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War Machine

War Machine

We're gonna liberate the sh** out of you.May. 26, 2017 USA121 Min.
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Brad Pitt isGen. Glen McMahon
Gen. Glen McMahon
Anthony Hayes isPete Duckman
Pete Duckman
John Magaro isCory Staggart
Cory Staggart
Emory Cohen isWilly Dunne
Willy Dunne
Topher Grace isMatt Little
Matt Little
Daniel Betts isSimon Ball
Simon Ball
Aymen Hamdouchi isBadi Basim
Badi Basim
RJ Cyler isAndy Moon
Andy Moon
Alan Ruck isPat McKinnon
Pat McKinnon


A rock star general bent on winning the “impossible” war in Afghanistan takes us inside the complex machinery of modern war. Inspired by a true story.

War Machine
War Machine
War Machine
War Machine
War Machine
Original titleWar Machine
IMDb Rating6.2 3,461 votes
TMDb Rating6.6 29 votes

(76) comments

  • Eric BeckMay 26, 2017Reply

    Walk’s a razor’s edge…

    This film will be under-rated simply because it’s on ”TV”. But make no
    mistake, this is REALLY good writing, directing, acting, music
    supervision, and so on. If you liked ”Three Kings” and David O.
    Russell’s sensibilities, or Altman’s, you’ll like this director and
    this film.

    The performances are through the roof in this satirical take. Meg
    Tilley mesmerizes, Swinton delivers, Anthony Michael Hall, Alan Ruck,
    Ben Kingsley are brilliant, right on tone.

    And Pitt walks the tightrope. HANG with his performance. What starts
    out as a cartoon becomes true flesh and blood. That goes for the whole
    film, and it is a moving ride.

  • dmcjr79-539-641005May 26, 2017Reply

    Another not so inspiring look at our government and military

    I enjoyed the movie and appreciated what it’s trying to get across. If
    you aren’t familiar with the true story this movie is based on or
    understand the quagmire Afghanistan is in which it mirrors a lot of the
    ways Vietnam was a quagmire and just feel like we should be carpet
    bombing everyone, this movie probably isn’t for you. Stick to Commando
    and Fox news.

    Brad Pitt was good as usual and I felt like he was able to get across a
    lot of the emotion of the confusing situation by facial expressions
    alone. How much of his mannerisms are factually based off the real
    General Mcchrystal I don’t know.

    This is not an action movie and I’ve read a few reviews that say it
    isn’t funny. The topic covered isn’t funny, nor should it be if you’re
    an American and realize how fubar our government and foreign policy is,
    but with that said I did laugh quite a few times at the absurdity of

  • industrialwonkMay 26, 2017Reply

    Throwing Deadpan Bricks

    This film will generate anger because it throws a ”deadpan” brick
    directly towards cultural dysfunction and mass delusion. ”War Machine,”
    and Brad Pitt, even exceeded the deadpan message of ”Being There” a
    film from a less cynical time in history but still relevant to this

    ”War Machine” does a great job illustrating how disconnected the
    every-man has become in relation to reality. We live in a time where
    facts are now selectively chosen to support forgone perspectives rather
    than being absolute, universal, and irrefutable.

    We live in a time where personage, perceptions, and public relations
    matter more than overview, objectives, conclusions, and endpoints.
    Reality has been set adrift.

    It was a brave thing to produce this film because it speaks to a very
    narrow audience. Most people won’t be entertained by the communication
    mechanism (deadpan) nor will the understand the message. Few people
    will be open to perspectives other than those which are preconceived.
    Some people are not aware and thus cannot acknowledge the wounds and
    damage that political lies have done to the American process and

    To conclude our failed state of affairs, the affairs of a failed nation
    state (our nation state) I am not with him because he is certainly not
    with me no matter how much he tells me otherwise. The cohesion of
    leadership, truth, and the American way has left the building.

    It is more of a shame that people won’t understand this film, or won’t
    want to. And that is how far we have fallen. Perhaps Rome fell the same
    way on the sword and misadventure of its own lies and delusion.

  • notom-23012May 26, 2017Reply

    Comedy? Drama? – Both missing from this tribute to idiocy.

    The film is approximately 2 hours long.

    2 hours of a deadly dull attempt to satirize war and those who lead it.
    Brad Pitts’ attempt to convey a rigidly martial soldier, a man of
    inflexible values and honour is both laughable (and not in a funny way)
    and cringe-worthy.

    Pitts’ performance is so over-the-top it actually lands on its feet.

    The ‘plot’ – and I use the word loosely – is as puddle deep as the
    acting. I don’t need constant narration to tell me what going on.

    The movie felt like I was watching out-takes, I kept wondering when I’d
    see something actually happening… right to the end credits.

    Poor show all round. Avoid. Pull your own teeth as an alternative.

  • TFowlMay 26, 2017Reply

    Clearly Portrays the Confusion of War

    Not knowing anything about the movie I was surprised that I was
    watching Brad Pitt with gravely George C Scott (Patton) voice and
    awkward stiff movements fool me, not knowing who he was! He looks so
    young. The movie did a great job of revealing the confusion of power
    that is the military and government in taking on a task of war against
    an enemy that likely would never have become an enemy if we had never
    moved against other powers in the region and caused the bitterness and
    anger we now face. Yet, it happened and the USA is now the great Satan
    and evil that is being fought against by terrorists and fighting in the
    middle-east. The movie finds the humor in military and government
    attempts to move politically and strategically with the great acting
    and directing. Many name stars and stars of the past make appearances,
    some stars that you might not immediately recognize, and carry the
    humor in the movie plot-line. And while it is not a strong plot-line it
    serves the purpose, reveals some of the ridiculous reasoning that
    surely happens in war, and creates an often believable mostly fast
    paced action that keeps your attention throughout the course of the
    movie. While the military is NOT the inept fighting force portrayed,
    the action of government intervention and politics truly must be seen
    as the master hindrance of warfare, and rightly so perhaps. The movie
    does make you think about things! As it was a little silly, and a
    little weak in plot, I knocked off some stars. But it was certainly
    funny and worth watching.

  • shamim-ajMay 26, 2017Reply


    I had a great expectation about the movie since I like war movies and i
    knew it has a great cast like Brad Pitt. Unfortunately, I did not like
    the movie that much. Brad Pitt, as always, has been fantastic
    throughout the movie, but apart from that: nothing worked out for me! I
    think the story line was very poor. It did not have much to tell about.
    It not only failed to transform the character through a war situation
    in Afghanistan, but also gave an indication that the producers might
    wanted to save money! Even though Brad Pitt acted really well, his
    character also did not have much depth to deal with! I can’t actually
    blame the director, he had no tools to utilize, probably!

  • HÃ¥vard NesjeMay 26, 2017Reply

    A messy war satire

    I really appreciate the story War Machine tells, which sheds light on
    the hypocrisy and surrealism around the role of the US in the Afghani
    war. But the attempt of making a humorous sidelong glance on war, just
    didn’t really work out. At the same time, the movie gradually moves
    into a more emotional territory, which honestly makes it more confusing
    than appealing in contrast to the satire-elements.

    War Machine is a movie I almost like. There are some really good
    scenes, the premise of the movie itself is good in theory, but the
    result just isn’t that appealing. The mixture of drama and satire just
    makes the movie insignificant and messy.

    The trailers indicated that this would be a good dark comedy. But it’s
    hard to call it that. It certainly gets dark at times, and it’s
    genuinely funny at other times, but it never hits both at the same

    Brad Pitts performance is very good, I would say one of the better in
    his career. I did find his character a bit exaggerated and caricatured
    though, but him and the cast around him is generally quite good.

  • Daniel KalbasiMay 26, 2017Reply

    It’s Entertaining

    I watch the movie the day it released. I should say its entertaining
    and partially funny. I saw lots of people here are very negative about
    the movie, well, that’s a reality of the US/NATO operations in

    I like this sentence from the movie: ”We cannot help them and kill them
    at the same time.”

