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The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

If church can change him it will take a miracle.Jan. 20, 2017 USA91 Min.PG
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Brett Dalton isGavin Stone
Gavin Stone
Neil Flynn isWaylon Stone
Waylon Stone
Anjelah N. Johnson isKelly Richardson
Kelly Richardson
D. B. Sweeney isPastor Allen Richardson
Pastor Allen Richardson
Nicole Astra isParishioner
Tim Frank isJohn Mark
John Mark


Gavin Stone, a washed-up former child star, is forced to do community service at a local megachurch and pretends to be Christian so he can land the part of Jesus in their annual Passion Play, only to discover that the most important role of his life is far from Hollywood.

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone
The Resurrection of Gavin Stone
The Resurrection of Gavin Stone
The Resurrection of Gavin Stone
The Resurrection of Gavin Stone
Original titleThe Resurrection of Gavin Stone
IMDb Rating5.9 691 votes
TMDb Rating5 2 votes

(33) comments

  • baPhatzJanuary 7, 2017Reply

    Feel Good Inspirational Drama. MUST SEE!

    In Theaters on January 20th. Guaranteed you will laugh out loud, likely
    you will cry and cheer as well, as you get the opportunity to peer into
    a slice of life in this character driven comedy drama with broad
    appeal. The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is an exceptional script using
    a ”fish out of water” story telling formula to effectively pull off the
    delicate balance of engaging and likable characters, anecdotal comedy
    and is sprinkled with sidesplitting humor. Brett Dalton is perfectly
    cast to play the role ‘Gavin Stone’ an arrogant self-centered childish
    man who runs into trouble with the law. Gavin Stone is an actor with
    tremendous talent, a ‘has-been’ child star. After his mom’s death and
    endless string of indulgent partying left him out of the scene and off
    the screen for years. One ”off the hook rager” lands Stone sentenced
    with 200 hours of state mandated community service hours to be served
    at local Masonville Bible Church. A party boy in a church lends itself
    to a hilarious string of missteps that make you laugh and still love
    seeing the changes in Gavin as he engages with the locals and
    eventually come to care about more than just himself. Stone gets out of
    mopping bathrooms by playing Jesus Christ in the Church’s stage
    production. Three quirky characters, local church boys, come around
    Gavin to help him, and he in turn then helps them be better actors in
    the play. You will love these 3 amigos. John Mark – hilarious bible
    nerd with a heart of gold. Anthony – a wanna be actor and über Stone
    fan boy. And the most surprising character, Doug. Doug is a tough guy
    biker, dedicated to helping others in need, played convincingly by
    Shawn Michaels. At the same time, Gavin has a volatile relationship
    with his father (played by Neil Flynn) and a budding interest in Kelly
    (Anjelah Johnson-Reyes) the director of the play, who by the way is the
    Pastors Daughter. This movie may be categorized in the Faith Based
    Movie genre and still will appeal to the larger market of movie-goers
    as a top shelf feel good inspirational drama. The Resurrection of Gavin
    Stone sits next to my favorite inspirational films, sports dramas, and
    ‘It A Wonderful Life’ type films that I truly enjoy with the entire
    family. In short, it’s a must see!

  • wpbdocJanuary 13, 2017Reply

    So Disappointed

    Was invited to an early screening of this movie and I had high hopes.
    They were dashed as I had to endure yet another cliché and formulaic
    faith-based movie that hit every stereotype known to mankind about
    Christians. I cringed so hard I thought I was going to pass out. It’s
    about a church play and honestly, I’ve seen church plays that were
    better done. The story line was basically a re-warmed version of a
    Hallmark movie, the script was unimaginative and while it touted to be
    a comedy, I did not even crack a smile one single time. I did roll my
    eyes repeatedly. There has been a lot of online and social media
    promotion of this movie (thus, my opportunity to see this movie before
    release). That money would have been better spent on re-writing the

    I want to be positive, but I have to be honest. This is one more cheesy
    example of why Christians are not respected in the artistic world. We
    can do better than this! And if we can’t, then we should quit trying.

  • mindyr-70476January 18, 2017Reply

    Happily Surprised!

