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What side of the deal will you be on?Mar. 11, 2016 Ireland90 Min.
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8.8 1,552 votes

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Killian Scott isHarry Fox
Harry Fox
John Bradley isVernon Stynes
Vernon Stynes
Kelly Byrne isGirl in Home Video
Girl in Home Video
Olwen Fouéré isHelen Stynes
Helen Stynes


What if it made perfect sense for ordinary people to kill each other for money? Better than slow grinding financial ruin and misery, and all done according to a strict code by consenting adults. This is Trading.

Original titleTraders
IMDb Rating6.2 1,624 votes
TMDb Rating6.3 14 votes

(9) comments

  • Niaz Islam ArifJuly 20, 2016Reply

    Not much of a thriller

    Although the movie genre defined it as a thriller movie it failed to
    hold the thrill throughout the film.

    John Bradley performed very neatly though Killian Scott’s acting was
    offbeat. he was one of the major character in the movie so when his
    expressions and dialogue delivery was sloppy it took away the gravity
    of that particular scene.

    About the script, it was well written with a new concept of trading.
    But in the climax scene was not well thought because that scene lacks
    logic and does not coincide with the previous scenes which were shown
    and the conversations took place on that time. So the climax scene is a
    major letdown.

    Another thing about the script is there was no twist or turns, entire
    movie was like a straight arrow; it was quite predictable. There was no
    thrill of what might happen next so I could not enjoy the movie that

    The movie had great potential but all and all not worth your time. Not

  • abadguy44July 24, 2016Reply

    Shallow Plot

    At first, the Movie ”Traders” seemed to have a unique story to be told.
    After watching it, I left the theater very disappointed with how the
    plot didn’t have any teeth. The idea that you could bet your life
    against another person and winner take all seemed interesting almost
    provocative. However, the simplistic way that it was done was boring
    and unimaginative. The script lacked depth and imagination with how the
    story played out. There wasn’t any hook to keep you interested in what
    happened next because the plot was too shallow and obvious. The acting
    wasn’t bad but the characters were one dimensional and underdeveloped.
    I highly recommend that you don’t waste your time with this one.

  • mik sAugust 7, 2016Reply

    sticks to the brain somehow

    from the technical or artistic angle by no mean it is amazing. there’s
    nothing remarkable, no treat for the senses.

    however the subject is disturbing making the film interesting enough &
    leaving an impression on the mind (mine at least).

    it’s a dive in the world of losers with no hero in it but a wide bunch
    of losers accepting their condition & running to their death (one way
    or another).

    what is missing beside that psycho-sociological study (through the
    Vernon character mainly but not only) is a spiritual/philosophical
    angle to make it truly deep & multi-layered with more subtle character
    development, better narration & dialogues (i would have liked to
    see/hear poetry or sarcasm or irony or real funny quotes -they tried
    but they fail IMO like at the co-worker funeral… something more).

    in other words, what is missing is a Stanley Kubrick or a Shane Carruth
    (re-)writing it & directing it.

    conclusion : worth watching but shame it’s not the masterpiece it could
    well have been with more work & perfectionism in the writing &

    the generous 7 is because it does leave this lasting impression (unlike
    99% of Hollywood productions forgotten 10 minutes after it’s over)

  • sparkas999September 1, 2016Reply

    Great concept!!! Something refreshing!!! Loved it!!!

    Somebody, in previous review, mentioned that the plot was straight as
    an arrow, but I have to disagree with that. I had no idea what will
    happen in the end, and it had plenty of twists, especially in the
    second half of the movie. New characters were introduced and disposed
    off, but each one of them had a particular part to fulfill.

    John Bradley was in his character, close to the one of his in Games of
    Thrones. Killian Scott, I thought, did a good job, especially at the

    The whole concept is refreshing and interesting. And I would recommend
    to watch the movie. 8 out of 10. Enjoy.

  • Lisa_of_ShadesSeptember 3, 2016Reply

    Fight club… deadly version… almost as epic!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tsevattDecember 3, 2016Reply

    Captivating to the core: Might make you second-guess your moral compass.

