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The Lazarus Effect

The Lazarus Effect

Evil will rise.Jan. 29, 2015 USA83 Min.PG-13
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David Gelb


Olivia Wilde isZoe McConnell
Zoe McConnell
Mark Duplass isFrank Walton
Frank Walton
Ray Wise isMr. Wallace
Mr. Wallace
Amy Aquino isPresident Dalley
President Dalley
Bruno Gunn isFireman


Medical researcher Frank, his fiancee Zoe and their team have achieved the impossible: they have found a way to revive the dead. After a successful, but unsanctioned, experiment on a lifeless animal, they are ready to make their work public. However, when their dean learns what they’ve done, he shuts them down. Zoe is killed during an attempt to recreate the experiment, leading Frank to test the process on her. Zoe is revived — but something evil is within her.

The Lazarus Effect
The Lazarus Effect
The Lazarus Effect
The Lazarus Effect
The Lazarus Effect
The Lazarus Effect
Original titleThe Lazarus Effect
IMDb Rating5.2 31,795 votes
TMDb Rating5 443 votes

(138) comments

  • Drive-in_ZeppelinFebruary 26, 2015Reply

    Schlocky Horror films are the best kind of Horror films.

    First of all, you’ll probably get more entertainment out of these user
    reviews than you will by seeing the actual movie. To clarify…aren’t
    all possession movies inherently pro-Christian since the inclusion of
    demons and hell implies that there is are angels and heaven (since
    Lucifer was cast out of heaven and became the devil)?

    As someone that has seen lot of REALLY bad horror films, I can safely
    say that The Lazarus Effect isn’t all that bad. It’s got a pretty
    decent cast in Mark Duplass and Olivia Wilde, but it’s a cheap horror
    film. You get the predictable jump-scares, you get the dialed in
    dialogue, what else did you expect?

    You don’t go to see horror films because they’re particularly well
    written or original. This movie is literally just a hodgepodge of
    movies like: Carrie, Lucy (the whole 10% of your brain thing), The
    Phoenix Project, Pet Semetary, Flatliners, etc.

    I actually somewhat enjoyed this, but you realistically need to set
    your expectations 6 feet under. Maybe this film will find a way to
    resurrect some of your faith in the horror genre that way. It sure as
    hell isn’t going to resurrect the $10 bucks you spent on the ticket at
    the theater.

    Additionally, what ever happened to the novelty of watching a film
    before reviewing it?

    Read the full review and others like it on the Drive-in Zeppelin

  • nickspiropulosFebruary 26, 2015Reply

    Wild about Olivia Wilde

    Although this isn’t much of a ”jump out of your seat” horror film, it
    certainly is very suspenseful. It doesn’t follow the same format as
    movies like Evil Dead or The Conjuring, which was kind of disappointing
    cause I like those movies, but it has it’s own unique flavor in that
    it’s just plain interesting. This movie does a great job developing its
    own unique spin on near death experiences or what one might see before
    death due to DMT in relation to religion. If you’re religious you might
    not like this, but if you’re impartial or open-minded then you’ll enjoy
    it. Also, Olivia Wilde is terrific, as always, and so is the guy from
    The League. And if you liked Evan Peters in American Horror Story then
    you’ll like him in this movie too. It’s nice that horror films are
    finally using good actors. They just make movies so much better.

  • CleveMan66February 26, 2015Reply

    ”The Lazarus Effect” is a small movie that packs a big punch.

    Legend has it that a first century Jewish prophet by the name of Jesus
    performed one of his greatest miracles by raising a man named Lazarus
    from the dead. The story is told in the Bible in the 11th chapter of
    the gospel of John and has now become the inspiration for a movie
    title. ”The Lazarus Effect” (PG-13, 1:23) doesn’t talk much about the
    Bible (although it does discuss life after death) and it never
    references the man named Lazarus, but it does deal with the idea of
    resurrection – quite literally and dramatically.

    Frank (Mark Duplass) and his fiancé Zoe (Olivia Wilde) lead a small
    team of university researchers, including young geniuses Niko (Donald
    Glover) and Clay (Evan Peters) and a newly hired videographer named Eva
    (Sarah Bolger) in conducting some potentially game-changing medical
    research. A project to study coma patients has evolved into a series of
    experiments aimed at bringing dead animals back to life. The idea is to
    create a process that will buy time for doctors working on seriously
    ill or injured patients, critical minutes that could mean the
    difference between life and death. The team’s work soon leads to
    something much more ominous and they’re all aware of the huge ethical
    questions and almost unfathomable implications of what they’re doing.
    ”If we’re going to be asking the big questions,” Zoe tells Frank, ”then
    we have to be ready for the answers.” Truth is, none of them are ready
    for what is to come.

    It won’t be a spoiler to anyone who has caught the trailers for this
    movie, looked at the movie poster, or ever seen a horror movie that
    this group begins to succeed in their experiments – with frightening
    results. They bring a dead dog back to life and everything seems fine,
    but a brain scan reveals an extreme amount of neural activity that
    raises some serious concerns. When they try to repeat the experiment,
    Zoe is accidentally electrocuted. A despondent Frank convinces the
    others to help him try to bring Zoe back to life. They succeed, but
    soon Zoe, like the dog, shows signs that make the others worry that
    something has gone wrong. The rest of the film is a combination of
    scary moments, clever reveals and unexpected developments.

    ”The Lazarus Effect” is a small movie – but in a good way. It’s
    reminiscent of the 1990 Kiefer Sutherland – Julia Roberts – Kevin Bacon
    movie ”Flatliners”, but this film confines itself to a tighter story.
    The small cast helps to focus the action and the limited area in which
    most of the action takes place brings into play a slight feeling of
    claustrophobia which amps up the tension. Yeah, the film’s relatively
    tiny budget ($5 million) probably necessitated the limited cast and
    sets, but, hey, it works. And the movie’s short run time (just under an
    hour and a half) forces the story to keep moving. What we get is a
    small, but effective horror thriller with some scary images, a good bit
    of tension and a few things to think about. The casting is a bit
    distracting – with Glover following up his stint on NBC’s ”Community”
    with a dramatic role (although he wasn’t half-bad) and seeing Wilde
    conducting… well, wild medical experiments made me wonder what her
    former TV boss Dr. House would think. Minor inconsistencies in the
    story and the editing and a questionable final scene took a little away
    from the quality of the movie, but it’s still a fun and entertaining
    distraction. ”B”.

  • lilanawrockiFebruary 26, 2015Reply

    I actually saw the film at a screening yesterday.

    Where to begin… Let’s start with the Bible thumpers who’ve already
    written. This I find the most hilarious particularly after seeing the
    film. The lead character is in fact, surprise surprise, a Christian. So
    before you go all haywire with the ”why are we glorifying evil
    comments” you might… I don’t know… want to see what happens in the
    movie, because in many ways your arguments about death and should we
    mess with it are addressed. Moving on…. I have yet to find a horror
    film that really just does it for me. My biggest issues are the ”Why
    the heck is that character doing that” sort of thing. This film, I
    found, was better than many at covering gaps- but it still had them. It
    followed a lot of the traditional horror genre camp but actors turned
    in an okay performance and I thought it had decent potential… it just
    didn’t use it. The most consistently horrifying thing is just how much
    Zoe needs a chapstick… I guess the undead have super dry lips… But
    I digress. (although seriously it’s that distracting, which is a shame
    because Olivia Wilde is actually half way decent- if someone gave her
    actual material to work with she’d probably ace it as she usually does)
    Often with this producer team I find that they have really clever
    horror film concepts, they just fall apart on the follow through. This
    film, more than any other they’ve made in my opinion, was basically
    just a set up for a franchise. It’s fine- but you expect it, and in
    that respect it lacks any redeeming qualities to make it a good movie
    just on it’s own. Mark Duplass is one of my favorite actors since
    ”Safety Not Guaranteed” but he really feels like he’s being forced to
    phone it in on this one. It doesn’t feel like it’s his fault, it just
    feels like poor writing. I’m giving it 3 stars for the occasional
    jump,some pretty nice visuals, and an interesting concept (even if the
    pay off wasn’t there for me).

  • jparker9899February 27, 2015Reply

    Very Solid, Very Original

    Most Blumhosue produced films are utter trash(Jessabelle, The Purge,
    etc.) and I’m a big horror fan so this movie caught my eye. And I
    wasn’t disappointed at all. Going in with an open mind, what I really
    liked about the film was that it didn’t move into demonic territory to
    provide cheap scares. Sure, some pop up scares were cliché, but they
    didn’t have to use demons to make the film creepy. Olivia Wilde is
    fantastic in her role, as is Evan Peters. The film also has a solid
    story, and borrows elements from Pet Semetary, The Shining, and
    Lucy(yes it makes sense). Without losing the plot in itself like
    recents like Project Almanac, it sticks to a meaningful script, and
    provides fun, campy scares. It wasn’t golden, nor is it a new classic,
    but it’s a brisk fun way to lose yourself in the macabre. It’s also one
    of the better recent horror films. Defiantly recommend this, and I hope
    my review has helped!

  • mohancraigFebruary 27, 2015Reply

    Better tagline: The door doesn’t close til something goes through

    People who’ve seen the movie will understand the my tagline suggestion,
    I was interested in seeing this the first time I saw the trailer on
    YouTube where ”big surprise” 95% of the comments were from wackos
    claiming the film was ”Blasphemous”…. well I’m here to tell you it is
    safe to watch and there is no blaspheming occurring in this film;
    what’s more if you like movies about evil being unleashed as I do you
    will likely enjoy this film.

    The movie is short (83 minutes) which is fine by me because I don’t
    like movies that are slow to get started or full of pointless gimmicks,
    there isn’t a lot of character development except for the main
    character (Olivia Wilde) and other than Donald Glover I really don’t
    care too much about what happens to rest of the cast but it was
    suspenseful although it does rely on some typical horror movie clichés.

    I gave it 9 stars because there were moments when I was genuinely
    scared in the sense that I would hate to be in that persons situation
    at this point… what would I do? Also this is the type of film I’d
    like to see more of, I think the last movie I saw with evil incarnate
    that kind of shook me was Devil by M. Night Shyamalan and that was 5
    years ago; Cabin in the woods was good too but it had more camp value
    than genuine evil affectionate draw.

    I hope this film does well and as it is left intentionally open ended I
    can see how it could make it to the sequel stage which leaves me
    hopeful although lately sequels to some great first release films have
    been crashing and burning like Hotub time machine and Horrible
    bosses… I will remain hopeful ^_^

  • steve beard ([email protected])February 27, 2015Reply

    Mediocre & Senseless Horror Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bbickley13-921-58664February 27, 2015Reply

    Interesting, but not scary.

    The movie had a lot of cool talk about science vs. religion, but
    technically the movie leans in favor to God’s (or rather Hell’s) side.

    Zoe is a medical researcher attempting to crate a serum that would
    allow a patient to stay alive long enough while fatally ill to get the
    treatment needed to cure whatever illness or wound it is. A fatal
    accident during a forced experiment, kills her, forcing the medical
    team to bring her back to life. The side effect is that she was unable
    to crossover to the other side when they brought her back and instead
    hell crosses over to our side.

    I like Olivia Wilde’s character, Zoe. She had the makings of a great
    slasher movie monster in the same vain of Freddy Krueger from The
    Nightmare on Elm street Franchise.

    The movie in itself means well, and does all the tricks to frighten
    you, but I never felt frighten at all. I think trying to create a
    scientific concept of hell was the issue. I’m not that religious of a
    person but the Christian/Catholic concept of fire and brimstone has
    always made me jump out of my seat. This tried to get me to jump, but
    it didn’t.

    Or maybe it was the fact that one of the kings of Mumblecore, Mark
    Duplass was in a mainstream flick that through me off (was weird to see
    childish Gambino in it as well). All the actors seemed out of place and
    did not gel well enough for me to care about their lives at all.

    Any way, I liked the movie, but I would not recommend. It’s suppose to
    be freighting, but I wasn’t.

