
    concentrate on every aspect of the project. The downside of the film is
    that there isn’t enough characters to bring different elements to there
    amazing journey and you know from the very beginning that Arlo is
    finally going to get his paw print on the rocks. With that aside, I
    still enjoyed the film and I’m sure that the kiddies will love it but
    it won’t go down as a Pixar classic. Enjoyable! 

    Round-Up: I can totally understand why it takes so long for Pixar to
    release a film, because of there in depth graphics which take a long
    time to render for the big screen but with such a big workforce behind
    the established production company, the anticipation that is felt
    whilst waiting for there movies, is beginning to wear off. With big
    studios like Sony and Dreamworks releasing profitable animation movies
    like the Hotel Transylvania franchise, the successful Kung Fu Panda
    franchise, the How To Train Your Dragon franchise and the Madagascar
    movies etc., Pixar really need to go back to the Toy Story/Incredibles
    storyboards to get back there untouchable reputation which produced
    unforgettable movies. Anyway, this movie was directed by Peter Sohn who
    also made the Pixar short, Partly Cloudy. This is his first major movie
    for Pixar but he has supplied his animation skills for the Iron Giant,
    Osmosis Jones, Finding Nemo, the Incredibles, Ratatouille and Brave.
    He’s obviously got a history at Pixar, so he’s not totally new to the
    game but it still felt like there was something missing in this movie,
    because it’s not one that I will be rushing to watch again.

    Budget: $175million Worldwide Gross: $321million

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their
    animation/adventure/comedies voiced by Jeffrey Wright, Frances
    McDormand, Steve Zahn, Sam Elliott and Peter Sohn. 5/10

  • LouD77March 27, 2016Reply

    They can’t all be classics

    this is one of the very few Pixar movies that isn’t great. Not for lack
    of effort, just missed the mark. The characters lacked ”character” the
    story was not intriguing for me or my son. The animation was good as
    all Pixar projects are very well animated. It just didn’t have the same
    soul or heart as other Pixar films. I would have liked to see this be
    another one of those must see, must add to my library type of movies,
    but unfortunately it wasn’t. I really don’t know where it went wrong,
    but from the look of the other reviews, I’m not the only one that feels
    this way. I don’t think it was too scary for young children. My son is
    1 and he didn’t get scared.

  • MartianOctocretr5March 28, 2016Reply

    Nice concept, bungled execution

    What if that infamous asteroid of 66 million years ago zoomed right on
    by this planet on into space? What if that K-T extinction event never
    took place? What if dinosaurs were still around; would they still
    dominate the world?

    This movie could have had some greater fun with such a premise, but
    sacrifices creativity for time-worn animated movie clichés. The hero
    and his family are just a human family in dinosaur bodies, and don’t
    shine any exposition on this modified Earth. Humans? Yes, they’re here
    but developing slowly. They are primitive quadrupeds that can, but
    rarely bother to, walk as bi-peds.

    The story is just a perils of Pauline type thing, with predators and
    other natural disasters afflicting the heroes every so often. Oh, and
    humans act like dogs in this world, for whatever reason. Some
    characters die grotesque deaths at random times, just not a pleasant
    story. In the end, not much is accomplished, so all these deaths are
    for nothing, just like the story.

    Could have been a lot better; not sure why they settled for this.

  • eireanngobrach23March 31, 2016Reply

    A seriously underrated movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • taylorhammonsMarch 31, 2016Reply

    A complete disappointment in every conceivable way

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kirstienneApril 1, 2016Reply

    Pixar Continues To Tug at Heartstrings. Don’t Get the Bad Reviews AT ALL.

    I’m in my twenties and to be honest, I still enjoy watching Pixar films
    with my family. There’s just something so genuine and beautiful about
    their movies, not to mention the endless amount of lessons one can

    When I initially read the reviews about ”The Good Dinosaur”, they were
    all so bad. It didn’t stop me from watching though and I do not regret
    that decision. This has got to be one of the most heartwarming Pixar
    films I’ve ever seen and it tugged at my heartstrings. I was crying
    throughout the movie especially towards the end.

    The thing about being an adult, we tend to overthink something so
    simple. The plot isn’t something grand. It’s not funny. It’s cute. If
    you’re looking for a film like the classic Pixar favorite ”Toy Story”,
    forget about watching this. It’s a really simple storyline that focuses
    mainly on teaching the importance of family, dealing with fears and
    overcoming them as well as finding oneself or making your mark in this
    world. View ”The Good Dinosaur” with an open mind and just be ready to
    enjoy the movie without reading too much between the lines. The good
    thing about Pixar films is that they remind you how wonderful it is to
    still be a kid at heart. This movie is no exception. In fact, I think
    this joins the ranks of ”Finding Nemo”,”UP”, and ”Inside Out”. Everyone
    has a right to their own opinion, but I can’t help but wonder why
    majority just plain dislike this movie.

    If you’re on the fence after reading one too many 1-star reviews, I say
    go ahead and still watch it. Judge for yourself. Be pure hearted like a
    kid and try to embrace the beautiful lessons of the film. Allow it to
    engulf you and touch you. If you have a kid/kids, this would be one of
    those perfect films to have a hearty conversation with afterwards. It’s
    very inspiring, really.

    Give ”The Good Dinosaur” a try. Oh and one more thing, don’t be afraid
    to cry while watching this. I’ve seen this twice and still end up a
    mess every time.

  • gmonaco-39246April 2, 2016Reply

    Once you get past a few things, this is an enjoyable film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Paul NApril 3, 2016Reply

    Enjoyed the graphics, not much more

    I am happy I only rented this from a box and didn’t go to a theater to
    see it. Almost every characters’ voice seemed wrong to me, with Sam
    Elliot being the exception. I didn’t like the way that any dinosaurs
    were presented, especially Arlo. Spot was the only character of
    interest for me, but he alone could not save this film.

    To me, this movie should have been titled, ” Look at how far we’ve come
    with our computer graphics and look how well we can make water, leaves,
    grass, and leaves”.

    I didn’t have high hopes for this movie and was therefore not

  • jamievillagraciaApril 3, 2016Reply

    Inappropriate for kids. They’ll have nightmares.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jarne WillemsApril 5, 2016Reply

    Cute Dinosaurs Are Appreciated

    Being on a plane for 10 hours and not having a lot to do, I came up
    with the idea to watch one of the free movies you can watch. My eye
    immediately fell on ”The Good Dinosaur”, which I’ve wanted to see for a
    long time now; the reason I hadn’t seen it yet is because I wanted to
    see the original version in 3D, but I couldn’t hold myself any longer:
    on a tiny screen in a plane it was :p.

    In the movie, we learn about a dinosaur named Arlo who is growing up
    together with his parents, brother, and sister on their farm; until,
    one day he meets a human boy: Spot. This will set the tone for the
    adventure we experience together with Arlo and Spot.

    The movie’s storyline is pretty simple and filled with clichés. I can
    see why people wouldn’t like it. I, myself, personally did though. I
    did, I loved it and I think many people will. I will tell you why. The
    story isn’t a masterpiece, but the movie is. The execution makes the
    watch totally worth it and makes you love the characters AND the story.

    The movie starts of and ends with the reason why i wanted to watch this
    movie: cute dinosaurs. These creatures are pictured so nicely i could
    watch them for hours, and i don’t know if i could resist to buy a
    dinosaur plushy now if i’d see one now. Especially Arlo is cute as
    f***. Really.

    But not only the cute dinosaurs are making this movie good. It is
    beautifully animated. Some scenes were breathtakingly beautiful.
    Especially landscapes made me wish i was watching this on a huge screen
    in 3D, but it was beautiful anyway ^^.

    As I said earlier, the movie is filled with clichés and the characters’
    actions aren’t exactly surprising. But i don’t mind, personally. It’s
    what makes the Disney movies so sweet and I totally love it. The movie
    did make me cry at some point, but I won’t spoil ^^. It just gets very
    emotional :p.

    If you like cuteness and heartwarming Disney-dinosaur action, you’ve
    found a new favorite, just like I did. Astonishing visuals and cute
    dinosaurs make everything you see worth every second. Thank you, Disney
    , for one of the cutest movies i’ve ever seen, and i will definitely
    watch it more than this one time.

  • flavia_cjApril 5, 2016Reply

    ”The Good Dinosaur” is the biggest misconception of Pixar

    First of all, Arlo is the worst protagonist I have ever seen in an
    animated film. His design is uninspired, he’s dull and boring. His
    fears are annoying rather than instil empathy. Spot is cute, but only
    one character isn’t able to sustain a long animation.

    The world of ”The Good Dinosaur” is dull and sparse. I mean, the
    premise is: ”What would happen if the asteroid had not hit the Earth?”
    The animators had a great idea to explore, but in the end, we see very
    few dinosaurs in story, and dinosaurs living in isolation from each
    other. All this reinforces the idea of ​​a very sterile world.
    Dinosaurs also just copy the human lifestyle. Really? For a studio that
    created Toy Story, the writers and animators could have had more
    creativity, originality and daring.

    And someone please explain to me what the hell are these cartoon-
    dinosaurs with extremely realistic scenarios in the background? Yes,
    the scenery is magnificent, but it just doesn’t match the look and
    design of the dinosaurs.

    ”Cars 1 and 2” are bad, but they ensure fun for kids and have some
    memorable characters – ”The Good Dinosaur” isn’t fun, nor is memorable.
    ”Brave” also had a lame history, but the protagonist Merida was
    incredible and unforgettable, both in design and in attitudes – Arlo is
    simply a dull character and lacking charisma. Then yes, I really think
    ”The Good Dinosaur” is the worst movie Pixar so far.

  • AbdulWahab YousufApril 5, 2016Reply

    Inspiring and heart warming movie.

    As expected from a Disney Pixar movie a simple story with great
    inspirations and really heart touching. Great credit to the animation
    which made the movie whole. My friend recommended it to me (who’s 29yrs
    old FYI) and told me that it was his first movie of the year which
    brought him to tears. Not to judge but I think people who didn’t like
    this movie haven’t been through such hard times and they don’t see the
    world in a simpler way.

    I really loved the funny parts and burst into tears with a smile on my
    face at the end of the movie. I’ve always loved Disney movies because
    of their simplicity and relevance of life in different types of
    situations and how they teach such significant lessons of life in such
    a casual way.

    Those who find it disturbing for their kids should not hide the bad and
    cruel things in life from their kids because there are many more
    disturbing things in the real world than an animated movie character.

    This movie is a must watch for soft hearted people.

