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The Great Wall

The Great Wall

1700 years to build. 5500 miles long. What were they trying to keep out?Dec. 16, 2016 USA103 Min.PG-13
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8.9 1,386 votes

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Zhang Yimou


Matt Damon isWilliam Garin
William Garin
Jing Tian isGeneral Lin Mei
General Lin Mei
Andy Lau isWang Junshi
Wang Junshi
Pedro Pascal isPero Tovar
Pero Tovar
Zhang Hanyu isGeneral Shao
General Shao
Lu Han isPeng Yong
Peng Yong
Lin Gengxin isCommander Chen
Commander Chen
Eddie Peng isCommander Wu
Commander Wu
Huang Xuan isCommander Deng
Commander Deng


European mercenaries searching for black powder become embroiled in the defense of the Great Wall of China against a horde of monstrous creatures.

The Great Wall
The Great Wall
The Great Wall
The Great Wall
The Great Wall
The Great Wall
The Great Wall
The Great Wall
The Great Wall
The Great Wall
Original titleThe Great Wall
IMDb Rating6.1 57,894 votes
TMDb Rating5.9 828 votes

(305) comments

  • jonowilson-97360December 15, 2016Reply

    Saw this last night at a cinema in Shanghai

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kylenn YanDecember 19, 2016Reply

    Opening ceremony of the Wall Games

    This is a movie produced for Chinese young fans ONLY, or exactly for
    Tian Jing and the ticket office.

    Note: Below comment will not include the story and script, but some
    description about the visuals.


    Firstly, Yimou Zhang used many colorful soldier uniform and such
    ceremony movements just like you see in Opening ceremony of Beijing
    Olympic Games. But extremely wrongly in a pop movie to show a big war.

    The original story is good, but the script is too naive. In fact only
    Matt and Tian Jing are full characters. The others are all walk-on. But
    these walk-on are all acted by popular young star which will cost much
    but not suitable for these characters. The only reason for above is for
    ticket office. These young lovely boy stars could attract lots of young
    fans to watch movie.

    The movie has no reasonable characters and logic. ONLY has some young
    stars and computer visual techs stack together.

    The last and important one point. It use the signal of China, the Great
    Wall. It seems this movie has lots of Chinese culture. But in fact it
    shows much wrong views to audiences, especially to those who do not
    know Chinese culture much. Here I wanna say, this movie absolutely can
    not show any Chinese culture, even many Chinese elements are wrong.

    Chinese movies is learning, some of them are good. But not for this

    2 points, 1 for computer visual tech, 1 for Matt Damon.

  • xussDecember 20, 2016Reply

    Collectivism Won, then Loses

    Chinese National Master, Zhang Yimou, the artist of 2008 Beijing
    Olympics Opening Ceremony which left an amazing impression to
    audiences, is the director who brings the latest film to us 8 years

    The Great Wall has been released in China now, which is good at frames,
    but flopped somewhere else. Young people think Zhang Yimou could take a
    better film than this presented one, but now Zhang is lost in mob
    scenes with few inner world of characters.

    In my opinion, the spirit in this film is far behind the mainstream
    value. This is a story tells about how Chinese fight with monsters with
    united strength, nobody cares himself or herself in ancient China. I’m
    sure that was true in previous China, which can’t be accepted by young
    people nowadays. The young generation enjoys an art which can make
    people know everyone has weakness, self- examination in one film is
    needed. The Great Wall doesn’t show this, but it’s still a good film to
    let foreigners know how Chinese fight with aggressors in all ages,
    individualism is not allowed in wars.

    Fans of the super stars feed the box office, but the flatten characters
    make this film flopped. Although I really like the Chinoiserie, I have
    to say the collectivism did won in the film and the past, then loses in
    the real and peaceful life.

  • carltellinDecember 20, 2016Reply

    Fails to make the wall great again…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • wclchDecember 22, 2016Reply

    a good popcorn movie which also introduces Chinese culture

    Strength: BGM in the movie shows strong and beautiful Chinese
    traditional music style. Excellent picture skill to audience is an
    advantage for director Yimou Zhang who had direct the opening ceremony
    of Olympic 2008 in Beijing.

    Shortage: Whole time of the movie is too short only has 104 Min’s.And
    it makes the story seems not complete. Lack of money leads to a rush

    Summary: First Hollywood movie which combines much Chinese element. A
    good way for someone who wants to know Chinese ancient culture. The
    movie tells a story of trust and sacrifice when human beings facing to
    the monster.

  • Jiaxue ZhangDecember 22, 2016Reply

    An era of consumption and entertainment

    This film has received much controversial arguments since the trailer
    came out. The release in China so far has received more than 86 Million
    US dollars box-office in a week and the projection will be 150 million
    US dollars in China. The comments from the viewers on internet are very
    divided into 2 extremes. 1 star or full 5 stars on Douban (equivalent
    level as Rotten tomato in China).

    The biggest discontent perhaps, is not from the fact that the Great
    Wall is a bad film but the disappointment. From ”Raise the Red Lantern
    ”to ”Hero”Zhang Yimou has established his leading position as a
    talented director in both artistic creation and commercial success:
    Three best foreign film Oscars nominations, a Grand Jury Prize at the
    Cannes and 177m US dollars box-office worldwide in 2004. The spotlight
    the Great Wall is under this time seems focus on Matt Damon, lack of
    true culture representation etc. But these arguments really stem from
    one important fact that this is film is a first-time true co-production
    attempt between China and US.

    Co-production has not been easy and made many jokes in the past such as
    adding unnecessary minor roles for Chinese actors for a script does not
    really need any Chinese content added, or abrupt ad implantation (Yili
    milk in Transformers 4). And it will not be easy. The undeniable fact
    is the rising demand from the second large film market in the globe and
    the market and content makers are trying to adapt and push the edge.
    The harder part is the audiences’ criticism and tastes grow more
    sophisticated and diversifies too. Will they catch the audiences step?
    Will the audience be trained to adapt to super story series just like
    western super hero series that the more disappointment and harsh
    criticism rise but more box office follows?

    The Great Wall has so far, the highest production budget in Chinese
    film history and for a China and US co-production film. It seems no
    pressure of covering the cost of 150m US dollars from domestic and
    worldwide box-office if we do a rough formulation by three-times budget
    worth box-office cover the whole pipeline production and marketing
    etc.At least from this perspective,Zhang Yimou has been an excellent
    project manager on a budget on this scale cross countries.

    I spent about 7 dollars on my 3D ticket in a 4K Doby theater and I
    think for a standard commercial film with good VFS and OST plus Matt
    Damon, it is worth the money. If the investors get their moneys back,
    then we will be seeing the Great Wall 2, 3, 4, 5 because that’s how the
    industry works. And if Batman vs Superman can get a 6.8, I follow a 6
    for this film.

  • JerryDecember 23, 2016Reply

    A Mediocre Film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DanMihaimovienoncriticDecember 26, 2016Reply

    There are many legends about The Great Wall, this is one of them…

    I just saw it in Romania in a good 3d cinema. The movie tells a legend.
    And it tells it so beautifully! The cinematography is breathtaking and
    for all the duration I was more than a movie spectator, I felt part of
    that legend, a character from that story, present among the troops
    defending the wall. If a movie succeeds in delivering such an
    experience, the rest is not important anymore.

    In this point, I don t care anymore about plot holes or historical
    inaccuracies, because I came to cinema to see a fantasy, a Chinese
    legend with monsters and heroes. And there I was, in a war story, set
    in a different world, filled with amazing elements of the old Chinese
    culture, surrounded by exceptional warriors, beautiful landscapes and
    bloodthirsty monsters. I am very saddened to see the negativity among
    critics and public surrounding this movie. Complaining about historical
    inaccuracies or being racist about the mix of races is so misplaced. I
    hope people will go see it and ignore the bad criticism and prejudices
    about it.

  • Apavaloae DorinDecember 28, 2016Reply

    A lousy movie, a weak story

    This movie, is first of all, a marketing attempt. A Chinese marketing
    attempt. It is based on nothing, the legend of the beasts which attacks
    once in 60 years is childish, as well as the entire ceremony of Chinese
    soldiers uniforms and organization. Without stars as Matt Damon or
    Pedro Pascal (Narcos, Game of Thrones), the film would be less than a
    television production. It is without intrigue but with lots of effects,
    the characters have no real solidity and a story with a huge potential
    was wasted through this screening… Its main problem is that even the
    Great Chinese Wall should really be involved into the great
    cinematography because of itself. Adding a foolish story to a monument
    like this is almost an heresy and my opinion is that the
    producers/Chinese authorities were sloppy in paying for such a product.

  • owdbkllDecember 28, 2016Reply

    Chinese Film and YImou Zhang are both dead

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jinguangleeDecember 28, 2016Reply

    A good story combing traditional Chinese culture and legend…

    I’ve no idea why some Chinese friends telling me that this is quite an
    ordinary and even boring film.

    This movie got a low score on some Chinese movie rating website.
    Perhaps the Chinese audiences have more expectations of director Zhang,
    Yimou and more detailed requirements of such a historical fiction
    action- adventure movie.

    I just finish watching this movie. Frankly speaking my experience is
    more than expected. Both Cinematography and Screenplay are more than
    acceptable. And story is perhaps also enough, film is not a paper.

    What’s more, the whole film seems quite different from other movies
    that I have seen before, which gives an visual and spiritual travel to
    the ancient China.

    As to these questions of movie story, like why this, why that, or why
    not..I can only say that you need to do more preparations of Chinese
    history and civilization.

  • scarlatDecember 28, 2016Reply

    Withold argument, just enjoy the ride.

    Have read so much contrasting arguments. Some regarding logic and such!
    Bah! Just let the writer-director-producer-actors team present their
    work and comment on that. If the soldiers seem rigid or vague – we
    should think how could you maintain a high quality throughout those
    vast numbers of supporting actors. Maybe, if its made for TV-Series
    they have more time to develop any characters (even Game of Thrones,
    Vikings, Spartacus, etc didn’t dwell too much on foot soldiers). If the
    weapons are quite ”out of this world” – well, how did you think other
    films looks like. And don’t forget, they invents a lot of thing back
    then over there. Give some slack for imagination & entertainment sake.
    If legend about the beast seems far fetched, lets rethink about other
    legends we’ve been fed all these times, eh.? Credit where, credits due.

    *By the way, me myself enjoy something more thought provoking kind of
    movies. But do enjoy any kind of ”hoo-hah” or ”bang-bang” presentation

  • BasicLogicDecember 29, 2016Reply

    A catastrophic disastrous [email protected]@k

    This film is the champion baddest film of 2016. I don’t even know how
    to describe it, because it’s not an ordinary bad film, it’s a joke! The
    absurdity of the Chinese movie industries has reached a critical level.
    The overly used CGI visual effects in it was not just bad but ugly.
    Director Zhang should be forced into retirement after this shameful
    product, and signed up Matt Damon was another blind decision, because
    such cast was totally unnecessary. The screen play was hollow, shallow,
    pointless, meaningless and pointless. The idea to use the Great Wall as
    the battlefield was another bad idea. it was just bad, bad, bad…so
    bad that my neck suffered a very painful sprain over my shoulder
    blades, because I couldn’t help myself from shaking my head

    This film also transpired me from an die-hard Atheist to a
    God-believing person since I kept murmuring ”OMG….OMG….this is so
    bad…” That’s how bad this film is. I strongly suggest that you don’t
    waste your money and time to learn how to lower your I.Q., just use the
    ticket fare to buy a triple-deck cheese burger with supersized French
    fries, that’d be your better and smarter choices.

  • Kevin-42December 29, 2016Reply

    This movie simply tries to do too many things at once

    First of all, this movie does a lot of things right. The costume
    designs are great, the set designs are very convincing and the CGI is,
    although not cutting edge, up to modern standards in film-making. The
    music score could have been better but maybe the composer had a Chinese
    audience in mind.

    The acting will not win any Oscars but we see some genuine moments of
    emotion and bonding and believe it or not but there are one or two
    scenes with a good suspense arc. Moreover, Jing Tian has a nice smile
    and looks really fine in uniform. That might be my own idiosyncratic
    standard but an attractive female lead certainly adds to the

    With all that praise then, why does it fall short of being a truly
    great movie? As my summary indicates it is simply overloaded with too
    many plot devices. It’s a hero/East meets West/monster/action/tale of
    betrayal and redemption/romance/fantasy movie loaded with Chinese
    symbolism capped by a rather weak, anticlimactic and hurried
    cookie-cutter ending. The audience never has enough time to get
    emotionally invested in the characters. The script tries but there
    simply isn’t enough time to do it all and eventually the movie does too
    little to explore any of the plot elements and characters.

    Nevertheless, it is not a bad movie and certainly not ambitious enough
    to deserve any of the vitriol people read into the story without ever
    watching the movie. I was entertained but not really awestruck.

  • Kjartan SkasgaardDecember 29, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ihowDecember 29, 2016Reply

    A shame for the Great Wall, what a trash movie with fake story

    This movie will make people misunderstanding the real Great Wall and
    why they built it. Boring fake story is totally fine. Weirdest thing is
    the leading actress.

    Tian Jing(The only leading actress in the film), an actress with a
    mysterious background in China. Lots of people said this movie is just
    made for her. After collaborated with tons of A-list artists, she still
    did not get famous at all. However, they bought her a ‘Hollywood
    International Award’ by Hollywood film awards(18th), which still did
    not make her famous. We have no idea how they could ask Yimou Zhang
    made this movie for her. But it is a shame for the Great Wall, a shame
    for Chinese film industry, a shame for all the actors and actress who
    worked hard, a shame for the actress herself.

  • captainpatDecember 29, 2016Reply

    A Very Entertaining Film

    As a constant film goer I was really impressed with this film. It was
    entertaining. The story worked well. The acting was great. And the
    effects were really impressive. I watched it on a big screen in Bangkok
    and enjoyed the experience. The sound was equally impressive.

    I just can’t understand why the really negative reviews abound. Some
    are cursing it for having foreign actors. Others about the political
    situation etc. And the poor director is even getting a caning.

    The story is about a legend. And it was wonderful to just sit back and
    let someone tell a story. I nearly didn’t go because of all the bad
    reviews but I am glad I went and made up my own mind.

    Go and see it.

  • Thomas TangDecember 30, 2016Reply

    Amazing visual display and acceptable level of clear plot

    The Great Wall is truly a visual feast so would better to watch on 3D
    or IMAX. Some Chinese spectators have criticised its poor story and
    plot. However, I don’t think it is necessary to design a rather
    complicated story as it has to tailor towards the audiences on the
    globe not just for Chinese preference that non-Chinese may be
    uninterested in ,or that may be difficult for them to understand. So
    non-Chinese audiences are able to capture at least the big picture of
    the whole story behind. This is a well trade-off for film makers,
    balancing the plot to an acceptable level for international audiences.

    I cant understand why so many Chinese ”audiences”(they did not even
    watch it before making comments) pretending to be international voters
    with broken English, are lopsidedly voting 1 and making negative
    comments here without any constructive and objective ideas.And even
    more ridiculous,they then go back to Chinese movie – grading website,
    with a screenshot of their own 1 star derogatory comments, misleadingly
    saying that foreigners also unlike the great wall as they do.

    Some even said this is a fake story. Come on haters, it is said at the
    beginning of the movie that this is based on one of the legend (a fairy
    tale) of The Great Wall.I don’t think its a point to discuss it.

    Overall, I would award 9/10 the reminder 1/10 would be the length
    duration. It is exciting but too short. If it could extend to around 2
    hours and add certain level of plot that would be awesome.

    Hope to see more Hollywood-style movies with Chinese historical and
    cultural elements in the future.

  • Paul WycherleyDecember 30, 2016Reply

    Candidate for 2017 razzies award

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kakotolioDecember 30, 2016Reply

    1 is low ten is huge

    Well i think the expectations that anyone might have from a film will
    affect the review afterwords…..But i think review is for ppl who
    haven’t watch the film and want to know if they spend their money to
    watch something joyful.Well if you go to that film with expectations to
    watch the new lord of the rings or a new story of hobbits or the remake
    of the last of the mohicans just don’t go.But if you want to watch a
    special effects movie is a good choice…I’m reading that this movie
    has good special effects but bad performances and I’m wondering who is
    going to watch captain America suicide squad or even superman for the
    performances….As i said in the title 1 is very low but 10 is too
    high.Go watch an unrealistic movie that will not tire you a bit goes
    smooth and has very very nice and new kind of combats that never seen
    before.Thank you.

  • Anthony ParkerDecember 30, 2016Reply


    I knew what to expect, and it delivered more or less. This is one of
    those films where you get your popcorn ready and prepare to turn off
    your brain for the next two hours. Monster fighting, good CGI,
    bombastic and fairly interesting, I enjoyed it.

    Don’t know why so many terrible reviews are here with the reviewers
    never even having seen the film yet, LOL. Don’t go expecting The
    Avengers (lol) or Schindler’s List (haha), think more like Clash of the
    Titans, or World War Z. The reviews will be lukewarm (typical for this
    genre) but that’s not why you would want to watch this film in the
    first place.

  • lennybuttzDecember 30, 2016Reply

    Good Story, lots of action

    From the description I read of the movie, it sounded kind of strange
    and I wasn’t sure it was something I really wanted to watch. I’m glad I
    did. It’s an old legend or story. Is it real? I don’t know, is Santa
    Claus real? Does it matter if it is true or accurate? Not to me, it is
    a well written movie with some incredible action. The visuals are
    stunning to say the least. The costumes are incredible and I am very
    happy that most of the movie wasn’t filmed in the dark which seems to
    have become the habit of Hollywood these past few years.

    It is sad to see Matt Damon growing old but he still did a great job, I
    wonder how long he’s going to be able to keep up doing physically
    demanding roles. If I am totally honest I would have liked the movie
    with a younger man in the lead role, that would have been a little more
    believable to me.

    I totally recommend this movie, it has fantasy, action a tiny bit of
    romance so your girl can appreciate it, most of all it raises a lot of
    emotion. There were several times during the movie I was on the edge of
    my seat holding my breath anticipating the next moment.

  • najibmbDecember 31, 2016Reply

    I enjoy it a lot. Ignore the critics.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • yzhao-04848December 31, 2016Reply

    It is an awesome film to me

    Before I watch this film, I read some commends from Chinese websites.
    Most commends are critical, but I still want to watch and evaluate by
    myself. At first, I am not very expected to this film, but I realize I
    am wrong after a while. It is amazing. I feel so exciting and nervous
    when the war starts. I feel moved at the end because so many soldiers
    lose their lives in order to protect their people behind them. The
    director wants to show the truth that we have to overcome not only the
    monster but greedy. In general, it is awesome! I have been watching a
    lot adventure and fantasy films produced by American directors. I
    cannot deny that they did better in producing this kind of film than
    Chinese directors. I am not racialism, so do not judge me. But now, I
    saw a great film produced by Chinese director which can stand shoulder
    by shoulder with those produced by American directors. I do not
    understand why so many people judge this film even though they do not
    watch it. It is so ridiculous! Some people may say ”white hero again”,
    but I think that ”the hero” is not any single person. Every soldiers
    who sacrificed from resisting monsters is hero. Some people may
    criticize the poor plot, but I find many details are based on
    historical records accurately. For example, a detail run through the
    film is that mercenary look for gun power. Based on the the capital
    city was Bianliang, it must be Northern Song Dynasty. It is true that
    gun power has not spread to the west at that time. This film is the
    best film which combine Chinese elements very well. It is Yimou Zhang’s
    first directed the true sense of the Hollywood blockbuster. It is a
    corn-stone in Chinese film history.

  • enver_koselerJanuary 1, 2017Reply

    Awesome movie

    I really do not understand people who seek logic in science fiction. If
    you are looking for logic go follow the animal document. It’s a movie
    that’s more than a star. He does not deserve any bad comment. It’s
    definitely a movie to watch. If I checked the reality, the share of
    Mongols and Turks in making the Great Wall of China is very big. It was
    built to prevent attacks from the north and to protect the borders.
    There are people who are still seeking logic in their science fiction
    movies, but do not be stupid. A movie made with a lot of effort
    deserves all praise, a film you can enjoy watching. General Very nice

  • yangyun-49715January 1, 2017Reply

    Wooden acting

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • legal-departmentJanuary 1, 2017Reply


    When will all this pathetic CGI crap with its overdone, silly can
    sounds ever end? When I want to watch an animation I will give a
    holler. Otherwise these wanna-be-creators should get some advises from
    those who know how proper CGI is supposed to be done to not to be
    obvious every single second in an artificial movie like this (maybe ask
    the GoT-wrights). Where are the times where movies were shot in real
    environments with real props? This ”Great Wall” is just pathetic, like
    Matt Damon with his silly wig is and won’t wash either. And then the
    sound effects…. Some people seem to never know when too much is too
    much and drive everything to extremes before they are satisfied, until
    everything looks and sounds as unrealistic as possible and the
    spectator is left in disgust and shaking his head. The same goes for
    the cockamamie performances of the actors. Thanks, but no thanks. An
    utter waste of time. Vicarious embarrassment and ear cancer included.

  • frenchfries-48255January 1, 2017Reply

    Very good action movie, a legendary story in China

    First,it is a Hollywood action movie with visual feast and with new
    Chinese elements. The plot is intense without any relax from begin to
    end, caught my attention all through the whole movie. The scenes and
    the pictures are magnificent and beautiful. My two boys one is ten and
    one is 17 both enjoy this movie a lot, because it features advanced
    film tech, armies in attractive and colorful dresses, varieties of
    weapons, the close distance fighting between men and the animal is
    really breathtaking although it it is tooshort. All these make it worth
    to go watch IMax. This is an action movie of a legendary story, it is
    very good entertainment.

    Secondly, the value it promotes is positive: trust and collectivism. It
    showed the braveness and royalty of ancient Chinese solders, and
    individualism vs. collectivism is well demonstrated in the film.

    Thirdly, the movie in China mainland has received controversial
    comments from critics, and the controversy are more on the related
    matters rather than on the movie watching feedback. For example, they
    criticized the selection of the Chinese actors, the big investment of
    the film, that the director Zhang should follow his traditional style,
    and that his strength in managing and producing huge scale scenes and
    people, and his artistic skills in making very beautiful pictures
    became sources of criticism.

    However, the consumers in China that actually walked into theatre to
    watch the movie gave fair ratings. On the biggest online ticket
    platform (Wechat’s platform), the movie received a 8.5 out of 10 from
    more than 150,000 people, and has similar rating around 8.5 at other
    similar professional online ticket platform.

    So if you like action movie, it really worth to spend the money. I took
    one point off from 10 is because the movie is 100 min, it is too short.
    I think the suitable length is 120 min +. The close distance fighting
    with the animal can be longer and more, and some plot can be deeper and
    slower. The overall pace of the plot is really fast without any relax.

  • network5976January 2, 2017Reply

    I hate skewed ratings. =(

    I wasn’t going to watch this movie because of the initial ratings
    because I actually thought the trailer was mediocre. I’m really glad
    that I changed my mind. It really is a movie that’s better than a 6.
    What is it really? In my objective opinion, it’s more like a 6.8. It’s
    definitely better than Underworld that got 6.4. It’s more in line with

    Btw, I think that Rogue One should have gotten better than it’s current
    8.1. More like a 8.5 in my humble opinion, which would make it in line
    with movies like Toy Story, Saving Private Ryan, etc. I’ve realized
    that IMDb ratings have a plus minus of 1.0 due to partisan voting.

  • saeerdnaJanuary 2, 2017Reply

    Not a masterpiece for sure, yet enjoyable

    If you don’t have any expectations, this film might surprise you a bit.
    I really liked the special effects, even if I started laughing when I
    first saw the antagonists.

    Most scenes between battles were quite awkward, full of clichés. Yet,
    once the battle begins, any cliché this film might have is really fun
    to watch and not at all annoying.

    What I hated the most was the unfortunate English accent… used during
    the Song dynasty (960-1279).

    Overall, the plot is quite linear and simple and is centered around one
    important moment. Character development was welcoming, but not
    impressive and definitely not unexpected. The best part was not
    fulfilling the love sub-plot, even though I half expected this and I
    would have been really disappointed if it had happened.

    Anyway, it was an enjoyable film with better 3D effects than I expected
    and many other films, so give it a try. But be open minded and admire
    what is to be admired.

  • Niki KefalaJanuary 2, 2017Reply

    Not so great after all

    The ”Great Wall” is easily the least interesting and involving
    blockbuster of the respective careers of both Zhang Yimou and Matt
    Damon, but is so visually impressive. Not even the good director Zhang
    Yimou brought in for his prestige value, can save this very expensive
    movie from disaster, even if it’s a treat for the eyes. With futuristic
    and historic elements and of course with a Chinese touch and the
    Yimou’s famous choreographic scenes, and while big and cross- cultural,
    the uninteresting script makes this film boring. The movie opens like a
    spaghetti western, contains fight scenes in those that Chinese are
    great and all this, unfortunately, doesn’t make ”Great Wall” so great
    after all.

  • mikesfbmailJanuary 3, 2017Reply

    Great Movie!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • austin0731January 3, 2017Reply

    A view from an Asian moviegoer

    The Great Wall was…… interesting? So as a Taiwanese movie goer ‘The
    Great Wall’ has been very much anticipated by me. However when we first
    got a look at the trailers I was deeply puzzled, one of my biggest
    issues was the costume design, why on Earth do they have all these
    different coloured armour, this is simply not historically accurate or
    makes any practical sense. I mean they look like the power rangers or
    something. After watching the film despite giving a semi-reasonable
    explanation to the coloured armour I still can’t get behind it.

    Lots of thing is ridiculous and makes no sense in this film, from the
    way in which they defeat these ‘monsters’ to the previously mentioned
    wardrobe malfunction. But on top of this somehow a film made by a
    Chinese director is still white washed? Now obviously there are some
    pretty big name Asian actors in this film but Matt Damon and Pedro
    Pascal gets so much screen time it hardly seems balanced. For a film
    that takes place in China this is rather odd.

    The film spends a lot of time focusing on the romantic relationship
    between Matt Damon’s character and this Chinese general played by Tian
    JIng. I did not feel much chemistry between the two actors and the
    romance seemed forced which makes it hard to watch as so much of the
    film is focused around the two’s relationship.

    On the whole I have always hoped for a film bridged between the East
    and West to be made, a film in which both Western and Asian actors can
    be appreciated, in a world in which China holds lots of importance in
    the overall outcome of the box office I do anticipate to see such films
    being more of a common occurrence. This film isn’t a big leap forward
    but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

  • sideriteJanuary 3, 2017Reply

    Cowboys and Aliens part 2 – with Chinese

    I enjoyed the film. It has Matt Damon, armies of colorful Chinese power
    rangers, alien monsters and charismatic actors. It does require a
    certain level of suspension of disbelief, but it’s all fun.

    The story is also filled with project management gotchas: it doesn’t
    matter how good your solution is if it is not implemented by the
    deadline, always test your solutions or you will crash and burn,
    solutions for individual problems may fail under stress tests, etc.

    Bottom line: it was like Cowboys and Aliens, only pandering to the
    Chinese audience and with grandiose special effects that were not that
    3D, but were quite entertaining.

  • latinfineartJanuary 4, 2017Reply

    If you really like monsters, this is the movie for you.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • suave-35001January 5, 2017Reply

    A big disappointment

    I should have watched the trailer, I would not have wasted my money.
    There was no realism to this film. Some of the photography was good,
    but even that was ruined by using the same locations over from
    different angles, well that is how it seemed to me, I could be wrong.
    The film was ruined by the silly plot and the fact that it was written
    for idiots. It started OK, then quickly decayed. Everyone dressed up in
    stupid colored costumes, unbelievable monsters that no one could kill,
    no real defense planned. I went without any checking on the reviews as
    I saw Matt Damon’s name as the lead and his films are usually good.
    Will check first next time.

  • Fitria Nurul KamilahJanuary 6, 2017Reply

    Highly Recommended

    As I said in the title, ”HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”. This movie is HIGHLY

    Since I live in Indonesia, this film just screened in theaters on
    January 4, and by the way, I just watched the movie yesterday.

    The first time I watched the trailer, I was so amazed. The movie
    trailer is so awesome, and I’m so looking forward to this movie
    immediately appear in theaters in my country. Very impressive! Oh my
    God, I didn’t stop amazed and clapped along I enjoyed this movie.

    Thank you, I’m really grateful..


  • kspindler-1January 6, 2017Reply

    Beautifully shot, well-acted action blockbuster.

    Synopsis: A band of desperate European thieves follow the Silk Road
    into China hoping to steal the secrets of gunpowder from the Chinese
    and return to Europe as wealthy men. As their numbers are whittled down
    by wayside bandits, only Matt Damon’s and Pedro Pascal’s characters
    reach the border of China and are astounded by the size and majesty of
    the Great Wall. What manner of foe could possibly threaten such a

    And so begins The Great Wall, a movie that exceeded my expectations in
    every way. This was an all-out action movie that explored the themes of
    greed and sacrifice, nobility and savagery. Zhang Yimou’s masterful
    direction elevates the movie above standard action fare, giving us
    moments of truly astounding visuals. His use of colour not only adds to
    the visual flair, but also helps to add coherence to the movie while
    the editing is never confusing.

    Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal had good chemistry and were obviously
    having a blast. Andy Lau displayed the necessary gravitas require of
    his role, and overall, I believe all of the primary actors did a good

    However, with an incredibly taut running time of less than 2 hours,
    viewers expecting in-depth characterization along the lines of ”Hero”
    and ”Curse of the Golden Flower” will be disappointed. I would go so
    far as to say that the quiet scenes were a bit lacking, leaving the
    audience emotionally cold.

    The Great Wall was made by Legendary pictures, now a Chinese-owned
    Hollywood studio. Its 160 million dollar budget allowed it to hire both
    WETA and ILM (the CG was fantastic IMO), but at its heart this is a
    movie that is directly derived from a long line of Chinese fantastical
    action movies. Viewers should adjust their expectations likewise.

  • Iching LiaoJanuary 6, 2017Reply

    Good visual effect and great entertainment!

    Despite all the negative reviews I personally found the movie quite
    enjoyable and interesting from the beginning to the end. I can
    understand the acting and character relationship development could have
    been better but this is more like a action/ fantasy movie and less so
    for the touching family drama and for that the movie delivered every
    bit of my expectation. The excellence of cinematography is also worth
    noting. I personally find it a better movie than Rouge One and I have
    always been a big fan of Star War movies. If you like action/ fantasy
    movie you will at least find the two hours well entertained. If you are
    critical about the plots, believability and acting of the movie and
    less so on the action and visual effect and this movie may not be for

  • moviewiz-4January 6, 2017Reply

    Another great historical movie.

    Before I watched this, I surfed through the internet for the trailer,
    not realizing what is the story about.

    Now, the story is somehow inaccurate. The movie makers did a great job
    by adding some fantasy elements in it. Thinking of the audiences are
    not only from Asia, but from around the world. I believe that if the
    plot is focusing on the wall itself, not many people will understand
    what is the story about.

    The casts acted well. The females star acted well too (she indeed
    beautiful) as the camera is focusing close enough for us to see. Lots
    of people in it, looked great and wonderful.

    The action sequence is somehow looked like World War Z movie.
    Especially when the creatures are attacking The Great Wall.

    Negatives: – Camera transition is bad, too fast, especially when
    changing angle.