  • www.ramascreen.comFebruary 27, 2015Reply

    Predictable but entertaining

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cbak223February 28, 2015Reply

    Good, but not great

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rmorgan_7February 28, 2015Reply

    Set your expectations

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Brett ChatzMarch 1, 2015Reply

    Riveting Entertainment All The Way

    The Lazarus Effect is a slice of horror served up piping hot. The 82
    minutes run time is precisely the right duration to deliver what is an
    adrenaline-loaded romp into mad science meets hell. Contrary to popular
    commentary, the characters are well developed and the acting is solid.
    This horror story will not disappoint, and die-hard fans of the genre
    will be well pleased with this original foray into the horrors that
    lurk within a top-secret project. The main characters do a great job at
    bringing just the right mix of reality and cynicism into the plot. The
    movie is about re-animating corpses with a special serum. What happens
    behind closed doors is why this story is particularly unnerving. It is
    creepy, edgy and pulse-pounding entertainment. Do yourself a favor and
    see this flick; there are enough jump scares to keep you glued to the

  • Steve PulaskiMarch 1, 2015Reply

    The closest we’ll get to the forgotten genre of the b-movie for a while

    One criminally forgotten and undernourished genre in contemporary
    cinema is the Hollywood B-movie. Shortly at the turn of the 1990’s,
    Hollywood seemed to abandon ideas for low-budget, cheesy horror films
    and set their sights more on the foundations of a lot of romantic
    comedies and raunchy comedies in general. In the 2000’s, Hollywood
    realized they could make an immense return if they focused on
    big-budget blockbusters and cater to fans of comic books who,
    themselves, had felt undernourished in decades past. The b-movie, or
    the low-budget, ridiculous horror movie, has been almost entirely wiped
    away, and fans of the genre need to suffer through many a bad
    direct-to-DVD film in order to find a diamond in the rough.

    David Gelb’s ”Lazarus Effect” reminds me of such a genre-film, and
    while it bears a great deal of issues, stemming from unoriginality to
    some pretty poor decisions made by some ”brilliant” scientists and
    field-workers, it’s nonetheless something marginally refreshing during
    this time of year. We focus on a gaggle of medical professionals,
    headed by Frank (Mark Duplass) and Zoe (Olivia Wilde), who have created
    a special serum that effectively brings dead patients back to life.
    Code-named ”Lazarus,” the serum has had success on several different
    animals, particularly a dog, and the remainder of the gang – the
    tech-savvy Niko (Donald Glover), the smart-ass Clay (Evan Peters), and
    Eva (Sarah Bolger), the documentarian filming the entire process –
    exercises potential ways to bring the serum to a more mainstream level.

    However, when Zoe dies from electrocution while working in the lab,
    following the government seizing the rights and the work permits of the
    group of scientists, Frank is determined to use the serum and bring her
    back to life. Despite the serum working effectively, Zoe begins to
    exhibit strange, demonic behavior, putting the remainder of the group
    in danger as they now all question the abilities of the serum they are
    working with.

    ”The Lazarus Effect” distracts quite well, in the way that its
    performers help to disguise the depressingly generic script and
    plot-structure at hand. At the film’s core, we have the superb actor,
    writer, and director Mark Duplass, who puts on a good show by himself,
    even if he working in a middling production, every time, and Olivia
    Wilde, who has enough charisma and character wit to carry herself
    through quite well in addition. For a supporting cast, we have Glover,
    Peters, and Bolger, all of whom have been capable in other projects,
    and convey their personalities quite well, even if they feel stripped
    down to the bare-basics of character development. Nonetheless, despite
    the shallow writing of Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater, each performer
    finds ways to carry themselves quite well thanks to their own

    The horror elements of ”The Lazarus Effect” are more-or-less neutered,
    as this is a PG-13 production and the features those traditionally
    bring, unfortunately, go without saying. This is one of the first
    horror films in a while where the atmosphere, the scares, and the sense
    of dread were the last things on my mind. The character interactions in
    the film and the way the scientists would operate to try and perfect
    their serum was more intriguing and fun to witness than anything Gelb,
    Dawson, and Slater were trying to cook up.

    On that note, ”The Lazarus Effect” almost works as a lukewarm medical
    drama, with horror elements sprinkled in to prevent a sense of
    monotony. As a whole, it’s not very memorable, nor does it bear
    anything specific to its story or its structure. Yet, the cast of
    characters on display here are entirely capable, and prove that with
    one of the most interchangeable scripts around. Duplass and Wilde
    manage to strike good up solid chemistry, despite this film only being
    about seventy-nine minutes and Wilde’s character’s transformation
    coming about a third of the way through, the two performers make it
    work given their little time and ability to maneuver around the film’s
    predetermined structure.

    Just three years ago, Gelb directed a charming, amiable documentary
    about an elderly sushi chef and his pursuit of the perfect sushi and
    the perfect sushi restaurant. It was ”Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” and one of
    my favorite documentaries of 2012. What inspired Gelb to do a complete
    three-sixty and dive into this kind of basic filmmaking is beyond me,
    but ”The Lazarus Effect,” while decent in one particular aspect,
    falters enough in others to make one want to forewarn Gelb what he is
    getting into and what he’s sacrificing.

  • rgkarimMarch 1, 2015Reply

    The Lazars Effect Review

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jimsouthworthMarch 1, 2015Reply

    Entertaining and fun

    OK, this is not going to go down as one of the most original horror
    movies, but it was entertaining. I thought Olivia Wilde was excellent.
    Hard to believe she could be scary, but her facial expressions were
    perfect and creepy. There were some odd things, like the guy picking up
    a dog for the second test and it looks like it is a small terrier, but
    then it ends up being a huge pit bull. Just one of the editing things
    that makes you wonder how carefully it was edited. Mark Duplass was
    less than stellar and seemed really out of place in this movie. He
    seems more like a small screen actor. He just comes across as
    unlikeable. That being said, the rest of the cast did a good job. Sarah
    Bolger did a good job, and Donald Glover was believable. I am not sure
    if the desire is to set this up for a sequel, but i think the story
    could be carried forward. this could be one of those rare scenarios
    where the second movie is better than the first. time will tell.

  • Edgar Allan PoohMarch 2, 2015Reply

    From the people who brought us Evolution, ”Global Warming,” and ObamaCare . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pronukeMarch 2, 2015Reply

    Pet Semetary Redux

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CowherPowerForeverMarch 3, 2015Reply


    The Lazarus Effect is another Blumhouse Productions(Paranormal
    Activity) horror film that is below average. I’m a huge horror fan, but
    most of the newer horror films are generic garbage. This film continues
    that trend. The following is my review of The Lazarus Effect.

    The film was written by Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater. Dawson is known
    for the 2008 horror film Shutter, while Slater is working on the 2015
    superhero reboot of the Fantastic Four. The plot of the film is a
    rather nice idea, but the execution is terrible. The film never really
    knows what type of horror film it wants to be. We see the film jump in
    and out of horror sub-genres, and frankly that completely kills the
    mood of the film. The characters themselves are rather wooden and you
    don’t care about them at all. Not only do you not care about the
    characters, some of the characters are so poorly written, you wonder if
    Dawson and Slater just threw trash at the wall hoping something would
    stick. Overall the effort from Dawson and Slater is very poor, and I’m
    worried about future projects both of these writers have lined up.

    The film was directed by David Gelb who gets his first major directing
    job with this film after having done work on documentaries and short
    films. The film is shot fairly well, however Gelb is dealt an awful
    script that no one could fix. Some of the kills featured in this film
    look great, and is one of the very few upsides to the film. However,
    the overuse of jump scares is front and center in this film, which
    hurts many films in this genre. The acting is another bad aspect. The
    film stars Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass, Evan Peters, and Donald Glover.
    Horror films are known for bad acting, and I expected as much in this
    film, but even Wilde phones in this film. A better director may have
    been able to get a better overall performance from the cast. Overall
    Gelb delivers a dud as the director of the film, but should get a break
    since the script was so bad.

    The film was composed by Sarah Schachner who is known for scoring some
    smaller films and more recently scoring the video game Assassin’s
    Creed: Unity. I have to be honest here, the score was the best thing
    about this film. Usually in cheaper horror films like this you will get
    a score that is phoned in, but here Schachner delivers something that
    adds some actual depth to a shallow film. I really found myself
    enjoying the score towards the end of the film when the story was
    wrapping up. With this being the best aspect of the film, that is not a
    good thing, but at least someone on this production did a great job.

    In closing, this is a very lazy horror film that was made on a cheap
    budget hoping to make some quick cash. Something Blumhouse Productions
    has been doing for years now. The redeeming qualities of this film
    aren’t enough to make you spend any money on this mess of a film.


  • David Ferguson ([email protected])March 3, 2015Reply

    Let Dead Dogs Lie

    Greetings again from the darkness. In this day of direct-to-video and
    movie streaming, it’s a bit surprising that one like this secures a
    theatrical release. But then it does have a solid cast and a producer
    who has a proved track record of profitable box office success with low
    budget horror. The other thing it has going for it is the time of year
    – there is not much being released right now that can draw the weekend
    teenage groups, the audience this is clearly aimed at.

    Horror movies can be fun, and with a cast that includes Mark Duplass,
    Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover and Evan Peters, this one has the
    foundation to develop a following. However, what starts out like a new
    age ”religion vs science” battle, ends up as a schlocky
    pseudo-intellectual gore fest. It teases us by mentioning the big
    questions: What happens when we die? Is it possible to bring back the
    dead? Should we even try? There are philosophical and ethical questions
    that are just as relevant as the religious ones. Unfortunately, the
    teases offer no payoff and instead we are left with cheesy special
    effects and a demonic presence that is not so interesting.

    When a movie disappoints like this, comparing it to better pictures
    seems unfair; however, there are elements of Flatliners (1990), Pet
    Sematary (1989), and of course James Whale’s classic Frankenstein
    (1931). We even get an ”IT’S ALIVE” reference, tongue-in-cheek though
    it is. The biggest difference is that all three of those films knew
    exactly what they were trying to accomplish, whereas this first feature
    film from director David Gelb is a mish-mash of genres and styles.

    The basic premise is that lovers, and co-researchers at a Catholic
    university, Frank (Duplass) and Zoe (Wilde), along with their
    assistants Clay (Peters), Niko (Glover) and Eva (Sarah Bolger, one of
    the sisters from the great IN America from 2002), began by looking for
    a way to extend brain activity in comatose patients. Their work evolved
    into attempting to bring the dead back to life. It’s no surprise – and
    included in the trailer – that one of the group dies and the
    experimental serum is used to reanimate that person. You probably won’t
    be surprised at this … things don’t go well.

    There are some interesting moments and elements – the recurring dream
    sequence plays out well, but most of the good stuff is quickly dropped
    in favor of jolts of shock and awe. Jump-scares abound and that will go
    over well with the Friday night teenagers, but few others will find
    much to like here. Producer Jason Blum has a real feel for this genre
    and has turned 50 cents into mega-millions with such movies as the
    Paranormal Activity franchise, The Purge, and Ouija among others. Mr.
    Blum has 21 projects in the works for 2015 alone, making him one of the
    most prolific producers working today. He will learn that it’s
    sometimes better to let dead dogs lie.

  • moviesmaniaxMarch 4, 2015Reply

    Filled with same old horror cliché dragging the whole film down and ultimately becomes a forgettable one at last // instagram: moviesmaniax

    Here we have another interesting horror film that fails to fulfill its
    premise. The problem with horror films these days are that they seem to
    have the same cliché and the same old annoying jump scares. This film
    falls into all of those above even though its concept is somehow
    interesting (not to mention how similar it is to the film Lucy). The
    only strong point here is probably the appealing cast and Olivia Wilde
    really delivers the SCARE, but still not enough to save this movie. The
    film is also PG-13 so don’t expect any GORES here and the kills are not
    fascinating or creative whatsoever as well. Overall, this is a horror
    film with great cast and interesting concept to watch throughout but
    filled with same old horror cliché dragging the whole film down and
    ultimately becomes a forgettable one at last.


  • zardoz-13March 6, 2015Reply

    An Above-Average Scary Chiller

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ([email protected])March 7, 2015Reply

    Spooky enough cautionary sci-fi chiller

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cyboy600March 7, 2015Reply

    Just give it a chance

    Saw this movie with my friend Scott in Imax for free with the popcorn
    and the FREEZY and even went sober and really enjoyed it. Its really
    scary and it is pretty freaking awesome having a friend that works at
    the theater in Irvine Spectrum. Scott is such a cool guy!!!! I just
    wish I could take my dog rosemary in this theater but this is a no dogs
    allowed theater which I suppose is normal. But they still allow those
    damn kids in. Ooo and back to the movie its just really entertaining
    and the main actress does a great job keeping it real. All the actors
    in this movie kept it real and don’t turn the movie off in the
    beginning because you think that it is going to be another Cujo kids
    movie it is actually a really good movie. You Should Watch it

  • MattBirkMarch 7, 2015Reply

    Another Hollywood Produced Horror Film Ruining the Genre

    The Lazarus Effect is another example of a major Hollywood produced
    horror movie that is giving the horror genre a bad name. Everything
    that happens here is pretty much straightforward and therefore, boring.
    There were no surprises in the film or twists that take the story in an
    unexpected direction and gave the film some life.

    Lazarus is just like I said above, it’s a mix of Event Horizon + Lucy +
    Carrie, interpret that as you wish. The problem just like with Lucy is
    that the villain gets too powerful and there is basically no chance of
    survival, a lopsided battle. Where as with Carrie, we are given a
    reason for her breakdown and vengeance, in Lazarus we are given
    absolutely nothing, no motive, no nothing.

