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Aug. 10, 2015 India123 Min.
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8.8 1,611 votes

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Raam Reddy


Singri Gowda isCentury Gowda
Century Gowda
Thamme Gowda isThamanna
Pooja S M isKaveri


In a remote village in South India, three generations of sons react to the death of Century Gowda, their grandfather, a 101-year-old man. The three story lines intertwine before converging at Century Gowda’s “Thithi”, the final funeral celebration eleven days after a death.

Original titleThithi
IMDb Rating8.6 1,504 votes
TMDb Rating7.9 7 votes

(12) comments

  • iamwhatiam8990May 18, 2016Reply

    11 Days of Life in a Village Captured Skillfully

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mrm-mahaJune 4, 2016Reply

    Comments from eminent persons

    #1Comments from the famous actor Aamir Khan ✔ @aamir_khan Hey guys,
    just saw one of the most amazing films I have seen in a long time!
    Thithi. (1/4) Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE
    performance! And all non actors in the film. And how funny is it?!!!
    (3/4) It’s a little difficult to slot it into a genre, but it’s really
    funny.Don’t miss it. Love. a. (4/4) — Aamir Khan (@aamir_khan) May 30,
    2016 #2. Legendary American filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola and French
    filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet (director of Amélie) are fans of
    Thithi.After watching the film at the Marrakech Film Festival in
    Morocco,Coppola said ”I want to be like Century Gowda (one of the
    central characters in the film)! Such a beautiful film, such
    unforgettable characters.

    #3. Hollywood biggies like Wes Anderson and Tom Cruise are also aware
    about the film #4.At the 63rd National Film Awards, Thithi won the
    National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Kannada.

    #5.Thithi won the two top prizes at the prestigious Locarno
    International Film Festival: The Golden Leopard and the Swatch Best
    First Feature #6.Anurag Kashyap @anuragkashyap72 ”THITHI” is that one
    film that I have seen thrice and I can see it any number of times.
    Don’t miss this gem

    #7.irrfan ✔ @irrfan_k Watching #Thithi was such an amazing endearing
    experience 🙂 @RaamReddy89 👏🏻

    #8.Speaking of non-actors, almost all the actors in the film have never
    acted before. The makers handpicked regular villagers including farmers
    to play themselves on the screen

    #9. There’s a very good chance for Thithi to be India’s official entry
    to the Oscars next year. Thithi was the only Indian film competing in
    the international international category at the 17th Jio Mami Mumbai
    Film Festival. With 11 international awards already in its kitty, film
    scholars are already backing Thithi to be India’s next entry to the

  • nanda-rameshJune 4, 2016Reply

    A sophisticated village story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kumarmpalyaJune 20, 2016Reply

    Overall a movie which is not to be missed by any chance..

    Movie reviews Thithi Rating 4.5/5

    The story is so natural and concept is beautiful.. The direction is
    simply superb and everything in the movie is director’s play ▶.. The
    actors are so real and cool, their performance is perfect 👌.. The
    comedy in movie 🎥 feels so natural.. Each and every scene is well
    planned and well placed.. The way the story is narrated is excellent..
    Each character in movie is given equal importance and they perform 🎩 so
    well.. This is the best movie to show how a village life is.. Beauty of
    village and villagers is Simply superb..

    Overall a movie which is not to be missed by any chance.. Worth
    watching it again..

    Personal Touch Never expected a movie 🎥 to be so good. Just felt like
    being a part of movie 🎥 and was one among the people in cinema 🎦 with
    full enjoyment. The director is a magician and champion.. That’s why
    it’s a national award winning movie 🎥.. The characters and their names
    are still 🏃 in head.. Century Gowda, Gaddappa, Thammana, Cauvery..

    ‪#‎Thithi‬ ‪#‎KannadaMovie‬ ‪#‎AnuReviews‬

  • avinashrealmJune 22, 2016Reply

    Kannada Cult movie which should not be missed out.