  • ravsten428April 6, 2016Reply

    My bad expectations were shattered.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DavidApril 6, 2016Reply

    The story of the child that became a dinosaur

    Pixar released two films last year, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur,
    the story about the little dinosaur Arlo. Here Pixar plays with the
    thought of what would have happened if the meteor that exterminated the
    dinosaurs years ago would have missed and the giants would have
    survived and lived on. Now they are intelligent creatures that can run
    farms with crop and move large herds of animals around. A fun little
    idea from Pixar who quite often comes up with interesting post
    apocalyptic half worlds. The dinosaur Arlo loses his family and is
    forced to find his way home with the help of his companion, a small dog
    like human boy.

    The Good Dinosaur contains the classic child becomes adult concept.
    Arlo is the weaker one in his family and not the one they expect great
    things from. Naturally, when he suddenly is left for himself, he must
    confront his weaknesses and overcome them. Talking dinosaurs is nothing
    new and names such as Disney’s Dinosaur and The Land Before Time, comes
    to mind. Arlo faces a lot of danger on his journey, and surprisingly
    not just the classic one, the largest dinosaur is the most dangerous
    one, but also nature and the adventure in itself is a major obstacle
    for Arlo.

    The Good Dinosaur is a pleasant little family film which I definitely
    recommend. The animation is at times the best I’ve ever seen and the
    music is just beautiful. Pixar continues to deliver these special
    stories, preferably with some kind of twist. The film was apparently
    hard to complete and it does from time to time lose focus, especially
    in a scene where they experience hallucinations from a drug like plant.
    Strange considering that it is a film for children. But all that aside,
    The Good Dinosaur delivers when it should.

    David Lindahl –

  • C R-ShawApril 7, 2016Reply

    Should have read IMDb reviews first

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gary BurnsApril 8, 2016Reply

    Not a Bad Dinosaur!

    In light of some of the incredibly over-the-top reactions to the
    occasionally dark tone of The Good Dinosaur; the irony of it being a
    story about a youngster trying to manage his fears shouldn’t be lost on
    anyone. Except those who’ve slated it for no other reason than it
    contains ‘mild peril’.

    This is not so much a review, as a plea to anyone reading it to please
    ignore the plethora of 1 and 2 star reviews that have been posted here.
    Having watched The Good Dinosaur last night with my three-year old son,
    I am utterly shocked and dismayed by the negative reactions on here.
    Yes, he’s three and no, he wasn’t at any point ”terrified’ or even
    remotely scared. Why would he be? This is a beautiful animation that
    tells the story of families divided by a harsh and unforgiving world —
    and does so rather well. It’s not the best film Pixar have ever made
    but nor is it even close to being the worst. My little guy loves
    dinosaurs though; so The Good Dinosaur has dislodged his previous
    favourite, WALL-E, for the time being at least.

    He’s old enough to understand the notion that these are dinosaurs or
    ‘monsters’ — and he wasn’t distressed by the ”violence” depicted here.
    Because it’s not violence. Merely an animated illustration of animals
    struggling for survival. It’s no more ”terrifying’ than the scenes
    which bring Disney classic The Jungle Book to a close, or a more
    relevant reference might be The Land Before Time; which arguably deals
    with tougher themes in a more gruesome and dark manner.

    There are some genuinely moving moments in The Good Dinosaur, it is
    also incredibly pretty — even by Pixar’s standards. Very few reviews
    also give any credit to the — not entirely unoriginal plot — where
    dinosaurs are the dominant species due to *that* asteroid actually
    missing earth. The TV series Dinosaurs (91-94) explored a similar story
    platform but in a largely incomparable way. The Good Dinosaur also
    follows pretty closely a classic ‘Western’ narrative. When did anyone
    last do that with dinosaurs? On that note, I can actually recount one
    scene where I felt it might have been inappropriate for a kids movie
    and that was Butch (the huge T-Rex) telling a story about how he
    dispatched some crocodiles that attacked him in a river. To be honest
    though; only really an issue for older kids who are closely following
    the dialogue and they’re not likely to be bothered by it.

    Essentially — as can happen on IMDb — this is decent offering
    misrepresented by entirely irresponsible and reactionary ‘reviews’. I
    noted several stating this is ”the worst animated movie I’ve ever seen”
    or words to that effect. These people clearly haven’t trawled through
    the utter pap I have when trying to find something worthwhile or even
    remotely edifying. There also seems to be a number of ludicrous tales
    of being forced to leave cinemas with distressed children and doling
    out 1 star reviews like some kind of penance to Pixar for daring to
    produce something that isn’t Cars 2 or Planes. I don’t remember hearing
    parents screaming about the number of bullets that flew around in Cars
    2 or the myriad explosions, pyrotechnics and weaponry on offer pretty
    much throughout the movie.

    I guess guns are OK though, right? A few bared teeth and we should all
    go home.

  • dronzillaApril 9, 2016Reply


    This is a very deep and thought provoking movie. It’s not for everyone
    and that’s a key reason why there are so many bad reviews. It’s not a
    ”relax your brain” type of entertainment. Instead it makes you ask
    questions and think.

    The movie is not about pure animation (which is brilliant) or music
    (also brilliant) or even plot (decent). It’s about the message.

    I don’t know what the target audience of the movie is intended to be –
    that’s usually not important. But I think the target audience of the
    message are teenagers or kids that are approaching the age where its
    time to leave the parent’s nest. The message is for them.

    The message is simple yet powerful: as you move out of your home, you
    will be on your own for the first time. It will be tough, you will make
    mistakes. You will be making right and wrong decisions, meeting good
    and bad people: some will act good but turn out to be bad, some will
    look bad (stereotypes?) but turn out to be good and become your best
    friends. The important thing is to not give up, continue to learn, grow
    as an individual. As you grow you will realize that you can do more
    than you’ve ever imagined.

    This movie reminds me of Meet the Robinsons. Another exceptional Disney
    cartoon with a great message. I highly recommend both.

  • fourstringwizardApril 9, 2016Reply

    Just what was Pixar thinking?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Skellons2-211-170992April 11, 2016Reply

    Ignore the negatives and make your own mind up (contains spoilers)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Wenda HuApril 15, 2016Reply

    Simple story line with deep meanings. A good film does not have to be funny.

    From my personal point of view, though the film is not the best one
    Pixar has produced, it was made with great effort. I’ve heard the
    hardship Pixar has overcome making up the plot and creating the
    delicate scenery. The story is not very complicated, but there are
    still several touching moments which made us all weep.

    The central meaning the film want to convey is as simple as bravery,
    family and friendship, which is very easy to understand. However, once
    accompanied by the beautiful environment and the background music,
    these simple concepts can get into our hearts really deep to let us
    feel, to identify with. I’ve heard from other reviews that some parents
    are not so satisfied to see their children cry while watching. But I
    don’t think we can judge a film’s quality simply by asking ”Is it
    amusing?” As the previous Pixar film ”Inside Out” pointed out, it’s
    okay to feel sad. While a smile can only last a few seconds, some deep
    meanings in a film can be tasted over and over. The spirit of The Good
    Dinosaur does last in our mind.

    I’m a student as well as a film lover from China. I love it. My parents
    love it. My friends at school love it. And we all think there’s a lot
    to learn from every Pixar film including this one.

    (Sorry about the grammatical mistakes this preview may contain. I am
    just an English learner.)

  • petra_steApril 15, 2016Reply

    Minor Pixar is still worth watching

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dgrassbApril 17, 2016Reply

    Emotional experience

    I came into the movie without expecting much, my mom likes animated
    movies so i thought i would give it a go to spend some time with her.

    i have to say i was impressed with the movie, its certainly not made
    for kids but i believe adults would enjoy the experience.

    i cried and laughed with the movie and would recommend everyone to
    watch it.

    i did watch it in 3D, in 2d probably wouldn’t be as fun.

    not sure what is up with all the hate on the other reviews but as i
    mentioned i believe this is a movie that shouldn’t be missed.

    if you like well made movies and want to experience an emotional
    roller-coaster, do yourself a favor and give it a go

  • jfj1April 17, 2016Reply

    well. utterly disappointing

    We were looking forward in seeing this movie, we saw walking with
    dinosaurs in the cinema, and my kids love all about dino’s. However
    this story is very boring and disappointing. it could have been awesome
    but it isn’t. Kids wanted to stop seeing it half way but somehow we
    managed to finish the movie and were eventually happy it was finished.
    Do not expect too much of this movie. Take a hughe bag of chips,
    preferbly more than one as you need it to distract the kids and adults
    that are watching the movie. The story itselve is outdated an not
    exiting enough to keep the kids attention. Somtines it boring and too

  • Erik DojilloApril 18, 2016Reply

    Don’t Hate.

    To be honest with you, I enjoyed the movie a whole lot. The story was
    all about overcoming Fear. Every once in a while someone would say ”I
    hate being scared and I don’t wanna be scared anymore.” It’s best to
    say, the design used was just breathtaking/looked so real. Seriously,
    just take a good look, and the landscape… Just amazing. I personally
    don’t think this movie should get too much hate. It’s probably the best
    animated dinosaur movie to date. Though, as much as I want a sequel. I
    don’t think it’s going to happen because of how much hate this movie
    has gotten. Still I for sure will treasure this movie and put it in
    with the rest of the Dinosaur box to show my history of the past. Sure,
    there was a lot a violence and a lot of ”Mature”
    conversations/arguments, but face it people it was such a great movie.
    Why do most of you have to hate? I mean I personally don’t think this
    movie should receive this much hate. 9/10 would watch again with my
    young cousins.

  • LeonLouisRicciApril 18, 2016Reply

    Prepare the Kids and Enjoy Another Stun-Fest from Pixar

    The Rating for Pixar’s Sixteenth Film is PG. PG Stands for ”Parental
    Guidance” and while sometimes ignored, the Rating is there for a
    Reason. So Parents should Guide.

    Perhaps a Chat with the Kids before Watching. Talking about the Movie
    They are about to see. Mentioning that although it’s a ”Cartoon”, there
    Might be a Few Things that could be Scary and a Few Things that Might
    be Quite Sad. In other words, Prepare the Very Young and Impressionable

    That Type of Preparation could cushion the Impact of an Exposure to
    some Scenes. It is Possible that it Might actually make the Movie more
    Enjoyable. The ”Shock” Factor is then not as ”Shocking” for the Little

    There have been many other ”Kids” Movies, even from the Distant Past,
    like ”Bambi” (1942) and ”Old Yeller” (1957), just to name Two of the
    Many, that had a Strong Emotional Impact on Children.

    This Film has been ”Shamed” by a number of People for being too Violent
    for Kids. Although there are a Few Scenes of ”Natures Way” included
    here that will most likely pass by for ”Well Adjusted” and Unsheltered
    Children, other Kids could find it Scary.

    Actually the Movie is more Sad than Scary. In Fact, it is Extremely
    Sad. But Unlike Real-Life there is the Inevitable ”Happy Ending”. So
    all’s Right with the World. No Worries.

