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The Vatican Tapes

The Vatican Tapes

For 2,000 years the Vatican has recorded evidence of evil. May God have mercy on their souls.Jul. 24, 2015 USA91 Min.PG-13
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Michael Peña isPère Lozano
Père Lozano
Djimon Hounsou isVicar Imani
Vicar Imani
Dougray Scott isRoger Holmes
Roger Holmes
Peter Andersson isCardinal Bruun
Cardinal Bruun
Kathleen Robertson isDocteur Richards
Docteur Richards
Cas Anvar isDocteur Fahti
Docteur Fahti
Michael Paré isDet. Harris
Det. Harris


In a highly secured vault deep within the walls of Vatican City, the Catholic Church holds thousands of old films and video footage documenting exorcisms/supposed exorcisms and other unexplained religious phenomena they feel the world is not ready to see. This is the first tape – Case 83-G – stolen from these archives and exposed to the public by an anonymous source.

The Vatican Tapes
The Vatican Tapes
The Vatican Tapes
The Vatican Tapes
The Vatican Tapes
The Vatican Tapes
The Vatican Tapes
Original titleThe Vatican Tapes
IMDb Rating4.9 10,617 votes
TMDb Rating4.6 206 votes

(58) comments

  • trevliamsJuly 23, 2015Reply

    My Review of Screening

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • amason628July 23, 2015Reply

    Only Horror Movie I’ve Ever Loved

    Never liked horror films but this is a must see! In The Vatican Tapes,
    Angela Holmes (Olivia Taylor Dudley) is an ordinary 27-year- old until
    she begins to have a devastating effect on anyone close, causing
    serious injury and death. Holmes is examined and possession is
    suspected, but when the Vatican is called upon to exorcise the demon,
    the possession proves to be an ancient satanic force more powerful than
    ever imagined. It’s all up to Father Lozano (Michael Peña) to wage war
    for more than just Angela’s soul, but for the world as we know it. The
    Vatican Tapes, which hopes director Mark Neveldine’s penchant for
    adrenaline and style will inject some into the tired demonic possession

  • sgirl10July 24, 2015Reply

    Creeped Out

    She is creepy, with her creepy stares! And she’s so pretty! And I can’t
    sleep. Very, weirdly beautiful film too. Danny and I really loved it! I
    wasn’t sure at first where they were going with it, and then it hit me.
    Very biblical. The cardinal, older guy was my favorite actor. He was
    very strong. And Angela played all of the emotions very well. I wonder
    if there will be a part 2?? It went by very quickly, which I didn’t
    mind. I’m glad they didn’t keep us in the theaters for hours! There is
    such a sense of dread through the whole movie, and the psych ward scene
    was crazy. Watch for the light bulbs! The woman from Murder in the
    First plays a great psychiatrist.

  • wankmullerJuly 24, 2015Reply

    Our Generation’s Exorcist

    This movie will make you believe that Satan is for real!! Crazy. It is
    The Exorcist for our generation. I think the movie is much better than
    the Exorcism of Emily Rose. Not for the faint of heart. Pretty intense,
    but if you are looking for a good horror movie, look no further. The
    director seems to know what he is doing, building suspense, and then
    leaving some great surprises for the end. I would highly recommend this
    movie.This is a great date movie, because your girl will be holding you
    so tight in fear. Try to see it this opening weekend before the cat get
    out of the bag about the ending. Definitely a jaw dropper! Don’t walk,
    run and see this movie. If you see it, be prepared to sleep with rosary

  • josegrappaJuly 24, 2015Reply

    NINE. It’s really good.

    I gave this the tapes a 9 out of 10. It was close to a ten, but missing
    a couple of elements. The movie was fast. Lightning fast, but it
    started a little slow. The second and third act really picked up and I
    was impressed with the shooting style and performances. I know Pena who
    played the Priest, and the tall black guy is awesome. But I didn’t know
    the other actors and I think this is a good thing. It helped with the
    mystery and the performances were so real. I didn’t expect that. What I
    did want is a little more story for Angela’s character. It had a lot of
    bible undertones and I liked that, but I wanted to know how it related
    to her a little more. That said, I was tense through the whole movie
    and the final scene is one to be talked about. It was explosive, to say
    the least. Great acting, great directing. Good story too. I would
    highly recommend.

  • horcrux2007July 24, 2015Reply

    ”The Vatican Tapes” is Just Another Exorcism Movie

    I haven’t had such low expectations for a horror movie in a while. The
    trailer wasn’t flattering at all and made it look like an incredibly
    generic found footage exorcism flick, and now that I’ve seen it, I can
    confirm that that is only half true. Despite the title, it’s not a
    found footage movie, but it is a generic possession movie. In The
    Vatican Tapes, 20-something year-old Angela (get it?) gets possessed by
    a demon, but it’s not just any demon; it’s the Anti-Christ himself. A
    priest and two Vatican exorcists team up to try to exorcise Angela
    before it wreaks havoc on humanity. Surprisingly, The Vatican Tapes is
    actually a movie that gets better as it progresses, although that’s
    really not saying too much. The first act of the film is its worst.
    Every exorcism movie cliché you could possibly think of is stuffed into
    twenty excruciating minutes, and it definitely made me fear for the
    rest of the movie. After that, The Vatican Tapes does get more
    interesting ever so slightly and has a couple of decent scares because
    Angela is now in a mental hospital, but still nothing we haven’t seen
    from other, better movies. A black raven has to announce the next
    ”scary scene,” which completely ruins any tension the film might have
    had because the audience is now going to expect the next big obnoxious
    jump scare. The plot eventually decides that there should be an
    exorcism scene, and after a particularly lazy attempt to say why Angela
    is discharged and sent back home, the audience finally gets what they
    paid for. The exorcism scene itself takes up the last 20 minutes of the
    movie. It’s admittedly pretty cool to watch since there are a few
    creepy and intense parts, and the pace slows down a bit to allow some
    atmosphere to build up. There’s still this inescapable feeling that
    everything is still all too familiar to anyone who’s seen a good
    possession movie. Then the ending comes. The ending is actually the
    only part of The Vatican Tapes that I wholeheartedly enjoyed. It ended
    the movie in a rather dark and powerful way, so much so that I’d like
    to see a sequel just to see where they could go with that ending. Even
    with the surprisingly good ending, it’s not enough to warrant a
    recommendation for The Vatican Tapes, a been-there-done-that exorcism
    movie that has about as much soul as the possessed Angela. Another day,
    another exorcism.

