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X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse

Only the strong will surviveMay. 18, 2016 USA144 Min.PG-13
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8.6 1,928 votes

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Bryan Singer


James McAvoy isProfessor Charles Xavier
Professor Charles Xavier
Michael Fassbender isErik Lehnsherr / Magneto
Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto
Jennifer Lawrence isRaven Darkholme / Mystique
Raven Darkholme / Mystique
Nicholas Hoult isHank McCoy / Beast
Hank McCoy / Beast
Oscar Isaac isEn Sabah Nur / Apocalypse
En Sabah Nur / Apocalypse
Rose Byrne isMoira MacTaggert
Moira MacTaggert
Evan Peters isPeter Maximoff / Quicksilver
Peter Maximoff / Quicksilver
Josh Helman isCol. William Stryker
Col. William Stryker
Sophie Turner isJean Grey / Phoenix
Jean Grey / Phoenix
Tye Sheridan isScott Summers / Cyclops
Scott Summers / Cyclops


After the re-emergence of the world’s first mutant, world-destroyer Apocalypse, the X-Men must unite to defeat his extinction level plan.

X-Men: Apocalypse
X-Men: Apocalypse
X-Men: Apocalypse
X-Men: Apocalypse
X-Men: Apocalypse
X-Men: Apocalypse
X-Men: Apocalypse
X-Men: Apocalypse
X-Men: Apocalypse
X-Men: Apocalypse
Original titleX-Men: Apocalypse
IMDb Rating7.1 276,381 votes
TMDb Rating6.3 3720 votes

(727) comments

  • hj rockMay 10, 2016Reply

    X-Men: Apocalypse is great if X-Men: Days of Future Past was awesome

    Overall movie was great Although movie starts a bit slow and i was a
    little confused and bored but after that the movie finally starts
    catching up to the expectation.

    For me this was the best x-men movie because this movie has the best
    action sequences as compared to any other x-men movie with a great
    story and emotion(not as good as days of future past but who cares its
    a superhero movie) .



    I can literally watch the movie again just because of quicksilver.I
    never thought they could top the X-Men: Days of Future Past action(or
    comedy) scene but they did.

    Acting of all the cast members were awesome and James McAvoy,Michael
    Fassbender & Jennifer Lawrence knocked it out the park.

    I don’t understand the critics , I never did.(sound’s similar to
    superman’s mom in BvS that was in the trailer :P)

    Movie the great and I can’t wait to watch it again.

  • livethefloyd ([email protected])May 10, 2016Reply

    Screw Rotten Tomatoes this movie is as fantastic as it could get

    Okay, this is already the fourth superhero film we have gotten so far
    this year. The fact that it’s this good blows my mind, it’s the sixth
    entry in the main X-Men series, and it might be the third best after X2
    and Days of Future Past. Oscar Isaac gives an outstanding performance
    as the mutant menace: Apocalypse, he was the highlight of the film
    right next to Fassbender’s Magneto (who never fails to deliver). In a
    year with pathetic and disappointing superhero film villains so far,
    Apocalypse gives us the layered and threatening performance we want
    from our villains. Evan Peters returns as Quicksilver once more to give
    us an amazing scene that tops the one from Days of Future Past. The
    newcomers are fantastic and exciting and we will certainly see them
    again in the future. They also finally got Cyclops right! Forget about
    Rotten Tomatoes and go see this film opening weekend, you won’t regret!

  • Sam Murphy (sam_murphy)May 11, 2016Reply

    A Terribly Disappointing Continuation

    Coming off the heels of 2014’s stellar Days of Future Past, I had very
    high expectations of the third entry in this soft-rebooted series.
    X-Men Days of Future Past and First Class were not only brilliant X-Men
    films, but brilliant films in their own right, and are both in amongst
    some of the best movies of the last few years.

    Unfortunately, X-Men Apocalypse really isn’t a worthy continuation of
    what was a brilliant run – the two years in which it was made seem to
    have been wasted on special effects and style over substance. Fast
    tracking a film in this fashion and pumping it put of the works in two
    years is a vain attempt at squeezing out as much profit from the
    franchise as they can before Days of Future Past’s brilliance falls to
    the back of peoples minds.

    This new entry is as flashy as ever, and some of the effects do impress
    (whilst others are terrible), but it is a typical case of sporting more
    style than substance, and its very noticeable. It’s primarily fueled by
    effects driven action sequences, and this becomes very boring toward
    the latter half of the film. For what was a 2 and a half hour film felt
    like an absolute eternity.

    The acting is very good, and I have no qualms with the actors – they
    all played their roles incredibly well and Fassbender and McAvoy were
    as brilliant as ever. The characters, however, were incredibly
    underwritten and dis-interesting. The ‘new’ character additions are
    poorly conceived and there’s a little bit too much going on and too
    many to keep track of which will prove very unwieldy for some. They’ve
    tried to cram a few too many characters into the film, and it doesn’t
    pan out well.

    All this being said, X-Men: Apocalypse is not a bad film at all – it’s
    not good either, it’s just OK. And it is incredibly disappointing
    because the last two entries have been nothing short of incredible.

    I realize people will not like to hear this and will dislike this
    review based on those merits, but I would prefer to get dislikes and
    give an honest review than lie. In the end, X-Men: Apocalypse has some
    moments of glory, but these moments are too few and far between,
    eventuating in a fairly tedious onslaught of special effects and dull
    action melange.

  • champjohnson29May 12, 2016Reply

    It’s not Bad…but its not Good!

    Warning, I will be posting spoilers because I feel I can only review
    this movie properly by telling talking about everything. So if you
    don’t want spoilers, then please don’t read this.

    Again…don’t read this if you don’t want spoilers…

    Firstly, the returning cast of McAvoy, Fassbender, Lawrence and Hoult
    are cool. They don’t really have in depth character journeys but they
    do well with what they were given. Magneto’s reasoning for joining
    Apocalypse was a bit ham fisted. Taking him back to Auschwitz as a way
    to manipulate him into getting on board with a human annihilation plan
    didn’t make much sense. I know Magneto is ruthless but that’s a kind of
    dramatic. I like how Raven is saving mutants but I don’t understand why
    she doesn’t want to be the ”poster child” for mutants. Her entire arc
    in First Class was being a ”mutant and proud”, after being insecure
    over her appearance and now she can spread that message but chooses not
    to. It kind of contradicts her character. There isn’t much to say about
    Beast and Charles, they are good but don’t really shine in this movie.
    Although, it was great seeing McAvoy with the iconic bald head.

    I definitely feel like this movie suffered from having too many
    characters. Singer just couldn’t balance it. I feel like you cant bring
    iconic character to screen and have them be props, or just there for
    cool effects and action scene. If you want to do that, its best if you
    make up characters. My point is Psylocke barely has any lines and just
    makes the weird face throughout the whole movie. I feel like all her
    ”great” moments are in the trailers, so she was underwhelming. It
    definitely shows that she was a last minute edition to the movie
    because her character is terribly under developed. Angel is another
    prop, although his final fight scene with Nightcrawler is pretty dope.
    Jubilee did not need to be in this movie. She didn’t even use her
    powers. Not ONCE. But Cyclops introduction was good and a great nod to
    comics/cartoons. Jean Grey was cool and Storm was wasted as always. She
    did have her accent, however she didn’t have much to do and in the
    final battle just stood around.

    Apocalypse I feel was a wasted villain. Since the comics, he’s always
    had a survival of the fittest mentality but I feel like they needed to
    elaborate more on his reasoning for wanting to destroy the Earth. And
    like, what’s gonna happen after we destroy the world? Secondly, you
    can’t touch a television in the 1980s and have all of the knowledge of
    the world for the past 5000 years. Maybe now, with he internet but in
    the 80s….definitely not, that was stupid. I think this was a wasted
    villain and the final battle was a bit underwhelming, minus some cool
    visual moments. I, also, am wondering what would make Mystique think
    that she could take down Apocalypse? Weird.

    I know it seems like I’m ragging on the movie, it definitely had some
    cool, interesting, funny moments but I feel like the cons outweigh the
    pros. Quicksilver’s scene definitely tops the one from DOFP. But I
    thought it was so convenient for him to arrive at the school at the
    moment Apocalypse was destroying the mansion. Also, why the hell did
    they kill Havok. After, three movies they just didn’t let him be great.
    Total was of a character.

    This movie is not a bad movie. Some of the critics are definitely being
    dramatic, but I feel like this film suffers from trying to top itself
    and rival other superhero franchises like Superman and Civil War. I’m
    glad that it contains a lot more action than previous X-Men movies and
    I’m glad that Fox is trying to embrace the science fiction aspect of
    these stories, but it just falls short to me. I do have a lot more
    complaints but I will keep those to myself. Of course, I will never
    tell anyone to not see a movie. I think you should see for yourself to
    form your own opinion, this review is just my personal experience in

    Anyone who gives this movie a 1 is just being dramatic and knit
    picking. But anyone who rates this movie a 10 is just trying to battle
    the terrible reviewers instead of being realistic and honest.

    Lastly, I don’t want the X-Men to go back to Marvel (as great as that
    would be), I think the X- Men should stay it’s own universe. However, I
    do think the franchise suffers because of the creatives that handle
    bringing it to life. Kinberg and Singer should just leave this
    franchise alone and allow some fresh hands/eyes to take these movies to
    the next level. Even with DOFP erasing some continuity issues, they
    just bring more issues into the franchise that make your head twirl.

    OMG….last thing, i promise. The wolverine sequence was cool and fun
    to watch. But it just wasn’t needed at all. That entire scene should
    have been the post credits. Speaking of post credits, it’s nice to know
    that Mister Sinister exists in this universe. I guess I’m anxious to
    see which movie he will be a villain in; Deadpool sequel, New Mutants
    or the next X-men film.

  • me_theuninvitedMay 12, 2016Reply

    After 16 years, Bryan Singer delivers the X Men movie we’ve all been waiting for!

    I am horrified by the people on the message boards here on this movie’s
    threads. They’re fighting each other like a bunch of hungry animals.
    Since when does everyone started listening to the critics? I mean, yes,
    to have an idea before watching a movie is good, but that’s not the
    case these days. Critics are taking movies way too seriously these
    days. It’s just a source of entertainment. Your life does not depend on
    it. Stop bad mouthing this movie for others. Okay, sorry for my rant
    but this has gotten out of control. Now getting back to the movie,
    let’s just say it delivered what it promised. This movie was amazing.
    It really felt like you were watching something Apocalyptic. Although I
    don’t have had a problem with Bryan Singer’s X Men movies, unlike a
    bunch of whiny babies, this one actually felt like it was an X Men
    movie. A sheer resemblance of what we saw in X Men cartoons, both
    evolution and the 1990 ones. We actually saw the main characters of
    this movie in their mutant form. I have loved how Bryan always
    preferred acting over action in his other movies, but this one, it
    consists of both. I have also seen critics saying that this movie is
    complete CGI. Well it’s not like you can do actual Apocalyptic level
    scenes without having any CGI effects. That’s just crazy. And the CGI
    in this movie is beyond awesome. I already smell an Oscar for CGI for
    this movie. Oscar Isaac was so impressive in this movie. Even though he
    was buried under make up and what not, you could actually feel his
    performance. Michael and James once again give awesome performances.
    Expected nothing less from Jennifer Lawrence. At least these movies
    actually give spotlight to the female actresses *cough* *Marvel*
    *cough*. The new actors were great. So talented. Tye, Sophie,
    Alexandra, Kodi and of course Evan Peters were all good in their
    respective roles. This movie might feel a different because of it’s
    whole world at stake thing. This is the first time X Men has done this,
    and they succeed really good at it. It had a perfect balance of action,
    humor, emotion and mutants. It was like watching a live action version
    of those X Men cartoons we grew up watching. Once again, please dear my
    friends, who would love to see these guys in MCU, it’s not happening
    anytime soon. Let’s just get over it, okay? The producer of these
    movies has already announced a bunch of new movies under Fox. There are
    X Men TV shows coming out soon, so let us enjoy these while you guys
    enjoy yours okay?

  • Ben KMay 14, 2016Reply

    At least we can agree the third part is always the worst

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Bah AroMay 15, 2016Reply

    Boring and Confusing

    For once I agree with the critics, this movie was SO boring and
    confusing. It has the same old story and it was not exciting at all,
    civil war was much better and so was batman vs superman. Some things
    were good but it was filled with many different flaws and some things
    in the movie did not make any sense. Till now I have been pretty
    disappointed with superhero movies such as b v s , civil war and now
    this. Lets hope that suicide squad does any good. This movie was boring
    , confusing and did not have a different story line like civil war.The
    effects in the movie were very good and on point but other than that I
    did not like this movie

  • GoneWithTheTwins_comMay 17, 2016Reply

    The special effects are fast, frequent, and generally overwhelming.

    When Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), the world’s oldest and most powerful
    mutant, awakens after centuries of forced slumber, he determines to
    reclaim his former throne as ruler of all mankind. And his first goal
    is to seek out other highly-skilled mutants to assist him. Recruiting
    the ambitious Psylocke (Olivia Munn), the dejected Angel (Ben Hardy),
    the disillusioned Storm (Alexandra Shipp), and the vengeful Magneto
    (Michael Fassbender), Apocalypse concocts an annihilative plan to
    reshape humanity to his liking. But Professor X (James McAvoy), his
    colleague Beast (Nicholas Hoult), and pupil Jean Grey (Sophie Turner)
    at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters soon discover this new threat,
    and with the aid of former student Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and
    newcomers Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee), Quicksilver (Evan Peters),
    and Cyclops (Tye Sheridan), confront Apocalypse and his followers in a
    cataclysmic battle for the very fate of Earth.