    I will be the first to admit that often movies in the Christian genre
    are cheesy, outdated, heavy, and, honestly, a bit embarrassing for the
    Christian community. I was delighted to see that The Resurrection of
    Gavin Stone has broken the previous mold. I appreciate that there are
    characters designed to basically poke fun of the Christian stereotypes
    (guess what? We get it. Most people outside of our community think we
    are lame. That’s OK). This movie addresses those stereotypes directly
    in a lighthearted way in a broader communication to showcase the
    acceptance and welcoming community that a church can be. Not everyone
    has that experience at a church every time, but to showcase the example
    of what it should and could look like is beautifully done. The
    skepticism and acceptance of people brought on both sides of Christian
    characters and non-Christian characters is spot on. Overall, this is
    lighthearted, an excellent story of finding one’s way in life, and
    ultimate acceptance of who people are and where they are in life. I
    will be seeing it again.

  • Big UnitJanuary 20, 2017Reply

    Refreshing, Complex and Charming Yet Spiritual in the Best Way Possible

    Wow. Despite its predictable nature, this movie is remarkably well

    Too many faith based films lay it on too thick or can be ham-fisted and
    not believable. That’s not the case with this movie. All the characters
    have depth and remarkable charm, especially the leads. In a perfect
    world, Brett Dalton would receive award nomination consideration for
    his performance. Sounds completely odd saying that about any January
    release but he really was that good.

    The set up in the first act plays out light and predictable but after a
    connection is made, the rest of the film is refreshing, complex and
    charming yet spiritual in the best way possible. The Gavin Stone
    character has a true arc and true development worthy of any big budget
    quality Hollywood production. They capture why faith is important in
    those ”fly over” states mentioned in the movie.

    True Christian ethics are on display and this is truly a worthy effort
    and the best feel good film that I’ve seen in years.

  • jims-284-9069January 21, 2017Reply

    A Really Fun Film

    The acting was really good on this film. Not just the main people, but
    many of the secondary characters are really unique and funny. The film
    builds and gets better as it goes along. I cried and laughed out-loud
    more than once. This is not an all time classic, it is predictable, but
    I still loved it! IMDb says I have to write more so here is some
    bonus:o) The radio host who interviews Gavin Stone is amazing! He is
    only in a 2 minute scene but his personality and bright red hair are
    embedded in my memory. I don’t think the cast has any A list actors,
    but many are in productions I have heard of or seen such as Mad TV, The
    Middle & WWF. Go see this one!

  • hannahdvanormanJanuary 21, 2017Reply

    Great awesome movie

    I I’ve love the movie love the director and writing love the story line
    movie very funny love it great to see this weekend with my family and
    my friends name Katie riddle love good Christian movie the director is
    awesome I know the director is my cousin Dallas Jenkins give this movie
    good reviews I will see again in the theater with group go out watch
    this movie have day night see this movie or have girl night out see
    this movie love it love the music and be in the movie thank you so much
    read this review about this movie am not tell about be in the movie go
    see this Christian -comedy movies with your friends and family the
    music is amazing and awesome best movie that I have been to in the
    world and American

  • cwjohnsonjrJanuary 21, 2017Reply

    A well crafted combination of reality and laughter

    The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is hilarious and powerful at the same
    time. Well edited and timed lines and reactions amid situations so real
    to life that you can’t help but laugh at yourself. A powerful message
    of grace and forgiveness is entwined in a comedy that the whole family
    can enjoy. I couldn’t help but think of it as a modern, Indie ”Hail,
    Caesar” in which the harshness and unforgivingness of the entertainment
    business is contrasted with the grace and forgiveness of the bible
    stories it so often depicts. The story talers do a gracious job of
    pointing out the faults of both sides, bad acting in Christian dramas,
    bad attitudes in secular entertainment. The acting was great, I felt
    like I was watching real people. I highly recommend you checkout it out
    this weekend.

  • kathywokasJanuary 22, 2017Reply

    Second chances (a.k.a. Grace) and Eyes off Self Major Themes

    Pros: MANY!! Eyes-off-self Jesus-centered message. Second chances and
    forgiveness a major theme. Good acting on Anjelah’s (love that lady)
    and co-stars parts! (Little) cons: Teeny bit cheesy audience-cheering
    scenes (surely utilizing local congregation). It might have been nice
    to feature a slightly more contemporary church service. Love that the
    full band took Gavin by surprise, but a lot of churches (at least in
    SoCal) are a even less traditional-church feeling – a.k.a. scrubbed
    pews and natural light vs. people of all colors/races/tattoos/hair
    styles and dimmed lights to keep eyes-off-self.

