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The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys

Private dicksMay. 15, 2016 USA116 Min.R
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9.1 1,355 votes

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Shane Black


Russell Crowe isJackson Healy
Jackson Healy
Ryan Gosling isHolland March
Holland March
Angourie Rice isHolly March
Holly March
Matt Bomer isJohn Boy
John Boy
Margaret Qualley isAmelia Kuttner
Amelia Kuttner
Keith David isOlder Guy
Older Guy
Kim Basinger isJudith Kuttner
Judith Kuttner
Beau Knapp isBlueface


A private eye investigates the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles and uncovers a conspiracy.

The Nice Guys
The Nice Guys
The Nice Guys
The Nice Guys
The Nice Guys
The Nice Guys
The Nice Guys
The Nice Guys
The Nice Guys
The Nice Guys
Original titleThe Nice Guys
IMDb Rating7.4 175,567 votes
TMDb Rating7 1879 votes

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  • Robin WickyMay 15, 2016Reply

    Stupidity as an Art of Comedy

    The Nice Guys represents the buddy movie genre at its best. Shane Black
    is a excellent director and a brilliant writer. He knows how to create
    hilarious characters and how to put them in absurd scenes — absurd in a
    comic way. The gags are all unexpected; I was constantly asking myself
    ”What the hell is going on?”, and then burst into laughter. The plot
    could seem weird at the beginning, but it’s not the main point in this
    movie, it is only used to create a context to the jokes. People in the
    theater couldn’t stop laughing. There is a new and original joke every
    two minutes. Russell Crowe plays his part very well, but Ryan Gosling’s
    performance is already cult. All is in the look in his eyes, and that
    stupid expression on his face. Two stupid and impulsive men in an
    outrageous world full of porn stars and guns, fighting for…money. And
    truth, of course. Always the old truth about some kind of conspiracy
    (the only weakness in the movie). Hopefully, Shane Black doesn’t insist
    too much on that and concentrates himself on the constant jokes. I
    guarantee you, you will laugh a lot. I know I’ve just watched an
    excellent movie when I feel sad during the credits, because it’s
    already over. And then, it’s just pure happiness.

  • fero_king-65322May 16, 2016Reply

    Very NICE

    Ryan Gosling in a physical action-comedy? Whoever thought of the idea
    should be crowned genius of the year. With dynamite timing and
    uproarious gestures, Gosling mines his diverse abilities and becomes a
    blast in The Nice Guys, directed by Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang
    Bang scribe Shane Black. Cowritten by Black and Anthony Bagarozzi, this
    nonstop-hilarious buddy-cop film is both a committed rekindling of the
    old formula Black aced throughout his career and a playful wink to the
    genre, bouncily walking on the fine line with occasional backflips.

    Not that Gosling’s character, Holland March, a clumsy, drunken private
    eye living in 1977 Los Angeles, is exactly a cop, per se. (He’s often
    hired by confused old ladies looking for their dead family members.)
    And neither is his eventual partner, the ultra-serious tough guy
    Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe, beefed up and effective), who rakes in
    hard cash by beating up his clients’ enemies.Between a gorgeously
    grandiose finale, memorable parts for Yaya DaCosta and Kim Basinger and
    a juicy soundtrack that includes Earth, Wind & Fire and Kool & the
    Gang, The Nice Guys is the perfect, incredibly crafted yet laid-back
    procedural we’ve been starved for. Even when it sometimes seems that
    the endless jokes are being thrown against a wall to see what sticks,
    The Nice Guys, on the whole, summons that victorious, innocent feeling
    of seeing likable heroes win while having fun along the way. It’s nice,

  • abqfastappraisalsMay 17, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tylervirtualMay 17, 2016Reply

    Video Review for The Nice Guys: One of my favorites this year!!

    I absolutely adored this movie! I don’t often love a movie and to be
    honest usually I am pretty harsh on them but this is a great film. It’s
    not the best film ever made or anything but it’s flawless for what it’s
    trying to be which is a stupid noir buddy cop comedy! When I say
    ”stupid” I am referring to the good kind of stupid. This movie was
    interesting, had a great plot, great characters, fantastic script, and
    even really good film making as a bonus!!! 9.5/10 Shane Black has shown
    us again why he is such a good director and screenplay writer.

    My typing isn’t that good so if you don’t like it then check out my
    video review 🙂

    Video Review is up on my Youtube Channel if you want to check it out!
    Here is the link! I upload movie reviews regularly.

  • Kobe KeymeulenMay 17, 2016Reply

    Yes, It’s Good. Actually, It’s Great!

    ”Sometimes, you just win”

    Everyone ready? Cool, ’cause it’s superlatives time! The Nice Guys is
    the best action/comedy I’ve seen in years. And probably also my
    favorite film of this year in general. *Insert Classic Footage Of An
    Old Hydrogen Bomb Test* But why? I’m trying to keep this flashy, so
    we’ll stick to three elements, bearing in mind the rest goes from
    decent to great.

    What’s it about? Seventies LA! Private Investigators! Doing… Quips!
    Action! Drinking! Quipping while drunk! Shooting whilst quipping… In
    an intoxicated fashion! Also porn stars, stripper mermaids, eccentric
    gangsters and protesting hippies.

    Let’s start with the writing. And no, this is always my pet aspect of
    filmmaking, I’m not turning to it just now because Shane Black is
    involved. Look, say whatever you want about Iron Man 3, the man is
    still a rockstar. And if you disagree… Reserve judgment till you see
    this movie. There’s not a line waisted, no tiny setup that goes without
    pay- off, no detail that’s left unacknowledged. Does it have typical
    Shane Blackisms (quippy characters, subversion of action movie tropes)?
    Yes. Are those ‘isms’ appropriate? Never more so. Watching it, I could
    feel the release of those now so rare endorphins that tend to accompany
    well structured stories.

    Next, let’s turn to the main guys and gal. I mention her because
    Angourie Rice really acts the hell out of the role of ‘too wise and
    quippy for her age teen’. To channel my inner 1977 LA exec: that kid is
    going places. But you’re here to hear about Crowe & Gosling, aren’t
    you? Well, I personally got them served just the way I like ‘m. In
    Crowe’s case, it’s noble yet down on his luck Russell (also, not
    throwing heavy objects at my facial area). In Gosling’s case, it’s
    fast-talking (!), occasionally dumb- witted or genius, well-written
    Ryan. Also, chemistry, huzzah. Crowe seems to know more about it than
    Bryan Cranston.*.

    And the final element is: laughter (note to self: great pitch for
    something at some point). Yes, I know, not really fair and probably a
    combination of the previous two. Maybe I should’ve said that this movie
    looks really great, even has some fun framing at times to improve the
    visual gags. But I’m going for the sappy line because it (laughter) is
    essential, at least in my opinion, in knowing why one should revisit
    this film. Yes, it’s a great film all round, but I rarely rewatch films
    just because they’re great. I need something else, and I think many
    others do to. Casablanca because I want to re-experience a time when
    movies were ‘that’, Goodfellas because I haven’t seen a good gangster
    flick in a while and Mad Max because every action movie feels the same.

    That’s why I’m sure that in a few years time, I won’t have forgotten
    The Nice Guys, and probably, neither will you.

    *Get it? ‘Cause of Drive? But also… Breaking Bad?

  • o_moradMay 18, 2016Reply

    Great Fun – Here’s my spoiler free overview

    I saw this at an early preview tonight and I must say, it was a great
    night at the movies! I was a fan of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Shane Black
    in general so my anticipation levels were high, especially after the
    red band trailer. The film didn’t disappoint!

    Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are on TOP FORM in this and the pair are
    a surprisingly excellent double act, Crowe as the grizzled, tough PI
    and Gosling as the drunk, ‘worst detective ever’ and it’s good to seem
    them enjoying some levity after their long run of dramatic roles.

    Shane Black really delivers and this is his best work to date. His
    direction is assured and he nailed balance between the neo noir, hard
    boiled story telling and his trademark snappy banter and dark humour.

    The story leaves the door open for a follow up and I for one would love
    to see more of these characters.

  • jadepietroMay 19, 2016Reply

    L.A. Inconsequential

    (RATING: ☆½ out of 5)


    IN BRIEF: A bubble-headed rehash of crime thrillers and buddy movies.

    GRADE: D+

    SYNOPSIS: Two inept detectives try to unravel a mystery during the
    groovy 70’s.

    JIM’S REVIEW: Take the popular buddy movies of the 80’s, add the retro
    good vibes of the 70’s and quickly stir in the grisly blood and
    violence of the 90’s and voila!…you have a half-baked movie entitled
    The Nice Guys, a film with no identity to call its own. To any
    unsuspecting moviegoer sitting through this dreadful rehash, the
    age-old adage, nice guys finish last, becomes all too true.

    The setting is L.A. during the mid 70’s. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe
    play misfits Holland March and Jackson Healy, a couple of low-life PIs
    who join forces to solve a convoluted mystery involving a missing girl,
    a porn starlet, and how two distinguished actors can pick a real loser.

    This alleged comedy is directed by Shane Black, whose previous
    experiences with this crime genre, like Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss
    Bang Bang, has shown the filmmaker to have had some relative success.
    Here, he is more concerned with capturing the seventies era with his
    references to killer bees, rationed gas lines, disco music, and pong
    video games than delivering an entertaining and logical film.

    His screenplay, co-written with Anthony Bagarozzi, is a total mess. Its
    plot frequently detours to violent chases and shoot-outs as it tries to
    connect the two unsolved cases and add some far less clever one-liners
    between the assorted mayhem. The crime and the comedy elements rarely
    align unless one agree that this comedy is indeed a crime and a waste
    of time and talent.

    The casting of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, two actors known more
    for their heavy dramatic roles rather than their light comic style,
    seems off from the start. When it comes to the high art of comedy, the
    track record of both actors is spotty as best. (While Mr. Gosling has
    had some success in this area, with film projects such as Crazy,
    Stupid, Love and Lars and the Real Girl, Mr. Crowe’s comedy film
    credits include only Noah, a true laugh-riot.) Together, the two leads
    have zero chemistry between them.

    Their foray as two wild and crazy guys is a dismal failure. Their
    so-called comedy bits are labored and bereft of humor. In fact, in one
    desperate scene, Mr.Gosling tries to channel the comic timing of Bud
    Abbott’s double takes which elicited groans rather than laughs from the
    audience members. A paunchy Mr. Crowe is briefly united with an
    air-brushed Kim Basinger, his LA Confidential co-star, in a brief scene
    or two. Let us just say time has not been kind to either star and move
    on from there.

    In supporting roles, Matt Bomer is underused as John Boy, a paid
    assassin, and Beau Knapp as a blue-faced killer is more annoying than
    menacing.The talents of fine actors like Keith David and Lois Smith are
    squandered in this dud. Only Margaret Qualley as Amelia and Angourie
    Rice as Holland’s wiser-than-her-years teenage daughter create real
    characters, but that is due to their screen presence rather than the
    dialog they are spewing. (Both actresses make a strong impression and
    do deserve better parts.)

    The film is interminably long, makes absolutely no sense, and has no
    laughs…none! The Nice Guys makes for miserable company. Avoid.

    Visit my blog at:

    ANY COMMENTS: Please contact me at: [email protected]

  • mkoszy1985May 19, 2016Reply

    Solid Buddy action/comedy

    Shane Black, the father of Buddy cop movies, returns to write and
    direct this 1970’s action/comedy about private eyes investigating a
    missing girl who is a person of interest connected to an apparent
    suicide of a female porn star.

    It has everything you would come to expect from the writer of Lethal
    Weapon, The last boy scout and kiss kiss bang bang: Chemistry between
    the two leads, dialogue of them bickering, a small case that leads to
    something much bigger and a insane amount of action make our heroes
    seem invincible (a trope that is actually acknowledged by one of the

    Ryan Gosling, playing against his usual suave bad-ass type, is
    hilarious as a bumbling, drunk goofball and Russell Crowe does what he
    does best, punch the crap out of bad guys.

    I recommend not watching the trailer as it gives away some of the
    film’s biggest laughs.

  • CarycomicMay 19, 2016Reply

    Just got back from seeing a sneak preview, And, though I hate to admit it…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TimMay 19, 2016Reply

    Very entertaining….a must see comedy

    This movie was a very good movie to see. I went to see this movie at a
    sneak preview viewing. When I saw the trailer I instantly wanted to see
    this movie and when I left that theater after the movie, I was not
    disappointed at all. It held its own.Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe did
    a fantastic job on this movie I loved how they stayed true to what the
    70’s Was actually like. It would have a funny part and then an action
    part right after it to keep you going and interested the whole entire
    time. It was packed with action and comedy.It had many humorous parts
    and kept you on the edge of your seat with the action. I recommend
    seeing this movie. Some of Goslings best work. Crowe was also very
    entertaining. Really hope that they decide to make a second one. One of
    my favorite comedies and one of the best comedies of the year for sure.

  • SexyBeaverMay 19, 2016Reply

    ”Look on the bright side. Nobody got hurt.” – Hilarious and visually authentic!

    The talented Shane Black brings us back several decades with a very
    unique but authentic looking film.

    His latest flick – The Nice Guys – looks like it could have been
    released in the 70’s, just with upgraded visuals. This along with a
    swinging soundtrack makes both my eyes and ears happy. 🙂

    More-so, I had a blast! I think it’s the first time I laughed this much
    in a theater and it’s a film I didn’t expect this much humor from,
    honestly. Shane Black’s glorious writing/directing along with Ryan
    Gosling’s perfect execution made for HILARIOUS laugh out loud moments.
    However, Ryan wasn’t the only one standing out in this flick, Russel
    Crowe and Angourie Rice were just as awesome. Others like Keith David
    and Beau Knapp with relatively ‘smaller’ roles packed quite a punch
    too. But still, these are accomplished actors while on the other side
    it was the first time I ever heard about Angourie Rice whom felt very
    mature and talented for her age. She kicked ass as Holly March

    The young miss Rice is someone we should be on the lookout for, I am
    sure we will be seeing more of her in the near future.

    Mr. Black certainly succeeded in bringing us a fresh buddy film and I
    very much recommend The Nice Guys! Guaranteed fun for young and old.


  • GoneWithTheTwins_comMay 19, 2016Reply

    Similar in spirit but inferior in execution to ”Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

    Bullets fly and bodies pile up when down-on-his-luck private
    investigator Holland March (Ryan Gosling) meets brutish mercenary
    Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe). March, hired to reexamine the death of
    adult film star Misty Mountains (Murielle Telio), partners with Healy
    when the two discover that flighty Amelia (Margaret Qualley) seems to
    be the key to the numerous murders of those involved with one of the
    actress’s movies. Tracking the young girl from decadent parties to
    clandestine meetings across 1970’s Los Angeles, the mismatched sleuths
    must battle gangsters, assassins, the law, and each other if they hope
    to stay alive and uncover the truth.

    ”The Nice Guys” takes the look and style of ”Inherent Vice,” but it
    doesn’t capture the tone. This is a shame, because what it desperately
    needed was the right feel for this kind of buddy-cop picture – which
    is, namely, one with two comic relief protagonists surrounded by a
    wealth of serious situations. Gosling is the overly flamboyant funny
    man, providing much of the slapstick and panicky overreactions – even
    going so far as to emulate a popular routine from Abbott and Costello.
    And Crowe is the bigger, tougher, heavy, who is supposed to play it
    straight. But, somewhere in the middle, his character becomes equally
    as inept as his fussing, inebriated cohort, leading to more than one
    aggravating conundrum. As this duo accidentally collects clues,
    unearths a dead body, or stumbles into the right place (at the wrong
    time), it should be amusing, not agitating.

    Like ”The Big Lebowski,” there’s a distinct film noir atmosphere and a
    bevy of red herrings to make the murder mystery excessively
    unguessable. But, unlike that aforementioned parody, which purposely
    overdid the twists to make sure that the impromptu detectives were
    inconsequential to the case at hand, ”The Nice Guys” looks to be doing
    it all in earnest. It isn’t trying to make a point with its
    circuitousness, and it’s hoping for genuine misdirection with the
    classic briefcase-full-of-money routine. Writer/director Shane Black
    believes he’s crafting an intelligent caper, merely laden with comedic
    interludes. But, in reality, he’s created a hopelessly overwrought,
    overlong, insignificant puzzlement, wherein the characters never behave
    like they’re in any real danger. They’re invincible cartoon versions of
    private eyes, failing to take anything seriously and always impervious
    to bullets. Writing in a young girl sidekick (Angourie Rice as March’s
    daughter Holly) is a smart move, as it infuses the movie with its only
    marginally deeper moments, but even she serves mostly to highlight just
    how unrealistically March and Healy behave. This goes doubly for the
    villains, who must continually delay shooting, stabbing, or
    apprehending the heroes in the most noticeable, inconvenient ways.

    The very idea of combining bickering flatfoots with deadly assassins,
    adult film stars, and precocious children demonstrates the filmmakers’
    interests in contrasting material. During the opening moments, many
    important opposites are established, from a small boy gazing at a naked
    woman to a calm evening interrupted by a careening car to the
    introductions of the leading men (one a callous enforcer, the other a
    cowardly deceiver). But the laughs that could have been derived from
    exceptional disparity are quickly replaced by wisecracks, slapstick,
    and cynical observations (Healy insists that ”Marriage is buying a
    house for someone you hate,” while March has the phrase ”You’ll never
    be happy” scrawled on his hand). The humor rarely flows naturally,
    instead arriving in the form of squabbling asides, designed
    specifically to be a separate, segregated moment outside of the plot,
    just for the main characters to exchange insults and solidify their
    lack of true detection skills (not unlike Black’s previous nod to pulpy
    noir, ”Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”). The whole movie essentially becomes an
    excuse for the comic duo (and trio when Holly partakes in the repartee)
    to joke about the ’70s, petty crooks, the corruption of humanity in
    general, gumshoes, and pornography.

    – The Massie Twins

  • OberratedMay 19, 2016Reply

    Just an average Joe

    Overall, I was disappointed by this film. I had such high hopes for
    ‘The Nice Guys’. The trailers sold me, the actors and actresses had my
    attention. I was all-in for this but after my viewing of it; it was
    good and entertaining but it ultimately fell short of my expectations.
    Let us start with the good. Crowe and Gosling delivered. I digged their
    chemistry, they balanced each other out very well and the comedy hit
    well for me. I felt Gosling had the stronger performance and I was
    enjoying every scene with him in it. The 70’s private investigator feel
    of the film was also enjoyable to me. Now for the negatives… Too
    drawn out. The film felt way longer than needed. To be honest, the
    characters of Jackson Healy and Holland March are not very developed
    besides being brutal yet comedic characters. The film tries to give the
    two characters a background story but it feels forced and forgetful.
    Bottom line: ‘The Nice Guys’ had incredible potential for me but it
    ended up falling short. Primarily due to the drawn out story and a lack
    of character development. Although still funny and pulling enough; just
    an average movie.

  • Thomas DrufkeMay 20, 2016Reply

    Bring on Sequels

    I don’t know how much broad appeal a period piece that’s structured
    around an adult film industry crime has, but you’ll have a hard time
    not getting behind the chemistry between Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling
    as the title characters. The Nice Guys is undoubtedly one of the most
    entertaining films from beginning to end in 2016 with a refreshing take
    on the buddy-cop genre.

    Crowe plays Jackson Healy, a tough, uncompromising, and rugged private
    eye of sorts who is looking for the same young woman who Gosling is as
    well. Gosling plays against type as Holland March who is everything
    Healy is not as he pretty much weeps at the sight of blood. The two
    play wonderfully off each other in what is hopefully just the first
    time we see them on screen together. It appears as if some of the gags
    between the two of them is improvised, but Shane Black’s script and
    direction deserves a ton of credit.

    If it does well enough at the box office, I have to believe the
    audience would be open to sequels. Black not only establishes the bond
    between Healy and March, but he also sets up the characters
    individually just as well. The subtle hints at who they were before
    this movie added the needed depth for the story and motivations from
    both sides.

    With that said, the heavy inclusion of March’s daughter, Holly, doesn’t
    work as well as I think Shane Black hoped. I didn’t have any problems
    with Angourie Rice’s performance, but her presence sometimes
    overshadows the brilliant dynamic established with Healy and March.
    Seeing a 13-year-old girl parade around adult film parties filled with
    gunfire can be quite amusing at times, but it’s more uncomfortable than
    anything else.

    It’s worth mentioning that Kim Basinger re-teams with her L.A.
    Confidential co-star, Crowe, so that was neat. In all, I really love
    the world Shane Black created with The Nice Guys. There’s something to
    be said for a period piece that poses a smart and entertaining time at
    the movies all while amping up my excitement for sequels.

    +Chemistry between Crowe and Gosling

    +Intricate and funny script

    +Sets itself up for installments in the future

    -Focus shifts to the daughter a few too many times


  • morefasterMay 20, 2016Reply

    An underwhelming and mostly forgettable tribute to classic TV/film

    I worked on this while it filmed in Atlanta. I couldn’t wait to see it.
    I’m a lover of classic noir and pulpy/sleazy PI films like The Long
    Goodbye, Hardcore, Klute, Chinatown, Harper, Hopscotch, Night Moves,
    etc. I much expected this movie to be like ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang meets
    Hardcore meets Boogie Nights’, but alas, I was sorely mistaken.

    The plot of this movie isn’t very stimulating, which is a bummer
    because most noir films are intentionally complex and confusing. This
    one is paper-thin, and it mostly just limps along from one
    anachronistic set piece to another, with (painfully) forced humor and
    nonsensical violence as filler along the way. It’s all pretty artless
    and tedious…which leads me to my biggest problem with the movie:

    It doesn’t even remotely look or feel like a 70’s movie. In fact it’s
    almost completely devoid of period style. I could have easily shrugged
    off the stupidity of the plot and the bad characterizations if the
    movie just ‘looked the part’, but it’s so far off, it’s confounding why
    Shane Black has it take place in 1977 at all. PT Anderson proved so
    well that it could be done with Boogie Nights and Inherent Vice. I wish
    he had directed this one too.

    I was really hoping for a Marvel killer with this one. Bummer.


  • bankofmarquisMay 20, 2016Reply

    More action and drama than comedy

    Shane Black’s new film THE NICE GUYS is being billed as an
    ”ACTION/COMEDY” and I think this is a mistake. When I think
    ”ACTION/COMEDY” I think more of things like the Will Ferrell/Mark
    Wahlberg film THE OTHER GUYS or the upcoming Dwayne Johnson/Kevin Hart
    flick CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE. Basically, a comedy with action in it. THE
    NICE GUYS is a atmospheric period piece that blends drama, action and
    comedy. It is much more nuanced than the average ”action/comedy” and,
    for the most part, succeeds in this nuance.

    Set in 1977, THE NICE GUYS pairs Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe as they
    investigate a disappearance in Los Angeles. The more they dig into the
    case, the more the bodies pile up and the deeper the conspiracy goes.

    The key to a film like this is the chemistry between the two leads and
    I am happy to report that Gosling and Crowe have pretty good chemistry
    with each other. While I thought Gosling was trying a bit too hard in
    the comedy areas (he managed the balance of comedy and drama better in
    THE BIG SHORT), the surprise to me was how easy the comedy parts seemed
    to come to Crowe while the dramatic parts showed off that he still has
    strong acting ”chops”.

    Ultimately, where this film falls short for me is in the direction by
    Shane Black (the underrated Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and the overrated Iron
    Man 3). He has the ”70’s vibe down, no doubt about it. Where this film
    falters is it’s continual shift of tone. Is it a comedy? Is it a
    serious action film? Is it a farce? Is it a drama? All of these
    elements are thrown onto the screen so it takes about 2/3 of the film
    to settle into what type of film it is – which I would call a dramatic
    action film with comedic overtones. And, by the way, there are 2
    comedic moments in this movie that created huge, sincere belly laughs
    from me – I would argue that both of those moments are worth the price
    of admission alone.

    Go for those moments, but stay for the friendship of Gosling and Crowe.
    You’ll be entertained.

    7 (out of 10) stars and you can take that to the Bank (of Marquis)

  • drjgardnerMay 20, 2016Reply

    Not so nice

    The people who created the coming attractions for this film deserve an
    Oscar. They made me believe it was going to be a great buddy drama,
    something akin to ”Bad Boys” or ”The Last Boy Scout” (of which this is
    a strange clone). Instead it is a mindless waste of talent with
    virtually nothing to recommend it.

    The acting is only slightly better than bad. And there is no chemistry
    at all between any of the main characters – a grave sin in a buddy

    The film takes place in 1977 but there is almost nothing to evoke the
    era. Neither the music, dress, locations, or slang bring us back to
    that era.

    Then there’s the plot, or lack of it. I won’t reveal it here, but you
    wouldn’t believe it if I did.

    Don’t waste your time or money. If you’ve seen the coming attractions
    you’ve already seen the only worthwhile scenes in the film.

  • HellmantMay 20, 2016Reply

    A great, nostalgic throwback; to the buddy flicks of yesteryear (which Black was a master of)!

    ‘THE NICE GUYS’: Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    Action-buddy flick from filmmaker Shane Black. Black previously wrote
    (or co-wrote) such popular (and classic) action-buddy movies as ‘LETHAL
    also directed the latter two). The film hearkens back to the glory
    days, of his greatest work (‘LETHAL WEAPON’ and ‘KISS KISS BANG BANG’).
    The movie was directed and co-written by Black, with first time film
    writer Anthony Bagarozzi (it was also produced by Joel Silver). It
    stars Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling; as two mismatched private
    investigators, trying to solve the disappearance of a missing girl (in
    1970’s Los Angeles). The film also costars Angourie Rice, Margaret
    Qualley, Matt Bomer, Keith David, Beau Knapp and Kim Basinger. I loved

    Gosling plays Holland March; a private detective, in 1970’s Los
    Angeles, and single father. He’s good at his job, but he also takes
    advantage of people; and he’s also a bumbling alcoholic (due to the
    fact that his wife recently passed away). His daughter, Holly (Rice),
    takes care of him, more than he looks out for her. Crowe plays an
    enforcer named Jack Healey. Healey is also very good at his job, but
    he’s also only motivated monetarily. March and Healey’s paths cross,
    when they’re both involved in the same missing girl case. They
    reluctantly team up, in order to solve it.

    The movie is hilarious; due to some really cleverly written dialogue,
    and some insanely odd comic scenarios. It’s also a great action flick;
    with some highly entertaining, and extremely well- executed, action
    scenes. The characters are really well written, and acted, and there’s
    even some really touching drama (involving them). The movie exceeds on
    all fronts, and there’s never a dull moment. Besides all that, it’s
    just a great, nostalgic throwback; to the buddy flicks of yesteryear
    (which Black was a master of). The film is a must see!

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  • swillikyMay 20, 2016Reply

    A great comedy noir, funny and entertaining

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mr-FusionMay 20, 2016Reply

    Just the right escapist fix

    ”The Nice Guys” had one of those trailers for the ages that you just
    know would yield a disappointing movie. No let-down here; I thoroughly
    enjoyed it. It’s a terrific mix of comedy, action, porn and Detroit
    gangsters. With less profanity and violence, this is something that’d
    work great on TV. But that’d be neutering it.

    It’s a Shane Black movie in every respect – the end result of mixing
    ”Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and ”The Last Boy Scout” – but that’s also why
    it’s so entertaining. It’s his signature brand of dialog and brutality
    that make for a good time. But it’s also the chemistry between Russell
    Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Both are good casting choices, but this is
    Gosling’s show; he plays the hell out of a hapless loser, and more than
    a few laughs come from his spastic humor.

    The tone is spot-on, the plot has just the right twists, and this works
    beautifully as light and breezy Summer fare.

    And I haven’t seen a soundtrack this good in a very long time.


  • cdcrbMay 20, 2016Reply

    didn’t work for me

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jimkyouMay 20, 2016Reply

    Not fit for human consumption

    1 is higher than I would give it. Why two talented actors would lower
    themselves to be part of trash like this is beyond me. It probably
    boils down to the parts they played ”Anything for a buck”. If there is
    any redeeming quality to this picture is that we had the opportunity to
    walk out and took it. The sad part is that I actually paid to see it.

    It was humorless. It was vulgar. It was profane. It was poorly acted.
    It was a TERRIBLE story line.

    Russell Crowe looked like a blimp.

    I feel sorry for the young actress who had to endure being a part of
    this low-life movie.

    I guess that’s what floats as entertainment today.

  • Ricky SpanishMay 20, 2016Reply

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Lite

    The best way to describe this Shane Black film is to call it ”Kiss Kiss
    Bang Bang Lite.” It’s dark and interesting in a completely quirky way
    but I found it to be less charming than KKBB. The dark humor is about
    the same and it often works quite well. Russell Crowe is exceptional
    and Gosling works well enough. They do have the chemistry required to
    pull off Shane Black material. The pleasant surprise was the daughter
    character. She added much needed heart and motivation for both leads to
    become somewhat better men.

    Overall enjoyable and I’m rounding my rating up based on expectations.
    I expected a truly great film and left the theatre somewhat unimpressed
    but that’s my flaw so setting my sights so high and not a fault of the
    film itself.

  • steve beard ([email protected])May 20, 2016Reply

    Buddy Cop Movie Without The Cops

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • adam-15419May 20, 2016Reply

    So many historical errors, but still funny

    So… this is set in 1977.

    At one point, you see Earth, Wind and Fire singing September (which
    came out in 1978).

    In another scene, you hear the Pina Colada song (which came out in

    Ryan Gosling tells his daughter to call 911 (which Los Angeles
    established in 1984).

    Sorry to be such a geek, but these things drive me crazy!

    Other than that, it was somewhat funny. I didn’t think Gosling and
    Crowe had enough chemistry to pull off a buddy-cop movie (if that’s
    what they were going for).

    I found the plot to be interesting enough, but the execution was
    lacking. They seemed to have this ”who’s a good person” theme running
    through it. But they never really developed any of the characters. It
    was all over the place! (much like this review! 🙂

    One high note: Kim Basinger still looks awesome. I couldn’t decide if
    it was from using soft filters or Botox. In the end, I went with Botox
    because her eyebrows never moved.

  • tedjsharpeMay 21, 2016Reply

    Wish I had my money back and two hours of my life

    From all the positive reviews I was looking forward to this film. Boy.
    what a letdown. Wish my wife and I had walked out a little earlier and
    enjoyed a day in the park or maybe a cat video. Acting is over the top
    by the two ”pros” and everyone else is annoyingly bad. I would love to
    know the age and film going experience of the reviewers who loved this
    trashy little film. Have they not seen the classic films from the last
    75 years so they have a point of reference? Have reviewing standards
    really slipped this far? I almost feel sorry for Russell Crowe having
    to endure this one. I wasted a couple of hours and $18. Crowe spent
    months on this humorless exercise. Hope he lost a little weight in the
    process and was well compensated. Save your money and time.

  • Adam PostMay 21, 2016Reply

    I absolutely LOVE this movie!

    I’m gonna start off by saying 2 things:

    1. I’m going to keep this review short and sweet because I don’t wanna
    take the chance of spoiling such a great movie.

    2. I haven’t laughed this hard since February of this year when I saw

    I was expecting The Nice Guys to be an action movie with some comedy
    mixed in, but in reality it was a comedy with some action mixed in.

    The movie is about 2 private eyes who end up working together to solve
    a case that they (unknowingly) are both working on. It takes place in
    the 70’s in a time where private eyes can do pretty much whatever they
    want, and crime is running rampant. Their chemistry is great; they
    harass each other all the time, tell each other what they’re doing
    wrong, and actually end up learning a thing or two from each other.
    (Their relationship is kinda like Murtaugh and Riggs’ from Lethal

    All in all, this movie is perfect in every way. It’s violent,
    hilarious, old-school and JUST PLAIN FUN. If you loved Lethal Weapon
    (and you should), you will love The Nice Guys. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

  • ddam0767May 21, 2016Reply

    I think IMDb should have an age profile to show which age groups like or dislike a movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nathanivey05May 21, 2016Reply

    Nice Guys is no Kiss Kiss, but still goes Bang Bang!

    No spoilers ahead- Writer/Director Shane Black has returned from the
    highly underrated Marvel film, Iron Man 3, with The Nice Guys. The film
    is extremely entertaining and had me laughing throughout the entire
    110min run time. I did myself a favor and only watched the first
    trailer for The Nice Guys. This allowed most of the comic skits to play
    out unseen by myself and hit hard for me! I feel the chemistry between
    Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe was on point, with much of their
    adventure together being more entertaining on screen then when they
    were not on screen together. Don’t get me wrong, both Gosling and Crowe
    are master performers, but together they really shine! I feel the plot
    of the film was a little hard to keep up with all the pieces, but
    overall the film closed all those loose ends up. The Nice Guys
    definitely deserves a second watch while in theaters to grab onto
    anything I may have missed during my first screening. One of the best
    parts was the ending. Because today’s films are always looked at as
    possible film franchises, The Nice Guys does not shy from this, but is
    wrapped up and president as a stand alone film. However, the ending
    does leave us with an out to bring in sequels, with brand new stories
    staring these two private investigators. The 70s setting is a great
    time period to place a film franchise, and even in this first film the
    writes remind us it’s not so easy to phone someone when you don’t have
    cell phones in the 70s. I really love how the writers used the time
    placement to play on the story. Definitely check this film out, if you
    haven’t already. Overall, I highly recommend this film! Spoiler alert,
    this film is not a child friendly film.

  • goolizapMay 21, 2016Reply

    Twizard Rating: 97

    So, I guess I’ve found my favorite movie of the year–so far, at least.
    The Nice Guys did so many things right and so little wrong, it’s a
    shame its release will not garner the recognition it should.

    Russell Crowe plays an underground enforcer who’s helping out a young
    girl, Amelia, trying to shake the private investigator, Ryan Gosling,
    who keeps following her. Crowe beats up Gosling, but soon realizes
    Amelia may be in danger of getting killed, and Gosling might be the man
    needed to assist him in protecting her. Little do they know, they’re
    about to get involved in a large-scale conspiracy and a string of
    connected murders.

    The Nice Guys commits to its quirkiness and loves taking advantage of
    its irony. Gosling’s character won’t drive after he’s been drinking, so
    he makes his 13-year-old daughter drive him around instead so he won’t
    get in trouble.

    It’s really hilarious. Not in an over-the-top Will Ferrell sense of the
    word, but in a very clever and cool Oceans Eleven-y type of way–with a
    little goofball thrown in, too. Each joke is ingeniously thought-out,
    but still feels very organic. While credit partially goes to director
    and co-writer Shane Black, we also have to praise the two leads for
    their brilliant delivery and conviction.

    Gosling is on another level and proves he deserves to be considered a
    comedic actor with the best of them. Crowe, who may not get to say most
    of the jokes, is just as important in playing Gosling’s straight
    man–maybe the coolest and most realistic one we’ve seen in awhile.
    Their chemistry is undeniable.

    Amidst all the humor is a really brilliant script in its own right. We
    get an enthralling mystery that unfolds perfectly as the film does.
    There’s a lot going on, but it’s never confusing or overelaborate. It’s
    old school, but new school just the same.

    The only thing you might say, is that there’s some underutilized depth.
    But then again, not really. Both main characters are deep and
    complicated and interesting in their own ways. There’s more than meets
    the eye and not a lot is laid out for us that easily.

    Black likes to make us figure things out on our own, but doesn’t ever
    totally abandon us. Instead of flat out stating what year it is, he
    drops hints, forcing us to pay attention.

    Another marvel is the young actress, Angourie Rice, who plays Gosling’s
    daughter. She has the talent of someone twice her age, while still
    maintaining a healthy amount of precocity.

    Based on the trailer, I knew I was going to really like this movie,
    save for a possible overwrought premise. But I was surprised even
    beyond those expectations. This is truly one of my favorite comedies in
    a long time. Definitely my favorite, so far, for 2016.

    Twizard Rating: 97

  • rick-j-walshMay 21, 2016Reply

    Wickedly funny and wonderfully profane

    Shane Black’s The Nice Guys is a thoroughly entertaining, retro 1970s
    buddy-action-crime romp that brings to mind a cross between his
    previous works (such as Lethal Weapon and Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang) and
    the blackest absurd humor of the Coen brothers (The Big Lebowski). The
    buddies here are an absurdly bumbling private eye, his far-more-
    intelligent (though also somewhat bumbling) 13-year-old daughter, and a
    gruff, disgruntled enforcer (who sends physical messages to people
    doing things they shouldn’t be doing). They are grudgingly drawn
    together to solve a far- flung conspiracy involving mysterious deaths,
    porno films, Detroit automakers, the Justice Department, and The
    Waltons. The chemistry of the trio — played to perfection by Ryan
    Gosling, Angourie Rice, and Russell Crowe — is a delight to behold.
    Sincerely hope this is the start of a franchise.

  • CANpatbuck3664May 21, 2016Reply

    I Had An Awesome Time Watching The Nice Guys. Go See This Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jimmy PMay 21, 2016Reply

    A Funny Film

    I gave this film an 8 because in truth, its an 8 for today’s movies.
    One of my measurements for films is whether i yawn, check my watch
    (phone), or wander, i did none of these. Another meric was for a comedy
    it has to make me laugh, and it did. The pacing and laughs were nit
    always to my taste There were a few areas of the film that were getting
    boring, but they picked up.

    I think of this film as kind of a hybrid Ford Faurlane meets Coen
    Brothers, with a slight twist of the Tim Conway and Don Notts Private
    Eye films. The settings and music were one off in a few areas, but
    mostly they were close to the time. I think a lot if people were
    expecting An Inherent Vice type period piece were a little disappointed
    in this aspect of the film.

    If you go into this film with low exoectations i think you’ll
    thoroughly enjoy this.

  • Dave McClain ([email protected])May 21, 2016Reply

    ”The Nice Guys” is more than just a ”nice” way to spend a couple hours.

    I’m really excited about this one! Sometimes I’m concerned that the
    movies I reference in my reviews may be too old or too obscure to
    really help the reader understand the point I’m making, but never
    before have I come across a group of movies that represent the movie
    I’m reviewing so remarkably well, or that are so surprisingly well
    connected to each other! Let’s look back at the fall of 1997. Just
    three weeks apart, two great movies came out which would both go on to
    receive multiple Oscar nominations and were both set in Los Angeles in
    the mid-to-late 20th century. ”Boogie Nights” dramatized the porn
    industry in the San Fernando Valley from 1977 to 1984, as shown in the
    rise and fall (pun intended) of young porn actor Eddie Adams, a.k.a.
    ”Dirk Diggler” (played by a rising star named Mark Wahlberg). This
    movie is notable for its excellent screenplay, terrific acting from a
    fantastic cast (which included Julianne Moore, Burt Reynolds, Heather
    Graham, John C. Reilly, William H. Macy and then relative unknowns like
    Luis Guzmán, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Don Cheadle) – and for the
    film’s realistic portrayal of late 70s’ and early 80s’ L.A. ”L.A.
    Confidential” had come out three weeks earlier and painted an equally
    vivid and nuanced picture of the City of Angels in 1953, complete with
    government corruption which involved a character played by Kim
    Basinger. Fast forward to 2014. The Oscar-nominated ”Inherent Vice”
    tells the story of a private eye (Joaquin Phoenix) who is investigating
    a case involving multiple missing persons in 1970 L.A. That movie was
    written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, who had also written and
    directed ”Boogie Nights”. The darkly comedic 2016 film ”The Nice Guys”
    (R, 1:56) has a private eye looking for multiple missing persons, while
    uncovering connections to the porn industry AND government corruption
    in 1970s Los Angeles AND a character played by Kim Basinger is an
    important part of the plot. Boom! So, are those some really cool
    connections, or is it just me? Oh. Just me. Alrighty then. I’ll just
    review the movie… The title characters in ”The Nice Guys” are… kind of
    nice, relatively speaking… when you understand that they do some
    not-so-nice jobs. Jackson Healy (Oscar winner Russell Crowe) is muscle
    for hire. He beats people up (or worse) for money, but he’s relatively
    polite when he does it and he feels kind of bad about it. (Well, he
    feels that he’s cut out for more than, say, roughing up a guy whose
    messing around with a client’s teenage daughter, and he wishes that he
    were doing something different.) Holland March (past Oscar nominee Ryan
    Gosling) is a private eye who seems to make most of his money
    half-heartedly investigating far-fetched missing persons claims by
    little old ladies. He’s very polite in dealing with his clients and
    he’s sorta smart, but he’s not as tough or skilled as he acts, and he
    has a real problem with pain and with the sight of blood – especially
    his own. Regardless, Holland makes a good living and takes good care
    (financially, if not emotionally) of his teenage daughter, Holly
    (Angourie Rice). Holly is smarter, tougher… and nicer than Holland,
    whom she reluctantly ”parents” better than he parents her.

    Holland is simultaneously investigating an alleged sighting of a porn
    star named Misty Mountains (Murielle Telio) – two days after she was
    supposedly killed in a car accident – while also looking for an even
    younger woman named Amelia (Margaret Qualley), who is a protest
    organizer, who may have appeared in ”an experimental film” with Misty
    Mountains, and who definitely does NOT want to be found. Jackson, on
    the other hand, has been hired by Amelia to get this PI named Holland
    March off her trail. This situation leads to an inauspicious first
    meeting between Jackson and Holland, followed by an auspicious second
    meeting when they decide to join forces and use their respective
    talents to find out what’s actually going on. You see, Holland has
    recently received an unwelcomed visit from a couple of thugs (Beau
    Knapp and Keith David) who demand to know where Amelia is, and then
    people who are connected to Amelia and/or Missy start dropping dead at
    an unnatural rate. Our titular ”nice guys” eventually meet a Justice
    Department employee (Kim Basinger, an Oscar winner for ”L.A.
    Confidential”) who hires the pair to find Amelia, just as they discover
    that a Mafioso (Matt Bomer) from New York is in L.A. looking for them –
    and he ain’t interested in talking. With Holly forcing her way into the
    equation to help her dad and his new partner, it’s a race against time
    to find Amelia and figure out who’s killing her acquaintances (and why)
    before those really not-so-nice guys catch up with the two relatively
    nice guys.

