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What We Become

What We Become

Stay Home. Lock Up. Don't Breathe.Sep. 29, 2015 Denmark85 Min.
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8.8 1,844 votes

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A family of four is quarantined in their home as a virulent strand of the flu spreads into town and they are forced to the extreme to escape alive.

What We Become
What We Become
What We Become
Original titleSorgenfri
IMDb Rating5.7 1,898 votes
TMDb Rating6 25 votes

(14) comments

  • Alexander KinnunenApril 6, 2016Reply

    Took me by surprise

    Sorgenfri took me by surprise – in the best possible way. I walked in
    with relatively low expectations, but left thinking that this might be
    THE zombie movie I have always waited for. It might be my favourite to

    It’s definitely up to par with The Walking Dead in many ways, just more
    thrilling and horror-like. It really got under my skin and made me feel
    very… alive!

    The special effects were great. The locations, settings and moods felt
    very realistic. Character development and dialogue was satisfying. The
    sounds were oh-so creepy.

    All in all this is a very well made movie. Which happens to be a zombie
    movie set in a small town in Denmark. I never in my life thought I
    would see those two sentences in the same paragraph, but here we are.

    Big kudos for having the vision and will to make this happen. I highly
    salute the team behind this effort and recommend it to all zombie fans.
    Count me in for Sorgenfri 2.

  • BennoApril 25, 2016Reply

    An original little twist to the genre

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JoeBagzJune 14, 2016Reply

    Not bad

    No spoilers. Right off the top I’ll say it was pretty decent little
    film… Didn’t care for the clip from the climax that plays during the
    opening credits. Don’t understand why the director felt the need to
    share that 50 seconds with the audience. Maybe a Danish thing.

    Did very much like the camera work and shot selection used by the
    director, felt right there pretty much, in the scene. Felt personal,
    worked pretty well throughout. And they spend the first 10 minutes just
    getting to know the characters a little. Does it well enough to point
    out their character flaws without having to rub your nose in them.
    Showed real patience given it’s only a 90-minute film, and no CGI so
    they focused on their characters and the story, which worked. Also
    thought they over did the lighting. Mostly shot indoors and at night so
    darker would have worked better.

    However as the story progresses and the pace picks up the cast lags.
    The characters are a bit too subdued/lethargic as their world becomes
    unhinged with their survival increasingly in doubt. They should have
    been wired when instead they looked and acted a bit stoned. For people
    on the edge of the abyss they certainly lacked for nervous
    conversation. Think really scared people would have talked more.

    As often happens in this genre the writer mistakenly believes the
    characters must make bad/stupid decisions for things to happen. Myself
    I never like watching stupid people. Prefer when the situation forces
    the characters to respond rather than vice versa. Have some of each
    here. Did not care for the climax much or for the ending, expected
    more, characters deserved a better ending.

    All said not a bad little film, pretty good actually. Obviously a small
    budget but think it worked in their favor, worth a watch

  • Carlos GarcíaJuly 2, 2016Reply

    Somewhat original but still pretty damn bad…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • agatadescroixJuly 23, 2016Reply

    One of my favorite zombie movies

    I was so surprised by this movie. The deep ambiance is slowly built up
    and really turns into anxiety. Some delightful scare-jumps. Loved the
    music and the sound effects. There is enough shown, which I like. It’s
    not a full-blood-gore kind of movie; you don’t see everything, which I
    think helps to create a freaky ambiance and the feeling that you are
    with the family. Very smartly developed and amazingly realistic. I’ve
    never seen characters evolve so much in a zombie movie. (And the little
    cherry on the cake for my personal taste, it’s all in danish! Sounds
    great to me)

    Huge crush!! Highly recommend it <3

  • NolafilmmakerOctober 15, 2016Reply

    Decent but ruined by a very stupid character

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • FlowNovember 6, 2016Reply

    Nothing! That’s what.

    Seriously, how can anyone be into this, calling it better, original, a
    nice surprise? It has the same moves, gestures, look like any other
    zombie movie done with a smaller budget.

    I got bored out of my mind waiting for something to happen, hoping for
    a twist, a better ending, anything that would remotely make me feel
    better about spending time in front of What We Become, but nothing
    came. The movie is as predictable as possible, from head to toes,
    bringing nothing new whatsoever, and don’t tell me it focuses more on
    the reactions of the people and not so much on zombies, cause I’ve seen
    that too, and way better also.

    I won’t recommend this one, tho I usually like the non Hollywood
    productions, as I find them bold, cruel and raw. But here I kinda knew
    nothing would develop and all it takes is around 30 min for you to
    realize it too. So if you wanna drop an eye on this one, do it at your
    own peril.


  • Paul Magne HaakonsenNovember 11, 2016Reply

    Zombies in Denmark!…

    See, now this is a movie that makes me proud of being a Dane! This is
    the third zombie movie that I have seen, but the previous two were low
    budget movies made by amateurs, whereas ”Sorgenfri” (aka ”What We
    Become”) is a movie of proper budget and with proper acting talents.

