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The Intern

The Intern

Experience never gets oldSep. 24, 2015 USA121 Min.PG-13
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70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker has discovered that retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin.

The Intern
The Intern
The Intern
The Intern
The Intern
The Intern
The Intern
The Intern
The Intern
The Intern
Original titleThe Intern
IMDb Rating7.1 159,762 votes
TMDb Rating7.1 1627 votes

(347) comments

  • chaplinman13September 17, 2015Reply

    Pretty funny, great story all can relate to no matter your age or sex. NOT a romance.

    I caught an advance screening of this last night. The theater was close
    to being packed with men, woman and children. The movie was
    surprisingly quite funny; didn’t know anything about it before viewing.
    The entire theater ended up cracking up numerous times. There were
    various times I felt bad for De Niro’s character, but he was optimistic
    and didn’t let it effect him, so it was great. There were a couple of
    instances I would have never guessed things about the movie. There is
    one scenario in the story that is tough; what would you do if put in
    that circumstance. I believe ages 20-80 can relate to this movie. We
    had De Niro’s aspect as well as Hathaway’s. Good storyline. The
    ”Intern” group of guys were funny too. I’d see this again.

  • floguy-00231September 17, 2015Reply

    A movie whose time has come …

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mikipryor-1September 17, 2015Reply

    Who doesn’t love Bobby DeNiro?

    Wonderful contemporary story, great acting. What more can one ask for?
    DeNiro totally inhabits the role of a bored NewYorker retiree who
    quietly, commandingly changes everyone around him for the better. There
    were little bits of sentimental predictability but not many. Nothing
    slowed the pace for long. It was lovely to see ageism front and center,
    blasted to smithereens! Subtle, believable performances that did not
    pander to the problems of aging, but acknowledged them. The boys ”road
    trip” was hilarious. The ”boys” themselves were presented as
    stereotypes but managed to imbue them with personality. There were some
    great laugh out loud moments! Nicely cast, well-written plot and
    characters. Go see it! Especially if you are over 60!

  • moviexclusiveSeptember 21, 2015Reply

    De Niro and Hathaway’s chemistry is a sheer delight, but Nancy Meyers’ distracted screenplay in the second hour undercuts an otherwise genuinely entertaining start

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • madtripSeptember 21, 2015Reply

    The perfect movie

    The Intern …. The sweetest, most perfect And heart touching I have
    seen in a long time. Of course it helps that Robert De Niro is there
    but what a movie! This is what all movies should be.

    Robert De Niro plays the perfect gentleman, the kind we don’t see
    anymore. And every woman who sees the movie will fall a bit in love
    with him. Anne Hathaway perfectly plays the role of a successful
    entrepreneur, a working wife and mom who thinks about everything and
    everyone and still feels guilty about being a working woman, even after
    the perfect gentleman tells her He should not be the feminist amongst
    the two of them. Every working woman will identify with her inner
    struggles. The story is perfect, with the perfect practical ending, as
    life is always more practical than idealistic. The small touches like
    the housewives who look down upon the working mom and make her feel
    guilty (I have seen many of those), the successful aggressive
    entrepreneur’s fear of hurting her mom, the stay-at-home dad’s
    end-of-day exhaustion that the working mom does not really understand
    and the young boss’ discomfort with her elderly intern… All so real.
    There’s an idea here which I spoke about long back… The huge talent
    pool of retired people nobody is willing to hire. The intern’s wisdom
    and practicality brings a calm and peace to the busy boss’ life.
    There’s a lesson here for us all here. Look at our elders and learn
    from them. Stop a while in your busy life to get more out of it.

    Loved the movie, hope everyone of my generation sees it.

  • Russ Matthews (russellingreviews)September 22, 2015Reply

    A enjoyable and unexpected ‘coming-of-age-again’ film

    Is getting older a bad thing?

    Walking into the cinema… It’s not a rom-com and it doesn’t have
    Melissa McCarthy in the lead role, could The Intern be a positive
    change for modern cinematic comedy?

    Overall Rating: 3.25 stars Cinematic rating: 3.25 stars Bigger
    questions rating: 3 stars

    Retirement has not been completely satisfying for Ben Whittaker (Robert
    De Niro). As a retired widower, he misses his wife and desires to be
    reconnected to his previous life in the working world. Those
    connections with people and that feeling of accomplishment and purpose
    that drove him to get out of bed each day. At 70 years of age, he is
    given a new lease on life with a ‘Seniors intern programme’ at an
    on-line fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway).
    Ben comes to realise that some things have changed in the workplace,
    but many things are the same. Coming into this new job, his mentor is
    Jules, who is not too thrilled to have him working for her. While he is
    trying to find his place in this fast pace, high-tech world, Ben finds
    his place in the company. Realising he is there to help this young
    entrepreneur to find her place in the unforgiving world of business.

    Director Nancy Meyers (It’s Complicated) is known for her romantic
    comedies that involve those who are moving past mid-life. This
    business-centred story brings together multiple generations without
    diminishing the value of any age group. There is no need for the
    development of romance between the lead characters, but their eventual
    on screen chemistry process to be effective for the progression of this
    trainee tale. Meyer does keep a well-timed pace for the film and there
    are only a few moments where the story lags. Also, she delivers a
    comedic experience with integrity. The Intern is not reliant on
    excessive foul language or flatulent jokes to make the crowd laugh.
    Meyer manages to spin the central relationship as mentor/intern into
    something refreshing for a modern comedy. She capitalises on two
    Academy Award winning actors in the lead roles, but this becomes Robert
    DeNiro’s film. He delivers the business savvy and vulnerability that
    make this role convincing and entertaining. Not that Anne Hathaway and
    the surrounding cast do not provide the needed layers for this story to
    deliver, but it required someone in the lead with the experience to
    pull it through to the end and like his film’s character DeNiro gets
    the job done.

    Meyer’s internship narrative shows that individuals with a few more
    years under their belt may lack in the same energy levels as their
    younger counterparts, but make up for it with experience and wisdom.
    Thankfully there was a balance to the drama with the development of the
    relationships and characters that may leave the audience wanting more,
    but fully satisfied with what they received at the conclusion.

    It is not ground breaking cinema, but it is an enjoyable journey into
    the value that each generation can provide for one another. Internships
    are meant to provide new experiences and insights for people. The
    Intern met this brief and in the process provided a few laughs, so that
    we do not take this life too seriously.

    In the book of Proverbs it can be read, ‘The glory of young men (and
    women) is their strength, grey hair the splendour of the old.’ The
    Intern epitomises this verse in the Bible by showing the value of
    various generations. Showing that throughout this life, there is a
    tendency to look upon certain ages as having greater value than others.
    While this film and the verse communicate that each chapter in this
    life is new and the challenge is for each of us to take advantage of
    each opportunity that comes along. Some chapters may prove to be better
    than others, but ultimately each chapter adds to the overall richness
    of this life and challenge us to live each chapter as it is opened.

    Leaving the cinema… I enjoyed this film more after I had time to
    think about it. It was entertaining and I enjoyed seeing it with my
    young adult daughters, who said ‘it was a great date movie that makes
    you think more about life.’ Good review, ladies!

    REEL DIALOGUE: What are some of the bigger questions to consider from
    this film? 1. What does the Bible say about getting older? (Proverbs
    16:3, 20:29) 2. Can each generation provide something in this life?
    (Proverbs 9:10-11, 13: 13,15-16) 3. What does the Bible say about
    aspiring to leadership? (Jeremiah 29:11, John 16:33)

    Written by Russell Matthews based on a five star rating system @
    Russelling Reviews #russellingreviews #theintern

  • karimhamamo160September 23, 2015Reply

    That kind of movie that makes your day

    This is my first review on the IMDb website and i have been a member
    for more that 9 years now, that’s who much i loved this movie. It just
    give you that positive thoughts and energy within a lovely comedian

    I loved how they mix between the classic culture with the modern one.
    It was very interesting to watch how they remind our generation about
    the habits which they are missing from the classic one.

    De Niro and Anne Hathaway have excellent work chemistry. Director and
    camera teams made a great job too… Team work, thank you for this
    lovely movie…

  • Alex DumitruSeptember 24, 2015Reply


    I saw the trailer for ‘The Intern’ sometime ago, advertised before ‘Spy
    (2015)’. I liked the premise and the two lead actors, so today (the
    premiere in Romania) I had to watch it.

    I expected a fun, neat comedy but what I experienced was so much more:
    a great plot, brilliantly executed and acted. The jokes and fun parts
    were on point, and the world the movie created felt very authentic,
    immersive and a joy to watch on the big screen – this was helped by
    amazing costuming and cinematography.

    The entire cast had very strong chemistry between them, and both
    Hathaway and De Niro were wonderful.

    Overall an awesome, heartwarming movie. I walked out of the movie
    theater with a smile.

  • David Ferguson ([email protected])September 24, 2015Reply

    Cuddly and Feel-Good with some Laughs

    Greetings again from the darkness. A feel-good mainstream movie
    featuring two big time movie stars will likely have box office success
    and cause a lot of people to laugh out loud. In other words, the latest
    from writer/director Nancy Meyers should be celebrated for its
    entertainment value, rather than picked apart by film critics. OK, I’ll
    give it a try.

    Robert DeNiro stars as Ben Whittaker, a retired 70 year old widower,
    who just can’t seem to find meaning in hobbies and the leisure life. He
    applies and is selected for the ”Senior Intern” program at About the
    Fit, a fast-growing online clothing company run by its founder Jules
    Ostin (Anne Hathaway). In addition to being a Type A driven and
    obsessed with details company leader (the type that rides her bike
    through the office to save time), Jules also has a husband, a young
    daughter and a fabulous brownstone. What she doesn’t have is enough
    sleep, any friends, or enough time to enjoy any of the good stuff. It’s
    quite all right if a buddy flick with DeNiro and Hathaway seems unusual
    to you.

    At the same time Ben arrives on the scene, Jules is struggling with her
    investors’ decision to hire a more experienced CEO so that the company
    can maintain its phenomenal growth. That’s about as deep as the
    business talk ever gets (but just try to keep track of all the Apple
    product placements). Jules initially spurns Ben, but of course, he soon
    becomes invaluable around the office, and while blinking his eyes,
    becomes her most valued confidant and adviser.

    Much of the comedy is derived from Ben’s interactions with the young
    employees. It’s quite simply a ‘generation gap comedy’ that makes all
    the points it needs to make without really breaking a sweat: senior
    citizens are a wealth of knowledge and can bring value to an
    organization or relationship, young people can learn from elders (it’s
    OK to shave everyday and dress for success) … and vice versa (computers
    are our friend), there still exists some animosity between stay at home
    moms and working moms, stay at home dads face challenges of their own,
    running a company is hard work both physically and mentally,
    communication often requires more than a text or email, and staying
    true to one’s self is not always easy.

    Ms. Meyers has brought us other mainstream films such as It’s
    Complicated (2009) and Something’s Gotta Give (2003), and she has a
    feel for presenting the upper-middle class as a punchline for the
    masses. She likes showing successful people in uncomfortable situations
    … leaning heavy on awkward, while avoiding dangerous altogether. Her
    latest is a feel good movie that makes you laugh, without causing you
    to think about anything in your life that might bring you down. And
    there is real value in that.

    OK, I tried, but there are some things that must be pointed out. There
    was so much of Ms. Meyers’ script that was begging to be pushed to the
    edge and analyzed from a societal aspect. Her specialty is rounding off
    the corners so that no one gets hurt, and because of that the film is
    bereft of conflict … the single most important element for a meaningful
    scene. For example, the conflict between Jules and her husband occurs
    in a hotel room, which would be fine except … only one of them is
    there! Also, we never really get any of the story from Ben’s
    perspective. Instead, we are just to believe that his Gandhi-like
    influence on co-workers is the only reward he seeks. I also found
    myself bothered a bit in the quick glimpse we get into Ben’s personal
    life. He blows off the advances of Linda Lavin and pursues Rene Russo …
    understandable, but a bit off-putting given that this female writer
    chose to have him hook up with the 11 years younger character, rather
    than the one closer to his own age. There are many other similar type
    issues that warrant discussion, but that’s why it’s best to just sit
    back and enjoy this one, rather than asking ”what if?”

  • jim_flowersSeptember 24, 2015Reply

    A chick flick with DeNiro = A good film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • GoneWithTheTwinsSeptember 24, 2015Reply

    De Niro is watchable in practically anything.

    70 year-old Brooklyn man Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) has been
    retired for quite some time. After his wife Molly died, he attempted to
    occupy himself with traveling, golf, cooking lessons, yoga, pinochle,
    and attendance at plenty of funerals. But not having a precise schedule
    has left a hole in his life that desperately needs to be filled.

    When he spies an opportunity for a Senior Internship Program with About
    the Fit, an ecommerce fashion startup in existence for approximately 18
    months, he excitedly submits the necessary applications and video
    introduction. After a few awkward interviews (”Where do you see
    yourself in ten years?”), Ben is given the job, more than qualifying to
    serve as an assistant to tough-as-nails founder and CEO Jules Ostin
    (Anne Hathaway), who is obligated to keep the intern around for a
    minimum of six weeks. And Jules’ unpleasantness increases when her
    advisors and investors urge her to consider hiring a more experienced
    executive officer to handle the company’s lightning-fast expansion and
    rapid customer influx.

    Although the basic premise isn’t too far removed from ”The Devil Wears
    Prada,” with Hathaway replacing Streep and De Niro replacing Hathaway,
    the setup is far less ominous and unusually standard – or, perhaps,
    entirely expected for a Nancy Meyers picture. Routinely permeating the
    mild misadventures of a bustling office space is an age clash, in which
    hi-tech gadgetry befuddles – but doesn’t deter – the old-fashioned
    intern, and where outdated chivalry and conformity fail to fit with
    modern casualness and trendiness. This provides light comic relief
    rather than conflict, which is strangely absent from nearly every one
    of Ben’s interactions. At first he’s out-of-place and underutilized,
    but soon enough he goes above and beyond to improve the lives of his
    coworkers and tidy up the workplace (literally and in its operating
    efficiency), like a kindhearted guardian angel. He’s even allowed the
    obligatory romance, here with in-house masseuse Fiona Farwell (the
    age-appropriate Rene Russo).

    Although Jules is the only one to experience personal setbacks and
    business complications, this drama is at a consistently temperate level
    (separated by a few amusing moments, including revelry at a bar and
    Jules walking Ben through the steps of populating his Facebook
    profile). Parental difficulties, familial aggravations, and
    enterprising obstacles are all approached with kid gloves. The script
    is about the most formulaic feel-good romantic comedy imaginable, save
    for a few decidedly questionable ideas about relationship problems and
    their overly convenient remedies. Despite the airy, overlong
    screenplay, the very notion that a highly accomplished, elderly
    professional would want to specifically serve under a gang of
    inexperienced, unorthodox amateurs (regardless of their overnight
    successes) seems utterly humiliating. And, though De Niro is watchable
    in practically anything, it’s equivalently demeaning that such a
    revered actor is resorting to involvement in such generic, uninspired
    stuff as ”The Intern.”

    – The Massie Twins

  • patsworldSeptember 25, 2015Reply

    The Intern is The Boss!

    Robert De Niro, as a retired 70 year old who re-enters the work force
    and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that oldies are still
    goodies….also proves just why he is a star as he shines so bright in
    this movie as to be blinding. He is perfection. There are some actors
    that the older they get, the better they get, and De Niro is most
    certainly one. Anne Hathaway, as the genius behind a too-fast growing
    company is playing what I consider one of her best roles yet. And Rene
    Russo is still gorgeous as ever. I was impressed, also, by Anders Holm
    who played Hathaway’s husband. But then, actually, I was impressed with
    everyone in this movie. There really wasn’t a single thing or character
    I would change in this one, and that’s saying something. The casting,
    the plot, the dialogue…and fancy this, it was a funny, touching,
    enjoyable picture with NO foul language, NO overly-suggestive crude
    garbage that usually just makes the audience cringe. It was well
    written, well -acted, and well presented. All rare these days where
    just the writing ability seems to have dwindled into the dirt. This one
    is evidence that there are still writers and creators who have talent
    out there. More movie producers should make a point of seeking and
    finding them! This is a fun movie that you are going to be recommending
    to everyone within reading or hearing distance. One of the best films
    we’ve seen in some time and left us all smiling as we left the

  • Jasrick JohalSeptember 25, 2015Reply

    A classy mature, feel good film, full of laughs and heart warming moments. D’Niro and Hathaway have amazing chemistry.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • keithlovesmoviesSeptember 25, 2015Reply

    The Intern Review

    Looking to fill a hole in his life, 70-year-old retired widower Ben
    Whittaker (Robert De Niro) decides to challenge himself by starting a
    new job as a senior intern for an online fashion site. Over the course
    of working there, Ben becomes popular with his fellow, mostly younger,
    co-workers, including his boss and the founder of the company, Jules
    Ostin (Anne Hathaway). Ben’s charm, wisdom, and sense of humor help him
    to quickly develop a special bond and growing friendship with Jules.

    I would first like to say that I am not normally a fan of these types
    of films but I chose to see it being that I am a big Robert De Niro
    fan. The vanilla story isn’t anything too original here and you can
    probably predict how it’s going to go but I didn’t mind that too much.
    It also isn’t very plausible or realistic so you are forced to slightly
    suspend belief here. Despite all of that, the thing that kept me going
    were the performances of De Niro and Hathaway but more specifically De
    Niro. He is just oozing with charm and class here and still has great
    comedic timing here. He also had great chemistry with all of the other
    actors including Hathaway with whom he spends most of his scenes with.
    They play very well off of each other which makes their character’s
    relationship more believable and relatable. Hathaway was great too but
    I feel like her role could have been played by someone else and would
    have been just as good. As I mentioned before, the film does have some
    comedic moments that I enjoyed for the most part mostly revolving
    around De Niro being an older person working with mostly younger
    people. Since he is older, he doesn’t know much about young people
    things and they don’t know much about older people things either. Most
    of the comedy comes from his trying to understand all of these things
    and about how this predominantly younger world works. This is done
    through his interactions with his fellow co-workers including Jason
    (Adam Devine), Davis (Zack Pearlman), and Lewis (Jason Orley) and with
    Jules and her family including her husband Matt (Anders Holm) and her
    daughter Paige (JoJo Kushner). I thought these scenes were done well. I
    also thought the script was well done, more specifically the characters
    who I thought were very well written as they all seemed like real,
    relatable people. Going back to the story, what would have made this
    film better in my mind is if the story had a little more depth to it. I
    think it tried to do many things but did not succeed at all of them.
    Either it could have done less or explore the topics it tried to
    suggest more deeply. It tries to bring up topics such as generational
    gaps, women’s equality, the life of a widower, etc but just glosses
    over them. Even with that, I still enjoyed it and gets my
    recommendation solely on the performances of De Niro and Hathaway.

    Score: 7/10

  • cyn-wolfSeptember 25, 2015Reply

    A good movie for all age groups to see

    Very amusing for both Anne Hathaway and Robert DiNero. Really think
    this will be a winner for both. Ann Hathaway seems to be trying her
    wings at different poetic scenes and she is doing very well showing
    that she can play different roles. Ms. Hathaway has come along way in
    her field and she has done well in everything that I have seen so far
    that she has starred in. Robert DiNero, he is a star by far. What can
    you say. There is no one that can top that man. I love the work that he
    does. He can be funny, he can be serious, he is fabulous! Mr. DiNero
    has worked with many women and they all seem to do much better work
    with him. I don’t know if he is teaching them as they are doing their
    roles during the filming or if he just has that magic touch that brings
    it out when you see the film in its finished process. Priceless as they
    say. Great film.

  • Nitin MittalSeptember 25, 2015Reply

    Stores Nothing Great – if you have nothing to do this Weekend then it’s a good option to go for.

    Movie Review – The Intern – Stores Nothing Great Nancy Meyers has an
    old hand in making upper middle-age rom-com but this time she casually
    breezed into seniorities with her latest make ‘The Intern’. It’s a
    collage of lighthearted merriment packed with mature actors. The movie
    is based on cross-generation rendezvous. The movie consists stars like
    Di Niro and Anne Hathaway, yet it retains the affable tone of Meyer
    with upper-middle ambiance dedicated the well spruce homes.

    The movie embarks with a promise. Ben Whittaker (Robert Di Niro) a
    70-year-old widower, applies for a senior internship in an exuberant
    online fashion retail company held by a very assiduous micro-manger
    Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway).The movie has nothing new to showcase, it’s
    just like Meyers previous flicks but with a tint of cross-generation
    element. Both the actors did justice to the role but it’s the story
    which laids back the movie. Anne Hathaway is quite convincing and looks
    gorgeous as always. Audience from all genres won’t like the movie and
    if you have nothing to do this weekend then it’s a good option to go

  • socrates99September 25, 2015Reply

    Fun movie, even for hipsters

    I’m Anne Hathaway’s worst audience, but now I’ve been bowled over too.
    What a fine performance! It’s not so easy impressing someone while
    making them both laugh and eat their words. She is that rare female
    startup person you admire for her energy and smarts. Anne is genuinely
    lovable here and if I were casting her comic foil, the title’s intern,
    I’d feel a bit anxious. Who could convincingly play opposite her?
    Whoever it is he’s got to be someone this feminine dynamo can seem in
    need of.

    And here comes the star of Taxi Driver, Ronin and Heat to the rescue.
    Not exactly the first person to come to mind for the part of the warm
    and funny gentleman who teaches these young people a thing or two about
    the value of old school. Truly, as good as Anne is, Robert De Niro is
    even better. I kept imagining the words of the script and was
    enthralled at how his performance made a living, unforgettable person
    out of them, one who never fails to get us to laugh.

    I would have to concede this film is most clearly directed at my age
    group, the baby boomers, but I saw it with young people in the audience
    and though they didn’t laugh as much as we did, they weren’t at all
    sorry they’d come to see the film. It’s heartwarming and smart and De
    Niro deserves an Oscar for his contribution.

  • CleveMan66September 25, 2015Reply

    ”The Intern” entertains like a seasoned professional.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jay MehtaSeptember 26, 2015Reply

    A perfect mood setter, feel good movie!!

    The Intern brings you to the life of a 70 year old who doesn’t want to
    live an average retired old man routine because he still feels he has
    music (metaphorically) left in him. So he takes up a senior intern job
    at an online fashion site with a completely different environment and
    people than what he has worked all his life. He meets the founder and
    while working with her, becomes her confidant and mentor.

    Story (8/10): The story is simple and very well knit. It beautifully
    portrays how a Baby Boomer generation old school veteran brings peace
    and stability to a Millennial generation woman entrepreneur lost in the
    crazy and excruciatingly demanding business world. The characters have
    been well conceptualized and sketched. What is interesting to see is
    how a rapid fire, anxious, no non-sense, always on top of everything
    boss (Anne Hathaway) works with a composed, experienced, twice aged
    intern (Robert De Niro). Some of the scenes really touch your heart,
    especially the conversations between Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro.
    I won’t reveal it to spill the beans over here. At the end, it leaves
    you with some food for thought.

    Acting (9/10): With stalwarts like Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro,
    one doesn’t really need to worry much about the acting. The simplicity
    of the story didn’t demand high levels of acting either. However, Anne
    Hathaway and Robert De Niro does a great job at projecting the
    aspirations, principles, beliefs and challenges of both the generations
    on one plate, not just in terms of dialog delivery but also
    expressions. The supporting cast does a commendable job too with the
    available screen time.

    Direction(9/10): Nancy Meyers had struggled a little in her earlier
    movies but have learnt lessons on romantic comedy well and has got it
    right this time. The Intern is, however, more of a comedy rather than
    romance. While the plot was quite average, her execution skills
    elevated the movie to a different level. I like the way she focused on
    projecting the synergies of two different generations working together
    rather than the friction which we normally see. This gave the entire
    movie a very feel good factor. She could have got away with some of the
    characters which would have kept the movie a little focused but overall
    a brilliant effort.

    Overall (9/10): I watched this movie on a Saturday morning show and
    couldn’t have asked for a better and positive start to the weekend.
    This movie is a mood setter and yes, it does it amazingly well. A
    definite watch for everyone.

  • juanthompeaceSeptember 26, 2015Reply

    The Intern Lacks Diversity

    I saw ”The Intern” today. It was a good story and it seems that I
    really enjoy Nancy Meyers stories as I also liked ”The Holiday” and
    ”It’s Complicated.” I really appreciated watching the relationship
    develop between Jules and Ben which were wonderfully acted by Robert De
    Nero and Anne Hathaway. The writing really addresses the juggling act
    that 21st century professional women attempt daily. I do have to say
    that I was most disappointed in the lack of diversity in the cast, even
    the extras. It was hard to locate one person of either African or
    Latino descent acting as a tech professional at Jules’ company, yet
    when she visits the company warehouse to speak to the packers (a job
    that presumably does not required a college education) there is where
    we find our first extras of color. I’m disappointed in the stereotyping
    and would have enjoyed the film more if the lack of diversity were not
    screaming out at me. Warner Brothers, please do what you can to educate
    Ms. Meyers and her casting directors because next time I just may keep
    my $10 rather than see a movie that assumes all professionals and those
    who live in trendy Brooklyn neighborhoods are all White.

  • goicuriaSeptember 26, 2015Reply

    Enjoyably Witty

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mehdimollahosseiniSeptember 26, 2015Reply

    Not as expected at all

    I watched this film last night on Sep 25th, the official release date
    on movies. I was so excited as I am a big fan of Robert De Niro, and
    always try to see his movies in the theater on the first release day.
    De Niro ‘s performance was flawless as always, acting as a real
    gentleman creating very touching scenes. But the screenplay was not
    enough rich to make this movie worthwhile spending 121 minutes. They
    could not use De Niro ‘s humor properly in creating funny moments. The
    movie screenplay also had some weaknesses which i don’t want to mention
    not to be a spoiler. I did not like it. Hope you enjoy it if you are
    determined to watch it any way.

  • Therru_BabayagaSeptember 26, 2015Reply

    No charm, no wits, no drama, nothing

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • plumcreativeSeptember 26, 2015Reply

    Sweet, fun, and funny

    Not sure why critics did not rate this movie higher. It was sweet and
    funny. It made me laugh and tear up a little. I am glad I ignored the

    It has the feel to me of sweet funny romantic comedies of the late 30’s
    and 40’s but it isn’t a romance.

    The focus is on an older guy and how he relates to younger people— and
    visa versa. It reminds me of people I know, both young and old, who are
    open to listening and learning from each other.

    Robert DeNiro was good. Not stellar but solid.

    Anne Hathaway was also solid and seemed a little bit more comfortable
    in her role than DeNiro.

    This is the kind of movie I like. Somewhat like real life with a mostly
    happy ending. The story was not all light and happy— it had sad parts—
    but that is life. Finding the good things in life and not letting the
    bad overwhelm you is really what it all about. Cheers

  • Deepesh LadSeptember 27, 2015Reply

    The movie is a brilliant comedy!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rgkarimSeptember 27, 2015Reply

    Gets the Job Done

    Robbie K back again with another movie review. This time I’ll be
    focusing on the latest Comedy entitled the Intern starring Robert De
    Niro and Anne Hathaway. These two actors are legends for bringing roles
    to life, and from the trailers promise to bring their talents back to
    the silver screen for a heartwarming adventure. Does this movie live up
    to that promise? As always please read on to find out.

    The story of the Intern is a simple tale about two lost people in need
    of something to help get their lives back on track. It’s plot is very
    formulaic, lacking any twists or turns to offset the predictable path
    it follows. Both characters backgrounds are very typical of Nancy
    Meyers’ work involving some unbalanced, dramatic family dynamic that is
    in need of some tuning up. Despite the familiar plot dynamic, The
    Intern somehow stands out from the mire of comedies that currently
    flood the market. For one, the movie is very relatable and realistic,
    with characters you latch on to within twenty minutes of the film’s
    start. Ben (De Niro) and Jules (Hathaway) are characters who have
    morals and qualities fans of all ages will love, such as diligence,
    compassion, and rationality that many comedy/drama characters lack. And
    for once I wasn’t annoyed by characters in a comedy/drama, but rather
    interested in seeing where their stories would go. In addition, the
    story kept taking different avenues, mixing up the drama to provide
    different obstacles for our characters to overcome (much like life),
    keeping things fresh. The major flaws with this story are small gaps
    that arise in the plot, things conveniently being settled at a drop of
    the hat, and some transitions that were a bit to random for me.

    But while the story is not the most unique, or exciting for that
    matter, The Intern does provide a handful of life lessons wrapped in a
    heart string tugging package. Ben’s morals are motivating, traditional
    values from a dying generation that are designed to motivate and
    inspire one to work hard and help others. Jules characteristics are
    meant to be empowering, breaking the traditional stay at home mom role
    and portraying women kicking modern day business in the can. While
    these morals may seem cheesy, and overdone, Meyers manages to deliver
    them in a very appropriate manner that bypasses the preachy, in your
    face lessons. Even the romantic dilemmas are professionally portrayed,
    bypassing the movie magic and instead giving a realistic approach as to
    how to handle problems. Perhaps the biggest, unrealistic component is
    the fact that everyone actually listened to them without much
    resistance, seeing as humans are so open for taking advice these days.

    No matter how well a character is designed though, you need an actor to
    bring it to life, which this assembled cast more than accomplishes. De
    Niro continues his impressive track record, somehow playing epic
    characters, yet somehow playing himself. He brings that warm smile that
    brings confidence and wisdom, no matter the situation. Hathaway as well
    impressed me, as she wears the multiple hats of boss, friend, mother,
    and wife. She covers the emotional spectrum and manages to sell the
    pain and pressure that Jules suffers from. Separate these two are
    strong, but when acting together they are on an even higher level of
    quality. The supporting cast is fantastic as well, each well balanced
    into the grand story to play their parts and provide the laughs we so

    Speaking of laughs, the Intern’s comedy was a nice break from the
    overacted and ridiculously stupid stunts many comedies take these days.
    Instead it is witty, loaded with clever dialogue that is well timed and
    simplistic and for once not over done or drawn out in length. It
    branches across the age generations covering topics like love,
    balancing life with career, morals between old and new generations and
    bridging the technology gap. Each of these topics was tastefully done,
    relying on the actor’s delivery to be funny instead of just some stupid
    catchphrase meant to be posted on memes.

    The Intern is not the most unique movie to grace the theaters, and it
    feels very much like a typical Nancy Meyer’s work. However, this movie
    throws at a lot of the movie magic and melodramatic drama for a film
    that is fun, positive, and a good bridge across generation gaps. The
    little family established in this picture will pull you into movie, and
    the two hours will fly by as you become engrossed in the characters’
    lives. For quality acting and a fun movie, The Intern is worth a trip
    to the theater, despite it’s lacking of special effects. I encourage
    many to check it out when it comes out on Netflix or RedBox in the

    My scores for the Intern are: Comedy: 8.0 Movie Overall: 8.0

  • joel14481-2September 27, 2015Reply

    This film is definitely a winner

    Saw this film in a theater filled with senior citizens. The laughter
    was literally nonstop. As I usually do, I listened to comments as I
    left the theater the only comments I heard were very positive. To sum
    them up, this was a thoroughly enjoyable movie from beginning to end.
    Robert Deniro and Anne Hathaway were great. He was both funny and
    likable. Anne Hathaway was great in her portrayal of a young, hip and
    highly successful internet business woman. She operates he high tech
    business in an old Brooklyn factory as a hands on boss. She has her
    finger on the pulse of every aspect of the operation, Her employees are
    the usual assortment of computer geeks with some fashion conscious
    beautiful women thrown in for good measure.

  • Steve PulaskiSeptember 27, 2015Reply

    The generation gap, sociological commentary, and great narrative structure all in one film

    Ben Whitaker (Robert De Niro) is a retired man in his seventies,
    working for a phonebook company for decades and as a marketer for a
    larger firm. His talents and old-fashioned state of mind kept him
    employed for many years, and though he has found retirement relaxing
    and mentally freeing, he is still antsy in his every day life. He wants
    to do something big, but can’t figure out what that something should

    He decides to apply on a whim for a senior internship program at About
    the Fit, an e-commerce fashion company run by Jules Ostin (Anne
    Hathaway). Upon getting the job, he accepts a position as the intern
    for Jules, even though she states that she will have little for him to
    do. As a result, Ben begins helping around the office and eventually
    catches the eye of Jules, who notices his outgoing, selfless
    personality, his gentlemanly ways, and his talents as an everyman. With
    that, Jules begins using him as her driver and an assistant scheduler,
    but despite this, Jules is juggling an immense amount of
    responsibilities. Her company has hit its five-year-growth-plan in a
    matter of nine months, and even with a staff of two-hundred and twenty
    people, they are struggling to keep up with orders and hold on to this
    exponential productivity and growth. Jules, who is also a wife and
    mother of a young girl, is told by one of her assistant mangers that
    they are thinking of bringing in a CEO to help Jules make managerial
    decisions and run the company, something she fears will rob her company
    of its core ideology and grassroots plan. Stressed and out of options,
    Jules utilizes Ben’s versatile traits to help her in a time of need,
    and the two strike an amiable chemistry.

    Nancy Meyers’s ”The Intern” ranks up alongside Noah Baumbach’s ”While
    We’re Young” for one of the year’s strongest comedy-dramas, and it’s
    interesting to note how both films pose telling insights as they
    portray the post-World War II/baby boomer crowd clashing with the
    millennial generation. Ben’s choice to dress dapper, even for a casual
    job, in addition to his age-old wisdom are thing that startles the
    youngbloods who work at About the Fit, and even his ideas throw the
    young crowd for a loop. His refreshing honesty and common sense
    approaches to conflicts are something a generation raised on the
    impersonal communication devices of email and Twitter find so
    preposterous that they’re brilliant. Instead of portraying the newer
    generation as stupid and incompetent, writer/directress Meyers shows
    them as people victim to convenience instead of directness.

    With that, the thoughtful, sociological examination of men and women
    here is something I didn’t expect with this film. Consider the scene in
    a bar, which has been shortened to the scene of Jules questioning her
    employees about how, in the span of one generation, men have gone from
    guys like Jack Nicholson and Harrison Ford to ”boys,” as she puts it,
    in the trailer. I found the scene trivial and grating in the trailer,
    because the same argument could be made for women in a different light,
    but upon seeing the entire film, or the entire scene for that matter,
    Jules brings up an interesting observation about men and women in the
    current generation.

    Jules states how women have been nurtured and taught (not coddled) to
    be empowered and determined to strive above society’s gender roles,
    which is why you see women starting companies, becoming the
    breadwinners, and proving they are more than submissive housewives. In
    the process, she asserts, men have lost the kind of individualist
    determination of fitting into the box of masculinity, which is why you
    are seeing more men do things like playing video games and accepting
    less laborious forms of work. They were the ones previously schooled to
    believe in hard work and leadership, but seeing that role shifted has
    allegedly created a new contrast. Agree or disagree, or contemplate it,
    as I have been, this is a profoundly big concept for mainstream
    Hollywood film to make and this idea is carried through the film in a
    way that’s not condescending, but enlightening.

    Even take it a step back and look at Robert De Niro, an actor who was
    said to have lost his way in the early 2000’s with easier, less
    compelling roles, only to rise and accept a whole new breed of roles in
    films like ”Silver Linings Playbook.” Now look at Anne Hathaway, a
    rising star in the 2000’s who subsequently found a way to fade from the
    public eye, perhaps showing the contrasting longevity of an actress to
    an actor. It goes without saying that their performances and chemistry
    here is simply remarkable, as Meyers predicates it off emotionally
    honest conversations.

    Finally, Meyers structures the film in a way that has its focus shift
    from being very broad to very specific by the latter half of the
    narrative. In the beginning, we see the grandscale setting of the About
    the Fit office and all its employees, before slowly but surely settling
    into focus on the two lead actors in a seamless manner. This smooth
    concentration allows for a nice narrative shift that doesn’t make for
    jarring unevenness and it’s something that editor Robert Leighton will
    get far less credit for than he deserves.

    ”The Intern” is a pleasant surprise for a drama, as many dramas
    boasting big actors fail to impress and audiences are left with the
    optimism that independent films will pick up their slack. It’s truly
    amazing to see a mainstream film tackle so much in the way of the
    generation gap, sociological commentary, and strong narrative structure
    in a film as unassuming as this. Minimize the level of outrageous
    situational humor (which, despite being a bit strangely placed – the
    scene with the email specifically – does indeed work) and this film
    could easily something Alexander Payne would make.

  • steve beard ([email protected])September 27, 2015Reply

    Feel-Good Comedy Like They Used To Make

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vanapaSeptember 28, 2015Reply

    OK– could have been -should have been– much Better

    DiNero was flawless as usual. Ms Hathaway-always a pleasure to see and
    hear. Supporting cast was–good… The story line was WEAK. What else
    is new..right movie fans ???!! was crafted to be simplistic..a feel good movie..fine. But why
    waste such great actors on mediocre material ? perhaps Meyers
    originally did have some worthwhile scenes that were discarded in
    editing….Oh well..that’s today’s Hollywood..worthwhile meaty scripts
    are as rare as a 2$ bill -how’s that for a fitting cliché’?’s an alternative storyline…she hires the CEO-they fall in
    love after a few weeks, then– DiNero and his new GF become close with
    Ann and new BF-they get smashed-and stoned one dinner date evening and
    do an ”intimate open forum..that’s four-um !!” Dinero is declared the
    winner by 2 knockouts and at work they now call him ..yep..THE RAGING
    BULL !!!

  • audacious1September 28, 2015Reply

    A Show For the Ages and the Differences Between Them

    This movie does not have a complicated story line. A widower is bored
    with retirement and gets a job as an intern at an online clothing
    supplier. Because he is a class act, people begin to trust him and love
    him. He teaches them another perspective about life.

    The story is nothing new or fantastic, but it is presented in a fun,
    humorous manner that draws you into the story (unless you are heartless
    and uncaring). The chemistry between the major characters works well.
    The most awkward character is the young intern, Davis. His personality
    seems to be undecided and incomplete, so he appears awkward. You can’t
    be sure if he is exuberant and gay (unsure), or if he is just
    exuberant. The actor playing the role goes with it and makes the most
    out of very little.