  • Xenofon NikasJanuary 6, 2017Reply

    It just kept challenging my intelligence!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • v-74430January 8, 2017Reply

    Good movie, worth a look

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kaitang-60542January 8, 2017Reply

    A visual feast, excellent sound design and performance

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • phd_travelJanuary 9, 2017Reply

    A good balance of East and West

    First of all this is a movie about fighting monsters – not a fact based
    historical epic. So don’t take it that seriously and you’ll have an
    okay time. The great wall is the center of a fight against some
    invading dragon dinosaur like creatures.

    There have been criticisms of having a white hero in the lead role. But
    it’s just a monster movie so take it easy. There should have been more
    of the ”saving” done by Chinese characters but to be fair they did make
    the white people look scruffy and the Chinese ones pretty/handsome.
    Matt Damon does look kind of short and puffy here compared to the
    Chinese cast. Liked Pedro Pascal the excellent detective Pena from
    Narcos as Matt’s partner in crime. Tian Jing is a feisty enough female
    commander. So all is fair race wise in this war.

    Overall there is a good balance between East and West. A Western
    screenplay by Max Brooks keeps things going quickly without the
    irritating self sacrifice and slow dialog of the recent Jackie Chan
    Adrien Brody movie. Director Zhang Yimou is known for extravaganzas and
    sometimes the action does look circus acrobat like. But it’s not too
    bad – the excessive slow motion deaths and explosions that plague some
    Chinese movies isn’t such a problem here.

  • CanniboJanuary 10, 2017Reply

    An easily misunderstood movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • itstotallydopeJanuary 10, 2017Reply

    Better than reviews

    I honestly do not understand why are people so upset that this film
    stars a White man and it is not what they expected. The film clearly
    stated that this is one of the legend regarding the Great Wall and I
    think that the director and scriptwriter have the rights to tell the
    story they want to. If you watch the movie carefully you should know
    that there are many characters in the movies which are heroes too and
    how much they sacrificed for their country. I feel Matt Damon’s
    appearance is essential as he fought many wars and have the experiences
    to combat battles. All of the Chinese warriors were trained since young
    to fight that battle and there is a limit to their creativity and
    battle skills. However I feel that Andy Lau is not portrayed wise
    enough for his character. I think that all he did in the film is
    mention that magnets disrupt the signal/waves of the monsters which is
    what he read from the ancient notes.

  • vivealexJanuary 11, 2017Reply

    I really enjoyed the film

    As a Chinese lives in France, I got to see the film several weeks after
    its premier in China, and actually enjoyed the film a lot despite the
    bad reviews it gets back home.

    The plot is plain and simple, I can see the struggle that the
    screenwriters have in navigating between the potential whitewashing
    criticism and its Chineseness (or the lack of, by my Chinese standard).
    The transition between acts are well thought out (very Hollywood in a
    positive way), many good ideas in the design of battle sequence. But
    overall it feels a little bit rushed, I wish it would be 10 or 20
    minutes longer for proper character building, and a demonstration of
    lives behind the Great Wall. For example, a recreation of the painting
    ”Along the river during the Qingming festival” would be a dream come

    The visual is very satisfactory, my only complain is that the armors
    are too shiny, the battlefields are too clean to my taste. I prefer the
    dirty rusty kind of look in Star Wars and Mad Max. The scenery is
    wonderful, it makes me want to visit Zhangye of Gansu Province in the

  • Andrew GeisJanuary 12, 2017Reply

    If you watched the trailer, expect no more but no less

    The Great Wall amazes with its spectacular effects, both on screen and
    sound. Usually I do not appreciate 3D movies, but in this case I felt
    like it worth it.

    However, being honest, the storytelling and the story itself had its
    weaknesses. There were many logical lapses, and for me, many details
    are still waiting to be answered.

    On the other hand, expect decent acting especially from the main

    All in all, The Great Wall is a solid popcorn-movie, but I expected a
    more elaborated unfolding of the legend it tells about.

  • jo eibJanuary 12, 2017Reply

    What an Anime movie should feel like.

    I expected nothing from this movie. Honestly, i thought it would be
    trash, but i was surprised how much i actually enjoyed it. Don’t get me
    wrong the movie feels kinda trashy, it has a Starship Troopers feeling
    to it. But it also feels more polished and thought through than said
    franchise. The Great Wall is a mix between typical Chinese/Asian ”over
    the top” Action/Martial Arts style and Western action movies. The Army
    and their armour looked ridiculous but imagine the same in an Anime,
    nobody would question this cool weirdness. The 3D effects were alright
    and there were a bunch of ”through the screen”moments. If you are into
    Animes, feel comfy with Asian weirdness (not Japanese weird though
    xD)and like action movies with an okay story, go ahead and watch it.

  • Darryl LazakarJanuary 14, 2017Reply

    I’ve never thought it would be THIS good…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TheMovonkaJanuary 16, 2017Reply

    Go Go Power Rangers…wrong movie you think?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • batbhaiJanuary 18, 2017Reply

    Don’t watch the trailer, ignore the critics and you will love this epic!

    I watched The Great Wall in IMAX with Laser and it was mind-blowing.
    This resulted in Crystal clear images, projected by Dual Projectors on
    the Giant 42 feet high, 65 feet wide screen of IMAX, along with the
    powerful 12000 Watts IMAX proprietary sound system that will make your
    hairs stand!

    If you are the person dying to watch the same old Rogue Story or a new
    story of hobbits like Fantastic Beasts…just don’t go. But if you
    really want something refreshing without the prequel/sequel tag and you
    don’t have any problem seeing Chinese people sharing their presence on
    the silver screen, this movie is especially for you. You won’t get
    disappointed at all.

    Damon and Pascal were very fun to watch. For Tian Jing, she was
    glowing. She justified her role. I also feel like planting my lips on
    her! 😘

    No offense though!😂

  • cleardawn-1January 18, 2017Reply

    It may, or may not, contain spoilers

    Good night every one.

    I give a 3 stars to this movie, out of pity, because in my opinion it
    deserves a -3.

    How could you, Matt, accept to work in such a… melé of monstrosities?

    It is a melange of horror, scifi of the worst quality, disconcerting
    adventures, bad script, nonsensical situations, and exuberant beasts,
    by more tons, that MGI can put in ten movies of the Jurassic times.
    It’s like millions of ants running away from their burning nest. Only
    the beasts of this movie have the size of a whale.

    All in all we can add to this lunacy the very advanced defenders of the
    Wall, more valiant than Wonder Woman with artifacts of war that the
    Russians would had paid in gold to have for their Revolution. That is
    what I saw in this film, other people might boo me.




  • picard-585-784088January 19, 2017Reply

    Good fun, but not worthy of Yimou

    I consider Hero and House of Flying Daggers two of my favourite films,
    and certainly among the most aesthetically beautiful in the history of
    cinema. Unfortunately, The Great Wall is closer to being a Chinese
    version of Pacific Rim than it is to the modern wuxia films.

    The analogy to Pacific Rim should give you the necessary information:
    The Great Wall borders on the ridiculous, but is very fun to watch with
    good company. It’s probably a little better as a film, which in such
    cases is not necessarily good.

    Given that it’s a film where countless green monsters attack the Great
    Wall every 60 years, you are not allowed to be disappointed at the
    silliness. In fact, the silliness is the best part of it, with (very)
    brightly coloured armoured fractions of special units defending the
    civilised world by means of bungee jumping, magnets, grenades, and
    somehow, hot air balloons. In the midst of all this, you get Matt
    Damon, who is unfortunately not William Tell, and Oberyn Martell, who
    get caught in the middle. Willem Dafoe is also there, although frankly,
    he could be anywhere else and no one would notice.

    To be honest, my greatest disappointment was that there was not more
    bungee jumping.

  • meigangwenJanuary 19, 2017Reply

    Armed with ILM VFX, Matt Damon and Hollywood production team, a bad movie is still bad

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Meng IanJanuary 21, 2017Reply

    shining empty shell with nothing worth noticing and leave a bad taste in your mouth after you finishing it

    For anyone still dreams about the old glory days of western
    colonization when Caucasians traveled around the world to ”teach” other
    ”primitive” people how to behave like human and not apes, this film may
    just be the perfect wet dream they crave for – only this one is made by
    a Chinese director who tried too hard to appease the western appetite
    of being the knight in shining white armor. Otherwise, this film is an
    insult to intelligence, a defiance to logic, which it has none, and a
    massive waste of time. I would not watch it even if I get paid. If
    someone makes me watch it twice, I would call it a torture.
    Astonishingly awful movie given the amount of money the producer spent
    in producing it. I would give it 5 stars if it were only a B movie. It
    only deserves 1 or maybe 2 stars should the director consider it as an

  • Ahmed OkashaJanuary 25, 2017Reply

    Well !! I Didn’t Hate it at all

    One of the best visual and entertaining experience of The great Yimou
    Zhang who brought to us some of the memorable Chinese movies. I was
    totally impressed by his technique in picturing the defense of the
    Great Wall of China against the monsters. The machines that were used
    by the Chinese army were very creative and enjoyable for me and I
    believe to all the audience.

    I am not saying that the story could have been a lot better and it has
    more than few mistakes but that doesn’t mean that I really enjoyed the
    movie. From the mistakes of the movie is the relationship between our
    Hero William Garin (Matt Damon) & Commander Lin Mei (Tian Jing) which
    wasn’t that emotional and I really didn’t care about it at all which
    makes it a mistake. One the other side we have the relation between
    William and his friend Pero Tovar (Pedro Pascal)which was very good and
    ended perfectly.

    In total it’s an entertaining movie, no more no less, so don’t expect
    more from it.

    My rating is 7/10.

  • asus-kybdJanuary 26, 2017Reply

    I’ll give it a 7 because it was BETTER than I expected

    When I gOOgled ”great wall” just now, their maps showed me locations of
    3 restaurants I didn’t know existed, so it looks like we’re gonna go
    eat instead.

    Damon SEEMS like he can sorta, kinda act. The Bourne series is the most
    BORING example of any kind of acting I’ve seen anywhere but he put in
    some effort and although it’s strictly a sci-fi romp, I was very
    impressed with the visuals and vivid colors of everything Chinese. The
    women depicted in the army were scrumptious, their leader chick was
    yummy, the costumes were dazzling and the aerial acrobatics were also
    impressive, but the Chinese are known for that. It’s a silly story:
    China being attacked by telepathic dragons. But it played well and
    there’s enough on the screen that looks pretty to keep you watching.
    Hey, nothing I’ve seen lately is as bad as LOGAN, geez!!!

  • tommoboyJanuary 26, 2017Reply

    Costume design fails like many other movies and series….

    I haven’t seen the movie yet. But I can see by looking at the trailer
    it has the same costume errors as many other movies and series these
    days. Even thou a movie, series etc. is a fantasy,sci-fy, or more
    realistic movie, I get a bit annoyed when I see all those very shiny or
    colorful costumes. That breaks down the fourth wall for me. They look
    like they just came from the shop, or the washing-machine in the
    laundry- room….Not a single spot on them, everything looks brand new.
    Does that sounds realistic to anybody? All soldiers, or characters in
    the movie/series that have all brand new clothes on? I think not. To
    mention some other examples, then think of the colorful blue clothes in
    ”American Odyssey”…All perfectly without any spot or dent, or small
    holes etc. in the clothes, but the most perfect mint condition, and the
    bluest color like the Greek Ocean…. Directors, please don’t break my
    fourth wall down, and make the costumes just a bit more realistic, so
    it actually look like the soldiers have been the same clothes for weeks
    or months, with dirt, dust, filth etc. and also have some age…. And
    not look something directly bought from fashion store.

  • aidawolfJanuary 27, 2017Reply

    Wow, what a disaster…

    I am being generous with a 3/10. This film is just empty, hollow,
    blank… Nothing ever happens.. It gets cheesy quite a lot. Characters
    are bland, there is no chemistry between them. I actually wanted to go
    out but felt sorry for my money, and then got sorry for my wasted
    time… I never got to care for anyone in this film… Don’t believe
    the hype because this is one forgetful movie which you will never want
    to see again, not even on TV. There are many illogical scenes that make
    you wonder what they were thinking, and that is only food for thought
    there is. I only liked costumes and scenery, some fighting scenes were
    kind of fun, but we’ve seen it many times in many other fantasy films.

  • sneakablezJanuary 29, 2017Reply

    Good cool movie but not great, so many wasted opportunity that could have been better

    I was really really looking forward to this movie since last year after
    seeing the trailer. It was damn cool so many troops and commanders that
    leads them against hordes of monster at the one of the seven wonder of
    the world, the Great Wall of China. Seems promising right! damn yeah…

    First of all the opening wasn’t dragging long talks of what’s the movie
    is all about. You could say the opening is almost close to the trailer
    itself at the first siege. Which is if you ask me good but it almost
    all stops there because the rest of the grand scale I was expecting but
    was lost there. The movie kinda just focus on the Taotie(monster), Lin
    Mei and William and the rest are just background greatness of lost
    opportunity. It was good when William show off his skills and imperial
    troops did their part during the siege to repel those damn monsters
    which was really overwhelming to see. And then you will later realized
    why those damn troops so busy on the background but where are the rest
    of the colored powerful great commanders that you might be expecting to
    display their fighting skills. Well you wont see much about them,
    you’ll see them commanding on few clips then on the feast…Lol. The
    story is really good but the movie kinda just a the WHOLE SUMMARY of
    the what could have been a great horde movie.

    Well the overwhelming swarming monster attacking tactics might have
    been the reason why there aren’t much of fighting them head on like
    LOTR heroes fights the orcs. But since it’s a movie you everything is
    possible. They could have made same spots like when William and his
    friend fought them head on a diversion method as some of the monster
    got separated from the horde or when some reaches the top of the wall.
    I guess either in a hurry on the deadlines or there’s isn’t much of a
    budget? Common…

    Bottom line, I adore William’s skills and his buddy fight scenes plus
    the imperial troops all over that spans across the great wall but
    nothing more follows. As even Lin Mei wasn’t much show off of her
    skills nor fight scenes. Sorry you wont see some kung fu or flying
    acrobatic fighting skills like you see on some Chinese movies or the
    expectation of grand scale Red Cliff movie I was expecting. It is a
    summary of great fantasy story in a movie, the end.

    I will give it six out of ten but I remembered Lin’s smile of cuteness
    so I will give a plus one instead ;). Let me be…. after all I still
    find the movie okay and good.

  • tony-hernJanuary 31, 2017Reply

    Matt Damon save the movie

    I watched that movie in a theater and i must admit that the specials
    effects are pretty entertaining. But that’s it. Even if the story
    background is interesting, the actors, especially the Asians ones, are
    terrible. They lack of deepness and you don’t feel attached to them.
    It’s probably a cultural thing but I don’t watch movies with Asians
    usually. The only character who really worth it is Matt Damon. And I
    have to admit that I felt sorry to see him playing in that movie after
    ”The Martians”. Honestly, if you remove him from the casting, the movie
    is not watchable. Another aspect is the redundancy of the battles with
    the monsters. The story was pretty good until the monsters appears.
    After the first battle it was kind of redundant and kind of boring.

    In conclusion, it’s another block buster with close combats and Kung-Fu
    scenes with super heroes. In a word, not very original.

  • paulijcalderonFebruary 3, 2017Reply

    Had great potential, but it wasn’t fully explored

    I expected ”The Great Wall” to be more entertaining. It’s enjoyable for
    the most part, but it needed some more excitement. It really tries to
    be a spectacle, but it never utilizes the premise to its full
    potential. It has a lot of colors and effects, but the characters are
    flat with the exception of one or two.

    Willem Dafoe is in this. I had no idea he was, but someone managed to
    convince him to do it. He was an all right presence in the movie. Matt
    Damon does everything he can with what he is given.. And what he is
    given isn’t that much. He is a classical Action Man with Bow. Him and
    Pedro Pascal work OK together. They did all do good jobs with action

    The visuals are nice and the monsters were pretty unique. I wish the
    first action scene was the one in the fog. That one is more suspenseful
    and would have worked as a good introduction of the monsters. It would
    also have added more mystery to them. But, instead they show them off
    in full glory in the first action part. That first fight was probably
    the best one in the movie. The rest of it feels standard and it didn’t
    have that much of a personality. It promises much and never truly

    It’s still an easy watch because of the use of colors, sets and
    occasional humor. The premise is good, and there’s a lot you could do
    with Chinese mythology. But, we only see so little of it in this film.
    It’s OK. It’s something you can watch without problems. But, you are
    not gonna get more from it. It never gets that exciting.. The poster
    looks more exciting than the movie to be honest.

  • TomFebruary 3, 2017Reply

    Disaster, horrible, a FLOP

    the casting itself should turn audiences away as it looks like a comedy
    skit with a white guy (yet again) in a foreign place saving the day.

    but lets forget about the whole typical Hollywood whitewashing for a

    CGI was horrible, script and dialogue was laughable (at times extremely
    cheesy and cringe worthy), hard to make out action scenes, just a total
    overall disaster of a film. the only reason why i watched it cause i
    had free tickets.

    it was hard to actually focus on the film whenever i saw matt damon on
    the screen cause i had to accept the movie fact that a white is in
    china saving their own people. its as comical as tom cruise pretending
    to be japanesse in the last samuria.

    when will Hollywood learn whitewash movies flop at the box office? most
    recently gods of Egypt or noah lmao

  • christian-larsonFebruary 4, 2017Reply

    The horrible laughable mess?

    The Great Wall stars Matt Damon and other actors that I really don’t
    care about, and it is the story of how a large group of people defended
    the great wall from some monsters. I am just gonna say this right off
    the bat, I hated this movie. This movie is one of the worst movies I
    have ever seen this year, and perhaps one of the worst of all time.
    This movie is so bad, its good. I swear, I laughed consistently at the
    movie countless times! This movie is so poorly made, that I cannot
    believe I actually saw this movie on theatres. Even some bad movies
    that recently came out are made with some effort. This movie did not
    even try, the effects are atrocious, the green screen is very
    noticeable and the practical effects look fake. The acting is awful,
    even Matt Damon, an actor that I love, is so horrifically bad that I
    did not believe how he acted in the movie. The production design is
    laughable, its filled with unnecessary colors that got explained in the
    most dumb way. The action sequences are filled with slow-mo, it never
    worked, and it was hilarious. The editing was try-hard and it was also
    funny. The opening scene alone told me that the movie was going to be
    horrible. There is no character in this movie, not even an attempt.
    This movie is super clichéd and dumb and no one should never watch it.
    Unless you are looking for an unintentional hilarious movie. 1/10

  • Raj NeerudiFebruary 4, 2017Reply

    Nice Movie

    After boring movies like watching Assassin Creed & Xander Cage movies,
    I understood that don’t go to movie with expectations. The Great Wall I
    read the reviews on IMDb and bit satisfied its OK to watch the film.
    But now days there is no need to watch movies, because this filmmakers
    revealing everything actions, dialogues , scenes in trailer itself and
    its times waste to watch 90mins movie. But somehow I went to Great
    Wall, as it is bit different from the regular movies. Movie is good,
    but somehow something is missing in the movie. CGI, VFX are excellent.
    Fight scenes are good, and this time monsters are so intelligent. I
    guess casting Matt in this movie to pull audience to theaters. After
    watching the movie I felt not a bad movie, you can watch once.

  • guptaraghav-24February 4, 2017Reply

    All together a decent and refreshing movie

    There are awesome movies on one side while dreadful movie on the other
    and then there is this decent movie. The concept in this movie was at
    large not much different from LOTR but the director along with the
    writers, portrayed the magnificence of The Great Wall in a great
    fashion through a great angle view of the wall, through enemy creatures
    and the army itself which is refreshing rather than going on and on
    about the size of the wall (which is quite common these days in
    numerous movies and extremely annoying). Also there was this sprinkle
    of light but good jokes which captures the mood.Thus the movie in a
    nutshell was decent and entertaining.

  • phoenix 2February 5, 2017Reply

    Good enough

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • maccaroninegroFebruary 5, 2017Reply

    10/10 its that a joke ?? NO !!!

    What can i say ?? This movie has everything that an epic movie need to
    have: Awesome scenes Great Effects Really good cast Lot of action;
    simple plot = good movie. It doesn’t take you days or years to
    understand what the movie is about ! MAtt Damon : really nice to see
    him; a great acting. Prince Oberin ( of game of thrones) : He is
    fantastic ! The chineese solider : lovely character. + the location its
    amazing !! The landscapes are really pretty to see. And the great wall
    in general looks really nice. I would recommend this movie for the
    one’s who seek a 2hour of good epic action !

    10/10 i would watch this movie again !

  • Anurag-ShettyFebruary 5, 2017Reply

    A visual delight.

    The Great Wall tells the story of a group of Western mercenaries,
    searching for a powerful substance known as black powder, in China.
    Soon, they get involved in protecting the Great Wall of China against
    an army of monsters, known as the Taotie.

    The Great Wall is an awesome film. The highlight of the movie is its
    visual effects. The 3D has been put to great use, throughout the film.
    Every scene in the movie is eye-popping in 3D, especially the action
    set pieces. In recent times, this is the only film that takes full
    advantage of 3D. Director Zhang Yimou excels in his English feature
    directorial debut. The only flaw in the movie, is that its plot is
    simple & predictable. Matt Damon is superb as William Garin. Tian Jing
    is amazing as Commander Lin Mei. Pedro Pascal is brilliant as Pero
    Tovar. Willem Dafoe is impressive as Ballard. Andy Lau is good as
    Strategist Wang. Eddie Peng is effective as General Wu. Lu Han is
    spectacular as Peng Yong. The Great Wall is worth a watch for monster
    movie buffs.

  • phanthingaFebruary 5, 2017Reply

    Hey it actually not that bad

    Before i started this review i has to say as a director Yimou Zhang is
    okay,i both enjoy Hero and Curse of the Golden Flower for the action,
    great cinematography but sometime it get a little bit style over
    substance.When i heard he going to make a movie called The Great Wall a
    action fantasy about why The Great Wall took so long to make and how it
    protect us from being invader by a race of alien looking komodo dragon
    with Matt Damon as the leading role i immediately thought to myself:
    What kind of weird drug the director take and how the hell Matt Damon
    agree on this project.My nervous started to raise when i saw the first
    trailer for the movie and it look like one of those CGIfest crap that
    trying to become the next Avatar so hard.Despite all that i still go to
    the theater to watch it and surprisingly i have a good time with it and
    leave with a smile on my face.For me the whole rewriting of history
    never been an issue so i really like how the directer play with his
    movie with dazzling visual style,some really epic wide shot with when
    the monsters attack and great production values with the mechanical
    look of the weapon and the great wall,awesome awesome costume designs
    that reminds me of The Power Ranger.The performance is not all that
    good but seeing Matt Damon and Andy Lau together is like a dream to
    me.Oh there also have Willem Dafoe and he did a good job at adding some
    movie subplots and some humor in it but his role is kinda small so that
    a bad point maybe ?

  • Randy TranFebruary 6, 2017Reply

    good to watch

    I watched this film a few days ago, and this movie was good to me. The
    contain was not hard to guess, but there were two things which
    impressed me most. The first thing is about a spectacular scenery of
    the Great Wall and things around it. The second is the clothing of 5
    special units including the Tiger Troop, the Eagle Troop, the Crane
    Troop, the Bear Troop, and the Deer Troop. These clothes are so
    beautiful and gorgeous. I was attracted from the beginning to the end
    of the movie by these clothes and the actress who’s the leader of the
    Crane Troop. So my recommendation is this film is good for people who
    don’t interest in contain much.

  • glennmeerten06February 6, 2017Reply

    An A for effort

    First of all, I’d like to praise the marketing for this film. I had no
    idea what this movie would be about. Thanks to a brilliant trailer
    campaign, I was expecting a great epic and quite possibly, a monster
    movie. Not revealing the monsters was brilliant! Trailers should get us
    excited to see more, not show us every story beat of the film (I’m
    looking at you Batman v Superman). After Matt Damon’s Oscar nominated
    performance in The Martian, I got a bit excited for The Great Wall.
    Sadly, The Great Wall turned out to be a mixed bag of disappointment
    and untapped potential


    William and Tovar, portrayed by Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal
    respectively, are two mercenaries searching for ”Black Powder” to sell
    back west. They quite literally stumble on the Great Wall and get
    involved in a war China is waging against… monsters (quite possibly
    aliens). And thus begins a great adventure in which Matt Damon can
    shine as the great hero, China didn’t know it needed.


    First things first. The Great Wall is a beautiful looking movie. The
    shots they managed to put on screen are genuinely gorgeous. Yimou Zhang
    knows how to compose and frame a shot and especially the action
    sequences look fantastic. It’s a true breath of fresh air to watch
    comprehensible action that doesn’t rely on shaky cam to be convincing.
    Adding to the great shot composure and framing, is an excellent
    production design. Yimou Zhang chose vibrant colors for the armors
    which not only set apart the different kind of warriors within this
    army, but also added a lot of much needed but unexpected color to the
    film. It’s very clear that in these aspects, The Great Wall shows
    tremendous potential and effort. John Myhre and his team of production
    designers should be applauded.

    Where this epic fumbles the ball, is in almost all other departments.
    One of the most glaring issues I have with The Great Wall, is that I
    simply was not invested in the story or characters. The opening
    sequences does a terrible job of introducing the protagonists. The film
    throws us right into a chase sequence that eventually amounts to
    nothing worth while. The baddies our heroes are running away from,
    aren’t the main villains of the film… They reappear in the film,
    once. During this opening sequence we are treated to a terrible first
    encounter with one of the Toa Pei monsters they’ll end up fighting on
    The Great Wall. With about 10 different shots, angles and camera
    movements, jammed together within a second, you’ll end up having no
    idea what just happened. Luckily, the action scenes improve
    tremendously throughout the film. The editing in general does not

    The biggest problems holding the film back are the editing and the
    script. The movie feels annoyingly choppy. I really got the sense that
    a lot of scenes were shortened or cut out which is disastrous for the
    pacing. At one point, one of the characters of the Chinese army dies.
    By that point, the film has done a terrible job of fleshing out this
    character so you’re just sitting there feeling numb. The scene itself
    is handled poorly as well. The death and subsequent funeral seemingly
    take place in the course of one freaking minute. It felt like an entire
    sequence was cut out and the death and funeral scenes were glued
    together. It felt sloppy and very poorly edited.

    The script is probably the biggest issue I have with the film. The
    writers tried to implement an ark for Matt Damon’s character that on
    paper could really work. However, because of the terrible introduction
    of our hero, we don’t get a clear picture of who this William fellow is
    at the start of the film. Therefor, any form of an ark injected in the
    film doesn’t work because we have no idea how the protagonist
    specifically evolved. Throughout the film, some aspects of William’s
    character are revealed. But choosing sloppy executed exposition scenes
    will certainly not enhance the storytelling.

    The Great Wall can be classified as a monster movie. One of the most
    crucial aspects of a monster movie, are the monsters. The designs for
    the Toa Pei army are pretty cool. It’s cool to see an intelligence
    driving these monsters forward. With different classes within this
    possible alien species, the Toa Pei army feels like exactly that: an
    army. The Toa Pei show a great deal of strategy and have a very
    creative way of communicating with each other. It’s a bit of shame that
    the filmmakers chose to put all their cards on the table in the first
    battle scene of the film. Twenty minutes into the film you’ve seen
    everything there is to see as far as creature designs go. A gripe I
    have with the creatures is that they are not very frightening. Creative
    and cool, sure. But not particularly scary. I would’ve loved to see
    some more small scale variation among the creatures. Disappointingly,
    the backstory on the Toa Pei army is pretty lackluster.

    The CGI in The Great Wall is inconsistent at best. The computer effects
    look great at times. But they look average or sub par more often than
    not. The film could’ve benefited from some practical creature effects
    as well. It’s a shame we see none on screen. But because the movie
    heavily relies on CGI, the mediocrity of the effects is all the more


    The Great Wall shows great potential. There’s a lot of effort put into
    the cinematography, production design and action scenes. Unfortenately,
    the film suffers from sub par editing, sloppy screen writing and
    inconsistent computer effects. The final result is a slightly above
    average monster epic that never makes good on any of its potential.

  • tarunkr-86220February 6, 2017Reply

    A nice cinema experience

    It contains most of the features you expect from a decent movie. Good
    cinematography, nice acting, great locations and it stimulates your
    imagination. An easy going story line with some vivid characters. Some
    extraordinary human skill stuff, some nice funny one-liners and a lot
    of people marching over the wall. This story doesn’t waste time, It’s
    action packed. A conventional fight sequence showcasing the ancient
    strategies and weapons which were depicted with some really nice
    effects. And the outfit of characters are pretty detailed and thought
    over. The characters are built by their present not their past.

    One thing over which this movie lacked is creating suspense among the
    audience although it tried, but the story went with a nice pace in a
    conventional style. So, this is a straightforward story with some great
    VFX but nothing extraordinary. Cinematography:- 8.5 Acting:- 8
    Storyline:- 7

  • coolbreezeraFebruary 7, 2017Reply

    Makes no sense at all

    Oh boy the whitewashing of history continues ..come on yeah yeah yeah I
    know it,s just a movie ..

    But really there wasn’t a Asian actor you could find who was good
    enough to play the lead role ? GTFO if a person with a skin-tone or a
    Asian or a black man would have played a lead role in a historical
    movie …the comment section would have been full with a black person
    that is not possible a Asian person its not possible ..

    even movies about Egypt and middle eastern country’s are full of blond
    blue eyed actors (lol) no one says something about it ..but put one non
    white actor in a movie about history and hear how people start moaning
    and bitching ! How can you make a movie about the Chinese wall and not
    give the lead role to a Asian Chinese actor ..makes no sense at all
    From Donnie yen to I don’t know who enough actors who could have played
    that part !

  • Kris DragneelFebruary 9, 2017Reply

    Nice animation and graphic

    Nice animation and graphic compare to other China movie. Although the
    plot is a bit rush, but it still is quite interesting to watch.

    The costume is very creative because it use different colour to
    differentiate their army The movie include actor from west and east,
    they did have great atmosphere in the movie.

    Matt Damon really pick my attention before watch this movie, Jing Tian
    is not so bad compare to other her rumour online. Andy Lau also play a
    good role in this movie, i didn’t expect he say good English. Finally,
    I can see there are some good and not childish Chinese movie.This is
    great movie that combines history and fiction

  • troycaiFebruary 11, 2017Reply

    More than what I expected

    Sorry about my English. The special effect is very impressive. The plot
    is breathtaking. I do not feel bored for a second over the entire film.
    I have watched too many movies, but this one is different and

    Some criticize that the story line is not very reasonable. I do not
    agree. All can be well explained. For example, the five armies show
    variations and provide depth to the defense system. Critics say that
    Jing Tian’s Crane Army is a suicide army, but it effectively serves as
    the Air Force. It is easier to hit the monster’s eyes (underneath their
    arms) from above when they are climbing the wall.

  • servechilledFebruary 13, 2017Reply

    As good as the poisonous dog food the country makes

    You know the horrible Syfy monster movies that channel spews out like
    Two- headed Shark and Mega Shark vs Super Croc? Well those are actually
    better than his. Can you believe a movie with 150 MILLION budget is
    worse than an 8 dollar Croc vs Python movie starring the guy from
    Parker Lewis Can’t Lose? (I’m not making that up…that’s a real
    thing). I think Matt Damon lost a best or owed someone a bunch of
    money. Has he had this many flops? And William Dafoe? Seriously? It’s
    doesn’t even make any sense! Bad plot, bad acting, please no more
    overseas films! Learn your lesson Hollywood! Just stop agreeing to
    these steaming piles of… I don’t care how much money they offer you!
    You won’t be remember as Jason Bourne or Goodwill. Now, your remembered
    as this guy with the story and CGI of produced by some kid with a MAC.

