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The Sand

The Sand

This Beach is KillerAug. 28, 2015 USA84 Min.
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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water again, you can’t even get across the sand! BLOOD BEACH meets SPRING BREAKERS in an ace monster mash-up of smart nostalgia and up-to-the-minute visual effects. After an all-night graduation beach party, a group of hung-over students wake up under blazing sun to find their numbers somewhat depleted. An enormous alien creature has burrowed down deep and anyone foolish enough to make contact with the sand finds themselves at the mercy of a sea of flesh-eating tentacles. Will they ever be able to escape its carnivorous clutches?

The Sand
The Sand
The Sand
The Sand
The Sand
The Sand
The Sand
The Sand
The Sand
The Sand
Original titleThe Sand
IMDb Rating3.8 1,722 votes
TMDb Rating4 25 votes

(27) comments

  • arfdawg-1October 18, 2015Reply

    Hands Down….Worst Movie of 2015!!!!!!

    The Plot After an all-night graduation beach party, a group of
    hung-over twenty-somethings awake to a beating sun, and a seemingly
    carnivorous beach that devours anything with a heartbeat that touches
    the sand.

    OMG! First of all the only other review on this site is guy who give
    this 5 stars and he says in the review that he hasn’t even seen the


    This film is trash and not in a good way. It sucks. The acting is
    horrible. But besides that the plot is completely idiotic. Nothing
    makes sense and it’s just horrible.

    And then we have the special effects — or should I say lack of special
    effects. There is essentially NO special effects. And what there is
    looks like those first generation effects you see on DVD extras when
    they show you how horrible the effects look before they fix them up.
    You can actually see through what is supposed to be solid!!! It’s the
    worst movie I have see in a decade.

  • shayislandshayOctober 19, 2015Reply

    Predictable but fun horror

    I watched it from beginning to end.I didn’t have high expectations of
    the movie but the acting was good.No cardboard wooden acting.Its
    definitely NOT the worst movie of 2015.Talk about hyperbole.A group of
    young adults are trapped on a beach where something deadly has spawned
    overnight in the sand..There is some gore,not a lot.Its positively
    funny at times not because of cheese factor but because of some of the
    characters.Think Cabin Fever.The plot is thin but I watched it just to
    see who would survive.It tries to be more intelligent than it is but at
    the same time if you have a sense of makes light of itself at
    the right times too.I laughed out loud at a couple scenes.I really
    enjoyed The Sand,although it fails to be The Ruins or Don’t Blink.If
    you like those movies you’ll enjoy The Sand.Five stars for an enjoyable
    viewing experience.

  • shawnblackmanOctober 20, 2015Reply

    Take it With a Grain of Salt

    A​ whole bunch of students get together for big beach party where they
    have to turn in their phones for a Vegas rules party. They don’t want
    anybody recording something they shouldn’t plus this gives the writer
    the opportunity to explain why they won’t have their phones later on.
    You see where kids drag over a hideous pod type thing they find in the
    water. The morning after the party people wake up to realize everyone
    who was on the sand is gone. The first movie I thought of when watching
    this was Blood Beach(1980) which is similar with a hint of Sand
    Sharks(2011). This one entertains though. The plot may seem ridiculous
    but you are on the edge of your seat hoping they don’t touch the sand
    because if any part of your body touches the sand the creature has you.
    This is where the CGI effects kicked in which sucked but the tension
    made up for the cheesy computer blood. People would have wondered
    what’s going on watching them film this because seeing them trying
    different ways to cross the sand without touching it was funny like
    using surfboards and inflatable rafts plus the sand would suck them in
    after chewing for a bit. I mean we see the CGI and spectators wouldn’t.
    You will enjoy this guilty pleasure but be warned it goes from tense
    moment to tense moment and try not to let to logic get in the way.