    The special effects are fast, frequent, and generally overwhelming;
    they look stunning, for the most part, but their sheen wears off when
    99% of the imagery is computer generated. It’s difficult to be
    impressed by any one element when so much of the production utilizes a
    sustained visual onslaught of laser bolts and electrical sparks and the
    slow-motion vaporization of structures. And with the whopping running
    time, it quickly becomes apparent that most of these eye-catching,
    fancy flourishes do little more than distract from the fact that the
    story is unnecessarily complex, riddled with loopholes, just plain
    repetitive, or, at its worst, unusually silly.

    Although the world is about the same regardless of the various time
    lines or time periods (director Bryan Singer is doing his own superhero
    time travel work by coming back to the franchise to save what he
    clearly feels was nearly destroyed by Brett Ratner’s takeover for
    ”X-Men: The Last Stand”), mutants still roam the earth in abundance and
    out in the open, and still regard their superpowers as curses. That is,
    except for the evil ones, who embrace their ability to break the law
    and get away with it, which would, realistically, be far more than the
    odd rebellious abuser. Of course, with the younger cast, some of the
    teen angst finds its way into the fray, but typically only as comic
    relief. Most of the plot actually strays away from the previous films’
    interests in embracing one’s differences, fear of the unknown or
    xenophobia, and political or authoritarian interferences, aiming
    instead for epic showdowns and catastrophic skirmishes, where super
    powers can be constantly pitted against one another in a perpetual
    one-upping. Fortunately, just when it seems likely that the primary
    antagonist has the greatest mutation, someone else randomly
    demonstrates a knack for quashing chaos.

    This new storyline is essentially unguessable (and, perhaps,
    unmanageable), since the effects of ”X-Men: Days of Future Past”
    included time travel and setting back the clock to an era before all
    the previous happenings. Although it creates a grand opportunity for
    the reinvention of characters and ideas, it comes dangerously close to
    simply repeating everything that came before it, just with younger
    actors and actresses and a few twists on mutant capabilities. The
    villain might be new – but not fresh, since he’s curiously designed to
    look almost exactly like the Djinn from ”Wishmaster,” of which there
    were four features up through 2002 – yet the predicaments are
    disappointingly familiar. Some of the fight sequences are fun (though
    many border on what probably should have been R-rated material), but
    when the players and the outcomes are the same, the entertainment value
    is fleeting at best. Plus, when the greatest scene in the movie is the
    Quicksilver save, wherein he humorously moves about repositioning and
    rescuing people as time stands still – and it’s practically identical
    to the sequence from the prior picture – it’s evident that this newest
    X-Men adventure lacks the zest needed to justify its own existence.

    – The Massie Twins

  • fernie121793May 17, 2016Reply

    It was awesome

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • YahavMay 17, 2016Reply

    Perfectly done

    The movie gave everything I expected from it, and more.

    Action? Check.

    Drama? Check.

    Funny moments and scenes? HUGE check. (still laughing when replying in
    my mind! :))

    Unlike many who watched the pre-premiere, I’m not a groupie of the
    X-men series, but still enjoyed each and every minute.

    Reading other reviews, looks like it’s a good thing I’m not a groupie,
    because that means I don’t have to stop and think about every action in
    the movie. I could just sit back, watch with clear mind, and enjoy.

    All in all, just fun to watch. 140 minutes that end with a desire for
    140 more.

  • James BerbertMay 17, 2016Reply

    One of the best superhero films ever made leaves early reviewers clueless

    X-Men: Apocalypse is absolutely amazing! The early reviewers don’t seem
    to understand these characters and they don’t understand this film. It
    sets a new precedent for comic book films in a world over-saturated
    with adaptations.

    The film hits every nostalgic and aesthetic beat it’s supposed to
    without devolving into pure fan service. The writing is great. The
    allegory the mutant plight is for civil rights is given its due screen
    time. The characterization of the superheroes goes beyond their powers
    and outfits and at least touches the heart of who they are as people.
    Its main fault is juggling so many characters and so some of the acting
    comes off as stilted at times. In a way this is also its strength,
    because it manages to tell a coherent and compelling narrative with a
    large ensemble cast of characters, emulating the source material
    faithfully. It is a comic book fan’s film.

    The action scenes are epic in scope, with stakes so high you’ll be on
    the edge of your seat with you eyes transfixed on the action, yet never
    does the pacing sacrifice plot or character development for obligatory
    spectacle. Everything is purposefully sensational.

    As someone who was born in the 80s and experienced these characters’
    evolution through popular culture onto the big screen, I can say that
    X-Men: Apocalypse brings the flavor of the comics and the 90s TV show
    to the big screen in a way that children of the 80s and 90s love.

  • Stavros ZanMay 17, 2016Reply

    The surprise superhero movie of the year!

    It was everything I hoped it would be. Awesome action sequences,
    stunning picture, funny scenes, cool Easter eggs/references. Apocalypse
    wasn’t as bad as I thought he would be. He was actually OK.

    If you thought they could not top Quicksilver’s awesome scene from Days
    of Future Past, get ready for a treat because his scenes were amazing.
    Marvel, you should get a few lessons on how to make a proper
    Quicksilver from Fox.

    Sophie Turner was really good as Jean and I think we finally have a
    bad-ass Cyclops.

    Saw it last night and I will probably go see it a few more times. Lets
    hope there will be more X-Men movies with this cast.

  • moviexclusiveMay 17, 2016Reply

    Loud, dumb and derivative, thie empty CGI showcase is by far the worst superhero movie this year

    Before Apocalypse unleashes the end of the world, there is a moment
    when the gifted youngsters of Professor Charles Xavier’s school for
    mutants sneak out to the cinema to see ‘Return of the Jedi’. Following
    a debate which of the original ‘Star Wars’ films is the best, a teenage
    Jean Grey gets the final word with the following remark: ”Well, at
    least we can all agree, the third one is always the worst”. Though
    clearly intended as a dig at Brett Ratner’s oft-criticised ‘The Last
    Stand’, it is an equally prescient remark about the third
    superhero-versus-superhero showdown of this year, a loud, empty,
    overblown CGI-fest that possesses not the depth or excitement of the
    eminently superior ‘Captain America: Civil War’ nor even the grand
    operatic ambition of the flawed ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’.

    As promising as it may be to underscore the ideological divide among
    the mutants of waging war or making peace by introducing an all-
    powerful deity meant to be the first of their kind, that premise never
    quite comes to fruition here. Aside from world domination (which pretty
    much sums up describes what every other comic book villain is after),
    there is no purpose or motivation to Apocalypse’s plan to scorch
    everything on the planet. Try though Oscar Isaac does, the usually
    charismatic actor struggles to bring much conviction to his character’s
    monologues about restoring the strong in their rightful place atop
    society, not least because the actor is buried under slathered-on
    makeup, facial prosthetics and a costume that would make Thanos

    Seeing as how Apocalypse proves to be a disappointingly generic
    villain, it once again falls to James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier and
    Michael Fassbender’s Magneto/ Erik Lensherr to provide the dramatic
    conflict on which the showdown between good and evil is based. And yet
    that tension between Charles’ man of reason and hope versus Magneto’s
    darker impulses has been fought so many times that it feels familiar
    and undercooked here, especially considering how its immediate
    predecessor had fleshed out the same complex relationship out so much
    more beautifully.

    That essentially reduces ‘Apocalypse’ to yet another superhero round-
    up much like the first ‘X-Men’ or ‘X-Men: First Class’, and so, for the
    first hour, we are introduced to newcomers Tye Sheridan’s laser-
    sighted Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops, Sophie Turner’s telekinetic Jean
    Grey and Teutonic teleporter Kurt Wagner a.k.a. Nightcrawler (Kodi
    Smit-McPhee). They will eventually join forces with ‘First Class’
    regulars Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Hank McCoy a.k.a. Beast
    (Nicholas Hoult) to go head to head with Apocalypse’s ‘Four Horsemen’
    recruits – weather-controller Storm (Alexandra Shipp), energy-
    manipulator Psylocke (Olivia Munn), flight-enabled Angel (Ben Hardy)
    and last but not least, Magneto. News about the latter will also prompt
    the son he doesn’t yet know about, Quiksilver (Evan Peters), to enlist
    in Professor Xavier’s school, where he will put his fleet- footed
    powers to save all the students within from an explosion ripping the
    building apart.

    Given how that sequence set to Eurythmics’ period-appropriate synth-
    jam ‘Sweet Dreams’ is by and large an exact copy of the crowdpleasing
    scene-stealing sequence in ‘Days of Future Past’, there is more than a
    nagging suspicion that director Bryan Singer (who marks his fourth ‘X-
    Men’ outing with this movie) has pretty much run out of ideas. As if
    compensating for an attention-deficit audience, Singer and his
    screenwriter Simon Kinberg cut from subplot to subplot without ever
    letting their audience get involved in any one storyline or character.
    Even though the ‘X-Men’ movies have always been an ensemble, Singer has
    always grounded them in their struggles to emerge from wealth or
    poverty, acceptance or rejection, confidence or self-hatred; yet this
    latest dumbs down their humanity in favour of pure spectacle, which
    proves an ultimately foolhardy choice in this era where there are just
    too many superheroes fighting for our attention.

    Even as a superhero slugfest, the action is frankly disappointing. It
    says a lot when Quiksilver’s cheeky slo-mo turns out to be the
    highlight of a film that promises no less than the end of the world. At
    any and every opportunity, every other character reminds us of what is
    at stake, but the large-scale catastrophe consists of nothing more than
    unimpressive shots of capital cities (including New York, Sydney and
    Cairo) reduced to swirling CGI-dust with little sense of tragedy or
    consequence. The climax itself is packed with plenty of sound and fury,
    but comes off shockingly dull. Rather than have the Horsemen take apart
    the good guys as a team, Singer splits the fight into a series of
    mini-skirmishes that hardly do the characters or their superpowers
    justice. By the time Apocalypse (finally) steps into the fray after a
    way-too-long buildup, the battle has shifted into his mind (which, as
    we suspect, turns out to be pretty blank), but that change of setting
    barely unleashes any creative possibility for Singer to think out of
    this world.

    And coming off ‘Days of Future Past’, ‘Apocalypse’ is undoubtedly a
    tragic letdown. There are so many characters that even Charles and
    Magneto become no more than supporting acts, their perennial
    disagreement treated as an afterthought than the dramatic dynamo of the
    film. The titular villain may seem like great potential as an
    antagonist, but ends up vague, underwhelming and insignificant. And
    most notably, what used to be potent allegory about the civil rights
    movement or coming out in the LGBT community has now been diminished to
    standard, sometimes sub-standard, superhero melee, so much so that it
    even fails to make good use of its vibrant 1980s setting except for a
    couple of recognisable tunes. It may not be the apocalypse of the
    ‘X-Men’ franchise, but this dreadfully boring and derivative entry
    could very well portent its end.

  • shawneofthedeadMay 17, 2016Reply

    The latest X-Men film isn’t completely dreadful, but you may be tempted to cancel the Apocalypse after watching it.

    It’s hard to fault anyone for approaching X-Men: Apocalypse with
    optimism. 20th Century Fox has consistently failed the Fantastic Four,
    but they’ve had a better track record in recent years with Marvel’s
    mutants. We’ve been #blessed with Bryan Singer’s Days Of Future Past, a
    brainy, bold thrill ride that uses its myriad characters to excellent
    effect in telling a time-twisted tale of doom and… well, apocalypse.
    Tim Miller’s snarky, wacky Deadpool proved without a doubt that the
    studio is willing to take a risk on a cult property and let it explode
    all over the silver screen, rather than neuter it out of hand. With
    Singer back on board and a top-notch cast, hopes are understandably
    high for the cataclysmic confrontation suggested by the title of this
    latest entry in the X- Men franchise.

    We’re even promised the holy grail of X-Men villains: ancient mutant
    Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac, buried under too many layers of make-up and
    prosthetics). This righteous blue-hued dude, with his huge but poorly
    defined power-set, is an iconic antagonist for our band of superheroes
    in the comics: he’s been known to lay waste to Earth in the past,
    present and future. In Singer’s incarnation, Apocalypse’s four Horsemen
    include wing-tipped Angel (Ben Hardy); weather witch Storm (Alexandra
    Shipp); energy-blade-wielding Psylocke (Olivia Munn); and a bitter,
    broken Magneto/Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender).

    It’s up to Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and his X-Men –
    superpowered students that include younger versions of uber-powerful
    Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) and Cyclops/Scott Summers (Tye Sheridan) – to
    stop Apocalypse from claiming the entire world for himself. Along the
    way, shape-shifter Raven/Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) must decide just
    how she can best contribute to the mutant cause in which she so firmly

    Here’s the thing: keep your expectations low – lower – lowest – and
    X-Men: Apocalypse may just pass muster. This is a cookie-cutter
    blockbuster, sliced and diced together with more efficiency than heart.
    It dutifully ticks boxes as it chugs along: Apocalypse recruits his
    acolytes. Magneto loses his heart and soul (again). Charles and Raven
    discuss and disagree on tactics. Superheroes face off. It’s all strung
    together with several sequences of world- destroying action, filmed in
    true Roland Emmerich style.

    Devotees of both the movies and the comics will find things to enjoy: a
    twitchy, endearing young Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee), who looks
    very much like a demon but is deeply devout; another deeply amusing
    explosion of special effects as fan favourite Quicksilver (Evan Peters)
    zips through a hilarious rescue mission; and an already publicised
    cameo by Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) that will drive fans berserk.

    But think a little harder or poke at its shaky plot, and X-Men
    Apocalypse falls apart quite readily. The truth is that much of this
    film is neither inspired nor inspiring. It’s okay, for the most part,
    but it’s never great, and barely ever good. Simon Kinberg’s script is a
    limp affair, recycling bits that worked better in other movies in the
    franchise but breaking very little new ground. The stakes are insanely
    high, but the threat never feels genuine – a feeling that is only
    reinforced by the clumsy and anti-climactic way in which the final
    showdown takes place. Can we say deus ex machina? Yes, we can.