  • Bharath KarthikeyanFebruary 14, 2017Reply

    Brilliant art direction and blue armor clad women in a Soulless colossal movie!

    When I watch movies like Great wall, I set out with an open mind to
    accept the content and art style for what it is. There are B-grade
    action flicks, with horrible looking CGI which I still ended up liking
    because they did have this ”Story” to tell, a world which the
    director/screenplay/editor had spent considerable time to craft within
    the movie. Hence movies like these not necessarily need to have deep
    budgets but definitely provide an experience which is well worth the
    viewers time, to give something to ponder once the credits roll.

    You have no clue on why Matt Damon and William Dafoe signed up for this
    movie because they don’t qualify to play any notable roles in the
    movie. This movie justify a need to have a protagonist, even though to
    an extent the Chinese General – she does a decent job. A Protagonist is
    as good only as to his enemy or the thing he/she is fighting against,
    which the movie fails miserably here due to the lack of one. I watched
    this in IMAX 3D and it did have some close moments like monsters
    jumping to the screen but none shot in 3D.

    The set pieces where beautiful and so is the panoramic shots achieved
    in certain areas of the movie(air balloons) but overall still couldn’t
    aid in providing the much needed soul to this movie. Soundtrack and
    mixing was commendable but again lost in translation because of the
    quality of the movie.

    One other flaw was the movie opens with a massive battle in the first
    15 mins, and whatever came next became shallow. This was something the
    director could have revisited. Can recommend a watch only on some home
    video streaming service. Cheers guys!

  • BPeppyFebruary 16, 2017Reply

    Extremely fun & exciting over-the-top blockbuster fun!

    The best part of this movie is the stunning visual 3D spectacle of it
    all! This is the movie that you have to see in a theater: you need the
    big space, large screen & immersive sound system to truly get lost
    inside this 3D wonder. This film is, quite simply, a visual feast.
    Don’t be distracted by the criticism about ‘what’s Matt Damon doing in
    this Chinese film?’ Simple answer, he’s proving that once again, he’s
    an accomplished actor who’s also an action star.

    Set in medieval China, along a section of the Great Wall, Damon’s
    William and his trusted partner Tovar (Pedro Pascal) get caught up in
    helping defend an outpost after witnessing the Chinese army and their
    specialized divisions, fearlessly dive in to fight the marauding
    monsters hellbent on eating everyone.

    The movie critic inside you may question parts of the story line and
    wonder about motivation. But tried and true plot devices are used to
    move the story along without the use of long, slow exposition. And in
    truth, it’s not needed. The viewer learns all that’s needed to root for
    the characters to triumph.

    At the end, you’ll walk out of the theater saying ‘wow’, ‘exciting’ and
    ‘so amazing’! It’s such fun that you’ll believe that Matt Damon was the
    perfect choice for this role.

  • subxerogravityFebruary 16, 2017Reply


    Not Bad at all.

    It moves very quickly, which surprised me. It does take away from how
    epic the movie subject matter feels, I mean the Great Wall of China is
    a wonder of the universe, and they did not do much to show that,
    choosing to give a look like they are just dealing with a small section
    of it, but I’m nick picking. This was a very well done action adventure
    fantasy type thing.

    Plus Matt Damon, once again proves that he’s worth the price of
    admission. Very charming, very funny and unexpectedly dashing. I never
    put thought on how much I like or dislike Damon, but I’ll say this,
    he’s never let me down. Whenever I’ve seen a movie which he starred in
    I always come away feeling that I made the right decision in picking a
    movie to see that night.

    Damon plays a Spaniard that comes to the east for that black powder,
    son (AKA gun powder), when he is captured by a cult of warriors that
    live on the Great Wall protecting the other side from a species of
    strange beast trying to get over. .

    A well put together war movie, The Great Wall celebrates the art, with
    an interesting visual look on how these warriors protect the wall from
    these monsters (One cool scene shows how They uses a series of bows
    that whistle so that a warrior who can not see can still hear the enemy
    coming). It’s very exciting to watch.

    And like I was saying, the monster they show here is quite impressive
    indeed. It may remind you of monsters you seen before on celluloid
    (Which makes sense as you don’t want to go too out of what is already
    in nature), but the design was unique as well as the method of
    defeating it, which I don’t think I’ve seen before.

    Visually, I am a little iffy on the film, altogether. Like a said
    before, The Great Wall sounds epic but the film itself has epic
    qualities but does not feel so. It feels oddly closed in for an IMAX
    film. The costumes are great, more specifically, ones worn by the
    female warriors in the movie. A nice shade of blue and design to pay
    homage to some bird. It’s not surprising that I like them as they stand
    out from the rest of the film’s gloomy and gritty look.

    Overall, The Great Wall is an action packed war movie with great
    battles against a bad ass foe.

    Round of applause to all who contributed to this film but a special
    shout out to Matt Damon. So far he’s has never let me down.

  • Alyssa Black (Aly200)February 16, 2017Reply

    A Silly Monster Movie, but Quite Enjoyable with Decent Acting and Excellent Cinematography

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ArgemalucoFebruary 16, 2017Reply

    The Great Wall

    I expected The Great Wall to be an epic historical drama, but it ended
    up being a light ”B-Movie” made with an ”A” budget. In that regard, I
    found The Great Wall moderately entertaining, but mediocre. The
    screenplay practically writes itself, employing the drama as a mere
    filler between the action scenes. And even though said action is well
    shot, it suffers from inconsistencies which make it difficult for the
    spectator to get plunged into the story. Some examples: the affair of
    the magnetic stones, the inefficient acrobatic tactics of the Imperial
    Army and the improbable behaviour of the attackers, who seem
    intelligent when the creation of suspense, and weak when the heroes
    need to solve an impossible situation. In other words, The Great Wall
    isn’t a film to be taken seriously. It isn’t like Hero, House of Flying
    Daggers or Curse of the Golden Flower (previous movies from director
    Zhang Yimou I liked very much); instead of that, we are into generic
    Hollywood territory. The actors make whatever they can with their trite
    roles; Matt Damon tries his best as the warrior with a golden heart,
    while Pedro Pascal is the typical coward/comic allied and Willem Dafoe
    plays Mr. Explanation, explaining us what we are watching on the
    screen. In conclusion, The Great Wall is a mediocre and forgettable
    film, but at least, it’s able to keep a moderate level of entertainment
    without requesting too much from the audience, and that’s enough to
    make it worthy of a slight recommendation. At the same time, it’s a bit
    sad to see a brilliant director like Yimou compromising his vision in
    order to increase the economic potential of the film. In fact, the
    presence of Damon, Pascal and Dafoe is among what I liked the least
    from The Great Wall, because it doesn’t only seem like a racist tactic
    (The Chinese invented powder, but they need the White Man to solve
    their territorial crisis?), but it also fundamentally alters the nature
    of the tale; instead of being a dreamlike and philosophical Asian
    fantasy (such as The Hidden Blade or the previously mentioned Hero),
    it’s a generic blockbuster without an ideological or artistic identity.
    Or maybe, I’m the racist one for evaluating both styles with such
    different criteria. But, in my defense, nobody goes to a Chinese
    restaurant in order to eat a hamburger, right?

  • rgkarimFebruary 16, 2017Reply

    Aims for the Eyes

    The Great Wall, one of the famous wonders of the world and a prime
    example of architecture to test time. Chances are though you have not
    heard of the legend behind its crafting and the real terror held back
    by its strong stone. Tonight, I got to see that legend come to life in
    a movie entitled The Great Wall. Led by Matt Damon, this movie promised
    to be an interesting spectacle whose quality was up in the air. What
    are the results? As always read on to find out.

    LIKES: • Creature design • Culture references captured on screen •
    Impressive visuals • Semi-exciting battles

    SUMMARY: When the first trailer opened up, I wondered what the
    mysterious beasts that lurked in the great beyond looked like. While
    latter trailers portrayed them as mere lizard dogs, the Great Walls Tao
    Tei were a nice spin to modern paranormal monster. Both deadly and
    bizarre, the monsters had clever integration of biology meeting magic,
    to craft a worthy rival capable of testing the might of China’s army.
    These beasts fit very well with the theme of the movie, taking
    extraterrestrial and mixing it with influences from the Chinese

    Speaking of culture, the movie does a nice job designing artificial
    sets and costumes mirroring many of China’s strong traditions. The
    armor, while a little fake looking, was a blend of beauty and lethality
    with colors and symbols being organized into various roles in the
    defense. The landscape mirrors the pictures in National Geographic,
    vivid and bright that contrast the strong, stoic grey of the wall. And
    while the visual specs are certainly stunning (probably better in 3-D),
    the values of honor, friendships, and trust are hammered deep in the
    dialogue/cinematography of this movie, primarily through the two lead

    When not portraying the culture though, the impressive visuals are
    primarily for crafting the ”exciting” battles that Great Wall promised.
    This film pays great homage to the art of CGI, with many elements
    mirroring the effects seen in the Lord of the Rings films (Helms deep
    anyone). Realistic extras seemingly blend into the massive chaos that
    are the fights, mixing with their relatively realistic behemoths they
    are trying to hold. Outside of the visuals, the battles have some
    exciting moments, taking the defensive concept and adding clever toys
    our soldiers use. The first battle in particular gets the gold for
    quality as it is fast, dynamic, and the most detailed of the five
    soirees of death. If only the fights could have continued this
    momentum, perhaps the movie would have been even more exciting.

    DISLIKES: • Matt Damon’s acting at times • The rushed story/editing •
    Characters lacking development • The battles drop after the first one

    SUMMARY: Certainly the first dislike is not the best dislike to have,
    but hear me out. Damon is known for some stellar performances, but this
    direction didn’t work for me. He was supposed to play a rather skilled
    night, and while his choreographed battle moves hit the mark, his cool
    guy dialogue failed. Damon’s delivery was an awkward, stiff attempt to
    be funny, which only had me giggling at how out of place it was. Others
    struggled to make up for it, but Damon could have brought some more
    Bourne elements to his rogue nature. As I said though this is the minor

    While others seemed to enjoy the story, I felt it needed some tinkering
    to make their tale as strong as the wall. Much of the story was hastily
    developed, answers coming in a plethora of ”Ah-Hah” moments as they
    conveniently stumbled on miracle pieces of information. Moments that
    were supposed to hit the heart hard or add some build-up to the
    spectacle were edited to blunt sequences where things were solved too
    quickly. Even worse was most of the character development. Many of the
    lieutenants, squires, and even the Tao Tei had so much potential for
    deep, edgy tales that helped us relate to either hero/beast and get us
    hooked into the moment. Nope, again like the story, many of the
    characters are stacked like wobbly Jenga blocks only to be knocked down
    with little more than a few Chinese words. This is sad, as deeper
    characters and plot could have taken this movie out of the hoakie realm
    and put it closer to the winner’s circle.

    However, the biggest let down for me were the action scenes. As
    mentioned the first battle (seen mostly in the trailers) had the break
    out of the gates excitement you wanted to see. After that battle
    though, many of the fights quickly grew monotonous, the hasty editing
    doing little than show gruesome deaths, overdramatic lunges with
    weapons, very short bouts of destruction. I had hoped that each battle
    would lead to a grand finale where army and hive drones clashed,
    glorifying our generals with strategic warfare that pushed both to
    their very limits. Yet, once again Hollywood Studios decided to give
    mediocre, simplistic, drawn out sequences that once more tied up rather
    conveniently. Sigh…

    The VERDICT:

    Great Wall certainly is a spectacle to the ”eyes” as Damon leads the
    charge in impressive visuals and decent military bouts. Friends who
    liked the Chinese mythology, will certainly enjoy this comic book like
    tale and all the ”excitement” it brings. Yet, despite all the good,
    Great Wall really lacks in the complete story department and character
    building, leaving the predictable plot a little dry, lacking, and dare
    I say rushed. Perhaps this would have been offset, had Universal
    Studios put their money into bolder fights and more dynamic moments.
    Worth a trip to the theater? For visuals, yes (including 3-D), but for
    everything else I recommend saving your money for something else you

    My scores are: Action/Adventure/Fantasy: 6.5 Movie Overall: 5.0

  • mark1717February 16, 2017Reply

    please save your money and your time

    I think even you dog and cat would hate you if you put this on around
    them. it is really bad, bunch of CGI lizard creatures which have zero
    intelligence. I would love to write more about this film but there
    nothing to say. stay well clear and don’t spend your hard earned money.
    not only that, if this happens to appear on your TV in the near future
    by accident and you think, meh I’ll give it a watch….. be ready to be
    severely disappointed with that decision for the next 90 mins. if you
    must, watch the trailers. enough said

  • comps-784-38265February 17, 2017Reply

    The ‘So So’ Wall, guarding a lack of substance

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • maxdbarrFebruary 17, 2017Reply

    Good cheap entertainment

    Hat 1- Story: OK, so… this isn’t much of a story film. A couple of
    white men with somewhat unidentifiable accents are in China in search
    of black powder, but wind up in a bigger war. So, what’s wrong with
    that? From the opening title cards, you can tell this isn’t going to be
    quite as grand and noble as you might expect a film like this to be. To
    paraphrase- ”The wall defended against many enemies, some real some
    legend…. this is one of the legends.” When a story begins with such a
    simple statement, you can’t really expect much, and there are a lot of
    things in this that are too perfect. A lot of this film is simply
    visual spectacle, and we’ll get into that in a minute. But it’s enough
    to carry you through, though it doesn’t give you much to chew on.

    Hat 2- Performances: One of the best parts of this film that’s nice to
    see is that it challenges a lot of what Hollywood has done recently,
    from a casting perspective. All the characters are the proper race that
    they would have been in this time, and one of the lead characters, a
    commander who becomes general, is more than capable female. There’s no
    useless romance for her either. All in all, the cast does a fine job,
    and nothing is offensive about it.

    Hat 3- Craft: OK, so this script is god awful. The dialogue is bad at
    some points, laughable at others. What does work in this film is it’s
    visuals. The effects are good, but what you’re really enjoying here is
    the design. From costumes to sets, this film takes full advantage of
    the beauty of ancient Chinese aesthetic and style, and uses it to it’s
    full advantage of how beautiful it can be, even in a war setting. It is
    this, along with some pretty well-done action that is horribly edited
    but well organized enough to come through, that makes you keep

    Hat 4- Entertainment Value: This film is never boring. Sure, it never
    engages the mind body and soul, but it’s solid empty calorie
    entertainment. It’s an action spectacle and a grand slash fest that
    invites you to a world old enough to be considered ancient, but still
    within our historical radar.

    Hat 5- Memorability: Whether this will be remembered or not is hard to
    say. There are some very nice visual elements in this film that could
    stay in some audience’s minds, but honestly I’m already forgetting the
    plot. This director Yimou Zhang has done some unbelievable films, and
    honestly this is one of his weakest, but that still doesn’t mean it’s
    entirely unwatchable. It’s very watchable, but it’s the kind of film
    you watch and forget. If that’s what you want, this is a very good film
    to go with.

  • Corey JamesFebruary 17, 2017Reply

    Minor Greatness

    This review of The Great Wall is spoiler free

    *** (3/5)

    AFTER HIS STUNNING action packed epic House of Flying Daggers which
    became an international hit for shocking audiences with it’s
    eye-shatteringly physics defying action scenes along with its strange
    curve of natural human abilities. Since then director Zhang Yimou has
    become no stranger to big-budget productions. However what he is a
    stranger to is accusations for being racist, we all know that movies
    get criticized even months before their release date but never has a
    film been shambled by racist comments. Which is what happened to his
    English-language debut The Great Wall, as soon as the trailer debuted
    on YouTube on 28th July 2016 the comments section was riddled with
    racist comments, stating that Yimou is ‘whitewashing’ or submitting to
    a ‘white saviour context’ through positioning the film’s star Matt
    Damon, as the main heart over a Chinese cast.

    However the accusations were short-lived after hitting cinemas in
    December it soon became a big hit, opening on its weekend to $67.6
    million which is the fourth highest opening weekend in Chinese history.
    The film itself has an interesting premise involving one of the
    greatest architectural achievements known to man, however instead of
    teaching us about the use of the wall itself it riffs a hint of magic,
    as in the film the wall is attacked by a gigantic force of monstrous
    creatures called the Tao Tei that attack the wall every sixty years.
    Here Yimou uses his natural traits well; there are long panoramic
    sweeps over a stunning backdrop, there is a lot of action, also like
    House of Flying Daggers there is a lot of physics defying blade throws
    and a look at the unnatural human abilities. In addition he uses a plot
    written by veteran Hollywood writers such as Edward Zwick and Tony
    Gilroy to name a couple, who tried their best to write an immaculate
    script for the film, unfortunately like the creatures who attack the
    wall the plot does a good run toward it but can’t quite clamber over
    the fortifications.

    Yet, the flaws are forgivable (not hugely) because like our action-clad
    hero Damon, who shows to be just as handy with a bow as he is with a
    gun, this long-haired Jason Bourne is a crack-shot with a bow he can
    pull off any shot from any distance he never misses, he’s essentially
    Hawkeye, without the wit, the action is the heart of the film. He plays
    William Garin a European mercenary who travels to China with his
    colleague Pedro Tovar (Pedro Pascal) in search for black powder, until
    they come across The Nameless Order an impressive army wearing colour
    coded armour corresponding to a different type of fighter, who are in
    the midst of preparing for a fight with an oppressive force. At first
    they are presented as trespassers who will be imprisoned within the
    wall’s fortifications until the army is attacked.

    While they are in the middle of fighting William and Pedro look on at
    this army to look at each of their fighting skills, they are even more
    impressed to find that women lead by Commander Lin (Tian Jing) fight in
    the army, they lunge from ropes to attack the beasts, at this point it
    hints at The Battle for Helms Deep (mostly). Plus Yimou’s transitions
    help keep the film at its already impressive scale by placing us in the
    midst of battle every time. It sounds clichéd but Damon isn’t always
    looked at as a hero, at some points he is out-smarted, then re-educated
    the Chinese virtues of bravery, selflessness, discipline and invention.
    Like other magic based fantasy filled epics to come out of China such
    as Mr. Vampire or Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame,
    The Great Wall has solidity, yes, it’s flawed and the CGI is a little
    rough round the edges but it’s still impressive to look at.

    VERDICT: The Great Wall is visually stunning but plot wise it’s a
    flawed action film with a lot of action but not much story to show for
    it. It’s not Yimou’s best by a long shot but it is a lot of fun which
    packs some minor heat.

  • jpatrick-68632February 17, 2017Reply

    We saw it so you don’t have to.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • steve beard ([email protected])February 17, 2017Reply

    Fantasy Theory

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • david-sarkiesFebruary 17, 2017Reply

    An American Film set in China

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Trevor Pacelli ([email protected])February 17, 2017Reply

    It’s Big! It’s Grand! It’s… Wait, Why are We Fighting?

    This is it! The grand epic of the ages! Step aside The Lord of the
    Rings, Ben-Hur, and Lawrence of Arabia, this is where all the action
    is. Of course there is no way you would think a mesh up between World
    of Warcraft and a real life historical monument could pass as
    entertaining, let alone respectful to the Chinese, but it turns out The
    Great Wall has proved to us all that it can be far more than just
    colorful entertainment!

    The brilliant visual director Yimou Zhang (Hero, House of Flying
    Daggers) has for years held the reputation of telling engaging stories
    within an Asian backdrop, but now he changes all that with this briskly
    paced adventure of two middle-aged White males with American accents.
    There used to be about four or five of them, until the others were
    killed by a bunch of creatures at night, leaving behind only a severed
    green paw. So the two remaining take the paw to the Great Wall of China
    to identify it, and to take their black powder. What are the odds that
    this one green paw just so happened to belong to the same species that
    has been the Wall’s army’s longtime enemy (instead of like, the Huns,

    The created world here is plenty fun to explore, one where green
    wolf-like reptilian creatures called Tao Tei ride in organized
    formation towards the Great Wall, and only a stone-shaped magnet can
    immobilize them in their tracks. The ones called to stop this race is
    the Chinese army with the help of a couple of White men they just met
    and know nothing about aside from some good archery skills.

    So with their help, they prepare a new battle strategy against the Tao
    Tei, which coincidentally happened immediately after the men’s arrival.
    Together, they come up with a genius strategy to overthrow the
    creatures’ queen: aim for the eyes- that’s their weak point. But guess
    what? They do something way more fun to watch. Their unrealistically
    advanced weapon technology are aimed directly for the creatures’ mouth,
    dorsal fin, the thick hide on their back, the ground, the sky, the two
    inches of air between the main character, anywhere but the creatures’
    eyes. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

    The one placed at the front of the vehicle, Matt Damon, has the biggest
    burden of all the actors to carry the film on his scrawny little
    shoulders, and he masterfully lowers his own acting efforts to make
    sure we care more about the spectacle itself than the humans not made
    with CGI. To further ensure we care as little about the drama and as
    much about the action as possible, the screenplay resorts to every
    characters’ interactions consisting of ”–This is going to happen at
    this time. –But this can’t happen because then that will happen.
    –You’re right! What is the best way? –Well, remember when your father
    died five years ago and you received an engineering degree from
    Harvard? –Yes, now I know exactly what will solve world hunger!”

    That way, the action scenes will leave the greatest impression they
    could bring. As the army attacks those green lizards, the camera moves
    forwards and backwards, left and right, showing off the 3-D effects
    that you knew you never wanted in the first place. You may not give a
    hoot who wins or loses this war, but the cheap, overly polished sets by
    Oscar winner John Myhre (Chicago, Memoirs of a Geisha) can distract you
    from your lack of care.

    Well, fine. Maybe you never cared when you walked right into the
    theater. Maybe you didn’t care once you heard that this historically
    skewed Chinese action movie with White actors was getting made. But
    this steampunk sort of historical setting gets the kinda-sorta-but-
    not-really cheesy feel just right with a strong message of self-
    sacrifice to counteract the greed of the world. You could argue that
    the message was done poorly, but remember: this is a movie where Matt
    Damon teams up with an attractive Chinese female warrior to fight a
    bunch of green monsters. You know, it’s like the Titanic! A fictional
    story amongst a true architectural achievement by man! Except this time
    it’s a fantasy! Totally not disrespectful at all!

    Seriously though, just visit the dang monument in person.

  • Reel Life ReviewsFebruary 17, 2017Reply

    Wished it was a full fledged foreign film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Troy_CampbellFebruary 17, 2017Reply

    A blemish on Yimou’s (and Damon’s) career.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • thetsquareFebruary 17, 2017Reply

    An enjoyable watch!

    The Great Wall is not historical accurate, or in any way realistic, but
    it was never supposed to be. It’s a fantasy movie, and a good one at

    The scenery is breathtaking, it looks amazing with great detail, on
    every little detail there is something to look at.

    The story is not in any way a masterpiece, or in any way something
    you’d remember. It’s kinda cliché, so you should not watch this movie
    for it’s story, rather than the scenery and the adventurous fun.

    For anyone angry at the main character being white: there is a decent
    reason for that, and also he is not the best character (after my
    opinion). The Chinese actors are good, (I do not know the language, so
    I would not know if the dialogue is corny or not) but for English
    viewers, it’s good. Matt Damon does a decent job, and so does Pedro

    If you have two hours, do watch this movie. There is no nudity, but
    death and blood, so be cautious. It’s a great watch, and deserves an 8,
    without any doubt.

  • lmh-07476February 18, 2017Reply

    was good for a popcorn movie

    the cgi was awesome, you will get more out of the story if you know
    Chinese because many lines were in Chinese and the movie took in many
    of the Chinese traditions like dressing in white when someone dies.For
    American and viewers of many countries those things might not stand out
    as much as it did to me since it might be kind of confusing. It is
    mainly due to the Chinese cast speaking fast and the subtitles were
    right but doesn’t really show the actual meanings in my perspective.
    That leads to all the complaining about the story being jumboed up and
    being frustrating for them. besides the first part where it explained
    the settings there really isn’t much depth to it. I mean its a hero
    saving the world but fighting big evil monsters movie, what did you
    expect from it? this movie is good but it is not a movie that will be

  • Gabs789February 18, 2017Reply

    Liked it more than I thought I would (opinion, slight analysis, correctness, recommendation)

    Tip: Don’t get influenced by the ratings that much. See for yourself.

    Warning: There are NO spoilers in my review, but there is a general
    characteristic regarding the main character and the Chinese people in
    the movie. (related to the complaints)

    I watched this movie on 3D and I generally liked it. My expectations
    were lower, especially as I saw the rating was quite low for a movie of
    that type – it’s supposed to be impressive, therefore more people would
    love it. A commercial movie related to history sounds pretty bad
    enough, adding that the action develops in China and the main character
    is a white man, and that they are fighting against monsters. All that
    sounded like it might turn out to be complete bullshit, but…

    It’s actually not. First of all, in the beginning of the movie there is
    an introduction about The Great Wall of China and it is mentioned that
    the movie is based on one of the LEGENDS about it. Secondly, the white
    men arriving there are just warriors who are traveling in order to find
    useful goods, and they are not presented in the best light – they are
    fighting for their basic needs and for their personal profit, they
    don’t trust anybody, even their own friends. While the Chinese people
    are presented in a good way – they are hardworking, skillful,
    honourable, trustworthy as much as they could be in such times. They
    fight for their country and they are ready to die for it, they’re not
    cowards who just take what they want for themselves and run away. This
    contrast is one of the main points of the movie.

    Also, there is a beautiful message behind the whole story. It’s not
    just action with monsters. So I’d say everything unusual in this movie
    about which many people complain, is actually pretty reasonable.

    Besides that, I noticed that the effects are not that good in certain
    scenes, but generally they’re well made. You get into the movie, it
    doesn’t look much like a movie set, even on 3D where the flaws can be
    seen more easily sometimes.

    I generally love historical action movies, and while I prefer for them
    to be historically correct and I find it important, I think that
    sometimes it’s better that they’re not because this causes a lot of
    conflicts and we can never be sure how correct they are exactly. In
    Hollywood everything is biased, pretty much, so maybe it’s a much
    better idea if such movies are based on legends and just have
    meaningful morals of the story. That seems to be good enough, like in
    this movie.

    There are some pretty intense moments, so if you get scared easily,
    maybe you should be careful with this movie. It gets tense and it’s
    about war after all.

  • OneEightNine MediaFebruary 18, 2017Reply

    The Below Average Wall

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • yasminFebruary 18, 2017Reply

    the great wall is amazing

    the great wall is absolutely amazing. Matt Damon is a wonderful actor
    with so much passion whilst he’s acting. great story line great plot
    everything was perfect highly recommend you watch it should definitely
    win an Oscar. I was fixed to my seat all through the movie at the
    cinemas couldn’t even leave to go to the toilet it was that Good.

  • mekreslinsFebruary 18, 2017Reply

    Don’t waste your money

    Total disaster! I can not think of one redeeming reason to see this.
    I’m glad it was a matinée. I can suspend belief with movies but this
    was just a bridge too far! The script writing was clunky, there was
    little to no chemistry between the main characters. I’m not exactly
    sure why William DaFoe was even in the movie. Stay away!

  • footsoccerFebruary 18, 2017Reply

    A first time attempt of Yimou Zhang for a Hollywood epic movie

    What an excellent porn corn movie! A fantastic mixture of Chinese and
    Hollywood culture. The plot was somewhat simple, however, the 110
    minute making put everything together in a wonderful manner. It was the
    Song dynasty when the summit of ancient science and technology in the
    history of China was achieved; and the monster Tao Tie came from a
    famous manuscript in 2000 years ago, which was depicted quite well with
    the help of modern technology. It is always Yimou zhang’s amazing skill
    for impressive war plots, that made every single minute breathtaking.
    Strongly recommended.

  • cruise01February 18, 2017Reply

    Great Wall may not be so great, but still a good time.

    The Great Wall a fantasy film that depicts China giant historical wall
    with a creative legend of it being used to keep the monsters out. I am
    not faulting the film or Hollywood for ”whitewashing” like having Matt
    Damon star as a main character in a Chinese big budget film. Sure,
    there are others like Willem Dafoe in it. At least, they had a story
    involving a group of mercenaries led by William (Matt Damon) on a
    search for black powder. Roaming across the north of the Great Wall.
    William and his group are chased by bandits, taking refuge in a camp.
    Only to get attacked by a monster, only leaving William and Tovar
    (Pedro Pascal). They get picked up by a Chinese military led by
    Commander Lin (Jing Tian). Where they are stationed on the Great Wall,
    trying to defend it and preventing a wave of monsters from crossing to
    the capital.

    The pros about the film, I sure do love a film that is non-stop action,
    which The Great Wall does so well. It has plenty of action and battles
    throughout. Even in the beginning of the film, the Chinese army has
    their ”flying angels” that are tied to retractable ropes as they leap
    off the wall to attack from above and to incline back on top. Which can
    be pretty cool and neat. For director Zhang Yimou, the action and
    battle sequences can be a bit repetitive after the first attack. There
    is nothing new added to the table that made the battle exciting. It was
    well paced, but it cannot go for so long until you really do not care
    about what will happen next.

    The visual effects were decent, the set design and costume design were
    okay. Visual effects on the explosions were noticeable that it was cgi
    than practical. The creature design was neat. And the effects with
    creating a mass array of an army as they charged towards the wall and
    were climbing on top of each other to get on top. Kind of reminded me
    from that one scene from World War Z film. During the climax of the
    film that is set at the Captial, it was endless action, I thought some
    of the fights were cheesy as Lin and her people were on hot balloon
    crafts fighting from above, and over the villages. The film is all
    about trying to be entertaining at least.

    The script does leave out character development, which does not give
    enough time to engage in these characters besides knowing the two main
    leads are on search for black powder. And they are stuck in the middle
    of this battle. By the time it ends, you still would not even know
    these characters names.

    Overall, The Great Wall is a fair fantasy film. Not really focused on a
    developing story or characters. But does throw some neat concepts and
    entertaining battle sequences that would be worth checking out.

  • Drew KFebruary 18, 2017Reply

    Panda Express > The Great Wall

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • charmainemorganFebruary 18, 2017Reply

    action & adventure set in stunning scenery – enriched with eastern culture & legend.

    We nearly didn’t watch this movie after some poor reviews but after a
    night out watching it in 3D 2 adults and 2 delighted girls were all so
    pleased we did. This is an epic thrilling ride from beginning to end.
    Setting aside Damons accent which changes nearly every scene the
    special effects, costumes and setting were spectacular, deserving of
    the big screen. Especially in 3D. It is a perfectly OK plot with
    tension and suspense as a waiting game is played with a mysterious
    enemy revealed in an explosive scene. Some gentle humour that befits
    the stuffy mercenary/ military characters portrayed helps move things

  • Tharindu Kuruppu NanayakkaraFebruary 18, 2017Reply


    Great wall, great movie great animation,choreography script directing
    production selecting characters everything is nicely done. colors that
    use for the army wow nice concept i have never seen such colorful war
    movie. but it should be add much more good ending , the flow of the
    movie suddenly collapse at end.

  • kynick2February 19, 2017Reply

    Great Failure is more like it.