  • slaine-52064October 20, 2015Reply

    Not the worst movie but editing would have helped

    Brook butler is no Scarlett Johansson but having her in any film gives
    it an automatic extra 2 stars for me. That being said the film could
    use some serious editing and did they ever drop the ball with buddy in
    the can. That had the potential for comedic genius material of the year
    award. We do the best we can with limited budgets and some scenes with
    missing body parts were not that bad. Over the top, like can anybody
    that stupid, and why r u not running the other way when your buddy so
    considerately sacrificed his life for u. These r the reasons we watch
    these b-movies in the first place. Really we have all seen way worse
    from full moon studios so quit your bitching. So unlike let us prey
    which started out as a masterpiece right from the opening credits then
    fell apart at the end, this movie is not the worst movie ever made,
    that honor belongs to mars attacks.

  • jackmeatOctober 20, 2015Reply

    A really bad day at the beach

    My quick rating 1,8/10. WOW!!! What did I just watch? Was this a
    training video on how to take an absolutely horrid idea for a movie,
    hand it over to a screenwriter and watch the bad idea get even worse?
    This seems to be a tutorial in everything not to do in movies. The
    acting is beyond horrible. Even if these people were being themselves
    (calling the blondes, blonde is a compliment) it was like they were
    ”acting” like themselves. Every dumb thing they would say in real life
    they just overacted in the movie. Hard concept to explain how bad it
    was. When it comes down to special effects and you only have 5 bucks
    left to spend, buy a super value meal at mcdonalds and sit at your
    computer for the time it takes to eat it with a software program
    downloaded for such purpose ad read the FAQs. After that hour you WILL
    be able to do better then they did in this movie. Heck, a couple times
    you could see through the person when being transparent had nothing to
    do with it. It was unintentionally laughable. Plot, touch the sand, it
    eats you and not in the fun, campy way that it did in ”Blood Beach”. My
    apology to that movie, at least it was funny and b-budget fun. I am
    giving this movie way too much thought time, so I am done. Don’t See

  • SomewhereSomehowOctober 24, 2015Reply

    This film lacks on a whole new level.

    A party on the beach takes a whole new turn when these two teens find
    an egg. The next day, it apparently hatches, and takes over the sand,
    devouring anybody who comes into contact with the sand. The plot was
    intriguing if it was SyFy TV movie standards, however it is not. I felt
    is if this was one of those plots that could’ve been much better, but
    when given, we get utter crap. The execution of this entire plot felt
    lazy, and slower than it really could’ve been. The characters we are
    given to follow through this entire movie were just annoying. The film
    tries passing them off as smart, or perhaps quick thinking, but in this
    case make them seem even more clichéd, and low-minded than usual. I
    don’t mean to sound rude, but come on. The film passes them off as
    clichéd characters who try burning off movie runtime by bickering about
    the typical ”You slept with my boyfriend” gimmick, usually seem in
    these horror films. With the characters, as if the clichéd, overly
    common characters weren’t enough, try taking the horrible acting, and
    dialog why not? The acting in this movie isn’t even comically bad, it
    literally stands as just flat out bad. The dialog is atrocious, once
    again, the film attempts to make these characters supposed hero’s, but
    instead make them seem stupid, and even more clichéd as usual. The
    given dialog, at points, seems so horribly stupid, and at points even
    angering. The decisions in this film, as well, are dreadful! There were
    so many things these characters could of done to make this film make so
    much sense! But no, they took the wrong turns, pretty much at all the
    supposed right times. They make the stupidest decisions, when it’s
    unbelievably obvious at points. Finally for the SyFy vibed’ part of the
    film. The CGI. This film has CGI that seems better off as SyFy, TV
    movie material. There’s parts where it looked like unfinished, horribly
    placed CGI tentacles, as well as gore, and blood. They were horribly
    placed at times, other times looked unfinished, and fake, overall, just
    not a very good attempt at CGI. At all.

    In conclusion, why. This film took so many wrong turns, and lacked so
    much it’s just hard to follow. The characters are annoying, clichéd,
    and executed with terrible acting. The CGI was literally like recycled
    SyFy material half the times, the film makes us sit through the
    characters making some of the stupidest decisions, in some of the most
    obvious of situations, leading to heavy disappointment, and even anger
    at some points. The dialog is just dreadful, and overall, this film
    tries passing up the typical teen – character – horror film clichés,
    which failed, and just lead to more disappointment. I wouldn’t
    recommend this film unless you’re into terrible films that, in fact,
    aren’t so bad it’s good .. but just plainly bad.

