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The Great Father

The Great Father

Mar. 30, 2017 India151 Min.
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8.8 1,683 votes

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A businessman who is trying hard to be a good father to his daughter has a run-in with malevolent policeman.

The Great Father
The Great Father
The Great Father
Original titleദി ഗ്രേറ്റ്‌ ഫാദര്‍
IMDb Rating8.4 4,892 votes
TMDb Rating6.5 2 votes

(28) comments

  • Parthip BalanMarch 29, 2017Reply

    superb movie.. must watch…

    #TheGreatFather very gud 1st half with some brilliant performances
    Slowpaced but classy.2nd half will be the key with some real mass
    scenes. A brilliant second half, what a stylish movie. #mammukka is
    very stylish. Action sequences! Suspense works out very well.
    #TheGreatFather isn’t just a movie for the fans By taking a socially
    relevant issue as the core theme it becomes a great film in the end.

  • mhmmdrashidMarch 30, 2017Reply

    The GreatFather stylish class Family thriller

    The Great Father stylish Family thriller with a present social issue.
    Emotional first half..Fantastic Interval Block… Mass Thrilling second
    half . Mammootty terrific as David Nainan.AS A Actor & Megastar.Fathers
    Emotional scenes makes us feel and stylish mass entries distributing
    power to us .Arya & Baby anikha did A great job.Overall an awesome
    movie. And family must watch this movie.A big salute to Director Haneef
    Adeni you brilliantly executed the film on an important issue in
    thrilling way.He marks his career with a hit.Bgm,
    cinematography,editing Outstanding.Great movie Won’t disappoint you

  • jojimarkMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Mammootty is back with TheGreatFather

    Mammootty is back with TheGreatFather A good movie. mass and stylish
    acting. going to hit 110 Million club for sure. Yaay my Megastar is
    back with all bang 😍😍That swag and style,no one could match.

    » The craze around the film is phenomenal and it is palpable in the

    » Mammootty makes his grand entry as David Ninan

    » David Ninan and his family lead a happy life till they face a
    life-changing incident

    » Arya appears as the police officer

    » Revengeful second half

  • Akhil BalachandranMarch 30, 2017Reply

    A Stylish Family Oriented thriller Movie!!!

    David Ninan is a builder who leads a wonderful life with his wife and
    daughter. Due to an unfortunate incident, Their peaceful life takes a
    drastic turn and How they recover from it makes the movie drives
    forward. Mammoka owns each scene with his spectacular acting in
    emotional scenes and also mass scenes. Haneef Adeni handles the story
    superbly and one scene actually scares the hell out of me. The first
    half of the movie was very good and the second half started slowly,
    kind of dragging too. The pace was regained after that and the ending
    was also convincing even though there were some loopholes. Arya was
    good and it would have been a better one for him if he dubs for
    himself. Sneha has nothing much to offer in the movie. The background
    score used for Arya and Mammoka’s intro was likable and my favorite one
    is Arya’s background score. Overall, it’s a stunning action thriller
    movie and I really enjoyed it.

  • Freddy WilliamsMarch 30, 2017Reply

    The Great Stylish Thriller movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nikz Râj'zMarch 31, 2017Reply

    മലയാള സിനിമ വിജയികടെ/ The Great Father

    Mammootty the king is back Great movie. TheGreatFather Mammootty
    terrific as David Nainan. Emotional first half and Thrilling second
    half. Overall an awesome movie Must watch. #TGF Very good story, music
    BGM superb, costumes heavy. Director Haneef Adeni caters to the family
    audience with a prevalent issue. #DavidNainan is going to rule the
    box-office. Two good notes from #TheGreatFather , few things must be
    discussed with kids and there’s a Hero in every Father!

    My overall rating 4/5

  • tonysksyMarch 31, 2017Reply

    mammootty sir’ is back…and with a bangg

    after a long tym,a thoroughly enjoyable flick of mammootty…..a
    perfect blend of classy thrills and mass heroism with a dose of
    emotional sequences ……..not a great movie…but works well as a
    popcorn movie…the movie also handles socially relevant
    topic….negatives-less action sequences ,boring songs

  • Aravind KSMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Awesome family thriller movie!