  • LaiathMay 26, 2017Reply

    Excellent self-criticism

    Everything I saw about the movie before I saw the movie pointed to a
    bold critique of US foreign policy and war politics, so I didn’t expect
    an action filled nail-biter. It did deliver what I expected, and did so
    phenomenally. The issues the movie brings up and the things the
    characters said really, truly couldn’t have been said more openly and
    directly. As the narrator would have you know, it’s going to fall on
    deaf ears where it matters the most, granted, but it’s one heck of a
    catharsis session all the same.

    Where the progression of events gets too slow, the brilliant acting
    comes to the rescue. Pitt’s performance didn’t look to me as smooth and
    believable as it used to be, but Tilda Swinton and Ben Kingsley blew my
    mind. With their impeccable accents and spot on mannerisms, it was near
    impossible to tell they were just actors (save for their very familiar
    faces). There were a few pretty funny lines, too.

    To anyone who doesn’t mind listening to dialogue and watching out for
    subtle goings-on, this movie is a must, MUST see.

  • declarationcbMay 26, 2017Reply

    Would I pay to see this

    I am on the line if I would pay to see this, don’t get me wrong I like
    the actors and writing but they squeezed so much into a 2 hour movie.
    The directing was great, writing decent for a war movie, acting good,
    but again it is a war movie and they tried to fit much of it into this
    and it didn’t work out. If this came out in the movies and me and
    friends want to go, i would definitely give this a try, otherwise its a
    good Netflix film.

  • GrumpyMay 26, 2017Reply

    What Planet Am I On?

    Apparently, a large number of Americans are unaware that we have been
    fighting several nasty wars on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    for nearly two decades. The insane part of this is not the loss of
    lives, property or the reputation of the United States–it’s that the
    awful truth has revealed that deep down, a large percentage of
    Americans just don’t care about other people, don’t care about good
    government, don’t care about puppies or flowers or fresh baked cookies.
    A large number of Americans seem to be unplugged in some fundamental
    way. Soul-less.

    This movie restores a little (very little) of my faith in my fellow
    McDonald’s eaters. The outright horror of Afghanistan is portrayed as a
    joke, because, dad-gummit, showing Kirk Douglas raging at generals and
    three sorry dupes being shot in cold blood ”to encourage the others”
    just doesn’t have the same punch it used to have. People used to expect
    a cocktail to be mixed with pride by a skilled bartender. Now, if it
    doesn’t contain a severed finger it’s good to go. Our ability to judge
    our own lives is now suspect. This film dares to aim a punch straight
    at the nose of the al-mighty. If it misses just a little–well, ten out
    of ten for the effort.

    I could not stand to watch another sappy piece of propaganda showing
    some babe-a-licious soldiers doing their duty in some god-forsaken part
    of Southern California while wondering ”what is it all for” aloud. It’s
    not for anything. This whole place is out of order. You’re out of

    At one time, being ”anti-war” was normal for Americans. Now, things are
    worse. It’s a mess, and it gets worse every day. We have to do
    something. If present trends continue, then some clownish general will
    roll down Pennsylvania Avenue and arrest the government. WAKE UP. Films
    like this are small but vital steps in the right direction. Brad Pitt
    did the right thing here. We need to end illegal wars and stop crimes
    against humanity in the name of the people of the U.S.A.

  • rugoingMay 26, 2017Reply

    Satire and horrible acting

    Surprised that Brad Pritt takes a role to make the military look
    stupid? I’m not. His acting probably one of the worst I’ve seen him do.
    The rest of the cast was OK to mediocre. This will probably sink to the
    levels of ”The Favor (1994)”.

    If Mr. Pitt ever read this, which I doubt because I doubt he reads at
    all, maybe you should look into moving to Turkey where your political
    idealism might be more well placed.

    Thankfully the only thing lost here was my time since it was a Netflix

  • Reel Life ReviewsMay 26, 2017Reply

    Netflix brings it

    War Machine – A satirical but honest look at the treadmill of war.

    First off, Brad Pitt is essentially a caricature in this movie. I kept
    going back and forth on whether he was brilliant or miserable in his
    performance. I found myself feeling the same way I did when seeing him
    in Allied late last year. There are scenes when he is absolutely dialed
    in to the role and what’s going on around him. And there are a handful
    of scenes where you’d think someone is just reading him his lines
    off-screen. He’s been frustratingly inconsistent these last two

    I had no trouble deciphering the performance level of the surrounding
    cast, as they all came to play. From the big names of Ben Kingsley and
    Tilda Swinton, to still familiar names of Anthony Michael Hall and
    Topher Grace, I was impressed. My favorite performance would have to go
    to one of the smaller roles played by Lakeith Stanfield. I’d seen him
    earlier this year in Get Out, but he had a better opportunity to shine
    here as an absolutely emotionally broken marine.

    The first half of the film is very quirky and actually has some pretty
    funny lines. The second half all but abandons the comedic tone and
    shifts into a full fledged war drama. The end result is satisfying, but
    that contrast is pretty jarring. It would have been more successful to
    mix the paint a bit more or just choose one color.

    Netflix pulled out the big guns putting up $60 million for the
    distribution rights to the film. Later this year they are also backing
    a loose follow up to 2009’s Moon (please see this underrated film if
    you haven’t already) and breaking the bank with a $100 Martin Scorsese
    film with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in 2018. Netflix is quickly
    changing the game in the world of cinema. Don’t be surprised to see the
    awards shows tweak their rules to allow for streaming content down the

    So pop some popcorn and reserve your couch to see this film of
    grandiosity and failure. Not exactly your typical recipe to Netlix and
    Chill, but I’m not one to judge.

  • Movie ParadiseMay 26, 2017Reply

    Ridiculous Main Character and an Indiscernible Story

    I think this movie had a lot of good and interesting ideas. It just
    didn’t execute them well at all. The film is narrated by Scoot McNairy,
    and he says a lot of introspective things that could have made for a
    fascinating look at the psyche of a war general when the war is waning.
    That’s a great idea, and one that could have made for a really
    compelling movie. Unfortunately, all War Machine does is tell us these
    things, without ever showing it to us. There is no clear, discernible
    story. It simply follows General McMahon around to a lot of different
    places. So it’s hard to latch onto where the film was headed, or what
    the overall point actually was. Speaking of McMahon, Brad Pitt
    seriously overacts in this movie. He felt like a caricature, from the
    voice to the facial expressions. There was nothing natural or realistic
    about it, and it just felt like a cartoon character. Because of this, I
    could never see McMahon as a real, genuine character. I was just
    watching Brad Pitt doing a poor job on screen. I’m not sure exactly
    whose fault that was. The voice and the ticks could have been Pitt’s
    ideas, but it also could have been all the director’s, David Michôd.
    Regardless of whose ideas they were, it simply came across as
    ridiculous. An unbelievable main character, coupled with the lack of a
    clear story, made it incredibly hard to get into the movie…

  • cillianleddy-15839May 26, 2017Reply

    A very interesting anti-war movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • wotsonurmindMay 26, 2017Reply

    Why even attempt a comedy when you don’t have a clue?

    Brad Pitt had the comedic touch in the movie ‘Mexican’. He was not too
    bad in the Coen brothers movie either. Here he is abysmal,lost and just
    so bad it is depressing. He would have been served well watching Peter
    Sellers in the Pink Panther movies to understand how to pull of a silly
    character who thinks too much of himself.Instead he tries to be funny
    as in a sitcom and sadly even fails at that. Does Netflix have way too
    much money to just waste money on such low quality projects? This movie
    should be shown to all who are in the process of making comedies to
    understand what can go wrong. Hope Pitt gets a better shot soon!

  • Hamood KhalidMay 26, 2017Reply

    big waste of time

    Brad Pitt is my favorite actor and I love most of his work, but even
    the biggest Bard Pitt fan can’t lie to himself and say that this is a
    good movie to watch.

    after the first hour of the movie you will ask yourself ”why am I still
    watching this?”. it’s really challenging to watch the whole movie
    knowing that there’s literally nothing interesting is going to happen.

    the movie is definitely not a comedy, there’s not a single scene that
    will make you laugh and it’s not a drama either.. it’s just

  • TarxMay 26, 2017Reply

    Don’t bother

    This is not a war movie. This is not a comedy. It’s barely a drama.
    This is a two hour movie filled with virtually no plot and absolutely
    no interesting characters. The movie gives no attempt to develop the
    characters, with all but Bitt’s character being entirely one
    dimensional, and even though Bitt does have a character, it’s a poor
    and uninteresting one. He gives a laughably over-the-top and often
    cringe-worthy performance, showing that he was absolutely not right for
    this role.