  • zoomamkJuly 24, 2015Reply

    thriller but too gloomy!

    i just watched this movie in cinema here in Egypt though here we have a
    feast & everybody is searching for comic movies but since I’m a big fan
    of horror movies i decided to watch this one & overall i wasn’t
    disappointed. first of all i thought it was another demons movie but it
    turned to have an authentic idea with twisted plot. what i didn’t like
    is the very slow rhythm noticeably in the first half but it turns OK
    near the end with the rising fear dose, also what i didn’t like is the
    overall never changing dark atmosphere through the hole movie. the
    acting was fine the main character played by the beautiful Olivia
    Taylor was impressive it’s always fascinating to see such a fine figure
    delivering fear. shortly if you’re a fan of Gothic horror movies like
    me you will surely enjoy it but if you’re not, there is a big chance
    that you find it boring & depressing!

  • steve beard ([email protected])July 24, 2015Reply

    Watered-Down Version Of The Exorcist

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • docdo2July 25, 2015Reply


    You immediately question the direction of the movie because of it’s
    focus on surveillance footage only to have no real purpose of the
    footage. The camera work is terrible. The main character’s hair, why is
    it always side parted and perfect? The entire theater booed when it
    ended. Too many plain plots. The music score is cheap. Too many scenes
    of the Vatican for no reason. The use of an actor from 90210 only makes
    movies less believable. The casting director should be fired and never
    work in Hollywood. Props to the CGI people for doing what they could
    with this baddie. They all need acting coaches.

    This movie probably was very fun and funny to film.

    I never write reviews. Wrote this one because I became so frustrating
    with this movie. It has no integrity and no body. Very empty. Should
    have gone straight to VHS, not even DVD or netflix.

  • Somewhere SomehowJuly 27, 2015Reply

    Limited due to it’s rating.

    Possession films in the past such as ”The Devil Inside” have proved to
    be sick, and freak out the audience with the display of it’s demonic
    possession. PG-13 possession films have proved to be quite sick, and
    perhaps good as well, hence ”The Last Exorcism”. This possession film,
    ”The Vatican Tapes” comes out solid, but tends to be quite clichéd.

    Starting off with the story of this film, of which seems to be quite
    simple. Our main character becomes possessed, and it progressively gets
    worse, and worse overtime. Her family, with the aid of some priests
    must figure out what’s wrong and stop it. It seems very simple, but the
    way the story is executed in this film was very solid, for what it was,
    a simple, straight to the point plot. As the story continues, we get
    more in depth with the demons personality, per say. We get to see what
    it can do, and how it possesses it’s powers to it’s advantage. Overall,
    the story / plot is quite simple, but without spoiling anything, the
    movie carries it all out solidly, holding it’s grasp.

    The acting of this film, in my opinion was fine. Just fine. We get some
    pretty decent actors combining together in this film, which is great
    and all, but the situations they had to face lead they’re acting to be
    a bit sketchy at points. Some parts of the film, for example when the
    actors fall back, scared, you kind of stare at the movie asking
    yourself .. ”What?” Parts of which they DO seem serious, just seems
    funny toward the audience watching. In this case, they SEEM to be
    overacting when certain points come, but are actually not, instead are
    seeming that way due to the specific situation they’re being put in.
    But in conclusion to this element, the situations that came to horror [
    The scares, exorcism, etc. ] it was fine, not fantastic.

    The scares of this movie, is defiantly something to conclude with. It’s
    pretty much clichéd. You’ve pretty much seen this tactic in many films
    before. Dose this perhaps ring a bell? A bird flying at the window?
    Through it? Yea. We’ve seen this before, at least once. There’s also,
    once again, without spoiling anything some other scares that have been
    seen before, on top of that, some of them are even horribly placed in
    time, making a failed attempt at scaring the audience, instead of
    scaring them, giving them a laugh even. There are also some scares
    floating around that will make you jump, but then when you realize what
    it was that made you jump, you’d ask yourself ”How did that scare me!?”
    Either way, the point being there are few, to no scares that will get
    you deep in the core in this film. In conclusion, if your looking to
    get scared, from either tension itself, it won’t happen. If you want an
    ear blasting loud noise, here you go! Another cliché method themed film
    filled with those!

    In conclusion. The movie had simple flaws of which are extremely
    clichéd, however, the movie held grip with a solid execution, as well
    as some decent demonic possession methods. It dose hold many elements
    you typically see in other possession films, sure, but it was solid,
    and managed to keep the audience entertained. One way or another. It
    wasn’t that bad of a film, but it lacked in critical horror elements,
    like scares, and tension. As there were none. But never the less, this
    horror flick was not bad at all. Just.. flawed deeply, and held back
    due to it’s PG-13 rating.

  • subxerogravityJuly 30, 2015Reply

    Possibly, the worse horror film about exorcism I’ve ever seen.

    I feel like I should not take a jab about how cheap the movie feels,
    but it feels cheap.

    This is ironic considering how amazing the special effects were in the
    film. That’s the thing about film making today. Any kid with a good lap
    top can due really good special effects.

    It’s too bad the same cannot be said of any kid with a camera. I’m glad
    this was not a found footage movie, though some of the film is seen
    though security cam footage and personal footage taken by head strikers
    and an exorcist. It’s a straight narrative, but treating it like a
    found footage movie would have giving the filmmakers a better excuse.

    I thought the acting talent in the movie was pretty good. They did the
    best with a story that had too many badly played angles. The demon they
    selected to exorcise was a little too bold and would have made them
    horror legends if they pulled it off right, but that did not happen.

    Overall, watching this girl’s soul being taken over by evil was not
    interesting at all. It was not creepy or scary. I just wanted it to be
    over with.

  • zabdolbungaAugust 6, 2015Reply

    WORST horror movie

    I would say that this is one of the most worst horror movie ever
    created.. Everything looks so fake! I mean like seriously.. I expect
    more from a movie that’s from Hollywood.. This movie made my day even
    worse..everything is just predictable.. And there is no suspense nor
    tension.. Even the effects are bad..the story line it makes no sense
    and no logic at all..the descriptions were saying about Vatican City
    has been keeping evil videos from 2000 years wth.. It didn’t
    even have much connection to it at all.. I’m just too disappointed
    maybe because I expect it to be interesting and thrilling and more
    likely believable ..guess I was wrong..