  • arojectOctober 24, 2015Reply

    You love it because its bad. Take it with a grain of salt and prepare to be sucked in.

    Wow, okay guys lets have a little chat here. First off, after reading
    the other reviews I just had to make my first ever account on this site
    to leave a review. Most of the reviews for this movie are fairly
    negative and I understand why for the most part. However, I want to
    present a different point of view that some readers may understand my
    opinion and appreciate seeing this film in a different light.

    I stumbled on this movie when I was browsing around various horror
    movie lists, not knowing anything about it and having spent most of the
    day marathon watching bad horror movies. At the time I didn’t think
    much other than that the synopsis sounded amusing. Having zero
    expectations and not knowing a thing about the film, I was able to just
    sit back and enjoy. Now, I personally love watching bad horror movies
    of all types and quality. It’s kind of a hobby for my wife and I to
    watch several bad horror movies in a row, usually as background noise
    while we do other things. After watching a few other similar quality
    movies this was the last one for tonight and I have to say, this movie
    has to be one of my favorites that I have seen in a while.

    Basically The Sand is a movie adaptation of the game children play
    where they pretend the floor is lava / quick-sand / acid / what ever
    version you played as a kid. A group of friends wake up in the morning
    after a night of heavy drinking and partying only to discover that most
    of their friends are missing and that the only thing remaining of their
    camp site on the beach is a few scraps of tents, blankets, and various
    other beach camping gear. The movie wastes very little time in
    introducing the danger element of being surrounded by killer sand. The
    rest of the run time is dedicated to watching the group try to escape
    their situation, as several people are picked off by the sand. Now I
    know this movie doesn’t have a deep complex plot or anything like that,
    but I still want to avoid spoilers.

    This is definitely a ”bad” horror movie, but its the kind of bad that
    you can just love to put on for a few hours and enjoy every minute of
    it. Most of the time the characters are like-able, their actions make
    sense, and the acting is actually surprisingly good. The cast isn’t
    going to be winning any awards but compared to similar movies this cast
    does their job well and do a good job of keeping the audience invested.
    The special effects are mostly believable and are quite good for a low
    budget trashy horror film. This isn’t going to blow your mind like or
    anything but it wont feel like it was done by a group of college
    students in a backyard like some bad horror movies do.

    This movie stood out from the others I had watched in this marathon in
    that it was the only movie that drew me in so much I stopped what I had
    been doing and actually gave the film my full attention. Very few
    movies can get me to turn off the game I was playing at the time, so
    this movie definitely was doing all the right things. Once I was sucked
    in, about twenty minutes of run time, I stayed sucked in till the end.
    I enjoyed it so much that I think I will watch it again in the near
    future with my wife, since I know she will enjoy it just as much as I

    Now even with all the good there is of course a list of flaws in the
    movie. There is some relationship drama thrown in at a very bizarre
    moment in time that made no sense. This drama scene could have fit
    perfectly if they had just put it in about 15 minutes later when the
    group wasn’t in immediate mortal danger. Some of the other actions by
    the characters did feel out of place and a bit nonsensical. However,
    this in no way feels detrimental to the movie overall, and it can
    easily be waved off.

    In closing, I have to say I’m very glad that I stumbled across this
    movie and I will be adding it to my list of hidden gem horror films.
    The cast gives a solid performance, the story is simple but engaging,
    and the special effects won’t make you cringe. I would highly recommend
    this movie if you are a fan of the Tremors series, as this movie feels
    kind of similar but doesn’t have the same level of comedic value. If
    you enjoy watching ”bad” horror movies or any kind of low budget
    monster horror / sci-fi horror / thriller, then you should definitely
    give this movie a chance. Don’t have high expectations or a serious
    mind set and you can’t go wrong here.

    TL/DR : If you love watching bad horror movies then this is the movie
    for you. This movie is not scary nor is it meant to be, outside of a
    bit of gore, but it is very entertaining and enjoyable. Come into it
    with zero expectations and don’t take it too serious. Just sit back,
    and enjoy the ride.