    As said, it completely falls short as either a war movie or a comedy,
    both of which it’s listed as here on IMDb. There is only one action
    scene, and I use the term loosely – all it is is a two minute scene
    which only shows one side shooting a few bullets, and that’s it. The
    comedy on the other hand is totally unfunny and virtually none of it
    lands. I honestly spent the entire film but knowing this was meant to
    be a comedy.

    So we are left with a film that has no suspense, no tension, no action
    or effective comedy to take it off the ground. Ultimately this is a
    dull, lifeless effort at satirizing war that offers almost nothing in
    terms of entertainment or drama. Don’t waste your time.

  • Hitesh DulluMay 26, 2017Reply

    comedy , action and truth

    well acting is up to the mark it’s funny nice story and builds up
    itself to an exciting plot won’t say one of the best of 2017 but you
    won’t regret to give your 2 hours to this movie frankly I loved it. its
    fun to see brad pitt trying something new No actor plays dimwits quite
    like Brad Pitt. And they aren’t just regular old dimwits.

  • LaLaLandSucksMay 26, 2017Reply

    A satire on war that is confused what it wants to be.

    This addition to Netflix seems much like a waste of money. The budget
    is 60 million and 70% of it very much looks like a TV film. The
    direction is as standard as the cinematography. At one point, it broke
    the 180 degree rule during a 60 minute interview, it just didn’t work.
    Brad Pitt plays a general who is often serious, over the top, and
    funny? His performance is fine, aside from his crazy one eye mannerism.
    He’s able to capture multiple emotions with several looks and it kinda
    works. The performances from the supporting cast are fine. They are
    just not given much screen time. Lakeith Stanfield is a stand out. His
    scenes were brief, but he was able to display an impressive range of
    emotion. The biggest problem with this film is it’s just flat. There’s
    no stake or ambition. It is a very safely crafted film. It is generic
    and uninteresting told with heavy narration and exposition. I guess the
    film is trying to display how some military folks have an obsession
    with war. The general here is quite irresponsible, egotistical, and
    seems deranged. The same with his crew as well, but just not as much.
    There’s a large amount of tonal shifts from being serious to comedic
    and the film doesn’t know which one to choose, so it ends up uneven
    altogether. There are times where the film switches hard rock to rap
    then to classical music creating uneven scenes with abrupt jump cuts
    that just makes no sense. I am guessing it was meant to be comedic, but
    it just didn’t work. Overall, I think this film is quite a mess.


  • brechtjustinMay 26, 2017Reply

    Waiting For It To End Like The Real War

    Not exactly good, not exactly bad. If you don’t have anything else to
    watch, go for it. It’s trying to be funny, but it cant be because of
    the seriousness of it all. Its like someone wrote a serious war movie,
    then the script was given to a satirist who just simply couldn’t pull
    it together. The movies narration was meant to be the guiding voice of
    reason among madness. Unfortunately it was like having a high school
    student interested in politics give his two cents about the meaning of
    it all. This movie would have been better released around April fools
    than Memorial Day weekend.

  • fisherman-90578May 26, 2017Reply


    What a F*$% joke. In my opinion, Brad Pitt is a piece of excrement and
    so are his cohorts in this ”film” or mockery of a film. This is about
    as factually accurate, in my opinion, as a CNN story at prime time. I
    would challenge everyone on this set to a f*$% duel if we were in the
    1800’s. What gutless, spineless, writing and acting. I pray to a god
    that we have an apocalypse so I can seek these individuals out and
    urinate on their soul. Respectfully using my 1st amendment opinion. As
    you pieces of excrement did.

  • ss0187May 26, 2017Reply

    War Machine is a compelling and multi-faceted masterpiece

    War Machine is a profound and politically socially resonant absurdist
    modern masterpiece that our world needs right now. Brad gives a
    brilliant, canny, zany, but dark portrait of a general who is
    undermined by his own hubris, lack of awareness, but also underscored
    by the flaws of the industrial military complex.

    This is by far David Michod’s best movie and it breaks my heart that a
    biased agenda against this film is really causing it to be underrated
    and maligned. War Machine is leagues above Fury and a number of Brad’s
    most recent movies. This is a compelling and deft insight into military
    policy and the negative ramifications of occupation/war that the
    audience rarely sees in movies. It deconstructs the ignorant and yet
    earnest or possibly well intentioned mechanics of war and invasion. It
    revels in the gray area of the futility and irony of war.

    The cast gives impressive performances across the board. Lakeith
    Stanfield, John Magaro, Topher Grace, Anthony Michael Hall, Meg Tilly,
    and the entire cast give great performances. I wish the film would be
    nominated for a SAG ensemble because the acting is strong and bold
    across the board. It is one of Brad’s top performances ever. War
    Machine is an anti-establishment and relativist film in nature. There
    are no traditional antagonists or protagonists to root for. It will get
    under the skin of liberals and it will anger the extreme
    conservatives.It is not for the far right or even the far left. This
    film is enthralling for people who truly understand it. It is an
    intellectual and emotional journey for the invested viewer who is on
    the same wavelength.

    The cinematography from Dariusz Wolski is amazing and the original
    score from Nick Cave is hauntingly beautiful. The film was so profound
    and engaging for me. I am very shocked about the reviews, I knew there
    would be a hateful fringe faction. I know there are critics who are
    very biased against Brad’s movies but they are doing a disservice to
    the film industry by attacking a film they do not want to understand or
    accept. It appears they are too invested into making War Machine a
    controversial debacle for Netflix. Ten years from now or even 20 years
    from now, this film will be viewed as powerful.

    All of the dialogue is sharp, multi-faceted, and full of very strong
    context for people who comprehend the meanings/references underneath.
    It is humorous and engaging but it require a special kind of
    intelligence and a certain sociopolitical attitude to truly embrace it.
    I found myself nodding along in agreement every time the script kept
    going on about the ramifications of invading countries and it even
    addresses what the people in Afghanistan has to go through. ” You can’t
    help people and kill them at the same time”, is a perfect tag line. It
    is a tonally blunt satire about the military and the current inadequate
    foreign policies that will wake people up. This film resonated with me
    very profoundly. Brad’s performance displays the ignorance and humanity
    of the General, while displaying a range of both dramatic and sly
    comedic overtones that is very tongue in cheek. This film is very
    impressive and should have been a top Oscar contender given how timely
    and crucial the subject material is right now.

    This is a intelligent movie about a stupid war where there are no

    I am disgusted that American Sniper and Hacksaw Ridge received such
    strong critical acclaim while the biased critics are tearing apart an
    excellent film like War Machine to shreds. War Machine is our
    generation’s Dr. Strangelove. People may not realize it now but
    cinemaphiles and historians, in the future, will realize that War
    Machine was ahead of its time and an incendiary portrait of war in
    America while being revolutionary its in sardonic attitude about
    America’s foreign policy at the time. David Michod is a genius.

  • nevrsurrendrMay 26, 2017Reply

    Great movie by Netflix

    I enjoyed it a lot! as a veteran I thought it was hilarious. It also
    did a decent job at showcasing some of the stuff that makes us soldiers
    tick, for instance all the political hoopla you have to go through. I
    have never reviewed a movie on here before, but I felt like I
    definitely had to talk about this one.