    And of course, to no surprise the movie features plenty of flashing
    lights where characters appear and disappear into the darkness. It’s
    cheap gimmicks like this that are used to create scares that ruins
    movies, versus actually building up tension and a thick atmosphere. The
    Lazarus Effect features nothing to boast about, not even it’s cast
    since they are completely under utilized, everything here is dull.

    But again, this was a Hollywood produced horror film so it’s not
    surprise the movie is being torn apart by critics. Instead, skip this
    and watch the superior ‘Flatliners’, at least they provide some added
    depth and an eerie atmosphere!

  • doofuspoofusMarch 7, 2015Reply

    Pretty bad for a pretty good cast

    Well to be frank this film could’ve been written better. It feels like
    they were like ”yes we got Olivia Wilde now people won’t notice the
    movie sucks!” I love me some Olivia Wilde but if I never see this movie
    again it’ll be too soon. And I don’t even think it was a terrible film
    it’s just the preview was misleading. It seemed as though on the
    trailer she dies, goes to hell and instead of her a demon comes back in
    her or something relatively close to this which would’ve been more

    I’m catholic but not super religious to where I’m angry about the
    storyline like a lot were. Personally if it HAD gone the religious
    route it would’ve made more sense and been more interesting.
    Unfortunately it was too much science and not enough religion. Science
    is complicated but we all know good and evil. Such a terrible thing to
    have such a predictable movie when you had such good material to work
    with to produce something truly scary and original. Instead we got yet
    another horror film with fake scares, strange scares, and none of the
    real thing.

    This film had potential to truly terrify but the way it was put
    together I think it’ll just land on the pile of half decent horror
    flicks similar to Devil, As above so below, and Devil’s due.

  • TwoWhiteGirlsAndYenMarch 9, 2015Reply

    Que it For Evan!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • HellmantMarch 11, 2015Reply

    Nowhere near the classic that ‘FLATLINERS’ is!

    ‘THE LAZARUS EFFECT’: Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    Low budget horror flick about a group of medical students who
    experiment in bringing the dead back to life. The film was directed by
    David Gelb and written by Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater. It stars Mark
    Duplass, Olivia Wilde, Evan Peters, Donald Glover and Sarah Bolger.
    Made on a budget of just over $3 million, like nearly all horror
    flicks, it was practically guaranteed to be a profitable hit (it’s made
    over $19 million, in theaters alone, to date). Despite it’s mild
    financial success, impressive cast and intriguing story idea, it’s
    still a pretty boring and unimpressive supernatural thriller.

    Frank (Duplass) and his fiancé of over three years, Zoe (Wilde), have
    invented a serum, they call Lazerus, which they intended to assist coma
    patients. After experimenting on a dead dog, they learn their serum can
    actually bring dead animals back to life. Unfortunately the serum has
    some bizarre side effects too, of course, and their unsanctioned
    project is soon shut down and taken over, by a large pharmaceutical
    corporation. Rather than sit back, and let their breakthrough idea be
    stolen from them, Frank and Zoe break into their lab, late at night, to
    do more experimenting; along with their colleagues Clay (Peters), Niko
    (Glover) and Eva (Bolger). When things go horribly wrong they, of
    course, begin human trials.

    The filmmakers involved are mostly rookies, and pretty inexperienced,
    so the mediocrity of the film doesn’t really surprise me. What does
    shock me is that the producers were able to attract such a talented
    cast; who are all wasted in the movie! Duplass, especially, is so much
    better than this; he’s made indie masterpieces before (like ‘SAFETY NOT
    GUARANTEED’ and ‘CYRUS’). This film is so dull, it could barely keep my
    attention; for it’s 83 minute running length. It’s definitely nowhere
    near the classic that the, very similarly themed, 90s horror cult
    classic ‘FLATLINERS’ is.

    Watch our movie review show ‘MOVIE TALK’ at:

  • sgwhitez-25810March 11, 2015Reply

    My observation of The Lazarus Effect

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Matthew OberMarch 11, 2015Reply

    Big jumps through small hops

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shandar2003March 12, 2015Reply

    Critics were not paid by the producer to give good rating to this movie!!!

    I would say that this is one of the under-rated movies on IMDb. The
    critics have gone mad and I don’t believe in any way that this movie is
    clichéd. This is one of my best horror-thriller movies. I would rate
    this movie in line with conjuring.

    May be the concept of this movie is not very new but the psychological
    chills created around the movie is spine chilling. Things have also
    been explained to an extent from the medical point of view (right or
    wrong not my concern). What I believe that this is a very entertaining
    movie. I was on the edge of my chair during the entire movie and I the
    actors also did justice for their role. Please go and watch this movie,
    I promise that you will not regret.

  • robert-botticelli31March 13, 2015Reply

    The Deadly Sins of Horror Films

    as stated above in my summary this movie broke some of the biggest
    rules when making a horror movie good (especially when the effects
    suck). Rule 1: always properly handle your talent. the movie was almost
    bleeding itself out by not providing enough screen time for the better
    actors so they can carry the movie, the fact that Evan Peters,
    basically the face of TV horror show AHS did not even get to react to a
    jump scare is like hiring Michael Jordan to your basketball team and
    not let him shoot the ball. Rule 2: try to keep the useless jump scares
    to a minimum. this movie didn’t understand this at all. the amount of
    time the tension built to a turning screen to find nothing was
    ridiculous. Rule 3: Try to keep the camera on someone who can act. In
    many low budget films you will always find that one actor that just
    doesn’t fit talent wise. rather than remove them quickly or keep the
    person off screen, I saw this actor The. Whole. Time. Rule 4: try to
    keep things on track. what I’ve begun to notice with movies in general
    is that they are doing the ‘Shayamalan’ which is when they create a
    twist out of nowhere and say ”surprise” when in reality a good twist
    needs to be plausible and have indication that its possible. Decent
    Cast with a lot of untapped potential, with different moves this movie
    actually had a chance to be good but completely misfired.

  • Alexa Bouhelier-RuelleMarch 15, 2015Reply

    The Lazarus Effect

    A group of medical students discover a way to bring dead patients back
    to life.

    The Lazarus Effect stars Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass, Evan Peters, Sarah
    Polger and is directed by David Gelb. This is another horror movie and
    we’ve seen those couple of jump scares before; but it does have some
    very creepy imagery and when this start happening it’s not that bad.
    The film deals with a theory debating whether when you die some
    chemical elements in your brain make you see the white light at the end
    of the tunnel or you actually go to heaven and this stage is just some
    kind of process to enter it. In fact, it has you wondering is she
    possessed or is she just unlocking her brain and that’s what triggers
    this weird version of herself? However, it’s not giving you enough
    information to let you decide what’s actually going on. Ultimately The
    Lazarus Effect feels like a horror version of Lucy but messier this
    time with some horror things happening in order to to keep the audience
    entertained for what it is. Sometimes it tries to be smart but gives
    you conflicting information and then you’re lost, it doesn’t quiet know
    where to go. Finally, actors are functional, especially Evan Peters who
    has some pretty good lines and clearly is the comic relief in the

    Overall The Lazarus Effect is more or less what you expect it to be, an
    horror movie with some jump scares as usual but with some pretty cool
    and relevant imagery. It’s an effective but very messy movie.

  • Mr_EctoplasmaMarch 17, 2015Reply

    Flat characters and flashy pyrotechnics kill some potential, though Wilde shines

    ”The Lazarus Effect” has a group of doctors and university students who
    uncover a serum which has the potential to revive the dead. After the
    head scientist’s wife is killed in a lab accident, the group hesitantly
    attempts to test the serum on her, their first human guinea pig. She
    returns from death, but not exactly for the better.

    ”Flatliners-meets-Carrie” is a fairly fitting summation of what we have
    here in ”The Lazarus Effect,” but the thing is is there is a good movie
    in here somewhere. The film’s derivative nature is not really an issue,
    as it seems to wear its influences on its sleeve— there are ”Carrie”
    references galore once Olivia Wilde reaches undead status, and the
    ”Flatliners” comparisons are inevitable.

    The real kicker here is that the film’s characters are overall terribly
    one-dimensional, and there is little for the audience to connect with.
    Mark Duplass seems uninspired, while Evan Peters and Donald Glover turn
    in fine performances but are really only around for comic relief. The
    performances overall are not terrible— it’s more an issue of script
    than actors, I think. Olivia Wilde may be the only performer here to
    transcend this, but it also could be because she’s got the best
    material of the bunch. Some of her antics (completing other characters’
    sentences and reading minds) after being revived are
    goosebumps-inducing, and she is genuinely threatening at times.

    The entirety of the film takes place inside a university laboratory, so
    the claustrophobia factor is heavy, although the finale is a bit
    hackneyed and overdone with flashy strobe effects and convenient lights
    on-lights off techniques to give way for cheap thrills. The fiery CGI
    in the last ten minutes and the burning doll montages are also a bit
    tired and uninspired; the PG-13 colors bleed through in moments like

    At the end of the day, ”The Lazarus Effect” is tired and uninspired in
    more ways than one, but it does deal with some fascinating
    philosophical and scientific territory, and there are a handful of
    really well-crafted scenes. In spite of obvious faults, it is a very
    entertaining film, so it’s difficult to discredit it entirely just
    because it isn’t high art. As I said, Wilde’s performance is fantastic
    here, and the subtlety of her scenes are worth the price of admission
    as far as I’m concerned. 5/10.

  • loomis78-815-989034March 17, 2015Reply

    It doesn’t chill the bones like it should

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • M ThascalosMarch 21, 2015Reply

    Never quite makes up its mind what story to tell

    Any five to ten minute excerpt from this movie could easily lead a
    viewer to conclude that this is a well made horror or suspense
    thriller. The production values are high, the performances good, and so

    The problem is that the parts of the film don’t fit together. The
    sequence of action has the usual slow build and accelerating pace of
    any good thriller, but while the set-up is promising, and the events
    proceed logically enough as interesting and sympathetic characters are
    frightened, threatened or killed off, the reasons underlying the events
    remain obscure.

    Hints and suggestive exposition are introduced, and then forgotten.
    There are explicit references to religious-themed horror fantasy,
    speculative science, and even a few elements of a possible conspiracy.
    An elaborate backstory is gradually revealed, and then abruptly
    dismissed. The conclusion doesn’t really conclude anything: there’s a
    decisive ending, but no resolution, no revelation, not even a clear
    idea of the probable consequences.

    It’s possible a re-edit could address these issues and make it a decent
    film. As it stands, though, it just doesn’t work.

  • ArgemalucoMarch 28, 2015Reply

    The Lazarus Effect

    Many people have pointed out the fact that The Lazarus Effect is kinda
    like an unofficial remake of Flatliners; but I think the screenplay is
    very different on shape and intention. However, both films definitely
    have something in common: the waste of a fascinating premise, for not
    having known how to execute it on a satisfactory way. In fact, I would
    say The Lazarus Effect is closer to being a bland and tedious hybrid of
    Re-Animator and Carrie, but without any blood and a minimum level of
    violence in order to preserve the PG-13 rating. The first half of The
    Lazarus Effect attempted to bring some ideological basis, but the
    discussions regarding life after death are superficial and not very
    substantial. The second half introduces arbitrary clichés of horror
    cinema which don’t scare or make too much sense. The ”explanations” of
    the phenomenons unleashed by the experiments are laughable; and the
    attempts to add a dramatic component contradict all the wordiness of
    the first half. Co-screenwriters Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater change
    the rules to their convenience, something which extinguishes the
    suspense and the opportunity of having made something more interesting
    and consistent with the ”scientific” aspects of the experiment. As I
    previously said, it’s the same laziness and lack of imagination which
    ruined Flatliners 25 years ago. The actors make a good work in their
    roles, despite how poorly written their characters are. Olivia Wilde is
    able to bring some emotion and vulnerability to a poorly defined
    character. Donald Glover doesn’t have too much to do, but he makes a
    decent work, and Mark Duplass is also credible as the ambitious doctor
    who doesn’t have any inconvenient in ”playing God”. Despite the
    performances, The Lazarus Effect is a boring horror film, and I can’t
    recommend it. If you want to see much more interesting explorations of
    life after death, I suggest you watching The Asphyx or the previously
    mentioned Re-Animator.

  • kadeyrobertsMarch 28, 2015Reply

    Quite thrilling

    So this movie might have gotten an average rating by most viewers, but
    I will say with confidence that I gave it a full 9/10.

    For the average person, I’d say it was pretty scary. Not insidious
    scary though, which is one of the factors I came to appreciate.