    All in all, we loved it. Tried to hold back the tears, but to no

  • kevinbueltmannJanuary 22, 2017Reply

    Believers and non-believers can both benefit from and enjoy this outstanding movie.

    Brett Dalton (of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) is flawless in this
    wonderfully written film that depicts his comical efforts to pass
    himself off as a Christian in order to be eligible to play the main
    character in a church’s Easter drama. The chemistry between he and
    Anjelah Johnson is amazing and fun to watch. This film creatively and
    effectively shows how Christians and non-Christians can better
    understand and relate to each other. Believers and non-believers can
    both benefit from and enjoy this outstanding movie. We took 100 people
    from our church and they all loved it. They laughed and cried and many
    plan to see it again in order to share the experience with others.
    ”This is why we do what we do” is a powerful statement in this film and
    is a lesson for all of us.

  • Michael O'KeefeJanuary 22, 2017Reply

    A predictable, feel good movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Melvin TigerfistsJanuary 22, 2017Reply

    Surprisingly sincere, heartfelt and packs a punch.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Evan William VanHoeverJanuary 23, 2017Reply

    Well crafted humorous family movie.

    Like many other reviews, this one takes an angle on the
    Christian-motive aspect of the movie. Often times, movies with
    explicitly Christian tones are not well done, poorly acted, and the
    story absolutely lacks structure and quality. This movie abides by none
    of those previously held notions. The cast and crew of this wonderful
    movie allow the film to come live and even hit theaters with a well off
    status and rapport. Gavin Stone, played by a well-rounded actor, has a
    spiritual journey that I think many can relate to in life. Not to
    mention the fact that a movie can have minimal to no swearing or sexual
    tones and can still carry a tune, so to say. The Resurrection of Gavin
    Stone is a reminder that Christian based movies can still produce a
    10/10 quality movie for the viewer. I went in to this movie with an
    open mind and expecting nothing. I find that if I can go in to a movie
    with zero expectations, I can truly enjoy the little aspects of the
    move. Many of the scenes of Stone learning about himself and what is
    means to be selfless truly hit home for me and reminded me why living a
    life of Faith is well worth it.

  • Donald James ParkerJanuary 23, 2017Reply

    Awesome movie – even my wife loved it.

    As a movie maker and a movie watcher, I think the true test of a film
    involves the importance and effectiveness of the message delivered and
    the level of emotional involvement by the audience. If my criteria is
    valid, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone passes the test with flying
    colors. The crucifixion scene has never presented in a more powerful
    manner. The idea of a human finding his need for a savior while playing
    that very savior in a dramatic production is awesome. There will be
    people who find Jesus through watching this movie. I just pray that
    eventually this story actually plays out in real life, because it
    appears the man who played Jesus still hasn’t met Him. I can help but
    think that scene will be playing in his head the rest of his life. It
    would be ironic to think that he employed his terrific acting skills to
    lead people into Heaven yet missed the bus to the Celestical city
    himself. If that happens, it won’t be the fault of the director Dallas
    Jenkins (son of Jerry Jenkins of Left Behind fame) and writer, Andrea
    Nasfell, who provided an entertaining and innovative way of preaching
    the gospel – without actually preaching.

  • fanosuaJanuary 23, 2017Reply

    a must watch movie for Christian or non-Christian

    I will admit that often movies in the Christian genre are cheesy,
    outdated, heavy, and, honestly, a bit embarrassing for the Christian
    community. I was delighted to see that The Resurrection of Gavin Stone
    has broken the previous mold. I appreciate that there are characters
    designed to basically poke fun of the Christian stereotypes. Most
    people outside of our community think we are lame. This movie in my
    opinion addresses those stereotypes directly in a lighthearted way in a
    broader communication to showcase the acceptance and welcoming
    community that a church can be. Not everyone has that experience at a
    church every time, but to showcase the example of what it should and
    could look like is was wonderfully done. The skepticism and acceptance
    of people brought on both sides of Christian characters and non-
    Christian characters is right on. Altogether, this is entertaining, an
    excellent story of finding one’s way in life experiencing the life
    changing message of the gospel, and ultimate acceptance of who people
    are and where they are in life. Invite people to see this inspiring

  • aesluvsreadJanuary 24, 2017Reply

    Laugh out loud, faith-based comedy with amazing semi-hidden messages!