  • supatubeAugust 6, 2015Reply

    A man of the cloth saves the day… talk about tired remakes.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ArgemalucoAugust 7, 2015Reply

    The Vatican Tapes

    I was attracted by the idea of a horror film directed by Mark
    Neveldine, whose previous filmography includes the delirious and very
    entertaining films Crank and Crank: High Voltage (which he co- directed
    with Brian Taylor). Unfortunately, The Vatican Tapes ended up being a
    tedious horror film with a rancid screenplay which recycles every
    single cliché from the films about satanic possession: the tormented
    priest, the manifestations… No. I’m not going to waste time
    mentioning all the clichés, because we all know them by heart. It will
    be enough with saying that The Vatican Tapes is completely lacking of
    suspense and creativity. The performances are absolutely apathetic and
    lacking of conviction; not even the usually brilliant actors Michael
    Peña and Djimon Hounsou display any enthusiasm or credibility in their
    roles. Another problem from this movie is the fact that Neveldine
    employs extreme close-ups over and over again, creating an atmosphere
    which couldn’t achieve the desired effect of anxiety; it just gets
    confusing and boring due to its visual monotony. In conclusion, The
    Vatican Tapes is a weak and unsatisfactory film, and I can’t recommend
    it. If Neveldine wanted to experiment with horror cinema, he should
    have made Crank 3: Possessed; I’m sure that Chev Chelios wouldn’t have
    stayed in his bed contorting himself waiting for a demon to consume
    him. In the Crank universe, Chelios possesses demons.

  • doofuspoofusAugust 20, 2015Reply

    A movie Christians will understand more

    Well I went into this movie expecting it to be bad. It wasn’t in
    theaters very long and reviews I read on it were bad but I thought it
    was very impressive writing. My boyfriend’s Christian and has read the
    bible twice so naturally he understood what the anti-Christ was more
    than I did but even if you’re not exactly sure what the anti-Christ is
    I feel the movie does it’s best to explain it.

    I think the reason most were disappointed was because every time one of
    these types of films comes out audiences expect someone to try and top
    The Exorcist (which realistically isn’t possible, it’s a classic). Not
    to mention people understand the devil is evil and demons are evil but
    this was something different. There’s only one Christ so obviously the
    anti-Christ is a false prophet. In a sense the anti-Christ is like the
    devil because the anti-Christ can deceive and trick people into
    thinking they’re good.

    But I think the reason most didn’t like this film was simply because
    they didn’t understand what an anti-Christ is and couldn’t fully
    appreciate the twist ending. I like that everything wasn’t happily ever
    after and wrapped in a nice bow. I just hope they don’t do some bull
    crap part 2 like The Last Exorcism did. Anyway it’s nice to see films
    trying to think outside the Exorcist box creating films like this and
    The Lazarus effect even if their execution isn’t perfect it’s

    Besides I’d rather see a ton of these type of films than see someone
    try to remake or ”re-imagine” The Exorcist(even though you know that’s
    coming). To sum up this was interesting and kept you wondering exactly
    what the hell was gonna happen so to me that’s a good thing. Check it

  • Mek TorresAugust 27, 2015Reply

    Slow Burn to Evil

    Exorcist movies have lost its freshness over the years due to the fact
    that almost every single one of them is exactly the same and trying to
    be ”realistic”, but it’s just a nonsensical excuse that these
    filmmakers lack creativity to be scary. But not all of them, of course,
    suffers with that case. The Vatican Tapes is ought to be one them,
    however it is taken with a spin from director Mark Neveldine, by using
    his trademark camera-work and other sorts of insanity. Conceptually,
    this could have been one of the silliest horror movies ever made, but
    the movie puts its story together effectively by building the heat of
    its main villain until it becomes a weapon of mass destruction. The
    Vatican Tapes isn’t quite scary or original, but its cold, cruel
    atmosphere is what strangely made it work.

    The movie opens with a series of exorcism footage indicating that evil
    truly exists and then we cut to two Vatican exorcists who are studying
    a young woman, who happens to be possessed, in a video tape that were
    sent from a priest in Los Angeles. The story went back few months
    earlier and telling the complete story of how this victim, Angela, is
    slowly consumed by this demonic spirit. At this point, the movie is
    quite standard. We see this woman acting strange whenever she is
    visited by a mysterious raven, she often gets an excess of thirst and
    does horrible things to people, like blinding themselves to death or
    make them kill each other. It all seems ridiculous than scary, but with
    its aspect, it kind of works. It gives this demon a vast freedom to its
    menacing abilities, no matter how silly these actions get.

    And ”big shock”, they realized that they need to exorcise Angela.
    People may brag about how long it took for the exorcism to come, but it
    was made up for building a strange atmosphere to result to this climax.
    The dread of the music score, the frenzy of its cinematography, the
    intensity of the tone; it may not be evidently scary, but the movie has
    established that this spirit is destructive and also could lead to the
    apocalypse. The movie ends with an uneasy ambiguity and there is
    supposed to be a concluded epic battle between the devil inside of her
    and the exorcists of the Vatican. But again, that’s just the

    The craft is interesting for a rather generic exorcist storyline. The
    camera-work may put people off for being just another shaky cam mess,
    but it’s actually not quite a mess. The cinematography and editing are
    decently put together and it instead brings momentum within the chaos
    happening on screen. It’s more action movie aesthetic than horror, but
    it’s the tone that breathes the anxiety. The acting is decent, as well,
    though Michael Peña is mostly a studying witness to get his character
    fully fleshed out, but he does a solid job as the supposed protagonist,
    anyway. Dougray Scott makes for an effective concern father of Angela.
    Djimon Hounsou and Peter Andersson spices up the screen whenever
    they’re around in their very small roles. But who really impresses
    among this cast is Olivia Taylor Dudley, who gives creepy glares and
    intense paranoia as the ticking bomb of all possessed victims.

