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When Black Birds Fly

When Black Birds Fly

Jan. 15, 2016 USA
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9.4 1,349 votes

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Heaven is a beautiful, clean suburban paradise as long as they follow one simple rule: DO NOT communicate with “The Evil One” that dwells on the other side of a giant wall that circles the town. One day after chasing one he discovers a talking kitten with a broken leg a small child crawls through a hole in the wall and meets the Evil One, who attempts to teach him the forbidden knowledge that was previously hidden from them all.

Original titleWhen Black Birds Fly
IMDb Rating6.0 123 votes
TMDb Rating5 2 votes

(2) comments

  • Alec HesslingMarch 9, 2016Reply

    Sunday School on Acid

    Albeit not nearly as disturbing as ”where the dead go to die” this one
    is a solid work full of black humor, hallucinogenic imagery and
    religious parallels. The voice acting is far superior to its
    predecessor, sounding much like any major production whereas I felt
    wtdgtd definitely fell short. Soundtrack is very well done creating an
    excellent atmosphere for the trippy visuals. Gore and shock value
    seemed a bit toned down, but none the less still has plenty of good
    kills and splatter throughout. Sexual imagery is prevalent within the
    film although the male characters are equipped the equivalence of a Ken
    doll, which makes for some awkward sex scenes. The trademark animation
    seems to be improved on with less glitchy movement and flowed smoother
    altogether. The story struck me as an exaggerated jab at religion with
    sacrilegious themes. I enjoyed this movie and look forward to seeing
    what’s next from Mr. Screamerclauz.

  • kenzie-11479August 1, 2016Reply

    Very confusing acid trip

    I don’t understand this movie it’s like this guy had a really bad acid
    trip in 2010 came back to himself a whole two years later thought hey
    lets make my trip into a movie took even more acid went into a coma and
    4 years later came out of it and all his team was like basically brain
    dead from all the acid they had to take to make it so they subbed in
    crack, and finally after naming it when black birds fly because why not
    that’s the only understandable thing in this whole movie then after
    like at least a dozen people basically wanted to die after watching it
    they couldn’t make it to theaters and just decided to release it to
    some second hand stream site that doesn’t have anything good from the
    last decade

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