    It was a cinematic experience on its own, Olivia is a solid actress and
    the effects were nicely done. The story line progresses fluently and I
    found it balanced perfectly between sci-fi and horror, it was even
    scarier than I would have preferred.

    I’m not a fan of horrors, but seeing as how much I enjoyed the Purge,
    and The Lazarus Effect not looking to completely be the stuff of
    nightmares, I gave it a try. Suffice to say, I was satisfied. Had my
    eyes closed in several scenes I might add (I’m lame like that).

    In summary, don’t judge too fast after seeing the below average rating,
    it might reflect the views of all those horror nuts who anticipated
    frights on the level of insidious/paranormal activity. For everyone
    else, it’s scary enough, with just the right amount of science.

  • Alex SnyderMarch 29, 2015Reply

    Wonderful Dramatic Scary Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nunya BiznisApril 3, 2015Reply

    Jump Scares Around Every Corner

    Certainly not the worst horror movie on the market, The Lazarus Effect
    does a decent job laying down a foundation for the horror to jump off
    of. The psychological horror of it wasn’t too bad, though wasn’t the
    greatest either since most of the characters felt rather stereotypical
    and flat. You could almost fit all of them into the tropes lined out by
    Cabin in the Woods. The acting was fairly decent, at least for the lead
    actress, though the deaths were somewhat predictable.

    The thing that hindered this movie the most was the absolute abuse of
    jump scares. Though they were all easily predicted with the quietness
    that would come before each one, the scare-factor exponentially dropped
    about midway through this short movie. There were some epically awesome
    ones toward the end, but by then so many had been used that they had
    very little punch. I will say though that the ending had an enjoyable
    twist. I won’t spoil it here, but after a lot of the classic clichés,
    it was refreshing, in a way.

    If you happen to catch this on Netflix or TV, be sure it’s at night
    with all the lights off. I wouldn’t say this movie is one I’d be happy
    to pay for, but I can imagine enjoying this as a Halloween special
    along with Freddy v.s. Jason.

  • richlong2569April 4, 2015Reply

    Really good and frightening horror!

    Well what can we say about this movie except a very excellent movie, it
    really held my attention after the first 30mins. It reminded a little
    of Flatliners but much creepier. The camera angles, weird lighting,
    somber but electrifying music, the ideas presented, the acting and
    direction were all spot on. Olivia Wilde is amazing in this movie,
    turning from a sweet girl into something else by the end. This movie
    demands a sequel. There are some really twisted ideas presented here,
    and it’s done in a very alarming way. For me anyway, this had me
    transfixed on the idea and what was happening. It felt very
    claustrophobic but I liked it. There were some really weird scenes
    cascading into some montages, I hope they flesh out more of the story
    with another one. It certainly left much to the imagination, the
    supporting actors were all good, I didn’t find anything amiss though
    the relationships were a bit rushed in places. I really enjoyed the
    ending, it was a bit chilling. Watch this movie. I score it high
    because of how it held my attention, especially with some of the ideas
    that were shown however it is abstract but thats what makes it good. A
    well thought out, and alluding to some strange ideas about death and
    the after life, religion takes a back seat here there is no exorcism or
    anything it is a woman’s spiral down a very dark hole that I found
    interesting. I’d watch it again, but its too chilling and to me thats a
    good horror movie.

  • Jennifer Van Gieson ([email protected])April 5, 2015Reply

    Not as bad as some make it out to be.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Rudolf RavbarApril 5, 2015Reply

    really bad horror movie!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • amesmondeApril 5, 2015Reply

    A mash up of interesting ideas where Wilde shines in the dark.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sarah-havertyApril 6, 2015Reply

    Decent but I saw a lot more opportunity for the film

    Quality of production was good, acting was good, what was included in
    the storyline was good, I enjoyed it overall, but I thought that more
    could have been added to make this film stellar. There was too much
    that was unexplained. Plus this being a fairly short film, they could
    have added more scenes, especially leading up the the spooky stuff. I
    felt that the progression of events was rushed overall. Also the
    character development was a bit rushed. I could have understood the
    rushed character development more, if there were more detail provided
    about the ideas. I was really looking forward to this film, and I wish
    that it lived up to the hype. I did see the similarities in plot
    description as ”flatliners” but this movie was presented in a totally
    different way. I really like the ideas used in this movie, I hope they
    make a second and more complete version.

  • VanoApril 16, 2015Reply

    Would not recommend

    I’ve long stopped going to horror movies expecting to get scared, or
    see anything remotely decent. Instead I view them as comedy movies,
    trying to entertain myself by how bad the films are, so it’s pretty
    safe to say my expectations when seeing a horror movie are about as low
    as it gets and yet ”The Lazarus Effect” still left me astonished by
    just how bad, uninteresting and not even remotely scary it was. There
    was nothing new or unique about the movie, and literally the only
    aspect of the movie that could be considered scary (if you’re not
    already desensitized to those, like most people) were the jump scares,
    and even those were predictable.

    I’ve been disappointed by a lot of movies, but this is thee first time
    it was bad enough that I actually took the time to write out a review.

  • ericrnolanApril 24, 2015Reply

    The Lazarus Effect on the Flatliners’ Jaunt with Dark Phoenix.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Rogue LoneMay 8, 2015Reply


    To be honest I was expecting a bit more from this movie, for the most
    part it was not scary at all. However in saying that the storyline was
    thought provoking, but I would not watch it again.

    I just wish there was more…Like when you go to McDonald’s and order a
    Mcflurry but they don’t put enough toppings on, you’ve enjoyed it but
    just that little bit extra would’ve made it memorable and worth the
    time taken to eat it.

    Certain parts I found predictable thus not allowing me to enjoy what
    could’ve been a great movie as apposed to being a mediocre non
    memorable Mcflurry.

    I will say that this production company has put out far better movies
    than this.

  • quincytheodoreMay 11, 2015Reply

    Olivia Wilde breathes life to a predictable premise

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Filmaniac123May 15, 2015Reply

    Decent horror flick

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • stephendaxterMay 15, 2015Reply

    Nothing new here…… SKIP this one

    The Lazarus Effect is a horror film that deals with a serum that can
    bring animals and people to life, but something is a little off when
    they do return and weird stuff starts to happen, well, weird stuff
    starts to happen around 45 minutes into this 1 hour and 20 minute
    movie. I thought that after seeing the runtime this movie was going to
    get into the horror elements quickly and sustain that right until the
    end as the trailer looked promising. Although the majority of the film
    is spent in a lab running tests on animals and boring and lengthy
    discussions about making the serum work and crap that we really don’t
    care about. One of the biggest problems is that this movie tried to do
    too much above being a horror movie and as a result had no time for any
    scary moments. The movie was unoriginal with predictable scares that
    really failed to creep me out at all. Just when you think that the
    horror elements are coming into the film in the last act, they never
    really do, a couple of jump-scare moments that are predictable make up
    the only horror elements of the film and the last 30 minutes feel just
    not intense at all. The whole film lacks interest, you don’t care for
    the first 45 minutes and then when something finally happens it is all
    things you have seen before and you still don’t care.

    Now i will say the highlight of the film is the cast, with Olivia
    Wilde, Danny Glover, Even Peters, Sarah Bolger and Mark Duplass they
    all put in some good (not great) performances that make the film still
    bearable to watch. Just, the film had an interesting synopsis and good
    actors but thats it, the crappy writing and crappy directing make this
    film just overall very dull and boring. They even have some minor
    subplot that they carry out right through the film for some ”big”
    reveal that made absolutely no difference to anything and didn’t change
    the way you perceive the character because you don’t care. And the
    ending, well, also predictable, dumb, and made the whole movie suck
    even more. In the end this ”horror” movie had potential but was wasted
    in every way imaginable, this is why the horror genre is hated so much;
    because of crap like this. – 3.2

  • Andrew GoldMay 15, 2015Reply

    Disappointing and unoriginal

    I really wanted The Lazarus Effect to be good. It has a great cast and
    an interesting premise, and I love horror movies so why should this be
    any different? Well first of all calling it a horror movie is a bit of
    a stretch. Yeah, there are ”scares” but they’re all the cliché
    flickering lights, someone coming up behind someone else’s back, fake
    out, cheap ass easy jump scares that we’ve seen a million times and you
    can see them coming from a mile away.

    The best thing this movie has going for it is its atmosphere. It all
    takes place in an empty laboratory and there are some moments where you
    feel the claustrophobia of being trapped in a place where dead bodies
    are kept and weird surgical instruments all over the place. But none of
    that psychological horror is expounded on. It’s just like one second
    I’m like, ”hm, this could actually go somewhere” and then two seconds
    later a freaky face pops on screen and it’s like ugh, why bother.

    The acting in this movie is fine for what it is. Aside from the two
    leads, Evan Peters was the only character I cared about because he was
    the comic relief but he just isn’t given enough to work with.
    Everything about the movie feels rushed. The characters aren’t
    developed enough. The movie is barely 80 minutes long and it still has
    dull moments. It also borrows a lot of elements from other horror
    movies. A good chunk of the movie is straight up ”Event Horizon” in a
    laboratory with some ”The Shining” and ”Lucy” sprinkled here and there.
    Sure there is some creepy imagery but it’s stuff we’ve seen a million
    times. If they had actually built up tension instead of relying on
    stupid jump scares then maybe the imagery would have some effect. As it
    stands, it’s just like… what a waste.

    I can’t give this movie a lower score because it did have potential and
    I liked the cast. There are some moments that are admittedly cool,
    however brief they are. Oh, and none of the movie makes sense. It
    starts off plausibly with these doctors performing weird experiments
    but as soon as sh*t starts to go down, any sense of realism goes out
    the window. The Lazarus Effect isn’t terrible – there’s just no reason
    to see it. Go see ”Event Horizon” or ”The Shining” if you’re in the
    mood for some real psychological scares.

  • Python HyenaMay 15, 2015Reply

    This Film is Dead and Cannot Rise to Life.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tony Heck ([email protected])May 15, 2015Reply

    An OK movie that really lost steam the longer it went on. This is worth seeing, but really not more than once.

    ”This isn’t a lab experiment. This is a person. You’re talking about
    bringing a person back from the dead.” Zoe (Wilde) and Frank (Duplass)
    are scientists working on a secret experiment that has a surprising
    effect. When they bring a dog back to life they are told to stop all
    testing. They don’t listen and when an accident leaves Zoe dead Frank
    only has one thing in mind. But when Zoe comes back things are
    different. This is a movie that has a really neat idea and started off
    really interesting and I was into it. Little be little the movie
    started to drag and get repetitive. The end got a little cheesy and
    generic. All this said though it wasn’t that bad and is worth watching,
    but do not expect anything too amazing and scary. Overall, an OK movie
    that really lost steam the longer it went on. This is worth seeing, but
    really not more than once. I give this a B-.

  • Andrew El KnoxMay 18, 2015Reply

    its like they ran out of money in the end lol

    flip sake more character building?? 1hr 10mins what can ya expect.

    i’m now meant to do a 1000 words but that sentence sums up its problems
    so heres something about gravity.

    Gravity (or gravitation) is a natural phenomenon by which all things
    attract one another including stars, planets, galaxies and even light
    and sub-atomic particles. Gravity is responsible for the formation of
    the universe (e.g. creating spheres of hydrogen, igniting them under
    pressure to form stars and grouping them in to galaxies). Gravity is a
    cause of time dilation (time lapses more slowly in strong gravitation).
    Without gravity, the universe would be without thermal energy and
    comprise only of equally spaced particles. On Earth, gravity gives
    weight to physical objects and causes the tides. Gravity has an
    infinite range, and it cannot be absorbed, transformed, or shielded

    Gravity is most accurately described by the general theory of
    relativity (proposed by Albert Einstein in 1915) which describes
    gravity, not as a force, but as a consequence of the curvature of space
    time caused by the uneven distribution of mass/energy. For most
    applications, gravity is well approximated by Newton’s law of universal
    gravitation, which postulates that the gravitational force of two
    bodies of mass is directly proportional to the product of their masses
    and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

  • spyroskonstMay 22, 2015Reply

    A good horror film.

    Lets take as facts the movie has very limited budget and its a typical
    horror film. Having accepted that, the movie easily deserves a 10 and
    it was a pleasant surprise to watch it, since nothing good has came out
    for a while now. It is only 1hr20min including the intro, so there are
    hardly any fillers. It gets straight to the point. Limited drama and
    personal life info allows us to watch what horror fans want: a twisted
    horror movie. I do not want to spoil anything, just keep in mind that
    if you liked the trailer you will love the movie. It is nothing less
    and nothing more from a horror movie done well in all aspects according
    to its budget.

