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Uno: The Movie

Uno: The Movie

I just want to go home...Nov. 30, 2016 USA164 Min.
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Gavin Free isGavinoFree
Ryan Haywood isBM Vagabond
BM Vagabond
Jack Pattillo isBM Vagabond
BM Vagabond


At the end of a workday, the only thing anybody wants to do is go home. Unfortunately, that won’t be happening tonight. Five co-workers play a game of UNO with ridiculous rules, and it quickly spirals into insanity. Only one can walk out of the office with their head held high, while the others wallow in their defeat. Join Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Ryan Haywood, Gavin Free, and Jeremy Dooley in the most anticipated card game ever witnessed in: UNO: The Movie.

Original titleUno: The Movie
IMDb Rating9.8 7,914 votes
TMDb Rating7.5 8 votes

(89) comments

  • Sam KeithDecember 1, 2016Reply

    In 2016, an evil spirit invades a normal workplace and traps four average men until they can score 500 in UNO

    THE MOVIE ITSELF This movie is amazing. The character development was
    like nothing I have ever seen before. Their acting was so good it
    looked like they were really held there by a spirit, and you could hear
    the stress in their voices. Although it is a very long movie, there is
    little off time. The plot twist at the end was made by a genius, and I
    believe the director did an amazing job with the special affects.
    SPECIAL AFFECTS This has some of the best special affects in recent
    movies, it looks like cards float and the spirit really does appear as
    a blue mass in front of one of them. I have even heard the cards
    themselves weren’t real, which is insane if it’s true. I would suggest
    this movie to anyone who isn’t afraid of oceans or bad decks.

  • shadows_millionDecember 2, 2016Reply

    The best video game movie ever. A modern day 12 Angry Men

    I have seen many terrible game movies,like battleship or Doom so i have
    always been hesitant of these type of movies. When I heard that they
    made n Uno movie, I thought the production company Rooster teeth had
    jumped the shark on their film business, ad this was only their second
    feature film. But i was surprised that a nearly 3-hour long movie about
    a card game of Uno was one of the funniest and most enthralling films
    I’ve seen in 2016. The plot is so simple its like their isn’t a plot.
    the film takes place in the production company’s video game unit (i
    forgot what it’s called, I think it’s like trophy hunters or challenge
    finders or something like that) and 4 of their workers (Geoff, Gavin,
    Jeremy and Ryan) decide to record a game of UNO. Thinking it should
    take a short time, they all discuss what they will do after, maybe
    record another game, maybe watch the election going on, maybe just get
    something to eat.However, after a rule of 0 and 7 enters the play, the
    500 point game spirals out of control to complete madness. The entire
    cast of the movie was excellent. I think the performance by newcomer
    Ryan Haywood should be up for best supporting and Geoff Lazer Ramsey is
    easily the best lead of the year. Gavin Free also did very good at
    portraying the dread that everyone was feeling, a performance so good
    it felt real. Rounding out the cast is Jack ”dillhole” Patillo and
    Jeremy Dooley, and that’s it. The film is a bottle movie, taking place
    only in the Goal Getters office. The direction was clear and crisp. And
    the dialogue felt so loose and unscripted. the characters flubbed and
    made mistakes and references things unknown to the audience because
    that’s what feels real. and when the game turns from fun to torture,
    the way each character reacts and feels is so good, its almost like the
    director made the actors actually go through all this pain.The film as
    you can see, has a lot of inspiration from Sidney Lumet’s 50s
    masterpiece 12 angry men. The small cast, they single location, the
    small task that takes way to long and cause a large variety of
    emotions. Hell, Jeremy’s character constantly references the movie
    Casablanca by saying ”here’s looking at you kid”, and that movie is
    also black and white, so that’s a connection, I guess. The length of
    the movie might be a turn off to most. At 2 hours and 45 minutes, the
    film takes its time. it actually becomes painful for the viewer which
    was one of my favorite aspects. Only a few filmmakers like Andrei
    Tarkovsky or Ingmar Bergman can make you feel like that to a movie

    That being said, i did have a couple of nitpicks. Not to spoil anything
    , but half way through the movie one of the characters disappears and
    is replaced by another character. while it might be a jarring change, i
    found it to work to add to the dread everyone felt, but it could have
    been done smoother.

    UNO: the movie has skyrocketed to the to of my favorites of the year. I
    recommend you see this before award season because you will definitely
    be a top contender next to Arrival, La LA Land and Moonlight. UNO the
    movie is a nearly 3 hour long trip of a movie, and I loved every
    second. A+

  • Gamer3427December 2, 2016Reply

    A Classic In the Making

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Isaac Weeto JonesDecember 2, 2016Reply

    Always engaging

    Despite the name of the movie being called Uno, ill happily keep
    drawing to have this rated a 10

    You’re first thoughts upon seeing the run time might be ‘uno… for 3
    hours… how could they make this a movie?’ but i assure you, unlike
    most other video game movie adaptations this one is true to the source
    material in it’s fullest. All the cards are well represented even with
    a few new character traits added to ‘0’ and ‘7’ which weren’t shown in
    the short film that this was based off.

    You’ve really got your hands full with this one

    With that I call UNO

  • KVLoreDecember 2, 2016Reply

    It’s a masterpiece – and a legend to tell your children

    I had my doubt when I started this movie. A nearly three hour long
    comedy? There would be no way that it could keep the comedy for that
    long. Now, I know that the creators have pulled of some great short
    films before, like Fuel and The Game of Life — but a full-length
    movie? I honestly didn’t think they had it in them. But they did.

    Their previous short film, Let’s Play Uno, was a amazing. This feature
    length follow-up was nothing less than a masterpiece.

    In my opinion, Pattillo has the best performance. His acting is superb
    — ranging from his loud outbursts of obscene words and jokes, to his
    silent denial of reality near the end. He’s the best actor Rooster
    Teeth has had on camera. They missed a huge potential by not giving him
    more screen time.

    The cinematography is amazing. The red color really symbolizes the hell
    the players are truly lost in. My only wish would have been that the
    Director would have added stationary cameras for the players faces.
    That would have really given us an opportunity to see the true depth of
    their despair.

    The soundtrack is also incredible. The smooth jazz playing in some of
    the sequences really fits the story well. The song playing during the
    credits was also insanely beautiful.

    I haven’t seen a movie where I’ve been so immersed in the plot in a
    long time. I could compare it to movies like Shutter Island — you’re
    just sucked into the story, coming up with crazy ideas and conspiracies
    for how it’s going to end. It’s extremely unpredictable. The entire
    story can change in the play of a single card. The Notorious Seven or
    the Crazy Zero are telltale signs that something is going to happen.

    I can’t recommend this movie enough. It’s definitely the Let’s Play
    Movie of the decade.

  • WatchItBuddyDecember 3, 2016Reply

    Hell is Other People

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • duckboxhouseDecember 3, 2016Reply

    Most jaw dropping experience ever

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Casey RyanDecember 3, 2016Reply

    Truly a masterful aegis of modern filmwork.

    When I was a boy, I would watch movies such as The Lion King, all day.
    I could rehearse that movie line for line I loved it so much. This
    piqued my interest in filmmaking, regardless of what kind. As I grew
    older I watched grittier movies, such as the Godfather and Shawshank
    Redemption. The character development, the narration, the atmosphere
    hits those films out of the park. When I see UNO: The Movie, it brings
    tears to my eyes to see this…this masterpiece capture those memories

    UNO: The Movie is the de facto film of our time. A film to be
    remembered, you know the ones: Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Godfather, The
    Dark Knight. This film gets a 10/10 from me for its accurate capture of
    the struggle of the working class man, his fight to get home, and his
    clash with what he used to call his friends.