    A movie which showcases the generation differences, real life relations
    between father and son also with villagers. How faulty it is in all the
    ways that is possible for a society to be. It also brings in South and
    North Karnataka on a single page, The nomad Shepard of North Karnataka
    faced with nomad like character Gaddappa who is like an old banyan tree
    who’s acts philosophy in real terms.

    Top of that the characters in the movie are not professional actors,
    but the villagers where this movie had been done.

    I feel when you count 10 Must watch movies of India, this movie holds
    higher rank in the list.

  • ([email protected])June 29, 2016Reply

    Thithi – Ritual performed after 11 days of death

    I’m from south India, I live few KMS (approx. 50) from the location
    specified in the movie, and I have seen the culture, ritual, slang,
    behavior of the people in reality. What I am about to say regarding
    this movie is that, the direction,cinematography of the movie is so
    well that it exactly replicates original people’s lifestyle. This is
    the first ever movie I have seen people without any makeup, and being
    very close to their real life. The movie does contain a story line of
    the people’s greediness, fights, lack of their own ritualism. Overall
    its the perfect outcome. The movie leaves the audience with many
    questions on completion.

  • KashverJuly 19, 2016Reply

    A humorous, yet realistic portrayal of a dysfunctional Indian family

    I viewed this movie at the current New Zealand International Film

    It wasn’t bracketed as a ”highly recommended” watch by the catalogue
    editors, however to be blunt, I think they’ve missed a trick. The very
    realistic nature of this film allows it to resonate strongly with
    people of all ages, and the humour is very subtle, yet well received.

    The audience is left with a somber feeling in their stomach, pondering
    a world in which wealth and greed seem to prevail over family and

    You could be forgiven for thinking this film might be slightly dull
    after reading the synopsis, but I assure you it would be a poor
    assumption. A great, whole-hearted watch!

  • avinashhaleyangadiAugust 14, 2016Reply

    If you show India in poor light… awards will roll

    This is another Slumdog Millionaire kind of movie. You show India,
    Indians, Indian village in POOR light and the entire world starts
    praising. No wonder Amir Khan & Times of India showered good ratings
    for the movie!! Same goes with the books, remember ‘White Tiger’ –
    again you show India in poor picture – you get the awards!! Ohh god,
    when is this going to end? when will the bullshit whites/westerner stop
    projecting themselves as superior. People, we need to understand that
    we – from Bharath are a superior race. We were and are the spiritual
    capital of the world.

    Britisharu bandhagle avara ”thithi” maadthidre ee dina bartha
    eralilla!!!! A humble request to upcoming director/producers – please
    don’t project India in a poor light!

  • shobanchittuproluSeptember 13, 2016Reply

    Thithi is good satirical take on Indian villages and their lifestyles.

    Thithi (2016): Kannada films are mostly remakes of other language moves
    but they too have their own independent films which are recognized
    world wide.Especially the new age film makers of Kannada are well
    appreciated for their creative thinking and world class making.Thithi
    is a recent critical acclaimed movie directed by youngster Ram
    Reddy.This movie has a specialty that all the actors are debutante
    actors are all of them are residents of the same village where the
    movie takes place.

    Plot: In a remote village in South India, three generations of sons
    Channe Gowda (Gadappa),Thamme Gowda and Abhishek react to the death of
    Century Gowda (Singri Gowda), their grandfather, a 101-year-old man.
    The three story lines intertwine before converging at Century Gowda’s
    ”Thithi”, the final funeral celebration eleven days after a death.

    Plus Points:

    1)Screenplay and Direction: Thithi is so realistic and funny.Its
    portrayal pf Indian Villages and their cultures and life style is well
    shown.Screenplay is slow paced but it keeps our attention with its
    scenes and comedy.Raam Reddy is needed to be appreciated to make such
    satirical comedy.

    2)Performances: Though all of them are debutantes they gave natural
    performances.Especially Cahnne Gowda as Gadappa is awesome.His
    character is both emotional and funny.