    This movie was the pleasant surprise of the new year… Being a
    Christian myself i have experienced many life changing faith based
    films but the resurrection of Gavin Stone had a beautiful message and
    much more as well!Though it is predicable it is done extremely well and
    Brett Dalton’s acting and comedy had me laughing and crying too! Even
    if you aren’t a Christian the comedy itself is fresh and a great way to
    spend a day-off or lazy Sunday afternoon. Going into the theater with
    fairly low expectations, it was a pleasant surprise. Plus if you have
    seen Marvel’s Agent’s of Shield this movie is basically mandatory to
    see Brett again. I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie sets off a chain
    of new comedy faith based movies and i can’t wait to see more! If you
    are looking for a wonderful, clean, funny film look no further than the
    story of child star Gavin Stone.

  • VoldFamJanuary 25, 2017Reply

    Among the best modern Christian films

    Over the years I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with Christian films
    because of the clichés, legalism, hypocrisy, judgmentalism, poor
    theology, and utter shallowness that a vast majority of them carelessly
    slap on the screen. I was admittedly concerned about this film because
    of the many that have come before it, and because I am a member of a
    Harvest Bible Chapel which produced this film under the Vertical Church
    Films name. I was encouraged by initial reviews I heard and read, and
    words cannot properly convey how refreshing and entertaining I found
    this film to be after finally viewing it. Yeah, there are clichés, but
    those were purposefully inserted into the script for the purpose of
    making fun of them. The story is well-written and centers on
    forgiveness and finding faith, and it accurately represents the love
    that Harvest Bible Chapels across the world shows to all who join them
    in worshiping God week in and week out. Now, I’m not sure what movie
    @wpbdoc wrote their review about, but either it wasn’t for ”The
    Resurrection of Gsvin Stone” or they simply didn’t see the movie. This
    film is definitely worth seeing.

  • ltrjohanssenJanuary 28, 2017Reply

    A Movie With A Message

    Most of the reviews were very positive but one was negative so we went
    with some skepticism. I believe how much you will enjoy the movie is
    dependent on your personality and whether or not you are a Christian.
    It has a strong Christian message but we found we laughed out loud at
    several points. I would suggested that if you enjoyed Courageous or
    Fireproof (Kendall brothers) you will enjoy this film. If you did not,
    you will not.It is not as funny as Mothers Night Out, but it was a
    movie to which I could even take my 9-year-old grandsons–nothing
    inappropriate for children unless you object to them seeing a bloody
    Jesus hanging on the cross (part of the church Easter play).

  • Abigail Crawford Haskell (wowmasterox)January 29, 2017Reply

    Absolutely fantastic movie. Very well written.

    The resurrection of Gavin Stone. Absolutely impeccable movie. It
    represented the true heart of God and how giving and kind and how he
    DOES give second chances. It was a movie my whole family enjoyed.
    Seeing this movie made me realize that there is more to life than money
    and fame, and that the love of God is not temporary, but everlasting.
    Coming from a person who has personally struggled with beliefs and
    religion as a whole, this movie was wonderful to watch. It not only
    opened up my eyes, but opened my heart to Christ and Christianity as a
    whole. Amazing movie. Very well written, and the cast did a phenomenal
    job. Truly a great movie. I encourage everyone to see this. Blessed to
    have seen it.