    The Vatican Tapes is meant to be absurd, but in an intriguing way. The
    real terror definitely happens in the ending which is left for a sequel
    or ambiguity, but what came from that effect is a rather unfeeling tone
    that establishes how mercilessly evil this entity is, that even the
    priests are seriously preparing themselves to stop it. The exorcism
    climax is also enjoyably ultimate, if not too ridiculous. The story is
    still standard when it comes to this genre, but The Vatican Tapes at
    least tried something a little bit different and a little too
    outlandish that can be rather fascinating. Even with its silliness and
    clichés, you can still be invested by how they never underestimate this

  • Bloodmarsh KrackoonOctober 6, 2015Reply

    Another classic tale of Michael Paré vs. Evil.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • clairechanceOctober 6, 2015Reply

    a good take on a exorcism of an ordinary girl.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bolamanOctober 7, 2015Reply

    Very good style and acting

    It’s not just another exorcism movie. It’s updated for the modern age
    story wise and while it does go through the motions of a possession
    story, it’s still very interesting due to the serious nature and
    beautiful imagery. Speaking of imagery, the lighting is beautiful, and
    the shots in general are great. The most interesting aspect is how
    perfect it is with all the story elements it covers. It’s like the
    perfect exorcism movie and nothing is really missing, and it goes
    further than other ones I’ve seen. It has a more modern story and
    implication like I mentioned previously. Overall I was very pleased
    with this film and I’d love to see a sequel like Mark Neveldine has
    talked about!

  • jackstupidjackOctober 7, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • quincytheodoreOctober 8, 2015Reply

    Made by imitating tapes of old exorcism movies.

    One would expect a rich cultural or more in-depth take of possession
    premise with a title such as The Vatican Tapes. Unfortunately, it’s
    nothing more than mediocre horror with barely anything new. Not to
    mention it’s trapped between forced found footage style for some parts
    and shaky cam for the rest.

    It’s the story as old as the supposed entity possessing the poor
    victim, in this case Angela (Olivia Taylor Dudley). She begins showing
    weird behavior and it eventually attracts the attention of Vatican. For
    acting department, there are actually some decent names here such as
    Michael Peña, Djimon Hounsou or Dougray Scott. They all have worked in
    bigger movies or played different roles, and there’s a visible effort
    here, but the material is so thin their characters feel lackluster.

    Pacing is also another issue. The way it’s presented might make the
    timeline seem odd, it switches back and forth between early stages of
    haunting and eventual discovery. However, the transition is poor and it
    doesn’t escalate well, although that’s partially because of the timid
    horror. Visually, it’s very confusing, often using documentary style
    such as following character with camcorder perspective or CCTV videos,
    all of which are unnecessary and only manage to limit the presentation.

    As for the creepy parts, they are practically the stuffs of old. If you
    have seen any similar movie in past couple of years, chances are you’ve
    seen this before. A few scenes fare better, although these are also
    heavily borrowed from other films. There’s barely any grand sight or
    atmosphere of Vatican, in fact the priests from holy city almost like
    supporting character that pop up in small portion of the movie.

    It’s all right if the concept is not novel, many other movies have done
    old concept well. However, The Vatican Tapes relies too heavily on
    superficial gimmicks and sadly low on thrill.

  • trnjamesbond ([email protected])October 9, 2015Reply

    The Vatican Tapes Review

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dorjee WangyelOctober 10, 2015Reply

    And the winner is….

    The Vatican Tapes. What did it win? The award for the worst horror film
    of the year.

    What does terrible direction, amateur acting from not-so amateur
    actors, incoherent plot, atrocious editing crammed into 90 minutes
    make? Yes, you guessed it right – The Vatican Tapes.

    Now I did not need more than the first 15 minutes to know that the
    movie was gonna suck. But I was hoping for even a small chance at it
    being enjoyable. How disappointed I was by the end result. The
    storyline is horrible, utter trash. But the worst thing was the acting.
    It was worse than some amateur movies I’ve seen.

    Not recommended to anyone. This one is an utter trash. You are better
    off wasting your time by doing other things.

  • Johan DondokambeyOctober 10, 2015Reply

    Thin on all the buildup and Unsatisfactory on the climax

    The story has some space to utilize in the audience’ curiosity although
    from its title one can easily guess that this will be an exorcism
    horror movie. But it turned out that the filmmakers aimed for something
    else, yet they couldn’t really develop a movie that does justice to
    their own vision. Instead of either focusing on the exorcism or
    portraying the movie as something else entirely, the filmmakers opted
    to take the middle way of having the exorcism as a climax and offering
    something else after it. But like I said before, this movie didn’t
    really do justice to its own vision. The story build up took too long
    on all parts whereas the audience had already knew that the main
    character is possessed. And instead of using more instances of
    possession or exorcism, the movie opted for the commonly mediocre
    jump-scares, which made it less different than other horrors.
    Furthermore, the climax exorcism lasted for just about ten minutes,
    which can disappoint exorcism movie enthusiasts. The acting overall
    feels below standards, even with big names such as Michael Pena and
    Djimon Hounsou. But I wasn’t surprised because the whole thing should
    be just a fun ride before Halloween.

  • wiselifeloverOctober 11, 2015Reply

    Below average

    Well I wouldn’t say that its the best horror movie ever, its below
    average (something you can watch on a lazy Sunday night). In this type
    of movies, production has to be careful with the cast selection [ I
    mean some of the actors were simply bad……the boyfriend,priest,the
    men nurse(that was the worst) ]. + the sound was annoying and cheaply

    The relation with the Vatican is a bite vague , i felt that the
    production just wanted to put the Vatican in the story for the title
    sake . The movie lack of order and coherence, which takes out that
    ”reality effect” awaiting by the audience.

  • Angel WhisenantOctober 12, 2015Reply

    What in the what?!! Why?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cliometricianOctober 12, 2015Reply

    Yes, indeed, another Exorcism movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • darkxpyderOctober 13, 2015Reply

    Incomplete and unexciting

    I don’t know what the filmmakers intended with this movie, it has
    decent effects and an OK(if unoriginal) plot, plus a considerably
    famous cast even then it doesn’t seem to go anywhere, and the events
    happen without much if any emotion at all, plus there’s some weird
    exposition at certain moments that made me feel like they might have
    intended to make this into a franchise or something like that. The
    movie felt more like an introduction to something rather than a fully
    featured movie. If they intended to make this into a franchise i kinda
    doubt it has or will have enough attention to justify one although it
    would be nice to have a more flesh out and meaningful ending.