    I saw this movie about a month ago and I am so sorry I did. I already
    knew it would be horrible but a student invited me to see it and I
    didn’t want to refuse. As a fan of Chinese cinema it was disappointing
    to see the Chinese film industry sell out. This is not debatable, they
    are quickly becoming a player in the movie market and while America
    kowtows to China to get a slice of the pie, China wants to expand their
    base…hence Matt Damon.

    This film has been done often and with much better results. Anyone that
    think the action sequences are killer needs to watch Hero or
    Grandmasters or any number of other Chinese films. The story was beyond
    ridiculous and the acting was was just plain bad. Chinese people on the
    whole thought the film was HORRIBLE even with Matt Damon and I was
    inclined to believe that there would be no love from the American
    audience. At least they didn’t fall into the cliché of ”White man saves
    China and gets the girl” I guess their was someone with some pride on
    the scene. To be honest, I think my rating of 3 was slightly generous.

  • Sangam YadagiriFebruary 19, 2017Reply

    Monster movie at its best

    The Great Wall is a movie made with Chinese and Hollywood

    I expected a regular Chinese martial-arts movie but after 10 minutes
    into the movie, surprisingly it turned out to be an out-and-out
    monster/gory/slasher movie. However, the graphics used to create these
    monsters were brilliant.

    Matt Damon as a European mercenary, Tian Jing as Commander-In-General,
    and Willem Dafoe as Ballard have justified their respective roles. It’s
    Matt Damon’s never-seen-before performance in the move that gives it a
    rugged look and feel.

    Story-line is very thin… two European mercenaries travel to china in
    the quest of black powder (like super gun powder) – that explodes in
    the air and would instantly kill – and get captured by Chinese
    soldiers. How they save the northeastern territory of china by fighting
    the monsters behind one of the greatest wonders of the world – that is
    5500 miles long and took 1700 years to build – makes the rest of the

    The background music has Chinese feel to it. Like any war movie, lot of
    drums are used to create the war-like feel.

    Legend or myth, this movie deserves to be watched for its brilliant
    action and war sequences with these intelligent monsters. The great
    wall itself is a character in the movie.

    All in all a thoroughly enjoyable historical functional movie. My
    rating is 8 out of 10.

  • Philip GrayFebruary 19, 2017Reply

    Highly Entertaining Epic Action

    I am struggling to understand the awful reviews, and the people who
    gave this movie 1 star, I saw it last night and it’s one of the few
    movies of recent years where I thought ‘wow, I could watch that again
    right now’.

    For me it was an action packed cinematic experience. Sure there were
    plot holes, and some of the cgi could have been better, particularly in
    the last 3rd of the movie, but that didn’t detract from the overall
    quality, and the action which more that made it up for it.

    I can only conclude that some people have never seen a Chinese made
    movie and not familiar with their acting style, or Chinese culture
    generally. Others were totally unimpressed must have watched it on
    their mobile.

    For the people who hated it, what exactly do they expect of a movie? I
    certainly ticked my boxes as to what an action fantasy adventure movie
    should be.

    Don’t listed to the detractors, go see it!

  • powerobjectFebruary 19, 2017Reply

    Great but LOUD!!!

    The scale and budget on which this movie was filmed are EPIC and

    This movie is awesome and great but too LOUD than is necessary. If
    every shot is too loud then when it comes time for sound effects, the
    effect gets buried because the whole movie is loud. The sound level in
    this movie is similar to Deep Water Horizon – another LOUD movie.

    3D effects are a treat to watch in IMAX. Horse chases are not bad.
    However, the graphics are a bit poor and unpleasant for the movie’s
    scale and budget. They do not add up.

    If you ignore the loud volume and poor graphics, you would love to
    watch this movie at least TWICE. It’s worth it. Go watch it – you’ll
    love it.

    I wanted to give it 9 stars but giving it 8 because substandard

  • ldoebbeling-25126February 19, 2017Reply

    An absolutely perfect movie for Power Ranger Fans

    Unfortunately, I am not one of them. Saw good reviews, Chinese
    director, THe Great Wall, Matt Damon, and thought it would be a
    historic action movie, and went along with my son. Giving it a three
    for originality. Otherwise it would be 0. Okay, writing an extra line
    because of minimum requirements. Really seems like a power rangers
    movie with Chinese actors.

  • kevin truongFebruary 19, 2017Reply

    Very entertaining and refreshing action film.

    I had a lot of expectations going in and thought the film couldn’t be
    very good. Don’t listen to the critics, this film definitely deserves
    higher than a 6. The action was very pleasing and visuals were amazing.
    I hope this is only the beginning of more collaborations between the
    east and west. I was also very pleased with the amount of screen time
    given to the Asian cast members.

  • LaakbaarFebruary 19, 2017Reply

    Wow. What a movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • funnybunnyFebruary 19, 2017Reply

    Quite entertaining. Those who gave one star: have you really watched the movie?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jason-86688February 19, 2017Reply

    great movie

    I watched the movie in the Imax cinema today. this movie is so
    different. A lot of things we’ve never seen before. new Weapons,
    clothing, buildings. excellent sound design. the movie is much more
    considerate than many people think.

    I totally recommend this movie.

  • Solnichka McPhersonFebruary 19, 2017Reply

    Very enjoyable for what it is, and it’s not meant to be high art

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • FlashCallahanFebruary 19, 2017Reply

    The not as bad as you’d think Wall…..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • view_and_reviewFebruary 20, 2017Reply

    Not Great But Solid

    When I saw the trailers for this movie I thought, ”I can’t wait to see

    Then, shortly after the movie began I thought, ”Oh no. Where is this
    movie going?”

    The reason I thought that is due to years of certain tropes that have
    been repeated in American cinema.

    The movie started with a group of westerners in a foreign land evading
    some natives. The westerners, although not there for altruistic
    reasons, seemed to be more sophisticated, brave and resourceful while
    the natives seemed more barbaric and uncivilized.

    Not long after that there was the meeting of the two main characters:
    William (Matt Damon) and Commander Lin (Tian Jing). Now I began to
    think, ”Here we go again. This beautiful foreign woman will fall for
    this western man because of his courage, bravery, sensitivity, etc.” I
    was all set to gag.

    Happily, the movie didn’t fall into those clichés. Yes, William was
    brave and skillful. Yes, a relationship did develop between he and
    Commander Lin but not one of the rehashed version we’ve seen so much.

    I thought the movie was an excellent display of the traditional Chinese
    martial arts type movies that are big productions with beautifully
    contrasting colors, synchronous choreography and stylized fighting.
    They married that with the Western style of individualism and the
    internal struggle between doing for self and doing for others.

    The movie was as advertised. The CGI beasts were formidable as nemeses
    and gave a real sense of desperation. The acting was good and the
    cinematography was as well. The Great Wall wasn’t great but it was

  • Elle DennisFebruary 20, 2017Reply

    Great Action Movie for the Family

    I am very surprised with the energy of watching this movie based on
    what the critics say. This is a good movie to watch if you like action,
    historical elements, and great cinematography. I don’t think anyone
    would walk away totally disappointed. I am not of Asian ethnicity but
    after watching Asian dramas, some Asian movies, I am finally glad to
    see western actors not be the white horse in the saddle. I do wish
    there were more scripted interactions between Andy Lau, Eddie Peng,(who
    are wonderful actors in Asia), Matt Damon, and with Pedro Pascal. With
    language being the possibly greatest barrier, Andy Lau and Tian Jing
    bring it all together. The screen-effects, costumes, and setting were
    great! I believe the fictional story line came together well as plot
    using the Great the Wall as a historical element. This is a good movie
    for the family…enjoy!

  • zeningge-00070February 20, 2017Reply

    Visually okay, but poor story line

    As all Chinese invested productions, the movie is heavily influenced by
    the Chinese investors and to some degree, reflected the view of the
    party’s propaganda department. If you love visual stunts, this will
    surely satisfy you, but not much else. The story line is so poor. Given
    the rich history of the Great Wall, there are unlimited choices to
    develop the story and even with the element of crusaders mixed in. But
    Mr. Zhang selected the most unrealistic and bizarre plot. Not worth the
    time and $! BTW, I personally think Zhang Yimou has running out of
    ideas long time ago.

  • Glenn SoltesFebruary 20, 2017Reply

    The Great Wall of China Might be the Longest Cemetery Mankind has Ever Made

    Just about all great monuments before the machine age have a huge human
    cost, but the Great Wall might be the longest cemetery mankind has ever

    Some highlights from Wiki:

    ”walls were built of rammed earth, constructed using forced labour”

    ”while the Sui mobilized over a million men in their wall-building

    ”Mobilized” is such and nondescript word. I wonder what word the
    million workers would have chosen.

    There are estimates that suggest 400,000 people died making the Great
    Wall, but like Canada’s treatment of the Chinese during the
    construction of the trans-Canada railway, no accurate records of
    Chinese deaths were recorded, and even if they were, how unbiased and
    accurate would they be? If a mobilized worker died of a disease, would
    that count as a death?

    It seems this movie is much like a parody of the Chinese Revolutionary
    plays which are quite interesting to watch no matter what your think
    about their content.

    There is no parallel history of China without the Wall so it is hard to
    tell for sure, but it also seems the Wall didn’t function well for its
    official purpose. When it really mattered invaders simply went around

    In light of this, this movie might be the most bloated and self
    important historic revisionist Chinese opera ever made.

  • zensurfer-31578February 20, 2017Reply

    Beautiful Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • clayton-07366February 20, 2017Reply

    Pretentious and vacuous

    This film strikes me as a calculated attempt to appeal to Chinese and
    American audiences simultaneously, but you can’t make up for lack of
    substance and an insipid plot line. It has the proved formula of
    featuring well-known actors (from China and America in this case)
    against an exotic backdrop (ancient China plays well to both audiences)
    with expensive visual effects (150 million, the most expensive Chinese
    film to date although they seem to be escalating since Red Cliff), and
    directed by China’s premier film maker (Zhang Yimou, well known in
    China and abroad), but it ultimately fails due to a lack of substance.
    I was disappointed on all levels, but mostly because it perpetuates the
    idea that audiences are won over with eye candy and familiar actors.
    Those can only take you so far. How about something with real heart,
    like a film about the famine of the Great Leap Forward or the tragedy
    of the Cultural Revolution? You could even blame aliens or zombies for
    the devastation, that way it might get past the Chinese government

  • Josh BartonFebruary 20, 2017Reply

    Forgettable February Film

    The Great Wall was always going to face an uphill task in trying to
    impress me, mainly due to the fact that the trailers didn’t really do a
    good job at all of making the film look any good. That and the fact
    that more people seem to be wrongly accusing the film of whitewashing
    than actually watching the film itself ultimately led to one of the
    most disappointing trips to the cinema I’ve had so far this year.

    When European mercenaries, William Garin (Matt Damon) and Pero Tovar
    (Pedro Pascal), are captured at the Great Wall of China during their
    search for black powder, they become embroiled in the defence of the
    Wall against a horde of monstrous creatures.

    I wanted The Great Wall to be an enjoyable film but it just isn’t. Save
    for some pretty cool action when the creatures first attack the wall,
    which is pretty insane, there isn’t really much to shout home about at
    all. The film’s main problem is that it’s unbelievably dull for film
    with such a ridiculous plot.

    The film takes itself way too seriously which sucks the fun right out
    of proceedings, and the action sequences just become all too similar by
    the time the underwhelming finale comes around. The drab screenplay
    doesn’t really help matters too much either.

    A lot has been made of the casting of Matt Damon in The Great Wall but
    all it is a Chinese studio casting a big Hollywood star in an attempt
    to bring in more at the box-office. People who claim this film is
    whitewashing need to actually watch the film and will then realise
    Damon’s character is in fact European and not Chinese. Damon, Pedro
    Pascal and Tian Jing are the saving graces of this film as they
    surprisingly look as if they want to try and make the script they’ve
    been given work.

    The Great Wall loses a lot of credit for deciding not to fully embrace
    the absurdity and take a much more serious approach for me. It feels
    like a forgettable February release that I certainly won’t want to
    remember in any shape or form.

  • bkrauser-81-311064February 20, 2017Reply

    Visually and Sutextually Interesting

    Well the writing is clearly on the wall with this one. Proudly declared
    in this enthralling and sumptuous siege movie is a pretty fundamental
    economic message. A message which up until now, has only been hinted at
    in films as variant as Transformers: Age of the Markie Mark (2014) and
    xXx: The Return of Xtra Cash (2017). It’s been an entire generation
    since we started seeing ”Made in China” carved into a large swath of
    our clothing, electronics and other such products. Now it seems we’re
    starting to send them something back in earnest. If you happen to be
    confused about what that something is, it’s okay it’s not for you
    anyway. Heck it’s not even about you anymore.

    The Great Wall stars Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal as craven European
    mercenaries seeking the fabled black powder which rumor has it, ”can
    ignite the air.” When we first meet our small band of mercenaries,
    their numbers have dwindled due to fatigue, disease and the engagement
    of small barbarian war parties. Close to making a final stand against
    oncoming hordes, the Europeans stumble onto a deadly siege 60 years in
    the making; pitting Song Dynasty armies and the able Commander Lin
    (Jing) against a hungry swarm of alien creatures.

    The main question asked in the front of the film is whether Damon’s
    William character will use his mad archery skills to serve a worthy
    cause larger than himself, or continue on the path of shallow, personal
    enrichment and greed. ”You and I are very different,” the Commander
    says in a moment of defensive parlay. Both she and William are
    soldiers, born and bred, but Lin it seems has a moral compass that
    somehow makes her irreproachable. To further hammer the point home, the
    aliens bleed green, are faked out by a literal compass and ravenously
    consume everything in their path at the behest of an ugly looking

    Damon is for the sake of drinking everything in (and box office draw),
    our ostensible lead. We see nearly everything from his point of view
    and his character growth is clearly the most obvious. Yet the tale of
    William and his cynical partner Tovar (Pascal) is one that at times
    feels ancillary to the intrigue along the 5,500 mile wall. They’re
    basically the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of China; they make snarky
    remarks, are treated as honored guests, are oblivious to the tragedy
    around them and don’t really do anything of consequence. Coupled with
    the duo always sporting drab colors and you got yourself a couple of
    leads that all but fade into the background while minor characters just
    seem to pop out.

    Of course if anyone was going to bring an interesting color palette
    into this, it’d be director Yimou Zhang. Once again the veteran
    director of Hero (2002) and House of Flying Daggers (2004) is bring his
    resplendent A-game, injecting his sets with multihued designs,
    costuming and concepts. In the film’s big climax, Lin and William scale
    a stain glass spire that has beams of light coming in seemingly from
    all sides. There’s no reason for this of course, but there’s no denying
    how absolutely breathtaking it looks.

    By-in-large, the visuals are what saves The Great Wall from being a
    total waste of time. That and internalizing the lessons learned from a
    movie that casts a much wider net as far as audiences are concerned,
    while fishing in shallower waters when it comes to content. The Great
    Wall is not a smart movie, nor is it a particularly unique one. But if
    you’re willing to accept Damon dawning China-red armor and being part
    of a cheerleading squad for Beijing then I say 祝你好运.

  • cdcrbFebruary 20, 2017Reply

    matt vs. monsters.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • scottingramFebruary 20, 2017Reply

    The Great Wall Film Review

    The new epic historical fantasy-adventure The Great Wall starring Matt
    Damon and Willem Dafoe. In The Great Wall Matt Damon stars in this epic
    historical fantasy-adventure from esteemed Chinese director Zhang
    Yimou. 12th century European mercenary William Garin (American actor
    Matt Damon – The Bourne films, The Martian) is in search of a fabled
    black powder that reputedly ”turns air into fire”. His quest has
    brought him to China in Asia where he soon becomes embroiled in an epic
    battle between the forces of the recently completed, heavily fortified
    Great Wall and an army of marauding creatures known as the Taotie,
    deadly enemies who surface every 60 years to wreak destruction. Garin
    must swiftly prove himself a fighter to the Nameless Order, led by the
    imposing General Shao (Chinese Zhang Hanyu – White Vengeance, The
    Message). A truly monumental undertaking, this latest opus from House
    of Flying Daggers director Zhang Yimou is the most expensive Chinese
    movie ever made, with a whopping $135 million budget. The scale is
    plain to see as Yimou unleashes thunderously action-packed battle
    scenes, at the centre of which is The Martian star Matt Damon. Amongst
    the other actors / actresses include American actor Willem Dafoe
    (Spider-Man films, Once Upon A Time In Mexico) as Ballard, Chilean-
    born American actor Pedro Pascal (TV Series Narcos, The Adjustment
    Bureau) as Tovar William’s friend, Tian Jing (Police Story: Lockdown,
    Special ID) as Commander Lin Mae, Hong Kong actor Andy Lau (House Of
    Flying Daggers, The Warlords) as Strategist Wang, Chinese actor Lu Han
    (Time Raiders, The Witness) as Peng Yong, Chinese actor Kenny Lin
    (Yesterday Once More, My Old Classmate) as Commander Chen, Taiwan actor
    Eddie Peng (Cold War films, Rise Of The Legend) as Commander Wu, Danish
    actor Pilou Asbæk (Lucy, Ben-Hur 2016) as Bouchard, Turkish actor Numan
    Acar (US TV Series Homeland, The Cut) as Najid, American actor Johnny
    Cicco (Jason Bourne, Elysium) as Rizzetti and Chinese actress Vicky Yu
    (Who Sleeps My Bro) as Lieutenant Xiao Yu. Overall The Great Wall is an
    alright film not spectacular filled with action, violence, creatures,
    bows and arrows, sharp spikes, fire, explosions, loud noises,
    impressive shots of The Great Wall Of China, stunning scenery, horses,
    mountains, trails, Chinese language and many other things throughout
    the film. So I will give The Great Wall an overall rating of 2 out of 5
    stars in what was not one of Matt Damon’s best films. The Great Wall is
    similar to epic historical fantasy-adventure films like King Arthur,
    Kingdom Of Heaven, Warcraft, Snow White And The Huntsman films, Clash
    Of The Titans, Wrath Of The Titans, Alexander, Troy amongst others. So
    you can pick and choose whether you want to go and see The Great Wall
    or not and you might like it or you might not like it.

  • xamycFebruary 20, 2017Reply

    Watchable crap, if you can ignore the racism

    White man, save us from the Aliens! Yes, Matt Damon saves the whole of
    China from aliens… with the help of a beautiful Chinese woman
    (sidekick/ love interest). If you ignore the silliness of it all, then
    it’s actually got some good scenes and is fairly watchable. Some people
    may not be able to ignore that silliness however – be warned!

  • Movie ManFebruary 20, 2017Reply

    The Great Wall C-

    At first glance, The Great Wall looks like a pretty interesting concept
    revolving around the history of China. Looks can be deceiving… The
    Great Wall starts off pretty entertaining within the first 30 minutes
    or so, but it starts to slow down fast after the first encounter
    between the humans and dragon monster thingies. The movie revolves
    around the characters in the second act, and it the script doesn’t hold
    strong enough to keep you interested. The third act is filled with dumb
    scenes that make no sense that have no payoff. Although The Great Wall
    is a beautiful looking movie with exceptional cinematography, it has an
    uninteresting script with bad acting and bad writing. If you have to,
    go and see LEGO Batman or John Wick for the second time just to avoid
    this film.

  • slayerjmk95February 21, 2017Reply

    Gorgeous & Stunning, A Total Blast

    The Great Wall, from director Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying
    Daggers) comes this big and beautiful epic that is told to the audience
    as being legend, not fact (as the trailers were terrible at telling
    us). When William and Tovar are taken hostage by the Nameless Order who
    patrol the Great Wall of China, they are unwillingly pulled into a
    centuries-old fight between humanity and something much older that
    threatens all of civilization.

    The movie is an astounding and thrilling ride from beginning to end,
    never letting up on the action or the beautifully constructed
    production that weaves seamlessly with the brilliant visual effects.
    The cast is incredible, ”becoming” their roles wholly, with the banter
    between Damon and Pascal hysterical, while the determination and
    steadfastness of Jing Tian’s Commander Lin and the other leaders is
    very believable. But, what I find to be the best thing about the film
    is how it’s not entirely serious, as there’s always a certain
    ”playfulness” to the action sequences (save for the final siege).

    Everything about the movie was top-notch, from the production design to
    the emotionally-charged musical score from Ramin Djawadi (Game of
    Thrones, Person of Interest). If you want a big, stunning spectacle, go
    see The Great Wall. It’s a solid blend of action, adventure, warfare
    and terrifying monster-driven fun.

  • hero-de-celluloidFebruary 21, 2017Reply

    Horrible movie

    This was just an outright horrible movie. The acting was just bad and
    the bad writing made it worse. Certain scenes were almost comical –
    scenes that obviously weren’t meant to be comical. It seemed like Damon
    just gave up on acting (not that he had a lot to work with). It was
    visually stunning (for the most part) and the CGI was decent, but this
    didn’t negate the rest of this travesty. The story was simplistic and
    the finale was so anti-climatic and unoriginal it was cringe worthy.

  • Carl SchultzFebruary 21, 2017Reply

    The Epic That Wasn’t

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • valadasFebruary 21, 2017Reply

    Not a great film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • michealgoodFebruary 21, 2017Reply

    great movie! beautiful and colorful picture, awesome effects and sounds.

    Good entertainment. I took my kids with me. They loved it. beautiful
    and colorful picture, awesome effects, and sounds. It is a luxury treat
    for the senses.

    The story is not very deep and meaningful, but, it is easy to follow.It
    is a great for children and young audiences. I believe the basis of any
    movie is to entertain audiences.I think it worked. Unlike some boring
    and lenthy movies, this movie is full of humor and excitement.

  • potfilmerFebruary 21, 2017Reply

    Ignore the haters and detractors

    To be honest I was expecting a rather silly and incoherent film based
    on advance negative buzz. Hut seen on a very large 3D screen I fund it
    surprising and captivating. It’s a fantasy (and why not?)set centuries
    ago atop China’s Great Wall where an army, aided by a couple of Western
    interlopers using some elaborate weapons and strategies defends the
    country from invasion by a horde of fierce monsters.

    Zhang Yimou creates exquisite visuals of the landscapes and vertiginous
    views from the walls heights.

    Best of all is that you can actually see and understand what is going
    on in all the action set pieces. Unlike the furious mess of chopped up
    pixels that passes for ‘action’ in most Western fantasy epics (which
    somebody recently said is like somebody opening the lid of a whirring
    blender and aiming it at your face), in this film you have clear and
    involving view of the imaginative action.

    I hope people will give this a go and not be scared to see something
    not part of a ‘franchise’.

  • ([email protected])February 22, 2017Reply

    If you need to then by all means see it in 3-D and as big a screen as you can to dig the Circus de Soleil machinations at hand.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rannynmFebruary 22, 2017Reply

    Beautiful cinematography, great acting and good message

    I like the movie The Great Wall because of its beautiful
    cinematography, great acting and its message. However, I don’t like
    that the writers lean toward a romantic relationship between two of the
    main characters that never happens. The romantic relationship in The
    Great Wall movie is unneeded.

    The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon, Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem
    Dafoe and Andy Lau, is an epic, historical, fictional, action-
    adventure film, telling the story of how two adventurers, William (Matt
    Damon) and Tovar (Pedro Pascal) are searching for black powder. After
    being attacked by some weird monsters, they end up at a Chinese
    military base. The leader, Commander Lin (Jing Tian), running the
    military group named ”The Nameless Order” is trying to keep China safe
    from beasts that attack every 60 years.

    The cinematography is spectacular. The scenes and landscapes are
    stunning. There is a beautiful scene when William and Tovar ride their
    horses through the mountains. I saw this movie in 3D and it felt as if
    I was actually there. In one of the scenes, William falls off the Great
    Wall and I got scared since it felt so real. The CGI of the monsters
    looks very realistic. When the monsters attacked, I felt as if they
    were over me.

    This film has a star-studded cast. Matt Damon, who playing the lead
    role of William, shows his fighting and darts skills. I like the scenes
    of him battling the enemy with his combat skills. I also like how the
    actor for Commander Lin acted as a fierce fighter with amazing expert
    skills. Tovar is very entertaining with his funny comments and saying
    words in Spanish in the middle of some situations.

    My favorite characters are Commander Lin and Tovar. Commander Lin is
    very independent and fierce in a time when women are expected to stay
    home and take care of their children without any power. Tovar is a very
    humorous, even in serious situations.

    There are multiple messages in this film. One message is to be strong
    and not to have fears. This film also teaches girls to be confident,
    fierce and to fight for your people.

    I recommend this movie to ages 12 to 17 since it does contain some mild
    profanity and moderate portrayals of violence. I give this movie 4 out
    of 5 stars. You can find this movie in theaters now so, go check it

    Reviewed by Carla P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by
    youth, visit kidsfirst dot org.

  • gullywumpusFebruary 22, 2017Reply

    Excellent fantasy adventure!!!

    I just got back from the theater, and I’m still jazzed.

    I saw the 3D version, and this is definitely a film that benefits from
    3D. Yes, the story is somewhat simplistic, but so what? A simple,
    straight- forward story isn’t a cinematic blunder in and of itself and
    doesn’t mean that a film is ”dumb”and therefore unworthy of serious
    attention. The producers were aiming at an international audience,
    which meant that there wasn’t much room for subtly and nuance, and
    frankly I rather like the idea that people in East Asia, South Asia,
    Africa, Latin America and Anglo- America could relate to such a film.
    Characterization was rather shallow, but the film’s pace was fast and
    held my attention throughout. The film has some resemblance to
    steampunk in that the Chinese defenders of the Great Wall use complex
    machines that owe nothing to twentieth century technology, and this in
    itself is a fascinating aspect of the movie.

    So far, the film’s American box office has been pretty tepid. I want it
    to have a much better reception in the United States, if only so that I
    can look forward to more films like this. See this film! If you have
    any interest in fantasy/adventure cinema, see this film and encourage
    all your friends and acquaintances to do likewise!

  • RforFilmFebruary 22, 2017Reply

    A man is looking to stop monsters from coming over a great wall…and then there’s The Great Wall

    A lot of the high box office numbers that were seeing in our summer
    blockbusters often has to do with China. The country’s high population,
    along with a rising film industry and a certain amount of American
    movies that are approved to be screened, have contributed to larger
    returns. Not only has it let some of last years films like Captain
    America: Civil War, Finding Dory, and Zootopia to cross the one billion
    mark, but even movies that under-performed in the U.S. like Terminator:
    Genisys, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and Warcraft to exceed enough
    to make up for a lackluster performance.

    It would make sense that more films from China would receive a release
    in the States. So for today’s movie, what we have is a co-production
    between several companies from China and the U.S. There’s been a lot of
    controversy over the casting of it’s main actor Matt Damon. It’s common
    for these kinds of stories to make headlines in an age where tolerance
    is demanded. It’s only justified if the film is looked at fairly. Now
    that the movie has been released I can say that the claims of Damon
    being a ”white savior” are unwarranted. The Great Wall actually has
    something different in store.

    Sometime during the Song dynasty (around 970 to 1279 A.D.) in China, a
    group of mercenaries have been traveling for months in order to acquire
    the legendary ”black power” that could change everything in Europe.
    During one evening where they’re resting, an mysterious monster
    attacks, leaving only William (played by Matt Damon) and Tovar (played
    by Pedro Pascal) left on the journey. Bandits chase after them the next
    day where they run into the Great Wall of China. To escape the bandits,
    the two guys let the Chinese army arrest them.

    The specific army that took them in, the Nameless Order, was created by
    the emperor for the specific purpose of stopping these dragon-iguana
    creatures from making it into the country. From what were told by
    Commander Lin (played by Jing Tian), the monsters are intelligent and
    continue to keep trying. William manages to impress her with his
    archery skills and the fact that he fought off the same creature the
    other night. William also meets another European Sir Ballard (played by
    William Dafoe) who also came to Chine in search of the black powder.
    When it’s discovered that the creatures have been secretly digging a
    long hole that reaches the Forbidden City, the battle is on.

    I have to give The Great Wall a lot of credit for wanting to give us a
    big fantasy epic that’s a good set up and is beautify photographed. But
    the casting of Matt Damon only proves that even a good actor like him
    can’t save a project with boring characters. I’m not sure what the
    intention was, but the character is dull and boring. Other then his
    archery skills, I don’t remember a single line from him. What’s worse
    is that the rest of the cast has little to do with their characters
    other then fighter and make an occasional battle speech.

    The CGI on the creatures has mixed results with some looking clear but
    other scenes look obviously fake. I guess this has a similar problem
    that Warcraft had, which is having some good battle scenes but being
    stuck with people who are too bland to get invested in. The Great Wall
    does get a step up though for having a simpler story to follow that I
    was able to pick up quickly. So why couldn’t the three writers
    (including World War Z author Max Brooks) have made more interesting

    I’ll give this four Great Walls out of ten. I can only say that action
    fans will probably get their fill if their willing to follow bland
    people. The movie did look good on a big screen and will probably do so
    on anyone’s LCD TV. I hope that a better Chinese/American co-produced
    movie can come about, as something got lost in translation with The
    Great Wall.

  • DarkVulcan29 ([email protected])February 22, 2017Reply

    This movie makes Matt Damon boring, didn’t think that was possible.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • padaFebruary 22, 2017Reply

    6/10 Spectacular see it in 3D

    This was an amazing visual fest in 3D

    There is no doubt they spent their $150m but will it recoup that at the
    box office I wonder? Matt Damon has a world wide pull but his casting
    didn’t go down well in China where this movie is financed .

    But for pure myth legend fantasy with spectacular colours this film
    delivered all in abundance . Equally visually pleasing was the
    beautiful Tian Jing

    who is bound to become a huge star in the west after this .

    Don’t go expecting to see a history lesson as this story is pure
    fantasy but enjoy the visual feast that the cinematography gives of the
    wall and surrounding topography

    Even if like me this is not your genre there’s still plenty to enjoy .
    The soundtrack and costumes were amazing .

    A great visual treat

  • sandreneFebruary 23, 2017Reply

    Predictable but entertaining

    As others have mentioned, this movie is visually stunning with amazing
    effects. It also follows the Hero’s Journey to a T, which makes it an
    entertaining adventure story, even if none of the story was surprising.
    Matt Damon is billed as the star of the movie, but it really is more of
    an ensemble, as many of the characters were strong and played a vital
    role in the storytelling. The most disappointing part of the movie was
    Willem Dafoe’s character, as his talent was incredibly underused in
    this role.

    I saw this in IMAX 3D and the subtitles were a little difficult to
    read. This didn’t affect my rating, just an FYI to anyone trying to
    decide how they want to see this film. Overall, if you’re looking for a
    fun but possibly forgettable time watching a movie, this is a good one
    to see. But don’t expect much more or you may be disappointed.

  • tavmFebruary 23, 2017Reply

    The Great Wall was an awesome epic movie!

    Just watched this Chinese-made epic film with the American Matt Damon
    in the lead role. He’s initially one of the people looking for a ”black
    powder” to take away from the rightful owners but finds himself
    involved in a battle that makes him become something more. I’ll stop
    there and just say this was quite a compelling adventure to watch
    especially in IMAX and 3-D. Not only is the visuals awesome, but the
    dialogue is also quite compelling and the music score quite stirring
    throughout. The colors are also fine when all those battle scenes are
    being depicted and those creatures don’t disappoint, that’s for sure! I
    saw this with my movie theatre-working friend and his nephew and we all
    say, go and watch The Great Wall!