    ”The Nice Guys” is a quirky, darkly comedic and intriguing whodunit.
    The script, by Shane Black (who also wrote ”Iron Man 3”, ”Kiss Kiss
    Bang Bang”, ”The Long Kiss Goodnight”, ”The Last Boy Scout” and the
    original ”Lethal Weapon”) and newcomer Anthony Bagarozzi, is intricate,
    but not hard to follow, and contains smart and very funny dialog and
    situations (including great tie-ins to TV’s ”The Waltons” and President
    Richard Nixon), plus a mystery that’s engaging but suffers from an
    awkward final resolution which feels forced. Besides co-writing, Black
    (who also directed ”Iron Man 3”) directs this film with a good feel for
    pace, tension and comic timing, while his very talented cast
    (especially Gosling, Crowe and Rice) really brings it all together.
    While similar in content to those other three films mentioned earlier,
    this one is closest in tone and style to ”Inherent Vice”, but is more
    accessible and less flawed. ”The Nice Guys” is more than just a ”nice”
    way to spend a couple hours – it’s a pretty damn entertaining one. ”A-”

  • Jose SaenzMay 21, 2016Reply

    Shane Black is back baybee!!!

    Can we just stop for a moment and thank the all-that-is-cool demigod
    Shane Black? Seriously, he wrote the scripts of some of the classic
    action movies like Last Action Hero, The Last Boy Scout, and the iconic
    Lethal Weapon trilogy, which encapsulates a whole generation of
    masculine action movies. Utilizing this experience he built throughout
    those movies, he went to direct his action parody debut, Kiss Kiss Bang
    Bang, a film claimed by many to be his masterpiece. Though many might
    be write him off as yet another cynical action director based around
    scummy a-holes doing scummy a-hole stuff, I believe that these films
    hold some deeper context; outside of delivering action comedy chops,
    what really makes Black stand out is the way he observes and
    deconstructs his main leads and the environment around him. The way
    Tony Stark deals with his insignificance and anxiety in the Avengers
    universe in Iron Man 3, Lockhart and his position as a thief in KKBB,
    the whole works.

    His endeavor this time, in his latest The Nice Guys, he examines two
    passé, hot-tempered detectives unable to cope with the new generation,
    all while delivering the most brutally hilarious and endearing buddy
    cop movie any buddy cop movie can ever transcend to.

    To what amounts to a mixture of Lethal Weapon and Inherent Vice, it
    centers around a single father and licensed PI Holland March (Ryan
    Gosling), who is hired to investigate the apparent suicide of famous
    porn star Misty Mountains. Among this search, he comes to terms with an
    unlicensed and unmerciful detective Jackson Healey (Russell Crowe) and
    his brass knuckles, both hired by the young hippie. However, it all
    gets worse when Misty, who reveals to be an anti-pollution activist
    named Amelia, vanishes and it becomes apparent that March wasn’t the
    only party interested. As both men are forced to team up, they’ll have
    to take on a world filled with eccentric mobsters, exotic 70s-style
    strippers, and a possible government conspiracy.

    One of the things that fascinates me about this move is that amidst all
    the shootings and trashy humor, there is quite a fascinating subtext
    about a new coming generation overlying the old. These two cops, along
    with most of the other characters, represents the retrograde,
    no-nonsense police enforcers now out of their depth with the new
    generation. At the heart of this subtext and what ultimately brings
    some unexpected heart to the film is Angourie Rice as the young
    daughter of March Holly. Having to deal with the hardships and goon
    mix-ups the same level as her father, she still endures to be tough and
    capable in her own right and restrain herself and others from going
    over their limits. Of all the themes I came to expect from this movie,
    the implication of a younger generation could stand more superior to
    the wide array of brutes, dirty strippers, trigger-happy criminals, or
    even police officials honestly passed my radar.

    But enough of that pretentious baloney! What you’ll likely get from
    this movie is a plethora of slapstick humor, gun-toting action, and
    hilarious banter from the two main leads who might as well be called
    Abbot and Costello with a lot more balls! Crowe, as expected, is a
    blast to watch, portraying a husky, no-BS private eye who kicks all
    sorts of ass but also manages to bring some humanity near the end. But
    the big surprise is Ryan Gosling, bringing an unexpected Buster
    Keaton-type humor character. Of all of what I usually expect from a
    Ryan Gosling role (from romantic main lead to un ironic main leads) his
    turn as sort of a fun and ironic role is instantly his most memorable.

    However, for all that goodwill, I still struggle to call this film on
    par with KKBB. The reason lies strictly in design; KKBB is essentially
    a parody of these types of buddy cop movies that constantly breaks the
    fourth wall and pulls the rug from your feet with every twist out of
    the conventional story beats. This movie, though, sticks to be fairly
    predictable. It still works as is, and thankfully the movie stays far
    away from several clichés, but for the most part, anyone paying
    attention might catch up with about 40 minutes ahead at most. It is
    definitely not a deal breaker, but a compromise definitely from true

    Minor issues aside, it’s pretty awesome! The jokes are funny, the dirty
    stuff are really dirty, the character moments are engaging, the
    old-fashioned and exotic 70s setting feels lived in and compelling, and
    Shane Black remains the best at directing intense action. Definitely a
    would-be classic!

    Rating: 8/10

  • moviefansmeMay 21, 2016Reply

    Tedious until it was just plain bad

    I was looking forward to this movie, but it was terrible. Most of it
    was tedious, until the grand finally, which was just plain bad. None of
    the characters were likable. The plot was convoluted. It couldn’t
    decide on a tone, neither action nor comedy nor drama.

    Set in the late 70’s in Los Angeles, it is kind of a cross between
    Shaft and Miami Vice. The one bright spot was the 13 yo daughter Holly,
    played by Angourie Rice. They should’ve made the movie about her.

    This was supposed to be a big comeback for Shane Black, writer of
    Lethal Weapon and Iron Man 3, but this is not. As of its opening
    weekend, this movie is very highly rated by critics and fans alike, but
    I disagree, I did not like it at all.

  • Paul AllaerMay 21, 2016Reply

    Pleasant 70s-era crime caper: Angourie Rice steals the movie

    ”The Nice Guys” (2016 release; 116 min.) brings the story of a couple
    of private eyes looking for a missing girl. As the movie opens (to the
    tune of ”Papa Was a Rolling Stone”), we are reminded that it is ”Los
    Angeles, California, 1977”. Before we know what hit us, a car comes
    flying around the corner, crashing into a house and killing its driver,
    whom we later learn is Misty Mountains, an adult film star. We the get
    introduced to Holland March, a private eye who is down on his luck, and
    separately also to Jackson Healy, the guy you call on ”to bring a
    message”. It’s not long before Healy is hired to ”bring a message” to
    March. At that point we’re a good 10 minutes into the movie, but to
    tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you’ll
    just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

    Couple of comments: first, this is the latest movie from
    writer-director Shane Black, who previously brought us Kiss Kiss Bang
    Bang and Iron Man 3, among many others. Here Black takes us back to the
    golden era of police and private eyes dramas and film noir, but with a
    never missing smile (or is that smirk) on his face. Second, don’t worry
    about the insanely complicated story line, in which I got lost in no
    time. Instead, enjoy this movie for the many outstanding performances:
    Ryan Gosling (as March) brings comedy to the screen like I’ve never
    seen him do before (the ‘bathroom’ scene is destined to become a
    classic). Russell Crowe (as Healy) plays it rough and gruff, the
    perfect counterpart to Gosling’s role (the ying and the yang), so in
    that respect, this is a great ”buddy” movie. But with all due respect
    to Gosling and Crowe, the movie is stolen by newcomer Angourie Rice,
    who plays Merch’s 13 yr. old daughter Holly. She seems like is was born
    to play in movies, that’s how natural she comes across. Surely this is
    only the beginning of a long career for this young lady. Kudos also to
    the set designers, who did an outstanding job recreating what 1977
    looked like (the ”Jaws 2” poster, Tower Records, etc. ), And last but
    not least, there is an overabundance of outstanding music from that era
    featured throughout the movie, from the opening sounds of The
    Temptations’ ”Papa Was a Rolling Stone” to when Al Green’s outstanding
    ”Love and Happiness” plays over the movie’s end credits.

    The movie opened nationwide this weekend. Having seen the trailer a
    number of times, I couldn’t wait to see it. The Saturday evening
    screening where I saw this at here in Cincinnati was attended nicely
    (but nowhere close to sold out). If you are in the mood for a 70s-era
    crime and buddy movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, you
    cannot go wrong with this. ”The Nice Guys” is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • daniel-halloranMay 21, 2016Reply

    Good fun spoiled

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • statuskuoMay 21, 2016Reply

    This is a terrible movie…

    As a massive Shane Black fan, this movie is crushing. And I defended
    ”The Last Boy Scout.” Warner Bros. seems to be getting his dreck as
    Marvel uses him as a gun for hire to fool Warner to believe he can
    direct. He can’t. This movie is an absolute mess. I am certain Black
    can’t possibly be proud of this movie. It’s awful.

    Sure, thank you kindly for the repeat shots of porn star tits. Or, the
    debaucherous scumbag references of Los Angeles, but aside from all
    that, it just is too silly to even be interesting.

    The year is 1977, and we are deep into a plot about a thug-for-hire
    Russell Crowe and a sad-sack gumshoe (Ryan Gosling) with a daughter.
    There’s some tragic story there about the mother’s absence, but it is
    strangely played for laughs. As is Russell Crowe’s backstory. There is
    none. He seems to be a good guy who wants to do good, but sees the
    world as awful. Presumably a recovering drunk, he hires Gosling’s P.I.
    to track down a girl gone missing. Sound familiar? Yep, ”Kiss Kiss Bang
    Bang” follows the template. Except here, it’s really ugly and not very
    fun. The story takes odd turns, leads come up dead…and the
    wise-cracking timing is off somehow. There are good moments, but that’s
    all there is. There are the moments of endearment. Dad jokes type
    endearing, where you feel it’s been told to Black by a drunken molest-y
    uncle or something. It’s silly stuff you see in every movie he writes.
    Everything just seemed so misplaced. The action didn’t even seem all
    that thrilling. And the fight sequences are clunky. Save for punch
    sounds, you wouldn’t know if anyone even got hit. And the teen daughter
    in the world of porn in the 70’s is really odd. Odd that it probably
    seemed more natural in a movie like ”Boogie Nights” but for Gosling’s
    kid, she was suppose to seem precocious, ended up being a lot more
    unnerving. The movie is also shot digitally. Film negative would’ve
    added so much more to the mood of the movie. And you can tell how much
    they were fighting with the modernized look of digital with the analog
    look of film. The setting just looked..plastic and flat. There wasn’t
    that aged feel, even though they had ”aged” film in the movie itself.
    If you’re going for a plot, there is none. ¾ through the movie you’re
    actually really confused as to what they are suppose to be doing. Never
    fear, someone comes into push the story forward. It happens too many
    times that you wonder if luck doesn’t play a role in their work.
    They’re not good detectives or muscle, they’re just passive bystanders
    waiting for someone to tell them their next move. TERRIBLE mistake. I
    get that the studios probably thought ”we can’t pass on the guy who
    wrote ‘Lethal Weapon.”’ That is close to 30 years old. Wow, what a
    difference Black is going through. He’s lost so much more when he
    started directing. Weird, since it seems most people figure out how to
    directed by writing. This movie stinks bad. Sorry…it just does.

  • meeza ([email protected])May 21, 2016Reply

    More than nice!!!!!!

    Niiiiice job Shane Black for directing and co-scripting with inventive
    flair the very groovy and immensely entertaining ”The Nice Guys”. The
    movie is set in the 70’s and stars Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling as
    (respectively) hit- for-hire man Jackson Healy and clumsy P.I. Holland
    March. Circumstances that are uproarious in happenstance lead them to
    team up to find a missing teen named Amelia, who just might be the key
    to revealing more not-too-nice foul play situations. Kim Basinger
    co-stars as Amelia’s mother who hires The Nice Guys to find Amelia
    before she gets lost in the clouds (with all due apologies to the late,
    great Amelia Earheart for that pun). ”The Nice Guys” will be like no
    other movie you will see this year; its distinctive quality and
    magnetic unpredictability are two major reasons this movie is a very
    nice gem. But of course, other nice gems come in the form of Crowe and
    Gosling for their super nice performances; Sure the real Crowe has had
    his real life moments of not being too nice, but who cares, he was very
    nice here as Healy. And give that Gosling fellow an Oscar nomination
    for his uproarious performance as March, it’s the Ides of March!! Hey,
    wasn’t he in that movie? And hail to Mr. Black for putting all this
    nice stuff together! It’s time for you to play nice and take & have a
    trip with ”The Nice Guys”. ***** Excellent

  • bobou-513-708245May 22, 2016Reply

    Made for teens.

    OK, so IMDb wants me to write 10 lines describing this terrible movie.
    I’ll try my best.

    Are you a ten to fifteen year old boy? If so, you may enjoy this. Did
    you enjoy 48 hrs with Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte? Then rent it and
    watch it instead. Have you not seen 48 hrs? Same advise.

    If you’ve seen the trailer for ‘Nice Guys’ then save your money, you’ve
    already seen the best parts of this movie. Actually, the trailer is far
    superior to the actual movie.

    Ryan Gosling…Why did you agree to star in this? Have you already
    retired or did you do something wrong and offend some Hollywood big wig
    who wanted you to make amends by staring in the worst movie of the

    Russell Crowe….Wow. When I think back to all those terrific movies
    you made….

    Kudos to the young girl who played Ryan Gosling’s daughter in this. She
    actually did a pretty good job.

    Bottom line: This movie was made for adolescents. Yet it’s R-rated for
    good reason — the subject matter is for adults only. But, considering
    the idiotic story line, campy acting, and corny gags, I can’t see how
    anyone outside of an adolescent boy could enjoy this movie. Go figure.

  • wgingeryMay 22, 2016Reply

    Disjointed, uneven, sporadically funny

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Anthony IessiMay 22, 2016Reply

    Nobody is too old for this s***

    The Nice Guys is genius. It’s Lethal Weapon meets The Big Lebowski. In
    ten years time, this film will be just as quotable as those films. This
    is a buddy-cop movie in prime form. Gosling and Crowe, it goes without
    saying, have the best chemistry a film director could ever ask for. The
    screenplay is so well written. The mystery really takes you for a ride.
    The jokes all land solidly. By far it’s biggest strength is the work
    put into it as a period piece. It looks amazing. Not even American
    Hustle replicated the 70’s as seamlessly as this. Every last detail and
    fabric is perfect. I look forward to seeing it again, and again.. and
    maybe again after that.

  • Zog HackendorftMay 22, 2016Reply

    Had high hopes for this to work

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • datemaruMay 22, 2016Reply

    It Was What I Thought It Would Be and Was What I Wanted It To Be

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mcnlshnMay 22, 2016Reply

    A comedy where only a few people in the theatre ever chuckle.

    At the moment I’m writing this, ”The Nice Guys” currently has an IMDb
    rating of 8.1. Seriously??? You MUST be kidding! I have to believe this
    score will drop precipitously as more people see this cornball bit of
    slapstick. My wife and I stared at the screen in utter disbelief that
    we were suckered into such a waste of our time. Judging by the sporadic
    number of chuckles in the theatre, the audience apparently agreed with
    us. Gosling had a few clever lines… emphasis on ”few”. Crowe looked
    like he spent the last year bellied up to a smorgasbord. The addition
    of a perky Nancy Drew character was waaayyyyyyy out of place.

    I looked on with jealously as a handful of people walked out before an
    hour had transpired. Who at IMDb do I complain to get my money back?

  • GrumpyMay 23, 2016Reply

    Great Film for Old Guys Like Me

    Yeah. Yeah I’m giving it a ten. Just because of the age thing. I don’t
    know if this movie was really a ”10” but I enjoyed it immensely. So
    much that I used the word ”immensely” which I don’t do, much.

    I went to see this film on another of my ”at the mall, have to kill
    time” movie afternoons and it was this or ”Angry Birds.” I mentally
    tossed a coin and went in, expecting to be disappointed. Well, I
    wasn’t. But I’m a weird guy. I like Monty Python. A lot. I like a
    certain kind of messed-up humor–not poop jokes but jokes ABOUT poop
    jokes. I found the jokes in this to be laughing out loud funny, and the
    last ”comedy” that I laughed out loud at was ”The Birdcage” with Robin

    So your mileage may vary. I like it. I liked it a lot. It is tough
    (no…it’s just about impossible) to make a ”real” detective movie now,
    since the Cohens made ”The Big Lebowski.” But somehow, this movie pulls
    it off. It’s really a true, hard-boiled detective story with plot and
    humor and everything. I’m not kidding. Plenty of plot twists and all
    that stuff.

    But the movie did remind me that I’m weird as well as old. I can
    remember the seventies. The seventies were a friend of mine. This film
    is not from the seventies. But WHO CARES? This isn’t about the
    seventies, at all. It’s about NOW. Sheesh.

    Now that you know where I stand, I should tell you that most ”cop”
    shows make me sick. I can’t stand a movie about America’s Finest
    busting bad guys. Fascist crap. So this movie is for people who like
    movies that aren’t fascist crap. So sue me. Stay away if you like
    fascist crap. A word to the wise. Now you can click ”helpful.”

  • RforFilmMay 23, 2016Reply

    Shane Black’s nostalgic and great writing make The Nice Guys of the best of 2016

    The Nice Guys takes place ten years before I was born. Though I was
    technically alive in the 1980’s, I’ve always seen myself as something
    of a nineties child. I think it’s because of the media I was watching.
    I was heavily into the Nickelodeon channel and the 1990’s fast
    evolution into the computer age. The reason I bring this up is that
    one’s preference of culture can definitely define the era they were
    raised in. My older brother may have been born in 1985, but he has a
    love affair of the 1970’s. He likes a lot of the television shows from
    that time like Dukes of Hazzard and Starsky & Hutch.

    While I’m not that much of a nostalgic individual, I can see some of
    the appeal of the seventies. There is something of a bright but gritty
    combination that’s unique. A lot of that had to do with the darker
    content that was coming out now that the previous restrictions that
    were present from old studio system were lifted. The Nice Guys returns
    to this era, giving us a buddy-buddy mystery that’s in vein of
    something that’s closer to the seventies cop shows like The Rockford
    Files…only with an emphasis on comedy.

    In the late seventies, adult film star Misty Mountains is killed in a
    car crash. The aunt of this star hires private investigator Holland
    March (played by Ryan Gosling) to find a missing girl named Amelia
    Kuther (played by Margaret Qualley). Amelia, however, does not want to
    be found and hires an enforcer Jackson Healy (played by Russell Crowe)
    to try and intimidate Holland to stop trying to find her. Jackson is
    something of a wannabe detective who may be better at it then Holland,
    who is an alcoholic klutz. When Jackson encounters and escapes two
    thugs looking for Amelia, he decides to team up with Holland to find
    Amelia before the bad guys can.

    The two end up being assisted by Holland’s teenage daughter Holly
    (played by Angourie Rice) who seems to be the only one to truly read
    things between the lines. Holland and Jackson end up going from a porn
    producer’s party in Bel Air to an air pollution protest. It’s there
    they discover that Amelia was making an experimental movie to work with
    the air pollution protesters, leading into suspicions into the adult
    film industry, Detroit auto industry, and the Los Angeles city

    While it sounds like a lot to take in, The Nice Guys not only has an
    interesting mystery, it is also a great buddy-buddy comedy. Russell
    Crowe and Ryan Gosling make a surprising good team, given how well they
    establish Crowe as the rough guy and Gosling as the idiot (a role I
    never expected him to play). Now if you want to know who had the best
    performance, that honor goes to young Angourie who played Holly. She
    may have been smart and curious about the mystery that her father was a
    part of, but she still acted like a child. Why is it that few movies
    that involve kids really let them act like kids?

    Shane Black wrote and directed this very enjoyable film. You can see a
    lot of Lethal Weapon’s same buddy cop mentality, though I’d argue
    there’s something of a ”meaner” feeling. A lot of that might have to do
    with the fact that our heroes are not cops, but private investigators.
    It also has to do with it’s 1970’s setting which is so rich in it’s own
    world, that I’d be surprised if the film isn’t awarded for it’s
    production design.

    I’ll give this nine cookie jars out of ten. The Nice Guys is already
    guaranteed a spot as one of my favorites of the year. Shane Black is
    clearly one of the best writer’s in Hollywood and I’m glad to see
    studio’s like Warner Brothers taking a chance on him to let him make
    whatever he wants. I can’t summarize enough with how much fun this
    original story is. Please see The Nice Guys to support more new content
    from Hollywood!

  • Christopher SmithMay 23, 2016Reply

    Instant classic!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MovieHoliksMay 23, 2016Reply

    Steals the show…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ([email protected])May 23, 2016Reply

    Abbott & Costello meet ”Boogie Night” by way of ”Lethal Weapon”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • viewsonfilm.comMay 23, 2016Reply

    VIEWS ON FILM review of The Nice Guys

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • parleon-thedonMay 23, 2016Reply

    The Nice Guys – Review: All Fun & Games

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bookstopMay 23, 2016Reply

    Russell Crowe

    Went to see it it because of the well-known actors’ name recognition,
    especially Russell Crowe. A thorough disappointment. When they showed
    the underage miss Rice in a scene with prostitutes, that did it for me.
    Exposing a young, underage girl (as the actress) and inferring other
    young kids should be exposed to this trash is the limit! My friend and
    I walked out. The movie should be X-Rated not R. It is a great shame
    that such good actors should be associated with this filth. I would not
    want my kids to be in it or to watch this bottom of the barrel kind of
    fare. For shame to the producers, directors and sponsors! How many ways
    do we say Trash, Trash, Trash, Trash!

  • subxerogravityMay 23, 2016Reply

    A Nice one!

    It’s a great action comedy by from Shane Black!

    It’s very very similar to Kiss Kiss bang Bang! so if you like that
    movie, this is a slam dunk no brainer.

    It’s a classic buddy buddy cop film that Black practically created.

    Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling made an excellent comedy duo. Crowe
    playing the straight man, A tough guy who gets paid to beat people up.
    Gosling does most of the slap stick, as a private dick trying to
    balance work and rising his daughter, but doing a half as job at both.
    Together they are on the trail of a girl in the porn game who got some
    high rollers looking to do her it.

    Both Crowe and Gosling where in good form and had good chemistry. And
    most important it was absolutely hilarious.

  • marxmithMay 23, 2016Reply

    Solid B+

    It’s a fun 70’s romp. I almost wish it would have spent a little more
    time showcasing the 70’s (much in the way Zodiac 2007 did), because
    that is the film’s biggest strength next to Crowe and Gosling. There’s
    a few head scratching moments and the movie falters logically in a few
    places, but overall a fun film with good chemistry between most of the
    characters. Disappointing to have Keith David cast in a prominent role,
    but given almost nothing to say. Give the guy at least a few good lines
    to showcase his voice. Russell Crowe is distractingly overweight. I can
    see his character as being a bit pudgy, but there are some shots in
    this movie where you fear for his health. This review is a bit focused
    on the negative, which it shouldn’t be. Good performances, overall good
    writing, fun movie.

    Spoiler: There is an interesting moment in this movie where the
    character delivers a monologue gradually directly into the camera
    basically saying that the Detroit automakers do not want you to see
    this movie because it exposes the truth about pollution, and there is a
    comical moment referencing electric cars and other hints here and there
    regarding oil, cars, etc.. The film seemed to want to convey a subtle
    message about the future (our present) regarding pollution,
    transportation, and fossil fuels.

  • BHof890474May 24, 2016Reply

    Pass on this one – – – –

    If this was meant to be amusing – it wasn’t. If it was meant to be
    entertaining – it wasn’t. If it was meant to make any sense at all – it
    didn’t. If it was meant to be a big payday for Russell Crowe and Ryan
    Gosling – it was a home run.

    Full disclosure – things that I think are uproarious fall flat with
    most people. Things that others find hysterical elicit not a giggle
    from me. But that being said, I could count on half the fingers of one
    hand the number of laughs this film elicited from the audience over an
    excruciating two hours.

    I will note one positive: this film is great for building anticipation.
    I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

  • KalKenobi83May 24, 2016Reply

    Crowe,Gosling and Rice Deliver

    Watched The Nice Guys Starring Russell Crowe(The Water Diviner) as
    Jackson Healy, Ryan Gosling(The Big Short) as Holland March, Angourie
    Rice(Nowhere Boys:The Book Of Shadows) as Holly March , Matt
    Bomer(Magic Mike XXL) as John Boy, Margaret Qualley(Palo Alto) as
    Amelia Kutner, Keith David(Cloud Atlas) as Old Guy, Ty
    Simpkins(Jurassic World) as Bobby and Kim Basinger(Grudge Match)as
    Judith Kutner .Gosling and Crowe did a fantastic job in this buddy cop
    comedy also both had great chemistry really enjoyed also the
    performance of Newcomer Angourie Rice who had a great performance in
    her film debut also really enjoyed how the 1970’s feel to it as well
    great movie also really Glad Crowe took a Page from Henry Cavill and do
    his own Buddy Cop film . Amazing Music By John Ottman(X-Men:Days Of
    Future Past),Cinematography By Phillippe Rousselot(Sherlock Holmes:A
    Game Of Shadows), Costume design By Kym Barrett(The Amazing Spider-Man)
    and Direction By Shane Black(Iron Man 3 ) Crowe,Gosling And Rice
    Deliver 7/10

  • jandmgaMay 24, 2016Reply

    Could have been better

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Python HyenaMay 24, 2016Reply

    Not Nice But Funny.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Quietb-1May 24, 2016Reply

    Tired genre.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ctowyiMay 24, 2016Reply

    Endlessly charming and free-flowingly hilarious

    The Nice Guys begins with the killer bass-line of ”Papa Was a Rollin’
    Stone” and some 1970s attention grabbing neon font, and just like that
    I arrived in 1977 in my time machine. The film hearkens back to the
    heyday of bubby movies of the 80s, the celebrated world of porn stars
    and the crime noir of the 70s. All these is given neo-twist of a fresh
    lemon slice and wala… out comes a new concoction that I gleefully
    drank non-stop for 2 hours.

    The story is not really as important as the ride. It is merely about an
    enforcer (Russell Crowe) and the world’s lousiest private investigator
    (Ryan Gosling) joining forces to look for a girl named Amelia. Along
    the way they will encounter goons, a hired killer, Pocahontas, a human
    fly and strippers dressed as mermaids in a world of government
    conspiracy. I only managed to glean the story much later on and was
    befuddled for the first two-thirds of the movie, but that never took
    away any joy, not one single bit. I found myself laughing out loud at
    the hilarious antics of these intensely lovable pricks. Writer-director
    Shane Black gets the ”anything goes” tone and the 70s vibe just right
    and deftly balances the gravity of the story and the hilarity of the
    situations. How I know? I found myself laughing at sequences of
    gratuitous bloodletting as boorish people die on screen. That is not an
    easy feat to achieve.

    Even though the film is far from perfect, the snappy dialogue crackles
    with such vibrancy that it smooths out the uneven passages. Russell
    Crowe and Ryan Gosling makes a superb pairing for an odd couple and
    both of them dial down their gravitas to serve the story. They also
    have the help of Gosling’s daughter, Holly (Angourie Rice) to neatly
    get them out of plenty of troublesome situations. What a threesome they

    Endlessly charming and free-flowingly hilarious, you would want to hire
    these not so nice guys for a missing person case and watch the ensuing
    havoc with a beer in your hand.

  • megadom-76380May 25, 2016Reply

    Great blend of comedy and investigation

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • autisticreviewersMay 25, 2016Reply

    Autistic Reviewers Opinion Of This Movie.

    Shane Black is known for his involvement in the development of late
    80’s buddy cop film Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout, Iron Man 3 and
    this solo underrated crime comedy flick Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Black
    returns with a new feature film that packs not only the key elements of
    his works but a solid buddy cop movie that definitely feels like a new
    Lethal Weapon film for the new generation.

    The plot follows two men; tough enforcer Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe)
    and private investigator Holland March (Ryan Gosling) who has been down
    on his luck since the death of his wife but tries to raise his young
    per-teen daughter who paths cross when they discover Holly (Angourie
    Rice). At first Healy manages to get March off the case for a search of
    a fading adult film star in the 1970’s, but it soon discovered that
    both men will need to work together when dead bodies surface and they
    are targeted by hit men. As they draw deeper into the case, a bigger
    conspiracy unfolds and both men are driven to solve the case.

    The Nice Guys plays so well; firstly the direction and the script are
    well presented that Black himself could write and vision, what is shown
    on screen is pretty much enjoyable with the production set detailed to
    high standards (the film is set around the 70’s), it’s soundtrack is
    catchy and nostalgic and costumes are presentable for the story’s set
    era. The script is smart, funny and very much a noir mystery, I won’t
    say too much on what is involved but knowing that Black’s style of
    storytelling is a cult following, it surprises to be engaging
    throughout without a dull moment existing.

    Another strong key element that makes the movie work so well it’s is
    great leads Crowe and Gosling, I don’t think anyone would ever see
    these two in a film together but the chemistry they share is often
    smart, funny and forms the element purpose of a buddy cop film. Crowe
    manages to be the tough guy as we all see him, but he does give a
    convincing performance of a man that seems to roll with it. Gosling
    manages to run with the humour of his fallen character, showing his
    struggles of being an alcoholic and raising his daughter. Angourie Rice
    is an Australian actress from the deeply moving These Final Hours, here
    she show cases not to top over the leads or affect the plot but she
    serves well as both comic relief and support for the leading
    characters. The supporting cast handle themselves well, there is no
    miscast whatsoever.

    Overall, The Nice Guys plays out like a nod to noir crime thrillers of
    the 70’s, old school action flicks of the era while it carries a
    feeling and tone of a buddy cop action/comedy that helps to keep the
    audience watching the plot unfold and see its leads play out in
    hilarious ways. Well worth a watch if you love Black’s style of film or
    your just in the mood for a film that packs crime and comedy into the

    Nick – 4/5

  • Joseph CahillMay 25, 2016Reply

    Very Easy to Watch

    I went into this movie with honestly no idea as to how it was going to
    turn out. It was nice to see Russell Crowe starring in something
    different and I thought his pairing with Ryan Gosling could potentially
    create a solid comedic combo. All in all I thought the movie delivered
    well enough. It is definitely funny throughout, with no shortage of
    jokes to Ryan Gosling’s expense or humorous scenarios in the film. The
    movie itself does not try too hard to be a comedy, but rather toes the
    line being decently funny while staying true to being an
    action/adventure flick. The movie flows nicely and is consistently
    entertaining. No scenes are really painful to sit through or
    necessarily dry. Overall my expectations were met and I definitely feel
    that I got my money’s worth. Russell Crowe’s performance is enjoyable
    to watch, as he effectively delivers a character that is likable and
    empathetic, while maintaining himself as the muscle of the duo. If
    you’re going to go to the theaters soon this movie won’t let you down.

  • jakob13May 25, 2016Reply

    Quothed WC Field: ‘I like children. If they properly cooked.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Bridger Beal ([email protected])May 26, 2016Reply

    The Nice Guys

    I’ll admit that I am unfamiliar with most of Shane Black’s original
    works, watching The Nice Guys made me want to go back and take a look
    at his earlier films. The characters were well written, even better
    cast, and fit well with the theme of the film. There was rare a dull
    moment, it seemed I was either enjoying the dark comedic tone, or
    getting engaged in the plot. While the first two thirds of the film
    seemed excellent, the writers set themselves up for a fantastic finish,
    but were unable to capitalize on that potential. The script seemed to
    suddenly turn very basic, with things ”falling” into place almost too
    miraculously to be true. I never felt like I had truly been given an
    ending worthy of a classic detective story, but the fast pace of the
    film and humor was enough to make it very enjoyable.

  • J RaynerMay 26, 2016Reply

    Everything you never wanted in a character piece.

    On paper this film would appear as middling and unimpressive as the CV
    of a middle-aged company-man reeling from redundancy. Desperate,
    predictable and rife with so many buzzwords that HR’s spide.y-senses
    would tingle – eagerly anticipating an opportunity to snuff-out yet
    another pathetic attempt. ‘I’m sorry, Mr. Doe, but unfortunately you
    were not considered for the position.’

    That presumption was wrong – in fact, it couldn’t be further from the

    Enter the middle-aged bruiser; stubble unkempt; dress – functional and
    straight off the rack; imposing. Short on time and patience – he
    doesn’t get paid by the word. Surely he’s inaccessible, you posturi.ze?
    Long uninterrupted monologues provide momentary glimpses into the
    ‘inner- workings’ of the veteran. By the end it’s clear that all
    symptoms have dissipated, Doctor – the emotional constipation has
    passed. A man of action; of professionalism; he’s the guy you want to
    be. Russell Crowe’s physical attributes, his rasp and his charm sell,
    sell, sell on this one.

    The yin.g to this yang: a young, good-looking, well-put-together
    slick-ster; fast-talking, confident and full of good intentions. It
    helps to be witty when you couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper
    bag – he often succeeds in-spite of himself. He will always give it the
    old college try and somehow it works. There’s being lucky and then
    there’s being Holland March. He’s lovable and totally flawed; he’s the
    guy you can relate to. I don’t have time to even mention his child
    prodigy – and what a performance.

    Both work in people – one person, in particular, puts them on a
    collision course of confrontation, collaboration and eventual
    conspir.ation. A mutual ruthless entrepreneur-ialism brings them
    together – money talks, after-all; a unwavering moral compass binds
    them. They bounce off each other so naturally and with such comedic
    success that it’s easy to buy-in – effortless even. OK, so you get it –
    it’s the unlikely friendship that results in a win. Not quite. The film
    perfectly paints a picture of transition. The team that can’t seem to
    catch a break ends up being the only two people you’d consider capable
    of doing the job – in fact every main character reaches their own
    personal summit in the end. It’s satisfying. The plot escalates onwards
    and upwards and without my consent – these sudden points of inflection,
    a literal moment of turning on one’s heels, keeps the plot’s focus in a
    constant state of flux. It scraps the ‘beginning-middle-end’ formula in
    large part by making the scenes timeline feel continuous – I sat down
    and BANG… Roll credits. Now that’s engagement, folks.

    Frantic; from the outset the pace is awe-inspiring. Every single inch
    of screen real-estate is utilized, as is character airtime; witticisms
    and one- liners feel necessary; cuts and transitions have purpose;
    foreshadowing is constant and, ultimately, all of the above feature
    solely in aid of the narrative through-line that will keep you on your
    toes. There’s no excess fat to trim. Is this how a buddy-cop tribute,
    set in a 70’s L.A manages to feel fresh? I think so. *CLIFF HANGER*
    Quick cut. Cue: Curious funky bass- line. Scoring infallible. Any film
    set 50 years ago is at risk of hanging it’s hat on prevailing modernist
    perspectives of the past – not in this case. Nixon, Earth Wind and
    Fire, porno-staches and bell-bottoms make cameos, but it happens so
    naturally and feels so credible that the fourth wall comes off
    unscathed. If you could put this film in a time-capsule and watch it 20
    years from now, or even 20 years removed, I feel it would still work –
    this one will age very well indeed. Even the ‘action’ feels sincere –
    the ‘Jason Bourne’ effect is thankfully absent and yet the sense of
    realistic physicality rings just as true when such moments are called
    upon. Nothing in this film feels heavy-handed once you accept that the
    premise itself – and the premise alone – is a dime a dozen. Hey,
    Hollywood – this is what tip-top writing and execution can get you. Go

    To summarize: this movie manages to flip the script on an old classic.
    The cobwebs weren’t blown out, they were vanquished. Maybe I’m a mark,
    but when the lights came on and I looked around the theater my
    immediate feelings were ratified – I wasn’t the only one smiling from
    ear to ear. I will give you my money – right now – now give me a
    sequel. Don’t label this a ‘love- letter’. I’m hip, man – consider it
    an exercise in purely self-indulgent hyperbole. And remember: ‘For the

    Peace + Plants, JR.

  • eddie_bagginsMay 26, 2016Reply

    Gosling and Crowe shine in this energetic dark comedy

    After gifting us the original team up of Riggs and Murtaugh in 1987’s
    Lethal Weapon (as screenwriter) and combining the services of Robert
    Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer in the fantastic 2005 cult hit Kiss Kiss Bang
    Bang (as writer and director), Iron Man 3 director Shane Black has now
    added the successful team up of one time pin up boy Ryan Gosling and
    the increasingly gruff Russell Crowe to his resume in the fun,
    colourful and Coen Brothers like The Nice Guys.

    A 70’s set dark comedy with inklings of a pulp like detective tale that
    involves everything from pornographic actresses, blue faced goons,
    talking bees and Ryan Gosling on a toilet, The Nice Guys weaves a quite
    complicated tale of mysteries, murders and questionable investigating
    work into a film that at its core often fly’s and sometimes fails off
    the back of Shane Black’s witty scripting work, the fantastic use of
    the 70’s landscape and most importantly, the winning combination of the
    inventive pairing of Crowe and Gosling.

    Clearly relishing the opportunity to play each other’s foils, Gosling
    and Crowe are the best they’ve been in years here and while Gosling has
    shown his comedic chops in films like The Big Short and Crazy, Stupid,
    Love, Black un-tap’s a fun side to Crowe we haven’t really seen before
    even though some could claim ventures like The Good Year and Mystery,
    Alaska tried to show off a lighter side to the phone throwing adopted
    Australian. The Nice Guys is Crowe’s best work in sometime and it’s
    likely his future roles will try to harness his lighter persona that
    works so well here, even though Gosling steals most of the films best
    singular moments.

    Speaking of stealing, young Australian actress Angourie Rice who was
    first seen in the worth checking out These Final Hours makes a huge
    impact to The Nice Guys fortunes with a fantastically judged turn as
    the wise beyond her years daughter of Gosling’s often bumbling Holland
    March, Holly, and considering it’s no mean feat to outplay two
    Hollywood heavyweights, Rice could well be ”the next big thing”.

    A sharp, fun and engaging mixture of comedy and mystery with a healthy
    dosage of violence, The Nice Guys isn’t ground-breaking stuff and some
    of the potential jokes within the film sadly fall flat but as whole
    this energetic and colourful vehicle driven by Black’s wit, Gosling and
    Crowe’s fine pairing and Rice’s star making turn, this is easily one of
    the year’s easiest to like cinematic diversions.

    3 ½ swimming Nixon’s out of 5

  • noreng-1May 26, 2016Reply

    A terrible experience

    This film is a preposterously plotted melange of set ups that might
    have seemed fruitful at one time but in the end they fail miserably.
    Nonsensical and burdened with the 1978 setting that was supposed to be
    ironically amusing, but was ultimately useless. Russell Crowe and Kim
    Basinger are cast to draw in the audience of LA Confidential, but the
    lack of character development and weak dialogue dissolve any
    credibility. Young Angourie Rice as the daughter is a stand out and has
    a promising future. The film was directed and written by Shane Black
    who also wrote Lethal Weapon. This film has richly earn a place in

  • tavmMay 27, 2016Reply

    The Nice Guys was a pretty entertaining detective movie taking place in the late ’70s

    I had wanted to watch this movie for a while because of the ’70s
    atmosphere so I just watched this with my movie theatre-working friend
    just now. It had a pretty weird vibe that was pretty humorous much of
    the time though not always hilariously so. Russell Crowe and Ryan
    Gosling reluctantly team up in search of a young woman who’s involved
    in a porno film and Kim Basinger is also involved somehow. Much of the
    movie is pretty entertaining though because I was a child of the decade
    in question and I know what music came out certain years especially the
    1977 timeline here, it took me a little out of the picture when I heard
    something like Rupert Holmes’ ”Escape (The Pina Colada Song)”-which
    came out two years after that year-playing in the background. Still,
    The Nice Guys is worth a look for anyone interested in the era. Oh, and
    how cool to once again see the Saul Bass Warner Bros. logo beginning
    this one…

  • snivler-91687May 27, 2016Reply

    Shocked how i did not like this..

    All the reviews and ratings on this movie and i was sure i would have
    been positive after watching it. I was looking for a similar movie to
    the lethal weapon series. Mel and Danny had chemistry but these two
    seem like fish out of water.The young girl did a great job acting and
    was the highlight of the movie. I kept waiting for the movie to grab my
    attention but was thinking near the end is this garbage almost over!
    Story and plot were terrible and it was except for a few ha ha scenes a
    poor movie. A second movie is likely in the works. but i wont be going!
    Russell and Ryan are great actors but i did not like them together in
    this flick. The most surprising thing i am getting out of this movie is
    the rave reviews its getting..

  • bob-the-movie-manMay 27, 2016Reply

    A raucous buddy comedy… and stuff.

    I’m sure this film is going to divide audiences, in the same way that
    ”Kingsman” did.

    It’s 1977 Los Angeles. Star Wars has premiered. Disco is in full swing.
    And porn star Misty Mountains has just died (spectacularly). It’s
    pretty disturbing then that dodgy licensed private investigator Holland
    March (Ryan Gosling) has been hired two days later to find Misty by the
    slightly kooky Mrs Glenn (Lois Smith, the equally kooky doctor in
    ”Minority Report”) who saw her through the windows of Misty’s home.
    Never one to turn down a pay check, Holland takes the case and the
    trail leads him to search for a missing girl called Amelia (Margaret
    Qualley). This leads him right into the substantial fists of the ‘heavy
    for hire’ Jackson Healey (Russell Crowe), who’s been hired by Amelia
    NOT to be found. But it’s clear that Amelia is at the centre of a
    tornado of intrigue, since her mother Judith (Kim Basinger) is head of
    the Justice department and there are some heavies from New York and
    Detroit looking for Amelia too.