  • samgreer-694-680740May 23, 2015Reply


    Not only was I never scared or surprised, its just a ripoff of Pet
    Semetary and / or Flatliners – only this is not in the same league with
    either of those 2 films. Pet Semetary was much scarier, Flatliners was
    much smarter and at the time it came out it was cutting edge
    originality. I’d recommend either of those films. I thought the killing
    scenes were stupid in this. The movie is a hodge podge of contrived
    scenes sloppily thrown together. Not nearly enough time was spent
    explaining the special sauce that makes reanimation possible, or any of
    the characters’ backstories. I didn’t care about any of them or what
    happened to them. With that plot weakness, and by failing to connect
    the danger in the movie with something that could affect me, there is
    no reason to be scared. The very end was extremely reminiscent of the
    original ending of Pet Semetary where the camera view changes to first
    person and the viewer sees a hand pushing up through a burial mound,
    only its not as good as that. Pet Semetary succeeded in both developing
    the characters backstories, so you cared about their terror, and in
    scaring the crap out of the viewer at the end by connecting the story
    to an implication for the viewer. This is regurgitated and rehashed
    material. I guess that’s how you profit in movies today, don’t hire
    writers, just steal elements of other movies and cram them together to
    get close to 90 minutes of footage.

  • Harcovitza IonutzMay 29, 2015Reply

    Never thought anything can be that bad

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Allguns AllgunsMay 29, 2015Reply

    They could’ve done a lot more

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JayMay 29, 2015Reply

    What a wasted opportunity

    Oh my, what a wasted opportunity this movie is. A better writer would
    take the premise and make a legendary movie out of it. All it would
    take is imagination. The direction, acting, effects, all felt really
    good. But the movie got held back by someone’s decision it has to be
    horror and someone’s inexorable lack of imagination. This could have
    been an awesome thriller, that could explore the depths of mortality
    and actually use the ”superintelligence” factor for some social
    criticism. While still staying a thriller. You could even leave the
    jump scares in for that matter and call it a horror.

    And you know what? It would have been a great movie, I would love to
    watch … and praise. Instead we get a mediocre, cliché and rather
    uninteresting (albeit gracefully short) horror flick, whose greatest
    sin is ”what could have beens”.

    It seemed to me the creators giggled to themselves as they created a
    movie that introduced itself as horror before it even started and then
    used the expectation of something terrible to incite tension. It really
    failed after the first 15 minutes, as any person who was born in the
    last 100 years (that is, *nearly* everyone) has enough media experience
    to see right through the repetitious scares. Giggle all you want guys,
    but this really was not clever at all.

    I believe there was someone up the executive chain of this movie that
    greatly limited the budget and what the creators could do and then,
    just to make sure, fired the writer after the first draft. Then the
    rest of the team, including actors, made a monstrous effort to make the
    best of it – and really did – as far as they could… Yup. That’s it.

    What a waste.

  • C BMay 31, 2015Reply

    Not what you’d expect

    The first half of the movie is just simply amazing. There’s a lot of
    good science talk and debates, some philosophy, the actors are great
    (got to love Olivia Wilde as always) and they make an amazing setup. I
    was extremely surprised of the score it got, because I would have rated
    a perfect 10/10 right then and there.

    However, the second half of the movie was a disaster. It did get me
    startled a few times, but mind you I was very tired, and I was in a
    dark and spooky setting and decided that a horror movie would fit best.
    Most of the times it just left me wondering ”Why ?”. I found myself
    saying out loud ”What the heck ?” and ”Why did you do that ?”. Nothing
    made sense in the second half. Well it did, but just a little bit. The
    most horrifying thing about this movie was a little voice in my head
    answering those questions with ”to fit with the genre”.

    They could have done something really awesome with the idea of the
    movie, but no… they wanted horror and this makes me so angry I
    decided to lower my initial rating just now.

    If I were you, I’d just watch the first ~35 minutes of the movie, then
    just imagine the rest of it. Even if your imagination takes you to
    aliens and crystal skulls, with rape and Rob Schneider I guarantee it
    is going to be much better than the second half of this film.

  • johngraham1964May 31, 2015Reply

    Fun way to spend 90 minutes

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Finfrosk86May 31, 2015Reply

    This is not a 5! It’s better

    Like I said in my Wild Card review, sometimes I don’t get why movies
    get such low ratings on here. I have seen plenty of movies that
    deserves a 5 or lower, this is not one of them.

    This movie is short and sweet. It is entertaining, never boring, cool
    stuff happens, actors are good. I got certain Hollow Man vibes.. A team
    is working on some amazing stuff, and the environments (labs and such)
    are just nice and cozy.

    I don’t think The Lazarus Effect was meant to be a big, thought
    provoking masterpiece, it was meant as a short and entertaining horror
    flick. And it is exactly that. It’s got a couple of actors we’ve seen
    before, (including the very cute Olivia Wilde) which always helps in
    this kind of horror quick fix.

    So, to sum up, don’t expect very big things, expect a couple of jump
    scares, a nicely paced plot, decent effects.. It’s just easily seen.
    (translated directly from Norwegian: ‘lettsett’)

  • reallyevilboyJune 1, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nicole of ArchonCinemaReviews.comJune 3, 2015Reply

    Supernatural thriller about the other side, Don’t watch for horror

    The Lazarus Effect is weak on the horror, but solid on the eerie creepy
    supernatural side.

    Apparently the new thing for movie studios is to market films that
    aren’t horrors as horrors to try to guarantee some sort of box office
    buzz. What they don’t realize is this tactic is single-handedly damning
    their films for certain failure.

    The Lazarus Effect is a supernatural thriller that walks the line in
    terms of creepy and malevolent undertones. Medical students researching
    a serum to prolong brain death in an effort to increase the prospect
    for survival inadvertently create a potent that has the capability to
    bring the dead back to life. Pushing the boundaries of ethics, this
    breakthrough opens the channel for unspeakable and gruesome

    Starring Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass, Sarah Bolger, Evan Peters and
    Donald Glover, The Lazarus Effect is brimming with talented actors with
    a penchant for creating vivid and complete characters who, in lesser
    hands, would have been two dimensional clichés. So is true of the roles
    they each play in The Lazarus Effect. Wilde’s character is the most
    cliché with a tormented background that is completely unnecessary, but
    that is more from the writing than her performance.

    Really, the marketing of The Lazarus Effect and ill-equipped trailer do
    an injustice to the film. The idea and conflict is interesting and well
    thought and not some grotesquely obscure excuse for horror dollars. The
    dialogue between the characters delves into life, death, and the
    ramifications of playing god. Yes, the plot is a bit thin and not
    nearly as complex as it could have been if it were in greater hands.

    Is the Lazarus Effect a life changingly good movie? No. But it is a
    decent movie to prop up your feet and eat some popcorn, even if it does
    rely on idea and potential rather than execution.

    Please check out our website for full reviews of all the recent

  • emomomotionalJune 3, 2015Reply

    I was really impressed and greatly enjoyed it

    I don’t expect much from horror movies these days. You can see guess
    the entire plot and don’t see originality very much anymore. That was
    definitely not an issue here. I alone give it credit for a new type of
    horror but I really enjoyed seeing how this played. I suppose some
    people might not like jump scares but they didn’t do it much. Just
    enough to add some adrenaline. lol.

    All and all, I thought very highly and also realized that a 6 isn’t a
    low score for a review. How does this movie have anything less than a
    8? I must have missed out on a lot of movies. I’ve ignored so many
    movies based on other peoples reviews… -_-

  • politehereJune 4, 2015Reply

    One of the Better Horror Movies in 2014-2015

    This movie’s overall atmosphere felt like Hollow Man and it definitely
    was much scarier than Flatliners, which was more story-driven than the
    Lazarus Effect. The movie was just a little disappointing in that it
    had potential to be way scarier than its current version. I would’ve
    liked to see more blood and guts, skulls crushed, and people getting
    chopped off. That said, gore-hounds are going to be very disappointed.

    It had a nice build-up, but once the movie gets going you can’t help
    but notice the pacing is just not right. The whole thing felt a bit
    rushed. There was also this ”the whiteness of your eyes goes all black
    when you go evil” and ”the lights flicker in dark corridors” clichés,
    which I thought were unnecessary and distracting.

    I could tell the script-writer was a little confused as to what to do
    with the story. At one point I thought the movie was about supernatural
    abilities; i.e. what abilities you would gain if you could use 100% of
    your brain’s capacity rather than 10%. At other times I thought it had
    something to do with hell. It would’ve been nice if it had been either
    one or the other rather than trying to be both and not developing
    either of the themes enough.

    The movie was overall creepy and scary and held my attention
    throughout. It was atmospheric and the ending suggested there was going
    to be a sequel, which has got to be interesting. The acting and
    cinematography were just as good as that in Insidious. The best ”actor”
    in the movie was most definitely the dog. It looked really scary when
    it was staring into the camera.

    I give it 7/10 and recommend this title to horror movie fans.

  • Noman KhanJune 7, 2015Reply

    Definitely worth watching

    Well, i have found some negative reviews about this movie but i didn’t
    notice and watched the movie last night, and believe me it was not a
    bad experience it was worth watching, in fact it was a good horror
    movie, it has a new concept which in recent past movies i have not seen
    any movie on this subject, this is the reason i liked this movie.
    Acting, cinematography all were good. the length of the movie was also
    perfect. so if you want to see a good horror movie and want to
    entertain yourself then watch it without seeing and ignoring other
    reviews. besides other horror flicks which has some ghosts, past
    possession, and violence this movie is little different from all these
    movie categorizes.

  • Vivekmaru45June 9, 2015Reply

    The Last 25 Minutes Of The Film Make It A Worthwhile Film To See.

    In the 1990’s I saw a film called Flatliners directed by Joel
    Schumacher. The film was about a group of medical students who wanted
    to experience NDE(near-death experience). A near-death experience (NDE)
    is a personal experience associated with impending death, encompassing
    multiple possible sensations including detachment from the body,
    feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, the
    experience of absolute dissolution, and the presence of a light.

    The medical students inject a paralytic agent that stops the heart of
    the volunteer and after a few minutes, before brain-death can occur,
    resuscitate him. In this film it is somewhat reversed. A group of
    scientists develop a serum that can bring a dead animal to life. The
    serum is designed to dissipated after some time from the subject
    possibly by molecular breakdown.

    They test it on a dead dog who comes back to life, seemingly healthy
    and normal. Gradually after a while, the dog shows signs of hostility.
    They test the animal and find that the serum they had administered was
    still in its blood stream and had not broken down.

    When one of the scientists called Zoe(Olivia Wilde) is accidentally
    killed by electrocution, her fiancée Frank(Mark Duplass) decides to
    administer the experimental serum on her to bring her back to life…

    Watch the film to find out what happens next.

    Verdict: For a long while, I found the film extremely boring. But the
    last quarter of the film had a lot of thrills and scares. A badly
    written script is to be blamed. The director could have altered the
    script to make the film more exciting.

    Other films you may like: White Noise 2005, White Noise 2: The Light
    2007, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie 1974, C.H.U.D. 1984, C.H.U.D. 2 ”BUD THE
    CHUD” 1989, The Re-animator 1985, Bride Of The Re-animator 1989, Beyond
    Re-animator 2003, The Vindicator 1986, Robocop 1987, Dead Heat 1988,
    Frankenhooker 1990(must see film by Frank Henenlotter, absolutely

  • MC Dee Lusional (deelusionalmusic)June 10, 2015Reply

    Horrible movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • romneyranjoJune 12, 2015Reply

    Zoe and his team of medical students embark on an experiment that brings back the dead.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • capone666June 15, 2015Reply

    The Vidiot Reviews…

    The Lazarus Effect

    The downside to returning from the dead is having to pay-off all your
    lavish funeral expenses.

    However, the resuscitated individual in this horror movie is more
    interested in other people’s funeral arrangements.

    Forbidden by the dean of their university from continuing on with their
    animal trails involving a Lazarus formula, Frank (Mark Duplass) and his
    fiancée, Zoe (Olivia Wilde), carry on in private.

    But when a lab accident leaves Zoe dead, Frank decides to use the drug
    on her, with their friends (Donald Glover, Evan Peters, Sarah Bolger)
    barring witnesses to her resurrection.

    Back from the dead, Zoe uses her newly developed powers of telekinesis
    and super-strength to murder her lab partners.

    Lacking any substantial scares beyond the standard startles in dimly
    lit rooms, The Lazarus Effect is a poorly conceived thriller with a
    predictable and pointless existence.

    Incidentally, once in the ground you do have 30-days to return your
    coffin. Red Light

  • Adam_West_as_BatdanJune 16, 2015Reply

    Not awful but forgettable

    A good cast (particulary Olivia Wilde) and good visuals that can’t
    quite save the script that feels quite forced and unfullfilling.

    It doesn’t really help that they decided to make it PG-13 either, there
    were some really goodlooking horrorscenes that had the potential of
    being unsettling if they could flesh out a little gore into the mix.

