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Nov. 10, 2015 156 Min.
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8.9 1,910 votes

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Ajith Kumar isGanesh / Vedhalam
Ganesh / Vedhalam
Soori isLaxmi Das
Laxmi Das
Thambi Ramaiah isTamizh's Father
Tamizh's Father
Rahul Dev isRatna Bhai
Ratna Bhai
Vidyullekha Raman isTamizh's Friend
Tamizh's Friend
Balasaravanan isSwetha's Assistant
Swetha's Assistant


Ganesh, a cab driver and a doting brother to his sister Tamizh, is hunting down three notorious criminals in Kolkata. Who is he actually and what’s his motive?

Original titleவேதாளம்
TMDb Rating6 8 votes

(33) comments

  • vijayakumarpNovember 9, 2015Reply

    worst experience and time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • boringworlddieimmediatelyNovember 9, 2015Reply

    Usual story for more than 3 decades

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shmnadeerNovember 10, 2015Reply


    Vedhalam is an action-packed and emotional entertainer having ample
    quantity of all the required ingredients of a good movie. Its storyline
    revolves around two siblings and their sentiments for each other.
    Shruti Haasan has paired up with Ajith as his love interest for the
    first time. It also stars Rahul Dev and Kabir Singh Duhan, but as

    Anirudh Ravichander has composed the music for this Tamil venture.
    Vetri and Ruben has lent their abilities and skills as a
    cinematographer and editor to produce quite a good entertainer. This
    time, the makers played a new trick which looks like have set at the
    right spot with increasing in the curiosity levels. Ajith will be seen
    in many avatars and each one of them will entertain the audience using
    powerful written dialogues and direction.

  • Robin MichaelNovember 10, 2015Reply

    Good entertainment movie

    Vedhalam is an action-packed and emotional entertainer having ample
    quantity of all the required ingredients of a good movie. Its storyline
    revolves around two siblings and their sentiments for each other.
    Shruti Haasan has paired up with Ajith as hit. Ajith will be seen in
    many avatars and each one of them will entertain the audience using
    powerful written dialogs and direction. Easily Ajith’s best one after
    Mankatha. Thala Ajith is playing Mafia don role in this movie. The
    story relates to his flash back. All the Gangster role was shot in
    Kalkutta. Ashwin and Shruti Haasan were appeared in brother and sister
    roles for this movie. Kabir Duan Singh has played the negative role in
    this movie. As per the story Ajith is an auto driver. According to
    twists and turns he will become a gangster. Lakshmi Menon gave her best
    in Ajith’s sister character.

  • Arambam AjiNovember 10, 2015Reply

    Normal don film tried to copy Basha

    Its a normal film with lot of logic mistakes. Ajith the hero escapes
    from gun shooting by nearly 100 persons. He also breaks the window
    glass in a building by bare hand(it is mass with good BGM). The comedy
    is worthless it makes me feel annoyed. I recommend that Ajith should
    choose any other different scripts. And act good .He should work more
    to look young.

    Aniruth should consider more in songs that is awful in this movie only
    Aaluma Doluma is good. Laksmi Menon did a wonderful job looked good and
    saved the film single handed. I hope he will do good in next film. The
    camera man done a great job.

  • crazyrajuNovember 10, 2015Reply

    Strictly for Ajith Fans

    ‘Vedhalam’ is a run-of-the-mill mass masala film which follows the
    ‘Baashaa’ template. But here the director had concentrated more on
    sister sentiment quotient.

    The plot goes as below : Ganesh (Ajith Kumar), with his lovely sister
    (Lakshmi Menon) leads a simple life in Kolkotta. But Ganesh happens to
    target underworld dons with intention. What is the motive behind it and
    how he kills those scumbags follows the rest of the film.

    Being a commercial genre film, the film provides few entertainment and
    mass moments throughout the film. Ajith Kumar’s screen presence would
    be a treat for his fans. Lakshmi Menon has some space to perform in the
    film and she had justified her role.

    Other than that, the film contains many negatives and logical
    loopholes. Surprisingly, Anirudh had failed to score good both in songs
    and background score.

    Overall, this movie has been targeted for Ajith fans and the film had
    failed to impress the general audience.