  • bhaskellof6January 29, 2017Reply

    Fun movie all the family can enjoy

    We are a family that LOVES movies! Christian movies typically can be
    somewhat cheesy in the portrayal of real people and real actions- But
    we love the message of love and faith they portray but so often the
    acting just seems not realistic. This movie was real, genuine and
    totally enjoyable! The actors and actresses in the film were like real
    people who are believers and live life as people who are trying, not
    with perfection to portray Jesus’s message of mercy and grace. And I
    love the heart of the pastor portrayed in this movie, leading and
    guiding his flock with love and wisdom, not a dim wit. I urge everyone
    to take the time not just to go see the Resurrection of Gavin Stone,
    but to share with others on all the social media you can. Spread the
    word! It is a blessing and joy to share the blessings in your life,
    this film was definitely one of the many blessed moments in mine. It is
    hard to write much more without spoiling any of the plot…. so go
    watch it for yourselves. Thank you Vertical Church Productions and the
    others who invested and took the time to portray a view of real
    Christians in a way that is genuine and sincere.

  • Brian BentelJanuary 29, 2017Reply

    Weak acting, worse script: don’t buy the hype

    Watch out for this one. I saw the preview and it looked like it might
    be a feel-good and funny film. I took my wife to the theater and we
    were the ONLY people sitting in there. I soon found out why. About 30
    seconds into the thing you can see it’s low-budget — audio in the
    first scene echoes. But that’s not the problem. The problem is the
    script. It’s NOT funny, though occasionally tries to be. Neither is it
    original, clever, or particularly believable. The actors have little to
    work with, and much of the time even if they did I don’t think they
    could pull it off. Brett Dalton was great in Agents of Shield, but he
    generally sucks here. I guess everybody has bills to pay! DB Sweeney is
    also a decent actor, and probably the best this film had to offer, but
    his character — like all of them in this film — is one-dimensional
    and not likable. To be fair, there are some decent, emotionally moving
    scenes, mainly toward the very predictable end. The film is clearly
    designed with the hope of converting people to Christianity, and seems
    funded by organizations with that purpose. That’s fine, but at least be
    entertaining in the process for those of us who have no interest. I
    basically felt duped about 3 minutes into this thing — I wanted my $20
    and 90 minutes back. I think very simple people who ALREADY are serious
    Christians might enjoy it, but this thing is basically crap.

  • sdsd110January 30, 2017Reply

    Do you like Hallmark Channel romcom movies?

    If you do, you will like this movie. Set in a wonderfully pleasant and
    scenic suburban Chicago town, boy with a troubled past but a good
    heart, meets girl with a successful but somewhat empty life.
    Predictable plot with predictable twists and turns (yes, that’s an
    oxymoron), followed by the predictable happy ending. Because they are
    so predictable, romcoms only work when the characters are interesting
    and they are well written. In this case both were done right making for
    an enjoyable movie. The group of guy friends, which is a common
    component in romcoms, is a strength of this movie. Their interesting,
    their funny, they add real depth to the movie. The Christian theme
    works well and is kept in perspective. If you would enjoy a really good
    Hallmark Channel type of movie on the big screen, then this one is for

  • codyqueenJanuary 30, 2017Reply

    Must See!

    This movie was everything I was hoping for and then some. So refreshing
    with an inspiring story line. No matter what your background may be,
    this movie has a message and a laugh for all audiences. Phenomenal
    acting from the cast, especially Anjelah Johnson! The cast had
    incredible chemistry and was able to seamlessly work together to craft
    this film. This movie takes you through a range of so many emotions – I
    was ready to throw my popcorn at the screen at one point when things
    got intense! I never took my eyes off the screen from start to finish
    during this movie – it captivates you and keeps you hooked. You’ll feel
    like you know each character and have been through so much with each of
    them by the end of the movie. Such an incredible cast. Don’t miss this
    one in theaters!

  • bkrauser-81-311064February 1, 2017Reply

    It’s Fridge Worthy

    In a word, Resurrection of Gavin Stone is ”cute”. It’s a low stakes,
    lower budget, feel-good film that thinks thinks its giving you the
    world when really its just giving you a breezy, disposable and pleasant
    little ride. It wouldn’t fit comfortably on any serious film fan’s top
    favorites but I could see it left up on someone’s refrigerator.

    Brett Dalton of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013-Present) fame plays our
    titular character Gavin Stone; a former child star whose emotional
    baggage has gotten him an heap of recent trouble. When we first meet
    the swarthy Gavin he’s weighing the pros and cons of going to jail for
    a few weeks or doing 200 hours of community service at a local
    megachurch. He chooses the latter and in the process stumbles into a
    the role of a lifetime in the church’s annual Passion play. To play the
    role of Jesus Christ however, Gavin Stone has to pretend to be a true
    Christian – a guise he struggles to keep as he butts heads with the
    play’s stringent director Kelly (Johnson-Reyes).