    The character work that lends so much emotion and power to earlier
    installments like First Class and Days Of Future Past is missing here
    too. Too much of the story relies on emotional connections that aren’t
    established too well, and which can only be supplied by the viewers
    themselves. The film meanders without much purpose through its many
    relationships, staging a series of first meetings or reunions that
    basically amount to: Jean and Cyclops meet cute! Charles and Moira
    MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) meet cute! Raven and Hank McCoy (Nicholas
    Hoult) meet cute!

    But very little of it sparks to life, and there’s a troubling disregard
    for female agency, too, that fuels Magneto’s entire emotional arc in
    this film. We’re also told why Moira disappeared in between films, but
    she’s not given any time to forgive what she has had to forget.

    At least Singer’s cast does good work with what little they are given.
    As a re-energised Charles, McAvoy is as appealing and charming as ever.
    Fassbender remains a gift to the franchise: he imbues Erik with the
    perfect blend of heartbreak and hatred, which serves as a potent
    reminder of why he makes a far better antagonist than the
    automaton-on-evil-autopilot that is Apocalypse. In the context of the
    film, Lawrence delivers a decent performance. But it’s still hard to
    shake the feeling that she’s miscast in the role, with her explosive
    star power prompting the filmmakers to transform Raven into someone
    pretty much unrecognisable to comic readers.

    In just eight years, the genre that was once treated as the difficult
    bastard stepchild of the movie industry has come fully into its own.
    It’s only May and we’ve already seen three superhero films hit cinemas
    – Captain America: Civil War: excellent; Deadpool: awesome; Batman v
    Superman: awful. This latest installment in the X- Men franchise falls
    on neither extreme. It displays a couple of flashes of brilliance, but
    not enough to drag it out from the uncomfortable middle ground of
    mediocrity it occupies. Here’s hoping Singer (if he signs on to direct)
    and Kinberg find their footing again with the inevitable follow-up to
    X-Men: Apocalypse – we’ve already been told that it will be set in the
    ’90s, with a rather obscure end-credits scene teasing just where the
    franchise will go next.

  • kevbeeMay 18, 2016Reply

    Even the actors looked bored

    If you like to mindlessly waste an hour or two of your precious
    existence, then possibly this cinematic garbage might be for you.
    However, if you want your cinema to be entertaining, then stay well
    away. This movie could (and should) have had at least 30 minutes cut
    from the running time. The pacing is so slow and not helped by the
    overuse of set CGI pieces that somehow were not thrilling at all. There
    was better stuff in The Mummy.

    This is lazy film making. And the response from the audience I was part
    of? A considerable amount of audible yawning.

    One of the worst films I’ve seen this year. Let’s hope the plug is
    pulled on this franchise. It’s overstayed its welcome.

  • Guy JeffriesMay 18, 2016Reply

    Oh my En Sabah Nur!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • zenithspiderMay 18, 2016Reply

    The greatest X-Men movie so far.

    Now although over on Rotten Tomatoes this movie is getting a lot of
    flak I would like to say this. F*&k rotten tomatoes! I’ve seen people
    claim that it pushes too much into the movie, and even tho there is a
    lot going on it’s done in a coherent way that makes sense.

    The movie in terms of scale is incredible. You really get the feeling
    that these mutants are essentially gods. It has a huge emotional heart
    to it with serious tear jearkers at some points, yet also manages to
    squeeze in great humor and subtle references to fans of the comics. (I
    won’t reveal what they are but it’s pretty big) All I can say is that
    in terms of emotion, action, scale, and tension this movie is by far
    the best in the franchise. I mean they are facing essentially a god and
    it’s hard to comprehend how they will ever manage to defeat him. Just
    go out and watch it it’s deferentially worth the price of admission.

  • svrbipinkumarMay 18, 2016Reply

    OK-ish film. Nothing great or new. Just another generic destruction movie that is the weakest of the rebooted X-Men trilogy

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • John WilliansMay 18, 2016Reply

    Fearless. Solid. X.

    X-Men: Apocalypse is the proof that the screen adaptation for a story
    arc from the comics can, indeed, be changed, if that change is for the

    A lot of characters to take in? Certainly, but not to worry: they were
    somehow able to handle it perfectly. Each character has its own
    importance and development (ok, not Jubilee, she is barely in the
    film), and that is one of the keys for a perfect script. Also, it can
    sometimes be very cruel and down to Earth, which is perfect,
    considering the giant number of movies/TV shows afraid of killing their
    important characters, for example. That’s why I call this script a
    fearless one. It’s not about the audience, not about what’s going to
    happen in the future. It’s about delivering a good story in the

    By the way, Simon Kinberg has, again, done a great job here. Same goes
    to Bryan Singer. Perfect rhythm, very well thought-out connections,
    characters’ interactions all on point, and that list goes on and on.
    Surprisingly, it contains all the elements for an awesome superhero
    movie. Plus, I must say I couldn’t be happier with how the whole movie
    revolves around the true meaning of ”family”, and the different forms
    of it.

    It’s a 9/10 because of some repetitions from old movies through the
    script, mostly with Erik Lehnsherr. It’s basically everything we’ve
    seen before (twice). His resolutions are so the same I had the feeling
    even some quotes were identical. That feeling of ”oh, I’ve seen this
    before somewhere” it’s not so good here, unfortunately.

    Overall, a very nicely done film that you can’t miss. DO NOT listen to
    the critics or that friend who’s comparing this to other superhero
    movies. This is X-Men: Apocalypse and it’s everything it intends to be.

  • georpwMay 18, 2016Reply

    One of the reason why you shouldn’t listen to the critics

    As the title say, this movie is Apocalyptic. The destructive is great,
    and it’s awesome. My expectation for this movie was quiet high and this
    movie has done it very well, even though Days of Future Past felt
    slightly better.

    Actually I’m a bit surprised when people get confused with the story at
    the beginning. When you already saw the other X-men movies, the story
    won’t be that hard to understand. The beginning was to introduced the
    villains and re-introduced some mutants from the first trilogy, and
    then the conflict started to rise. The best part came when Quicksilver
    did his scene, just like he did in the Days of Future Past, but this
    time he got more part.

    But there’s also some shortage, like the conflicts and the problem
    solving are quiet simple, and there’s some CGI that looks cheap.

    Overall, this movie is worth to watch. Forget about those critics for
    being too serious because it’s very enjoyable and entertaining, and
    that’s the movies are for.

  • awacemberg ([email protected])May 18, 2016Reply


    Critics didn’t get it. I don’t know why they’re giving so poor reviews.
    I just watched it and loved it! It’s very well-written to give each
    character good space in the story. They complained about it having too
    many characters, but that may have been the best part for me! They’re
    all well known characters, so if you watched the other movies, that’s
    not a problem at all. I loved Scott and Jean, and I never liked Halle
    Berry as Storm, but this new actress is great as Storm! I wanted to see
    a little more from her and also from the Angel and Psyloche, but other
    than that, I had plenty of the characters in a good way. I believe this
    is my favorite X-Men movie so far, and it was the closest to the 90’s
    cartoon I used to love watching, and actually how I got to know them.
    Two thumbs up!

  • thependragonscribeMay 18, 2016Reply

    A step down from its predecessors but still, ”X-Men: Apocalypse” never ends the fun

    Bryan Singer continues the ”X-Men” cinematic lore with a continuation
    to the ”First Class” storyline. We see the team formed then divided in
    the 60s, clashed in the 70s and regrouped in the 80s. This time, a
    powerful, ancient mutant named En Sabah Nur or Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac)
    resurfaces and aims to reform a new world but destroying our own. So,
    it is up to Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), Raven/Mystique (Jennifer
    Lawrence) and his band of mutants to stop Apocalypse and his Four
    Horsemen from (what else?) taking over the world.

    Now, I am an avid follower of the ”X-Men” lore. Although I have not
    read the comics, I follow some story lines that shape up the universe.
    And I praise Bryan Singer for his efforts ever since the first ”X-Men”
    movie until his return from departure for being involved in ”X-Men:
    First Class” to bring the complex superhero team to silver screen form.
    I tell this as a strong compliment, for Singer made a bold risk with
    ”X-Men: Apocalypse”, whether the repercussions are good or bad.

    To give its credit, Singer, along with collaborator Simon Kinberg,
    knows the ”X-Men” story lines all too well. But fanfare does not weigh
    as much as narrative. (Still, for comic book fans, watch out for Easter
    eggs.) Being too familiar of the storyline makes this the most
    derivative part of the franchise. And it all feels predictably
    formulaic: mutants are outcasts but they are given a chance when a
    baddie emerges, and all is well. Despite the amount of great moments,
    the narrative lacks the heftiness of its predecessors. And it does not
    help that the jarring editing jumps like a jumping bean, shifting from
    one lighter tone to a heavier one. When the story fell flat, the same
    goes for the cast.

    To be fair, this is an undeniable cast ensemble, mixing the originals,
    from McAvoy, Lawrence, Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult as Beast and Rose
    Byrne in a returning role, with the new generation, from Tye Sheridan
    as Cyclops, Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, Kodi Smit-McPhee as
    Kurt/Nightcrawler, Alexandra Shipp as Ororo Munroe/Storm and Olivia
    Munn as Psylocke. Seeing every mutant interact feels like watching the
    90s animated series. But even with that, majority of the characters
    have no arc. The one that has a recognizable one is Erik Lensherr, who
    goes through the same plot beats but with winning effect. Michael
    Fassbender really made a compelling performance as a mutant desiring to
    live normally, only to be brought down by his unwanted powers. The rest
    are there to drive the plot, sadly. Then we go to the main villain. As
    Apocalypse, Oscar Isaac makes up the character for its intimidating
    presence but gives too little of a payoff, making him generic and kind
    of disappointing.

    However there are indeed moments, like Evan Peters topping with another
    Quicksilver’s slow-motion scene, Smit-McPhee’s Nightcrawler being an
    effective comic relief and the final battle in Egypt. But it cannot
    help rescue ”X-Men: Apocalypse” from a derivative plot, a clichéd
    villain, haphazard editing, a confused tone, a mix of professional and
    amateur special effects, the absence of deeper themes and missed
    opportunities with the cast. Still, ”X-Men: Apocalypse” is a fun ride,
    thanks to its enthusiastic and well-committed cast, thrilling action
    scenes and wonderful moments. It may be a fallout from ”X-Men: Days of
    Future Past”, but this Bryan Singer’s boldest move for the franchise,
    better or worse.

  • sHabbadoooMay 18, 2016Reply

    Solid – very good in parts but let down by some

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • lordhideousMay 18, 2016Reply

    Post cinema rambles…

    This is my first review here, long time user of the IMDb and I found it
    about time that I contributed something.

    I just got home after watching this, what i think, awesome movie. The
    effects was awesome, the acting tremendous, the 3D was good and the
    feeling it’s left me with is intoxicating.

    Right from the start, one of the best openings ever, the movie gets me
    going and maybe it slowed down a bit but i didn’t notice because i was
    to excited and intrigued. This might be the greatest x-men yet, at
    least now I think that it is. I found my self wanting more after the
    film had ended even though i had been seeing submarines and deep sea
    creatures for that last 30 minutes due to a full bladder.

    I think I’m gonna go and see it again before i can buy it for the

    That all.

  • themadmoviemanMay 18, 2016Reply

    A messy, lifeless and outdated superhero movie

    Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe came into being in 2008, the
    superhero genre has undergone an incredible revolution. Nowadays, we’re
    getting numerous top-quality comic book movies year on year, so when
    one that doesn’t quite match that comes along, it feels immensely
    disappointing, which is unfortunately the case with X-Men: Apocalypse.

    Before I get into why, however, I want to say that this isn’t a
    terrible film. It’s still got some great moments, the introduction of
    characters like Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Cyclops is great to see,
    and, had it been released twenty years ago, it wouldn’t seem so poor.

    However, modern superhero movies are so much more than just bad guys
    and good guys, and you need far more depth in a story to make an
    entertaining film. X-Men: Apocalypse, however, delivers a clunky,
    convoluted plot almost completely devoid of emotional depth, good
    characterisation or comic relief, and at nearly two and a half hours
    long, it’s a real slog to get through.

    My biggest issue with the film comes in the form of its narrative.
    Although it does improve by the end of the film, the first hour and
    twenty minutes are very poor. Spanning between Apocalypse’s creation
    millennia ago and the 1983, where the main story takes place, the film
    spends far too long flying to and fro around the world establishing
    various different characters’ back stories, and it turns the film into
    a mess.

    Yes, the plot eventually centres its focus in the final act as it heads
    towards the inevitable final battle, but for a good half of the whole
    movie, it’s very difficult to get grounded on what’s going on in the
    greater scheme of things, which is surprising considering how well
    Singer’s Days Of Future Past managed to handle its even more complex

    Another problem with the film is that it feels very lifeless. One of
    the reasons that First Class remains my favourite X-Men film is because
    it had a sense of fun to it as well as being an impressive action
    spectacle. Apocalypse does have its obligatory Quicksilver scene (which
    is brilliant), but apart from that, there’s very little sense of fun
    here, making it almost as brooding a film as Zack Snyder’s DC movies,
    which was not great to see.

    But sometimes, with a degree of emotional depth and intrigue, a
    superhero film can still pull off a dark atmosphere. Again, however,
    Apocalypse fails to deliver. Throughout the whole film, there’s only
    one scene early on with a proper emotional power, which makes the rest
    of the movie feel very stagnant, so I just wasn’t able to get excited
    and wrapped up in the story.

    In the end, X-Men: Apocalypse is a big disappointment. Being a big,
    action-packed blockbuster that lacks any real intelligence or depth, it
    feels like it was made for release in 2003, but given the high quality
    that so many expect from superhero films nowadays, a film that comes
    across as a very stale, lifeless spectacle just doesn’t impress.

  • TruzoekaMay 18, 2016Reply

    Only marvel franchise that really matters.

    This movie was excellent! I just came out off the cinema in Amsterdam.
    The Imax visuals were amazing. Loved every single minute of it and was
    so sad when it was over.

