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Well Wishes

Well Wishes

Sep. 24, 2015 94 Min.
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Jane McNeill isPenelope's Mother
Penelope's Mother
Bill Ladd isPenelope's Father
Penelope's Father


After losing his job on a coin-toss a man concocts a fantastical plan to build an enterprise of harvesting coins from wishing fountains.

Well Wishes
Original titleWell Wishes
TMDb Rating4.3 5 votes

(4) comments

  • many_framesMay 20, 2016Reply

    Charming. A funny, original indie throwback not without its flaws.

    Wasn’t expecting more than a diversion going into renting Well Wishes
    but I am pleasantly surprised. The movie clearly owes its debt to
    old-Hollywood (count all the Capra nods, maybe one too many) and it’s a
    story with a few familiar tropes (lost job and broken heart in the
    first 5 minutes anyone?) but it’s a confidently told story with pretty
    remarkable direction for what appears to be a first timer. The film
    commits to a silly premise and goes all the way to a natural

    The story follow Miles, a recently fired and dumped man, as he carves
    out a career raking coins from wish fountains. Legality and efficacy of
    the venture aside (c’mon, it’s a movie) the fountain scenes are some of
    the best looking I’ve seen in a low budget movie and lend themselves to
    the funny, heightened reality the film strives for. Exposition reels in
    a great array of bizarre characters and a serviceable love story.
    Political overtones are mild, some subversive jabs in there, but mainly
    it’s a light human interest story woven into a nice, comical farce. The
    cast is great, and though I don’t recognize any of them, the acting is
    superior to any film of this size I’ve seen. Without spoiling anything
    the ending is weird enough to be memorable, and maybe it couldn’t end
    any other way.

    Well Wishes is ultimately an admittedly low-stakes affair (lighter on
    the drama and heavier on the bubble-gum) yet there’s a clear and
    confident vision on display here. I was not expecting what I got. Will
    be looking out for what these filmmakers do next and it would take a
    focused effort to dislike a film this charming and disarming. It made
    me smile, at least.

  • zif ofozMay 20, 2016Reply

    About as dull as a movie can be dull and not 1 well in it!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Lindsey GrangerJune 30, 2016Reply

    Great movie, but…

    …too much music! For me several scenes could have gone without a song
    carrying the thread, somewhat unnecessarily. There’s an almost near
    constant soundtrack at work, which at its best works in support of the
    story and at its worst acts as a distraction. Mostly good creative
    musical choices, though. Simply a pet peeve! Overall, Well Wishes has
    the feel of a 90’s fantasy comedy. It’s a story unafraid to embrace its
    innate quirkiness and (sometimes cloying) optimism. Still, definitely a
    refreshing change of pace against a recent spate of all-too-cynical
    films, or many too clever for their own good. There’s a high level of
    craft and attention on display for being such a small film. I’ll let it
    sit for awhile but I believe it to be worthy of repeat viewings. Funny,
    bizarre, completely unique unto itself…aside from a few quibbles I
    loved it!

  • silverturquoiseJuly 10, 2016Reply

    Clever and fun adventure

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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