  • Abby StewartDecember 3, 2016Reply

    A heartbreaking and captivating tale from start to finish.

    I arrived home from work, exhausted from a long day, and noticed a
    video in my YouTube subscription box titled ”Uno: The Movie”. I scoffed
    at the thumbnail, Hollywood has officially run out of ideas! With a
    cynical smirk on my face, I decided to click on the video, thinking I
    was to see the death of cinema occur right before my eyes.

    From the moment the video started to the moment it ended, I found
    myself captivated by the story, characters, and cinematography.
    Coworkers trapped in a room together until they finish a 500-point
    round of the classic card game ”Uno”, but with some sadistic rules
    added. As the hours wore on, I could feel the character’s desperation
    to finish the game- almost as if they were actually playing a
    three-hour game of Uno. The camera angles used to show us each player’s
    hand makes the viewer feel as if they were actually playing the game

    With a stunning cast, crew, and soundtrack, I predict a complete sweep
    at next year’s Oscars for this breathtaking film. ”Uno: The Movie” did
    not kill cinema, it brought it back to life.

  • KirstyDecember 3, 2016Reply

    An Excellent Movie with Compelling Characters!

    Uno: The Movie was a wonderful experience! The Ending was probably one
    of the funniest sequences I’ve seen in a very long time! The characters
    were incredibly interesting, though it was strange that the Actor for
    one of the characters switched mid-way through.

    As a fan of this company for years I think it’s interesting that they
    put out something that could have flopped so badly, but due to good
    chemistry between the characters and a fantastic plot, they make it
    work! This simply proves how talented this group is.

    The plot itself is breathtaking, a simple story about a group of
    coworkers that just want to go home, but can’t seem to finish their
    game of Uno. It’s a basic premise, but the execution is what truly
    sells it!

    A hilarious and wonderful experience overall.

    10/10 would suffer through again.

  • Sara French FreyDecember 3, 2016Reply

    Worth the Watch

    I can honestly say that when I saw that this film was 2 hours long – I
    was a bit wary. I watched a preview of the video on Twitter of Jeremy
    and Ryan’s humorous reverse debacle, and figured that I’d watch the
    first 10 or so minutes and then keep it on in the background while I
    finished up some work. But 5 minutes in I was already hooked. Rules
    that I’d never even hear of made it a thrilling nail-biter throughout
    the whole thing. The humour is made all the better by the fact that
    none of the players knew what was coming. Very immersive in that way.
    10/10, would highly recommend for any fellow fan or someone just
    looking to throw away a couple of hours watching complete nonsense
    unfold by watching 4 grown men play a game made for children.

    Play on, Achievement Hunters.

  • heatherm-40748December 3, 2016Reply

    Greatest Video Game Movie of All Time!!!!

    Throughout the years there have been plenty of video game movies that
    have been terrible and some have been alright, but none have truly been
    great, until now.

    Uno:The Movie is a story about Uno for sure, but it also has heart,
    joy, sadness, and a mixture of other emotions that makes it a well
    balanced and well paced film. The characters are great and the stakes
    are truly there once the film hit the final act.

    This movie also shows the power of friendship and the effect an event
    like this can have. People’s lives change in an instant and no one can
    really guess where this goes, and no one can guess the ending. Also,
    make sure to stay though the credits, you won’t be disappointed with
    what you see.

    The cast does a great job. You really feel like they are friends with
    each other and they all know each other so well. It gets even better
    when you learn that two people played Ryan in this film and you can’t
    even tell the difference. They both sound so alike that there is not a
    chance to tell them apart.

    Move over Mortal Kombat, this is the great video game movie of all time
    and one of the best ever regardless of genre.


  • PrestonDecember 3, 2016Reply

    A roller coaster of emotions from beginning to end…

    I started the film skeptical. Who are these people to think that they
    can build a film upon a family card game? Was I wrong…

    You begin as our heroes start fresh into the world of the game. Taking
    in its atmosphere and overall happy to be apart of the aura it puts
    off. However, things begin to fall in spectacular, confusing,
    awe-inspiring, and meaningful ways.

    This film turned out to be not just a film created from a vision, but
    one that shapes the vision as it is filmed. It held no boundaries and
    it gave no cares to what human nature may wish for in life. This film
    wasn’t a comedy, horror, suspense, drama, nor romance. This film was a
    close look into the sociology behind human nature. The slow degradation
    of man, the ever increasing distrust of others, the wish to only find
    the end.

    Overall, this is not a film to be taken lightly. Expect nothing and
    accept everything for this is a commentary on life. I won’t say that I
    cried, but I definitely cried. I give it a perfect 5/7.

  • terran-34745December 3, 2016Reply

    Best Game movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CannedChaosDecember 3, 2016Reply

    Uno: The Movie is an existential masterpiece

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Raven RodriguezDecember 3, 2016Reply

    Best Movie of 2016

    Coming into the movie with little knowledge, I had few expectations. In
    the start, it seemed like nothing more that a quirky video game movie,
    but it quickly turned itself around. This movie is full of laughter,
    anger, frustration, and tears. It’s the best roller coaster I have ever
    been on. If you want to see a movie that has everything you could ever
    want, this is your film. Ramsay, Free, Patillo, Haywood, and Dooley all
    gave excellent performances. Their roles felt real and raw, as if it
    was all actually happening to them. They committed to the movie like no
    actor I’ve ever seen before. A truly Oscar-worthy performance. Do
    yourself the favour of watching this amazing film. It is a tale of real
    life hardships that will certainly leave you blown away.

  • sorrowscytheDecember 3, 2016Reply

    An Achievement Hunter masterpiece

    When I heard about this I thought it will be terrible. little did I
    know it will literally made me laugh so hard. A true masterpiece
    perfect for Christmas nights and New Years. Also perfect for making
    people think ”what the firetruck did I just watch, because who the heck
    plays UNO THAT long?” Anyway, I still have to write around 5 more lines
    because I’m just here to top rate this awesome movie, okay? Seriously,
    it’s really hilarious, and you’re probably not gonna read this anyway,
    and there’s so much I can do to extend this text! Make sure you get
    cozy before watching this, because your ass is gonna hurt a lot after
    this, sans padding. Oh and by the way, the cake is a lie.

  • profhehhooDecember 4, 2016Reply

    A Modern Day Breakfast Club

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • peterfilmDecember 4, 2016Reply

    An emotional journey

    Watch as the Achievement Hunter crew slowly descent into madness, as
    they play the longest recorded let’s play of Uno multiplayer in the
    history of mankind! It starts off as any other video would. At the end
    of a long, tiring day, our favorite achievement hunters sit down to
    play a game of uno, but soon they real’s: this game might never end.
    Friendships will be broken, lies will be revealed, cards will be drawn
    and all kinds of twists and turns all the way through. And at the end
    you will cry, cheer, laugh, and most importantly scream from the top of
    your lungs along with our unlikely heroes. You don’t want to miss this
    emotional roller-coaster of an online video! I highly recommend it for
    all the uno enthusiasts, haters of the color blue and masochists out

  • Albert PooleDecember 5, 2016Reply

    Best movie 2016, made me cry and laugh

    I was not ready for this masterpiece, it came at me with twist and
    turns, the actors showed what rage should be like in movies, made me
    laugh and even made me cry when Jeremy, played by Jeremy, had to tell
    his loved one he’d never see her again ;_;

    They even managed to seamlessly switch out an actor in what had to be
    the one time in history where it added to the movie without taking away
    from it.