  • Brent BurkwellMay 26, 2017Reply

    Review primarily of user ”Grumpy’

    As I noted above, I am primarily reviewing the review of the user known
    as ”Grumpy”, who should change his user name to ”traitor”. While I do
    believe in free speech, it would delight me to know a fool such as this
    opened his mouth in public once too often and some Veteran decided it
    was time he quieted down a little. On the other hand, the use of his
    free speech is actually a chance to show WHY the left is wrong about
    pretty much everything. His immediate diatribe into the ”evils” of
    Afghanistan and the war effort show his lack of common sense. To a
    leftist, common sense is disregarded for the bookworm view of the
    world, another words, the fantasy view of a nerd who never got his feet
    wet in the real world but rather views the world from the narrow view
    of his own ego. Well, if that was a confusing, pointless rant on my
    part, I did it to demonstrate that liberals do not have a patent on
    annoying, pompous speech. ”Grumpy” obviously has never had to fight for
    anything. He/She/IT PROBABLY spent their educational years running from
    every fight, standing for nothing and in the end, demonstrating a
    disrespect for those who actually accomplished something in life
    through hard work, real sacrifice and honor. But he isn’t alone, 95% of
    you are likely at his level or lower. That is sad. I live in the
    Greatest nation on earth, and yet the left has lowered the United
    States to nothing more than an ”Imperial” Super power, only interested
    in profit and exercising power over other nations, when in reality, the
    United States has been a ”bright and shining light” to the rest of the
    world. An example of what CAN be if men/women put the effort, sacrifice
    and time into something bigger than themselves. To the US military,
    nothing but gracious thanksgiving, respect and may you continue to be
    the greatest military on the face of the earth, the greatest military
    in world history. Thank you all for your honorable service, and I say
    that right down to the cook and anyone else who wore a uniform in
    service to country. May the vile words of individuals such as ”Grumpy”
    be forgotten and may they be despised by all their neighbors.

  • popnrussMay 27, 2017Reply

    A very good film!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • phd_travelMay 27, 2017Reply

    An unflinching humorous look at Afghanistan

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Fazal MajidMay 27, 2017Reply

    Satire turns into farce then tragedy

    This movie is inspired by the rise and fall of General Stanley
    McChrystal. The character played by Anthony Stewart Head is General
    Michael Flynn.

    The movie starts as a Catch-22 style satire, has a middle like
    ”Stripes”, complete with Hello Kittybus ride from Paris to Berlin, and
    ends in tragedy with a bleak but realistic assessment of the US mission
    in Afghanistan and of the US’ inability to learn from its mistakes. The
    characters are a bit one-dimensional and Pitt is a terrible actor, but
    the supporting cast shine despite their short roles.

  • Tim K.May 27, 2017Reply

    It’s not what you think it is

    I expected a dark comedy or at least irony. But that’s not there.
    Having spent my own time in the military, I found all events and
    characters totally believable and not funny at all. That might surprise
    some people but those people probably have never wondered what kind of
    people voluntarily dedicate their whole life to the military. Those
    lifelong military people are not ”normal” people.

    I was more and more disappointed the longer the movie went. In fact for
    a long time I didn’t find the clue of the movie and started to wonder
    whether there is a clue at all. Then suddenly Tilda Swinton delivered
    the subject – in a short but brilliant performance. Then it all made
    sense to me. And it made me think, still now a day after I watched it.
    Movie mission accomplished.

  • Jack KernMay 27, 2017Reply

    All over the place, but well done.

    The main criticism I see of this movie is that it didn’t know what it
    wanted to be — but that’s what I liked about it. It really gave you a
    holistic view of Mccrystal’s tenure in Afghanistan. Brad Pitt was very
    good, I feel like some people just hate Brad Pitt because it’s a
    popular opinion. Anthony Michael Hall really shined as Greg Pulver, one
    of Pitt’s right hand men.

    It’s definitely worth a watch, it’s different than most movies about
    Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • James WoodsMay 27, 2017Reply

    Not what I expected

    4 star General, i give this film 4 stars. The reason for this is, even
    though the characters went on a merry jaunt the movie just didn’t want
    to do the same. It had some interesting and at times harsh views on
    governmental actions but it just seemed like it was missing pieces,
    much like a bucket of Lego that a four year old has. I am a fan of Brad
    Pitt and that is what kept me watching in hope. All in all War Machine
    let me down. Not a war or a comedy film in my opinion, just a bit

  • Tim CMay 27, 2017Reply

    A bad film all round.

    Slow boring feeble film. Offensive to anyone who wasn’t the American
    military machine, perpetuating the ”American might sweeps in and fixes
    the mess nobody else can” (including an particularly offensive and
    inaccurate portrayal of the British role) whilst conveniently
    forgetting America caused the mess and still haven’t fixed it.

    Aside from the week stereotype enforcing dialogue the film was slow and
    largely pointless. There was no insight in to war or human suffering in

    The characters were one dimensional and unengaging. Brad Pitt trying to
    do an act which wasn’t ‘Brad Pitt’ simply didn’t work, God knows what
    he was thinking of when coming up with that half face pull and stupid
    accent, it was just nauseating. I tried really hard to watch to the
    end, but quit with half an hour left, that’s how bad this was.

  • JayTheFirstMay 27, 2017Reply

    Think of it as M.A.S.H or Good morning Vietnam but with the sad truth delivered subtly.

    With just his gait when he runs Brad Pitt delivers the character of
    Gen. Glen McMahon, as he did with just his accent in ”Snatch” The film
    delivers some of the sad truths of war. But better than that it sums up
    the true state of the American War Machine. Very brave for making it.
    But it shows where a once great country is headed. Im going to watch it

  • bruce-373May 27, 2017Reply

    Great movie

    The other reviews don’t get it. It is not a comedy. It is a satire
    based on the the truth. The scene with the German politician Tilda
    Swindon was worth watching the movie. The whole movie is a testament to
    the ridiculousness of our being in Afghanistan after we kicked Al Qaeda
    out. Pitt was over the top, which I liked, particularly showing the
    general’s ambition. McChrystal is doing quite well right now actually.

  • eaaron-57330May 27, 2017Reply

    not funny

    This movie may be the single reason Jolie divorced Brad! A satire?
    maybe, but a bad one, they mailed this one in. An effort to be the Koen
    Brothers and Brad trying to be loony Clooney. The clichés, characters,
    and a backhanded insult to Obama were too staged, and where was the
    Bitme insult? I guess the Gen. is Petraeus? What was the purpose here?

  • abeburnettMay 27, 2017Reply

    Another stinker from Netflix

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • darling137May 27, 2017Reply

    An amusing but tossed salad of a film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rich-125-570363May 27, 2017Reply

    Absurdist or Satire

    For those reviewers who fiercely wrote a ‘thumbs down’ review on this
    flick, how about this? It’s just a so and so satire. Pitt would never
    be a bad actor and the director would never be a bad director. It’s a
    gig. It’s a farce. It’s funny. And if any of you thought, for a moment
    or a second, the production was sincere and emulated a quote-unquote
    real war movie and depiction. . .come on. . .now who’s kidding who? I
    mean I have read your comments and now you got me thinking it’s you who
    are playing the game. Stop ruining a fun movie for a change by getting
    so serious. Where’s your sense of levity? Pitt’s strutting around like
    a high and mighty general, his stilted and well-practiced speeches, the
    poking fun at the POTUS, Congress, the lackeys playing both ends in the
    middle (the press, political pundits, ad nauseous). Remarkably, the
    writer is hitting on all the truths that have turned America’s presence
    in this so-called war into a full-fledged farce. But that’s neither
    here nor there. What is here is the fact it’s an entertaining and
    informative flick that is neither great nor terrible. It’s easy on the
    mind and easy on one’s sense of humor IF one has a sense of humor. Not
    sure if the 60-million-dollar budget for the movie is accurate, but who
    cares? Anyway, this review is not a critical review. It’s a response
    and a reminder to viewers or potential viewers of this film that it’s
    prudent not to take the movie too seriously. Personally, anytime
    there’s genuine and factual criticism against the government and the
    military it’s worth the time to read, watch, or listen the narrative.
    One more thing. . .NETFLIX has created some rather epic movies over the
    years and the upper echelon that runs the show are not about to venture
    into a production that’s branded silly, inane, or a waste of time. Hope
    this review, such that it is, was helpful, maybe even informative.

  • mxmtitovMay 27, 2017Reply

    Wow, what a movie, an eye-opener really. Won’t be an easy watch for hardline believers.