    In the End Pixar has made another Incredible Animated Movie that is
    Loaded with Stunning Imagery, and a Simple Story of Family, Fear, and
    Finding one’s way in a Wild World.

    Entertaining and Rich with Emotion, and some Off-Beat Photo Realism
    that is Complex and Completely Captivating. It’s a Rousing Adventure
    for Young and Old alike and only comes with One Warning, the
    aforementioned for the Parents.

  • gavin6942April 24, 2016Reply

    Rather Boring and Shallow

    In a world where dinosaurs and humans live side-by-side, an Apatosaurus
    named Arlo makes an unlikely human friend.

    This was a misfire for Pixar, and they know it. It went through
    development heck, switching plots and directors and dragging on for
    years. They released it at a time to try to maximize sales and still
    fell short of their goal. It was profitable, but by far the least
    profitable of any Pixar film to date.

    And it is easy to see why. The premise is somewhat interesting, with
    the comet (or asteroid or whatever) missing earth, thus leading to
    advanced dinosaurs and the rise of humans. That’s clever. Some of the
    animation — especially the water — is also really good. But these are
    very flat characters and a very thin plot. We expect depth from Pixar,
    and this film has none. Comparing it to ”Inside Out” and it is easy to
    see why one is loved and honored and the other is already — five
    months after release — forgotten. At the core of a good film is the
    character, and this film lacks that.

  • joshvonhousenApril 25, 2016Reply

    Has Some Good Moments

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • miglena_hristovaApril 25, 2016Reply

    The good dinosaur is a good way to show Wyoming

    This is the most lovely movie we have been watch! My 3 year old
    daughter enjoy it every time I started! I am so proud I live in the
    state of Wyoming and so lucky to see all this places of nature from
    that cartoon movie on real! Enjoy every one it is not bad at all! Or
    maybe go and visit Thermopolis Wy and you will understand! It was
    amazing to see the dinosaurs and the view of that mountains and rivers
    and see how a little boy can be a good friend with that dinosaur! And
    now all that nature is still the same and not change! In the very end
    after the movie I over it was a good historic video from the Wyoming
    Dinosaur Center and I am a lucky one because I had the chance to visit
    that center it is amazing!

  • jnicolaisApril 27, 2016Reply

    Terrible, depressing, violent.. Request a refund, iTunes will give it.

    This is Disney.. and there are 2 funny parts to this whole movie (maybe
    3)… this film is violent, graphic, (which is a shame because the CGI
    is amazing).. it’s a depressing ”hope the main character doesn’t die”
    kinda film.. I was actually angry watching this with my children.. and
    there is NO CONNECTION with the characters.. (theres very little
    dialogue in the whole movie)… A total waste of popcorn. Disney hasn’t
    made a fun kids movie in years. Hey Disney.. heres a tip.. write a film
    and let kids watch it before full production.. see their reaction!..
    it’s a simple concept! Even ”Inside Out” was a depressing film with
    anger and violence. What’s going on down there at Disney HQ in
    Florida.?? Hey John Lasseter.. time to rethink a kids movie! THINK LIKE
    A KID WOULD. and produce a fun, low-violence, kids movie.. not just
    another film with a Disney logo slapped on that parents assume this is
    for their children! – jason nico…, philly

  • plsletitrainApril 30, 2016Reply

    A very touching movie-I don’t understand the negative reviews

    I was not supposed to make this review but seeing the surge of negative
    reviews, I had to contribute to even it out.

    I honestly don’t understand what’s people beef with this? If anything,
    this movie has got to be one of the most touching animated movies I
    have seen. There’s a strong friendship built here, and we see this
    friendship bloom gradually.

    I cried watching this. And no, I’m not a kid anymore. This movie is
    very predictable and cliché-ish, nothing new. But this movie brings out
    the kid in us where we adore cute dinosaurs, cute kids, life in the
    forest, the flow of the river, etc. Arlo, the ”weakling” Dinosaur, and
    the friendship he shared with Spot was very heartwarming that even
    adults can cry with this.

    I can never question the graphics because its Pixar. And they succeeded
    this time in making another touching movie. Its a one-of- a-kind
    journey of a dinosaur who faces his fears and realizes what real
    unconditional love is.

  • gentm2013May 3, 2016Reply

    Not the best Pixar movie ever made but still great.

    The Good Dinosaur is an animated comedy-drama adventure film and the
    16th Pixar animated movie. It is directed by Peter Sohn and written by
    Meg LeFauve. The movie asks the question, what if the asteroid that
    supposedly wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, missed ? The
    main character is Arlo, a young dinosaur who lives with his parents and
    two siblings at a farm. After a tragedy occurs with a close member of
    his family, he then has to go on an adventure, where he will learn many
    things and even befriend a human being, Spot. This movie is just great
    in every sense of the word. I genuinely do not get all the hate that
    this has received, I mean sure it got a very good and certified fresh
    76% rating on Rotten Tomatoes but many people are calling this as a
    disappointment simply because it is not the next Toy Story or whatever.
    Grow up people, cause not everything Pixar does is going to be perfect,
    and if you can’t accept that then the problem is with you, and not the
    movie. This is definitely one of the best looking animated movies ever
    made. Sure the characters are not as real looking as the landscapes in
    the background but you have to remember that this is an animated movie,
    and usually they are meant for kids who really do not care if a movie
    looks perfectly real or not. If the character designs are your problem
    that you’re definitely just nitpicking. The voice cast is brilliant all
    around, and maybe it doesn’t have stand out voice performances like
    Inside Out does but then again, Inside Out is one of the best animated
    movies ever made so you can’t really compare these two simply because
    they were made by the same production company. The Good Dinosaur is
    also very touching and heartfelt with a very good message, plus it is
    for adults too with many jokes that kids will surely not understand but
    the older can enjoy and appreciate. So basically there’s something for
    everyone here and yet again it made the least money for any Pixar movie
    ever, which is just stupid. I hope people buy this more on Blu-Ray and
    DVD so that it does not continue to be as underrated as it as right

  • Pavel B (penmb)May 6, 2016Reply

    Beautiful, visually sophisticated yet straight forward.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Hannah GibsonMay 7, 2016Reply

    Traumatising? More like TRAUMATASTIC (seriously, it’s a good film)

    Honestly, I don’t understand what parents are complaining about. This
    is definitely not the best Pixar film out there, but that doesn’t mean
    it’s the worst either (has nobody seen Cars/Cars 2). The story itself
    has been done before and will be done again, but I’ve never seen it
    done so heartwarmingly, and I had to hold back tears for a good half of
    the film. The characters are simple and lovable and the scenery is
    absolutely amazing. What seems to be the problem for a lot of parents
    is the so called ‘traumatising’ events throughout. For me, I thought it
    was a lot more down to earth than a lot of kids films these days that
    are simply 90 minutes of fart jokes and badly done slapstick comedy,
    and it’s an insult to children to think they can’t handle this film.
    It’s rated PG for a reason, and if you’re not watching this with your
    child and then complaining when they’re confused and upset, that’s your
    problem, not Pixar’s. The whole storyline is about overcoming fear, and
    how can the character overcome fear if there is nothing for him to be
    scared of in the film? I have seen a few reviews pointing out that
    there have been countless Disney/Pixar films with upsetting sequences
    (see: Bambi, Up, The Lion King) and I’d have to agree that this is no
    worse, and it’s totally relevant to the storyline. Life is rife with
    bad moments, and I feel bad for the kids whose parents are
    mollycoddling them out of seeing this fantastic film, and even worse
    for those kids when they grow up and realise life is not all fun and
    games. All in all, a wonderful, enjoyable film for everyone. I’d
    definitely watch it again.

  • maneceelMay 11, 2016Reply

    The Good Dinosaur brought tears to my eyes

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • adonis98-743-186503May 18, 2016Reply

    Underrated Film.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • WildeeeMay 22, 2016Reply

    Utter mediocrity

    I expect more, Pixar. Now, The Good Dinosaur isn’t horrible, no. It’s
    just so utterly average and dull. Even when Pixar falls off the mark
    they still manage to make average movies with unique premises. The Good
    Dinosaur meanwhile uses just about every Disney/Pixar trope in the
    book, especially borrowing heavily from The Lion King. Like most Pixar
    movies these days (and a lot of the more recent Disney ones), The Good
    Dinosaur is basically the two main characters, the dinosaur and the
    little kid who acts like a dog, wander around bumping into silly things
    and learning some sort of life lesson. But the characters they meet
    aren’t interesting and Arlo learns the usual lesson about being brave
    they have in these types of movies. The character arcs aren’t
    interesting, and while they are some cute moments in there, they’re
    just that, a few cute moments in a land of unoriginality.

    Granted the animation is pretty, but pretty animation cannot save a bad

  • Kaftan BarlastMay 22, 2016Reply

    Pixar’s least interesting film to date

    This film suffers from an overwhelming lack of imagination and
    originality. It feels like it was intentionally constructed entirely
    from the most worn-out, tired, uninspiring tropes of children’s cinema
    in an effort to perhaps maximize appeal. But the result is just a film
    that is boring to both children and adults.

    The film is built around three core tropes: 1)unlikely friendship
    2)coming of age 3)power of family. Neither of these three is done in a
    way that is the least bit interesting.

    1) is the main theme and deals with how the Dinosaur Arlo befriends and
    learns how to work together with the human Spot in order to
    successfully complete his journey to trope 2 and 3. 2) deals with how
    Arlo is the runt of the litter and how he must go through a journey of
    trials to reach maturity and be a useful member of the family 3) is the
    usual American cliché of the perfect, idyllic family unit where no
    obstacle cannot be overcome by paternal love and sticking to
    conservative moral values. It even has an awful scene in which Arlo
    gets a motivational talk from the ghost of his dead father.

    Perhaps Pixar should consider not working with this team of
    scriptwriters anymore, since they seem incapable for crafting a story
    that’s worthy of the privilege of being made into a animated film by
    the awesome artists at Pixar.

  • RNMortonJune 5, 2016Reply

    Sum is less than the Parts

    And some of the parts are very good on their own. The basic concept is
    bizarre, to say the least – intelligent dinosaur adopts/befriends
    unintelligent boy, they share several stone age experiences together. I
    didn’t get the point of flipping the script and making the dinosaur
    smarter than the human, I just didn’t get that. There are some moments
    in the movie that would be animated magic if it was in the context of a
    better whole. It is almost as if they came up with the ideas for some
    magic moments and then tried (unsuccessfully) to build a movie around
    it. I need a little more than that even in an animated feature, so I
    would have to recommend you pass on this. Not as bad as Minions but not
    worth $20.