  • VMAXFebruary 23, 2017Reply

    Fair review from a Chinese Canadian audience

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Shaun TayFebruary 23, 2017Reply

    The movie was excellent ignore the haters

    The movie was really good . I went into the cinema thinking the movie
    will not be as good as i expected . The CGI And action sequence in this
    film was absolutely fantastic and the movie had great character
    development . I really hope that they will make another movie like this
    because the movie was far better then whatever the haters say . so
    don’t listen to the haters and go and watch this movie 🙂

  • Alpen DyerFebruary 24, 2017Reply

    rip IMDb

    This movie is part of the reason for my next rant:

    I don’t remember when I started using this website. I can’t remember it
    because it was so long ago. Movies and their ratings were always
    accompanied by all manners of opinions and free speeches (granted
    sometimes taken in unhealthy doses by the masses). Be it as it may this
    was the ultimate site for all things movie related. I more or less
    feel, with the recent ”changes” to the platform, this is the end of an
    era in which anyone was allowed to have a view on a subject, an angle
    on art and true passion for the trade. What we see now changes
    everything and feels like we have been ”demouthed”. The argument would
    be made that this site was always more guided towards the industry
    itself and that pointless trolling and repetitive munching of subjects
    by the audience has no part in today’s landscape. If this is the way
    things have gone trying to find words to describe our movies now would
    be pointless. They are reduced to a rating, a cast roster, a cover art
    and few fun trivia. No more searching through thread after thread
    looking for the answers to a director’s mind. Many would view this as
    preferable but the question remains: Did the very essence of IMDb just
    die before our eyes?

  • Randomguy NobodyFebruary 24, 2017Reply

    Not yet the stuff of legend

    Spoiler Alert: The Great Wall of China isn’t a wall it is actually ”a
    network of complex fortifications stretching over great distant”. But
    who cares…

    However the weird stuffs made up in the movie are done so poorly That
    we should really care Next time the studios should get more
    screenwriters and have people from both cultures read/rewrite it until
    the narrative feel decent

    Just as a good movie review should be written.. and certainly not done
    by someone like me typing out random thoughts posting comments without
    checking gramma or spelling But I guess if the average audience can
    give this movie a 6 probably they wont mind my typo and grammar

  • Nikita WannenburghFebruary 24, 2017Reply

    Very exciting, but not brilliant

    I love action adventure films. I’ll watch anything with action, and
    I’ll enjoy it (most of the time). And while I did like this movie, it
    wasn’t that good.

    The cinematography was excellent and the visuals were mind-blowing;
    incredible CGI, and on a massive scale. It reminded me of the scope of
    Lord of the Rings. In addition, the action was terrific, exciting, and
    breathlessly intense. The cinematography showed this to its best
    advantage, and maybe it’s just me, but there’s something about Matt
    Damon with a bow and arrows….something…. (And that something is

    The snaps of humour were brilliant; superbly on point and frequently
    hilarious. The humour almost didn’t fit with the rest of the film, but
    it scrapped by. And it was delightfully fun, although sometimes too
    ”roll-your-eyes” worthy. The cast was solid. Nothing outstanding, but
    they were decent; Damon can be very wooden, and unfortunately in this
    film I thought he was. That was really disappointing, but thankfully he
    did come alive a bit in the action sequences.

    Now for the negatives: The dialogue was awful. Painfully, sickeningly,
    terrible.The kind that makes you want to shake the characters (or the
    writers) and groan for all eternity. The humour did make some lines
    worth-while, but that was the exception. The characters were flat, and
    the movie ended with their ”arcs” half-finished. I say ”arcs” because
    they were pathetically and clumsily written, and despite their
    potential, the characters tumbled into abandoned territory. I must
    admit, though, I really liked the heroine, Commander Lin (played by
    Jing Tian). Yes, she was also flat, but she was a capable fighter and a
    strong woman, and I loved to see her fight alongside the boys and work
    in a leader position. The plot was very weak. The story was threadbare,
    predictable, and entirely unoriginal. It had the clichés of ”kill
    baddie and all the little baddies die too”, ”save the town, to save the
    world, from complete disaster”, ”one shot will do it so let’s fail
    constantly until we’re surrounded and there’s one chance left”, and so
    on. It was a boring plot, but the action was exciting.

    The Great Wall was an exciting action adventure film, but definitely no
    more than that. Its predictable plot, flat characters, and terrible
    dialogue drastically let it down.

  • CyrusFebruary 24, 2017Reply

    Amazing Film

    I opened an IMDb account after I read the reviews by the so called
    ‘Critics’. I was amazed when I realised how much criticism the film had

    I would call myself a cinema lover and as a self proclaimed cinema
    lover I have to tell you this film is a masterpiece. Okay, I agree the
    story line is a little cliché but the cinematography, visuals and
    performance is out of this world.

    I will not ruin the film for anyone but all I can say is this is a must
    see. It had me on the edge of my seat and the visuals had me feeling as
    if I was right in the middle of the Ming dynasty at the forefront of
    the great wall.

    Please ignore the critics and go and watch this film!

  • HellmantFebruary 24, 2017Reply

    It’s just a shame they couldn’t have cast an Asian actor in the lead.

    ‘THE GREAT WALL’: Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    A big-budget historical fantasy from director Zhang Yimou; marking the
    first English-language film directed by the popular Chinese filmmaker
    (who’s also helmed such beloved Chinese cinema classics as 2002’s
    ‘HERO’ and 2004’s ‘HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS’). The movie stars Matt
    Damon, as a European mercenary that helps defenders of the Great Wall
    of China fight off ancient monsters (during the Song dynasty). It also
    costars Pedro Pascal, Jing Tian, Willem Dafoe and Andy Lau (who also
    costarred in ‘HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS’). The film was written by a team
    of six writers (including filmmaker Edward Zwick), and it’s been
    accused of whitewashing (by telling another white savior tale); Zwick
    also directed and co-wrote ‘THE LAST SAMAURAI’, which was also accused
    of white washing (for the same reason). It’s been a hit at the
    international Box Office (so far), but it’s also gotten mostly negative
    reviews from critics. I mostly enjoyed it, despite it’s obvious flaws.

    The story takes place in ancient China, during the Song dynasty, when a
    group of European mercenaries are searching for black powder there
    (just a few miles north of the Great Wall). After the team is attacked
    by bandits, and an unknown monster, only William (Damon) and Tovar
    (Pascal) remain alive. The two then come across the Great Wall, and are
    captured there. They soon learn that a military order, that defends the
    Wall, is preparing for an invasion from an army of the same kind of
    monster that attacked them. The military is later impressed by the
    duo’s fighting abilities, and they enlist their help in their war.
    William and Tovar reluctantly agree to assist them, while also planning
    to rob them.

    The movie is filled with pretty impressive action scenes, and
    beautifully stunning visuals (like all of Yimou’s films). It definitely
    seems Americanized though, and I definitely sympathize with those that
    are offended by it. Still, it is entertaining (in a fun B-monster flick
    way), and somewhat funny. Damon, Pascal, Tian, Lau, Dafoe and the
    others are all good in the movie as well. It’s just a shame they
    couldn’t have cast an Asian actor in the lead.

    Watch our movie review show ‘MOVIE TALK’ at:

  • alindsay-alFebruary 24, 2017Reply

    An average blockbuster film that lacks depth

    This is the most expensive film in Chinese history and it has some
    pretty big actors in it so I gave it a watch. The premise of the film
    sees a couple of mercenaries get kidnapped and taken to the great wall
    of China where they have to survive beasts attacking the wall. Matt
    Damon plays the main guy in this film and he does an okay job in the
    film, I liked his character arc in this film and I did find his
    character a little interesting. However,he tries an accent in this film
    it feels really forced and unnatural for him to sound like that. Pedro
    pascal from game of thrones is Damon’s partner in this film and he is
    possibly the best part of this film. He is funny and charming and great
    in the action scenes that make you care about his character more then
    Damon. I liked the Japanese commander played by tian jang, I believe
    her name is, I thought she was pretty good in this film and fit her
    character well. However, Willem dafoe is in this film and he really
    serves no good purpose in this film. He pretty much plays a cartoon of
    himself in this film and he comes across looking stupid. The story of
    this film is just not particularly interesting and I didn’t end up
    really caring about the situations or the characters really. The script
    has some pretty funny dialogue between Damon and pascal that did really
    build there friendship well. However, the more dramatic scenes come
    across as forced and bland. The style of this film is interesting, I
    loved the colourful designs of the battle armour of the army used in
    this film, the action scenes of this film really vary, I think the
    first big set battle is the best as of introduces you to the world and
    has some cool things in it. However, there is an overuse of slow mo
    used in this film that comes across as really lazy and boring to watch.
    Overall I think this is a pretty average movie and it isn’t really
    worth a watch.

  • swillikyFebruary 24, 2017Reply

    A moderately entertaining fantasy action film from China

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Power rangers goFebruary 25, 2017Reply

    A great sequel

    Never could have imagined a better sequel to such a historic piece of
    raw culture. I firmly believe that the pink power ranger especially
    shon over the Great Wall after fighting off many CGI monsters with her
    power ranger pals in the megazord. There were so many colours, it was
    like I was on crack again, such a masterpiece. The original cast would
    be so proud of there Chinese counterparts. However, my only complaint
    is that matt Damon wasn’t a true black power ranger, so the nostalgia
    didn’t feel as real, but Maybe that’s a good thing. If he was a black
    actor he probably would have died in the first 5 minutes by being
    crushed by the megazord in a last stand moment. I hope they continue
    their work, and do the holy roman power rangers movie next.

  • chenalexisFebruary 25, 2017Reply

    Dragon or Alien

    Not sure if Matt Damon knows what he was taping in this film. In Asia
    they called the creature who they were fighting, a monster, beast,
    creature. But when Mr Damon was promoting this film in the US he uses
    the word, ”Dragon.” In any case, I call it the alien who they were
    fighting. I think the main failure to this film is too much action, too
    much CGI, not enough depth in the plot.

    Action movies are great to attract audience who are not so good in the
    language the movies are speaking in. By using action to express current
    situation help audience, who doesn’t speak the language, more involved
    into the movie. However, in the movie Great Wall, which was clearly
    targeting the two main market (Chinese and American) were using two
    languages. Chinese don’t really need to know a lot of English or
    Americans don’t really need to know Chinese language to understand the
    whole story. Therefore, the actions use in the movie really don’t speak
    to the audience what the characters are saying or feel in the movie.

  • arfdawg-1February 25, 2017Reply

    Damon is a Laughable Douche

    The Plot.

    When a mercenary warrior (Matt Damon) is imprisoned within the Great
    Wall, he discovers the mystery behind one of the greatest wonders of
    the world.

    As wave after wave of marauding beasts besiege the massive structure,
    his quest for fortune turns into a journey toward heroism as he joins a
    huge army of elite warriors to confront the unimaginable and seemingly
    unstoppable force.

    Hypocrite leftie Matt Damon is one of the worst actors on the planet.
    He is WAYYYYyyyyy miscast in this film. In fat, he’s not aging well and
    this movie proves it.

    Fade away Matt. It’s over. You stink like turds.

  • McHugh1February 25, 2017Reply

    Entertaining Fantasy Action

    My son and I saw this earlier today in 2D and both thought that it was
    entertaining. The movie is quite lean with a running time less than 2
    hours and there were a number of imaginative large scale action
    sequences. The attack by the creatures against the wall reminded me of
    the attack on Helm’s Deep in Lord of the Rings The Two Towers.

    Various segments of the movie appeared to be filmed with different
    cameras with a number of the indoor scenes exhibiting the soap opera
    effect very similar to Michael Mann’s Public Enemies so a similar
    digital camera must have been used. I found this somewhat distracting.

    I wonder if there will be a longer version when it is released on
    blu-ray like so many other movies.

  • Dango SteohaniskyFebruary 25, 2017Reply


    I went to the theaters to watch this with my dad, and he would give it
    a 10. He loved it. If you are looking for something very spectacle and
    heroic like my dad, you will at least enjoy the visuals.

    As for me, the script was too cheesy. Nothing special about the
    storyline, just a typical flow like all other heroic movies, except,
    it’s with the Chinese.

    And the fact that some parts made no logical sense made me kind of
    uncomfortable throughout the film.

    Not so boring, but nothing special. But also worth a try.

  • Smol SlytherinFebruary 25, 2017Reply

    I didn’t expect much…

    ”The Great Wall” is a movie about one of the legends of the Great Wall
    of China. After I’ve seen the trailer I was curious but I didn’t expect
    much. And this was a good thing to do. I wasn’t satisfied at all. The
    story was scattered, chaotic and made up out of thin air. Yes, it is a
    myth but still, the story didn’t work out at all. I saw it in 3D and
    there are also some things to criticise. The 3D effect wasn’t that
    good. In fast fighting scenes, the contours were blurry and in the
    normal scenes you could take off your glasses without seeing a
    difference. There we come to the next point. The CGI. The beasts were
    authentically animated, but they did look animated in faster scenes. It
    wasn’t bad but you could do it better. The thing that really did annoy
    me was how the backgrounds, especially in the desert scenes, looked
    like. It was such a horribly obvious green screen, it nearly caused
    physical pain to me.

    As a conclusion, the film is for people who like to see action and
    don’t want to have too much plot. But people who enjoy to see a
    structured plot and exciting character developments should spend their
    money on another film.

  • soumikchakrabartyFebruary 26, 2017Reply

    The trailer raises your expectations. The movie then shatters it!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bmbelkoFebruary 26, 2017Reply

    Just….see this movie.

    The Hollywood critics must be paid by Hollywood to pan every movie not
    made in Los Angeles. The CGI was smooth, the acting was believable, the
    story line was simple but not mindless, and the action started strong
    and continued strong, but not like some 45 minute car chase through the
    streets of Paris/NYC/LA/Algiers/pick your city. There was a bit of
    black humor sprinkled throughout. Not too much to make it slapstick-y,
    and not too little to make it too dark or boring. I like to think it
    left room for a sequel…but it was not blatant.

    Frankly I’d like to give the movie 7.5 stars. I like it better than
    many 7 star movies but honestly 8’s should be reserved for classics
    that will be timeless and that you’ll see again and again.

    See this movie. It’s already made a huge profit worldwide. And skip the
    Oscars. Please.

  • facesofineFebruary 26, 2017Reply

    Exuberant, Excellent, Entertaining!

    Don’t listen to the negative reviews. This is an excellent movie with
    great visuals, panoramic and action scenes, costumes, sets, wonderful
    acting and a crisp script. If the movie added more time to provide back
    story for some of the lead characters, there’d be a deeper connection
    to them. Still, it had just enough action, humor, tension and grand
    visuals to keep me on the edge of my seat longing for more. Also
    surprisingly Matt Damon did an excellent job as the reluctant hero.
    Anyhow, just go, and enjoy this movie for what it is–a fantasy action
    film–and form your own opinion. It’s as epic as epic gets.

  • antonio-morawetzFebruary 26, 2017Reply

    monsters and china

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • wadesteru-626-397657February 26, 2017Reply


    My Wife and I both thought this movie was completely ridiculous;
    monsters and dragons attacking the Great Wall of China? Really?! Who
    wrote this piece of crap? I cannot believe that an accomplished actor
    such as Matt Damon, wasted his time with this script. Don’t waste your
    money or your time on this one.

  • Phoenix FranFebruary 26, 2017Reply

    Action/Comedy Innovation of History Intertwined with Great Special Effects

    I watched #TheGreatWall movie, starring Matt Damon and I loved it. It
    was an innovative story line – balance of morals heroism, with
    fantastic costumes and props, combined with good acting and special
    effects. Good mix of action and comedy too. Don’t know why movie
    critics are giving it such a slam. Matt Damon certainly brings the
    character of William Tell to life. I never really trust the critics
    anyway, as they often slam down many movies that are award deserving.
    If you love action/comedy mixed in with bit of history and special
    effects and martial arts, I don’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy the movie.
    Judge it for yourself.

  • zardoz-13February 26, 2017Reply

    Pathetic Monsters, Predictable Plot, & Poor Suspense!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • zxramoFebruary 27, 2017Reply

    it’s just plain bad

    This movie is a disaster I truly don’t know how people liked it, it’s
    so bad, the story is too fictional to be nice and entertaining. The CGI
    its REALLY bad, you can tell right away that these are bad computer
    generated graphics, and don’t get me started on the costume design it’s
    so childish like they didn’t even put any effort into it, they just
    color coded each faction of their army with the most inappropriate
    colors for an army. It’s such a disgrace to see Matt Damon in this
    movie. on the other hand good sound editing.

  • tabunoFebruary 28, 2017Reply

    An Exotic, Meaningful Epic Action Movie

    As an Asian American, it’s hard to avoid having an affinity for a big
    epic movie that has so much Chinese participation in its development.
    Nevertheless, the Chinese locale and the exotic landscapes, set
    designs, and the different historical and cultural ambiance is
    enthrallingly different and compelling in their big screen
    presentation. If there is a message hidden in this movie, it’s that the
    fusion of American and Chinese cultures could become a valuable
    outcome. While the American, Matt Damon, could be considered a hero, it
    doesn’t come without his own transformation and identification to some
    extent with his association with the Chinese.

    Reminiscent of Kevin Costner’s Best Picture Oscar’s Dance with Wolves
    (1990) and Tom Cruise’s Golden Globe Best Actor nominee’s The Last
    Samurai (2003), The Great Hall offers up the cultural clashes of old
    versus new, of the old way of life clashing with the modern, American
    notion of progress that swept away many people, families in its path.
    The Great Wall is sweeping in its scope, the vistas are amazingly huge
    and awesome, the Chinese warriors and their culture, weapons, and
    sophistication of the time intriguingly surprising and appealing. The
    major role of women in the movie can’t be ignore, nor the apparent
    appeal to one’s society, family, and friendship over individual greed
    and money.

    This is a worthy collaboration between two major, global countries that
    offers together something valuable and important to people’s of both

  • Mark LongFebruary 28, 2017Reply

    Chinese Cirque Du Soleil

    ”The Great Wall” unfolds like a Chinese Cirque Du Soleil. The movie has
    pageantry and color galore, Drum beats pound away, while flying
    warriors bound up and down, trap doors open, fireworks explode. And all
    this is accompanied by the barest of plots, the more outlandish it gets
    the better it matches the rest of the spectacle. Insert Matt Damon into
    all this, and you come up with the China-American hybrid idea the movie
    makers were supposedly after. The plot and screenplay are kind of
    pedestrian, but I would rather pay $15.00 and get this sort of
    entertainment at the local IMAX, rather than driving 4 hours to see it
    live in Vegas. All in all, I was certainly entertained, the two hours
    swirled by like a flying rocket.

  • lyrafowlpotterFebruary 28, 2017Reply

    Fun Mindless Action Film with Amazing Set and Costume Designs.

    I understand why critics hated this, but they really missed the boat in
    my opinion, this is a really fun popcorn flick with outstanding

    This is a movie for those who love fun action flicks that don’t require
    too much thinking. This movie absolutely fits in to this category, but
    because the Director has history of films with stunning visuals, this
    movie is not only a fun action flick, but has costumes that are mind-
    blowingly awesome that truly deserve a nomination for Best Costume at
    next years Oscars, while that is likely never going to happen, that
    none- the-less, does not downplay the care and time it clearly took to
    make them, or the beauty of those costumes. I don’t want to ruin it,
    you just have to watch it.

    First off, Matt Damon will win no Academy award here, he is by far, the
    worst actor, which is odd, since he is normally very solid, he seemed
    to be fading in and out of some sort of accent, but I honestly and
    confused as to what the accent was supposed to be…

    Second, despite that shortcoming, Matt Damon, while being the main
    character, is not in the film 100% of the time thankfully, and there is
    ample time given to the primarily Asian cast, as well as a fun if
    underused turn by Willem Dafoe, and Pedro Pascal as his sidekick of
    sorts who has a ton of fun one-liners, and steals the show every time
    he is on screen.

    I love how even though we really know the outcome of the movie before
    it begins, the stakes still feel very high, and it is really great to
    see a primarily Asian cast in a film coming out of Hollywood, I am a
    huge fan of Asian Cinema, and while this is not a perfect film, I think
    it is a great vehicle to bring Yimou Zhang’s eye for great set-pieces,
    costumes, and breathtaking visuals to a wider audience than might have
    ‘Hero’ or ‘House of Flying Daggers’, two of my favorite films visually.

    I loved the design of the monsters, they were genuinely frightening,
    and when they first arrive in the film, you have no idea what they are
    or what they will bring. I truly wish I had watched this in 3D, I did
    not, because it was very clear it was made for 3D and would have
    absolutely enhanced the already amazing visuals.

    I really enjoyed that we not only had a very strong female lead, but
    many other strong females in the film as well, even if they were only
    in the background, and I also truly enjoyed that there were no
    stripping scenes, no nudity, the women were fully clothed, it was very
    refreshing, especially in the realm of action flicks.

    Not everyone will enjoy this, but anyone who likes great visuals in
    their films, and just likes fun action films with no over-arching
    social agenda, but is solely made to thrill and entertain you, you will
    really enjoy this film. It absolutely gets a 10 for visuals, not so
    much for the story or characters, but I am a firm believer that
    sometimes, movies without complicated plots and are just fun and
    brainless, are needed (this coming from someone who also loves
    thought-provoking cinema).

    God Bless ~Amy

  • Tad PoleFebruary 28, 2017Reply

    England has Hadrian’s Wall, China has their Great Wall, and soon America will be blessed with . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Oakley KwonMarch 1, 2017Reply

    Beautiful, but not enough grit.

    Beautiful cinematography, but lacking in grit and soul making the film
    fall just a little flat.

    I don’t think the film achieved the best West meets East balance it was
    going for. Too clichéd, but nonetheless enjoyable enough.

    Would recommend for the visual effects and comedic relief.

  • pyrocitorMarch 1, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RenCatReviewsMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Incredibly stupid and incredibly enjoyable.

    This is one film that I have been keeping my eye on since the first
    trailer dropped something like six months ago. I love Asian culture and
    the film could not have had a better director to get me on board. Yimou
    Zhang has some amazing films under his belt including one of my
    favorite Chinese films, ‘Hero’. So I was pretty excited to see what he
    would bring to ”the biggest Chinese film ever”. And he did not
    disappoint. The film is about some dude (Matt Damon) who travels to
    China in order to obtain a new weapon, black powder. He has a couple of
    people traveling with him when they finally run right into the great
    wall. Shortly after being brought inside, a monster army begins

    What we get from here is an amazing blend of hilariously over the top
    action and bizarrely serious ”character” stuff. Where this film
    thrives, however, is in its action sequences. Not only are they
    prolonged to no end but they are immensely entertaining to watch. It
    felt as though Zhang knew exactly what kind of movie he was making and
    just had fun with it.

    The action is, in fact, so over the top that it’s frequently
    hysterical. Watching a green baby dragon monster attempt to scale the
    wall only to be sliced clean in two by scissor-ish blades, protruding
    from said wall, is probably the funniest thing I have seen in a big
    budget movie since ‘Deadpool’. It’s so incredibly violent and cartoony
    that I couldn’t help laugh. Zhang seems to know how dumb and bad the
    script is so he just made an entertaining movie.

    And boy is it entertaining. Not only is it frequently hilarious with
    its violence but there are also legitimately eerie scenes that set
    atmosphere really well. There’s a great sequence involving whistle
    arrows that is appropriately intense. But as soon as the script throws
    in a cliché the scene takes a hysterical turn that leads to one of the
    greatest slow-mo monster deaths ever. It’s as if Zhang showed he could
    make something actually great out of this material but was handed a bad
    script so he intentionally ”ruined” it.

    That being said, there is a lot of effort being put into the film. It
    isn’t the lazy cash-in Hollywood blockbuster I am used to seeing. There
    is actually some amazing style and effort going into the film. The
    directing and cinematography is pretty spectacular. Not to mention the
    awe-inspiring costume and production design. The bright, vibrant colors
    really pop especially when alongside films like ‘John Wick 2’, where
    everything is dull and gray. You can tell the filmmakers cared about
    this film but were just stuck with a bad script and editor.

    This film could have been so much more than it was. And the reason it’s
    not is entirely on the script and editing. It’s probably the dumbest,
    the most pandering movie I have ever seen. It tells you exactly how to
    feel at any given moment and its characters say anything and everything
    on their mind without much censorship. This leads to a complete
    disconnect between the audience and the characters. Since they don’t
    act like humans how can we connect with them as humans?

    We just can’t. And this rift causes the story to crumble under its own
    weight. It’s an interesting myth that the film is adapting but with no
    interesting characters to care about the film is nothing more than a
    monster movie. A dumb, bloated, over the top, monster movie. This is
    even more problematic when the film feels edited to death. The film has
    so many jarring cuts that bounce in between completely different
    settings that you can’t always tell what’s happening. This is
    specifically noticeable during the third act, which is so incredibly
    convoluted and poorly cut I could almost never tell where people were
    or what was happening. But Zhang really brings the film home.

    He makes the already over the top script so over the top that it’s
    hilarious. The actual filmmakers know what they are making and put as
    much effort as they can into actually making a movie. While the script
    doesn’t put forth the same effort, the film remains immensely
    entertaining. It’s the epitome of a popcorn movie and one film that I
    can honestly say I loved watching. It’s dumb and bad but I had more fun
    during it than I have in a blockbuster for a while. It’s the perfect
    film to see with a group of friends and just have a blast watching.

  • doeyguasch-33853March 2, 2017Reply

    Great movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • IJustLoveFindingNemoOkayMarch 2, 2017Reply

    What is this?

    First of all The Great Wall? Could they really not think of an another
    name. I guess movies will now just be named after the world wonders. If
    that’s true I can’t wait for the Roman Colosseum. Taking chemicals and
    mixing them together to make artificial food taste good but when you
    try to take a bunch of stuff and mix it together in movies it ends up
    pretty bad.

    Watch Finding Nemo. A friendly, safe and enjoyable movie with an
    amazing story line and a good ending. That’s what a movie is, not a
    bunch of mixed up stuff. Watch Finding Nemo.

  • sahdiaMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Went because of my son, actually ended up enjoying the movie

    My son really wanted to show this movie to me, after seeing it with his
    friend. So I watched it to make my son happy, but to my pleasant
    surprise I actually began enjoying it.

    You see, I had seen and heard bad reviews everywhere and I wasn’t sure
    if this film was a case of whitewashing and that bothered me too.
    Besides, monsters? There are very few monster movies I like. So I had
    resigned to an evening of mediocrity.Or worse.

    Instead the story was executed very well and there were important
    Chinese characters with enough screen time. Even though the plot
    involved monsters, it was still exciting. One of the best parts is when
    you see how the Chinese army works in the beginning of the film. Just

  • neoduricMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Good effort but bad outcome

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • skylerisaacMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Director’s Cut, Please

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Anna GolovaMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Why Damon, why

    I love Matt Damon, but this film is a wreck. The acting is good,
    although there isn’t much dialogue. The script is not well written and
    there is moor (bad) action than talking. The MOST awful thing are the
    costumes. The generals look like power rangers and the other soldiers
    are just a colouringbook. The cgi is really bad. It’s really
    disappointing to watch a film in the cinema and not see good quality
    special effects. All in all, don’t go. It will disappoint you.

  • MaelstromAMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Thoroughly mediocre: Matt Damon’s coup de grace

    I went to see this movie with no expectations. I expected it to be bad,
    but it turned out to be worse than expected. It draws the viewer by
    promising to reveal a mythical reason for why The Great Wall was built
    through the lens of two men from a land far far away. They were
    obviously trying to keep something out, but what? The film falls flat
    on it’s face, spectacularly. The writing and acting is it’s downfall,
    it was wooden to the point of being uncomfortable and despite the
    visual orgy, it could not be overcome. I would not recommend going to
    see this film, but if you must, imbibing your favourite discombobulant
    prior to doing so is warranted.

  • brankovranjkovicMarch 5, 2017Reply

    The Great Wall. This film that makes Elysium look like an Oscar winner!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Keith danielsMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Spoiler Free – Matt Damon spreads his wings

    This was a movie that wasn’t very high up on my ”To see” list but my
    Girlfriend enjoys his acting so I tagged along.

    I would award this a 4/10 but seeing Matt Damon outside of his usual go
    too roles shows just how dedicated he is to his craft. He’s willing to
    take the risks to try something different. To reshape the mold he’s
    been cast in these past few years. I’ve always enjoyed him as an Actor
    and always will.

    I personally felt that for a European he sounded far too American, not
    over powering but for his own good and should he continue down the path
    of the Warrior, I hope he studies Voice Acting a little more and at the
    very least learns to neutralize his accent.

    I’m a big fan of Asian movies and experiencing one of the many legends
    that goes along with China was a pleasure to behold. My only downside
    to the movie is that I’m not a huge fan of the overuse of CGI. I get
    that they can’t exactly film on the great wall but if there had been
    more physical realistic sets and less CGI, the movie might have been
    somewhat better.

    It was also a pleasure to see more of ”Pedro Pascal”, I adored his
    Character in ”Game of Thrones” and it’s good to see him on the big
    screen. While I found parts of his acting a little choppy, Matt Damon
    wasn’t too much better. What was amazing was their seemingly natural
    chemistry and a show of friendship that can’t be faked too easily.

    Watch this movie if you’re a fan of one or both of the lead Male

    Watch this movie if you are a fan of Matt Damon and want to see him
    spread his wings into a new role and a new area.

  • kfrog-94788March 5, 2017Reply

    Better than expected

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I certainly enjoyed what I received.
    Plenty of action,very good cinematography, but character development
    was a little sparse, which made the acting OK, but nothing stellar.
    Costuming was pretty accurate for the period of the film. As Commander
    Lin,Tian Jing was charismatic and gorgeous. Glad I went to see it.

  • KiranMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Excellent movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tHeRSNMarch 6, 2017Reply

    full crap! full cliché…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • lowbudgetstudiosMarch 6, 2017Reply

    The Lousy Wall

    Anyone who is saying that this movie is anything but awful, then they
    have absolutely no taste in movies, or grand expectations, or any
    feasible amount of credibility to tell you what a good movie is. The
    CGI is laughable. The story is laughable, the acting is laughable, the
    over all premise and execution of this movie is completely laughable.
    After reading so many TEN star ratings an ranting about how wonderful
    this film is, one wonders if they are getting paid or were involved or
    just plain high as a kite, or simply wouldn’t know good cinema if it
    bit them in the bum. But then again, i’ve heard people rave about how
    great sharknado is. So maybe after claiming something like sharknado is
    cinematic mastery, then one can understand why anyone would watch this
    and think it is anything but a waste of time AND MONEY to view such
    crap on the silver screen. Don’t believe my review. Simply watch this
    Hollywood drivel for yourself and come to terms with not listening to
    just one reviewer that gave this thing a 1 star rating. Only regret is
    not being able to give it a minus rating. It’s bad folks. Just

  • dion-perryMarch 7, 2017Reply

    A bitter disappointment

    Set in China during the height of a Chinese empire, a small band of
    Westerners are searching for the legendary black powder. Having been
    attacked by pursuing cavalry, along with some sort of creature, only
    two manage to make it to the Great Wall. Here they are taken captive
    and soon afterwards the Wall is attacked by the creatures. Very
    unoriginally, one Westerner, William (Matt Damon), emerges as a hero,
    while the other, along with a previously captured Westerner, seek to
    steal black powder. Predictably, William, along with a gorgeous Chinese
    female Commander, must save the Emperor and his kingdom from the

    This film had all the makings of a blockbuster, but it failed to
    deliver. The story was too predictable, lacked depth and emotion and
    relied too heavily on action and special effects to pull it through.
    The idea of having a Western saviour, was completely unnecessary to the
    story and was probably offensive to the Chinese. The potential for
    romance didn’t go anywhere and, turning Damon into Legolas was just
    plain silly. Add to this, implausible wall jumping female spearmen,
    although nice to look at, really finished this movie off. Although the
    film has good action, the movie was crap and I was bitterly
    disappointed. I would not recommend watching it. At best, wait until it
    comes out on DVD and borrow someone else’s copy and only if you are

  • Robert Setlock, IIIMarch 7, 2017Reply

    ‘The Great Wall’ isn’t so great

    The famous Great Wall was built to keep out the evil hordes: people
    with a lot of problems, drug dealers, murderers rapists, and (I assume)
    some good people. Wait a minute, wrong wall.