    The most hyped molly-wood movie of all time TGF,the movie started with
    an awesome thrilling twist the bgm was really good. first half was OK
    little laggy it was emotional but i enjoyed it.the interval scene was
    NEXT LEVEL it was awesome. second half was really awesome the bgm the
    thrilling scenes everything was good and there is a cool climax at the
    end. and this movie has a really good message among our society.
    overall must watch movie! really enjoyed it. 4.3/5

  • jacobrejiMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Mammooty’s bang come back

    the great father is the stylish movie ever molly-wood witnessed ….
    with brilliant making …… emotional part is extraordinary …..
    cinematography and mammoottys intro bgm is too good climax of the movie
    is too good …. the great father wont disappoint you… will surely
    satisfy both family and fans

  • Movie TrendingMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Very Disappointed

    It is just an average movie.It’s just a money waste.Lagging and boring
    First half.Average second half.Fake reviews made by fans.Please watch
    Take off instead of this.I don’t know why Arya done this role its
    nothing.Fight scenes are like Bruce lee really funny.Overall just an

  • lithint55April 1, 2017Reply

    Style with substance

    This is a movie which met with a lot of pre release hype and i could
    say this one was able to meet my expectations and it is a very good
    social drama/thriller. Acting of mammootty and arya were very good,
    special mention should be given to baby anikha for her heart stealing
    performance.kalabhavan shajon,miya all done good cameos. Even though
    this is a serious kind of drama it has a good number of laugh inducing
    moments, also there are many heart pumping and thrilling scenes. Story
    of the movie is nothing new we had already seen these kinds of several
    movies,but the execution here is pretty different and refreshing.

  • amrashcinemaApril 1, 2017Reply

    Great father . class & mass family thriller

    A happiest family destroyed by an unfortunate incident. How they
    recover from this it leads the movie forward. Its law of a father who
    loves their daughter very much. TGF have sweet relation scenes between
    father & daughter. First half very emotionally placed the story to
    audience. its makes little slow but its gave a classy feel.Interval
    really awesome hint to the hunt begins. a fantastic second half..
    Action.. Suspense.. mass scenes really Good. The Great Father isn’t
    just a movie for the fans its awareness to all families how handle some
    socially relevant issue. Mammootty perform scene with his spectacular
    acting in emotional scenes and also mass scenes. superb
    Direction,BGM,CAMERA,Editing… I really enjoyed must watch with

  • vaisakhgopalApril 1, 2017Reply

    MAMMOOKKA is Back !!!

    Tgf– a perfect film for family audience and an awesome treat for fans
    breaking all collection records, tgf is turning to be a blockbuster
    heavy returns across kerala.. i watched the movie @7 am show
    @bangalaore. i personally loved the film very much emotional scenes
    worked out very well b/n mammmooty and baby anikha. sneha also did her
    part really well. last but not the least…arya as andrews
    eapen…nailed it in style !!!!

    rating 4.5/5 #M_SWAG

  • nikson-85360April 1, 2017Reply

    Avg movie

    Avg movie the great father ”Who was that man?” David Ninan asks his
    daughter Sara while sitting at the beach. The girl keeps silence for a
    moment and runs a few meters before kneeling down on the sand. Perhaps,
    this intriguing question lets the viewers’ imagination go wild while
    watching ”The Great Father”. The opening sequence itself heralds the
    impending hide-and-seek game that creates the thriller mood to the

  • aswinmjApril 2, 2017Reply

    Heavy film

    Ist half of the film deals with simple but effective scenes.Comedy and
    social issues are well imbibed in the movie.IInd half deals with
    stylish makeover of David Nainan who is rapacious in finding the person
    who spoils his daughter’s life.Overall the film is mixture of thriller
    and stylish sequences.I hope everyone holds the same opinion.