    As the film’s tag-line admits ”The Nice Guys” are ”far from nice”, and
    this is a sort of bromance buddy movie of the likes of ”Lethal Weapon”.
    (And that comparison is 100% valid since – and I honestly discovered
    this after I wrote that – director Shane Black (”Iron Man 3”) got into
    cinema by writing the screenplay for the original ”Lethal Weapon” back
    in 1987). But ”The Nice Guys” has an edge that those films of the 80’s
    couldn’t have got away with. Subtle it ain’t. There is a lot of
    violence, a bit of 70’s porn and some fruity language that sensitive
    viewers may find offensive. (All in all, it’s a bit of a surprise that
    it got away with a ’15’ certificate in the UK).

    But it’s also insanely funny at times. Some of the sight gags are laugh
    out loud material (and I don’t tend to act on that often in a packed
    cinema). You might recall in ”Diamond’s Are Forever” that a Vegas hood
    tosses Plenty O’ Toole out of Bond’s hotel window. ”Good Shot” quips
    Bond. ”I didn’t know there was a pool down there” responds the hoodlum.
    The basics of this scene are given a fresh and wonderfully gory rework
    that is truly memorable.

    Gosling and Crowe have great chemistry together (although the degree of
    acting required by Crowe is debatable: he looks and acts like he seems
    to in most media interviews!) Some of their dialogue appears distinctly
    ad-libbed, which shows how comfortable they were with the roles. And
    Matt Bomer and Beau Knapp make memorably crazed villains. A role that
    unfortunately does irritate is Qualley’s: the character of Amelia is
    supposed to be a bit crazed, but her speaking part is 120% off the

    The acting star of the show though is young Australian Angourie Rice as
    Holland’s morally-centred and bright daughter Holly, who steals just
    about every scene she’s in. A young lady to watch for the future.

    1970’s LA is nicely realised, with nice little subliminal drop-in
    shots: a Jaws 2 poster; Tower Records; the original Hollywood Tower
    Hotel. And the film naturally attracts some banging’ 70’s tunes to the
    soundtrack, with Al Green peerless over the closing titles.

    But it’s not perfect. The plot is quite impenetrable (I’m still unclear
    exactly what the relationship between Misty and Amelia was). And
    Black’s screenplay (written with Anthony Bagarozzi) over-eggs the
    pudding of the final showdown scene. But while it won’t be to
    everyone’s tastes, I thought it was a blast from beginning to end: a
    guilty pleasure of bad taste that begs for a sequel. I would go to see
    the Gosling/Crowe show again. One of the most entertaining films of the
    year so far.

    Please visit to see the graphical version
    of this review and provide feedback on your views. (Thanks).

  • Troy_CampbellMay 27, 2016Reply

    Hits and misses throughout, but a fantastic lead pairing.

    Set in the late 70s and based around a string of suspicious deaths
    within the porno industry, this Shane Black joint lovingly harks back
    to the good ol’ days of ultra-violent buddy-cop flicks like Lethal
    Weapon and 48 Hrs. With this breed of movie almost extinct, it’s
    gratifying to see Black breathe life back into it with his trademark
    dark wit, genre-subverting style and willingness to unleash a spot of
    sudden violence for nervous laughs. Crucially, he’s aided and abetted
    by charming lead performances from Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, the
    former a gravel-voiced, hard-nosed enforcer with a noir-ish edge, and
    the latter a likable loser with dubious parenting skills but a
    sympathetic past. Crowe and Gosling are the epitome of chalk and
    cheese, and are all the more delightful to watch because of it; some of
    the film’s finest scenes are nothing more than them chewing the fat
    about life, albeit their warped life. Unfortunately it’s not all rosy
    for Black’s trip down memory lane though. The central mystery is
    convoluted, boring and ultimately a damp squib, whilst the numerous
    tangential subplots, infused with pitch-black comedy, often go nowhere,
    despite lengthy build-ups. On first viewing it’s difficult to grasp
    exactly how entertaining The Nice Guys really is, such are the typical
    ups and downs of Black’s distinctive writing/directing style. Cult
    classic status potentially awaits, but so does cinematic obscurity.

  • bkrauser-81-311064May 27, 2016Reply

    L.A. Confidential if Done by Blake Edwards

    The titular ”Nice Guys” are two formerly functioning members of the
    boys in blue who now scrounge up a living working on the fringes of the
    law. Holland March (Gosling) is a private dick who largely keeps his
    clients on a leash just long enough to get paid extra for little work.
    Jackson Healy (Crowe) on the other-hand barely scrapes by as an
    enforcer of sorts; beating people up on behalf of anyone with the right
    money. The two cross paths when the secretive and frightened Amelia
    (Qualley) hires Healy to keep March off her back, but after an
    escalating set of circumstances, the two boys team up to find out who
    Amelia really is and why she’s on the run.

    On the face of it, The Nice Guys has all the outward themes and calling
    cards that make director Shane Black’s oeuvre so appealing. The story
    twists and turns with the erudition of a Peter Cheyney pulp novel only
    played up for belly laughs. There’s the obligatory precocious child
    who’s often too clever for his/her own good, this time played by
    Angourie Rice. Then there’s the crackling dialogue whose machine-gun
    wit and irascible one-liners impresses even in his lesser efforts.
    Here, the script is a perfect blend of Lethal Weapon (1987) pacing and
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) sardonic witticism, with a touch of
    seventies style to add ironic snark.

    If one were to find fault in the film’s finely tuned, well-oiled
    machine it’d be the obviousness of the villain. With tons of effort
    made to establish the film’s tone and groove into the plot twists and
    reveals, you’d think they wouldn’t tip their hand so much. No matter;
    less time thinking about the intricacies of the plot leaves more time
    to revel in Gosling and Crowe’s deft, pitch-perfect acting, the
    gleeful, uproarious laughter and the gaudy seventies swag.

    The Nice Guys is L.A. Confidential (1997) as done by Blake Edwards.
    It’s smart, funny, effortlessly assembled and easily accessible. The
    story is tight and clever which more than makes up for any far- fetched
    tomfoolery and the themes are similar to those of Shane Black’s other
    efforts though it never feels like he’s resting on his laurels. Give
    The Nice Guys their due in theaters lest you wind up on the wrong end
    of a loaded cookie jar.

  • rooeeMay 27, 2016Reply

    A very Shane Black comedy

    Ryan Gosling plays the ”world’s worst detective” Holland March, and
    Russell Crowe is Jackson Healey, a mercenary tough guy who’s paid to
    punch paedophiles.

    This 1977-set LA story starts with a slightly misjudged visual joke
    portraying the death of adult movie star named Misty Mountains. When
    Misty’s aunt claims to have seen her niece alive, March is hired to
    find her. Separately, Healey is hired to stop him by force. A series of
    convoluted events conspire to bring the mismatched duo together, and
    off they go on a search for a missing girl named Amelia (Margaret
    Qualley). There are a ton of bad guys standing in the way of their
    goal, who happens to be the daughter of a sinister VIP from the
    Department of Justice (Kim Basinger). It’s fair to say that March’s and
    Healey’s chaotic quest is propelled as much by luck as skill.

    Being written and directed by Shane Black, comparisons to Kiss Kiss,
    Bang Bang and Lethal Weapon are inevitable. It’s not quite up to the
    same standard as those scripts – perhaps future instalments might shed
    light on Healey’s backstory and his neurotic need to be ”useful”, or
    delve more into the broken home life of March – but there is undeniable
    pleasure in seeing Black do his thing: banter, pathos, idiocy, lunacy,
    and old school shootouts. It’s probably on a par with The Last Boy
    Scout, which will do nicely.

    Gosling and Crowe are cast subtly against type, playing around with
    (and against) their ice cool and wounded warrior personas respectively.
    It’s especially effective with Gosling, whose tendency toward stolidity
    works well in the more deadpan moments. Angourie Rice, playing March’s
    precocious daughter Holly, almost steals the show from the stars. It’s
    a great performance and a great character: she binds these two
    emotionally stunted men in the way that Murtaugh’s family once brought
    Riggs back from the brink.

    The trailers for The Nice Guys have been subtly misleading, presenting
    the film as a pure knockabout action comedy. Yet Black’s skill has
    always been his ability to combine humour and sincerity. It’s
    refreshing to watch an adult comedy with an intricate (if ridiculous)
    plot and actual scripted jokes; and one where we’re not waiting for the
    next filmmaker-buddy cameo.

    The movie has more in common with the slacker detective pictures of the
    decade in which it’s set – it is faintly reminiscent of Robert Altman’s
    The Long Goodbye in its depiction of nihilism and questionable
    competence. Another touchstone would be Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent
    Vice, although this is the far less detached and humorous film.
    Similarly, the period is lovingly reincarnated, in part because it
    doesn’t simply revel in the coolness of the time – here’s a movie
    that’s happy to eschew the disco and observe the rubbish brownness of
    late-70s social decline.

    The Nice Guys is a welcome return of one of cinema’s most reliable and
    intelligent mainstream filmmakers. Shane Black is a master of toying
    with genre (he was responsible for Iron Man 3’s bonkers twist); and
    although the buddy genre may be a familiar one, it remains the perfect
    vehicle for his talents.

    Arguably the worst impulse of the modern action movie is excess, and
    the curse of the modern American comedy is irony. The Nice Guys offers
    mercifully little of either, which makes it feel both old and new.

  • Nick Gargas (dirty_chords)May 27, 2016Reply

    The Nice Guys. NOT

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kim HeniadisMay 27, 2016Reply

    Fun summer movie filled with mystery, comedy, nudity and violence.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • zetesMay 28, 2016Reply

    A tad disappointing given the fantastic trailers (which spoiled the film a little), but still a lot of fun

    ’70s detective movie starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, directed
    by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’s Shane Black. It is a ton of fun. There’s
    definitely something missing that I’m not quite able to put my finger
    on – it really feels like it should be an all-time classic, but ends up
    falling short. There’s some weaknesses in the script, like Black isn’t
    quite able to make his themes work entirely. It has so much great stuff
    in it, though. The two leads are ace, both giving near-career best
    performances. Angourie Rice is also excellent as Gosling’s teenage
    daughter. They do fail to establish a great antagonist, though bad guys
    Matt Bomer, Keith David and Beau Knapp are all memorable. Others who
    will remain nameless aren’t as good. The film is very funny,
    thankfully, with Crowe and Gosling bouncing off each other nicely. It
    is true most of the best bits were given away in the film’s two
    trailers. If you haven’t seen them, you might enjoy this even more than
    I did. I’d definitely recommend it either way.

  • jtindahouseMay 28, 2016Reply

    No chemistry between the stars

    I often find the best way to gauge a comedy is to see it in a packed
    theatre and observe how many jokes actually get genuine laughs out of
    the audience. I saw ‘Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising’ in a full theatre a
    couple of nights ago and nearly every single joke landed, and landed
    big, with many jokes causing loud and extended laughter. ‘The Nice
    Guys’ tonight however, was quite the opposite. The amount of pieces of
    intended humour that raised no sound at all were more plentiful than
    the ones that did. I laughed perhaps five times throughout the entire
    film and never once more than a quiet chuckle.

    The main problem was a lack of chemistry between Russell Crowe and Ryan
    Gosling. Gosling was trying so hard in every scene to make things
    funny, but it was simply coming across as desperate. It wasn’t natural.
    Jim Carrey overacts, but he still has a way of making it seem natural
    and hilarious. Very few people in Hollywood today can pull this off and
    Gosling is evidently not one of them. Crowe plays the straight guy, but
    doesn’t add a lot in the comedy department either. A pairing like Jonah
    Hill and Channing Tatum in ’21 Jump Street’ and its sequel, are what
    these guys needed to style themselves more around. Those two worked as
    a team and got hilarious results. Crowe and Gosling were just playing
    for themselves, and it comes across that way.

    It’s not all bad though. There are some good action sequences and the
    story moves at a fast enough pace to be interesting. In fact the story
    and action are a lot more enjoyable elements than the comedy side of
    things, which I never expected going in. At the end of the day though I
    think this set out to be a comedy and failed in doing so. There’s a lot
    of positivity in the reviews of this film, but don’t be fooled. It’s
    not as fun of a ride as a lot of them are making out.

  • aaabbc0510May 28, 2016Reply

    Save your money!

    This film is absolute trash. I don’t know where to begin in explaining
    how awful this movie is. Maybe with the opening scene with a child
    viewing pornography, while his father was passed out drunk. This seems
    to be a theme in the film, with Ryan Gosling’s character too busy
    drinking himself into oblivion to realize his own daughter is at a
    party watching more porn herself. I’m not sure why the film makers
    insisted on this theme of minors and porn but it is frankly disturbing.
    There is no comedic value and a disgrace. I wasn’t surprised when
    people, including myself walked out of the film. Don’t waste your money
    on this, you will regret it.

    Aside from this content, the film lacks in comedy with all of the
    laughable scenes already in the trailer. Everything else is just
    filler. Gosling plays a complete idiot, who we’re supposed to feel
    sorry for. Maybe the audience could give a damn about him as a single
    dad raising his daughter alone if he wasn’t too busy day drinking and
    putting her in harms way every other scene. Crowe is supposed to be the
    lovable tough guy but instead comes across as a bland character who
    adds very little to the story. Again don’t bother with this film, it
    was so bad I had to create my first review to try and save people some

  • PleasestoptheballMay 28, 2016Reply

    Best movie of 2016 till now.

    ”The Nice Guys” from the duo Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling,
    particularly neat with onions, results in a comedy, kind of caustic
    police investigation that mocks itself, frankly hilarious! Under
    situations where no heavy humor mars or burdening the film is very
    particular how shifted to play two players that makes it quite a hit
    … Far from the frozen composition ”Drive” here it is just the
    opposite Ryan Gosling in man returns rather left, deceitful, or not too
    clever at the edges but releasing a charm and bonhomie that echoes his
    muscled sidekick, equally amazing and explosive under Russell Crowe
    traits ! What looks, which phrases associated with unique and
    unexpected reactions. Crazy as can be, all that will trigger both
    nickel feet detectives will bring us some very funny moments when the
    secondary roles give all their importance and have nothing to envy the
    two heroes, like the little Holly, egghead element weighted and
    benevolent as thoughtful girl of Holland … No mention or describe
    some surreal scenes have a quite senseless sequence and so jubilant!
    The survey nevertheless a thread a little crazy there too, and follows
    more or less, but in the utmost good humor. A really nice about the
    vintage decorations, these sour moods 70s of Los Angeles of a mythical
    time! A small slice of fun and humor well prepared to taste without

  • Matt GreeneMay 28, 2016Reply

    The Comedy Duo of the Year is…Crowe and Gosling?

    In the late 1900s, there was a very particular genre of film that had a
    ubiquitous presence at cinemas and the box office: the good-ole
    fashioned action-buddy-comedy. From 48 Hours to Rush Hour, it’s a
    mindlessly entertaining genre, known as much for its cozy saxophone
    scores and cheesy emotions as for its ridiculous explosions and fun
    patter. The Nice Guys mixes these familiar feels with the gloss of a
    (less-layered and more accessible) Coen Bros film, giving us a seedy
    and comfortably familiar noir-caper, full of big characters and bigger
    laughs. Through a series of chance meetings and unlikely alliances, two
    men barely on the right side of the law in 1970s L.A. join forces to
    try to locate and protect a young woman. While tonally the film is very
    80s, the 70s L.A. setting perfectly shines with grimy detail. Crowe and
    Gosling, donned in loud suits and ill-advised facial hair, fall right
    into place. Both of them are super-funny and clearly enjoying
    themselves, eating up scenes filled with more character than you can
    shake a pimp’s stick at, and getting to play with dialogue worth dying
    for. That brainy banter is a large part of director/write Black’s
    signature style. With only 3 directing credits to his name (Kiss Kiss
    Bang Bang, Iron Man 3), his fearless confidence with his characters and
    scripts is admirable in our increasingly play-it-safe action-movie
    world. The Nice Guys is pure and simple fun that deserves to be
    supported if for no other reason than to get to see these three dudes
    team up for more hilarious misadventures in the future.

  • joechen411-609-134068May 28, 2016Reply

    Completely utterly confused

    One star is given for having Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in a movie
    together, two stars are for the brief moments of nudity that were
    displayed and 0 stars for rest of the film. This was an erratic film of
    unknown purpose with a convoluted plot line that made no F*king sense.
    Set in the 70s with two guys just running around doing random things to
    random people. Why was this film even made beats me, save your money
    and watch Angry birds, at least you can play the game if you’re bored!
    I am filling more lines so that this review can be posted, I just want
    to make sure people save their money so they can use it for food or
    shelter which is better than spending it on this stupid movie.

  • RogermexMay 28, 2016Reply

    Great fun!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bartonj2410May 28, 2016Reply

    Crowe and Gosling are brilliant together in another winner from Shane Black

    Yes, oh yes, The Nice Guys is every bit the hilarious and entertaining
    movie I was hoping for. Part action, part buddy comedy, The Nice Guys
    is the latest movie from Shane Black and believe me when I tell you,
    there is so much fun to be had at the cinema with this one.

    Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) is a hardened private eye who chooses
    violence as his method of business. On the other hand, Holland March
    (Ryan Gosling) is a bit of a bumbling private eye, not akin to the
    violent methods of Healy’s choosing.

    When the mismatched duo are paired together to investigate the death of
    fading porn star, Misty Mountains (Murielle Telio), they begin to
    unravel a web of corruption and lies, pointing toward murder over
    suicide. They are hired to find Amelia (Margaret Qualley), a girl who
    holds the key to the whole conspiracy, before others with cruel
    intentions do.

    First things first, The Nice Guys is really driven by the great
    on-screen partnership of Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, who share such
    an unbelievably good chemistry as the two private eyes who couldn’t be
    more different.

    This is the best Crowe has been since State of Play in 2009 and he has
    no trouble at all selling the tough guy persona of Healy. The comedy
    was something I thought Crowe could struggle with however, having seen
    him do a few interviews recently and after his performance in The Nice
    Guys, I had no need to worry.

    Crowe is funny in this but Gosling is absolutely hilarious. He proved
    he could do comedy in Crazy, Stupid, Love but there is so much more to
    the comedy he performs in The Nice Guys. A lot of it is verbal but
    there are some moments of physical comedy that Gosling nails,
    particularly one sequence in the movie’s finale that was rather quite

    The two are aided by a brilliant script, full of enough wit and quips,
    written by Shane Black and Anthony Bagarozzi. Black is no stranger to
    writing both movies and characters of similar ilk, having written the
    first two Lethal Weapon movies and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which he also
    directed. It’s not only Crowe and Gosling who benefit from the script
    either with Matt Bomer shining as the sinister John Boy and Angourie
    Rice almost stealing the show as Holly March, Holland’s rather
    persistent daughter.

    I understand that The Nice Guys hasn’t performed well so far at the
    box-office which is a real shame. I urge anyone who likes to be
    entertained to go and spend two hours watching this at the cinema.
    Trust me, those two hours will fly by and we could do with having more
    movies like this being made.

  • rebtguy-39674May 29, 2016Reply

    I would look elsewhere

    Sorry I viewed this movie but I didn’t hate it. Must say it had more
    violence than laughs for me. That would appeal to some more than me, I
    guess. Like Quentin Tarantino with some goofiness. And a cute kid.
    Redeeming features include 70’s era cars, eye candy models (not really
    any erotic appeal unless you mix sex with bullets and car crashes.) The
    preposterous plot at least moved it forward with some appropriate
    villains in big business and the government. Ryan Gosling again scores
    by playing his favorite character, a likable rogue. Russell Crowe
    proves that even with a few extra pounds, you don’t want to mess with
    him. Kim Basinger makes some appearances which are persuasive of her
    appeal persisting. Mixing in the kid actors was a fun addition if you
    don’t mind the loss of childhood innocence and general cynicism of our

  • nathannhallMay 29, 2016Reply

    Cringeworthy one liners and unnecessary dialogue

    This movie started out great and I was very convinced in the first 20
    minutes that this movie would turn out good. However, I was wrong. The
    writers on this movie basically jam packed it with a ton full of jokes,
    some were good, but most of them were terrible. A lot of cringe-worthy
    one liners, rambling non-sense, a repetition of annoying inside jokes
    and 12 year old sex jokes. Ryan Gosling’s character’s daughter is
    basically a b-grade version of the movie; Kick-ass, character; hit girl
    – which didn’t work out at all. It is also filled with a lot of
    predictable plot-holes which really drives the story round and round
    again. This is the type of movie to give you light entertainment with a
    few laughs here and there. But if you’re looking for a more complex
    movie with a good story line, this is not the movie for you.

    – 2/10.

  • regular8May 29, 2016Reply

    Film School Quality Script

    I give it a 4 for the production value. The movie was in color, the
    camera was held steady, the lighting was good, the sets were
    well-staged, and the sound was clear. I also give it a 4 for the poor
    quality of the script. Unfortunately the good production value and the
    good acting by the principals could not elevate the script beyond the
    level of a film school senior project. How that script got made into an
    actual movie by professionals is beyond me, unless it simply signals
    that professional filmmakers these days have little idea as to script
    quality. How can the script be described to someone who hasn’t seen the
    movie? I can say that the laughable jokes were weak, few, and far
    between, the characters were written without any depth (requiring the
    audience to create them), the story line was much too complicated and
    hard to follow for a silly comedy, and I wanted to movie to end about
    half an hour before it did. I did admire Crowe’s performance. He is one
    of those rare people who can become the character they are asked to
    play. However I think he needs to loose a bunch of that weight if he
    wants to be an old actor some day.

  • onlyjigarMay 29, 2016Reply

    The movie was a light comedy.

    The movie was a light comedy. I guess it is definitely a one time

    The plot revolves about 2 private detective trying to find Emma. It
    shows how they cross each others path and how they create a dependency.
    It is funny for most of the parts. Adding the porn industry makes the
    movie colorful. Somethings teenagers would love to relate to. You come
    out with a smile on your face. There were of course things out of the
    blue but well you can just smile about it.!

    There were moments of super good comedy which stitched the movie
    together. However it was Russel’s brilliance acting, which kept the
    plot in place.

  • David Ferguson ([email protected])May 29, 2016Reply

    Chuckle Chuckle Bang Bang

    Greetings again from the darkness. Shane Black sold his first
    screenplay at a very early age which led him to become something of a
    phenom with the success of that film, Lethal Weapon (1987). Later, he
    disappeared from Hollywood for about 10 years before resurfacing in
    2005 by directing his own terrific script with the immensely
    entertaining Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (my favorite movie of that year), and
    then hitting big-budget time with his script for Iron Man 3. This time,
    Mr. Black (directing and co-writing with Anthony Bagarozzi) returns to
    the detective-farcical-comedy-mystery-action genre and even adds an
    element of being a 1970’s period piece.

    Black’s rapid-fire wise-cracks were perfect fits for Mel Gibson and
    Robert Downey Jr, and for this project he’s working with Ryan Gosling
    and Russell Crowe … both fine actors, though neither known for their
    comedic work. What’s clear from the beginning of the film is that both
    Gosling and Crowe are fully committed to the material and their
    respective characters. Gosling plays a boozy Private Detective and
    single dad who just can’t quite get things right, while Crowe plays a
    hired-hand bruise type – think of his Bud White in L.A. Confidential
    (1997), only with an extra 50 pounds and a lot of miles. These two
    damaged boys play off each other very well, and with Black’s dialogue
    and visual gags, the film provides a good number of laugh out loud
    moments … more silly than the sophomoric humor that’s so pervasive at
    multiplexes these days.

    Of course for comedy to really click, there needs to be some type of
    story to follow. In the opening scene a young boy (Ty Simpkins) watches
    as a car slams through his house, culminating with a ”model/actress”
    named Misty Mountains meeting a not-so-pleasant ending. We then learn
    that Gosling’s Holland has been hired to find Amelia (Margaret
    Qualley), who bears an uncanny resemblance to Ms. Mountains – with two
    significant exceptions. Simultaneously, Amelia has hired Crowe’s
    Jackson to convince Holland to stop searching for her. Soon enough,
    Holland and Jackson are working together on the ”case” that mixes in
    the Auto industry (Big 3), Porn industry, Justice Department
    (government conspiracies), environmental protesters, Killer Bees, LA
    parties, LA smog, The Waltons (John Boy), The Rockford Files, Detroit,
    and Richard Nixon … all hot topics in this 1977 era.

    As much as the story is needed, it really doesn’t much matter. This is
    a movie of moments … some of them featuring funny words, while others
    focus on pretty astute physical comedy. Gosling (and his stunt double)
    provides some pretty impressive gags as he is bounced and slammed
    around for most of the run time. The surprising heart of the film … and
    moral core … is Holland’s daughter Holly played by Angourie Rice.
    Despite the title, she is really the only ”nice guy” in the whole film,
    and her good-hearted nature keeps us rooting for Gosling and Crowe,
    despite their flaws.

    Other support work comes from Matt Bomer as a ”John Boy” hit man, Keith
    David, Lois Smith, Yaya DaCosta (quick, name another Yaya), Beau Knapp
    (as the toothy Blueface), Jack Kilmer (Val’s son as a
    ”projectionalist”), and Kim Basinger (re-teaming with her LA
    Confidential co-star, Crowe). Also playing a significant role are the
    mid-to-late 1970’s vehicles, the period music and houses and décor that
    puts us right in the moment, and the clothes and hairstyles that are
    sure to inspire a chuckle or two.

    Fans of Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang will surely find plenty
    of laughter here … despite one of the worst trailers in recent memory
    and even if the film is lacking the one thing it advertises – nice

  • willwoodmillMay 31, 2016Reply

    Shane black gives us an incredibly average neo-noir buddy cop comedy

    Shane Black, the writer/director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, returns with
    another neo-noir, buddy cop comedy called The Nice Guys. The Nice Guys
    takes place in 1977 Los Angeles, and after a bizarre opening scene that
    will only fully make sense until the end of the film, the film
    introduces us to one of the main protagonists, Jackson Healy. (played
    by Russell Crowe) Who is just low-level muscle for hire, who one day is
    hired by a shy paranoid girl called Amelia, (played by Margaret
    Qualley) to beat up a bumbling private investigator, Holland March
    (played by Ryan Gosling) that is on her tail. Later on Healy is
    attacked by two thugs that demand to know Amelia’s whereabouts, which
    Healy does not know. After Healy escapes the thugs he goes and tries to
    find Holland March in order that they can team up and find Amelia and
    figure out what’s going on.

    The Nice Guys is a mixture of a neo-noir mystery and a buddy cop
    comedy, but the film is works much better as a comedy then as a
    mystery, a lot of the jokes are really good with great deliveries on
    the punch-lines and some solid physical humor to boot. But even though
    the jokes on a hole are pretty good some of them do fall flat, and the
    film doesn’t do a very good job of keeping the comedy going in a
    continuous flow, it sort of just comes in these short bursts. But the
    comedy on a hole as I said earlier is really good, so there’s no real
    reason to get nitpick it, especially when there are so many big
    problems I have with the film mainly the plot. The plot itself is
    pretty generic, if you’ve seen any neo-noir film you’ve basically seem
    The Nice Guys, but not only is it generic, it’s lazy. The majority of
    the time the way the plot is furthered is by the characters
    accidentally stumbling across the thing they needed, or some random
    character coming over and telling the protagonists the information they
    needed to know, very little goes on in the way of actual detective
    work, which makes for a very obnoxious and dull movie.

    But the biggest problem I have with the Nice Guys is that it’s not
    immersive. While I was watching the film I never felt like I was
    actually in 70s. Compare this to Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice,
    (which is a film set in a similar time period) when you’re watching
    Inherent Vice you feel like you’re in the actual era its placing you
    in. All of the characters mannerisms and the smallest things in the
    background help contribute to this feeling, and it makes the film so
    much better and enjoyable. I never got that from The Nice Guys. Which
    was a serious let done, the lack of immersion makes the film feel
    tedious and just fake. Overall I’m split on The Nice Guys, on one hand
    there are some funny jokes and solid performances and on the other the
    plot is unoriginal and weak, and the film is not immersive. I guess
    it’s worth looking into if it looks like something you’d be into, but
    you wouldn’t really be missing anything if you didn’t see The Nice

  • Edgar Allan PoohMay 31, 2016Reply

    Warner Bros. films usually warn America about upcoming catastrophes . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mikerosslawJune 1, 2016Reply

    No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American Public – definitely a ”Razzie” Worst Picture contender

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shadowyx12June 1, 2016Reply

    Shane Black kicks back to his signature style with flair and reverence.

    In the era of disco and cheesy moustaches, enforcer Jackson Healy
    (Crowe) teams up with detective Holland March (Gosling) to track down a
    young woman last seen acting in a porn film. As the hilariously
    uncompromising duo gets closer to finding their target, they
    accidentally stumble upon a much larger conspiracy…

    If you enjoyed ”Lethal Weapon” or ”Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”, then you
    should feel right at home with this mystery-comedy directed and
    co-written by Shane Black. The film is bolstered by a tightly-knit
    script as well as strong performances from most, if not all, of the
    cast. The chemistry between Gosling and Crowe is explosive; not only is
    the duo’s comedic timing on point, but both serve as strong foils to
    each other’s personalities. A genuine connection can be felt in their
    relationship throughout the film.

    Another actor who deserves a special mention is 15-year-old Angourie
    Rice (who plays Holland’s quick-witted and observant daughter). In my
    eyes, she is the true star of this film. Rice not only infuses her
    character with a rich energy that few child actors possess but also has
    no problems keeping up with her enormously talented co-stars. There is
    not a single scene where she gives a weak performance – Rice was by far
    the best casting choice Black and his team could have made for the role
    of Holly March.

    The production design, costume design, and cinematography also deserve
    a special mention. The film is so seventies in the way it is designed
    and lit, it actually feels like it was made in the seventies. The
    filmmakers also hid plenty of little nods toward the culture and
    political climate of that period throughout the film (which makes a
    second viewing all the more fun). Additionally, the film’s musical
    selections and soundtrack will have you settled in immediately.

    At its core, ”The Nice Guys” is a genuinely funny and sometimes
    shocking film. It features a convoluted story that’s big on laughs,
    heartfelt redemption, and flashy action scenes. Realistically speaking,
    the only problem that I have with this film (and see others having) is
    exactly that: the film’s convoluted and seemingly senseless plot.
    Nevertheless, for those looking to get away from this month’s stale
    slate of sequels and adaptations, but still want to see something
    entertaining and well-made, this is the film for you.

  • dobikriszJune 1, 2016Reply

    A good buddy movie

    This movie doesn’t make anything new, doesn’t make you thinking about
    the meaning of life but it’s a great fun. The story isn’t a big thing
    but the main characters save the whole show. They are cools and there
    is a bunch of hilarious conversation them. I don’t really remember saw
    Ryan Gosling in this kind of movie but he do it great. One more good
    point to this movie that it doesn’t stop for too long time. It always
    go on maximum round and you have no time to bored. The only reason why
    i don’t give 10 point because it does not have anything surprise and
    does not do anything advanced and unremarkable. It wont be the best
    movie in your life but if you give it a chance you wont regret it.

  • James De BelloJune 1, 2016Reply


    Shane Black doing what he excels at the most and doing it at the very
    best: ”The Nice Guys” is funny, smart, action packed, violent,
    irreverent, thrilling and entertaining all at the same time without
    ever having tonal shift problems, it molds so many elements into one
    cohesive package that will give you a blast at the cinema and won’t
    alienate you even with the sudden appearance of a giant talking bug in
    a car.

    What has to be addressed immediately is the fact that if there was ever
    a prize for best on-screen chemistry for 2016 the race is already over,
    Crowe and Gosling light up the frame with an overwhelming energy, this
    is something we haven’t seen in quite some time. Their job might be
    overlooked and discounted by some, but this is nothing short of genius,
    the way in which these two actors bring to life this story is
    illuminating, their timing, their banter, their personal dynamic, it is
    all in the brilliant script, but what the two of them do is elevate it
    to levels that I think not even Shane Black could have ever imagined. I
    mean they just had to look at each other for me to curl up laughing
    stupid. They don’t have a false beat. And when you try to look back and
    think of who was better as soon as you point to one, you feel like
    you’ve made the wrong choice. Crowe’s stoicism is played to perfection
    and when he boils up it pays off incredibly. Then there’s Gosling who
    is recently on a roll; he was a highlight of ”The Big Short” and showed
    comedic chops I didn’t know he had, then comes this film and if there
    was ever any doubt of his comedic timing believe me is dead. The way he
    moves is enough to make you marvel and laugh at what he’s doing, he has
    multiple moments of physical comedy that had me rolling on the floor,
    not to mention his witty, smart-ass dialogue that he nails.

    And we aren’t even halfway done with the cast yet, everybody in this
    film not only is cast perfectly, but kills it. Kim Basinger’s casting
    as a callback to ”L.A. Confidential” is a great choice, but then
    getting into the more important characters: Matt Bomer is terrifying as
    the cold blooded killer and it is so important to be so if you want to
    give the audience catharsis when the final showdown happens. It is
    great to see Keith David again on screen in this kind of supporting
    character role that he always, unequivocally shines in, he is truly one
    of the bests in my opinion, there isn’t wrong he can do. Finally
    Angourie Rice is a revelation, she steels the movie from Crowe and
    Gosling so well it feels like this movie is about the three of them

    Now, all of these actors get the chance to do such amazingly inspired
    work thanks to Shane Black. His screenplay presents us to a group of
    characters that are brilliantly well written and developed and tied
    into a plot that is absorbing and crazy. I don’t know if this film is
    better written or directed because the two crafts combine seamlessly in
    this picture. There are so many moving elements and Black keeps up with
    all of them without ever leaving the audience behind or making them
    loose interest. moreover the way the setting is used is breathtaking
    and I mean that literally. He makes these characters move through Los
    Angeles and between a million easter eggs that I’m sure I missed half
    of, the locations give the film a whole other level of fascination, it
    has one of the best party scenes in recent memory. The greatness lies
    in the fact that story and setting feed each other and couldn’t be
    taken apart, bringing to life a visual feast for the eyes that is
    grounded in story and character.

    And there’s still much to talk about: soundtrack, action and fight
    scenes, pace, cinematography, sound, all of these elements deserve a
    paragraph on their own. The excellence of filmaking in display here is
    in my opinion really remarkable. Does it have faults? Or course: it can
    occasionally digress into 70s visual extravaganza just for the sake of
    it, the plot is thrilling and all, yet come to really think of it,
    unfortunately, it comes apart slightly too easily, but these are all
    details that have to be addressed, yet they did not take away from the
    overall experience which is one of the funniest and most thrilling
    rides of the year that I cannot wait to check out again in the theater
    with a bunch of friend.

  • mamlukmanJune 2, 2016Reply

    Another great American film with no American stars

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nicole CJune 2, 2016Reply

    Surprisingly enjoyable

    This is the kind of movie I generally do not appreciate, but I was
    honestly surprised that I enjoyed it. Although it is a crime film, it
    is also tied nicely with a comedic atmosphere. The film is able to
    balance both the serious scenes with the funny ones, and it pays off.

    Gosling does a superb job with his character. While being both the
    smart one and the goofy one, his antics, behavior and lines are just so
    hilarious. Quite a few of his actions are *slap hand in face* worthy,
    and that’s what makes it funny at times. Without a doubt, Gosling
    carries the film.

    At the beginning, I was not a big fan of Crowe’s character. He play a
    tough guy who uses fists first, talk later. But after some time I grew
    to tolerate him. He does have some character development, mostly due to
    Holly, and I could go either way with that. We aren’t given a lot into
    the other characters’ background, but it works for this film.

    As mentioned, the subject matter of the film is one I do not generally
    enjoy. What with the swearing, prostitutes, pornography sounds, and the
    like. However, it is not explicit at all, save for one nude woman in
    the beginning (which was censored in my country), and the swearing. For
    a movie of this type, I would say it is one of the more tamed ones in
    terms of what they show.

    Set in the 70’s, the mise-en-scene does a great job at bringing alive
    the era. As well, the story is engaging and fun. However, I am a little
    surprised that there isn’t a romantic line in the film. Having said
    that, there is also not much of a female counterpart to the
    protagonists, in the sense that there is no presence of strong female
    characters. Amelia and Holly do portray that hardiness, and have quite
    a lot of screen time, however, the fact that they are young girls is a
    little concerning. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but if I had
    to say who the four main characters in the film are, it would be:
    March, Healy, Holly, and Amelia. Two middle-aged men, and two teenage
    girls. Think of that what you will.

  • brainsmasher-58335June 2, 2016Reply

    Wait for the DVD.

    It is not a bad movie; but it is not a good movie either. All of the
    ingredients were there for a really good time; but like Maxwell Smart
    said, ”they missed it by that much.”

    If you want to walk down memory lane this movie will transport you back
    to that time. If you are a young’un and this was before your time it is
    a pretty good period piece.

    The writers had enough material for a decent Saturday Night Live skit;
    but they stretched it and milked it. It’s as if the producers of
    Saturday Night Live watched an episode of Kenan and Kel and said to
    themselves, ”we’re so good at what we do that we can take the unfunny
    member of Kenan and Kel and make him a star even though he has no real

    I might have walked out of the movie if I wasn’t emjoying all of the
    good soul music from back in the day.

  • jeremy-clay59June 3, 2016Reply

    Mediocre Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nama chakravortyJune 3, 2016Reply

    Crowe & Gosling Shine In This Winning Buddy-Comedy!

    ‘The Nice Guys’ is one joyride! A hilarious, violent, suspenseful
    Buddy-Comedy, that’s bolstered by Fantastic Performances by Russell
    Crowe & Ryan Gosling. They are at their BEST!

    ‘The Nice Guys’ Synopsis: A mismatched pair of private eyes investigate
    the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles.

    ‘The Nice Guys’ is Blockbuster Entertainment from start to finish.
    Watching these two unlikely heroes form a team to uncover a mystery in
    late 70’s Hollywood, is irresistible fun. The chemistry between the
    electrifying leading-men remains in tact, & the series of events that
    follow, left me in splits. I haven’t laughed so hard in a really long
    time. The suspense works, the pace is consistently crisp & even the
    action, packs a punch.

    Shane Black & Anthony Bagarozzi’s Screenplay is Superb. This tale of
    mystery, laced with some terrific humour, doesn’t miss a beat. Sure,
    its a bit too long, but that never pops up as a major flaw. The Writing
    is top-notch. Shane Black’s Direction, on the other-hand, is fabulous.
    ‘The Nice Guys’ is amongst his best works, without doubt!
    Cinematography & Editing are top-class. Art & Costume Design are
    perfect. Action-Sequences are solid, while David Buckley & John
    Ottman’s Score, is just right.

    Performance-Wise: ‘The Nice Guys’ is another showcase of the impeccable
    talents of Crowe & Gosling. Crowe, though out of shape, is simply
    flawless as the brawny bad-ass, while Gosling, is a scene-stealer.
    Gosling displays a rare talent for Physical Comedy, while portraying
    the brainy idiot & delivers the best laughs in the goings-on. Crowe &
    Gosling also share an infectious on-screen camaraderie, throughout. A
    Special Mention for Angourie Rice, who’s sensational as Gosling’s
    bad-ass daughter. Of the rest of the cast, Kim Basinger shines in her
    brief bit, while Matt Bomer is at his creepiest best. Others too lend
    great support.

    On the whole, ‘The Nice Guys’ is Great Entertainment! And as for Crowe
    & Gosling, Salute!

  • writers_reignJune 3, 2016Reply

    And A – Way We Go

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Alexa Bouhelier-RuelleJune 3, 2016Reply

    The ”Not So” Nice Guys

    A mismatched pair of private eyes investigates the apparent suicide of
    a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles.

    The Nice Guys reunites director and co-writer Shane Black and producer
    Joel Silver, who have previously given us the Lethal Weapon movies, The
    Last Boy Scout, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – among others. Where Mel
    Gibson and Danny Glover, Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans or Robert Downey
    Jr. and Val Kilmer have gone before, now we have the sublime pairing of
    Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling.

    Before our emotionally liberate 21st-century world invented the idea of
    the ”bromance”, we had the buddy comedy and the first reference that
    come to my mind is Roger Moore and Tony Curtis in The Persuaders on
    television. This film is an arch return to this tradition. Not unlike
    Deadpool, this is a rare American Studio movie willing to acknowledge
    the stupidity of mindless action with cathartic elements. The complex
    plotting bears a close resemblance to Inherent Vice in its dirty
    arrangement of events in which the main characters generally seem lost
    in the fog of their own pursuits.

    Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are funnier than ever in this buddy
    movie about crime investigation. Though at the end of the third act, it
    sometimes shifts into more straightforward procedural details that lack
    the same spark as its stars. Still there’s no doubting the appeal of
    these two bumbling entities. The Nice Guys delivers brilliant physical
    comedy, null the actor’s ability to turn their screen presence into a
    punchline. In this movie, everyone is trolling everyone else. Ryan
    Gosling, among his many talents, has blossomed into an inspired
    physical comedian. While what’s fun about watching Russel Crowe is that
    he treats the savagery of his job as casually as if he were filling out
    a tax form. Indeed, they are a brilliant pairing and fit like a glove.
    So well in fact that you will wonder why it didn’t happen sooner. It’s
    a Hollywood buddy pairing that leaves you wanting more – a sequel, if
    it happens, would be justified and welcome.