    The roles of Becky and Cameron are given more depth, yet, still one
    dimensional, really. They are fun to watch, but all the depth of the
    movie is shared between De Niro and Hathaway, with the exception of the
    husband. He gets his moments to show depth as well.

    I didn’t go to this movie looking for Oscar winning roles, script, or
    direction. De Niro is solid in his portrayal of this likable old man,
    and Hathaway displays her versatility by playing a fragile, successful
    woman, but I’d be surprised to find an Oscar nomination tossed their
    way. The script just doesn’t go that deep. If I had one complaint, that
    would be it. The script teases us with bits of information, enough for
    us to care about the characters, but that is all. The movie is close to
    two hours long. That could be a reason the script seems trimmed.

    Going to this movie is not about viewing some great achievement, it’s
    about enjoying yourself for an afternoon (that’s when I went). I saw no
    unhappy, critical faces leaving the theater. Sadly, most of the movie’s
    patrons were middle-aged or seniors. This movie deserves a wider
    audience because its overall purpose is to entertain by examining,
    humorously, the differences in generations, and it does a great job of

  • John Panagopoulos ([email protected])September 28, 2015Reply

    An ”Intern” in Life and Love

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • PWNYCNYSeptember 28, 2015Reply

    One big cliché.

    Did anyone involved in making this movie really believe that this movie
    is good? This movie is so shallow that it makes a puddle look like an
    ocean. The idea of mixing a pompously acting Robert De Niro with a
    hysterically acting Anne Hathaway is an example of how not generate
    on-screen chemistry. Not that the acting is bad. It’s the story. It’s
    one ongoing cliché. It is a combination of dull, boring, and contrived.
    It’s Father Knows Best meets I Love Lucy, except in this case the
    characters take themselves seriously. This movie manages to take
    several important social themes and reduce them to pulp, and even
    worse, reduce the principal characters to clichés. A bored older
    retiree with nothing but time and a manic young business woman. C’mon!
    Not exactly the cutting edge of literary originality. And what is
    worse, they are not funny characters. The supporting cast is funny, but
    they are not the principal players. Now the story has potential. The
    movie actually starts strongly. The De Niro character is introduced and
    his issues clearly presented. Then the movie tanks, and tanks quickly.
    A promising start leads to a contrived story and muddled finale. This
    movie reaffirms the old movie maxim – never judge a movie by its coming

  • nama chakravortySeptember 28, 2015Reply

    A Delight!

    Nancy Meyers’s ‘The Intern’ is A Delight! Its sweet, uncomplicated &
    thoroughly charming. And The Leads, are simply brilliant!

    ‘The Intern’ Synopsis: 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker has discovered
    that retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity
    to get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online
    fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin.

    I haven’t enjoyed a film off late as much as I did while watching ‘The
    Intern’. This is a clean entertainer, that can be watched with your
    entire family, despite a few adult references. Its a beautiful story
    about aging, love & life. The unlikely friendship between its
    Protagonists, is a shining example of why this comedy works so

    No one does lighthearted films better than Meyers & ‘The Intern’ finds
    her at her finest. Her Screenplay, though not perfect, is still
    well-penned & also heartfelt. Meyers’s Direction is perfect, handling
    all the emotions on-screen, with flourish. Stephen Goldblatt’s
    Cinematography is bright. Robert Leighton’s Editing is pretty good. Art
    & Costume Design are satisfactory.

    Performance-Wise: Bob De Niro & Anne Hathaway are the life & soul of
    ‘The Intern’. De Niro is effortlessly charming, delivering a richly
    layered performance. Hathaway, on the other-hand, is simply remarkable,
    adding tremendous depth to her part. And the on-screen chemistry
    between the two Oscar-Winners, is the highpoint of the enterprise.
    Supporting them wholeheartedly, is the Wonderful Rene Russo, who’s
    lovable here & Adam DeVine who shines as one of De Niro’s colleagues.

    On the whole, ‘The Intern’ is must watch. Easily, The Sweetest Film of
    the year so far!

  • Thomas DrufkeSeptember 28, 2015Reply

    Breath of Fresh Air

    The Intern is a really refreshing film. Not because it’s one of the
    best films of the year, it’s not. Not because it has the best
    performances or directing, it doesn’t. But The Intern feels different
    than anything I have seen this year. It has a senior intern for
    starters, but the mixture of heart and humor that The Intern carries is
    something special. It’s a little long but Nancy Meyers does a great job
    in her wheelhouse, which is making feel good movies, and The Intern is
    most definitely one.

    We begin by seeing Ben, played by Robert De Niro, struggle to cope with
    the daily life of a retired man who is living alone in New York City.
    He finds an ad for a senior internship program and the film takes off
    from there. Now, I think the film lives and dies based on how much you
    enjoy the two leads chemistry together. Anne Hathaway plays Jules, the
    entrepreneur/working mom, who is way in over her head with her job. Her
    and De Niro have wonderful chemistry together and that’s probably why I
    enjoyed the film so much. There’s something to be said about a
    relationship between a man and a woman that is zero percent sexual or
    romantic. The film does take on a certain amount of weight to the
    ageism angle that the trailer showcased, and those scenes for the most
    part worked quite well. They worked as good comedy relief and added to
    the uniqueness of Jules and Ben’s relationship. I will say at times I
    felt fatigue with the ageism angle as it became the butt of the joke
    one too many times.

    Aside from one really random and out of place robbery sequence, the
    film flows well. It could have been a little tighter, but it’s a
    heartwarming movie for all ages. The comedy with the supporting cast
    works with Adam Devine and Rene Russo having key performances. The
    score is charming and hits at just the right times. But I think the
    best part about the film is the two leads and how great they are
    together on screen. Hathaway could have came off as a snobby
    businesswoman and De Niro could have mailed it in, but they both gave
    great performances. The Intern is one of the more surprising films this


    +De Niro & Hathaway’s chemistry

    +Balances heart and humor

    +Unique story

    -Random robbery

    -Little too long


  • subxerogravitySeptember 28, 2015Reply

    Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway have beautiful chemistry together.

    The intern turned out to be a great movie to sit though. I herd I was
    not going to like it, but that was so not true.

    No matter what the movie is about it all comes down to the relationship
    between Ben Whitaker a 70 year old widower looking to keep active in
    order to prevent death,and Jules Ostin, a young woman who runs a
    successful company that Ben comes to intern for.

    I seemed out of touch with some of the characters being portrayed in
    the film, but the performances of such fine actors under the direction
    of Nancy Meyers makes a timeless piece about what two people can give
    to each other.

    I would have never though of De Niro and Hathaway being paired in such
    a matter but they work so well on screen together. It’s worth taking a
    look at.

  • troy-manatungaSeptember 28, 2015Reply

    Nancy Meyers best work; one of the better ones of 2015.

    There always has been a certain aura surrounding Robert De Niro. Very
    few actors to my taste possess the rare ability to be placed in front
    of the camera and demand almost immediate respect. Eastwood, De Niro,
    Pacino, Freeman and Walken are to name few. A measly plot, even weaker
    sub plot twists spells certain death for this Nancy Meyer screenplay.
    Astute acting and a factitious approach in direction do the trick.
    Nancy Meyers discovers balance and in that balance she achieves the
    flow in drama and humor that would get the wheels on THE INTERN
    rolling. To those that are familiar with some of her work this by far
    will easily stand out as her best work to date. It isn’t a tangled ball
    of thread when it comes to sentiments although there is evidence of
    attempts to reach so. Instead it’s a work on chemistry of two talented
    Hollywood A-listers that make this movie entertaining.

    Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) is a 70-year-old pensioner. Having lost
    his wife 3 years ago Ben has now travelled the world but yet seems to
    have a void in himself that he is seeking out to fill. A senior citizen
    intern program for an online clothing line catches his eye whilst
    running his daily errands and he takes up the challenge and enrolls in
    the selection process. Jules Ortin (Anne Hathaway) the brainchild and
    the owner of the line is assigned Ben as her intern. Jules
    instantaneously is overwhelmed with a feeling of violation as the
    veteran comes across as too calm and too observant – something Jules is
    unable to neither fathom nor react to. Jules on her own is an
    individual who most certainly has too much on her plate. She is
    constantly late for meetings, she is always rushed and often requires
    to remembered of what is expected of her.

    The 120 minute long comedy solely rides on the shoulders of Ben and
    Jules. Whose on screen chemistry is singular to the audience and is
    warmer with every passing minute. The weight of the minutes fall daftly
    on the audience as these two put on an amiable performance with Adam
    Devin pitching in for humor that ensembles flawlessly.

    You will not split your side with laughter but certainly will hold
    belly with laughter. A good fit for date-night or just for some subtly
    family humor to get through the weekend. It’s a Nancy Meyer movie – so
    don’t worry she doesn’t dig deep.

    Nancy Meyers best work; one of the better ones of 2015.

  • dromascaSeptember 29, 2015Reply

    enjoyable start-up melo

    Should I feel guilty? I really enjoyed this melodramatic,
    stereotype-rich, rose-water sprinkled feel-good movie which is ‘The
    Intern’, directed by Nancy Meyers, and bringing to screen the
    improbable pair of actors composed of Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.
    Now I need to find out why.

    One of the reasons is probably the fact that the start-up and corporate
    environments are pretty familiar to me, and that their screen version
    as conceived by Meyers is not far from what I know. Yes, I have met the
    ambitious CEO working herself (or himself) to death at the expense of
    her (or his) family life, sleeping time and own health and reason. I
    worked and still work in ‘open space’ and ‘glass-walled’ environments.
    I lived through ‘the sale of the day’ and ‘the hero of the month’ and I
    understand what a good day and a bad day looks like in the shop that
    some believe it became their real home.

    Then, I am a feminist. I sincerely believe that women can be better
    managers than men, and that they deserve all the credit when they
    succeed in the machoistic society we live in, and even more when they
    do it while keeping a family and raising kids who still recognize their
    mothers. For feminists this film carries the ‘right’ message.

    Third (or maybe first) I am close to retirement. Not 70 yet, as De
    Niro’s character is, not wearing suits and ties (actually I know a lot
    of 70-ers who never do), but yet, I can understand his panic when faced
    with aging, his loneliness and desire to socialize, his volunteering in
    order to continue to be useful and relevant.

    The story of the ‘retired intern’ who becomes the best friend of the
    carrier-obsessed CEO by balancing the over-dynamic corporate
    environment with some old-fashioned common sense, the crisis of the
    millionaire teenagers with true sensitivity may have been told a few
    times. Yet it looks true on screen, or better said true enough to
    spontaneously generate the laughs and the tears rather than squeeze
    them. The actor who played all those tough gangsters in the first two
    thirds of his fabulous career has become the most generous and kind
    retired and his chemistry with flamboyant Anne Hathaway is perfect.
    Rene Russo is just the best known of a fun support cast. ‘The Intern’
    will be criticized by many for taking life too easy, but if you are a
    fan of feel-good movies, or you just are in the mood of seeing one you
    would certainly like to watch it.

  • The_Film_CricketSeptember 29, 2015Reply

    Pancakes . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rakeshshettySeptember 29, 2015Reply

    Do not miss this one…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • phd_travelSeptember 29, 2015Reply

    Delightful and well written, moving and funny

    Good job Nancy Meyers for creating another enjoyable delightful (not
    silly), grown up comedy with likable characters. A Brooklyn startup
    hires a senior intern. This movie has a lot more going for it than just
    generational and age difference jokes as seen on the trailer. The plot
    is equally about a modern career woman running a start up and her
    juggling her kid and stay at home husband – a real modern family. This
    is equally Robert De Niro’s movie and Anne Hathaway’s movie. He is
    relatable and likable and wise and she is stylish and shows the many
    sides of her character. Brooklyn is attractively shown with pretty
    brownstones inside and out and parks. This is one of those comedies
    that can be watched again because it’s so pleasing original well
    written beautifully filmed and well acted. There are quite a few laugh
    out loud moments and many chuckles throughout plus some moving moments.

  • linda-price95September 30, 2015Reply

    Predictable, Sappy, Corny, Loved It!

    This movie was very predictable, very sappy and corny and I loved every
    minute of it. I’m a Robert Dinero fan and enjoyed him in this role as
    well as Anne Hathaway. I was pleased that Anne Hathaway’s character was
    in charge of her own company, however wasn’t a ”B”. It didn’t have any
    other well known actors (at least not known to me) but other than the
    two stars and Linda Lavin from Alice & Rene Russo, I didn’t recognize
    any of the other actors. If you want to go see a movie and feel good
    afterwards, this is the one for you. The average age of the audience
    when I attended was about 60. I went early in the day, so most of the
    viewers were probably retired like me. If you’re under 30, I don’t
    think this is the movie for you.

    Don’t expect any earth shattering climaxes, don’t want to spoil
    anything but like I said previously, the movie is predictable.

  • ShelbyTMItchellSeptember 30, 2015Reply

    No Chick Flick or Romantic Movie but Cute Still

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vincentlynch-moonoiSeptember 30, 2015Reply

    Top notch with fine performances by DeNiro and Hathaway

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ricardo-36October 1, 2015Reply

    Good premise, flawed execution

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Anurag-ShettyOctober 1, 2015Reply

    A simple & heartwarming tale that people of any age can relate to.

    The Intern tells the story of a widower named, Ben Whittaker(Robert De
    Niro). Apart from being a widower, Ben is also retired. One day, while
    going about his mundane everyday routine, he comes across a flyer. This
    flyer says, an up and coming online fashion website is doing a senior
    internship program & is looking for senior interns with years of work
    experience. The fashion website is founded & run by, Jules Ostin(Anne
    Hathaway). Ben seizes this golden opportunity to get back in the game.
    Ben spreads a positive attitude among his colleagues & his positive
    outlook, also rubs off on the usually uptight Jules.

    The Intern is an outstanding film. The simplicity of the movie is what
    makes it so perfect. The film perfectly balances the comedic moments &
    the dramatic moments, & is a flawless fusion of comedy & drama. The
    break-in set piece is definitely one of the highlights of the movie.
    When the movie is funny, it’s laugh-out-loud funny. However, there are
    several moments where the movie tugs at your heartstrings. The story of
    the movie might be simple however, director Nancy Meyers has done such
    a good job with the film that, it’s this very simplicity that makes it
    flawless. The performances are another highlight of the film. Robert De
    Niro is outstanding as Ben. De Niro has starred in famous comedy films
    like the Meet the Parents trilogy however, his character in this film
    is extremely charming & likable. Very different from his role as the
    suspicious father-in-law in those movies. Anne Hathaway is outstanding
    as Jules. Hathaway gives a power packed performance & portrays all the
    ups & downs her character goes through, effortlessly. Rene Russo is
    brilliant as Fiona. Anders Holm is great as Matt. JoJo Kushner is
    adorable as Paige. Andrew Rannells is good as Cameron. Adam DeVine is
    awesome as Jason. Zack Pearlman is hilarious as Davis. Jason Orley is
    impressive as Lewis. Christina Scherer is amazing as Becky. Linda Lavin
    & Celia Weston are hysterical in their small roles as Patty & Doris.
    The Intern is a must watch for everyone who enjoys feel-good movies.

  • WalkerOctober 1, 2015Reply

    Cute Doesn’t Cut It

    Overall, and a lot of people have said this, The Intern is cute. But
    cute doesn’t cut it. The plot is silly–a seniors intern program at an
    online clothing upstart. The characters are flat but not without their
    charm. And the writing is scattered. While The Intern does have some
    touching moments and a few cute jokes about the novelty of the
    situation, it comes incredibly short as it feels like a bunch of ideas
    are being pulled together and held in place by DeNiro and Hathaway.
    Take a little Lost in Translation (complete with a platonic hotel
    bathrobe scene), throw in a little Baby Boom (an earlier Myers script)
    with a career woman trying to have it all, and finish it with
    over-the-top hipster caricatures.

    And the subplot of Jules (Hathaway) trying to find balance at home…by
    the looks of it, her husband didn’t HAVE TO be a stay-at-home dad. He
    could’ve kept his job and they could have lived quite comfortably with
    child care arrangements. But then you wouldn’t have a subplot.

    Wait for this one to come out on Netflix. Baby Boom is a lot cuter

  • viewsonfilm.comOctober 1, 2015Reply

    VIEWS ON FILM review of The Intern

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mill ColemanOctober 1, 2015Reply

    A nice — feel good film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Benjamin HorganOctober 2, 2015Reply

    Great film for the family inc seniors 🙂

    What a great film, De Nerio give a great performance paying Ben a
    retired widower who still has life and wants to live it. Coming into a
    21st Century tech industry with a 20th Century attitude he becomes a
    part of the company. Hathaway also give a touching performance as the
    company owner who fighting her own battle as a working mum with
    pressure of her business expanding resents Ben at first, but learns
    over the film what matters most. There are lots of underlying story
    lines through the film that work and bring the story to a pleasant end
    inc a Generational friendship, almost father daughter between De Nerio
    and Hathaway as well as inter company relations touching on some of the
    subjects foiling industry today. The film is well written and should be
    likes by all. I think as a 21th Century adult I see allot of my
    Grandparents in De Nerio’s character the film, with them just getting
    an iPad last year, I had to help them set up on facebook and the
    internet. What once seemed like an impossible mission has become a
    reality and they now spend more time surfing the web then I do. The
    film is also filled with great laugh out loud moments that touch home.
    I think it’s a film for the family inc your seniors.

  • Matt GreeneOctober 2, 2015Reply


    The Intern is like a mild salsa: filling, healthy and satisfying
    without a whole lot of flavor or fear of heartburn. Luckily, that
    potential blandness is rendered effective through some gentle
    melancholy, soft humor, and genuinely entertaining performances
    throughout. Instead of another shallow dramedy, we’re presented with
    properly complex adult issues, like aging, loneliness, marriage, and
    career, told with sincerity and a healthy amount of Hollywood heart.
    The tone can be summed up in one word: cute. Sure, it’s a comedy, but
    its jokes don’t really inspire uproarious guffaws as much as they do
    crooked, polite grins. This isn’t an altogether bad thing, as we watch
    the blossoming friendship between distraught internet mogul Hathaway
    and her aged apprentice, De Niro. Their relationship at times feels a
    bit forced, overly quirky and predictable. While this renders the movie
    a little long (2 SOLID hours), the centering presence of the
    surprisingly likable De Niro pushes this above your average PG-13
    comedy. Director Meyers has always made movies whose highest aspiration
    seems to be ”pleasantness” (The Holiday, The Parent Trap). Up until
    now, I’ve yet to find her slight brand of grown-up humor appealing. The
    Intern isn’t much different in spirit, yet somehow it works. Sure, it
    was a bit awkward at times, like a person acting too young for their
    age, but along with the gentle jokes and personal drama, there are
    actually some nice visual flourishes in the crisp editing and
    directing. Much like last month’s pop hit, The Intern’s inoffensive
    brand of entertainment will fall right off your brain when you leave,
    yet be catchy and familiar enough to divert you during its runtime.

  • ArgemalucoOctober 2, 2015Reply

    The Intern

    Director and screenwriter Nancy Meyers has cultivated a filmography
    composed by comedies made for an adult audience, with ”mature” (but not
    very mature) subjects and a combination of sincerity and lightness
    which makes them simultaneously deep and amusing… as long as the
    audience is willing to accept the artificiality of the premises, the
    idealized characters and the unavoidable consumerist fetish which makes
    these films visually attractive but a bit disconnected from reality.
    All those characteristics appear on a bigger or lesser degree in The
    Intern, and even though it’s far from being the best film in Meyers’
    filmography (in my humble opinion, that one would be Baby Boom, which
    she only co-wrote), it fulfills with its purpose to make us laugh a
    little, think another little and transport us to a fantasy world in
    which a retired old man can own an elegant Brooklyn apartment, the
    president of a millionaire company is a warm and simple person and
    there is no age discrimination. It’s like a travel to Hollywood golden
    age, but with the modern sensibility expected by current audiences; and
    also with iPhones, because otherwise, how could the president of the
    company send an e-mail to the wrong person, provoking a crisis which
    can only be solved by the old man, while the ”hipster” youngsters have
    a panic attack? Yes, unfortunately, the screenplay keeps that level of
    predictable situations and bland homilies about the value of experience
    in a world dominated by superficiality. I don’t deny it’s a valid
    message, but it’s difficult to take it seriously when it’s part of a
    lazy screenplay which practically writes itself, without the surprises
    or sophisticated ingenuity which distinguished other films in Meyers’
    filmography. On the positive side, Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway
    make even the corniest scenes to work in the emotional and narrative
    aspects, supporting the weakest points of the screenplay with
    credibility and overwhelming scenic presence. The rest of the cast also
    makes a good work, highlighting Anders Holm, Zack Pearlman and
    specially Adam DeVine. DeVine is starting to become one of those faces
    which show up everywhere, and I have the feeling that it’s just a
    matter of time before he gets a leading role which gets him to the ”A”
    list of comedians. In conclusion, The Intern isn’t a very memorable
    film, but it made me have a good time, and I can give it a moderate
    recommendation as a modern fable whose moral is easier to swallow
    thanks to the likable characters and inoffensive humor… despite how
    pre-fabricated they feel. Meyers might have lost the energy and
    spontaneity from yesteryear, but she earned enough experience and
    confidence to make an entertaining film without making too much effort.
    Exactly like the character Ben… I now understand! It’s a metaphor of
    cinema and a manifest about the value of veteran filmmakers. Quite a
    laudable intention, but we don’t have to expect a big change in
    cinematographic industry; an old dog doesn’t learn new tricks (the
    dog’s name is Hollywood).

  • lisab-31726October 2, 2015Reply

    Finally! A GREAT Movie!!!

    I promise – no spoilers… Just two hours of funny! This was the BEST
    movie I’ve seen in 2 years! It was well written, great acting, and some
    real laugh out loud moments!!! It’s a movie you’ll see more than
    once!!!! Mr. deNero played the gentleman- the ”senior” intern after
    retiring and figuring out… It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Anne
    Hathaway is the young entrepreneur with a booming Internet business
    growing at a rapid pace- almost too fast. Surrounded by a great cast –
    some known… And not so know… They company decides to hire ”senior
    interns” at which DeNero is a perfect fit…. To intern for the boss,
    that is. Scenarios and laughs ensue, so grab your friends, sit back,
    munch your popcorn and enjoy!

  • texsheltersOctober 3, 2015Reply

    ‘The Intern’ is run-of-the-mill heartwarming drama about a woman who makes good with an idea, a laptop, and a chair. It’s the American Dream, you know.

    The Intern: A Perfectly Heartwarming film, and much much more!

    ‘The Intern’ is run-of-the-mill heartwarming drama about a woman who
    makes good with an idea, a laptop, and a chair. It’s the American
    Dream, you know. Through a set of convoluted occurrences, the boss of
    an internet shopping company, thirty something Jules, takes on ”senior
    interns” (people over 65) to work in her company. That leads to a
    series of ‘surprises.’ One surprise is that the old intern ‘Ben’ (De
    Niro) is not incompetent. Shocking! They learn that old people have
    something to contribute. How heartwarming! And the audience is shocked
    to learn that young folks don’t have all the answers. Ben is so willing
    to help, you wonder where he has been all your life. All the
    heartwarming drama nearly gave me a heart attack.

    Suffice to say, it’s predictable. The film’s efforts to tell a unique
    story fall flat. It is apparent that this is a star vehicle with a goal
    of making bank on the combination of De Niro and Hathaway on the
    screen. It doesn’t bomb because of the expertise of the two stars, but
    the plot drags it down.

    Ben, a goodhearted seventy-year-old retired divorcée, teaches the
    youngsters in the office new tricks. He effortlessly makes friends of
    everyone in Jules’ office and knows exactly what everyone needs. He is
    the perfect intern. At one point of the movie, Jules (Hathaway) asks
    Ben (De Niro), ”Why do you always say the perfect thing?” Why, indeed.
    He’s too perfect and he brings no conflict to the table; in fact, he’s
    boring. Sure, his homespun logic and chill advice are clever, and it is
    too obvious. But it is heartwarming.

    The overworked self-made women (Jules) doesn’t have time for anyone,
    especially herself, as she tries to keep her company running. But she’s
    a loving and patient woman who adores her daughter, Paige. Her husband
    is the ‘stay at home dad of the year.’ Even when things go awry in
    their marriage, it’s so damn heartwarming that it makes angels vomit.

    Age barriers are overcome through clever, pat answers. A
    whiter-than-white cast stand insulated in a web of banal first-world
    problems. The major conflict in the film comes down to control and self
    actualization. Sure, in the context of Jules’ life, it’s important. For
    a movie, it’s not terribly compelling.

    I’m surprised the film turned out as entertaining as it did. It helps
    that they didn’t throw in a last minute cancer, house burning down or
    earthquake. That is the rankest type of plot device and I am happy that
    I haven’t seen that in recent dramas and romances.

    In the film, it’s all upper middle-class white America all the time, as
    if we were in the 50s, Leave it to Beaver version of Brooklyn, NY. I
    haven’t seen a film this white since ‘Boyhood.’ Then again, an online
    vendor that sells clothing to ”housewives” might attract mainly white
    college educated employees. Moreover, the film has to ignore class
    conflict in the 21st century in order to make Jules’ problems at all
    dramatic. In the context of the world, her issues are trite and she is
    a pathetic whiner, type A personality who thinks her life amounts to a
    hill of beans in this crazy world. Overall, it’s handled by the actors:

    For all the blandness, the two stars pull of a decently entertaining
    film. But there is no reason to see it in the theater.

    Peace, Tex Shelters

  • WesteireOctober 3, 2015Reply

    The Devil Wears Prada II

    So, its 7 years since she abandoned Meryl Streep in Paris. She has
    setup her own internet business selling cloths. (My imagination filling
    in the details). Honestly I didn’t get this movie at all. Robert De
    Niro was good, some good laughs. But the whole story line was terrible.
    Do women honestly think this happens in real life??? At the end of the
    movie you are there wishing you have a bucket.. PLEASE get real. It was
    cliché after cliché.. The actors were good, but the script was bad and
    just got worse as the movie progressed. I think any successful women in
    business would find this movie a work of fantasy fiction. The first
    half of the movie is OK.. and then it gets worse and worse.

  • Edgar Allan PoohOctober 3, 2015Reply

    Somewhere here there might be buried a great 90-minute film . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • writers_reignOctober 3, 2015Reply

    It’s A Wonderful Life (In Cloud Cuckoo Land)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jsharmaOctober 4, 2015Reply

    never too old to learn new ways

    I like Nancy Meyers directing style ( the Holiday, Something’s Gotta
    Give).The cast of the Intern is a good ensemble of Robert De Niro, Anne
    Hathaway and Rene Russo. the movie has class, simple funny lines and an
    easy and natural flow of words. Anne Hathaway as Jules and Robert De
    Niro as Ben have excellent conversations. I liked the way the scenes
    after Ben sees Jules husband Matt with another woman are handled. Ben’s
    discomfort and conflicts between his true feelings and reality checks
    are beautiful.

    Rene Russo is a healthy distraction in the movie. Among all the
    unfamiliar faces for me in the movie, I particularly liked Andrew
    Rannelis as Cameron. He was excellent as Jules friend and manager.Some
    scenes involving Jason (Adam DeVine) needed editing. Nice to see Ben
    see things Jules way. good screenplay. Good movie. Good for the young
    and the old. See things differently. We learned that from former First
    Lady Hilary Clinton.

  • DarkVulcan29 ([email protected])October 4, 2015Reply

    I was very charmed by this

    Ben(Robert De Niro) a 70 year old retiree, who was been a widower for
    three years, feels he is missing a little bit of things in life. So Ben
    takes a job has an intern for a fashion company. And everybody seems to
    love him there, but will his uptight boss named Jules(Anne Hathaway)
    ever grow to like him?

    This movie surprised me in many ways, De Niro and Hathaway have quite a
    great pairing. The film plays against so many movie clichés, just when
    you think it’s gonna go one way, then it really surprises you. All the
    other cast are pretty good also. If you want a movie that so light on
    it’s feet, then The Intern is that movie for you. And Anne Hathaway
    gives quite a good performance that is Oscar worthy. It’s also nice to
    see De Niro be very light also.

  • fordmodelt FordOctober 4, 2015Reply

    Excellent acting. Sweet story.

    Thoroughly enjoyable movie about the value older members of society can
    bring to the workplace as well as the perennial issues of successful
    working women juggling work and family life. Yes, we’re ‘still having
    to talk about it’.

    The weaknesses of the movie are the saccharine sweet family scenes
    between Anne Hathaway’s character, her husband and daughter (the kid
    was an excessively beautiful child and was clearly acting with the sole
    direction ”be sweet”). The overall effect was just too much. The other
    big weakness was the ending. It leaves the viewer thinking ”so, what
    happened?” The solution to the problem was glaringly obvious from the
    moment Robert DeNiro’s character walks into the office on his first
    day, the movie seems to be heading in that direction, then he
    inexplicably plays hookie for the day, and … nothing other than ”just

    Good movie. Very enjoyable. Well acted. Just ran out of ideas for a
    decent resolution at the end.

  • Susan L. BellOctober 4, 2015Reply

    How One ”Actor” Took Down an Entire Movie.

    Yes, that’s right, Anders Holm was so incredibly bad that in the middle
    of an otherwise entertaining movie, that the only thing I could think
    about was how good the other actors were to offset his incompetency. He
    was so awful, so monotonic, so fake emotionally that I was drawn
    completely out of the story. I wonder how many thousands of takes it
    took to just get him through the flotsam of slop of cuts he left in his
    wake? Anders Holm. Is. That. Bad.

    This was a bright, light script and De Niro absolutely made the movie.
    His character was endearing, and he played it seamlessly and
    expressively. While I like him in meatier scripts, he showed his
    versatility and makes acting look like a profession and art, not just
    an exercise in repeating memorized lines. Too bad Anders Holm wasn’t
    paying attention and sank a pretty nice ship.

  • elbojpbOctober 4, 2015Reply

    Heart Warming and funny, until the ending!?

    Nice story about the intermingling of two generations and the
    accompanying contrasts and conflicts. However, I had some issues with
    the way the story ended.

    The movie introduced a number of interesting characters for whom we
    developed a semblance of care and connection, but ended the film
    without following any of them to some logical conclusion.

    The relationships being developed by the assistant, the masseuse, the
    chauffeur, the young intern were all ripe for development, but left the
    viewers hanging. The facial expressions of the audience on the way out
    of the theater confirmed the fact that the movie ended too soon.

  • mochiposhOctober 4, 2015Reply

    Excellent Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Georgios ChristodoulouOctober 5, 2015Reply

    Robert and Anne at their best.

    I just got back from the cinema theater. It’s past midnight. I feel so
    moved and inspired by this film that instead of going to bed I felt
    like writing something about it. I went to watch ”The Intern” with some
    reluctance, I admit. Anne was the decisive factor! Sorry Mr. De Niro
    but she is gorgeous and cute at the same time.

    Still… They say that actors, lawyers and doctors never retire. The
    older they become the better they perform. Robert De Niro proved that.
    If not the best, one of the best acts of his life. So expressive, so
    emotional, so… everything! The combination of the ages, the development
    of the story, the whole concept of the movie were excellent. Loved it.
    I haven’t seen better of Anne Hathaway since ”The Devil wears Prada”.
    The couple, the whole cast, matched perfectly.

    Fully recommended for all ages. I give it 10 without thinking twice.

  • thindi31October 5, 2015Reply

    One of the best of 2015

    I was expecting a good movie. It is DeNiro after all! But I did not
    expect to be as entertained and delighted as I was. It was cleverly
    written, dialogue that was perfect for the setting and the ages of the
    stars. The movie told a real story and didn’t sensationalize by
    violence, sex or foul language. As a newly retired person I was
    definitely able to relate but the story of the young folks starting out
    in their careers is something other age groups in the audience can
    relate to. It was poignant at times. I laughed. I cried. I cheered,
    well inside my head. The outstanding performance of the newcomer,
    little Paige, shows us we will be seeing much more of her. She is
    adorable as a movie child should be but really talented. What a little
    treasure. There is much about relationship in this movie..between
    workers, lovers, friends, with yourself. They were real people and
    someone each viewer can relate to. Be ready to belly laugh, weep a
    little, cheer for a favorite character, chuckle and be glad you saw it!
    I highly recommend it.

  • majoreasyOctober 6, 2015Reply

    A feel good movie with a weak ending…

    The movie and story started well and in fact was enjoyable throughout.

    One problem with so-called ‘chick flicks’ is they try too hard to end
    it like a fairy tale…which negates trying to build the characters at
    the beginning. No story in real life ends happily ever after in all
    ways…trying to close off all loops in the nicest possible way leaves
    a sour taste for me because I feel cheated that I bought into the story
    for so long…

    I’d still recommend this movie though, as I found it enjoyable for the
    most part…just not the ending few minutes.

    It’s a shame really because the first hour was great and I started to
    care about the characters…but by the time I walked out of the cinema,
    there was a mild annoyance of even bothering to care…

    Overall, this is a solid 6.5

  • Michael Seng WahOctober 6, 2015Reply

    Charismatic Chemistry Between De Niro and Hathaway

    Not to confuse with 2013 Fox’s The Internship, this similar type of
    drama without a ship behind feels more promising, funny but not
    ridiculous and thoughtful which one could have expected through its
    poster. The story delivers something fresh, a creative idea of senior
    citizen internship program to present the cross-generation
    relationship, events that are commonly occur in daily working life and
    how important is the experience of the elderly to inspire the younger
    generation. The film moves in a smooth pace, filled with nice musics
    and inspiring scores, along with a gentle spirit that attracts
    audiences to spend time following the amusing characters for about 120
    minutes but a little bit upset by the rushing second half and too
    unrealistic perfection on its ending. However, the warm, charming and
    charismatic chemistry between De Niro and Hathaway is the sweetest and
    most beautiful part of the film to enjoy which makes us believe that we
    can manage well both career and family life.

  • skymindlondonOctober 6, 2015Reply

    You’re not short-sighted. There’s actually nothing on the screen

    I hadn’t fully grasped the meaning of the word ”agony” until I went to
    the cinema last night and watched ”The Intern”. Let me start by saying
    that I’m by no means a cinephile, I have seen a few movies in my life
    and I have opinions, that’s about it. What’s amazing about ”The Intern”
    is that there is not one single event unfolding on the screen that
    would provoke a reaction in the viewer. At some point I felt like
    checking people’s pulses, as we had all been sitting there for more
    than an hour and I hadn’t heard a single comment. This movie is a
    horrible display of stereotyped anthropology, both old and new clichés,
    with a sequence of facts narrated with no connection whatsoever between
    them. It doesn’t make you cry, it doesn’t make you laugh, it’s just a
    two hour long placebo that you would watch if you were part of a
    control group in a lab. But at least in that case you would get some
    vouchers. Do not buy any snacks as you’ll end up with appendicitis,
    cause you’ll devour them all in the attempt of killing time. When you
    finally think the torture is over, a ”twist” in the story makes you
    dread that you will have to watch the extra time of this stalemate
    between boredom and uselessness. One last warning: be ready for the
    cheesiest lines and shots you’ve ever seen. Close-up of toothbrushes to
    symbolize love, narrative stratagems that don’t make any sense and a
    constant celebration of relationship in the most banal way are the main
    traits to this movie. The bottom line of ”The Intern” is you should
    keep working like crazy and eat junk food, as long as you cycle in your
    own office, have a massive house in the heart of Brooklyn and make
    millions with the company you created. There is one good thing about
    this film though, and it was leaving the cinema to go home and watch
    another one.

  • Figgy66-915-598470October 6, 2015Reply

    Great Movie, a relaxing watch

    5 October 2015 Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – The
    Intern. A lovely lovely film. I’m am a fan of Anne Hathaway but not so
    much Robert De Niro, so I decided to give this film a try, so glad I
    did. It’s one of those feel good movies which amble along at a gentle
    speed, fairly predictable but the storyline meanders enough to keep you
    interested. Hathaway brings her usual quirkiness to the character and
    De Niro plays a wonderful father figure with the most expansive array
    of facial expressions which brings lightness and comedy to the film.
    The addition of Rene Russo as Fiona the In House masseuse was fab. A
    very relaxing story to watch which left me feeling I’d not wasted the
    last couple of hours. One of those films you could watch again and
    again and still enjoy.

  • Steven TorreyOctober 6, 2015Reply

    Imagne going through life without having read Shakespeare or Martin Buber

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Diogo MendesOctober 7, 2015Reply

    Great message, great story.

    I actually enjoyed the movie a lot.

    It gives us a strong message to respect older people’s wisdom and
    experience, and that it can be very helpful even in the today’s tech
    world. The actors are absolutely brilliant, there’s no one who could
    make Ben other than Mr. Robert De Niro, and Anne Hathaway plays a
    perfect Jules. The soundtrack is fine, the argument is brilliant and
    everything looks where it is supposed to be.

    To me the only thing I felt was that those last scenes were a bit
    rushed and that they could explore those developments a bit longer.
    Other than that, amazing movie. One of those who can be an opinion
    changer about older people’s part in modern societies.

  • josharekareOctober 7, 2015Reply

    Nice enough

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • scottshak_111October 7, 2015Reply

    An upbeat pleasant movie

    Nancy Meyers has a knack for making ‘pleasant and delightful’ movies.
    The Intern is no different. The flick is upbeat. Almost like a
    fairyland, where good things keep happening, and everything is quite
    refined and elegant.

    Anne Hathway is brilliant as Jules. With the backdrop plot of a girl
    doing really well with her startup, I imagined people of her
    character’s age group instantly relate with her. What makes the story
    even more endearing is the inclusion of Robert De Niro as an intern who
    walks into the life of Jules as a fairy godfather. He comes as a
    pleasant surprise and makes things better for her, and takes the load
    off from her shoulders. Something tells me people are really looking
    for someone like De Niro in their lives. A friend or a watchful
    protector who just wants the best for you, and wishes good things to
    happen to you, who takes the driver’s seat of your life and lets you
    enjoy the ride, and takes the pressure off, and also helps you out with
    the clutter in life.