  • nelvistOctober 25, 2015Reply

    Really guys?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mia Gdowska BMus HonsOctober 30, 2015Reply

    Sands of time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ethan Xavier Alexander AllenNovember 2, 2015Reply

    The Definition Of HORRIBLE!!…**Spoiler Alert**

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • trashgangNovember 29, 2015Reply

    worst of 2015 all is bad

    Well promoted but I was looking out for this flick. I had heard that it
    was bad but never had a problem with bad movies I gave it a try and I
    must say, this is the worst 2015 flick I’ve seen so far.

    The story is laughable, the acting is below zero and that could have
    made it a so bad it becomes a good movie but once the effects came in
    this becomes pure trash. The first sign of the creature did look
    promising but once it attacks one of the guys it all turns in, I must
    say I don’t have words for it.

    Towards the end the monster do reveals itself and even then it’s a zero
    out of 100 for effects. Can it get even uglier, yes indeed, the editing
    is bad too, for example in the beginning one girl is being attack but
    then we move over to another attack and never we do see what happened
    to that girl.

    Not worth picking up, better go for the real stuff, Blood Beach from

    Gore 0/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 0/5 Story 0/5 Comedy 0/5

  • stephaniedujourDecember 22, 2015Reply

    Exactly What It Should Be

    You like throwback Horror Movies? THE SAND is a great vacation to a
    fun-filled, sun soaked, bikini clad scream fest right from your couch.
    Isaac Gabaeff does exactly what he should with the modern classic of a
    script. It’s not reinventing the scream. But does it really need to be
    re-invented? Beautiful people, more often than not getting what they
    deserve one hilarious/surprisingly well-done special effect at a time.
    Sure the relationships could have been developed a little bit more…
    But then again… It’s more fun to watch them end than grow. Great
    Cameo. Ridiculous premise. Exactly what it should be. It’s the revenge
    MTV Spring Break has had coming. And it’s a guilty pleasure to watch.

  • dcarsonhagyDecember 23, 2015Reply

    Something Is in the Sand

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CalentureDecember 24, 2015Reply

    Blood Beach Revisited – an entertaining trip

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Alucard VenomDecember 27, 2015Reply

    SBiG, should have been the short

    Let’s make no mistake, I didn’t expect movie with the title ”The Sand”
    to be masterpiece, just a rather cheap dumb horror movie.

    And ”The Sand” is exactly like that. I did like the premise of
    ”something is in the sand”, because it reminded me of those 50s
    horror-SF movies, even the premise is hard to take seriously. (but hey,
    that’s why so many of us love these movies).

    ”The Sand” isn’t a masterpiece of course, nor is it a good horror
    movie, but it offers some level of entertainment. The main premise is
    more or less one you saw in ”Blood Beach” or one of those segments of
    ”Creepshow 2” where characters are stuck on raft. ”The Sand” plays the
    same: characters are stuck while the sand around them literally tries
    to devour them, or at least something that’s in the sand.

    Acting is sorta descent for this type of movie. I am unfamiliar with
    actors, but considering what the premise has and some of the stupid
    dialogue they had to say, it’s a miracle how much they are selling the
    impossible situation they are stuck in. Speaking of characters, there’s
    nothing special, they are your usual horror cannon fodder, except the
    two characters: the fat black guy who’s stuck in trash bin for the
    entire movie and the ”oblivious to everything” cop. Of course, he dies
    too for being cop in a horror movie. Surprised?

    My main complaint is use of CGI gore effects. Movie should have stick
    to practical effects, but instead we get some obvious terrible CGI
    gore. Note to any filmmaker there who wants to make monster movie
    (because this is essentially one): Do practical FX and show the
    monster. No matter how cheap or bad looking it is, everyone’s come to
    see it and the worst thing is if you grace us with CGI and no monster.
    No matter how bad practical FX and makeup might look, you’ll get points
    from monster movie lovers for having courage to show and push it in
    front of us. It’s sole reason why we come to see those monster movies.