  • manuelasaezOctober 14, 2015Reply

    I’m getting tired of the Catholic approach to Exorcisms

    As far as exorcism films go, this movie is as vanilla as they come. I
    don’t remember any cursing, there were were uncomfortable body
    contortions by the possessed girl, but it was just so basic. It’s the
    same tired set-up time and time again; girl is possessed, they call a
    Catholic priest, he has to convince the Vatican that the girl is
    possessed and get clearance to perform an exorcism. With other
    religions, you don’t need to go through all of that noise.
    Pentecostals, for example, believe that people can in fact be
    possessed. If someone is possessed, they begin the process right away.
    No waiting, no red tape. The creepy, cult-like nature of the Catholic
    church just makes the whole process needlessly complicated. If someone
    believes that they are possessed, get the damn demon out if them,
    got-dammit. That being said, the acting is okay, the special effects
    were passable, and the ending was better than I expected. But overall,
    the premise of this movie has already been done TO DEATH. let’s get
    some new ideas thrown into the mix now. Instead of a girl, make it a
    boy. Instead of Catholic priests, make it a Pentecostal Pastor. Just
    change the formula. It’s no longer scary when you don’t believe in what
    is trying to scare you.

  • FlashCallahanOctober 15, 2015Reply

    What ‘possessed’ them to make this?….

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tony Heck ([email protected])October 15, 2015Reply

    The movie is watchable but it doesn’t do anything amazing to set itself apart from every other movie in this genre.

    ”Why does the devil choose one person over another? There’s no
    explanation. The devil can choose anyone.” Angie Holmes (Dudley) is
    like any other 20-something. She wants a good job and a good life.
    After anyone she is close to becomes injured or worse she wonders what
    is wrong with her. When she is determined to be possessed a simple
    exorcism seems to be the answer. When the Vatican sends down Father
    Lozano (Peña) to help he discovers something more terrifying than
    anyone could have imagined. I first of all have to say how nice it was
    to see a horror movie that wasn’t all filmed with a hand held camera.
    This movie used the type of idea that the Fourth Kind did, where it was
    part fake documentary and part actual movie. As far as the actual movie
    goes it wasn’t that bad at all, but it was really just generic and
    nothing all that new to the exorcism genre. The acting is good and the
    movie is watchable but it doesn’t do anything amazing to set itself
    apart from every other movie in this genre. Overall, not bad and I did
    like it, but at the same time nothing special or something to run out
    and watch. I give it a B-.

  • The CouchpotatoesOctober 20, 2015Reply

    Certainly not the worst movie about possession like some want to make us believe

    Here we go again with the negative reviewers. I wonder what’s wrong
    with those people? You are not going to tell me that this is the worst
    horror movie you ever saw, because then you talk a lot of bull… Okay
    it’s not the best movie about possession or exorcism but it sure ain’t
    the worst one. You can not compare it with The Exorcist because that
    movie was one of the first one about that subject and for that time it
    had everyone on the tip of their chair. Linda Blair will probably
    remain the best actress as a possessed person but it doesn’t mean that
    other actors can’t play that role. I thought Olivia Taylor Dudley did a
    good job with her performance. Looking innocent and then pure evil, to
    me it all looked real, and that’s what’s it all about with movies like
    this one. I surely was entertained and I saw hundreds of worse horror
    movies then The Vatican Tapes. Don’t believe the haters here because
    they don’t know what they are talking about.

  • 851222October 20, 2015Reply

    I enjoyed this flick for what it is

    Greetings from Lithuania.

    ”The Vatican Tapes” (2015) is a very enjoyable ”possession / exorcism”
    movie. While the plot is not really original, the ending kinda was
    original, really original. It has not bad mood for this kind of horror
    movie, and although it has clichés all around, the overall experience
    was positive.

    Michael Peña is totally miscast in this movie, he is one of the most
    reliable ”comic reliefs” in industry at the moment, so it is hard to
    take him seriously in priest robe with serious face, there were some
    scenes with him near the end when i just wanted to chuckle – not that
    he is a bad actor, he is solid one, but at this moment in his carrier
    this kind of movie is clearly not his strongest side. Djimon Hounsou is
    also a bit miscast, although this 2 times Oscar nominee is much more
    believable in this role. Others were OK, nothing special. Directing was
    also OK, and i kinda liked cinematography and editing, they create this
    feeling of uncertainty.

    Overall, i kinda see why ”The Vatican Tapes” has such a lot rating at
    IMDb (4.5 at the moment) – lots of recent horror movies about
    possession and exorcism are shoot in ”found footage” style, but this
    one plays straight and its overall look is inconsistent, there are many
    close ups and shaky camera and some weird shoots, but as a whole i
    liked this style and as i have mentioned it creates this tension and
    feeling of uncertainty. Ending was also kinda original in my opinion.
    While this flick isn’t the most original or best in its genre, it was a
    pretty descent one.

  • nicky plumOctober 23, 2015Reply

    yet another possession movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • XwiochOctober 24, 2015Reply


    I think that this is one of the worst horror movies of 2015. The plot
    is granted, are all things you’ve seen. There are a lot of movies about
    exorcisms and this is not different from the others. Is always the same
    story. The title talks about tapes but in the movies they are not even
    used, or at least not in a decent way.There aren’t scary scene, there
    isn’t blood or something, only two drops. About the actors there is
    nothing special, they did their work, just that. Don’t waste your time
    guys, don’t watch this cause is really bad, for don’t talk about the
    final cause is really idiot. This movie is a real flop, it will not
    scare you at all.

  • Desertman84October 27, 2015Reply

    The Arrival Of The Anti-Christ

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sussal1311October 28, 2015Reply

    Absolutely horrible attempt at a horror movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cdmbdmOctober 30, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • HellmantNovember 5, 2015Reply

    Full of cheap thrills, and laughable acting.

    ‘THE VATICAN TAPES’: Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    Another religious themed horror flick, dealing with exorcisms and
    demons. This one was directed by Mark Neveldine; who also co- directed
    such violent action movies as ‘CRANK’, ‘CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE’, ‘GAMER’
    and ‘GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE’ (all much better films than
    this). It was written by Chris Morgan (who also wrote the last five
    ‘FAST & FURIOUS’ flicks), Christopher Borrelli and Michael C. Martin.
    The movie stars Olivia Taylor Dudley, Michael Peña, Dougray Scott, John
    Patrick Amedori, Peter Andersson, Djimon Hounsou and Kathleen
    Robertson. It’s a very mediocre film, and completely forgettable.

    Angela Holmes (Dudley) is a 27-year-old woman, who’s struggling with
    getting her overbearing father (Scott) to accept her boyfriend
    (Amedori); who she loves and lives with. She’s also recently began
    having severe trouble with violent accidents, and bizarre mood swings.
    We soon learn that Angela has been possessed, by a very powerful demon.
    It’s up to a priest (Peña), and a veteran Vatican exorcist (Andersson),
    to stop her.

