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The Hoarder

The Hoarder

Some things should never be locked away.May. 21, 2015 UK86 Min.
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8.8 1,673 votes

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Ella discovers a terrifying secret when she becomes trapped in an underground storage facility. To survive she must join forces with a group of strangers, each with something to hide.

The Hoarder
The Hoarder
The Hoarder
Original titleThe Hoarder
IMDb Rating4.5 1,495 votes
TMDb Rating4.5 38 votes

(17) comments

  • Finfrosk86June 2, 2015Reply

    You will not be blown away

    Frightfest 2015! Whoop! -Is where I saw this.

    This one is kind of uneven. Some parts are pretty cool and quite
    entertaining, other parts though, they are not that great. I loved
    seeing Robert Knepper! I was a big fan of his on Prison Break, shame he
    doesn’t get more work. (he alone bumps this up a star, that’s how much
    I love that dude!)

    With some minor changes it could have been a lot better. You are
    wondering what’s going on for most of the movie, but the pay off isn’t
    that good, unfortunately. I did not like the ending, either.

    It’s one of those movies, where something just isn’t quite right.
    Doens’t quite fit. Plus the fact that the plot it self isn’t quite
    right. It is a little creepy in a couple of scenes, but it’s just not

  • Bloodmarsh KrackoonOctober 6, 2015Reply

    It’s that time of year again…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Bumble7October 10, 2015Reply

    You’ve probably seen this before

    I thought this could’ve been something scary. There actually were some
    10 minutes where I was quite scared, but after that first moments of
    suspense, the rest got too generic and predictable. I did watch it
    through to the end, although I was tempted to quit more than once.

    The storyline is pretty old and I bet you’ve already seen it in a few
    other movies yourself:

    – A group of people are trapped in some place or another (in a cottage
    in the woods, on a boat, in some old castle or warehouse) – Someone or
    something evil is set loose

    – group tries to escape but mysterious things prevent them form

    – instead of staying together, some girl will separate from the others
    and follow a creepy noise into a dark place (”hello? is there anybody
    out there in that creepy forest / tunnel / cave? Maybe the psychopath
    that killed my boyfriend / husband / friend 10 minutes ago?”)

    – another girl will try to run away, being chased, then trip over
    nothing, and stay there screaming while ”the evil” hunts her down etc.

    You know those ingredients – you’ve seen them often before.

    The only thing new here to me was the setting in an underground
    self-storage, which I thought had some original ideas that served those
    few scary moments.

    I feel kind of sorry for the director. It feels like this is the
    desperate (but futile) attempt to fulfill his lifelong childhood dream
    of producing a super scary blockbuster. In a ”i can do it” and ”nobody
    can stop me” brute force way, he tries to patch up all those holes in
    the illogical and inconsistent story just to quickly get to the end.

    If you don’t watch this – you won’t be missing out on anything…

  • FlowOctober 11, 2015Reply

    Wasn’t all that bad.

    This right here is a combination between Creep and Blood Shed, heading
    more towards the second one sadly, Creep being quite an OK horror.
    Still why the hate? Between a big budged horror with known actors and a
    little poor project, lately, indies are doing far better than those
    massive productions. At least here I have no expectations and often
    enough I end up impressed.

    So, I’m going to jump straight to the bad part. The kills! You just
    don’t get to see too many, and when they do happen, they are kinda
    hidden, masked, budget clearly didn’t help a lot so they made the best
    of it I guess. Considering this is a horror movie, of course we would
    like to see some nice kill shots but it is just not the case here.

    Secondly, the acting, was bad. It is quite amateurish like, either over
    the top or just no soul whatsoever. The dialogue itself is another
    minus to the movie, rather lousy job here.

    Overall, I graded it a 4, it does provide some tension, has a better
    plot than most, it did kept me waiting for more and it worked fine for
    one late raining night. I love horror, so I tend to be a tad bid
    tolerant to this genre.


  • elizrugOctober 28, 2015Reply

    Couldn’t make it through the whole movie

    Wow…this movie is pretty bad. The story is lame, the premise is as
    used as a diaper in a nursery, and the acting, especially Mischa
    Barton’s, is…acting, and lame acting, at that.

    A good actor doesn’t allow the viewer to see that he/she is acting.
    That’s the point. If you’re watching this and all you see is Mischa
    Barton, then she’s not really portraying her character, is she? Maybe I
    should have watched to the end to see if there was rhyme or reason to
    the flick, but I couldn’t be bothered.

    Life is way to short to waste on bad films. Trust the review on this
    one, the ones that say it’s not worth your time.

  • emberstonepierceNovember 2, 2015Reply

    A nice twist on a slasher flick.