    Sadly the world doesn’t really work like that. If it weren’t so dark,
    each one of us would be living our fantasies without life’s wretched
    inhibitions. The Intern is all a mere figment of Nancy Meyers
    imagination. She punches in forced comedy in order to make the matter
    in hand sound fun. Eventually she tries to create tension, which is
    again Meyers’ way of putting hurdles into her story. Screenplay of the
    movie is more like conversations with a shrink. At one point, it seems
    you are witnessing one.

    We must bear in mind, not everything in this life is plushy and fluffy.
    You don’t always end up with unicorns and rainbows. Given the jovial
    theme of the movie, it would at once strike you how the director
    thinks. Nancy isn’t a great director, but for some, she is.

    I would recommend it for people who don’t really like dark, who are
    light-hearted and are always down for a pleasant popcorn movie.

  • brandnewme-35054October 7, 2015Reply

    Loved this movie!

    First of all, I am a huge Anne Hathaway fan. That said, I loved this
    movie! The juxtaposition of Robert De Nero with Anne Hathaway is
    charming as well as surprising. De Nero’s character could have been a
    patronizing know-it-all after 40 years in business but he wasn’t.
    Hathaway’s character could have been a patronizing tech-savvy bitch,
    but she wasn’t. Instead, this unlikely duo made things work. My only
    quibble with the movie was that the main problem of overloaded
    micromanaging Jules was not fixed, only calmed by Ben’s presence. She
    still is not having a family life, not having enough hours in the day
    to do all she wants to do. The good-feeling ending was not a solution,
    only a smiley face band-aid.

  • Ismail GomaaOctober 7, 2015Reply

    Promising Movie with a Terrible Ending

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AlanjackdOctober 8, 2015Reply

    Acting experience never grows old.

    Thought i would catch this to kill a few hours on a cold Wednesday
    afternoon between shifts.

    It immediately grabbed me as a good old fashioned Sunday TV matinée
    that I used to watch many many years ago,,But 10 minutes in it changed
    into a fantastic masterclass in acting. Incredible performance from Bob
    DeNiro which could have been written for him in mind but for me Anne
    Hathaway completely runs the whole show.This is an excellent ”Coming Of
    Old Age ”movie which gives us just enough mush to keep a dry eye.(
    Well…most of us anyway).

    The chemistry between these two was electric and the on-the -bed scene
    was done with loving taste with no hint of anything but friendship.

    As a 53 year old male I could associate with the idea of having
    experience with decisions that seem over important but just need to be
    stripped down to black and white…the answer is usually in front of
    your eyes if you don’t think too hard.

    I’ve given it a very unusual 7 because this is a modern day classic for
    young and old.

    Brings to mind Al Pacino in Danny Collins..a lifetimes acting
    experience served up with pure raw emotion.

  • Neil WelchOctober 9, 2015Reply

    Likable light drama

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Quietb-1October 9, 2015Reply

    Cast saves this one

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Davis POctober 9, 2015Reply

    Nancy Meyers does it once again!

    Nancy Meyers’s newest film, The Intern, starring Anne Hathaway, Robert
    De Niro, and Rene Russo is very entertaining and well made. The
    chemistry between all the actors was impeccable! This movie has some of
    the best chemistry between characters I’ve seen in a while. Robert and
    Anne were absolutely delightful here! All the performances by all the
    actors were very good, light hearted, funny at times, emotional and
    just makes you happy to watch. The script and dialogue was pretty good,
    very heart warming and enjoyable. The Intern is just a good old
    fashioned feel good heart warming fun movie that I think anyone could
    and would enjoy! Not that I expected it to be bad at all, I mean come
    on, it’s Nancy freaking Meyers! Go watch all the Nancy Meyers movies,
    every one of them! 7/10.

  • migsfigsOctober 9, 2015Reply

    Another Would-Be Hollywood Drama/Comedy

    With a well-known and Academy Award winning cast, a relatively unique
    concept, and potential for several social statements (particularly
    gender and age), the film could have been a heart- warming,
    thought-provoking drama, but was suppressed mainly due to a seemingly
    rushed and plot-less screenplay.

    The ”story” (or rather a glimpse of some character’s lives) followed
    Ben (Robert De Niro), a 70-year-old widower, hired as an intern for a
    fashion site run by a frantic and busy woman, Jules (Anne Hathaway),
    dealing with business problems as well as relationship problems.
    Throughout the film, Jules is confronted with problems that challenge
    her role as a mother and a leader of a company, all of which Ben
    observes and assists in whichever way he can. In reality, the plot has
    no real structure; it has a beginning: Ben is hired, but the middle
    appeared to consist of minimal conflicts, and the end was as satisfying
    as, well, most movies nowadays. One of the more painful results of the
    story was the emerging of rather important issues of our time (the role
    of woman in our society, as well as that of the elderly) but completely
    obliterating the possible emotional impact by having the characters
    admit their stances (have we never heard of ”show don’t tell”?).

    The acting itself was not unexpected: several scenes of Hathaway
    sobbing and De Niro’s humble old-man expressions, all of which were
    good, however concealed with the atrocious storytelling of the
    writer/director who preferred prettiness over content.

  • Anirban PalOctober 10, 2015Reply

    Oldies are goldies

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Alexa Bouhelier-RuelleOctober 10, 2015Reply

    The Intern

    70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker has discovered that retirement isn’t
    all it’s cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to get back in the
    game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded and
    run by Jules Ostin.

    The Intern is directed by Nancy Meyers, stars Robert De Niro and Anne
    Hathaway. If – like me – you’ve seen Something’s Gonna Give, It’s
    Complicated, What Women Want or The Holiday you probably know that
    they’ve earned more than one billion dollars worldwide. So the odds are
    good that you have – you’ll undoubtedly have certain expectations for
    Nancy Meyers latest movie. And they will almost certainly be met. I
    love her movies. This film is not the cheesy melodramatic comedy type;
    but a far more smart and clever mature comedy. Robert De Niro is a
    genius. We all know he’s a fantastic actor, one of the best of his
    generation. This man truly is an actor, the genuine one still alive.
    He’s what guys should aspire to be when they’re 70. He’s classy, he’s
    sharp, he’s charming and optimistic. Important things here I really do
    love him in this movie. Plus, he’s a good contrast with Hathaway’s

    Anne Hathaway performance has a really nice core as throughout the
    movie you understand why she is the way she is. She graduated to the
    role of corporate fashion dragon, she’s even permitted – not sure
    everyone saw that – in a witty touch, to toss her jacket to Ben in the
    blase manner of Meryl Streep’s Miranda Presley in The Devil Wears
    Prada. Moreover she gets to deliver a wince-worthy sermon to three of
    her twenty-something male employee bemoaning the decline of Masculinity
    and decorum in modern men. Jack Nicholson and Harrison Ford (not to
    mention De Niro himself), by contrast, are held up as superior role
    model’s of ”cool”. The Intern appears like a generation gap fable or
    21st century outlook on age and gender. The central theme is really
    about the younger generation versus the older generation and the
    different ideology of both generations. How an old person approaches
    something and how a younger person does. The major message is taking a
    breath, relaxing, take time to retire from the hectic world and just
    take a minute to appreciate your surroundings. Finally, a Nancy Meyers
    productions isn’t just a film; it’s a cashmere jumper unto itself.

    Overall, The Intern is a light hearted and fluffy movie. It’s not
    groundbreaking but a really good time!

  • SilOctober 11, 2015Reply

    A very good film

    I enjoyed every minute of this well made and very well acted film. The
    script, while not earth-shattering in originality and surprise, is
    tight and solid, with a little additional je ne sais quoi here and
    there. De Niro delivers a nuanced and wonderful performance, as is Anne
    Hathaway. He is very believable as an ex top-executive that is very
    modest and helpful no matter the chore. You feel he has much more to
    offer to anyone willing to ask for business advices. Hathaway in the
    same way, I found absolutely believable both as a
    super-woman-high-energy-startup-founder-and-ceo, and at the same time
    fragile and at risk of being crushed. She is so charming and so classy.
    She does not strike me as one of Hollywood’s top beauty, but she sure
    sparks on the big screen and must be a dream for fashion designers, as
    everything she wears looks outstanding.

    The film also benefits from superb supporting actresses/actors such as
    Rene Russo.

    In short, I would recommend this film to anybody wanting to enjoy a
    good, intelligent story, free of car chases and explosions, but full of
    nuanced and great performances.

  • Lisa MuñozOctober 11, 2015Reply

    Quiet but pleasant

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • maurice yacowarOctober 12, 2015Reply

    Senior citizen provides salutary model in modern office and lives

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Leon StarkillerOctober 12, 2015Reply

    France called. They want their cheese back ¬¬

    I agreed to watch this movie because I was in a chill out mood and I
    didn’t want to watch anything that made me think too much or that
    required much attention. Well, this movie succeeded with honors at the

    If you are up to pay for high class actors’ vacations, then this is the
    movie for you.

    If you are all about getting money taken out of your pocket for the
    sake of it, then this is your movie.

    If you are up to see an interesting drama, possibly well developed
    scripts and characters and actors at their very best… Well I’m sorry
    to be the one to disappoint you, but this is not the movie you are
    looking for.

    Absolute nonsense and poorly developed scripts, big companies
    propaganda (Apple, Facebook, …), bad acting (even for those big
    names), dialogs so cheesy that would make a Parisian’s stomach roar in
    hunger. ‘Nuff said.

    Watch it if you don’t mind having your intelligence neglected by the
    best marketing strategists in Hollywood.

  • koconnor-188-558535October 13, 2015Reply

    crinkly charm

    i liked ”intern” and i can be a harsh critic at times but listening to
    the script and focusing on some detail do give this flick an
    interesting edge. Being old myself and retired (55) i can relate to the
    need to keep occupied and use my time well ,De Niro’s character
    reflected those issues well by his routine and habits and genuine
    excitement at the prospect of being back in the roller coaster world of
    work. Ben has nothing to prove and is secure but obviously lonely and
    feels isolated ,even though he does have some unwanted attention..De
    Niro sets a nice tone with his well proved facial expressions and
    gradually becomes liked by his colleagues….the first few scenes convey
    the uncertainty of the young staff with an older person present….i
    think there is a message in this re culture and our need to keep moving
    on, forgetting the benefits of experience and old age ,doesn’t just
    mean drooling and demise . The relationships Ben has with his
    colleagues is touching and meaningful ,leading to the advice that would
    otherwise be unavailable and the young staffs reliance on media for
    conversation and communication is challenged ! Hopefully, humans will
    not forget to speak one to one? Hathaway is slightly manic but
    absorbing and dedicated as a focused entrepreneur should be . The
    touches of emotion under pressure were presented well. Funny moments
    were regular,highly amusing but not frequent enough ….. but is new york
    devoid of black folk ,i think not ,so maybe in the casting should have
    chosen more wisely ,as black faces were few and generally in the
    background?….for such a low budget of 40m ”intern” is watchable and
    moving and worth a punt,but don’t expect visual mayhem just a gentle
    ride with moments of humour and charm?

  • RforFilmOctober 13, 2015Reply

    The Intern is a cute, even likable story about how elders may know more then you think

    It seems that in todays working world, the intern is the new
    entry-level job. Even with the great recession almost over, the
    millennial generation faces a new world of hard debt and technological
    competition. They also face a high number of equally qualified
    candidates that are more then willing to work for wage, and even for
    nothing, for the hope that they may receive an offer for a better job
    within the company their working for. My second job was also an intern
    position that paid nothing in exchange for experience. I didn’t stay
    with the company, but I learned a lot about working in the Hollywood
    industry and even in an office environment.

    Why are a lot of people willing to work for free? Perhaps with the way
    the economy is recovering, more companies cannot offer as many paying
    jobs, yet most people are still intrigued by having a particular
    business on their resume, with another thing to boast about. Who
    wouldn’t want something like Amazon, Apple, or Google within their
    credentials? Tech businesses are the rage and everyone seems to be
    trying their hardest to get in just so they could say they were in. The
    Intern boasts it’s own account of a trainee who may be a few years
    older, but just as able bodied and ambitious as the next guy.

    Former phone book executive Ben Whittaker (played by Robert De Niro)
    has traveled the world and spent his retirement trying to relax and
    enjoy new hobbies like Tai Chi. Yet now that he is widower, he still
    feels empty. Rather then sulk, he takes a new kind of intern program
    that recruits seniors. His impressive resume and video resume lands him
    a job for a growing e-commerce fashion company that’s in the same
    building that Ben had worked in for many years.

    His boss is the positive, but still intimidating Jules Ostin (played by
    Anne Hathaway) who find that Ben has been assigned to her. At first,
    she assumes that he is too old to contribute a whole lot and give him
    easy work. Only when her chauffeur becomes drunk and Ben takes over
    that Jules starts to warm up. Ben engages further with her business and
    even with her family.

    Jules in informed by her board that she should find someone else to act
    as C.E.O. for her company to make the business more professional as it
    had grown in such a fast eighteen months. Ben does his best to help
    Jules while she contemplates her decision.

    On the surface, The Intern sounds like the kind of movie that would be
    easy to cater to older audiences with it’s wholly positive attitude.
    For the most it is, but part of me enjoyed it a lot more then I thought
    I would. A lot of that has to do with Robert De Niro who still puts a
    lot into his role. It may be no Taxi Driver or Cape Fear, but he still
    seems to be saying a lot with how to relaxed the millennial generation
    has become.

    Story wise, The Intern is nothing of a challenge; it’s your nice story
    about the misunderstanding of someone’s skills while making a friend.
    I’m still on board as the movie’s tone relies on the nice chemistry
    that De Niro and Hathaway share. I’m really glad they don’t attempt any
    hint of romance and keep them as friends. A racy art house movie might
    have taken on that notion, but director Nancy Meyers knew what her
    audience wanted. In short format, The Intern is a cute movie. It’s
    likable and while not a hilarious movie, did manage to get a few laughs
    out of me.

    I’ll give this six and a half e-commerce sites out of ten. The Intern
    shouldn’t have trouble finding an audience. It’s charm should win most
    people over and maybe De Niro’s points may get through to any young
    people watching.

  • Ayal OrenOctober 13, 2015Reply

    Good roles good actors, who needs anything else

    Once again, the movie feels better than it is. Because of the killer
    combo I refer to at the title. Every role is written here to
    perfection, even the tiniest ones. Almost every person on whom the
    camera stays a few seconds gets a well defined character. Good actors
    do wonders with good roles – I said it in my reviews more than once. So
    the story is riddled with cliché. Nancy Meyers does her share of
    milking the feminist agenda, as she so often does in her movies. But
    since we grow into liking the characters on screen we don’t care, we
    don’t even mind that they get the Hollywood way of problem solving, we
    all knew it was a Hollywood movie we were going to see.

    Now, since acting is so very important to the likability of this movie,
    I want to add some more general points. I recently read a lot of
    complaints regarding De Niro’s present casting a shadow over his
    glorious past. And I do agree that not all his recent roles were up to
    par. So many great actors who really love acting suffer from the same
    problem that William Holden, one of the all time greats once even said
    to a novice, ”take every role you’re being offered, if you’re good
    enough you’ll be remembered for the best of them” – purist will find
    errors in my quote but that was the gist of what he said, and he did
    follow his own advise. And so do many other great actors. And De Niro,
    make no mistakes, is one of the greatest, no matter how many mediocre
    roles he has down to his name. This one is one of his best roles in
    recent years, and he does it with his usual professional attitude and
    with his usual intelligence. No good actor is really stupid, to really
    understand the character you need to portray takes a brain. So some
    actors may be very shy or tongue tied, when they have to speak for them
    selves, don’t mistake it for not having an opinion or not understanding
    what they’re speaking about.

    Apart from De Niro Anne Hathaway also shines, and I also have to say
    some nice words about Rene Russo, who didn’t have a significant role
    since god knows when. The actors do carry this movie through the field
    of movie cliché, but they’re all so good, it is fun to watch.

  • tavmOctober 13, 2015Reply

    The Intern was a pretty enjoyable team-up of Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway

    Robert De Niro plays the title character as a retired widower who works
    for a company run by Anne Hathaway who’s married with a pre-teen
    daughter. There are some amusing scenes and lines but this was mostly a
    pretty dramatic take on ageism, sexism, adultery, and the eternal
    question of whether one can have it all. As writer-director, Nancy
    Meyers goes through all this with earned heartfelt characters as
    portrayed by De Niro and Ms. Hathaway. When I agreed to watch this with
    my movie theatre-working friend, I wasn’t sure I’d really like it but
    it was quite enjoyable for both of us from beginning to end. Did things
    seem a little neatly-tied-up-in-a-bow at the end? Sure, but still it
    seemed natural so neither of us had any complaints…

  • Johan DondokambeyOctober 15, 2015Reply

    Tight story, but shouldn’t really be considered as a comedy

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kenny-kuniOctober 15, 2015Reply


    give it a 9, not because of the storyline but Anne and Robert, it seems
    no matter how brilliant you are, there’s always a space to fill in
    elder’s words. In personal life or professional area, you can fine
    useful giver nearby~ As for feminist part, i really don’t get it, she
    works so hard to keep the business booming and under 100% of her
    control, however, there seems to be so many unorganized processes in
    the company, why its so wrong to hire someone helpful to give her a
    hand? its not necessarily to replace her, instead, help her run the
    business smoothly~ But to be honest, though her husband did terrible
    things, if you have no time for your partner, whats the point to be
    together? Just want someone to buried with after life?

  • ccorral419October 15, 2015Reply

    You’re never to old to intern!

    Director/Writer Nancy Meyers (”It’s Complicated,” ”The Holiday,”
    ”Somethings Gotta Give”) returns to the big screen with yet another
    mature family fun film about a senior (the ever so cool Robert DeNiro)
    coming back into the working world of twenty-somethings and workaholic
    Jules (the always beautiful Anne Hathaway). Hathaway’s character isn’t
    far from her ”Devil Wears Prada” spin, yet she understands these
    frazzled characters so well. Meyers not only understands how to present
    a relatable story, she perfectly fills the ensemble rolls with quality
    and memorable characters, including Rene Russo, Anders Holms
    (Workaholics – TV), Andrew Rannellis (GIRLS), Adam DeVine (Modern
    Family), Zack Perlman (Married), Christina Scherer, and veteran
    favorites Linda Lavin and Celia Weston (Alice) to name a few. ”The
    Intern” doesn’t solve any ”senior/retirement” moments, but it does
    remind one life isn’t over until it’s over. This film has Nancy Meyers
    written all of it, and that’s a good thing!

  • SquirePMOctober 16, 2015Reply

    Humorless drama

    In its television advertising The Intern is made out to be a comedy of
    some sort, perhaps a rom-com, maybe a dram-com, but anyway a
    light-hearted movie full of laughs.

    It is not.

    The Intern is just a lukewarm drama with a very few laughs. What a
    shame. It has a story line which is rich with possibilities for humor.
    It could have been filled with moments of laughter and enjoyment.
    Instead it marches (at a v-e-r-y slow pace) right past many, many
    chances for delightful byplay between and among its characters. Wasted
    chances and wasted time. DeNiro was repressed and restrained by the
    director, so much so that this powerful, spectacular actor adds little
    to the movie by his presence. Again, what a shame.

    It’s hard to sum up my disappointment with this movie. 3 out of 10.

  • brg-06015October 17, 2015Reply

    uplifting show, funny, showed a seniors choice to move on with his life

    The movie was funny, meaningful and a wonderful change to the blood,
    guts and gore which seems to be very prevalent in most of the movies

    It was a movie which does touch home to a lot of our citizens being
    seniors today. It was a pleasure to watch and bring along my grandson,
    which I must admit he thought was a good show as well. We both laughed
    a lot, understood the predicament of the senior and how he captured the
    admiration of the youth.

    We left the movie with a smile on our faces and felt that it was time
    well spent.

  • laurenc-34028October 17, 2015Reply

    Enjoyed it!

    My husband and I just saw this movie and went in having read some
    reviews here thinking it might not be so good, but we REALLY enjoyed
    it!! So I am purposely coming back to review this movie positively with
    that in mind.

    Great chemistry between the two main characters and cleaver concept of
    a storyline of a senior intern working for a young business founder. We
    found it pretty realistic about the fast pace of today’s businesses and
    the conceived value of a younger workforce that understands technology
    and a fast and exorbitant work pace, with the older generation’s
    experience being taken for granted. And enjoyed a nice exploration of
    the two generations’ approach to work style and how the old and new can
    work together and build off of each other. Two thumbs up from us!

  • Raphael Rodrigues ([email protected])October 17, 2015Reply

    Awful describes it very well

    The most unoriginal movie I’ve seen this year. So poorly written it
    made me wanna leave the theater multiple times.

    A story about an unusual intern/assistant that is not expected to do a
    good job but then turns out to be helpful and wanted?? Really?? Because
    nobody watched The Devil Wears Prada.

    It does embrace some other topics (in an effort to make it seem less of
    a copy) such as the ‘working mom’, ‘stay home dad’, ‘oldie-but-goodie’
    – but in such a trivial way. It adds nothing to the matters.

    Anne’s character is too apologetic, some characters seem to be calling
    the shots but then they just disappear. It’s not an absolute waste of
    time because there are some (very little) funny moments. But even that
    shouldn’t be a reason to watch it.

    I kept rolling my eyes. It underestimates your intelligence.

  • divingsoflaOctober 18, 2015Reply

    Bunch of crap

    I am frankly tired of men being portrayed as weak, cheaters, liars and
    sexists in every single movie out there. And people STILL Complain in
    this same page that this movie is offensive to women? ( or course,
    EVERYTHING is ofFensive to women nowadays)…Are you kidding me? And
    what’s with the stay at home dad/ mom.. I am sorry, call me what you
    want ( frankly I don’t really care, so don’t waste your time) but men
    are not built to be ”moms”..what the heck is wrong with our society?
    …this ”politically correct” approach today is making us to become a
    nation were men are brought up to be sissies ( I don’t want to use
    another word ). Men are providers, they care for their families and
    protect them, period… We are wired that way. And to think that men
    have to switch roles with women and that is going to solve all our
    problems is a bunch of BS,.. There you have it…. Now you can begin
    with your typical stupid comments and labels: ”sexist” ”what age do you
    live in”, etc, but many of you know that you think the same way as I do

  • Danusha_Goska Save Send DeleteOctober 18, 2015Reply

    Warm and Cuddly, Sweet and Funny

    I fell in love with Ben Whittaker, Robert DeNiro’s character, in the
    first five minutes of ”The Intern.” Ben is a seventy-year-old retired
    telephone book executive. He’s super competent, humble, kind, caring,
    and hard-working. His eyes twinkle and his cheeks are pinchable. He
    would make the perfect father, boss, or Santa. Ben Whittaker is
    writer-director Nancy Meyers’ best creation yet. I didn’t just like
    Ben, I found him believable, thanks to DeNiro’s superb performance. I
    have to guess it’s not easy playing such a nice person in a believable

    Ben is unsatisfied by retirement so he takes a position as an intern at
    About-the-Fit, a fashion start-up, the brainchild of Jules (Anne
    Hathaway). Jules is impersonal and demanding, again, in a very
    believable way. Ben, worldly-wise and humble man that he is, makes
    positive changes in the company. He is a kindly mentor to younger male
    employees who rarely shave and don’t tuck in their shirts. Ben explains
    to them why a man should always carry a clean handkerchief.

    Anne Hathaway is so beautiful it’s hard for me to assess her acting. I
    keep focusing on her face. I found her very believable as a driven
    businesswoman lacking in people skills. The movie softens her. There
    are scenes where she is revealed to have a toasty warm marshmallow
    heart. I was disappointed by those scenes and didn’t find them
    believable or interesting. I wish the script had been as interesting
    and believable in its development of Jules as it was with Ben.

    There are two relationships in the movie that didn’t work for me at
    all. Jules is married to Matt (Anders Holm). I could see a really
    beautiful, driven woman married to a charisma-free, vaguely creepy
    schlub like Matt, so, yes, Holm was believable. I just didn’t want
    Jules, this brilliant, talented, interesting woman, to be married to

    Ben dates Renee Russo, and that relationship didn’t work for me,
    either, although, again, it was believable. Ben has the wrinkled face
    and thinning, gray hair of a man in his seventies. Russo looks like a
    Hollywood actress fighting time, rather than like most real women her
    age. Also I saw no on screen chemistry between these two. Linda Lavin
    does look like a real, older woman, and she is in the movie as a
    predatory, mean and obscene old lady. There are cheap jokes at her
    expense. It’s sad but not surprising that Nancy Meyers, a woman
    herself, depicted an older woman as an old witch, and set her up for
    coarse humor, and rewarded a much younger, and more Botoxed woman with

    ”The Intern” is one of those rare, recent movies for adults where
    nothing horrible happens. Nobody dies or behaves in a deeply despicable
    way or loses his cool and screams obscenities or knocks the movie off
    the rails. There are no body fluids on display. ”The Intern” really is
    a feel good movie. If you are ever having a lousy day and you want to
    watch something that will give you a smile and make you feel good about
    humanity, please consider ”The Intern.”

  • archiecmOctober 19, 2015Reply

    Wasn’t the ending I wanted

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • James De BelloOctober 20, 2015Reply


    Does it stray far away from a by the numbers mid-budget dromedy? No.
    Does it bring original and inventive filmaking and style to the table?
    No. Does it look like I’ve seen before some of the scenes and even seen
    countless parodies of them? Yes. Good now that we have that clear I can
    open up and tell you how delightful and heartfelt this film is.

    And I will start by saying what I thought as soon as I started liking
    the film, which was the same as what I thought throughout and what I
    think is what makes the movie win: it is simplistic, but it dam well
    knows it is and has fun with it. There are just so many movies that try
    to be insightful, original or serious and end up shoving down your
    throat a version of facts that is pathetic to itself and its tone. Yet
    ”The Intern” makes it perfectly clear from frame one that it know it is
    simplistic and by doing so you go along with it so much more happily
    and end up having the good time the movie deserves. Moreover being
    simplistic doesn’t exclude the fact that you can be reflective,
    dramatic or interesting, obviously not to ”American Beauty” levels, but
    in a pleasant and welcoming yet not to deep way.

    It is so fantastic to see Robert De Niro actually commit to a
    performance 110% and his commitment truly delivers. This is in my
    opinion a great performance, he adds so much to his character and
    manages to make him totally believable and present on screen. You
    really forget it’s De Niro. Hathaway isn’t any less committed and
    whilst she isn’t as good as her co-star she most definitely has her
    moments and contributes to the chemistry they have together. On a side
    note this film is also shot remarkably well for the locations and
    situations it offers itself to shoot.

    Peronally I always felt the movie to be hear felt. It has characters
    that it treats with respect and interest, it subverts some way too
    common genre clichés and ultimately offers laughs and drama genuinely
    for the most part and I was delighted to be carried away and have fun,
    other than take the occasion to lightly reflect on the more serious
    aspects of the film.

    Now as much as it avoids some clichés it does fall into just a couple
    of gigantic ones that really undermine a part of the movie and take
    away some the joy from it. There are useless but fun characters and
    there is a very standard and unremarkable style that often lessens the
    importance of many events that still manage to resonate because of good
    writing and characters, but don’t really leave a print on you.

    I had fun and I would gladly recommend the film if you want to have a
    very light watch at the theater and not feel stupid or insulted by some
    of the other crap we are often served in this genre.

  • rjsf96October 21, 2015Reply

    De Niro’s Downward Descent Continues

    It’s a sad thing to witness the fall of one of the all-time great
    actors. When someone like Robert De Niro turns up in a project beneath
    him like ‘The Intern’, you know they were only drawn to it because of
    the money. What’s even more heart-breaking though is that when they
    take on more projects of this nature, they become less likely to be
    acknowledged for films like ‘Raging Bull’, ‘The Godfather Part II’ and
    ‘Goodfellas’ by general audiences.

    Ben Whittaker is seventy years old; don’t worry about remembering this
    figure as the film will constantly remind you like a nagging child. He
    is not enjoying his retirement. When a senior intern program shows up
    he jumps at the opportunity and ends up working with his bitter boss (a
    sickly sweet Anne Hathaway) she just happens to be younger than him.

    I’m frantically thinking of something, anything to say that’s positive
    or of significant note about ‘The Intern’ but nothing is coming to my
    mind. All that I can say in its favour is that it never comes across as
    hateful about gender, culture or race. But if I’m praising the film for
    elements it does not include, should that really count as praise at
    all? No.

    What I can say is that ‘The Intern’ is as predictable as they come. You
    could sit there with a checklist waiting to tick off every cliché it
    indulges in. Chances are all the boxes will be ticked by the end. That
    is if you can make it to the end. This alleged comedy is over two hours
    long and this self-indulgent runtime has never worked any favours for
    the genre.

    I don’t want to sit here criticizing ‘The Intern’. I would much rather
    praise a film than come off as cynical. But when a film is this
    uninvolving, dull and unfunny I just can’t.

    I trust you to make up your own mind about whether seeing ‘The Intern’
    is the right thing to do. So I pose these questions. Do you want to see
    the fall of Robert De Niro? A comedy so inert and flat that you can
    barely raise a smile? An experience more torturous than a late night
    shift at work? I do not want to see any of these things. It just makes
    it all the more easy to decline this internship.

  • tabunoOctober 22, 2015Reply

    A Rather Unique Relational Movie

    Robert DeNiro and Ann Hathaway star in this dramatic comedy about an
    elderly intern to an e-business executive. Directed and written by
    Nancy Meyers, The Intern offers up an entertaining and finely balanced
    movie about growing older, about females balancing business and
    personal responsibilities at home, and about close relationships in
    general. It is an engaging look at contemporary life and the human
    element that we often take for granted. The Intern is hard to rate
    because it’s much more reflective of life than the dramatic stylish
    script the audience and critics have often come to expect. Nancy has
    incorporated intense, sensitive dramatic scenes which derive from the
    natural human state of existence rather than the oftentimes overly
    dramatic scenes for audience reaction. The ending of this movie is a
    case in point, it doesn’t end with explosive titillating satisfaction,
    but with a soft landing of the expected natural consequences of life
    trying to work itself out.

    This movie resembles coming of age comedy-dramas like Uptown Girls
    (2003) or Waitress (2007) but for the elderly with somewhat older
    established women. There is also some suggestive elements that could
    even come from the Best Oscar classic Roman Holiday (1953) with its
    primary emphasis less on the romantic comedy than on the experience of
    everyday business life, such as Ann Hathaway experienced in own her
    breakout film The Devils Wears Prada (2006). What’s remarkable is that
    The Intern reflects one of the few movies that doesn’t focus on a
    romance plot and instead uses another relational theme as the movie’s
    core and still is able to captivate and move the audience, a rare and
    difficult accomplishment in itself. Even so though, unlike Lost in
    Translation (2003) the ending doesn’t seem to quite able to smooth out
    the uncomfortable mental ruffles.

  • sbwordsOctober 24, 2015Reply

    What is De Niro doing in this movie?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shritanvarmaOctober 24, 2015Reply

    Great Chemistry and some good humour make it a fuzzy experience

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pfroatsOctober 26, 2015Reply

    not something I do every day

    I have been to see this film at the theatres twice now. that doesn’t
    happen often. I can truthfully say that this is one of the best films
    that I have seen Robert DeNiro in and Anne Hathaway gives a great
    performance as well.

    Both my wife and myself left the theatre thinking that this was perhaps
    the best movie we have seen all year. It goes to show that you CAN
    produce a movie without the gratuitous swearing and sex and still come
    out with a product that will entice viewers to want to see it and in
    all likelihood purchase it when it comes out on video. I would not
    hesitate to recommend this to anyone as a feel good viewing choice
    along the lines of a blind side, pretty woman or nottinghill.

  • Little_COctober 26, 2015Reply

    The Handkerchief

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dan1863SicklesOctober 29, 2015Reply

    Really Not That Bad!

    I just saw THE INTERN yesterday, and it really wasn’t half bad. But the
    whole time I was watching Robert De Niro playing the sweet, kind
    intern, drying Anne Hathaway’s tears and so on, I kept thinking about a
    movie he made many years ago called THE FAN.

    THE FAN was this great old-fashioned De Niro movie, the kind our hero
    used to make when he was really menacing and dangerous. He plays this
    insane knife salesman who meets this young black baseball player who’s
    a superstar but is having personal problems. And then De Niro decides
    he has to save this young superstar, but when it doesn’t work out he
    goes berserk!

    The thing that struck me was that THE INTERN and THE FAN share an
    identical plot. And that while THE FAN tries to be dark and scary it’s
    more often fall-down laughing funny, like when De Niro’s character
    keeps bragging that he knows Mick Jagger and that they used to ”party
    till dawn” together. Whereas THE INTERN is meant to be funny but is
    never fall down laughing funny, except maybe in one scene where De Niro
    leads a crew of young guys to break into Anne Hathaway’s mother’s
    house. (Really, it’s much funnier than it sounds. I swear I laughed out
    loud at some point!)

    If only kind old Ben had flipped out at some point . . . like say, when
    he finds out his adorable boss’ no good husband is cheating. I swear at
    that point I was waiting for De Niro to become his ”true” self again,
    and make the snotty young husband pay and pay and pay. He really should
    have gone all insane knife salesman on the guy. Or like in CAPE FEAR,
    he could have started bombarding the wayward husband with Bible verses
    and mumbling cryptic warnings like, ”you’re gonna learn about loss.”

    Now that’s comedy!

  • laelcwhiteOctober 31, 2015Reply

    violation of massage therapy ethics

    I enjoyed the movie except for the part where the company-contracted
    ”masseuse” (just hold up right there, that term is so antiquated!)
    gratuitously comes on to the main character while giving him a ‘chair
    massage’, fondling around his love handles inappropriately, whereupon
    he is depicted as becoming aroused. This is a violation of any Massage
    Ethics course #080 in the country. Of course, the scene is depicted as
    quirky fun. Oh, yes, then they begin to ‘date’, another blatant
    violation of massage ethics. I could have given it 8 stars maybe, for
    it’s commentary on urban, comfort-class social quandaries around gender
    and age. But sorry no. Become aware, people, please, do we need to be
    continuing to snicker at the massage profession? Can we grow up now?

  • dancing15bearNovember 1, 2015Reply

    A Good, Clean, Wholesome Entertainment

    Sometimes you go to the theater, and you cringe at some of the
    previews, most of which are full of sex, violence, and an apocalyptic
    view of the world. It’s hard to find a movie that is respectable and
    clean, with charm and wit, one that is suitable for thinking adults.
    ”The Intern” is such a movie.

    Robert DeNiro is superb. How a guy who played such ruthless characters
    in ”Goodfellas” and ”Taxi Driver” can pull off this avuncular gentlemen
    is a testament to his craft. His Ben Whittaker almost seems too
    perfect, but DeNiro brings a humanity that makes him eminently
    believable. Anne Hathaway does a fine turn as the Internet
    entrepreneur, and fleshes out well what could have been a cartoon
    character of the Übermom. The supporting cast supports wonderfully,
    giving the stars plenty of room to shine, not distracting from the
    story. And the plot never goes where it shouldn’t, something that does
    happen in other, more cynical films.

    So I would very highly recommend this film. It has some ”legs,” as
    evidenced by the fairly sizable audience given that it’s in its sixth
    week of release. You know why? You’ll leave the theater entertained and
    uplifted. And how often can you say that at the cinema these days?

  • Python HyenaNovember 5, 2015Reply

    Screenplay Needed an Intern.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • imdbusrrNovember 9, 2015Reply

    countering the common criticisms

    The film is being dismissed as ‘light comedy’. That is selling it
    short. Lightness of touch, otherwise known as subtlety, is not the same
    as insipidity, which is what a many reviewers are saying or implying is
    the case here. The absence of explosions/shootings may have something
    to do with some reviewers’ feeling somewhat at a loss, but like
    immature people they are quick to blame the film on this rather than
    look to their own perceptions or deeper into the material at hand,
    which is plenty rich. Fourbytwos over the head are not always needed,
    especially with an older, more experienced audience.

    Fault has been found with the soundtrack, which also lacks explosions
    and has been felt to be anodyne. Again, no fourbytwos. The director
    respects the intelligence and wisdom of the audience and does not belt
    them over the head aurally with cues to emote NOW and NOW, THUS.

    This lack of overt guidance is too much for some. One reviewer
    complains about gear shifts and intolerable thematic justapositions
    (comic heist/workplace sexism) and unexpected plot shifts. It seems the
    3-act play has built itself into the cranial boneage of some people.
    They’re the lovers of Johann Strauss and never Bartok, of meat and 3
    veg, of everything familiar. Interesting that the lack of violence,
    extremity and bangs and crashes in general in The Intern is problematic
    for them while at the same time they don’t cope with a little play
    around story structure. This is how desensitised we’ve become in one
    direction, while remaining absolutely reactionary in another. Just like
    some teenagers, mistaking costume variation (to limited degrees) for

    Older audiences will recognise the themes and challenges to the
    characters in the film, and the pains they bring. Enough said. And now
    focus on the wisdoms that are displayed here for the picking. They are

  • anda-alexandra-86November 10, 2015Reply

    How People Still Have Music In Them

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rannynmNovember 11, 2015Reply

    A ”Must-Watch” Comedy that Beats All Expectations!

    Add The Intern to your list of ”must-watch” movies because this
    delightful comedy beats all expectations. The film is about charming,
    70-year-old Ben Whittaker, played by Robert De Niro, and his quest to
    join the work force after already being retired. Upon receiving the
    position of a senior intern at an online fashion website, he finds
    himself bonding with all the other young co- workers and is immediately
    loved by everyone. Ben is then assigned to intern for the owner of the
    company, Jules Ostin, and their opposite personalities create a bond
    between them that helps them through their lives.

    The film’s outstanding choice of actors really impacts the quality of
    the movie because if Robert De Niro didn’t play Ben, I wouldn’t have
    been as attached to his character. The character development is the
    biggest aspect of the movie and, since they use great actors, they
    successfully win the hearts of the audience and build a bond with the
    viewer instantly.