    The scenes with magneto were amazingly well done.. the acting made me
    cry, that’s how good they are. Also one of the scenes with
    Quicksilver.. Damn, I didn’t expect it and it was just perfect.

    There was one downside to this movie and that was that the climax was
    worse then all the story building towards it. BUT.. nonetheless, the
    climax was nerve-wrecking.

    I recommend everybody to watch the other movies before seeing this
    cause otherwise it won’t make much sense.

    This movie made the story of the old and the new X-men fit so much
    better. I really hope there is gonna be more x-men in the near future.

  • dvc5159May 18, 2016Reply

    X6: Judgment Day

    ”Days of Future Past”, the previous X-Men entry, had visions of a stark
    post- apocalyptic future ala Terminator, and now comes ”Apocalypse”,
    taking cues from eschatological lore with its titular megavillain
    threatening to destroy all to achieve his own vision of grandeur,
    forcing the X-Men to unite as one to stop this fallen god. It’s pretty
    darn good.

    Do not be fooled by its comic-book brand; this is a biblical
    quasi-disaster film disguised as a superhero film, chock full of
    thrilling action and urgent, no- nonsense heroics, something that is
    sorely lacking in most superhero films today (I’m looking at you, BvS
    and Civil War). Both movies lack the human touch that Singer has given
    ever-so generously in his films, making the X-Men grounded and human
    while blossoming with their gifts. The stark difference between this
    film and Civil War/the DCU shows during one particularly harrowing
    scene involving Fassbender’s Magneto in a Polish forest, which elevates
    this into a real film with real characters. The humor seems natural,
    too, save for another scene of fine trolling involving audience
    favorite Quicksilver that is all too similar to his scene in the
    previous film.

    Still, despite a script that offers nothing new to the table, hats off
    to director Bryan Singer, proving himself yet again as the golden goose
    of the franchise, for delivering the superhero goods with balanced,
    kinda old-fashioned storytelling and a plethora of fine performances
    from all cast members, especially Oscar Isaac as its titular villainous
    anti-Messiah. It’s very operatic, overtly theatrical without being
    hammy, and it contrasts nicely with the rest of the grounded
    characters, truly fitting for a villain named ”Apocalypse.”

  • MiopTopMay 18, 2016Reply

    Weaker than the previous two, but still good.

    X-Men Apocalypse may feel like a step down from the good Days of Future
    Past and the great First Class, but it’s tough to hold that against
    considering just how good those were.

    Fassbender’s Magneto continues to be the best thing about these movies,
    along with his relationship with Charles Xavier. The rest of the cast
    is good, and Isaac does a good job of making Apocalypse seem
    threatening in spite of the character design. Quicksilver steals the
    show (again) and a certain scene will be sure to satisfy the comic
    readers, although it’s a shame Fox didn’t keep it under wraps.

    The climactic battle is less Roland Emmerich-ish than the trailers
    suggest (thank God) and the action overall is top notch.

    However, three of the four horsemen are criminally under developed, and
    their motivations for joining Apocalypse are never explained. Possibly
    worse than that is the fact that Apocalypse never explains why he needs

    Moira is in this movie for no reason (although her presence does lead
    to some hilarious moments with Charles) and could have been cut out

    Overall this probably won’t please anyone who didn’t like the previous
    installments, but is a far cry from the likes of The Last Stand and
    Origins Wolverine. It joins the first X-Men and the 2013 Wolverine in
    the pretty good-but-not-great category.

  • fero_king-65322May 18, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • thatcbmMay 18, 2016Reply

    The most epic and ambitious superhero movie of 2016 that did not fail to deliver

    In X-MEN: APOCALYPSE the stakes are higher, the X-Men are battling
    against a god-like mutant. X-MEN: APOCALYPSE is an EPIC movie for comic
    book movie lovers. X-Men Apocalypse had a great balance of drama and
    action, it was a tearjerker and an adrenaline inducer. For a 2 and a
    1/2 hour movie I did not feel the length of this movie, from the
    beginning till the end i was hooked. It was gorier than the previous
    X-Men films (excluding Deadpool), especially the intro where you’ll go
    ”ooh that was savage” but nonetheless the intro worked for me, it got
    me hooked and interested on this movie.

    Critics were harsh on this movie, after I watched the movie I went home
    and looked at the reviews, and I was shocked that it got this
    reception. I could not remember myself getting bored on this movie. I
    had a great expectation for this movie and for me it did not fail to

    This movie really showed the ”true birth” of the X-Men, it wasn’t
    another Jennifer Lawrence movie, in this movie they really gave each
    character a spotlight. Olivia Munn, Lana Condor, and Alexandra Shipp
    were born to be their respective characters. All the actors were on
    point in this film, especially Fassbender. Every scene Magneto was in
    really connected to the audience, it was perfect.

    All characters stood out in this movie, each and every character’s
    abilities were showcased in this film, except Jubilee’s which is sad
    because I was expecting to see Jubilee in action but psshh it’s just a
    minor thing, and at least Jubilee finally had some screen time and
    dialogue. Kodi Smit-McPhee’s performance as Nightcrawler was a killer!
    This version of Nightcrawler is very close to the one in X- Men:
    Evolution (Animated Series).

    The Quicksilver scene was awesome.

    The cameo of this character that you may (if you watched the trailer)
    or may not know was fantastic. This ”act” had a horror/action feel, it
    really showed that this character was made to be a killing-thing, and
    gave hint to this character’s intimacy with another character in the

    The climax was very epic that i left the cinema with goosebumps all
    over me. Whatever you have seen on the trailers, FORGET IT! The
    trailers were nothing compared to what the movie had shown. IT WAS

    In my opinion, this is by far the best comic book movie of 2016 and the
    best X-Men movie … so far.

    Kudos to Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg!


  • kaptinparvMay 18, 2016Reply

    So much more than expected – Superlative in every aspect (3D 4DX Screening)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bluerobbo98May 18, 2016Reply

    Please ignore the critics

    Honesty disheartened looking at all of the bad reviews on this film,
    I’ve just come back from it then and thought it was absolutely amazing.
    Apocalypse is an outstanding villain, and the new team are fantastic.
    Quicksilver for me again stole the show, as well as Nightcrawler.
    Magneto kicks ass as well, one scene stands out for me with him in the

    Overall, I think critics take films way too seriously at the minute.
    This film is visually and physically appealing, funny and a great
    action film. Films are expected to be flawless, it’s a 12A rated
    superhero movie for goodness sake! It’s a must watch and a great
    addition to the prequel series, it doesn’t ruin the series at all and
    it helps to establish a few of the characters from the other 2 films.
    Please ignore the critics.

    Remember to stay after the film as their is an after credits scene.

  • Kirsty BuchananMay 18, 2016Reply

    Best X-Men movie to date

    Was hooked from the start, the show of powers in this movie was spot
    on. The action sequences where awesome was really happy with how it was
    all done. Quicksliver brought fun to the movie and some pretty bad ass

    Sophie Turner was the Jean Grey I’ve been waiting for since the first
    X- Men movie. All of the cast did great in there roles i have no
    complaints apart from i would have liked a little bit more of Psylocke.

    This is a movie that i will be re-watching a few times, i am all ready
    hyped for the next instalment of this franchise.

    Hats of to you Fox, You actually made a superhero movie i can watch
    over and over again besides Deadpool Bravo.

  • PyroSikThMay 18, 2016Reply

    The Third Movie’s Not Always the Worst

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Corey JamesMay 18, 2016Reply

    Apocalypse Now

    X-Men: Apocalypse review (spoiler free).

    Director: Bryan Singer Distributor: Fox Cast: James McAvoy, 2 time
    Oscar Nominee Michael Fassbender*, Oscar Winner Jennifer Lawrence**,
    Oscar Isaac, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner with Ben Hardy and Evan
    Peters, Kodi Smit-Mcphee.

    Plot: With the emergence of the world’s first mutant, Apocalypse, the
    X-Men must unite to defeat his extinction level plan.

    After X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) being probably the best in the
    X-Men series and still is it made all the other X-Men films look
    pointless. Director Bryan Singer who made three other X-Men films
    returns with the ninth in the series (including Deadpool) which started
    back in 2000, 16 years later he directs an entirely new cast.

    X-Men: Apocalypse may not be as good as Days of Future Past but it is
    still an enjoyable Marvel film, Charles Xavier (McAvoy), Eric Lensherr
    Magneto (Fassbender), and Raven/Mystique (Lawrence) all return for the
    third and last time and those characters leave the series with a bang.
    With the re-introduction of Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler (Smit-Mcphee),
    previously played by Alan Cumming and Jean Grey/Pheonix (Turner cast
    because of Game of Thrones), previously played by Famke Janssen the
    X-Men series seems to be continuing on a massive scale even there are
    seven previous films.

    This film has plenty of action and a sort of origin story with the new
    characters including the first ever appearance of En Sabah Nur a.k.a
    Apocalypse (Isaac), who is the first ever and most powerful mutant the
    X-Men have ever faced.

    Here are some points why I think this is one of the must see superhero
    films this year: New Characters: Although most of the characters have
    been seen before for example Nightcrawler, Jean Grey, Storm etc. the
    film also introduces new characters and they are (only two), Phsylocke
    played by Olivia Munn and Apocalypse played by Oscar Isaac previously
    know for Ex-Machina (2015) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015).
    These two new characters make a big impact on the film and on the
    heroes themselves.

    CGI good and bad point: CGI is the main component of this film because
    you think superheroes it’s going to be massive amounts of CGI. The CGI
    in this film literally makes buildings crumble and entire cities get
    destroyed by the shear might of Apocalypse. In some parts of the film
    the CGI looks a little incomplete there are few parts where it is
    unnecessary especially during the main battle where you can clearly
    tell it is a green-screen. Other than than the CGI is well used and
    well just a great component.

    One bad point: Apocalypse in the comics is an all powerful being that
    all of the X-Men fear even the more powerful ones, but in the film he
    is powerful but in my personal opinion I feel they picked the wrong
    actor, Oscar Isaac doesn’t play evil well and that’s a bad thing
    because I had really hopes for that character.

    Take the two good points into account and this is actually a pretty
    good superhero that does fall a little flat granted but that happens,
    if this was Singer’s X-Men 3, if only he had made X-Men 3. Not nearly
    as good as Days of Future Past but still a decent addition to the X-Men
    franchise and hope that the X-Men series still lives on for years to

    Verdict: Enjoyable addition to the franchise with an immense ensemble
    of characters, but doesn’t live up to the brilliance that is Days of
    Future Past and Apocalypse called have been played better. 8/10

    *Best performance by an Actor in a supporting role 12 Years a Slave
    (2013), Best performance by an Actor in a leading role Steve Jobs
    (2015). **Best performance by an Actress in a leading role Silver
    Linings Playbook (2012).

  • trevorwombleMay 18, 2016Reply

    I think the critics have been way too harsh in this case – It’s actually rather good.

    As you can probably gather I thought this was another very good
    addition to the X-Men franchise. Whilst it doesn’t hit the heady
    heights of Days of Future Past it still is a really good watch and I
    fail to see why it has had a mixed press.

    Firstly I found it to have a perfectly serviceable story, with
    Apocalypse and his followers recruiting the very vulnerable and angry
    Magneto as part of his plan to destroy civilisation and rebuild it in
    his image. Fassbender turns in another solid performance and you really
    feel his pain and confusion for the Erik/Magneto character. I also
    thought all the supporting cast were absolutely fine in their roles,
    and to me Evan Peters as Quicksilver really stole the scenes he was in
    and makes a fine addition to the cast. The same also goes to Tye
    Sheridan as Scott/Cyclops, whose back story is filled in better and
    with more depth than it was in the Wolverine origins film.

    I see the critics have been moaning about having too many characters in
    the film, yet I actually think it was handled better than it was in the
    Captain America: Civil War film. In Apocalypse the large cast do
    actually have something to do and contribute to the story, whereas the
    Captain America film felt like some were shoe horned in, which I felt
    made that film feel bloated and repetitive whereas this one at least
    get the storyline moving. I felt that Civil War felt way too long
    because of all the story padding yet Apocalypse, whilst also a long
    film, kept my interest to the end (and yes there is a post credits
    scene that I suspect is setting up Wolverine 3). I should also add that
    Apocalypse, despite it’s bleak story, does have some moments of humour
    and wit that went down well with the audience.

    I also felt the surprise appearance of Wolverine fitted in nicely with
    the back story that we already know, particularly the one told in X Men
    2 and the Origins film, nicely closing that particular characters story
    arc and fitting in perfectly with the circumstances surrounding his
    appearance in the very first X-Men film of 16 years ago. If this is to
    be Wolverines final appearance with the X-men then they have given him
    a lovely send off.

    I did find some minor flaws with the film though, particularly with the
    visual appearance of some of the characters and how their ages don’t
    compute when the first X-men film of 2000 is taken into account.
    However, asides from that I thoroughly enjoyed X-Men Apocalypse and
    thought it was a solid & worthy addition to the other X-Men films. The
    films had spectacle, action, laughs and carried on with the journeys of
    the characters we have got to know and love over the past sixteen

  • edgeoflightMay 18, 2016Reply

    Unexpectedly Mindblown

    Okay, first off I need to say that I am not very skilled at writing
    reviews. But as I have just finished watching the movie and as it
    really impressed amazement on my mind I felt it was my duty to convey
    my thoughts on this movie. I’ve always been a fan of X-men (the movies
    not the comics–and x-men evolution no matter what you think of it) and
    as I loved the first series of x-men I was a bit let down by the
    prequel. It did not send me into transports of joy and the action was a
    little weak but I grew attached to the characters because they were
    really well crafted and acted well (Fassbender I love you dear).