    Regardless, The Great Wall embraces a new direction currently seen in
    filmmaking. Many movies, like Transformers 4, have featured Chinese
    locations prominently with the hope of getting into Chinese theaters.
    The rules to get into Chinese theaters are long and complex and the
    rules as to how much money an American studio can make from those
    theaters is even more complex. So, US-Chinese co- productions like The
    Great Wall could become the rule rather than the exception.

    Consequently, the story behind how a movie like The Great Wall gets
    produced, is way more interesting than the movie itself. The Great Wall
    is movie where things happen not out of natural plot development or
    character motivations, things happen because the script says they

    The best example of this lack of plot development is the revelation
    that the creatures made it to the other side of the wall. How they
    accomplish this daunting feat is neither explained nor shown to the
    audience. Suddenly, a guard tells Matt Damon that it’s happened and
    that’s that. Perhaps the creatures paid a toll?

    Speaking of which, the creatures and main villain of this movie are
    simply put ugly green poorly rendered computer dogs. Not creepy ugly
    like the Predator or Alien. Just ugly ugly. Additionally, they express
    no motivation or intelligence for their machinations beyond the need to
    get food for their queen. That’s the limit of their complexity, this
    from the main antagonists throughout the movie.

    I guess I could go into Willem Dafoe’s role in the movie, but then I’d
    quickly be doing more work on his character than the script did.
    Further, Matt Damon’s character has a friend (played by Pedro Pascal)
    that travels with him throughout the story whose contribution is nearly

    In fact, one could streamline this script and tell the same story with
    just Matt Damon’s character and a selection of random guards. One could
    argue that all the extra story lines and characters are red herrings.
    However, that would imply that these elements at one time seem
    important. They never do. The movie is nothing more than generic
    throwaway monsters versus shallow throwaway heroes.

    Sadly enough, some good ideas are here. For instance, to signal how
    they’ll attack the creatures the soldier use drumbeats to unify their
    action quickly. This is not only a nifty military technique, but, more
    importantly, provides a good driving bass to the action and,
    unfortunately, is criminally underused here. The use of color on the
    Chinese soldiers is frequently beautiful. However, the way they attack
    the amassing hordes from the wall swiftly ranges from very cool to very

    Presumably, they could create a decent video game from this movie,
    which brings us full circle to the techniques movie makers embrace to
    make money.

    I watched trailers for this movie and although I didn’t expect great
    art, I did think it could be dumb fun. Well, I was half right.

  • Zbigniew_KrycsiwikiMarch 8, 2017Reply

    A weird historical fantasy/ horror.

    This overly ambitious historical fantasy/ horror has some inspired
    visuals and camera-work, solid enough cast, in its tale of two thieves
    on the run during the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279) who end up fighting
    with a small army, against demon creatures trying to storm the title
    object, as they try to reach the capital city of Bianjing, to the
    north, but it never quite gels together for me. Some comedic elements
    were amusing, but simultaneously seemed out of place. The climactic
    battle involved literally everything from combusting hot air balloons
    to bombs being fired on arrows from a stained glass building into the
    capital city to try to kill the queen of these creatures. The building
    itself looks exquisite, with its multicoloured hues shooting down like
    daggers, yet it also seemed vaguely out of place, like it had wandered
    out of a Dario Argento film.

    The innumerable demon creatures themselves, looked like a cross between
    James Cameron’s fanged Alien, and the two demon dogs from the end of
    Ghostbusters. They did have a creepy look to them, but their derivative
    nature was distracting.

    Also distracting was Tian Jing’s ridiculous beauty, oddly out of place
    as well.

    There were things about this movie that I liked, but I can’t decide if
    those individual elements gelled together enough for me to recommend
    this one.

  • PyroSikThMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Claims of Whitewashing was the Least of their Worries

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • yousef yeganeMarch 8, 2017Reply

    A Chinese fantasy with some good and bad acting but loads of dual patriotism

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Josh Padgett ([email protected])March 10, 2017Reply

    The Great Wall ShowMeTheMovies Review

    An attempt at a bombastic creature-feature resulting in a pathetic
    excuse for a film, with little bother for pacing or any form of decent
    storytelling, The Great Wall does not keep up with modern-day CGI or
    acting quality in the slightest.

    Basing a movie around one type of enemy; that being one creature in
    this film, is entirely dependent on whether that monster poses a threat
    to the protagonists at all. Creating a creature which appears
    threatening or terrifying is not a simple task, the likes of a huge
    franchise like Alien took an entire movie to build the Xenomorph into
    the icon it is today – and The Great Wall does not manage this. At all.

    The reptilians that are known as the Tao Tei in the film are not
    threatening at all, their presence in the film is so prolific, they
    behave more like rodents rather than any form of adversary for the
    protagonists. The first attack upon the wall is within the first 30
    minutes from tens of thousands of the Tao Tei (so this isn’t a spoiler
    at all), and they all simply retreat because Matt Damon manages to kill
    one of the beasts, despite the fact it appears as if they are beating
    the humans.

    The greatest threat to the Nameless Order (the army and defenders of
    the Great Wall) is Ballard (Willem Dafoe), who is only interested in
    deserting the wall to save his own life, and that seems to be conveyed
    as the worst crime anyone could ever commit and is worth far more focus
    and screen time than any monster that could be a ‘real’ threat.

    The acting and character writing in the film is on par with films like
    Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones or Star Trek: Nemesis. Matt
    Damon and Pedro Pascal’s characters are supposed to be best of friends
    even if they seem to disagree with each other consistently throughout
    the film on whether it is worth staying to defend the wall with the
    Nameless Order, which implies that William (Matt Damon’s Character)
    believes that his contribution among an army of tens of thousands will
    make a measurable difference.

    The only decent performance is that of Willem Dafoe, who does the best
    job he can with what role he has been given – which honestly isn’t a
    great deal. The portrayal of General Lin (Tian Jing) is not unique at
    all, and Matt Damon didn’t really play a character at all. Ideally, the
    film would have had a main character with some form of relationship
    with any other character and would show some actual emotion rather than
    murdering monsters and pretending to do the ‘honourable’ thing by
    staying and fighting them, all whilst being praised as a hero for
    literally managing to kill one beast alone.

    The truth is that this movie does not make sense, the ending is as
    unsatisfying as anything that came before it, and the only parts of the
    movie that look visually impressive in the slightest are the shots of
    the wall from afar, which are plentiful by the end of the film. There
    is some obsession with using slow motion to a ridiculous extent
    mid-action to the point that it is jarring to watch at times in this
    movie, and the pacing is so basic that the film is repetitive by the
    end and it’s only just over 90 minutes long! To spend this much money
    on creating a movie like this is basically laughable, and the intent to
    blend Eastern and Western film isn’t a success here at all; purely an
    eastern-influenced, poor-quality Hollywood picture. I’m certain it is
    very much possible to merge influences from genres and cultures both
    east and west, but this pitiful film certainly feels forced.

    I could not recommend this laughably-rushed movie to anyone, and
    frankly I wouldn’t watch it again if you paid me. Essentially a boring,
    badly-delivered joke with barely enough substance to even call itself a

  • thomas591March 11, 2017Reply

    Go see the movie!

    After reading reviews we were uncertain whether to go and see this
    movie. The movie is recommended and was very enjoyable, worth every
    moment spent in the theatre. The action is fast paced and the scenes
    breathtaking. One in our group compared it to the movie Cowboys and
    Aliens, but the movie is far better in all of its elements. The
    violence is intense at times, but is offset by the moments of humor.

    Go see it!

    Forget the negative reviews. Your expectations to be entertained will
    be met!

  • Legends entertain us.

    Bring the popcorn tub to this Sunday morning matinée movie. Not a
    single romantic moment even though there were plenty of opportunities.
    Happy to see kryptonite in an earthly magnet form. Long live the
    Queen.You do not see the bad guy die. Monsters and beasts are
    formidable and unbeatable.

  • Venom_81March 13, 2017Reply

    Visually very nice, great design attention but could be more interesting

    I decided to write down a review for this movie simply because I read
    some reviews with 10/10..and I have to say that giving 10 to a movie it
    means that it has to be a masterpiece..and this one isn’t. The story
    it’s pretty linear and enjoyable, everything flow in the right
    direction and there aren’t big gaps. Cast works well but I have to say
    that i didn’t noticed some great interpretation, maybe the supporting
    actors are better than the most famous. Also because there isn’t big
    evolution of the characters and you can imagine everything from the
    beginning to the end. What i really appreciated in this movie it’s the
    environment, the shots design and the attention on the action scene
    that sometimes are very similar to video game cinematic. I mean
    cinematography,choreography, costumes, environment …details and also
    visual effects are really well done, they are the biggest appreciable
    things in this movie,and you can watch this movie just for that, they
    deserve it. I think with the script they had they could do something
    better, recreate more emotion and intensity..everything flow..but too
    easy without leaving to much. The enemy’s story and the background
    could be really done better and more interesting, maybe less easy and
    childish and more deeper. I just don’t want to spoiler..but it’s the
    weakest part of the movie. For the cast and story development it’s just
    a 6 with all the others stuff like visual attention , environment
    design and visual effects could be an in the end it’s a 7

  • rodrig58March 16, 2017Reply

    Well done and entertaining!

    When I was little, in Romania, I saw about three Chinese films, all
    made in that imbecile communist period, very very hard to see. This
    Chinese production (also with some American, Australian and Canadian
    help) is not even close to what were those idiotic propaganda films. As
    I said in the review for ”Kong: Skull Island”, ”Kong: Skull Island” and
    ”The Great Wall” they have something in common. And I do not mean only
    the actress Jing Tian, present in both and Legendary Entertainment, as
    one of the producing companies for both films. I refer in particular
    the monsters and the ”very special”(I mean, very good) special effects.
    They look very well in both movies. I liked Matt Damon more in ”Jason
    Bourne” and ”The Martian” but he’s OK here too. The whole film is OK.
    Tian Jing is distinguished and sweet.

  • homdeb1058March 16, 2017Reply

    Bizarre premise, but Entertaining Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Harrison TweedMarch 17, 2017Reply

    An epic story and visual masterpiece!

    After reading all the negative reviews from IMDb users, critics, and
    the low rating score, I went into this not expecting much.

    Well, I was pleasantly surprised!

    The story line was outstanding, the 3D was epic, and the entire visuals
    where a masterpiece!

    I can’t understand why the critics where so hard on this film. It’s
    been a while since I’ve seen something new, something fresh, something
    that hasn’t been done before, and this film was it!

    So go into this ignoring all the bad reviews and enjoy it for what it
    is, an epic story and a visual masterpiece!

  • trashgangMarch 17, 2017Reply


    Have seen the trailer I was attracted towards this flick. So off we go
    to see what’s it all about. Being directed by a Chinese and the words
    Great Wall I knew that it wasn’t going to be a typical Hollywood flick.
    And that the Chinese wall would be in it was clear too.

    But what I saw wasn’t what I was thinking I was going to see. This is
    pure science-fiction. It all starts normal with white people going to
    search for the black powder. But suddenly at night they are being
    attacked by some kind of creature. And it’s all about that creature, to
    be honest, thousands of them.

    The effects used are really well done. Naturally you will have the
    typical Chinese way of directing towards fighting scene’s. Yes, they
    are flying through the air. You know what I mean. Also what I liked was
    the fact that you can feel that there’s love in the air but it never
    takes the main lead so it’s pure an adventure flick. I liked it and it
    was a big surprise toward the story.

    Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 5/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5

  • Ghufran ZulfiqarMarch 17, 2017Reply

    Opinion for The Great Wall

    To be honest after a very long i am able to watch a movie with 0 nudity
    creative cinematography non violence and 0 swearing.The director should
    be given credit for making such a fantastic piece of art.They have done
    a marvelous job with music.I really love the background score by ramin
    djawadi.Thumbs up and i ill definitely recommend people to see this

  • spoupuceMarch 17, 2017Reply

    A failed attempt at BeijingWood

    I usually like Zhang Yimou as a director, and his action movies are
    good, so long as they stick to historical facts. Chinese cinema as a
    whole is great when it tell their own history instead of trying to
    outdo Hollywood (« 1911 » with Jacky Chan or «  City of life and
    death » from Chuan Lu come to mind). They have enough of it for
    thousands of movies without ever telling twice the same story. But
    « The great wall » is a poor attempt at trying to blend East and West,
    Mystique and reality, Legend and history, and indeed to make a buck on
    both side of the Pacific. And unfortunately it failed on all accounts.
    I know, I get it, it’s a legend, but it’s just too far fetch to enjoy
    it. This would have been better if they had been attacked by hordes of
    Zombies, or Orcs from Mordor, instead of those poorly made CGI creation
    that doesn’t scare you one bit. Great costumes, some amazing scenery, a
    few funny dialogues just cannot replace a great story. The relationship
    between Matt Damond and Pedro Pascal was the best part of the movie and
    they had a few funny lines together. A people that was able to build
    the Great wall of China MUST be able to come up with something better
    than that. Don’t try to copy the West, just be yourself. Next time,
    make a historical movie on the actual construction of the Great wall.
    That will be dramatic enough in its own right.

  • bob-the-movie-manMarch 18, 2017Reply

    Exercising Your Damons

    Millions of people watching the 2017 Oscars would have seen Jimmy
    Kimmel roasting poor Matt Damon as a part of their long running ‘feud’.
    At one point he points out that Matt gave up the leading role in
    ”Manchester by the Sea” to star in a ”Chinese ponytail movie” that
    ”went on to lose $80 million at the box office”. ”The Great Wall” is
    that movie!

    So is it really that bad?

    Well, it’s no ”Manchester by the Sea” for sure. But I don’t think it’s
    quite the total turkey that critics have been labelling it as either. I
    went to see it on a Sunday afternoon, and approaching it as a matinée
    bit of frothy action is a good mental state to be in.

    Matt Damon plays the ponytailed-wonder William, a European mercenary
    travelling in 11th Century China with his colleague Tovar (Pedro
    Pascal) in an attempt to determine the secrets of black powder – a
    secret well-guarded by the Chinese. Captured by the ‘New Order’ at the
    Great Wall and imprisoned there by General Shao (Hanyu Zhang), William
    earns the respect of Shao and his beautiful warrior second- in- command
    Lin Mae (Tian Jing) with his bowmanship. This is almost immediately put
    to use by the arrival (after 60 year’s absence – a funny thing, timing,
    isn’t it?) of hoards of vicious creatures called Taoties. (I thought
    they said Tauntauns initially, so was expecting some sort of
    Chinese/Star Wars crossover! But no.)

    Taoties who scale the wall are defeated by William who poleaxes them.
    (This is an attempt at brilliant humour to anyone who has already seen
    the film – poleaxe…. get it? POLEaxe. Oh, never mind!) Despite being a
    mercenary at heart, William is torn between staying and helping Lin Mae
    fight the beasts and fleeing with Tovar, their new chum Ballard (Willem
    Dafoe) and their black powder loot. (I’m sure something about Lin Mae’s
    tight-fitting blue armour was influential in his decision).

    This is an historic film in that although in recent years there has
    been cross-fertilization of Chinese actors into Western films for
    box-office reasons (for example, in the appalling ”Independence Day:
    Resurgence” and the much better Damon vehicle ”The Martian”) this was
    the first truly co-produced Chinese/Hollywood feature filmed entirely
    in China. It might also be the last given the film’s $150 million
    budget and the dismal box-office!

    To start with some positives, you can rely on a Chinese-set film (the
    film location was Qingdao) to allow the use of an army of extras and –
    although a whole bunch of CGI was also no doubt used – some of the
    battles scenes are impressive. There is a stirring choral theme by
    Ramin Djawadi (best known for his TV themes for ”Game of Thrones” and
    the brilliant ”Westworld”) played over silk-screen painted end titles
    that just make for a beautiful combination. And Tian Jing as the
    heroine Lin Mae is not only stunningly good-looking but also injects
    some much needed acting talent into the cast, where most of those
    involved (including Damon himself) look like they would rather be
    somewhere else.

    And some of the action scenes are rather fun in a ‘park your brain by
    the door’ sort of way, including (nonsensically) cute warrior girls
    high-diving off the wall on bungey ropes to near certain death. While
    the CGI monsters are of the (yawn) over-the-top LoTR variety, their
    ability to swarm like locusts at the Queen’s command is also quite
    entertainingly rendered.

    Where the movie balloon comes crashing down to earth in flames though
    is with the story and the screenplay – all done by three different
    people each, which is NEVER a good sign.

    The story (by Max Brooks (”World War Z”), Edward Zwick and Marshall
    Herskovitz (both on ”The Last Samurai”) is plain nonsensical at times.
    No spoilers here, but the transition from ”wall under siege” to ”wall
    not under siege” gives the word ‘clunky’ a bad name. As another
    absurdity, the ”New Order” seem amazed how William was able to slay one
    of the creatures (thanks to the poleaxing ‘McGuffin’ previously
    referenced) but then throughout the rest of the film he slays creatures
    left right and centre (McGuffin-less) through just the use of a spear
    or an arrow! Bonkers.

    Things get worse when you add words to the actions. The screenplay by
    Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro (both ”Prince of Persia: The Sands of
    Time”) and Tony Gilroy (Tony Gilroy? Surely not he of all the ”Bourne”
    films and ”Rogue One” fame? The very same!) has a reading age of about
    an 8 year old. It feels like it has been translated into Chinese and
    then back again to English with Google Translate. ”Is that the best you
    can do?” asks Tovar to William at one point. I was thinking exactly the
    same thing.

    The combination of the cinematography and the special effects have the
    unfortunate effect of giving the film the veneer of a video game, but
    this is one where your kid-brother has stolen the controls and refuses
    to give them back to you.

    Having had the great thrill of visiting a section of The Great Wall
    near Beijing, I can confirm that it is an astonishing engineering
    masterpiece that has to be seen to be truly believed. It ranks as one
    of the genuine wonders of the world. The same can not be said of this
    movie. Early teens might enjoy it as a mindless action flick. But
    otherwise best avoided until it emerges on a raining Sunday afternoon
    on the TV.

    (For the graphical version of this review, and to comment, please visit

  • Akhil BalachandranMarch 18, 2017Reply

    Clean Entertainer!!!

    Two mercenaries William and Tovar are looking for a mysterious item
    known as ‘Black Powder’. Unfortunately, they were captured by the army
    of the Great Wall for trespassing. The weird thing about the Great Wall
    is that every 60 years, the wall is attacked by some monsters known as
    Tao Tei. The opening scenes and fight sequences were the best thing
    about the movie. The story was not very impressive and the only thing
    that keeps it alive is the action scenes. Like, Jason Bourne 2016 movie
    this one also has nothing much to offer Matt Damon in the acting
    department apart from some stunts. The monsters logic of attacking and
    the cinematography were really good to see. Overall, Yimou manages to
    deliver a watchable action fantasy movie.

  • Ming LeeMarch 18, 2017Reply

    It would be better if this movie split into two instead of one

    Honestly speaking, I watch this movie without knowing anything or
    expectation; therefore I feel the overall is alright.

    The goods 1)Armors/costumes are quite nicely detailed and good thinking
    on dividing each platoon by the color and the type of animal 2)CGI is
    above average, scenes are real enough to me 3)The pace of the movie is

    The so so 1)the story is little rush, viewers has little time to know
    the characters 2)Matt Damon seems a little out of the place even he is
    the protagonist

    The bad 1)too much happening in a short period of time 2)the climax is
    not intense at all, I would say too simple and predictable
    3)relationship between characters are shallow 4)the main rival(monster)
    die too easily

    It would be much better if the movie gives more time for the characters
    and story to develop in depth. Viewers care less when they feel the
    whole plot is rushing to the end. What a waste for a potential good
    movie. The first part should end when they found out about the tunnel,
    a good cliffhanger to starve viewer for asking more.

  • KingOfDreamsMarch 18, 2017Reply

    Starship Troopers in fantasy China

    As the summary says. Albeit without what layering and social commentary
    Starship Troopers came with.

    Mindless rote action-adventure film, watchable if you’re keen on
    wasting your time and suspending your intelligence and desire for more
    substantial fare.

  • DaVern 303March 18, 2017Reply

    Oh my god its AwFUL

    HOW and why CAN SOMEONE be allowed to make this garbage and spend money
    on it ..if i worked on this movie id us an alias its a a total mess and
    A Total disaster! Its not for kids its not fore teens and surely not
    for adults ..all the crew should be fired !!!1 I can not think of one
    redeeming reason to see this. I’m glad it was a free download but I can
    suspend belief with movies but this was just a bridge too far! The
    script writing was horrible, there was little to no chemistry between
    the main characters. I’m not exactly sure why William DaFoe was even in
    the movie. Stay away! If you want to see this kind of movie watch Lord
    of the rings. Hollywood sux

  • avraham_talMarch 19, 2017Reply

    A nice fantasy with a hidden moral

    A nice fantasy with high level production.

    Try to look over the ‘rather trivial’ conversations and enjoy the
    customs, video, and audio effects.

    Although this movie is intended for a wide range of audience around the
    globe, the sharp viewers can identify hints to the American-Chinese
    relations and values…


  • alen_tabMarch 19, 2017Reply

    Interesting and entertaining

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Richard ChattenMarch 19, 2017Reply

    Girls Wear Blue

    I actually find the idea that the Great Wall of China was built to keep
    out alien invaders rather fun; and if you can buy that, the story that
    follows isn’t too hard to take. The basic narrative of ‘The Great Wall’
    has seen service before in classics like ‘Zulu’ and ‘Assault on
    Precinct 13’, while the monsters (collectively called the Tao Tei) are
    the usual slavering CGI nightmares with rows of ferocious teeth; the
    later emphasis on the strategic role of their queen recalling ‘Starship

    Set in the 11th Century, the action is fast, furious and very noisy;
    with predictable pauses for the occasional bit of hushed Eastern-style
    philosophising. Ironically it’s when the action transfers from the
    Great Wall itself to the capital that it becomes much more interesting
    to look at, the capital providing a far better backdrop for veteran
    director Zhang Yimou to display the bold use of colour for which he is
    renowned (most notably in a climactic scene set in a tower lined with
    stained glass windows).

    The return to the capital by balloon of Commander Lin Mae of the Crane
    Troop (Jing Tian) with her female comrades-in-arms is another visual
    highlight, and throughout the film it’s good to see women serving on
    the front line (in blue, for a change), albeit usually in the
    background; and Lin Mae’s armour as Commander doesn’t seem to have been
    designed to immediately distinguish her from her subordinates.

  • Claudio CarvalhoMarch 19, 2017Reply

    Entertaining and Full of Action Fantasy with Beautiful Cinematography

    A European group of mercenaries search for black powder in China;
    however they are attacked by bandits and a monster and only William
    (Matt Damon) and his comrade Tovar (Pedro Pascal) survive. While
    escaping with the hand of the monster, they stumble upon the Great Wall
    and are captured by General Shao (Hanyu Zhang), Commander Lin Mae (Tian
    Jing), Strategist Wang (Andy Lau) and their army. They are imprisoned
    in the Great Wall and meet the European Ballard (Willem Dafoe), who was
    also a mercenary looking for black powder that has been imprisoned in
    the Great Wall for twenty-five years. Soon they learn that the soldiers
    are trained to fight monsters called Taotie that attack the humans
    every sixty years. They are the last outpost protecting the capital.
    When they suffer attack from the horde of Taoties, William and Tovar
    also fight helping General Shao. When the Taotie Queen retrieves the
    horde, they know that they will be massively attacked by the Taoties
    and their only chance is to kill the Queen. Will the humans survive?

    ”The Great Wall” is an entertaining and full of action fantasy with
    beautiful cinematography. The battles have the usual exaggerated
    computer-generated imagery with an absurd quantity of monsters. The
    predictable story has no surprises and the mercenary William becomes a
    hero in the end for helping the Chinese soldiers to defeat the
    dangerous monsters. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): ”A Grande Muralha” (”The Great Wall”)

  • danielyideMarch 20, 2017Reply

    White lead actor Matt Damon should’ve been Chinese

    The lead actor should’ve been Chinese or at least East Asian instead of
    Matt Damon. The lead actor should’ve been Chinese or at least East
    Asian instead of Matt Damon. The lead actor should’ve been Chinese or
    at least East Asian instead of Matt Damon. This ruins the movie which
    otherwise would’ve been fine.

  • shiva kakkarMarch 20, 2017Reply

    A great film abotaged by critics and SJW’s

    This is one of the most engrossing movie in recent times. It has great
    star cast, tight direction and very, very cool looking action
    sequences. Alas, critics and SJW’s created a false propaganda that this
    was ‘whitewashing’ of some kind. You have to see to realize how well
    balanced the film is in portrayal of its characters. This is one of
    those edge of the seat rides that one you can’t skip even a second!

    I am really sad this bombed! It’s a very good movie sabotaged by
    mainstream media and critics in order to push their BS left-liberalist
    agenda. It deserves nothing less than an 8.

  • thegruteMarch 20, 2017Reply

    Ratings will go up as more people watch it.

    Don’t listen to the people foaming at the mouth who are obsessively
    racist and write bad reviews based on someones skin color. This movie
    is not ”White Washed” and Matt does not play an Asian character. Damon
    plays a Norse mercenary on a quest. The movie explains it all. I really
    liked the movie it was refreshingly original. Being an 80’s baby I’m
    lost in a regurgitated movie culture and it leaves me scratching my
    head thinking….Can anyone write something original these days? How
    many remakes have you seen in 15 years? Exactly! That’s one of the main
    reasons I liked this movie. It’s not perfect but it pushes a positive
    message (unlike the majority of movies in 2016…What a drought we’ve
    been in). The imagery, the setting, the action, the plot, the
    catharsis, and the climax…All the classic elements of good story
    telling are there. Also there is no weird/dark propaganda which makes
    it great for the family (kids being age appropriate). It’s worth a
    watch trust me. I’ve bee a huge fan of Chinese, Japanese, and Thailand
    films since college. It’s cool to see the cultures come together for a
    original thriller.

  • SkywalkerJonesMarch 20, 2017Reply

    Open your mind and enjoy

    It’s easy to see why this movie didn’t do well in the USA. Asian actors
    in main roles, having to read subtitles throughout the movie, having to
    use your brain because the story isn’t spoon fed to the viewer. Must
    suck to be so used to Hollywood blockbusters you can’t open your mind
    to other movies.

    Anyone who has watched other Yimou Zhang movies like Hero and House of
    Flying Daggers would know how he loves to use colours as an expression
    of the story and he hasn’t disappointed here with a visual feast and
    some stunning scenery.

    There is no problem with the CGI in this movie, regardless of what
    other reviews say, and Matt Damon plays a European mercenary (with an
    American accent) not an Asian character that the #hollywoodwhitewash
    movement wants you to believe.

    This is an enjoyable action adventure and worth a watch provided you
    have an open mind and not a pre-conceived idea of what the movie is
    going to be.

  • alshami-62299March 20, 2017Reply

    What was that !?

    I don’t know how do people rate it with 9 and 10 ? This is the worst
    movie ever for matt!, their budget was 150 Million $ ?? How and where
    did they spend all these money ? Graphics was very bad with no story
    line, everything is moving so fast , with no connection to the events.
    Monsters attacking with no reasonable reasons at all , and the shape of
    these Monsters could take a human form instead of dogs and dinosaurs
    Monsters weakness to the magnet almost like superman to the kryptonite!
    bungee jumping girls to slay monsters is a silly idea, they jumped to
    get killed

    If there’s a minus one I would choose it for wasting 2 hours of my

  • Kapten VideoMarch 21, 2017Reply

    American production + leading star + Chinese money, and locations – what could go wrong?

    Middle Ages or something. European mercenaries (Matt Damon, Pedro
    Pascal) searching for black powder become embroiled in the defense of
    the Great Wall of China against a horde of monstrous creatures.

    Also starring: Tian Jing, Willem Dafoe. Directed by Yimou Zhang.

    China is an attractive movie market for Hollywood and they are also
    eager to spend money on making international hit movies, so uniting
    forces to produce some epics is an emerging trend.

    The American production values plus a leading star or two, combined
    with Chinese money, actors and locations – what could go wrong?

    Well, in the case of „The Great Wall”, almost everything. It’s 103
    minutes of almost non-stop action so it may appeal to some, especially
    it (s)he hasn’t had enough of Tolkien-flavored epics populating the
    screens for the last 15+ years.

    But for others, it’s lazily written, acted and put together B-movie
    which has high aspirations but is too dumb and derivative to achieve

    There’s almost no story, or interesting characters. Even the massive
    action scenes don’t save much, more often than not the result just
    looks cheap. Even surprisingly cheap, considering the hefty budget of
    135-150 million US dollars. This is the most expensive film ever made
    with (mostly) Chinese money.

    The only impressive thing is how orchestrated the defending side looks,
    all those color-coded legions, weapons, the whole shebang. It’s
    probably done with a lot of CGI but still… not bad.

    I also think the whole „monsters raiding Chinese Wall” aspect is
    woefully underdeveloped and, in a bad way, video game-ish. They don’t
    have much personality design-wise and making them so strong raises more
    important questions than the story bothers to answer. In short, the
    work here is weak.

    Matt Damon has the only noteworthy role in the whole movie, all others
    are filler. And even he can not make a character so shallow especially

    Damon is one of those top class stars who appears in lots of movies
    but, as a rule, avoids derivative crap. „The Great Wall” is probably
    the worst big project he has ever done. The sooner it’s forgotten, the
    better for everybody.

    If you are interested in „The Great Wall”, maybe just watch the trailer
    and save 100 minutes of your life. The movie sucks. You will feel tired
    after twenty minutes or so. Watched it in 2D, so maybe 3D version sucks
    even more.

  • Josh TeggertMarch 21, 2017Reply

    This messy, mind-numbingly boring Chinese production does not fulfil any expectation

    There is no way to decorate this simple statement: ‘The Great Wall’ is
    a monstrous disaster. The largest China-Hollywood collaboration yet,
    and the first blockbuster movie to be filmed entirely in China, it
    hasn’t set the bar very high for future international releases from the
    East and doesn’t deserve to stand as any form of landmark for this type
    of production.