    I am really impressed with the comedy because I feel as though comedies
    these days are too desperate to be funny and it’s really obvious. They
    often throw in as many famous people as they can and have an
    under-developed plot to make the movie feel like a joke that should not
    be taken seriously. The Intern, however, is hilarious while remaining
    sophisticated. It is surprisingly funny and I caught myself cracking up
    all the time. The plot is very well developed and includes plot twists
    and a climax that I honestly would not expect.

    The ending is fulfilling which saved me from my fear of being left
    hanging or disappointed since the whole movie leading up to it is
    amazing. The film is enjoyable for people of all interests, ages and
    genders because it’s an all around feel-good movie that you don’t need
    to be in a certain mood to watch.

    The dialogue is insanely natural and realistic which makes it hard for
    me to believe that the lines are from a script. The little details like
    facial expressions or even a comment said under a character’s breath
    really made the movie authentic. I also enjoyed the amazing storyline
    and moral messages.

    I will definitely watch this film again and encourage my friends and
    family to watch it as well because it is worth seeing. This film is
    best suited for ages of 13 to 18 as well as adult and I give it 4 ½ out
    of 5 stars.

    Reviewed by Harmony M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic (age 16).

  • pamma09November 13, 2015Reply


    OK I was really looking forward to this movie. I love DeNiro and
    Hathaway and they were cast well. The story starts out well – 70 yr old
    needing something to do with his life other than travel and play golf.
    Founder of a company forgets she is going to have an intern – busy with
    a growing company and trying to have it all at work and home. The story
    line of the relationship between the two main characters is well done
    however I would rather have seen a possible takeover rather than the
    marriage falling apart. That part of the script was not handled well –
    this CEO would have handled it differently and I really do not think
    she would have been the sheepish woman she was presented as. SO for me
    80% of the movie was predictable and OK – the rest not so great. A good
    enough afternoon get away but not a great movie.

  • pborders-27520November 15, 2015Reply

    The Life of an Executive Women

    Although Ben Whittaker (De Niro), the intern, is the central character
    of this movie, as a female manager and titled officer of a
    multi-billion international corporation, I easily identified with the
    Jules Ostin (Hathaway) the company founder. Like her, I face the same
    challenges in a high pressure job. How she tries so hard to make
    everyone happy to the point of sacrificing her own happiness. Of
    particular note, is how her own gender slanders Jules with disparaging
    remarks while conversing with Ben. These selfish women relish in
    humiliating and belittling Jules in ways that make her question her
    womanhood. To say this movie is ”cute” is like saying ”oh that’s nice”
    to a soldier who just returned from front-line battle in Afghanistan.
    The point is, even when a woman is the founder of a company, the ”glass
    ceiling” is still there unless she gets the support she deserves and
    needs in her professional and personal life. I loved this movie and
    would highly recommend it to men and women of all ages.

  • prprincess90November 16, 2015Reply

    The Feel Good Comedy of the Year!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • avemuriNovember 17, 2015Reply

    Good movie

    I like Anne Hathaway. I watched the movie with my wife, as this was the
    only new English movie playing at the theatre nearby, we decided to
    check it out. I had heard a lot of negative reviews about the movie, I
    agree that Anne Hathaway could do better and that it is very
    stereotypical with the Devil wears Prada storyline. A female lead with
    a dysfunctional life. But the movie is a feel-good idealistic scenario.
    But I think it does what it should, moments of drama, fun and comedy
    and in the end leaves with a hope that life has its moments but things
    will be alright when one follows the heart. It does however point out
    the most obvious social message that is hasn’t been touched, we teach
    young girls that they are strong and should follow their heart to lead
    a professional life, but miss the fact that the boys are left behind in
    the emotional development that is needed as a part of this change with
    women participating more at workplace. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie.
    I would definitely recommend for an evening to unwind.

  • Lucas VersantvoortNovember 18, 2015Reply

    Flawed, of course, but very likable

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Zbigniew_KrycsiwikiNovember 20, 2015Reply

    Worth watching just for the home break-in scene

    DeNiro is a 70 years old widower who becomes (along with three other
    20-somethings) an intern at a trendy online clothing retailer in
    Brooklyn, and Hathaway is his 20-something boss, obsessed with putting
    her career ahead of her family. 

    Entire cast did well, and there were a few funny moments scattered
    throughout, but it seemed like a lot of the humour was toned down for
    some reason, and the film never really comes alive, remaining mostly
    subtle and muted throughout (except during a hilarious burglary scene).
    Even affair subplot seemed watered down and lukewarm. A lot of product
    placement too (Starbucks, Skype, etc) became distracting and annoying.

  • tariqaa2001November 20, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Angelika_New_YorkNovember 22, 2015Reply

    De Niro saves it.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • aharmasDecember 6, 2015Reply

    Wisdom and Heart: A Winning Combo

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • A_Different_DrummerDecember 12, 2015Reply

    Atonal … failed the 20 minute test

    Article Xii of the IMDb Guide for Top Reviewers admonishes us to ”move
    aggressively to correct misconceptions” about a specific film
    especially if ”the majority of viewers seem to have missed the point.”
    It is a tough job but someone has to do it.

    So here is the skinny. This is a terrible film. The problems with it go
    far beyond casting choices that some other members actually caught. The
    premise is terrible. Hollywood could use a really good movie that
    explores the business ethics between generations. This is not it.

    The writing is terrible. This may not the fault of the writers,
    presumably they were following the ideas put in their head by the
    producers. Regardless of who is to blame, the script is soggy and lame.

    The most reliable ”reviewers test” for an unknown film is the so-called
    20 minute test. If a film fails to connect with the viewer by the 20
    minute mark, it is a dud.

    At the 20 minute mark De Niro is still settling into his new job. There
    is no viewer connection or interest or suspense or pathos or empathy. A

    Rene Russo looks lost in her role and the scenes where she massages de
    Niro are embarrassing to the film, the cast, and Mankind as a whole.

    I could go on, but you get the point.

  • Saurabh TripathiDecember 12, 2015Reply

    This is great, coz its simple

    No cheesy moments, no extra complexity, no flashy sets, no crappy
    lines…… two of the best people telling us to smile and relax while
    they r doing what they r best at. This movie works because its simple
    without the flashy n shallow stuff we see these days. The concept is
    really nice, unlike the previous intern movies this is put in the best
    way with a refreshing breath by the writers. Shows how success brings
    about changes hard to comprehend and also how old life also need
    craving of new. Loved every last bit of it. Niro at its recent best.
    Hathaway moving as always. loved it & want more like it. PS: take a
    note directors.

  • mikevonbachDecember 13, 2015Reply

    Great Film –I’m so sick of seeing SWAT teams with Machine Guns

    Nice relaxing movie Although for a minute there I thought De niro . Was
    Gonna Get Upset some when he saw Hubby Pulling a Fast one . I was
    Seeing that Guy Taking a little ride in the trunk of a Lincoln
    Continental. Like in Good Fella’s .No cheesy moments, no extra
    complexity, no flashy sets, no crappy lines…… two of the best
    people telling us to smile and relax while they r doing what they r
    best at. This movie works because its simple without the flashy n
    shallow stuff we see these days. The concept is really nice, unlike the
    previous intern movies this is put in the best way with a refreshing
    breath by the writers. Shows how success brings about changes hard to
    comprehend and also how old life also need craving of new. Loved every
    last bit of it. Niro at its recent best. Hathaway moving as always.
    loved it & want more like it. PS: take a note directors.

  • Remco VosDecember 14, 2015Reply

    An entertaining feel good movie that doesn’t disappoint !

    This movie is one of many feel good movies around. The great thing
    about it is the built up of the movie and the fact that even when you
    know the outcome it still keeps you drawn towards the screen.

    Robert de Niro once again proves his allround acting skills. He
    mesmerizes you throughout the movie. You feel for his character and the
    position he’s in. Having grown up with a mum working with the elderly
    day in day out, she emphasizes the importance (sometimes to much in my
    opinion 🙂 ) of not neglecting them and the experience and influence
    they still can bring to the table. Seeing the movie unfold just makes
    you smile. The chemistry between Anne Hathaway and Robert de Niro is
    great and the support cast is really nice in my opinion. The ‘gang’
    gives the movie the comedic and light touch to it, although Anders Holm
    didn’t really stand out or gave his character that much extra, he was
    just there.

    All in all good entertainment.


  • electricalhellfireDecember 14, 2015Reply

    Hail to capitalism

    Horrific movie. Shallow acting, shallow and predictable story and the
    whole thing is celebrating unsustainable business (all clothes of the
    company made in Bangladesh for sure) fused by shallow Hipster-Mutants,
    who are poisoning our cities today, stuck in front of their screens in
    generic lofts for work and for living. I don’t get, why De Niro is
    gambling with his reputation the last decade and I don’t get, why
    anybody should waste time and money for this retarded vision of a
    working life, bound to phones and displays (prominent product placement
    on the movie of course), doing ”customer service”, while the real work
    is done by people in a prison of poverty. Get yourself a workshop, get
    yourself some dignity.

  • Sally SparrowDecember 14, 2015Reply

    Old man’s fantasy

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • WoodBangers EntertainmentDecember 17, 2015Reply

    well made

    The Intern (2015) is a drama/comedy film starring Robert De Niro and
    Anne Hathaway. This film has a more realistic today’s generation family
    business story which actually hits home in my life. The movie was well
    put together and the cast could have not been any more perfectly
    selected for such a film. The Intern (2015) brings good classy comedy
    to the table while taking you through the day to day of a 70 year old
    intern in the tech world.

    This film does have it’s usual styling or theme as all other films
    within this genre/classification though it does have a nice spark to
    make it stand out from many. The Intern (2015) is enjoyable for all
    ages and didn’t come slam packed with innuendos and quick one liners
    like most of the films from the last decade. I tip my hat to those who
    worked hard to make a very well produced classy comedy.

  • wembleyfmDecember 18, 2015Reply

    Surprisingly Intern-resting!

    Without knowing too much about the plot, I assumed this was taking De
    Niro down a familiar trodden path of another ”Fokker” type role. How
    wrong I was! This is a very endearing, gentle and easily watchable
    escapade that sees an ageing De Niro being given an internship with an
    e-commerce fashion company and becoming surprisingly useful at
    bestowing his considerable knowledge to his new colleagues. I can’t
    remember ever seeing De Niro play such a likable role without seemingly
    any flaws to his character. Hathaway charms her way through the film
    and there’s a nice cameo from Russo as a love interest. A film that
    doesn’t try too hard to be funny and comes across better for it.

  • Gino CoxDecember 19, 2015Reply

    Amusing but not hilarious; tries to be relevant, but unfocused

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Anurag JainDecember 19, 2015Reply

    The intern rules the roost

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • palavitsinisDecember 21, 2015Reply

    Not so silly, worthwhile and touching

    Well, if you love Robert De Niro, if you love Anne Hathaway and if you
    happen to be in this line of work (startups, companies, etc.), then
    this movie will not be anything shorter that brilliant!

    Performances are amazing, an excellent supporting cast and a 100%
    capture of the office reality and the different types of people within.
    100% to the spot with all this hip generation and the new fad of
    startups, etc.

    The plot, although a bit expected, manages to combine all the little
    things that are paramount to the everyday of any working person in
    time-consuming positions. The gentle intrusion of De Niro as a
    pensioner that brings his own demeanor and outlook on things is

    De Niro through his character shows to all of us, fast-paced, time-
    deprived and life-deprived generation X or Y or whatever, that there’s
    always room for calmness and for living. It’s a movie that is actually
    a lesson in disguise, that no one should miss. Not the most elaborate
    philosophy behind it, but isn’t life supposed to be simple???

  • SnorreplopDecember 21, 2015Reply

    So sweet it will make your teeth hurt

    Jules Ostin runs a successful internet fashion start-up, but she has
    trouble combining business with her family live. Ben Whittaker, a 70
    year old retired widower is looking for a way to give more meaning to
    his empty and unproductive live. When he spots an add for a senior
    citizen internship, applies to it and eventually gets the position, the
    two are teamed up.

    Do not expect a lot of depth or insight from this comedy. The movie
    lightly meanders from start to its unfulfilling end. The only thing
    that keeps this movie from totally caving in on itself is the talent
    and charm of mostly Hathaway and to some extent De Niro, the latter
    acts on autopilot for most of the movie.

  • lensky-05759December 21, 2015Reply

    A Gem of a Movie!

    Watching this movie was a roller coaster of emotions and lessons in
    life. The movie was a full package of themes surrounding friendship,
    loyalty, chivalry, marriage, family, sacrifice, life, preserving
    novelty yet embracing change all together, going for your dreams,
    getting to know yourself, peace with oneself, and most of all courage,
    among anything else. This movie made me cry and dwell deeper and look
    at my 30-something life thru the eyes of a career-driven, millennial
    like Jules (Anne Hathaway); yet it also made me ponder on what lies
    ahead and what I would ever want to achieve thru Ben’s life (Robert
    Deniro. A brilliant Gem of a movie! I specially suggest all millennials
    watch this! 😀

  • Hodder SheridanDecember 22, 2015Reply

    Ben would’ve written a better script, though not by much.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tolis01December 22, 2015Reply

    It is a pity to waste such a great idea

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • PhilmGuruDecember 22, 2015Reply

    A simple pleasure

    It’s such a rare joy to watch a film these days that doesn’t rely on
    special effects, bad language, violence or crude humour.

    While I enjoy all of the above, in the correct context, and they
    certainly have their place – this film stands out as true gem to remind
    the current generation that they might just be missing out on something
    better (and simpler) by constantly ‘dressing down’ to be cool.

    To see the sloppy start-up culture (of which I’m somewhat a part)
    juxtaposed against De Niro’s sharp suits and clear language, serves
    notice that being caring, human and honest is not forgotten among a lot
    of people and will always be honoured & respected.

    BOTH protagonists are hero characters – funny, caring, touching, warm
    and forgiving.

    Serotonin and dopamine fire simultaneously watching this film from
    start to finish. In part, due to the fact these characters simply don’t
    exist in real-life anymore… as much as they really should.

    I would advise anyone with a warm to heart to watch this and simply
    give in to it.

    Accept it’s Hollywood, accept it’s Hollywood showing us a different
    side, a side it’s more than capable of showing us. If we don’t accept
    it, we only have the dark side left.


  • andredejonghDecember 22, 2015Reply

    There probably was an original script changed at the last minute

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • galladielDecember 22, 2015Reply

    Don’t waste your time!

    What wishy washy nonsense! Weak story, one-dimensional, boring
    stereotypical characters! Filled with endless clichés and improbable
    situations. Sickly sweet and unrealistic behavior of the main
    characters, far removed from reality. Why can’t they make good movies
    anymore?! I suffered through 2 hours of it. I guess I was hoping for a
    miracle, for a twist that would elevate it above the level of a filler.
    But no, to the very end it kept the quality of adolescent slush with no
    depth or sophistication. I guess I can’t expect more from an Anne
    Hathaway movie. What a waste of time! I recommend that you give this
    one a miss.

  • Ava-Gay SmithDecember 23, 2015Reply

    A beautiful movie

    I was a little sceptical of this movie especially when I saw the length
    (2 hours is really long) and I was not quite sure what sort of plot
    could be developed to make it worthwhile. I must say that it was worth
    it. This was just beautiful. Beautiful, well developed characters. A
    story line with hope and promise and self-belief. I enjoyed how Robert
    De Niro’s character fathered/grandfathered Anne Hathaway’s Jules. It
    was a beautiful relationship. I loved that the film was ‘clean’ and
    pure and the little comedy in the midst of it all just sorta provided
    that well needed release that good humour tends to bring. I thoroughly
    enjoyed myself.

  • fuad-tariqDecember 24, 2015Reply

    Must Watch!

    The Intern is such a heartwarming movie, and hilarious at the same
    time. It is also one of the most realistic 21st century movies to-date.

    Robert De Niro did a great job, although that’s no surprise. But Anne
    Hathaway did a marvelous job acting out her character, I mean she made
    me fall in love with her character!

    It goes without saying that I’m neither a fan of the two lead actors,
    as well as I’m usually a big movie skeptical when it comes to acting
    the characters as required, so she beyond impressed me.

    I’d also like to note that this is my first IMDb review of a movie
    ever, that is because I rarely ever take the time to write any review
    about any movie. But this movie is just that special that makes you
    want to thank the directing team, cast team and anyone involved in
    making this movie possible.

    Also if you haven’t watched this movie yet, stop reading reviews
    because I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

  • Nicu ChiselitaDecember 25, 2015Reply

    A brilliant film.

    So. I waited a long time for this movie to apear on screen and it
    totally worth it. I knew it will be an interesting movie from the
    trailer and from the fact that is featuring two fun to watch and
    interesting actors that i always enjoy watching: Robert De Niro and
    Anne Hathaway. This two are among my top 10 favourite actors. As for
    the actual movie, i would totally recommend it. The main story is great
    with some cool role-plays from ” the old man ”. I don’t want to make
    any spoilers, because i hate when people do this to me, so i just
    invite you to watch it for yourself. It has around 1 hour and a half,
    but you never get bored. I did watch it with very much interest and it
    had quite a handful of funny moments. One thing i noticed though, or
    maybe failed to notice. In the trailer there is a moment where the 4
    co-workers talk at a drink and Jules start saying some comparison about
    the boys from ” now and then ” thing which in the actual movie i did
    not see. Overall a brilliant film.

  • Abby WattsDecember 26, 2015Reply

    What movies used to be

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • yo-marcelo-jejeDecember 26, 2015Reply

    Are you fuc#%&ing kidding me?!?!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Zaffy-1December 26, 2015Reply

    in a galaxy far far away…

    In a galaxy far far away… a.k.a. the Intern’s universe, everyone is a
    kind, caring, lovely, wise, good willing, hard working, great person,
    moral compass, with a permanent smile on his/her face.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like movies that show the bright side of life and
    are positive and all, but even in fairy tales there are some dark
    moments or some kind of villains.

    But this movie is flatlined! Everyone is a sweetheart and apparently
    New Work is a great – sunny – clean city full only with happy pleasant

    Among them, standouts De Niro’s Ben, who is not only a spotless person
    but apparently some kind of a super hero who at the age of 70 can work
    long hours, be there for everyone, keep solving all kind of crises
    while keeping clean and tied up a lovely home and have a relationship
    with Rene Russo.

    Half of the movie, I was honestly expecting the dark secret to be
    revealed. Ben is an alcoholic? a gambler? he had a dark past? he has
    some naughty vices? something ? anything? nope.. nope nope… He is
    just perfect!

    I am by nature very optimist and I believe than every person can be a
    good one, I have been even accused as laughing to much. But even for
    someone like me, this movie really tested my joy/happiness/utopia

    In conclusion, if you want to have a getaway into a world where people
    apparently only die from happiness and joy, you will love this movie.

  • randymcbeastDecember 26, 2015Reply

    A pointless pile of fluffy feathers

    I suppose some Hollywood exec thought that by pairing one of the best
    actors of many generations with the always engaging and lovely Anne
    Hathaway would cover all the demographic bases and produce a solid
    moneymaker. Sadly, that wasn’t the case and now this movie is stuck on
    both of their resumes as the sell-out movie that nobody cared about.

    De Niro is my favorite male actor too, and Hathaway one of my top fav
    female actors. So, I did enjoy watching the two work together but
    couldn’t they have found a better script? This one was plain rubbish
    and the whole movie was just disgustingly pleasant and pointless the
    whole way through. Everything in it’s place and every day sunny. Barf!
    I can see why Hathaway took the movie though. Strong woman role and
    working with Bobbie D, no-brainer, but why would De Niro take it? Does
    he need the money? After such an illustrious career leading some of the
    greatest movies of all time, he decided it’s time to play an Intern for
    an Internet startup company in a movie with no meaning whatsoever? It’s
    truly a sad day for De Niro fans.

  • lizzym-22771December 27, 2015Reply

    Corny, hammy drivel!

    Honestly sat down to watch this with my sister, mum and partner
    thinking it would be a funny watch. Turned out to be the slowest film
    ever with no direction to it whatsoever! Great cast – thou they had to
    act through the worst plot and dialogue. Corny and overly sentimental
    throughout – had us all rolling our eyes on multiple occasions. Not
    sure what this movie was trying to achieve but failed on every level.
    So weird in places too – when she says to him your my best friend, when
    they sit on the bed together.. so strange. I am not sure what the other
    reviewers were watching! Feel like I have lost two hours of my life I
    can never get back!! Do not waste your time.

  • hennyxuDecember 27, 2015Reply


    In a time where action movies and expensive popcorn flicks are
    dominating the box-office, it’s good to see a well-balanced movie with
    a lot of heart. Some of you may think that this movie is a chick flick,
    maybe because of trailers or promotional materials, but believe me this
    is not the case. It’s a funny feel good movie with good, not over the
    top, drama. I Highly recommend this to everyone who wants to watch a
    movie, especially together, and feel good in the end.

    The movie begins with a 70-year-old widower named Ben Whittaker, played
    by Oscar winner Robert Deniro, who is fed up with his retirement and
    longs for a goal/purpose in life. When suddenly an opportunity arises
    allowing him to apply for an senior internship at an online fashion
    site. He is assigned to the company’s boss Jules Ostin, played by the
    beautiful Anne Hathaway, and from that moment on we embark on a journey
    where we get to know the characters.

    The following will discuss the characters, music & cinematography, and
    the three-act-structure.

    The characters within this movie are wonderful. The main characters Ben
    and Jules are portrait in a likable almost natural way, with moments
    that will evoke happiness and sadness. You can feel the relation
    between the two characters being built from the first moment to the
    last scene. The supporting characters are similarly likable, and
    luckily not annoying (I truly hate movies with annoying supporting
    characters). They are mostly funny characters used for the comedy
    relieve scenes, but the movie uses them in a subtle manner, which
    provides them a little bit of character development. In addition,
    remaining characters provide good dramatic support for the main
    characters in a not too cliché way (sorry don’t want to spoil too

    The music used is upbeat and fits the accompanying scenes, however it
    isn’t really anything special. The cinematography is pretty good. The
    movie has a white gloomy feel to it, when it is showing the office or
    business side, and a warm and brighter look when showing family
    moments. Based on the three-act-structure, it has a funny energetic
    beginning, heartwarming middle, and a somewhat dramatic ending.

    If there is one thing that is bothering me then it has to be the
    hammering of feminism. Please don’t misunderstand me I’ve nothing
    against it and more power to it. But this movie tries to hammer it into
    us a little too much. Maybe they should have removed some lines or
    changed certain dialogs. It’s a movie show us and don’t repeatedly tell
    us. But hey, it’s just a small quibble and it shouldn’t bother most
    people (I hope). O and I think they should’ve trimmed the movie a
    little maybe 10min to better the flow :P.

    Al in all it’s a good movie worth watching and I promise you you’ll
    have a good time.

    I give this movie a 8.

  • Maniac-cjDecember 28, 2015Reply

    Disappointing movie

    A movie with so much potential leaves you wishing there was an extra
    hour to the move so that it can end far far far better than it did.

    Instead it takes a powerful female adds a story line ”sort of” and puts
    the entire female race back a good 50 years back

    Two strong actors with the potential to pull the end to a far more
    satisfactory ending.

    My family and I turned to each other at the end and were shocked to see
    the credits roll.

    Anne Hathaway is a brilliant actress who coupled with a strong role
    kind of makes the movie fun.

    VERY disappointing.

  • dscharretDecember 28, 2015Reply

    did a toddler write this?

    This debacle was at least 1 hour too long, for the middle school
    script.I’m still not sure there was a point to the movie. The ending
    came mercifully too late, and if that was an ending, the viewer has no
    idea. Other than betting heavily on the Seahawks…I cant imagine why
    Robert Deniro would have anything to do with this horrid hack job. the
    plot was so weak, so amazingly weak! Even the wife apologized for
    having set this destruction of a good evening into motion. honestly,
    the movie is bad on so many levels, it cant be over stated. unless
    you’re really looking for a nap, or just had a brain tumor removed,
    this train wreck is going to disappoint!! Just pathetic….

  • Gordon-11December 30, 2015Reply

    So sweet

    This film tells the story of a young woman who started an online
    clothing company and runs it successfully in just eighteen months. She
    takes on senior interns unwillingly, but things change for the better
    in almost every aspect.

    ”The Intern” has such a sweet story! It gives a positive message about
    seniors as they have much experience and wisdom on many aspects of
    life. Ben is observant, sensitive and says all the right things at the
    right time, therefore positively influencing everyone around him. He’s
    such a charismatic and likable character. The boss is sweet as well, I
    really enjoyed watching it.

  • chtkhsDecember 30, 2015Reply

    the model of gentleman

    The main characters are Ben and Jules. Ben is 70 years old, but he
    likes to challenge new things. One day, he finds an advertisement of
    intern. He decides to challenge it. Then, his new life starts. His new
    work place is a company of apparel fashions. He is assigned to under
    direct to Jules, the CEO of company. At first, he doesn’t have any
    knowledge, but he does hard what he can do. Gradually, people around
    him like him, also Jules gets to like and believe him because of his
    character. Also, Jules has a problem about family, so Ben becomes a
    good adviser. This movie can cheer people who work or do something
    hard. They can think to continue to do. I will watch this movie again
    if I lose my confidence. Also, you want a warm adviser like Ben. Ben is
    a good example of gentleman, so I hope men follow him.

  • theshiptonsDecember 31, 2015Reply

    Massive yawn fest

    the 2 stars are for De Niro, he is an actor of such high caliber that
    is wasted in this wishy washy flick. The premise is a good one and
    something that could have been taken to more places than this film did.
    Anne Hathaway is OK in her role but given the material she has to work
    with she struggles to show any brilliance. Mr De Niro is also hamstrung
    in his role as he seems to not be able to develop fully as a character.
    the drama what there is of it leaves you not really caring what happens
    to the people in this film. it is watchable, sadly predictable and too
    light and airy for my liking. Also I think the lack of a protagonist in
    this film is its hugest flaw. there is little serious conflict and not
    a lot of comedy.

  • Graz-4January 1, 2016Reply

    Time well spent

    Until now I’ve not been a fan of Anne Hathaway, though I appreciate
    lots of people are, but in this movie I did come to like her quite a
    bit. Good acting, and looking ‘normal’ one might say. Needless to say
    Robert De Niro was exemplary as usual. And Jojo Kushner (Paige) – well
    doesn’t she just make you melt ? lovely, brainy, great actress. I have
    to say that the part of hubby played by Anders Holm was a bit weak. But
    Becky played by Christina Scherer was super and reminded me of girls I
    habe met at the offices I have been to on more than one occasion. All
    in all a very good movie that wife and self enjoyed immensely. Would
    see this again no problem.

  • Kawaljeet KaurJanuary 2, 2016Reply

    Interesting Internship

    I have been meaning to see this movie since it was released and finally
    I watched it and it was worth it. The story line is so different. Its
    so simply and elegantly portrays the life of old people and need of
    change for them, providing opportunities to them, crediting them for
    their experience. Its teaches you to be open to change, explore the
    world but also at the same time be yourself. ”Grey is the new Green”,
    very well said. I mean the things Ben said, how he dealt with
    everything was just a phenomenal example to us on how to handle certain
    situation. The light comedy, and the essence of changing technological
    world brings life to the movie. One ore thing it teaches you is to have
    hope, belief in you. Situations change, things become more complex,
    tension starts to build up but all you need is to have a me time and
    also talk to the one whom you can trust and who understands and then
    provides you with an honest and wise advise. Silence speaks for itself
    and those silent moments in the movie give it a touch of reality. Loved

  • beta_zetaJanuary 2, 2016Reply

    Beautiful candy rapped, but shallow movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • johntheholderJanuary 2, 2016Reply

    Boring and greatly indifferent film

    Not much to say about this Nancy Meyers new film. Typical-boring HD
    photography and not much of a story going on.

    Deniro plays a decent schmuck who got a job as a 70year old intern for
    a fashion company. There is no substance.

    Anne Hathaway is supposed to be a very austere and multitasking Boss ,
    yet a good and warm mother and person. OK , but in this film it isn’t
    played out right, we don’t care one bit.

    Mainly its the script thats at fault.

    It isn’t a film that should have a spot on the map.

    7.3 rating ? What?

    Make that a 6.0 at best.

    It’s a film you look at while waiting at a dentist’s office.

    I am into comedies and dramedies a lot , just not into bad films.

    Don’t even watch this film , choose wiser.

  • Dr_SaganJanuary 2, 2016Reply

    Hooray! for Nancy Meyers’s generation. They did know better…

    Nancy Meyers is nearly 70 years old and this script seems like an
    attempt to prove that her generation had the answers for pretty much

    Baby boomers everywhere united! You are still needed to share the
    wisdom. Next generations are only to show you how your laptop opens and
    how to create an account to facebook.

    I guess there countless movies like this. You know some ”back in
    school” flicks where the old guy or girl returns to ”school” and
    instantly becomes one with the ”kids” and gives life lessons to the
    youngsters, how to treat a girl, how to be punctual, about honesty and
    fidelity. Next generations are just email-exchanging idiots.

    Anyway. Despite the whole ”wisdom” and ”life begins at 70” crap, that
    are simply not true, you have 3 extremely capable and experienced
    actors (DeNiro, Hathaway, Russo) delivering the easygoing script and
    showing enough chemistry to make the film bearable. There is obviously
    an uplifting mood (the self made millionaire girl etc. etc.) but there
    are troubles in Paradise. You can’t have it all. Success and solid
    family and be happy. That’s the message here, although in the movies
    anything could happen…

  • Nicole CJanuary 2, 2016Reply


    The trailer shows the potential for the film to be pretty comedic and
    though there are quite a few funny moments I wouldn’t really call this
    a comedy. To me it is somewhere between a melodrama/comedy/drama type
    thing. I really like that this film goes against the patriarchal order
    of most films (and reality) by having a strong female protagonist.
    However, it does subtly hint at the question of ‘can she really do it
    all?’ which is a horrible question to ask as it undermines the female
    gender by saying women can’t be successful at both work and home life.
    Plus, Jules is never seen having any other friends, implying that a
    successful woman can’t have a personal life.

    Hathaway gives a solid performance as a hard-working, always busy and
    on the phone type person with focused drive. She is believable as a
    person who manages to start a start up and make it successful. De Niro
    plays a grandfatherly type of character and puts the young boys to
    shame with his gentleman persona. Thus, with De Niro’s grandfatherly
    character the film leans more towards a family film rather than a
    comedy. Not that this is a bad thing, as Meyers does a good job at
    integrating the different generations together and showing the lessons
    that each can learn from the other.

    The look of the film is also very modern, and I like the cinematography
    and visual colours of the settings. Camera work does well in
    establishing the high rise buildings and modern architecture of the
    city (New York?) which parallels the fast paced generation of online
    companies. Additionally, the colours are very vibrant which add to the
    modern concept. The contrast between the mise-en-scene, and other
    characters place Ben as a creature in endangerment of being extinct, a
    dying breed of chivalry.

    Although Ben’s character does add some taste to the film, the ending
    inevitably ends with him (the white male) giving advice or having his
    say that inspires the solution. This reminds me a little of Guess Who’s
    Coming to Dinner, when the father (another white male) gives his
    verdict that everyone must listen to and agree on, though it is not so
    extreme in this case.

    Overall, the film is an entertaining feel good movie for a relaxing
    Friday night.

    Read more movie reviews at:

  • Justin TobinJanuary 2, 2016Reply

    A refreshing dramedy

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JerghalJanuary 3, 2016Reply

    A 2 hour long commercial

    The Intern is a perfect example of the soulless crap Hollywood dares to
    crank out. De Niro plays a retired 70 year old who is bored to death
    and therefore seeks to work for free as an intern for a booming
    e-commerce company run by Ann Hathaway. The film feels like one big fat
    commercial (and it actually is). At this hipster e-com company everyone
    works on Macs, Ann drives an Audi, she lives in a residential hipster
    house. She drinks Stella Artois beer (they make sure you see the
    label), brand names are also dropped (lego, Netflix), other products
    are also clearly visible; Starbucks, Sony, Skype, Samsung,.. Even the
    music sounds like music from a commercial (not joking!). Al these
    ‘people’ in the movie are the examples of successful hipsters and the
    ‘problems’ they have are just first world problems. I also could not
    stand the characters: all these conflict avoiding, apologetic, overly
    helpful nitwits. If you see De Niro playing this cardboard character
    (it’s written that way, he tries his best with it) it’s hard to believe
    this was the guy who played in Taxi Driver. The Intern is also so
    Politically Correct it’s sickening. You can feel being manipulated
    while watching this garbage. It felt like these subliminal messages in
    They Live. People should not have paid to see this, they should have
    been paid to spend 2 hours being pounded by this extensive commercial
    marinated in a forced ‘feel good’ message.

  • josephamichaelJanuary 3, 2016Reply

    A thoughtful review of the movie The Intern

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bikingskiingJanuary 6, 2016Reply

    Experience and youth have much to share

    A wonderful movie that will make you smile, laugh, and maybe even cry.
    The entire family can watch this one and enjoy the value that older
    people can bring to the workplace, even to an Internet start-up. I
    loved this movie. All performances were just about perfect, and Anne
    Hathaway and Robert De Niro are both charming. Several themes interplay
    off each other; older people in a new tech workplace, working mothers
    trying to balance family, marriage and a career, and stay-at-home
    fathers; as well as perceptions of older people. Robert’s character and
    several others in the movie put those stereotypes to the test. Finally,
    a well-made movie with a relevant story for our age that contains no
    violence or crude behavior. It’s a fun and enjoyable movie to watch
    that it long overdue in the making.

  • chaos-rampantJanuary 6, 2016Reply

    Forced life

    If I ran my own studio and this was brought to me as something we made
    there would be hell to pay. A bunch of people would have to be off the
    lot by noon and whatever profits it made would go to finance a new
    Harmony Korine film as antidote to what we inflicted.

    Why is that? It’s a simple, feel good movie after all about an aging
    man, widower, who lacks a story in life and enters the upbeat world of
    a younger woman. They secured a lovely presence in Hathaway, DeNiro in
    his usual mode; two faces, sea otter smile or frown.

    But it’s such a cynical thing to take these people and reduce them in
    this way to make ‘points’. It is feel good at the expense of all the
    other stuff, starting with laughs.

    A story about an old man afraid he doesn’t have anywhere to fit and
    he’s reduced to nanny and chaperone and wise adviser of the young.
    DeNiro feels comfortable in the role or he wouldn’t be here, as if he
    has agreed with himself actor-wise to be that person.

    A story about a career-driven woman and her stay-at-home husband who
    abandoned his own career to raise family; when after feeling neglected
    he turns to an affair, the only insights we have is that he cheated and
    she shouldn’t compromise her career, no others are really allowed her
    character. He is contrite by the end.

    We would be smacking our heads at all of this, at the old man
    stereotype if he was black. We would be aghast to see a housewife
    reduced to this perception of her. It dismays. To see stereotypes we
    would like chased away from our storytelling come in through the
    backdoor as values?

    It’s social tinkering with roles, a bit like that Trainwreck. But
    indicative of the same tendency to reduce people as once plagued older
    films that we might would look back on their values as archaic. A
    revealing bit has three geeky twentysomethings lectured about men
    having been reduced to boys by a cultural shift as if this was a movie
    that was trying to see beyond reductions, but alas, restrained by how
    things really are. Anemic.

  • mehrdadjg ([email protected])January 6, 2016Reply

    Amazing movie to watch with your family

    Well, I just watched the movie and my only regret is that I should have
    watched it with my wife. Although It’s probably okay, I’ll watch it a
    second time with her later. I know I’ll enjoy just as much.

    I have loved Anne Hathaway in every movie I have seen of her. She once
    again did an amazing job. I’m not saying she deserves an Oscar for it,
    but I also wouldn’t be surprised if she got nominated. She perfectly
    succeeded to capture her role: A woman who loves her job and her family
    and wants to make everyone who matters to her happy at all costs. Oh,
    did I mention she was great?

    Where would the movies be today if it wasn’t for Robert De Niro? Show
    me a single person who doesn’t love him. I’m serious, show me!!! Once
    again he did it. He plays a senior intern in a huge up and coming
    company. That’s all I’m going to say. I’m not going to praise him or
    say that he was good. I’m going to say that he is the soul of the movie
    and I loved seeing him. But that’s just me, I love him in anything.

    There are some scenes in the movie that kind of vaguely reference other
    movies that the stars have played. It was really fun for me to watch
    this scenes. There’s of course the bride whose name is Rachel (Rachel
    Getting Married (2008)), the scene where Ben is talking to himself in
    the mirror (Taxi Driver (1976)) and of course my personal favorite, the
    airplane scene where Ben and Jules are chatting (Midnight Run (1988)).
    Gosh, I was so excited to think that He might do his iconic laugh.

    All in all, this is an amazing movie that you need to watch with people
    whom you love. I assure you it will a good two hours, for all of you.

  • dannyte-54836January 7, 2016Reply

    Must see movie

    I came into this move with no expectations, but I have to say this
    movie was awesome. Its a must watch. Very funny and all the actors
    played great roles. I never expected for Robert Deniro to be funny but
    he definitely was. This was a real comedy and I have not seen a real
    comedy like this in a long time, and a real comedy meaning its just
    more and more laughter. There is a little bit of like romance in it but
    most comedies these days have romance in them. Most of all Anne
    Hathaway was great as well. There are a lot of well known faces that
    you will see and there all great. So anybody who doubts this movie
    please go rent it or whatever and you will not be disappointed I can
    promise you that. Take it from me because if I’m writing an actual
    review then it had to be really good because I don’t do this normally.

  • prigozhinromanJanuary 9, 2016Reply

    So sad

    Meaningless, pointless movie about nothing. Giant waste of talent. It’s
    2 hours of your life you never gonna get back. Even for girls how love
    chick flicks this would be boring. IMDb requires me to write 10 lines
    about this movie, but frankly, the whole script to this movie can be
    described in less than 10 lines. The best description of it, is movie
    about nothing. A wife, mom and CEO with a cheating husband cries and
    sais thank you for taking me back when her husband tells her that he
    has cheated, but has decided that it was not that good, and is ready to
    end it. Who writes this ?