    And other major complaint is that, much like ”Zombievers” this one runs
    out of steam around the half. One running joke. If it was 30-40 minute
    short movie, it would have been a much better movie.

  • FlashCallahanJanuary 18, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • trans_mauroJune 1, 2016Reply

    Not that bad….

    Take ”The Sand” for what it is. And if you do that, it is a fun little

    It is a B movie with minimal budget, minimal special effects, filmed in
    one location and with a cast of unknowns and still it has an
    interesting premise.

    I see it as a homage to the 50’s man-in-a-rubber-suit monster film. And
    it works very well in this respect. The difference being that instead
    of a monsters something weird is crawling under the sand.

    It is a little bit longer that it should be, some of the characters are
    annoying, but still it is worth a rental

  • myignisrulesJune 2, 2016Reply

    The kind of horror that’s easy to watch and doesn’t require thinking

    Surprisingly entertaining and well acted, The Sand isn’t hardcore
    horror. There isn’t a load of blood and guts, but when I was about 9, I
    saw a movie like this one called Blood Beach. That stuff was
    traumatizing and this one, brought back nice memories of that scary
    movie. The actors are quite likable (most of them anyway), making it
    tough to watch them bite the dust and my biggest plus was the fact that
    they acted like REAL PEOPLE. They handled things the way I would’ve
    which made it easier to root for them. On the down side, the CGI sucked
    (there’s not much of it though) and the story would veer into 90210
    levels of drama at times (is now really the right time to talk about
    who banged who?)

    The Sand is an easily digestible horror flick, short and fun to watch
    on a weekend if the genre mood strikes you.

  • fluffsetJune 29, 2016Reply

    its a good monster movie.

    I love to watch dead teenager movie, I dunno why but I think because
    its fun to watch. I never read any plot of the sand, I just watch it
    without nothing to expect and that’s just my style. I love this movie!
    Its not really a good movie, its cliché but its still got the tension.
    This is a horror movie by the way so tension and suspense are really
    important here. I think I know why the rating is so low, its the same
    reason, people expecting too much and ended up frustrated. Its plot is
    not really idiot because its so hard to avoid the sand, so they also
    make us thinking so hard on how they can get out of this mess. They
    also make us care about some character and I’m sure some of us feel sad
    for some of the death. Then, this movie will be better if they got some
    more money for the cheap CGI. Only the CGI make this movie bad, other
    than that, the acting and everything is OK.

  • captaincameronJuly 1, 2016Reply

    Once in a while, a low budget horror film is a wondrous find!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DnoxJuly 30, 2016Reply

    Beach Bomb

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Leofwine_dracaSeptember 1, 2016Reply

    Majorly flawed but still fun monster-in-the-sand effort

    THE SAND is, in essence, a film version of that ‘floor is lava’ game
    you used to play as a kid (you know, where you and your friends – or
    just you if you had no friends) weren’t allowed to touch the floor
    because you’d die, so you had to clamber over furniture and jump a lot.
    Man, I used to love that game. Anyway, this cheapie has the same
    premise. A bunch of uninteresting characters are trapped on a beach
    with a killer creature in the sand. A bench, a lifeguard hut, a trash
    bin, and an open-top car are the only refuge. This single location
    movie sees them trying to figure out a way to escape without being
    eaten by a tentacled nasty.

    This film’s connections with the 1980s monster movie BLOOD BEACH are
    numerous, although it’s much lower key and smaller scale, unsurprising
    given the lack of budget. Despite being a majorly flawed film, I still
    enjoyed it as I’ve always enjoyed similar single location movies. The
    acting is pretty bad and the CGI effects are really terrible (worse
    even than in an Asylum film) but THE SAND offers mild suspense all the
    way through and you can certainly do a lot worse.

  • GL84September 10, 2016Reply

    Better than expected and with some decent moments

    Awakening the morning after a beach-party, a group of teens find that
    the sand around them contains a vicious, unseen creature that pulls
    them underneath the beach and tries to find a way of stopping the
    curious creature in order to get away alive.