    Just finished watching War Machine with Brad Pitt on Netflix. Wow, what
    a movie and an eye- opener. Really lets you put things into perspective
    and see the world through another person’s eyes and ideas. Having
    watched it left me with an utmost respect for the protagonist Gen. Glen
    McMahon (portrayed after real life persona Gen. Stanley McChrystal).
    What a guy. Need to read his books now. Warning: Obama is portrayed
    quite controversially there, and not just implicitly. That trick with
    the meeting on Air Force One, wow what an asshole move, makes you
    question the integrity of the president you so long considered ideal.
    It is healthy to look at things through the eyes of people with views
    that may be different from yours. But it can be painful: if your point
    of view is unmovable, it can lead to frustration and disappointment. So
    a fair warning to those hardline viewers: it won’t be an easy viewing
    if you can’t consider other points of view or accept that what you
    believe may be different from reality.

  • abwetman-1-817328May 27, 2017Reply

    Wrong casting

    This is a classic example of where having famous actors hurt the whole
    point of the film. Brad Pitt is not right for the part.In the way you
    can always accept Robert Redford as his role not MOVIE STAR. the same
    goes for Ben Kingsley and Alan Ruck. Topher Grace seems to now being
    type cast as a the asshole government agent/bureaucrat/mid-level exec I
    was very disappointment in the bad film.

  • tsimshotsuiMay 27, 2017Reply

    can’t make up its own mind

    War Machine is a film that starts out as a promising satire, but
    quickly tone-shifts and tries to be something else. These shifts keep
    happening several times as the film progresses. It wants to criticize
    the US government’s counterinsurgent efforts in Afghanistan through
    Brad Pitt’s General Glen McMahon, but then wants to keep him
    sympathetic and wants the audience to care when he’s sad or feeling
    hopeless. Those bits certainly don’t work with Brad Pitt’s performance,
    who is great as the General only if satirical, but just for that. David
    Michôd certainly has the right intentions and grasp on his subject
    matter, but couldn’t quite translate those into a consistent film.

  • MrGoodMovieMay 27, 2017Reply

    War Truth

    War Machine is amongst that special breed of movies that defy

    At times laugh out loud funny – at others devastatingly,
    gut-wrenchingly tense and moving. This film takes us on an interesting
    journey through the mind of a 21st century US General. Maybe he
    genuinely believes in the hopelessly futile mission he’s inherited
    (”winning the hearts and mind of the people”). Certainly he’s portrayed
    as a man nearing the end of a distinguished career, ever more desperate
    for that decisive battle that would guarantee his name passing into US
    military folk-lore alongside the likes of Lee and MacArthur.

    He appears to be a humanitarian, seeking to minimise civilian
    casualties, but this could be purely because this is one of the key
    planks of his driving strategy – counter insurgency. Brilliantly played
    by Brad Pitt, and ably supported by a motley crew of assorted military
    aides, the General appears to display more disdain for politicians and
    his US ”allies” than he does for the ”enemy”. The only reason he
    appears to be so supportive of the Afghan president, another amusing
    portrayal by the great Ben Kingsley, is that he is a key ally in the
    General’s counterinsurgency strategy.

    Yet the General’s blinkered, one-track strategy, which only the most
    loyal of his followers appear to support, is not the most fascinating
    aspect of this movie.

    The most incredible thing about this must-watch, ramshackle romp
    through the General’s tenure as the top military man in Afghanistan, is
    that it is based on true events.

  • James WoodsMay 27, 2017Reply

    Not what I expected

    4 star General, i give this film 4 stars. The reason for this is, even
    though the characters went on a merry jaunt the movie just didn’t want
    to do the same. It had some interesting and at times harsh views on
    governmental actions but it just seemed like it was missing pieces,
    much like a bucket of Lego that a four year old has. I am a fan of Brad
    Pitt and that is what kept me watching in hope. All in all War Machine
    let me down. Not a war or a comedy film in my opinion, just a bit

  • SnoopyStyleMay 27, 2017Reply

    ups and downs

    Gen. Glen McMahon (Brad Pitt) is no non-sense soldier. He lives a
    Spartan life often away from his family. He and his team such as the
    always shouting Greg Pulver (Anthony Michael Hall) are called in to
    cleanup the Afganistan quagmire. He is told to push the needle and not
    request for more troops. Instead, he is driven to win and sees his way
    where everyone else has failed. He uses any means to get his way while
    not getting his meeting with Obama. He finds President Karzai (Ben
    Kingsley), an isolated corrupt leader. Media consultant Matt Little
    (Topher Grace) suggests getting him an article in Rolling Stones.

    This dark comedy is too real to be funny. If Strangelove actually
    happened, the absurd movie would be less fun. One is always reminded
    that real people died here and there because the character of McMahon
    is based on a real person. While there are interesting bits, the
    general sense of this movie is one of tired resignation.

    I don’t know if it’s the Rolling Stones reporter but I’m reminded of
    Almost Famous. In that movie, the reporter is the protagonist and he’s
    the eyes with which the audience sees the story. The rock star is a
    subject who is slowly revealed. In this movie, we are given only the
    narration of reporter Sean Cullen for the most part. He shows up for a
    limited role later in the movie. McMahon is the protagonist and we’re
    stuck with him for good and for ill.

    Of all the characters, the most compelling is the ‘confused’ Marine
    Cpl. Billy Cole. His first scene with McMahon is devastating. His face
    is haunting. What he says resonates more than any other character. In
    the end, he is a minor character. His other scene is another compelling
    sequence as his squad goes into a hostile town. Again he is more
    compelling than anyone else and it is emotionally draining. This movie
    could have been great but McMahon can’t be the protagonist. He is an
    absurd side character like Karzai in this movie.

  • delmartian4May 27, 2017Reply

    Excellent and insightful

    This film revealed how the media, politics and politicians make it
    difficult for our military to win wars.

    Obama, like Lyndon Johnson before him, was a micromanager. Both put
    insurmountable limitations above all else. All they cared about was
    perception. The military fights wars to win not to be politically
    correct. Political correctness should stay out of war or don’t fight

    In the movie Obama gave the enemy the Taliban the news they would pull
    out at the end of the surge. That was a cluster f**k. In reality his
    administration did that often. You can’t win a war if you give the
    enemy your plans and Obama would do that time after time.

    The character McMahon was well portrayed by Brad Pitt. McMahon was a
    warrior not a politician. His was a no win situation thanks to the
    Obama administration. The administration just wanted to pull out they
    never intended to win the war.

    Westmoreland must’ve felt the same as McMahon when in Vietnam. Both
    McMahon and Westmoreland lost because the media and politicians were
    convinced the war was unwinnable. Thus making the war a three front
    war, the enemy on one front, the media in another front and the
    politicians being the third front. No general can win with those odds.

    The character portrayed by Tilda Swinton was annoying and stupid. Her
    speech was just more political dribble best saved for her constituents
    certainly not for a military planning meeting.

  • gemstonesMay 28, 2017Reply

    American War Machine skewered with pin point accuracy

    Well I never thought I would say it. Hollywood has produced a film that
    has parody, irony, pathos with 3rd degree burns. Brad Pitt is
    terrifyingly good at playing dim wits, yet towards the end, we do feel
    some empathy for the main character and his (massive) character flaws.
    It is quite touching in a way. Along the way, the American war machine,
    military ”intelligence”, patriotism and sound-bite reporting are
    body-slammed (as well they should be) with laser like accuracy. Hope
    does pops its head up a number of times, but is squashed mercilessly.
    Just like real life. Bravo to the makers and well done Brad Pitt!

  • ckoob-981-856820May 28, 2017Reply

    Bore Machine

    This movie tried to overlay a childish caricature of the Afghan War and
    its actors onto a flat and uninspiring story with unbelievably deranged
    and almost mentally incompetent characters it was clearly attempting to
    defame. Indeed, the unjust treatment of General McChrystal, who is the
    thinly veiled protagonist in the character of General McMahon, is
    continued in this 60 million dollar film. Ironically, the movie would
    have been a lot more interesting with some dramatic irony. Perhaps they
    could have contraposed the deranged, unjust and unreliable narrator, to
    a tragic hero, as opposed to recycling the cliché of the out of touch
    military man who is megalomaniacally seeking his own glory at the
    expense of lives of his men and the poor civilians who have to pay the

    Even though American Sniper stood back from making clear political
    judgments on the Iraq War, it successfully managed to capture the man
    and the American Spirit, so it was far more powerful than tired, smug
    pacifism of Bore Machine.