    Rating : 2/5

  • inigoNovember 10, 2015Reply

    Another flash back Don movie

    Ajith has always excelled at playing characters with shades of Grey and
    until now it worked wonders. Ever since that Rajini movie came out
    every other Tamil hero has tried to do something similar and failed to
    meet expectations. Ajith himself did this in Jana. Still, this may be
    the closest a star may have come to replicate Basha. Though the plot is
    different the themes are the same. The one major difference is that in
    that movie Rajini stays away from trouble in this one Ajith goes
    looking for it. Being a Vijay fan I did struggle a lot to sit through
    the terrible comedy and numerous hero worship scenes in the movie. But
    if you remove all that you end up with a Masala movie that can be
    watched once. I wanted to give this 5 but the message about women
    empowerment gets an extra star. Go for it if you need a Masala movie to
    forget the real world for a few hours.

  • demons-shivaNovember 10, 2015Reply

    Vedalam – Darling of Masses

    You May Hear People talking about the movie as same old storyline,
    lacklustre comedy, routine climax and the like … It is true but the
    movie engulfs all these in its Screenplay and Execution. The Screenplay
    is so racy that it keeps you hooked till the end much that you will
    feel like you are in and out of the theatre in a minute. There maybe
    lots of logic loopholes and the scene sequence might look scattered but
    trust me the movie doesn’t lag anywhere and you will enjoy every scene.

    The Magic Combo of Director Siva and Ajith Works again after Veeram,
    adding to which you get to see Ajith in two entirely different shades
    in this movie !!! Anirudh’s topnotch background score with Ajith’s evil
    presence on-screen sends chill through your nerves. Brush off the
    negative reviews go and have a watch, the film will give you fun filled
    couple of hours entertainment.

    Film Positives:

    + Ajith’s Positive and Negative Screen Presence

    + Racy and different screenplay

    + Bro – Sis Sentiments

    + Anirudh’s Music

    Film Negatives:

    – Shruti Hassan – Utter Waste

    – Soori’s Comedy doesn’t evoke any laughter at all

    – Same old storyline

    – Logic misses at places

  • rapradeepNovember 11, 2015Reply

    peaky entertainer

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • abinantha-07025November 11, 2015Reply

    Often seen sentimental movie

    A great flop from Ajith Kumar . The reviews given by Ajith fans are
    Just to maintain their prestige. So Don’t believe their words and go to
    the movie Vedalam. This movie contains usual scenes with sentiment,
    brother sister story. Fight scene are in the way that it cannot be
    believed.Puli is better than Vedalam even though the rating is less.
    Why because Puli is a newly tried genre in Tamil film industry. So we
    should encourage those kinds of movies than encouraging these usual
    sentiment copy movies.And the other movie Thoongaavanam that released
    for this Diwali has been taken in the Hollywood method. So i say that
    this Diwali is not ”Thala Diwali” and it is ”Kamal Diwali”.

  • Krish HunkNovember 11, 2015Reply

    Ajith and his best

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • prathiveeramNovember 11, 2015Reply

    worst movie ever

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Vicky BabuNovember 11, 2015Reply

    Theri mass treat for Fans

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jasrick JohalNovember 11, 2015Reply

    A typical mass entertainer, which has Ajith in amazing form.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ranjithmanmicroNovember 11, 2015Reply

    Thala-Vera level mass

    Awesome one liners. Thala Kanna Ascella visual sat ham paraquatu. Thala
    fans K mat tum la 150 Rs. Kuduthu theater K pad-am parka Vera
    ellathukum treat by director Siva. There are heroes who could self-
    boast for their political support, and there is THALA to make a film
    like Vedalam to show people what is acting. Hats off to Director SIVA
    for pin-pointing the threat to women among us. Stunts resemble a far-
    cry sequence. BGM was so apt and synced with screenplay. Anirudh gas
    done really well.Shruthi hassan song was good. Soori’s originality is
    fantastic. Laxmi me-non’s role has a major stronghold in the story.

    Verdict:😇 You know what the name Thala means. So, just go watch the
    film, if you like it enjoy the movie, if not…..👇👇👇👇

    People who say that this is a normal story line and there is nothing
    more than a bluff are prescribed to go for re-habitation facility as
    they might be retards

  • saleem08November 11, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • infy-singamNovember 12, 2015Reply

    Vedhalam is going to ”Pathalam”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • madhan-mmNovember 12, 2015Reply

    One word -Noise!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jkavi2804November 13, 2015Reply

    Sure It’s Cliché, But It’s Still Great

    Sorry if I’m straying of topic, but in this day and time, originality
    is a rarity. I mean, it’s not like you could make an original story in
    an hour, right? So, we should give this film a break and judge it for
    what it is, and not compare it to classics like ‘Baasha’.