    I am glad that Denmark finally made it to the zombie world map with a
    movie that actually is worthwhile being remembered for. And director Bo
    Mikkelsen really managed to secure a good position on the map with his
    handling of ”Sorgenfri”.

    What starts out as a fairly slow-paced movie, actually turned out to be
    rather interesting and thrilling. So stick with it, even through the
    slow and semi-dull first third of the movie or so. It is all part of
    the director’s plan to build up the movie. Personally I think it took
    the movie a bit too long to get up in gear. But once it did, it was
    worth the wait.

    A small rural community becomes plagued by a mysterious disease, which
    seems to spread like a wildfire. With the military moving in and
    placing the town under heavy quarantine, the citizens become prisoners
    in their own homes. And during confinement they can only listen to the
    newsfeeds to get information about the disease that is ravaging their
    town. However, things are being kept in the dark, but things can’t stay
    buried forever…

    The story in ”Sorgenfri” was a good one, once the movie picked up in
    pace. And it is a story-driven and character-driven movie, although
    spiced up with occasional action. There isn’t really much gore and
    zombie effects, come to think of it. But director Bo Mikkelsen managed
    to more than make up for that with clever storytelling and presentation
    of the story visually.

    They had some good actors on the cast list, and I must admit that I was
    more than surprised to see Troels Lyby in a movie such as this. But he
    really stepped up and surprised me with his delivery of performance in
    a zombie movie.

    ”Sorgenfri” is a movie well-worth watching if you enjoy zombie movies,
    and don’t mind it not being a movie with a standard English audio.
    ”Sorgenfri” was a surprise to me, and I am glad that I happened to find
    it and got a chance to watch it.

    Hopefully there will be a sequel to it, because it does leave the
    audience with a sense of something more is to come.

  • bear-00997November 18, 2016Reply

    Whatches it by accident, happy I made that mistake. Zombies!

    This one caught me off guard. I went in with low expectations cuz I
    never herd of this movie, I actually clicked the wrong movie on Netflix
    and it ended up being this one’ what a happy accident. It started a
    pinch slow but that’s part of a slow build. When the action starts it
    only gets better from there. If u like zombie movies watch this one. It
    will be worth it.

    I didn’t know the Danes made zombie movies. The acting was pretty good
    and the it definitely gets a little intense. Some head shooting, some
    face biting. Never herd of the director but he’s got some talent if you
    ask me. It kinda low budget but it doesn’t effect the movies quality.
    Watch it!

  • kosmaspNovember 18, 2016Reply


    For some this might have been a bit over-hyped. And I get that with
    great expectations, comes great disappointment. But if you try to keep
    in mind, that this is a low budget production and that it doesn’t
    re-invent the wheel, than you may be able to have a really good time
    watching this. Because there is tension, there is drama, there is
    horror, but there is also comedy to be found here.

    The characters are very nicely drawn and portrayed by the actors. You
    still get clichés and you will see things coming. So while this far
    away from perfect, it can be a nice/decent night in movie to watch.
    Expect nothing more and you’ll be entertained as well

  • thelastblogontheleftNovember 27, 2016Reply

    Seen It All Before

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Emil SørensenDecember 11, 2016Reply

    Too narrow movie

    I went into this movie with low expectations because i knew this was a
    low budget movie. But i was still surprised about how bad this movie
    was. First of all, the movie has a lot of bad acting from some actors
    in Denmark who are popular actors normally.

    The movie escalated from 1 to 1000 in 5 minute’s. Without any story.
    Even the story in those 5 minute’s where awful, and did not make any

    If i have to say something good about this movie, it would be that the
    zombie actors did well. They could have stared in The Walking Dead
    without any problems.

    So, a movie with a bad story, awful acting, and that escalates from 1
    to 1000 in 5 minute’s without and story. Please, don’t waste your time
    with this movie.

  • ericrnolanFebruary 11, 2017Reply

    A few quick words on ”What We Become” (2016)

    ”What We Become” (2016) is a competent, serviceable Danish horror film
    that nevertheless could have been better. (The film’s original title
    was ”Sorgenfri.”) It’s capably written, nicely filmed, and well
    performed by its actors, and there is genuine suspense once its zombies
    are allowed to run amok.

    The trouble is, that takes far too long. Like America’s ”Viral” (2016),
    this is a zombie movie that spends so much effort on its setup that
    there is little time left for enough payoff.

    This is another thoughtful apocalyptic monster movie that pays a great
    deal of attention to the media and military response to the emerging
    crisis. (And it’s creepily effective the way this is told exclusively
    from the point of view of a Danish suburb’s residents.) It will hold
    your attention as a kind of ”slow burn” horror film — it reminded me a
    little of the first season of AMC’s ”Fear the Walking Dead.”
    Ultimately, however, the zombies get too little screen time. And that’s
    a shame, because what we do see as a horrifying, tragic climax is
    actually very well executed.

    Overall, I’d rate this a 7 out of 10.

  • dionreneeMay 31, 2017Reply

    Stumbled on this by accident!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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