    In the end, you can truly understand how such a large team was needed
    for this movie to truly come alive when you get to see the credits,
    filled with famous people the like of Caleb Denecour and Matt Bragg.

    This is it for this review, as i need to go and watch this movie again
    and its keeping me away from it

    10/10, would watch again

  • Kim HansenDecember 5, 2016Reply

    Who Actually Ends Up Winning Uno? The Answer May Surprise You

    I watched the prequel short film to this movie and greatly enjoyed it,
    eager to see more. Now, earlier in the year (October I believe) the
    cast of this movie mentioned it on a podcast, the Off Topic Podcast,
    however they did not reference it by name. Just calling it the ”longest
    let’s play they’ve ever done”. Previously that award went to the Fuel
    let’s plays so as expected many were excited to try and sleuth out what
    video game the award would go to. No one was expecting to to be Uno.

    I saw it the day it was released due to my RT First paid subscription
    and immediately was heartbroken, I didn’t have a consecutive three
    hours to watch this during. So I split it into three parts and watched
    a little bit at a time and let me tell you that it did take away from
    game play somewhat. Parts were forgotten, iconic lines missed. I had to
    rewind and watch one part three times. I highly recommend you watch
    this movie all in one go.

    That being said this movie was fantastic, possibly one of the best
    movies I’ve ever seen. It’s up with the greats: Inception, Ex Machina,
    The Lorax, Titanic. With the amount of emotion imbued in this film
    you’re in for a roller coaster ride and the ending was a spectacular
    surprise. I rate this movie 10/10 stars and believe everyone should
    watch it. This movie is going to become a tradition for my family to
    watch every Christmas time and you should do the same as yours. Wow,
    what a film. If I could rate it higher than 10 stars I would. Bravo,
    Achievement Hunter, bravo.

  • GirlWhoLovesTurtles .December 5, 2016Reply

    A Haunting Look At Human Nature

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ale StraDecember 5, 2016Reply


    This movie might not have had the biggest budget, but it definitely
    exceeded all of the viewers expectations. It’s a real milestone for
    board game films. One of the best features of this masterpiece is the
    climax of madness and sorrow of the main protagonists. Another great
    thing, I would say, is the soundtrack: that saxophone is literally the
    best! I don’t think that even the producers were expecting this Uno
    phenomenon to be as sensational as it is. The departure of the caring
    father is really one of the most emphatic moments of all time, it
    really captures the drama of a babysisterless family. It easily might
    be the best Uno movie ever made!

  • William BeasleyDecember 6, 2016Reply

    UNO: The Movie is Fabulous

    When I first heard that Rooster Teeth’s second film would be Uno: The
    Movie I was skeptical as I was unsure how they could make an enjoyable
    2 and a half hour movie out of a simple card game especially since the
    film was done by the Achievement Hunter branch of the company. I was
    gladly Surprised though as we follow Geoff Ramsey, Jeremy Dooley, and
    Ryan Haywood (later replaced by Jack Patillo) as they battle with each
    other as well as the film’s villain Gavin Free who has forced them to
    play an endless game of Uno. This movie is strong with comedy but also
    gives some heart-filled scenes like when Ryan must depart from the
    group and Jeremy must call his wife to explain his delay. This is a
    fantastic film 9/10

  • Alastair McWilliamDecember 6, 2016Reply


    Uno the movie is an unequalled masterpiece in the genre of video game
    movies. Many movies fail to capture the essence of the source material,
    be it real life, fiction or as in this case video game. Uno: The Movie
    captures every emotion in the human range from soaring highs to
    crushing lows. Anticipation, disappointment and a yearning for one’s
    family, these are all illustrated in this heartwarming story of
    friendship, loyalty and ultimately, betrayal. Join Geoff, Gavin,
    Jeremy, Ryan and eventually Jack for this roller-coaster ride of
    emotion, watch on with satisfaction as every plan laid ends up taking
    an unexpected twist. Uno: The Movie made me laugh until I bled if
    that’s not testimony enough for you, then perhaps you should reevaluate
    your criteria for a good movie.

  • xxanimeloverschickxxDecember 6, 2016Reply

    There are no words, you MUST watch this.

    When the short film Let’s Play Uno came out, I was a bit disappointed.
    It was wonderful and lovely of course, but I was one of those fans that
    could only like one thing so anything after Fuel seems lacking. But
    then they decided to have an actual full length film? Now I was
    interested because they are not the type let their editors rest and
    have it easy.

    I thought I could watch it within a few days but behold, this people
    have found their charms once again. This movie enchant me that all I
    could do is sit down and watch it all in one sitting. Even when my
    coffee is getting cold, even though I had homework to do, even though I
    had to pee so badly, this movie grab me by my heart and made me watch

    From the way they edited one screen to another flawlessly, the color
    mashing from one to another as if they were all just one screen. The
    way the actors name stood on the top left, letting you who is who but
    did not take away from the content. What can makes this better would be
    a face cam or the old classic dick cam.

    And then there’s the actors. My oh my, everyone portrayed the word
    misery so well. Even though we can not see them, their moans and
    yelling was more than enough to let us know that they embodied the
    story, that they just want to go home.

    Jack Patillo coming in halfway was a surprised as he was a main actor
    in their Uno short film. He did get the main cast and was replaced by
    Ryan ‘youuuuuuu!!” Haywood but in the end it does not matter as Jack
    took the role of the ‘Punished’ as he got the rough end from the other
    actors. My favorite would be Gavin Free as the emotion of regret for
    this whole thing happened because of him.

    All in all, this movie was a masterpiece. There are rumors of a sequel
    but that can only happened if we all watch it. If anyone truly wants to
    know the joy of happiness because of someone’s suffering without the
    extra baggage of guilt, then please take three hours of your life that
    you could have used to do something productive and watch 2016 end of
    the year masterpiece, Uno: The Movie

  • jdeggers-81831December 6, 2016Reply

    An Instant Classic! Forget everything you thought about movies!

    Since the beginning of film, there have been many classics in the art
    form. The Godfather. Citizen Kane. Casa Blanca. But there has never
    been a film like Uno the Movie. Very rarely does something go above and
    beyond expectations and set a bar so high. Let’s just start by talking
    about the stand out cast. Geoff Ramsey, Gavin Free,Jack Padildo, Ryan
    Haywood, and Lil J. Brilliant casting. These guys make Daniel Day Lewis
    and Leonardo Di Caprio look like drama students. I don’t think there
    has ever been a film with as much emotion or reality than Uno. Joy,
    anger, duress, relief. It takes true talent to switch between those
    emotions seconds apart from each other. The bond these characters have
    for each other is truly something to be studied for years to come in
    film schools all around the world. Who can forget the plot. Extravagant
    writing all across the board. You start off with a story not really
    knowing where it’s going and then BOOM! Lies, deceit, and 0 card. Some
    say that Heath Ledger once studied these men to prepare to be the
    Joker. Truly a movie not to miss and one for the ages.

  • xtimeswordxDecember 6, 2016Reply

    Greatest Card Game Movie of all time

    Honestly, Uno is a pretty awful game. However, these actors are some of
    the greatest actors of all time, and some that aren’t even actors. You
    have THE Gavin Free who is known for recording the slow mo shots in
    Sherlock Holmes. Jack Pattillo who was in that one gay porno. Geoff
    Ramsey who was in the background of Saving Private Ryan at some point.
    Ryan ”Baby Finger” Haywood who incidentally was not the Private Ryan.
    And of course, Jeremy Dooley who is known for his full on frontal
    nudity pics on Twitter.