    I’m not saying that gore is a must in a horror, but it would most
    likely have helped in this case.

    It has potential that never fully delivers and the clichés are many.

    I can’t say I liked it but I didn’t hate it either, perhaps one day
    there will be a r-rated directors cut that will be a little more
    fleshed out cause this felt a little empty.

  • jtindahouseJune 19, 2015Reply

    Far from perfect but reasonably good all the same

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • PartialMovieViewerJune 20, 2015Reply

    Absolutely the BEST Movie I Have Ever Seen….Ever!!! Really!!!

    This movie had everything…and more. ‘The Lazarus Effect’ is a freaking
    emotional roller-coaster. And I really mean it. How would I prove that
    to you…well this is how. I wanted to cry, I wanted to laugh, I wanted
    to sing, I wanted dance, I even wanted to shout from the
    rooftops…mostly I want to leave. This film tugged on all my little
    heart strings, by cleverly packing its plot-less storyline full of
    pointless thrills and spills; twists and turns, and ups and downs, and
    side to sides and all of this great stuff topped off with a predictable
    train-wreck of a finale. Will there be a part II? I sure hope so. Let’s
    face it, I was stupid enough to pay for a ticket the first time…who’s
    to say I learned my lesson. I am almost positive there will be at least
    20 more endorsements to this project. I know this sounds very negative
    for someone who just handed out a very valuable grade of ’10.’ And an
    excellent follow-up question would be – why in the world did I call
    this the BEST movie ever? Honestly – I am trolling for thumbs down. So
    if you feel compelled to diss me – please do. That is my goal. Do I
    recommend you should see this? Sure…go ahead. I did. I feel much worse
    for seeing it, remember misery loves company.

  • max_the_beast-23048June 20, 2015Reply

    Good story and great acting

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vladneculaeJune 24, 2015Reply

    There’s no enough space

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • emrahkoyunsevJune 27, 2015Reply

    Surprisingly nice and this should be trilogy or more 🙂

    When you watch it, you can think that the story is known one and maybe
    you are right but you should watch it anyway cause how the director
    directed it, and the writers wrote it and of course the acting as well
    is to be seen by every one who likes these kinds of movies. Especially,
    I really like Olivia Wilde’s acting and she really made her role
    believable. Do not take these low votes here into consideration and
    just watch it. It is not the greatest movies but it is very a good one
    that I can easily recommend.

    Happy watching it 🙂

    I hate this ”10 lines of text” warning!

    To finish it, I am writing these nonsenses, sorry for that guys..

  • oczalevajJune 28, 2015Reply

    It has a great cast and an interesting premise, but…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TdSmth5July 5, 2015Reply

    OK lower budget horror.

    A team of researchers discovers a serum that can wake the dead. They
    try it out on a dead dog and sure enough it comes to life, a bit in a
    bad mood more but nonetheless. Then the university shuts down the
    program and a corporation takes over and grabs all their research.

    They decide to break into the lab and recreate the experiment by
    resurrecting another dog, this time around with a girl who gets to film
    everything. When Zoe, one of the doctors, flips on the switch she’s
    electrocuted and dies. Her fiancée can’t accept it so he decides to
    experiment on her and see if he can reanimate her. Sure enough, she
    also comes back but also not particularly thankful.

    There’s also something else going on with Zoe. When she was a little
    girl, she witnessed a room-full of people burn to death when the
    apartment caught fire and she couldn’t help them. She’s been
    traumatized by the experience till now. Slowly though, she starts
    developing powers. She can complete other people’s sentences, she
    develops telekinesis. And eventually she starts killing her team mates.
    Of course she takes out the power so it’s all dark. The survivors will
    try to battle her.

    At some point the camera girl is taken to the event of the burning
    apartment and there’s a neat revelation.

    The Lazarus Effect is a short horror movie with a good premise and the
    lovely Olivia Wilde. One bit of science was pretty intriguing. But from
    there things go by the numbers–no lights, people confined in one or
    two rooms, no character to care for, no interesting dialogue. The movie
    is well-directed although clearly they could and should have done more
    with the story.

  • Scarecrow-88July 6, 2015Reply

    The Lazarus Effect

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Robert W. ([email protected])July 6, 2015Reply

    A very ho-hum attempt to scare

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jack_frank-54283July 13, 2015Reply


    very good movie.. new idea .. i voted for this movie 10/10..waiting the
    second part..thanks a lot…i expect new movies with that idea..better
    to see some one you loved living again after death but not in the
    zombie idea as monster eating peoples and ugly shape but same face same
    every person same body but have professional skills..i loved that idea
    of this movie..and i will waiting the second part of this movie i
    expecting new parts of this movie and will be success ..5.2/10 is too
    low vote..i give it 10/10..good movie watching it and enjoy…thx a lot
    for family of acting and for the producers of that movie and for all
    the movie makers and my congratulations for this new idea of herror

  • Claudio CarvalhoJuly 14, 2015Reply

    Trapped in Hell

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Alexander LesterJuly 15, 2015Reply

    A Gem

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • 2fresh 2cleanJuly 22, 2015Reply

    The Lazarus Effect.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • David ArnoldJuly 22, 2015Reply

    So-So…Nothing More, Nothing Less

    The Lazarus Effect, for the most part, was quite a decent horror film
    (I actually struggle to call this a horror as it was more of a thriller
    for me), but it did fall slightly short at delivering a more powerful

    What started out as a good enough story, just fell away somewhat and it
    ended up being your typical run-of-the-mill possession film. That’s not
    a put down to the possession genre as I enjoy those films…when they
    are done well…but this film was one of the tamer efforts. The PG-13
    rating kind of gives that away as well.

    The story is an interesting one and it deals with the whole issue about
    what happens to someone after they die, and if they can be brought
    back. If brought back, did they experience anything like a Heaven or a
    Hell; if there is an afterlife; or if there just simply nothing at all.
    Unfortunately, like I touched on earlier, the story failed to keep any
    real interest especially after the first 40 minutes or so, and it
    actually got a bit dull at times more than anything else. There were
    also a number of plot lines that left you kind of hanging (I can’t say
    what they were for very obvious reasons), so it’s either slightly poor
    scripting or you have to kind of come up with your own reasonings.

    Scare-wise…well, that’s a wee bit lacking as well in all honesty. I
    mean don’t get me wrong it’s not all THAT bad, but when watching it you
    can tell – again – that it was only a PG-13, and I do think that the
    audience who will feel the scares more than anyone will be the
    mid-teens and slightly older. There is a decent amount of atmosphere
    however and it’s really this and the story idea that made me award the
    film an even 5-Star rating.

    I wouldn’t really recommend The Lazarus Effect to anyone, but I
    wouldn’t dissuade anyone either. It’s OK but just be prepared for a
    pretty mediocre film.

  • HorrorliefhebberJuly 26, 2015Reply

    The Lazarus Effect

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • heylookitsmichael-49138July 26, 2015Reply

    Similar but a twist you can appreciate!

    The Lazarus Effect is a film that follows the same criteria that a
    normal horror/thriller movie offers which can be redundant but it
    allows itself to be different. It gives room for premeditated
    conclusions that make it fun for the viewer (who enjoys a good
    thriller/horror) to contemplate throughout.

    The film itself starts out with a tone of what can be construed as
    seemingly slow but for reasons that are more apparent later. The nuance
    of the fist half can seem very ”Independent film” or a ”Meaning behind
    it” film but only allows the viewer to be put in a comfort style bubble
    to add more of a shock when events start taking a turn, and they do

    The actual events in the film, take place, in a very short amount of
    time, considering how other films portray time lines, but it works for
    the subject they are dealing with.

    The film offers a slight everyday life feel that most might be feel
    reason to turn off but builds as it goes along. What seems to be your
    typical thriller turns into a fast but respectful appreciation of
    taking a real life situation to a supernatural event and it does so
    evenly that you drawn into the conclusion of these peoples lives.

    The film over all is a win if you are a film buff. THIS IS NOT A B
    FILM. This is one of those films that have to be in the mind set that
    the actual characters are also stunned that an event like this
    happening. If you allow yourself to be immersed in the reality you will
    find that this film is enjoyable and also entertaining.

    Olivia Wild is able to take a character 360 degrees and it is

  • sideriteJuly 28, 2015Reply

    More decent than I expected and not what the trailer suggested

    OK, so you have seen the trailer and you know that the whole idea is
    that old ”don’t play God” thing that all those pesky scientists always
    seem to be doing, regardless of the good intentions of priests, law
    makers and corporations. But the scenes are also arranged to suggest
    some demonic possession thing which is completely absent from the
    movie. In fact, this is more akin to Lucy having a bastard child with
    Flatliners than anything else.

    For this genre of movies, it is a bit above average because it actually
    has a story and the acting is decent. The problem – the BIG problem –
    is that someone wanted it to be a horror, which frankly doesn’t make a
    lot of sense. They mixed together so many things: the resurrection
    thing, the brain power, the psychological nature of hell, the
    one-by-one killings. At one time they even had a corporate takeover
    scene with Ray Wise in it that lasted a whole minute. Did they hope for
    a trilogy or something?

    Bottom line: this could have been a decent low budget science- fiction,
    with good old fashioned subtle hints for all the points they wanted to
    make and a lot of potential for development in future sequels. Instead,
    they tried the movie approach: sticking a needle in your brain and
    force feeding you crap. Too bad too, because, as I said, the movie was
    above average and had the chance to be great.

  • RevRonsterAugust 3, 2015Reply

    Though it had potential, the whole thing lacked focus.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ApproximatelyHandsomeAugust 6, 2015Reply

    TheManWhoFellFrom198’s Review

    I had semi-high hopes for this one, not so much for the story but for
    the cast (Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass, Donald Glover and Evan Peters are
    all doing great work on television), but ultimately the movie was rote.
    It had a distinct early-to-mid-90s pre-”Scream” naivete (a la ”Man’s
    Best Friend” or ”Ghost in the Machine”) but ultimately felt like a
    derivative, uninspired rip-off. Borrowing elements from 1990’s
    ”Flatliners” and Bernard Werber’s cult French novel ”Les Thanataunotes”
    but adding very little to the theme, the movie overly relies on the
    charisma of its cast, who are largely too young and hip for their
    roles. The lone exception is Sarah Bolger (of Jim Sheridan’s ”In
    America”), who gives the film’s best performance. Ultimately a
    disappointment, albeit inoffensive.

  • Brandon MaynardAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Honestly, a big letdown for me.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gpeltzAugust 15, 2015Reply

    Back from the dead

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • eddie_bagginsAugust 26, 2015Reply

    Interesting start turns into another average horror

    There are a bountiful array of different and concerning trends
    effecting modern day horror films these days, one of the most glaring
    is the fact that there are a huge amount of horror films that aren’t
    actually that horrific. Sure they’re violent and unafraid to spill
    blood, but actually bone chilling scary, not on your life. The
    Conjuring sure was creepy and shame on me for even mentioning it but so
    was the first Paranormal Activity, but other than that really, our
    horror offerings have been slight to say the least over the last 5 or
    so years.

    The other huge and frustrating aspect bringing down many a film of the
    genre is the fact that there are an increasingly large number of films
    with potential that find it squandered in the midst of so-so acting,
    characters we can’t be bothered caring for, uninspiring direction and
    cliché ridden story arcs – it’s a problem then that the Lazarus Effect
    is a harbinger for both these genre drowning aspects.

    With a ripe story idea and with an admittedly strong opening, Lazarus
    quickly descends into a CGI ridden and murkily developed story that
    asks us to care but provides us with little reason to and whenever the
    scariest scene in a horror film is the sight of Childish Gambino
    wearing a pig mask, you get the feeling that the Lazarus Effect has
    failed in its modus operandi.

    You’ve got to wonder what’s the main reasoning behind Lazarus’s
    inability to go on with its strong idea, and while the premise of
    scientific boffins discovering a way to raise people up from their
    mortal coils isn’t exactly a new idea, Lazarus seemed to have a fresh
    take on the concept within its grasp but as soon as the always pretty
    to look at Olivia Wilde returns to our adventure as a dark eyed
    resurrected baddie, Lazarus shuns aside all good will in a plethora of
    dumb scenes, lame character demises and bad scripting, so bad does
    Lazarus become in its later stages that all be wishing that the film
    focused on the brought back from the dead Rocky the dog instead.

    Saving face with a concept that’s initially intriguing and actually
    entertaining, The Lazarus Effect is yet another addition to the ever
    growing library of recent horror films that lose sight of goals within
    their reach to become merely above horrible entries into a genre that
    is finding itself with less and less wins as the years go on.