    This here was an incredibly fun and enjoyable effort. One of the best
    parts to this one is the fact that there’s such an enjoyably creepy air
    of menace here that works very well in the film’s favor, as it really
    manages to get a lot out of the concept here. The fact that it goes
    forward with the reveal very early-on with the creature’s appearance to
    them underneath the sand, and there’s a lot right about this that comes
    off rather chilling and creepy with the way this works here. The early
    scenes of the remaining group getting attacked and pulled under takes
    that concept out into the open rather well, and there’s a lot of nice
    work here throughout this which really puts that to fine work. It has
    numerous scenes of the group getting stuck in the sand and then getting
    pulled under by the fine tentacles poking up to attack them, and the
    main sequences that stand out are the first few encounters where they
    don’t know it’s there as this pops off plenty of great deaths that
    really let their quick-strike ability and ruthlessness in attacking
    them are great fun. As it later descends into a series of scenes where
    they try to escape their predicament that ends up failing and causing
    them to fall into the sand to get devoured, it does have some solid
    action scenes as they try a series of rather solid and surprisingly
    plausible escapes which really help this one along here. While there’s
    plenty to like here, it does have a few rather stylish flaws where it’s
    dragged down a lot more than it really should’ve. The film’s biggest
    issue is the monster effects here, which is all done in CGI that looks
    absolutely atrocious and never once looks quite lively at all, rarely
    meshing with the action of the scene here as it’s quite low-res during
    them. By doing the whole amount of creature effects and the gore
    effects here for the mangled bodies while they’re being eaten alive by
    the creatures, it gives this such a low-rent feel that there’s almost
    little to save it overall and holds this back somewhat. The other minor
    issue to be had here is the weak storyline here, as though it’s a
    chilling concept it feels way too weak and gets started so quickly
    anyway that it comes off as being too thin and stretched out way too
    much as it is, where it could’ve either given them a longer build-up to
    get going or just trimmed down into a shorter time as it’s got plenty
    of moments that could’ve been made into a briefer time. Otherwise this
    one wasn’t all that bad.

    Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Nudity and some excessive

  • BA_HarrisonNovember 7, 2016Reply

    I’ve seen it all before. Many times. And better.

    A group of twenty-somethings party the night away on the beach only to
    wake up the next day to discover that a ravenous multi-tendrilled
    creature lies hidden beneath the sand, waiting to devour them.

    The Sand draws inspiration from an awful lot of movies, the most
    obvious of which is Blood Beach (1980), which bore the memorable
    tag-line ‘Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water –
    you can’t get to it.”. Other titles with which it shares similarities
    include Tremors (1990), The Ruins (2008), The Mist (2007), Rogue
    (2007), Black Water (2007), Frozen (2010), Splinter (2008), and The
    Raft segment from anthology sequel Creepshow 2 (1987). The problem is
    that The Sand isn’t as good as any of the films it so closely resembles
    (not even Splinter).

    As soon as one of the characters insists that all mobile phones are to
    be put in a bag, out of reach, while the friends party hard on the
    beach, it is abundantly clear that this film is going to be bereft of
    clever ideas or originality. And so it continues, the film playing out
    in very predictable manner, the photogenic cast falling victim
    one-by-one to the killer spaghetti that lurks beneath the sand. It’s
    not a painful watch, the hot babes in bikinis ensuring that there is
    always something to please the eye, but as a horror film it is
    definitely a disappointment, with zero tension or scares and some
    really bad CGI (for both the creatures appendages and the gore).

  • Arch StantonDecember 23, 2016Reply

    Oh, For the Love of Humanity!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • 1bilboApril 28, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • johnpendarvisMay 7, 2017Reply


    I love to read reviews that give something like this more than one
    star, and try to picture the reviewer. Usually, Sloth from the Goonies
    comes first to mind.

    It’s really pointless to try to separate these ScFy channel ”films”,
    they’re all pretty much the same- inane plots, horrifically amateurish
    acting, static cinematography (endless reaction shots to something
    offscreen), jarringly different film formats from scene to scene, etc,
    etc, ad nauseum. This one was particularly silly and suspenseless,
    laughable special effects.

    It was awful.

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