    You will have a two and a half hour blast listening to these men fall
    into madness. One will call his wife. One will go home. And then Jack
    will show up and everyone hates him. But don’t worry, the fall isn’t
    only going to break their spirit, but also their minds.

  • wesleyvideogameDecember 6, 2016Reply

    Loved it long time. Sorry. I loved it’s long running time

    When you want to fall asleep to the slowly increasing rage and insanity
    of friends who love/hate each other then this is a go to. I would love
    to see this in theaters but the screen is too small to handle such big

    I think that a sequel will really flesh out the backstories of the
    characters and maybe give us insight into who this ”UNO” really is.

    Mystery and mayhem, silliness and sexual innuendo galore. I love this

    I would love to see more Ryan however I think the character was well
    done but lacked the necessary screen time to develop

  • Bob BobbersDecember 6, 2016Reply

    Uno: the Movie could legitimately win an Academy Award and I wouldn’t be surprised

    From other reviews I can see that I was not alone in being skeptical
    going into this movie. Roosterteeth Studios has a checkered past when
    it comes to feature length films, and I was worried that this would
    retain the shortcomings of their previous attempts at film making,
    namely Fuel(2013) and Fuel 2(2015). Combine that with the fact that the
    movie being based on a card game, and I thought it would be a disaster.
    I mean, how does one even construct a movie around a game about
    numbered cards?

    Against all odds, Geoff Ramsey and Gavin Free have created a
    masterpiece, and possibly one of the best movies of the millennium. Not
    only have they created a epic saga rife with emotion and drama, but
    they remained true to the source material and kept the game Uno central
    to the plot. Where other movies ham-fistedly attempt to force stories
    upon board games, like the movie Battleship(2012), Uno:the Movie
    perfectly captures the drama inherent to the game. How they
    accomplished that which so many other have failed to do amazes me.

    Uno: the Movie delivers on all fronts. An emotional roller-coaster from
    beginning to end, the movie weaves an epic tale of love and loss, of
    fortune and betrayal, of joy and sadness. It is both a beautiful and
    sobering reflection of the human condition and the folly of man. By the
    end, you’ll have cried, you’ll have laughed, groaned, whimpered,
    sighed, covered your eyes, and gotten up to go to the bathroom. I
    personally found the movie so powerful, I couldn’t even watch it in one
    sitting. Let that sink in. This movie was so profound, that I had to
    watch it in three separate sittings, just so I could absorb what I had

    At its core, the movie utilizes Uno as a metaphor for human endeavor. A
    singular card represents the individual, a hand represents
    civilization. The card is brought into existence (born, if you will),
    lives in the hand, and then is discarded when the time is right. The
    card lives and dies, oblivious to the forces of fate that control its
    course throughout its life. Similarly, the hand is analogous to the
    nation, the empire, the civilization. And just as civilizations rise
    and fall, the hand too rises, is corrupted, and eventually destroyed.
    The conflict of Uno mirrors the conflict between empires. When one
    empire becomes too strong, others ally to destroy it. When an empire is
    weak, it is at the mercy of others. One individual, one card, is never
    powerful enough to change the game. Throughout history, these patterns
    persist. If civilizations are the works of deities, guiding and molding
    them to their will, Uno: the Movie asks the questions, ”What if
    ordinary men were raised to the power of deities? What if man
    transcended his physical and temporal coil and achieved omniscience
    over human affairs?” The answer will be difficult to accept for some.
    After watching Uno: the Movie, my interpretation is that if God exists
    and has watched his creations squabble and destroy each other for
    millennia, he would want to kill himself and go home.

    That is only one layer of this movie. There are so many other ways this
    movie can be interpreted. That is how I know this movie is brilliant,
    and a timeless classic. At the surface, it is a comedic, dramatic,
    fantastic, epic, sophomoric tale of five men trapped playing a game for
    far too long due to their own stupidity. Looking deeper, however,
    you’ll find a treasure trove of hidden meaning and insights into the
    human condition. I have to say hats off to Roosterteeth for making
    this. I recommend it for everyone. Don’t be deterred by its length, or
    by the fact that it’s based on a card game. It is well worth a watch.

  • Marcello Mark CresciniDecember 7, 2016Reply

    Uno: The Movie is the sequel we never asked for, but the one we always wanted.

    Such an amazing piece of art from Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth,
    managing to keep the viewer’s attention so close it actually hurts the
    eyes after a while. Uno: The Movie is not only a breath taking story
    among friends and colleagues who share the same oxygen every day of the
    week, but also a suggestive and remarkable example of how a person can
    hold onto his very own pride and glory just to beat the living hell out
    of his friends. Such a pity that Ryan Haywood (interpreted by Ryan
    Haywood) had to leave early in the making, due to ”family stuff”.

    Achievement Hunter community’s main complain were short videos, but
    Uno: The Movie, like FUEL before, is the one (or, even better, the
    ”uno”) that can finally shut down the critics and put back the
    Challenge Finders on the top of the world.

    That being said, here are some of the most incredible and outstanding
    quotes that can be found in this pure majesty of edited footage:

    ”This is longer than Gavin’s nose.” Geoff Ramsey

    ”Why did I get roped into this?” Jack Pattillo

    ”Boston.” Gavin Free

    ”My killer sense is tingling.” Ryan Haywood

    ”Oh God, oh well, oh s***, oh f***, oh c***.” Jeremy Dooley

    ”Yeah, welcome to the club, Larry.” Jose Jones Castillo

    ”Where the hell have you been?” Griffon Ramsey

    ”Hi Caiti. Bye Caiti.” Jack Pattillo

    ”The book is better.” Michael Jones

  • Joseph SturzaDecember 7, 2016Reply

    Best Uno¬ô themed movie ever!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hollamonmDecember 7, 2016Reply

    It is absolutely amazing! Technical marvel!

    That they put all of the frustration of Uno into a single movie is
    amazing to say the least! Worth a watch! If you are a fan of people
    suffering this movie is for you. It has action (cards), romance (not
    really but tell your girlfriend that and she’ll watch it), a lot of
    cussing and swearing, dirty talk, and most importantly, Geoff, Gavin,
    Jeremy, Jack and Ryan all just want to go home! Watch the movie of the
    year and see if they ever make it out of the office and make it home!
    It is a wonder for the ages for all to see. Sit down, relax and watch
    as a total of 5 people play four player Uno. How does that work? Watch
    and find out! Does someone get replaced? Does someone fuse into someone
    else and become an amorphous blob? Am I just typing more words to fill
    the minimum lines requirement? Yes, yes I am, they require ten lines of
    text so that’s what I am doing.

  • dmcnutterDecember 7, 2016Reply

    SPOILERS! – What an absolutely shocking twist at the end!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Neil LarsenDecember 8, 2016Reply

    Couldn’t finish it

    I had to stop watching with 50 minutes remaining because the comedy was
    too much and the action just was too intense. Uno the movie > Father’s
    day (I know, that good)

    10/10 would uno again

    But memes aside this movie is sure to be a hit for everyone of all
    ages. From infants to toddlers this is bound to be.a favorite.

    Jack patillo portrayed Ryan Haywoods character perfectly, couldn’t have
    had a better actor. Geoff Ramsay is an amazing director and really made
    sure the details of the movie were perfect.