    To Robert De Niro, please, read scripts before you decide to accept a
    role in the movie.

  • jc-osmsJanuary 9, 2016Reply


    This film was so sugar-coated, it should come with a dietary warning.
    Robert De Niro here is a recently widowed 70 year-old, bored with his
    life who applies for a senior internship post at an on-line fashion
    house run by its kindly, no make that saintly young founder Anne
    Hathaway who gets to cycle around her own office, as you do. Turns out
    old Bob worked in the same building for over 40 years and wouldn’t you
    know it, immediately gets assigned to be her P.A. Naturally, she
    doesn’t take to him at first, despite him making a hit with all the
    youngsters around him, sorting out their love-lives, accommodation
    problems, you name it, Bob’ll fix it.

    Give him a day though and he’s soon saving Hathaway’s life when she
    accidentally sends an insulting e-mail to her mother, making friends
    with her young daughter, giving her informal advice on the future
    direction of her company and incidentally, sort out her failing
    marriage. Oh and along the way, he hooks up with a glamorous granny
    also on the company payroll, employed, I kid you not, as a permanent

    I’m all for reducing age-discrimination in the workplace but really De
    Niro’s character only lacks a pair of wings to make him today’s
    equivalent of Clarence from ”It’s A Wonderful Life”. Hathaway, too is
    just to be good to be true as the boss we’d all love to have, super-
    friendly, super-approachable and super-generous, hey Supergirl, she’s
    after your cape.

    The narrative just rolled by with a succession of mundane but sickly TV
    sitcom situations which sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly but always
    resolve themselves positively.

    De Niro mugs it up unashamedly while Hathaway gets to laugh and cry
    intermittently as is her wont. The film could have been trimmed by half
    an hour and still seemed too long to me plus I hated the interminable
    light-hearted acoustic-based background music which is there in very

    I just found this movie a real insult to the intelligence with its
    stereotypical characters, predictable situations and by-numbers acting.
    And I say that as someone who is closer to De Niro’s age than

  • michelletalkstvJanuary 10, 2016Reply

    Started off entertaining but got boring fast

    I didn’t expect much from this movie, and I guess I got what I
    expected. The synopsis seemed somewhat interesting and original so I
    was willing to give it a shot And for the first 30 minutes or so I will
    admit I was engaged and interested in how the story would develop.
    Robert Deniro’s character was highly endearing and I would have been
    more than happy to watch an entire movie focused entirely on him and
    his story. Deniro delivers as usual as I truly believed him in the role
    and rooted for him throughout.

    Unfortunately most of Anne Hathaway’s scenes felt forced and her story
    – although intriguing at points – was not entertaining enough to keep
    me interested. Although the two leads worked well together, the story
    was not enthralling, adventurous, or even comedic. By the halfway point
    of the movie I was ready for it to be over.

  • 851222January 10, 2016Reply

    Very sweet movie

    Greetings from Lithuania.

    ”The Intern” (2015) is probably one of the cheesiest movies you will in
    many moons. It is so sugar sweet, that sometimes i wanted to roll my
    eyes. But it’s not that it is not a good movie. It is a good movie,
    solidly acted by all involved, script is involving. Directing was very
    solid, at running time almost 2 hours this movie never drags. It is of
    course predictable as hell, but i liked the overall experience. You can
    watch this movie with a while family – this is more like a super sweet
    good feel family movie rather then a comedy, and there is some super
    sweet good humor.

    Overall, ”The Intern” is not a straightforward comedy as you might
    thing from seeing the poster or reading synopsis. It is a very sweet
    and sometimes funny movie. It’s the one where EVERYTHING is super cute
    and sometimes shamelessly sweet, but it is a very good movie for a
    quite Sunday evening.

  • zif ofozJanuary 10, 2016Reply

    2 hrs for a 45 min story!

    And that’s no lie! Two hours for a thin veil of a flick. Two hours and
    when it is all over all you have is a sore butt!

    The first one and one half hours could have been cut to just thirty
    minutes. Here’s what happens – Jules, a young beautiful girl (Anne
    Hathaway) with a stay-at-home husband and a preschool child, has
    created a more than successful internet clothes shopping website. This
    is the opening of the story! While she’s out of town and through a
    slight miscommunication a ‘hire the seniors’ program is advertised. In
    walks Ben (De Niro) a 70 year old retired widower, and guess what
    happens, he is hired as the bosses (Hathaway) intern assistant. She
    doesn’t like him, then she tolerates him, then she likes him. What a
    thoughtful, charming, helpful old man he is. Then at the one hour and
    thirty minute point into the story something happens!

    The final thirty minutes are taken up with her tears, Ben being the
    understanding grandfatherly advice type, and Jules husband making an
    ass of himself. All is resolved, happy ending, and ‘you’ the viewer
    will say ”Thank Gawd it’s over”!

    My final word. In the character development of Jules it’s pointed out
    in a big business article that she does something on a bicycle in the
    office. How many times do you see her do this? I counted once, then
    never again does she do it. So why was it put into the story?

  • fee_rnJanuary 11, 2016Reply

    Has the power to make you happier! Great movie

    The Intern was one of the best comedy/romance movies I’ve ever watched.
    This movie makes you wonder why it doesn’t last much more, that’s how I
    felt when it got to the end. It’s touching, it’s simple, warming,
    colorful. Anne Hathway always stunning and amazing at what she does,
    more and more movies I watch with her more I like her (and I’m a fan,
    haha). De Niro couldn’t be more CUTE! He’s superb in every single way,
    and his character in the movie, aaaah so cute! I like to rate a movie
    for how it made me feel in the end, and this movie made me feel so good
    from the moment it started… I was very excited to watch it because of
    the amazing review score (specially for comedy movies, which ar never
    too high) and I’m so glad I did! Guys watch The Intern, it’s the
    perfect family movie.

  • Sros 007January 11, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dolghi AndrewJanuary 12, 2016Reply

    A twist of fun and happiness.

    First let me mention that this is my first review ever i give to a
    movie only because it’s ”unusual” these days to find a movie like
    this.I was so impressed that i decided to ”promote” this kind of
    material so in the future all the ”garbage” will be where it’s supposed
    to be. This is how modern films should be written . It is fun , amusing
    and most importantly it teaches you the ”value” of a handkerchief. All
    the actors were exquisite and i would recommend this film to every
    person i know. You should watch this regardless of your genre
    preferences. Overall it was a very pleasant experience and it is the
    first time in a very long time when i get out of the room with a smile
    on my face.

  • John IoanJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    Great Movie

    I’ll be honest, First time I have watched this movie because of these
    two great actors and then I have realized they all are great. Everyone.
    And then next day I have watched again. I always said that a great
    movie makes you thinking. This is a great one. The kind of movie you
    will remember forever and you will keep returning to it, to watch it
    again and again. This reminded me that every generation does have
    something good we need to remember. I just feel sad now, because I have
    to watch again so many bad movies until another great one is made. I
    won’t say more because now I realize everything is so complicated about
    this movie, it’s an entire universe in it, I would need to write a book
    and that’s not possible. Brilliant! Does anyone know the feeling of
    getting quality instead of shallow? This is quality! It’s rewarding.

  • capone666January 14, 2016Reply

    The Vidiot Reviews….

    The Intern

    Nowadays, most retirees have to return to the office in a janitorial

    Thankfully, the widower in this comedy doesn’t have any dependents
    living in his basement.

    Feeling obsolete since retiring from his job, former phone book
    publisher Ben (Robert De Niro) returns to the workplace as a senior
    intern for an online fashion house.

    Assigned to the site’s workaholic founder Jules (Anne Hathaway), Ben
    quickly becomes an indispensable part of her life, thanks to his sage

    But his ethics are tested when he learns a secret about Jules’ husband
    that could send her into a tailspin, and her website under.

    In spite of its far-fetched premise, obvious plot points and sitcom-
    esque situations, this coming-of-old-age comedy is wryly writing and
    playfully acted by its charming leads, whose chemistry is awkwardly

    Although you do have to constantly reassure senior staff that women are
    allowed to wear pants to work.

    Yellow Light

  • Racker_CROJanuary 15, 2016Reply

    Superb masterpiece

    For this movie few sentences are enough. Superb masterpiece, digging
    right into your soul and heart. Something that modern cinematography
    has lost years ago, I only wish there are more movies like this.
    Excellent acting, touchy story and funny. I recommend you watch this
    during rainy Sunday afternoon with your loved one. This movie makes you
    think about important things in your life. Also for younger audience it
    as good example what life looked like when we are weren’t chasing
    careers and wealth. It shows that nice behavior, hard working and
    kindness to people around us can bring something more awarding that
    success and money.

  • saratparayilJanuary 16, 2016Reply

    A Well Made Movie

    the movie was so cheerful and romantically attached had a good
    pace from starting to was very long after i have seen Robert-DE
    Niro movie. i have to accept that it was one of best roles i liked.for
    Anna Hathway also this was best performances after devil in Parda. the
    relationship between both have been shot very carefully and also some
    humor in it.only breaking the house was little more to swallow.But in
    some point of view that seen is also OK. you will enjoy the movie
    throughly. you cannot see much movie well made like this because now a
    days movies are made from ugly comedy and romance. the director show
    how a romantic comedy movie should be made

  • jfgibson73January 17, 2016Reply

    Plays More Like A Drama

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tony Heck ([email protected])January 19, 2016Reply

    The movie is entertaining and watchable but nothing amazing and I thought Somethings Gotta Give was better.

    ”Back in action. Thank God.” Ben (De Niro) is a retired widower who is
    bored with his life. When he finds a flyer looking for interns at an
    internet company he applies. When he is chosen is is very excited, but
    when he meets the owner, Jules (Hathaway) his excitement begins to
    waver. Ben has been around long enough though and slowly he helps Jules
    not only with her company, but her life as well. This is not a bad
    movie at all, but really nothing more than fluff. On the other hand,
    when you watch the preview you pretty much expect that. The movie is
    entertaining and watchable but nothing amazing and I thought Somethings
    Gotta Give was better. Overall, a movie that would be easy to watch
    over and over but De Niro has come a long way since Raging Bull and
    Taxi Driver. I give it a B.

  • Mr. JonesJanuary 20, 2016Reply

    I really wanted to enjoy this movie but it lacks strong emotions

    About me: I’m 44 old male, so I watched a lot of movies in my lifetime.

    Story-Line: Movie is following the story of a senior (Robert De Niro)
    who applies to work as an intern in an internet startup company which
    is run by Jules (Anne Hathaway).

    About the Movie: ”The Intern” is something of a generational back- flip
    on ”The Devil Wears Prada”. Basically a generation gap drama-comedy
    with so many half-formed characters and a sense that it runs too long.
    Also, this film proves how political correctness can damage a movie –
    everyone is so psychotically pleasant, not to mention Jules
    stay-at-home husband and an adorable daughter in addition to a
    stimulating career. Also, I haven’t seen Robert De Niro play such a
    likable character in a very long time which here feels like he is
    lifeless. All of this makes ”The Intern” a bland movie.

    Verdict: ”The Intern” has it’s finger on the pulse of young and old,
    but the heartbeat is the thing it fails to detect. It’s not an
    unpleasant way to spend some time, but movie is so forgettable because
    film is desperately trying to be sweet, but actually is corny.

    Rating: 5+/6-

  • Hemant DesaiJanuary 21, 2016Reply

    Absolutely delightful

    For a long time, there hasn’t been a movie I would call as ‘Gentle’ in
    its presentation and tone.

    This movie has all the ingredients in the right proportion sans sex and
    violence. Not mushy type though.

    Great story rendered with great fineness. Admired wonderful acting by
    Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. JoJo Kushner is simply adorable.

    Here is a film, a fiction, that you can believe it to be true.

    Amazing to see how flawlessly the story has been woven. Inter action of
    people of two different generations has been so nicely depicted.

    Impressive ways to highlight the good of two different generations.
    Highlighting the good of each not disrespecting the other.

    One more movie to be added in my personal collection for worth keeping
    it for long time.

    Worth watching once.

  • lord-ashourJanuary 21, 2016Reply

    Started entertaining then it went bad

    The first half of the movie was fun to watch, then the movie became a
    massage about how there’s no real men anymore. And then it became a
    massage of feminism and all men are cheaters and how a women should not
    care about anything but her own happiness.

    The creator of this movie didn’t know where to go with the original
    cute idea and in the end it was one big boring mess.

    I did like the chemistry between Robert and Anne though. They make a
    fun duo.

    Go watch something else if you value your time. I gave it a 4 because
    the first half of the movie is fun and the acting is solid for the main

  • Bob RutzelJanuary 22, 2016Reply

    Slow moving and bland, bland, bland

    At 70 years of age, and a widower Ben (DeNiro) discovers that
    retirement isn’t working for him. He hires on as an Intern at a dot com
    fashion house run by Jules (Anne Hathaway). Later he sees something he
    should not have seen and should he tell Jules?

    Like many non raunchy comedies (the Airplane movies come to mind) all
    the good lines and jokes are in the beginning. After that it peters out
    and we are left with a soap opera. A very bland soap opera. This had a
    world of possibilities and went way south, in my opinion. Jules is a
    work-a-holic and she ends up using Ben as a calming influence.. Her
    company is on the verge of going broke and she needs to decide if she
    wants to bring in a retired CEO to help set the company on a better
    course. I expected Ben to use his business experience to help Jules
    find her way.

    Oh, he does about 1.1/2 hours in and it’s kind of glossed over. There
    needed to be more of this kind of advice. Didn’t happen and we are left
    with a very slow-moving soap opera.

    The best and only good line: Ben is being interviewed for the job and
    is asked, ”Where do you see yourself in 10-years?” Ben replies, ” You
    mean when I’m 80?” That’s it folks.

    The chemistry between De Niro and Hathaway was difficult to gauge. Was
    it them, the script or the director? The chemistry was okay in a bland
    soap opera kind of way. See?

    The company has a in-house masseuse in Rene Russo as Fiona and these
    scenes were uncomfortable to watch to say the least. Do these dot com
    companies actually have a an in-house masseuse?

    Notable: Linda Lavin as Patty who has eyes for Ben

    All in all the interview question above is the best part of this and
    there is no reason to continue. (4/10)

    Violence: No. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: One F-bomb only.

  • Leila CherradiJanuary 22, 2016Reply



    What happened to the world?

    Is this only USA problem?

    I have been reading several reviews here.

    And many people gave this movie a very good note.

    And even sometimes very complex reviews.

    There is NOTHING complex about this movie.

    Sure, Robert de Niro is Robert de Niro.

    And I must say the scenario is less horrible than the one of It’s

    But boy, Nancy Meyers knows how to write a commercial movie.

    Take the assistants, there is nothing less accurate than how they talk.

    Anne Hataway seems to have found back the acting of her Disney years.
    Nothing true perspires from that.

    This movie reminds me of Meg Ryan’s best years. A good way to not

    Yes, the movie talks about real interesting issues. But it turns them
    into an over-egged pudding, just like Hollywood does.

    And yes, it is watchable. The same way an ice cream is eatable, a
    cigarette is smokable and a whiskey is drinkable.

    May not be healthy but tasty.

    Now I don’t wanna sound too negative.

    That is why I offer to leave you with titles of movies I find are a
    healthy way to use 2 hours with :

    – Yi-Yi, a One and a Two

    – Trois couleurs : Bleu

    – Burnt by the sun

    – La Maman et La Putain

    and maybe you wanna laugh, so :

    – The Meaning of Life

    – The Invention of Lying

    – Les Bronzés.

    That’s it man. Please stop feeding us this low-quality entertainment.

  • rzajacJanuary 23, 2016Reply

    Genuinely a ”Chick Flick” in the worst sense of that expression

    ”The Intern” is an exemplar of the concept of the ”chick flick”. It’s a
    term I’ve never really liked. I remember, back in the day, figuring
    that when folks talked about this, they meant a flick that lacked
    narrative integrity, or played it morally safe: Think of a room full of
    pillows: No matter where you fall, you’ll probably be OK. And, if the
    writers and producers strew enough pillows around, they can release a
    ”safe” movie where life might seem to deliver the usual slings and
    arrows, but it’s all kind of bundled up, cozy and warm, and no one
    actually has to really suffer. No real rules are broken, no one comes
    up against a real heartache, everyone gets to be a hero, the mistakes
    made are cautiously hedged, the antagonists are dogs with rubber teeth,
    and the whole enterprise is swathed in a comforting blanket of
    by-the-yard innocuous teasing-the-ears-of-absolutely-no-one sonic
    wallpaper background music.

    The Intern is this kind of flick. Everything about it is totally
    careful. The filmmaker doesn’t want anyone to leave the theater feeling
    even a bit bruised, even while it’s supposedly weaving a tale of
    interpersonal relationships in The Big City, where in reality the
    baggage of life perennially breaks down the wagon of love.

    Now: All that said, the flick has some saving graces. It’s always great
    to see acting professionals take direction very, very well and deliver
    the goods; and they do here. Some of the humor is _genuinely_
    heart-warming. I have to say it _is_ a sort relief to sometimes sit and
    watch a non-stop stream of happy, unflappable faces, on at-worst
    nominally neurotic characters, flit across a screen for a while.

    But, in the end, The Intern is ”safe” viewing fare, and at-worst an
    apologetic for the long-debunked myth of the Happy, Self-Respecting
    Intern. Interns (and Temps, and… and… and…) are largely being
    ripped off: Don’t forget that as you watch the flick.

    {{{side observation:}}} Someone posted a vid on YouTube entitled
    something like ”Tarantino cites ‘The Intern’ as one of his favorite
    movies from 2015”… and it’s an obvious plant by a cybergrunt working
    for the production company. The keywords for the vid were set up to
    cleverly trigger Facebook’s ”related items” search, and FB postings
    related to this flick, or Tarantino, or H8ful Eight might cause this to
    pop up in your FB stream. It’s at least as dishonest as ad clickthru
    GIFs that look like system dialogs. Even in light of Tarantino’s
    admission that he watches Kate Hudson flicks on flights, I think it’s
    safe to say that he’d… well, not exactly *despise* The Intern, but
    would certainly see it as not having enough of a redemption payload to
    redeem the time spent watching something so contrary to the
    time-honored film narrative esthetics that molded his own career.

  • dave-78681January 23, 2016Reply

    The Worst Comedic Effort to Date

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • adonis98-743-186503January 23, 2016Reply

    De Niro – Hathaway Killed it!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tenyearreunionJanuary 29, 2016Reply

    You know what you are going to get, right?

    I’m not surprised this movie has started with a relatively high IMDb
    score of over 7.

    You know it’s going to be a saccharin popcorn movie with a artificially
    sweet taste but do you know what? That is fine with me.

    It perked me up, the pacing is right, as is the tone of the film. The
    nay sayers may complain about product placement but it’s ‘that’ sort of
    film to be expected and as long as it never distracts from the script
    or storyline (err…Rolex? No Omega’) it becomes white noise to me.

    De Niro is no longer a gangster in the world of Hollywood, and I have
    found some of his roles a bit painful of late, but he does really well
    here and the character is well suited to him as is the casting of Miss

    Feel good? Wanna feel a little better? Give The Intern a chance and see
    where it takes you.

    Drama, Sci fi and Action seekers, go watch Goodfellas or Interstellar

  • deltaforce7January 29, 2016Reply

    Coulld have been funny and nice, but it is too synthetic

    When a bunch of good actors get together just to make a buck, this kind
    of flick happens. I understand that in today’s job market some young
    people are no good at most jobs, because they lack experience,
    education, ethics and what not, while older people lack … an ability
    to cooperate with managerial idiocy. So, no one is any good for a job

    This movie demonstrates this job market situation clearly enough.

    Anyway, everything is made in china, so what can be done, right?

    At the same time, whoever made this into a comedy had no idea that a
    comedy has to be dynamic, it has to have some actual ”funny things”,
    funny moments that most viewers would understand (ya know), and it has
    to relate to the public who watches it. Not too many people know of any
    ”business-ethic-less” start-ups that actually last, so very few
    individuals could possibly identify their business experience with this
    funny company. So this is neither associating nor funny. But MOST
    IMPORTANTLY, I do not know anyone who would act and speak so
    unnaturally, idiotically, uneducated-ly – you name it – as most
    characters in this flick do! Most of these characters do not seem to be
    able to form a spoken word without acting like mentally-challenged
    clowns. I mean, if some types act like this, it does not mean that the
    entire Brooklyn is a dumb circus or something. And what kills a viewer
    is the way how a highly experienced person who is in no need of extra
    income is forced to kiss up to some disorganized, mentally-problematic
    broad who somehow runs this great business! A seriously
    business-experienced person with no need for money could ever bear any
    of this unnatural, ridiculous, disorganized nonsense. I am sure, for
    real, that this movie had been made by people who never found
    themselves in any sort of a business environment. Furthermore, as it is
    true most of the time, these Hollywood types keep making movies about
    Brooklyn, but they do not know what it is like and who inhabits
    Brooklyn! Poor attempt of depicting your imagined Brooklyn! Hollywood,
    you are making fools of yourselves more and more.

  • TheMegaCritic2000 .January 29, 2016Reply

    A terrific movie!

    I will admit that I ain’t quite sure what to expect from this movie
    when I sat down to watch it. Boy, what I got was terrific movie, one of
    the best of 2015, IMO.

    De Niro gives his best performance in years. He’s often come across as
    a bit samey in recent years, like he’s just playing the same guy over
    and over again, almost wooden. But in this movie, he manages to
    re-animate and plays his part superbly. He shows great skill in
    delivering his lines with just the right air of worldly-wise experience
    and charm.

    Anne Hathaway has become one of my favourite actresses. She really
    turning in some great performances since she, IMO, broke out in ”The
    Devil Wears Prada”. She always seems so genuine and has a smile that
    lights up the screen. She struck just the right note of disarray, her
    work life blossoming and her family life withering away.

    The supporting cast, particularly the other interns, were excellent. A
    special word for JoJo Kushner, who played Paige, Anna Hathaway’s
    daughter. She’s a complete natural. In fact, the chemistry amongst the
    cast really shone through.

    I thoroughly recommend seeing this movie if you haven’t already done
    so. You won’t be disappointed!

  • starstackedJanuary 30, 2016Reply

    A feel good film.

    When 70-year old Ben Whittaker; Robert DeNiro (Meet the Parents,
    Limitless) finds out that being a pensioner isn’t all it’s cracked up
    to be, and comes across an ad for a start-up e-commerce fashion company
    looking for retired people as interns, he doesn’t hesitate to apply.
    Appointed as the personal intern to the head of the company, Jules;
    Anne Hathaway (Les Misérables, Alice in Wonderland), he has some
    challenges ahead, as she’s not the easiest of people to deal with.

    Slowly they warm to each other, and Ben, being the perfect gentleman
    that he is, gets Jules to open up to him in ways that she wouldn’t with
    other employees.

  • robingoodfellow10January 30, 2016Reply

    One of the sweetest movies made lately

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • GeorgeFebruary 1, 2016Reply

    Everything you want and more, even SF 🙂

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jo RopkeFebruary 3, 2016Reply

    ”You talking’ to me?”

    This is the kind of movie I (like to) watch when sitting in a 10 hours
    flight, it kills time, you don’t have to bother about the background
    noise of the engines muffling some beautiful score, you won’t wake up
    your neighbors by laughing out loud and it’s so boring that you do not
    need anything artificial to fall asleep. Somewhere in the movie De Niro
    talks to himself in the mirror… I couldn’t but see his younger
    version in Taxi Driver and for 1 second I was hoping that he WOULD say
    his famous line, then we would all have been reassured that it was all
    just a big parody, but he didn’t (of course) and everything went
    downhill further along. Two stars nevertheless because De Niro does
    what he does best, do the De Niro and Ann Hathaway is not that bad an

  • photojess1219February 3, 2016Reply

    Pretty Good

    When I first saw the commercials for this movie, I thought it looked
    funny and a good movie. I have watched a lot of movies in the past , so
    I was a little hesitant to purchase this one. Anna Hathaway & Robert De
    Niro were really good. I have loved them in other movie that they have
    done, so I kind of knew that it would be at least a 5 star movie. So
    funny in some parts and it definitely made my parents and I laugh. The
    little girl was so cute, she did a great job. This movie really makes
    you think about life today. It made me feel happy, sad, joy, &
    laughter. It was a long movie, but it didn’t drag on like other movies
    did. It kept with the story.

  • Kevin Lea DaviesFebruary 3, 2016Reply

    Girlfriend loved it, I hated it.

    I watched this movie last night with my girlfriend (who is a film
    major), and she loved this one. I’m not sure what this movie was trying
    to achieve. I suppose more than anything it could be classified as an
    emotion film, but it goes about evoking it in the wrong way.

    Robert DeNiro portrays the confident, hard working Ben Whittaker. Now
    in his 70’s, he’s retired and widowed, and in the position of having
    too much time on his hands. His life is stagnant and he doesn’t really
    know what to do with himself anymore. Enter Jules Ostin (Ann Hathaway),
    successful, confident entrepreneur running a multi-million dollar
    website/ clothing company. A savvy-minded person, summarized easily as
    a successful hipster with too much on her plate. Her company, also full
    of hipsters with less acumen put out an advert for a ‘senior-intern’ or
    rather an old person for the office work to make them feel useful. Ben
    responds, gets the job, and becomes close friends with the boss.

    What I didn’t enjoy about this movie was the over the top scenes that
    were just notably devoid of the proper emotional content. Ben becomes
    her confidant, best friend, and business partner in a few ways. The
    connection between the two is supposed to be one of friendship and
    understanding. But on screen it seems like nothing built up to that
    moment. One minute they are strangers, in the next moment best friends,
    missing any real emotional built up. Jules husband, a kind of out of
    shape former businessman, doesn’t seem to care about his wife in his
    most emotional scene. It was watching an actor trying to cry really
    really hard, and I couldn’t connect at all. Not to mention Anne
    Hathaway’s response is the most inappropriate garbage I’ve ever seen. I
    know people who react stronger when the girl at Starbucks get’s their
    order wrong! The rest of the dialogue consists of cliché after cliché,
    and I got bored after about 5 minutes after he starts his internship.

    Personally it was nice to see DeNiro in his old age, acting as a sweet
    and lovable guy. It shows a real range in acting from his youth. A man
    who has been in the film industry this long deserves credit for
    carrying this thinly veiled attempt to make a quick buck from those of
    you looking for a movie to see on date night.

    Sorry guys, but be prepared to snooze.


  • fitzer1February 4, 2016Reply

    Purely A Magical Movie

    Experience never gets old, is an apt brief description of this eventual
    classic. Make sure you ”…carry a handkerchief,” so that is what they
    eventually are for. A near perfect soundtrack in the background subtly
    helps bring it all together as well. It took me weeks to decide to
    watch it, now I cannot believe that I was afraid to pop the cork!!

    Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway have such a great chemistry together
    as eventual ”Padawan” and ”Life’s Mentor”. They don’t just go through
    the motions, they both bring great acting chops to their roles, with
    even a laugh or three. It began to grow on me about 80 minutes in. It
    starts out slightly slow but ages into a fine wine by the conclusion.
    Don’t hesitate to let it age on you!

  • jwparis-40037February 5, 2016Reply

    Great Movie

    I absolutely loved this movie! Here are my reasons why

    1. It is such a sweet movie about finding friends you never expected to
    have and still having life left in you. It shows you the balance of
    life in such a different way and view and that you can do anything no
    matter your age or gender. It shows that running your own business can
    be difficult at times but you have friends and family to support you
    along the way.

    2. Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway give a great performance to this
    movie because of their great acting skills and connection towards their
    characters friendship. Throughout the movie you see their friendship
    grow into family. I thought that Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro
    really stepped it up in terms of engaging with their characters and
    making it look believable.

    3. There are so many twists and surprises along the way that you never
    thought could happen. I thought Nancy Meyers ( directer and writer)
    wrote an incredibly entertaining movie and directed it very well. If I
    could watch this over and over again I would because it is so
    incredibly entertaining, truthful and sweet.

    So there you have it one of the best movies I have ever watched!

  • tomsviewFebruary 6, 2016Reply

    The mentorship

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tochukwu-83206February 6, 2016Reply

    ”The Intern” is a satisfying parental/mentor/business/family drama.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • zachgalaFebruary 8, 2016Reply

    Beautiful and joyous movie

    Beautiful movie that has covered so many aspects of our everyday life!
    Nancy Meyers is an amazing producer! Brilliant movie, that puts you in
    such an ease and makes you want to watch more and more of it. Lots of
    laughs and ending was a true blessing. We have rented it, but will buy
    it so that to support Nancy’s beautiful job and for gifting us two
    hours of real joy! I have actually understood that you have to choose
    which movie to watch by choosing your favorite producer. I have found
    my first best producer. Nancy Meyers is a perfect fit in her life for
    being such talented producer! All of her movies are the ones that you’d
    watch more than once and would want to share with your friends and
    loved ones.

  • thesar-2February 9, 2016Reply

    Internally Spectacular

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RichardAlaba-CineMuseFebruary 11, 2016Reply

    Clichéd plot line that annoyingly produces a thoroughly enjoyable film.

    Surely they are not still making films like this. Do today’s audiences
    really want pre-feminist stories about wise old men that step in to
    prop up gorgeous and successful young career women whose feminine
    foibles are not only career-limiting but funny too? Casting the
    wonderful Anne Hathaway alongside the venerable Robert De Niro is the
    only way a director can get away with such a vacuous and demeaning
    narrative, and annoyingly produce such a thoroughly enjoyable film.

    This charming tale rests on an age and gender inversion where a bored
    70 year-old former top- rung executive applies for an internship in a
    fast-growing online fashion company, a narrative with playful echoes of
    The Devil Wears Prada (2006). De Niro gets the gig, but only because of
    company policy against age discrimination; when he is assigned to
    assist CEO Hathaway some beautiful chemistry emerges that crosses age

    There are many charming, funny, and touching moments as the unflappable
    ”senior intern” settles into the chaotic youth-driven business space.
    If you are not amused by such ageist insights, much of the movie will
    be lost on you. The creatively brilliant CEO who admits to ”not being
    good with old people” is disorganised and at risk of losing everything
    unless she acquires some strategic skills, which of course women don’t
    have and men are loaded with. The old versus new culture clash is one
    long cliché expressed through baby-boomer work-ethic mini sermons
    offering fixes for the hipster’s free-for-all work-styles. Its all
    mixed together with his cute efforts to learn Facebook, her adorably
    feminine bouts of self-doubt, her stay-at-home husband doing wife work,
    and other random themes that don’t cohere sufficiently to elevate the
    film’s achievements. But most De Niro and Hathaway fans are unlikely to
    be bothered by the clichés of this ”behind every successful woman is a
    wise man” fable and find it an entertainingly likable film.

  • HorrorliefhebberFebruary 12, 2016Reply

    . Senority as experience and guide

    -The Intern is a 2015 American comedy film directed, produced and
    written by Nancy Meyers. The film stars Robert De Niro and Anne
    Hathaway in the two leading roles, with supporting performances from
    Rene Russo, Anders Holm, Andrew Rannells, Adam DeVine, Christina
    Scherer, and Zack Pearlman. The film was released on September 25, 2015
    by Warner Bros.

    –Critical response: -The Intern received mixed reviews from critics.
    On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 60%, based on 159 reviews,
    with an average rating of 5.8/10. The site’s critical consensus reads,
    ”The Intern doesn’t do enough with its timely premise, but benefits
    from the unorthodox chemistry of its talented leads.” On Metacritic,
    the film has a score of 51 out of 100, based on 36 critics, indicating
    ”mixed or average reviews”. CinemaScore announced that audiences gave
    the film an average grade of ”A-” on an A+ to F scale.

    -Richard Roeper gave the film an ”A–”, stating, ”With some genuinely
    insightful dialogue, a number of truly funny bits of physical business,
    and small scenes allowing us to get know and like a half-dozen
    supporting players, The Intern grows us on from scene to scene, from
    moment to moment.” -Manohla Dargis, in The New York Times, wrote that
    the film was typical of Nancy Meyers’ other films: ”frothy, playful,
    homogeneous, routinely maddening and generally pretty irresistible.”
    Despite finding fault with ”lazy screen writing” and ”Meyers’s
    conflicted ideas about powerful women,” Dargis praised Meyers for ”the
    smartest choice she makes in ”The Intern”: Mr. De Niro, her loosest,
    most valuable player” who ”owns the movie from the moment he opens his
    mouth.” Hathaway’s role was derided as ”less of a character and more of
    a fast-walking, speed-talking collection of gender grievances.” -Clem
    Bastow, writing for The Guardian, suggested that poor reviews for the
    film were primarily coming from men, who form the overwhelming majority
    of film critics.

    Well put on record / Entertainend

  • fredericmaurerFebruary 13, 2016Reply

    Not bad but had so much potential

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • miesnekawalkiFebruary 13, 2016Reply

    Lighthearted fun with unnecessary subplots

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • santiagocosmeFebruary 14, 2016Reply

    As long as there’ s De Niro…

    De Niro really is special. He has deservedly been labeled one of the
    true greats in cinema history. Of course a movie like ”The intern” does
    not do justice to such an amazing actor, but still, it’s enough to show
    that when he wants, ha can also play a role that would considered easy
    and make it look dead easy.

    The movie is not memorable by any means, but it’s perfect for a Sunday
    afternoon. In fact, the reason I am typing this review is because I did
    not find another similar movie to watch.Yes, there are hundreds of
    comedies released every year, but very few are catchy enough to get
    your attention. Maybe, it was the name of the movie that did it, for
    me, I’ll just say this: please give De Niro more movies to act on.

  • Tanay ChaudhariFebruary 14, 2016Reply

    The Feel-good ”Intern”-ship into the Light-hearted Life

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jeffd-22496February 16, 2016Reply


    Very entertaining, DeNiro good, Many laughs, Couldn’t second guess
    plot, loved the cast, simple engineering is best in plots, touching,
    emotionally satisfying, good ending – what really was well planned was
    the use of the automobile driving scenes, they seemed to tie together
    the plot and relationships, it must have been hard to figure out if the
    audience is going to stay with the plot as it unfolds when we live in a
    time where they over engineer special effects and try to make unreal
    jumps in here-to-there moves in the scenes to tie it all together. I
    liked that they used simpler environments and concentrated on
    story-telling of the cast so that the relationships could be expanded
    to realistic levels. This means that they were able to give the feeling
    of real people, not surreal.

  • lavatchFebruary 16, 2016Reply

    Worth Seeing for DeNiro

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cool-economistFebruary 17, 2016Reply

    Very relaxing, very delightful and fulfilling!

    The Intern is a super cool movie about how we can fall in love with
    seniors and not take them for granted. The screenplay is without any
    loopholes, the story is good, and the acting is stunning. Robert De
    Niro is a great actor, and this movie shows he hasn’t lost his touch.
    Anne Hathway is the perfect business woman, and I feel nobody else
    could do the job so well done. This movie has everything for comedy
    lovers and the serious watchers. Sometimes it gets emotional, but most
    of the times its funny and relaxing. The director has also done a great
    job. The movie has a nice soundtrack, and the locations are also cool.
    I cannot anymore about this movie, simply love it.

  • jimal005February 17, 2016Reply

    I loved this movie. It will make you relax…

    I loved it guys the acting, emotions and the story are amazing and make
    you feel peace. The acting of Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway are
    sensational and fulfilling. I would recommend this movie to all
    stressed out people and I am sure they will find some peace and smile
    after watching it.

    What makes this movie so special? I will say the flow of the movie
    makes special. The total cast deserves appreciation for it. Secondly,
    there is no noisy or irritating action, sex, violence or CG which you
    will see in most of the movies released in the past decade. You won’t
    get bored even for a second. Seriously I got really irritated when
    something or someone disturb me while watching it. Because I was
    totally in to that movie and It happens very rare.

    So what you are waiting for? go for it and watch it.

  • Michael KAMARADFebruary 19, 2016Reply

    No bad – but mini-vomit included

    The Intern was not such a bad movie – alone the depicted ridiculous
    leftist ”modern softie” role-model of men is deplorable, humiliating
    and unbearable. I had to hit my wife around the house a bit after
    watching so I got reassurance I am still a man 😛 That was a joke of
    course but the nucleus of my criticism is appropriate and concise from
    an objective point of view. De Niro and Hathaway play their roles as
    good as they can be played considering the setting and characters.
    Hathaway’s husband is not only ugly and leagues under her – he is also
    the witchking of the above mentioned manly role-narrative. The detailed
    business-conduct differences between the old-school business-type of
    Robert de Niro and the modern Internet-age online-shop business-type
    embodied by Anne Hathaway was quite lucid and nice but does also not
    heave the movie into a higher movie-experience.

  • David ReedFebruary 20, 2016Reply

    Had High Hopes

    I really had high hopes for this movie, based solely on the cast and
    director/writer. Unfortunately…meh.

    Somewhere along the way they forgot they needed a plot rather than a
    meandering set of vignettes and half-baked sub-plots. All of which get
    tied up neatly in 30 seconds at the end, leaving everyone exactly where
    they started. It’s almost as if on one of the days of shooting someone
    said, ”We’ve got enough footage: let’s see if we can edit this into a
    decent movie.”

    They couldn’t.

    Hathaway and DeNiro are, of course, excellent. It’s just unfortunate
    they don’t have anything really solid to be excellent at in this
    semi-coherent storyline. Some of the secondary actors really shine,

  • superoldiesFebruary 23, 2016Reply

    HAllmark Family movie, too unrealistic

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tommy JensenFebruary 23, 2016Reply

    Feelgood movie 🙂

    Saw the trailer a while ago and already then was looking forward for
    the movie. Seeing De Niro i a comedy is always fun. The real
    Action/gangster doing a roll like this. Just shows what an amazing
    actor he is.

    From the first start of the movie a big smile on my face. This movie
    has it all. Great actors, comedy and drama.

