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The Rumperbutts

The Rumperbutts

May. 22, 2015 91 Min.
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8.9 1,262 votes

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Marc Brener



A married, indie band duo regretfully takes a job on a children’s show (“Rumperbutts”). Despite the money & success, they are miserable. However, on one magical evening, a mysterious man appears & gives them a second chance.

The Rumperbutts
The Rumperbutts
The Rumperbutts
The Rumperbutts
The Rumperbutts
The Rumperbutts
The Rumperbutts
The Rumperbutts
The Rumperbutts
The Rumperbutts
Original titleThe Rumperbutts
TMDb Rating3 1 votes

(2) comments

  • slambertsdMay 23, 2015Reply

    I Love Movies Like This

    A non-studio film with some great music and laughs. What more can you
    ask for in 90 minutes? The Richie character is just great! Josh Brener
    is hilarious! Mates of State wrote at least 10 original songs for the
    film. HOPE and SOMEONE LIKE YOU are my personal favorites! And Arian
    Moayed and Vanessa Ray played some really fun villains.

    I can’t wait to get the soundtrack which is coming out in July.

    I really hope that people get a chance to see this little gem.

    I am still humming some of the tunes in my head.

    The Rumperbutts for sure left its mark.

    Make sure to check this one out! You won’t regret it!

    SLambert San Diego, Ca

  • Mark M.May 26, 2015Reply

    The Rumperbutts have arrived!

    Imagine a band much like stars Mates of State (made up of a couple in
    love, who get married, making music they enjoy, doing small shows), who
    one day trade the indie rock life for a career as the stars of a sort
    of bland-but-successful Wiggles/Yo Gabba Gabba/Barney TV show, touring
    the country to sold out live family/kid audiences. As their fame and
    popularity grow, their marriage self destructs. But stuck in a long
    term contract, the show must go on, so to speak. Or…that is at least
    until a cryptic wish-giver shows up, setting them on a different path.
    Filled with great songs, laugh out loud humor, and a bittersweet
    overall story, I loved this. Plus, it successfully avoids the Hollywood
    happy ending, the Hollywood gloomy ending, and the indie
    there-is-no-ending-so-lets-just-fade- out ending. Instead it manages to
    end in away that seems the most true to the characters and what they
    would want.

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