    Okay holy golly gee IMDb really wants a lot of text for these reviews
    like I’m squeezing out as much guff as I can to make this review and it
    still isn’t long enough. I could only tell you how long I’ve been here
    if I had a MVMNT watch, because I’ve lost track of time on my Caspar

  • CubersDecember 8, 2016Reply

    Surely, I must be dreaming

    This is surely the best movie of the modern era. The design is so
    simplistic and aesthetic; my eyes were truly amazed. The actors are
    terrific in their roles and play each character with a unique

    Could this be the best movie of all time? I would have to say, it sure
    seems like it. Who ever could have thought that a game such as Uno
    would be so thoroughly entertaining to watch? The jokes are hilarious
    and I was choking on my Doritos throughout the entirety of this film.
    Without a doubt, some of the best screenplay this world has seen. Can’t
    wait for more movies from these actors.

    All in all, a truly well-rounded movie with no flaws at all; a modern
    masterpiece; no weaknesses and astoundingly beautiful. Some of the best
    cinema I have ever seen in my life.

  • Milo Bougetz-AulbachDecember 8, 2016Reply

    A masterwork that captures the heart and soul of humanity

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • epicdarklinkDecember 9, 2016Reply

    A film about four friends playing a game. surprisingly fantastic.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Leviathan XyzzyDecember 9, 2016Reply

    This should be nominated for an Oscar.

    This movie… It was life changing. Every moment, reeling. The HOURS of
    laughter, tears, and emotion has made this movie the best I’ve ever
    seen. It’s inspiring, uplifting, thrilling, and gives us all a cold
    piece of reality. There are some in this world that you just can’t
    trust. especially WHEN THEY JUST SCREW YOU OVER WITH THE +2’S AND +4’S!
    AND THE SEVENS AND 0’S! The parts were stellar, they chose the best
    actors for this masterpiece. I don’t even know how they managed to find
    someone who imitated Geoffrey’s laugh down to the correct note. The
    pure method acting of Gavin left me wondering if he has lived this
    story before. This should be taught in schools, for we all can take
    something from this.

  • MyaDecember 9, 2016Reply

    Undoubtedly the best film of our generation.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Daniel StaffordDecember 9, 2016Reply

    A Colorful Addition to Video Game Movies

    This is one of the most relatable movies I have ever seen. I feel like
    most directors would’ve added a lot of fluff to this film and made the
    situation seem better than it is, but not this one. You understand
    everything the characters are going through. Cheating, backstabbing,
    betrayal, and the ins and outs of a realistic friendship are the focus
    here. The best way I can describe it is that one time I was hanging out
    with a couple friends and we sat and played one round of Uno that
    lasted for an entire hour. The whole time we sat there we were
    wondering what the hell we were thinking, and it was miserable. This
    film captures that feeling perfectly.

    Uno: The Movie is a roller-coaster of betrayal with an ending you’ll
    never see coming.

  • Andrew TanelDecember 9, 2016Reply

    If any film could be classified as a work of art, it’s this one

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • beddiaDecember 9, 2016Reply

    An epic whirlwind of emotion and heart

    If I could give a rating higher than 10 I would say this movie is as
    good as dicks.

    There was an emotional roller coaster going on that you feel every
    minute of watching. The dedication the actors had to persevere through
    the adversity they face, is unparalleled. They sacrifice relationships
    and their very own well being to ensure that we, as a viewer,
    experience the most raw and true emotion that could ever been displayed
    through the medium that is UNO. I cried at the powerful portrayal of
    pure depression that only Geoff Ramsey could give us. Ryan Haywood’s
    performance, though fleeting, was as powerful as ever with Jack
    Pattillo coming in and sounding so identical, I truly believed there
    might have been two Ryans in the world. Gavin Free, as always, brings
    the comforting and lovable humor that all the great films need, while
    Jeremy Dooley may as well have been Jeremy Bogart with his improvised
    line of ”Here’s lookin at you, kid”.

    All in all this film is a masterpiece. There is nothing more that can
    be said about, what I feel is, the single greatest film of our

  • PichuDecember 9, 2016Reply

    The best movie of 2016/ of all time!!

    This is perhaps the best movie I have ever seen.The characters,
    emotion, and plot all tie together nicely and help create a feel that
    these men are actually going insane playing uno. The acting is
    splendid, especially Mr. Jeremy Dooley and his classic line ”here’s
    looking at you kid”

    This movie has every emotion you want: Happiness, Sadness, Madness to
    name a few.

    If you have not yet seen this movie, I would highly recommend it.

    I think that this film may even one day beet out Citizen Kane for the
    best movie of all time. This is easily the best movie that came out
    this year, with in a few weeks having well over a Million views and
    already having been on the top trending within its first week on

  • jeff_gonthDecember 11, 2016Reply

    The masterpiece that almost never was

    We are lucky that this movie exist at all.

    With all the behind the scene drama that happened during the
    development of the movie, everyone thought that it would never see the
    light of day. The budget alone went up 1000% when industry veteran
    Gavin Free took the questionable decision to shot the whole movie in
    slow-mo and then speed it up to real time. The actor portraying DGgeoff
    refused to work without trailer full of whiskey and gin, resulting in a
    6 month coma and subsequent detox. The pressure of it all got too much
    for the Puertorican actor playing the fourth member so they had to halt
    production until a suitable replacement could be found.The original
    actor playing BMVagabond went full method actor and actually hired a
    real family and spent a whole year with them to really understand the
    character. But he went too far and had to leave midway through filming
    to take care of his kids because he felt that it would be what his
    character would have done, leaving the director to hire a former
    softcore porn actor to replace him.

    So with the movie over the budget and no time left, the director
    decided to take a huge gamble and film the movie in one continuous
    take. And here lies the genius of it all. The lack of breaks and time
    out helped the actors really feel the desperation and the hatred that
    the characters develop for each others during the game. Of course there
    were some drawbacks. At one point it become clear that Mr Dooley forgot
    his lines when he kept repeating the same line over and over again. The
    actors also sometime break the 4th wall and address the audience. But
    while there are flaws, this movie is one of the rare instance of a
    movie making the audience feel like they are part of the journey. You
    feel like you’ve been through hell and back with the characters and
    came out of it forever changed.

  • pastelcoloredpillsDecember 11, 2016Reply

    Bee Movie: One of PDI’s best

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JoshDecember 11, 2016Reply

    Achievement Hunter Brings It Again

    In an incredible mix of filming, choreography, writing, and lighting,
    Uno: the Movie shows an inventive and innovative form of movie making.
    Setting multiple records, Achievement Hunter proves once again that
    they are a capable film industry. From an amazing cast to an amazing
    jazz score, Uno: the Movie offers the most thrilling, intense, comical,
    and heart-thumping adventures in modern day cinema. I’ve heard some
    refer to it as ”a modern day Citizen Kane.” The world has never seen
    such a brilliant mix of acting an editing. One of the film’s stars,
    Gavin Free, had this to say about his film: ”If you are still watching
    this, I’m very sorry” To sum up the review – Better than Pixels, not as
    good as Ghostbusters

  • cmcarlsonsoccer15December 11, 2016Reply

    This Movie was a Journey

    If you want to find out who you truly are then you need to watch this
    film. Be among those who can say that they made it through the entire
    film. You will learn more about yourself and about the members of this
    group as they embark on this epic journey. They laugh, they cry, they
    absolutely lose their minds, and in the end they create a legendary
    masterpiece that won’t be forgotten for a long time. This film will
    influence the direction of this group for years to come. It will go
    into the Achievement Hunter Hall of Fame as both one of the greatest
    and worst videos they have ever created. And for no money at all you
    can be a part of that history as a viewer who makes it to the end of
    this film. Now you may be thinking, can a nearly three hour movie
    possibly be funny the entire time? There’s no way right? Well you would
    be wrong. If it isn’t a player make jokes that is making you laugh, it
    will be the sheer audacity of the entire situation. This movie will not
    soon be forgotten, make sure you remember it when the fans force them
    to beat it.