  • abhiramkannansathyaApril 3, 2017Reply

    excellent from debutante…. Haneef adani

    It’s my first IMDb rating.. I have waiting 4 a long.. I feel it’s the
    time TGF is a most awaited film in Malayalam .. kept the promise
    Alive.. satisfied all kind of viewers.. with a story line of
    stylishness Drama family sentiments more over thriller from the start
    till the end Must watch film for all generation… the best part is one
    of the Greatest making ever from a director……

  • PrasadApril 4, 2017Reply

    Stylish suspense thriller

    I would rate this movie as super stylish thriller with emotional 1st
    half and stylish second half with an unexpected suspense. Mammookka, as
    usual, dashing in his role. Good support from Arya as rough and tough
    cop. The social message in this movie makes this a must watch for all
    kind of audience. Awesome…………….

  • suhailshamsApril 4, 2017Reply

    Enrolled Best stylish movie ever in Malayalam film industry

    Nothing to say in regards to mammooka. great man.he demonstrated gifts
    of acting and attractive ,stylish look .the great father is a family
    exciting motion picture .i loved exceptionally much.About to stating
    Hanif adeni well commitment and expecting best movies from him.
    families ,fans and all enjoyed this movie

  • ASHIN ANTONYApril 5, 2017Reply

    One of the stylish but the most over-hyped as well as overrated movie .

    Its an average movie. There is nothing catchy about the movie other
    than the style and charm of actor Mammootty. It is a commercially
    successful movie. But all the reviews and collection reports getting
    about this movie is fake. I don’t know why people are doing this. The
    movie lags throughout. so its a HYPE.

  • Abel CheriosApril 8, 2017Reply

    Disappoints, not Recommended to Watch with Kids

    When I read the brief story of The Great Father on IMDb, ”A malevolent
    policeman has a run-in with a man who owns a construction company, and
    who is trying hard to be a hero for his daughter”, I had huge
    expectation but turned out to be a major disappointment when I saw the
    movie. To the daughter Sara, her father David is a hero, guardian angel
    etc etc..which she actually shares with her entire school at the end of
    the movie but the things that this father does from the start to the
    end prompts you to title him as The Violent Father! He smokes, uses
    choicest of words, points out gun in front of bunch of school kids,
    beats people whom he considers bad black & blue, seriously injures a
    person with a crude bomb and then we have the end where he kills a
    character brutally. Some of the scenes were unintentionally laughable
    like the moments where few dead kids were shown blurred on cam. I
    wondered why they were blurred because these characters were not nude.
    They had almost no blood anywhere on their body except for a clown mask
    on face. So why were they blurred?! lol A kid also carries a gun to
    school but the gun’s shown blurred yet we have Mammootty who points out
    gun in front of the same school kids and his gun’s not blurred! If
    these edits were instructed by the censor board, it didn’t make any
    sense. Also, initially there are some scenes that involve kids that’s
    kinda cute & funny which made me wrongly assume they can watch this
    movie. How wrong I was! Due to all the violence depicted in the movie
    and also that the story is about the manhunt for a psychotic pedophile
    who rapes & kills kids, this movie is definitely a NO for kids to

    Mammotty does a fine job as expected but frankly the only scenes I
    liked of his were some ramp walks he does in front of his daughter in
    different outfits and how he stylishly sports his shades & jacket.
    Sneha as Mammootty’s wife has a role that was quite wasted. Arya makes
    a commendable presence as an undercover cop but felt his character
    could have been treated better especially towards the end. Anikha
    Surendran as the young Sara is good. The only performance I liked in
    the movie besides Arya’s is by Balaji Sarma as a dumb assistant cop to
    Arya. He gives a much needed comic relief in the movie.

    Therefore, this movie is a big disappointment due to the cons I
    mentioned above with regard to the story and therefore not recommended
    although some of the performances are good and there’s good suspense. A
    thumbs down.

  • Rakesh RameshApril 8, 2017Reply

    Villain’s Power

    I am a die hard Mammooty fan and maybe because of that i went to watch
    the film the 3rd day and i was flabbergasted at the rush in the
    theaters at 10.30 in the night. The heavy rush proved that even in his
    60’s Mammooka will be always a evergreen hero.

    Of Course I went with expectations. Most of the reviews were good to
    above avg. and i had almost an idea how this film is going to be. Many
    of them said that the 1st half was boring and slow with a lot of
    emotional songs and stuff like that. But for me, the first half was a
    brilliant set up to follow the second half. While the first half gives
    us some wonderful Daddy-Daughter moments , the second half sparks into
    a massive blood-hunt like film which goes out of hand with every frame.
    The First Half for me was equal to the second half, even though many
    don’t agree with me.