    For a film about a 5,500 mile-long wall with the aforementioned
    derivements, it is only natural that worldwide audiences were
    optimistic about ‘The Great Wall’. But even the very foundations of the
    film are flimsy: following the mercenary soldier William (Matt Damon)
    and his partner Tovar (Pedro Pascal), the ”whitewashed” duo encounter
    an army of Power Rangers protecting a wall from a mass of ‘The Lord of
    the Rings’ Wargs Version 2.0 with the overarching ”end of the world”

    The visuals, one of ‘The Great Wall’s main selling points, fluctuate
    consistently from scrappy to clean cut, and this can be very
    distracting. Some battle scenes are indeed pleasing to watch, notably
    the bungee jumping warriors who sweep down the wall to kill as many of
    the monsters below as they can. Yet this in no way makes up for the
    horrific contrast between the plastic, cheap-looking armour of the army
    and the unpolished special effects throughout the film, nor the
    unconvincing surrounding landscapes, that piece together incoherently
    to form this untidy, chaotic concoction of terrible movie-making.

    However, it is the script and the story that is its most catastrophic
    downfall. Constantly using weak plot devices and action movie clichés
    that we’ve seen countless times before (e.g. the reluctant hero earning
    redemption, a mindless army with a classic vulnerability and
    communication method etc.), then juxtaposed by stereotypes of Chinese
    culture that are arguably more controversial than the ”whitewashing”
    scenario. It is unintelligent popcorn fodder, failing to keep, let
    alone grasp the attention of the viewers.

    ”You can write this s**t, but you sure as hell can’t say it.” –
    Harrison Ford

    This statement from Ford is dismally prevalent here; Matt Damon cannot
    decide on an accent or tone for his monotonous character, delivering
    lines with cringe-worthy dullness, he barely hides how little he wants
    to be there. Jing Tian (as the Commander of the army, Lin Mei) is so
    detached from the film she may as well have been CGI as well, and
    Willem Dafoe (as Ballard) plays an empty character who serves only to
    explain why Mei can speak English. The writing is abysmal, and talent
    is surely wasted here, only adding to the pile of missed opportunities
    in ‘The Great Wall’.

  • invinciblekMarch 21, 2017Reply

    Why the hate!!!

    When you start watching a movie within 10 mins you realize whether its
    a well made movie or just some piece of **** put together for the sake
    of it. Within 10 mins I realized that this was a movie made with a
    purpose & intent and beyond that I don’t want to get into pretentious
    critique of the movie. Bottom line is its a well made movie which
    turned out to be a pleasant surprise and I cant remember the number of
    times when its the other way round! You would be surprised how few
    movies there are out there which don’t feel like a complete waste of
    time. So don’t miss this one.

  • sleepyhatMarch 21, 2017Reply

    Quite a surprise

    Chinese production has tried to keep up with modern Hollywood style,
    but was never quite up there. This is the first one, especially for
    someone with no expectation. The cinematics told an ordinary but
    gripping story with extravagant visual effects.

    However, some casts and makeup failed at an epic level. All the Chinese
    actors and actresses had Oscar Red Carpet makeup at all time. That’s a
    war zone, not an emperor’s palace.

    The biggest failure is the female cast. Bad acting, crafted face and
    expression, concubine makeup style and shallow image. Her alone took
    away 4 points. Pity!

  • cromaniaMarch 22, 2017Reply

    I thought it was very good Fantasy movie!

    First of all, it was nothing i expected!. After seeing all the bad
    reviews i expected it to be very bad. After seeing it i was very much
    pleased, i loved it! . It reminded me of the Curse of the Golden Flower
    from 2006. Those Chinese mass armies with that colorful display is just
    epic on my big screen and my bass. Sure the Matt Damon entry into that
    world need some imagination, but if you like a fantasy movie with epic
    sound and fights; and popcorn.. You will love it!

    I give it 7 out of 10!. And Matt Damon is always good.

  • chandler-phelpsMarch 22, 2017Reply

    Robin Hood Goes to China

    One of the worst premises in a big-budget movie, but for such a bad
    idea the execution isn’t terrible. The conflict that kept me into the
    movie the whole time wasn’t the monsters vs the humans, but rather
    whether the ridiculously fantastic military tactics of humans were cool
    enough to justify their presence in the movie. There are literally
    bungee jumpers who dive off the wall with spears to stab the
    aliens…yes, they felt it was necessary to not just toss the spears
    off the wall, but to jump off with the spear. I could hardly contain
    myself. Despite it all, I found myself enjoying it.

  • EngelberthMarch 22, 2017Reply

    Reminds me of The 13th Warrior

    Only here West meets East)

    These are rare indeed. I remember 1971 classics Red Sun and of course
    Jackie Chan western comedies.

    But here the atmosphere draws from the 13th Warrior, only now Western
    mercenary finds himself entangled in Chinese desperate battle for
    survival and some mythology.

    The are drawbacks in this movie for sure. Special effects are rather
    dull and at times unnecessary…The story, beginning quite well,
    somehow fades into something too simple and trivial….

    Yet the movie is good) Matt Damon does a good job being…Matt Damon) –
    strong, kind and loyal). Battle scenes at the Great Wall show beautiful
    dance of color and a blade (mostly arrows). Jing Tian looks splendid
    and same time vulnerable in her blue battle armor

    Overall the movie is quite watchable)

  • FilmFlaneurMarch 23, 2017Reply

    Great Wall, average results

    An action-fantasy epic with Matt Damon playing an itinerant mercenary
    who, with a travelling companion ends up on the Great Wall of China
    back in the day. The wall is bustling with defence activity organised,
    it quickly appears, to keep something pretty fearsome out. But what?
    And how can Damon, viewed with suspicion by the defending class, prove
    his worth? Needless the say the viewer soon discovers in a welter of
    CGI, most of which is pretty impressive. The idea is preposterous of
    course, and the story itself pretty trivial (although it apparently
    needed three scriptwriters to sustain it). Damon would probably not be
    the first choice for the hero neither although he does his best. Willem
    Dafoe plays a sneaky supporting character, in the main sub-plot looking
    to make off with gunpowder. Much of the film has the cultural style and
    manner of several other Asian military epics with brightly
    coloured-uniforms and the geometric arrangement of men and equipment.
    But with all this it is rarely boring, while those who remember the
    swarm attack in the original Starship Trooper say, or even the end of
    Samurai Jack’s pilot trilogy come to that, will find themselves at home
    here. Not top tier then, but worth a rent.

  • andreas_megMarch 23, 2017Reply

    The worst film ever made? Too harsh? Nah, too light…

    My tombstone will have the following inscription: Please don’t watch
    that Matt Damon movie, ”The Great Wall”!

    I guess that sums it up… I could in theory go on-and-on about what’s
    wrong with this film, in terms of plot, logic, characters, dialogue
    etc, but I’ll just sum it up with this: EVERYTHING… Everything is
    wrong with this film. Atrociously moronic from beginning to end.

    Thank you!

  • tendoughtMarch 23, 2017Reply

    One of Matt’s Worst

    Well, what we get is a kind of prolonged scene of the attack of the
    zombies against the Jerusalem wall in World War Z but instead of
    attacking zombies we get legions of beasts with sharp teeth. That’s
    basically it.

    The amount of money Matt Damon got must have been extremely high or was
    the script written in Chinese and he didn’t understand it!? Well,
    anyway, this is the very first movie Matt done which is imo a very bad
    one. Bungee jumping girl-warriors, a terrible score (Kitsch as can) and
    a movie that, if you would take away the cgi-feast, would leave us with

    I don’t know, maybe a young audience (6 to 12) will like it. I guess
    this is a movie Matt Damon sometime will be ashamed of after the money
    is spent 😉 Alone the scene where our hero Matt shoots with his bow at
    the bowl showing off his skills is so bad, I don’t know what to say,
    this was one of those scenes where I was torn between laughing my best
    piece off or crying in shame that I was watching such – whatever it is.

    Some critics compared The Great Wall with The 13th Warrior (Antonio
    Banderas) – the latter is imo Oscar material compared with this painful
    to watch Asian Kitsch. The 13th Warrior I would rewatch again, the
    money someone has to pay me to watch The Great Wall again would be
    around the amount of cash Matt got for his ”acting” in this movie.

  • Songwriter_90210March 24, 2017Reply

    The Great White Hope Saves The Day! Thank God He Didn’t Kiss Her…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • prism9March 24, 2017Reply

    Very misunderstood and underrated

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gordon-11March 24, 2017Reply

    I liked it a lot!

    This film tells the story of two Western men who goes to China in
    search of gunpowder. They enter the Middle Kingdom with the foot of a
    beast they have killed, hoping to make a bargain with the Chinese for
    gunpowder. Instead, they get into a big adventure with monstrous beasts
    that nothing could have prepared them for.

    I was really skeptical about ”The Great Wall”, because the last film I
    watched that was made for the Chinese market was horrible. ”The Great
    Wall”, on the other hand, pleasantly surprised me because it surpassed
    my expectations with flying colours. The plot is tight, thrilling and
    well paced. I am so happy to see Chinese actors and actresses taking
    positive roles. Even the Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau is only having a
    supporting role in this film! In addition, I was not expecting Jing
    Tian’s English to be as good as that. She had a mostly non speaking
    role in ”Kong Skull Island”, so I thought it was because of the
    language barrier. The battle scenes against the beasts are plentiful,
    and the scenes are thrilling and draws me in like a magnet. I cannot
    wait to see what happens next. The grand finale is breathtaking, both
    visually and literally. I enjoyed it a lot.

  • Dr_SaganMarch 25, 2017Reply

    Jurassic Chan

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • EnkiduMarch 25, 2017Reply

    Western heroes again prove how cool, strong and skilled they are; this time to china

    It is not the first and wont be the last time when Hollywood makes a
    movie which have many historical elements such as great wall of china,
    gun powder and Chinese army, but carelessly and only for entertainment
    made up a story which is not based on any damn history book or even
    children’s book! we have watched the movie ”300” which totally fakes
    the history about Persians and how did the spartan-Persia war actually
    happened, but now we got 2 western soldier (thief) who travel all the
    way to china to steal black powder (gun powder) to take it back to west
    for money.

    Movie starts with Matt Damon and his friend are in search of gun powder
    when some mysterious monsters attack them and Matt Damon cuts the
    monsters hand in a blink of eyes. when they get into Chinese army, it
    surprises them that how this western man can kill the monster all on
    his own. girls fall in love with Matt Damon and leader asks his
    suggestions to fight with monsters. he proves his skills in archery to
    Chinese (i didn’t expect director goes this far!) and entertains
    everyone. You will see this two white guy, specially the blue eye blond
    hair hero, fight with monsters all alone and all Chinese army are like

    At the end, same to many other Hollywood movies, we see how white skin
    blond hair blue eyes western are better in strength and coolness!
    compare with eastern. they help china to defeat monsters and don’t even
    fall in love with girls there and back to their own country even the
    Chinese general female is obviously in love with him.

    movie is disturbing in term of faking history and adoring eastern (a
    typical American thought) but i enjoyed the way, the colorful Chinese
    army and the weapons built.

  • Jean-Pol CardinMarch 25, 2017Reply

    The great wall —this wall it’s incredible and historic

    My opinion—

    I can say in the first place that it is a very entertaining film that
    director Zhang Yimou (”The Secret of Flying Daggers”) has achieved here
    with effects that are even superb. And this story of the Great Wall of
    China is still incredible by looking at the sides of the movie
    imagining the work it took to build such a building that served as
    protection against strangers. This movie transposes its story with
    monsters and other horrible creatures who try to pass this enormous
    border wall against these terrible assailants. The film has a beautiful
    rhythm and you do not get bored, for those who love the genre, they
    will appreciate the beautiful effects and the stunning waterfalls. A
    movie to discover anyway, I liked it.

  • Joe KingMarch 27, 2017Reply

    If you don’t want to waste your time, Don’t watch this movie!!!

    Average movie with a poor script & Idea! I don’t recommend to watch,
    although the filming is good, the acting is brilliant, the story is so
    weak! When I watched the trailer I was like: Wow what a movie, but
    after watching the movie I was like: What? Give me the 2 hours of my
    life back!

  • larosatMarch 28, 2017Reply

    Magnificent movie

    Ignore the haters with incredibly bad taste and zero imagination. One
    of the most beautiful movies ever put on screen. The sets, costumes,
    effects and action are stunning to behold. Full of suspense and
    breathtaking cinematography. Anyone saying they find little to like has
    absolutely no imagination. Great CGI and battles ( especially the first
    ). Damon and Pedro play mercenaries traveler not Chinamen and are
    totally believable in their roles as are Chinese cast ( especially the
    exquisite female lead ). Staggering that a wonderful movie like this
    did not do well in the States and complete, worthless junk like Get Out
    ( one of the first movies I’ve seen in a long time did ). DO NOT

  • jack robenMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Be fair please!!!

    this is a great movie which connect eastern with western,with a great
    writing and producing with such great techniques. it is totally worth
    to watch. friendship,trust worthy and so on you can see in the movie.
    it is a film which you can watch it and feel better with those great
    feelings you can feel in the movie. don’t wait and go to watch it.
    don’t pay attention to those that give the movie a bad review.

  • jason-2102March 30, 2017Reply

    Don’t see. It’s horrible.

    I give it a 2 only because of Matt Daimon. I am a fan, but this film
    was horrible, from the acting to the effects. Just plain horrible. The
    effects are a joke, incredibly fake. The acting is, just wow. The
    overall movie had a cool concept, but played out horribly wrong. Watch
    on Blu Ray if you just want to waste a couple of hours, otherwise just
    avoid it.

  • Adam FoleyMarch 30, 2017Reply


    Damons earlier work was fantastic, then he got greedy and started
    saying yes to scripts that he knows full well are awful, selling his
    soul to the devil for $$$ that he doesn’t need as hes already super

    you’ve lost your credibility, its easy to blame the
    writers/directors/producers but the actor gets the script and can
    decline and actually should decline if its crap, he wont be remembered
    as an amazing actor is he continues to let himself be involved in
    mediocre nonsense all for $$$

    money is important but so is credibility, unfortunately all the greats
    even Marlon Brando were involved in some terrible projects, Daniel day
    Lewis is the one example of a man that’s more interested in amazing
    scripts than money, he on average does 1 movie ever 5 years and they
    are normally great.. day-Lewis is IMO in the top 4 greatest actors

    Brando, Pacino DE-Niro, Day-Lewis

  • mrtza-shApril 1, 2017Reply

    Best fantasy movies that I’ve seen lately

    I can’t understand why some people nag about this amazing movie.

    Normally I don’t watch any movie that is rated below 6.5 but 60 second
    trailer of the great wall convinced me it worth every second of my

    The effects are AMAZING, story line is awesome and acting perfect. It
    is by far a better fantasy movie to any other recent Hollywood fantasy

    People always nag for reason totally irrelevant to movies. Some can’t
    stand to see some other countries are doing as good as their country in
    this industry. All I can say is that don’t pay attention and enjoy
    every second of this movie

  • Egor LymarevApril 1, 2017Reply

    Great entertaining piece from a very fine team!

    Zhang Yimou works with a plot that not so easy to digest. It’s a piece
    of alternative history that could easily go wrong without proper
    balance. And balance there is! Great international cast with fine VFX
    in a combo gives just as entertaining drive effect as in ”Starship
    Troopers” of Paul Verhoeven but in colorful historic background.

  • michaelisarileyApril 2, 2017Reply

    Terrible but great

    This movie is by no means winning any awards this year, but it is one
    of those great movies i’m glad i saw. I viewed this in an almost empty
    theater with a couple friends and we laughed our asses off. The
    unintentional comedy and Matt Daemons terrible appearing and
    disappearing accent made this movie hilarious. Toss in the fact that
    Willem Dafoe is in this movie and this should be mandated viewing. This
    movie is literally so bad that it was good.

  • maxnexus-97144April 3, 2017Reply

    WHAT a ridiculous movie!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ivan LalicApril 4, 2017Reply

    Hittin’ the spot

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jonathangoss183April 4, 2017Reply

    I like a real plot with my action…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sausage-walletApril 7, 2017Reply

    a serious slap in the face

    what an absolute slap in the face of eastern movies,not only did 2.5
    westerners save the day,out of 900 years worth of eastern soldiers
    along with the workers of the great wall of china may i add!,but this
    goes against all eastern fields of movies in that the one can save the
    many which nearly all eastern films do the opposite hoping no one will
    incite singular ooutcry as they will die in the film,this film then
    greets you with the so be loud and proud like the western ideology in
    film making, as well as the arrogance of let me say it again 2.5
    western heroes?? making a difference which is matt damon which has no
    right being in an eastern movie.

  • s3276169April 9, 2017Reply

    Lord of the Rings goes to China……

    The Great Wall for me, looks like a transplanted Lord of the Rings.

    Many of the elements found in the Tolkien’s works are here. A citadel
    of sorts in the form of the wall, a heartland where the Emperor lives
    that needs protection and familiar if distinct ”hero’s” tasked with
    taking on the invading monsters.

    That said, I’m not suggesting this is a mundane film. Its beautifully
    choreographed, colourful, imaginative and it has a very Chinese
    essence, that sets it part from its Western counterpart. The presence
    of a Western hero in the form of Matt Damon, whose pleasant, jokery,
    easy going persona, fits well into a variety of contexts, add’s a
    little extra interest too.

    This is an enjoyable watch. Its visually spectacular and its well
    paced, with enough excitement to keep you engaged and the rather
    straightforward story rolling along, to its inevitable climax.

    I rate The Great Wall a seven out of ten.

  • just_in_caseApril 14, 2017Reply

    Ignore the hate it’s solid

    I’m kinda mad at myself now that I avoided this movie for so long. I
    heard terrible things about it and ignored until I needed a time
    killer. I don’t know what to think about all the complaints from
    critics. It’s not like a 10 or anything but it’s a solid 8/10. Fun and
    enjoyable. The design of the film is fantastic. The trailers do not do
    the creature design and army design justice. It’s really cool and
    pretty to look at. The creatures are awesomely original. Matt Damon and
    Pedro Pascal are hilarious and eat up the screnes together. Its hard to
    pin point whether Tian Jing’s acting is good, being a foreign actress
    and all, but my god is she gorgeous. The story isn’t deep or
    interesting. This is Starship troopers deep as apposed to The Matrix.
    It reminded me of the action movies from my youth like TMNT kinda. Very
    Jim Hensonish ”story just serves the action” as apposed to the other
    way around. None of the characters get to develop really or grow and
    Matt Damon is the only one with any depth. One of the more ignorant
    complaints I hear about Rogue One is there’s no character growth or
    journey. The problem is every character is clearly given depth from the
    get go so it didn’t need that. Every character had a good reason to be
    in the fight. This lacks either outside of Matt Damon. He’s the only
    character with any weight. Tian Jing is just kind of this one note
    super soldier, she coulda used some sort of conflict or back story.
    Willem Dafoe really phoned it in and collected a paycheck. None of his
    bizarre scene devouring stuff here. Very disappointed. Never waste a
    good Willem Dafoe. It’s insulting. CG coulda been ever so slightly
    better it was good like somewhere around Jurassic Park II, but dated by
    todays standard. It didn’t look bad in that typical Chinese way. It was
    impressive in that sense.

    Generally I feel like my time wasn’t wasted. It was a big dumb action
    movie and I feel like that’s OK sometimes. I wouldn’t call it
    criminally underrated, but man I wish I’d gotten a chance to see it on
    a IMAX screen. The early battles would have been worth the price of
    admission alone. In the same vein but Far superior to Transformers and
    the like. I think the critics coulda been a little gentler. I get the
    impression they were really butthurt that Matt Damon wasn’t doing
    something oscarbaitie they could chew on.

  • Bluestar80April 15, 2017Reply

    Instantly forgettable poo-poo

    Doesn’t warrant a long review. Suffice to say; plot holes galore, back
    story is missing, clichéd, no script to speak of. If it wasn’t so bad
    I’d assume it was an attempt to launder shady money off the Chinese
    mainland, as it is they must’ve lost a tonne of cash on this turkey. I
    don’t know what possessed Willem Dafoe and Matt Damon to participate,
    hopefully a great upfront payday.

  • rockman182April 16, 2017Reply

    The Great Wall (2017)

    I’m a big fan of the wonders of the world, whether it be natural or man
    made. When I first heard of this film I thought it would be a
    historical film about the history of the building of the wall. Its not
    quite about that and has some very fantastical elements to it, which I
    can deal with. The film faced a white washing controversy (as many
    modern Hollywood films do) but I’m here to review the film based on
    what it offers and not controversial circumstances surrounding the

    These types of big budget action films show up often, and unless they
    are something related to a comic book or a pre-existing franchise, they
    can very often turn out to be bad. I’m sort of happy to say that while
    this film is incredibly stupid at some points, it wasn’t a waste of
    time and offered cheap thrills and easy entertainment. The mythology of
    the origins of the creatures is a little muddled and certain plot
    elements about what makes the monsters weak seems conveniently hashed
    together to fit into 90 minutes. The action scenes for the most part
    are quite well made, no matter how absolutely ridiculously mind-numbing
    the sequences can be.

    Generally, the wall and the cinematography of imperial China looked
    good. I like grand scale cinematography that encompass vast and
    gigantic landscapes. Unfortunately, the CGI for the Taotie (the
    monstrous creatures of the film) is distractedly bad and this happens
    often. The creatures never look real and it takes you aback from the
    world of the film and into criticizing the effects. There’s plenty of
    action in the film which I think will please people looking for fun.
    Its however not always interesting when the film goes into developing
    the side quest of attaining and stealing the black powder.

    The film has a good cast but the cast seems a bit wasted in this film.
    I became a fan of Pedro Pascal as Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones but
    he just kind of fades into the background in this film. Even Matt Damon
    becomes the victim of fading into obscurity in it. The characterization
    in the film is just plain bland at certain points, but I’m not
    complaining too much. Take the film for what it is, stupid action fun
    and you’ll be able to take something from this picture.


  • Jean FrederickApril 17, 2017Reply

    Was expecting way worst

    The critics are really harsh on this one. From everything I heard about
    this movie I was expecting a truly terrible film. It is not a master
    piece but to say it is terrible or even bad is just plain lying.

    The story is OK and engaging. The acting is good for the most part. The
    key to this movie has to be the imagery. It is a little over the top
    but still gorgeous.

    Well worth the watch. I don’t believe I would re watch it but I did
    enjoy it. It is an action/fantasy fast food movie. Good and light but
    not a movie to watch everyday.

  • mosopincaApril 18, 2017Reply

    Not here to bash anyone but this movie was a waste of my time

    So … there is no account for taste.

    This being said, after about 3-4k+ movies seen so far, being an avid
    Damon fan and a consumer of sci-fi movies, I only made it trough the
    first 15 minutes of the movie. My brain simple couldn’t go any further
    . Yes… the CGI is well done but …there is nothing to back it …
    After 15 minutes I was still wondering when the story will start or
    what is going on in the movie …. I felt like i was dropped in a
    mindless whirlwind of special effects and colors.

    I know that there are cultural and cinematographic difference between
    the Chinese, American and European filmography but this movie went to
    far. I’ve seen dozen of Chinese movies and always it was the story that
    made me watch them. But this movie had no story. At least not in the
    beginning, or if it had one the expectations related to the target
    public must have been set so low (IQ wise)

    I don’t care if Matt and the others got a fat paycheck to star in this(
    it’s their job and they got to make a living), but this movie was the
    first in a long long time I could’t watch ( and I endured trough a lot
    of lousy movies).

    I’m not saying ”don’t watch it”, but what I would advise you to get the
    praises of this movie with a grain of salt . See it for yourself and
    then decide.

    In my opinion is the worst movie I’ve start to watch in the last years.

  • maja arsicApril 18, 2017Reply

    it’s fun

    i don’get all the bad reviews. we all knew – war and peace it was not
    going to be. and it was not. but it was entertaining, beautifully shot,
    not boring and an excellent choice for a rainy Sunday afternoon. in the
    recent flood of quality, depressed and depressing movies the great wall
    brightens up the day.

  • dzturturroApril 19, 2017Reply

    What a ride!

    What a film! Led by a star-studded Chinese cast, The Great Wall
    embarrasses all other movies, obliterating them to dust. Matt Damon has
    the performance of his life as he excels as a Turkmenistan general
    battling his inner demons. One of the best films of the past 300 years

  • Sankari_SuomiApril 20, 2017Reply

    Matt H. Damon is white, and that’s a good thing apparently.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • templar77099April 20, 2017Reply

    Below average

    Well, this was bad. Not the worst, but still, I had some expectations.
    I was looking for something light to watch and ”The Great Wall” made
    the bill, but still, I don’t think I’d make the same decision now,
    because its being quite hard to decide whether this was worth of my
    time. First things first, the imagery was the best aspect of the film.
    Some striking shots, mostly recourring to CGI, were well made. But here
    comes the first problem : inconsistency – some CGI shots were good, but
    most were so fake and poorly made. I can’t understand how they achieved
    this gripping difference in terms of quality. The acting is bad. I
    can’t understand what Matt Damon is doing here. Pedro Pascal is
    probably the best bit of it – specially if you have seen him as Oberyn
    in GoT. The rest of the cast is not that good, even Willem Dafoe. The
    action was average, with some good concepts here and there. The OST was
    the other positive. It contributed to give the film the epic scale it
    was looking for.

    Ultimately, I can’t quite recommend this one. You can watch it, sure,
    and you might like, but it just didn’t do it for me.

  • antshepherdApril 21, 2017Reply

    Average plot, cool visuals and pretty people

    pros: – The fighting scenes are cool, Matt Damon makes a cool archer,
    maybe a bit overpowered but still the action scenes are good. – Lots of
    really cool characters: Matt Damon is obviously the star but I
    personally enjoyed all the women in blue.

    cons: The plot is pretty predictable, and average.Asians around the
    world must hate how the always need a super cool westerner to coming in
    and save them.

    All in all, the movie is worth a watch, and if you not looking to
    deeply it can be enjoyable.

  • Niall O'HaraApril 22, 2017Reply

    Entertaining in parts, but predictable plot and shallow characters

    The Great walls is was ultimately a let down, especially with such a
    big budget and cast. It is interesting to see Chinese and western
    cinema working together but in this case it has resulted in a
    predictable plot where you struggle to connect with the main characters
    and their motives.

    The CGI is very average, not bad… but you would hope for something
    better, especially considering the budget and the focus on the

    The acting is very average as well, no one had a particularly week
    performance, but no one left me on the edge of my seat.

    I found the plot was unimaginative and predictable, but the actual
    action scenes were creative and colorful.

    Overall a very, here’s that word again, average film in every aspect.
    But still not the worst way to spend a relaxing couple of hours.

  • Eddie_weinbauerApril 22, 2017Reply

    Mildly entertaining fairy tale. Wacth if you ain’t got nothing better to do

    I went in to this movie mostly blind.Only have heard all the critics
    about Matt Damon being in it. Make no mistake he doesn’t add anything
    to the film,neither does the other two white actors.They are simply
    there for name sake.

    As far as the movie as whole go it is a mildly entertaining fairy tale,
    about some dinosaur looking beasts that attack the Chinese wall.And the
    effort of the soldiers on the wall to fight them back,with the help of
    3 westerners. I would like to be able to say there was more to it than
    that,but there really isn’t. The CGI is pretty good.Not to shabby and
    not to fancy. If you got one hour and forty five minute to waste,than
    watch it. But you can’t have to high expectations,it’s really just a B
    movie featuring Matt Damon,William Dafo,and some other forgettable guy

  • Frank DamageApril 23, 2017Reply

    Family Phun, but not so phun for won

    Don’t mind my intentional grammar errors, just my idea of phun.

    Seriously though, as I state in the title, this is more of a family
    adventure film, of sorts. No swearing, no sexual situations, or even
    romance. While it won’t win any awards for the CGI it is highly
    dependent on, or Matt Daemon’s acting (surprised?), it does keep the
    action and story moving steadily and I think young (”young” being a key
    word here) kids who spend a lot of time gaming, or are more accepting
    of films that forego many of the necessities of a great film for the
    more financial ‘benefits’ and imaginary allowances of those that use
    CGI with an almost reckless abandon, will probably have a good time
    watching and as I said, it’s ‘family’ friendly.

    Such being the case, it’s likely that parents who may sometimes roll
    their eyes into the back of their heads at the mere thought of having
    to suffer through yet another animated movie, or worse, can breath a
    sigh of relief. You might even be able to talk dad into sitting through
    this one.

  • mkhtfldApril 23, 2017Reply

    Get over yourselves

    So I haven’t seen the film yet. I’m writing this in hopes it may
    actually be posted. I realize this section is for film reviews but some
    of you need to get over yourselves. Especially the ones insulting
    others because they have different opinions about this film. Long
    winded history lessons aren’t needed. Lots of pompous asses here.

  • Matt LeeApril 26, 2017Reply

    It’s no Good Will Hunting, but it’s good!

    I’m a big fan of Matt Damon. While this isn’t his best performance, it
    certainly isn’t his worst either. This is not an academy award winner,
    but it’s still a lot of fun to watch. The visual effects are cheesy,
    but beautiful, and the same can be said about everything in this film.
    The plot is simple, and it’s great to just hear a story be told,
    without trying to connect it to several other films within the same
    universe, or a band of sequel. It’s just a simple, cliché movie with
    some good performances. It’s entertaining, not too complex, and overall
    just very interesting. If you rarely watch movies, watch La La Land or
    Kong: Skull Island instead. If you are an avid moviegoer, however, or
    are just looking for a light viewing, I cannot recommend this one
    enough! Generic, but still good!

  • philandritaApril 28, 2017Reply

    Worst Matt Damon film in history

    Awful script, premise, acting. Don’t know what the producers had to get
    Mattie and Willem Defoe involved in this drivel but certainly took one
    for whatever team on this one. Someone thought they’d combine Rings
    with Game of Thrones and thought putting Jason Bourne in would make it
    a blockbuster. Wrong. Don’t do it. Just don’t! Shocking.

  • Roberto RibeiroApril 28, 2017Reply

    In a word: exuberance

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Roman SMay 5, 2017Reply

    Why do we need a story?!

    I do not even know who benefits more, to Americans who do not know
    anything that is beyond the ocean or the Chinese, who want to prove
    that they built this Great Wall. When you do not know the history, you
    can believe in any fairy tale. If you write briefly, then this Great
    Wall was built by the ancestors of the Slavs for protection from the
    Chinese. If you do not believe, then answer the question: Why are
    loopholes directed towards China? 🙂

  • Daniel CaseyMay 7, 2017Reply

    Big budget expectations…low budget delivery.

    There are a lot of issues with this picture, and the well-publicized
    ‘whitewashing’ of it’s cast is the least of it’s worries. Zhang Yimou
    attempts to present us with complex action set pieces, mysterious
    antagonists and balletic, choreographed fight sequences but
    unfortunately he misses the mark by a wide margin. The CGI for example
    appears to have been rendered in two minutes flat and when the
    production had run out of cash. It is reminiscent of the levels of CGI
    quality not seen since the original Power Rangers movie (not too good).
    The fight sequences are so over the top, one wonders why a person need
    carry out five front rolls and a back flip in order to dispatch an
    enemy when a simple thrust of a spear will do…it’s difficult to find
    something to like. However, all is not lost. Matt Damon puts in a not
    too terrible performance (Strange quasi-British accent aside), neither
    does Tian Jing. The story is a relatively original and I would be lying
    if a said wasn’t left somewhat satisfied with some of the action
    sequences, regardless of the poor CGI. In short, not worth the price of
    admission but maybe worth a bowl of popcorn when it’s on the telly.