    So I went to the movies with little expectation and the trailer I had
    seen did not reveal too much amen I was still able to be surprised..
    And goddammit was I surprised!! Right from the beginning I was
    engrossed in the movie. The soundtrack also did wonders and greatly
    contributed to the movie. The movie really felt like apocalypse was
    looming. The action was neat. The acting was intense. The effects were
    well measured and beautiful. And the plot was correct but it’s x-men I
    don’t expect a mind-boggling story.

    To summarize I went to see and enjoy, I saw and took delight in doing
    so, and I left and felt completely entranced and entertained.
    Apocalypse moreover was really a charismatic villain although I
    expected him to be more terrifying.

    Don’t pay attention to rotten tomato and Metacritic. Only IMDb’s users
    have common sense.

  • avfc_chrisMay 18, 2016Reply

    WOW! just WOW!

    This film is absolutely superb , it has action, great affects and
    emotional in some scenes, all i can say is go and watch this it really
    is amazing for those comic die hard fans. Only criticism i have is i
    expected a little more form the four horsemen but that isn’t enough to
    slate this film like the critics have. Once more all the actors are
    superb especially Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse who is very menacing and
    sinister. Tye Sheridan is a fantastic Scott Summers, as for Sophie
    Turner well she is superb as Jean Grey perfection. If you love your
    comics you will love this film, to compare to last stand is well over
    the top I’m not sure what these critics want or expect.

  • rcolganMay 18, 2016Reply

    ”And From the Ashes of Their World, We’ll Build A Better One!”

    As this is Singer’s 4th addition to the X-men franchise, it’s hard to
    watch it without making direct comparisons with his previous
    instalments and whether he’s still able to add anything else to the
    franchise. Whilst Singer does cover familiar ideas in this film, it
    never feels stale with the themes of social acceptance resonating as
    strongly here as they always have before and Singer still succeeds at
    creating new exciting sequences in to the franchise.

    Taking place after the events of Days of Future Past and still using
    cast of First Class, a new enemy awakens after resting for thousands of
    years known as Apocalypse, played by a very intimidating Oscar Isaac
    whose presence constantly dominates the screen. He’s a being who
    believes he’s a god, as he has become seemingly omnipotent having
    gained many mysterious powers over his several lifetimes including the
    ability to increase the powers of other mutants. He uses these powers
    to attempt to bring together four followers and destroy the world in
    order to start a new empire where only the strongest survive.

    In many ways Apocalypse is the polar opposite to Xavier (James McAvoy).
    Whereas Xavier unlocked the potential of mutants like Magneto through
    helping them reach serenity, Apocalypse uses their pain and suffering
    to mould them in to warriors he can control to bring the earths
    destruction. It’s Apocalypse’s want for control and his power to
    destroy that unites the X-men to stop Apocalypse and once again save
    the world.

    The first 30-40 minutes of the film are quite clunky, with the film
    jumping all over the place to introduce all of the various characters
    in to the story. It has to catch us up with all the older heroes after
    a 10 year gap between films, whilst also introducing an entirely new
    young cast for some of the most iconic X-men like Cyclops (Tye
    Sheridan) and Jean Grey (Sophie Turner). Because of this the first act
    of the film does feel rather slow, but once the film gets going it
    never slows down until the end credits, being well paced whilst moving
    swiftly between action set pieces and combining multiple story lines.

    Fans of Quicksilver (Evan Peters) will be glad to know his role is much
    larger than it was in the previous film and once again he ends up
    delivering some of the biggest laughs in the entire film. There are
    also several great new additions to the franchise. Tye Sheridan
    re-establishes Cyclops in to the franchise at a point where he’s far
    from the natural leader that we saw from the original X-men trilogy and
    adds some much needed charisma to the role. Whilst Sophie Turner
    doesn’t have the same hypnotic element that Famke Janssen bought to the
    role, she does bring to life a far more timid and uncertain Jean than
    what we’ve seen before, with the film also setting up some groundwork
    to redo the phoenix saga in a future film.

    Also Fassenbender once again has another great outing as Magneto, whose
    own hatred further sets himself down the path to villainy that he’s
    been forced down since his parents were first murdered. He goes on a
    very painful journey within the film, with Fassenbender adding a great
    deal of anguish and tragedy to his character once again. His story also
    has several great stand out moments, including one incredible sequence
    where he destroys the remains of Auchwitz, another reminder of how
    those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

    However with such a large cast to use there are some characters who
    don’t get the time that they needed. For example, whilst Nightcrawler
    (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is funny and has a few good moments in the film,
    there’s nothing near the scale of the Whitehouse sequence in the
    introduction of X-2. Also this is probably the weakest outing for
    Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence). Whilst her character arc was one of the
    strongest aspects for both First Class and Days of Future Past, here in
    spite of her prominent screen time her role seems so tagged on and
    unnecessary that she probably could have been removed from the film and
    it would have been none the weaker because of it. Similarly, new
    characters like Jubilee (Lana Condor) and Angel (Ben Hardy) feel
    entirely unnecessary and receive absolutely no character development.

    Once again there’s another show stealing Quicksilver sequence (this
    time to the tune of Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams) which is just as funny
    and creative as the one in Days of Future Past, but also adds a
    dramatic element in to the mix. Singer also found a great way to
    visualise Xavier and Apocalypses battle of the minds, in one thrilling
    sequence that see’s Apocalypse grow in to a giant to overpower Xavier.

    TRAILER) However the biggest show stopper in the film is in the weapon
    X facility and Wolverines (Hugh Jackman) escape sequence. Whilst he’s
    only in the film for a few minutes, this short time does better justice
    to the character than the entirety of Origins was ever able to, finally
    unleashing feral Wolverine in a brutal hallway fight that leaves a mass
    of dead bodies left in Logan’s wake.

    Though one drawback of X-men Apocalypse is that it is a film for those
    familiar with the franchise only. Unlike Days of Future Past, which
    could appeal to both fans of the franchise and newcomers alike,
    Apocalypse relies a lot on its audience knowing about plot lines from
    past films, such as being already familiar with characters like Stryker
    and Mactaggert. But so long as you’re familiar with the franchise, this
    film delivers with some great action pieces whilst following in the
    tracks of Days of Future Past by adding new life in to the franchise.

  • prospectus_capricorniumMay 18, 2016Reply

    Overstuffed with So Many Things, Tolerable At Best.

    There is a searing sense of humanity in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE’s effort to
    thrust Magneto (Michael Fassbender), one of its key characters, into
    its emotional core. This allows a brief, but commanding moment
    establish a formidable ground to a film that aspires for enormous
    accomplishments. Yet these very same ambitions also seem to serve as
    malignant flaws that inevitably drags this Bryan Singer’s desirous
    experiment into its very own apocalypse. While it stands with its
    impressive visual execution and incredible size— boasting one of the
    biggest character ensembles in superhero cinema—’Apocalypse’ can only
    carry out ephemeral glories that can never compensate for the film’s
    utter lack of structure. Ambition turns out to be this film’s biggest

    As compelling as descriptions might have made him appear, titular
    ‘Apocalypse’ (Oscar Isaac), doesn’t seem capable to inspire the terror
    he seems to claim. For a villainous figure whose omnipotent power is
    meant to decimate civilizations, his efforts are mostly spent for
    futile chases that mostly involve expanding his network of mutants. At
    some point, the film shifts entirely on laying grounds for an
    apocalyptic battle that the narrative doesn’t seem bothered to get to
    at a tolerable pace. Along the way, it constructs further story lines
    which it willingly abandons before any palpable resolution arrives. The
    film struggles to hold all its weight and extensions together, and yet
    it keeps introducing elements for which it has no evident plans to
    efficiently utilize. Much of this film turns out only trying to expand
    size, but at the expense of having a decent structure. Interesting
    characters get left underdeveloped, their backstories often written
    without congruence to the central storyline. And as it may insist,
    Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Professor X (James McAvoy)’s struggle
    runs on an emotional spine that mainly involves a campaign to retrieve
    Fassbender’s Magneto from Apocalypse’s hold. All these actors come out
    more powerful than their roles dictate them to be, defying the limits
    of their extremely poorly-written characters with strong performances
    that are enough to cover up for their characters’ lack of development.
    A short but incredibly singular performance by Fassbender during the
    film’s early minutes may be the spot where the film’s sense of humanity
    is at its peak. Unfortunately, this distinction is relegated below
    technical pursuits. The ones with smaller roles are seemingly just too
    small to be served with affecting storyline, an apparent flaw in which
    Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey fell.

    For all its narrative faults, a hope for some compensations may not at
    all strike as a bad idea. Singer, here, tries to build an immersive
    world where action sequences are filled with whizzing lethal beams and
    energy collisions. The one he creates inspire awe and paves way for
    breathtaking moments, but this is already as far it can get.

    ‘Apocalypse’, in spite of its elaborate designs, doesn’t quite get past
    its mammoth aspirations. It has a lot of stuff going on but the film
    itself deprives them with space to breathe, and eventually seamlessly
    integrate with each other in the cosmic expanse that Singer ambitiously
    tries to construct. So, technical splendor and terrific action
    setpieces, aside, the only thing that actually makes this film
    commendable, is the sizable amount of reverence it has paid to the
    canon, making this Bryan Singer’s biggest fan service to date. This
    movie is tolerable at best.

  • ariobimodMay 18, 2016Reply

    just so so but its good

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • flight33May 18, 2016Reply

    Not The Grand Finale We Hoped For

    X-Men: Apocalypse is a jumbled and sometimes confusing mess of a movie.
    From the unbalanced CGI, to the one-dimensional title villain and the
    dreadful, mismatched pacing throughout, this is a car crash that you
    cant help but to watch. Not because of the gripping story or its
    characters but because you’re waiting for something to happen to make
    you care about this movie. This film (as well as the previous 2 films)
    are carried and driven by Michael Fassbender’s portrayal of Magneto.
    You see and feel his pain of wanting to do right and live a normal life
    but is always thwarted by some circumstance that causes conflict within
    himself. Oscar Issac’s Apocalypse is a character that is limited to
    one- dimensional views of a world he left behind and has now rejoined.
    One of the most intelligent and fearsome of all the Marvel foes, he has
    been reduced to basically giving his outlook on humanity but really has
    no substance as to why he wants to cleanse the world for only the
    strong to survive. Arch Angel doesn’t do much until the end fighting
    scene. Psylocke basically followed suit but did the best with what she
    was given (Which wasn’t much at all) and Storm portrayed as she was in
    the comics and Alexandra Shipp just might make you forget about Halle
    Berry (even with a believable African accent) The introduction of the
    new timeline X-Men characters are a fresher take on the ones that we
    have come to love and trust. Jean Grey is solid and Cyclops is actually
    played with some kind of conviction. Problem with this is, in an
    ensemble cast they get taken out and re- added to the shuffle when its
    convenient to push the plot forward which doesn’t give you much time to
    get acquainted with the new actors much. Of course the person who stole
    the show in the last movie does it here again. Quicksilver holds it
    down in all his scenes and the ”Mansion Run” is going to be the most
    talked about scene of the whole movie, ITS THAT DAMN FUN TO WATCH.

    The thing is this: Its not a bad movie, it was average at best. First
    Class and Days of Future Past raised the bar for a grand finale that
    was severely underwhelming. In a series of movies, you build up to the
    finale and it has to end with a bang. The movie had a couple good
    action scenes but it cant make up its mind as to what it wants to be
    and focus on. Is it actually about Apocalypse? Does it want to focus on
    Mystique trying to find her place in the world? Erik and Charles not
    seeing eye to eye due to different ideals again? Jean and Scott
    learning to understand each other? Quicksilver’s revelation? There are
    too many different stories that are trying to be told and if feels like
    a mess. A bunch of scenes with little or no cohesion. You could see
    what they were trying to do but the execution was severely flawed.

    Sad to say that this doesn’t look or feel like a Bryan Singer movie,
    but more like an ensemble of directors that lacked any kind of cohesion
    with the scenes. The dry attempts at humor and way too much cheesiness
    only cheapened what could have been a solid send off. This movie didn’t
    end the trilogy with a bang, not even a whimper. It was more like
    ”Meh”. Make sure you stay for the end credit scene because marvel
    fanboys and purists might geek out quite a bit. 6/10

  • eviljim-89451May 18, 2016Reply

    A superhero epic of glorious ambition.