  • woodycvmaMay 28, 2017Reply

    A Piece of the Pie

    I’ve watched a large number of war and military movies over the years
    and after spending 36 months at war myself, I’ll say that from my
    experience there has never been a movie, series, or otherwise that has
    managed to capture ”war” or the ”military” in its entirety because
    individual experiences vary. I will say that occasionally, a movie or
    show comes around that captures one of the facets accurately.
    Unfortunately, the value or worth of a movie or show isn’t based on
    capturing a facet of reality, it’s based on ratings. It’s based on
    theatrical engagement. And that’s OK I guess, because I get that it’s
    an industry. But for me, the value of this movie isn’t the plot line or
    how over-the-top Pitt was in his character development, it’s the fact
    that War Machine captures the relationship between the military and
    government officials in a very real way. I was in Iraq during this
    period of time, and the release of the ”Karzai 12” in Afghanistan, and
    how it in turn affected our rules of engagement in Iraq, came flooding
    back to me as this movie progressed. I was incredibly angry at the
    situation, similar to Andy Moon’s response (only with less Rambo
    flare). To that point, I was glad I took the time to watch it, if for
    nothing more than seeing that the story got told. This movie is a
    slightly better than mediocre movie with some powerful moments that
    I’ll watch once and reference only for its ability to accurately
    capture this one facet of war.

  • drgreenthumb1001May 28, 2017Reply

    Great Idea IMDb

    You thought getting rid of the message boards would clean-up everyones

    The fact of the matter is you just re-routed it to the Summaries.

    There is a basic law of nature you fascist routinely forget, ”for every
    action, there is an equal and opposite re-action”.

    By attempting to curtail the trolls and lack of political correctness
    by some you just deleted the Message Boards. The reaction was you
    either drove people away, or you just pushed them here, to the Summary

    Way to think this through IMDb.

  • eqxtraMay 28, 2017Reply

    Based on a true story?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • paulbartleyMay 28, 2017Reply

    funny ‘Coen brothers’ type movie

    Being British I can see past our American cousins ‘bad’ reviews for
    thinking this film shows the ‘American Spirit’ in bad light.

    Its a very enjoyable dark/dry comedy that shows the problems with a lot
    of wars.

    Also Brad Pitt (who I used to hate) does some great acting, just like
    in Burn After Reading (which this film has the same sort feel about
    it)….this is what this movie reminds of, its very like the Coen
    Brothers films, in fact I thought it was a Coen brothers movie until I
    saw the credits and saw it wasn’t…

    The only issue with any casting I thought was Ben Kingsley, almost in a
    similar type of role he played in Iron Man 3… a Joke.. other than
    that its a good comedy.

    watch it, you will enjoy it.

  • heinigrunbaum-786-20424 ([email protected])May 28, 2017Reply

    Funny as Hell, if not tragically so…

    If you have even the slightest care in the world for what is going on
    outside your comfort zone of nothingness that is centered around your
    Smartphone, family, friends and the same boring job to get up to every
    morning (presuming you are living your live in tranquility and peace
    somewhere in US or Europe), then this film is a MUST SEE movie!

    This film will give you a hilarious insight into the heart and soul of
    the war machine that is keeping the wheels turning at the warlord’s
    stock market, the frontline of the world’s finest weapon industry/ies.
    If international politics even interests you the slightest this film is
    absolutely a MUST SEE movie, I kid you not!

    The script is good and you are never in doubt that the writers tried
    their best to circle the story around actual real life events. But
    furthermore it is even funnier than tragic; as the saying goes: I don’t
    know whether to cry or laugh.

    Maybe you need a certain kind of humor to understand it, but this film
    is funny as hell. Add to that the outstanding performance from Brad
    Pitt as General Glen McMahon and Ben Kingsley President Karzai + many
    more great performances and you will find that this film has been
    greatly cast.

    I will tell you no more. Watched it on Netflix this morning with no
    expectations and was blown away. YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

  • acresswell-15328May 28, 2017Reply

    Brad Pitt’s first time

    I cringed watching this movie. Genuinely cringed. It was like someone
    had told Brad Pitt to ham it up as much as possible. There’s no point
    in the film you feel the character he portrays is real. I don’t know
    whether the script was so bad he felt he had to give his character all
    sorts of odd flaws and quirks but having served in the Military, there
    is nothing about any of the characters that was real, not would *any*
    of them act like that, especially at their level and rank. Their
    dialogue is completely flawed and even if they were trying to portray
    the team as one step removed from a bunch of frat boys it’s still so
    far away from being engaging it’s awful. The story is poorly told as
    well and from beginning to end it fails to deliver any form of
    satisfaction in terms of content, entertainment, or any other metric
    with which you might judge a good film. Possibly the worst film I have
    seen in years and Brad Pitt is normally not too bad, not my favourite
    actor but certainly I’ve never seen him do this badly before.

  • noahbullMay 28, 2017Reply

    Slow but insightful and entertaining

    So the following is a negative review pulled from this website over
    this movie. I thought it was funny and wanted a way to save it, so
    that’s why I’m writing this.

    ”Slow boring feeble film. Offensive to anyone who wasn’t the American
    military machine, perpetuating the ”American might sweeps in and fixes
    the mess nobody else can” (including an particularly offensive and
    inaccurate portrayal of the British role) whilst conveniently
    forgetting America caused the mess and still haven’t fixed it.

    Aside from the week stereotype enforcing dialogue the film was slow and
    largely pointless. There was no insight in to war or human suffering in

    The characters were one dimensional and unengaging. Brad Pitt trying to
    do an act which wasn’t ‘Brad Pitt’ simply didn’t work, God knows what
    he was thinking of when coming up with that half face pull and stupid
    accent, it was just nauseating. I tried really hard to watch to the
    end, but quit with half an hour left, that’s how bad this was.”

    Lmao did you even watch the movie???

  • Gordon-11May 28, 2017Reply

    A satire

    This film tells the story of an ambitious army general, who is posted
    to Afghanistan to run the mission to fight insurgents. It becomes
    apparent very soon that various parties have not aligned their goals
    and missions.

    ”War Machine” tells a story of an enthusiastic man who is stuck in a
    web of bureaucracies. The story unfolds slowly, and at times it looks
    like a satirical look at a system that is supposed to serve and protect
    the public. The cameos are plentiful, making me pleasantly surprised.
    Though I find the film a little uneventful, I can see that it parallels
    what exactly is happening in the story to the characters.

  • Will SchofieldMay 28, 2017Reply

    Its good….but not amazing..but good

    It starts off like any other grand American propaganda style US
    military movie. Enter the tall, good looking white male protagonist
    against the crappy third world foreign nation who deserve a war they
    never asked for.

    The underlying political narrative that the movie plays on really hits
    home towards the middle. I felt it was a bit slow to start with, but it
    does grip you enough to get through it.

    The end felt a bit lacking, the whole movie was building up to a grand
    finale which never really came. It kind of fizzled out.

    Nonetheless it has a few jokes, intermingled with the bleakness of
    fighting an insurgency. It does provide a sort of ”anti-
    propaganda”message that the far right will probably look down on in
    disdain, so i can see some emotionally charged reviews coming.

    Overall a good watch and a good conversation topic.

  • Christopher SloaneMay 29, 2017Reply

    Well done liberal war flick

    Well done meaning that it was above par for a netflix movie. Other than
    that it was a bad release date soiling the memory of all those that
    served and never came home. As a former member of the U.S.Army (
    Infantry and Air Defense ) I found this disrespectful. I tried to find
    any redeeming value in this movie and found none… none at all. I
    always knew Rolling Stone was a hard leaning leftist rag but this
    Michael Hastings guy takes it over the top. The jist is a Obama fan boy
    screwing over a career military man because he does not agree with
    Obama or how the civilian involvement in Afghanistan has derailed any
    chance for a military victory. Thus all the lives, sacrifices and
    American dollars flush down the toilet simply because the left does not
    want the American military to succeed anywhere. Thus a petty knife in
    the back ( the article published ) as the operation is just starting.
    Of course interjection of a incident where a child dies to further push
    the anti-war theme. Utter garbage, glad I watched it for free. and now
    only feel that Michael Hastings needs a swift kick to the balls.