    This film is a masala film, which is to say it is an entertainer that
    it uses most of the popular genres in films (action, comedy, romance,
    family etc.) to cater to a vast audience. Hence, we should not blame it
    if it is lacking in one of them.

    Sure, Soori’s comedy makes you wince more than it makes you laugh and
    Shruthi Hassan’s role in this movie is less than a love interest but
    more of a reason to listen to a flashback from the hero and of course
    there are those gaping plot holes. In fact, most of the events in this
    movie purely occur due to coincidences.

    BUT, if you are willing to overlook those errors and set your
    expectations low, you will enjoy this masala flick.

    ‘Thala’ Ajith does justice to his role as a loving brother and as a
    baddie don in this movie. Even if you hate the plot and other
    characters, you can count on him to make it worthwhile to watch this

    Lakshmi Menon portrays the character of Ajith’s sister very well. Just
    the right amount of kindness and lovingness to make her likable and not
    too much until she becomes annoying.

    Anirudh strikes gold with this album. Songs are top notch, especially
    ‘Veera Vinayaka’ and ‘Aaluma Doluma’, a number that will make you want
    to get up and dance away. The background music during the fight scenes
    are great as it gives that feeling that you are about to be blown away.

    Thambi Ramaiyah should be given an honorable mention for only he could
    have pulled off his character’s caring and worried state at the right
    time. This movie also has some scenes that are quite emotional but
    might come of as melodramatic to some (it really depends on what type
    of person you are).

    Director Siva should focus more on the script as well as the commercial
    elements in his next movie. If only the script was better, this movie
    would have become a blockbuster as well as a critical hit and would
    have stayed in the audience’s mind long after they have left the

    However, if you are looking to be fairly entertained for about 2 hours,
    I suggest you to go for it and judge for yourself.

  • subbuparamNovember 13, 2015Reply

    One of the worst Tamil movies in recent times! Loud, noisy, wasted talent! Just Terrible!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Praveen SNovember 15, 2015Reply

    worth watching for Ajith fans

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • josedeleepNovember 16, 2015Reply

    A total Masala movie – waste of time and Money

    For the hype it was created, not even worth giving 1*. Songs are OK,
    however the story, screenplay is a crap. Plz stop giving public such
    kind of same masala movies 🙁 I feel the story writer has taken
    multiple hit movies, mixed it in a Blender and put it in the form of
    Vedhalam. For God sake please stop copying the Everlasting Basha movie,
    its an Epic movie and nothing can replace it. This is just a Normal don
    film tried to copy Basha. The Grandpa look or the so called Salt and
    pepper look it very out fashioned, think in the viewers eye, they need
    a young hero who can fight with Villains, not Grandpa’s doing extra
    ordinary fights for his sister. Aaluma Doluma is good.

  • harigokulNovember 17, 2015Reply

    Thala and Thala only

    Nobody expected that Ajith can give a mass movie like Vedhalam… It is
    very new for Ajith. and Ajith fans.. Ajith never done a such a mass
    action movie.. It is truly focused on young audience…Children and
    family..women especially… Not for elders.Movie moves very
    fast..comedy scenes are lacking to make us laugh..Shruti hassan
    appearance and songs not that good..But Vinayaga and Doluma songs are
    exceptional. Nobody expected Ajith can do movie like Mangatha..He did
    and made a huge hit. . Now it is vedhalam.. He surprised everyone..You
    have to see to believe that.. Ajith comedy scenes are better comparing
    to Suri.. Except Ajith and Lakshmi menon nobody is noticeable in the
    movie.. Lots of dance for Ajith.. Lots of build up for Ajith ..but
    nothing gone waste…

    It is going to be a huge hit in Tamil Cinema..It is going to be a
    better movie than Mangatha.. going to cross all collections of the
    latest tamil movies..

    Don’t waste time on reading reviews

    Please go and watch the movie.. I can guarantee you will not feel
    bad..It is a real entertainer..

