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Through the Air

Through the Air

Vincent, a former air rifle champion ends up in a dangerous spiral after accepting an unusual job offer.Jun. 17, 2015
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Fred Grivois



Vincent, a former air rifle champion lives a quiet life with his wife and his daughter. Despite his happy family life he ends up with economic problems. One day at the shooting range he meets the mysterious Renaud who promises him a solution to his problems by offering him an unusual job. Suddenly Vincent finds himself in a very dangerous spiral which turns out to be even harder to get out of than finding a solution to his economic problems.

Through the Air
Through the Air
Original titleLa Résistance de l'air
TMDb Rating6.6 8 votes

(5) comments

  • GUENOT PHILIPPE ([email protected])June 27, 2015Reply

    What a deception

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • roland-wirtzJuly 17, 2015Reply

    James Hadley Chase it ain’t!

    La resistance de l’air is nothing else than a bad rehash of a very good
    novel by James Hadley Chase: Like a hole in the head. When I saw the
    names behind the script, I wasn’t surprised at all since they also made
    another bad rehash of a very good film with Les Cowboys (rehash of John
    Ford’s The Searchers).

    The film is totally empty and flat. It’s also anti-climatic in so many
    ways. This being sold as a crime film, you expect at least that it
    would deliver the goods. Nothing happens. If you expect some muscles
    and some sparks flying, you’ll be disappointed.

    A reviewer pointed out how close it was to Colt 45, another french
    crime film. I can see why but Colt 45 is a much better film than La
    resistance de l’air. From what I heard Colt 45 was slaughtered in the
    editing room but even in its actual form it beats Fred Grivoi’s picture
    on every level.

    My advice: Forget this film. Read Chase’s Like a hole in the head and
    watch Fabrice du Weltz’s Colt 45 instead.

  • Tom DooleyFebruary 24, 2016Reply

    A Bit of a mis- fire in this French thriller

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kosmaspJune 23, 2016Reply

    Not ”French Hit-man”

    You sometimes have to wonder what the Germans are thinking when they
    (re)name some movies they release. You can not think any minute of
    watching this, that it is an action movie or something in that vain.
    While it does have some single action pieces it also has too many
    moments that just drag along. It feels like an overblown slow burning
    movie with really good actors in it.

    And does it have a payoff? Me thinks not, but I reckon that is in the
    eye of the beholder/the viewer to judge for themselves. I don’t think
    many will come up with a positive look on things though. It’s not
    always about being fast paced, but you do wonder if it wasn’t possible
    to pick it up at times and make this anything else than boring … then
    again, that in itself might be the selling point for those who want
    something different

  • OJTAugust 5, 2016Reply

    Effective and believable, with great noir feeling

    A couple of reviewers here are guessing that this film is inspired by
    the novel ”Like a hole in the head” by James Hadley Chase, in that the
    plot is similar. I haven’t read that novel, and the review is based
    upon the film as itself. I could find no evidence that this film at all
    based upon that novel, and find it ridiculous to review that film on
    that basis.

    As a drama or thriller this film stands firmly as it is. The
    up-building of the story is slow, but I don’t mind. The film starts off
    with a guy who is a master shoots-man, but with money troubles and wife
    troubles, Vincent Cavelle (played by Reda Kateb, who also was featured
    in the fabulous ”A prophet”). He also has a troubled relation to his
    own father. Then a surprise friend turns up, offering to help.

    I found the acting very good and believable, and the film made me think
    on several levels. How far is it from being a controlled master shooter
    to become a cold sniper? How easy is it to go into a complete different
    role, when you see the solving of all your problems?

    The film is Fred Grivois’ first feature film, and as such it’s very
    good. I also found the music score to be perfect, and the film gives a
    noir feeling which I also like very much.

    The So if you are out for a film which isn’t all action, but realistic
    suspense and also kind of thought provoking, then give this film a
    chance. Well done!

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