  • Gabrielle ThibertDecember 13, 2016Reply

    Best movie of the decade

    There are just no words to describe how incredibly good this movie is.
    I had seen the prequel Let’s Play Uno, but it doesn’t refer to it, so
    you can watch the movie even if you don’t know anything about the
    universe. The characters are so easily relatable, with such strong and
    well-portrayed emotions, I got immersed immediately. I laughed, felt
    desperate, cried, then laughed again along with the characters. I loved
    Jeremy’s catchphrase and I started using it without even noticing it
    when talking to my family and friends.

    In brief, this is a MUST SEE for the whole family. Highly recommend
    watching it with grandpa and grandma during the Christmas Holidays, you
    will have a fun time!

  • hados-59420December 14, 2016Reply

    Pure Unadulterated Amazeballs.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • maxxtmfacebookDecember 14, 2016Reply

    Could Not Look Away

    I really enjoyed the movie from beginning to end. The editing is
    perfect and actors do a spot on performance. It takes balls for a movie
    to do UNO: The movie does. Only thing I disliked is the lack of
    locations used. But everything was well lit.Overall I think the plot is
    solid and premise to be very original this hardcore movie viewer. Would
    recommend to friends, family, and kids (14+) of all ages. BONUS: Stay
    around for the end credits of the movie. It’s no Marvel 15 seconds of
    footage extra. The credits could be it’s own short film but let’s not
    go too crazy. Rumor has it that actor Geoff ”Lazer” Ramsey is going to
    star in 4 new films in 2017.

  • SillyWillySandoon .December 14, 2016Reply

    A Train Wreck in the best possible way

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ntnatjpnDecember 14, 2016Reply

    We all want to go home, but no one wants to lose

    When 5 friends want to play a game, but no one wants to lose, you can
    stop any time, but pride is in the way. Back stabbing yelling and
    cussing. You get excited that the round is almost over but all you see
    is Blue cards.

    its an emotional ride of highs and lows, gut busting laughter, and
    furious anger. you feel attachment to the characters, for every one has
    played with some kid or sibling and just want the game to end to go

    with shocking twists and turns you are in suspense on who will win, and
    the sound of relief.

    the only question I have is when is the squeal coming out?

  • Austin HenneckeDecember 15, 2016Reply

    An Instant American Classic

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nyana NyanDecember 17, 2016Reply

    Best Movie Ever

    Who ever thought about coworkers from just a simple company playing the
    great game, Uno, would make this kind of movie. The story line is just
    the best, the suffering, the plot twists. A lot of humor in this movie
    too, loved how the mess with each other. And lastly, the plot twist in
    the end. Gosh I must get that end credits song, the soundtrack too
    perhaps. This movie is honestly the best movie I have ever seen, I
    really hope that this will be nominated in The Oscars and probably,
    win! Well, actually they deserve all of the awards there are. My
    favouite character is Jeremy Dooley and Gavin Free, both of them are
    absolutely the star in this film.

  • Emily CarletonDecember 18, 2016Reply

    A psychological thriller disguised as a comedy

    A deeply metaphorical piece set against the backdrop of the 2016
    presidential elections. As the cast spiral into madness after starting
    a seemingly harmless card game friends divide and new alliances are
    formed. Full of betrayal, manipulation and a splash of comedy to ensure
    this epic is enjoyable this ends up as so much more than the simple
    game of Uno it began as.

    Stunning performances throughout from the small but fantastic cast
    although I particularly enjoyed Ryan’s performance as the intelligent
    and cunning puppet master which was then taken up brilliantly by Jack
    Pattillo when Ryan was not available for some of the filming. The film
    was shot in only one take- a wonderful achievement from this small
    amateur production company. Not many special effects were needed as
    game play was edited in a very polished way to seamlessly switch
    between perspectives. In my opinion this is the best and most original
    feature film of 2016.

  • Erin MaherDecember 18, 2016Reply


    Best movie I have ever seen. Brought a tear to my eye. I loved sitting
    down for almost 3 hours to watch this masterpiece alone, and then again
    with friends. I have seen it a total of 4 times and will absolutely
    watch more! I really hope there’s a sequel soon. I think Ryan was my
    favorite character. His frustration and anxiety was palpable and I feel
    that when Jack stepped in to play his character he did an amazing job.
    Jeremy was a close second, his catchphrase of ”Here’s looking at you
    kid” will always hold a place in my heart. I feel I will often repeat
    this to my friends and I often find them quoting the same to me. This
    is definitely a movie to bring people together and I recommend it for
    families with children of all ages!

  • Sarah TDecember 21, 2016Reply

    Best. Thing. Ever.

    I am so happy that this happened. And that I got to witness it first.
    Also I LOVE that the cast list features Jack appearing as Ryan. I have
    watched this over and over and will continue to do so. Achievement
    Hunter is so amazing. <3 And it tells me I have to keep typing and
    write more, so words. Casablanca is my favorite movie of all time ever
    (until this) so the fact that Jeremy says ''Here's lookin' at you kid''
    over and over again really just makes my life complete. Like, seriously
    if you have not seen this yet I don't know why you are wasting your
    life away reading this review. Leave now, be gone and watch it. It's
    free and on YouTube. You literally have no excuse not to watch this
    immediately. GO!

  • Trace MorrisonDecember 22, 2016Reply

    Christ Punchers Do It AGAIN

    It astounds me, that such a tale of dread, tears (of both sorrow and
    joy), and pure heart can be made in my lifetime.

    The Christ Punchers have made a real name for themselves on the roads,
    but now they have done it in FILM


    The roller-coaster that is my life has lead up to this moment.

    But here I am, living it. Best movie of my life. I will listen to this
    on my deathbed. Mark my words, the next 37 generations of you’re
    children’s children will know the name… CHIRST PUNCHERS!

    i miss my wife

  • Nathan PlummerDecember 22, 2016Reply

    Watched twice now, will watch again

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • garrettburkeDecember 24, 2016Reply

    Best Comedy of 2016

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • epicnuggetsftwDecember 28, 2016Reply

    They play uno

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • johnyoung-11919December 29, 2016Reply


    Where do I begin… This movie, this movie could be perfect. Drama,
    mystery, intrigue, this movie just has it all. Before reading the
    credits, I was convinced that this was directed by George Lucas.
    Without spoiling anything, lets just say this movie just about saved my
    marriage. Things were going poorly. Then I watched this while I cuddled
    my wife for what I was sure to be the last time. We laughed so hard
    together, we even had mind blowing sex right after. Now, I am sure that
    the marriage is secure. We even decided to have another child. I think
    we will name him little J, after the best actor this movie has to
    offer. I’m still getting goosebumps thinking about how INCREDIBLE the
    special effects were. I mean wow!

    Thank you Uno.

  • finnswannJanuary 5, 2017Reply

    10 out of 10 from IGN

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CYANJanuary 5, 2017Reply

    I’m doing my part!