    Easily the best parts of Gavin Stone are the gentle, humorous cultural
    exchanges between Gavin and the gaggle of Christians who naively fall
    for his born-again routine. Gavin tries to put the wool over their eyes
    (at least as much as a non-drinking, non-swearing, non-Christian can)
    but finds himself comforted by their humility and grace. When his
    conversion begins in earnest, he goofs and falters, much like any
    foreigner to a new church would. The exchanges are not just one way
    either. When two side characters stumble over their lines for the
    upcoming play, Gavin helpfully supplies them with some simple acting

    Yet all the well-meaning moments never amount to much. For all of the
    film’s attempts to label Stone as a flagrantly debased bad boy, he
    hardly does anything to deserve such a moniker. His main source of
    consternation, his strained relationship with his father (Flynn)
    provides very little in the way of actual stakes let alone honest human
    conflict. Combined with his immediate willingness to help people he
    barely knows and there seems to be nothing about him to resurrect. He’s
    simply a nice guy whose slight narcissism can easily be cured by a four
    hour church service. Blame it on the film’s devotion for a PG rating I

    The artificial quaintness of Gavin Stone becomes even more embarrassing
    when it wades into waters far beyond its depth. Questions of salvation,
    atonement and grace are answered with fortune-cookie wisdom, chintzy
    rom-com clichés and the continual insistence that Christian values are
    somehow a rarity in today’s day and age. When Stone finally sees the
    light, as it were, we’re made privy to a testimonial that exploits
    Christ in the most spurious of ways. An act that would be downright
    insulting if it weren’t so sophomoric.

    Yet its hard to truly dislike a movie that pushes pious humility
    through uniformly charming characters. The fact that Gavin Stone
    partially succeeds while proselytizing from a megachurch pulpit should
    be considered a miracle within itself. I cannot argue whether the film
    will prove entertaining for the unconverted but at least true-blue
    born-agains have a movie that’s of objectively better quality than the
    God’s Not Dead (2014-Present) movies.

  • ttcmboseFebruary 1, 2017Reply

    The best of its genre so far

    Ignore the low ratings of the meta-score; they simply show the
    Christian intolerance that is alive and well in Hollywood. I am part of
    the Christian community, so I see every Christian movie that comes out.
    I look forward to them and even though this genre seems to be stalled
    in its adolescence, even in their awkwardness I find them uplifting and

    This film is the best of this genre that I have seen, hands down. The
    movie portrays a former child star, as a washed up adult, who gets into
    trouble often enough that he has a choice of doing community service at
    a church, or spend time in jail. He ends up washing floors in a church
    and stumbles into the lead role for an Easter play at the church.
    Longing for his past celebrity adulation, he has to overcome his
    arrogance and ego to function in the play. It is a rocky road he

    Brett Dalton and Anjelah Johnson-Reyes are impressive as the two lead
    roles. Their performance seems heartfelt but not overdone. Dalton,
    frankly, was amazing. The supporting characters all carried their
    weight. The plot was a bit predictable, but that did not detract from
    the story at all. Don’t miss it, even non-believers should make their
    way to this one.

  • jrbjcFebruary 12, 2017Reply

    Brett Dalton & Anjelah were both brilliant in this feel-good film

    This movie had a lot of layers nicely compacted into the main
    character, that got me emotionally involved in this film in a
    surprising way. Brett pulled off his role perfectly, and Anjelah was a
    great counterpart. I always end up respecting actors more highly when
    they do roles such as the ones in this movie, so whereas I liked Mr
    Dalton before from other roles, he was particularly endearing in this
    one. This movie is suitable for anyone who just likes pure
    human-nature-drama that weaves comedy, emotion, romance & moral dilemma
    into a feel-good tale. I’m very glad I watched it. It was refreshing to
    not be bombarded with intense graphic action, violence, trash talk, or
    dubious/insincere acting. This movie was clean, straightforward, and
    had a great message.