    The movie is full of cheap thrills, and laughable acting. The story and
    characters are almost nonexistent. There’s definitely nothing original
    or creative here, but the film isn’t dull; and it does have decent
    production values (and a $13 million budget). It’s not entertaining
    enough to call ‘so bad it’s good’ but at least it isn’t boring. Horror
    fans might be slightly amused (very slightly).

    Watch our movie review show ‘MOVIE TALK’ at:

  • Mikka RNovember 13, 2015Reply

    Another comedy movie under the horror category

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • David ArnoldDecember 7, 2015Reply

    Another Mediocre Possession Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TheBarleyGuyDecember 18, 2015Reply

    A mediocre assembly of things we’ve seen 100 times.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • radicjosipDecember 30, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TdSmth5January 3, 2016Reply

    Pointless but ends strong

    So supposedly the Vatican has tapes of all the manifestations of evil
    around the world. This story is then based on one of these tapes.
    Fortunately, unlike what the title promises, this isn’t POV, although
    it does have the bare-bones style of POV. In fact the movie begins with
    two priests discussing some case. They watch a tape of a girl where
    suddenly out of her face another evil face emerges. One priest
    recommends they do something about this.

    Now we go back and meet the girl, Olivia. She’s got a boyfriend, her
    dad is in the Army so he’s never around. But for her birthday the
    boyfriend surprises her with a party and her dad is there too. While
    cutting the cake she cuts her finger badly and has to be taken to the
    hospital. On their way back, ravens attack the bus they’re on. She
    starts drinking one water bottle after another and at night passes out.
    She’s taken to the hospital again where she falls into a coma. Months
    later they decide to take her off life support and when they do she
    wakes up instead. That night she walks into the neonate ward and nearly
    drowns a baby. Cops show up, a raven shows up, and one cop slam two
    light bulbs into his eyes. Apparently that will kill you.

    All along since the first visit to the hospital the father has
    befriended a priest there. So he’s always around when something happens
    and he recommends they take or to some psychiatric facility. There she
    doesn’t contribute to her therapy and instead becomes clairvoyant and
    tells the attractive dr. of some sexual escapade she (the dr.) had.
    Then she gets an orderly to die. And one day, she mumbles stuff against
    the wall and in the room on the other side where all the patients are,
    mayhem ensues. They attack each other, commit suicide, and kill each
    other. That’s when the Vatican priests decide to intervene and one of
    them travels to meet Olivia.

    He performs an exorcism. Well, actually he doesn’t. An exorcism is
    meant to the get demon to leave the body. He wants the evil to manifest
    itself in the body. He’s got other plans. But this one evil is very
    powerful. It’s the evil promised in the Book of Revelations.

    The Vatican Tapes is yet another low budget exorcism movie that just
    like all the others is rather weak. We don’t end up caring for Olivia
    and her family. For most of the movie the priests are just in the
    margins and don’t do much. The exorcism/ceremony offers little new and
    pretty much follows the standard formula but without being scary. It’s
    after the exorcism is over that things get interesting. What the movie
    proposes with Olivia’s fate is quite daring. And it should be downright
    terrifying. But it just isn’t.

    These exorcism movies are cheap and easy to do, it seems, that’s why
    we’re getting so many of them. If you’ve never seen one, then The
    Vatican Tapes could be interesting. The problem is that the ritual
    itself is central and everything that happens builds up to it. Any yet
    rarely is the ritual filmed in such a way as to convey the horror that
    it should represent. Unless filmmakers are able to come up with
    something new or genuinely frightening, they shouldn’t bother.

  • HorrorliefhebberJanuary 8, 2016Reply

    An attempt to establish a continued to film

    -The Vatican Tapes is a 2015 American supernatural horror film directed
    by Mark Neveldine from a screenplay written by Christopher Borrelli,
    which is in turn based on a story by Chris Morgan and Christopher
    Borrelli. -The film stars Olivia Taylor Dudley, Kathleen Robertson,
    Michael Peña, Djimon Hounsou, Dougray Scott, and John Patrick Amedori,
    and was released on July 24, 2015, by Lionsgate.

    –Critical reception:

    -The film received generally negative reviews from critics. On Rotten
    Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 21%, based on 34 reviews, with an
    average rating of 4/10. On Metacritic the film has a score of 37 out of
    100, based on 11 critics, indicating ”generally unfavorable reviews”.
    IGN awarded it a score of 2.5 out of ten, saying ”It exists without any
    real scares or chills, and only the smallest attempt to differentiate

  • Avi BluesteinJanuary 31, 2016Reply

    The only Anti Christ here is the director of this film

    Seriously now – I can’t believe someone at Lionsgate actually approved
    this horrible production.

    This is one of those movies that you watch and then suddenly the end
    credits appear and you ask yourself ”what the f…”.

    I mean, had it at least been scary. Or surprising. Or anything… No
    plot, just a sequence of exorcism or possession scenes that are very
    short, un- scary and not even surprising or mysterious. No hidden
    message, no good guys or bad guys, just a boring possession. No point
    at the end, no development during the movie… just people doing things
    while being shot by a camera and then it ends – with simply nothing
    really happening or any hint of anything.

    Quite boring, pointless and the acting is far from convincing.

    The horror is the fact this film was ever released. It truly scares me
    that there’s someone who actually approved this!

  • kosmaspMarch 12, 2016Reply

    Different beast

    It’s not really about exorcism, though it is about possession. And I
    have to admit, that I am surprised by the low rating here on IMDb. It’s
    very well crafted, has an array of good actors in it and the script is
    solid. While I would agree that it doesn’t reach the heights of some of
    the best horror movies out there, this is certainly a very good movie.