    I trust professional critics in many scenarios. On many occasions, I
    tend to agree with the critical consensus for the most part. However,
    sometimes the critical consensus falls into a viewpoint I cannot bring
    myself to agree with. The film has some serious issues in regards to
    its pacing and treatment of some of the cast, however, X-Men:
    Apocalypse has managed to do something no other comic book film to date
    has ever done to date, to bring the scope of the original comic’s
    mythos successfully to the screen. The films begins in 3600 B.C. as a
    rebellion in ancient Egypt causes the god-like mutant Apocalypse into a
    long stasis. In 1983 as Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) has taken charge
    of a new generation of mutants at his school and Erik Lensherr (Michael
    Fassbender) is living a life of peace with a family. However, their
    idyllic lives are now threatened by the re-emergence of Apocalypse, who
    recruits four powerful mutants to be his horseman in a mad quest to
    take over the entire planet. It is up to the X-Men, old and new, to
    stop him. Apocalypse has been widely criticised as being extremely dull
    and with a 144-minute runtime, the film definitely takes its sweet time
    getting to the grand finale. But what it does use that expansive
    runtime for is key bits of world building, and as a comic-book and
    literature fan, I’ll take good world building over a rushed, propulsive
    plot any day. Apocalypse has an epic scale, and the massive build up
    certainly helps to add weight to the explosive climax, but some
    elements of the film’s scale work against it. The cast is huge and many
    members are either underutilised or under-written to an embarrassing
    degree. Magneto has a compelling, dramatic story in the film’s
    beginning, but gets little to no resolution when the dust clears. The
    Four Horsemen are the worst offenders, with Storm, Psylocke and Angel
    practically having about 5 lines of dialogue between them in the entire
    film. However, the rest of the film’s cast manages to salvage their
    parts in fantastic fashion. Singer used Days of Future Past to
    establish the ‘First Class Timeline’ as standing alongside but separate
    to the original X-Men film universe and James McAvoy continues to
    distinguish himself as a different Professor X who’s funny and yet
    heartfelt performance stands alongside Patrick Stewart’s iconic
    portrayal of the character. Newcomers Scott Summers/Cyclops, Jean Grey
    and Nightcrawler bring a fresh and welcome set of perspectives to the
    film and it’s nice to finally see a Cyclops audiences can truly
    empathise with on screen. Oscar Isaac does the best he can as the
    maniacal main villain, Apocalypse, but the character is fairly
    one-dimensional and audience reactions to him will be hit or miss
    depending on your preference. A character that has been proved to be
    consistently excellent and a standout, though, is Evan Peter’s
    Quicksilver, who plays a much larger and more involved role here than
    his previous outing in Days of Future Past. He has another standout,
    spectacle scene and probably the best action sequence in the film all
    to himself. This speedster is right on the money with solid
    characterisation and a strong performance from Peters. Despite all
    negatives I could pick up on with the slow-moving plot, some weak
    sections of the cast and a few other completely forgettable technical
    nit-picks, Apocalypse certainly knows how to show its audience a good,
    fan-service filled time. One thing I could never criticise the X-Men
    franchise of is becoming stale, especially Singer’s entries, which is a
    lot more than I can say for most of Marvel’s last few entries in their
    cinematic universe. With the original film, Singer redefined the
    superhero genre in cinema, with X-2 he created a multi-layered conflict
    between multiple factions of humans and mutants and with Days of Future
    Past he gave audiences a gripping time travel adventure. Apocalypse
    takes a step even further away from the franchise’s ‘based in reality’
    roots but does so with grandeur and confident swagger, while retaining
    a sense of realistic emotion and genuinely funny humour that never
    overplay’s itself. The film is a behemoth, a comic-book epic of a level
    of ambition I’ve never seen successfully put to screen before. The film
    does something that no other film has ever done: made me feel like I’m
    watching a comic brought to life from page to screen right before my
    eyes, and the feeling is absolutely glorious. The action is
    electrifying, the powers bright and flashy and displayed in their full
    glory, from Psylocke’s energy sword to Cyclops eye beam. This is X-Men
    for the people who loved the original stories in their Chris Claremont
    days or grew up watching the 1992 animated series. The soundtrack even
    gets into the sometimes ridiculous mood of things, jumping from
    eighties pop to a grand, bombastic score when appropriate. By time the
    obviously shoehorned in Weapon X appearance comes into play, you’re too
    immersed in the spectacular gravitas of the film to care and you’ve
    strapped yourself securely in for a rollicking good time. In the end,
    X-Men: Apocalypse ends up being one of the most memorable comic-book
    films to date, perhaps because it is easily the most comic-booky film
    I’ve seen yet, in that it showcases this set of compelling
    super-powered characters in an event of such grand scale, I thought it
    could only appear on the page. Ignore the critics and make your way
    down to your local cinema to make up your own mind. Any fan of
    superheroes, especially of X-Men, will most likely appreciate the
    ambition on display here, even more so that it works so splendidly. In
    my opinion, it’s far superior to Civil War. In fact, X-Men: Apocalypse
    may well be my favourite comic-book film since X-2 came out in 2003,
    and it definitely serves as an appropriate send-off to the ‘First
    Class’ as a new generation of X-Men begins.

  • Rina RoslianaMay 18, 2016Reply

    One of the best X-men Movies Ever

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tariq SheikhMay 18, 2016Reply

    Another fine chapter in the X-Men saga!

    X-Men Apocalypse is another fine chapter in a franchise that director
    Bryan Singer brilliantly setup in 2000, and returned with the excellent
    Days of Future Past in 2014. Yes, it may be a CGI heavy
    action-adventure but it’s bold, effortlessly mixing action,
    characterisation, social commentary and mythology that we have come to
    expect from this saga.

    With the emergence of the world’s first mutant, Apocalypse, the X-Men
    must unite to defeat his extinction level plan. Set in the 1980s –
    several years after the events in Days Of Future Past that revealed the
    existence of mutants to the world – we find Professor Charles Xavier
    (James McAvoy) continuing with his School For Gifted Youngsters, as he
    welcomes new students (Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey, Tye Sheridan’s
    Cyclops, and Kodi Smit-McPhee’s Nightcrawler) who are coming to terms
    with their powers. Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) is still conflicted as
    she seeks out other mutants, while Magneto (Michael Fassbender) is
    hiding in Poland with his wife and child. Soon, however, Apocalypse
    (Oscar Isaac) wakes from a centuries-long sleep to find weak, blind
    leaders ruling the world. He gathers together Storm (Alexandra Shipp),
    Psylocke (Olivia Munn), Archangel (Ben Hardy) and Magneto, using their
    fear and anger to convince them that humanity’s time is up.

    With so much going on, it’s incredible how Singer’s cast of young and
    old fit so well together. Several of the returning characters are given
    time for emotional scenes, while new mutants are given room to breathe
    as the young, vulnerable yet heroic students. On top of the characters
    already mentioned we have Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy/Beast; Evan
    Peters as Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver; Lana Condor as Jubilee, Lucas
    Till as Alex Summers/Havoc, Josh Helman as William Stryker; Rose Byrne
    as CIA agent Moira MacTaggert and last but not least, Hugh Jackman’s
    Wolverine gives a show stealing scene to remember. All the cast deliver
    performances ranging from good to great. Michael Fassbender once again
    portrays his intense inner struggle perfectly. Jennifer Lawrence, on
    the other hand, looks and sounds like she’d rather be elsewhere.

    For the most part, the movie isn’t afraid to take it’s time, setting up
    the young heroes and catching up with the old guard. With a runtime of
    2 hours and 24 minutes, i certainly felt the pace drag at times. It’s
    kind of expected since the X-Men movies are known to be more talky and
    intellectual than others. Overall the tone is dark, dealing with heavy
    themes of loss and inner conflict. And yet, unfortunately, there is
    goofy comic relief crammed in for those who fall asleep too easily.
    Although in the third act the CGI felt overblown, the action scenes are
    stunning visual eye candy. Nightcrawler vs Archangel, Cyclops vs Storm,
    and Beast vs Psylocke are jaw droppingly good. No shaky-cam or over
    editing here, just intelligent, well framed direction that’s easy to
    follow without trying too hard.

    X-Men: Apocalypse feels like an end and a beginning. It ties up what’s
    came before with what’s ahead. Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughan
    continue to inject fresh ideas with familiar elements, building an
    unpredictable universe with deep stories, creative visuals and
    fantastical characters.

  • Joshua MorrisMay 19, 2016Reply

    A magnificent movie!

    Five years ago, in 2011, When director Bryan Singer released the movie,
    x-men first class. As a fan of all the x-men movies and all of the
    franchises related movies (Wolverine’s). i enjoyed the movie, but what
    kept reappearing in my mind was, ”where does this movie belong?”. i
    wasn’t sure where this movie was meant to fit in the time-line. was
    this movie a reboot? was this movie a prequel? Did this movie even know
    what it was?. There is a big stigmata against reboots and prequels ever
    since the star wars franchise expanded beyond the confinements of
    George Lucas’s original Star Wars trilogy.


    Bare with me, This movie is amazing. For you to fully understand the
    x-men universe and the time-line/story, i truly recommend that you the
    leave ”x-men origins: Wolverine & The Wolverine” out of your watch
    list, and… treat those movies as standalone, non continuity, pure
    entertainment movies. Because they are good movies, their just
    extremely confusing when you try to piece the x-men trilogy with those
    movies and then the new movies (first class & days of future past).

    Yes! Days of future past does incorporate time travel from the time
    period of the original movies (think more current, modern times, 2000s,
    mature grown up x-men), to the 1970s! But its to stop everything bad
    from happening in their future before it has even begun. Apocalypse,
    picks up a few years later in the 80s, after the events that happened
    in days of future past.

    This movie is very very good! i personally rate it 8 out of 10! How
    about you?

  • jeremie-surbeckMay 19, 2016Reply

    Star Wars Cross over

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • abgkasjlkasjlaMay 19, 2016Reply

    A mix of ”seen done better before” and ”who would wanna watch this”

    The ancient Apocalypse returns and wants to destroy the world. For
    companions, he recruits those of the emo teens who don’t already go to
    the School for the Gifted and provide annoying angsty melodrama. Bryan
    Singer recreates some of his most beloved moments from the series with
    less effort, and sticks in bits he was previously forced to cut. Like
    X3 and First Class(which happened 20 years ago. Ignore that no one
    looks to have aged by anywhere near that much), the main threat and the
    team are two separate plot lines fighting for attention. Then they
    smash together at the end.

    Some claim this has a lot of action. Not at all. There’s almost none,
    outside of the climax, which isn’t that impressive, or memorable, in
    spite of what the director has done in the past. Civil War does, you
    could watch that again. But there we do have Roland Emmerich style
    destruction, which this is oddly callous towards. We’re going
    backwards. Young versions of characters, most of which were already
    wasted. At least give us new ones. Or do them well. Comic relief is hit
    and miss.

    There is a ton of death, with blood and brutal gore on corpses, and a
    little strong language in this. I recommend this to anyone needing
    reminding just how wildly the quality of this film franchise
    fluctuates. 5/10

  • Alex PapMay 19, 2016Reply

    Bryan Singer does it again!

    Yep if you are a fan of the previous x-men movies made by Singer , i
    think you will love this one. The story begins with the introduction of
    the Apocalypse character, although brief it just tells you how he
    disappeared for all these years and after millenia he awakens once
    again from followers that sprung once again with the last incident of
    the x-men saga.The small details of the film gave this movie a thorough
    and realistic (as it can be) atmosphere which i really loved, the
    action is explicit especially in the final half hour , very detailed
    and really well done. Apocalypse in my opinion was well made and he
    really was very powerful. I bet their are many Easter eggs to be found
    in this movie and their is one really awesome cameo that i loved ( not
    saying to spoil it :P) , the scene with Quicksilver is indeed 10 times
    better that the one in the last movie! Fassbender was awesome once
    again so was McAvoy. The only drawback of the movie for me was for
    about 15-20 minutes around the beginning to middle of the movie i got
    slight bored cause it seemed that it dragged too much , but the feeling
    was quickly vanished !! I recommend this movie to all the X-men fans,
    and not listen to the movie critics and see for themselves if they like
    it or not!

  • aldodelMay 19, 2016Reply

    It seems most of reviews are sponsored, this is a boring movie

    Excess of CGI, lights and rays everywhere, the villain is ridiculous,
    the script is lazy, boring and incoherent, Bryan Singer destroyed all
    the good things Matthew Vaughn did in First Class, it was a great
    reborn of the franchise, and now we returned to same we saw in Xmen
    Last Stand…

    Some of the scenes are foreseeable, the casting of some mutants is
    awful (nightcrawler, storm, cyclops)

    The only good thing in this movie is Quicksilver scene, the rest is a
    waste of time.

    Apocalypse is laughable as a villain, his make up, the costume, and his
    lines in all movie are over exaggerated (is not Oscar isaac’s fault) is
    because the horrible script

  • ClaireFitzMay 19, 2016Reply

    Flawed, but don’t let that stop you!

    Personal opinion, as these always are- if you’re a fan of the X-Men
    films, ignore the critics and enjoy yourself, because Apocalypse is

    The movie picks up the threads of Prof X’s and Magneto’s story ten
    years after DoFP. Both characters are in a happier place – they’re
    older, less inclined to fight, both living a measure of peace through
    their version of family. Until, as is always the case, it all goes to
    hell in a hand basket.

    It’s a big, loud, colourful production. Silly costumes and explosions
    are a standard, much as they are in the comics. Also, cool superpowers
    x1000 make the fights pretty epic (and who are we kidding, that’s part
    of why we pay the ticket).

    In fairness to the critics, it’s a bit choppy, trite at times, somewhat
    over the top and too upbeat for the dark moments to hit as hard as they
    probably should. Apocalypse is undoubtedly the weakest villain yet
    (neither power-hungry and devious like Shaw nor cynically inquisitive
    like Transk, he ends up being the most banal of world-dominating
    super-villains in a while).


    For a fan of the franchise, this film feels a bit like coming home. It
    combines the hopeful youth that made First Class so good (and very
    successfully introduces the younger generation X-Men) with the high
    stakes, high profile, world-ending battles of DoFP.

    Overall, loose threads from the other two movies are (mostly) tied up,
    and you get a little bit of everything/everyone as the First Class
    generation conflicts draw to a close and leave room for the modern
    X-Men. Despite being flashy and titanic in size, it still manages to
    end on a simple, hopeful note similar to that on which the franchise
    reboot began.

    Thinking of seeing it? Expect an epic superhero film made mostly for
    fans of the franchise, with all the characters you know and love and
    the classic highs and lows of its genre. And obviously, spandex.

  • yuankun99May 19, 2016Reply

    One of the best X-Men movie ever made

    This is a spoiler free review cause you don’t need spoilers before
    going to see this movie. Is absolutely amazing how finally Bryan
    becomes more faithful to the comics and they paid attention to a lot
    things that the community complained about it past movies. This is
    truly a masterpiece movie. No character feels left out, all of them
    have a big role to play and all of them show a really incredible
    display of power during the movie.

    Go see it the movie is awesome. My only advice is not to watch the
    trailers, videos and clips cause they spoiled too much. You wan’t
    regret this. It is really a awesome movie with a great feeling of

    The reviews saying that the movie is bad are all misleading cause
    everyone who goes see it, love it. On my theater everyone during many
    moments cheered a lot. And the final part of the movie is just

    What I liked the most about this movie is that it really showed the
    powers of the characters at their fullest and it didn’t focused only on
    some characters, it focused on all of them with a great pacing.