    The feeling De Niro’s character brings happiness to others not just by
    what hes doing but also by just being the way he is.

    This is by far one of my favorite movies of 2015.

    A great movie.

  • melovechocolateFebruary 23, 2016Reply

    This movie had potential

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • HellmantFebruary 23, 2016Reply

    Despite being somewhat routine, and clichéd, the movie works.

    ‘THE INTERN’: Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    Robert De Niro costars in yet another Hollywood comedy flick; this one
    was written and directed by Nancy Meyers. He plays a 70-year- old
    widower; who goes back to work for a Brooklyn e-commerce fashion
    business, as part of a senior intern program. Anne Hathaway also
    costars, as his new boss. The movie also features Anders Holm, Adam
    DeVine and Rene Russo; in supporting roles. Despite being somewhat
    routine, and clichéd, the movie works.

    Ben Whittaker (De Niro) is a retired 70-year-old widower. He’s became
    very lonely, and bored, in recent times. So he decides to apply for a
    senior citizen intern program, at a business in Brooklyn; called ‘About
    the Fit’. He’s assigned to work with the company’s ‘work obsessed’ CEO,
    named Jules Ostin (Hathaway). Everyone that works with Ben, immediately
    takes a liking to him; except Jules, who he initially annoys. She
    quickly gets passed that though, and the two form an unlikely

    The movie is sweet and funny. Both De Niro and Hathaway are good, and
    extremely likable, in their roles; and the supporting cast is all
    adequate. The film is a little cheesy, and definitely nothing special;
    but it is amusing, and somewhat emotionally involving. Meyers did a
    pretty good job with it.

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  • sassyfras-82502February 25, 2016Reply

    Time well spent

    When I saw the reviews for this movie in the theater, I got the
    impression that it was going to be a caricature of elderly in the
    workplace, i.e.forgetful,and disorganized. But this movie was a
    pleasant surprise. Robert DeNiro’s character was thoughtful and
    competent. He gave it just the right touch. I also liked Anne
    Hathaway’s character. She was an owner of a online Amazon-like company.
    She seemed too rushed and frazzled. (Don’t know if that is what she was
    trying to portray or not) and she seemed a little young for her
    position. Do CEO’s ride their bicycles in the warehouse ? That seemed a
    little silly. And her employees seemed fresh out of college (or high
    school) and acted it. Not much of a plot but.was fairly easy to follow,
    but there were characters that seemed to be thrown in as fillers. The
    chauffeur was on screen not over a minute. Thankfully no nude scenes or
    profanity. It was the best ”feel good” movie I have seen in a while.

  • prowalt-147-891879February 26, 2016Reply

    One of the worst and longest agonizing movies ever

    I watched the whole thing! My bad. I was hoping it would get better at
    some point but it just dragged on and on and on endlessly. Robert
    DeNiro deserves the worst actor category of 2015 and Hathaway is not
    far behind. However watching DeNiro is just embarrassing. Having gone
    from one of the best actors in film to possibly the worst is just hard
    for a movie fan to take. Can’t he just retire with some dignity? Does
    he have to made a fool of himself with all the trash he appears in
    lately? Does he need money that badly? We should all have a charity
    fund for him rather than watch him become a grade ”B” (no make that a
    grade ”F”) actor. It’s hard to watch!

  • TxMikeFebruary 27, 2016Reply

    Entertaining and meaningful, De Niro and Hathaway are great together.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • maddihaltomFebruary 29, 2016Reply


    I recently rented the Intern from on demand at home! I thought it was a
    great movie, with amazing actors, and a classic story about Internet
    start-ups. It shows the struggles that Jules Ostin (Ann Hathaway) has
    with running and being the CEO of her own company. With the help of Ben
    Whittaker (Robert De Niro) her 70-year-old intern, she is able to get
    her home life back together and make important business decisions on
    where to bring her company next. The movie is perfect examples of how
    different the generations are and how technology has changed basically
    everything. Robert De Niro and Ann Hathaway both do such a good job in
    this movie and bring a wonderful chemistry as well. I would defiantly
    recommend seeing this to anyone especially those wanting to do start a
    start up business.

  • WundtMarch 1, 2016Reply

    Good idea, good beginning, terrible conclusion

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • HitchcocMarch 5, 2016Reply

    DeNiro Charms the Entire Cast

    Totally bored with life, Robert DeNiro’s character seeks out a new
    career. He had worked out, traveled the world, read books, on and on.
    While he is relatively happy, he feels empty. He is seventy years old
    when he reads a flyer on a bulletin board. A rising company is looking
    for ”senior” interns, that is, people who have had tons of experience
    who can be used as a kind of publicity stunt. Ann Hathaway is the
    wunderkind of a clothing company that has feasted on the Internet.
    DeNiro finds himself with no power, attached to Miss Hathaway, but
    doing no work. Eventually, by taking on some of the hard work and
    showing utter kindness, he manages to become quite the institution in
    the firm. His boss is trying to balance both her career and her
    marriage (and daughter). At some point, it is decided that she should
    hire a CEO and give power over to him/her. Soon DeNiro finds himself at
    the beck and call of Hathaway, becoming part of the family. This is a
    touching, but predictable effort. It’s still a nice two hours and
    DeNiro steals every scene he is in.

  • leonblackwoodMarch 6, 2016Reply

    Enjoyable and emotional in parts. 7/10

    Review: I must be getting soppy in my old age, because I actually
    enjoyed this movie. I know that it’s extremely corny and the storyline
    is predictable but I found the movie sweet and DeNiro was great as the
    perfect gentleman. After playing the bullied victim in the Devil Wears
    Praia, Anne Hathaway (Jules) has gone full circle, in this movie, by
    running her own company whilst trying to be a mother to her young girl,
    Paige and a wife to her husband, who is having an affair. I liked
    Robert DeNiro’s character, Ben Whittaker because I always wondered how
    it must be for the elderly, who have lost there spouse, and stuck
    indoors with nothing to do. Although this isn’t a true story, I loved
    his ”get up and go” attitude and the fact that he was willing to do
    anything to keep busy. Its been a long time since I have seen a film
    were the young have respect for there elders, which is how I was
    brought up, so I have to commend the director for not playing on the
    age aspect to much. The chemistry between Hathaway and DeNiro was also
    great and the fact that he knew what to say at the right time, without
    offending anyone, made his character unique and extremely sweet. The
    whole cheating husband element of the film didn’t go overboard and I
    liked the way that Ben handled the tricky situation. Anyway, I enjoyed
    the movie and I’m not surprised that it made such a profit. Enjoyable!

    Round-Up: This movie was written and directed by Nancy Meyers, 66, who
    brought you the Parent Trap in 1998, the funny What Women Want, with
    Mel Gibson, Something’s Gotta Give, with the great Jack Nicholson, the
    Holiday and It’s Complicated, with Meryl Streep. Judging by her
    previous projects, she is obviously a master in the Rom-Com department
    and she has worked with some top actors, who put in great performances
    in her movies. She also makes original movies and introduces different
    elements so they’re not a straight lace romantic comedies. Although
    this movie doesn’t have any romance at all, the relationship between
    the two main characters is still quite emotional, even though they come
    from two completely different world’s. Anyway, this is definitely worth
    a watch, just to see DeNiro in a different light and it’s good to see
    that a 70 year old man can fit into today’s world of technology and
    offer his lifetime experience to the youngsters.

    Budget: $35million Worldwide Gross: $200million

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their comedies starring
    Robert DeNiro, Anne Hathaway, Rene Russom Anders Holm, Zack Pearlman
    and Adam DeVine. 7/10

  • bjamzillaMarch 6, 2016Reply

    You better get married, you’re too…old!

    So…I went to the Redbox today and everything there was like ‘drugs
    and murder and the struggle’ which I already have my fill of hearing
    about. I am a black, millennial woman and I have had my fill of every
    crisis that concerns my kind and I just want to watch white people have
    their perfect lives, OK? That should tell you something. And I think
    for people to say this movie demonstrates white supremacy is really
    jacked up(I think those folks just watched the trailer because this
    movie touched my soul from beginning to end.)because the main
    characters–Jules(Hathaway) and Ben(De Niro) do have problems. Ben’s a
    widower and Jules is a busy career woman that barely has enough time
    for sleep, let alone her family.They’re both also admirable creatures
    in that they don’t let their flaws get in the way of living and
    learning. Personally, I think Ben was just a little too perfect and his
    only flaw was ”Being old”. But if the people who cry race at
    everything(which I didn’t notice at all during the course of the movie)
    had it their way and got someone like Morgan Freeman to play De Niro’s
    part, he’d be a Magical Black Negro.(Side rant:people just in reality
    tend to put Freeman up on a pedestal like he is a Magical Black Negro,
    so I think it’s kind of stupid we hate seeing him play one. Like people
    praising his voice. I don’t get it; he sounds like an old black man to
    me.) And last of all, Anne Hathaway is perfect in this. She is human,
    she is real, you want to hug her. Let’s not pick on her no more, okay?
    I admit, it would be nice to see some color in one of the side
    characters, but I didn’t even notice the lack thereof. I just didn’t
    want the movie to end and I definitely think we should make more feel
    good movies like this, where you know stuff isn’t gonna blow up and
    there’s no cancer and just…please, you’ll love it. There are some
    parts that don’t agree with me, like an out of character moment from
    Ben at the very end and a message that I’m not sure I can agree with
    entirely about prioritizing work over family without any talk of
    compromise on Jules part. But other than that, it ”transcended” me a
    great deal.

  • jtindahouseMarch 12, 2016Reply

    Charming but there’s not a whole lot going on

    Some movies get green lit on the strength of their story and script,
    while others get green lit based on the star power they’ve managed to
    sign on. This is the latter and there’s no problem with that. Some
    movies with certain actors in the lead role would be absolutely
    dreadful, whilst with other actors in the same roles could be
    absolutely brilliant. I new Robert De Niro was one of those actors and
    now I’ve had it confirmed for me that Anne Hatheway is as well.

    De Niro recently starred in ‘Dirty Grandpa’ with Zac Efron and took a
    bit of flack over that, with people questioning whether his days of
    tremendous acting performances are over. While he may never have
    another role like he did in ‘Casino’ or ‘Goodfellas’ or ‘Taxi Driver’
    he can still act absolutely exquisitely. Hatheway I’ve never been sure
    over. She absolutely blew me away in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ as
    Catwoman but in that case she was working with Christopher Nolan,
    arguably the finest film director working today. She had also not
    overly impressed me in a few things so I was a little undecided on her.
    In ‘The Intern’ she brings a charm and levelness to the character that
    throughly impressed me and confirms that she is a very fine actress and
    should be kept an eye on in the future.

    The script doesn’t have a lot going on but at the same time it never
    pretends it does. It knows it’s not thought-provoking enough to win
    Academy Awards. It is content with giving a couple of great actors
    (along with a great cast of supporting actors) a couple of hours to
    charm an audience. It does what it sets out to do well.

  • HitchcocMarch 12, 2016Reply

    DeNiro Charms the Entire Cast

    Totally bored with life, Robert DeNiro’s character seeks out a new
    career. He had worked out, traveled the world, read books, on and on.
    While he is relatively happy, he feels empty. He is seventy years old
    when he reads a flyer on a bulletin board. A rising company is looking
    for ”senior” interns, that is, people who have had tons of experience
    who can be used as a kind of publicity stunt. Ann Hathaway is the
    wunderkind of a clothing company that has feasted on the Internet.
    DeNiro finds himself with no power, attached to Miss Hathaway, but
    doing no work. Eventually, by taking on some of the hard work and
    showing utter kindness, he manages to become quite the institution in
    the firm. His boss is trying to balance both her career and her
    marriage (and daughter). At some point, it is decided that she should
    hire a CEO and give power over to him/her. Soon DeNiro finds himself at
    the beck and call of Hathaway, becoming part of the family. This is a
    touching, but predictable effort. It’s still a nice two hours and
    DeNiro steals every scene he is in.

  • irem tuncerMarch 13, 2016Reply

    Touching and excellent

    I am a member of IMDb for years and years… This is my first review
    because this movie deserves it. I watched soon many movies, my
    favorites are sci-fi mostly but this movie is gorgeous! It was very
    touching, heartwarming and you took some lessons from it literally!

    De Niro… ‘The perfect man’… He plays the gentleman perfectly like
    he plays the mafia in other movies… He is a legend and he shows it
    with this movie too.

    Anne Hattaway… Simple, pure and talented.

    You did a great job, i want this kind of synergy much much more. Thank
    you very much, you made our day excellent!

  • monstermayhem32March 13, 2016Reply

    A terrific movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • GAWeldonMarch 13, 2016Reply

    Is There a Story Here Somewhere?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • trzeyenMarch 14, 2016Reply

    Very, very good, EXCEPT….

    The movie was excellent and very moving in many ways EXCEPT…

    SPOILER: the movie implies that somehow human forgiveness alone and/or
    human hope through some sort of philosophic adherence to humanistic
    philosophy and possible adherence to Eastern Religious Mysticism’s Tai
    Chi practice might be some sort of effective unifying solution for
    their problems that will somehow bring true healing and wholeness in
    the end. Reconciliation at the end of the movie without any of the
    characters ever coming to a genuine knowledge that the only true hope
    of forgiveness and healing is available through trusting in the Lord
    Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross for their personal sins alone as
    their ONLY hope. Otherwise this movie should generally only be
    recommended for those who already really know the biblical truth of
    what’s really going on in this universe otherwise, unfortunately, only
    a false and deceptive humanistic solution is offered at the end of it

  • magnuslhadMarch 15, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gkisareMarch 16, 2016Reply


    The references to bipolar disorder in this movie, equating this
    devastating and potentially fatal illness, to a 4 year old’s temper
    tantrum is at the height of insensitivity and cruelty. The scene I am
    referring to is the one where the dad is talking to his 4 year old
    daughter about her moody little friend. He says ”sounds like she is
    bipolar” with a little smirk on his face. Later in the movie he and his
    daughter are at the playground. They see this little friend, she scowls
    and hides behind her mother. He and his daughter look at each other and
    smile, ”Yep, bipolar”. I have bipolar 1 disorder with psychotic
    symptoms. I have attempted suicide once and been hospitalized three
    times. I will need to take medicine for the rest of my life. I daily
    face the possibility that I may develop a condition called tardive
    dyskenesia, a permanent condition that resembles Parkinson’s disease,
    as a result of one of the mood stabilizers I must take to be able to
    function. That ignorance like this still exists in mainstream media
    amazes me. Miss Meyers needs to spend some time serving patients in
    psychiatric ward to treat her own lack of compassion and ignorance. I
    will never watch one of miss Meyers’ movies again. It is a shame that
    those of us suffering with diseases of the brain cannot sit down with
    our families and watch a seemingly harmless movie without worrying
    about being emotionally assaulted. Do not see this movie and
    participate in stigmatizing and cruel attempts at entertainment. If I
    could permanently remove this movie from public consumption I would. It
    is poison.

  • Christina WMarch 19, 2016Reply

    Good up until the end

    Good clean humor. Completely different role for De Niro. Hathaway and
    De Niro make an interesting match for this movie. It was fun to watch.
    Didn’t like the casting for Hathaway’s husband. He didn’t seem to be a
    good match for her character role. Everything was great up until the
    end. It was too cheesy and the husband’s acting was just too fluffy. It
    made me rate it at a 5 and want to write my first movie review as a
    disappointment. And the ending was poorly written and executed. I
    recommend watching if in the mood for a light comedy but expect to be
    disappointed at the end. I’ll be mad about this till I watch a new
    movie. Grr

  • Amber2416March 20, 2016Reply

    Much Better Than Some Give It Credit For

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • PersuasionRetoldMarch 21, 2016Reply

    De Niro perfect, film is great but needs a bit more pizzaz

    Unlike most of today’s movies, this one isn’t full of clownishness and
    gutter jokes, which was VERY refreshing. The characters seem like
    actual people that might actually exist. What a concept!

    De Niro’s character is so beautiful that I wished he was MY uncle or
    neighbor or co-worker. His character is a spot-on unassuming guru with
    understated rather than preachy wisdom. Perfect. Calm and steady wins
    the race, especially when everyone else is freaking out.

    Only changes I’d make would be to evolve past using any foul language
    (which is witless) and I’d spice things up a bit. There are moments
    that seem slow or a bit too melodramatic. I also would have liked to
    see more of Linda Lavin (one of my faves) since the first meeting with
    Rene Russo was a bit creepy. Funny, but creepy. ”)

  • denny mathewMarch 23, 2016Reply

    A beautiful feel good and inspiring movie

    I am writing this review while my feelings about this movie remains
    fresh and warm. And boy it makes you feel so positive and so good even
    if you are not in your best of spirits as I was quite ill while i saw
    this. The scenes are utmost beautiful, the acting captivating and there
    are quite some messages that are being thrown out to our generation.

    First out, I was not a particular fan of Robert De Niro till now, my
    ignorance obviously, but he literally blew me away with his screen
    presence and subtle expressions. There is unarguably no one in this
    whole world who could have done better justice to this role as he has.
    He is an epitome of being a gentleman- one who says the right things at
    the right times – and through him the film shows what experience brings
    to the table. Even the trifle things he does affects you like for
    example being compelled to tuck in your shirts all the time or carry
    around a crisply folded hanky, so on and so forth .His expressions are
    so self explanatory and transparent and it truly demonstrates what a
    fine artist he is.

    Anne Hathaway shines in every way. I wondered why their faces or why
    their ears blushed red all the time when the emotions were high. And i
    believe it is the commitment and the warmth that comes when the actors
    are living and not acting the moments. She addresses issues such as
    sexism feminism and a working woman’s quandary over pursuing your
    dreams or compromising them for your family, just to name few , with
    ease. The other cast were equally superb and everyone deserves a
    mention. Special mention also goes out to the captivating
    cinematography the casting and the perfectly blending background
    scores. A complete package in every technical area that one could never
    find fault in.

    Overall I would highly recommend it to anyone; as this film is a true
    to life film that sticks to its theme always, one that is more
    beautiful than its cast , that leaves you with a smile, and most
    importantly one that makes you write your first film review.

  • Jenny FairyMarch 23, 2016Reply

    Heartwarming, genuine and well executed

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Chappy WatchedMarch 24, 2016Reply

    Chappy Watched: The Intern

    I hadn’t really heard much about this film or really seen any trailers
    but there wasn’t a lot on to choose from so we thought we’d try this.

    How bad can it be? It Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway!

    It’s not bad at all! This film was a complete surprise and even made
    it’s way into my Top 10 for 2015!

    It’s well written with the laughs and the drama flowing beautifully
    together as well as seeing the generational differences between the two

    Speaking of Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway; they are brilliant
    together as well as with the rest of the awesome supporting cast

    There’s plenty of drama, romance, laughs and just plain entertainment
    to be had with this film.


    I’m not a fan of the ending, it feels like maybe there wasn’t a clear
    idea on how to end it and it felt rushed.

    A great film to watch, even if you don’t happen to be a fan of any of
    the cast or even have any idea of what the film is about.

    CHAPPY THINKS any place that gives their staff free massages is worth
    not getting paid!

  • jpholroydMarch 26, 2016Reply

    A terrible movie, not even rescued by good actors

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gradyharpMarch 27, 2016Reply

    ‘The truth is… something about you makes me feel calm, or more centered, or something.’

    Now and then a movie comes along that instead of polarizing senior
    citizens against the younger Internet media obsessed generation elects
    to show how mutually beneficial the two ends of the age spectrum can
    be. And that is what Nancy Meyers (The Intern, It’s Complicated, The
    Holiday, Something’s Gotta Give, The Parent Trap, Father of the Bride,
    etc) has accomplished with aplomb in writing and directing this very
    fine little comedy with strong philosophical overtones. The fact that
    she is working with a cast of impeccable actors adds to the pleasure
    and meaning of this very fine little film. But in the long run it is
    the mutual respect for the two ends of the age divide that makes this a
    true ‘comedy’ rather that a mocking spoof.

    70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker Robert De Niro) has discovered that
    retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to
    get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion
    site, founded and run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) – a true
    barnstormer of a creative personality obsessed with her success of her
    start up business. Jules is married to a stay at home dad (Anders Holm)
    and has a spunky child, but her work seems to take precedence – until
    the concept of a senior intern is forced upon her. Gradually the two
    come together in the most respectful and endearing way and form a
    heartfelt partnership that both need.

    The supporting cast – Rene Russo (the office masseuse), Andrew
    Rannells, Adam DeVine, Zach Pearlman, Jason Orley, Christina Scherer,
    Nat Wolff, Celia Weston et al – is to the person terrific. Played with
    a fine pacing and more information about Internet marketing than any
    book can offer, this is not only entertaining but a learning
    experience. Hathaway and De Niro are magic together.

  • Rose HogarthMarch 27, 2016Reply

    A light hearted movie. Definitely an easy watch.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ahmed Farahat ([email protected])March 29, 2016Reply

    Very Nice Movie

    When you watch this movie you will be happy immediately. Nice and
    lovely performance from the big star ”Robert De Niro”. I love ”Anne
    Hathaway” Smile so much she is so brilliant. Performance more than
    wonderful, especially that between the two holders of the Oscars It’s
    Really very good light comedy movie. ”Rene Russo” shiny and bright in
    this age, she is really wonderful woman A story is Simple, the
    decoration of the company so beautiful. and finally I laughed a lot
    from the comedy performance of ”Andrew Rannells”. This Movie changed my
    mood and inspired me to try to start my own business, Simply I loved
    Every thing in this light movie.

  • Kahlil Herring ([email protected])March 29, 2016Reply

    Good until end

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kingbk-2March 29, 2016Reply

    Long, Pedestrian Cheese

    Nancy Meyers is one of the most successful female
    writers/directors/producers in Hollywood. That’s great because they
    have a major shortage of them. However, Nancy Meyers is also one of the
    most pedestrian writers/producers/directors in Hollywood. Her films
    always follow the same trajectory and have the same ”insert cliché
    here” templates. They are very predictable and hardly challenging. ”The
    Intern” is proof of this, a film that has many good messages, but is
    written with so much cheese and fluff that it would have fit better on
    The Hallmark Channel than as a major studio picture.

    The movie stars Anne Hathaway as Jules Ostin, the CEO/Founder of a fast
    growing Internet Shopping company in New York City. Jules is very much
    ”work focused” and has zero balance in her life. Her company, About the
    Fit, starts a senior intern program. Why, probably something to do with
    appearing ”not agiest” but we are never given any explanation for this.
    Seventy year old Ben Whittaker (Robert DeNiro) is a bored, retired
    widower. He applies for the intern position and gets it, having to help
    Jules with her day-to-day business.

    The movie has great messages of successful women in the workplace,
    seniors still have wisdom to impart to young adults, and that men and
    women can have plutonic friendships without love or sex. However, the
    sloppy screen writing takes these messages and covers them with cheese
    and clichés. The company is the stereotypical company of today: loaded
    with hipsters, the office looking like a loft, people dressed casually,
    etc. The movie is loaded with product placement from Apple, Audi,
    Samsung, Stella Artois, etc. Ben and Jules have no real conflicts or
    disagreements. The two have too smooth of a relationship. The conflicts
    feel more manufactured to fill the two hour time frame. It should have
    been cut down to 80-90 minutes. The characters are one dimensional and
    flat. Even in the end, when the true conflict finally does happen, it
    wraps itself up too easily and comes across disappointing that it
    doesn’t go in another direction, especially with the ”successful woman”
    mantra the film tries to illustrate.

    It would have been nice if DeNiro’s Ben had some flaws or shortcomings
    that Jules could have seen as well as all the great qualities as well.
    You learn from both things in most friendships. It also would have been
    nice if Jules had to make some hard decisions or sacrifices to grow her
    business. In the end, she doesn’t, and it continues that message of you
    can have it all, which most of the time, you can’t, but I guess you can
    in the movies…

    No, it wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen, and there were some good
    scenes here and there, some small laughs, but very paint by the numbers
    in many ways. I like the messages, but I think there’s a way to get
    them across better without beating the audience over the head and
    dumbing down the material.

  • srdjan_veljkovicApril 2, 2016Reply

    It’s a pity such a good premise dissolved into a kind of oblivion

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Chadwick RobbertApril 2, 2016Reply

    It’s filled with positivity and really new age

    Believe me, it’s my first review on IMDb. Make no mistake, it’s not the
    first film I’m watching or not even first Nancy Meyers film I’m
    watching but there ware something in this movie which compelled me to

    Not only the plot is exciting but the way they have put it is simply
    beautiful and truly energizing. Director has really presented some
    things which we yet in 21st century don’t give a thought about or
    accept rather not that easily. And one must watch the movie for that!

    Needless to say, the lead cast is fantastic and ease through their
    characters. You will in seconds believe that they actually are who they
    are trying to portray. All in all, a very healthy, positive and fun
    filled experience it is, which makes you love your life again. And yes,
    truly new age!

  • Rameshwar INApril 5, 2016Reply

    A good movie option for a date night if you can absorb the unusual chemistry between its leads who are in top form

    Earnest performances from its talented cast manages to keep this mushy
    clichéd story afloat, but with its 120+ mins runtime – it definitely
    overstays its welcome.

    Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) is retired, widowed and restless. He
    joins an online fashion startup founded and run by Jules Ostin (Anne
    Hathaway) as a senior intern and quickly make friends with his old
    school charm and his caring nature. While Jules isn’t initially kicked
    about the senior internship program, she quickly finds a friend and a
    mentor in Ben who helps her make decisions personally and

    Nancy Meyers is quite experienced in this genre which is a double edged
    sword – while she handles it with a template old-school narrative, she
    also induces enough clarity and confidence that helps in the overall
    experience. Problem with actors like De Niro is that they have such
    strong histrionics, its hard to see them in character and this is where
    he is a revelation here breaking away from that with an earnest
    performance. He even uses his trademark scowl with a very different
    result. Anne Hathaway also does a very good job but it is something
    very similar to what she has done in ‘Devil wears Prada’ or ‘Princess
    Diaries’. The rest of the cast if I am being too critical would say are
    a bunch of stereotypes stuck in clichéd scenarios. While it says some
    right things about the ecommerce startup industry, it is too muddled
    and superficial in depicting it on screen.

    A good movie option for a date night if you can absorb the unusual
    chemistry between its leads who are in top form.

  • PiratesRock83483April 6, 2016Reply


    I really enjoyed this movie! Initially was not sure I would like it,
    but was pleasantly surprised. It is a terrific storyline that is both
    entertaining and well made. The acting was also top-notch. I liked
    seeing Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway in this movie together. They
    played their respective parts very well. I will not give away any
    spoilers, but there were certainly parts of this movie that I did not
    see coming. There are parts that will make you happy and at other times
    sad. This film had my attention the entire time. When the credits
    started rolling, I thought ”I want to watch this again.” I would highly
    recommend it!

  • LeonLouisRicciApril 7, 2016Reply

    A Female Fantasy Full of Faux-Insights and Hokey Hipness

    A Modern Feminist Fantasy where an e-Entrepreneur awash in New-Wealth
    and New-Problems that arise from, well, ”not enough hours in the day”.
    That Cliché about the Problem of finding time to ”spend with the

    It used to be a Man’s Challenge, but in this Postmodern World the Women
    are put to the task. Now there are ”Stay at Home Dads”, as We are Told
    They like to be called. This Writer/Director Nancy Meyers Geezer-Gal is
    so Hip.

    Or so She is want to try and demonstrate in every Scene. Robert De Niro
    is a 70 Year Old ”time on His hands” Retiree who is just Giddy at the
    chance He is given to ”Play” with the Youngsters and teach Them a thing
    or two about the loss of Chivalry (like carrying a hankie for the
    inevitable waterworks from the opposite sex).

    The ‘Machines” addicted Moderns return the favor providing assistance
    on Laptops and Facebook. It’s all so ”Today”. Anne Hathaway is the
    ”Boss” and Founder of this Online Mega-Site that sells Pricey Fashions
    ”Guaranteed to Fit”. It’s made Her instantly Rich and without much
    Sleep and a Husband that is too Good to be True.

    This is all Mildly Entertaining and about as Deep as a Doodlebug,
    Charming at times and Insufferably Sappy at others. Everyone and
    Everything is too Appealing and Almost Perfect to be anything more than
    Fantastical. The Movie is just too Pleasant and Wish-Fulfilling to
    contain any ”Real” Insight or Inspiration except for, perhaps, Women
    with a ”Glass of Wine and a Laptop”.

  • DavidApril 8, 2016Reply

    Female business power

    In The Intern, Robert De Niro plays an old, restless, retired widower
    who doesn’t find his freedom from work particularly satisfying. He
    finds a flyer about a position as an intern on a company that sells
    clothes online. Anne Hathaway plays the young stressful boss ho
    reluctantly hires him. The Intern immediately feels a bit weird and
    corny, mostly because of an old man as an intern, but at the same time
    that’s what makes it feel new and fresh. It also shows a positive
    attitude towards the seniors in our society who usually plays oddball
    supporting roles.

    The story develops and we are introduced to Anne Hathaways family, who
    she never spends time with due to her job. We also gets to know her
    personality and the problems she faces at work. The interesting thing
    about The Intern is that we follow the story through the eyes of Robert
    De Niro’s character as he sees it in the film. The film’s weakness lies
    partly in its length but also in the fact that many problems doesn’t
    add up in a satisfying end. With its two hours runtime, The Intern
    feels too long for its genre and format. It needs to be tighter. Also,
    despite its length I still doesn’t feel like we are getting enough
    screen time on the important problems, like her family and her
    relationship to her husband.

    The Intern is still an enjoyable film and like I said before, it deals
    with an interesting topic. Not just because of Robert De Niro’s role as
    an old intern, but also Anne Hathaway’s role as a successful woman and
    the problems she is forced to deal with because of it. It asks us
    important questions like can a woman have a career and still care for
    her family? All in all, a watchable film with something good going on,
    but it would have been slightly better with a little more
    post-production work. Still, it is enjoyable and I grade it 6 out of
    10, because it was entertaining and it deals with a present problem in

    David Lindahl –

  • atlasmbApril 9, 2016Reply

    A Feel-Good Film

    ”The Intern” is not a romance. It is a feel-good movie, and a very
    effective one.

    Anne Hathaway stars as Jules, a young woman who runs a successful
    internet sales company that she started from scratch. That’s a good
    start. Ms. Hathaway is beautiful, talented and extremely likable. Her
    character struggles with success on two fronts–in business she is very
    hands-on but she can’t do everything herself, and in her personal life
    she can’t find the time necessary to make her husband and daughter the
    priorities they should be. In short, she wants to ”have it all”, but
    she has compromised and come up short.

    Robert DeNiro is Ben, the retired widower who becomes an intern at
    Jules’ company, hoping to fill the hole in his life.

    The story has plenty to say about inter-generational relations and
    about feminism. Hathaway and DeNiro–and the other characters in this
    film–play their parts with warmness. Unlike many other comedies, there
    is hardly a trace of snarkiness. The lessons learned have to do with
    being genuine, and searching for what you need in life.

    Who said a comedy can’t be life-affirming? ”The Intern” is and it
    offers the bonus of gently guiding the viewer toward real issues that
    everyone deals with.

  • thekarmicnomadApril 9, 2016Reply

    Doesn’t practise what it preaches – and it preaches a lot

    Anne Hatherway has started her successful business from the ground up
    using a hand on management approach. She is forced to take a ”senior
    intern” in the form of De Nero who she initially butts heads with, but
    soon they warm to one another.

    This film has the potential to be warm and funny (it generally is) but
    is very preachy. There are clumsy dialogues regarding prejudice and
    inequality that come out of nowhere.

    This film is even-handed if nothing else, if you are going to be beaten
    with the feminist stick then expect a battering with… whatever the
    opposite is.

    The worse thing about this film though is that it challenges the idea
    (we all apparently have) that old people are stupid, useless
    liabilities. De Niro disproves this idea. Yet all the jokes are based
    around how all the other older characters are ridiculous and incapable.

    By the end I felt like I had sat through one of those awful mandatory
    HR training films. I had been force fed a load of information I already
    knew with very little entertainment value.

    All that said, production is good, acting is good and this isn’t a
    terrible watch – I just expected more laughs and less sermon.

  • luiseduardo9494April 10, 2016Reply

    Inspiring and a good story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mysteryeyes-95624April 10, 2016Reply

    Sweet and Heart Warming

    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie with my family. I found the characters
    cute and quirky and enjoyed it from the beginning through the end. The
    movie kept me interested in the characters and what was going on in
    each scene relating to the stories delivered. The movie does It job in
    delivering characters and story lines which keeps you interested and
    wanting more. Robert plays his role perfectly and I couldn’t help
    liking and wanting the best for his and Anne’s characters. To me, The
    Intern is one of those movies that you are disappointed when it ends
    because you want to spend more time enjoying the characters. Robert and
    Anne delivered their performances very well. The movie brought me
    laughter, dismay, intrigue, and tears. I recommend this movie to those
    who like quirky, cute movies, with dashes of seriousness.

  • athena-j-dennisApril 12, 2016Reply

    Like watching a train wreck occur over an hour and a half

    What do you get when you combine all of the memes and clichés of our
    shallow, tech-obsessed post-globalisation, hipster world and then have
    a wise, humble, dapper and old fashioned gent (Robert De Niro) as the
    ever congenial retiree intern.

    What’s baffling is De Niro’s character. He has a complete lack of
    anysort of antipathy or disillusionment for finding himself in that
    situation – being bossed around the office and managed by people who
    have been on this planet for a quarter of the time he has, and who are
    genuinely childish, stupid and unprofesional.

    In the real world – this sort of business which is completely devoid of
    any depth or intelligence would be hard to find. Although the bad
    acting make this bag full of design agency clichés all the more hard to
    swallow. This film is like a strange alternate universe and it is
    indeed like watching an atomic blast slowly unfold.

    Switched off twenty minutes in when I realised that these people were
    not behaving this way ironically, they were actually seriously
    attempting to portray a workplace of today.

    Quite possibly the worst movie I’ve seen in my life.

  • prem anandhApril 16, 2016Reply

    We are the intern

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • alanmorton-26421April 17, 2016Reply


    The film is lovely, its sweet, warm hearted and just so lovely. The
    whole films from start to end has a few personal issues of realism, IE
    how companies work and process, but thats me being picky with attention
    to detail. The relationship between the two main characters has such
    depth that you can forgive the lack of understanding in the other
    areas, and its beautiful to see it blossom from the start you see there
    is a spark between then and the film managed to keep you wanting to
    find out whats happening next, to some extent you can guess and maybe
    figure it out, but all in all this is one of the best films like this
    iv seen in years, 8/10

  • Ronak ModiApril 19, 2016Reply

    Feel Good Factor !!

    After a long time I saw a movie which is so positive and encourages you
    to try and materialize your dreams. You have to always keep that hunger
    for learning alive in you no matter whatever stage you have reached in
    your life.

    During the whole movie I felt so happy and was grinning all the time.
    Robert De Niro stole the show for me. He looks so genuine and still
    smart at this age wearing the suits for work which has a start up
    culture (This makes me realize that Suits always enhance your
    personality and add a class to your personality). Story Telling and
    Direction is good and it never bores for a minute.

    I would recommend to try this movie as it adds little bit of positive
    attitude in your life no matter whoever you are.

  • Prismark10April 20, 2016Reply

    Starting over

    The Intern is an easy going, genial film. Not laugh out funny and does
    not really has a lot to say apart from older people have skills and
    values that are worth something.

    Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) is retired and on his own and wants
    something to do. He gets a position as an intern at an online fashion
    start up that is doing very well.

    Ben shadows the founder of the company Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) who
    is a workaholic and trying to balance work and family life. She is
    reluctant to have Ben around seeing his as being too old but Ben
    perseveres. Suddenly he is an asset to the other interns who find his
    life experience valuable and also to Jules who after her initial
    hesitation finds him someone she can rely on.

    Writer/Director Nancy Meyers brings an assured touch for what is really
    an old fashioned story with a modern twist. De Niro is comfortable
    playing Gentle Ben, knocking about with the younger interns and he even
    gets romance sub plot. He has a spine of steel and there is the
    revelation that he is interning in a place where he used to work for
    many decades, an industry overtaken by IT.

    Anne Hathaway’s character reminded me of a little too much of The Devil
    wears Prada, she was certainly a little too abrasive at first even
    discriminatory towards old people.

    However once the film settles down it is amiable but does feel over-
    long and rather cloying by the end.

  • fahimayApril 20, 2016Reply

    Lifts up your spirits!

    When I sat down to watch this, I never expected it to be a feel-good
    movie. Robert de Niro overwhelms us by outperforming his caliber. I
    actually didn’t have high hopes of the movie and was pleasantly
    surprised. Anne Hathaway emanates simplicity and elegance, playing her
    role as the overworked, ambitious, lost-the-fire-in-the-marriage wife
    with such finesse. I had been impressed with her in ”The Devil wears
    Prada” and loved seeing her here, though it was the reversed role, with
    her playing the boss.

    With neither romance nor any personal agenda involved between the
    protagonists, the plot has a fresh feel. The generation gap in the
    corporate world puts emphasis on the fact that office-goers from the
    80’s feel out of place in the current techno-savvy biz world,
    interlinked with emails and social networks. But De Niro demonstrates
    his knowledge deficiency with calculated ease (which seemed a little
    fictitious, but we enjoy it).

    How Anne seemed solid on the outside but crumbling on the inside due to
    a failing marriage ironically on account of her achievements was
    commendable. De Niros’s character is truly an embodiment of positivity
    and diligence; most people past the age of retirement feel they have
    retired in life too, this movie is an eye-opener that you are never too
    old to live.

  • Chris OberApril 21, 2016Reply

    Taste of old and new

    ”The Intern” is a great ”feel-good” movie filled with comedy, a laid-
    back plot, emotional heart-pulling moments, and it was an overall fun
    film. I am a huge fan of both De Niro and Hathaway, the two are highly
    decorated stars in the film world and their ability to create chemistry
    was worthy of applause. De Niro at the age of 72 still has the same
    acting magic that he had in his younger days and Hathaway is an
    absolute gem in every aspect. The film appeals to audiences of all ages
    with comedic quips that the older audiences can love and appreciate as
    well as moments that have young adults and adults laughing in their
    seats. Overall, I enjoyed this movie for a nice change of pace with all
    the action and diverse plot lines that Hollywood has been dishing out
    lately. It is nice to relax to a feel-good film with a highly talented
    cast simply enjoying themselves, as it seems.