  • mahesnanNovember 18, 2015Reply

    Best Entertainment for thala fans

    It is really a mass entertainment.Those who are saying there is no
    story,yes it’true but u will never disappoint by watching the movie.The
    film gives you a visual treat.Theme music rocks and it perfectly suit
    for thala. No human being cannot change their character by watching
    storyline in a movie,if it is true Kathi story depends on farmers but
    even now every farmer dies each n every month why can’t the (hero can
    save a single farmer in real life).The movie is not a fantasy movie and
    also it is not a movie to give you a strong social message.It is just a
    movie to sit and watch and get relax for 2 and half hours.The Bgm
    really rocks.

  • Shashank Kannan KNovember 21, 2015Reply

    Vedalam : One time watchable Masala flick

    Vedalam had large expectations throughout the Tamil cinema viewers all
    over the world but only satisfied them a little bit. In the
    positives:the scenes were shot well and editing was done well.
    Anirudh’s Background score is a huge plus and the family sentiment was
    out well .Ajith’s acting was too good. In the negatives:the action
    scenes were too comical like in the interval scene he will punch the
    bulletproof glass and it will break an these scenes were a big minus.
    The songs were not so good and we could easily predict the next scenes
    . For all the Ajith fans it is a huge treat thats all and nothing else

  • sraavan-narayananNovember 29, 2015Reply

    Not as bad as people say it is!

    Let me tell you in the beginning itself I am not a thala fan. This
    review is from a general audience and not from a fan. Let me begin with
    Ajith. Acting yes. Many said it was amateur but I am sure no one would
    have felt that irritating while watching it for the first time.I
    believe everyone knows the story by now. Screen play was a bit fast and
    racy. Which adds up to the pluses of the movie. Shruthi hassan made an
    excellent debut in 7am arivu which was indeed her best. But here I
    believe she herself did not feel the necessity of her character that
    she even did not dub for her in the second half. I mean every one can
    notice that. I have no clue why the team did that in the second half.
    But as everyone said its very cliché. I think people should stop making
    movies for the actor’s fans. Please. Make movie for general audience.
    People are changing. Even the movies need to change. Make some thing
    new. In fact Ajith can definitely try something new. He has everything
    of a Hollywood actor. But I have no clue why he does the same
    monotonous movies. I hope he does movie for general audience and not
    targeting the fans alone. I hope even thalapathy also does that.
    Because he also needs to change his style of movies..

  • raazamakkalDecember 2, 2015Reply

    Bang Movie

    This movie is definitely a must watch movie in the cinemas! The movie
    was like an emotional roller-coaster ride from happy to angry to sad
    and more! Songs were also well done! Overall, i definitely think the
    movie’s release date was really well thought to be on Deepavali! The
    actors were good and the comedy was hilarious! I really think it could
    have been more well done if the scenes that were cut were shown on the
    big screens! The fight scenes were obviously ”theri” or ”masss”. The
    movie doesn’t deserve a Part 2 in my opinion as I think being it a
    single movie franchise is well enough! I am definitely looking forward
    to future movies from the directors and the actors themselves. The fact
    that the title is Vedalam which means Python really stands out more to
    Thala Ajith! Well done to Siva &Team also!

  • godofwaraghulDecember 10, 2015Reply

    usual nonsense tamil masala movie

    vedhalam is clearly a movie that degrades the knowledge of audiences
    with usual masala elements such as punch dialogues,physics defying
    stunts, overacting performances especially by shruti haasan and ajith
    kumar in some scenes… however the cinematography is a positive in
    this movie.. cinematography is extremely good at many places such as in
    the intermission blog and in the song sequences.. 2 of the songs in the
    movie is good with splendid cinematography… but the film fails when
    it comes to delivering a good plot and the movie runtime is very long
    for which the editor is to be blamed… overall this is completely a
    kind of telugu packaged masala movie wherein the hero is shown as a
    demigod with 5 fight sequences punch dialogues 4 songs that breaks the
    continuity of the movie

  • jeyanthDecember 13, 2015Reply

    Bang superb movie ! FOR Family audience too !

    Vedalam (English: Phantom) is a 2015 Indian Tamil action-masala film
    written and directed by Siva, and produced by S. Aishwarya. Ajith Kumar
    and Shruti Haasan play the lead roles, with Lakshmi Menon, Ashwin
    Kakumanu, and Kabir Duhan Singh among others, appearing in supporting
    roles. Anirudh Ravichander composed the film’s music and background
    score, while Vetri and Ruben were the film’s cinematographer and editor

    Films positive + Ajith – screen presence semma ! Anirudh – Songs OK but
    BGM semma ! Lakshmi Menon – Semma acting ! Looked like real sibling.
    Screenplay – Movie was like Singam ! Perfect !