  • tendobearJune 10, 2016Reply

    The Average Dinosaur

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Matt GarnerJune 12, 2016Reply

    Not Pixar’s BEST, but still solid. All these LOW reviews are off.

    The fact that this movie still holds a score of a 6.8 with hundreds of
    1/10 scores shows you just how good it is. I’m not here to preach that
    it’s an awesome movie, but give it the score it deserves. (It’s not
    PIXAR’s best, but still fits the bill of a good movie.)

    Honestly the highly negative scores are just because people were not
    BLOWN away. A PIXAR movie sets the bar so high, so the fact that this
    one isn’t an A+, people are bashing just to bash.

    I watched this with my cousins, all at the time were under 10 ( 7 & 9 )
    and nothing was too scary. Could it be over the top for 4 or 5 year
    old, of course, but it’s not that bad. The Lion King is regarded as one
    of the BEST Disney films ever and there are similar scenes with death,
    scary bad-guys, hard times, etc.

    Give it a watch.

  • ollievrJune 17, 2016Reply

    Story telling at it’s best

    I have little understanding of how anyone could give this movie a poor
    review. It may lack in outright humor that many expect in animated
    features, but its a coming of age story whose touch can be felt by
    viewers of all ages. Throughout, my heartstrings were being strummed by
    what felt like some kind of hair metal band. I think only Elly’s death
    in Up! has made me cry harder. This one will stand the test of time to
    hang around with the rest of the all time greats. The animation is spot
    on and being that it’s not set in any known version of the world, it
    allows the story to be the driving force of the film. It’s a wonderful
    story too, following traditions, faithfulness to family, facing
    challenges, making friends, cooperation, loyalty, loss, courage,
    sacrifice, and in general love. That’s a lot for one film to convey and
    it pulls it off so well. If you haven’t seen this film yet, you’re
    really missing out on something special. Pixar at its best.

  • jjny03-179-238046June 17, 2016Reply

    Beautiful Artwork, but a little too dark for the kiddos.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • datautisticgamer-74853June 18, 2016Reply

    Good? I found it barely passable

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • l2hJune 18, 2016Reply

    It’s heartbreakingly beautiful.

    I get that people are dismissing this movie because the story is simple
    and the character’s design are not as sophisticated as the scenery.

    But that is the MAGIC.

    I watched this with my 6 year old daughter in theater and we laughed,
    we cried, we were terrified, and most importantly we were mesmerized.

    Prixar did not fail when it came to animating the scenery. Especially
    of earth 65 millions years ago. The water, the leaves, the critters
    were very realistic and it felt like I was watching Planet Earth half
    the time. Mixed with the sounds I swear I can taste the crisp of the
    fresh water. When it came to the characters it was designed more like a
    Disney cartoon with the big eyes and very simple lines. To me, it made
    sense because this is after all a children’s movie and not Jurassic
    Park. Apparently this annoyed the adults. The story itself is a
    becoming of age told in a very old fashion way. Old fashion means it’s
    not baby proof. The child must get hurt to learn. That is another no-no
    for (certain) parents.

    For me, it was a raw emotional roller coaster with an amazing backdrop
    for me to appreciate. The characters with large puppy-like eyes that
    expressed emotions that made my heart shadow it. The only complaint
    that I have was that I wished someone told me to bring some tissue!!!!
    I cried so much. I am a crier but this was really busting me up. I gave
    it a 10 because both child and adult got the message and were rocked to
    the core. Also because of so many negative reviews that it made this
    movie more of a hidden gem.

  • MrGenreJune 18, 2016Reply

    A Fun Movie, Even If It’s Not Pixar’s Best

    I felt compelled to write a review, primarily because there are so many
    ”1 star” reviews taking up residence on this site. Let’s be frank,
    folks. If it wasn’t Pixar, you wouldn’t be whining about how ”awful” it

    Here’s the truth for those who are actually interested in seeing it:
    it’s a pretty great flick.

    I would love to hop on here and tell you that everyone’s wrong and it’s
    the most amazing animated movie I’ve ever seen, but that wouldn’t be
    true. I would honestly say it’s near the bottom when compared to all
    the other Pixar films.

    But it’s still a lot of fun. Here are the most laudable aspects, in my
    humble opinion:

    1: The animation is the best Pixar has done to this point. It’s truly
    beautiful! They did a tremendous job of capturing the beauty of nature,
    from forests to prairies, and interposing an almost cheesy-looking
    dinosaur in the midst of it was fantastic. Don’t waste your time with a
    DVD on this one, splurge for the Blu-Ray.

    2: The characters are heartwarming, and the plot is simple. Frances
    McDormand is especially wonderful as the mother of the simple farming
    family of apatosaurs, and the characters are driven by simple values
    like family and hard-work. I understand why many were frustrated with
    the simplicity of the plot, but do we always have to jump the shark in
    a movie? It’s a fun and beautiful journey.

    3: It’s a beautiful parody of a classic western story/film. I’m a
    little annoyed that the previews didn’t push this aspect more, because
    a lot of the movie-bashing is based on the fact that people didn’t get
    the story they expected. This is not unlike classic Disney movies like
    ”The Incredible Journey.” Don’t expect something modern or
    game-changing here. This is just a twist on a classic homecoming story.

    I hope this preview helps dispel some of the hate. It’s a fun movie,
    and worth a watch, even if it’s not my favorite Pixar.

  • SquigglyCrunchJune 20, 2016Reply

    The Most By-The-Books Disney Movie I’ve Ever Seen

    The Good Dinosaur follows a young dinosaur who, after being separated
    from his family, attempts to travel home along with a young boy, who
    has also lost his family.

    I liked the sets and backgrounds for this movie. They were beautiful
    and realistic, and really gave me hope that the movie might be less
    cartoon-ish and more different from what Disney usually does. Nope.

    The second the dinosaurs showed up my friends and I all started
    complaining and laughing. They look awful, especially with the
    realistic backgrounds. Seriously, what happened? Did the set animators
    and dinosaur animators work separately and just not communicate? Then
    when they put their stuff together Disney-Pixar just said ”Eh, screw
    it. We gotta get another movie out before the end of the year. We don’t
    have time to reanimate this. It’s not like the kids will notice
    anyways, and we’ll still make buckets of money!”

    Now what do I mean by it’s a by-the-books Disney movie? Well, I watched
    a large portion of this movie in French. I don’t even speak French, and
    yet I understood this movie perfectly. I did get vague translations,
    but everything is so predictable and stupid. It was like Disney- Pixar
    just took some of their most popular movies and copy-pasted scenes into
    this movie until it was made.

    There were a handful of other weird inconsistencies, like people
    switching between walking and crawling for no reason, and Arlo the
    dinosaur’s neck stretching farther than physically possible. Normally
    I’d avoid complaining about these things, but there were so many that
    it just built up until I had to dock off an extra point.

    Overall The Good Dinosaur is a bad movie. It’s just bad. Don’t watch
    it. At best, it’s the most average Disney-Pixar movie in existence. I’d
    say this is actually the worst Disney-Pixar movie I’ve ever seen. In
    the end I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone, even if you like the

  • SarahJune 23, 2016Reply

    One of my favorites

    I created this account just to review this film, that is how much I
    enjoyed it. It has lived up to the Disney/Pixar name for sure. It is
    perfect for all ages. The message is touching and I immediately fell in
    love with the characters. The idea of dinosaurs farming who are just
    trying to help out their family is so beautiful and innocent. This was
    one of the cutest movies I have ever seen that was still able to
    include real world situations and messages. The animation will amaze
    you, the best animation I have seen in a Pixar film. I felt as though I
    was thrown into the movie, I felt the characters pain, I felt their
    happiness and I felt their curiosity. It’s strong message of
    coexistence was extremely moving, this is not a film I am soon to
    forget. One of my all time favorite movies, I recommend to all ages.
    Thank you Disney and Pixar for another family classic.

  • matejkaarnostJune 24, 2016Reply

    Unfortunately bad movie

    Saw it today and from start was surprised how it could be that it is
    from Pixar. Studio which so far had really nice storytelling, logical
    and poetic when needed with love and great mixture of things for adults
    and for children. This …. this is for neither. From children
    perspective it is sometimes cute, then you see things which would be
    straight nightmares, vulgarities and non-sense. ”Story” itself is more
    likely a bunch of ideas put together with very thing main plot with one
    vision only – at least that’s how it seems – make money. Adults may
    find it boring, heavy in the way that you need explain lot of things to
    your confused children afterwards and mainly in many cases you just
    watching when it ends and you can go.

    From Pixar I would expect way more, this is I think the worst movie I
    saw from them and am very glad this time I did not see it in cinema as
    this one is not worth the money / time involved. Let’s hope this fiasco
    bring Pixar clarity and get them back to quality.

  • Dan HardenJune 26, 2016Reply

    Stealing from the best

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Patrik WesterlebJune 27, 2016Reply

    Awful, hard too get through…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • homerthefreak-786-658831June 28, 2016Reply


    This movie was criminally underrated. I mean this is Pixar for god’s
    sake, you would think it would get more praise. People were so focused
    on Inside Out that this movie was swept aside with Minions and Hotel
    Transylvania 2. It is so much better than those. In fact, it’s better
    than Inside Out. I feel like Inside Out is more of a Toy Story film and
    The Good Dinosaur is more of a Wall-E. Obviously Toy Story is the one
    people remember, but most people would say Wall-E is better. So clearly
    The Good Dinosaur should have won the Oscar for best animated picture.
    It wasn’t even nominated. You know what was nominated? Inside Out. Take
    a wild guess which movie won the category, as well.

  • kindtxgalJune 30, 2016Reply

    Silly for Adults and Too Jarring for Younger Minds.. Use Discretion in Showing This to Very Young Children

    It is clear within 30 minutes of the film why it has a PG rating. Bugs
    are having their heads ripped off and a cutesy animal that is rescued
    is devoured (on screen) by carnivorous birds. Not exactly the type of
    viewing a child, particularly younger ones, are prepared to see amidst
    a ”good” dinosaur that’s fearful of just about everything in his young
    life. Arlo, the star character is a runt dinosaur afraid of everything
    who has yet taken the opportunity to do something outstanding so he can
    leave his mark on the family silo. He is cute as a button, as are many
    of the characters, but I simply don’t think it’s appropriate for
    youngsters to be subjected to heads being ripped off bugs and a
    Furbie-like looking mammal, newly rescued after Arlo helps save him, to
    be then jolted into its demise. Cartoons, particularly Pixar and Disney
    are meant to be child-friendly, not delve their spirits into death and
    devouring in full animated glory. That’s my biggest complaint. I really
    can’t wrap my brain around the concept of dinosaur ”farmers” and
    dog-like humans. There’s nothing in our culture or collective knowledge
    to help make these ”gags” palpable and cute or clever. The animation
    artwork is quite stunning however, but I would not recommend this video
    for a very young child under seven as they’re sure to be upset with the
    in-their-face animated demise of a cute, cuddly mammal. It’s just too
    harsh for them in a cartoon setting which are historically comforting,
    safe-feeling, and innocent. I would not be able to show this film to an
    elementary class below the age of fourth grade and that’s a stretch.
    Deeply disappointed & surprised Pixar chose the path of sensationalism
    & death in at least three scenes in the film. And what was the first
    five minutes supposed to be saying? It easily could have been left at
    as it doesn’t seem to connect with any of the following scenes.