  • ScreenrightsApril 25, 2016Reply

    I loved it.

    I read the first dozen or so reviews and most were negative; wrongly so
    in my opinion. I wonder if the writers of those negative reviews failed
    to understand the purpose of the film and wrote subjective, rather than
    objective, critiques from a clichéd masculine and born of youth
    inexperienced standpoint. I enjoyed the film immensely as indeed I
    enjoyed the screenplay. I suspect that some reviewers failed to realise
    that the entire film is intended to be seen from the point of view of a
    seventy year old man with a lifetime of experience that those younger
    reviewers completely fail to comprehend, let alone understand. Watch it
    and enjoy it and push negativity out of your life. Robert De Nero and
    Anne Hathaway are consummate in their performances.

  • thiago-cardoso-m9April 29, 2016Reply

    Great Movie

    It is an excellent movie. It has a very soft humor. I loved how Ben try
    to learn about the new model of companies.

    Robert and Anne had a great chemistry, they were very fun together.

    I love Robert De Niro’s Comedy Movies, his gangster expressions are
    always hilarious.

    I prefer see Anne in Comedies, they performances are much better

    The movie are going to catch you all the time, it has a great argument.

    The only thing I did not like it was the end. It didn’t have any sense.
    But I don’t care. It was great and fun.

    I recommend you to see it.

  • Mhmd_ElgammalApril 30, 2016Reply

    He is not obsolete

    This movie was a great story about challenges that a baby boomer may
    face in the work environment at a newly obtained position.

    Ben Whittaker, played by Robert De Niro, is a 70 year old widower who
    is trying to get back into the present world. So he receives an
    opportunity for a senior intern position at an online fashion site.
    Whittaker was doubted at first, but his charm, intelligence, experience
    and wisdom quickly gained him the likes and trust of his coworkers. His
    boss Jules Ostin, played by Anne Hathaway, recognized Whittaker’s work
    and slowly began to become attracted to him. So their work relationship
    slowly turned to something more.

    There was some humor to this movie, but there was not much. It was a
    great story though that flowed smoothly.

  • Hedi RegayaApril 30, 2016Reply

    Deep breath of ”humanism”

    During this movie and after… You feel how this is important it is to
    show empathy towards others, to understand their worries, their
    problems… To be altruist.. And how this positively affects you as an
    individual. Being modest, being a intern, being just yourself, doing
    your work and again, how this will positively be rewarded The contrast
    between the ”old school” way of doing business and the start-ups state
    of mind is another important piece in this movie as it shows that both
    can coexist and create a beautiful melting pot. The performance of De
    Niro is just awesome, he is actually a great actor, the disconnection
    between the previous roles (gansters, mafioso, and others…) and the
    drama roles he plays the last couple of years is just impressive.
    Thanks for this lesson of humanism

  • srd091May 5, 2016Reply

    Amazing movie

    The movie is truly awesome and didn’t I forget to say that you are
    never wrong to do the right thing, may be I was third one to say this
    after mark twain and Robert De Niro (Ben Whittaker). Old is gold, the
    movie proves this statement. And for women, I heard who sleep less than
    seven hours a night gain 38% more weight than women who sleeps more
    than seven hours a night. Anne Hathway is way too good with her acting
    and her charm obviously. I seriously started carrying handkerchief.
    There were some real great laugh out loud moments. I personally
    recommend this movie to everyone, guys watch it. Its a good movie after
    all. And at last, the experience never gets old.

  • Anurag GuptaMay 5, 2016Reply

    A Brilliant Heart-warming Movie!!!!

    Well after seeing the high rating score that the movie had managed to
    grasp, I sat down to watch the movie with really high hopes of getting
    a good laugh from it. But what happened was even more amazing. Its a
    classic tale of how we benefit from the wisdom of our elders.The movie
    went from one scene to another seamlessly and was able to retain my
    attention with utmost ease. Many feminists might disagree with me but
    being a high roller is a tough job, be a man or a woman. And especially
    in the current trend of start-up companies. But the way it was done,
    especially by the ball-buster (yet still vulnerable) character that
    Anne Hathaway played lent not only an air of authenticity but raised
    the movie standards to a whole another bar. And last but never the
    least, was the character played by Robert De Niro which makes me wish I
    would be half as mature and still so full of life when I reach the age
    of his character. Overall a brilliant production that does deserve a
    one time watch, if not twice or thrice.

  • studioATMay 8, 2016Reply

    A surprisingly good film

    The Intern didn’t seem to stay in cinemas that long, so I had my doubts
    when I picked up a copy of it cheap on DVD.

    I’m pleased to say that I found it to be a well written and well cast
    film, that shone a light on a different type of relationship. I think
    Hollywood needs to take a lesson from this film and realise that not
    all stories have to be about people in their 20’s.

    Both De Niro and Hathaway give good performances, and their chemistry
    feels natural throughout the films a little too long length.

    There are a couple of scenes that could have been cut (the email to the
    mother and following bar scene in particular) but on the whole I
    enjoyed ‘The Intern’ and would recommend it to anyone looking for a
    different type of film.

  • Ade CahayonoMay 21, 2016Reply

    Real Movie to make your good day

    What I’m going to say is It’s a really good movie! I really love it.
    Love the actors. Love every scenes of it. Love the story. The issue
    which tells us about feminism were packed in a good way. No one’s hurt
    by this movie. The happy- ending also packed in some kind of ”balance”
    by showing some TaiChi moves at the end of it. The movie also tells us
    about people with high level integrity and work-ethics in their
    workplace, something almost extinct nowadays.

    Anne Hathaway always be the perfect-suit to play this kind of role, as
    she did in Devils Wears Prada. What I’m little bit surprising was the
    warm-uncle-look role played by Robert De Niro as I only noticed most of
    his role are as Mafia or someones who commit criminal.

  • MelissaslistMay 29, 2016Reply

    Could Only Watch 10 minutes

    This was on HBO’s so I watched. I had seen the trailer and it looked
    cute and a premise I’d never seen before. I could not watch more than
    10 minutes of this movie. Maybe that is not giving it a fair shot, but
    my 10 minute rule has never failed me. If the first 10 suck the rest
    will most certainly be worse or way worse.In the 10 minutes I did
    manage to stomach I was embarrassed over the absurd rudeness of
    Hathaway’s character. If the company decided to have this ”intern
    program” she could at least pretend to be on board with it. Instead she
    is ageist and insulting and IMO not convincing. Amanda Priestly she is
    not. Even though Amanda Priestly was a cold hearted bitch at least she
    was an entertaining one. It just came across as false to me. The whole
    exaggerated idea that young people know everything while older people
    know nothing was also an insult and just wrong. Sure younger people are
    more in touch and in tune with technology all that is new…but older
    people provided they are healthy can be just as aware. Also the
    background music was completely annoying and reminded me of a bad 80’s

  • thejasviMay 31, 2016Reply

    On of the best feel good movies for some time.

    Very rarely do I want a film to be a good hour or two longer, I could
    spend a whole season and more with Ben and Jules. On the surface it
    looks like this is going to be an odd romcom vehicle for Hathaway and
    Dr Niro, but don’t let that notion put you off, mainly because it isn’t
    really a romcom, yes there are romances in the film, and this really
    isn’t a spoiler, but ultimately it’s a film about a man and woman
    becoming friends, which is kind of a rare thing in a big budget
    Hollywood film.

    Like many others, I find something kind of annoying about Anne
    Hathaway, but this was by far my favorite performance from her, I
    actually started to really like her in this, she was cast perfectly, as
    was De Niro, the film is a nice reminder of just how strong a character
    actor he can be and why he’s regarded as the best, and Myers has
    probably created literally the most like-able character ever with Ben,
    if you don’t fall in love with him, then you’re a straight up monster.

    For me The Intern is a near perfect film, I rarely give 10/10 to
    anything. Yes it may not be groundbreaking, but in some ways the film
    is, it eschews the typical expectations from a big budget film like
    this, and I think only someone like Myers is in a position to do a film
    like this. At the end of the day, it’s literally what a feel good film
    is, you like all the characters, there isn’t a typical antagonist, at
    least not in human form.

    The only real criticism I can give is the casting of Anders Holm, who
    is a fine dramatic and comedic actor, that anyone who watches
    Workaholics will adore, but something just didn’t feel right with his
    casting here, maybe it’s just that I don’t buy him and Anne Hathaway
    together, despite the fact he kind of looks like her real life husband.
    It’s a slight mis-step to me, and maybe he wasn’t the first choice,
    maybe he got the role after Adam Devine got cast, or vice versa. But
    it’s a very small criticism, because he does the role well, and it
    hardly detracts from the film as a whole.

    Get a bottle of wine, and enjoy!

  • brooksrob1June 2, 2016Reply


    I went into this movie blind…I had no idea or expectations, just
    killing some time. You figure Bobby has rarely let you down so; what
    the hey? I read the first few reviews of the ”loved it” sect and then
    went to the ”hated it” section…The Hate it section was hilarious!
    Watching them come up with analogies, which were not as cliché as the
    movie, thus destroying most of their points was stimulating!

    Those that loved it, I can see why…It’s a nice safe story and filled
    with decent people…Nothing untoward…

    On to the movie…

    I give a 5 because it had some heart but…Just enough heart to give
    you that ”meh” feeling. It seemed miscast for some reason…The
    daughter too precocious, the business woman too driven; the husband
    (blech, what a nudge!) Bobby, consummate pro, although his face always
    seems to be frozen in that ”You talking to me?” grimace…This would
    make a great TV series on like; TBS. They could flesh it out some

    If I had a list of 1000 decent movies; This would be about 931 on the

  • patricijabajareJune 3, 2016Reply

    Something different than usual

    Amazing, unpredictable and definitely unusual movie.

    Recommend this to everybody. While watching this film I had very
    different emotions and feelings. In this movie you can cry a little
    bit, you can laugh a little bit. Also the film was very enjoyable
    because how I said earlier it was unusual. It wasn’t the same plot that
    we all know and have seen before.

    It is hard to say what is so special about this movie, but there
    definitely is something. For example after the story you realize how
    different and unusual events could happen in your life. We understand
    that it’s never too late to make big decisions. Because those decisions
    can lead us to much better life than we have know. And your ages is not
    always the biggest problem.

    What I want to say is that you just need to enjoy this thrilling and
    beautiful story!

  • mushinJune 5, 2016Reply

    different than I expected

    Maybe it is my fault for not reading enough about it beforehand, but I
    had the impression that this would be a goofy and lighthearted comedy
    about the differences in values, practices, language, etc. between baby
    boomers and millennials. (With actors like Adam Devine and Anders Holm
    in the cast, can you blame me? Also, I think they wanted to get Blake
    Anderson as well, but couldn’t, so they just put a substitute in there.
    If you see it, you’ll know who I mean.)

    Instead, it’s a somewhat sappy (not quite a romantic comedy though)
    story about the trials of the working professional mother and how
    wisdom through life experience can be used to improve her life. The
    story is not bad. There are some cringe worthy references to sexism in
    business thrown in there, and the working mother gets judged by the
    stay at home moms (who eventually get called out). However, she is not
    generally presented as a poor oppressed woman in tech, kept down by the
    evil Patriarchy. Instead, she is presented as someone overwhelmed by
    her own busy life, but committed to taking responsibility and just
    needing some guidance. It’s a situation that I think people can relate

    Overall, it’s a decent date movie with some laughs. But Workaholics it
    is not!

  • Desertman84June 5, 2016Reply

    De Niro And Hathaway Have Great Performances

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Matt_LaydenJune 8, 2016Reply

    Lighthearted fluff.

    While watching this film my wife commented how depressing it was.
    DeNiro is a widower, living a lonely and routine elderly life. He
    claims to be happy, he just needs to fill that time with something
    productive. He spots an ad for an internship for the elderly and gets
    the job. The job is at a cutting edge fashion upstart, run by the
    determined Anne Hathaway. She started this business on her own and it’s
    now massively successful, which takes a toll on her family and her
    sanity. To make matters worse, the investors want a seasoned CEO to run
    the company, much to her disdain. Can this new intern help relieve some
    of this stress?

    To say I was surprised at this film is an understatement. I went in
    thinking I would hate it, but I was delighted. The film is cute and has
    heart, much of this is due to the performance from DeNiro. A man known
    for playing foul mouthed tough guys, plays a heartwarming old man
    trying to be relevant again. He had a job printing phone books for a
    living, talk about feeling outdated. Now he has to learn how to use a
    USB drive, something his nine year old nephew helps him with. Hathaway
    has a decent role opposite DeNiro, the hardworking woman who has no
    time for her husband, or her child, despite her attempts to make room
    for both. The film is very pro ‘working woman’ and mentions this
    numerous times.

    As delightful as the film is, there is no real conflict. Sure she needs
    to find a new CEO, but that doesn’t really play to the centre of the
    film. No conflict, no tension of any kind. Things just sort of always
    work out for DeNiro, he’s a jack-of-all-trades type of character. Need
    something done? He can do it. This goes to absurd levels when they
    literally break into someone’s home to delete an email. A very out of
    place scene.

    The film poses a few questions about man versus woman in the workplace,
    adultery and relevance. A weaker third act and an even weaker ending
    hurts an otherwise good film. The chemistry between Hathawary and
    DeNiro is good delightful and I’m actually glad to see him in a role
    that he seems to care about this days.

  • imdb-6252June 13, 2016Reply

    Mildly entertaining, but zero on the believability index

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Marvin AndujarJune 17, 2016Reply

    Good Sunday Movie

    Plot: I think this movie is good to watch while you feel lazy and would
    like to watch something laid back. Although, I expected better comedy
    in the movie. I think there are a lot of funny situations that could
    have been created for this movie. Now, the idea of a woman be the CEO
    of a company while her husband stays at home is pretty good as there is
    a big movement for equality at work between women and men. The movie
    should have shown more on how she created her company and became CEO.
    Also, more interaction in the conflicts the CEO experience with stay at
    home moms. This would show more the problem with stereotypes and old
    school mentality vs new school.

    Acting: I think the acting is pretty good. Of course, the main actors
    are Oscars winners with a lot of experience.

    Overall: It is an OK movie where it could have been better in many ways
    as aforementioned. I hope main actors get to do another and more
    serious movie.

  • Jua-Mari MalanJune 23, 2016Reply

    An older man is appointed as an intern at a start-up and finds he is needed more than he might think.

    This movie was surprisingly real and entertaining.

    It’s not quite a rom-com. I would describe it more as a feel-good

    The production quality was great. The lighting and cinematography was
    appropriate and the costumes and set design was amazing.

    The story was really well written and the cast really stepped up to the
    plate. The directing was obviously great, as all the actors totally
    became their characters.

    You could identify with the story and it was funny. It was also
    incredibly sad at times and I even cried with the characters, but there
    was definitely more laughter and you walk away from the movie with some
    hope for the human race in general.

    If you just want to relax, but watch a movie with some substance this
    is definitely it.

  • NataliaCJune 24, 2016Reply

    nice, but not as good as it could have been

    This movie turned out to be more drama than comedy, which is what I was
    looking forward to. While I don’t regret watching it, there was one
    aspect that made it hard to get through at times: the Matt character
    (played by Anders Holm). Every time there was a scene with him the
    movie was like a song that suddenly fell flat. I figured, ”The people
    who cast this movie know what they are doing, it must be me,” so I
    really tried to appreciate him–to no avail. I think his part was both
    written as two-dimensional and acted flatly, especially in contrast to
    the effusive and expressive Anne Hathaway, the endearing Robert De
    Niro, and other surprising performances. All the other main
    characters/actors were delightful. The movie had some fun scenes, but
    over all was somewhat slow-moving for this decade. It could have been
    pared down. Linda Lavin’s character, for example, was extraneous.
    Neither a bad movie nor a memorable one. If you don’t have great
    expectations, you’ll probably enjoy this film.

  • edwagreenJune 25, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JerzeeGerlJune 25, 2016Reply

    A likable movie if you just don’t expect much

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DHEERAJ DHINGRAJune 26, 2016Reply

    Worth Watching – Entertaining

    The Intern is an entertaining one. The plot is unique and interesting.

    The protagonists, Jules and Ben, are very strong characters and are
    played beautifully by Anna and Robert De Niro, respectively. Ben
    despite being from the old generation supports the idea of working
    woman and is a sorted person who offers helping hand to everybody.

    I learned two things from the movie – Keep your energy focused on what
    matters by keeping the other things simple and ”You’re never wrong to
    do the right thing – Mark Twain”.

    It is worth investing time.

    Happy Watching!

  • alexfathJune 27, 2016Reply

    Disguised political correctness

    A praise to women emancipation castrating men into beta males who play
    life-roles like mother and are emotionally immature and unbalanced. De
    Niro represents the old school of men already dying and giving place to
    the new hipster metro-sexual boys. Hathaway plays an alpha-woman role
    very sensitive but neurotic too.

    This is a political correctness film, very well disguised by tenderness
    and pseudo-drama. Typical of Hollywood modern films undermining the
    traditional roles of sexes in the western world.

    The only plus of the film was De Niro. Calm and balanced.
    Self-confident, wise and experienced.

  • Samantha DareJune 28, 2016Reply

    Feel good movie

    I loved this movie and the way that Robert De Niro was represented as
    the older man. The arc of transformation from Gangster to Grandad is
    done well.

    The relationship between old and new is brought together to create a
    movie that makes you smile. Hathaway has a fabulous on screen persona
    which works well with De Niro.

    At times the movie is comical accompanied by a sentimental narrative
    which keeps you engaged.

    I would recommend this movie as it’s a bit of light entertainment that
    reminds viewers of how gentleman used to be and still are in some

    Well worth a viewing.

  • mitch menghiJune 30, 2016Reply

    I actually really loved this movie

    Watched this with no intentions of what it was about, not even seeing a

    Great, feel good movie without being over the top.

    Deniro pulls of a great role as a fatherly figure who has experience
    and eventually pulls Anne thru most of her turmoils.

    Im actually really surprised to see so many haters. I myself can be
    very critical, but this movie delivered for what it was set out to be.

    Deniro shows that he can be versatile and is a great actor. Anne is
    great also she has done roles like this before.

    I really liked the start up business story and bringing someone like
    deniro as quirky as it seems has some real good messages.

    I guess some critics are just very superficial or had certain
    expectations coming into it before they watched it.

  • avasJuly 3, 2016Reply

    condescending crappola

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ro-rao2007July 8, 2016Reply

    Had potential but did not deliver

    It’s not every day that one comes across a movie like The Intern. The
    concept of senior citizens opting to come out of retirement and reboot
    their careers is a fresh one, which is what the movie centers on. The
    movie also boasts of having 2 reputable actors to its name, Robert De
    Niro and Anne Hathaway. So it can be said that the movie was all set up
    to be a memorable experience.

    However, somewhere along the way it stumbles miserably in its

    Robert De Niro plays Ben Whittaker, a 70-year-old widower, who decides
    that he’s had enough of the lifestyle of a retiree, and opts to refresh
    his career when he comes across an opportunity to work as a senior
    citizen in a growing online fashion startup. This entire sequence of
    events takes place in the first 5-10 minutes of the movie. He
    eventually applies and gets in with ease, which takes place in another
    5-10 minutes of the movie. No problems there. He is eager to learn and
    has adjusted comfortably to the 21st century, except he dresses in an
    old-fashioned manner, which his colleagues initially make light of.

    So where’s the conflict?

    Anne Hathaway plays Jules Ostin, a twenty-something CEO of a rising
    online fashion startup. She is entirely career-driven, which takes a
    toll on her relationships with her family and even with her employees.
    We see the career-driven side of Jules, but we are basically just told
    everything we need to know about her in about 5-10 minutes. We don’t
    really get much exposure to her back-story, which would have really
    strengthened the character.

    This, again, weakens the point of conflict in the story and the
    character development.

    If the issue with actually developing the characters and slowing down
    the pace of the movie was risking making the movie over 2 hours in
    length, then it would have been better to cut out the number of issues
    to address and instead focus on 2-3 main plot points. This would have
    made it easier for us to empathize with the characters and the
    situations they found themselves in.

    As I said before, however, the casting directors were on point, as I
    found the performances to be the one main strength of the movie. Robert
    De Niro and Anne Hathaway were cast perfectly as Ben and Jules,
    respectively, and I could not have imagined anyone else who would have
    done the roles justice. The two seem to ease into their roles without
    much difficulty and give natural, sincere performances.

    Overall, The Intern was backed by a fresh, novel concept and strong
    performances. But what it struggled with was a rushed execution and the
    need for the writers to jam in and address an unnecessarily large
    number of 21st century issues. It would have been more effective for
    the movie to instead focus on 2-3 core plot points.

  • DKosty123July 18, 2016Reply

    A For Age And A For Chemistry

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • smatysia ([email protected])July 23, 2016Reply

    Light entertainment. Nothing more

    This is a decent film if one does not have unrealistic expectations for
    it. It is, more than anything light entertainment. Nothing more. Acting
    from the leads was good, and, well, it should be, from Robert De Niro
    and Anne Hathaway. Sets, costumes, photography all fine. No problems
    with the direction. Some previous commentators have taken issue with
    the various ”messages” of the film. I thought it was just modern
    Hollywood fare, leaning left, of course, but not outrageously so. The
    criticism of Anders Holm’s casting seems valid, as he was irritating,
    and makes one wonder what Jules ever saw in him. I liked Christina
    Scherer as the harried assistant. A small shout-out to Annie Funke and
    Wallis Currie-Wood in tiny roles.

  • Lola AJuly 25, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • WritingWed4July 27, 2016Reply

    The Intern

    The Intern is nice movie I’ve ever seen. This movie tells that working
    is full of enjoyment. The title of this movie says ‘Experiences never
    get old’. I think this words push people who feel difficulty or anxiety
    with job. 70 years old man helps his boss many times, but he doesn’t
    show off his talent. Although it is different from real world, its
    position like him gives hope for young worker. And this film show that
    difficulties of living with partner or family comfortably. For men,
    women should work in house harder than at office. I can read the fact
    by watching The Intern. This film has many aspects about life for
    example, work, marriage and raising baby. I recommend The Inten for
    people who does not start working.

  • TurfseerJuly 30, 2016Reply

    De Niro-Hathaway chemistry warms the heart

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jack-davyJuly 30, 2016Reply

    Should Not Be Listed As ‘Comedy’

    I was led to believe ‘The Intern’ was a comedy film. This is how the
    film was marketed, sold and listed. Sadly this is not the case.

    It is a ‘feel-good’ film. It’s not a soppy love story and nothing
    climactic or ‘explosive’ happens at all.

    So yes, I was disappointed not to be rolling on the floor and wetting
    myself with laughter. But I was genuinely happy for the 2 hours to
    watch two different lives come together and form a great relationship.

    I just wish that this was not listed under the ‘Comedy’ category. They
    should put it under a ‘Feel-Good’ category or a sub genre a la ‘Light
    Hearted Drama’.

    Anywho, 6 / 10 for me. Nice, happy, jolly film. Goes on a bit too long
    and nothing really happens but still… Happy happy happy 🙂

  • Mateo FebresAugust 1, 2016Reply

    What a friendly movie

    This was such a friendly, light – hearted movie! Really enjoyed it from
    start to finish, and the plot was gripping enough. It goes beyond
    saying, Hathaway and De Niro both excell as an acting couple, she is
    one of the great performers of our time and he, well you know who he
    is. At first you might think of it in a Nabokov – style but it just
    does not play that way at all. It is more a tale of classicism vs.
    contemporary and it works! Maybe a little unoriginal but the movie is a
    breath of fresh air to De Niro’s filmography. Lately, his movies kind
    of lack of himself, and he lost the stigma he had about cinema back
    when he shot Meet the Fockers. You can tell how excited he is for being
    there and that is just beautiful. Anyone can enjoy this movie, and
    appreciate the above average camera work, and even some symmetry
    clammed in as well. Again, De Niro delivers a role that goes different
    from what he has been accustomed to play lately, taking into account
    that his latest movies involve him in an ”oldie but goodie” personna
    (talke Last Vegas and Dirty Grandpa for instance) but he is not the
    same in each role despite the character his age has him play. He
    radicalizes these roles, and contrasts them so well, despite the
    quality of thee. Really enjoyable movie to relax in the summer, pretty
    laid back, and it is beautiful to still be able to witness a
    performance by one of the greatest artist of our generation! Specially
    paired up with Anne, just works somehow. Looking forward to watching
    this acting relation progress, Scorsese, might want to pay attention.
    Fresh movie, funny and touching at crucial points. Eight out of ten.

  • meeza ([email protected])August 2, 2016Reply

    Not the best intern!

    I am internally grateful that you are taking a few minutes out of your
    day to read my cheesy review of Writer-Director Nancy Meyers’ comedy
    ”The Intern”. I hope you make it through this puntership with flying
    colors. Anyways, the movie stars Robert De Niro as Ben Whittaker. Ben
    is a 70 year old widower who is living out retired days, but needs to
    fill a void. He comes across an opportunity to be an intern in a senior
    citizens’ internship program for a start-up fashion online company.
    Anne Hathaway co-stars as Jules, the Founder of the company who at
    first is reluctant to work with an older crowd, but then takes a
    genuine liking to Ben as not only a dependable intern, but a father
    figure. Of course, there are conflicts that are incorporated into the
    film that causes their relationship some challenges, and Jules’ own
    relationship with her husband. I admired how Meyers directed the first
    hour of the movie, but then it looked like ”The Intern” ran out of
    steam during the second half with too many elongated scenes; and that
    is why I could not give ”The Intern” a review promotion. I did like De
    Niro as Ben, and Hathaway as Jules was not too shabby either. ”The
    Intern” was 2 hours long, it didn’t have to be. This intern could have
    done it’s job in a sheer 90 minutes, but it stayed for not-needed
    overtime; and for that I can’t highly recommend for you to hire ”The
    Intern” into your movie watch company. *** Average

  • jimel98August 5, 2016Reply

    Nice Story that’s a bit predictable.

    OK, first and foremost, I’m sick of the pretentious a-holes who rush
    like sharks to a seal feeding area to condemn this type of movie. You
    blow hards go and make a few movies and THEN spout off your know it all
    garbage. GAWDALMIGHTY! OK, with that out of my system, this movie is a
    fairly predictable and pedestrian film. I have to be brutally honest
    however, a couple of small curve balls did surprise me, but overall,
    eh. Not a great movie but hey, a nice story. I use that word a lot,
    ‘nice’ and I’ve acknowledged that before. For some films, it’s the best
    description. It’s not exciting, it’s not thought provoking and it’s not
    intended to be. It’s entertaining and at times, a bit uplifting. In a
    word, it’s NICE! What the hell is wrong with nice? Not a damn thing.
    The whiney folks who feel every movie must have impact or teach a
    lesson or…what-have-you, are jerks, morons and probably failed film
    students who were rejected by EVERY movie studio, even the Troma Team.
    Let’s be honest you egomaniacs, shall we? I’m just a guy who loves
    movies and in this movie I see a pleasant story that allowed me to sit
    for an hour and 1/2 and just enjoy a nice story. Is that so wrong? No,
    dammit, it isn’t. Am I angry, yeah, I guess I am. Do I care if I offend
    a few douche bags? Hell no.

    Sorry, I’m really ranting here.

    Bottom line, Robert De Niro can do ANYTHING (and sure, it seems like
    lately he WILL DO ANYTHING!) and he pulled off this role very nicely.
    If you don’t like this word, stop reading….NOW! He’s a mild mannered
    good guy who wants to not be bored. Anne Hathaway has shown she can
    handle acting very well. I keep wanting to see more depth in her
    characters, but this movie didn’t require much and that’s fine. She’s a
    good actor, not a shlub who gets by solely on looks.

    Rene Russo. ‘Nuff said.

    The supporting cast do a magnificent job doing exactly what they are
    supposed to do, SUPPORT.

    Sure, I found some things that I scratched my head at. Where did HE go?
    Why did SHE do this? What ever happened to….? But it’s not a
    documentary, it’s a nice (YEAH, NICE-IN YOUR FACE!) story that
    shouldn’t have to explain everything. People don’t go to the movies to
    have every detail correct and every single moment or event fit
    perfectly into reality. Take it from me, I can be a stickler with some
    types of movies, but I’m also a realist and even when I’M the one
    whining, I try to keep my whining in perspective. Some here do not.
    They think they’re some important critic who’s word will make or break
    bottom line, it’s a nice (yeah, nice) movie that entertains. If you
    like simple movies that simply make you smile, this is one for you. If
    you demand perfection, make your own damned movies.

  • mysticnoxAugust 14, 2016Reply

    I sooooooo love this movie

    Seriously it’s awesome. I wish they didn’t make you do ten lines on
    here because I can say it in less.

    I wish that I could work here. It’s relaxed it’s fun, the boss is
    totally cool, it’s modern and open minded. Really seems like perfect
    place to work.

    I’ve always liked Anne Hathaway no matter what others say so I really
    think they chose the perfect person for this role.

    What a totally relaxing and unusual movie for this time period.
    Everything needed like the old classic.

    I will be watching again.

  • grantssAugust 19, 2016Reply

    Sweet, sensitive, thoughtful movie – so much better than I expected

    A retired 70-year-old widower, Ben (played by Robert De Niro), is bored
    with retired life. He applies to a be a senior intern at an online
    fashion retailer and gets the position. The founder of the company is
    Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), a tireless, driven, demanding, dynamic
    workaholic. Ben is made her intern, but this is a nominal role – she
    doesn’t intend to give him work and it is just window dressing.
    However, Ben proves to be quite useful and, more than that, a source of
    support and wisdom.

    Good, and surprisingly so. I was expecting a farcical half-baked comedy
    about how an old guy rejoins the work force and struggles with modern
    gadgets and work processes. There are a few examples of that but the
    movie is far more than a story about generational differences. It’s
    more a drama than a comedy, and is a good one too. There’s themes of
    generational wisdom, not judging people by their age (or anything
    superficial) and making the most of people’s talents. It’s also a movie
    about starting over, and doing what you enjoy.

    Moreover, it’s simply a nice story.

    Solid work by Robert De Niro in the lead role. He doesn’t do bad
    performances, but that hasn’t stopped him in the past from taking on
    roles and movies that are well below his standards. This is not one of
    those roles or movies. Sensitively played, and ideal for the role.

    Good work too by Anne Hathaway, who is very convincing as the go-
    getting entrepreneur.

  • gwnightscreamAugust 20, 2016Reply

    ”Good Comedy-Drama!”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kartik AdsuleAugust 21, 2016Reply

    Promising plot and promising beginning

    The movie starts off as with refreshing concept and gets you hitched
    early on. The concept of a senior citizen intern was completely new to
    me and I was curious to how Ben’s (Robert De Niro) life will change
    with the internship how he will contribute and everything was quite
    interesting to imagine. As the movie progressed Robert De Niro was
    superb and half of the movie is engaging because of him. I believe the
    story could have been written and painted in a million ways.I just feel
    the plot had more potential than what is executed. The way the startup
    culture is depicted and the filming of a startup’s work culture is
    quite brilliant. I loved the ending. It is almost perfect (no spoilers
    here). While watching at times I felt maybe the movie is digressing a
    little but still it was engaging and entertaining. Hats off to Nancy
    Meyer’s for coming up with such interesting plot and story.

  • Reno RanganAugust 24, 2016Reply

    A film that differentiates the young and old generation.

    I would definitely say it is the director’s best film. I have liked her
    other films, but this is a lot different from them. I mean it was well
    written screenplay with much better understood the contemporary world
    than just focusing on the relationships as usual. So the addition of
    digital world stuffs made all the difference and I completely enjoyed
    it. Don’t think it would be another ‘The Internship’ as I initially
    thought, but slightly it is and much better everyway.

    You are going to agree with me that the film’s posters or the trailers
    were not very impressive as what the actual film did to grab our full
    attention. The two hours films are always a concern to me, but when a
    film like this runs for that long, I can even sit for another half an
    hour. Anyway, with this story and its runtime, the pace was incredible.
    When there’s something interesting is going on, we forget to focus on
    the flaws and enjoy our time, which is what I exactly did in here.

    This is not a comedy where you’re going to laugh openly loud, it is a
    comedy in the sense of the set of characters the film has. I mean, the
    story is about the digital business and most of them who are into the
    computers are considered as geeks. So theirs world is nothing, but just
    hooked to their works and forgetting the actual world around them. Even
    for the someone in the next room, they tweet. For them to remind only
    they’ve changed, not the physical world and that’s where our main
    character who is old and wise influence the younger generation people.

    So the actors were undoubtedly the best thing apart from the direction
    and the story. The 73 years old Robert De Niro still impressing with
    his extraordinary character display. I don’t know whoever was in mind
    when it was written, but this role perfectly fits none other than him.
    And then there’s Anne Hathaway on the opposite side who equaled with De
    Niro with her part.

    From the narration point of view, it started with DeNiro’s, but quickly
    around in the middle it took a circle to cover others as well. And then
    comes from the professional to the personal life topic when it was
    developed and brought a small family who were affected by the
    workaholic mother. So if you enter it expecting a comedy, probably you
    won’t disappoint with what it delivers against your wish which is a
    heartwarming drama with some emotional moments. Surely recommended,
    especially the youngsters who’re addicted to the digital world!


  • aserpentperplexedAugust 26, 2016Reply

    Well Acted Movie Bogged Down by Clichés

    Overall, I quite enjoyed the movie. It’s a cute movie about growing
    old, marriage, and balancing work life with family. It was well acted
    by DeNiro and Hathaway, and the remaining cast also played their roles
    well. You laugh, you cry, etc. This movie’s cast and writing team alone
    easily could have earned this a 9/10. But unfortunately while the
    premise is interesting and the execution is good, by the third act it
    falls into quite a few clichés and sappy resolutions. If you’re not
    familiar with the genres of the retirement story or the work life
    balance movie, you’ll probably give it an 8 or 9 out of 10. If you are
    familiar though, the third act will have you rolling your eyes
    constantly. In particular, there is a climactic scene in which a
    character who did something very bad gives an apologetic speech to
    Hathaway. The film earlier built up that this character deserves little
    respect for what they did, but without even so much as a scolding or a
    look of anger, the character gives his little apology and receives
    tearful instant forgiveness to the sound of sappy music. Which reminds
    me: while the plot got cliché about two thirds of the way into the
    movie, the MUSIC was cliché throughout. Completely uninspired sappy
    elevator music typical of this type of movie. But neither of these
    really made me hate the movie overall, hence I still gave it a rating
    of 7/10.

  • arminmuminovic2202 ([email protected])August 31, 2016Reply

    A simple, yet beautiful story!

    Although I got this movie last year, I couldn’t bring myself to watch
    it until today. I didn’t expect much of the movie because I’m usually a
    fantasy type of guy, but boy was I wrong. As the title says, it’s a
    simple movie, easygoing, funny and smart.

    I’m a big De Niro fan and after this movie I’m even more so. Anne and
    Robert really have have a great acting chemistry going on and I’d love
    to see a movie starring these two again one day. I don’t want to spoil
    anything so I’m just gonna say that I felt really good after watching
    this because the movie just makes you feel so. It’s good art, so if
    you’re looking for a relaxing piece for yourself or your family you
    can’t go wrong with this one!

  • bird1515August 31, 2016Reply

    A feel good movie I enjoyed watching.

    I’m beginning to write more and more reviews because of all the poor
    reviews I have read on IMDb that has been misleading viewers.

    People this isn’t a Oscar winning movie, its not Casablanca. It’s not
    going to leave you in tears, while winning award after award.

    But what it is, is a really good film. It makes you feel good. Great
    actors and a really good plot that develops characters in a way where
    you get to know them.

    Sometimes you want to be able to watch a movie and just enjoy it. Not
    have to decode it, or debate it, but just be able to relax and watch

    So that’s what this movie, a nice enjoyable film where Robert De Niro
    and Anne Hathaway have great chemistry and leave you with a smile.

    A retired De Niro joins a thriving online fashion business with
    Hathaway and the two make for a great film.

    Ignore the haters, De Niro has not lost his magic, and Hathaway is
    always a breath of fresh air.

  • Rob AntcliffSeptember 16, 2016Reply

    A Feel Good and Uplifting Film

    The Intern is a film which is multifaceted and covers many different
    topics in a way that is enjoyable and easy to watch.

    In this film Ben is used to portray the old man who is out of touch
    with the modern world. Jules is used to portray the modern woman who
    breaks the social norms of the stay-at-home mother to pursue her
    dreams. Matt is a depiction of the possible role of the modern day man
    as a stay-at-home Dad and Jules and Matt’s relation is the depiction of
    a modern relationship.

    The film takes you through these characters’ lives and how the old can
    mixed in with the new and can still be relevant in a modern age.

    If you’re looking for a film that you can analyse and pick apart then
    this film isn’t for you. But if you want a film that you can sit down
    and enjoy with your significant other and not think about too much,
    then this film should be on your watch list.

  • Davalon-DavalonSeptember 16, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • 4IMDB ReviewsSeptember 18, 2016Reply


    I gave it a three because of Robert De Niro’s quality performance.
    Otherwise this movie is a one or zero. The movie is grossly
    predictable. Seems that zero thought went into the writing. This movie
    may likely appeal more to women as my wife loved it and watched it
    twice. Too much crying in the movie. Too many clichés. My gut told me
    to skip this one but my wife implored me over and over to watch it. The
    movie is forgettable. The story line is not compelling, the characters
    lives are boring. De Niro brings humor and the just plain high quality
    acting you expect from him. His suits are nice as well in the movie.
    Anne Hathaway is, well Anne Hathaway. If you love her in other movies
    you’ll love this. If you hate her in other movies you’ll hate her even
    more after this movie. Oh, the little girl who plays Anne Hathaway’s
    daughter in the movie is cute and genuinely funny.