    This movie is likely to score big with audiences, and for the same
    reason that it’s proved to be a perfect fit. It’s a treat to see
    popcorn movies this decadent made by people who know exactly what
    they’re doing. Philippe Rousselot’s cinematography gives L.A. a night
    bloom glow but not so much of a period authenticity, unfortunately.
    Finally, the hotel elevator scene, when the heroes duck back into the
    elevator with a ”we don’t need this” shrug. The timing of the gag is
    exquisite because it’s Black’s way of expressing what it feels like
    when whenever you’re expecting is almost certain to turn out worse.

    Overall, The Nice Guys is a cynical movie but yet more or less
    sympathetic. An innocent pleasure that you can just let slide.

  • zadkineJune 3, 2016Reply

    Boogie Nights Redux

    One of those films so aswim in the culture of porn that you wonder
    why….oh yes, there’s that, the seeming limitless appetite of
    Hollywood for pure, unadulterated trash with a heavily misogynistic
    overtone. Maybe the word should be undertow. Everything that passes for
    a plot is mere window-dressing, what sustains this awful effort is the
    lurid atmosphere. And there is one disturbing element that is so
    prominent it can’t be an accident. The children in this film, appearing
    in very disturbing scenes – it’s downright degenerate. ”Boogie Nights”
    used banal acting and a tired plot to mimic the feel of porn films. So
    it could claim (a lame claim) to be a parody, although its moral
    emptiness was so close to the real thing it might as well have been the
    real thing. ”The Nice Guys” has something of the same feel. The
    exploitation of women and young girls, dumb scenes (hundreds of rounds
    shot, no one hit), cheesy music, how really different it is from the
    junk the porn industry turns out – except for two A-list actors?

  • paddy chaplainJune 4, 2016Reply

    Hilarious, raucous fun. Simple as that.

    I seem to be one of the few people that didn’t think that Shane Black’s
    directorial debut ”Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” was the amazing, underrated
    film that so many others had it pegged as. In fact, I thought it was
    t=rather mediocre. With that said, when I first saw the initial trailer
    for ”The Nice Guys” I thought it looked fantastic and couldn’t wait to
    send the link to as many of my friends as I could. I wasn’t

    While not all the jokes necessarily landed with me, I can’t deny that
    the majority of them had me laughing aloud in the cinema. The plot was
    entertaining and the stellar cast had me hooked from the outset and,
    while the plot was absurd and larger than life, that just added to the
    charming tone of the film and made the roller coaster even more fun.

  • garethajonesJune 4, 2016Reply

    Ugly, brutal, nasty film, one of the worst I’ve ever suffered

    Having read the reviews about this being a light-hearted comedy I
    suffered twenty minutes of one of the most unpleasant brutal nasty
    films I’ve ever seen before leaving the cinema and getting a refund in
    the grounds of the film being so different from the reviews it almost
    breached the trades descriptions act! I should have realised that a
    film nowadays with Russell Crowe is risky (whatever happened to the
    excellent actor we saw in Gladiator? He’s now a fat, lazy inarticulate
    slob!). This is the first time I’ve been to a cinema for a while and
    the constant eating and phone watching of the other patrons again
    reminded me why a large screen HD TV and Netflix subscription at home
    are now essential parts of modern life.

    With films like The Nice Guys I could then stop watching at no cost or
    hassle.. I’m sure the hipsters and teenagers will love it, I certainly
    didn’t. I wish I could give it minus 5 stars but that’s not possible

  • Guy JeffriesJune 4, 2016Reply

    It’s Shane Black back alright.

    Shane Black has been a name in Hollywood I have always taking great
    pleasure of seeing in the credits. Creating characters such as Riggs
    and Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout. This man
    invented the buddy cop movie and unlikely friendships with The Nice
    Guys being yet, another fine example.

    If there’s one thing Shane Black is great at creating, it’s those
    interesting alliances that are formed from equally interesting and
    awkwardly different characters each presenting counter ideals or
    attitudes. It’s watching an almost mutual hatred for one other slowly
    turning into trust and tolerance.

    Gosling’s P.I. Holland March seems to be very much influenced by Jimmy
    Rockford from the Rockford Files by taking cold cases, avoiding
    conflicts and charges the same fee of $200 per day. Not shy to drinking
    and seems to marauder around with a careless yet cowardly way of life.

    Now Crowe’s Jackson Healy is of the heavy handed, brass-knuckle kinda
    guy, who’s not afraid of conflict and isn’t shy of hurting people.
    However, he bares a moral code and there’s something quite honourable
    about the guy. Wanting to do the good thing but capable of doing the
    other, he has a sense of heroism.

    Basically the two of them are the good bad guys, or the bad good guys
    depending on which way you look at it. It’s creates a great
    relationship for comical situations where the duo somehow compliment
    each other. It’s not a case brains and brawn, but more so stupid blind
    luck and haphazard accidents with some clever scripting.

    Who does accompanying the cast and inappropriately so is Angourie
    Rice’s character Holly March. Holland’s inquisitive and and actual
    helpful daughter. She pretty much saves the day.

    Set in the seventies it has a neon disco haze everywhere it goes and
    the cleverly shot in a yesterday’s L.A. Which is still very much
    recognisable. There’s a good soundtrack but a lack of it and it’s
    fairly unnoticeable score is really quiet compared to his score for
    X-Men: Apocalypse.

    It’s shocking and borderline controversial with some great comedy. It’s
    unpredictable but wouldn’t say it’s original. Different maybe but
    there’s a strong fragrance of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in the air which
    isn’t a bad thing as that film was brilliant and this film is a stand
    alone great.

    It’s funny and entertaining, doesn’t lose pace and the chemistry
    between Gosling and Crowe is superb. However, as much as I did enjoy
    it, it wasn’t as funny as some parts should have been and there isn’t
    anything majorly outstanding about it but having said that, I would
    welcome seeing the two investigate some more but maybe speed it up to
    be set in the eighties?

    Running Time: 9 The Cast: 9 Performance: 9 Direction: 9 Story: 8
    Script: 8 Creativity: 8 Soundtrack: 5 Job Description: 7 The Extra
    Bonus Points: 10 5 points for Gosling and 5 for Crowe, just can’t seem
    to award one without the other.

    82% 8/10

  • Josh (joshdavidheath)June 4, 2016Reply

    Wow. What a film!

    This film is everything i was hoping for. Shane Black delivers a great
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang- esque story complete with great performances, a
    fantastic script and a lot of genuine laugh out loud moments. Holly
    (Angourie Rice) is a stand out performance for me and is a brilliant
    addition to the great pairing of Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling.

    My only issues with the film are two or three jokes that do not land
    but there are enough genuinely funny moments to make up for this and
    personally i felt like it was dragging at parts, especially with Matt
    Bomer’s introduction but the final sequences left me totally satisfied
    leaving the cinema.

    Overall the cast gel brilliantly, the script is mostly great and the
    soundtrack captures the setting and atmosphere perfectly.



  • WinterbornTMJune 4, 2016Reply

    Great Movie

    The Nice Guys is written and directed by Shane Black and stars Ryan
    Gosling and Russell Crowe as two detectives who try to solve a case
    regarding a missing girl and the death of a porn actress in Los Angeles
    during the 70s.

    I’m a big Shane Black fan ever since my childhood, with Lethal Weapon
    being one of my all-time favorites. After that I followed his career,
    and I have to say, he is a really great writer/director. Kiss Kiss Bang
    Bang is another great movie which he wrote and directed which some
    might argue it brought Robert Downey Jr. back in the center of the
    attention, and before the whole Marvel business started. Black is great
    at writing buddy comedies with crime and mystery touches and The Nice
    Guys is one of his best works to date.

    First of all, the two main actors, Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, have
    an amazing on-screen chemistry. Crowe plays Jackson Healy, a
    by-the-book though guy enforcer type who you call when want to have
    someone taken care of. Crowe is now over 50 in real life, his age is
    starting to show, but he embraces that completely in this film. He is a
    little overweight and some of the action scenes he pulls might not look
    that believable, but he is absolutely perfect in this role. Ryan
    Gosling took a break from the more silent type roles (Drive, Place
    Beyond the Bines) which were becoming a bit too much for me and instead
    takes a comedic turn in this movie. He has some of the funniest lines,
    he gets in the craziest situations and yet there’s also a dark side to
    him, having some drinking problems and at the same time trying to raise
    his daughter (Angouire Rice), who is wise beyond her years.

    The story itself is not the most original and unique, it doesn’t really
    break new ground and you can solve the mystery on your own while
    watching the movie. As soon as one character was introduced, I
    immediately put the clues together. But that’s okay, it doesn’t really
    need to do all those things. We were not promised some original concept
    or never before seen plot, we were promised an action comedy that
    offers two great characters and a very clever script.

    What I truly love about this movie is how simple it actually is. It’s
    not part of a huge franchise, it’s not a CGI fest, there are no
    superheroes, there are no flying cars, we just follow two guys trying
    to solve a mystery. It really goes back to the 80-90s era, when we had
    some great action-comedies like the Lethal Weapon franchise or Beverly
    Hills Cop. It’s a nice breath of fresh air with some clever dialogue,
    noir elements, good action and two perfect stars in the main roles. The
    Nice Guys is a nice surprise and it deserves a 9 out of 10!

  • david-sarkiesJune 4, 2016Reply

    A Journey Back to the 70s

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Pink ZeppelinJune 5, 2016Reply

    A Good Afternoon

    We have all seen Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe in far better movies
    than this and we know what they are capable of. It’s more their way of
    playing that kept me in action and not the story, which was
    predictable. I know, it was just a comedy, but I have some standards
    and I want something more than just the average screenplay. Never the
    less, there were many moments that I enjoyed not only because of the
    humour, which was good and nothing more, but thank’s to the messages
    the movie wanted to sent us, about many things, which I don’t want to
    spoil. Well, in order to conclude, it’s a movie that it’s better to see
    it with your friends (as I did), you will enjoy it better and you will
    have fun. It’s easy and it’s perfect to relax after college or work, on
    Friday evening.


    P.S. I loved the face of Ryan in the biggest part of the movie. I’ll
    not say anything more. You’ll know when you see it.

  • drmarkus-17221June 5, 2016Reply

    Many reasons why I gave this movie 1 out of 10 stars:

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DarkVulcan29 ([email protected])June 5, 2016Reply

    An excellent homage to 70’s violent cinema that was surprisingly not directed by Quentin Tarantino.

    It’s set in the 1970’s, and it feels like it was made in the 70’s, and
    at the same time satirizes the 70’s. Director Shane Black really brings
    the action comedy and crime thriller qualities and puts them together

    Two private investigators(Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling) who are both
    mismatched, become unlikely partners to solve the sudden death of a
    porn star, and to find a young woman who may be connected, but quickly
    discover there is more than meets the eye.

    It’s easy to imagine that Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe where having a
    blast making this. The two play off each other perfectly during the
    70’s setting. Angourie Rice(who looks like a young Reese Witherspoon)
    steals the show as Goslings daughter, she really becomes the heart of
    the movie, I hope to see more from her in the future. It has great
    laughs and suspense also. It really keeps you glued, I want to see more
    films like this in the future.

  • Dan HardenJune 5, 2016Reply

    A Shane Black comedy n’stuff

    What do you get when you cross Cutris Hanson’s LA Confidential with
    Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? The answer is this entertaining
    crime comedy centred around a porn film in 1977. Ryan Gosling and
    Russell Crowe make an unlikely pairing as together they investigate a
    missing persons case which escalates quickly into insanity and

    Russell Crowe portrays Jakson Heely, a character who shares
    similarities with his LA Confidental character Bud White. Crowe plays
    the brute with a softer side fairly well, making a mini comeback after
    some less than stellar performances in films such as Les Miserables. As
    good as Crowe is, he isn’t the stand out star of this show, the would
    go to Ryan Goslings brilliant performance as the alcoholic buffoon
    Holland March. Gosling embodies the clown role of the film, perfectly
    executing the many, many gags he’s faced with delivering. Goslings
    performance plays a big part in my enjoyment of this film and finally
    shows that the actor isn’t just a pretty face.

    The film is a funny film, thanks to Crowe and Gostling for their
    delivery is definitely in order for the films humour working, but their
    delivery would have been for nothing if the script wasn’t funny to
    start with. Also the direction and editing are also great in pulling
    off some of the physical comedy of the film. Long story short the team
    behind this film work brilliantly together to compliment one another
    and create a genuinely amusing movie.

    The only issue I had with this film was the crime story itself. As the
    film progresses it seems to shift from a mysteriously cursed porn film
    to yet another government conspiracy to which I am still confused as to
    how that was resolved. The films climax centres around our protagonists
    retrieving a porn film to which the story is evidence against the
    department of justice for illegal activity… But everyone involved in
    the films making is dead and its a PORN film, so I’m struggling to see
    how this singular piece of pornographic evidence is enough to take down
    someone high up in the ranks of the police force. Sure Chet is alive to
    testify but that is never specified and is that really enough?

    Overall The Nice Guys is a really nice film. Although the overall story
    gets a bit sh*t the characters and the humour will compensate for this
    to the end. Ryan Gosling gives the performance of his career so far and
    deserves a special mention for his work on this film. This is a cool
    movie filled with porn, murder n’stuff.

  • alexanderdumas123June 5, 2016Reply

    I hated this movie

    I was bugged into going to see this movie by someone who’s main and
    sometimes only criteria to picking a movie is whether there is an
    actor/actress they like in the movie. I have to be honest, the last
    comedic movie that i remember seeing that i liked was ‘The Hangover’. I
    will admit that going in, i was intrigue by the fact that Russell Crowe
    was doing a comedy, unfortunately the movie was trying to be to clever
    too be that good IMHO. Most of the joke fell flat and as we were
    leaving, the person that persuaded my to go see the movie apologized
    for picking it. I know that most people are giving this movie rave
    review but i am not one of them.

  • Bradley SheaJune 5, 2016Reply

    A witty, neo-noir caper

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • fionafountainJune 6, 2016Reply

    How could anyone actually like this

    I came to IMDb to see what people thought of The Nice Guys as I
    honestly thought it was about the worst film I’ve ever seen. I was
    simply staggered by all the positive reviews on here. I gather it’s
    supposed to be funny but not once did I even smile. I also know it’s
    supposed to be referring back to other films but it did it so badly
    that it was crass. What were they thinking? The script was dreadful,
    Ryan Gosling was almost impossible to hear at times and the only decent
    acting in it came from the young girl playing his daughter, Angourie
    Rice. How this could get any positive reviews is beyond me. Normally I
    find that I can rely on IMDb reviewers for films worth seeing but this
    time I totally disagree. This one was not worth the price of the
    popcorn, let alone the price of the ticket!

  • Jordan ForbesJune 6, 2016Reply

    The Nice Guys

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • comps-784-38265June 6, 2016Reply

    Nice Guys Naff Plot

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jaime-801-267514June 6, 2016Reply

    Worst Movie I’ve seen in years and I LOVE these guys!

    The trailer alone sold me; Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling playing
    goofball 1970’s detectives? I’m in! I should have stayed out. This is
    only the second movie in like 20 years that I’ve wanted to walk out on
    but we had friends present and I didn’t want to make a scene (turns out
    they would have left with me). Ten minutes into this movie will tell
    you that this in not screwball comedy, it isn’t a detective thriller
    and it isn’t a throwback look at the crazy 70’s. It could have been any
    of the three and been successful but the writer(s) couldn’t make up
    their minds which way to go and you’re left in a painful limbo where
    (1) the movie isn’t funny (2) there’s no suspenseful plot like a real
    detective movie and (3) you suddenly remember you taped several far
    more interesting things at home. The writing shows signs of being done
    by several different people who weren’t talking to each other and wrote
    at different times. Such a shame…..the acting was actually pretty
    good. Don’t waste your time:Run away from this dog!

  • nrwilliams-01435June 7, 2016Reply

    Walked out at 55 minutes.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • alindsay-alJune 7, 2016Reply

    A great entertaining buddy cop film

    I heard good reviews for this film so I went see it and I was very
    entertained by this fun movie. The premise sees two different personal
    investigators on the hunt for a girl who has gone missing. Russel crowe
    and ryan gosling are the two pi’s in this film and they are both great
    in this film. They have such good chemistry on screen together and even
    though it’s pretty cliché you buy there friendship on screen. Also both
    of them are interesting and funny characters in there own right which
    helps boost this film. Also goslings daughter in this film is amazing,
    she gives a performance way beyond her years by providing some great
    humour and drama so I hope to see her in more things in the future.
    Unfortunately, everybody else in this film is wasted. All the villains
    are boring and have absolutely no character to them even though seeing
    keith David is always cool. Kim basinger is only in this film for a few
    scenes which is such a waste of her talent. The story is a bit
    convoluted but it works because it is always moving, the story keeps
    evolving and you are on this journey with the two guys and its pure
    fun. The script is really good with all the witty banter between the
    two being funny and when it needs to be the film hits the drama levels
    well. The style has some great action scenes that were filmed very
    well. Also the 1970s feel really works for the stylistic nature of the
    film. But, I do feel like the film has a few pacing issues especially
    in the first 30 mins and is probably a tiny bit too long. But I really
    enjoyed this film and think it is definitely worth a watch.

  • PyroSikThJune 7, 2016Reply

    A Laugh Out Loud Comedy

    The Nice Guys is pretty much a buddy cop comedy, except instead of
    cops, they’re a private investigator and a contract tough guy who find
    themselves both looking for the same girl, who’s gotten herself wrapped
    up in political and pornographic intrigue. While there are a number of
    action sequences, The Nice Guys is focused more on delivering humour
    and jokes based around a couple of reasonably well-developed characters
    and a mystery that’s a little absurd and off- the-wall.

    The comedy on offer here is quality stuff. The Nice Guys isn’t just the
    latest Apatow or Rogen production that seems to just recycle jokes from
    other movies. Many of the jokes are well- thought out and some of them
    are actually clever. There’s also a number of more slapstick moments,
    but none of them come as hammy, including the sight of Ryan Gosling
    fumbling with his gun and cigarette while sat in a cubicle. The comedy
    can be a little dark at times though, so if you like lighter laughs,
    The Nice Guys probably isn’t your kind of movie. On that note, I was
    quite surprised at the amount of violence, gore, and nudity in play.
    Thankfully it’s only gratuitous when it needs to be (which in this
    movie basically means for comedic effect). People do die, sometimes
    gruesomely, and there are a lot of boobs and constant talk of sex and
    pornography, sometimes from kids. Again if these kinds of things offend
    your soft heart, avoid The Nice Guys.

    Talking of kids in this movie, one of the earliest lines refers to how
    kids these days know too much and act too grown up. This is a subtle
    theme of the entire movie. The line in question refers to a thirteen
    year old girl who chats up a guy three times her age for some weed, and
    another scene has a kid on a bike talking about his big dick, but more
    prominently is Angourie Rice who plays Holly, the PI’s daughter, and
    shows a massive amount of maturity in every scene, often showing up her
    father in smarts. I would love to see a sequel set a number of years
    ahead where we follow a grown up Holly continuing her father’s work.

    The father himself, Holland March, is Ryan Gosling on top form. Most of
    the roles I’d seen him play were super serious ones, and his mumbling,
    tortured personas, while fantastic, started to grate. Here he is
    completely different. He’s a silly, fumbling idiot a lot of the time,
    and provides the most laughs. His sense of comedy timing is perfect,
    and his slapstick antics are flat-out hilarious. That’s not to mean
    that he plays the fool. In a lesser actors hands, that’s exactly how
    March’s character would have come across, but Gosling manages to
    balance all the over-the-top comedy with something a bit more grounded.
    While he shows a lot of signs of idiocy, he also shows some
    intelligence that helps us believe his role as a father and detective.
    Unfortunately I can’t level the same praise on Russell Crowe who I
    can’t decide whether he phoned it in for the paycheck, or tried too
    hard. When it comes to comedy, Crowe is Gosling’s opposite; almost
    entirely unfunny, even when his lines do a lot of the legwork for him.
    He’s not a complete failure, but he looks awkward and uncomfortable
    more times than he doesn’t. Margaret Qualley as the missing girl is
    also a bit of a swing and a miss. Her hysteric lunacy comes off more as
    a hormonal teenager shouting things she doesn’t really mean, than a
    girl who believes fully in her claims and is determined for the world
    to know what she does. Thankfully there’s Keith David, Matt Bomer, and
    Beau Knapp who more than make up for her in the supporting side of

    I never really laugh out loud when I’m by myself, especially in the
    cinema, but The Nice Guys had me chuckling heartily with alarming
    frequency. It’s not a perfect movie, not even a perfect comedy, but
    it’s right up there amongst the best comedies, for certain. I found it
    hilarious, and that’s all that really mattered. I give it a solid 8/10
    and would recommend.

  • Kevin TanJune 8, 2016Reply

    A thrilling mix of slapstick comedy, action mayhem and ’70s extravaganza, with lead characters who are completely devoid of any equanimity.

    It is 1977 in Los Angeles. The music is funky, the sky is smog-ridden,
    corruption is rampant, and pornography is as thriving as the automotive
    industry. Private investigator Holland March (Ryan Gosling) is hired to
    investigate the apparent suicide of a famous porn star named Misty
    Mountains. The trail leads him looking for a missing Amelia Kuttner
    (Margaret Qualley), the daughter of the Chief Head Justice. Meanwhile,
    Amelia, who doesn’t wish to be found, hires a burly enforcer Jackson
    Healy (Russell Crowe) to keep March out of her tail. As Amelia suddenly
    vanishes, the wild goose chase for her intensifies, and several parties
    of interest are thrown into the mix. Caught in the middle of a killing
    spree, Jackson and Holland, along with his persistent daughter Holly
    (Angourie Rice), are forced to team up as they uncover a shocking
    conspiracy linked with higher ranks of the government.

    Shane Black effectively hits the audience’s spot by creating hilarious
    characters and putting them in awkward situations. The hapless nature
    of the duo adds to their likability. Jackson, and most definitely,
    Holland don’t have the skillset of James Bond or Jason Bourne, making
    them stumble their way through each location and rely on dumb luck as
    coincidences turn into clues and mishaps turn into leads. The plot,
    however, could have used more editing, especially in the starting and
    closing parts where the story gets a bit shambolic. Indeed, The Nice
    Guys can be a confusing film that each found clue sends the plot to an
    entirely new direction, and events only start making sense toward the
    end. Black could have easily spun his film as a crime thriller, which
    would have served the general plot better. However, his intention here
    is not to make a point about government conspiracies; rather, he wants
    the audience to focus more on the comedic detours of the characters.
    For that reason, this film fares better as a comedy than a mystery.

    This film won’t work without the fantastic chemistry and dynamic energy
    that we get from its leads. Jackson (Crowe) is the more rational and
    grounded guy, whereas Holland (Gosling) is the accident-prone, world’s
    worst detective that holds them down. They don’t strike as caricatures
    for there is a duality in their study; deep-down, these are damaged
    persons. Holland struggles in his profession and at the same time fails
    in responsible parenting, and Jackson is world-weary and exhausted of
    living an amoral life. Crowe does not play an upfront fancy character,
    but he deliver good comedic talents surprising for a first-timer in the
    comedy genre. Yes, his IMDb profile clearly states that Mr. Russell
    Crowe has not done comedy up until now. His stone-faced reactions to
    Holland’s mishaps caps off the impact of each comedic scene. On the
    other hand, although we’ve recently seen Gosling’s comedic chops in The
    Big Short, here, he sheds all his vanity and delivers an impeccable
    performance, from pained squeals to lost breath gags. His relationship
    with his thirteen year old daughter Holly is also an interesting study.
    Holly is well aware of her father’s shortcomings but accepts him for
    who he is and acts as the self-appointed brains of the group. She is
    that rare kid who had to grow up fast but at the same time retain her
    pristine beliefs. Young actress Rice holds the heart of the film and
    deserves every right to be on the main poster with the two leads.

    The Nice Guys is gloriously violent yet still raucously funny. Mixing
    these two elements – violence and comedy – is a tricky task especially
    in a neo-noir setting (unless you’re homeschooled by Quentin
    Tarantino). Black expertly directs classic action sequences
    (fistfights, shootouts, car chases, building drops) and stuffs them
    with a stream of verbal and physical gags to look adorably desperate.
    With a gaudy production that pays homage to the glitz and glamour of
    the ’70s – hippie fashion, boogie music, vintage cars, and even lesbian
    mermaids (if that’s, you know, your thing) –, this film is a lovely
    mess I can’t wait to revisit. For once, I am not moaning over the idea
    of The Nicer Guys roaring down the freeway.

    Full review:

  • patsworldJune 9, 2016Reply

    There HAS To Be A Sequel

    ….and not only that, but if they’re smart, they’d be filming it
    already. Plenty of violence, lots of laughter and excellent chemistry
    between Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. I’ll tell you, I’m not really a
    Russell Crowe fan, but he was perfect for this role. I heard people, as
    they were leaving, saying things about hoping there’d be another one
    with The Nice Guys before too long. Personally I think there is going
    to be a market for a series of them. It was that good. The daughter,
    Holly, played by Angourie Rice, was a tad on the precocious side but in
    the grand scheme of things, it worked rather well. This is reminiscent
    of good detective films from the past with a modern slant and these
    tough detectives, with their history and issues are sheer
    entertainment. Crowe showing a vicious side as well as a tender side is
    the epitome of the tough cop-type and Gosling, trying to be father,
    find another drink and still earn money detecting is a hoot. Bring on
    another one. And soon!

  • (fandangonoir)June 9, 2016Reply

    Los Nice Guys!

    The Nice Guys turns out to a worthy successor to writer-director Shane
    Black’s cult film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

    A neo-noir thriller and buddy action comedy set in the gloriously tacky
    1970s, The Nice Guys stars Russell Crowe as a badass for hire and Ryan
    Gosling as a clueless yet capable, effete yet effective private dick on
    the hunt for a missing big tittied seventies porn star with help from
    Angourie Rice as Gosling’s teenage sleuth daughter.

    While not every scene is cinematic gold, the film more than makes up
    for it with double loaded barrels of action, laughs and a literally
    glass shattering climactic finale set in a Hollywood high-rise hotel.

    Dig it.

  • Harvey PensonJune 9, 2016Reply


    Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe star in the neo noir comedy The Nice
    Guys, which follows the investigation of two independent investigators
    working together to uncover a case within the 1970s Los Angles porn
    industry. I have never seen to actors work so well in a a buddy action
    like this before, and they are just so cool to watch together. Directed
    by Shane Black the Nice Guys provides a solid good time at the cinema
    for viewers with entertaining action, intriguing narrative, and
    enjoyable humour.

    So as said before, both Gosling and Crowe are absolutely great together
    with there different personalities that just work and you can even
    imagine them being a real team. Especially Crowe is really cool and bad
    ass which would make you honoured to know him. Gosling pulls of a great
    typical 70s figure with the support of great costumes although his
    character is an moron but he accepts that.

    At the heart of it is also Gosling’s daughter (in the film) who
    provides more significance than first thought in a non annoying way,
    and does not try to bring a moral loving side to the narrative.

    Although the narrative does grab the audience, there is no real
    direction where you think its going, and it’s not always clear what is
    going on the whole time.

    Then there is also the comedy which is entertaining and will tickle
    audiences but may not make you laugh out loud. I’m not really the best
    judge of comedy, so I can’t really say how funny it is, but it is

    So in the end, The Nice Guys is very enjoyable and fun to watch, but
    may not be for everyone. It is more unique then other buddy action
    comedies like Rush Hour, 2 Guns, or The Others Guys. 7.5/10

  • rogerdarlingtonJune 9, 2016Reply

    I didn’t find it as funny as others

    Critics and audiences alike have rated this movie and some of my
    friends really liked it, but I was disappointed.

    At one level, it’s a retread of action comedy buddy films like ”Lethal
    Weapon” which is not surprising since director and co-writer Shane
    Black penned the original ”Lethal Weapon” in 1987. But clearly, three
    decades later, he feels that the humour has to be more absurd
    (interviewing mermaids?) and the violence has to be more visceral
    (choking a dying man?) and this is a combination which sat uneasily
    with me in spite of a sharp, wise-cracking script.

    Of course, as the eponymous private eyes of seedy 1977 Los Angeles,
    burly Russell Crowe, as the violent Jackson Healy, and slimline Ryan
    Gosling, as the more sensitive Holland March, have great chemistry and
    are very watchable, but some of the female roles – especially Kim
    Bassinger (remember her in ”LA Confidential” with Crowe) and young
    Angourie Rice (an impressive film debut) – are more surprising

  • Jade333June 9, 2016Reply

    Did they pay you guys to give this high ratings?

    I was really looking forward to seeing this film, especially for the
    great duo, Crowe and Gosling that have never disappointed but man….
    This film sure was a massive disappointment. A few of you wrote you
    were somewhat confused as to the direction of the plot and I can assure
    you, you’re not alone. Comedic relief didn’t hold up against this
    disaster. We almost walked out but stayed in hopes it would get better.
    I have no idea where all these great reviews and ratings are coming
    from. Were we watching the same film?

    Please don’t waste your time, money or the 2 hours of your life to see
    this in the theater. I am actually surprised Gosling would choose this
    horrendous script to work with, although his acting was on par and more
    than decent, it wasn’t enough to save this tragic POS from itself. I’m
    shocked this is something Shane Black would write. I love his films but
    he missed the mark on this one, sadly.

    The comedy was trying hard to carry through but never quite caught on
    and most of the time felt entirely out of place. The young girl playing
    Gosling’s daughter did a very nice job but the rest of the acting fell
    so far below any expectation I had for this film.

    This is my first review here. I will start writing more and I really
    wanted to like this film but it was absolutely terrible and not the
    least bit entertaining.

  • ccorral419June 9, 2016Reply

    Nice and funny!

    Director Shane Black (Lethal Weapon and LW2) proves an action genre
    writer, given a good script and top actors, can bring life to a story
    surrounding a couple of bumbling private eyes (Russell Crowe and Ryan
    Gosling). Set in the 1970’s, the costumes (Kym Barrett) and environment
    (Danielle Berman, Richard Brigand and David Utlfey) provide Crowe and
    Gosling all the leeway they need to take their crazy loose cannon
    characters across the LA landscape in search of Amelia (Margaret
    Qualley – The Leftovers), with little Holly (Angourie Rice) as the
    grown-up of the trio. While initially hard to believe Crowe (with a
    mature body) and the sexy Gosling in such nutty roles, they quickly and
    easily pull you into their kooky topsy-turvy world, even when the
    storyline goes to far or gets off track. Matt Bomer (American Horror
    Story) gives a fun cameo, and Kim Basinger is a glow in her many
    soft-lit appearances. ”The Nice Guys” isn’t brain surgery. However, it
    is filled with many good on liners, a fun script, great costumes, goofy
    best-bud-banter and a lot of heart.

  • BenjiJune 10, 2016Reply

    Simply Outstanding

    One of the best films I’ve seen in years; the plot and script are
    highly original and consistently hilarious. Shane Black knocks this out
    of the park, and while it is definitely an homage to movies of the
    80’s, it feels so refreshing in the modern day. The film has incredible
    acting all around. Gosling and Crowe, as unexpected a pairing as Gibson
    and Glover at the time, have incredible chemistry and sell the movie
    and their relationship to a tee. Bomer is great as well, but possibly
    better than all of them is Holly, Gosling’s daughter in the film, who
    for my money is a star. The dialogue is perfect, great cinematography,
    beautiful sets… I could go all day. It’s everything you could want
    out of this kind of movie. Simply outstanding.

  • rcolganJune 10, 2016Reply

    Shane Black Remains the Master of Buddy Cop Comedies

    On a basic level The Nice Guys works like any buddy cop movie. Great
    action, well developed characters and a decent story to hold it
    altogether. But just like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, the real strength of The
    Nice Guys is how Shane Black is able to both mock the clichés in the
    action genre, many of which he helped to create in films like Lethal
    Weapon, whilst paying homage to all the action tropes that made the
    genre what it is today.

    Russell Crowe plays Jackson Healey, a tough enforcer whose work mostly
    includes freelance work of beating up someone for whoever’s willing to
    pay. He has considered becoming a licensed private investigator, as he
    wants to give real help to some clients, but he doesn’t want to pay for
    the licence. He’s a nice guy, but he’s not that Nice. Then there’s Ryan
    Gosling as Holland March, who is a licensed investigator and father to
    a thirteen year old girl. He spends most of his time accepting cases
    from old people with dementia paying him to find their recently
    deceased spouses, constantly screwing up and spending most of his time
    trying to drown himself in Bourbon. Even his daughter calls him a bad

    After one old lady with bad eyesight hires him to find her niece, who
    is a porn star who had recently died in a car crash. Thinking the job
    is easy money to just confirm the girl is dead, March takes the case.
    But he quickly discovers the girl could be alive. This causes him to
    cross paths with Healey, who is hired to burst in to March’s home to
    threaten him and get him to drop the case. Before leaving he casually
    asks March a few questions about his life as a private investigator and
    how he’s able to afford such a nice place on an investigators salary,
    before calmly breaking his wrist and leaving. It’s a good tone setter
    for their relationship for the rest of the film.

    But Healey quickly realises the case was bigger than he thought it was
    and wanting to be a ”nice guy” decides to work with March and solve the
    case. Very quickly they fall in to a case filled with 70’s pornography
    and government conspiracies. It’s part Boogie Nights, part Chinatown
    and all tied together with Shane Blacks tongue and cheek charm.

    Similar to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, one of the films greatest strengths
    comes from the charismatic leads of Crowe and Gosling as the mismatched
    duo investigating the case. Crowe delivers all his lines in a great
    deadpan style, whilst Gosling goes out of his usual element, giving up
    his usual macho man image in order to play a Buster Keaton style
    slapstick performance. Sometimes they seem like the smartest guys in
    the room, chasing obscure leads and coming up with good results. Then
    at other’s they seem like a pair of idiots getting by on pure luck
    alone, such as one scene where Gosling accidentally stumbles down a
    hill and ends up discovering a dead body. They are both screw ups, but
    they screw up in such charming ways that we can’t help but to continue
    rooting for them.

    The film is also able to avoid the annoying cliché used in films like
    War of the Worlds or Commando where the child ends up serving no role
    in the film other than being a victim and a plot device. Instead
    March’s daughter is written with the same charm and depth as both March
    and Healey. Angourie Rice also pulls of a great performance working
    very well with all the other actors in the film.

    Shane Black both wrote and directed the film and he definitely plays to
    all of his greatest strengths through the films mixture of great
    comedic timing and sharp dialogue. He also works in all the clichés
    that you’d expect from his work, even managing to fit in one scene at
    the end randomly set at Christmas (since it just wouldn’t be a Shane
    Black film without a little festivity). Ultimately it’s a film that
    keeps you laughing throughout and by the end it leaves you wanting

  • sfgebel3June 11, 2016Reply

    Hilarious! Lethal Weapon Meets Miami Vice Meets That’s 70 Show

    I saw this trailer months ago and from the minute I first saw it I knew
    I was going to see this film. I knew I was going to love this film. I
    knew I was going to buy this film so I could watch it over and over
    again. I can count on one hand the number of times I felt that way just
    about a trailer. I’m writing this post to tell you that I was right. It
    was awesome!

    Now I did admit earlier that I see all Ryan Gosling films, but let me
    be clear, that is not the only reason I saw this film. I saw this film
    because I also enjoy Russell Crowe, love buddy cop films, thought the
    plot/script looked hilarious, and I mean just watch the trailer😀

    The Nice Guys is about muscle-man PI Jackson Healy (Crowe) who ends up
    working with a drunk P.I. Holland March (Gosling) to learn the truth
    behind the death of the famous porn star, Misty Mountains. The case is
    made more complicated by March’s precocious daughter Holly (Angourie
    Rice) and the realization that the government is involved in a cover-up
    and it all comes down to finding a young girl, Amelia.

    It’s Lethal Weapon meets The Man From UNCLE meets Miami VIce meets That
    70’s Show meets its own unique style.

    It is obvious that Crowe is the action and Gosling is the comedy, but
    that does not mean they switch roles every once in awhile. It is a
    screwball comedy about two guys that really don’t know what they’re
    doing, and yet, cannot seem to stop. They keep tripping over clues and
    colliding into bad guys until they finally figure it all out.

    Admittedly there are some slow parts, I was hoping it would be
    consistently funny (like The Man From UNCLE remake), but it lagged in
    places. However, in terms of the comedy and overall enjoyment of the
    film I’d still give it an A (just perhaps on the lower end of the

    What makes this film so funny is that during the parts that didn’t lag,
    it was non-stop/back-to- back/can’t-catch-your-breath funny. It’s all
    about the little things. Such as March’s drunkenness falling down a
    hill and stumbling onto a dead body, or March chasing after a bad guy
    only to smack into a car door that pushes him into another car hood
    that makes him trip onto the bad guy. The police work is a gamble and
    the violence is more lucky shots.

    For example: March and Healy are held at gunpoint by a ”bad guy” (I’m
    avoiding spoilers), so March’s daughter comes in and pours the coffee
    pot onto the ”bad guy”. Nothing happens, because Holly thought it would
    be hot coffee, but it had been sitting there for a while. Next the ”bad
    guy” goes to take a step toward March and Healy only to trip on the
    cold coffee spill around their feet and fall, knocking themselves out.

    Somehow everything works out in their favor. Even though it is
    completely ridiculous you can’t help but love it, because the film
    makes no apologizes and gives fair warning that it is ridiculous.
    That’s part of its charm.

  • SandcoolerJune 13, 2016Reply

    Great sleazy atmosphere, great writing too

    ”The Nice Guys” has some trouble finding its footing in the earlier
    scenes, but it becomes incredibly entertaining once it goes completely
    off the rails. When your story is about two shady characters trying to
    solve the murder of a porn star in the 1970s, I want everything in the
    movie to be ugly and slightly disturbing. Shane Black (of ”Lethal
    Weapon” fame) has certainly managed that, particularly the current
    Russell Crowe is just perfect for a role like this. The plot is also
    slightly more interesting and unpredictable than in an average action
    movie, this movie has enough unexpected deaths to make you genuinely
    worry about the protagonists. Particularly for Angourie Rice, who just
    steals every scene she’s in. The thing I loved most though is the
    incredibly dark comedy Black puts in throughout. It’s not forced, it’s
    not shocking for the sake of being shocking, it’s just there because
    it’s funny and it fits the rest of the movie so well. ”The Nice Guys”
    is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen all year, infinitely

  • cyifly-2June 13, 2016Reply

    Nice Surprise — Go See It.

    I really enjoyed The Nice Guys. I think it’s a solid hit with a miss of
    a title. That plus the lack of marketing kept a lot of people from
    seeing it — Which is a shame, because this is one of the best of it’s
    kind I’ve seen in a while. The leads were great. All the side
    characters had great parts. It was very funny, had plenty of action and
    character, clipped along at a decent pace and had an interesting plot
    — although a little forced at the end. I’m considering watching it a
    second time because it had all kinds of small, subtle gems dropped in
    and I’m sure I missed some the first time. If you like Rated R comedy
    with a bit of action and violence, this is a hit. Go see it.

  • peefynJune 14, 2016Reply

    A recommended watch, despite its flaws

    This movie is great fun, and it’s easy to narrow down why: The
    performances from Gosling and Crow, and the characters they portray.
    Not only are there several instances of hilarious dialogue and banter
    between the two, but even some first class physical comedy, way ahead
    of most other action/comedy movies made these days. Especially Gosling
    has some hilarious moments.

    It’s hard not to compare this movie with Shane Black’s previous film
    ”Kiss kiss bang bang”, which also includes a hilarious duo that stumble
    through a mystery that’s way bigger than the both of them. There are
    some differences, though. In KKBB, the balance of competence is very
    uneven, where Kilmer’s character is the competent one, and Downey plays
    the moral compass. In the movie, they are more even, with Gosling and
    Crow both playing deeply flawed characters, with each their strengths.
    The balance works, and much like KKBB, they are hilarious together. In
    KKBB the female sidekick is also a love interest, while in this movie
    it is the daughter of Gosling’s character. The setting is a bit
    different, but it is still set in the entertainment industry, and with
    some similar locations.

    The movie suffers a bit from too much build up, with too little pay of.
    There are several elements introduced that seem like they are supposed
    to pay of in a funny/interesting way later on, but that end up only
    being used in one or two gags. This movie would have lent itself
    perfect for running gags, and there’s one that has great potential, but
    is dropped quite quickly (a character that accidentally kills the wrong
    person a couple of times).

    There seems to always be some sense of self-awareness in Shane Black’s
    movies, where clichés are either broken, or commented upon. Ryan
    Gosling’s character has a moment in the movie here that very much keeps
    up with this, where he acknowledges the streak of luck he seems to
    have. I love how Black plays around the tropes and clichés of the
    genre, but wish that the story/plot would be as solid like KKBB.

    So, while this does not hold up to KKBB in many regards, it’s still way
    better than most others out there, and I highly recommend watching it.

  • The ComedianJune 14, 2016Reply

    More than ”Nice”

    ”The Nice Guys” is a very amusing detective story set in the stylish
    1970ies with a mischievous detective duo, who has more luck than
    brains, and a touch of porn and violence.

    Ryan Gosling, who played the personification of coolness in ”Drive”,
    now shows his humorous side by playing the over-the-hill private
    investigator Holland March, a single father who doesn’t mind looking
    for people who he knows are already dead just for the sake of earning
    some money, a laxity that more than once has brought trouble upon him
    and one of those situations also makes him cross paths with Russell
    Crowe’s character Jackson Healy, a rather moody, professional thug who
    likes letting his fists speak for himself and who else would be more
    suitable for the role than the notoriously choleric Russell Crowe?