  • orbcardinalJuly 5, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • LiveLoveLeadJuly 5, 2016Reply

    Why parents don’t like this movie…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kj_martzJuly 6, 2016Reply

    The Movie Really Gets through Fear

    ”The Good Dinosaur” takes in a very common situation in which we find
    ourselves stranded, lost in a mysterious and unknown place, far away
    from home. For Arlo, being a fearsome young dinosaur with no sense of
    sureness or great talents, it was very difficult to find his way home

    However, Pixar came up with a small companion for Arlo who is brave and
    somehow experimented in the wilds; and will ensure Arlo feels protected
    and confident. Now, along the dangerous journey, this relationship
    turns into love and care for one another, which is kind of that special
    love and care we feel towards our pets.

    Pixar showed to us that even though we find ourselves lost and alone in
    a far-off place, there is always a way of returning home by getting
    through our fears and insecurities.

  • SnoopyStyleJuly 8, 2016Reply

    It’s still Pixar

    The asteroid misses Earth and the dinosaurs don’t go extinct. Millions
    of years later, they have evolved some more. A family of Apatosaurus
    are farming next to a river at the base of Claw Mountain. They have
    three kids, Libby, Buck, and the runt Arlo. The father is trying to
    catch a critter stealing their food. Arlo lets the critter escape which
    turns out to be a human boy. The father is killed trying to recapture
    him. Arlo and the boy are washed down the river. Arlo names the boy
    Spot and they journey to return home.

    It is not the best Pixar but it still has its DNA. It’s not the first
    to anthropomorphize dinosaurs. It’s better than Ice Age. At least, it’s
    more daring. However, it doesn’t take it far enough. It may be better
    for the dinosaurs to evolve into a more humanoid stage. The predator
    prey distinction is not always dealt with correctly. Arlo’s fear of
    everything gets a little annoying. This is better than most but not the

  • Dylan Clark ([email protected])July 12, 2016Reply

    It’s okay. it could have been a Pixar short

    When I first saw pixar’s latest film, I expect intense action and some
    hilarious moments, but instead it ended up as a boring standard
    dinosaur movie. Arlo is okay. Spot was okay and the other
    characters….most of them didn’t get much screen time but there okay.
    If it were a Pixar short, it would have been better. The movie didn’t
    get my attention at all. I mean this is Pixar, Disney’s cgi animation
    industry. They always get my attention with comedic jokes and moments
    that makes us cry, most of the time. ”cough” ”cars” ”cough” the movie
    tries to do that, but failed hardly. All I want to do when is see this
    film is just fall asleep throughout the entire thing. Good dinosaur is
    the most standard animated film ever. Everything is just okay to the
    maximum including the new stuff as well. There is nothing that this
    film has to offer considering the characters, most of the animation,
    and the story behind it. This movie is just nothing but….okay.

  • yellinglady-0July 12, 2016Reply

    Not a spectacular piece of art

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • KineticSeoulJuly 13, 2016Reply

    It’s not super awful, but nothing sticks out at all

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Theater-CommentsJuly 15, 2016Reply

    The Good (Bad) Dinosaur

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • emokeJuly 16, 2016Reply

    we loved it

    It seems to be a controversial movie with so much extreme reviews. We
    love it (together with my 3,5 year old) .

    One of its main advantage that it doesn’t have a Shrek donkey type of
    ”funny” character, which seems to be compulsory addition to most
    American kids movies. Maybe because of our cultural background (
    Central European) these type of forever jabbering characters just
    irritate me and my 3,5 old will not understand any of the
    jokes.Similarly, the fast moving action in most of other Pixar and
    Disney Movies is just not comprehensible for a 3 years old,but still
    seems to be an unavoidable ingredient. Thanks for God, not in this
    movie. My daughter just fell in love with the image of Spot sitting on
    Arlo’s nose even before we bought the DVD. Not any other Disney
    characters had this impact on her, and the characters had the grip on
    her all over the movie.Not to talk about the beautiful scenery and
    music, the movie expels a captivating atmosphere. After watching it 2-3
    times she properly understood the story line too and enjoyed it even
    more. The allegedly ”scary” scenes (like the decapitated bug) just made
    her laugh. Weirdly the wicked Hans in Frozen made her more scarred than
    these scenes, probably violence in nature just seems to be more
    acceptable than among humans. The plot suggests that it could be part 2
    for the movie ( for example Arlo’s dad just disappeared, no body,
    probably could reappear) but as it was not a blockbuster it might not
    happen. I wish it would .

  • eddie_bagginsAugust 1, 2016Reply

    Pixar goes average

    Pixar as a company have enough runs on the board that the mere mention
    of their name on a product is usually enough for the average cinema
    goer to expect a certain degree of quality control over a product and
    even while their recent ventures like the so-so Brave and the misguided
    Monsters University haven’t exactly lived up to their lofty standards,
    there was still relatively high expectations of their 2015 Xmas treat
    The Good Dinosaur, expectations that were sadly not delivered upon.

    For the first time in the decorated life of Pixar, the company has with
    The Good Dinosaur produced their first legitimate stinker and while box
    office receipts remained relatively high for the film, there’s little
    doubt sentiment towards the product was muted at best and while Peter
    Sohn’s (who took over the film late into the piece from original
    director Bob Peterson) film often looks fantastic in a CGI perspective,
    the films somehow boring plot line and unmemorable characters work
    against a typical tale that could’ve been something quite special but
    as a finished product is only something the smallest of tykes are going
    to enjoy.

    Light on for decent jokes for anyone over the age of 10, barring a
    particularly random horned dinosaur that has a numerous array of
    friends accompanying him, while the films message of acceptance and
    finding oneself in the big wide world feels relatively forced around a
    story that could’ve been told far better in a short film format. The
    other main issue is that scaredy cat young dinosaur Arlo and his
    eventual travel companion in the form of cave man child Spot aren’t
    overly endearing road (mountain) trip buddies and scenarios like an
    awkward acid trip and run in with some annoying winged beasts are more
    weird and annoying that inventive and charming.

    It also must be mentioned that the design work also of Pixar’s team on
    Arlo and his dinosaur family is some of their weakest work to date, the
    dinosaurs look cheap and nasty where around them is wonderfully
    designed landscapes and carefully created scenery, it was no doubt a
    struggle coming to terms with the looks of these creatures and a
    struggle that was clearly not won.

    Not the worst animated film going around but very far from something
    special, The Good Dinosaur is a distinctively dull entry into Pixar’s
    anything but ordinary catalogue of films and an event that even the
    most die-hard of Pixar fans would be better off avoiding rather than
    enduring for the 90 minutes of mediocre material on offer.

    2 dinosaur homesteads out of 5

  • awesomeiyanAugust 2, 2016Reply

    Not as bad as they say.

    Back in November 2015 when the trailer came out I thought this would be
    pretty good and I saw the reviews and people said it was awful. So I
    decided not to watch it. 8 months later, when it came out on Netflix I
    was bored and clicked on The Good Dinosaur. Honestly, people stop
    criticizing on this movie agreed that I didn’t want a Oscar-winning
    story-line but please it is not a bad film! Lot’s of people said it was
    predictable clichéd and had no story. Yes it had a story agreed it was
    a little clichéd. But the positives are it had great animation and
    visuals and great performances and great direction. The movie is
    directed great the fight scenes are visual masterpieces. And a lot of
    scenes are fairly sad and may make you cry I almost cried at the end
    and the starting where the thunder strikes.

    The performances in this movie is very good Ryan Ochoa as Arlo is
    honestly great and perfectly fit for the role. Spot is also a great
    role he is very caring and angry. Everybody plays great this film has
    great performances.

    The story of the film is very well written and I absolutely loved it!
    Overall guys don’t listen to these guys The Good Dinosaur is a well
    written and made film and you should watch it! My ratings 7/10, 67% or

  • Chase DiedrichAugust 5, 2016Reply

    Terrible is just the tip of the iceberg for The Good Dinosaur

    Starting with a familiar story, The Good Dinosaur turns into an awfully
    bad film with its only plus being absolutely terrific scenery. The only
    positive thing I can say about it is that Pixar did what they normally
    do. The beautiful scenery is almost instantly ruined, however, when the
    dopey-looking characters walk into the shot. An almost identical
    replica/ripoff of Lion King, The Good Dinosaur takes the last little
    shred of dignity out of its original, even though most of it has been
    ripped away from Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, and Lion King 1 1/2. I can
    only imagine what the writers for the movie were thinking. The ”sly”
    move of trying to recreate Lion King but with dinosaurs and with 3D
    animation is appalling. This is possibly the most offensive movie ever
    created and doesn’t deserve anything over a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes, or a
    2/10 here on IMDb.

  • Filvies144August 9, 2016Reply

    The mediocre dinosaur

    In 2015, after the spectacular Inside Out by Pixar, I was looking
    forward to this film that would mark the first time Pixar has ever
    released 2 films in the same year rather than one at a time. However, I
    did not see it in theaters but saw it on a plane in February along with
    Hotel Transylvania 2 (I never get tired of movies on a plane since they
    are free, have you ever been on one of those flights?). But that’s not
    the point. So once I saw this movie, I could understand how critical
    people were of this movie.

    First things first, the writing is complete garbage. It doesn’t give us
    any new ideas by ripping off The Lion king, with Arlo’s dad dying. It
    is also fascinatingly predictable since we already know from the
    trailers what’s ahead for Arlo and Spot. There is only a little heart,
    and you don’t feel for the relationship between Arlo and Spot because
    the story is so rushed. Because of this, the journey is underwhelming
    and the lack of length and many slow moments makes the ending too
    sudden. A good example of a film that has good pacing is Inside Out,
    not making it too fast for the ending to be this sudden and not too
    slow to make it boring (some may disagree though). I expect better
    writing from Pixar because this horribly paced, predictable,
    unoriginal, and fascinatingly underwhelming story makes DreamWorks
    writing look like Finding Nemo.