  • TonyMontana96May 7, 2017Reply

    When the character’s are nothing more than cannon fodder, it’s hard to care about what’s going on.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ArchAngel MichaelMay 9, 2017Reply

    Yimou’s Visual Brilliance Transcends Story

    Spoilers Ahead:

    First, yes, I am a Zhang Yimou fan, so I have a glaring bias for the
    movie. Most of Yimou’s movies are socialistic allegories attacking
    Feudal or capitalistic societies (Ju Dou, Raise The Red Lantern). While
    this is present here, it is much more understated than usual. There are
    just a few scenes: the woman general sizes up Damon asking him why he
    fights. Damon answers that war is a good way to eat and get a few coins
    along the way. He has fought for many flags, he really could not give a
    crap. This is where she walks away from him with disgust,”We are not so
    alike after all.” She dares him to do the bungee jump attack, with a
    spear off of the parapets, Damon is not big on her favorite
    word,”Trust.” She explains this is why they fight together, they trust
    each other. Damon agrees with her earlier assessment,”You were right,
    we are different, I trust nobody.” This is the motif, concealed deep
    inside of the narrative, the existential contrast of the mercenary duo
    of Damon and partner, there to steal some black powder versus the
    nationalistic Chinese who are protecting the Imperial City from the
    onslaught of these reptile looking nasties. The movie really is Damon
    being converted from worshiping money to learning to care for something
    else besides his personal financial benefit.

    Yes, detractors, it is not Raise The Red Lantern, or even Ju Dou, but
    is miles above that dreadful remake of Blood Simple, the Noodle Shop
    travesty. First, the movie is quite short, about ninety minutes: it
    moves from the first frame, I was not bored for a single minute.
    Yimou’s visual brilliance is on full display: from the multi-color
    armor, the stunning weapons and battle tactics: the beauty of the five
    thousand year old Chinese culture is on full display. The point of
    using a Caucasian, Damon, in the lead, is its synthesis with the
    thematic core: a refutation of the Occident’s worship of money as the
    only value upon which to center your society. The movie is best enjoyed
    by focusing upon Damon and his reaction to the Chinese culture. He,
    slowly, comes to move away from his mercenary value system to fighting
    for others. To his partner’s great irritation, he takes the entire
    movie, but he joins with them abandoning his crooked friends. Yimou
    seems to know that this will be a largely Western audience so his
    scathing assaults upon profit and landed elites here are reduced to
    this small, basic attack upon Money: People or Money, which do you
    choose? Those of you who disliked his more pedantic, socialistic movies
    (Curse Of The Golden Flower), will enjoy this much more.

    Yimou is aware of Damon’s acting problems, his character is limited to
    short phrases and sentences. Yimou wisely provides English / Chinese
    translations either through subtitles or other characters. As a
    philosopher, if you asked me the purpose of this allegory, it is of a
    piece with all his movies but embedded in a quickly paced action movie:
    Damon is shown an utterly alien way of life not predicated upon ripping
    people off and running away. The action comes with plenty of pop outs,
    they caused popcorn explosions, in my living room. Do not going into
    this expecting empirical reality; there are moments of pure fantasy.
    The strongest positive is the pacing, followed by Yimou’s usual visual
    stunning brilliance. Yes, obviously, it was congruent with my value
    system so I adored his message, as usual. As a pure action movie, there
    are great effects, surprises and good writing. The creatures turn out
    to be far more intelligent then the Chinese thought they were. Secrets
    about the creatures are discovered and the movie builds to a final
    showdown in the Imperial City, no less. The Chinese were humble enough
    to show their emperor cowering behind his throne when the beasties go
    all ‘end of the world’ upon his Golden Palace. China’s 5000 year old
    ancient culture is always a joy to behold. Yimou has always been a
    gateway, to Western eyes, to see a world shut off from us. Is this his
    best movie? No way, not by a mile. Commensurately better then the
    Noodle Shop or Golden Flower’s pedantic pushing of Communistic
    anti-feudalism, it is well worth watching.

    As to owning, I advise you watch it before you buy it. The exception is
    fellow Yimou fans, go ahead, it is way above his earlier lesser movies.
    Bear in mind, I even own Shanghai Triad, I love the man’s work and
    consider him to be a genius. Worthy Effort. Q.E.D.

    ”Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy: A Thousand Battles, A Thousand
    Victories.” Sun Tzu

  • devildog-80597May 9, 2017Reply

    A must watch for people who enjoy action movies

    So this is my first review. I’ve read them many times but never felt
    the need to contribute. However, I pre-purchased this movie and was
    surprised to see the poor review from Rotten Tomatoes. It seems people
    didn’t like this. I have no idea why. It’s a very fun movie that has
    just enough based in reality to make it believable. If you are looking
    for historic Great Wall ideas then stop watching a SCIFI Adventure
    movie. Got to the history channel. This is a movie with lots of
    adventure, a fun story and great acting. I highly recommend it.

  • Jack VeritasMay 11, 2017Reply

    Funniest Comedy Since ”The Room”.

    The movie is hilarious, side split-tingly funny. How the actors kept
    their faces straight and not bursting out with raucous laughter
    delivering perhaps this centuries greatest comedy achievement is a
    salute to their acting genius. This dead pan satirical comedy is
    brilliant and features deeply thought out mirthful observations and
    many unknown comical historical facts. – e.g. – Westerners are so dumb
    and dirty – it’s funny. Chinese are a brilliant (very clean) super
    advanced race who build a wall not tall enough and not tunnel proof =
    fails – it’s funny!. The Great Wall is built to keep out pretend
    monsters that don’t look real – it’s funny! Chinese women (no men!) are
    trained to bungee jump off the wall and spear the scary monsters on the
    other side! -it’s funny! Matt Damons man bun wig and toy bow – It’s
    funny! Trust me. It’s hilarious. You must trust. It’s all about trust.
    You must trust us. Trust me. Don’t think just trust, you can trust me,
    trust me.

    EDIT UPDATE:oops just found out this movie isn’t actually intended to
    be a comedy or satirical. My bad. It is in fact the most expensive turd
    ever polished. The glowing reviews are either outright paid for lies or
    by people with an extraordinary low IQ and/or those that have never
    read a book or seen a good movie in their life. Go on watch it. Laugh
    out loud at it’s atrociousness, then return to IMDb and read all the
    LOVED IT reviews again for more laughs.

  • diggus doggusMay 11, 2017Reply

    fun CGI romp with Matt Damon

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ijg3145May 12, 2017Reply

    No plot, no story, no explanation of what goes on.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sros 007May 12, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • evpierMay 12, 2017Reply

    Have I been punked???

    I watched this movie on a Sunday afternoon thinking it would be a
    historical drama worthy of having a high caliber actor such as Matt
    Damon starring in it. Instead, halfway through the movie, my buddy
    looked at me and said, ”are we being punked right now?” The plot is so
    SHOCKINGLY bad that it’s as if the producer kidnapped Damon’s kids and
    would only return them safely if he agreed to make this movie. As we
    left the theater, I said, ”I’m just mad I didn’t clean out my gutters
    today. It would’ve been a much better use of time than that.”

  • Elric KeehlMay 12, 2017Reply

    no nudity or unnecessary romantic scenes.

    Excellent movie….honestly if you can stomach the nonsense green
    screen graphics of iron man and other dc/marvel movies, then you will
    like this for sure if you’re into a mix of epics and historical.

    I just can’t understand why the really negative reviews abound. Some
    are cursing it for having foreign actors. Others about the political
    situation etc. And the poor director is even getting a caning.

    The story is about a legend. And it was wonderful to just sit back and
    let someone tell a story. I nearly didn’t go because of all the bad
    reviews but I am glad I went and made up my own mind.

    no nudity or unnecessary romantic scenes.

  • Sheikh Mehmood AhmedMay 12, 2017Reply

    An Exotic Action Saga with Colorful traditional Chinese along with mesmerizing visuals & breathtaking cinematography.. 🙂

    This is an excellent movie with great visuals, panoramic and action
    scenes, costumes, sets, wonderful acting and a crisp script..The movie
    tells a legend. And it tells it so beautifully.

    Matt Damon is just outstanding as the #Mercenary.. He always gives a
    fine performance as the hero.The plot is intense without any relax from
    begin to end, caught my attention all through the whole movie

    The scenes and the pictures are magnificent and beautiful..I loved the
    design of the monsters, they were genuinely frightening, and when they
    first arrive in the film.It has great star cast, tight direction and
    very, very cool looking action sequences

    Zhang Yimou creates exquisite visuals of the landscapes and vertiginous
    views from the walls heights

    .Overall it’s a treat for the eyes to watch this beautifully shot,
    well-acted action blockbuster…:)

  • Michal TichýMay 13, 2017Reply

    Jason Bourne’s ancestor in China

    Don’t understand low rankings here. Eve at the beginning of the movie,
    they say its a legend, so they do not pretend it is something more than
    a action fantasy. Its pretty nice movie to watch, action sequences are
    awesome. Story is not plastic, there is no cliché like man and woman
    ”hate” each other and then love each other and similar nonsense.
    Digital aspects, CGI can be smelled miles away but don’t have any
    problem with it. I do not think there are any boring, empty spaces in
    the story, or phases you wanna skip during second or third watching.
    Characters are very good, you can find your favorite player in the
    field as well as you can be blown away by the sceneries, large scales
    of shots, beast itself and the organization within the wall. The Great

  • improwise-248-181689May 13, 2017Reply

    Give me my 2 hours back

    Well, actually, it was more like 40 minutes before I decided I just
    could not watch any more of this mess.

    What was Matt thinking doing this? Or is this a film that will only
    make sense in China? Questions I will never know the answer to, just as
    how this movie ends.

    Stay away.

  • kosmaspMay 13, 2017Reply

    Wall of History

    I have to admit, after all the criticism the movie received and the
    stigma of a box office failure (although it apparently didn’t do so
    badly overall, especially around the world generally and China
    specifically), I was expecting a mess. I didn’t get that. And I only
    watched the 2D version of the movie, but you can spot the scenes where
    they enhanced the visuals for a 3D effect.

    So while this isn’t a masterclass in acting, it’s not like it’s Razzies
    worthy either. The effects are really good and there is a lot of action
    and things blowing up. Stunts wise this looks good and there is not
    really a story, but that doesn’t really matter now does it? You get
    enough excitement and that’s what the movie promised. Nothing more,
    nothing less

  • capone666May 15, 2017Reply

    The Vidiot Reviews…

    The Great Wall

    If China were smart they would’ve got the Mongols to pay for the Great
    Wall to be built.

    Oddly, the intruders in this fantasy movie are not even of Earth.

    Searching for China’s famed black powder, mercenaries Garin (Matt
    Damon) and Pero (Pedro Pascal) are attacked by mysterious creatures,
    and survive.

    When they are later captured by the military, Commander Mae (Jing Tian)
    tells them of the horde and their need to cleanse the earth of avarice.
    Intrigued, Garin agrees to help kill the colony’s queen. Insatiable,
    Pero teams with another captive (Willem Dafoe) to pilfer the explosive

    With a multitude of highly stylized battles imbued with eye-popping
    aerial attacks in a kaleidoscope of colours, this visually striking
    creature feature has a very familiar script and an unintentionally
    hilarious performance from Damon that borders on campy.

    And while China’s Great Wall did deterred invaders, it inadvertently
    encouraged graffiti artists.

    Yellow Light

  • doctorboatMay 15, 2017Reply

    Uhh it was good.. but not great.

    I watched ‘The Great Wall’ Because of Zhang Yimou. He is my favourite
    director, so I had hopes that I would be pleasantly surprised by this
    movie. Out of the 13 films of his I have seen so far, it probably is my
    least favourite. But it had it’s moments.

    Pros: Of course the cinematography, it’s pretty awesome throughout the
    film. With enough natural beauty combined with some great action-
    shots. The action is decent. With only a few of close-ups and a small
    amount of edits, so you can see what is going on. Plus ‘The Nameless
    Order’ are entertaining to watch when you see the
    contraptions/techniques they use. The set is brilliant, along with the
    costume design. Red for Archers, Blue for Crane troops. I’ve got time
    for that. Most of the acting is good. Jing Tian as Commander Lin was
    the standout for me. Considering the language barrier, you shouldn’t
    expect top levels of delivery. But generally, its alright. The score is
    also fairly solid.

    Cons: Willem Dafoe. Why was he here? Who knows.. The Taoties are pretty
    poor. Generally a pretty dull design, and special effects that are
    nothing to right home about. Sometimes they look okay, but other times
    they completely clash with the awesome set/costumes and you can see how
    average they look. Matt Damon’s accent. Its okay most of the time, but
    he has random lines which come out as American.. I think I heard some
    Scottish in there on occasion? The pace was completely off. It says 103
    mins, but the credits start at 92 mins. It’s too short for what it
    wanted to accomplish. It rushes from point to point, with little to no
    explanation as to why. Things just happen because they need to happen
    that way. And we must get there somehow! And I think because of this it
    seems the plot has problems. I think the plot is actually not bad,
    There’s just not enough time to tell it all.

    Conclusion: If you want a fun, short action/fantasy film, you will
    probably get some enjoyment here. If you want an interesting world with
    a deep story, it’s too short for that and you would be better of
    finding something else.

  • MovieChopper11May 15, 2017Reply

    Big budget does not mean big movie!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • beej44May 16, 2017Reply

    Lord Of The Wings or Wangs if you prefer


    That about sums it up. It’s Tolkien meets a Chinese creature feature.
    Preposterous from start to finish, but I guess it’s an OK way to take
    your mind off of the chaos of a Trump presidency for an hour or so.

    Still trying to figure out what accent Matt Damon thought he was using.
    It appears to be a cross between Irish and Klingon.

  • juliejones-59443May 16, 2017Reply

    Surprisingly good

    Wasn’t expecting to enjoy this film but I was rapt soon in, fabulous
    acting and brilliant images, what a feast for the eyes and an adventure
    that dragged you along, (so not my normally my kind of thing) but
    amazing and recommended to everyone, the visuals are amazing, very
    stunning film

  • J. (CountJonnie)May 16, 2017Reply

    Uninspired mess

    Even if you ignore the countless clichés which you’ve seen before, and
    try to watch the movie as a product of its own, it’s still a mess. You
    have a movie that tried to present itself as a period piece, with
    fantasy, action where East and West meet.

    West consists out of the most flat Matt Damon you’ve ever seen, which
    would put Keanu Reeves to shame. And Pedro Pascal as the witty
    sidekick. Why they’re there is the most simple side-plot ever, as an
    excuse to have a white hero.

    East consists out of eye candy that seems out of place from the 1st
    second. The choreography of every move is amazing. But the clichés are
    so thick, that you stop caring for the eastern individuals faster than
    fast, which makes every person forgettable and hardly contributing to
    the absent plot.

    And there it is. The plot is one of the worst stories you might
    remember in a while, with plot holes that could fill the entire Chinese
    Wall, which in this movie is downgraded to a background gimmick.

    Maybe the movie would have been better without the whitewashing, but
    maybe it’s so bad, it couldn’t be saved at all. Unfortunately it is now
    just a Matt Damon movie, which has even Matt Damon wondering what the
    heck he is doing here, which is the same question many moviegoers might
    ask themselves.

    4 for the visuals, and the choreography, NOT for the story and acting.

  • Nadson FreemanMay 17, 2017Reply

    When English warriors appear in ancient civilizations

    As we can see in movies like ”47 Ronins” with Keanu Reeves as
    protagonist, an hybrid English- Japanese warrior, teaching an army of
    samurais how to fight against a powerful sorceress and one army leaded
    by a tyrant, ”The Great Wall” with Matt Damon is another bad joke for
    Asian countries to see. An English warrior-trader looking for ”powder
    of destruction” to make fortune on Europe. But before it happen, he
    will teach for thousands of Chinese warriors of an ancient civilization
    with more than 6000 years of existence how to fight properly with
    arrows and bow and swords against an ancient evil that appear
    repetedely in a lapse of time, 60 years, threatening the very existence
    of the Chinese empire. The script is not good and looks like the actors
    and producers were more worried about spending the multimillionaire
    budget than making a good movie. A disaster. A waste of money and cast.
    By the way, this was the first time that I saw William Dafoe do a very
    bad movie.

  • Des ReeMay 17, 2017Reply

    This a wrong story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bearmyneMay 18, 2017Reply

    Very enjoyable.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • a-saif200819May 18, 2017Reply

    Complete waste of time.

    Do not watch until you have a lot of time to kill and not good movies
    in hand to watch. Had a great expectation and Matt Damon was there. The
    full movie just failed in everything. Seems like fantasize child
    cartoon to me. Matt Damon tried but every one else did you weird acting
    .Horrible story and graphics. Wasted some good times.

  • gianni_valenzaMay 18, 2017Reply

    Two hours of my life was wasted…

    Do you call this ”something” a movie? I really don’t know what
    psychotropic substance the screenplay writer was using, but that was
    really really powerful! Everything has a limit, and this movie
    surpassed by far all my limits. Definitely two hours of my life was

    Just to point out some minus of this movie: absence of characters
    description and their human relationships, poor cgi effects, ridiculous

    Please majors stop playing us as fools because we’re not!

  • rehamsMay 19, 2017Reply

    Entertaining commentary on China and the world – past and present

    For a great many years, the West has been the dominating force in the
    world, some would say we still are economically and militarily, however
    the West is no longer culturally dominant. The opposite in fact, much
    of the world, notably China has rejected the post-modernist Western

    And thus we stand in 2017 with China, a dominant economic power,
    looking to build its own culture and mythos, and just as important, to
    bring this culture to the rest of the world to influence and persuade
    ”the barbarians” as the West used to do with Hollywood.

    That makes for an interesting watch. What does China want to show us,
    how does China intend to seduce and persuade the westerner? The Great
    Wall tells us a great deal about that.

    The Great Wall has a simple but effective plot. Two Western mercenaries
    travel to China to trade for black powder, but end up almost getting
    killed by some beasts. It turns out these beasts, the Tao Tei, are
    amassing to attack and devour China, the last stand for humanity
    against the evil hordes and that’s where the wall comes into play,
    built to repel not the Mongols, but the Tao Tei.

    The Tao Tei, or Taotie, are a mythical creature from Chinese mythology,
    a symbol of greed and gluttony. The battle at the wall, becomes a
    metaphor, the Middle Kingdom, walling itself off, despite its implied
    superiority, to not succumb to greed and gluttony and want of the

    Similarly, the Chinese are portrayed to know the power of gunpowder,
    but to refrain from using it, due to its devastating power. The
    machinations of propaganda is felt.

    The movie does many thing well. It’s very pretty, its use of color
    almost kaleidoscopic in its beauty. It’s nice to see something which
    isn’t shades of gray, brown and black, so common in Western cinema. It
    has some fine battle scenes, worthy of Lord of The Rings (a clear
    inspiration), though they do drag out.

    I found the most interesting parts in the meetings between the
    mercenaries, Matt Damon’s role, vs the very pretty Chinese actress.
    Here we get to see the Westerner as viewed by the Chinese. They – we –
    are selfish, individualistic, adrift in a pursuit of fortune, but we’re
    also brave and strong. We do stink though (take multiple showers a day
    when visiting China).

    As the film progresses, the selfish rogue Matt Damon seems to find
    purpose, trust and sacrifice in the Chinese hierarchy and order. No
    doubt a clear message intended for western youth: You are adrift a sea
    of individualism and material want. We offer you order, grounding,

    It’s well done. I like it. If this is how China intends to deal with
    the world we are probably going to get along. I believe most of the
    negative reviews are from Hollywood insiders and fans, many of whom
    probably do not like the message portrayed to us here. How does it feel
    when the shoe is on the other foot huh? I give it 7 stars.
    Entertaining, not great, amusing at times, rarely thrilling. Lacks
    humor and romance. Maybe next time will be better?

  • hieslMay 21, 2017Reply

    Better then a lot of people said

    The Movie was better than a lot of people said. The Setting was Great
    and the Actors are nice but the CGI Effects often not Hollywoodlike.
    Some of the Scenes they attack the wall make me thinking on the World
    War Z Zombies. But away from that, i like the Movie. If you like movies
    like Lord of the Rings and Tiger and Dragon …. give it a chance.

  • Fernan AnatsanMay 21, 2017Reply

    A Losing of Big Resources

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Fernan AnatsanMay 21, 2017Reply

    A Losing of Big Resources in a Very Bad Movie

    About The Great Wall:

    First, a group of great actors (Matt Damon, Tian Jing, Willem Dafoe,
    Pedro Pascal, etc), the biggest China budget for a movie for the moment
    ($150.000.000 ), a very good special effect and a promising fantasy
    story that could haven been the beginning of a trilogy or more…

    But incredibly or not, with all this resources, the director lose all
    this opportunity in a really very bad directing in all aspect. A very
    simple, predictable and bad plot. No suspense, no new expecting of
    something different happen, because the plot is too easy, even for a 8,
    9 or 10 years old child. The acting, of all that good actors, was
    average or very poor, totally disappointing for the expectation created
    around them.

    Finally, I must to say, the movie is a little entertaining and funny,
    but no more. Even with all that resources in the hand, the movie could
    haven been a great Epic fantasy movie, but no, really is a great

    I give it 5 out of 10… Only for the special effects.

  • prince movieMay 22, 2017Reply

    b- movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tony Heck ([email protected])May 22, 2017Reply

    This is a movie that many people will probably like, but for me it was just a mistake in Damon’s career

    ”Trust in each other in all ways at all times.” William (Damon) and his
    partner are searching the Chinese countryside looking for black powder
    to take back to his city. One night they are attacked by a strange
    creature and then captured by an army. While they are being told of
    their punishment the army is attacked and William steps in to help
    defend the wall. This act of courage catches the eye of the generals
    and William changes from being an outlaw and a thief to a defender and
    leader. This is a movie that is hard to talk about. The premise isn’t
    all that terrible, but the movie is so over the top cheesy that all of
    the drama is lost in the laughter. The best part about the movie is
    that it moves quick and there is a lot of action. On the other hand,
    the action and the creature battles are the cheesiest parts of the
    movie. This is a movie that many people will probably like, but for me
    it was just a mistake in Damon’s career. Overall, it’s a good thing the
    movie moved quick because it would have been hard to watch otherwise. I
    give this a C.

  • jon-899-92827May 22, 2017Reply

    Great fun!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • fung0May 22, 2017Reply

    Exceeds Expectations

    What were people expecting? The Great Wall IS a movie about medieval
    Chinese soldiers fighting hordes of lizard-like alien creatures. And
    guess what? It’s a pretty good one. I can only assume people are
    criticizing it either because they don’t like the genre itself, or for
    some misguided political reason.

    A few things worth pointing out:

    * The set-up, with Matt Damon as a sort of Marco Polo knock-off, is
    just historically credible enough, and reminiscent of many classic
    adventure films.

    * The top-of-the-wall tactics used by the Chinese – including a
    primitive bungee jump – are highly inventive, and great fun to watch.

    * The CGI lizards are very well presented. They feel real, uniquely
    Chinese, and very dangerous. Matt Damon’s fights with them are fluid
    and exciting.

    * The art design is stupendous, up to some of Yimou Zhang’s more
    obviously ‘art’ films. The colored armor of the Chinese troops is quite
    dazzling. The balloon sequence is a hoot, evocative of Jules Verne.

    * All the roles are well played. Matt Damon is his usual likable self,
    and Tian Jing is particularly charismatic as the somewhat conflicted
    Chinese officer. Dastardly Willem Dafoe (clearly having a ball on his
    Chinese holiday) adds a nice counterpoint.

    * The storyline is just about what you’d expect – which is NOT a bad
    thing in a genre film. Not when it’s handled this expertly, and when it
    manages to dodge any number of obvious clichés. (For example, possible
    romantic entanglements do not play out according to the usual formula.)

    No, this is certainly not a ground-breaking film in any cinematic
    sense. But it is a competent one, and a very entertaining one. It
    stands up well against other films in the ‘monster’ or ‘zombie’ genres,
    which too often suffer from creaky dialog and low-budget staging. And
    it’s vastly better in every way than self-conscious action films like
    The Expendables – yet currently shows a lower score (6.1 vs 6.5).
    That’s unfair, and misleading to the many fantasy fans who’d really
    enjoy this film if they gave it a proper chance.

    That really is the point: if you enjoy this TYPE of film, you should
    enjoy The Great Wall. Do not go in expecting an exquisite, meditative
    classic like Raise the Red Lantern. This is Yimou having some fun,
    flexing his pure-entertainment muscles, and helping to move the
    burgeoning Chinese film industry into more direct competition with
    mainstream Hollywood. Get yourself a big bowl of popcorn (or the
    Chinese equivalent), and enjoy the ride.

  • idylwoodMay 23, 2017Reply

    Great film in 3D

    I really enjoyed this film. I saw it in 3D and it was magnificent. I am
    sorry to see it is not available in 3D in the U.S. So many people are
    going to miss out on the way this film was meant to be seen. A great
    pop-corn movie. Beautifully photographed, well acted and fascinating
    story line. Critics should not be allowed into this type of film as
    they don’t seem to get that it is designed for people who enjoy
    adventure and spectacle. All they do is pick it apart wanting it to be
    something it isn’t. Some films are made for pure enjoyment not for
    moral purposes. Go and rent this film, most people will surely enjoy
    the experience. Let yourself go and don’t over think it.

  • LawLess39May 25, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Bob RutzelMay 25, 2017Reply

    Very Impressive. Better than expected

    Mercenaries William (Matt Damon) and Tovar (Pedro Pascal) are on their
    way to China to obtain the black powder (gun powder. The Chinese
    invented it). They kill a monster in a cave, but take the hand of the
    monster to later determine what it was they killed. They are captured
    by the Chinese of the Nameless Order. The Chinese are impressed that
    these two killed the monster. An alert sounds and The Great Wall is
    being attacked by the monsters called the Taotie. William and Tovar
    join in the fight, but what they really want is to get the black powder
    and leave.

    This is a most impressive movie. Almost epic like. The story is not
    true as it is based upon a Chinese Legend. The acting is excellent all
    around and, the CGI with the monsters (that seem to have an
    intelligence unlike before as the monsters only come out and attack
    every 60-years) makes this quite real and frightening. The fight scenes
    against the monsters and choreography are truly impressive. No other
    way to say it. Kudos. We see Chinese weapons that are hardly ever seen.

    A pretty Commander Lin (Tian Jing) says to end the fight against the
    monsters is to kill the Queen. Can they do it? Hmmm……

    Notable: Willem Dafoe as Ballard, who came to China to get the black
    powder and has been there for 25-yrs as they won’t let him leave with
    that secret.

    This is truly an impressive movie and was better than expected as it is
    extremely well done. (9/10)

    Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: No.

  • ykrahMay 26, 2017Reply


    One of the worst movies ever made. It was like watching your
    13-year-old stepchild play annoying video games to attempt and make
    some desperate connection. Nothing made sense from the beginning. It
    was like a cross between an animated version of Jurassic Park meets The
    Mask of Fu Manchu (1932) meets the absolute worst movie you’ve ever

    Miscast Hollywood actors (Damon, Defoe) who are out to make a few extra
    spending bucks sell their acting souls to the Devil (2010), another
    awful flick. You can only hope they didn’t bother to read the script
    before they signed.

    Note to Matt Damon. Stick to your pretty boy flicks. You’re no Leonardo
    DiCaprio. Please don’t do this again or you’ll lose your fan base that
    has an IQ over 50. Uhg! Embarrassing.

  • Ferd BerfelMay 26, 2017Reply

    almost but not quite

    Great costumes and scenery, decent CGI effects, but only fair acting.
    My wife and I like SciFi and Fantasy movies if done well. One of the
    most annoying parts of this flick was Damon seeming to sleep walk
    through his scenes. His physical acting was just fine. He just never
    seemed to be able to emote to match the scene, but then that’s been his
    rap since day one. His flat performance subtracted from the overall
    good movie.

    There were a few other annoying devices in the movie as well. The
    bungee jumping women warriors was just plain silly. The Chinese are
    well known for training special squads of women warriors, body guards,
    and assassins so their appearance in this tale is not surprising.
    However, the woman taking command of the entire army was an anachronism
    based on modern day thinking rather than historical period culture of

  • plamena (insaniity)May 27, 2017Reply

    an excellent film

    At first, I was reluctant to see this film because of the bad reviews,
    but I am truly grateful for my curiosity which led me to give it a
    chance. Spectacular battle scenes, visuals were also fantastic, the
    sounds were impressive and gave me goosebumps. I definitely enjoyed the
    story being about a legend and, specifically, being narrated like that.
    Also, cheers to the fact that there were no unnecessary love/drama
    scenes – the film was pure and enjoyable, with no distractions or too
    complex plot.

  • TheHaratashi .May 28, 2017Reply

    Great movie!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • imdb-45May 28, 2017Reply

    Awkward, embarrassingly cheesy, laughably bad script

    Wow. The dialogue in this legend is wooden, stilted and as dense as the
    Great Wall. I’m not sure whether Damon has been losing his interest in
    acting, with his appearing pretty bored and going through the motions
    in Jason Bourne. Here with a terrible script and with each actor
    sounding like they are reading off of a script, Damon appears even more
    stilted and awkward. And you know things are off to a bad start when
    Damon delivers an impossible series of arrow shots to the delight of
    the crowd and total disbelief of the audience watching this travesty.

    Many have complained that the white man coming to save the Chinese was
    a horrible whitewashing of this movie. To the contrary. It’s so
    ludicrous that it doesn’t matter who plays Damon. Supposedly an orphan,
    given to an army of mercenaries at 8, he learns to fight by starting
    with cleaning the bathrooms and then rising in the ranks. Him and his
    men are off in search of the black powder that turns into fire
    (gunpowder) but gets caught in China by an army trying to fight an army
    of overgrown lizards.

    Even Willem Defoe can’t save this laughable farce. He’s as awkwardly
    placed in this film just like everyone else and his lines are just as
    stilted. And when you hear the actors delivering lines, you’ll notice
    that they pull up short often because another character is supposed to
    interrupt them to say something naturally. Except you’ll notice them
    giving each other space as what happens when people read from a script
    and the timing isn’t perfect so as to sound natural.

    Don’t say you weren’t warned. It’s an awkward fun farce if you can turn
    off your brain and just pretend like it’s Jurassic Park in medieval
    times and white super soldier has come to save the day with his
    legendary set of skills. And the fact that the general leading the
    Chinese army is a hot looking female…. well…. prepare the usual
    cliché of ”we are not alike at all… but we are alike… and we’ll
    obviously put aside our differences because this film is so darn

    Let the farce begin.

  • Mr.BigMay 29, 2017Reply

    This is a fantastic Kung Fu – Action – Ancient Fairy Tale type of movie.

    Ignore the trolls. This is a fantastic Kung Fu – Action – Ancient Fairy
    Tale type of movie. It’s like Crouching Tiger meets Pacific Rim, meets
    Lord of the Rings meets Jules Vern. If you don’t get that, then yes you
    will probably not like this type of film.

    Cinematography is stunning. Costumes are amazing.

    My girlfriend is already working on her Lin Mae costume for Halloween.

    Interesting how much time some people devote to writing negative
    reviews? Anyone who writes 6 paragraphs explaining their ”1 Star
    Review” obviously has a pre-existing condition and has no idea what a
    true ”1 Star Movie” really is.

  • dcarsonhagyMay 29, 2017Reply

    The Great Wall…of Poop

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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