    With all the new ”Blockbusters” coming out that are nothing but bad
    writing and story like ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Batman v. Superman’ there
    was a nice reassurance that there is still hope for entertaining,
    funny, and dramatic films. This movie,nay,MASTER-PIECE was everything I
    hoped for when I sat down in my studio and hit play, the daring
    entrance to a cinematic world that is major video entertainment was
    nothing shy of an amazing cast and story, that brought drama and
    distress to (personally my favorite character) Jeremy. Just wishing to
    go home he makes a extremely heart filled call to his wife, letter her
    know he will not be returning home for a long…long time. Only to
    return to the mess that is Uno. Do yourself a favor, watch this amazing

  • C.B.January 5, 2017Reply

    Fast and Furious meets Citizen Kane meets Titanic meets Gone with the Wind meets The Hangover meets Marley and Me meets Firefly

    I’m not gonna lie. After watching this movie, I cried for 53 hours
    straight. Uno: The Movie is so excellent, so heartwarming, that it
    carries the viewer on a spiritual journey of romance, anger, revenge,
    and comedy, all wrapped up in a timeless metaphor: a game of cards.
    This film truly redefines the genre we call comedy, shattering walls
    creators have tried for years to overcome, breaking every rule in the
    book, yet doing it all so marvelously.

    Now, you may be thinking, ”Well, Mr. Guy-on-IMDb, I want to see a
    genre-defining film, but I don’t want to cry for 53 hours straight. I
    have a serious bladder condition that prevents me from holding in my
    urine, so I’m afraid I’ll cry so much urine will siphon from my bladder
    and out of my eye sockets after 40 or so hours of merciless sobbing.”
    Yes, but these tears of joy are worth every drop, even with urine
    streaming down your cheekbones.

    The acting is superb. Geoff Ramsey’s cunning wit left me cackling
    hysterically at the comedic mastermind he is, while Free’s
    incomprehensible accent nurtured an aura of mystery. What is he saying?
    What is he thinking? Can anyone interpret his barbarian squeals? The
    character BM Vagabond is two-faced, calling himself Jack and Ryan
    alternately, suggesting intriguing mental conflict.

    Although emotionally taxing, Uno: The Movie is life-changing, something
    few films today can claim to be. My tears of joy, pouring out of my eye
    sockets like fire hoses, partially flooded my house, ruining my floor
    and most of my household appliances. Accordingly, I would recommend
    watching the movie in a place with above-average drainage (i.e. a park)
    or invest in flood insurance, in order to avoid the life-changing
    moments I experienced.

    In short, imagine all the best movies ever made combined with every
    future masterpiece yet to be made, add steroids, multiply by ten
    thousand, then raise that number to the 7th power, and you come close
    to measuring this film’s perfection. I wish I could rate it higher than
    10/10. Stay hydrated, folks, because Uno: The Movie unleashes a torrent
    of passion.

  • Colton StuehrkJanuary 6, 2017Reply

    The film as a whole means no more than Rooster Teeth means.

    Astoundingly funny, it absolutely blew away my expectations for this
    movie. A movie whose qualities remind us that there once was a
    Hollywood where such sophisticated treats could be made. The film as a
    whole means no more than Rooster Teeth means. Nobody has ever been able
    to say what that is, but by the present showing it is something quite
    timeless and priceless, and more human than the best of alien words
    lugged in for definition. Some of the best writing and acting I’ve seen
    for quite some time. Each well executed lines conveys what it means to
    play ‘Uno’, from the fabled final card to the infamous draw 4. I felt
    every joke was delivered with such precises and accurate meaning and
    how each character related to myself that I felt like I was missing an
    old fiend when the movie ended, I wanted more.

    So many people saying this film is fake are just jealous they never got
    to experience it on its only release night. Right after that the only
    copy was burned and its ashes thrown to the wind so that it could
    forever exist apart of all of us. Eventually the very atoms of it’s
    previous existence will form to create the god emperor of mankind and
    unite humanity against the chaos and aliens. He will bring humanity of
    of the dark ages. He will also remake the movie and it will be the best
    remake/ sequel ever.

  • andrew10022 .January 7, 2017Reply

    Fantastic way to show that review systems are worthless,biased, and in general, just pieces of poo

    Movie was fantastic. I love that they were able to break IMDb. A must
    watch for the whole family, if you have no little kids of course.It is
    just funny how much Jermeny is able to mess with Gavin’s mind. I just
    can not ever believe Roosterteeth has made another hit movie, 1st Lazer
    Team and now this. It really gives my hope that Lazer Team 2 will be
    even greater than this work of art.They did this all with the low, low
    budget probably like $10 for food at some point. They were all amazing
    actors, better than most in movies. Deserving of one of those useless
    things that people call Oscars, which are just show who bribed the most
    voters and who wrote went way to far to the extreme to sad or really
    niche stuff to get one. Just, all in all, are true, wonderful movie!

  • sydneyguyan-43237January 7, 2017Reply


    Such a stunning piece of work, it’s so hard to find an original plot
    line nowadays, everything has already been done, yet somehow they did
    it, that actually found a new and creative idea and pulled it off with
    absolute perfection. The post-production of the film was truly
    fantastic, the work that was put into the editing of this masterpiece
    deserves an award. I feel the cast also deserve a higher level of
    recognition as you can easily tell how hard they worked to pull off
    this magnificent piece of work. The best movie of the decade, well done


  • Evan DolatowskiJanuary 9, 2017Reply

    10/10 Best Movie Ever

    Best movie in existence. I don’t know why other movies even try. Best
    Cast Ever. ”It made me cum in my pants”-Chuck Norris. The death of
    Ryan’s character made me cry. Better than Battleship. ”Here’s Looking
    at you kid” I’ve seen it 38 times in theaters. Rumor has it, its a
    prequel to Lazer Team. WAKE ME UP. WAKE ME UP INSIDE! I CANT WAKE UP!
    WAKE ME UP INSIDE!SAAAAVE MEEEEEE!!! This movie has hands down the best
    writing in any movie ever and there is no debate. There is 100% all
    practical effects none of that CG bullshit its all EXACTLY what makes
    movies amazing and I will DIE for this film with a deck of UNO cards in
    my hand and my Dick out for Harambe <3

  • matthewallen-99164January 16, 2017Reply

    Everyone can hear you scream in cyber space

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gamingcabooseJanuary 21, 2017Reply

    Absolutely riveting

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • wrjJanuary 24, 2017Reply

    Two Words: Marvelous

    Although the length of the film may scare away some potential viewers,
    I can say with certainty that Uno: The Movie delivers.

    Some may say ‘Huh?’ or ‘What?’ or ‘Hey, this isn’t a real movie, this
    is just a Youtube video of some guys playing Uno for two hours.’ You
    can’t listen to those people, they simply can’t accept the triumph that
    is Uno: The Movie.

    The amount of character development that is packed into a short two
    hours is nothing less than spectacular. The realism and authenticity of
    the characters shines through, skirting the line between actor and
    person. A plot twist mid-way through the film involving one of the
    principal characters will leave you confused, concerned and begging for

    The music is a treat as well. Understated and sexy as hell, the smooth
    jazz soundtrack sets the tone for the laughter, the tears, and betrayal
    that is to come.

    The plot revolutionizes the modern film, turning conventional methods
    of storytelling on its head at every possible moment. At one point, a
    character breaks the 4th wall, asking if they should just the game the
    next day, to which the other characters scream ‘No!’ Incredible stuff.
    Seemingly formless, yet cohesive and engrossing, the plot takes you to
    places you’d never expect, makes you think in new and innovate ways
    about the world around you, and asks the simple question: ‘Would you
    really watch some guys play Uno for 2 hours?’ To that, I say ‘Yes. Yes
    I would.’

