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The Journey Is the Destination

The Journey Is the Destination

The Dan Eldon StorySep. 09, 2016 USA119 Min.R
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9.1 1,174 votes

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The inspiring life story of the late photojournalist, artist and activist Dan Eldon, who abandoned a comfortable life in London to document the struggle, heartbreak and hope of a war-torn and famine-ridden region of Africa.

The Journey Is the Destination
The Journey Is the Destination
Original titleThe Journey Is the Destination
IMDb Rating6.6 132 votes
TMDb Rating8 1 votes

(4) comments

  • cranstonisagodApril 19, 2017Reply

    Yet another privileged white guy who thought he could save the world

    What was hoping to be an inspirational tale ends up being a cautionary
    tale for those with a sore lack of self-awareness about their
    surroundings. I can see why he would be a role model for budding
    millennial narcissists geared to leave their mark all over the world
    with empty footprints.

  • LeftbankerApril 19, 2017Reply

    Use This as a Metaphor: You can run faster without a flak vest

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • albertobalsam-45316April 22, 2017Reply

    Absolute Drivel!

    Another pretentious piece of junk that fooled the writers, they
    obviously thought that it would come across as some sort of
    humanitarian cause, well it didn’t and it failed badly.

    The entire movie was full of love and hope from the lovey left wing
    socialists and they entirely missed the point. You had a bunch of high
    school pricks dealing with war torn savages (not that the movie managed
    to convey this).

    End of the day, the dumb ass of a journalist was living in a dream and
    ended up getting what he much deserved from the scum he thought he was
    helping, there is no helping people like this! Besides it being a total
    fail for the plot, it was an even bigger fail for all of the stupid
    cartoons and postcard crap that was flung up in our faces.

    This movie will sink to the seabed faster than the Titanic, and it so
    rightly deserves to, complete JUNK!

  • Liam DentonApril 23, 2017Reply

    Do not understand the hate for this film

    The Journey is the destination is well worth a watch, the story of the
    film is genuinely moving highlighted by the fact that the characters
    are real people and is inspired true events. It admittedly is a slow
    starter where i disliked the main character a lot being as other
    reviews have put it a somewhat stuck up ”privileged white boy”. However
    this sets the course for the rest of the film as Dan Eldon grows as a
    character, developing from the things he has seen and experienced in
    his life that we witness alongside him.

    I see people complaining the film took them to dark places which it
    arguably does but i do not see this as a bad thing. While the film is
    undeniably emotional i felt it excellently portrayed the complexity of
    being a reporter while also having to deal with your own feelings on
    what your reporting. The directors did this in a hard hitting way which
    was much better suited tot he story than the usual Hollywood style of
    either over the top action or sunshine and daisies everyone seemed to
    want from this film. While this movie may not be for everyone i feel
    its definitely worth a try, and taught me something new about a person
    i have never heard of before but now have tremendous respect.

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