    Although this is a plot we’ve all seen many times before in previous
    films, this movie harks back to the style of the ’80’s horror film and
    is surprisingly entertaining. With an interesting setting and cast, it
    brings a modern twist to the concept of people being trapped and
    stalked. Although not really very frightening (more of a thriller
    really, with little blood and gore) it’s a film that keeps you on the
    edge of your seat and contains some shocking twists and turns as the
    narrative progresses. The finale is well done and doesn’t leave
    unanswered questions for the viewer, really making you think about the
    fate of the characters and the choices they made.

  • tmdarbyNovember 2, 2015Reply

    Great idea, poorly acted

    Not a terrible movie, but certainly not great. I thought the idea was
    very promising for a horror movie. Storage units are creepy. I’m not
    sure what happened to Mischa Barton, but somewhere along the line she
    has completely forgotten how to act. She was just horrible in this. She
    was constantly over acting and obvious about it.

    The movie itself was fairly decent, not a lot of special effects to
    ruin it, and a pretty decent twist to the story that I didn’t see

    Not a bad movie to watch if you are a fan of horror, but don’t expect
    too much.

  • Jodie RossoNovember 6, 2015Reply

    Shocking acting, watch at your own peril!

    This film in theory should be amazing and creepy as hell. Instead, the
    only thing scary is the acting by the mono tone Mischa Barton. Three
    minutes in and I am in pain watching her. Ten minutes in and I realise
    that, in order to make it through this film I will have to pretend its
    a spoof comedy and pray she dies at the end for my satisfaction. I am
    only thirty minutes in and more bad actors have presented themselves
    which leads me to believe it was the director who must have been drunk
    on set to allow this film to go into production. To summarise, storage
    units are creepy, its a great story line but utterly ruined by acting
    that could have been out staged by a school play starring five year
    olds. If I make it through the rest of the film without chewing my own
    arm off out of frustration i shall include an update, if i don’t….

  • Bradford MaxwellDecember 6, 2015Reply

    It was…well, this is what I think

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • garret-mccannApril 20, 2016Reply

    A frustrating waste of time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gtyoshida-24540May 12, 2016Reply

    A Smart Horror Film

    ”The Hoarder” is a smart horror film that gets A+ across the board; set
    design, plot, dialogue, and acting are all first class. Ella (Mischa
    Barton) and her edgy friend want to snoop in her fiancee’s storage
    locker as she suspects him of cheating. The facility is attractive,
    modern, and well managed compelling the audience to embrace the movie
    then recoil in horror as the normality takes a horrible twist, a
    technique perfected by the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, who
    directed movies such as ”The Birds” and ”Marnie. This is the best story
    line for any movie genre written in decades and casts a poor light on
    the 4.5 rating on the IMDb website.

  • Adam_West_as_BatdanMay 29, 2016Reply

    The Snorer… I mean The Borer… Or was it The Hoarder? Sometimes called The Stunker, no The Bunker… Better call it just: crap to avoid confusion

    There was a time when Mischa Barton was thought to be the next up and
    coming starlet in Hollywood.

    Those days are far behind and in recent years she’s been stuck with
    being something of scream-queen in low-budget direct to DVD horrors,
    but the prolem is that for a scream-queen she barely screams heck she
    barely reacts.

    I am unsure why she’s constantly cast but then I suppose most people
    would have had the common sense that when they read the script to this
    movie they would realised that it would suck there and then, but I
    suppose that is why she doesn’t really bother she knows it wouldn’t
    help and I suppose a paycheck is a paycheck after all.

    And I suppose she is no worse than the rest of the cast in this movie,
    Robert Knepper who was brilliant in Prison Break feels like he’s
    sleep-walking through the movie, better yet sleep-acting.

    If you want something that’s sort of reminiscent with this (except 5
    times better) ‘Creep (2004)’ with Franka Potente is a good choice.

    If you want something where Misca Barton is actually good then ‘The
    Assassination of a High School President (2008)’ is a good choice.

  • kosmaspJuly 21, 2016Reply

    Business as usual

    This wouldn’t be so bad, if it weren’t for the clichés and some of the
    actors (for various reasons, either while they probably can’t do any
    better or because their roles have been underwritten). Take Mischa
    Barton: She was ”working” perfectly in OC, but since then has not found
    a place in the ”acting”/movie business.