    A triumph of the human spirit, Uno: The Movie moves beyond a simple
    tale of love and loss, redemption and betrayal, draw fours and
    reverses, and becomes a spiritual, moving experience. I can say with
    certainty, that Uno: The Movie changed the way I look at movies and the
    world, and will influence me for the rest of my life. Perhaps the most
    important life lesson I learned from the movie is simple, and
    applicable to all aspects of life.

    Don’t forget to say Uno, when you have one card in your hand.

  • Joe TerryJanuary 24, 2017Reply

    A triumph

    This is perhaps the best movie I have ever seen. The characters,
    emotion, and plot all tie together nicely and help create a feel that
    these men are actually going insane playing Uno. The acting is
    splendid, especially Mr. Jeremy Dooley and his classic line ”here’s
    looking at you kid,” a classy throwback to its fellow masterpiece,
    1942’s Casa Blanca

    This movie has every emotion you want: Happiness, Sadness, Madness to
    name a few.

    If you have not yet seen this movie, I would highly recommend it.

    I think that this film may even beat out movies such Citizen Kane for
    the best movie of all time. This is easily the best movie that came out
    this year, with in a few weeks having well over a Million views and
    already having been on the top trending within its first week on

  • jjowen-07914January 24, 2017Reply

    Absolutely breathtaking display of genuine glee and despair.

    This film is just incredible, no other way to put it. The performance
    by the actors was spot on, their glee, anger, despair, and hopelessness
    all felt authentic. The plot twists and betrayals always left you
    reeling. And just when you think that it’s over, another red 7 is
    played. This movie far exceeded my expectations in every way.

    I laughed, I cried, I laughed again, and cried again, and then laughed
    with tears streaming down my face… this film rivals The Lord of the
    Rings in run time. And it’s precious every second.

    I’ve always been a firm believer that every movie will have at least
    some controversy in reception. There are people that hate masterpieces
    like Sharknado and love train wrecks like Mars Needs Moms. But this is
    one of those rare gems that can sweep everyone off of their feet.

  • rrett-59022January 25, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • KyleJanuary 25, 2017Reply

    The dramatic action-comedy video game movie that the world has been waiting for

    This intense look into the heart and mind of humanity starts off
    light-hearted and hopeful, but the turn to darkness quickly overwhelms
    the cast and audience both as the tone changes to one of desperation.

    Throughout the ordeal, the characters dance along the precipice of
    disaster in a game of betrayal and deception. Alliances are formed and
    broken moment to moment, and each exchange brings new challenges.
    Though we, the audience, can clearly see the hand each player is dealt,
    the tension still weighs heavily as every move is doubted and
    questioned. Each fall from grace is another’s redemption as the battles
    unfold in a mystifying choreography of action and suspense.

    Throughout, you get to see events through each character’s eyes. They
    give keen, unerring insight to what it is to stare off into infinity,
    only to have that abyss stare back, and whisper softly, ”Here’s looking
    at you, kid.”

  • Ella Sola WeasleyJanuary 31, 2017Reply

    Awful Fans

    This isn’t a movie and doesn’t deserve to be on IMDb.

    If this is allowed then so should be the original Uno: The Movie on
    Cartoonz’ channel.

    Majority of fans hate on the original trend setters because they’ve
    watched this first.

    In the description of the channel this was uploaded to, they made a
    comment towards Cartoonz’ video. ”This isn’t just some lame-ass 90
    minute affair.” Which is a clear dig at their competition. Quite
    frankly disgusted by it.

    This is a clear judge of character and don’t recommend watching it.

  • tyeiaFebruary 4, 2017Reply

    Actor Change is barely noticeable!

    When Jack Patillo steps in for Ryan, you can barely tell, they are
    nearly the same person. I think the choice of having Jack step in
    compared to Michael or another AH employee was a strong move, and
    really kept the tone and feel for the movie. Jack pulls it off
    flawlessly, playing uno exactly how Ryan would, and even goes as far as
    talking like Ryan. This accuracy between actors makes this performance
    a 10/10 regardless of any other parts of the movie. Everyone should see
    this movie, if they haven’t seen it yet, as it is a truly beautiful
    piece of art that can and will make you cry by the end. If i could rate
    it 11/10 i would.

  • dinofelis-00747February 6, 2017Reply

    A WW1 film disguised as a video-game movie disguised as a comedy.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nixpix-43160February 7, 2017Reply

    A thrilling movie for the whole family

    Never have I ever experienced such nail-biting action, while
    simultaneously gasping for air, out of breath with laughter. This
    masterful art piece was not only an unpredictable action film
    interlaced with comedic relief, but it alludes to the Exhilarating and
    familiar game of UNO, a game many can relate to. Join a handful of
    friends-turned enemies in this edge-of-your-seat film, a classic that
    will likely live on as a staple in movie literature. Experience the
    deception, the loss, the humor, and the ecstasy of a once in a lifetime
    film. With such depth and symbolism of those found in other popular
    flicks such as The Lion King and The Godfather, Uno: The Movie (2016)
    will captivate you with nonstop suspense and cunning jokes more than
    any other film you will see. Get ready for the roller coaster ride that
    is Uno: The Movie (2016).

  • Ian ReillyFebruary 15, 2017Reply


    2016 was a year full of disappointing movies. It is a sad, yet
    undeniable, fact. This, however, is not one of them. I first expected
    to put this up on my computer’s second screen and listen to it while
    doing something else on my main screen, only to find myself watching
    intently to see what would happen next. Who would draw four. Who would
    steal the winning hand. Who would bombard that very hand with card
    after card. It may have been the fact that my expectations were so low
    but none-the-less… This was my movie of the year-2016.

  • EthanFebruary 23, 2017Reply


    Ignore the ”critics” on this movie my friends, this is one of the best
    movies of the year. just because its on Youtube, doesn’t mean that it
    cant be regarded as a work of art. the reviewers just hate it because
    fans of this masterpiece are expressing their love in a slightly
    generous fashion. Ignore them, this movie is amazing.

  • b_billMarch 3, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • keenansweeneyMarch 20, 2017Reply


    A harrowing tale of brotherhood and the battle against monotony is told
    in this beautifully directed film. Ramsey, Free, Dooley, Haywood, and
    Patillo are at their finest, bringing such emotion that one can but cry
    and imagine their faces glistening with the sweat and tears of their
    acting labor. Michael Jones’ complaining matches that of the most out
    of touch Hollywood stars. 5/7 should have won Best Picture and Best

  • halomaxvavApril 5, 2017Reply

    Oscar worthy

    This is one of the most funny and painfully amazing movies I have ever
    seen. I maybe a little bias, I have been watching achievement hunter
    and rooster teeth for 7 and a half years now and I plan on watching
    every movie lets play podcast things to do and more. till the day I
    die. Or Geoff does.

  • aaronbush-02755April 19, 2017Reply

    Best Movie ever, It has everything you could want.

    This is Simply the best Movie ever, is has everything you could want in
    a movie. it has Action, Treachery, Romance, Bro-mance, Horror, Comedy,
    Thrills, Nudity and Twists & Turns (literally Twists & turns). they
    chose the best possible Actors for the Job. the comedy in the Movie is
    on Point and couldn’t be better. only gripe is not enough Dick. you
    cant have UNO without them. its a solid 10/10 and will recommend this
    movie to everyone and anyone, telling them to sit down, bust open the
    popcorn and watch it in a full sitting because its the best way & only
    way to watch this movie.

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