  • jimbobgtSeptember 19, 2016Reply

    Breaking the glass ceiling

    After being recommended this film by a friend, my initial thoughts were
    that its going to be like ‘The Internship’ (2013) staring Vince Vaughn.
    Having not watched the trailer or heard much about The Interns release,
    I was committing myself to watching it with only the knowledge that its
    about an intern who looks old enough to be my granddad.

    But WOW, what a fantastic film. You instantly begin to form a bond with
    Ben (Robert De Niro) which seems to only get stronger as the film
    progresses. A character who’s portrayed as a laid back chilled out sort
    of guy is an instant hit with the whole team, from fellow interns,
    experienced colleagues and even the CEO. Because of this, it makes the
    movie a very feel good one, one which is able to cheer you up
    irrespective of your mood.

    Another element of the plot that I particularly enjoyed was the fact
    that it shows the audience that a woman is able to run a successful
    business, especially in the 21st century. With the old stigma
    surrounding businesses that experience white men must be in charge, it
    was nice to see the film overcoming this taboo. Not only that but in my
    opinion it also shows the older generation that their skills and
    experience can be put to good use even after retirement, e.g. just
    because they are not ‘tech-savvy’ doesn’t mean they can’t learn.

    Their are also elements of the film that touch on issues more personal
    to home such as affairs, divorce, parenting etc. Although these don’t
    make up the full story, its good to see the movie actively tries to
    portray them as realistic as possible allowing the audience to relate
    to similar situations that might have affected their lives.

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It followed a well written
    story line along with doing a fantastic job of informing views about
    what life can be like depending on your gender, age, career, to name
    but a few. Finally, by having two leading actors, from two different
    backgrounds, being able to support each other in the way they did,
    really beings home the message that if you put your mind to something
    and work hard at it then you can achieve it.

  • sol-September 24, 2016Reply


    Prominently promoted with the tagline ”Experience never gets old”, this
    Nancy Meyers movie spins a familiar tale of an old man proving his
    worth (despite being technologically backwards) and impressing the
    younger folks around him. The basic story is quite predictable and all
    the anti-ageism messages are nothing new, however, the film has an
    undeniable charm to it and a surprising amount of energy. On occasion,
    the tale feels a little too sweet, such as how Robert De Niro’s
    character becomes a mentor and father figure to all his colleagues so
    quickly, however, it is all the quirky comedy that stands out. A
    particularly amusing subplot has De Niro engineering what him and his
    colleagues describe as an ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ style heist. Celia Weston
    additionally has a fun bit part as a spunky temporary chauffeur. Meyers
    also handles the inevitable romantic tension between the stars quite
    well. There is one scene where it looks like things are about to turn
    passionate between the pair, however, the situation is eventually
    diffused with De Niro’s stares and body movements conveying his
    discomfort without any need to blatantly state it. In short, this is a
    far more agreeable film than might expect given the past credentials of
    its director and De Niro’s uneven movie choices of late. This is
    probably his most solid performance since ‘Silver Linings Playbook’,
    cool cameo in ‘American Hustle’ aside.

  • shaifalihereSeptember 24, 2016Reply

    Ben, a 70-year old intern is a personal beck-and-call person to his 28-year old female boss.

    The Intern fails on its ‘experience never gets old’ tagline

    The movie, with ”Experience never gets old” plastered in huge bold
    capital letters on the posters – forgets the story line some 10 minutes
    into the movie.

    A 70-year old man, played by Robert De Niro bored of retirement,
    applies for an internship programme to have more and something new to
    do in life. And thus he enters into the life of some 200 20- something
    employees and their female boss, played by Anne Hathaway, at an
    e-commerce fashion company.

    There, he supports his 28-year old female boss tackle professional,
    social, and personal problems that come with cracking the
    glass-ceiling, becomes a personal driver to the boss, and acts as an
    agony- uncle to young co-workers.

    Hathaway’s character Jules is the main story – and how Ben’s years of
    life and business experience is exactly what she needs to tackle her
    problems. He helps and helps, and gives away half a dozen of
    handkerchiefs to crying ladies in the film which tried to be feminist.

    Ben came across as being used by the younger generation in the movie.
    Though he applied for the internship voluntarily, he ended up doing
    more work than the paid employees around – – thanks to his years of
    business knowledge, and his nature of wanting to be of use (he cleaned
    a messy table – without being asked – playing the typical role of an
    unpaid intern in real life!) He also becomes a personal beck-and-call
    person to Jules. At the end of the film, he takes a day off to get back
    to a yoga session with his retired mates who are previously shown very
    early in the film when he is planning to do something more interesting!
    Clearly, the internship has nothing much to give to him in return,
    except, of course, a female masseuse as a friend.

    If you went to watch the film to see it make some kind of statement on
    life and motivation, if one is ever too old to work, and whether there
    is a limit to learning, you will find none of this here. Essentially,
    the movie remains a misplaced, mis- promoted film.

  • FlashCallahanSeptember 26, 2016Reply

    Breathe and relax for inner balance……

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • talliejayne-72953September 28, 2016Reply

    Makes Your Heart Happy

    I first saw this movie on a flight back from New York and absolutely
    fell in love with it.

    I love Nancy Myers movies, my favourite being The Holiday and i thought
    nothing would top that but this one did not disappoint! I must have
    watched this movie at least 5 times. I love it.

    It’s just a feel good movie.

    Great cast! Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro have great chemistry and i
    loved seeing their characters friendship form.

    It’s heartfelt and funny, has the perfect balance of emotion and
    comedy. Great to watch on your own or with friends or family.

  • SnoopyStyleSeptember 30, 2016Reply

    nice pairing

    Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) is a 70 year old Brooklyn widower and a
    retired executive from the phone company. His son’s family lives out of
    town. He tries to fill his days of leisure. He spots a flyer
    advertising internships for senior citizens. It’s a fast-paced fashion
    internet commerce site run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway). It’s been a
    hectic 18 months for the married mother of little girl and she is
    reluctantly forced to use Ben as her assistant. Her husband Matt gave
    up his job to be the stay-at-home dad. Fiona (Rene Russo) is the
    company masseuse. Ben befriends everyone until Fiona starts to find him

    Nancy Meyers gets a bad rap as the rom-com has become a passe genre.
    This is not a rom-com but it is a friend-com. De Niro is a little too
    perfect as the magical old guy with all the answers and lessons for the
    young ones. This movie is a bit too neat and clean with the characters.
    Hathaway is the driven multi-tasking internet executive. The characters
    may be stock but the actors make them breathe. Some of the side
    characters have some fun. The big twist (not that surprising) does not
    really raise the drama although Nancy is trying to say somethings. It
    all combines to create a nice pairing of these two great actors.

  • David P11October 5, 2016Reply

    Nice film.

    Maybe this movie is not one of the greats, but it’s quite funny, I
    think is very nice film. Robert give us a good performance as usual,
    with a excellent combination with Ann, with a fantastic result which
    deliver us an acceptable comedy film. Sometimes the actors’ performance
    is not precisely convincing, but at the end, story yes it is, forceful.
    Robert gave us an charming performance a bit difficult to believe,
    because we are not used to seeing him with this kind of roles, but he
    did marvelous as a great actor as he is. In contrast, we are used to
    seeing to Ann in this sort of films but in this case, not in the main
    role as comedy actress, rather as a dramatic actress in certain manner.

  • kosmaspOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Going on

    As with De Niro himself, the character he is portraying, can and will
    not retire. Which is a good thing for us as viewers. While he won’t do
    any action movie from now on (probably, never say never), which would
    be a wise decision, he can and does do comedies and/or dramas (the
    latter especially good with Jennifer Lawrence as leading lady).

    This does work, even if it does sound like a one joke punch. And it is
    kind of predictable for that matter. What I didn’t expect, that it
    would have such a high rating in the first place on IMDb. It’s more
    than decent and it seems to talk to a lot of people, whether they
    identify with De Niro or Anne Hathaway. It has something for everyone,
    unless you see this as a propaganda film for capitalism of course ;o)
    Which I’d argue is not the case, but of course that’s always in the eye
    of the beholder to decide. It’s light and it’s fun, but does have some
    messages woven in between.

  • koen_smitOctober 13, 2016Reply

    I went to bed with a smile on my face, I really liked this movie.

    I simply loved this movie. Anne Hathaway plays this modern business
    woman with a heart and soul and Robert deNiro is lovable from the first
    second you see him.

    He’s been there, done that and just needs something to do. So he
    applies for a senior internship at this new-fashioned fast rising web
    shop. His boss, a young woman with a dream, is trying to keep the
    control of everything that happened since her idea became a huge
    success and combine this with having a family. At first she doesn’t
    want him around, but after a while she starts feeling comfortable and
    at ease when he slowly but surely starts to help her (without her even
    noticing it at first).

    His devotion to help his boss is something I can relate to, and the hip
    and modern environment they work in I recognize as well. All is done
    very well, the characters (not all deeply layered, but that’s not
    necessary for a light comedy) are truthful, the story is running with a
    nice pace and deNiro and Hathaway are a very good match.

    I went to bed with a smile on my face, I really liked this movie.

  • chaphekar_adityaOctober 16, 2016Reply

    Its the Story of Ben- ”The Intern”

    I loved the film as Robert De Niro nailed it. Its the story of Ben, a
    70-year old retired person who denies the concept of being retired,
    trying to explore the new world, joining as an intern in an E-Commerce
    Start Up. A man who easily charms others by the way he talks with all
    that experience and maturity he has in him is a delight to watch. He
    efficiently handles all the situations and is apt in his own old way.
    Jules on the other side, a classy, perfect,confident 21st Century girl
    who passionately runs the firm she started maintaining a work life
    balance. She is stuck between the decisions she has to make about her
    work and her family. There are few takeaways in the film. 1. To focus
    on the career and value the relations at the same time. 2. Be matured
    to handle every situation you face. 3. Explore life even after the time
    you are retired instead of waiting life to be withered.

    I loved the mix of the cultures, the generation gap between the two and
    Robert-Anne chemistry. The movie ends with a positive note.

  • rogerdarlingtonOctober 30, 2016Reply

    An appealing inter-generational movie

    American writer and director Nancy Myers, a woman in her mid 60s, has
    made her name with a particular type of movie, such as ”Something’s
    Gotta Give”, ”The Holiday” and ”It’s Complicated”, and ”The Intern”
    fits right into that mould: tales of love and loss told from the a
    perspective which is that of a woman or older person or both,
    essentially comedic but with some wry observations and some occasional
    poignancy. There are too few films aimed at a maturer audience and, as
    a sensitive man of a certain age, I enjoy her work, but she is careful
    never to be too challenging.

    In this case, the female point of view is that of start up founder
    Jules (a delightful Anne Hathaway) who is struggling to have it all: a
    demanding job, a loving husband, and a delightful daughter (something’s
    gotta give). The perspective of an older person comes from a man, the
    intern of the title, Ben (a charming Robert De Niro), who is widowed
    and lonely (fortunately the lovely Rene Russo is on hand as Fiona the
    company masseur). As well as her usual themes, Myers plays with some
    inter-generational issues especially around technology and work-life
    balance, in a work that is light but made by two eminently watchable
    leads (Jules has some great clothes and Ben is rarely out of a suit and

  • tyingling7766November 2, 2016Reply

    For everyone

    Today I am doing a movie review. Now, the movie review that I would do
    won’t always be a recent movie, but it will be a movie all the same.
    Today’s movie is one from 2015 called The Intern.

    Synopsis: 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker has discovered that
    retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to
    get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion
    site, founded and run by Jules Ostin. Starring: Robert De Niro, Anne
    Hathaway Director: Nancy Meyers

    Some are probably thinking why I would watch this movie, I was
    suggested this movie by my parents. And I’m glad I watched this movie.
    It is really good and has a proper meaning.

    That meaning: Everyone needs help once in a while.

    Robert De Niro is masterful as the old, wise, seasoned worker. Anne
    Hathaway has the look of the overworked, modern mom to begin, so it
    wasn’t that much of a stretch to see her in this movie. The two of them
    played off each other so well that it only helped the movie.

    Like I said, the meaning of the movie is to get help if you need it.
    Things just begin to get out of hand for the boss and it only takes one
    person to help her out and realize the error of her ways. It’s not that
    uncommon of a story. A lot of people go through the same problem every
    day. I just wish this movie came out a few years ago, it may have
    helped me.

    Nancy Meyers is a very good director. She has made quite a few movies
    that I have liked. This one is no different. She knows how to make a
    sentimental movie with a great story.

    I am strongly suggesting this movie to everyone. It doesn’t matter what
    type of movies you like; this movie is for you.

    Rating: 8 out of 10

  • erikaanjeNovember 5, 2016Reply

    I don’t like movies…

    …and the reason for that is because I usually find myself feeling
    disappointed, uninspired, and empty.

    I watched the preview for The Intern and couldn’t feel LESS motivated
    to watch a movie which had the potential to be so clichéd and
    predictable. Old man, young businesswoman, she hates him, then slowly
    starts to like him, cutesy/special friendship forms, he stays at her
    company forever and ever and so on…

    But this movie wasn’t like that. It was actually the kind of movie
    where I was glad I was watching it alone because it had so many simple
    lovely moments throughout the film that I couldn’t stop tearing up. I
    pretty much cried through the whole film (but don’t worry, that’s just

    As far as casting goes, I was pretty impressed. I initially questioned
    why De Niro might be appearing in what looked like a ”chick flick”
    (totally not a chick flick by the way!) but after I saw it, it made a
    lot of sense. And his performance was, of course, impeccable as ever.
    The rest of the cast was great too.

    I also need to acknowledge the writers of the film for taking a risk in
    respect to the relationship between Hathaway’s character and the
    husband, played by Anders Holm. When their circumstances take a
    difficult and emotional turn, the events that follow are surprising and
    engaging to say the least. It’s definitely not your standard rom-com
    and that’s what makes this movie so great.

    So, now that it has been about ten minutes since the movie ended and my
    tears have dried, I can safely say that I loved this film SO much and
    am glad I took a chance on it. Yes it was heartwarming and made me feel
    all fuzzy inside BUT…. there was something realistic and powerful
    about this movie that you don’t come across often.

    Highly recommended.

  • ElMaruecan82November 9, 2016Reply

    Not much of a plot, but it’s got a heart. And with De Niro and Hathaway, that’s enough…

    A retiree in his early 70’s still feels the ‘music’ in his heart and
    needs a job to keep busy and cope up with the recent loss of his wife.

    Ben is the name and Robert De Niro plays the man in a heart-warming
    performance, reminding us how a likable actor he can be, given the
    right role. And since generation is a recurring theme in Nancy Meyers
    ”The Intern”, I couldn’t help but think that he belonged to a
    generation that provided some of the best characters of cinema’s
    history, many of them incarnated the tormented and rebellious youth of
    the 70’s, and it sure tells you how time flies, watching Johnny Boy or
    Travis Bickle embodying a figure, whose respectability relies a lot on
    the age.

    Let’s get back to the story: Jules is the founder and manager of a
    clothes’ online selling company, she’s in her early thirties and tries
    to combine her private life (married with a child) and her
    time-demanding business. She belongs to the category of self-made
    women, Oprah Winfrey disciples, who regularly make the cover of
    female-oriented magazines, and I liked how the film, directed by a
    woman, didn’t overplay that aspect, as Hathaway is totally opposite to
    the bitchy Miranda Priestley, who was her boss, ten years before in
    ”The Devil Wears Prada”. The young intern grew up and she has a more
    progressive view on management as her company hires senior people to do
    intern job and this is how Ben makes his entrance and what do you know,
    he’ll change, if not everyone’s lives, but their personal perspectives
    on life.

    That’s it, Jules is reluctant first but progressively, the help of Ben
    gets more and more precious and their professional bond develops into a
    genuine friendship that slowly transcend their generation gap. In the
    process, Ben helps also the other interns, providing them an example of
    how a man from the old school behaves. He’s a guy who always wears
    suits and tie, who practices gallantry and whose presence reassures and
    oozes respect. This is a character-driven story without any twists or
    tricky situations of misunderstanding, and that the screenplay had the
    guts to avoid any artificial devices to make the story move forward (I
    expected at some part that Jules’ assistant will turn into a villain)
    and keep on the same level of sweetness between the characters is a
    stunt I admire, it doesn’t take risks, but that’s a risk in itself.

    It all comes down to one simple observation: ”The Intern” doesn’t have
    much of a plot, but it’s got a heart, and that might be enough. I’m not
    sure every movie can get away with a similar story-line without sinking
    into corniness sooner or later, but this is where the actors’
    performances help. And when you have Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway
    playing together such common roles, well, an uncommon chemistry grows
    and it owes a lot to their positive personalities. And it works for a
    simple reason, these two persons have a generational gap, obviously,
    you can’t be born four decades apart and expect to have similar views
    on life, and obviously Ben has a lot to teach and Jules is receptive.
    She has concerns, she worries about her life and she listens to Ben,
    and Ben doesn’t take any pride from it either.

    There’s something I really liked in ”The Intern” is that in a film that
    has all the reasons in the world to play the feminist card, you have a
    young successful woman who displays nervousness, lack of self-esteem,
    and emotional vulnerability, and it takes a man who belongs to the
    ancient generation to reassure her. This is very revealing of the
    twisted aspect of feminism and the preconceived ideas we have on our
    elder. First, Jules is totally aware that she’s successful but listen
    to her speech during a party, the way she blames boys for not being
    enough of men, how we came to manhood models like Harrison Ford to
    geeky wussies is the trigger of her anger towards men. Many women take
    care of themselves because society has forged a generation of men who
    were too cowardly to take their responsibilities.

    I was born the same year than Hathaway and while I don’t consider
    myself a ‘millennial’, I reckon that the Internet, Facebook, simplified
    the relationship and never taught us to learn how to confront people
    directly, court a woman or break up without using a phone. There’s not
    just a generation gap but also a gender gap that the film subtly points
    out, and the idea is that guys have lost the ability to earn what they
    achieved. And this is why Ben is sincere when he tells Jules that she’s
    got nothing to sacrifice just to please her cheating husband or her
    employees, he doesn’t see her as a woman but as a person who achieved
    something worthy of admiration. And this self-esteem, this capability
    to work your way through success is well received by the other interns.

    In the context of a current cinematic trend encouraging a sort of clash
    between genders, saying that women are exploited, guys have the best
    roles etc. It is refreshing to have a film that doesn’t go for the
    polemic and show these realities in a more partial and friendly way, it
    is full of positive vibes, and I liked it for that. Maybe I wish the
    film had tried to put a little more complexity in the plot and adds
    some nuance to the character of Ben who was might be too much of a boy
    scout and perfect for the role, you’d almost expect him to reveal that
    he’s an angel. But in fact, the reason he put so much love in his work
    is because love and work are the two main drivers of life.

    And that’s what the film is about: love and work.

  • Movie_Muse_ReviewsNovember 14, 2016Reply

    Unrealistic escapist rom-com that will work only for those who love that stuff

    Robert De Niro has struggled to find good films or likable roles as
    70-year-old actor, and accomplished rom-com filmmaker Nancy Meyers’
    helps the veteran get one of those right in ”The Intern.”
    Unfortunately, it’s not the film.

    De Niro’s Ben Whittaker, a widower who finds that typical retirement
    life doesn’t suit him so well, is as charming a character as the movies
    has ever given us. He does all the right things, he says all the right
    things, he wears a suit every day and smiles all the time. He’s
    selected by the women’s online clothing retailer About the Fit for
    their senior (as in senior citizen) internship program without so much
    as a hesitation.

    All that’s well and good, if you like rosy films with perfect
    characters that don’t reflect any ounce of reality back at you. That’s
    what Meyers has done with ”The Intern.”

    The conflict in this film is all reserved for Anne Hathaway’s Jules,
    the founder of the company who gets stuck with Ben as her personal
    intern/assistant and treats him coldly until she, like the rest of us,
    realizes how amazing he is. Soon he’s navigating her through all the
    first world problems that come with being a wife, mother and CEO of a
    successful company. For those who inexplicably hate Hathaway, this film
    does her zero favors.

    As pathetic as ”The Intern” comes across in the context of things that
    actually matter in the world, Meyers (”The Holiday,” ”What Women Want,”
    ”Something’s Gotta Give”) proves masterful yet again at giving
    middle-aged rom-com escapist moviegoers a story they can lap up like
    hot chicken soup for two hours. But while these audiences are happy to
    have their films devoid of conflict and intrigue, there’s a more than
    reasonable argument to be made that all films need some kind of
    conflict and intrigue. What little ”The Intern” has (for two whole
    hours!) doesn’t meet the minimum threshold.

    How a movie can have a main character whose biggest conflict in the
    film involves whether to reveal important information to the supporting
    character and get anyone to like it is a total wonder. Bravo to Meyers
    if her intent was to trick her producers into giving her money to make
    a feminist movie about a successful woman balancing work and life by
    making it appear as if she were making a film about an older male
    navigating a young person’s working world. If that’s the case, she’s a
    genius, but if so, she doesn’t do a good job of letting the audience in
    on the secret.

    Regardless of any suspicion of feminist undercurrents, however, Meyers
    still managed to sell a movie with poor excuses for problems and the
    most banal of central conflicts, and she did it by making Robert De
    Niro look adorable.

    ~Steven C

    Thanks for reading! Read more on Movie Muse Reviews

  • bigstickgregDecember 1, 2016Reply

    A Wonderfully Written and Acted Feel-Good Movie

    I really enjoyed this movie. The characters were believable real-life
    people while the theme was light and heartwarming. If you work in the
    tech industry like I do, you’ll appreciate the pros and cons of owning
    your own tech business and the employee’s that you’ll need to hire. Mr.
    DeNiro was exceptional with his acting skills in this flick. He was
    sincere, steady, and strong in this role as an Intern providing life’s
    experience to a young start-up mom. Ms. Hathaway was also exceptional
    in this role as I watched her going through the emotional trauma of
    owning your own business and keeping one’s relationship, with husband
    and daughter, in tact. There were a couple moments where I had a tear
    in my eye as I could relate to both as an older adult. The funny parts
    were not overdone and brought a smile to my face. I would recommend
    this movie for all ages. It’s the best movie I’ve seen this year

  • Yehan PemarathneDecember 3, 2016Reply

    It touches almost every aspect of someone’s life.

    We are working in a busy world with busy lives. Even we don’t know 100%
    what is going on with our lives anymore.

    This is a good movie which tells us that we should balance the work and
    life and also we should not take quick decisions thinking that they
    will make everything better than what it is now. It also reminds that
    what our old people knows about the work and life is really far away
    from what we think they know.

    It can be a Drama or Comedy but the abstract information it gives us
    spreads all over ones life; working, parenting, entrepreneurship,
    family, friends, passion, sacrificing and many more.

  • jimbo-53-186511December 29, 2016Reply

    This film is much better than its rather silly premise will have you believe

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bunts-92073January 2, 2017Reply

    worst ever

    I watched it twice to make sure I had not actually stumbled into the
    twilight zone of bad movies, and guess what ? it is worse the second
    time. the story, characters, scripts all had me feeling like I
    swallowed a bottle of ipecac. the silly and corny background music
    really drives the point home that this thing is bad. watching the star
    of the deer hunter doing a lame imitation of is painful, and
    looking at bobby standing in that silly stance with the hands folded
    and making that mr rogers smile is just more than I can bear. maybe
    bobby’s age is to blame ? the movie is not even worth the 10 lines that
    requires for a posted comment.

  • Samer DesoukyJanuary 24, 2017Reply

    Entrepreneur and Mentor

    Wonderful and inspirational movie, for each entrepreneur about the
    importance of a having a mentor, even if by chance.

    Explains how investors are interested in the founder success, and how
    they care about their money and they may recommend to select another
    CEO normally.

    and most importantly you are what to start a business trip as a
    startup, you need to be understand the smallest details of your

    De Niro as usual perform as brilliant as usual.

    Hathaway still ambitious from The Devil Wears Prada 🙂

  • piyushcool-24496January 24, 2017Reply

    A 70 years old man got an internship in an online company. But who will gain experience? The intern or the company?

    The Intern is a story of retired old man ‘Ben'(Robert De Niro) who got
    internship in a online clothing company ran by ‘Jules'(Anne Hathway)
    and how her life changes when Ben become part of her life.

    The plot is polite and lovable. It mainly revolve around Ben and Jules.
    Great work has been done by Robert De Niro and Anne Hathway. Love the
    background score by Theodore Shapiro. Small comedy scenes really helped
    in holding the plot for a while. While some didn’t. But the story is so
    simply lined that you will feel very relaxed watching it and also you
    will enjoy the work of De Niro.

    So, If you are looking for a calm and lovable movie and of course if
    you are a fan of De Niro and Anne Hathway, you should definitely watch
    this movie.

  • makeweightFebruary 2, 2017Reply

    Tries to do too much and fails

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • opieandy-1February 15, 2017Reply

    Strong 7

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • GertrudeMarch 1, 2017Reply

    The Intern is an amusing movie to watch because it takes common scenarios and puts a twist on it,.

    College and high school students often get internships at companies
    over the summer to get real, in-the-field work experience. Other times,
    students get internships as something to put on their college
    applications, giving them an edge over others. However, in the movie
    ”The Intern” by Nancy Meyer, the new intern at the company is an 70
    year old retired man. The CEO of this company is a young woman, around
    age 23, who started the company herself. She believes that she has to
    do everything at the company and demands to oversee everything. The new
    intern has his internship at an online fashion store company. Ben
    Whittaker, the intern, has no idea how to work a computer. He does not
    have an email, he does not know how to navigate Facebook, much less
    does he know how to online shop. In Nancy Meyer’s movie, ”The Intern,”
    it takes common scenarios and twists them to go against stereotypes,
    making the movie amusing to watch.

    Ben Whittaker is the 70 year old intern who knows nothing about
    computers. However, he is still successful in the company because of
    his proper ways. He teaches the rest of his coworkers the proper
    mannerisms needed to excel at life and please your boss. Despite not
    knowing anything about the company, he does small things around the
    office and helps out the CEO, Jules, to make her day a little simpler.
    One morning, Ben gets to work extra early to help Jules clean up an
    extra messy table so she has one less thing to stress about. Ben makes
    an effort to do all these small things, such as driving her to and from
    work, which add up to help warm his way into Jules’s heart. She
    eventually accepts him and they become very close friends, to the point
    that she trusts him with her life. Ben Whittaker goes against most
    stereotypes because he is a retired man who knows nothing about
    computers, however, he is still able to make it in the company.

    Besides Ben, Jules, the boss and starter of the company, also defies
    stereotypes. She has a child, and her husband is a stay at home husband
    who does all the cooking, cleaning, and other familial stuff. On the
    other hand, Jules is a strong, hard-headed woman who believes in
    overseeing everything and doing everything to make sure it is done. In
    one clip of the movie featuring the other stay-at-home mothers of the
    children who go to Jules’s daughter’s preschool, Ben is talking to the
    women and the dislike for Jules is obvious, either because they are
    jealous, or think she does not spend enough time with her child. Once
    again, Jules goes against most stereotypes that a boss should be a
    firm, Caucasian man with a stay-at-home wife who does the dishes.

    The movie ”The Intern” is very interesting in the fact that it takes
    common scenes and adds a tweak to make it go against most stereotypes.
    Watching these different scenes play out also adds a hint of humor into
    the movie, making it enjoyable to watch. Ben Whittaker is a retired
    worker who knows nothing about this type of work, defying the
    stereotype that interns are college students looking for a job.
    Continuing to defy clichés, the boss of this company is a young woman
    who has a daughter and stay-at-home husband, going against the
    stereotype that all CEO’s are Caucasian men with trophy wives. Because
    of the twist in scenario, the movie is able to add humor into it,
    making it amusing to watch.

  • MaryMarch 9, 2017Reply

    ”The meaning of life is your career and your social ascension” – not my kind of film.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • abinj30March 19, 2017Reply

    A Simple Feel Good Movie….

    It’s a movie which will always cheer you up. The main thing I love
    about this movie is the simplicity of its story-line. Also the
    soundtrack is great. Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro gave a really
    good performance. I’ve always loved both their works and now this one

  • davideo-2March 20, 2017Reply

    Successful, sweetly observed comedy from Nancy Meyers

    STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning
    ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

    Ben Whitaker (Robert De Niro) is a seventy year old widower from New
    York, who answers a job vacancy for a senior intern at an online
    fashion agency, run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), in order to give
    some direction and meaning back to his life. At first, he couldn’t look
    more out of place in the modern open plan, tech savvy work place he now
    occupies, but his old school ways eventually endear him to his co
    workers, as well as Jules herself, until Ben becomes her driver and she
    finds his age and wisdom coming to save her in her personal as well as
    professional life.

    The pace of technology over the course of the last forty to fifty years
    has accelerated to the point that the modern world resembles something
    of a science fiction movie come to life, and one in which the older
    generation would understandably feel quite bewildered and overwhelmed
    by, and this is the inspired premise that Nora Ephron chooses to
    explore in this gentle, bittersweet comedy, that eschews an old
    fashioned charm that isn’t to be found in many films of the genre these

    In the lead role, De Niro excels as the kindly old widow with advise
    and wisdom to dispense in droves, in a role with similarities with, but
    a complete contrast to, his role in the execrable Dirty Grandpa, which
    actually followed this. While he seemed totally out of place and
    degraded in that film, this is a part he fits much more comfortably,
    which suits his personality and talents a lot better, allowing him to
    create some genuinely decent chemistry with co star Hathaway and the
    rest of the youthful cast, which works wonders.

    By creating a genuinely inspired concept and not just nose diving for
    cheap laughs and crudeness, it’s paid off for Ephron and she’s created
    a hugely rewarding and successful comedy that will manage to generate
    equal appeal to audiences young and old alike. ****

  • Paul Magne HaakonsenApril 28, 2017Reply

    A surprisingly nice movie…

    ”The Intern” turned out to be a rather nice surprise of a movie,
    especially because it was a really good story, and it was helped along
    quite nicely with some impressive acting performances.

    The story told in ”The Intern” is about elderly citizen Ben Whitaker
    (played by Robert De Niro), a widower who keeps himself busy as
    retirement proved to be not his thing. And one day he signs up for an
    internship for the elderly at an online fashion company.

    What worked out in ”The Intern” was the storyline and the absurdity of
    the situation. It is a story that was quite original and funny. But
    also the very impressive cast that they had gotten together for
    participating in the movie. Robert De Niro really carried the movie
    quite nicely and Anne Hathaway also held her own quite nicely here.

    There was a great combination of comedy and storytelling in ”The
    Intern”, so writer and director Nancy Meyers really managed to create
    something memorable and unique here, proving her talent for telling an
    outstanding story with outstanding characters.

    ”The Intern” is one of the better Robert De Niro movies in a while, and
    if you are a fan of him then you should definitely check out ”The
    Intern”, if you haven’t already done so. I was more than genuinely
    entertained by this movie and it turned out to be a rather good and
    heartfelt movie. It is the kind of story that sinks in deep and Sticks
    with you for a long, long time.

  • TonyMontana96May 4, 2017Reply

    Forgettable, weak and too feminine to engage viewers beyond it’s target audience.

    (Originally reviewed: 19/01/2017) Nancy Meyer’s has her good days and
    her less enthusiastic days, for example I thought 2003’s Something’s
    Gotta Give was a great piece of work, however I was less pleased with
    the average The Holiday which came out three years later; her latest
    film is even weaker, and doesn’t really have much of a story. Robert De
    Niro is very good which almost erased his performance from Dirty
    Grandpa, but then again I meant almost. Anne Hathaway is average
    playing herself for the most part, and I’m sure any female in her 30’s
    could play her role. These two do have chemistry though and there
    scenes are some of the better one’s in this film. The supporting cast
    are okay, no one really stands out but at least no one was noticeably
    bad. The Intern is merely forgettable and simply weak, but I guess if
    you’re either female or an old pensioner you’ll most likely enjoy it as
    I think it’s the sole target audience.

    As usual you have homosexual stereotypes, women who think highly of
    themselves and young stupid intern’s that need guidance from an older,
    smarter character. If this picture is labelled as a comedy, why does
    nothing seem overwhelmingly funny, because a few smiles mean little in
    a film that runs for almost 2 hours? Fortunately there’s nothing
    painfully unfunny either so you can probably view The Intern without
    having to worry about recurring nightmares ‘Cough’ Dirty Grandpa.
    Meyers is a good writer but I wish she had wrote some material that
    wasn’t just aimed at women and elderly people, so all in all I’m giving
    it an easy thumbs down on the basis that it’s forgettable, lacks actual
    comedy and doesn’t have a strong enough story to sustain its running

  • jb_campoMay 7, 2017Reply

    Fun uplifting cross-generational film

    As a 60 year old guy, I related very well to The Intern. Robert Deniro
    stars a Ben, a 70 year old widower who wants a job to add something
    dependable to his life. Ben worked for a telephone book company for 40
    years, and he misses that regular rhythm of life. He’s got everything
    organized and set, except he’s run out of things to spend his time on.

    Enter Jules (Anne Hathaway) as the CEO of a startup clothing company.
    Her focused disregard to details of her life are startling, but she’s
    so focused on making her company successful that she’s unable to pay
    much attention to the details. In short, she’s burning out because
    she’s in a bit too much over her head.

    She finally starts noticing Ben, who gets hired as an intern to connect
    with older folks, and Ben has a lot to offer because of his strong
    experience. Ben can relate to everyone, young, middle, older aged
    folks. He’s your prototypical nice guy. It gets hilarious to see some
    of his interactions with his colleagues, and how he starts having
    everyone’s back because he so has his stuff together.

    Can he find fulfillment? Can he find new love? Can he save Jules from
    herself? Go see the movie to discover if all this is possible.

    My only complaint is casting in the form of Jules’ husband. They chose
    Andres Holm, whom I never heard of. His looks didn’t match what I would
    imagine a match for Hathaway as. His acting was not strong enough, nor
    believable enough. Otherwise, very strong performances from the other

    The Intern should leave you smiling and hopeful. I hope you enjoy this

  • vegan nowMay 17, 2017Reply

    Corporate America needs free Labour

    This movie strongly promotes the meme of working for free as an intern
    (unpaid Labour).

    I cannot imagine that the older generation will willingly volunteer for
    menial tasks for no reward especially when they can actually help
    people rather than just sell crap for somebody else, so I can only
    imagine that this is just an end run at persuading millennials that
    working for free is ultimately worth it, because, you know,
    corporations cannot afford to employ you, or otherwise your parents are
    rich enough to support you while you ”buy” an advantage over poorer
    people who cannot afford to give up their Labour for free! It’s
    interesting to see all the elitist assumptions that are propagated
    during the film, such as it’s okay to take a seat in the back when it’s
    your driver but when it’s your intern you should make a pretense of
    sitting in the front! This film is worth watching provided you 1. Don’t
    pay for it, and 2. Can view it cynically, and use it as a lesson in
    avoiding both corporatism and elitism.

    Still as the intern job in the film is related marketing ”fashion wear”
    it should be no surprise that his position is unpaid given Labour
    abuses in this field are the norm.

    Still it’s nice to give work to popular actors who need money, as
    opposed to young unload actors, while doling out trite, feel-good,
    fake-nice, trash. Sarc.

    I have to wonder why this film is so popular given all I’ve said, but
    then the reviewers probably aren’t the same people working in the
    garment industry or working unpaid internships, maybe the theme of the
    film is that America is a very class *unconscious* society where the
    poor can be ignored, or maybe there is no moral and the writers are
    simply elitist!

  • Shubham SinghMay 27, 2017Reply

    Loved De Niro’s character more than movie

    The Intern is entirely a sweet plot with some more sugar of Ben(De
    Niro). I liked its character more than its plot spcly the lead. Anne
    has done a great work in it and relationship between then is just
    awesome. Ben is a character whom we all want to be in our real life , A
    loved one who knows what to say and do in the right spot. Though there
    are some plot holes but its all right. I decided to watch the movie
    just because of Hathway but when i finished i loved De Niro more in the

  • Saul Can't sayMay 29, 2017Reply

    For me it was Excellent

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AnishMisraMay 31, 2017Reply

    The Intern Review

    The Intern is a film written and directed by Nancy Meyers. I had just
    heard about the film being a good one. I saw no trailers so I didn’t
    know what to expect out of it. After the film finished, I was
    satisfied. It’s basically a slice of life kind of film.

    Plot: Ben Whittaker, a 70 year old, joins as an intern to Jules Ostin
    in an online fashion company.

    Story and Direction: The story is quite simple. We have a man, old and
    alone, having to do nothing basically, joining as an intern to just
    make himself busy. Now that’s something an old man always faces which
    is very beautifully shown here. Then we have a contrasting character
    like Jules, who is very busy and doesn’t have the time for almost
    anything (today’s working women). Both of these characters are balanced
    quite nicely. We also have certain characters of the office which are
    quite enjoyable. Also we get a sneak peek into Jules’ home where she
    has a husband and daughter, for who she feels she is giving less time
    due to her job. The most of the story is perfect. I had issues with
    some things. Like Fiona the massage therapist. Although the character
    was very little, but still, trying to make Ben and Fiona a pair was
    kind of making the story go off track. Another thing was the office
    people helping Jules in one scene of a mistake made by her. I mean,
    don’t we say we should keep our personal and professional lives

    Performances: Robert De Niro is a great actor and its always a joy to
    see him. Anne Hathaway was also good as the working woman Jules. Rene
    Russo as the therapist was also good in her small role. Adam DeVine as
    Jason was good in his comic portions. Zack Perlman and Jason Owley were
    good too as Ben’s colleagues. Anders Holm had a sincerity in his role.

    Favorite Scene: I guess it would be where Jules helps Ben open up a
    Facebook account. And Ben in turn tells Jules about his work. This was
    basically where I felt the essence of the film lied. The older and
    newer generation sitting and talking and sharing ideas.

    Verdict: I had a great time with The Intern. It was a good film. Robert
    and Anne were great in their roles. Although a few missteps, but the
    film is still watchable.

    I am giving it an 8/10.

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