    But while the movie does pack a punch or two (the ending is either too
    good for the movie or will annoy you, because the movie seemed to go to
    a different place), the overall feeling gets undermined by many
    factors, another one being the script/dialog. It’s a shame really,
    especially considering all the places this could’ve gone (no pun

  • a_baronDecember 10, 2016Reply

    The Hoarder

    How good can a film be when mostly it entails a group of people walking
    around in a building which at times is semi-dark or dark dark? Better
    than you think. Ella is marrying a wealthy banker, but she is a tad
    suspicious about him, so recruits a shady friend to prise open his
    storage unit and read his secret diary. When they arrive at the
    depository she misreads the number, and instead of going to the third
    floor below ground they go to the lower basement where unsuspectingly
    they open the door to Hell. What appears to be a sub-human creature
    grabs and kills the unfortunate Molly, leaving Ella to flee to a higher
    level where she meets up with a corrupt detective, a morphine addict,
    an advertising executive, and a creepy guy she had met on the way down
    who is actually living in a unit having lost his job and been kicked
    out by his landlord.

    What happens next is predictable but not so, there is a twist in the
    tale, and if it were not for the unhappy ending, it would earn a full
    10 points. Of course, for some people an unhappy ending is really a
    happy ending, and vice versa.

  • (ikeybabe)December 28, 2016Reply

    Your Average Scary Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Peter Pluymers ([email protected])January 20, 2017Reply

    Be warned. Never nose through someone else’s possessions.

    It’s safe to skip ”The Hoarder”. You won’t miss much. Despite the
    original concept, regarding the used location, it’s still a deplorable
    lousy film. For the simple reason that there’s hardly anything
    happening the whole movie. It really isn’t exciting or tense. For the
    umpteenth time it’s about a number of individuals being trapped and
    chased by a murderous creature. In the end, you’ll know what it’s about
    and where the creature comes from. But it isn’t really impressive. And
    since it’s a horror, you would expect some bloody scenes. Don’t keep
    your hopes up. When someone is being murdered, it all happens out of
    view most of the time. Probably the low budget has something to do with

    As I mentioned earlier, the location where everything happens is quite
    unique. It all starts the night Ella (Mischa Barton) has doubts about
    the sincerity of her fiancé. At once she gets this brilliant idea to go
    to the building where her fiancé hires a storage unit together with her
    best friend Molly (Emily Attack. What’s in a name). Isn’t it
    fascinating? How does she know he’s hiding a diary there among other
    rubbish? This item could bring solace about the past of her fiancé.
    Unfortunately it’s not only someone else’s mess, full of nostalgia and
    secrets hidden for the outside world, which is stored here. There are
    other things on a secret floor where those two cows end up in despite
    the security measures. And as always, thanks to those two ladies,
    trouble lurks around the corner. Before they know it, they are stuck in
    the building along with several other strangers, and are attacked by a
    nasty-looking creature with a stitched mouth.

    All in all, the beginning was promising. It wasn’t as if I was watching
    a low-budget film. And honestly, the performances of Barton and Attack
    weren’t so bad. And the moment Robert Knepper turned up, in the shape
    of the serving policeman Vince, things became more interesting. He
    looked familiar to me (I’ve probably seen him in some kind of
    television program). What pleased me the most was the fact that they
    didn’t create for the umpteenth time a group with those typical
    archetypes (such as the sporty hunk and his blonde bimbo, a nerd, a
    Goth-chick …). It’s a heterogeneous group consisting of regular,
    everyday people who stored their belongings in that building. Most
    commendable interpretation was provided by Andrew Buckley as the not so
    athletically looking Stephen, who runs the place.

    What annoyed me the most, was the building and its facilities. It
    looked like Fort Knox with that high-tech security and immaculate
    corridors. It resembled a modern atomic shelter. But how old were those
    elevators? Guess the designers of this ultramodern building tried to
    save some money apparently. And the firm responsible for the
    installation of the lighting, probably was the cheapest alternative.
    I’m sure an amateur delivered that work. The designer of this lighting
    automatically deserves a slap in the face with a fluorescent tube. And
    finally, some of the performances were appalling bad. Also, when it
    comes to the conversations, the timing was really strange sometimes. A
    non-human killer wanders through the corridors, but they need to argue
    about a failed marriage and money issues. Weird.

    ”The Hoarder” certainly isn’t an awfully bad film, but it wasn’t really
    impressive either. Even the final denouement wasn’t captivating enough.
    The claustrophobic setting and the threat of the stapled being didn’t
    create any discomfort or tension. And the film is packed with illogical
    situations. Apparently, sweeping an electronic card a few times, is
    sufficient enough to make it work even though it’s not the right card.
    The only thing I thought in the end was : ”Ah, that’s what’s
    happening”. Not more and not less. So don’t expect an astonishing
    denouement or twist. Believe me, it’s not mandatory to watch ”The

    More reviews here :

  • renonatvFebruary 22, 2017Reply

    Saw it. The film is called BUNKER -spoiler alert-

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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