    3)Duration: Duration is just 2hr 2 min.SO now lagging and tiresome

    So,Thithi is good satirical take on Indian villages and their


  • friend-travisSeptember 13, 2016Reply

    Kannada’s Classic

    Happened to watch it today. Im glad to see such a classic coming out of
    Kannada Movie world. Movie making cant get real than this. Moments
    shown in the movie happen in our daily life and we can immediately
    relate to it. It rings bells for people of all ages. The things that
    are shown in the movie and the behavior of the people are exactly what
    it is in real life. More-over the language used in the movie makes the
    experience all the more real . Loved Gaddappa’s character the most. Its
    fantastic, mind blowing, full of light heart-ed moments , very comic
    and a treat to watch. i would definitely recommend everyone to watch

  • Tejas NairOctober 8, 2016Reply

    Silver Out Of A Funeral. ♦ Grade C+

    Indian cinema is experiencing a huge paradigm shift: from largely
    making potboilers for decades till the 2000s to finally arriving at
    making artful films. Thithi is one such example where comedy and drama
    is mixed to generate amusement.

    Gaddappa (Channegowda) is the eldest and most careless son of late
    Century Gowda (Singrigowda), a centenarian who lived a lousy life. As
    per his community/religion/caste, he is the one who should perform the
    last rites at Gowda’s funeral (”thithi” in Kannada). However, Gaddappa
    is least bothered, both about the funeral and about the land that he
    has now inherited from his father. Anxious and impatient is Thammanna
    (Thammegowda), Gaddappa’s only son, who fears that the land will be
    usurped by his uncles. So, he devises a crooked plan to transfer the
    land into his name and subsequently sell it before the funeral. Not
    being helpful in this activity is Thammanna’s son, Abhi (Abhishek H N),
    who is experiencing and trying to enjoy his newly found puberty. These
    three people’s eccentric but ordinary actions leading up to the funeral
    is what the film is about.

    One should thank the person who created the English subtitles for the
    film, for it helps a non-Kannada person understand the film and also
    get the jokes. Light humor is sampled in most of the dialogues as the
    characters interact with each other impassively. The air maintained by
    the three central characters as they set out on their own endeavours is
    absolutely normal yet highly convincing. Hence, it is the cast
    performance and delivery that works best for the story to propel
    forward seamlessly. Prima facie, the plot is pretty straightforward,
    but ”Thithi” is about the intricacies and small things that describe
    these characters and their actions.

    Writer-director Raam Reddy’s efforts to clinch the quirky minds of the
    people of the small Karnataka village evidently pay off, with the film
    having not a single dull moment. With support from great production
    setup and continuity, the film succeeds in making its audience laugh
    and ponder about life (and death?). Moreover, it even teaches you a
    game and pokes fun at your gullibility.

    For Kannada speakers, this will be a definite treat. For foreigners,
    this can be a light- hearted, one-time affair.

    BOTTOM LINE: Raam Reddy’s ”Thithi” is an enjoyable film that should be
    watched and lauded, mostly for its brilliant cast and their flawless
    performance as quirky characters. Rent that DVD now!

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

  • ridinbalDecember 25, 2016Reply

    Thithi is one of the honest and well crafted movie of Kannada Industry. It tells the story of the village in a satirical and realistic way.

    ”Thithi wont bore you as you will get engaged with characters. Its a
    must watch movie”

    My rating- 4/5 (Dont miss this flick)

    Positives- 1.) Screenplay and direction- The best part of screenplay is
    that it was able to mix humor in a slow paced story making it a
    satirical comedy. Even though the movie lags, the director was able to
    keep our attention to the characters and their problems. Each and every
    dialogues were realistic and also was able to provide natural humor to
    the plot. So screenplay and direction needs to be appreciated for
    following variety and experimental film making style.

    2.) All actors performance- Each and every actors performance was
    excellent and looked totally real.

    Negatives- 1.)Duration- Duration could have been reduced a bit because
    it was lagging.

    Is it a must watch?

    Yes, no doubt about it.

    Overall- Watch this award winning movie and its worth it!! My rating-
    4/5 (Dont miss this flick) For more reviews go to- Ridinbal movie
    reviews. Ridinbal movie reviews has all language movie reviews
    (English, Kannada, Malayalam,Telegu,Tamil,Hindi,Arabic,Iranian)

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