    2 murderous storage cabinets out of 5

  • Fanis PatrasAugust 28, 2015Reply

    Interesting idea… bad execution !!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ZULFIQAR RAJA ([email protected])August 31, 2015Reply

    Good but should have been better!

    There are many things to like about ‘The Lazarus Effect’ a sort of
    indie horror, which has borrowed parts of other movies especially
    ‘Flatliners’ but with more horror and less maturity. The film follows
    students of medicine who are trying to devise a technique where they
    can bring back people who have recently died by injecting them with a
    chemical that interacts with their brain. Their reasons are much
    different to the medics in ‘Flatliners’ and the results are more
    horrific. Good cast who create enough tension to keep the viewer hooked
    yet the film is disappointing because its ideas could have been
    explored further. Olivia Wilde is excellent as the first human subject
    yet her demise and climax of the movie seems rushed and gives you the
    impression the director ran out of budget or ideas. This may explain
    the film’s short length however what we have is thrilling and creepy.
    But being a writer myself, I saw so much potential to this movie and
    know it could have been much better. On a positive note, the film
    exceeds the more hyped ‘Lucy’ as it also explores what happens if a
    greater part of our brain capacity could be utilised. @zulfmanauthor

  • pietroschekSeptember 1, 2015Reply

    If mentioning ‘The Flatliners’ as story predecessor it would be good.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • David HineSeptember 3, 2015Reply

    Tired old cliché done badly….

    ”The Lazarus Effect” had moments; it’s a pity we had seen them all
    before. It is billed as a horror / thriller but there’s really nothing
    horrific / thrilling about it. Sure there’s flickering lights and scary
    music but really…?!?

    The acting was at best average and I found myself struggling to care
    about any of the characters (except for Rocky the dog… and that was
    just because he was cute and deserved a better movie to be in. With a
    plot so thin and clichéd, I spent most of my time recalling what bits
    of what movies they’d stolen each part from..

    There is definitely a pet semetary thing going on here; in fact the
    plot follows this more closely than many would realize, but with no
    brilliance or pizazz.

    All in all 83 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. 3 Stars for

  • Roland E. Zwick ([email protected])September 15, 2015Reply

    lackluster thriller

    In ”The Lazarus Effect,” a team of university researchers (Olivia
    Wilde, Mark Duplass, Donald Glover, Evan Peters and Sarah Bolger) comes
    up with a serum to bring dead creatures back to life. They start off
    with dogs but, when one of their own dies unexpectedly, they decide to
    try the formula out on humans. Needless to say, things – as is
    generally the case in these sorts of playing-God scenarios – don’t go
    exactly as planned.

    The makers of ”The Lazarus Effect” (Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater wrote
    it and David Gelb directed it) have taken a potentially promising
    premise and given it the standard horror movie treatment, overloaded
    with stock jump cuts, ear-splitting musical cues and typical science
    vs. the supernatural mumbo jumbo. It’s good for an adrenaline rush or
    two (especially in the final scenes) but, all told, ”The Lazarus
    Effect” is a fairly unimpressive and forgettable film.

  • kosmaspSeptember 28, 2015Reply

    Uncertain results

    If ”Lazarus” is not a word you’re familiar with, you will after
    watching this. Anyone knowing what it means or who has seen the trailer
    already knows where this is going (Lazarus Experiment could be another
    title for this). It starts off pretty strong, though some believe it
    does lose its focus towards the end.

    My feeling while watching it was, that it was more than decent. Wildes
    performance was really good and while I guess you can see the twist
    coming, it’s still nice turns and surprises along the way. Just be
    careful what you do and how you do it … protocol is there for a
    reason, you know? On the other hand, we wouldn’t have a movie if things
    wouldn’t go wrong, so there you go. Nice effects too and I actually
    liked the characters and them trying to figure stuff out.

  • Niki KefalaOctober 5, 2015Reply

    Olivia Wilde back in House M.D.

    An atmospheric film you will find at ”The Lazarus effect”, at least at
    the first half hour of the movie. It starts as a very promising
    thriller, but unfortunately it’s not. Same old, same old and in this
    movie, who deals with very important issues – that remain unanswered of
    course. It makes you think for all this matters for a while, because
    when this movie ends, you forget everything. As the story commands,
    this film ”walks” between life and death, but also as the time goes by
    the story becomes boring and uninteresting. The performances are good,
    especially Olivia’s Wilde, who has the leading role. And how wouldn’t
    she? She has the experience needed in this kind of stuff from her
    appearance in ”House M.D.”.

  • morrison-dylan-fanOctober 13, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • unimaticsOctober 17, 2015Reply

    The Premise s Seriously Out of Date

    Yet another ”back from the dead movie” that treats the subject as if it
    is unusual or shocking.

    I was brought back from the dead 10 years ago, and I was hardly the
    first. To quote the male leader of ”The Lazarus Project”, I got the
    second chance I deserved. But it was 10 full years before this movie
    was made, and even then it wasn’t new. There was nothing chilling or
    horrible about it.

    If this movie exploited your fear of death, your fear of death is so
    last century! Don’t count on it, but in many cases you can visit the
    realm of death, and come back, and continue to live a normal life until
    you die of old age. It’s no longer the big mystery it was 30 or 40
    years ago.

    You, like much of the world, may have a lot of catching up to do. This
    movie won’t help you in that regard.

  • TxMikeOctober 19, 2015Reply

    Legitimate science is turned into something really spooky!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pllcharlotteatcOctober 20, 2015Reply

    I mean Olivia Wilde…

    This film was a really good film to watch. Yes it may have been like
    any basic possession horror movie, but I think the cast makes the film
    a whole lot better. I mean Olivia Wilde. The story line is easy to
    follow and a good handful of jump scares in there. I would have thought
    the classification would be a 15 not a PG-13. There is really amazing
    acting and a surprise ending. This films rating should be a lot higher
    that a 5 because it was all and all a great movie. It would defiantly
    be a movie I would recommend to my family and friends. Some parts of
    the film did confuse me at times but I caught on in the end. It is one
    to add to my Horror movie list.

  • SnoopyStyleOctober 20, 2015Reply

    mediocre derivative horror

    Couple Frank (Mark Duplass) and Zoe (Olivia Wilde) are medical
    researchers developing a serum to bring back the recently deceased.
    Clay (Evan Peters) and Niko (Donald Glover) are their assistants. Eve
    (Sarah Bolger) is a student videotaping the trials. They break the
    grant contract by using dead animals instead of coma patients. A large
    pharmaceutical buys the grant company and confiscates all the research
    material for breaking the contract. The group sneaks into the lab to
    continue the research. Zoe is accidentally electrocuted and Frank
    brings her back to life despite everybody’s objections.

    These are good actors doing a mediocre little horror. The plot is
    derivative. The script is nothing special. My main problem is that
    director David Gelb telegraphs every turn this movie takes. It lays out
    the story from the start and walks down the straight forward path. The
    kills could have been more grotesque but the movie holds back. The jump
    scares are essentially turning the lights on and off. The actors are
    good but there are no surprises.

  • alburoemmaOctober 24, 2015Reply

    Flimsy and tired, wasted 2 hours

    I didn’t buy the lead character’s morphing into a demon with
    supernatural powers after being a sweet lady working in a lab, the
    science behind it was flimsy and could be written on the back of a
    napkin by a used car salesman. The characters were tired and well worn
    from an amalgam of other many movies most better. The whole premise of
    being in hell or not seemed to be a big yawner and couldn’t wait to get
    out of the movie (which was the real hell). The ending, which is
    supposed to be a shocker, was a huge disappointment and basically did
    nothing but set the stage for a Lazarus 2, 3 and ”coming soon to a
    Sci-Fi channel near you – 10”. The dog was cute but that’s about it.

  • Michael_ElliottOctober 24, 2015Reply

    A Few Interesting Ideas Ruined by Poor Execution

    The Lazarus Effect (2015)

    ** (out of 4)

    A group of scientist discover a formula that could help bring the dead
    back to life. The main scientist Frank (Mark Duplass) and his fiancé
    (Olivia Wilde) mess up when signing their contract and end up getting
    kicked out of the laboratory. Needing to get enough of their records to
    carry on, the group sneak back into the lab but after an accident
    Frank’s fiancé is killed. They decide to use the formula to bring her
    back to life but things don’t go as planned.

    THE LAZARUS EFFECT has a few interesting ideas and some great
    performances, which keep it from being a complete trainwreck but
    there’s no question that the film doesn’t take its subject serious
    enough to have the film work. There’s no question that there are
    elements of FLATLINERS here but people will also be thinking of LUCY,
    which was released the previous year as this film.

    It should be noted that without the end credits this movie runs just 76
    minutes, which is extremely short in today’s time. I personally love
    shorter movies but this one here is just so uneven that the film pretty
    much ends just as you feel it should be taking off. I say that because
    there are some interesting ideas about Heaven and Hell here but sadly
    very few of them are fully explored because once the fiancé is brought
    back to life the film turns into a rather generic horror movie. I’m not
    sure why the screenplay would introduce such good idea but then not do
    anything with them and especially since the film is so short and could
    have been expanded on.

    The performances in the film is what save it and help carry the
    material. Both Duplass and Wilde are very good and especially
    believable in their roles. Supporting players Sarah Bolger, Evan Peters
    and Donald Glover are also very good. Technically speaking the film
    features a nice score, good cinematography and the director certainly
    makes a professional looking film. With that said, THE LAZARUS EFFECT
    completely falls apart during the final fifteen minutes, which is a
    real shame.

  • Alexa VOctober 29, 2015Reply

    Adrenaline straight to the heart….. Annoying & Unrealistic…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Renee StewartOctober 30, 2015Reply


    This movie was very predictable. I scare easily but nothing in this
    movie made me feel scared. If things had gone the way I expected, it
    could have been a good movie. On a five star scale, this movie gets two
    stars. It had a good storyline. I liked the characters. And it had a
    good plot twist at the end. In spite of the plot twist, it still only
    qualifies for two our five stars.

    From the very beginning the movie was predictable. You know who would
    end up being the villain and how they were gonna end up being the
    villain. The kill scenes (other than the first) was completely

    One question: what the hell happened to the dog?

    It’s bad, but that’s the only character I really cared about. I will
    probably never EVER watch this movie again and I’m sorry I wasted time
    watching it the first time.

  • Wizard-8November 1, 2015Reply

    In the end, mediocre

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jessegehrigNovember 1, 2015Reply

    Barry White should be reanimated, get some bass up in here

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Rainbow FrightNovember 8, 2015Reply

    The film proves to be solid, and creepy.

    A bunch of these scientists have been experimenting with a serum known
    as the Lazarus serum, known to bring things back to life. However, when
    something goes horribly wrong, and one of the members, Zoe, dies, the
    team brings her back. But as they bring her back, they realize
    something has gone horribly, horribly wrong. The plot of this film I
    found to be quite unique. It was enjoyable to see a refreshing idea
    introduced into the horror world. Having a situation like this in a
    confined research center was great too, offering little, yet
    resourceful ideas for these characters to go through in order to stop
    the entity of which has possessed Zoe. The film also manages to
    introduce some intriguing back-story with the events of which Zoe is
    being put through, the said back-story not only clears up some events
    us audience are put through; the events also manage to give us more
    insight on our character, Zoe. The film’s idea of having the team in
    such a confined area, as said before, managed to be quite tense, and
    quite creepy. There were scenes of this film where you see complete
    darkness, and creepy imagery of said entity from before, lurking, and
    stalking after these surviving characters. The death sequences featured
    were quite solid, and even ironic ( Reason saying that will be shown
    when seeing this film ) They feature little, to no gore, living up to
    it’s PG-13 rating. Now, the characters we were given were pleasant,
    why? More than likely because we’re given scientists / studying people.
    They know what to do, and not only do they NOT be stupid, but they also
    manage to make some quick, steady decisions that succeed in gripping
    our attention. Some things I honestly didn’t like, however. This film
    tended to be a bit clichéd with the whole ”possession” tactic, but what
    saved it was the refreshing approach toward it. They gave Zoe
    supernatural powers we’ve seen plenty of times before, nothing
    typically new on that note. The film dragged on a small bit, but in a
    respectful tone; either way, still dragging on with small talk.
    Finally, the ending of this film I found to be a bit ridiculous, I
    personally found it dumb that they threw it all back at us, of which
    said ”all” shall not be spoiled.

    In conclusion. This film wasn’t the worst, it had it’s refreshing, new
    moments, however, like most horror films to pop up like this one, it
    had it’s clichés, as well as stupid, easily avoidable moves. Never the
    less, acting was solid, ideas were refreshing, the film managed to be
    tense, and creepy, and overall, for the most part.. successful. I’d
    recommend this for horror fans, if you’re perhaps bored. This film,
    although refreshing, was honestly a bit generic.