    The acting is strong, the story holds up and the ending works too. Yes
    some characters react strange to our main character, but overall it’s
    not the worst behavior in horror movies (or in the clichés we are used
    to). I like the mentality of the movie and the director seems to know
    his stuff. As does the cinematographer (both plus leading actress are
    on an interesting audio commentary on the disc) too. I was pleasantly
    surprised by this and maybe you will be too

  • sunlit_dreamsMarch 16, 2016Reply

    Let me help you not to waste your time…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • leonblackwoodApril 2, 2016Reply

    Not that entertaining! 2/10

    Review: This is one of those typical Exorcist movies, with a straight
    forward storyline, which wasn’t that great! Basically, an everyday
    young girl, Angela (Olivia Taylor Dudley) gets possessed by a demon and
    is hospitalised, with her dad, Roger Holmes (Dougray Scott) and
    boyfriend Pete (John Patrick Amedori), by her side. As there is nothing
    that the doctors can do, she is released from hospital but the on sight
    preacher, Father Lozano (Michael Pena), knows that there is something
    suspect about her. Soon after she is released, she causes car crash
    which puts her in a coma, and when they decide to turn of the life
    support machine, she comes back alive, to everyone’s amazement. While
    she is in hospital, she wakes up in the night and nearly kills a baby,
    so they put her in a psychiatric hospital, so she can be under 24hr
    watch. After a few extremely weird events, which are caused by her, the
    hospitals psychiatrist, Dr. Richards (Kathleen Robertson) decides to
    release her, and her father gets help from a Vatican priest, Cardinal
    Bruun (Peter Andersson), to perform an exorcism with Father Lazano, to
    release the demon. After an epic showdown, which goes totally wrong,
    Angela escapes from the exorcism and later on her life, she starts to
    perform miracles around the world, with Father Lazano and Vicar Imani
    (Djimon Hounsou) closely watching her from the Vatican. So basically,
    the devil girl is roaming the streets getting the public thinking that
    she is a miracle worker when she is really the devil. Sounds great but
    it really wasn’t! Because the movie broke even, there might be a part
    2, which will see the priest go after the devil girl but I won’t be
    rushing to see it. The acting was quite poor from Olivia, because she
    didn’t really play the role convincingly. The rest of the cast wasn’t
    bad but I would have liked to have seen more from Djimon, who was
    perfect for his role. The storyline also wasn’t that great because none
    of the strange events were investigated by anyone, which I found a bit
    strange. If they would have looked into her past, they would have known
    that the random miracles that she was performing were suspect,
    especially after the police officer killed himself, and I’m surprised
    that no one looked at the recordings that were made in the hospital.
    Anyway, the film was badly put together and the sketchy storyline,
    really needed some work. Disappointing!

    Round-Up: As I’m quite a fan of Michael Pena, 40, who usually stars in
    some decent movies like Ant- Man, The Martian, Vacation, Fury, American
    Hustle, Gangster Squad, End Of Watch etc, I thought that I would give
    this movie a chance, and when I saw that Djimon Hounsou also was in the
    cast, I was quite looking forward to it. How let down was I! Djimon was
    only in a couple of scenes but Michael Pena put in a good performance,
    even though the script was awful. This movie was directed by Mark
    Neveldine, 42, who wrote and directed the funny Crank, Gamer, Crank:
    High Voltage, and the awful Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance. He really
    didn’t make the most out of the decent cast and the sketchy script
    became predictable and quite boring after a while. 

    Budget: $13million Worldwide Gross: $13.5million

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their horror/thrillers
    starring Olivia Taylor Dudley, Michael Pena, Djimon Hounsou, Alison
    Lohman, Kathleen Robertson and Dougray Scott. 2/10

  • Nitzan HavocMay 13, 2016Reply

    Great acting, not a great film. Still worth a shot!

    Demonic possessions and exorcisms have always been some of my favourite
    themes and sub-genres in Horror films. Indeed, we have come a long way
    since the original cult The Exorcist, with certain films far exceeding
    others in any aspect there is. Sadly, in my humble opinion, The Vatican
    Tapes is not one of these chosen few, far from it.

    The story isn’t particularly impressive, but does express some
    originality, as the possessing demon isn’t just another foul spirit.
    Beyond that – nothing special, nothing new. The ending, however, while
    lacking a good twist and a less anticlimactic conclusion of events – is
    rather unique in its own way, and left me personally quite content with
    my decision to sample this film. Not remarkable, but definitely
    deserving of certain praises directed at original writers Christopher
    Borrelli and Michael C. Martin.

    The way the possession itself is portrayed is pretty much a combination
    of all the known classics. It appears director Mark Neveldine had no
    intentions of reinventing the wheel, and simply meant to show us the
    possessions we already know and love. I personally was impressed with
    the decision to refrain from using voice effects, and simply relying on
    lead actress Olivia Taylor Dudley’s profound skills.

    Speaking of which, the acting is by far the finest aspect of this film.
    Dudley does an amazing job as possessed, disturbed and distressed
    Angela, and Dougray Scott (Roger) and John Patrick Amedori (Pete) are
    authentic, convincing and excellent as the possessed’s loving and
    concerned father and boyfriend. The Vatican priests (Peter Andersson
    and Djimon Hounsou) were also quite remarkable.

    The biggest problem with such films is that they rely too much on
    specific religions, Christianity in this case (and in most cases). This
    leaves many of us non-Christians struggling with suspense of disbelief,
    which sourly affects the overall sensation of fear (the main reason for
    watching Horror, isn’t it?). I in no way whatsoever mean to criticize
    Christian beliefs, for films focusing on Jewish exorcisms, for instant
    (like The Unborn and The Possession), suffer from the same problem. It
    would be spectacular to see a production that would succeed in avoiding
    the easy way out, and find a way to create a possession film relevant
    to all audience regardless of religious upbringing.

    All in all, the film reminded me very much of The Exorcism of Molly
    Hartley, which wasn’t a success to say the least, only slightly better.
    While far from being a masterpiece, The Vatican Tapes does offer
    certain unique benefits and advantages, making it definitely worthy of
    watching. I would say to give it a chance, but with lowered

  • Leofwine_dracaJune 9, 2016Reply

    What’s with these boring possession flicks?

    Hollywood seems to be content to churn out one cookie cutter possession
    movie after another at the moment. THE VATICAN TAPES is no different.
    Although this film bags some interesting character actors in support,
    it also has in director Mark Neveldine one of the lamest guys in
    Hollywood behind the camera. You may – or may not – remember Neveldine
    as one of the pair behind such delights as CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE and
    GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE, two of the dumbest films made in the
    last decade.

    Neveldine’s quirky direction undoubtedly drags down this film’s
    enjoyment level from the start. THE VATICAN TAPES half wants to be a
    realistic found footage movie, although it isn’t; for the other half,
    it just adopts random shaking camera-work in order to portray the
    unfolding events. It’s headache-inducing.

    The narrative is clichéd and the dialogue pretty rotten, so solid
    actors like Dougray Scott and Djimon Hounsou are given very little to
    do other than show up. Once again Michael Pena wastes a potentially
    interesting character role, while Alison Lohman creates a character
    totally unsympathetic to the viewer. I appreciate the inclusion of old
    action B-movie stars like Michael Pare and Daniel Bernhardt in the
    plot, but what’s the point of having them do nothing? THE VATICAN TAPES
    is a slow-moving tale that delivers one cliché after another,
    particularly an uninspired exorcism scene which certainly isn’t worth
    sitting around for. It was certainly a waste of time for me.