    So together they form a duo as a new case forces them to cooperate and
    from that moment on they literally stumble upon one trace leading to
    another and evermore get themselves entangled in the snares of a big
    political conspiracy which of course surpasses their skills by far and
    the way in which they nevertheless manage to gain the upper hand gives
    cause for very comedic moments and memorable lines. The story may be
    confusing at first but in the end everything adds up convincingly, only
    the conventional finale is a letdown so to speak.

    What, to me, makes the movie stand out is the fact that the duo is
    actually a trio if you count March’s daughter, the very smart, cheeky
    Holly, superbly played by A. Rice, she plays a very active part in the
    movie and often demonstrates a higher level of maturity than those two
    guys together.

    I’m very optimistic that this won’t be the last case of ”The Nice Guys”
    we’ll see.

  • calvin_starrJune 15, 2016Reply

    The Nice Guys is a great crime/comedy film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • actionmoviestarJune 16, 2016Reply

    Leaves a lot to be desired

    I am trying to process everything I seen in ”The Nice Guys.” I think I
    am supposed to like it. At least that is what the critics have told me.
    However, I just cannot get into it. I am very ”meh” about the whole

    I just did not find the movie that interesting. Shane Black and Anthony
    Bagarozzi’s screenplay is just not filled with any compelling
    characters. I did not hate them. I just feel like they are not
    characters that I would want to see in multiple films.

    Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling have fun with their roles and you can
    tell in every scene that they are in together. They play off of each
    other very well. However, they are not Riggs and Murtaugh. They are
    more like the Sam’s Choice version of them. Angourie Rice, Matt Bomer,
    Keith David, Margaret Qualley and Kim Basinger rounds out the cast.

    If you are a fan of Shane Black’s work, then you should check out ”The
    Nice Guys.” This is starting to become a trend where, for every two
    movies I see, the third I will not be impressed with. Sadly, ”Nice
    Guys” was this week’s recipient.

  • Dillon HarrisJune 19, 2016Reply

    An Original Buddy Cop Movie that is Action Packed and Funny with a Top Notch Cast,

    The Nice Guys is a fantastic movie with a very well developed plot and
    an outstanding cast. It is really what I think most movies should be,
    what a lot of them are forgetting to be nowadays, it comes up with an
    interesting premise and delivered the promise it had spectacularly.
    Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe shine as a duo, the chemistry between
    them is evident throughout, they play off one another in ways that are
    tense at times, and other times that will have you in stitches. The
    story is also marvelous, it’s original, it takes the buddy
    cop/detective concept and spins it on its head, it kept me at the edge
    of my seat as the sense of mystery is also highly evident throughout.
    The Nice Guys is a movie, for me, that is almost perfect, it does not
    take itself too seriously, it knew what it was and respected that fact,
    and by knowing what it was, an action comedy, it tried to become a
    better version of that, and it succeeded. Gosling, Crowe and the great
    Shane Black made an incredible trio and brought us an exciting movie
    that will keep you at the edge of your seat and laughing out loud at
    the same, the atmosphere in the cinema was one of the best I had ever
    experienced, everyone loved it. I would recommend it to all moviegoers,
    definitely worth the watch if you are looking for an action, comedy or
    crime film.

    Two mismatched men are forced to work together to investigate the
    mysterious disappearance of a young girl.

    Best Performance: Ryan Gosling

  • MortalKombatFan1June 20, 2016Reply

    Gosling and Crowe make for a great duo in this Shane Black directed sleeper

    ”The Nice Guys” is written and directed by Shane Black, and is a send
    up of 1970’s detective movies, but with a unique humor all of its own.

    Set in Los Angeles, 1977, Ryan Gosling plays private dick Holland
    March. He’s not much of a detective, and accepts jobs from senile
    clients, extorting them for extra money. But eventually, a case he’s on
    is connected with the disappearance of Amelia Kutner (Margaret
    Quailey), a girl who doesn’t want to be found. Amelia hires Jackson
    Healey, an enforcer (Russell Crowe) to stop the P.I., but the two
    eventually team up when they have a feeling there’s more to the
    situation than meets the eye. Especially when it potentially involves
    the murder of a fading porn starlet.

    Starting off, the period details in ”The Nice Guys” is fantastic,
    accurately capturing the 70’e with it’s production design, art
    direction and choice of music. Black, and his co-writer Anthony
    Bagarozzi, take special care to make the whole film have a tremendous
    sense of fun, while also juggling a serious plot to do with cover-ups,
    conspiracies, and a dozen murders.

    Gosling is the foil to Crowe’s smarmy straight man, and the two play
    off each-other with great aplomb. They wouldn’t be together under any
    other circumstances, but they’re stuck with each other, and that’s
    where most of the humor comes from.

    Another excellent character is Holland’s daughter Holly (Angourie
    Rice), who’s cunning intellect and sense of right and wrong help anchor
    in her sometimes reckless father. Rice’s acting and characterization
    make for a child performance that seems realistic, but also likable and

    The plot was engaging from beginning to end, and I never found it
    predictable. There was a bit of a lull in the pacing near the middle
    when a character reveals a hidden truth that sets up the third act (no
    spoilers), but otherwise the pacing was excellent, and every line of
    dialogue was well thought out, and never without purpose.

    ”The Nice Guys” is a movie that I’ve been looking forward to since I
    first saw the hilarious trailers, and it lived up to the hype it’s
    gotten. It’s a shame that it hasn’t made much of a return at the box
    office, raking in only $5 million in profits, and having to compete
    with massive brand name blockbusters (Captain America, Warcraft, The
    Conjuring), but I’m certain it’ll secure itself in history as a future
    cult classic.

  • pablospersonalJune 21, 2016Reply

    Simply the Best Movie of 2016

    The beauty of this cinematic masterpiece lies within two frank
    elements. Shane Blacks incredible script and direction. The second
    element is the cast – equally as superb. Equally as enigmatic!

    This buddy, noir, almost comic book representation encapsulates the
    perfect science of making a movie well. Shane Black has an incredible
    edge when it comes to producing a script that has you screaming for
    more. The wit is second to none, the shocks are timed well and the
    dialogue is simply sublime.

    Mix this with a master class in direction and you have a movie that
    will etch its way into the ”favourite” category within that film
    library in your mind.

    I was overwhelmed with gratitude for this film. It was fresh and a
    change from the normal daliances with overweight ties to super hero
    flicks that seem to dominate the screen at the moment. Sometimes,
    simple, catchy, energetic dialogue and good, well rounded acting is all
    you need to make a film special.

    Gosling and Crowe are splendid. Crowe stands out as the ”chequered
    past” investigative partner of Gosling. He is rough and ready, humorous
    and big on screen. His portrayal of Jackson Healy is one of the best I
    have seen of Crowe of late. Black seemed to bring the life back to
    Crowe as he slung his whiskey soured voice around the movie without
    breaking a sweat. He is endearing and captures the performance with an
    ease of timing and purpose that makes you hungry.

    Equally, Gosling is frenetic and brilliant. His character portrayal is
    beautifully and mercilessly flawed. This gives an added extra as
    Gosling seems to perfect his portrayal of Holland March with a
    methodical flow. You become sympathetic and angry at the character. A
    testament to the brialliance of Gosling.

    The combination works and it works well. At first I was uneasy about
    Crowe and Gosling being able to pull off this buddy team. However, your
    mind is at ease as soon as they hit the screen together.

    There is another who makes this films cast stand out. Screen starlet
    Angourie Rice (who plays Goslings daughter Holly March) – tempers the
    relationship between Crowe and Gosling. This is not her only attribute
    as she stands firm in her own shameless portrayal. She is quite the
    actress. Her humour and movement give her, easily the break away
    performance of this movie.

    There is quite a support cast (look it up).

    This movie is a gem. I don’t need or want to say too much because I
    genuinely want people to watch it.

    My faith in good, old fashioned, simple, well put together screen plays
    have been restored. This movie shows that there is not always a need to
    spend 12.3 billion dollars on an ensemble cast with heavy special
    effects. It is simple and beautiful. It is irreverent and conclusive.
    The only bitter pill to swallow was that it ended….

  • Reuben SaundersJune 22, 2016Reply

    Boobs, Blood ‘nd Comedy. This Thang’s Got It All.

    I was looking forward to The Nice Guys and boy am I glad I saw it
    before it stopped being shown. It’s glorious.

    It’s just great watching. Comedies are usually good fun (assuming
    they’re quality comedies and/or don’t star Melissa McCarthy), but The
    Nice Guys carries with it the aura of the funk, the sex, and the
    mystery – bringing everything to the max. It’s in-your-face in its
    ridiculous aesthetic, or simply its whole shtick, but perhaps what it
    does best is use quality comedy writing and acting to carry across a
    lot of stupid comedy, but not always straight into your schnoz comedy —
    as a lot of the jokes are down to clever writing and are a little more
    subtle. However, the best laughs in the film explode into your face,
    like the blood spurting out of March’s (Ryan Gosling) wrist and rotting
    corpses are thrown around. But although the film is full of stupid
    jokes, it is not totally stupid; as it revolves around a gripping plot
    that works wonders for the movie – keeping it going at all times.
    Therefore it is forgiven in the occasional moments where scenes are
    dragged on for slightly longer than necessary. Occasional.

    The soundtrack also helps The Nice Guys, as it’s all funky-ass beats to
    fit the time period — although it’s unfortunate the Chili Peppers
    didn’t come up because it was calling for it. Of course, the boobs also
    help. And although Russell Crowe’s American accent is a little awkward,
    he and Ryan Gosling are a great pair for who are two deeper than you
    might think characters in March and Healey. Other cast members like
    Angourie Rice are also impressive in the film, and she, in particular,
    may help Milo to get along with child actors a little more (and no,
    Milo is not a pervert, he just doesn’t like child actors, and her
    performance was good so it could prove to him they’re not all bad).

    In conclusion, from the very start I knew what I was in for with The
    Nice Guys. Stupid, fairly obscene, and really enjoyable watchin’. It
    could stand up as a classic comedy of this decade, even, and is the
    best new film I’ve seen this year so far. If you get a chance, watch
    this film. You probably won’t regret it.

  • christopher-underwoodJune 23, 2016Reply

    Sexy, violent and funny

    I seem to have spent a large part of the last few years devouring late
    60s and 70s cult, exploitation and giallo and finding the cinema of
    today less and less appealing. Generally speaking it is the current
    trend towards aiming movie product at young teens that seems to have
    created the giant gap. To compound the problem, for me, so called
    ‘adult’ films seem to have to be ‘serious’ films and dealing with
    certain ‘important issues’. All well and good but I can’t be alone in
    wanting a little action without apology and humour without worrying if
    someone might get upset. So, much the same way as I have enjoyed box
    sets of TV shows like Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes, I very much
    enjoyed this. The magic devise adopted by the TV production company was
    to set the series in the past and thereby get round the whole
    politically correct business and this film set in 1977 Los Angeles does
    the same. Russell Crowe is fine as the ruthless, almost humourless hard
    man and Ryan Gosling particularly effective as his ‘partner’. Amazingly
    for a US film the kids are great and Angourie Rice a revelation. She
    didn’t put a fourteen year old foot wrong and helped enormously in
    making this retro comic neo noir work so well. Sexy, violent and funny.

  • pjbhaumikJune 24, 2016Reply

    1970’s Mix

    Nice Guys resembled a Pulp Fiction type of vintage. Russel Crowe and
    Ryan Gossling suavely portrayed super sleuths. Angourie Rice delivered
    the role of female sidekick. Kim Basinger played another
    overly-controlling female character. Margaret Qualley acted as the
    rebellious one. Clever quips brought out the relationships among the
    cast. Costumes and dresses from a by-gone era, like Yaya DaCosta’s
    dress in the climax, gave the scenes an authentic look. A soundtrack of
    hit musical throwbacks helped set the ambiance. Dramatic plot-twists
    kept the pace of the movie at par with murder mystery movies while the
    script integrated humor to lighten the premise. The result created a
    detective comedy for mature audiences!

  • Aminul HassanJune 28, 2016Reply

    Likable buddy-cop slapstick

    Following on from directing the superhero sequel Iron Man 3, The Nice
    Guys provides a typical buddy-cop comedy with two mismatched misfits –
    the nihilistic world-weary enforcer Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) and
    the ditzy rookie private investigator Holland March (Ryan Gosling). Set
    in the smoke-filled world of the 1970s Los Angeles porn industry, The
    Nice Guys provides a comic take on the sleazy world.

    Jackson initially targets, then teams up with Holland and the comedy is
    derived from the chalk-and-cheese characters working together on a case
    involving the suspicious death of porn star Misty Mountains and the
    disappearance of the daughter of a Department of Justice official.
    Alongside them for a lot of the film is the daughter of Holland March
    which provides some comic back-and-forths but mostly awkwardness in
    having a minor involved in adult industry setting.

    The Nice Guys is at its best when it takes advantage of the comic
    chemistry between Crowe and Gosling, a scene involving the fumbling gun
    while trying to keep the cubicle door open- unfortunately spoiled in
    the trailer- is a particular highlight. Throughout, Gosling’s hitherto
    undiscovered talent of physical comedy is on display here.

    That said, the plot was incoherent and I didn’t buy into the story at
    all, however the film was salvaged by the several belly laughs provided

  • siriusbro7July 4, 2016Reply

    The nicer things in life

    Personally I’ve been a big fan of Shane Black’s movies. His first
    writing credit came out the year I was born but he can really appeal to
    my generation. I think he’s probably a little like me, big movie fan,
    probably a fan of real good westerns. And also, Ryan Gosling. His good
    looks have overshadowed how good an actor, and how much range he has.
    So you put those two together and I bookmarked this movie about 11
    months before its release. And it didn’t fall short of expectations.
    The pace is great, the dialogue is great, and the leads have great
    chemistry and ”do the script its due” Gosling as a broken alcoholic
    single father, juxtaposed by Crowe’s hit-man with feelings is an
    uplifting duo. Matt Bohmer is great casting for a bad guy. The face
    that guy has an evilness to it.

    I’ll just finish this with a thank you for those involved for making an
    true to genre original story where no one drops the ball at any part.
    I’m giving this an 8 cause its isn’t The Thin Red Line, or LOTR, but
    like I said I felt very satisfied. Gosling’s stache is a little corny.

  • mjhaltaJuly 6, 2016Reply

    Great Buddy Movie

    Surprisingly I really enjoyed this movie. It had an excellent plot and
    it was genuinely funny! Crow and Gosling have chemistry and I look
    forward to a sequel. The action was good and the movie was
    unpredictable which for movies like this is amazing. Go see it, you
    won’t feel you got hosed and want your money back. The laughs are
    plentiful and very well done. Both Crow and Gosling are funny people.
    Some actors are just not funny such as Seth Rogan whom I find just
    plain stupid and vulgar. Comedy at it’s best is about timing, like in
    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. This movie has a bit of that magic
    to it.

  • ArgemalucoJuly 8, 2016Reply

    The Nice Guys

    My appreciation for screenwriter Shane Black dates back to the year
    1987, when he wrote Lethal Weapon. Almost 20 years later, he impressed
    me with the brilliant Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, his debut as a director.
    Since then, he has written and directed projects such as Iron Man 3 and
    the TV pilot Edge, which despite being entertaining, weren’t able to
    reach that exuberant energy and chaotic narrative style which starts
    being diffuse, in order to later earn focus with an amazing elegance
    and precision. His most recent film as a director and co- screenwriter,
    The Nice Guys, attempted to duplicate the magic of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,
    but it fell short due to some questionable dramatic decisions and an
    excessively indulgent sense of humor which rarely harmonizes with the
    ”serious” subjects of the film. Nevertheless, The Nice Guys managed to
    keep me entertained and interested, despite not reaching my
    expectations. To start with, it counts with two excellent actors with a
    perfect chemistry with each other as a pair of ”losers” who work in the
    most sordid strata of Los Ángeles in 1977, even though with big
    differences in their particular motivations and professional ethics.
    That generates a likable interaction in which Ryan Gosling and Russell
    Crowe exploit their respective abilities to find new angles in the
    friendship/antagonism between their characters, making their scenes
    together feel natural and credible. And I also have to mention the
    young actress Angourie Rice, who also makes a very good work in her
    role; and even though there are occasions in which her character
    doesn’t feel very credible, it isn’t her fault, but the screenplay’s,
    because it places her in highly improbable situations, where the plot
    can advance only through ridiculous coincidences which reveal the
    laziness from co-screenwriters Black and Anthony Bagarozzi. Thinking
    about it well, that applies to all the characters; instead of designing
    some creative method to save the detectives or the girl from a sure
    death, or find a new clue which contributes to the investigation, Black
    and Bagarozzi prefer the answer to magically fall from heaven. That’s
    what I liked the least in The Nice Guys; its tendency to solve
    everything with a joke in order to hide its lack of ideas. I’m
    complaining very much, but, as I previously said, The Nice Guys held my
    attention without the slightest glimpse of boredom, because the story
    is interesting and Black’s direction is visually interesting, but
    without neglecting the substance. Completing the ”retro-noir” puzzle,
    we find actors such as Matt Bomer, Keith David, Gil Gerard and Kim
    Basinger in brief, but full of personality, roles. And, after all,
    that’s what helps us to overcome the cons of The Nice Guys to some
    point: a honest and naughty personality personality at first sight, but
    with multiple character studies below its surface. That’s Black’s
    specialty, and that’s why I will keep expecting his future movies with
    interest. But I hope he brings more care to his next screenplay.

  • aditenJuly 9, 2016Reply

    Too correct and bad story

    I had high expectations and got disappointed. The movie set is well
    made and it starts promising. But you quickly realize you will not get
    more out of it. It’s repetitive and too correct. The jokes are flat,
    correct and cheesy. Ryan Gossling’s character is constantly ruining and
    crying in every possible situation. The story is bad. Just because you
    pack a message in a porn movie, doesn’t give you a better framework. Oh
    well, I might not find the English words but it’s clearly a product of
    the new generation: political correctness, adding a bit porn, no
    message, boring characters, … All in all I got entertained but I also
    was constantly disappointed by the story and it’s progress.

  • helpme-488-305631July 10, 2016Reply

    Wow how could this piece of rubbish score above a 2?

    Just terrible. Woeful script, terrible over acting, stupid premises
    that just needed to be accepted.

    Where to start? How about with Little Miss Sunshine. Go watch the first
    5 minutes of it. In the first 5 minutes all the central characters are
    introduced, they are flawed but special… immediately you bond with
    them and care what happens to them. You are on board.

    Then watch this piece of dodo. In the first 5 minutes we are introduced
    to many of the main characters. We immediately could not care less
    about them as there is nothing alluring or special about them.

    Ryan Gosling is funny when he is simply trying to be cheeky and cute.
    When he is doing it in an understated way. In this movie, he is doing
    slapstick and its hopeless. Russel seems to think because Mel Gibson
    did action and comedy he can too. He can’t. Just not funny. At all.
    Like, as funny as an abortion not funny.

    Oh woe is me the ridiculous scenes where 500 bullets are sprayed from a
    machine gun and they hit everywhere around the hero but miss the hero.

    Just tripe. Not funny. Not clever. Barely watchable. I watched it 3
    days ago yet forget how it ended – perhaps its a self defense mechanism
    from my brain seeking to erase this terrible experience from my
    memory… or maybe the movie is just that forgettable

  • LeftbankerJuly 10, 2016Reply

    Fast Forward Will Be Needed to Watch This

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • daveylangJuly 10, 2016Reply

    Very disappointing

    The trailer was so much better than the film. Incoherent plot, mumbling
    dialogue from Ryan Gosling and barely there acting from Russell Crowe.
    These two actors are capable of so much more and it is a shame the way
    they stumbled through this rubbish. I should have asked for my money
    back, but I doubt if anyone would listen. Stay away from this junk and
    look for a movie with some acting, a plot, and actors who care about
    the movie they are in. The actress who plays Ryan Goslings daughter (
    Angourie Rice) stole the whole show. Watch out for her in future, she
    is going to be a star. I guess I am getting old and jaded, but movies
    lately seem to have gone off an artistic cliff. Special FX, car chases,
    CGI and shock tactics seem to have replaced story lines and acting.
    Look at the King’s Speech, no aliens, no CGI, no car chases, just a
    good human story and good acting. I suppose the majority of viewers are
    more interested in visual stimulation than a real story so this will do
    well, alas.

  • kira-quekasJuly 11, 2016Reply

    I am in disbelief!

    I’ll keep this short.

    This is a vulgar, heartless, mean-spirited, unfunny, misogynistic
    movie. I won’t include any ”spoilers,” but all but one character is
    wholly unlikable. It may have helped the director to watch a real
    period-piece of TV/Filmaking (like UK’s ”Life on Mars”). I am in utter
    disbelief that IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic gave this lazy,
    stupid, evil movie funny decent ratings. Seriously, it’s horrible. Some
    movie company execs must have spent a lot of money padding the pockets
    of critics and/or setting up a campaign to write fake reviews on
    websites. It is very possible to make a film that is satiric, offensive
    AND funny. This movie is brutal with its cheaply constructed slapstick
    humor, its pedophilia-humor and its contempt for women. I am not
    exaggerating when I state that most of the people in the theater where
    I saw this were disgusted and offended (in a bad way) by this wreck of
    a film. Awful movie. Don’t believe the BS reviews.

  • valleyjohnJuly 11, 2016Reply

    This tries way too hard to be Lethal Weapon

    It’s been a while since Russell Crowe made a good movie. He’s not quite
    on the Robert De Niro / Al Pacino spiral of stinkers but he’s getting
    there and with The Nice Guys he continues on his own little run of
    movie dross. This is about a pair of 1970’s private detectives who are
    hired to find a missing girl who is caught up in corruption involving
    the porn industry and people high up in office. That may sound
    interesting but believe me it’s not. I found the whole plot of this
    film utterly dull and If that isn’t bad enough the chemistry between
    Reynolds and Crowe was non existent. I didn’t laugh once. This film
    tries so hard to be a Lethal Weapon or a 48 hours and never comes
    close. This one plus point from this film is 14 year old Angourie Rice
    who plays the clever kid really well.

  • amesmondeJuly 13, 2016Reply

    Plenty of adult action and fun

    Fate turns Holland March, a down-on-his-luck private eye and Jackson
    Healy, a hired enforcer into unlikely partners when a woman
    mysteriously disappears.

    Filmmaker Shane Black – writer of Lethal Weapon, Predator and director
    of Iron Man 3 offers a dark comedy with a Chinatown-like detective
    story. The Nice Guys is set in 1977 on an LA sleazy vibe back drop
    which is convincingly recreated, topped off with the music of the time.

    With their own reasons for getting involved the duo team up to achieve
    one shared goal both reliant on each other’s different skills. It’s a
    different era of wild celebrity disco parties, cigarette smoking and
    lenient police involvement, allowing unlikely partnership of drunkard
    PI Holland (Ryan Gosling) and Jackson (Russell Crowe) paid hard man to
    go about their business. What’s interesting and surprisingly works is
    Holland’s young teen daughter (Angourie Rice) who helps her dad and
    dicey new partner as they investigate the murder of a porn star, Misty
    Mountains and its mysterious link to environmentalist wild-child Amelia
    (Margaret Qualley) and politically connected mother, Judith (Kim

    It feels likes it’s all shot on location, the period setting is at
    times the star of show, injecting plenty of atmosphere and mood, the
    cars, the fashion etc. The supporting cast a great, notable are the
    excellent Matt Bomer (White Collar, American Horror Story Hotel) who
    plays a professional hit man and thug Keith David (The Thing, They
    Live) who want Amelia dead. Black offers corruption, some surprise
    deaths and twists but it’s a comedy at heart. Gosling and Crowe are
    kind of 70s version of Laurel and Hardy, yelping and mumbling through
    scenes. Their chemistry is great, it’s an interesting and brilliant
    casting with the leads displaying a naturally comedic zaniness along
    with Crowe adding a believability that he can bust heads.

    Thankfully Black and writer Anthony Bagarozzi create enough back- story
    for Holland and Jackson to ensure your buy into the characters’ plights
    as they work through clues looking like Starsky and Hutch in Boogie
    Nights. Both Gosling and Crowe somehow feel they belong to the period.
    Rice equals Leon’s Natalie Portman in terms of a young girl being in an
    improbable adult world. Gosling is disinclined to being a good dad, in
    contrast to Crowe’s deadpan character wanting to be liked and you find
    yourself rooting for the at times unsavoury characters.

    With its period setting, some hard hitting action and taboo comedy
    there’s plenty of entertainment to be had, recommended.

  • srikarbeechuJuly 13, 2016Reply

    Not even close to a comedy drama no thrill

    Why isn’t there any clean comedy coming out, dreaded lunatic detective.
    I wonder how many packs of cigarette and bottles of alcohols Ryan had
    to gulp. Seriously a plot not even there. A plot that is close to just
    3 quarters or an hour tops, just snagged for a bullshit comedy. The
    girl asks a person not to kill, but can’t control her dad to stop
    drinking or smoking while at work. Too many mistakes in the film, god
    terrible plot full off mismatches. Was writer thinking of a sinusoidal
    wave while scripting? Oh god too bad, rather than enjoyable it was
    annoying piece of acting. Annoying literally, can’t even laugh

  • George AarJuly 13, 2016Reply

    Lots of fun, not much substance…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • marsanobillJuly 17, 2016Reply

    AViolent Screwball Bromance

    This is a bromance bashed up with an action film and whipped into a
    kind of armed screwball comedy. It stars damned slowly because the
    critical parts are so far apart, but thereafter it moves along in
    sprightly fashion, syncopated to much gunfire (the great shootout is
    the most delightfully non-lethal since ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’).
    Ryan Gosling paly a professional, licensed private eye who, despite his
    ineptitude, is rather snooty toward Russel Crowe whose roles is that of
    muscle-for-hire with occasional heart of gold. After the latter whacks
    the hell out of the former, clinically breaking his arm in the process,
    they begin to come to an understanding and find they’re on, like it or
    not, the same side of the same absurdly complicated case. Slam-bang:
    lots of fisticuffs, a couple of killings, enough blood and plenty of
    mindless fun. Ryan Gosling is especially good.

  • MeganJuly 18, 2016Reply

    Outstanding Movie and Performances

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • E.W. GerdesJuly 19, 2016Reply

    Shane Black is Back!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • scottshak_111July 21, 2016Reply

    Has a little bit emptiness to it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • FlashCallahanJuly 21, 2016Reply

    You know who else was just following orders?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • NateWatchesCoolMoviesJuly 22, 2016Reply

    Hell yeah

    The Nice Guys is a torrential downpour of laughs, prat falls and
    lovable idiocracy, a formula which director Shane Black perfected with
    his super underrated Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. This one is no doubt it’s
    sister film, and while it has comedy in spades, top tier performances
    all round and luscious 1970’s production design, it’s just a we bit
    under- plotted. Having said that, that’s my one and only complaint
    about it. It’s the funniest film of the year by far, thanks to the
    rough and tumble pairing of Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Crowe is
    Jackson Healy, a mopey hired thug who will put the hurt on anyone if
    the dollar is right. This occupation has him cross the path of Holland
    March (Gosling) an ex cop PI who, according to his daughter (Angourie
    Rice), is the world’s worst detective. He’s certainly a buffoon, a
    trait which forms one half of their comedic shtick, the other being
    Healy’s laid back exasperation every time March gets them into trouble,
    which is pretty much throughout the entire film. The two of them
    unwittingly stumble into a dangerous turn events involving the justice
    department, murder, the apparent suicide of a porn star (Margaret
    Qualley), a very scary assassi (Matt Bomer) and one angry goon played
    by an afro’d out Keith David. It’s tough to make heads or tails of
    what’s really going on, but like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang it’s not about the
    plot or the outcome, it’s more about watching the characters trip over
    each other in style as they get there. Crowe is terrific, a bear of a
    dude who’s in way over both his head, IQ and pay grade, aghast at
    Gosling’s antics at every turn. Gosling’s character belongs to that
    special class of stupid that is so clumsy that he circumnavigates his
    own ineptitude and ends up falling right into clues, without a clue how
    he got there. After a string of recent stoic introvert roles, he’s the
    most animated character of the film and is clearly having a ball. None
    of what the duo do would be possible without March’s precocious 13 year
    old daughter, played with uncanny ability by Rice, whose star is going
    to be solidly on the rise, I’d wager. A reunion of sorts occurs with
    the arrival of Kim Basinger as the head of the justice department,
    joining Crowe again after their work in L.A. Confidential. Basinger
    isn’t given much to do ultimately, but her presence is a welcome
    addition to the vibe. Black deserves kudos for his gorgeous recreation
    of L.A. in the 70’s, right down to the sickening lampshades pastel
    suits and souped up cars it’s a treat to see. The energy from Crowe and
    Gosling is where it’s at with this one, and they both eagerly tuck in
    to the dialogue, making this one groovy, delirious riot of a flick.

  • unqualified_filmmakerJuly 22, 2016Reply

    Unique Plot,Cliché characters & a Few Memorable Scenes

    I wasn’t really excited about this movie cause comedies aren’t always
    that funny to have comedy as their genre but this movie had pretty good
    jokes and a few very funny moments and a nice story that is
    original.Well the whole story was original and since the movie takes
    place in the 70s it tried to put on the 70s kind of vibe in the movie.

    About the characters,I didn’t really like it cause it was the same
    exact kind of characters we see in every crime-action movie,which made
    the movie pretty predictable,but I can’t blame that cause people like
    that kind of thing (but I don’t think anyone would mind a new set of
    characters for gang movies). To me the casting and the chemistry wasn’t
    that good that I would remember the movie for it’s unique cast.

    The movie had some short scenes with fast cuts and some scenes that
    seemed really pointless (not many thought) which made me think it was a
    first time directing for it’s director (Shane Black) but when I found
    he’s a pretty experimented directer I changed my mind,well it’s an
    independent film but we’ve had better indie directors.

    As a whole it won’t be a waste of time to watch it since it’s less than
    2 hours (so yaaaay!) It has some good jokes in it but still I think
    it’s not enough for a 1h 50m movie.I watched it and enjoyed some of
    it’s scene but at the end when I thought about it,it didn’t have
    anything special…but it’s a clean movie with some weird pointless
    scenes that last less than 3 seconds.

  • andy-hungsterJuly 22, 2016Reply

    who’s the real mastermind?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Red_IdentityJuly 24, 2016Reply

    Really surprising

    I expected an enjoyable, run-of-the-mill buddy crime comedy film. I did
    not expect it to be so darn great. It’s really funny but it’s also
    quite dark in a lot of its humor, and many of the turns in the story
    are refreshing and surprising. Having a child actress get a role like
    that is really something else. Crowe and Gosling made an incredible
    team together. Overall, much more memorable than I initially expected
    and I’m surprised that it seems there isn’t more hype or talk about
    this. I can really see it getting a lot of deserved Golden Globe
    nominations. I do think this is a great watch, although inevitably it
    will appeal to some film fans more than others and they will have to
    determine for themselves.

  • stonedraimJuly 24, 2016Reply

    Welcome to the 70’s!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MarcoLaraJuly 25, 2016Reply

    It blew on my face after 30 minutes

    Have you ever started a dish, found that you don’t like it, and eat it
    all? It seems that, with movies, we are to watch the whole thing until
    the end, no matter how bad it is. Thankfully, more and more people
    began leaving the theaters when bored, and this is exactly what I did
    with this movie.

    I watched some 30 minutes before deciding that enough was enough and
    left. It is not that the movie was awful, or the acting terrible, but
    for the life of me I could not get hooked on the story no matter how
    hard I tried.

    The movie began in a very promising way, with very funny parts…and
    then, nothing. In retrospect I feel that the movie was more like a
    collection of funny gigs without a plot. Once the plot came, the movie
    went out of the window.

    Ryan Gosling is very good. Funny and fresh. Not the same can be said
    about Russell Crowe who seems tired which would be fine if it wasn’t
    for the fact that he is supposed to be an action type of guy. The rest
    gets lost to me.

    By the time Kim Bassinger showed up I was ready to leave and left. I
    have no idea how the movie ended, so my 3 points are based on the
    initial performance of Russell and Gossling.

    Another movie I really wanted to like and didn’t make it. Pity.

  • Matheus RigottoJuly 26, 2016Reply

    Good laughs with this one

    I’ve noticed some criticism around this film, people judging it poor,
    stupid, dull, whatever. But after seeing it’s good rates from users and
    meta critics here, I went to the movies. I guarantee it was the best
    comedy I saw in the last years, can’t even understand how people can
    not find it funny. The plot is good too, no doubt. I put it in the same
    kind with ”The Big Lebowski”, both with a not too worried kind of
    humor. I think that for those ones used to big plot twists or
    impossible/inscrutable situations which we see a lot on nowadays comedy
    scripts, maybe this one’ll be a bit too simple (however it has it’s own
    amount of unbelievable action scenes). The plot goes around one very
    truthful and smart situation on government illegal intervention in some
    matters, from the point of view of a idiotic investigator, who couldn’t
    imagine the proportions one simple case of murder would get. I’d
    recommend it for those who can appreciate a uncompromised comedy, as
    it’s not focused on investigation itself, nor in maintaining the
    seriousness that this matter could demand. Worth seeing, that’s for
    sure. As a comedy, I give it a 9/10.

  • Ole Sandbaek JoergensenJuly 26, 2016Reply

    They are nice, to some 🙂

    Matching Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in this awkward partnership
    actually works out very well, they are very true to their character,
    both a bit off in their own way, but together they really are the nice
    guys 🙂

    It is the funniest film I have seen in a long time and it really
    deserves a lot of credit for keeping a good story and not just relying
    on slap-stick humor, it has both subtle and loud comedy, it has action
    and something going on all the time, but above all it has timing and
    precision in the way it delivers the story and how the characters
    handle the different situations.

    Location, seating & time: Kinopalæet, Lyngby, Denmark – Bio 3, row 9
    seat 3 & 5 – 27.06.2016 at 19.00

  • KineticSeoulJuly 27, 2016Reply

    It’s a neo-noir black comedy with cliché opposite characters teaming up to solve a crime BUT the dynamics is very refreshing

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jekaterina-ivanovaJuly 28, 2016Reply

    Very disappointing film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • procletnicJuly 29, 2016Reply

    The Nice Guys is just not working the way they intended it to

    You begin watching ”The Nice Guys” and even in the first few scenes,
    you realize that there’s something very wrong with this movie. As you
    continue to watch, you quickly realize that the awkwardness that reeks
    from every scene is supposed to be humor. At some point, I was asking
    myself if this movie isn’t some sort of social experiment. Like they
    purposely create a disgustingly bad comedy movie, surround it with hype
    through an interesting trailer and their shill army, and then carefully
    measure the generated income. But then I realized we are way past that
    point. These sort of experiments had to be proved a success long time
    ago because now we are getting a steady stream of low quality content
    that producers know is going to sell thanks to this modern way of
    marketing. Thus, the conclusion that must be drawn is even more
    disappointing. The conclusion is that the producers of this movie
    haven’t made it as bad as it is deliberately, it’s just that this is
    their potential. This is what they have to show with that budget and
    those actors.

  • Eddie_weinbauerJuly 30, 2016Reply

    Started out pretty OK

    I Really liked this movie,all the way up until shortly after the one
    hour mark. Than it just took a 180 turn for the worse,and ended up
    getting really really stupid.Which was quite annoying.

    In the beginning it was funny and charming and full of good quips back
    and forth, between the two leads.

    Some of the situations was a bit over the top,but you could live with
    em,cause the rest of the movie held up fine. But than comes the one
    hour mark,and things start going down hill. Up until now,Russel has
    been the smart one and Ryan was the dorky drunk guy. But than suddenly
    they both turn into dumb and dumber.And that just ruined it for
    me.After that I lost total interest in the movie.

  • grahamhillsJuly 30, 2016Reply

    The fifth Lethal Weapon

    If you started watching the Nice Guys without seeing the opening
    credits you’d know instantly that its a Joel Silver film because it
    feels so much like the Lethal Weapon movies.

    The Nice’s Guys is a really quirky, kind of oddball movie that gets a
    little better each time you see it. Gosling is charming as ever in a
    really wrong way, Crowe less charming but much more lovable than he
    normally is.

    The film is filled with snappy sharp humour, your never more than a few
    minutes from a laugh. The retro feel is pulled off impeccably, and set
    design is top end.

    This movie is a winner on all levels, and I’ll never forget it.

  • capone666July 31, 2016Reply

    The Vidiot Reviews…

    The Nice Guys

    If it weren’t for bad fathers there wouldn’t be any porn stars in the
    world today.

    Thankfully, there are no shortages of either in this buddy-comedy.

    When an adult film actress (Margaret Qualley) disappears, a gruff
    enforcer (Russell Crowe) is forced to work with a PI (Ryan Gosling) and
    his daughter (Angourie Rice) in order to find her – and to dissuade a
    dangerous third-party.

    But when her latest project turns out to be an X-rated expose on the
    car industry’s exhaust inhibitor cover-up, the motley detectives find
    themselves searching for her misplaced stag film at the 1977 L.A. Auto

    With all of the sleaze of 1970s pulp cinema and the witty banter and
    odd couple camaraderie of classic comedic duos, Gosling and Crowe forge
    a unique bromance through a sharp script and apt directing.

    Furthermore, porn shoots make the best crime scenes on account they’re
    covered in DNA evidence.

    Green Light

  • blazedounalJuly 31, 2016Reply

    Excellent buddies movie

    The Nice Guys represents the buddy movie genre at its best. Shane Black
    is an excellent director and a brilliant writer. He knows how to create
    hilarious characters and how to put them in absurd scenes — absurd in a
    comic way. It is a ton of fun. Watching The Nice Guys made me want to
    go back and take a look at his earlier films. The characters were well
    written, even better cast, and fit well with the theme of the film.
    There was rare a dull moment, it seemed I was either enjoying the dark
    comedic tone, or getting engaged in the plot. The Nice Guys is pretty
    much a buddy cop comedy.

    Set in 1977 Los Angeles, bumbling private eye Holland March (Ryan
    Gosling) and muscle-for-hire Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) become
    unlikely partners when they find themselves both looking for a missing
    woman named Amelia (Margaret Qualley). The two men then find out that
    Amelia was working with Misty Mountains and an amateur filmmaker named
    Dean. Dean, however, mysteriously died in a fire that burned the film.
    The two end up at a party to search for the film’s financier, Sid
    Shuttuck, a notorious pornography producer. The two detectives come to
    party for searching Amelia. However, they met Blue Face and Older Guy
    whom are two assassins hiring by Amelia’s mother, try to kill Amelia
    because Amelia have evident which reveal her mother’s bad stuffs such
    as drug dealer, porn movie, sell illegal weapon. Jackson Healy fights
    with Older Guy, while Blue Face tries to kill Amelia from inside his
    car, only to be stopped by Holly (Holland March’s daughter), who warns
    Amelia and then escapes with her. While chasing them down, Blue Face is
    seriously injured in a hit-and-run. Later, Blue Face was strangled by
    Jackson Healy and dead. After a brief investigation, the two are
    greeted by Amelia’s mother, Judith Kutner (Kim Basinger), a
    high-ranking official in the United States Department of Justice, who
    claims her daughter is delusional and paranoid and she hire two
    detective to protect her daughter. Jackson Healy reveals the note paper
    with Holland March ‘s address given to him by Amelia is identical to a
    paper he found at the party, which gives leads to an airport hotel
    where Amelia was going to distribute the film. Two detectives found
    Amelia land on their car from the building where she is accidentally
    knocked out. They take her back to March’s house and two detective was
    told by Amelia about her mother bad stuffs in government and bad
    Detroit group. Amelia created How Do You Like My Car, Big Boy? To
    reveal those bad stuffs in government. Amelia mother has her assistant,
    Tally (Yaya DaCosta), arrange for Holland and Healy to deliver a case
    that supposedly contains one hundred thousand dollars. However, a
    half-asleep March accidentally crashes their car and the case is opened
    to reveal shredded magazines, causing them to realize that they have
    been double-crossed. At home, Holly is confronted and attacked by John
    Boy, who had been sent by Tally under the guise of being a family
    doctor. Holland March and Jackson Healy arrive back at the house and
    engage in a shootout with John Boy. John Boy escapes, while an
    impatient Amelia leaves, only to run into and be killed by John Boy.
    March and Healy try to bring the matter to court, but are rejected, as
    they have no evidence, leading them again to search for the film. They
    found out that the projectionist, Chet (Jack Kilmer), another protester
    they had questioned about Dean, is the projectionist for the film and
    had worked with Amelia to make How Do You Like My Car, Big Boy? Public
    by splicing it into the presentation film for the Los Angeles Auto
    Show, which is being held at a hotel. At the auto show, the two find
    that John Boy and Older Guy also was in this hotel to searching the
    film. Two detectives fight with two bad guys. At the end, two
    detectives have the film and two bad guys (John Boy and Older Guy) was
    dead. The detectives take How Do You Like My Car, Big Boy? To the
    police and though Judith is arrested, the Detroit car companies are
    immune to any charges, due to insufficient evidence. When she talks
    with March and Healy before her trial, Judith claims she did not want
    her daughter killed and justifies her involvement by insisting that
    ”what is good for Detroit is good for America.” Afterward Healy and
    March decide to continue working together as private eyes, naming their
    agency ”The Nice Guys.”

  • abdullahkesgin-296-834167July 31, 2016Reply

    at last an actual nice movie

    2016 started with batman vs superman dawn of justice disappointment,
    then zoolander, then independence day, it was getting pretty
    frustrating year for any movie fan. the nice guys rushed in and saved
    the year so far. shane black should at least get an award, maybe not an
    Oscar, cause there involves some technical stuff i may not know, more
    like a hero of the year award. you know shane black from kiss kiss bang
    bang which was a brilliant brilliant movie. in this one he captured the
    same level ambiance, two mismatch detectives working on an impossible
    case. fine pace tunning, good friendship and family bonds, excellent
    story telling and character development throut the movie. a movie for a
    big screen ? not sure. but a definitely must watch list winner.