    For the characters, there is Arlo, who probably has the least
    development of a Pixar protagonist. Despite making friends with Spot, I
    don’t feel for this annoying, foolish, and enamoring kid. The father is
    basically the caring father who is bland and we don’t care about him
    very much. The same apply’s to the rest of Arlo’s family pretty much.
    Spot however is a fun and likable character who cares for Arlo.
    Thunderclap and his gang are the bland antagonists who have no other
    motives other than attack and kill Arlo and Spot. However I did like
    the caring and friendly T-Rex family. They were very good characters
    that cared deeply for our 2 protagonists, however they were wasted
    since they get very little screen time. So these are basically Pixar’s
    weakest characters since Cars 2.

    The animation in the movie is nothing short of spectacular. The
    backgrounds look awesome and believable, the sound is great, and the
    characters are well designed. The only problem is the inconsistency,
    with Spot looking realistic, and the dinosaurs looking very cartoony.
    But overall, Pixar is better than ever in terms of animation.

    There may be some things done right, but this is not Pixar. Despite
    Great animation, the movie has awful writing, and a weak cast of
    characters. I even consider it on par with Dreamworks projects due to
    this. That is saying a lot because I think Pixar is the best animation
    company, not DreamWorks animation. Despite intense scenes Kids 7-10
    will likely get a kick out of this. If you are curious and is older
    than that age range, I would recommend skipping it and checking out
    Inside Out, or renting it for just one night if you are very curious.
    It may not be a total waste of time due to the animation and a few good
    characters, but it really misses my expectations.

  • Charles Herold (cherold)August 14, 2016Reply

    A Pixar stumble, but has its moments

    If you can make it through the tedious first third, it’s not a bad
    little movie. The interplay between Arlo and Spot is generally
    enjoyable (the first really good scene is Spot trying to feed Arlo).
    The movie can be quite funny, somewhat thrilling, and occasionally

    So basically, if this was some kids cartoon from some lesser studio,
    this would be pretty good. For Pixar though, it’s a big disappointment.

    One of the film’s biggest flaws is also one of its greatest strengths;
    the animation. On the one hand, the landscapes – forests, rivers,
    fields – have an amazing photo-realism that mark them as an incredible
    achievement in animation. But this hyper-realism makes the main
    dinosaur breed look terrible; they are about as realistic as the cars
    in Cars, and it’s like someone filmed a sock puppet show in the Grand
    Canyon. It’s the thing most reviewers seem to talk about, so it’s
    rather amazing that Pixar didn’t see the problem themselves.

    It’s not that the dinosaurs needed to look real, but the insistence on
    those giant, soulful eyes made the heads misshapen, and the colors are
    too clean and shiny to meld with the environments. Other breeds of
    dinosaurs and insects have an acceptable cartooniness, but Arlo is just
    annoying in design, creating a constant de-immersion signal.

    The story is conventional and predictable, the emotional moments feel
    manipulative, but still, it’s not bad as kid’s cartoons go. But it sure
    isn’t what we expect from Pixar.

  • TxMikeAugust 25, 2016Reply

    A very interesting and entertaining Pixar animated movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bradduggSeptember 8, 2016Reply

    A touching homecoming adventure of a Dinosaur.

    A touching homecoming adventure of a Dinosaur.

    Like in most Pixar films, there are moments that are heart wrenching,
    touching, exciting and endearing. In the good dinosaur, there are a lot
    of such moments thankfully. The dull moments are spared and the editing
    of making this just 93 minutes feature helped I believe. The film is a
    thrilling adventure that has a lot of family values and emotional
    substance. In storytelling, this may quite not match up with the Pixar
    standards but in visual appeal, it surpasses Pixar’s own standards.
    Technically, this film is just brilliant.

    The visual effects are pleasing to the eye and the music pleased my
    ears. So, it was a great time for my eyes and ears and I liked it.
    Music by Mychael Danna can be worth hearing independently too, and it
    has a universal appeal. Just loved the score of this film.

    The visual effects, the choice of colors, the depiction of natural
    elements and the dinosaurs itself, are all treat to the vision. It’s a
    great feat in terms of achievement in the animation industry, I fell
    for the visual aspect of the film and happy to have seen the film in a
    theater in 3d.

    The writers, I wish had written or shown us a tighter story. Some
    elements were let loose and the film would have been better even
    without them. But I can easily spare them, coz they are tough for a
    couple of minutes in this 93-minute feature, making 91 minutes totally
    worth the time.

    Thanks to Peter Sohn to give us this film. We are happy about this and
    I felt to be lucky to have caught this in theaters.

    It’ a 4/5 for this film. Nice one, that should be watched for a good
    film experience.

    Also, a special mention about the short film ”Sanjay’s Super Team”.
    This is awesome and indeed, the best-animated shorts I saw in a long
    long time. The animation work done for the short film is amazing and
    being an Indian, I was proud what I saw. Thanks to the director Sanjay
    Patel for this.

  • Paul Magne HaakonsenSeptember 29, 2016Reply

    A dinosaurs journey to get back to his family…

    I sat down to watch ”The Good Dinosaur” with my family, that being wife
    and 6 year old son, and I didn’t really have any idea that I would end
    up being as entertained by this animated movie as I was. I had thought
    that this would just be another one of those mass-produced generic
    animated movies aiming for the kids.

    The story in ”The Good Dinosaur” was actually surprisingly good, and it
    was told in a very entertaining way, and also in a way that kept the
    movie progressing at a constant good pace. There weren’t really any
    dull moments throughout the course of the movie, and even the slower
    moments in the movie were good and had crucial parts to the overall

    The CGI, style and textures in ”The Good Dinosaur” were all very
    impressive. But of course, Pixar is well-known for that, and they
    didn’t disappoint by any means with this 2015 release. The entire
    animated world was rich in color, details and very lovable.

    As for the characters portrayed in ”The Good Dinosaur”, well there is
    something for everyone here. I dare say that much. Of course you have
    someone brave, someone lovable, someone daring, someone clumsy, etc.
    etc. It was all here. And they had managed to get together and
    impressive group of voice actors and actresses for the various roles.
    And for an animated movie, then the voice acting is essential.

    ”The Good Dinosaur” is the kind of story that you take to heart
    immediately and you will be entertained right up to the very end of the
    movie, that is for sure. And although you already know how the movie
    will end, it is still a good story to experience and an entertaining
    movie to watch.

    This 2015 animated movie, like most Pixar movies, is of the type that
    you can watch more than just a single time. And it does stand out from
    many other Pixar movies, mainly because of the setting of the age of
    dinosaurs and the characters.

    ”The Good Dinosaur” scores a solid six stars out of ten rating from me,
    as it is a movie that has that ability to make you feel good, feel
    entertained and make you laugh all at the same time.

  • kjr5393October 13, 2016Reply

    The animation is great but that’s it.

    This movie isn’t great. This movie seemed like it was just scrambled
    together, to show the viewer how great Pixars natural animation is.
    Which don’t get me wrong is fantastic, but other than that they didn’t
    do too much else to get the viewers attention. The plot is a rehash of
    other stories like land before time. Which is an obvious comparison but
    you could clearly see other stories throughout, that has worked well
    for Disney. This movie is a movie to watch with the kids on the couch
    when it comes on Disney channel. The animation in this movie is
    something you can’t deny it’s fantastic. I look forward to seeing this
    used in there next movies.

  • Adam BassOctober 16, 2016Reply

    A good movie, but not a great one.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • konekonanaOctober 24, 2016Reply

    complete garbage

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • (pablohuguez)October 30, 2016Reply

    Check Please

    In the continuing effort to create a series of interconnected films
    based on DC Comics characters —similar to the well-established (and,
    thus far, superior) Marvel Cinematic Universe—”Suicide Squad” is just
    about as unpleasant as this year’s ”Batman v Superman: Dawn of
    Justice,” but for totally different reasons. In following the
    misadventures of a group of super villains who are forced to work
    together to defeat a powerful enemy, ”Suicide Squad” is actually trying
    to be fun, or at least it’s trying to find the mix of daring and
    cheekiness that made ”Deadpool” and ”Guardians of the Galaxy” such
    twisted delights. With a few, rare exceptions, the attempts at humor in
    ”Suicide Squad” land with a thud—that is, if you can hear such a sound
    over the deafening din of gunfire and the bombastic score.

    Writer/director David Ayer has created a movie that’s simultaneously
    underwritten and overstuffed. It has too many characters yet precious
    few who even come close to resembling actual human beings. Ayer brought
    an intimate, visceral intensity to previous movies like ”End of Watch”
    and ”Fury,” as well as his scripts for ”Training Day” and the original
    ”The Fast and the Furious.” Here, it’s as if the machinery of making a
    big-budget, comics-inspired summer blockbuster has swallowed him whole.

    Ayer and his enormous team have given us a film that’s muddled both
    visually and narratively. Often, it’s hard to tell what’s going on
    because so many of the huge action set pieces take place in the dark,
    or in the rain, or in the dark in the rain. But more fundamentally from
    a storytelling perspective, ”Suicide Squad” is woefully lacking in both
    momentum and cohesion. It will grind to a halt for a flashback, or to
    allow its characters to go a bar to commiserate about how terrible
    their lives are when the world supposedly is on the brink of
    destruction outside.

    And we haven’t even gotten to the distracting use of on-the-nose
    musical selections to introduce each character: ”House of the Rising
    Sun” when we first see Smith in a Louisiana prison as the expert
    marksman Deadshot; the massively overused ”Sympathy for the Devil” for
    Viola Davis’ shadowy government figure, who dares to put together this
    team of criminals; ”You Don’t Own Me,” for Margot Robbie’s
    unpredictable, baseball-bat-wielding Harley Quinn; ”Fortunate Son”
    (ironically) for the monstrous Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje,
    unrecognizable under pounds of prosthetics and makeup). Each song
    inspires a groan and takes you right out of the action.

    That just scratches the surface of the gigantic cast of bad guys and
    government types. At the film’s start, which takes place after the
    events of ”BvS,” Davis’ Amanda Waller gets the idea to pluck the worst
    of the worst villains from prison and give them a chance to reduce
    their sentences. In return, they must help the feds fight their
    trickiest foes. Their first assignment is to take down a seemingly
    insurmountable, supernatural figure: Cara Delevingne as the ancient
    Enchantress, who can time travel and zip through space and manipulate
    metal and all kinds of impressive, dangerous skills. (She couldn’t
    arrange better special effects for herself, however; at the height of
    her powers, the threat she creates looks hilariously cheesy.) The
    Enchantress took over the body of archaeologist Dr. June Moone, who
    fell in love with her soldier handler, Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), who’s
    now in charge of babysitting the Suicide Squad.

