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Whisky Galore

Whisky Galore

Jun. 26, 2016 UK98 Min.
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9.2 1,614 votes

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Eddie Izzard isCaptain Wagget
Captain Wagget
James Cosmo isMacalister the Minister
Macalister the Minister
Ellie Kendrick isCatriona Macroon
Catriona Macroon
Kevin Guthrie isGeorge Campbell
George Campbell
Sean Biggerstaff isSergeant Odd
Sergeant Odd
Naomi Battrick isPeggy Macroon
Peggy Macroon


The story of the inhabitants of the isolated Scottish island of Todday, in the Outer Hebrides, where gloom sets in as their wartime rationing of whisky runs out. When cargo ship the SS Cabinet Minister runs aground the shrewd islanders run rings around the buffoonish English Home Guard commander Captain Waggett and conspire to hide away cases of the precious amber nectar.

Whisky Galore
Whisky Galore
Whisky Galore
Whisky Galore
Whisky Galore
Whisky Galore
Original titleWhisky Galore
IMDb Rating5.0 110 votes
TMDb Rating7 2 votes

(6) comments

  • dilsonbelperApril 10, 2017Reply

    What was the point in this rehash of a classic

    In Mackendrick’s hands, this story was a charming tale of defying the
    ration and indulging in a little acceptable law-breaking – both modish
    subjects in the immediate postwar period. In 2016, however, its purpose
    is much harder to understand: it comes across as twee, comfy-cardigan
    film-making. And, Eddie Izzard’s best efforts notwithstanding, it
    simply isn’t very funny.

  • robert e cooperApril 25, 2017Reply

    Good fun

    Sit back and relax, don’t bother trying to compare to the first film
    whether it is better or worse, I don’t care. I sat in full theater and
    the whole audience including me thoroughly enjoyed this film. We
    laughed at the funny bits, and enjoyed the story, what more do you
    need. Just go see it and have fun.

  • David Ferguson ([email protected])May 11, 2017Reply

    remake of ”hardship”

    Greetings again from the darkness. There’s good fun to be had in
    watching director Gilles MacKinnon’s and writer Peter McDougall’s
    remake of the 1949 comedy from director Alexander Mackendrick and
    writer Angus MacPhaill, based on the novel from Compton MacKenzie.
    Whew! Is that enough ‘Macs’ for you? The story takes place on an
    isolated Scottish island of Todday during WWII, and is loosely based on
    true events of 1941.

    Not only is the community geographically isolated, it’s also mostly
    insulated from the rationing and hardships caused by the Great War. All
    that changes when the last bit of whisky is guzzled, leaving the locals
    ”in terrible shape” with nothing to drink but tea (uttered with equal
    parts disgust and disappointment). Even though it was Irish and not
    Scottish, if you’ve seen Waking Ned Devine (1998), then you’ll have an
    idea of the comedic style – mischievous wry humor rather than
    hysterical slapstick.

    The key locals include Gregor Fisher as Macroom, single father to two
    grown daughters Catriona (Ellie Kendrick) and Peggy (Naomi Battrick).
    Of course, where there are two lovely daughters, there is likely to be
    love in the air. Filling these roles are returning war hero Sergeant
    Odd (Sean Biggerstaff) and George (Kevin Guthrie), the son of a local
    ultra-Calvinist mother. Eddie Izzard plays the all too serious Home
    Guard Captain Wagget, while Fenella Woodgar spouts some of the film’s
    best one-liners as his wife.

    When a cargo ship carrying 50,000 cases of whisky crashes just
    offshore, the locals begin plotting how to rescue the bounty and return
    normalcy to their daily lives … all while observing the Sabbath and
    gazing wistfully at the ship from dry land. There is also a funky
    sub-plot that ties into the story of the Duke of Windsor and Wallis
    Spencer, but this is mostly a story of local ingenuity and inspiration
    set to the beautiful music of Scottish bagpipes and violins (from
    composer Patrick Doyle). The quaint setting and predicament make for
    whimsical fun and some nice laughs … just remember to change the
    password if you are guarding the road.

  • nlaing1May 12, 2017Reply

    A lovely wee ”shot” of a different time and culture

    This lovely and humorous little production of a classic tale really
    made my Saturday night, I came out both invigorated and satisfied. I
    chuckled and tutted (at the characters) along with the whole audience,
    and I could feel others tapping their feet along, or really enjoying
    the music.

    Gregor Fisher proves himself a masterful comedic character actor again,
    playing a grumpy but wily father and postmaster in the lead role. Eddie
    Izzard deserves commendation for given depth to a character screaming
    to be either played as an outright fool, or as a serious and glum two
    dimensional character. The rest of the cast are fantastic and
    skillfully directed.

    Overall I would recommend this movie to any lovers of independent feel
    good movies, it definitely reminded me of how I felt upon leaving a
    screening of Amelie years ago. Very family friendly, and an ideal
    antithesis to the stream of ridiculous Hollywood action movies of the
    Fast and furious 8, triple x ilk.

    And regarding people saying it didn’t need to be remade, how
    preposterous to review a production this way. Stories are retold
    constantly, its the nature of the beast. One of the beautiful things
    about the cinema and theatre is the diversity in which a simple tale
    can be re-imagined, bring it to life in new ways. I can only assume
    this opinion come from purists who love the original so much they would
    hate to see anything even slightly different, so any real opinion on
    this production is unbelievably biased.

    I never give 10/10, because I would reserve that for such amazing
    pieces of cinema like the Godfather and alike. So understand 8/10 is a
    very good score.

  • HellmantMay 25, 2017Reply

    Reminds me of a lot of other Scottish and Irish islander comedies.

    ‘WHISKY GALORE’: Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    A British World War II comedy, that’s based on the 1949 film of the
    same name. The movie tells the story of a group of Scottish islanders,
    on the Isle of Todday, that attempt to steal 50,000 cases of whiskey
    from a ship stranded offshore. It’s set during the 1940s, when whiskey
    rationing was in effect. The film stars Gregor Fisher, Eddie Izzard,
    Sean Biggerstaff and Naomi Battrick. It was directed by Gillies
    MacKinnon and it was written by Peter McDougall (a veteran TV writer).
    The film has received mostly positive reviews from the critics that
    have reviewed it. I enjoyed it as well.

    The story is set in 1941, and it’s loosely based on true events. The
    Scottish islanders living on the Isle of Todday were suffering from
    severe whisky shortage (due to the rationing that was in effect during
    World War II). When they hear about a ship stranded on the rocks just
    offshore, called the SS Cabinet, that was carrying 50,000 cases of
    Scotch whiskey to America, they decide the opportunity to steal the
    whiskey is just too good to pass up. They’re only problem is a Home
    Guard officer, named Captain Wagget (Izzard), who is determined to
    maintain law and order on the island.

    The movie is funny and extremely upbeat; even given the subject matter
    of theft on a grand scale (and in reality a large amount of money was
    stolen from the ship as well). It reminds me of a lot of other Scottish
    and Irish islander comedies I’ve seen (like ‘WAKING NED DEVINE’). If
    you enjoy that type of film, you’ll probably get a good kick out of
    this. I think it’s a well made and enjoyable movie, but it’s also
    nothing too memorable though.

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  • justincwardMay 27, 2017Reply

    Pretty, gentle, tame, forgettable remake. Better than ‘Dad’s Army’.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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