  • OldskoolOrionApril 21, 2017Reply

    Annoyingly bad movie –

    Everybody should decide for themselves whether they want to believe in,
    and if so, in which deity/fictional character. This picture must have
    been funded by people with a poor world view, because in essence there
    is no story line – so it must be a (very poor) attempt at converting
    non-christians? I cannot see a different reason to put this out : it’s
    that much of an empty shell, filled with (in my opinion) obnoxious,
    fake Christian values.

    I hope the people funding this thing (cannot possibly call this a
    movie), gave more to good causes actually helping people in need –
    which also would do more to benefit their obvious agenda.

    If the agenda wasn’t conversion: get a different hobby/dream.. this is
    not where your talents shine.

  • gdogaruApril 22, 2017Reply

    Good if you are a hard core Christian.

    Cheesy story and filled with Christianity stuff. This is clearly a
    Christian movie. The story is pretty cheesy and pretty shallow and for
    my personal preference too much tide to any religion. It will not bring
    up some hidden talent or feeling in you, it is just like a preach of
    how finding Jesus and being correct will make you happy. The comedy
    part will not make you flip over, just some innocent jokes. Not too
    bad, I am just not into religious movies

  • niutta-enricoApril 23, 2017Reply

    The Resurrection of Gavin Stone: Nice Flick.

    This is a Christian Propaganda movie and I’m an unbeliever. To be
    precise I made mine Captain Fantastic’s lines where the children say
    ‘We don’t make fun of People … (Pause) … except Christians’.

    This film was however nice. An Indie movie with an inspired plot and
    good lines. And art is art, no matter who makes it and what his
    certainties are. What matters is only the result and both Andrea
    Nasfell (Writer) and Dallas Jenkins (Director) are renowned artists,
    and all the Cast did well (Brett Dalton in particular).

    So if you’d like to watch, sit down and breathe normally. Even though
    Christians will Try and Convert you, I’ve already been through it and
    made it trough the end unchanged. And so will you, I’m sure.

  • diggler_incApril 24, 2017Reply

    Low budget but charming

    It is easy to see that this is a very low budget film that comes with
    some of the faults that low budget films have. If you can accept that
    and watch it with an open mind, you will enjoy it.

    The story is predictable and the bad boy isn’t really that bad, but
    this is a Christian film.

    Acting is excellent and it was refreshing to see a movie that is about
    human relationships instead of the formulamatic nonsense that you see
    in most movies these days.

  • jerramorApril 25, 2017Reply

    Very enjoyable.

    As a non-Christian I came to this film as I wanted to see Brett Dalton
    in a different role, as I had previously only seen him in Agents Of
    SHIELD. Also, the presence of one of my favourite wrestlers, Shawn
    Michaels, didn’t hurt. This is a lovely lite-hearted film about a man
    near my own age finding his way in life. Very enjoyable.

  • petergibbonsmavisgaryApril 25, 2017Reply

    Entertaining movie but terrible Theology

    I found this to be an entertaining movie but it clearly has a strong
    charismatic influence and is filled with a lot of bad Theology that
    generally comes out of the Charismatic Movement. For example they quote
    a line supposedly from Francis of Assisi, ‘preach the Gospel and if
    necessary use words’. The Bible tells Christians to do the exact
    opposite and ONLY USE WORDS. There is no other way to preach the
    Gospel. Gavin supposedly gets ‘converted’ in the end but no mention is
    made of the fact that he has angered God with his sin and is damned if
    he does not repent and trust in Christ. Rather, the message presented
    is, ‘come to Jesus and life will be better and you will be successful
    etc. etc. and all will be well with you’. Sadly that is NOT the Gospel.
    Apart from these gripes, it was entertaining. If you want to watch a
    good Christian movie where the Gospel is clearly presented, then watch
    ‘Fireproof’. It is way better and very Biblical.

  • summergirl-51268May 29, 2017Reply

    Loved the movie

    I really enjoyed this movie. It had quite a bit of humor but at the end
    when it needed to be serious it was. The moment Gavin Stone realizes
    the sacrifices Jesus made for him at the end of the movie, brought
    tears to my eyes. I bought the movie and watch it from time to time. I
    still get tears in my eyes at the end. I highly recommend watching the
    movie at least once.

  • Larry SilversteinMay 31, 2017Reply

    Pleasantly Surprised

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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