    Besides Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc, there’s Jay Hernandez’s
    heavily-tatted Diablo, who’s been cursed with the ability to create
    fire; Karen Fukuhara as the masked Katana, who’s deadly with the
    samurai sword that’s haunted by her slain husband’s spirit; Jai
    Courtney as Boomerang, an Aussie baddie who does … something with a
    boomerang; and Adam Beach’s Slipknot, who does … something else.

    Oh! I totally forgot about The Joker. That’s because he’s barely in
    ”Suicide Squad,” despite his heavily hyped participation. He’s played
    by Jared Leto with the green hair, manic smile and homicidal tendencies
    we’ve come to know in various incarnations of the iconic villain. But
    he’s more giggly and creepy than truly frightening, and he’s gone for
    such giant stretches of time that he hardly registers on the film as a

    Surprisingly, the usually radiant Robbie doesn’t fare much better as
    The Joker’s main squeeze and partner in crime. In hot pants and a
    wicked smile, she has the sexy part down as Harley Quinn. But she never
    quite sells the crazy, and her heavy New York accent—which helped make
    her an instant superstar in ”The Wolf of Wall Street”—is oddly
    inconsistent here.

    Robbie and Smith get a few opportunities to banter with each other and
    show the chemistry that made their pairing in the con-artist comedy
    ”Focus” so electric. Smith, of course, can’t help but be one of the
    most charismatic people on the planet, and so that shines through from
    time to time, and he also has some nice moments with Shailyn
    Pierre-Dixon as the daughter he hopes to reunite with once this mission
    is over. Similarly, Davis brings her usual formidable presence and
    gravitas to this otherwise unstable affair, and she’s pretty much the
    only one on-screen who makes the film worth watching.

    Part of the problem is that the powers that be within ”Suicide Squad”
    view even their few interesting characters as disposable. If these guys
    fail, they die. If they bail, they die. The makers of the film itself
    haven’t given us much reason to care about them, either.

  • maiptranNovember 4, 2016Reply

    best favorite animation movie

    I needed to log in to give a review for this excellent movie. I don’t
    understand AT ALL the bad comments, the movie is absolutely cute,
    heart- touching yet still has unique sense of humor, just like every
    Pixar movie! It’s true that the plot is nothing new but what stands out
    is, the way the artists built up the story. I totally failed in love
    with the little kid. Every scene was so beautiful… like breathtaking.
    I would rate this movie 10 out of 10 hundreds of times if I can.
    Strongly recommend! This is by far my best favorite animation movie.
    I’m looking forwards for Pixar’s next masterpieces! Sorry for my poor
    expression in English, I’m sure you will have a good time watching

  • MerloNovember 6, 2016Reply

    Not for kids

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kosmaspNovember 18, 2016Reply

    Advanced story

    So this movie is probably a lot better than what you might have heard.
    But some parents may have some issues with the themes and things
    portrayed in here in general. It may be a bit too much for their
    children to watch. There are some adult situations here (as in life
    happens and the ”brutality of it”, without getting explicit), some
    dramatic moments that may stay in ones mind.

    Having said that, you could say, that this is challenging and if you
    really think about it, animated movies in the past that are considered
    classics, had some horrible moments in them (without spoiling the
    moments, just two examples: Bambi and Lion King). Even the Last Unicorn
    had some dark themes in it. So maybe we try to overprotect children,
    where they don’t need to be protected? It’s a fair question though, but
    the movie handles it very discreetly and to the point.

  • dennis-254November 30, 2016Reply

    Lovely underrated movie

    My first review ever just because I think this movie deserves much more
    credit. People that walked out of this movie seem to have expected
    another finding Dory movie packed with ridiculous overwhelming
    over-the-top – though sometimes funny – action just to keep you seated
    and obfuscate the fact that the plot is as thin as this movie might
    seem. This movie is not of that genre. This movie is like Bambi, easy
    and heartwarming storytelling as in fairy tales you read out to your
    kids at night. The world Arlo lives in is magnificent, beautifully
    rendered, one of Pixar’s finest work to date. I bet they could have
    rendered the dinosaurs in the same level of realism but chose to give
    them a bit more childly colours and textures just to make them stand
    out and look even more friendly. Imho that’s an excellent choice. My
    kids of 3 and 5 in age had tears in their eyes at the end, absolutely
    loved it and its characters and want to see it over and over again. In
    contrary to Dory, Up, and similar movies they have soon forgotten. So
    my conclusion, this is an excellent movie, targeted at little kids,
    watch this with the right expectations and admiration. Don’t compare
    apples with pears.

  • EnchordeDecember 3, 2016Reply

    Stunningly beautiful

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • declankearns-24728December 6, 2016Reply

    Good animation and good voice acting,but clichéd plots

    This has got to be one of the worst animation films I have watched in
    my whole life.And I declare it to be one of Pixar’s worst films and
    here they are: 1)Good Dinosaur 2)Cars 2 3)Monsters University 4)Brave

    GOOD NEWS:Good animation,good voice acting,good director and excellent
    voice cast.

    BAD NEWS:Clichéd story line,Drug addicts and addiction (including Arlo
    and Spot eating marijuana fruits),it rips off Lion King,How to Train
    Your Dragon 2,Ice Age,The Land Before Time and The Croods,unlikable
    protagonist (Arlo) and clichéd and lame villains (mostly the
    pterodactyl gang).

    This film was ruined by bad writing,bad dialogue and clichéd,all over
    the place plot from finding his way back home to a western film rip off
    and conquering his worst (or in this case all his fears).

  • ofpsmithDecember 11, 2016Reply

    Definitely one of their weaker ones.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • calvinnmeDecember 22, 2016Reply

    Not just a kid’s film …

    … which is the impression I got when I saw the DVD cover art, the
    title, and the trailers.

    It came on one of the pay channels the other day and I sat down to
    watch. What I found was a whacked out ”what if” view of natural history
    plus a tale on facing your fears and finding friendship where you least
    expect it.

    The movie starts with a bang – literally. Dinosaurs are eating in a
    field 65 million years ago as an asteroid comes tumbling towards earth.
    The dinosaurs look up. The asteroid passes harmlessly overhead. The
    dinosaurs continue eating. So the mass extinction never happens.

    Millions of years pass and the dinosaurs evolve. The ”vegi-sauruses”
    become farmers. The ”meat-asauruses” become ranchers. One humorous turn
    introduces us to a timid Styracosaurus who has evolved into a terrified
    animal that puts small animals all over his horns to protect himself
    from all kinds of threats that grow out of his neurotic fears.

    At the core of it is a family of Apatosaurus farmers with three
    children. The smallest is Arlo, who is afraid of his own shadow. His
    nemesis is ”Spot” a human child that keeps getting into the family silo
    and eating the crops. But these two have to team up when a natural
    disaster sweeps Arlo far from home and he is forced to face his fears.

    I thought the idea of evolving dinosaurs living alongside the dawn of
    man at the point where man is just at ”dog level”-a mute primitive
    creature – was intriguing enough to keep the adults engaged while
    Arlo’s story is enough to keep the children around along with the
    unique sight gags I’ve come to expect from Pixar. Highly recommended as
    an unexpected treat, at least from my perspective.

  • tiggerpupify .January 5, 2017Reply

    Not at all original.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Carlos Perez MiquilarenaJanuary 14, 2017Reply

    a little forced but enjoyable nonetheless

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • divyankaFebruary 5, 2017Reply

    A simple movie lacking in emotional and character relationship depth

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MovieLord23February 5, 2017Reply

    Good idea and beautiful animation in an average ”boy and his dog” story

    The Good Dinosaur has faced a lot of problems in terms of production
    with it being delayed several times before finally being released in
    2015. The movie itself places itself in the middling average section of
    Pixar’s filmography. A gorgeous looking film that has some good
    moments, but it is dragged down by weak characters and a well worn

    Good: The animation here has to be one of the best for Pixar. The
    detail in the landscapes is just astoundingly beautiful. The water
    alone looks like it was shot in real life. The movie does tackle a few
    emotional scenes dealing with loss and overcoming fear. It also goes to
    tell the ”boy and his dog” story only having it be a dinosaur and a
    human boy which is interesting with the background of a western where
    dinosaurs are the dominant species.

    Bad: Arlo I think is the character that brings this movie down along
    with the lackluster story. While the setup is good, the execution
    doesn’t have the impact it wants despite some strong moments. Arlo can
    get very annoying at times with his fear of everything that it
    threatens to destroy any sympathy we might have for him. The screaming
    got on my nerves a bit because it seems his dialogue was just that.

    Overall, I don’t think it warranted some of the terrible reviews it
    received. It belongs under the average banner of the Pixar films. It
    has its tender moments and boasts impressive animation, but it never
    fully draws us into the story due to a weak story and main character.

  • sir-mauriFebruary 12, 2017Reply

    Good movie. It may not rank up against the best of Pixar but it sure is great

    Pixar and Disney’s latest is an animated adventure based on the premise
    that 65 million years ago dinosaurs never went extinct and are more
    advanced than the human race. When a rainstorm washes poor Arlo
    (Raymond Ochoa) downriver, he ends up bruised, battered and miles away
    from home. Good fortune shines on the frightened dinosaur when he meets
    Spot (Jack Bright), a Neanderthal boy who offers his help and
    friendship. Together, the unlikely duo embark on an epic adventure to
    reunite Arlo with his beloved family. The photo realistic landscapes
    are breathtaking and the film has real heart and a few scary moments
    young children might find a bit too much. It’s a great family film and
    definitely recommended.

  • caroline bustamanteApril 13, 2017Reply

    I don’t know what every ones problem is

    I have never written a review for a movie before, but I feel it is my
    moral obligation to do so in this instance. I absolutely loved it and
    feel it is severely underestimated as far as Disney movies go. I don’t
    get the bad reviews, and why in the hell this movie is below 8 stars?

    I laughed, I cried, laughed again, cried again the movie will bring you
    through the story and make you feel and captivate you. If that’s not
    what Disney is supposed to be about then I don’t know what is.

    The messages are heart warming, the story line will keep your
    attention, there are little spoofs particularly for the adults to that
    go right over the kids heads which is great and takes a lot of skill in
    my humble opinion.

    Watch it! Its worth it!