  • dantonstlAugust 1, 2016Reply


    Right. I was hoping to avoid the loud larry curly and moe noises I’ve
    heard from Mister Gosling ever since seeing him in a place between the
    Pines….that was the last theatrical release that ide seen him in. I
    skipped Blue Valentine and forced myself to watch Mobsters INC…or
    gang squad…something like that..which I liked better. reading other
    peoples reviews hi lighted what I think they liked about the
    film….shrugging things off like water down a ducks back…but
    seriously…money was the main motivation for the guys to be involved
    in their coexistence. One of the bigger things to upset me were for
    example the two hit men…Russel Crowe runs into them again and
    immediately they fight…Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling have a fight and
    there isn’t an urgency to reciprocate the painful process of that
    outcome. Using my imagination and seeing the streets and neighborhoods
    and cocktail parties were the best part of this film. Things that
    people thought were funny I didn’t…I actually didn’t think that I
    laughed at any point of this movie. Even when the little girl feels bad
    for one of the hit men that got hit by a van and goes to get
    Help…..Maybe that was the funniest scene to me? But I don’t recommend
    this movie and it does do its best to give you a vision of that old
    FREAKY DEAKY and Royal TeneBaum era in your face.

  • JeniaAugust 1, 2016Reply

    One of the best comedies of this year.

    One of the easiest reviews i’ve done in a while will be done for this
    movie. Why , you ask. Very simple , this movie can be seen by almost
    everyone , doesn’t matter the age or the gender. It is so well written
    and played , you don’t get bored at any part of the film , It has
    comedy elements packed with action moments put together so well that
    there is no chance you will not like this movie. Normally i don’t like
    Ryan Gosling that much ,put this role made him shine from my point of
    view and I’m happy for it. Sadly i haven’t heared about this movie that
    much so I’m guessing it is not that popular now ,anyway , i recommend
    this one for everyone .

  • daniel-829August 3, 2016Reply


    I don’t review a lot, and all of my reviews mention that I am easily
    impressed. I like movies like Last Action Hero or similar that tanked
    with critics.

    But this one … this one I gave up on. I can’t explain it, it was just
    bad to watch. You get thrown into a situation, people form bonds
    instantly, minors are suddenly super detectives and undercover agents
    … this movie gives you so many set variables that you feel like you
    don’t need to see anything evolve. I had no connection to anyone, I
    could not find any humor in it, despite it throwing it in my face. The
    whole time I thought ”what am I watching here??”

    I am patient and I am easily pleased, but this movie made me walk out.

  • thesar-2August 6, 2016Reply

    Never Mr. Nice Guy

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jzathajeniousAugust 8, 2016Reply

    A Nice Movie. But not a great one.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tinujainAugust 8, 2016Reply

    bunch of retarded girls and guys – spoilers !!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CinemaClownAugust 9, 2016Reply

    A Ravishing, Rambunctious & Rollicking Ride That’s As Thrilling As It Is Amusing

    From the writer-director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Nice Guys is
    another ravishing, rambunctious & rollicking ride that’s full of
    laugh-out-loud moments, captures the magical vibe of the 1970s with
    finesse, balances the elements of comedy & thriller in a seamless
    fashion, and is further bolstered by charismatic performances from
    Russell Crowe & Ryan Gosling.

    Taking place in Los Angeles around 1977, The Nice Guys tells the story
    of a private detective who’s hired to investigate the apparent suicide
    of a famous porn star. The trail leads him to a young girl who hires an
    enforcer to keep him off her. But when she goes missing, the two
    detectives team up to find her, only to later discover that the whole
    plot is far more complicated than they imagined.

    Written & directed by Shane Black, the film brims with plenty of style,
    is downright witty & makes excellent use of its resources for the most
    part. The first half is a laughter riot and presents Black at his best
    but the second half fizzles out of energy after a while plus the big
    reveal unfortunately isn’t as rewarding as expected. Nevertheless, the
    narrative stays funny & thoroughly entertaining.

    The 1970s atmosphere is brought to life with vibrancy, thanks to its
    outstanding production design, fitting costumes & numerous pop-culture
    references. Cinematography also adds more richness to the story with
    its energetic camera-work & exquisite use of bright colour palette. The
    first half is brilliantly paced but it all goes downhill in the next
    half. And the music further evokes the 1970s feel with its selected

    Coming to the acting department, The Nice Guys features a colourful
    cast in Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Angourie Rice, Matt Bomer,
    Margaret Qualley & Kim Basinger, with both Crowe & Gosling stealing the
    show although Rice gets to have her own moments as well and does a
    commendable job in her given role. Crowe & Gosling do chip in with
    strong inputs separately but their chemistry is even better and makes
    the whole experience all the more enriching.

    On an overall scale, The Nice Guys had all the ingredients to finish as
    one of the finest examples of its genre(s) but it just misses out on
    boarding that train, thanks to its less-refined second half that simply
    fails to live up to the expectations set by its previous act. It still
    bears all the hallmarks of a Shane Black feature, and is an incessantly
    fun, endlessly groovy & powerfully alluring cinema that promises an
    equally thrilling & amusing ride to all its viewers and delivers it in
    sufficient doses. Definitely worth your time & money.

  • Gordon-11August 10, 2016Reply

    The adventures of two guys

    This film tells the story of a private detective and a street thug, who
    teams up to investigate the disappearance of a porn star. The deeper
    they dig, the dangerous it gets.

    ”The Nice Guys” is a powerful draw as it has two strong and popular
    leaking men. The two guys have vet different personalities, and they
    team up reluctantly for money. Ryan Gosling’s character provides much
    comic relief through many many mishaps. The plot is somewhat
    intriguing, but it doesn’t engage me or thrill me. Maybe it is because
    I don’t quite agree with the portrayal of the young daughter, who does
    a lot of age inappropriate things. Even though she is smart and brave,
    I wish she could just have a bit of childish innocence. Overall, It is
    an alright film, but I don’t think there is nothing particularly
    memorable about it.

  • Bob AnAugust 10, 2016Reply


    I am not sure into which category to put this movie.

    I am aware that they were trying hard for the film to be funny but for
    me it was only on several occasions. Thriller elements were kinda good
    but far from real action/thriller movies. As for the drama elements –
    it can be discussed as there is a personal drama going on with one girl
    in the film. So, combining all the genres into the film… you get not
    a bad movie but not much interesting either.

    I must say that Russell and Ryan were really good in the roles. But the
    little girl – Angourie stole the film. I think she was really awesome
    and believable. Kim, on the other hand, seemed absent even when she was

    Must say also that half way through the film, I could not really get
    why or who or what is going on with missing girl Amelia. And the whole
    dead porn star M M thing was kinda … weird. But I do confess that the
    whole porn industry of the late 70’s thing was kinda cool.

    Not bad, but it was not brilliant either for me. I rate it seven.

  • JanksReviewsAugust 12, 2016Reply

    The Nice Guys is a hilarious action-comedy film starring the unlikely duo of Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, and they really don’t make them like this any more.

    In The Nice Guys, Ryan Gosling plays Holland March, a private
    investigator/swindler/single father. Russell Crowe plays Jackson Healy,
    a self- employed enforcer who will just about beat up anyone for money.
    Their lives cross when Amelia (Margaret Qualley), a girl they’ve both
    been tracking goes missing. The two join forces to try and find her, as
    they cross bad-guys and uncover a larger conspiracy, all while forming
    a friendship that their otherwise clashing personalities wouldn’t

    The story of the film is it’s weakest point, but only because it seems
    overly complicated. There’s a dead porn-star, a missing girl tied to
    that scene, government conspiracies, shady gangsters and so on. It’s
    not hard to follow, however a more basic story would have served the
    film better, as there are some plot points in the film that leave you
    with questions that need not have been asked. There are also some very
    coincidental plot points added to serve the purpose of the story, which
    were quite obvious and took you out of the film a bit.

    Story aside, it’s the characters and the performances that really
    shine. Crowe and Gosling form a mismatched pair, on paper and on
    screen. However the dynamic between the two appears very natural,
    bringing out the best performances out of each actor. Not only that,
    they’re very funny, when alone and together on the screen. The
    supporting cast of colorful characters are all great as well, with
    Angourie Rice, who plays March’s daughter Holly stealing the show.

    Shane Black deserves all the credit in the world for writing and
    directing such a fun film, the like of which has universal appeal, with
    lots of action, humour, twists and turns. It’s a throwback to buddy-cop
    movies like Lethal Weapon, which is no surprise considering Shane Black
    wrote that film as well. He’s also nailed the look, tone and pacing of
    the film, with its 70’s era setting and neo-noir feel.

    While The Nice Guys won’t ever achieve the classic status of a film
    like Lethal Weapon (which set the bar back in 1987), it will take you
    back there, providing you with all the same elements that made that
    film and others like it great. Where the film faults in its story, it
    makes up for in its excellent characters, performances, action and
    humour, offering you a highly entertaining and funny viewing

  • AudioFileZAugust 14, 2016Reply

    A Good Pairing Hampered By Weak Script

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hoagy-61203 ([email protected])August 15, 2016Reply

    Film belongs in the trash with the writers

    Good idea for a enjoyable movie, too bad the writers do not have
    anything but a limited garbage vocabulary. No wonder you hear such
    trash language from society these days. What we see and hear influences
    our behavior. Guess the writers would like there 13 yr. old children to
    talk like this and be in those circumstances. Way to go, great role
    models. Obviously Crowe and Gosling have a garbage consciousness. Why
    do popular people always seem to do what is trendy instead of what is
    correct. Young audiences that view these type of films like to emulate
    the characters to be popular. Actors, writers, producers,etc, can bury
    their heads in the sand and pretend that their products have no bearing
    on the morals of society for the sake of profits, but they need to look
    intelligently at what they are producing. The era of truly great films
    is rapidly drawing to a regretful close.

  • 851222August 15, 2016Reply


    Greetings from Lithuania.

    ”The Nice Guys” (2016) is sometimes hilariously funny, sometimes to
    much focused on unnecessary things, but always entertaining. Script by
    Shane Black was good, not original, but good for what it is. Russell
    Crowe and Ryan Gosling have great chemistry together and interaction
    between these two really work. Action scenes were good and almost
    always darkly funny – very funny actually. Now there are some unfocused
    plot elements that prevented me to giving this truly entertaining movie
    higher score, nevertheless if you like ”Lethal Weapon” series, you
    should definitely watch ”The Nice Guys”.

    Overall, ”The Nice Guys” is good, fun entertainment. Seeing Kim
    Basinger and Russell Crowe together again on screen (even for a short
    time) since classical ”L.A. Confidential” was very pleasant – they have
    some great chemistry together on screen which is simply hard to
    explain. Still, not everything worked in ”The Nice Guys” superbly well,
    nevertheless this is a fun entertainment with far more positive then

  • armyrat-10648August 16, 2016Reply

    One of the best comedies and movies

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • manuelwinchesterAugust 17, 2016Reply

    Nice movie Guys

    I absolutely loved it. And how can’t you love it? Shane’s Black new
    work brings enthusiasm. Two completely different male characters are
    cooperating to find a missing girl. ”The Nice Guys”, two bizarre and
    outlandish guys and a half of a woman (March’s daughter) are searching
    for the gone girl and sooner or later they’ll realize that a conspiracy
    scheme is behind everything. First of all, Shane’s Black script is
    gorgeous, with excellent humor, zero clichés, and the proper action.
    The whole vintage style and scenery, plus the great characters, renders
    the film quite special. But I think it’s all about the humor. The film
    is not inherently a comedy, but mostly due to these special characters
    the joking is astonishing and thus it’s tending to a comedy. Shane
    Black knows how to set a maneuverable plot, thus making the film
    intriguing, with itself- examinations and conclusions in the end. But
    the film’s highlight is beyond a doubt the protagonist duo. Russel
    Crowe and Ryan Gosling have an amazing ”buddy” chemistry. Especially,
    the second’s one performance is incredible. As a big Ryan’s fan, I
    didn’t expect anything less from him, but the truth is that it’s the
    first time he performed an entire comedy interpretation. The outcome?
    He is simply delightful. His role reminds me himself in real life. So
    what if the years go passing by, Russel Crowe is still great, despite
    the extra weight. The action-comedy movies is a famous genre with few
    successful attempts, though. The Nice Guys could be definitely
    considered as, a diamond of this genre.

  • Nikos XatziioannidisAugust 19, 2016Reply

    Stupid – Awful – Waste of time

    I really do not know the reason of existence of this movie!! One of
    this moments you want to log in, to save everyone’s else time. One of
    the stupidest movies ever seen. No reason of watching. I saw it because
    of the actors .. and wasted every minute of the movie. The plot..
    stupid.. The funny part .. stupid. Trying to find some more lines to
    describe my waste of time in order to enter IMDb review laws .. But i
    cannot .. Such a pity about my time. If you have enough free time to
    waste go for a walk .. or even better take your neighbors dog for a
    walk. I didn’t like anything in this movie. Cannot understand either
    the good reviews either the good rating in IMDb. Maybe i am the weird

  • Yuscha AnindyaAugust 22, 2016Reply

    Astonishingly funny, sweet, and well-executed.

    An enforcer who always gets his job done pairs up with a lousy
    alcoholic detective to locate a government official’s daughter. What
    seems to be a simple job turns out very convoluted as they accidentally
    discover something sinister is at large.

    With such a basic and tired premise, The Nice Guys managed to hit all
    the highs and the lows of a buddy cop movie. Both Russell Crowe and
    Ryan Gosling handled all their given materials perfectly. Angourie Rice
    also did an excellent job portraying Ryan Gosling’s character daughter
    who snoops around her dad’s job. She didn’t overtake the two main
    characters, but she also got a chance to shine.

    There are multiple laugh out loud moments and some decent action
    portrayed (and some nudity), and the movie managed to also score a nice
    emotional touch to the characters. There may have been some played out
    tropes and old movie tricks, but with clever dialogues and top-notch
    delivery, you wouldn’t mind getting past through all of it and have
    some genuine, tear-inducing laughs.

    Definitely one of an excellent buddy cop movie to watch.

  • OnOffOnOffAugust 23, 2016Reply

    i can’t believe this is a movie by shane black…

    …i mean after all, he’s the guy who wrote and directed ”kiss kiss
    bang bang”! he also wrote ”lethal weapon 1 + 2” and ”the last boy
    scout”…so by default one might think ”here’s a guy who knows his way
    around a buddy-action-comedy”, right? so how did this happen? 90% of
    the time the humor/writing is flat and feels forced. the story feels
    aimless but is pretty transparent at the same time. what little
    chemistry there is between the main protagonists feels weak and
    trivial. the characters in general are boring and one dimensional.

    ryan gosling’s character is ”dumb”.

    angourie rice’s character is ”bratty”.

    kim basinger is ”evil”.

    margaret qualley is…”sleepy”? the only character i liked was russell
    crowe’s. i mean there’s not much happening with his character…no real
    arch or anything. he’s just a mean but kind of likable badass. and the
    character is ”working” mostly because crowe is the right guy for the

    one of the biggest flaws of this movie is that ryan gosling is simply
    miscast in this role. he’s just not a funny actor. i have rarely seen
    more cringe inducing, awkward ”comedy performances” in a single movie.

    it’s really too bad…i can think of many actors that would have been a
    better match to play gosling’s character and could maybe even do
    ”something” with those bad lines and silly performances.

    the ending of the movie is totally pointless and random. it’s just
    there as a last reminder that you just wasted 2 hours of your life with
    a movie that you have basically seen many times before. except this
    time people just couldn’t be bothered to put any effort in.

    do yourself a favor and re-watch ”kiss kiss bang bang” instead.

  • Reno RanganAugust 24, 2016Reply

    An unexpected and thoroughly entertained retro comedy!

    It all began from this year’s Oscars, I saw this pair for the first
    time and I knew its their film promotion strategy. So I went to look
    for the full details and I thought I’ll end up as another silly comedy
    like ‘Daddy’s Home’. That’s why I did not bother to check it out its
    teaser and trailer, but now I feel terrible for my crappy judgement.
    Because this was an awesome movie, definitely not just in the comedy
    category, but overall one of the best films of the year and it should
    be in everybody’s top ten or twenty and nothing less.

    It is a retro type film that takes place in the late 70s, LA. Where two
    private investigators unlikely come together to probe a mysteriously
    reappeared porn star from the dead as what her aunt says. But later
    that connects with another high profile missing girl case and so with
    all the leads, these two goes the length risking their lives to solve
    it. The remaining story reveals whether they succeed or end up as the

    It was from the director of ‘Iron Man 3’ who wrote it keeping in mind
    as a television series, but later turned into this beautiful comedy.
    The first thing is I loved the Ryan and Russell’s performances. They
    totally nailed it, especially Ryan Gosling in many comedy scenes. I
    think I laughed a lot and better after a long time. That’s a surprise,
    you know, I did not think they can do comedies, but they’re beyond all
    the praising words.

    It’s not just two of them, there is a mini ‘Nancy Drew Reporter’ kind
    of character. A teen girl joins them in the investigation and her part
    as well had a great impact on the narration. You would think you can
    predict the story, but it is a well written screenplay with many
    twists. Everybody did their job so well, even the two hours did not
    look too long, but went very quick. The cast, crew, production, all
    must return for a sequel and I hope it will happen very soon. A must
    see film, but for the grown ups only.


  • palavitsinisAugust 25, 2016Reply

    Brilliant! Unexpected Ryan Gosling!

    I really enjoyed this movie. Really! The plot of the movie was a little
    confusing in the beginning but then it was pure pleasure! The
    characters were depicted by the leading actors in an amazing way. I
    really liked Russell Crowe that showed some of his comedy talents that
    were apparent already but I think that this was the first time I really
    enjoyed him in such a movie.

    Ryan Gosling was better than I expected, not that he’s not a good actor
    but I was afraid that Crowe would overshadow him, which did not happen
    in the end. A really nice movie to watch, from another time with really
    nice costumes and overall a nice approach.

    Would really recommend for a relaxing evening with some laughs. The
    only downside was the plausibility of some things that happened in the
    movie that could be avoided keeping it more realistic.

  • sunraiderAugust 27, 2016Reply

    Painfully Bad and Boring

    I finally rented this film because of the good reviews that it had
    gotten. Lots of praise for the chemistry between the leads and it being
    a throwback to the good ol’ buddy cop/PI movies of past. Wow! What a
    disappointment. One of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time.
    Painfully unfunny, the film’s plot is barely discernible and the story
    is just plain boring. Russell Crowe is still an actor I love (extra
    pounds and all) and he’s the best thing about this movie because he
    basically plays the straight man and isn’t trying to be a clown like
    Gossling is. I didn’t care about anybody in this film. And, I’m tired
    of Hollywood glamorizing sexually precocious youngsters. Here, the 13
    year-old daughter or Gossling’s character is made out to be more mature
    than her idiot father. He’s anti-porn and wonders what’s happening with
    young people but the daughter is cool and has frank discussions about
    sex with porn actresses. Awful movie.

  • gradyharpAugust 27, 2016Reply

    A comedy with brains

    Shane Black (the Lethal Weapon series, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Last Action
    Hero) wrote (with Anthony Bagarozzi) and directed this combination
    thunder and hilarious spoof of a tow guy crime film and wisely chose
    Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling to be the pair du jour to pull of this
    zany and entertaining film.

    A mismatched pair of private eyes investigate the apparent suicide of a
    porn star in 1970s Los Angeles. Jackson Healey (Russell Crowe) is a
    fixer who fixes things with his fists. Holland March (Ryan Gosling) is
    a cop who following his wife’s death became a drunk, a
    sometimes-present father to his very bright daughter Holly (Angourie
    Rice). He would become a P.I. who takes on weird cases. He is currently
    working for a woman (Lois Smith) who wants him to prove that her niece
    a porn actress (Murielle Telio) is alive when everyone knows she died
    recently. His investigation takes him to a girl named Amelia Margaret
    Quailey) who avoids him. She then hires Healey to tell him to leave her
    alone which he does. But later some guys go to Healey and want to know
    where Amelia is. When he handles them, he asks March to help him find
    Amelia. They learn that Amelia’s boyfriend, a filmmaker, was killed and
    his house was burned down along with the film. They later learn the
    Porn star’s producer is also dead. So what is going on….a complex plot
    to show the world a film about corruption and greed.

    It is always surprising when directors and costumers go to such
    extremes to recreate a period (the 1970s Los Angeles) and yet allow
    such oversights as the au courante five o’clock facial hair that would
    never have been around so ubiquitously during that time. Now that the
    porn industry is everyday news that portion holds no secrets, but in
    the 1970s? But those are small issues in a film that keeps us
    entertained from the first scene through an hilarious men’s restroom
    scene (Ryan Gosling is extraordinarily funny) to the last expected
    explosion/bang-bang close. Kick back and just prepare for some belly
    laughs. Adult themes throughout.

  • Nathan LaneAugust 27, 2016Reply

    Quirky and hilarious..reminiscent of The Big Lebowski.

    First of all, I saw this on a whim, and truthfully I was more than
    pleasantly surprised. The story was reminiscent of the Cohen brothers’
    best work. It has all the elements of a great comedy from good one
    liners and incredible sarcasm, to standard physical comedy and
    slapstick. Ryan Gosling was at the top of his game as a cowardly dead
    beat yet clever PI, and Crowe shines as a charming thug. The backdrop
    of the 70s porn scene works so well with the movie since it gives us
    something even more sleazy than the main characters themselves. The
    dialogue is so clever at times I wondered if it wasn’t being add
    libbed. Good luck choosing a best quote with so many to choose from.

  • tomgillespie2002August 29, 2016Reply

    A fast-paced, intelligent and laugh-out-loud comedy thriller

    Long before the term ‘bromance’ was coined, 80’s and 90’s action cinema
    was treating audiences to buddy movies, stories centred around a crime
    that would pull two opposite side of the spectrum together, causing
    them to disagree and bicker before finally learning that team-work is
    key. While desperate TV stations are attempting to re-boot various
    famous titles from this era with usually awful results, writer/director
    Shane Black is still around to remind us what made these movies so
    great to begin with. After all, he was behind some of the best of them
    – Lethal Weapon (1987) and The Last Boy Scout (1991) – and he’s proving
    there’s still plenty of life in the genre yet with The Nice Guys, one
    of the funniest films so far this year.

    Naturally, a convoluted plot brings together the two heroes of the
    70s-set story. One is a grizzled fists-for-hire, Jackson Healy (Russell
    Crowe), who pays his bills by warning grown men who should know better
    to stay away from underage girls, traditionally with a knuckle- duster
    to the face. The other is Holland March (Ryan Gosling), a terrible
    private investigator who takes jobs from dementia-ridden old ladies who
    pay him to find the missing husband often resting behind them in an urn
    above the fireplace. His precocious daughter Holly (Angourie Rice) may
    also be a lot brighter than him. Despite their flaws, Healy and March
    are ‘nice guys’, and when their paths cross searching for a missing
    porn star, they decide to get to the bottom of a strange sequence of
    events because it’s simply the right thing to do.

    There’s a conspiracy-laden plot to keep things ticking along, and Black
    has fun trying to unravel it along with our heroes. The film begins
    with a young boy finding his father’s porn stash and sneaking a peak at
    centrefold Misty Mountains (Murielle Telio), before a car crashes off
    the road and into his backyard. Lo and behold, the driver is Misty, and
    the kid covers up her naked body as she dies. March is put on the case
    by the actress’s aunt, and is soon on the tail of young runaway Amelia
    Kuttner (The Leftovers’ Margaret Qualley), who is somehow caught up in
    all this mess. Only Amelia doesn’t want to be found, so she pays Healy
    to get March off her back. Of course, the deliberately implausible
    story that brings our two heroes together – and what comes after – is
    simply an excuse for Crowe and Gosling to exercise their sparkling

    I’ve never seen Russell Crowe appear to be having so much fun as he
    does here, and he shows off some impressive comedy chops as the lovable
    lug who will always put himself in harms way to protect the vulnerable.
    Even more surprising is Gosling, an actor who hasn’t really capitalised
    on the promise of his iconic role in Drive (2011), but who embraces the
    goofy scumbag-ness of his inept but endearingly well-meaning single
    father, a man we first meet inadvertently slashing his own wrist open
    while trying to routinely break in through a window. Yet the biggest
    plaudits go to Shane Black himself who, after a blip with Iron Man 3
    (2013), is back to his Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) best. He delivers a
    fast-paced, intelligent and laugh-out-loud comedy thriller, with one or
    two genuine shocks thrown in for good measure.

  • adelebeeannAugust 31, 2016Reply

    Seriously…worst movie ever!

    No joke, this is a really bad movie. Although the movie features A list
    actors the acting is D list at best. Awful casting and even worse
    dialog. There is no flow to the story. Tons of plot holes. Ridiculous
    and not in a good way. I’d say this ranks in the top 5 of the worst
    movies ever made. The director mashes together scenes that leave you
    wondering WTF. I started to feel embarrassed for the actors and film
    maker. The only saving grace to the film is seeing Groslings handsome
    face. Crowe, who was once a movie star hunk is now just a hunk of chub.
    I am baffled how anyone can give this movie more than one star. Don’t
    waste your time on this one.

  • jcjs333September 2, 2016Reply

    a drag

    I imagine this was liked because the stars are so wonderful in other
    movies they’ve done and we’re supposed to feel an allegiance to them
    even though the writing is poor, the plot is ludicrous and , for me ,
    there’s no laugh and the thing drags along with a forceful attempt to
    make it interesting which it is not. There are so many actors who could
    have made this funny , perhaps. Crowe almost pulls it off. I find it
    hard to write enough words for this review because the show is so lame
    i’m speechless and can’t lay enough words out there. I’m mystified why
    so many like it including all the sites where critics are grading it.
    Someone in these reviews said maybe there should be a rating added
    including age groups and that is interesting but i don’t know if the
    younger group or older group would like this. I think the younger group
    would like this more than the older group. Maybe the younger group is
    ‘catching’ something the older group isn’t getting or the generations
    have a vast different sense of humor. But, i think there are universal
    appeals. Grand Budapest Hotel, Royal Tenebaums, The Big Lebowski,
    ‘Knocked Up’ and a zillion other films have around the same ranking at
    ‘The Nice Guys’. This is simply crazy to me. As i watching this i kept
    thinking maybe there’s something i’m not getting, something wrong with
    me, maybe i’m in a bad mood and i tried to make myself like it. Just
    this kind of behavior in myself , now , let’s me know this show plane
    isn’t good. I come back, again, to that folks just want to have an
    allegiance to the actors. Most other shows these guys do are great but
    i think they should stay away from comedy or get better writing and

  • Lewis HeatherSeptember 2, 2016Reply

    One of the most surprising films in years!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jackmeatSeptember 3, 2016Reply

    Quality buddy chemistry flick

    My quick rating – 7,8/10. Crowe and Gosling team up in an unlikely
    crime/mystery film that just works. The characters are acted out just
    the way they should be which is often rare in buddy flicks. Crowe plays
    the heavy while Gosling plays the heavy drinker. They get paired up
    when Gosling is a Private detective working a case that Crowe
    inadvertently gets roped into. The two of course have no interest in
    working together which adds to the comedy. This movie is filled with
    underlying dark humor that sometimes does miss the mark, but overall is
    entertaining. Also incorporating some little shout outs to spotting the
    time frame (Tim Allens name on the marquee at the Comedy Store for an
    example) points out the writers/directors attention to detail. Little
    things such as this pop up to make you appreciate the care that was put
    into the film. The story itself moves along very well as the mystery of
    Amelia (Margaret Qualley) plays out in the porn industry. Explaining
    what I mean would be in spoiler territory, so watch it to see. I will
    say that after the majority of the film being so good, the ending just
    seemed to run out of gas. It didn’t let the audience down, it just
    didn’t live up to the excellent work that was already presented. But
    overall, a very well made movie and I could be open to a sequel if they
    so chose.

  • Lee Eisenberg ([email protected])September 3, 2016Reply

    naughty but nice

    Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling play a pair of mismatched detectives
    investigating a missing girl in 1977 Los Angeles in ”The Nice Guys”. I
    didn’t know what to expect when I started watching it, making the movie
    an even more pleasant surprise. I later found out that director Shane
    Black wrote the 1987 cult flick ”The Monster Squad”, so it’s clear that
    he has all sorts of good ideas (although his ”Iron Man 3” didn’t
    impress me). In this movie, he also addresses environmental issues and
    even the porn industry.

    No, it’s not a great movie, but still a clever one. Ryan Gosling has
    come a long way from ”Mickey Mouse Club”, and Russell Crowe continues
    to show his versatility. I recommend it.

  • neoduricSeptember 3, 2016Reply

    Special style for great movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TimeVariantSeptember 4, 2016Reply

    Great fun!

    Ryan Gosling and his on-screen daughter Angourie Rice give great
    performances, while Russell Crowe delivers at least the minimum we
    expect from such a great star.

    Let me correct or rather add to what I just said: this is the first
    time I’ve seen Angourie Rice in a movie, and as you might think I had
    no expectations from a young person acting beside two big names, and
    therefore her brilliant work was all the more impressive – will
    definitely be looking for more movies from her.

    Having lived in LA in 1978 I can say that this period piece is pretty
    accurate. The movie builds up an engaging story full of action, with
    some erotic scenes – only reservation is that some editing would have
    helped, especially towards the end.

  • Pipe Carrillo BuitragoSeptember 6, 2016Reply

    ”The Nice Guys”, An Inmediate Classic Comedy

    Irrefutably, ”The Nice Guys” reigns compared to R-rated comedy films of
    this year (with the exception of ”Deadpool”); with the personal
    obsessions of its director/scriptwriter, narrative intelligence and
    heart of those buddy comedies of the 80s, Black resumes the power in a
    suspense/action comedy movie rich in good performances and
    argumentative ability, in addition to a fascinating travel across time.
    Despite not having a vast repertoire of works, Shane Black established
    the odd couples of rough guys in the films, those which possessed a
    terrible relationship in daily life, but that in the violent and full
    of action sequences show their good hearts. After his latest project in
    2005, ”Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”, Black writes – together with Anthony
    Bagarozzi – and directs what could become in the best of his career.

    The film would survive of independent way, without the need to its
    extreme action and violent scenes thanks to the incredible chemical of
    its leads, certainly, they are erected as an of the funniest duos in
    the film world. Black and Bagarozzi transport us back to the glorious
    1980s, epoch where lechery, endless party and the psychedelic
    pornography were booming. Ryan Gosling plays Holland March, a dishonest
    and unprofessional private eye who immerses himself into an alcoholic
    whirlwind to forget the death of his wife while trying to educate and
    raise in a peculiar way his teenage daughter. On the other hand,
    Russell Crowe plays Jackson Healy, an unorthodox hired enforcer , he
    does not matter to work for the most indelible person in the world,
    provided that you collect a acceptable amount of money, he will work
    for you, complacently. Angourie Rice gets the same prominence than the
    main duo, she is Holly March, daughter of March and assistant of the
    couple of private detectives, unconsciously, a girl as charismatic as
    intelligent, who gains one place almost immediately in the frantic and
    demanding Hollywood by herself. The funny and hilarious trio will be
    challenged to solve four cases that ravage the City of Los Angeles: the
    death of a porn star, the disappearance of a young woman, a criminal
    conspiracy of high standards and the disappearance of a man from his

    The plot is a genuine and vile MacGuffin, a trick designed by the
    selfsame Alfred Hitchcock, who permeated each suspense work of his
    authorship with this clever strategy. The film borrows several
    references to the ”The Big Lebowski” classic, considering that it
    employs each alleged main plot to take us to the true final storyline,
    some indecorous and dangerous car manufacturers utilize of camouflage
    the disappearance of a young girl and the death of the porn star to
    give one message of singular form; nonetheless, Gosling and Crowe
    involves us in the complex scheme as themselves.

    ”The Nice Guys” is a perfect coordinate mechanism, it not is based only
    in the sequences of shootings, explosions and fights (which have
    recreated of lucid and entertaining way, perhaps, Marvel instilled in
    Black this ability after the success in ”Iron Man 3”), the movie
    combines with dialogs full of jokes, powerful dialogs, clap-worthy
    dialogs, besides certain nostalgia by the films of the 80s. Although
    the film did not expect such reception at the box office, was not
    created for this objective, it is a movie with fundaments and totally
    faithful to the old buddy movies, is not a commercial product, although
    it seems like, it is a project that deserves the name of ”film”, in
    capital letters.

    Shane Black earns good marks in a genre that is quickly becoming in
    monotonous and without surprises. An intricate plot, an extravagant
    atmosphere, a explosive soundtrack and an ingenious chemical of its
    leading actors are complemented by a absorbent pace and a nostalgic
    tone eighties. If you like to enjoy of one action movie, watch ”The
    Nice Guys”, if you like to enjoy of one comedy movie, watch ”The Nice
    Guys”, if you like to rekindle the 80s, watch ”The Nice Guys”, if you
    want to experience the best film of comedy of the year, watch ”The Nice

  • willbecton-244-793074September 6, 2016Reply

    A confused comedy noir buddy cop film.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • OneEightNine MediaSeptember 7, 2016Reply

    I really want a sequel to this.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Rameshwar INSeptember 11, 2016Reply

    Being more slick in execution, quick in runtime could have made it superior – but nevertheless an entertaining romp which is sure to get better with repeat watches

    This is a movie you would want to like even before you watched it.
    Actually what’s not to like – a great teaser trailer showing excellent
    chemistry between its likable stars, quirky comedy set in the America’s
    favorite period – the 70s, also includes some action, adventure and
    crime. All they need is just an average script which doesn’t completely
    ruin the setup they have done so far and they manage to do just that –
    nothing less, nothing more.

    Mr. Healy (Russell Crowe) has an unconventional job of being a hit-man
    for women in distress – no questions asked. Mr. March (Ryan Gosling) is
    a PI always willing to bend the rules. When they both collide literally
    when working on things loosely related to each other, they realize that
    its much bigger than anticipated and have to work together. They are
    effectively supported by Mr. March’s teenage daughter Holly (Angourie
    Rice) who actually cracks open the case.

    Even though it takes a while for the lead actors chemistry to work, it
    gets magical after you give it some time and patience. The movie
    suffers from a poor start where the first 15 minutes of its runtime, it
    just ponders around in a disconnected manner. Once Crowe and Gosling’s
    characters come together and after a brief period of time, the actual
    plot kicks in. It definitely has an unconventional but a plot with
    potential, has budget to execute it to scale, able actors to
    convincingly portray the characters necessary. Instead of using the
    slick technology and movie making methods to show the action of the 70s
    period, the movie resorts to the movie making techniques of the actual
    period which is a shame. It definitely is not an issue with the
    potential considering Shane Black has helmed the Director’s seat for
    Iron Man 3 and his much older Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is much more tighter
    (also following similar plot pattern related to homicide in Hollywood).

    Angourie Rice playing Holly has a meaty role and she delivers it with
    aplomb. The overall runtime is a tad too lengthy and easily could have
    edited out at least 20 minutes or so. Once the overall plot is
    understood, the runtime looks redundant with unnecessary chases and
    shootouts where we surely know nothing’s gonna happen to the ‘Nice

    Being more slick in execution, quick in runtime could have made it
    superior – but nevertheless an entertaining romp which is sure to get
    better with repeat watches.

  • dandboneSeptember 12, 2016Reply

    I thought they didn’t make this kind anymore

    I watched this movie on DVD, because they only screen kiddie stuff in
    my area. It was an action comedy, genre that supposedly died sometimes
    in the nineties.

    The thing that makes the movie work out so great is the chemistry
    between the actors. Both leads seem to have enjoyed working on this
    movie. The other thing is that many of the politically incorrect jokes
    were fresh and seemed to fit naturally into the movie. There are many
    unexpected twists and turns, but the end of the movie seemed
    predictable. In any case, I enjoyed it so much, I almost didn’t notice
    some inconsistencies in building of the main characters.

    After giving raving 5 star reviews to the Star Wars remake, I expected
    critics to invent extra stars to appreciate actual good movies. This
    didn’t happen, so this movie has an 89% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So,
    a better rule to find good movies is to look for the ones with 70-90%
    rating. Everything above is a bit suspicious. Either it is The
    Godfather, or sign that the studios paid reviewers.

  • sideriteSeptember 18, 2016Reply

    Noir comedy with ups and downs.

    The first scene of the film will tell you all you need to know about
    the feel of it all: a kid sneaks in his parents’ bedroom to get a porno
    mag, opens to the centerfold, sees ”Misty Mountains” and while he
    smiles a car goes right through his house, killing its occupant, none
    other than Misty Mountains. You know it’s going to be a comedy and you
    know it’s going to be dark.

    The rest of the movie is carried by Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling.
    Truly, with less talented cast the film would have been a funny but
    failed story, and this shows most painfully towards the end of the
    movie, when everything goes over the top and ridiculous.

    That doesn’t mean the film is not entertaining and, as I said, the
    acting was great. The script was original and some of the scenes funny
    as hell. It’s just inconsistent, going from great ideas and scenes to
    ridiculous and pointless ones.

    You know what it reminded me of? That video camera commercial where a
    guy is changing the battery while a car spins out of control, hits an
    exploding gas station and lands in a hotel and he didn’t get anything
    on tape. It has cars, explosions, shooting, silly characters and even a
    video camera film that everyone is looking for. But in the end, you
    just don’t feel it like it was intended.

  • bob the mooSeptember 18, 2016Reply

    Solidly engaging and entertaining, but never as funny or thrilling as it appears to be

    Somewhat of a throwback of a film, which is perhaps to be expected from
    Shane Black. The odd-chemistry of the mis-matched buddies are what
    drives this film, while the noir-esque plotting and style helps it too.
    The film has a reasonably engaging story-line, good casting, good
    laughs, some good action, and plenty of specific moments that make it
    enjoyable. And it was enjoyable, however this is different from saying
    it is a great film – because it isn’t.

    In the moments or specific aspects, it does work, but as a whole it
    seems disjointed and unsure of what it is trying to be. Instead of it
    feeling like one common film as it flows through moments of varying
    tone and content, it feels like a series of moments of different tone
    which have been pieced together to become a whole. In some ways it is
    dramatic with a wry comedy, in others it is pure slapstick, and then
    again in others it asks us to take the plot seriously. Mostly it works
    in this, but it never totally convinces either.

    A lot of credit for it working should go to the casting and
    performances from Crowe and Gosling. They work very well in their
    characters; in particular Gosling manages to make his daughter work as
    a relationship (as poorly judged as she is as a character), and even
    makes things like a Lou Costello / Lethal Weapon-style moment work. The
    supporting cast features plenty of familiar faces – some work well, but
    some others only serve to remind of better films (Basinger and Crowe
    together nods to LA Confidential – which is too good a film to be put
    in the viewer’s mind when watching this).

    It is all solidly entertaining stuff, but it never wholly comes
    together in a way that makes it stick in the mind as a great film that
    I’d love to see more of.

  • lavatchSeptember 20, 2016Reply

    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • John MaverickSeptember 20, 2016Reply

    You can never be too NICE;)

    ‘The Nice Guys’ is the latest return to form from writer/director Shane
    Black. Coming off the unexplained mess of ‘Iron Man 3’, Black delivers
    a fun and edgy dark-comedy in the vein of ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’.

    1. Never have I been a fan of Ryan Gosling (March), because his acting
    has always been on a sub-par/mediocre level to me. Yet somehow, Gosling
    fits perfectly here and blends well into his character. On the other
    hand, Russell Crowe (Healy) has always been in my top 10 ‘favorite
    actors’ list, (not that I’m complaining) but he seems to be playing
    himself in this role. Crowe is most notably known for being an
    aggressive tough-guy in real life, and he mirrors his character to a
    fault in this film. Hence the reason I said he’s playing himself lol.

    2. The plot of this movie is fairly simple and nothing all that
    special, but the real entertainment comes from great dialogue and
    interplay between characters. Kim Basinger (Kuttner) has an important
    role in this, yet her acting is utterly poor whenever she’s on screen.
    The surprising talent comes from young actress Angourie Rice, who plays
    Ryan Gosling’s feisty and responsible daughter Holly. The darker tone
    of this film comes in the form of Matt Bomer, who plays the villainous
    hit-man John Boy. Bomer is quite scary and menacing even though he
    doesn’t have much screen- time.

    3. Shane Black took a great direction in making this a murder/mystery
    which keeps the audience compelled. Also the fact that it’s based
    around the death of an incredible hot porn-star (Murielle Telio) and
    gorgeous women as suspects, there’s no reason guys wouldn’t like this
    film;) There is never a boring moment as things move at a good pace, in
    which I have to give a lot of credit to the editor. Crowe & Gosling are
    an exceptional pair, just like Gibson & Glover or Downey & Kilmer, but
    that’s what Black does best, writing strong buddy-characters with great

    This film deserves a lot more praise and recognition because I know
    movies like this don’t draw large crowds. ‘The Nice Guys’ is pure
    entertainment, with a perfect balance of crime, action, drama and of

  • Yarton CajosSeptember 22, 2016Reply

    Where Are The Laughs?

    When I saw reviews citing this movie as ”hilarious” and ”laugh out loud
    funny”, I had to voice an opinion. Don’t expect anything nearly as
    funny as the ”Airplane” or ”Naked Gun” movies. Or the kind of teamwork
    chemistry in ”Lethal Weapon”. The script is weak and I actually was
    going to stop watching in the beginning. I didn’t get my first laugh
    until the middle, and there were only a couple after that. It does get
    more exciting towards the end with better jokes. However, if this is
    the kind of dialog & situations you have to put a 13 year-old girl in
    to gain notoriety in today’s movie scene, where have all the quality
    writers gone?