  • badoliMay 29, 2017Reply

    I liked it.

    It’s obviously a satire, but against a horrific background. And it’s a
    slow movie, which seems to be not what most people expected. Also Brad
    Pitt’s performance is questionable, as he plays the general a little
    too cartoonish for a movie that already starts off with a lot of
    bizarre and cynical situations.

    The whole movie is a nice allegory on how the ”yes we can” turned into
    ”what’s taking so long”, when it comes to the recent U.S. wars. How
    American idealism collides with the fact that their presence is less
    glorious WW2 heroism but depressing management of an asymmetric enemy.
    They are not here to win the war, but to administrate it. And
    bureaucracy doesn’t sell on CNN.

    Nothing in this movie ever happened anywhere close to how it’s
    presented, but the over-stylized satire and drama seems to capture the
    abstruseness of the situation better than a real drama could. I
    personally enjoyed it.

  • LeftbankerMay 29, 2017Reply

    ”Please, Leave Now.”*

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gg jjjMay 29, 2017Reply

    So American…so retarded.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pedrokolariMay 29, 2017Reply

    Not an excellent movie but a MUST SEE

    A parody of American intervention in Afghanistan, ominously close to
    reality. Brad Pitt is not at his best but does the job. Ben Kingsley is
    excellent in a minuscule role, doing one more exotic character which he
    doesn’t even have to rehearse for. Tilda Swinton is excellent in an
    even more minuscule role.

    The film is (painfully) funny, at times (uncomfortably) sidesplitting,
    very enjoyable. It is a must see because it makes a major contribution
    helping the general public navigate through years of lies and delusions
    on Afghanistan and foreign policy generally.

    Having said that, an ideological ALERT is called for: Anybody
    concluding from the movie that all you need to do is get out (of
    Afghanistan in this case) is in my view missing the intricacies of
    conflicts within Islam and the complex interaction between Islam and
    the Western World. That is for leaders with courage and imagination to
    sort out. This is just a movie review.

  • jhr2012May 29, 2017Reply

    Was this supposed to be funny?

    Because it sure as hell wasn’t. I could only make it through about 30
    minutes of this crap, but that was sufficient to tell me this was a
    misguided mess of a movie. Evidently the director figured that having
    Brad Pitt scowl was hilarious? It’s not. Maybe it would have gotten
    better further into the movie, but I doubt it. You have about 30
    minutes to develop my interest in any movie; any longer and I’m apt to
    pull the plug, which I did here. Why Pitt signed on for this is a

  • matthijsalexanderMay 29, 2017Reply

    Not good, not bad. Funny, but not overly funny

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • alindsay-alMay 29, 2017Reply

    A poor film that didn’t really know what it wanted to achieve

    I am usually interested in netflixs original products and this film has
    Brad Pitt in it so I had some interest in this film but yeah this film
    is pretty poor. The premise of this film sees a respected charismatic
    war general sent to Afghanistan to sort out the war effort that is
    happening over there. Brad pitt plays the general in this film and he
    is very good in this film, he has a lot of charisma in this film and he
    was easily the funniest character in this film. He is overacting a
    little bit but it does really work for this role and alludes to the
    fact that he is the only person I cared about in this film. The
    supporting cast in this film has some pretty decent actors in this film
    such as topher grace, will poulter and RJ cyler who was the best part
    of the recent power rangers movie. But nobody was given anything to do
    in this film and you won’t care about anybody in this film other then
    brad Pitt. The story in this film is just really bland, nothing is
    really going on except a lot of political dialogue that you just won’t
    care about. The film has a really poor structure in it and when the end
    happens you will wonder what the point of this film really was. The
    film is marketed as a dark comedy and I will say that I did chuckle at
    some of the humour but I don’t believe it is that dark at all. Towards
    the end of this film it tries to get more dramatic and it totally
    misses the mark. The style of the film is all over the place, the tone
    is so inconsistent that you won’t really be able to follow everything
    accurately because you won’t care. Overall this is another
    disappointment from a Netflix movies and it really isn’t worth a watch
    at all.

  • cneejrMay 29, 2017Reply

    Pretty good, missed opportunities

    This movie is far from perfect but the good points outweigh the bad.
    The acting is good all around. Ben Kingsley as Karzai was particularly
    good. Brad Pitt’s General McMahon (McChrystal) was a caricature but
    still compelling. There is no shortage of films on the absurdity of
    war. That message was overdone here and far too predictable. For me the
    biggest problem is that the filmmakers didn’t know who should be the
    target of the satire. In the end I think they settled on the general
    and his entourage but they also didn’t want to make their star appear
    too unsympathetic so the satire is VERY light. The politicians mostly
    get a free pass too. Obama could use some criticism for his handling of
    foreign policy but he’s off limits for the most part.

  • Ladiloque BohMay 29, 2017Reply

    Nowadays Dr Strangelove?

    For movies whose screenplay is supposed to be relevant (which are…
    all of them except the trashiest of entertainment) dubbing can be as
    damaging to the original as a tone-deaf song cover. In Italy (and in
    most central-southern Europe) since the dawn of commercial cinema
    distributors have developed a very capable dubbing industry:
    unfortunately I find that this ”art” a lot of times does ruin the
    original. Why don’t we have Mozart’s requiem in Japanese? Isn’t there a
    relevant market for classical music? Of course any music student is
    having shivers down his spine at the idea… because it’s a stupid
    idea. But well… some had this idea 70 years ago and apparently none
    felt like it was worth to change things since.

    As I doubt producers do care with what their paying customers do, I
    believe writers, directors and actors should require that their works
    will not be dubbed. But possibly they don’t care either… And this
    tells a lot about the average education of these categories…

    Anyway, in a movie like this one it’s hard to pass on some stupid
    writing: we are talking about war, about international politics and
    about our world. And while we are used to listen to any possible
    position on the news or on the internet it’s hardly bearable for me to
    see certain extreme levels of unintentional idiocy in a movie. To my
    sensitivity some phrases felt as ”smart & funny” as laughing at people
    with handicaps. Whatever… I account this to an unprofessional
    translation and actually the movie improved a lot after the first 10-20
    minutes (that’s where I had a hard time with the script: did they
    switch translator later?). What I felt insulting slowly became surreal,
    sarcastic and grotesque: in a good and almost sophisticated way I’d

    To the actual movie now:

    This is the story of how a decorated general accepts the ”publicly
    accepted” tasks of winning a war against terror, not losing resources,
    disengage conflicts and earn civil trust in modern day Afganistan.

    Brad Pitt is the lead and is out of his depth imho: I can’t simply
    believe for 1 second that he is a (dumb) 60 something modern-day
    successful military. Nonetheless he tries hard enough for me to forget
    about this and pretend he’s what he’s supposed to be. The budget
    (except the one for actors I guess) feels basic in terms of production
    but photography, scenes and costumes are as good as needed (where did
    they spend 60M $? Are military equipment scenes that expensive?).

    While not a great accomplishment ”War machine” shows well some things
    and does so without any docu feel or paternalistic ”I know it better”

    The uncoordinated (and ultimately pointless) endeavors of international

    The inability (or impossibility?) of the military to adapt to a world
    that functions with principles different than ”strenght” and ”order”;

    The media/cultural machine as an entity much more powerful (and yet
    harder to control) in determining ”things” than any actual political

    The egoistic perspective of American (and worldwide) business,
    bureaucracy, military when coping with conflicts of interest possibly
    influencing YOUR OWN career;

    The reputation of powerful men as pure propaganda to instill trust and
    maintain control: real men are actually less capable and ultimately
    less powerful than we’re led to believe.