  • pronetomoviesNovember 8, 2015Reply

    this movie is 50 50

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • begobNovember 22, 2015Reply


    A team of scientists develop a serum that brings a dog back to life,
    but in their desperation to prove their work before it’s all taken away
    by a grasping capitalist they make a fatal mistake.

    Pacey lab horror that disappoints in the end. Most everything about it
    is well done – acting, music, location – and it looks good, but the
    jump scares barely work, with the pig mask the only one to give me a
    mild rush. The use of the journalist’s camera for exposition and
    character introduction is clever, but it doesn’t inform the rest of the
    story. And there’s a double twist – first one good, second bad.

    The big problem is the concept, which dabbles with the afterlife but
    ends up with not much to say on the subject. There’s an elaborate plot
    point involving corporate skullduggery, but that’s just a convenience
    and doesn’t play out. Finally, the climax simply isn’t horrifying –
    perhaps they should have kept on with the surveillance footage, which
    did feel creepy.

    Overall, engaging start, unimpressive end.

  • TheBarleyGuyDecember 18, 2015Reply

    Sincerely disappointing.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • view_and_reviewDecember 22, 2015Reply

    Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

    I’ve seen so many movies I can no longer watch a movie without scanning
    through my mental catalog of films to find a similar match for what I’m
    watching at the time. The Lazarus Effect immediately brought to mind
    Flatliners. For the most part everything was the same except that
    Flatliners were trying to experience death whereas the students in The
    Lazarus Effect were trying to bring the dead back to life.

    We all should know by now that whenever someone experiments with the
    dead and trying to bring them back to life–through whatever means–it
    never ends up well. The Lazarus Effect was no different.

    I thought the movie was solid. It’s classified as a horror and rightly
    so, but it really established itself as a serious and credible film by
    taking a scientific approach. This wasn’t a case of mysticism, alien
    technology or demon possession. These were serious students trying to
    achieve a legitimate goal of temporarily bringing a person back from
    the dead so that medical professionals can save his/her life. The
    build-up was adequate and cohesive. The story made sense and didn’t
    seem forced. Ultimately the goal was to scare you and there were enough
    dark flickering lights moments to do that as well.

    I liked the movie. It’s no theatrical masterpiece but it did have some
    originality and a good storyline. It looked as though there was some
    effort put into the movie and that’s more than can be said for a lot of
    scary movies.

  • Jeremy BoydJanuary 8, 2016Reply

    More teen rubbish…

    A bunch of teens with ‘doctor’ in front of their names…when are we
    going to get some new ideas for horror/scifi films? This one is just
    another another movie to earn a quick buck with the younger audience. I
    suppose they will find this fun, but more sensible and mature folk may
    find this boring and stereotyped. The first part of the film was dull
    and slow, yet became more interesting later on; in spite of this, ‘The
    Lazarus Effect’ has no real value, and like others of its kind, it too
    will be relegated to the back shelf (way back), forgotten by just about
    everybody. If this sort of film was made back in the seventies, those
    fellas would have put more spice and energy into the story, but, well,
    this isn’t the seventies, this is forty years later, and that’s what we
    have to put up with from thoroughly unimaginative movie-makers.

  • marilyndean-47962January 26, 2016Reply

    very creepy…and edge of seat thriller

    I love scary movies..but it takes a lot to creep me out…this one did
    just that. The story line was not very original (reminded me of
    Flatliners from the 90’s)…but with a twist and more scares…it is a
    movie I suggest watching at night with the lights out. And then maybe
    sleep with a night light. Good movie with great acting. I would
    probably not buy it…but it is worth renting. I don’t know why some
    people gave it such low votes, I really enjoyed it. I like movies that
    make me jump and look behind myself when I hear a noise. This movie did
    just that. I watched it alone..but you might want to watch it with a
    friend…cuz it really is creepy. ENJOY

  • JamesMarch 2, 2016Reply

    Imperfect, but achieves quite a lot with its minimalism

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Lars BearMarch 24, 2016Reply

    Good, until she comes back from the dead

    Given the title, I guess it’s not much of a spoiler to give away that
    one of the characters comes back from the dead. This takes place about
    half-way through the movie and, until that point, it’s quite good.
    Until then it’s about a bunch of young, feckless medical researchers
    (with whom I identify, as I was one myself back in the day) trying to
    carry out ground-breaking and unorthodox experiments in the face of
    opposition from their institution and exploitation from their sponsors.
    Sounds vaguely familiar, in fact.

    The experiments involve reanimation, and there are some mildly
    interesting philosophical discussions about life and death and all the
    rest of it, although they aren’t developed as thoroughly as they might
    have been. The dialogue is believable (although the science is a bit
    jumbled) and the acting convincing.

    Then one of the characters comes back to life, and the whole thing goes
    to pieces. How that character behaves thereafter has no connection to
    the earlier scenes. Although there is plenty of creepy material, and a
    few genuinely scary moments, it all seems pretty formulaic after this

    In short — watch the first half, and then the last five minutes. The
    rest of the movie has little you haven’t seen before.

  • eng-bmoradiApril 24, 2016Reply

    What’s wrong with people ?

    This movie is amazing , Many ideas are not original , Many are cliché
    but still this was totally a very good movie . I rated it 8 because
    from start to finish it was entertaining

    I really don’t understand what’s wrong with people

    Is it a new wave of mentally disordered people who can’t tell between a
    good and a bad movie ? This movie was a very good horror movie , simple
    as that , It has jump scares , The story has it’s own depth , The
    ending could have been better but still it had a last surprise

    Again , There is something seriously wrong with the people who rated
    this less than 6 . This movie is very underrated ,

  • The CouchpotatoesMay 1, 2016Reply

    Watch Flatliners instead.

    The Lazarus Effect is one of those movies that you watch without any
    passion or interest for it. You know you saw worse movies that you
    hated, but you also know that you saw way better movies then this one.
    It’s just an average movie that you watch once and then forget about
    it. The cast isn’t that bad actually. All the actors did their job well
    but they won’t be remembered for their role in The Lazarus Effect. The
    story is just not good enough to make it interesting. If you want to
    watch a movie with the same concept as this one then you should watch
    ”Flatliners” from 1990. That one is way better then this one. In The
    Lazarus Effect there is just a thing missing. It could have been much
    better but unfortunately it isn’t.

  • FearAndAnxietyMay 12, 2016Reply

    Everything you expect from a horror movie with a rapper in it

    If you wanna watch a bunch of lame actors bicker about pseudoscience,
    boy have I got the movie for you! That’s, like, the first 75 minutes.
    Then, eventually, characters start getting killed off in boring and
    obvious ways and character motivations stop making sense. The only
    thing that separates this from shot-on-video junkers of the 80s is that
    modern digital movies can all achieve a similar, atmospheric gloss. But
    look past that and there’s not much else to see.

    Our team of scientists consist of two stoner comic relief dudes, two
    implausibly hot chicks and Mark Duplass as himself. All five of them
    spend their time explaining to each other every aspect of what they’re
    doing, but ultimately the logic of the film’s premise doesn’t even hold
    up. …Which would be fine it was just an excuse to throw all kinds of
    wild, cool stuff in front of the camera. But it’s also a tame PG-13, so
    it’s not even entertaining in a trashy/ schlocky way.

    The film’s idea of a dramatic, frightening image is a smokey hallway.
    Plot twists are set up (Oh no, the chemical company has been spying on
    us!) and then just dropped because they never mattered in the first
    place. The revived dog ”going Cujo” is constantly threatened throughout
    the film, and they keep dragging it around from location to location
    while dramatically zooming in to close ups of its face, but ultimately
    it never does anything or has any influence on the outcome of the story
    at all. The first hour of this movie is like Shakma if the killer
    monkey never broke free of its cage, and the last half hour is a cheap
    Carrie knock-off without the heart. It doesn’t help that the plot
    points which are withheld from us through most of the film are all
    disclosed in the trailer, so as an audience we’re just left in the
    position of waiting for the movie to catch up to us.

    I won’t spoil the ending because I just finished watching this movie
    under an hour ago and I’ve already forgotten it. If you hang in there
    for a while, though, you’ll eventually get a Ray Wise cameo. Sure, he’s
    a bit over the top, but at least he knows how to make a character
    interesting. Too bad he didn’t stick around behind the scenes and help
    the rest of the cast out. I guess they were aiming for more realism…
    in a movie where people come back from the dead and make furniture
    levitate. That’s The Lazarus Effect!

  • Sjalka RjadottirJune 25, 2016Reply

    So this movie is just a remake of ”Lucy”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • suite92September 21, 2016Reply

    Another weak entry in the ‘not safe to play God’ sub-genre.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jamilr-06385September 27, 2016Reply

    Underrated and Misunderstood

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • adonis98-743-186503October 8, 2016Reply

    Boring Characters and Story Ruin a Movie that could be more Interesting..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Fiorella TaylorOctober 15, 2016Reply


    Do not waste your time watching that movie. I have no idea how this got
    reviews that rated it beyond horrible. It just deserves one star
    because it wasted money to produce.The whole part that is supposed to
    be of horror and somewhat scary, run for about 20 minutes, and may I
    add it was VERY unoriginal,lacking emotion/passion. It’s disgraceful
    people who have absolutely no skills for horror are still entitled
    enough to think they can make something work…. And the result is
    something like the ”Lazarus Effect”. Look for another movie or re-watch
    the classics. Olivia Wilde as usual is horrible, but I can’t believe
    Evan Peters from AHS actually agreed to make this movie. Shocking.

  • athenamuses-308-200437October 22, 2016Reply

    Strange experiments gone wrong

    I couldn’t stand looking at the way the animals were treated. It was
    awful. Do the movie without having to put a dog in restraints, then in
    a cage, then make it act like it’s psychotic. Really not necessary.
    Stick to humans. Animals can’t say ”no.” I was very disappointed in
    this movie. I supposed the plot was fine, I just didn’t like the whole
    tenor of it. Everything about the movie seemed very haphazard and
    written without any depth. And, like i said, they just should have
    excluded the dog from the script. He wasn’t needed and it was upsetting
    to see him being shot up and restrained, even if animal welfare was on
    the set, which I hope it was. Probably they didn’t really shoot him up,
    it was just so disturbing, the absolute disrespect for life.

  • Desertman84October 31, 2016Reply

    Bringing Back Someone To Life

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • monsterjazzlicksJanuary 4, 2017Reply

    RE: Definitely AVOID!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SmartlinkJanuary 25, 2017Reply

    Could have been so much more

    This re-animator vibe filled movie had so much going for it. I
    scratched the surface of a very interesting story. This could really
    have been much much more. The acting was above what I was expecting. Of
    course you get a few scare jumps, but that is not what this movie is
    trying to be. Yet it falls short of become something greater.

    The cold emptiness of the lab could be felt, it added to the atmosphere
    very well. This movie obviously got his inspiration from The
    Re-Animator, Pet Cemetery and even a little Flatliners if would dare to

    As enjoyable as it was, you can’t help to fell like this movie was
    rushed out of it’s intentions. That will leave you wishing it had more
    to offer in the end. Don’t get me wrong, this movie is not dull or
    boring, but it strive’s to accomplished something but never does. Well
    made and a great production value without a doubt.

    The plot is kinda easy to foresee yet keeps you on your toes until the
    end. Overall this movie is entertaining, but… Like I said , could
    have done much more.

  • bradenbkJanuary 29, 2017Reply

    Decently Performed, but not much else to see.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sandgraindayFebruary 7, 2017Reply

    Although I’m not sure what the filmmakers are trying to say, I like the movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • johndescyFebruary 26, 2017Reply

    Decent horror movie

    I think this is way underrated. While this is nothing intellectual, it
    is indeed an entertaining horror movie. Acting is quite good and it is
    overall pretty well made. I also don’t think it’s a weakness, that big
    parts of the background story are left to the viewers imagination. Did
    any horror story ever get better, when everything is explained? I don’t
    think so. We get to know enough for the story to unfold, and I think
    that’s totally OK for a scary movie. Yes, it’s more popcorn cinema than
    deep or demanding, but I think it’s thrilling and fun to watch.

  • Ladnar BerkeApril 5, 2017Reply

    Hey. Anyone can make a horror movie, am I right?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Aaron-UKMay 7, 2017Reply

    Worth watching for fans of the genre.

    The movie is clearly a homage to Flatliners, but that’s not in any way
    negative. Character building is fairly honest and I enjoyed seeing Evan
    Peters here as he has a good presence on screen.

    However for me personally I couldn’t help but feel the movie got to
    that magic moment and decided to back away for a more modest and
    somewhat safe approach. Had that door been opened this movie could have
    become so much more.

    In the end the movie was interesting, and anything that Blumhouse or
    Jason Blum is involved in tends to be worth a look see for me.

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