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The Purgation

The Purgation

There's No Place Like HellApr. 02, 2015 86 Min.
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Elaine Chu



Ever since she was a little girl, Iris has wanted to be a filmmaker. For the last five years though, she’s been trapped working in reality television, directing episodes for a series that’s barely able to compete with Ghost Hunters. Iris sees her big chance to prove herself when gets sent on assignment to her hometown of Black Falls, a small town harboring an abandoned insane asylum that has a dark history of excessive shock therapy. Filming inside the asylum brings back childhood memories for Iris, memories of sneaking into the asylum with her friends to shoot homemade horror movies. Little does Iris know, her life is about to imitate her art.

Original titleThe Purgation
TMDb Rating2.8 5 votes

(3) comments

  • shawnblackmanNovember 12, 2016Reply

    The Regurgitation

    A horror film where some kids go into an empty asylum to shoot an
    amateur film when some unseen force kills some of them leaving the
    others damaged in some form or another. Years later the girl returns to
    revisit the place that screwed her up all for these years.

    This one is incredibly bad. The asylum is more of a bomb shelter than
    anything. They don’t develop characters or any kind of interest in the
    story, of which there isn’t one. Any kind of plot they do show we have
    already seen a thousand times before. The end to this one is even worse
    than the rest of the film. A warning though, you might throw something
    at the screen. Avoid this one. They should have called it The

  • GL84February 26, 2017Reply

    Watchable supernatural thriller but highly flawed

    Years after a childhood trauma, a woman returns to her haunted hometown
    to shoot a story on the abandoned asylum where a horrific accident
    occurred and finds that she’s become part of a lingering curse attached
    to her past making her question her very sanity the deeper she goes.

    This was quite the decent if wholly flawed effort. One of the films’
    better aspects is the fact that this one goes for the rather strong
    sense of atmosphere and suspense in this one which manages to really
    make this creepier than expected. Among the better aspects of this is
    the film’s great opening, where it shows the making-of one of their
    home videos in the asylum where the creepy, chilling atmosphere located
    in the dark, dirty location is taken to a nice extreme with the
    location and setting alongside the fact that they’re shooting the film
    there which does the nice thing of putting kids in danger. Back in the
    present day, there’s plenty to like here with the journey back to the
    area and stopping off at the same place makes for some creepy moments
    throughout here as they explore the same areas where it has the same
    events being replayed as before where the imaginary friend begins to
    reappear and the different trappings within the tunnels that echo what
    they went through as kids. With the vast amount of time spent on her
    returning to her childhood hometown and how they’ve come to terms with
    the incident as adults, there’s some fun to be had here with the now
    demented and delusion network of friends she has in the town who have
    been affected by the situation and how the curse of the asylum still
    lingers which makes for a great background to build off the main
    storyline here within the film involving the crazed nun and the events
    at the sanitarium. While these elements here make for quite a solid
    framework here, there’s still some troubling matters here. The biggest
    issue here is the film’s incredibly low budget which hampers the film
    more often than anything else here, as the supposedly creepy sanitarium
    is clearly more of a bunker with a few redressed walls to signify the
    different areas within it. Likewise, there’s very little about the way
    it features such a pronounced and complex storyline here on this kind
    of work as there’s so much going on here that tends to get glossed over
    in barely-there segments only to feature absolutely rushed and frenzied
    scare scenes rushing past the needed plot points this one attempts.
    Going from what was supposed to the nun’s history and connection to the
    asylum with what she did there and how that matters to them is just one
    of the rather confusing matters brought up here that really needed more
    exposure to get a full understanding of, and how it all tied into the
    rushed finale is a big issue for this one to overcome. The last issue
    here is the film’s rather rushed finale which really doesn’t make much
    sense and tends to go by so quickly that there are some missing pieces
    here because of what happens and it’s a bad note to end it on. It’s
    quite decent enough but does have its problems.

    Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, and children-in- jeopardy.

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