  • paul-gibbons22September 23, 2016Reply

    Let down by its final act.

    Like I find with a lot of Shane black films the final act is often the
    weakest part of the film, but what proceeds that is often cinema Gold.
    Nice Guys is no different!

    Gosling & Crow are both brilliant & their characters both bounce off of
    each other perfectly, but for me the standout star from this movie is
    Undoubtedbly Angourie Rice, every scene she steals and that’s no easy
    job for any actor or actress when working with two of hollywoods
    finest, but for someone of her age is exceptional!!

    The film itself starts off with a blast, extremely funny from the get
    go, the dialogue is so typically Shane Black. However leading up to
    final act the film starts to lose pace, IMO becomes slightly messy, the
    comedy doesn’t really stick & finally kind of blindly stumbles over the
    finishing line. That’s the only reason I gave it 7 (mainly because they
    don’t have a 7.5) had the final been stronger it would have been an
    easy 9.

  • ChetXBuckSeptember 24, 2016Reply

    Started OK, the became TERRIBLE and Stupid

    Two great actors and an interesting start. However, about halfway
    through, it became absurd beyond reason. Just terrible plot twists. A
    few funny moments can not save this terrible film. It is too long and
    too stupid for words. Hard to understand who gave this film high marks.
    I want my money back. The Good: Interesting Premise and great actors
    The Bad: a Totally unrealistic story that keeps twisting. The Ugly: You
    stop caring about the characters. One more good thing: An interesting
    soundtrack. One more bad thing: The description of the film gives away
    too much. Cartoonish and stupid. I reluctantly gave it 5 stars because
    of a few funny moments in the first half. Two thumbs down.

  • dcm22September 24, 2016Reply

    Disturbing film and unsuitable roles for minors

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TxMikeSeptember 26, 2016Reply

    Gosling and Crowe as slapstick detectives in 1970s Los Angeles.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Bob RutzelSeptember 27, 2016Reply

    Too long, not funny, and sometimes hard to follow

    In 1977, a self proclaimed ”fixer” Mr Healy (Russell Crowe) and a
    private detective Mr. March (Ryan Gosling) team up to locate Amelia
    (Margaret Qualley) who may hold the key to all the murders and what the
    Hippie demonstrations are really all about. They are helped, at times,
    by March’s teenage daughter Holly (Angourie Rice).

    One thing becomes absolutely clear: Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling
    should never do comedy or not do comedy with a lame script such as
    this. Their banter doesn’t go anywhere, there are no good lines,
    nothing is funny and the sight gags fail too. Aside from all that the
    acting is okay, but what’s the point when everything else fails? We
    couldn’t wait for this to be over.

    Another thing and this is disheartening is when we have children
    mouthing F-bombs as we see Holly do. What are we coming to? Huh?

    This movie gets dragged out overly long with aimless running around
    for……..oh, for clues and a big shoot’em up near the end with a couple
    fight scenes that could have used Jackie Chan’s choreographers.

    Notable: Kim Bassinger, Amelia’s mother, who is also in charge of the
    Department of Justice.

    A monstrously forgettable movie and our hope is that Crowe and Gosling
    go back to drama where they belong and where we also hear some good
    lines from time to time. (3/10)

    Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: Yes, but very brief in an under water
    show. Language: Yes, but not all that much.

  • brunocappelloSeptember 29, 2016Reply

    So much laughing, please don’t look for anything else (and why would you?)

    instead of spoil a little bit of it and get the need of warn the
    readers about it, many people -and specially one guy who gave this a
    3/10 and spent all of his wisdom remarking the minimal aspects of this
    film that doesn’t make it a masterpiece, with one movie reviewed in his
    profile (oh, yeah, this one)-… i was at?: oh, yeah; many people love
    to play God after have watched a thousand movies (or say they had) and
    compare any stuff they watch with The godfather, The Shawshank
    redemption or The Truman show; and also (also!) compare any actor with
    Daniel Day Lewis, any filmmaker with Clint Eastwood… for you people,
    for those: please stop it. I can hardly bear your ego, your
    postmodernist behavior and your inability to learn something from your
    life experiences. The mass (we, I, you reading at this) doesn’t need to
    be educated when reading your reviews (or anyone’s)… that’s the
    movie’s task, you know? they spend thousand and millions of dollars and
    I’m sure the can’t do movie X and movie Y when the decide to make movie
    Z. Movies always tech something, at least the minimal: ”i’m a horrible
    movie, don’t watch me again, don’t tell people to watch me and please
    give my director and main actors just one more chance before send them
    to your blacklist”

    PS: about me writing my second review and complaining about the guy who
    only wrote one, please understand that English is my third or fourth
    language, I don’t love it (gramaticly, etc.) and I also think that by
    using it, I’m only helping the unfair way of living, the only and
    unfair, the imposed by the media, the north-hemisphere occidental way
    of living. I also prefer people to read, and not to watch movies -I
    love to watch movies, specially made by specific directors, and played
    by specific actors- and the literature I’d like people to read it’s
    awesomely far from best sellers and American or English-speakers

    PS2: The nice guys is great, Gosling is brilliant here (not anytime),
    Crowe is flawless (as usual) and the script and plot are… i don’t
    know: just very good, like about 8/10.

  • VioletBlueDragonOctober 1, 2016Reply

    Good not great

    Like that of another film penned (but not directed) by Shane Black,
    LETHAL WEAPON: it’s the film’s unlikely duo that pushes the vehicle
    over the finish line. AGAIN, I get the impression that Shane put all of
    his effort behind fleshing out each of the disaccording partner-partner
    dyad, and their relationship, rather than the story they were placed
    in. Though, to be fair, THE NICE GUYS’ tale was extensively more
    interesting – however, considering how lackluster LETHAL WEAPON’s was,
    that ain’t saying much; NICE GUYS’ was only half-assed, whereas
    LETHAL’s was about a 1/16 of a buttock. Still, there are no ”oooohhhh”
    moments whenever a piece to the puzzle comes into place, BUT there are
    a few very convenient moments that force the story forward, so that’s
    um…not so good. Pretty yawn-inducing stuff, to be honest.

    Beside Gosling and Crowe (and their characters) arduously keeping me
    engaged, there was also very consistent snappy dialogue that kept me
    smiling, and Black’s subversion of the crime genres’ norms – the usual
    slick and effortlessly cool are replaced with the clumsy (Gosling
    excels at this) and quasi- realistic – kept me on my feet and
    entertained. I’m aware this subversion isn’t new to Black – he’s done
    it once before (that I’m aware of) with yet another conflicting-couple
    crime film, KISS KISS BANG BANG. Speaking of which: I’m keeping my
    fingers crossed that KKBB doesn’t follow the same path as the two I’ve

    One last point: The soundtrack is severely lacking solid 70s jams. It’s
    ALWAYS a joy to nod my big head up and down while mouthing/silently
    singing ”Ay, Ay, Ayyy! Ba de ya – say do you remember” to September,
    but I need more! C’mon, Shane! If you want to keep this simple- minded
    person entertained, you’ve gots to give me some catchy tunes!

  • midas-jacobsOctober 2, 2016Reply

    A fresh take on the genre, with fantastic writing.

    Some Spoilers Might Have Slipped Through.

    ”The Nice Guys” follows two private detectives who are both looking for
    a girl called Amelia, who has a connection to the death of a porn star.

    This movie was directed by Shane Black, who has also written the
    screenplay for the movie. He did a really good job at directing. His
    use of shadow is amazing. One scene in particular stood out to me. This
    was the one, where March falls down the cliff, and discovers the body
    of someone. By his use of shadow the body stays hidden, but you can
    feel that something is there by the camera movement. When March uses
    his lighter we finally see the reveal and the body is shown. That scene
    is handled in such a comical and scary way, with beautiful
    cinematography that it might be my favorite scene of the entire movie.
    But this is just one example of the use of shadow. He uses this a lot,
    but most of the time the were not used to enforce the comedic element
    of the scene. The lighting in the night scenes were also nicely done.
    He also uses very cool camera movements, especially the ones where he
    moves the camera from a driving car, goes up in the air, gives a shot
    of LA, and than goes to the place they are driving. There are a couple
    of them in the movie, but it never get’s tiring. He also handled the
    action scenes very well. They were cut and shot like they were done in
    the 80’s. He also managed to put some comedic elements in these scenes
    which gave a nice whole. To give one minor criticism is on the editing.
    This is near the end of the movie, when Gosling and Crowe are sitting
    at a bar. Crowe’s often puts the cigar in his mouth and smokes it, but
    when there were different cuts, you could see his hand suddenly
    switching positions and the length of the cigar can also grow or shrink
    between cuts. This is really my only bit of criticism on the technical
    side of the movie.

    The acting also was very good. March, who I’ve mentioned earlier was
    played by Ryan Gosling. Before going into the movie, I knew that he was
    going to be good, that’s just how Gosling acts. Now I’ve seen the
    movie, I can confirm my thoughts going into the movie. Gosling made his
    character feel real and gave something more to it than just the
    character that was written down. You could see that his character had a
    damaged past. Russel Crowe also was very good. He played the other
    private detective. He also brought a lot to the character, not in the
    way Gosling did, but by gaining weight. This added to how you felt
    about his character and pointed out his style of living. Both Gosling
    and Crowe had very good chemistry and they play with it, which only
    makes the movie better and funnier. Goslings character also has a
    daughter and she was very good. She played with emotion and was
    convincing. There were multiple antagonists in the movie, but I’ll just
    pick one, and this one is played by Matt Bomer. I picked him, because I
    didn’t know he was in the movie. The character he plays here is totally
    different than any others he has played before

    The writing was, like I’ve said, written by Shane Black. But he had
    some help with it by Anthony Bagarozzi. The script was absolutely the
    best part of the whole movie. This is one of the funniest movies I’ve
    ever seen. I laughed with every joke, and still thinking back of them,
    or reading them on the ”quote” part on IMDb, I laugh, not out loud, but
    chuckles. Which is not a bad thing, because the movie was not aiming
    for me to laugh uncontrollably. There were some on going jokes in the
    movie, and every time they’re still funny. The story was well thought
    out and complex. It was interesting to follow, due to said complexity,
    but also due to the great dialogue overall, not just the jokes. The
    characters were multi-layered and differed from each other. Like the
    difference between Russel Crowes character and Ryan Goslings. Both are
    very different, yet they seem very similar. Both are damaged people,
    but March is just less professional. The character I really want to
    mention is Holly, the daughter of March. She was useful in the movie.
    She was funny and smart and actually helped to get the story move. She
    was not just some one there to be funny or be cute or something. No she
    actually did something and that’s really seldom looking at the movies
    that come out today. The bad guy, played by Matt Bomer, was good. His
    character was scary and hidden throughout the movie, but this only made
    him more threatening. The character was just not that well developed as
    I would’ve liked to see, but still a good character.

    In the end this was a very good movie, the best movie that came out in
    2016, that I’ve seen, even. The directing was very good, the characters
    were varied and well acted. The jokes were funny and don’t get boring.
    The story was well thought out and fitted well together in the end of
    the movie.


  • leonblackwoodOctober 3, 2016Reply

    Funny in places, but mostly silly throughout! 5/10

    Review: I’m really in two minds about this film, because the acting
    from Russell Crowe (Jackson Healy) and Ryan Gosling (Holland March),
    was brilliant and the chemistry between the two A-List actors was
    superb but the movie seemed really far fetched and the storyline wasn’t
    that great. The witty script also seemed more silly than funny but
    there was some scenes that made me chuckle. With that aside, you do end
    up sticking with the film, because you really don’t know which way the
    plot is going to turn but they did seem like the dumbest detectives on
    earth. March did have a couple of ”light bulb” moments, which were
    completely out of character but most of the time, he was all over the
    place, and I haven’t got a clue why he kept on taking his little girl
    to dangerous situations. I did like the cinematography, which had a
    70’s backdrop, and the clothes and outrageous parties were great but I
    personally was expecting more from the film. The, somewhat, overweight
    Crowe, was great in the action scenes and he did show some emotion in
    the movie, so it’s a watchable film but the director missed the chance
    to make something really special. He could have easily made a ”Bad
    Boys” type movie, without the silly jokes and outrageous scenes, which
    is why it didn’t smash the box office. If they decide to release a
    sequel, they really need to make the storyline more believable, because
    Healy & March did make a fool out of themselves through most of this
    movie. Watchable!

    Round-Up: Although I found this film to be like a long Laurel & Hardy
    sketch, it’s definitely unique in a lot of ways but there was some
    similarities to director, Shane Black’s first movie, Kiss Kiss Bang
    Bang, which also had the same type of buddy storyline, with Robert
    Downey Jr. & Val Kilmer in the lead. The 54 year old director also
    brought you Iron Man 3 in 2013 and he is due to direct the Predator,
    which will be released in 2018, so he hasn’t had a lot of experience
    behind the camera. He did write the Lethal Weapon movies, along with
    Last Action Hero and The Long Kiss Goodnight, so he has a reputation of
    writing comedic, action movies, which usually have a great cast.
    Judging by his previous movies, I personally don’t think that he would
    have been my first choice to bring Predator back to the big screen but
    he has been pretty impressive when it comes to the action department,
    so I just hope that he doesn’t make a mockery out of the all time

    Budget: $50million Worldwide Gross: $57.3million

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their
    action/crime/comedies, starring Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Angourie
    Rice, Matt Bomer, Keith David, Kim Basinger, Margaret Qualley and Lois
    Smith. 5/10

  • lojitsuOctober 6, 2016Reply

    Good chemistry is the key!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • KeziahOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Fast paced and funny, great watch

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nicole1062October 8, 2016Reply

    Boring and unoriginal

    I only gave this a 2 as we switched off after about half an hour. I had
    reasonable expectations as the reviews were good but we were really
    disappointed. I think any film which very early on has a naked porn
    star sets its stall out. I was still prepared to give it a chance as
    the main performers are good but the promised laughs did not come,
    although the T and A came thick and fast! Having a 13 year old girl
    being subjected to free screenings of porn and discussions about anal
    felt very wrong and ultimately we were not entertained. Shabby! Both
    stars are capable of so much more. I could not recommend this film in
    any way and will certainly not bother watching the rest of the film.

  • Paul Magne HaakonsenOctober 8, 2016Reply

    How do you like my car, big boy?…

    Wow, well I must start out by saying that ”The Nice Guys” most
    definitely turned out to be much better than I had anticipated. Why?
    Well, because initially I didn’t have much hopes for it since it
    starred two actors which I am not particularly fan of. But they really
    stepped up and delivered in this 2016 movie.

    ”The Nice Guys” is a movie which takes place in the late 1970s in
    glamorous Los Angeles, where an up and coming porn star is found dead,
    the result of an apparent suicide. Licensed private investigator
    Holland March (played by Ryan Gosling) teams up with the unconventional
    private eye Jackson Healey (played by Russell Crowe) to solve the case
    of the suicide.

    The storyline in this movie is actually a nice surprise of a story,
    especially because it is a story which grows on you. The narrative of
    the movie is quite good and builds up gradually. And the storyline is
    helped nicely along by some very interesting characters with some
    equally interesting backgrounds.

    I will say that both Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe both really
    impressed with their performances in ”The Nice Guys”. Both of them are
    great individually in the movie, but together then the chemistry is
    just fantastic.

    ”The Nice Guys” is fast-paced and there isn’t really a dull moment in
    the movie. Which really is a great accomplishment for director Shane
    Black. Especially because the movie is kept interesting right up to the
    end credits.

    There is a good amount of humor in the movie, which serves the movie
    quite well, because it is a perfect combination with the action and
    crime elements of the movie. And the setting of the late 1970’s Los
    Angeles was also quite accomplished on the screen. And the sense of
    that period was really brought well to life on the screen by the props
    and costume department.

    Aside from Gosling and Crowe, then ”The Nice Guys” boasts some pretty
    good performances from talents such as Matt Bomer and Keith David.

    ”The Nice Guys” is definitely an entertaining movie, and a good movie
    to watch. I was more than genuinely surprised with the outcome of the
    movie, and it is well worth taking the time to sit down and watch it.

  • webspressoOctober 9, 2016Reply

    Very poor script

    2 hours wasted watching this film.

    Thin and obvious plot with a very poor script. Definitely NOT Crowe &
    Reynolds’ finest hour – they are both much better than this movie. Both
    main actors tried to carry this film off but they’re just not THAT
    good. A cameo appearance by a completely wooden Kim Basinger did
    nothing for the film except line her pockets for an expressionless
    performance with lines that my dog could have delivered with more
    passion and conviction. better. Did I mention the plot was bad?

    I have no idea why people have rated this movie so highly; it wasn’t
    funny (well, maybe two scenes), it was S-L-O-W and just plain rubbish.

    Don’t waste your time.

  • Miguel NetoOctober 18, 2016Reply

    funny, with a great chemistry of good actors, we expect more films like The Nice Guys.

    without shadows of doubt that The Nice Guys is one of the funniest
    movies of the year, one of the best, the cast is great, Russell Crowe
    this great and very funny, Ryan Gosling this great also, Margaret
    Qualley, Kim Basinger, Matt Bomer, Angourie Rice and etc, the script is
    good, Shane Black is the director and screenwriter of the film, who
    wrote the 4 films Lethal Weapon, which are great classics of action
    movies, the costumes are great, the picture is very good, the chemical
    Crowe with Ryan Gosling is very good, the film also hits the humor, has
    funny moments, the film loses momentum at times, with the slow pace,
    but after back with everything, the Nice Guys is great fun and without
    doubt one of the best films of the year. Note 8.6

  • rickh98October 22, 2016Reply

    The Nice Guys: potential not reached

    The Nice Guys glimmers towards moments of excellence, especially
    towards the beginning, but ultimately as the credits rolled I felt

    The first 25 minutes of the film, focused on introducing the 2 main
    characters, played by Ryan Gosling and a fairly wooden Russell Crowe,
    is hilarious. The characters are refreshingly satirical and
    interestingly presented, but as the film progresses the formula for
    each character becomes tiring: Ryan Gosling is unreliable, often drunk
    and a bit dainty, Russel Crowe is violent, sinister but has a much more
    soft and noble side. Every joke in the film is just based around these
    attributes. By the 1 hour mark I was getting sick of the same sort of
    material being reused and by the final act of the film I was
    considering just turning it off.

    The narrative of the film is slightly confusing and hard to follow.
    It’s basically Crowe and Gosling trying to find a missing girl and
    piece together the ‘so called’ suicide of a famous Pornstar, but
    because I kind of got lost towards the beginning about who was who and
    what was happening I found it hard to be engaged in the story. Just for
    the record I understand and can follow most films I watch, I genuinely
    think this film was abnormally difficult to follow. I also think the
    flow of the movie is poor, like I mentioned the first 25 minutes is
    brilliantly paced, with violence and humour, and then it sort of slows
    and jokes become less regular and less funny and the story sort of gets
    a bit stagnant and then they try to pick it up at the end with a big
    shoot out but even that was a bit hit and miss. I almost think the
    writer sort of ran out of ideas after the first act of the film but
    thought the first part was so good he might as well finish off the

    Ryan Gosling also has questionable moments in the film: his character
    often overreacts in feminine ways, screaming in a high pitched voice
    when something surprising happens and I didn’t find it funny, but he
    kept on doing it. It’s just poor acting and really desperate writing,
    trying to force a laugh from a hyperbolised reaction. Another example
    of this is at the start of the film when Ryan Gosling’s character is
    caught pants down in a cubicle, he slams the door which swings back
    round so he stands and his cigarette drops to his lap so recoils in
    horror and tries to close the door again but it swings back open. The
    first second of this was funny, but it goes on for 10 more seconds and
    becomes really slapstick, which just ruins the humour of the original
    joke. Ryan Gosling’s character also has a daughter who manages to worm
    her way into the film and I felt like her character really wasn’t
    needed, she sort of gets annoying and though she has a funny moment
    here or there, I felt like her tagging along on all the missions kind
    of weighs the two main characters down.

    Overall, watch the first 30 minutes and turn it off, you’ll only be
    wasting an hour of your life if you carry on watching. It’s not
    consistently funny enough to be a god comedy, or intense enough to be a
    good action film, it sort of floats in the limbo of titles I will
    forget and probably never re-watch.


  • adonis98-743-186503October 22, 2016Reply

    It wasn’t that great..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dierregiOctober 23, 2016Reply

    Starts as buddy movie, derails into a patchwork of clichés

    Crowe and Gosling play PIs with different personalities forced to work
    together. Not groundbreaking territory, but suitable for lighthearted
    entertainment. Unfortunately, what starts as a drama set in Los Angels
    in the late 70s, soon turns into a weird mix of Boogie Nights and Taxi
    Driver, minus the darkness of those two movies – but missing also their

    Gosling’s young daughter gets mixed in the plot and proves to be way
    smarter than her father (not difficult) and very annoying. A sort of
    re-take of the Foster character in Taxi Driver, minus the prostitution.
    The group starts investigating the porn industry territory, but the
    plot meanders into other territories such as politics and pollution,
    without making much sense in any.

    Not a total disaster, but it tries too hard to be ”cool” and it is not
    very funny, which is sort of the kiss of death for a comedy. Really
    hope it won’t have a sequel, but if that should happen for sure I’ll
    give it a miss.

  • Sarita Walker ([email protected])October 24, 2016Reply

    HIlarious & Ridiculous

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Avid_Movie_ViewerOctober 27, 2016Reply

    The Nice Guys = A Disjointed Hot Mess

    The Nice Guys is one of the worst movies that I have ever watched. It
    was a bunch of unconnected nonsense. It was not funny at all.

    A 13 year old girl is leading the ”P.I.s”? Give us a break .. if the
    daughter had been 21 then maybe but not 13yrs old. And in the 70s, a
    13yr old girl would have been fresh meat at a Hollywood Hills porn

    The most nonsensical story line was the DOJ chief’s daughter made a
    ”porn” movie and inserted into a promotional film to be played at a car
    show? Are you kidding me?

    The only part of the movie that I like is when Amelia was shot. Yes ..
    Something believable happened in that moment.

    Even with all of the action in the movie, I kept waiting for something
    important to happen.

  • The Duke of MovietownOctober 31, 2016Reply

    I smell a franchise

    I just saw The Nice Guys! This movie and the latest film from Shane
    Black, writer of Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3,
    pits two unlikely private eyes Healy (Russel Crowe) and March (Ryan
    Gosling) against hit men, assassins and porn directors as they try to
    navigate a tangled web of murder, mystery and mayhem through 1970s Los

    There are a whole lot of things to like about this movie. The costumes
    are cool, the retro scenery is beautiful but, as with all Shane Black
    movies, the writing is the standout. Black once again proves why he is
    the master of the buddy film through his incredible ability to write
    dialogue. This is only underlined by the screen chemistry that Crowe
    and Gosling have together which is something I could really get used to
    seeing. It’s not just those two that have chemistry here, Angourie Rice
    who plays March’s daughter is quite the actress herself and plays
    especially well with Gosling. Beau Knapp is also very impressive here
    as blue faced unhinged hit-man. Everything here was all aces. It was
    funny, smart, a well written noir mystery, and the actors had a level
    of chemistry that has me smelling a potential franchise! When it’s all
    said and done, this is a really good time at the movies and more than
    that, it might just be one for the shelf at home. The Nice Guys gets a
    perfect 5… out of 5.

  • LeonLouisRicciNovember 1, 2016Reply

    Writer/Director Shane Black is Sharp, Gosling Surprises, & Production is a WOW

    We’ve Been Here Before. But when a Stylish Buddy Cop Movie Works, it
    Works. So there is some Fun in a Revisitation. Especially when it’s
    Sharply Written (Shane Black, Anthony Bagarozzi), Well Acted (Russell
    Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Angourie Rice), and Gloriously Produced.

    It’s the 1970’s in this one with Period Detail Dripping from Every
    Scene. The Tone Teeters between Goofy Slapstick, One Liners, Brutal
    Violence, and Mystery Girls on the Run. It’s more Elmore Leonard than
    Raymond Chandler.

    The Movie is an Eye-Feast of Outrageousness, employing Topical Concerns
    like Air-Pollution, Pornography, and the Auto Industry as Backdrop. To
    Call it All ”Wild and Crazy” (to borrow from the 70’s debut of SNL’s
    Steve Martin and Dan Ackroyd) would be Accurate.

    It’s Aimed at Adults. Ryan Gosling is the Surprise here, with an
    Outstanding, Against Type, Comedic Outing that is Spot-On. Also,
    Stealing Scenes with Regularity is Tween Newcomer Angourie Rice.

    The Film has a bit of Trouble keeping Things On Track and the Story
    Derails with some Complications, but not enough from making this one of
    the Years Surprise Winners. Its Tons of Fun and They actually set up a
    Sequel in the Final Scene. Fans of the Film are in Anticipation,
    Wondering if this was an In-Joke or Not.

    After All, this is L.A.’s Hollywood in the Seventies, so Anything could
    Happen, and usually did.

    Note…Kim Basinger really needs a new hair-stylist.

  • Paesito Paez (chavotocino)November 3, 2016Reply

    It could have been better, but it was still great

    The trailers leading up to this movie made it seem laugh out loud,
    goofy, fun and interesting, and while the movie itself is all that, I
    felt kind of disappointed that there wasn’t enough of the humor
    featured in the trailers.

    With that said this film is still great, the performances are all
    outstanding, the characters are likable, the 70s vibe and
    cinematography look cool and the funny moments are really funny, it’s
    just that I wish the plot/mystery was more compelling.

    I recommend checking Kiss kiss bang bang if you haven’t, its from Shane
    Black as well and its pretty much the same type of film, just that
    better story wise IMO

    Good, not awesome, I’ll be giving it another go-around but for now

    7.9 out of 10

  • Jona1988November 4, 2016Reply

    Great movie! Shane Black does what he does the best!

    A buddy-cop action comedy written and directed by Shane Black. It’s
    what he does but he does it so well. Really well The Nice Guys is a
    great movie. It does have many of his trademarks but still I don’t
    think he’s just rehashing himself, not at all. All filmmakers have
    their own thing and of course some more than others but I won’t
    complain. All of Black’s movies do have many similarities, even Iron
    Man 3 had elements of the buddy movie that he most often or always
    uses. I have had high hopes for The Nice Guys ever since I first heard
    of it quite some time before it was released. I’m happy to say that it
    delivers. Shane Black is a great writer and The Nice Guys does have a
    better plot than one usually expects in the action genre. It takes a
    number of unexpected twists and honestly after my first viewing I was
    not totally sure how it all hung together. But I’ve seen it again more
    than once and it pretty much makes sense now. This movie gets better on
    a second viewing. One seldom expects or demands that an action movie
    should have an award winning script and I wouldn’t claim that The Nice
    Guys does either but still it’s great to see an action movie where you
    aren’t completely sure were the plot is heading all the time. A
    buddy-cop, crime mystery, thriller, action, drama comedy would be to
    completely describe it. It has a little of all actually. And a
    surprising amount of depth actually. It is a detective thriller. The
    character drama and plot are I feel just as important as the action,
    maybe even more so. The characters and acting is just great. Gosling
    and Crow have great chemistry and fit their characters perfectly. But
    the real standout like many others have stated is Angourie Rice as
    Goslings daughter. She turns out to be pretty much one of the main
    characters. At first one might get the expression that she’s obnoxious
    and irritating but this soon changes. There is of course some comedic
    relief here and there in the movie, most of the jokes come from the
    interactions between the three main characters and some slapstick also
    but it’s never overdone. Not every single joke lands but by far most of
    them. While there is humor this is actually kind of a serious story and
    with sad characters. The main characters are not really heroes but
    rather deeply flawed and struggling. Tragic comedy in a way. It feels
    more plausible so you can more related and care for them. The action is
    well made and also feels like down to earth but in a good way. It feels
    tense and thrilling without being this massive spectacle that goes on
    for too long. Not as much action as some might expect but in my opinion
    it’s just the right amount, I feel the detective and thriller moments
    are just as exciting. Probably the idea is that it should feel kind of
    like it not just takes place forty years ago but that it’s made then as
    well. I have no experience of 1970s USA so I can’t tell if it’s a
    totally realistic presentation but I think so, it feels so. The Nice
    Guys is one of the best movies of 2016. Great characters, clever plot,
    action, humor. See it!

  • tinyone2November 6, 2016Reply


    Russell Crowe is as good as ever with an effortless performance.
    Unfortunately that made Ryan Gosling seem outpaced and forced. At times
    his talent shown through, but it was just not a well rounded
    performance. The girl (Holly persona) was just plain awful. At stages
    she looked like she was reciting a speech for school. Kim Bassinger had
    a very small role, but she was a confident addition.

    Ryan Gosling’s character blasphemed a lot, which felt awkward and
    created distaste.

    The movie had comical moments where facial expressions, mannerisms and
    banter made the movie feel human. The backdrop of the 70’s was a nice
    addition as it helped the hapless characters get away with murder.

    The plot is not the most entertaining thing about the movie as under
    the bonnet it is pretty much the bog standard cops and robbers script.
    As decorative bells and whistles to disguise the mundaneness of the
    plot, they added the 70’s backdrop, 2 alcoholic detectives and a little
    girl with too much screen time.

    I would recommend waiting until you can watch it for free on a
    streaming service as paying for this is not worth the coin.

  • ipacac22November 6, 2016Reply

    A dud

    I’ll preface this by saying that I like Crowe and Gosling’s other work.
    This however was not worthy of their efforts. Shane black is normally a
    good writer but this fell flat for me. I admit that I did laugh a few
    times but the rest of the time I found myself scratching my head at the
    nonsensical plot. Nothing really made sense and there was no
    cohesiveness to any of the scenes. They all just seemed to run together
    with no sign of editing or pace. The 13 year old daughter was
    shoehorned into nearly every scene and made the movie almost unbearable
    given her character’s inconsistency in certain scenes. When I watch a
    movie I require two things; to be entertained and to care about the
    characters. Both of these criteria were not met. Spend your two hours
    doing something else folks.

  • totallyreliablemoviecriticNovember 7, 2016Reply

    Review of the movie

    To make this review short, i think that this movie was a fantastic
    buddy cop comedy. I have never been a fan of Ryan Gosling because i am
    not a horny teen neither a desperate 40year old cat lady, but to be
    honest, his performance in this movie is fantastic, as for Russell Crow
    i have not seen him act for quite a while but he is also great in this

    I think a movie is underrated because in my opinion it is one of the
    best movies in 2016 so i think the movie deserves higher appreciation,
    i mean sure it is not an Oscar winning movie but for it is one of the
    best movies if not the best movie in this genre so i give the movie

  • bluebrianNovember 11, 2016Reply

    Outrageously awful

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • lasttimeisawNovember 16, 2016Reply

    wackily retro and refreshingly nihilistic

    Shane Black’s third feature film, after his tent-pole stint in IRON MAN
    3 (2013), THE NICE GUYS returns to his home turf L.A. as in his
    palatable debut KISS KISS BANG BANG (2005). A retro-70s odd-pair comedy
    couples a stone-faced heavy Jackson Healy (Crowe, sizably ballooned in
    his physique, whether intentionally or otherwise) and a goofy private
    eye Holland March (Gosling), who are set to look for a runaway girl
    Amelia Kutner (Qualley), but soon discover several deaths happened to
    those who are connected to a porno movie made by Amelia, in defiance of
    her mother Judith (Basinger), a honcho in the United States Department
    of Justice.

    Black is conversant with the genre ropes, apportions much physical
    endeavor to Healy, socking low-lives, close-range combating with pro
    assassins, and leaves the brain work to an ostensibly lackadaisical
    March, a single father perennially tailed with a premature teenage
    daughter Holly (Rice), who feistily teams with the duo in their
    children-improper outings (including a licentious party thrown by an AV
    producer), and coolly transforms into a dauntless heroine in the
    process of solving this desultory mystery.

    Yes, the plot is half-heartedly baked, there is no need of audience to
    connect the dots, a timely cue always routinely pops up to keep the
    story rolling, no matter how far-fetched it seems (a cash- delivery
    mission is interleaved in a slapdash flurry without rounding off its
    suspicious corners), and an crucial character can be conveniently
    dispatched right after beans having been spilt, just because her
    mission is completed, or maybe because she is a gorgeous, idealistic
    fruitcake, doesn’t deserve a happy break?

    However, what brings home to viewers is Black’s deft execution of a
    roller-coaster ride (almost) without brakes, under a minutely
    reconstructed milieu and location faithful to the ethos. Black pranks
    routine action shticks with unexpected but absolutely droll twists,
    e.g. the duo’s put-on- an-impassive-face retreat in an elevator when
    body count is mounting thanks to a then- disembodied hit-man Johnny Boy
    (Bomer, in a thankless uglified villain mold), peppered with wry Nixon
    jokes and wacky dream scenes; he also invigorates bravado with cracking
    gallows humor, for instance. when they are held at gunpoint by a vixen
    Tally (DaCosta), like father, like daughter, Holly can be madcap on
    some odd occasion.

    The Gosling-Crowe interplay stimulates pleasurable chemistry and
    rapport under Black’s devil- may-care rein, especially Gosling, seems
    to have an inherent knack at comic timing, and the newcomer Angourie
    Rice, skillfully straddles both pockets of precociousness and
    greenness, altogether they form a unique two-dads-one-daughter triad
    (without a palpable gay context).

    For nostalgist, THE NICE GUYS also marks a L.A. CONFIDENTIAL (1997)
    reunion of Crowe and Basinger (who is another Botox victim borne out of
    the insecurity of aging) almost two decades later, Crowe can still lead
    a picture with his rotund but still agile figure, while Basinger can
    barely find a decent role to boost her waning career. The film doesn’t
    fare well in the box office front, which might hinder the prospect of a
    sequel so to speak, maybe the 70s milieu is chiefly appealing for the
    reminiscent and cinephile, lesser to today’s Millennials core audience,
    also justice doesn’t fully prevail in the end, and an almost nihilistic
    overtone doesn’t enhance its popularity either.

  • ANovember 17, 2016Reply

    Colossal screw up ”punching” window. Useless but hilariously showing us the quality of character.

    Colossal screw up ”punching” window. Useless but hilariously showing us
    the quality of character.

    Nice living room sink.

    Very efficient character examinations.

    Alternative fuels?! What a crock 🙂 Two Face! Hell of a miss through
    the neighbor’s window.

    Hilarious stall sequence.

    Another nice scene – protesters.

    No police tape? Kid on the bike is a winner 🙂 Nice pull dad. You’ve
    restored the audience and your daughter’s faith 🙂 Bartender is cool.
    That whole dialog is good. I’m pleasantly surprised by the
    Crowe/Gosling pairing.

    Another useless but funny short scene in the elevator up.

    I can see his cheeks quivering 🙂 Nice wallpaper. Oh yeah, gun fight.

    Finally police tape! Yes! Tito Santana!

  • santiagocosmeNovember 24, 2016Reply

    Kind of nice.

    The movie is one of those weirdest but fun but weird to watch movies.
    The one thing that I feel is to be noted is the incredible connection
    you feel between the actors. Although, I would not have bet on them
    being a good duo, they actually deliver really well. The whole story,
    full of weirdness evolves around the supposed killing of a porn actress
    that a young kid witnesses from the commodity of his own home. The two
    protagonists go from being enemies to having to help each other to
    solve this weirdest criminal story. Serious, often humorous, ”The Nice
    Guys” make up for a good watch but might not be everyone’s favorite. I
    don’t consider this to be a movie for every palate. It’s more of a you
    either love it or hate it kind of movie.

  • trailerspeliculasubNovember 25, 2016Reply

    Amazing Script so original funny and great like Pulp Fiction

    this movie is so original. the script by Shame Black is so good. the
    dialogue amazing. the chemistry is so good between Russell and Ryan.
    the acting is amazing. Ryan is his best performance. story is so
    balance. in 20 or 30 years will become a classic just like pulp
    fiction. you just feel pulp fiction and other amazing movies in it but
    is also so original at the same time. the music and the set pieces are
    amazing you just feel that you are in the 70s. in this last years they
    are not so many original films. this is feels and looks like a 80s 90s
    movie made by Tarantino. this is one of the best Shane Black films in
    it proofs after Iron man 3 that he is a great director. Russell Crowe
    has never been great in years. this movie creates his own style.
    amazing movie almost everything works sometimes you don’t understand
    what is going on. but it is an amazing film

  • LawLess39November 26, 2016Reply

    I don’t get it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mopkin TheHopkinDecember 4, 2016Reply

    A fun and colourful buddy cop film

    The Nice Guys is a film directed by Shane Black, director of Kiss Kiss
    Bang Bang and Iron Man 3. The movie stars Ryan Gosling as Holland
    March, a private investigator, Russel Crowe as Jackson Healy, a man who
    punches child molesters in the face for money, and March’s daughter,
    played by Angourie Rice. Holland and Jackson meet through the
    machinations of a girl on the run, but soon team up to solve a case
    featuring a dead porn star, some nasty thugs, and a greater conspiracy.

    Shane Black was already on my radar because of the fabulous Kiss Kiss
    Bang Bang, but we have seen little of him in recent times. The Nice
    Guys is a return to form. It is a dark comedy, with two disreputable
    characters who drink, smoke, run from danger, overcharge people, and so
    on. Even so, the two are lovable, and form a great duo. Gosling and
    Crowe have great on set chemistry, and the intelligent Holly (March’s
    daughter) rounds the pair out with her smarts. Truly, this is a buddy
    cop film for the ages.

    Gosling and Crowe play two particularly interesting characters. One
    (March) is an alcoholic who breezes through life, is very sarcastic,
    and is a bit of a lousy detective and father. Healy (Crowe) is a
    stereotypical hard-boiled sleuth, who is tough talking, professional,
    and gritty, but also ruthless. Together, these two make a really great
    pair. The on set chemistry in this buddy cop action film is great. The
    relationship between March and his daughter (Rice) is also excellent,
    with really wonderful banter between the two.

    Black’s film is full of fantastic dark comedy. The two amateur
    detectives make mistakes, create a mess, get lucky, screw up and muddle
    through, all while charging double. Black has created his second dark
    humour masterpiece (after Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) and I look forward to
    more from him in the future.

    As you can guess, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It was an excellent
    and comedic buddy cop adventure, full of great dialogue, excellent on
    set chemistry from the three leads and all the supporting cast. It was
    well shot, with the 1970’s Los Angeles, California setting looking very
    colourful and fun. The action set pieces were loud and competent
    (although not spectacular), the humour was on point, dark and witty.
    The mystery felt right at home. I could go on, but suffice to say, this
    was a great addition to the genre, and an excellent buddy cop film.
    This film can be easily recommended for those who want some good black
    humour, or a great buddy cop movie. 8/10

  • CaligulaJonesDecember 5, 2016Reply

    If Roman Polanski and Michael Moore had a love child…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Zoe N.December 6, 2016Reply

    Worth the watch

    This buddy adventure movie has a 70s vibe, a sense of humour, and a
    story that is compelling enough to keep you watching and a little more.
    While the plot is no work of genius, this movie is enjoyable,
    entertaining, and funny. Ryan Gosling does a great job of playing his
    alcoholic schemer of a private investigator who gets multiple solid
    jokes in. Russell Crowe comes through with a solid performance that one
    would not initially expect, and is very believable in his gruff tough
    guy role. The villains are a little ridiculous, but the main characters
    hold things together. Even the child actor is surprisingly good. This
    is no masterpiece, but it’s a feel good comedy adventure that doesn’t
    treat the audience like they’re idiots and is well worth the watch.

  • dcarp825December 7, 2016Reply

    Shane Black At His Best

    For those familiar with Shane Black’s work, this film highlights his
    unique and divisive style.

    Black masterfully uses quick and witty dialogue, troubled characters,
    and near comical violence to form an almost dream like story.

    The chemistry between Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, and new comer
    Angourie Rice is off the charts. Their brutal honesty and openly flawed
    characteristics make each character unique and leaving the audience
    wanting more.

    Viewers may be roll their eyes at the amount of conveniences that occur
    within the story, but Black’s understanding and constant use of absurd
    situations masks what would be a fault in different styles of film.

    For those who have never seen Black’s work, this is a perfect place to
    start. If you are curious to see more of his charismatic Action/Mystery
    films, I highly recommend ”Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”.

    ”The Nice Guys” is one of the most surprising and fun movies of 2016
    and excites me for Black’s next project with his take on the ”Predator”

  • TastentierDecember 9, 2016Reply

    Just when I was about to give up on Hollywood…

    …I stumbled across this little gem, which has to be the most
    entertaining and darkly hilarious movie that I’ve seen in the past
    three years. Although the film is a buddy crime comedy at its core, to
    describe it as such doesn’t really do it justice. I occasionally felt
    reminded of classics like Fargo and The Big Lebowski. To say anything
    more would potentially spoil the movie, which I think is best seen with
    little to no plot-related expectations.

    I do have to add one final note concerning the low IMDb rating though.
    I found the amount of one-star reviews rather puzzling, so I read about
    two dozen of them. With the exception of one lady who downrated this
    gem because Russell Crowe has gained a little weight (and they say men
    are shallow!), the only bone of contention appears to be the graphic
    language, especially that of a precocious teenager. I already knew that
    Americans can be a surprisingly puritan audience, but this is a little
    ridiculous imho. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that if you happen
    to be an overly language-sensitive person, or someone who harbors the
    delusion that the ’70s were a more innocent time, maybe this film isn’t
    for you.

  • jpathomasDecember 14, 2016Reply

    Something less than the sum of its parts

    Gosling and Crow have good chops, and Crow especially can make a bad
    bit of writing look good simply by being part of it. This is a good
    thing because this movie needs all the help it can get. The script is a
    hot mess and the editing seems to have been done with a hatchet. Script
    consistency? Not their strong point. People leave in the early
    afternoon, they arrive after dark. Even LA traffic is not that bad.