  • blackhat-60520May 30, 2017Reply

    Funny but naive

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • EchoMay 30, 2017Reply

    If you where in ISAF you will like this one

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • origamiukMay 30, 2017Reply

    Not to be dismissed lightly

    Wasn’t sure what to make of this film. At first it feels clumsy, like
    neither cast nor director know where to pitch it – but as the arcs
    develop I found myself totally engrossed in Pitt’s struggle with the
    system and his own self belief. The mimicry aside, this is one of the
    best emotional journeys I’ve ever seen him undergo. Alan Ruck as his
    political nemesis is pitch perfect. Ended up thinking that though it
    is, to europeans, a little obvious, it is a very good Netflix effort.

  • tandc-53810May 30, 2017Reply

    Instead See Kubruck’s DR. STRANGELOVE

    There are definitely some good laughs in here grounded in our
    well-known but sad history in Vietnam and Iran. This Netflix movie
    takes place in Afghanistan with none other than Brad Putt as the
    commanding general, full of himself. The general is patterned after a
    Westmoreland-type character who thinks that the sheer power of his
    charisma will win the day. We then see how badly this approach works in
    the Mideast, where true leadership among the natives is simply
    nonexistent (Ben Kingsley plays an Afghan leader more concerned with
    his new TV and remaining unavailable than he does leading his country).
    This movie asks the question: If the natives won’t even support their
    own leader, how are they going to follow an American General? There’s
    no action in this movie, so it’s basically a personality driven comedy.
    In Kubrick’s STRANGELOVE, there’s a better balance of suspense, action,
    and comedic personalities. See it instead if you want to see a movie
    about the futility of war and the dangers of placing too much power in
    the hands of the military.

  • classicsoncallMay 30, 2017Reply

    ”Yes, we can NOT do things.”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RneedelsMay 30, 2017Reply

    Confusion Over Content and Approach

    One of the oddest movies I’ve seen in a while. I assumed from the
    preview of the Brad Pitt character that the movie would be a satire or
    comedy. Unfortunately, the movie seems to wander from political
    commentary to drama to satire… a big melting pot that doesn’t evolve.

    The only surprise is that the overall message about Obama was that he
    was an ”orator” and incompetent about running the military. While that
    message is not surprising, what was surprising was the liberal
    Hollywood celebs like Pitt that sold the message.

    If you are left leaning, then you won’t be let down as this movie
    released on Memorial Day (choke…) brings it back home with the
    narrator firmly planting an anti-American rhetoric and anti-war
    message. At least the message is consistent since the end of the
    Vietnam War,

  • ThomasJeffMay 30, 2017Reply

    A movie for the lowest-common-denominator

    Just a horrible preachy movie. There was zero suspense, almost zero
    action, and the comedy was terrible. The point of the movie is to
    preach this bizarre anti-war philosophy, that completely ignores the
    history of human wars (where insurgencies were defeated. It’s not like
    Afghans invented insurgency).

    The one-dimensional characters shows how black-and-white and simple-
    minded people wrote this movie.

    What a waste of money and acting power too. The actors are good but the
    characters and plot is just boring and bland.

    It’s like watching a 2 hour movie of someone angry at a general, so
    they made a movie whining about a general or a war.

  • bbbutler-37914May 30, 2017Reply

    One of Brad PItt’s Most Interesting Performances

    This is a thinly-veiled take on McCrystal’s time in Afaghanistan, but
    with a cynical twist. Brad Pitt did a compellingly interesting
    representation of the general’s character and kept me wondering the
    whole time whether to sympathize with him or ridicule him. Meg Tilly,
    Alan Ruck and Topher Grace also did some out-of-the-ordinary roles for
    their usual style and did great jobs.

  • rod-rugerMay 30, 2017Reply

    Dull and pointless

    The acting was bland, there was no action, the dialogue was
    uninspiring, and there was no message or deep conflict of philosophies.
    I suppose that some will praise Pitt’s gravely voice, with which he
    says nothing. Some think of this movie as an anti-war statement. At
    best it was a mild statement about how poorly our leaders and military
    understand the situation in AFGH. That lack of understanding can be no
    shock, given Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia, and too many others. Luckily, if
    one has a Netflix subscription, one may watch if ”for free”. A waste of
    time, however.

  • CANpatbuck3664May 30, 2017Reply

    The Success of War Machine is Spotty but it Provides Some Laughs and Some Genuine Insight to Compensate

    *Minor Spoilers Ahead* War Machine starts in 2009 when the Afghanistan
    conflict was supposed to start winding down. Public support for the war
    has fallen substantially and previous efforts to clean up Afghanistan
    by other military generals have been mixed to shoddy. They decide to
    bring in some new blood and the new commander of the forces Gen. Glen
    McMahon (Brad Pitt). He’s coming off of a successful campaign in Iraq
    implementing his SNORP principles (the movie doesn’t give a detailed
    explanation but it’s alluded to effective resource management and
    better communication). McMahon genuinely means well and he isn’t short
    on confidence but he doesn’t understand the situation he’s being placed
    in. The administration isn’t putting him there to win, he’s there to
    minimize collateral damage and clean up the mess. McMahon seems
    oblivious to this and continues on like he’s there to win. Whether this
    is good or bad, we’ll find out.

    When the movie begins, it’s hard to nail down the tone of the movie.
    War Machine doesn’t have any problem poking fun at how the War in
    Afghanistan was handled but the movie tries to be funny and yet show
    the difficulty coalition forces had in trying to secure the area. The
    narration provides some helpful information and really details how this
    kind of invasion rarely if ever works. I think War Machine manages to
    elicit some quality laughs and provide a different take in looking back
    at the war in Afghanistan but it doesn’t always gel evenly. If you look
    at director David Michod comments about making a schizophrenic movie,
    it provides a little context to the tonal inconsistency.

    Being a dark comedy about this subject, War Machine puts their opinions
    about the Afghanistan conflict front and centre. It was surprisingly
    critical of the Obama administration and I was fine with that. But
    they’re take is a little controversial and that’s probably contributed
    to the negative reviews. I liked the fact that they weren’t afraid to
    be critical or to point out some of the ridiculous situations the
    soldiers were put in. But the movie glosses over any positive effects
    that the mission might have had. I mean it couldn’t have been a
    unmitigated disaster. I get that this isn’t a documentary but I wish
    they could have at least shown a peek at the other side of the issue.

    Brad Pitt’s performances seems to be pretty polarizing and I’ll admit
    his performance makes General McMahon seem a little divorced from
    reality. He’s based on real life General McChrystal who was in charge
    of operations for the U.S. forces in 2010. He was taken down by a
    Rolling Stone piece that openly showed him criticizing the Obama
    administration’s handling of the situation. I thought he was really
    funny even if he could have been a little more realistic and he added a
    lot of small eccentricities to Gen. Glen McMahon that made him
    interesting to follow. The supporting cast is pretty impressive and I
    wish some of them had got some more time. Ben Kingsley was great as
    President Karzai but he’s only in a couple of scenes. Tilda Swinton
    stole the show in her one scene. You have a lot of good actors in
    supporting roles; Alan Ruck, Daniel Betts and John Margaro come to
    mind. I also really liked Anthony Michael Hall in his role as Greg
    Pulver who basically is McMahon’s angry #2 officer.

    As much as the first act of the movie dips its toes into goofy comedy,
    the ending of War Machine really brings things to an end on a sombre
    note. It really drives home the distinct and defeatist nature of what
    the Afghanistan conflict turned into. The small action scene is intense
    and the fallout is heartbreaking. I don’t always like sad endings but
    it fit this movie and it was definitely appropriate.

    My dad was a big fan of M*A*S*H and while I didn’t connect with the
    show like he did, I had a ton of respect for it. To provide a critical
    commentary on a real conflict on mainstream T.V. just isn’t done and we
    could use more programming like that. War Machine doesn’t have the same
    bite but the movie does provide some interesting commentary in
    retrospect. This movie doesn’t have perfect balance but between the
    funnier bits and how they accurately portray the monotony and confusing
    nature of the Afghanistan conflict, I think they got the job done. War
    Machine is far from perfect but it has plenty of good moments and as
    long as your open to a different viewpoint on this war, you could find
    something stimulating in this.

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