  • James De BelloMay 19, 2016Reply


    Despite a deep love and affection for the source material, the
    characters, the filmmakers and the franchise, I could not overcome the
    bloated film I was presented with, which despite preserving some key
    elements that constantly make these stories emotionally powerful, can’t
    come together in making any kind of organic film, which messes up one
    of the most fascinating characters in comic book history.

    Right from the opening scene, introducing Apocalypse, you will get what
    I am talking about. I was immediately turned off. The X-Men have always
    been a very grounded saga, with emphasis on character, yet what this
    scene presents us is a tonal shift of unbalanced proportions. The CGI
    extravaganza is all over the place, the suspense of disbelief the films
    ask us is way too demanding to have any kind of attachment to the

    These are problems that carry through the whole film. Firstly, on a
    technical level I have to say that this level of CGI is almost
    unacceptable from a major blockbuster film. The green screen effects
    are embarrassing throughout the whole duration and keep distracting you
    every time characters appear in front of it. The composition overall is
    terribly distinguishable and the combination between practical and CGI
    is all but seamless. Moreover the wide shots of CGI landscapes all look
    way too unconvincing. I don’t know what it is, the suspension of
    disbelief, the rendering itself, the way it is used, it simply didn’t
    add up.

    On top of that, we have a really bloated storyline where character
    motivations are frustratingly confusing and it all originates from the
    sadly underwhelming villain at the center of it. Look, I will not hide
    the fact that I have been a comic book reader all my life and of course
    when I go to see these movies there is a nostalgic and excited part of
    me, but that part comes in only after you give me a good film, if at
    the core of it you don’t have one, my knowledge and nostalgia will
    rarely fill the gaps. Moreover, screwing up such an iconic character
    adds to the disappointment. Apcocalypse is one of the best characters
    ever committed to CB page, what we have here, other than the fact that
    in the first place doesn’t resemble anything close to his printed
    counter part, is a villain so bad it makes me angry. He has no depth,
    no motivation, no menace and worst of all he is all powerful! The
    mistake of having a villain that seems to be able to do anything is
    really annoying, it takes away any kind of grit or personality.

    I have to say I really liked the casting of the renewed characters,
    they were almost all inspired choices that delivered. Tye Sheridan and
    Sophie Turner were big highlights of the film. That is also probably
    due to the fact that the characters they are playing, alongside all of
    their fellow actors, are incredibly layered to the point that they
    could be considered mythological. Their struggle and inner dynamic is
    so strong, complex and emotionally powerful it is really hard to
    alienate an audience with them. These filmmakers know and have
    demonstrated in the past how thrilling and touching these stories can
    get, how much this tale on diversity, peace, love vs hate, self
    loathing (the list goes on and on) opens up the possibility of
    commentary and discussion. They demonstrate they know all of this in
    the film which sporadically offers genuine moments of this, only to be
    taken down by the plot that moves too many elements around and screws
    up the flow of the film.

    Bryan Singer has had his first failure in this saga and whilst it isn’t
    a disaster by any stretch of the imagination, it just reminds you of
    how good X-Men, X2, Days of Future Past and to an extent First Class
    and (for me) Last Stand are.

  • brendyriansyahMay 19, 2016Reply

    Nice Movie but it could be better

    I’d say this movie is great, enjoyable, but it could be better. When i
    was watching the first part of the movie i think that ”this movie could
    be better than the days of future past” until it reached like 70% of
    the movie. It could be improved in the last 30% or 40% of the movie,
    The four horsemen appearance and part in this movie could be better and
    more exciting. at least improve the big battle part it could be better
    and more more exciting. If you’re a x men movies fans you’ll like it
    better because the reference from the previous movies are make it more
    enjoyable and there are characters from previous movies that make you
    understand more and enjoy it more if you’ve watched all previous

  • tyrone-the-manMay 19, 2016Reply

    Pure popcorn for the eyes

    I loved it. Brian did a great job in the time he had to develop the
    extra characters bearing in mind he had the main story to tell too, so
    kudos to you there mate. CGI smeegi, really nay-sayers, the faults were
    so minimal, you’d need to be going to see the film for the sole purpose
    of showing the world what an amazing negative force you are(trying to
    be polite here folks). Really, come- on the movie was pure fiction for
    comic book lovers and anyone who loves sci-fi. Brian and the cast did
    an amazing job of providing 144 minutes of pure eye popping
    entertainment. The X-MEN story continuity was well maintained and the
    material was as close to the original comics as one could do in a 144
    minute movie. SO all, do yourselves a favor and ignore the critics who
    prefer you to see horrible real life snotty dramas with political
    correctness and sexual orientation shoved in your face and buy
    yourselves a ticket to see this genuine entertainment spectacle.

  • MrChunksMay 19, 2016Reply

    An epic film and a fitting tribute to the comic

    I really really really enjoyed this movie, I remember sitting in the
    cinema watching it thinking ”I need to watch this again, quickly!” This
    was a roller-coaster of film which did justice to both the comic world
    and the world of film, and that’s something I haven’t said about other
    comic inspired films much. This is the best of the X-Men films, even
    better than ”Days of Future Past” which took some doing, because that
    was previously the best of them. If I’m honest, the reboot/ new
    timeline has done the X-Men franchise the world of good, the films are
    bigger, better and darker – something the X-Men definitely deserves. I
    personally think they are partly responsible for the success the
    current MCU and DCU are having. This is the 4th superhero/comic film of
    the year, I personally think this is better than ”Batman vs Superman”
    and ”Cpt. America: Civil War”. As an immersing spectacle to tantalize
    the senses this is on par, for me, with the ”Deadpool” film, and I
    really enjoyed that, but for different reasons. The film was set in the
    80’s and delivers for the actual time period with feelings of fear and
    nuclear war, as well as the colour and the sound of 80’s fashion and
    popular culture. It also delivers on the feeling of early X-Men comics,
    fear of mutants and man’s need to control them, with characters looking
    to find and understand themselves and what they are capable of.

    Brian Singer directs and has used the new timeline created in ”X- Men:
    Days of Future Past” to wonderful effects to weave a great story. The
    film introduces En Sabah Nur, or Apocalypse, the first mutant, woken
    from a deathly slumber about thousands of years. Events transpire that
    allow him to enlist his regular 4 horsemen to serve him and bring down
    humanity. His aim is to cleanse the world of the weak (humans and
    anyone that opposes him generally) and build the world again with him
    as it’s ruler. Standing in his way are the X-Men, who themselves have
    journeys and story’s unfolding at he same time. I don’t want to spoil
    anything so that’s as far as I’m taking the synopsis.

    The cast is brilliant and believable throughout, not just can they act
    but as an Englishman it’s nice to see a Brit heavy cast delivering
    sublimely. Established characters as well as new appearances make great
    showings, nobody seemed out of place here. The emotional variances and
    deliveries were brilliant throughout, giving you everything from love
    to tragedy, fear to fascination, comedy to conflict. The action scenes
    were top notch and suited the characters in the film very well. With
    each unique character, a different power, and each variant is acted and
    delivered with class. Sometime the CGI and cabled action shots were a
    little obvious and overdone, but it was still damn fine eye candy and
    didn’t ruin things. It actually served to offer the comic book physics
    that I’d expect. The film isn’t afraid to set up a story at over two
    hours but it didn’t drag at any point, I couldn’t wait for more to
    happen and I certainly look forward to more X-Men films like this one.
    Stay tuned for the usual post-credits scene, if you know the MCU and X-
    Men comics you’ll figure out who might be pulling some strings in the
    next movie and like me you’ll be ready and waiting.

    A thoroughly well deserved a 9 out of 10.

  • Stephanno Garriga DagdaMay 19, 2016Reply

    Very consistent

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mek TorresMay 19, 2016Reply

    Empty Grand Spectacle

    Apocalypse is the lamest villain I’ve ever seen in an X-Men movie, it
    makes Deadpool from X-Men Origins look subtle. I believe this movie has
    the Dawn of Justice problem, except probably a little better. People
    would defend it to how close it looks from the comics, when the
    argument they would point out is only from the aesthetic. Example: The
    movie may have Psylocke’s look, powers and leotard, however remains
    cipher that it’s close to Batman v Superman’s Wonder Woman. The movie
    throws in a ton of characters and cannot even juggle enough from them,
    especially when it comes to Jean Grey. She is supposed to be important
    to the story, but her arc is rushed and her involvement from the climax
    felt extremely unearned. Fans of the old movies might find the
    returning young characters such as Cyclops and Nightcrawler fun, but
    that’s only for the sake of familiarity and if this is the first time
    you’ve encounter these characters, then you won’t find anything
    remarkable from them. Good performances do help, mostly from Michael
    Fassbender, even when Magneto here is underwritten as ever, he manages
    to make a rather contrived sequence quite powerful. But even then, when
    he starts becoming the villain again, the bombast just compromises
    every talent on screen.

    The movie is heavy on CG, but short on tension. All we see are
    spectacle, that it gets too exhausting that you’re almost like watching
    a Roland Emmerich movie. It all looks cool, but there is nothing really
    exciting about it. To be fair, it’s still quite watchable and fans
    might go crazy about its fan service like Wolverine (it’s shown in the
    trailer,) bald Professor X and Mystique wearing her original costume.
    But even with these aesthetics, it’s still pretty empty. These
    characters are too burdened from the past that it’s kind of missing the

    Oscar Isaac tries, but the role is just too silly to be taken
    seriously. James McAvoy does his best as Xavier. Tye Sheridan is the
    best cinematic Scott Summers so far, but that isn’t saying much since
    this franchise never even cared for this character. Michael Fassbender
    is seriously the only one who can exceed from the film’s shortcomings.

    Overall, X-Men Apocalypse is pretty to look at, but the lack of enough
    connection with this rich amount of characters and tension towards the
    situation and the villain just rob all the fun. It’s far from boring,
    at least. You can find worse ways to kill your two hours, but still,
    it’s like the Mutant Apocalypse game; if you’re looking for some action
    that looks like the comics, then you may have a blast, but movies
    aren’t videogames. There has to be a story to impact the experience.
    And there is rarely any elements from the story here that actually
    flow. It’s far from a blunder, but X-Men movies have become better than
    this. This movie is nothing more than a bucket of candies.

  • man14May 19, 2016Reply

    Everything you expected is there, but…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Michael Seng WahMay 19, 2016Reply

    Not up to Days of Future Past, but Overall Decent

    Acts as a direct sequel from the ending of Days of Future Past, Singer
    continues the main themes of family, struggling to accept oneself and
    the challenge of letting go of the past in expanding this ambitious
    mutants universe, though slightly mess up but it is still a competent
    film. It starts off at a fine pacing with several pieces of subplots to
    reintroduce the old members, decently surface the villain but due to
    overloading of stories to tell, there’s a lot of flaws especially at
    the final act as well as some underdeveloped new characters. The story
    still focuses on the three main characters – Xavier (Professor X), Erik
    (Magneto) and Raven (Mystique), all deliver promisingly just as
    previous installments that leads to a very engaging chemistry together
    with powerful scores by John Ottman, visually stunning effects and a
    number of fun moments delivered by both Professor X and Quicksilver
    (although the latter seems to steal the attention much better in two
    major scenes). The theme of hope might not be quite resonant this time
    and it might not be the best entry in the trilogy but overall it’s more
    humanly emotional engaging and certainly one of the quite successful
    superhero trilogy reboot.

  • Banc30May 19, 2016Reply

    When critics don’t do their job properly, you know it’s time to create an IMDb account.

    Since 2011, I’ve been praising Matthew Vaughn’s ”X-Men: First Class” as
    one of my favorite movies of all time. Witnessing X-Men: Apocalypse has
    still left me in shock at how the 3rd installment to the prequel
    trilogy has now made my ‘all-time’ list too.

    No spoilers ahead, but I will say this: WHAT A FINALE!

    From hearing John Ottman’s ‘Suite from X2’ in the introduction to the
    new and equally hilarious Quicksilver sequence, this film really does
    have it all. Given you’ve seen ”First Class” and ”Days of Future Past”,
    I strongly urge all movie goers to see this conclusion. The audacity
    critics have to slay this film is beyond me, they really have lost
    their touch. Please don’t be another sheep in the crowd and listen to
    those morons, believe me, buy yourself a ticket and see how this piece
    rounds the series off well.

    P.S. This is my first ever review. If a man has purposefully created an
    account just to review this film, then you know it’s worth watching.

  • Poster_lampMay 19, 2016Reply

    Damn good entertainment.

    First things first, I liked it. Not loved it, but really liked it.

    There’s no going around it. It’s a CGI crap-fest from the first scene
    to the last. With that being said, most of it looked pretty good. A few
    scenes where I thought ”Man, this is going to look bad on my TV.” And
    some scenes where amazing and made me wish I’d seen it in 3D.

    It starts with a fast paced scene to set up what’s to come. Then it
    takes it time introducing us to the new characters, and show us
    status-quo on old ones. This is probably not helping on the 2 hour 24
    minutes run time of the movie, but some of the characters would
    probably feel a lot more shallow without it.

    Then, when it finally kicks in gear, there’s no turning back. A lot of
    great action scenes and some CGI bullsh!t that looks cool, I guess.

    I don’t know much about the phoenix saga, other than that Brett Ratner
    screwed it up in X-men the last stand. therefor I can’t say how
    accurate or well depicted it was in regards to the comic, but to me it
    was handled well.

    The acting was great. McAvoy, Isaac and Smith-McPhee stood out to me as
    Xavier, Magneto and Nightcrawler. the others did a great job as well.
    Some in recurring roles and some newcomers. Like Sophie Turner and Tye
    Sheridan as Jean Grey and Scott Summers. Jennifer Lawrence, however, is
    pretty much phoning it in at this point. She looked like she wanted to
    be anywhere but there.

    One of the scenes with quicksilver stole the show and was worth the
    price of admission alone.