    This movie is trying very hard to be a retro 70s version of Lethal
    Weapon. Mismatch partners, a bit of comedy, big conspiracy. But the
    truth is that it bears a much stronger resemblance to the old Richard
    Dreyfus flick, The Big Fix. That being the case my recommendation is to
    just watch The Big Fix and save yourself the disappointment.

    This movie was OK, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it again.

  • SquigglyCrunchDecember 19, 2016Reply

    Great Comedy and Characters

    The Nice Guys follows two private investigators who are brought
    together to look into the death of a porn star and another woman’s
    involvement in it.

    I didn’t know this was a comedy until about 20 minutes before I decided
    to watch it. I thought it was going to be a serious murder mystery or
    something. I was wrong, and I’m pretty happy about it.

    The comedy is, while sparsely placed throughout the movie, great. It
    almost always hits, and when it does, it hits hard. The jokes are
    pretty hilarious and well-presented. It often takes clichés of the
    genre and, in a very self-aware way, turns it into an original joke.
    And I liked that. It was clever, but it was also very dumb. The
    characters are often goofy and fun, and yet no one felt out of place.

    The characters are great. I had a blast with Ryan Gosling and Russell
    Crowe’s characters. They have great chemistry together, and I can’t
    wait to see them together again. This is easily my favorite performance
    by Gosling as well. I’ve liked him as an actor in the past, but he’s
    always been that guy that I mistake for Ryan Reynolds and hasn’t really
    had any hugely memorable roles to me. And yet, here he manages to
    squeeze out of that place and really blow me away. He perfectly
    portrays this character, and I really hope to see him play characters
    like this in the future. Angourie Rice, who plays Gosling’s daughter,
    does a pretty good job too.

    When the movie is good, it’s great. However, there are a handful of
    points that take pretty big dips. There’s one scene where a woman
    supposedly jumps out of a building and lands on the roof of someone’s
    car. And she just kind of appears. It was super abrupt and didn’t make
    much sense, and knowing which floor the character was on made it hard
    to believe that she jumped and landed without injuring herself or the
    car. Sure, there are explanations the audience could draw themselves,
    like she climbed down and jumped at a reasonable height, but it was
    just so abrupt that it seemed lazy, like the writers realized that they
    didn’t know how to wrap a major aspect of the story up so they
    literally dropped it on the main characters.

    Also, Angourie Rice’s character, Holly, wasn’t my favorite. While she
    was an interesting enough character, and she provided some depth to the
    others, her role was kind of forced. She gets way more involved than
    she realistically should have, and does things she really shouldn’t
    have. Sure, there’s a level of comedy to her role, but the rest of the
    movie still manages to be realistic. When we have a little 13-year- old
    girl beating up grown adults with guns, it just gets to be a little too

    Despite this, the problems I had were weighed out by the good, and it
    didn’t stop me from having a blast.

    Overall The Nice Guys is a great movie. The characters are fun, the
    performances are great, the comedy is great, but some aspects,
    including Holly, take the movie down just a notch. In the end I would
    definitely recommend this movie.

  • andersonmertenDecember 19, 2016Reply

    Neither comedy, neither drama

    Well, first of all, i don’t recommend this movie. The fact is: it is
    neither a comedy nor a drama. They picked a funny actor like Ryan to
    represent the comedy and a serious actor as Russel to represent the
    drama, and this is why neither me or any of my friends liked the movie.
    I think the history could become a really great drama, but they tried
    to make a funny movie with kids-humour, and it didn’t work. We were at
    my place when i found this movie, a comedy with 7,4 rating, i got
    impressed and kind ‘forced’ my friends to watch it with me. At the end,
    everyone was staring me like ‘wtf dude?’. Im the other hand, the movie
    is great to think about the power that government had that time and
    still have today (what we can’t see), so don’t watch it waiting for a
    good comedy to see with your friends, put in your mind that it is
    ALMOST a drama, but definitely not a comedy movie.

  • karenrenevacationDecember 20, 2016Reply

    Simply the worst.

    Wow, what a horrendous waste of time and money. Im not sure it was a
    waste of talent as no one made much of an effort here, they just all
    mailed it in. I suppose the script is the worst part of this whole
    mess. Is it just me or is Ryan Gosling just a complete non entity ?
    This kind of movie is one that is giving Hollywood a reputation for
    total drivel. I suspect nobody thought they were doing anything of any
    value and it was just a pay check. If you want to indulge in complete
    garbage Hollywood has a lot to offer, any of their ”fantasy” movies
    will work, Batman, Superman, Godzilla vs the Taco. Worm meets Bat
    Thing. I saw this on one of the best lists of 2016, I wont be trusting
    that publication anymore. The fact that I watched the whole thing made
    me ill. One nice thing , Los Angeles 1977.

  • samuel bertonDecember 21, 2016Reply

    Awesome film for a Friday

    This film contains everything an action-comedy needs. Some good jokes
    and with some I mean a lot; sometimes I really couldn’t stop laughing.
    It also contains a lot of great action scenes with, of course, good
    slap stick. The plot is amazing and for me it was unpredictable. The
    combination of Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling is as expected great.
    Adding the fact that none of the two actors is taking all the credit,
    though I liked Ryan Gosling’s acting and role more. And of course it
    has something every action-comedy has and needs to have a happy end. I
    would also like to complement Angourie Rice (Holly) for her great
    acting work, if she doesn’t become the typical child actor, she will
    have a beautiful and bright future. As conclusion I would say that this
    film is one of greatest action-comedies I have ever seen (and I have
    seen a lot) and that if you haven’t seen this movie yet that you should
    definitely check it out.

  • Movie_Muse_ReviewsDecember 24, 2016Reply

    Another clever neo-noir comedy from Shane Black

    In many ways, Shane Black’s ”The Nice Guys” is just his earlier film,
    ”Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” playing 1970s dress up. Considering it’s been
    more than 10 years since that hilarious crime comedy, I’ll gladly take
    ”Nice Guys” being any semblance of it.

    Like ”Kiss Kiss,” ”Nice Guys” takes place in Hollywood and tells the
    story of a tough guy and a bumbling idiot trying to solve a case
    involving a dead/missing women. Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) is muscle
    for hire who’s been paid by a young woman named Amelia (Margaret
    Qualley) to keep some guys off her back. He runs in with Holland March
    (Ryan Gosling), a private investigator living with his teenage daughter
    (Angourie Rice) who has been asked to investigate the death of porn
    star Misty Mountains, a job that led him to track down Amelia. When
    Healy realizes there are some other folks after Amelia, he and March
    team up to find her and figure out why there’s a trail of bodies
    everywhere she goes.

    Crowe gets to play stoic tough guy again alongside Gosling, who gets a
    rare opportunity to do physical comedy as March, a heavy drinker,
    womanizer and moron whose daughter is a better detective than he is.
    There’s always something subdued about Goslings’ performances and in
    this case it helps balance how over the top his character is written.
    Again, March echoes Robert Downey Jr.’s Harry Lockhart from ”Kiss
    Kiss,” another guy who is in way over his head, suffers an injury that
    follows him throughout the movie and makes a fool of himself in the
    face of danger.

    Black continues to own his niche as one of Hollywood’s best buddy
    comedy architects and these neo-noir comedies are his finest work. This
    screenplay (co-written with Anthony Bagarozzi) is witty, of course, as
    always, squeezing laughs out of violence and sex in clever ways that
    usually involve putting his characters in uncomfortable situations.

    ”Nice Guys” has all the naked bodies and action that you associate with
    stereotypical adult male entertainment in movies, but Black is somehow
    always classy and purposeful about it. Hollywood in the late ’70s was
    certainly seedy, a time when the country was rife with vice, but
    there’s a thematic element of being a decent person in indecent
    circumstances. Of course, this was also a theme of ”Kiss Kiss Bang
    Bang.” Both films feature characters covering up exposed women in
    vulnerable moments.

    Despite being a mystery of sorts, the plot is more about the turns than
    the twists. Black is so good at taking the audience by surprise without
    needing to engage in smoke and mirrors. Very little happens in
    predictable fashion, even if that necessitates exaggeration or
    implausibility, which Black usually ensures will play to humorous

    The strong sense of danger that makes ”Nice Guys” highly entertaining,
    however, don’t completely mask its emotional deficits. Considering the
    father-daughter relationship at play, dialogue alluding to the problems
    with the lack of morality of the era and some mentions of the
    characters’ tragic pasts, it’s a bit surprising that the film never
    operates much beyond face value. The ”conspiracy” hiding at the end of
    the trail of clues also doesn’t mean anything other than raising the

    ”Nice Guys” doesn’t quite measure up to ”Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” but both
    are effortlessly entertaining films that will remain easy to watch for
    a long time. In fact, Black could role out another neo-noir comedy with
    the same footprint in 5 to 10 years and I’d watch and enjoy it all the

    ~Steven C

    Thanks for reading. Visit Movie Muse Reviews for more

  • FandustDecember 27, 2016Reply

    Difficult to Believe

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Fluke_SkywalkerJanuary 9, 2017Reply

    Disco Detectives

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MovieLord23January 14, 2017Reply

    A great throwback to 80’s action buddy comedies

    The Nice Guys is a return to a subgenre that we barely see anymore done
    like this: adult buddy action comedies. This movie is directed by Shane
    Black who is the king of buddy action movies with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    and Lethal Weapon under his belt. It is a great throwback to those
    kinds of films with humor, action, and charm.

    Good: Gosling and Crowe are great together with fantastic chemistry and
    it cements Gosling’s knack for comedy and surprises with Crowe’s wit
    and quickness. Special props to the girl who played Gosling’s daughter
    who was great and really funny. The humor works with plenty of great
    dialogue and jokes. The action is filmed cohesively and with plenty of
    gun play. The attention to detail of the time period is fantastic as

    Bad: As it is expected, the movie is an action comedy film that follows
    the formula known in the subgenre. The plot can be a bit complicated
    for its own good, but that is a small nitpick.

    Overall, it is one of the most underrated movies of 2016. It is a good
    old fashioned buddy action comedy with great performances and action
    that is refreshingly simple in this world of overstuffed blockbusters
    and superhero movies.

  • Mihnea GheorghitaJanuary 15, 2017Reply

    Watch it with an open mind and smiles are guaranteed

    I’ve seen reviews of this that say ”poor depiction of the 70’s”, ”the
    daughter ruined the whole thing”, ”the characters are poorly shaped” –
    all valid if you’re eager to see this movie as a failure even before
    you’ve watched the first five minutes.

    What I saw was one of the funniest cop/detective comedies since The
    Other Guys, starring a duo with just as much potential as Chan and
    Tucker in Rush Hour.

    After recent memory was soiled with all sorts of awful Kevin Hart/The
    Rock combos, The Nice Guys was a breath of fresh air. Crowe and Gosling
    were solid and clearly enjoyed the whole thing, and while the script
    may have been found lacking at times, it was the humor (and arguably
    Gosling’s overacting) that saved the day every single time.

    Those of you watching this in the States, I beg you: if you’ve lived
    through the 70’s, watch this without judging the setting too much. It
    wasn’t meant as an accurate biopic, and looking for flaws will just
    ruin your experience.

    Look out for some old school references and be prepared for a whole lot
    of random humor. As stated above, I would see this morphing into a
    trilogy, similar to Rush Hour. All it needs is the right follow-up and
    a script that keeps playing on Crowe’s and Gosling’s abilities.

    8/10 – would definitely watch again, easily a solid addition to the
    weekend movie shelf.

  • kosmaspJanuary 25, 2017Reply

    Not so nice

    But very good if you are into this kind of stuff. So this is not Kiss
    Kiss Bang Bang or Last Boy Scout, but it is a new movie by Shane Black,
    which is a reason to get excited about. If you like weird dialog and
    situations comedy that he seems to be able to write spot on, then you
    are in the right place.

    Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling hit the nails on their heads. Deadpan or
    outright funny, completely insane to just weird. One thing this is not:
    Predictable or tame. You only have to decide if this is your kind of
    movie. If your taste and the movies do either collide or are in the
    same ballpark. If the latter is the case, do watch it and you’ll get
    something unique and really good. One of the Highlights of 2016 for

  • paiello-44319January 28, 2017Reply

    What a pile of GARBAGE!

    How in the hell this got a rating above 7 on IMDb is beyond me and I’ll
    never trust this site again. There is nothing redeeming about this
    piece of crap movie. Tried to be funny and cute and it’s not. What
    little plot is ridiculous and dumb, gratuitous nudity, swearing etc….
    Russel Crowe is fat and bloated and Gosling is a tiny bit better but
    nothing can save this waste of time. Do yourself a favor and skip this
    joke. An obvious rip off / knock off of Lethal Wespon films and can’t
    even come close. Buddy films can be fun but this one isn’t.
    Disappointing to sit down with friends and after taking all kinds of
    time we select this movie. Kept hoping it would get better but never
    did. People walking out of the room early. Awful. An example of why
    Hollywood just makes garbage (mostly) now. Total Garbage!!!!!

  • icastfuturestarsJanuary 28, 2017Reply

    Inappropriate Dialog

    I am not interested in a JOB reviewing and my review isn’t worthy of
    such. However enough film watching over the years shows me the Good,
    The Bad, The Ugly in short time. Here is the breakdown.

    The Good..The first Hour. The Ingenue 12 year old Actress from
    Australia. (we have the next Jodie Foster here) Russell Crowe is good.
    Ryan Gosling good.

    The bad–The second hour. gets slow, boring, muddled and turns into
    drama when the pacing was a buddy quirky mix in the first hour. Why the
    change of pace?

    The BAD–VERY inappropriate dialogue thrust upon the young lady in
    terms of being ”breakthrough”. Unfortunately it comes off as CHEAP and
    unnecessary. It must have been interesting to hear the Director and
    producer tell the young ladies mother that it’s ”break out” to say
    ”ANAL”. BANAL and tawdry is more like it. Have some class. This isn’t a
    low budget indie and it never was gritty enough to approach that..

    The end result—a ”6” as today’s movies go..watchable. Parts quite
    enjoyable. Parts cringe worthy, cheesy and silly. All in all not a
    keeper but certainly not a loser. Has some good characters and good

  • jersey-lionJanuary 29, 2017Reply

    Bad acting, unlikable characters

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • padawanmoviesJanuary 31, 2017Reply

    Pleasantly Surprised

    I had NO idea Gosling was sooo funny!! I had wanted to see The Nice
    Guys in theaters sadly never got around to it. Which was unfortunate bc
    I would’ve been more than glad to pay for this (matinee of course lol).
    The only negatives I have would be the daughter; I understand she was
    supposed to be beyond her years but she was slightly annoying and the
    connection btwn Amelia & Misty still slightly confused me but I’ll let
    it slide. Reading the ”what was the funniest part” message boards up
    here, how could anyone forget the bowling ball flying thru the air or
    the part in the beginning with the widow searchin for missing husband
    (take a look on the mantle!) Hilarious!!!! I really enjoyed this film
    bc it was a combo of action, hilarity, and a little blood. Whenever it
    comes on HBO I’ll definitely watch… Ooh it’s on rite now, gotta go!

  • jac-44480February 3, 2017Reply

    Worst movie I’ve ever seen

    Literally the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I gave it 2 stars out of 10
    because of the girl who plays the daughter. She was excellent. There
    were no other redeeming qualities to this movie.

    Note to Directors: Russell Crowe is not a comedian and should never be
    cast in a comedy again! He and Gossling tried to be like Vince Vaughn
    and Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers, but it failed miserably. Their
    prolonged back and forth banter was not funny and provided no comedy.
    Crowe was completely miscast. He is too serious and monotone, and lacks
    any comedic whit to pull off the part. Gossling fared only slightly
    better, but had no chemistry with Crowe.

    There was little situational comedy to offset the horrible dialogue.
    The attempts at comedy were slapstick with Gossling acting like a
    goofball, or with the teenage daughter reciting graphic pornographic
    acts in front of adults. Apparently, the writers thought this was
    hilarious to have a teenage girl speak like that. The movie seemed like
    it was 3 hours long. It dragged on and on and would not end. It was
    boring and tedious.

    I hope that the teenage girl’s career isn’t ruined by this film. She
    really impressed. Otherwise, save your precious time and do not waste
    it on this terrible movie.

  • ImdbidiaFebruary 11, 2017Reply

    Up and down up and down

    The Nice Guys has two of my favorite actors in it, so I couldn’t let it
    pass, especially this being a comedy and action movie, something that
    Crow & Gosling rarely play.

    Perhaps, I was expecting too much, so I felt a feel deflated after
    watching this film. Overall, I found it entertaining, with some truly
    funny moments, but not always engaging, with a poor script and poor
    edition, and uneven performances.

    The Nice Guys revolves about an unlikely couple of funny private
    investigators, so if the actors playing those roles don’t click on
    camera and they are not on the same page, the whole movie is affected
    by a domino effect. I felt that this was the case here, at times there
    was true chemistry between them, but none at others. Also, I found
    Gosling quite funny, but Crow not that funny. To this, you have to add
    that the dialogues go from plain and boring to witty and fun, some of
    the scenes are really great but others a bit bad, so it was up and down
    up and down like a carousel with mechanical hiccups.

    The film needed of a better script and edition, because some scenes
    were superfluous and didn’t add anything to the story, while others
    seemed to be there for no reason, not well explained, like disconnected
    from something that was going to be explained but it never was. I liked
    the character of Holly and Angourie Rice is one of the best things in
    the film; however, I’m not sure that the character was really

    I was thrilled to see Bassinger in the film, but since this is a comic
    action movie you need a bit of a caricature of the heroes and baddies
    to make you laugh; her acting was good per se, but I don’t think
    appropriate for the comedic tone of the film, probably because the
    script wasn’t ‘there’ either.

    I found the production quite good overall, especially good for interior
    design and references to music and film culture of the 70s; however, I
    found some of the dresses and jeans not that 70s, like they didn’t have
    enough flare! The same re some of the hairdos.

    I don’t want to be hyper-critical, as I enjoyed the film overall, but
    it also let me underwhelmed and feeling that all the elements for
    success were there, but they were mixed in the wrong way.

  • edwagreenFebruary 11, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Angelo SFebruary 24, 2017Reply

    Clever and sophisticated noir comedy

    Do audiences demand more cliché laden films or is that film producers
    and studios are incapable of producing time worthy stories and are
    training to watch clichés and remakes? Well, this is not a social
    experiment just a film review intro.

    Original simplicity is remarkably difficult to achieve in film nowadays
    because of the above chicken and egg paradox. Viewers do not mind a
    film using elements or paying homage to genre defining films as long as
    the characters and the story make sense without distractions. The team
    behind Nice Guys has managed to create a smart film about two awkward
    and unique characters for Gosling and Crowe who are trying to solve a
    mystery involving the death of a porn star in 70s LA.

    Watch it!

  • Gary SahadiFebruary 25, 2017Reply

    What a waste

    It must be some producer had money to burn for a tax write-off. That’s
    the only reason in the universe I can see why any group of
    semi-talented writers and actors would offer this mess to the public.
    The movie drones on and never really decides what kind of movie it
    wants to be. The acting is compromised by a complete lack of interest
    and apparently the producer decided to forgo logical editing and just
    string everything together in an epic, overly-long, boring movie with
    no ending. Pretty indicative of the tripe Hollywood loves to foist on
    the public.

  • thelucturgeonFebruary 28, 2017Reply

    One of the funniest movies of the decade!

    This isn’t a movie that is made often. This is a very ORIGINAL film
    with great acting, great directing, and the humor had me dying of
    laughter. Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe have amazing chemistry, and the
    daughter was one of the best child actors of ALL TIME. Without spoiling
    anything, the way this film concludes was perfection. I wish there
    would be a sequel, but unfortunately it Didn’t make enough money. Go
    buy the Blu-Ray or DVD now! Because this film DESERVES your money, and
    you deserve 2 hours of nonstop laughter!

  • shobanchittuproluMarch 11, 2017Reply

    The Nice Guys is awesome and the credit entirely goes to the unexpectedly hilarious performances of Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling.Loved u both

    The Nice Guys (2016):

    Its been a long time since I laughed like hell after watching a
    movie.All the comedies are left out just as a failed attempts of
    ridiculousness and some times sex.When I found that The Nice Guys is an
    Investigative crime comedy starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling,I
    was like ”How the heck could it even possible?”But than I got known
    that this hell of a comedy is from Shane Black who brought us Kiss Kiss
    Bang Bang which also as same kind of unimaginable cast for a
    comedy.(Robert Downey Jr.)


    Jackson Healey (Russell Crowe) is a fixer who fixes things with his
    fists. Holland March (Ryan Gosling) is a cop who following his wife’s
    death became a drunk. He would become a P.I. who takes on weird cases.
    He is currently working for a woman who wants him to prove that her
    niece a porn actress is alive when everyone knows she died recently.
    His investigation takes him to a girl named Amelia who avoids him. She
    then hires Healey to tell him to leave her alone which he does. But
    later some guys go to Healey and want to know where Amelia is. When he
    handles them, he asks March to help him find Amelia. They learn that
    Amelia’s boyfriend, a film maker was killed and his house was burned
    down along with the film. They later learn the Porn star’s producer is
    also dead. So what is going on.???

    Plus Points:

    1)Casting: The Nice Guys would not be the same without Russell Crowe
    and Ryan Gosling.These two Superstars of Hollywood teamed up in a most
    unusual way for this crime comedy and surprisingly they are freaking
    awesome.There is a scene in this movie where both Russell and Ryan goes
    in an elevator and when they reach the floor they find a guy with his
    throat cut and some firing going on.They immediately goes back into the
    lift for escaping from it.Their expressions in that scene are enough to
    prove that both of them are not only stars of emotional or kick ass
    movies.Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are nothing short of perfect. A
    subtle goofball/straight-man line is drawn between them within their
    individual approaches to the case, and the back and forth between them
    is magical, often managing to be blissfully goofy while always
    remaining grounded and real. Angourie Rice as Holly March,daughter of
    Gosling is very good and her acting is on par with the legends.

    2)Screenplay and Direction: Shane Black did not write any out of the
    box script or anything.Its just a simple detective buddies
    investigating a mysterious girl related to the death of a famous porn
    star. But the way he wrote the funny dialogues and situations are
    excellent.There are lot of hilarious situations in this film.As a
    director, Black also demonstrates a fantastic eye for visual comedy, be
    it Holland struggling to handle a gun, a magazine, and a lit cigarette
    simultaneously while in a bathroom stall, or Holland and Jackson
    stepping out of an elevator to an incredibly violent scene. From the
    movie’s opening shot, taking the audience up and over the dilapidated
    Hollywood sign, Black ensconces you in The Nice Guys’ noir world, and
    you really don’t want to let it go by the time the credits roll.

    3)Music: There is this funky music playing in the background helped the
    movie a lot.

    So,The Nice Guys is awesome and the credit entirely goes to the
    unexpectedly hilarious performances of Russell Crowe and Ryan
    Gosling.Loved u both

    My rating 7.5/10

  • hannahmpMarch 20, 2017Reply

    Not too good, I must say.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mistoppiMarch 20, 2017Reply

    Fun and thrilling

    I meant to go see The Nice Guys when it first came to the theatres, but
    I don’t remember why I didn’t go. I finally rented it. Most of what I
    had seen before seemed great. A mutual from tumblr seems to like this
    movie and constantly reblogs GIF-sets and screencaps from this movie.
    All that dialogue seemed wild and fun, so I thought it’d be right up my

    An almost constant thought that followed me through the movie was ”this
    reminds me of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”. No wonder, since it’s directed by
    the same guy. Shane Black really handles neo-noir films very well. Few
    especially great details were the internal monologues at the beginning
    of the movie. They were like straight from old time-y film noirs, but
    way more fun.

    The plot was way more intriguing than anticipated. From the screenshots
    and GIF-sets The Nice Guys seemed more like a comedy than actually
    thrilling crime mystery. The plot is complex, and it’s actually very
    satisfying and entertaining to see how the story goes, what was going
    on, all that.

    One of the things that attracted me to this movie was the 70’s
    aesthetic and music. I’ve always had a soft spot for 70’s fashion, so
    movies from the past few years set in the 70’s are great at least
    aesthetically speaking.

    The Nice Guys is definitely a fun, thrilling movie, tho I am sceptical
    if it would be as good the second time.

  • The CouchpotatoesMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Angourie Rice is the star of this movie

    I didn’t expect much from The Nice Guys because I thought it was kind
    of a lame title for a movie. But all in all it’s an enjoyable movie to
    watch. If you like movies with unpredictable scenes then you should
    give this one a go. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling work perfectly
    together even though the character of Ryan Gosling was sometimes a bit
    too dumb for me. But it’s supposed to be like that and it works. But to
    me the star of the movie must be the young Angourie Rice. She’s a
    delight to watch and I predict she will become a major star in the
    future. The story is a bit weird sometimes, with quite a bit of
    violence and sometimes a bit of nudity. There are funny scenes enough
    to class it as a comedy even though it’s more about action. I saw
    better comedy’s but this one will do the job if you want a nice relaxed
    movie night.

  • tohaklimApril 1, 2017Reply

    American entertainment from a simpler time

    A tale from the time, when Detroit was still the American powerhouse.
    Fairly authentic visual effects and decorations of the 70-s LA.
    Beautiful cars throughout the film alone might make it worth your
    while, if you adore vehicles of that era While the premise is nothing
    new, and some of the details can be seen as a self-parody, it is a good
    film to watch. Raucous, occasionally dumb, but well shot. And Angourie
    Rice makes it better still.

  • inexileApril 6, 2017Reply

    Child’s Play

    I’m not here to review a movie. I see little point. Did people review a
    Tolstoy’s short stories when they came out? So why do people seek out
    reviews? Give me deconstruction any day. I’d rather sink my teeth into
    the meat of a carcass than read about its pretty colors.

    I struggle with this movie. This is nowhere as near as straight up as
    Kiss, Kiss, not that KKBB was straight up in the common sense.

    We have an on-screen diatribe at the movie’s opening against the
    advanced sexual & social knowledge we’re giving our kids and then the
    movie doesn’t stop doing that very same thing to our favorite
    character… but yet she holds her moral center… at 13. The bridge
    between child innocence and adult awareness.

    No wonder she’s our favorite.

    There are a ton of reviews on this site against her presence in many
    scenes without anyone realizing that was half the point. Who commented
    on the young teen boy bragging about his dick size?

    So we as viewers are watching and thus made as complicit as her Dad as
    to what she experiences, as to what we see her see. (And we are also
    told with the opening porn star scene that this movie is a typical male
    fantasy–another anti-Hollywood comment)

    We all think of ourselves as innocent and as principled as that tough
    young girl. Lol. Can a truer observation about social media be made?
    She wins, and we feel we do too(all the while an unspoken bird gets

    And too… Message movies as porn. That’s like popping Hollywood one on
    the nose just right there. From a movie that purports multiple messages
    and blatantly so, this is reflexive satire at the highest degree.

    This is deliberate in its parallels to KKBB, its parent. I think it is
    intended to be a meta-movie on top of that movie, which in itself was
    an indictment of Hollywood. The inexcusably flat trailer for this
    effort tells me that Hollywood is sick of being the villain.

    Too bad because the villainy is far more complex than any Darth Vader.
    It’s The Tempest meets Moulin Rouge… A self-aware hurricane blowing
    down upon the bloody red mill of Hollywood.

    And this meta-ness explains the film running away in ridiculous ways
    from our avatars at the end.

    It’s a mystery movie, but not the mystery we’re ostensibly given. And
    in this meta-age there isn’t a good ostensible mystery we should ever
    trust to be straight up.

    There’s no way the guy who could already give us a lethal weapon when
    he was in college is giving us the same kung fu today.

    Think the mystery through. I know I’m not done yet.

  • msrozApril 7, 2017Reply

    Amusing private eye comedy with action set pieces

    ”The Nice Guys” (2016) is a decent movie comedy. I found it amusing.
    It’s a bit of a congeries, a disorderly jumble, that can’t be taken
    seriously. There’s a Macguffin in it, which is a missing girl named
    Amelia. The plot is basically a series of settings and situations that
    allow wisecracks from Russell Crowe and off-the-wall antics from Ryan
    Gosling. They’re both good at it. Mixed in is Gosling’s daughter,
    Angourie Rice, who holds her own with the men. She is one of those
    Hollywood children who are wise beyond their age, still maintain some
    ideals and see right through the pretensions of the adults around them.
    Crowe is actually not a private eye. He’s simply a brutish guy who
    helps clients get people off their backs by threatening them and
    beating them up. He’s a private enforcer. Gosling is the private eye.
    He’s a toned-down Jerry Lewis type character, and he’s good in the

    There’s charm in the movie and some fresh lines.

  • fergal-10264April 9, 2017Reply

    Absolutely rubbish

    This film is terrible, plot , dialogue , jokes etc… all terrible. 7.4
    you gotta be kidding me. Like farms at work me thinks. These actors
    must have been paid serious cash to get involved in this turkey I can’t
    believe they ruined their reputations on it Terrible joke after
    terrible joke , what kind of writer produces such garbage

  • arthurc-84980April 12, 2017Reply

    Very Funny and Well-Acted – Let Down by Story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • petertommaatta-1April 17, 2017Reply

    Shane Black points his gun at the 70’s and misfires

    ”The Nice Guys” is too self indulgent and arrogant to be loved. It’s
    another example of how great screenwriters prove they are mediocre
    directors. Shane Black needed a Richard Donner or a Tony Scott to coral
    and police his scripts into something cinematic. Black appears way too
    in love with his own words, which is nauseating. Stylistically it looks
    great, but the tone flounders and fails.

    In regards to ”The Nice Guys”, there is a smugness that shines through
    from the movie’s worst character, the 13-year-old daughter of Ryan
    Gosling. Don’t recall the name, because I just don’t care. There’s
    nothing more annoying in a movie, than a child character filled with
    grown up characteristics. To me, that’s lazy writing. Anybody can just
    slap some adult qualities into an underage character in hopes for a
    cheap laugh or for a ”look at how clever I am” reaction. The character
    was unnecessary and distracted from what could’ve been something fun.
    Are we really supposed to believe that she’s going to help them solve
    the mystery of a dead porn star? On paper, she was probably born in
    Shane Black’s mind as ”A ‘Nancy Drew’ character who sits through a porn
    film with adults, while being the voice of reason with adults, while
    holding dying bad guys hands and telling them everything is going to be
    okay, and then thinking nothing of talking about anal sex and seeing
    dead bodies… and oh yeah, leaning against a wall, arms crossed with a
    smug smile on her face when she’s got it all figured out.” She put the
    final nail in the coffin of this movie for me.

    Ryan Gosling is forced to act stupid, and every chance he tries to be
    funny, you feel every strain of his acting ability to sell what Shane
    Black has written, but it comes across as embarrassingly bad. When
    Gosling finds the body and he tries to scream for Russell Crowe’s
    help… trying to be funny… it falls flat. When he wigs out and sees
    the talking killer bee… to seeing Nixon swimming… It all falls as
    flat and unfunny as the dead body they inexplicably throw over the
    fence. NOT FUNNY. Why did they dump the body in the first place? Why
    not call the cops? Oh, that’s right, Black came up with the cheap gag
    of a dead body landing on a family outdoor dinner party, and then had
    to figure out a way to use that within the plot. A good trailer moment,
    perhaps was the intention, but it failed.

    Russell Crowe just looks sad in this movie. Is that really all he could
    bring to the table? His character looked as bored as Crowe probably was
    making the movie. His character had absolutely nothing memorable about
    him. He was no Martin Riggs or Joe Hallenbeck by a long stretch. Hell,
    I can’t even remember a single line of dialogue he spoke, he was so

    Finally and most off-putting about the entire movie, was the repeated
    inclusion of children and sexual situations. Some not so bad, some are
    cringe worthy and head shaking. Here’s the list:

    A kid taking his father’s dirty magazine. (That’s fine, it happens) The
    kid walks up on the naked woman, which we clearly see the child actor
    standing over the naked adult actress. (Was that necessary?) A young
    13-year-old girl buying pot and hanging around a creepy older guy,
    likely for sex. (At least this was handled better with Russell Crowe
    punching the guy in the face.) A young foulmouthed kid on a bike
    bragging about his ”big dick” and offering to show it for money. (Is
    that necessary? It wasn’t funny. It was as if Shane Black spent too
    much time watching ”Boogie Nights” and tried to show an underage Dirk
    Diggler on a bike.) Then Gosling’s daughter says ”Rim job” which is of
    course the act of licking an anus. (Did we need to hear her say that?
    It wasn’t that funny.) Now we have the girl watching a stag film around
    adults as if that’s perfectly normal. She even mentions anal sex.
    REALLY???? (She would’ve shown more maturity if she looked away from
    the porn and was more like ”I don’t think I should be watching this
    kind of thing yet, might give me the wrong idea.” That would’ve been
    not so cringe worthy.)

    All of this got me thinking, just what in the hell was Shane Black and
    his co-writer thinking when they wrote this? Did they really want to
    rely on children mixed with porn as a source of humor? Very strange
    territory, unless it’s done in a more serious manner. Here, it’s done
    as if there’s nothing wrong with it and it’s okay for kids to watch
    porn and talk about sex WITH ADULTS. In private, with their peers,
    that’s one thing, but when you start crossing the line, things get
    uncomfortable and Black never rectifies this issue by the end. He was
    writing a 70’s period piece but in the atmosphere of today’s kids who
    are far too desensitized to sex, thanks to the internet. Had this been
    present day, it may have worked as an indictment of our current
    culture, but instead it comes across as Black using it for shocks and
    laughs without consequences.

    Shane Black spent way too much time enjoying large party set pieces and
    reveling in the 70’s atmosphere, then creating memorable characters,
    and it shows. He struggled to sell the script for more than a decade
    and without a $1.2 billion blockbuster ”Iron Man 3” under his belt, he
    never would have have sold it. Apparently the main reason he did ”Iron
    Man 3”,was so he could bankroll this glossy, 70’s, fever dream, pulp
    novel,smug fest that was ”The Nice Guys”

  • SnoopyStyleApril 18, 2017Reply

    fun action crime drama

    It’s 1977 Los Angeles. Porn actress Misty Mountains crashes into a
    house and dies. Mrs. Glenn is certain that her niece is alive and hires
    private investigator Holland March (Ryan Gosling) who starts tracking
    Amelia. Amelia hires professional muscle Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe)
    to stop her stalker. Jackson breaks Holland’s arm assuming resolution
    to the case. Then, two other thugs break into his place. He partners
    with Holland and his sassy daughter Holly to save Amelia. In the
    process, they discover a labyrinthine conspiracy involving a porn

    This is lots of fun. Shane Black takes us on a wild, irreverent ride.
    The cherry on top is the connection between Gosling and Crowe. They
    have great chemistry. Gosling is comically broad without being too
    broad. The little girl is fun, too. Shane knows this genre and is able
    to twist it in interesting ways. The story is engaging enough to follow
    and this is simply fun.

  • HughBennie-777April 22, 2017Reply

    Come On, Man, You can Do Better Than This!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TonyMontana96May 8, 2017Reply

    A very good, funny, buddy cop style picture which showcases superb chemistry between Gosling and Crowe.

    (Originally reviewed: 07/03/2017) Not just your typical cop buddy
    action picture; Gosling and Crowe have real chemistry in this funny,
    well written comedy from Shane Black. The picture’s story may not be
    great but it’s good and the film never leave’s it’s comedic tone for a
    more serious one, despite how the story unfolds which I believe was a
    key factor in my enjoyment of the picture. Ryan Gosling is just
    hilarious as PI Holland March, he’s the lesser private investigator but
    delivers laughs aplenty; the other is played by Russell Crowe (Jackson
    Healy) who is the serious one out of the two and his performance is
    good and despite his seriousness he and Gosling are both creating
    laughs and have tremendously good chemistry together.

    The supporting cast are adequate as well; with some good performances
    from Angourie Rice who play’s Holly Marsh, Holland’s daughter and
    possesses a lot of personality, good emotion and likability as a
    character, Kim Basinger who plays the missing girl’s mother and happens
    to be the head of the justice department and she is very good here,
    also featuring are Lois Smith (Mrs Glenn) and Beau Knapp (the
    Villain/Blue Face). Black who wrote and directed this picture has done
    an equally solid job in both areas, there’s plenty of funny moments and
    good sequences including some good action sequences, Gosling falling
    off a balcony backwards while drunk into a tree, and a scene involving
    a hallucinated giant bee whilst Gosling and Crowe are driving; the
    jokes are best seen as a surprise, which was my exact thought on the
    film as a whole; I had no intention of watching this picture and after
    seeing it I was glad I did.

    The only thing that bothered me where I wasn’t laughing much towards
    the start of the picture and it’s slightly predictable with its plot
    twist, but besides from that the film is a whole lot of fun, with
    sharply witty dialogue, decent pacing, impressive cinematography, a
    well written script and laughs that are anything but forced and
    surprisingly fresh. Overall The Nice Guys has style, humour, solid
    performances and feels like a comedy for adults; it’s a very good
    comedy and one that hints at a sequel that I would welcome with open
    arms for a change.

  • svonsawilskiMay 10, 2017Reply

    Brilliant dark comedy with rays of sunshine

    A dark comedy about adult daughter and parent relationships. Kim
    Bassinger’s character is powerful as the Head of the Justice
    Department. However her daughter subverts Kim’s power by activist
    Protest. While Ryan Gossling’s prepubescent daughter is the wisest
    oldest soul in the film.

    The comic timing of Ryan Gossling and Russel Crow further the
    storyline’s Shakespearean flow and depth. Universal skeletons in a
    domestic contextual closet get a good airing with the fast pace of a
    string of conflict situations which are lifelike negotiations.

  • Aggresive LamaMay 15, 2017Reply

    one of the funniest movies ever

    Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis ”the wise”? I thought
    not. It’s not a story the Jedi would tell you. It’s a Sith legend.
    Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he
    could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life… He
    had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones
    he cared about from dying. The dark side of the Force is a pathway to
    many abilities some consider to be unnatural He became so powerful…
    the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually,
    of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything
    he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. It’s ironic he
    could save others from death, but not himself.

  • Smoreni ZmajMay 22, 2017Reply

    Slightly above average

    Typical representative of ”buddy” comedy, nicely put into action
    thriller. Pretty good fun and that’s it. Expectedly, Crowe and Gosling
    nailed their parts, and little Rice is real refreshment. Great 15 years
    old actress who, although she made just a few movies since she was 13,
    was nominated for 6 best actress awards on various film festivals. She
    slightly reminded me of Chloe Moretz in Kick-Ass. If you are looking
    just for some cheering up and killing time, warm recommendation.


  • jollyrancher-56592May 25, 2017Reply

    Comedy Gold

    YO this movie is so unheard of by the average movie goer, and that’s a
    criminal offense if you ask me. The amount of money it made at the box
    office was barely enough to cover its budget!!?! PEOPLE this movie is
    so hilarious, I promise you. It’s R rated for sure, but isn’t filled
    with super vulgar, unfunny jokes that I typically associate with a Will
    Ferrell or Zac Efron movie. It’s written well, with great dialogue,
    rich humor, and an engaging plot. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling make a
    great pair, and I must say Ryan Gosling as Holland March was one of the
    best comedic performances I’ve seen in a while. If you ask me, his
    performance in this movie was more deserving of an Oscar nomination
    than his performance in La La Land was. Also, Angourie Rice as
    Gosling’s daughter is also spot on. The ending could have been a bit
    better in my opinion, but I was satisfied. So, go on, watch!

  • wfairfanMay 25, 2017Reply

    Atypic Hollywood Originality; A Clever, new take on the buddy/P.I. film

    To begin, it’s one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated films
    of the last several years (even decades in the genre). Period. And by
    that, I mean not a great success at the box office, even though it was
    very* well-reviewed by critics and audiences, alike. If you haven’t
    seen it because you are weary of the beleaguered and hackneyed
    buddy-cop/P.I. films (ever since Lethal Weapon started the endless
    cloning process), you must* see this.

    It’s got loads more to offer,from its kitschy 70’s pop culture setting
    (Including some memorably awful hair, clothes, and Nixon.), a
    ‘groovy’soundtrack filled with 70s Pop & R&B music..but much more.
    Gosling, charming as always, is the n’er-do-well, boozy, bungling P.I.,
    adored by his oft-disappointed and precocious daughter. He stumbles on
    a case (deemed initially, at least, as unsolvable but an easy paycheck)
    offered first by the worried Grandma of an assumed- deceased porn star,
    and then another case offered by a tough-guy- for-hire/washed-up but
    capable P.I., (played appealingly by Russell Crowe in one of his best
    comedy roles, ever) -who is looking for another missing girl.

    Eventually (of course! – and we are grateful) they join forces,
    stumbling into a wider plot that links the two missing women. Along the
    way, yes, as the genre insists: mishaps and humor. But refreshing, more
    sarcastic, less broad humor. And more finesse means better laughs- as
    Hitchcock found that less gore brings greater terror. This duo is ‘fab’
    chemistry. It’s enjoyable, more believable, and such** a relief from
    the formulaic action films endlessly put forth on CGI-laden
    cookie-cutter releases that gross 10x more, sadly.

    Word is the Director, Gosling and Crowe are on board for a sequel; but
    the studios are dragging their greedy little feet, because the modestly
    successful box office of Nice Guys takes a back seat to 45 more
    Pixar/CGI/ or the ubiquitous ‘Boys or Girls’ Night Out-with hilarious
    result’..films. Note to Hollywood: We NEED this film. We NEED another.

  • Robert J. Maxwell ([email protected])June 1, 2017Reply

    Mismatched Pair.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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