    I had low expectations based on this film’s rating and synopsis but was
    pleasantly surprised. The plot sounded too dark, impersonal, and
    unrealistic to be any better than your everyday shock-value indie
    horror film. However, the idea of ordinary people voluntarily meeting
    up via the dark web to fight to the death in hopes of doubling their
    life’s savings was just too enticing. The narrator and main character
    Kevin Fox played by Killian Scott (who I’ve never seen before) really
    pulls you in by somehow making the whole world of p2p mutual combatants
    seem feasible among those who are in financial despair. Then, he takes
    you along for the downward spiral that ensues when such a world becomes
    difficult to leave behind. Some of the lines in his narration are so
    well-written, ironic, and humorously delivered that they alone make the
    movie worth watching. I hope to see more of that lad!

    The film also has a way of warming you up before things turn too
    sinister. Once the ball gets rolling, the writers manage to mix in
    comedic relief without being campy. There is also good character
    development which sets it apart from other movies with similar themes.
    This is despite your initial rejection of John Bradley (Sam from Game
    of Thrones) for Vernon Stynes as being the pioneer of said ”trading”
    website. Sit tight, because you will come to find Bradley is the
    perfect cast for reasons I can’t disclose without any spoilers. It
    isn’t receiving 9 from me only because most of the rest of the cast
    just lacked the blockbuster talent required for it. But a 6.1 certainly
    just doesn’t do ”Traders” justice.

  • Dave Demarest ([email protected])December 11, 2016Reply

    Traders Review

    I was pleasantly surprised by this film, which is if you want a plot
    summary for i’m sure you can just go to IMDb or Wikipedia. I checked it
    out because I saw John Bradley was in it and i’m a big GOT fan. Alas in
    this film Bradley plays Vernon, an out of work want to be entrepreneur
    who concocts the idea of ”trading” in which two people put all of their
    net worth into a bag, and challenge each other to a fight to the death
    in which the winner nets both bags. Vernon is very Samwell Tarylish in
    his neurotic-ness and the lead character, Harry, played by Killian
    Scott acted out his character arc brilliantly as out of work and
    hopeless man in the beginning to wealthy terminator by the films end.
    As the movie ran shortly under 90 minutes it felt like a long episode
    of an anthology series as opposed to an actual film, but nevertheless
    it was quite enjoyable and I suggest giving it a look.

  • dale-51649December 19, 2016Reply

    Out of work Traders come up with a dangerous fast cash scheme

    I am a big Brit flick/Mic flick fan, so when I stumbled on this find I
    was instantly hooked. A couple of ‘yuppie mics” loose they’re jobs at a
    bond trading firm, and the fat one comes up with a scheme to make a lot
    of jack. There is a catch though (isn’t there always?), you could
    easily die doing it.

    The boys decide to go to the Dark net, and arrange a fight to the
    death-winner take all MMA style knife fight dual. The cooler one , sort
    of a younger ,better looking stephen Rea type, is quite good at it
    (woudnt you have to be?)

    The cool thing about it is, it is so original and twisted that you
    literally don’t know what is going to happen. There is a love interest,
    a sort of not too bad looking Irish version of a trailer park pretty
    ,but they don’t go all American style smash your face into it. The gal
    doesn’t even boss him around.

    The great thing about this film is, it actually has suspense. For an
    American who has been force fed Lifetime channel ”it’s for the
    children” formulas for so long we are perpetually nauseated, it was
    really refreshing. If you are looking for something well acted,
    different, and most of all non pandering, you will love it.

  • amazon-77359January 18, 2017Reply

    Like a good old fashioned British film, but modern.

    I was brought to this via following John Bradly (GoT), who does a
    sterling job here.

    Really good solid film without all the self-congratulatory nonsense
    that fills Hollywood movies but still with high production values.
    Despite the unlikely premise that runs throughout, it is shot with a
    bleak but engaging realism. The characters are developed and yet
    refreshingly, we don’t have to suffer too much relationship nonsense.

    The plot is pretty straight forward and while some might say it was a
    bit thin, I was content to just let it flow to its conclusion. I was
    initially skeptical about the main premise being a viable concept (even
    within a film) but the small scale of how it started actually won me

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