  • Claudio CarvalhoJuly 7, 2016Reply

    Decent and Underrated Horror Film

    In Los Angeles, Angela Holmes (Olivia Dudley) is a happy young woman,
    pride and joy of her father Colonel Roger Holmes (Dougray Scott) and in
    love with her boyfriend Peter ”Pete” Smith (John Patrick Amedori). On
    her birthday party, she cuts her hand and Roger and Peter take her to
    the hospital. When she returns home, she has a seizure and they drive
    her back to the hospital. Then Angela is discharged but she pulls the
    wheel of the taxi causing a serious accident. She returns in coma to
    the hospital. Forty days later, she has no response and Father Oscar
    Lozano (Michael Peña) convinces Roger to unplug the life support
    system. Out of the blue, she awakes in perfect health. Soon Angela
    shows signs of demoniac possession and the Vatican sends Cardinal Bruun
    (Peter Andersson) to perform an exorcism to save her soul. Will there
    be time to save her body?

    ”The Vatican Tapes” is a decent and underrated horror film, one of the
    best about exorcism. The plot is based on Catholic beliefs but is
    engaging. Most of the cast is excellent and has good performances;
    maybe only Michael Peña has an inexpressive performance. The conclusion
    has an open end maybe with the intention of a sequel. But in general,
    ”The Vatican Tapes” is satisfactory with an appropriate use of Handycam
    or surveillance video. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): ”Exorcistas do Vaticano” (Exorcists from the Vatican”)

  • SolenJuly 31, 2016Reply


    I do like the concept of possession, often it results in a decent
    horror movie, think Emily rose and the exorcist. This however….. I
    don’t even know where to start.

    The story moves too slow. There is no jump scare and no real
    psychological horror aspect to it. The characters has no dimension.

    I just feel that they gave up before they started. There is nothing
    interesting about this movie and frankly i was so friggin bored. If i
    hadn’t watched it at a friends place I Would have turned it off after
    20 min.

    Save yourself and watch something else.

  • NileFortnerBoogieBuddha954September 1, 2016Reply

    The Vatican Sex Tape. Do I have your attention? Good, because this film isn’t as bas as some people may think.

    Mark Neveldine’s first solo directorial effort The Vatican Tapes is a
    silly, late night horror flick, and actually a decent watchable
    exorcism thriller.

    Two priests attempt an exorcism on a possessed young woman in this
    horror film directed by Mark Neveldine.

    Here we have it folks. Another horror film about a possessed young
    girl. Huh-hum, but The Vatican Tapes is honestly a decent throwback to
    these old horror movies, a good cheesy midnight horror flick to see,
    and I believe it’s not as bad as some individuals are making it out to
    be. In the beginning of the film, we see and learn from the exorcism
    montages that high-ranking religious officials have made a lifestyle of
    investigating paranormal activity over the past 2,000 years. They have
    been seeking individuals that could definitively prove the antichrist
    is amongst us.

    We meet Angela Holmes, played by Olivia Taylor Dudley (Chernobyl
    Diaries, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension). She is our typical
    horror movie possessed girl. She is cute, young, happy, and has a
    boyfriend named Pete, played by John Patrick Amedori (Stick It, Scott
    Pilgrim vs. the World), and her rough and tough religious father,
    Roger, played by Dougray Scott (Hitman, Hemlock Grove).

    One day Angela comes across mysterious raven. The raven leads to Angela
    being responsible for a car. The raven causes chaos wherever it goes,
    and lands Angela in the hospital. Angela becomes more sinister over
    time, and that is when Father Lozano, played by Michael Pena (Observe
    and Report, Ant Man) soon realizes a demonic spirit may be at cause.

    This film made for a perfect low budget horror midnight movie. If you
    are looking for a silly yet fun late night flick with friends, this is
    a good one. Do not come in here expecting a horror classic. It is just
    a campy, not to be taken serious horror movie. This movie reminds me
    very much of a grindhouse film with a bigger budget.

    My only complaints are the cast are not really the most convincing
    characters. The most sympathetic individual is Angela’s father, Roger.
    He has done his best to raise his daughter all by himself, and now,
    after being out of town with the army, is with her long enough to see
    her fall horribly ill. Also, I believe this film would have been a
    little better with an R rating. The scares aren’t really scary, the
    possession doesn’t seem all that frightening, and some good ol’ gore
    could have been used to enhance the characters and story.

    So these are my final Bitchin’ Buddha thoughts on the film The Vatican
    Tapes. This movie knows what it is and does not try to be any more than
    that. The chills are not really there, but a decent story is in here. I
    believe The Vatican Tapes earns a…


    This review is brought to you by Boogie Buddha, and remember, don’t
    just get down, but get Boogie. Thank you all for reading and or
    viewing, and I hope you all have an amazing day as always. 🙂

  • monsterjazzlicksJanuary 3, 2017Reply

    RE: Definitely AVOID!

    Hi folks.

    Don’t even bother with this one.

    Possibly one of the worst films ever made! I believe this film won an
    AWARD? How on earth is this so? This means that it must have been shown
    at the cinema? Did the public REALLY enjoy this film? It should have
    been a (UK) Saturday night thriller on Channel Five TV.

    It is boring, the acting is weak, and the story is totally unbelievable
    (even in RELIGIOUS or NON FICTION terms).

    Why do the ”Vatican Tapes” labels on each of the videos have no year
    stated in the date? How could this so obvious ERROR be overlooked? I
    think Olivia Taylor Dudley had better start taking some acting lessons
    from Linda Blaire. How on earth, with all this technology and
    experience can such an embarrassing film on the subject of EXORCISM be
    produced? A complete waste of time any money.

    Hope this helps . . .


    Paul David Seaman (UK)

  • thelastblogontheleftJanuary 10, 2017Reply

    One will come to mimic the Christ…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • justroxy93February 8, 2017Reply

    Not a possession movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MymsyFebruary 28, 2017Reply


    I was looking forward to watching this film, it seemed like it had so
    much potential, but I was very disappointed. I found the characters
    jarred against one another and the most believable was probably the
    raven. I feel that the bulk of what the film was really about all
    slumped to the latter end of the film, which made it seem rushed and
    inconsistent. What a shame.

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