    Baby Anikha’s Acting was mesmerizing. To portray a role so difficult
    that brilliantly, she is a massive treasure for the coming malaylam
    film industry. Mammooty’s acting was brilliant, the first half being
    superior to the second. Arya has also done a brilliant job in
    portraying his character. Strong , muscular , open and a brilliant
    personality brings a beautiful charm to the screen . Sneha has also did
    good but if i could rank would’ve put her in the fourth place. Apart
    from these four all other characters have small roles except the
    frequently appearing police investigators. In Short Everyone have done
    a beautiful job in carving out the film’s importance to the current

    The film handles some very sensitive issues like pedophilia , child
    molestation and many other issues that makes it a really socially
    important film. One thing that i liked above the story was the
    direction. If there is a thing i can say about the film – the direction
    was stunning, along with the camera. These both gives us a beautiful
    visual treat with brilliant cinematography and in saying in terms of
    film making ; it is a perfect package. Haneef Adeni is a major
    advantage to our coming Mollywood industry , with this film breaking BO
    records already, I am sure that we get to see more of him in the coming

    There are some moments in the film that we begin to admire the
    villain’s power over the hero. Often in films we were shown the
    superiority of the hero over the villain. Except the climax , the
    villain almost emphasizes complete control over the hero’s family.

    It is no twist that we get in the climax . The Villain has one or two
    frames in the first half and that’s it. We can never find out who the
    villain is, as it can became a no surprise to anyone in the theater.

    An Ordinary Viewer , either with his family or alone can view this film
    in many ways –

    ASocially relevant film A Psychological Movie A Another ‘Dark Knight’ (
    Villain’s Power) A Family Daddy-Daughter Movie or An Action Masala

    If I Haven’t mentioned already , the last 10-15 mins. of the film is
    absolutely brilliant. The shots , the camera movement , fight
    choreography , everything was handled with utmost professionalism and
    it was perfection at it’s best.

    7.4 / 10

  • Joel LalApril 10, 2017Reply

    Waste of Time, energy and money.

    This is one of the worst movies I have watched in the recent times.a
    very relevant social topic has been handled in such a way that it takes
    away the importance of such subjects. What do such directors mean by
    making such movies. Don’t they watch other good movies. Why giving out
    all negative subliminal messages. Not that I am a good film maker or
    anything but I presume that I can spot a wannabe when I see one. That’s
    what the director is doing in here. If he wants the quality and depth
    of an English movie firstly he need to be in that vibe. The reason I
    have given 3 out of 10 is just because of the theme of the movie, which
    is a relevant one in present dark age.

  • Gautham KrishnaApril 12, 2017Reply

    Great Father

    Say a daddy-daughter film and it’s sure to raise some expectations of a
    few ‘papa’s little girl’ scenes, cute moments of laughter and enough to
    get one misty-eyed triggering your own parallel experiences. Just like
    its teaser indicated, Mammootty’s The Great Father is no different.
    Part-endearing and part-heroic, it’s the tale of a dad who goes to the
    bravest extent to bring justice to his daughter

  • Jayasankar NApril 12, 2017Reply

    Not a good movie,nothing new

    The movie starts to role with suspense and ends terribly.The movie has
    the same villain-hero concept.At the end, we can expect what is going
    to happen.The concept of the movie is good a hero for the daughter.It
    showcases the child abuse and its aftermath.Highly doubt the background
    is music is copied from somewhere.

  • dhruvprasanthApril 12, 2017Reply


    David Ninan (Mammootty) is a successful builder, living a peaceful life
    with wife Michelle (Sneha) and daughter Sarah (Baby Anikha). The
    initial sequences happen with Sarah going on and on about her dad to
    her friends at school and she says he was once a don in Mumbai. When
    her classmates mock her, she brings a loaded revolver as proof.

  • Manmohan SreedharApril 21, 2017Reply

    Below expectations

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Manmohan SreedharApril 27, 2017Reply

    Below expectations

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AzanspyMay 20, 2017Reply

    One of the best stylish movies of Malayalam cinema.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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