    Films negative – Sruthi Hassan – Felt like why she was acting in the
    film. Soori – Some worked but most didn’t.

  • nanelavuApril 17, 2016Reply

    Vedalam real meaning of theri

    Thala ajith kumar proved again that his king of multiple role in
    acting. The movie will split to 3 characters of ajith has a innocent a
    villain and a north Indian don…..Ajith has carry the whole movie in
    his shoulder with his mass action and class acting…

    Specially the transformation in the boat fight,the earth shattering
    interval block and the villain sketch thala and ajith will come to his
    place… Just he shows his evil smile and make fear the villain and us
    all without any fight that we expected…this scenes keep us to watch
    over and over again in theater

    Lakshi menon has done her role perfectly that she shows the sister
    character is more than the other regular sister characters in Tamil
    movies..thambi ramayya has proved his a talented actor than a comedian.
    All three villains try to Mach their evil characters with one ajith
    evil smile

    Anirudh BGM was therrific with the theme and aluma doluma song that
    makes us dance…

    Vedalam will sure entertain all round audience with a perfect

  • robinAugust 14, 2016Reply

    Big Treat for Ajith Fans

    Here is the +ve’s in the movie 1.ajithkumar role as vedhalam in the
    movie work by aniruth ravichander 3.background score and
    ”AALUMA DOLUMAA” 4.Transformation scene and the fight scene before
    interval block The -ve’s ones in the movie 1.sruthi hasan an bad
    selection as heroine 2.lakshmi menon combo with ajithkumar bad one
    3.suri comedy waste of time.most of his scenes are irritating 4.story
    old one little bit collapsed with sister sentiment 5.sentiments are
    boring one the first half except sister scenes 6.ajith kumar dialogue
    delivery and bad dialogues for an mass hero movie 7.major logical
    mistakes on the movie


  • Keshava RaajaNovember 23, 2016Reply

    Perfectly made for thala fans

    Its a full entertaining film with action, comedy, sentiment and some
    twist. Positive vibration throughout the film. Entertainment guarantied
    till the end. But nothing new. Flashback scenes are like refreshing the
    mind. Anirudh music made the frame in fire. Perfectly made for Ajith
    fans. The way Thambi Ramaiah handled his character was awesome. Good
    break for Lakshmi Menon. Shruti Haasan and Soori character is just for
    time pass. And of course its commercial one, so some illogical elements
    are there. But it satisfied the audiences they targeted. Now its proved
    Siva is one of the best commercial film director in Tamil film
    industry. And I can say its a big blockbuster film in the year.

  • Manish KumarJanuary 12, 2017Reply

    Ajith- The Desi HULK – shines in Run of the Mill Action Masala Movie

    The Movie follows Revenge Masala Movie template used in numerous Tamil
    movies where an innocent looking common man is shown to be living
    dichotomous life. Heroine falls in love impressed with the good side of
    hero but then she discovers the other side and we are told in flashback
    the reason behind his merciless killing of villains. So in terms of
    Story it has nothing new to say and there is no novelty in terms of
    presentation or story telling either.

    Best part of movie is Ajith himself who is just flawless in his
    portrayal of a simpleton with an honest and innocent smile. The way his
    expression transforms from that of a gullible innocent chap to rowdy
    cunningly street smart man is the highlight of his performance. In
    flashback scenes as Rowdy emotionless goon also he is very good. This
    is my first movie of Ajith and I am mighty impressed with his acting

    Shruthi Hassan has not much role to play except being a buffoon to
    bring in comic relief. Along with her is comedian Soori whose scenes
    mostly fall flat. Lakshmi Menon as Ajith’s sister is good. Rest of the
    actors as in most of the Tamil movies are overacting most of the times.
    Rahul Dev and other villains are decent to good in their roles of being
    mighty villains for others but when faced with almighty hero they
    appear too small to even challenge him.

    Movie is fast paced but the action scenes are way over the top. There
    are some good comic scenes and then there are jokes that fall flat.
    There are scenes where the director is able to create tension or thrill
    like the scene where Lakshmi Menon helps Rahul Dev in tracking killer
    of his brother – Ajith and the climax. Background music is good at
    places and at some places it gets too loud.

    If you are in mood of watching a typical Indian potboiler or are a die
    hard Ajith fan this is good watch else avoidable

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