  • Daniel MartinezApril 14, 2017Reply

    Great but Forgotten

    The Good Dinosaur is directed by Peter Sohn who help make other
    memorable Pixar movies including Ratatouille and The Incredibles. Sohn
    went on to Direct this Pixar film with a simple plot, Dinosaurs. The
    film partakes a recognizable character for kids to understand and laugh
    at. The plot is based on young Arlo, his parents (Jeffrey Wright,
    Frances McDormand) and his two siblings, practically the mighty
    dinosaurs were not wiped out 65 million years ago. When a rainstorm
    washes poor Arlo (Raymond Ochoa) downriver, he ends up bruised,
    battered and miles away from home. Luck shines on him when he meets
    Spot (Jack Bright), a Neanderthal boy who offers his help and
    friendship. Together, the unlikely duo embark on an epic adventure to
    reunite Arlo with his beloved family. The plot does seem to bring up
    the unlikely bond point of view along with the feel of adventure and
    discovery along the way for us to enjoy. Watching Arlo and Spot attempt
    to tangle dangerous enemies, weather conditions, and the beautiful
    world introduced. The animation in the movie feels both bizarre yet
    enjoyable with magnificent backgrounds of forests, rivers, mountains
    and more that makes me feel like I am in a virtual tour. You can judge
    how the entire face of nature is remarkably detailed feeling realistic
    while the Dinosaurs have more of their cartoonish feel, may seem lazy
    but it’s better to appreciate Pixar for their standards. Every time
    there is scene with wide views, I want to just daze at the landscape
    and be impressed with the beauty of creating a world. The acting is
    great with voices with many young actors that actually voiced the
    characters with emotion. Raymond Ochoa (Arlo), Jack Bright (Spot), and
    some recognizable performances of Jeffrey Wright (Poppa), and Frances
    McDormand. Watching Arlo going from a coward forced to handle mother
    nature to a Survivalist that learns that he is strong and filled with
    courage just like his family, earning his mark. Let’s go to the downs
    The movie had a huge budget of over 200 million dollars, and only
    grossed barely nothing due to The Good Dinosaur being around the same
    year of Inside Out that left me disappointed due to how Inside Out had
    less of a budget but still grossed more than The Good Dinosaurs money
    budget. The story is great, but the characters are mostly
    unrememberable and interesting to get into due to how the movie was
    shadowed over by Inside Out in 2015. Most of the Characters have your
    typical southern- country voice with some either embracing any traits
    or our there to cheer or be against Arlo on his Journey. Overall, The
    Good Dinosaur was an impressive movie if you were to understand the
    context, meaning, and detail they put in the story. Most of the
    Characters, excluding Arlo and Spot, and the dinos were there the
    minute and then gone the next. The character development of Arlo was
    truly emotional and greeting for me to enjoy how he went from coward to
    survivalist. Arlo and Spot had that type of boy and his dog
    relationship which felt funny and cute considering their lives they
    risk for each other. The Animation is Bizarre and Magnificent for me,
    watching the cartoon themed Dinos and realistic backdrop of mountain
    ranges and forests that felt like an experience to drool at. I will
    recommend this movie for the sake of humor and experience to have,
    despite some darker tones. This movie is memorable to me and I hope it
    will to others. B

  • masonrobledoApril 16, 2017Reply

    A Delightful, Touching and Incredible Pixar Movie

    I know a lot of people don’t like this movie, It’s pretty mixed with
    the critics and Is considered one of the most underrated Pixar films of
    all time.

    Now with films like this one, I was pretty excited to see this, I will
    say I’m not on the hate train with everyone else or agreeing with
    everything that the critics say, I’m more open to the film then have
    actual issues with the film It’s self and I must say this is actually a
    surprisingly really incredible film from Pixar.

    The concept sounds great, the story is well executed, beautifully,
    realistic animation along with creative and well done character
    designs, the characters are emotionally likable, the scenes with Arlo
    and Spot are heartbreaking, It has some great moments and an excellent
    score by Mychael Danna & Jeff Danna.

    One of the big problems I have is some of the characters don’t get much
    screen and they are actually interesting like, Butch, Nash, Ramsey,
    Thunderclap, Forrest Wood bush and the Velociraptors, another is that,
    this film is WAY too dark, I know It can make a film more Interesting
    If It’s done right and with this It does It right for the most part,
    but some seem a little unnecessary and feel like It’s a completely
    different movie.

    It’s not the best from Pixar, but It’s a lot better then Brave, Cars,
    Cars 2 and MU, go give It a watch, It’s still a pleasantly surprising
    film that deserved more then It should of.

    I will give this a 9/10.

  • LmhApril 16, 2017Reply

    VERY emotional

    i thought this movie was lovely for whatever age, i think i cried 4
    times in total. the story line is lovely and makes you keep wondering
    whats going to happen next. definitely on my top 10. i would recommend
    this to anyone who likes a film that grips onto the story line and
    makes sense through out.

  • JediMichaelCeraApril 18, 2017Reply

    Not up to Pixars standards

    There’s a formula for writing stories that Pixar uses that usually
    guarantees their films to be a success, but it seems like they missed
    out some major steps of that formula when making The Good Dinosaur.

    The protagonist, Arlo, is an unoriginal, clichéd character. A giant
    creature that’s scarred of his own shadow. I remember countless stories
    from my childhood with characters like that because writing a story for
    them & developing them as characters is the easiest thing to do. They
    are afraid of everything, they get braver, they accomplish what they
    set out to do. Very poor for a Pixar story. Plus as a character, Arlo
    was just annoying, I never found myself rooting for him & was never
    concerned whenever he was in danger. In every other Pixar film I wanted
    the characters to succeed in their goals. Arlo could have been devoured
    & that would have been like the end of an annoying ringing noise, quite
    grateful for it. Also, personally I felt they did a perfect job of
    casting the person that did his voice because it was just annoying as
    everything else about him.

    Spot, the small human, was a fun character but that was because he was
    basically a dog. No other characters were worth mentioning at all. Once
    again, very peculiar for a Pixar film.

    Pixar films are usually great fun for the whole family, across all age
    ranges, but The Good Dinosaur seems it would only be enjoyable by young
    children due to the extremely simplistic story & characters.

    TL;DR Lead character was annoying & unoriginal, as was the whole film.

  • Michael O'KeefeApril 19, 2017Reply

    Heartwarming and funny animated adventure.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SJApril 23, 2017Reply

    One of Pixar’s worst

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kinleyjean-06052April 30, 2017Reply

    Look beyond the obvious

    All of the negative reviews about this movie are proof that as a
    society, we’ve somewhat lost our ability to read between the lines of a
    story to see the true message behind it.

    This movie is entirely about fear. About how it can shape our lives,
    keep us stuck, and come in all sorts of forms… some expected, and
    some not. Ultimately it’s about confronting your own personal fears and
    showing that you really have to do it alone in the end for it to
    stick… that we’re all more brave than we think, and that even the
    worst case scenario can turn out to have a silver lining. Important
    lesson for our kids to learn, right?

    Of COURSE the movie is scary in parts. It’s about fear! How can it
    successfully get the message across without being somewhat scary?
    Didn’t we all grow up with movies like Old Yeller and The Lion King,
    where a serious lesson was taught not through only happiness, but fear
    and sadness, too?

    In addition, it’s a super clever spin on a traditional western. And it
    flips the stereotype that a human would always be the hero and not the
    sidekick on its head in a totally entertaining way. Anyone who has
    raised a toddler should be able to find the humor in Critter/Spot.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend you check this movie out. It’s
    beautifully and subtly done, and imparts a valuable lesson if you dare
    to look deeper inside to find it.

  • ImdbidiaApril 30, 2017Reply

    Good lessons for small children

    The Good Dinosaur is a feast for the eyes, really wonderfully animated
    with amazing almost real backgrounds and water. My favorite scenes were
    the night ones, when the fireflies and the starry sky, which are
    beautifully artistic.

    The Good Dinosaur is mostly a coming-of-age story, transitioning from
    child to boy. The movie teaches children great life lessons, and that
    is, to me, the main virtue of the film: > They have to find their own
    pace in life, and have to be patient if they move slower than others.
    The important thing is to get where you want to get, it doesn’t matter
    how long it takes. > Being strong and being powerful are two different
    things. > The beauty and power of mateship. > Fear needs to be
    embraced, not feared, as embracing it will make them face any adversity
    and overcome any struggle. > They belongs with their family, no matter
    how much they love their friends. > Their parents will do anything to
    support and defend them, but part of growing up is just learning to be
    independent. > They are capable of more than they credit themselves

    The story happens in an alternative past when the meteorite that caused
    the extinction of dinosaurs never fell on earth, allowing dinosaurs and
    humans to coexist. I thought that was a good start. The creative
    possibilities are endless, although The Pebbles sounds like a very
    credible alternative past. So the creators probably didn’t want to go
    there, understandably. Unfortunately, the path they took is a road to
    Bananaland. It turns a herbivorous dinosaur with the brain of a chicken
    into a farmer. What the heck? Not even that, the kiddo who becomes dino
    Arlo’s best friend behaves more like a dog than a primitive man, tongue
    hanging out and all.

    There are some touching tender moments in the film, and some funny
    moments too, but the film is overly dramatic for small children, with
    tragedy after tragedy, violent scene after scary scene, and it’s too

    The characters were a mix bunch, overall funny (the tyrannosaurus),
    scary (the Pterosaurus), human (the brachiosaurus) and brute but
    domesticable (the human kiddo).

    I especially loved the voice of Jeffrey Wright as Poppa and Frances
    McDormand as Momma. Very warm and charming.

    A lovely family film, especially good for small children. Not the best
    Pixar’s for sure.

  • cnycityladyMay 5, 2017Reply

    ‘Good’ might be overstepping a bit

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Oliver Thatcher WatsonMay 8, 2017Reply

    Beautiful, but the story is very flawed

    This film is pretty good. The voice acting done in this film is great
    and the CGI is absolutely amazing, as the landscape and water looks
    almost entirely real. It is beautiful. However, the story in this film
    isn’t that great. As it’s pretty much a watered down version of the
    story in the Lion King. Which makes the story of this film seem kind of
    unoriginal and brainless. And while it does go on a good flow most of
    the time, it can seem sort of exhausting sometimes and can make some
    think ”Okay, what happens next?”. While, yes, I was somewhat
    disappointed with the story, it still goes on a good enough flow for it
    to be watchable. And i’m sure most kids of all ages would love it. And
    the absolutely beautiful CGI will most likely make it hard for viewers,
    like myself, to look away, as the amount of attention to detail in this
    film is shockingly great. I recommend this film to anyone who is a fan
    of not only dinosaurs, but also/or nature, as this film doesn’t
    disappoint in the very slightest when it comes to satisfying the want
    to see a beautifully animated film and/or a cute, funny film about a
    dinosaurs adventure. While the story certainly may not be the best that
    Pixar has come up with for a film, this film certainly has more than
    enough to impress many.

  • greydrawerMay 22, 2017Reply

    Still fighting about this at home – so much better than Inside Out

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tonjejooMay 31, 2017Reply


    How much could this movie make me cry? The answer is A LOT. It felt
    like I was constantly crying or laughing throughout the entire film.
    How could I wait this long before watching it? And to think that I
    almost didn’t because I thought it would be boring?! Honestly shame on
    the person I was 90 minutes ago, she didn’t know sh*t.

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