    On the bad side though. In a market saturated by superhero movies, I’m
    afraid this might go down as just one more drop in the sea. It’s great
    entertainment, but I’m probably not going to remember much of it in a
    month. Could be wrong though.

    Totally justifiable to spend your hard earned cash on, though.

  • sarastro7May 19, 2016Reply

    Could have been great, but ruined by botched ending

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Niki KefalaMay 19, 2016Reply

    Apocalypse? Yes but…

    Following the ”X-Men: Days of Future Past”, director Bryan Singer
    returns with ”X-MEN: APOCALYPSE”. It’s not a bad movie but without the
    fun, the special effect and action of its predecessors. The too many
    characters are the film’s main problem and I think this movie is made
    for the fans of the franchise. Unfortunately Bryan Singer proves that
    he no longer has any interesting X-Men stories to tell and maybe he
    must stop here. In few words, some of our favorite characters are
    wasted in this X-Men franchise. No surprises here, just a seen-it-
    before feeling. It is the weakest of Singer’s recent trilogy, but not
    without its engaging moments.

  • Kevin DunandMay 19, 2016Reply

    Good to watch with 3D, but not the best X-men by far

    The scenario keep on his way but it doesn’t bring anything new at all.
    The first movies of this trilogy were amazing thanks their scenarios
    but here I just got the usual about-face.

    I didn’t watch it in 3D, it might be better because the main part of
    this movie was to show off spectators. I like good effects but there
    were not so good and some of them really useless.

    I gave a 7, it’s not a bad movie, I appreciated winks and actors
    performance particularly but none of these scenes took my breathe away
    as they tried to do.

    And Jesus please … stop to leave before the final scene !

  • MrDHWong ([email protected])May 19, 2016Reply

    A solid entry into the series, but not on par with its two excellent predecessors

    X-Men: Apocalypse is the latest installment in the X-Men franchise and
    the third film in the rebooted series. While not on par with its two
    excellent predecessors, I still found it to be a solid entry into the
    series. However, I recommend seeing the original two films first.

    In 1983, the mutant Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) awakens from a
    millennial-long sleep and vows to destroy mankind and take over the
    world. With the help of his Four Horsemen; Psylocke (Olivia Munn),
    Storm (Alexandra Shipp), Archangel (Ben Hardy) and Magneto (Michael
    Fassbender), Apocalypse plans to create a world for mutants only. It is
    up to the X-Men, lead by Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), to
    work together and prevent Apocalypse and his team from succeeding.

    Filled with all of the explosive action and comic relief one would
    expect from the franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse unfortunately falls a bit
    short of being equally as good as the two great films that preceded it.
    The story would be hard to follow unless one has seen the previous
    films. With that said, I still really enjoyed the film for what it was.
    I particularly enjoyed the way that it expended on Magneto’s story and
    showed how he just wants to be accepted for who he is, despite his
    mutant powers. I also really liked Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark from Game
    of Thrones) as the young Jean Grey. However, it is Quicksilver (Evan
    Peters) who steals the show in some of the funniest comic relief I have
    ever seen in a Marvel film. I can only recommend this film to those who
    have seen all of the previous X-Men Movies, if you haven’t then I say
    watch them first.

    I rate it 8/10.

  • alindsay-alMay 19, 2016Reply

    A fantastic comic book film that defies the critics

    I had heard some mixed reviews for this film and I don’t really see
    where the negative ones come from because this is a fantastic addition
    to the X- Men films. The premise sees the film set 10 years after days
    of future past and an ancient mutant has woken up to destroy the world.
    James macavoy is back as professor xavier and he feels closer to the
    character then ever before. He does a great job as a headstrong leader
    that has to show strong mentality to the characters around him. Michael
    fassbender reprises his role as magneto and he is easily the most
    interesting character in this film as he tries to recover his life but
    he has the pain in his life that makes him drawn to apocalypse.
    Jennifer lawrence is back as mystique and she is great in the role. She
    provides a complex performance as the character that makes you care
    about her character. Oscar isaac plays the villain apocalypse and even
    though he is underneath allot of make up he delivers a performance full
    of depth. He is a charismatic leader that allows you to understand why
    his allies would join him. All the other cast do a great job too,
    quicksilver has lots of stand out moments and depth to his character.
    Nightcrawler, jean grey and cyclops also deliver great performances and
    are good characters. The story of the film continues this series of
    films very well as a new group of mutants are developed and grow. Even
    though the villains plot is pretty simple it works because of his depth
    and delivery. The script has a good blend of drama and humour like all
    of the singer X-Men films and it helps develop some of the supporting
    characters such as quicksilver and Cyclops. The style has some great
    action scenes that come straight from the comics and makes the stakes
    of this film seem huge. However, the pacing of the film is a little all
    over the place especially for the first 30 minutes where it tries to
    set up a few different plot lines and it feels a bit disjointed.
    Overall this is a fantastic comic book film that is amongst the best in
    this franchise.

  • Liam_1May 19, 2016Reply

    Wonderful. THIS IS X-MEN.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Shelly L.May 19, 2016Reply

    At Least We Can All Agree The Third One Is Always The Worst

    If you already know your film is gonna suck, do something to change it
    and not just whine about it within the film!

    First of all, a prequel should be what it claims to be. Preceding,
    previous, ”what happened before”. The storyline in this film diverges
    greatly from the canon of the original movies, in fact making some of
    this events impossible.

    The cast is made up of brilliant actors. Unfortunately none really get
    to show it because animation and special effects and action have now
    taken over this franchise as well. There is not a single scene where
    Fassbender or McAvoy could have lived up to their potential. Evan
    Peter’s was purely comic relief and his appearance just a cheap copy of
    his last one in Days Of Future Past.

    The X-Men movies always had a wonderful depth to it, mutations being
    representative of any ”otherness” in our society. Now this film about
    ”false Gods” feels like American anti-Islam propaganda. Very

    And last but not least, product placement ruined what was left of the
    film. Hank McCoy says he made special glasses for Cyclops yet we see
    the big fat lettering of RAY BAN in every single shot of Scott that
    follows. The same goes for the scenes that advertised Coca Cola,
    Michelin,… it was almost as horrible as in Jurassic World.

  • gerbilchrisMay 19, 2016Reply

    A work of incredible spectacle, but lacking in dramatic tension

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • n-m-bertinMay 19, 2016Reply

    Too tough to follow Civil War…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tobias NichollsMay 20, 2016Reply

    The Best X-Men Movie So Far!

    I read a review of X-Men: Apocalypse giving it 6/10. It said it was
    tired, needing new ideas.

    I’ve just seen X-Men: Apocalypse. I LOVED it. Up until now X-Men 2 was
    my fave, but Apocalypse knocked it out of the park.

    What’s more, not only do I think Apocalypse is the best X-Men film yet
    I’m going on record and say it’s the best superhero film of 2016.

    It’s easily better than Batman V Superman and honestly, whilst I loved
    Civil War I came out feeling something was missing. Maybe my
    expectations had been too high, possibly expecting more than Marvel was
    willing to give…

    Apocalypse though feels like it’s giving us everything it has. Quite
    frankly I feel that the Apocalypse character has laid down the gauntlet
    and Thanos will have a tough job to top it when the MCU tackle Infinity

    I’m not expecting everyone to share my opinion (I’m sure a lot will
    blindly rate Civil War higher)… But dammit, I think X-Men: Apocalypse
    deserves credit – it got my adrenalin pumping and at the end I was
    buzzing for more.

    20th Century Fox may not have a clue how to handle Fantastic Four but
    it just nailed the X-Men.

  • joennatanMay 20, 2016Reply

    Every X-MEN fans has to watch this.

    Alright so this is my first time writing a review on IMDb, just for the
    sake of this particular title.

    X-Men: Apocalypse has a slow start in beginning, a lot of characters
    had to be introduced so a lot of background stories were re-looked here
    and there. It was pretty hard to follow at first but slowly everything
    makes sense towards half-part of the movie.

    Then comes the climax…. I was so immersed by the action packed scene
    with my mouth wide opened. (plus PLENTY of goosebumps). CGI was
    top-notch. I mean we are talking about the
    world-coming-to-an-end-destruction-scale AKA. APOCALYPSE. Kudos to the
    effects team!!!

    NOW, the casts. Simply marvelous NEW X-MEN (Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm
    etc etc.) Quicksilver stole my heart in every hilarious scene he is in,
    as per Days of Future Past. Few heart-wrenching scenes came from
    Magneto (Michael Fassbender) as well. All cast played their parts well
    be it major like James McAvoy or minor like the NightCrawler kid, they
    cant obviously fit every character into 144 minutes *too many*

    Point is, this movie is not overly-done. I can tell that everyone in my
    cinema were so thrilled and satisfied at the end-credits. You MUST
    watch this flick if you are one true X-MEN fan.

    P.S: Do not compare it with Marvel/DC/other superhero movies as they
    are not relevant. Just sit back and enjoy OK? 🙂

  • brianyongMay 20, 2016Reply

    Bryan Singer’s 8 Guidelines for making an X-men film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Loose Seal!May 20, 2016Reply

    It is an OK movie, nothing more

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mrfrodogetdownMay 20, 2016Reply

    The best X-Men movie with the new cast

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • The_Joker_1997May 20, 2016Reply

    Amazing and fun.

    Seen the movie today. The experience was awesome. Really loved it.
    DON’T BELIEVE THE CRITICS !!!! The critics are being too harsh on this
    movie just like BvS and both movies were awesome. Go in and form your
    own opinion. The story was nice but predictable. The action scenes were
    amazing. The CGI was much better than Deadpool and Civil War. The
    characters were really well introduced. Bryan Singer didn’t disappoint.
    The ending was a little cheesy but OK. The movie build-up is good and
    keeps you interested. This is the 3rd good X-men movie after Days of
    Future Past and X2. Oscar Isaac acted amazing as APOCALYPSE. But the
    show stealer is QUICKSILVER. QUICKSILVER stole the show
    single-handedly. AMAZING. Bryan Singer understands Quicksilver better
    than the producers at Disney. Don’t’t rely on critics, they get paid to
    bash a movie. Go in and have a good time because it is a good movie.

  • ivanpmMay 20, 2016Reply

    Best superhero movie of the year

    I was really looking forward to seeing this movie, and I was so afraid
    that I’d be disappointed. Luckily, I was not. This X-Men has surprised
    me the most. Actions scenes are thrilling, music is magnificent, CGI as
    well. Acting is great, James McAvoy has outdone himself. Probably the
    best superhero movie of the year so far. I’m not sure why
    Rottentomatoes criticized it so badly. It keeps your attention because
    there is so much going on throughout the movie. The mutant I liked the
    most was definitely Quicksilver(Evan Peters). Funny character, with his
    own scene(which was my favorite) who kept the excitement of the movie
    to it’s end. TL;TR Good and exciting movie. Characters are awesome. Go
    and watch it, don’t look at Rottentomatoes or any other site that has
    written bad about it.

  • hegmat-93723May 20, 2016Reply

    What? No, no no, WHY??

    This… This movie is an insult. It is not even bad, it’s more than
    that. I have seen bad movies, and maybe due to the insane amount of
    brainless superhero / comic book films recently, but this is more than
    simply bad. More than 2 hours of downright mind numbing, meaningless,
    cliché filled bull***. How the hell did this movie got more than 5
    start is beyond me. After a few hours i seriously tried to find some
    good parts in this film, and don’t get me wrong, there are good scenes
    in the movie, but the whole experience is just shocking. In the wrong

    You may be wondering if you should see this movie despite the awful
    critics, ignoring the signs you have been given. Don’t. Or do, but at
    the end, you will most likely be just like me right now, wondering what
    the hell did you just see, why, and who the hell let this come out
    under the x-men franchise….

    I can’t, and i won’t… No… I have to take a shower…

  • Prafulla SrivastavMay 20, 2016Reply

    Bryan missed the class one cinema by margin

    Movie starts with promising note on the backdrop of Egypt, Pyramid and
    first mutant. Bryan has tried to syn up story with Days of future past
    and First Class. Slow motion rescue operation by Evan Peters was full
    of entertainment. Guest Appearance by novice Wolverine was awesome.
    First half was better one and Second was unable to carry momentum due
    to less effectiveness of Apocalypse and four horsemen. This installment
    is definitely better than previous Days of Future past. However this
    one unable to match up the level of First Class. James and Michael duo
    the show with their natural performance. Visual effects were treat to
    watch since from beginning.

  • PramitheusMay 20, 2016Reply

    X-men:Gods from Egypt

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • catalina toroMay 20, 2016Reply

    Oh come on!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pikulonewolfMay 20, 2016Reply

    Exhilarating experience, Ignore the haters.

    The movie was pretty amazing, so f**k all the critics. I think that the
    critics see these kind of movies as stand-alone’s. They miss the point
    that they are a part of a series and are meant particularly for the
    comic lovers. The basic idea of these movies is that over the years,
    the ever-so-popular comics have held us in trance, and now we can see
    the characters and their stories live on the big screen, performed by
    excellent actors (read ordinary humans). I think that’s the kind of
    psychological trick that does it for the superhero/comic-based movies
    (I’d include Bond movies too). You can’t judge it in the ways you judge
    a movie from the realistic genres. I think its high time specific
    critics developed for this genre or the existing critics to get an
    update on the ‘criticizing’.

    The star, for me, as usual, was The Wolverine. The way the scene was
    built up took me back to the same for Dr. Hannibal Lecter in The
    Silence of the Lambs (I know, too much romanticism, But it was a real
    treat to watch). I’ll really miss him in the forthcoming movies, if
    Wolverine III is really the end.

    Sophie Turner (as Jean Grey) adds another jewel to her already dazzling
    tiara. She is quite an actress for her age.

  • realmuthafMay 20, 2016Reply

    Apocalyptically bad

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Andrew AnandarajahMay 20, 2016Reply

    Good & OK & Not a cinema movie but watchable

    I Would have to say that, this may not be one of the best marvel X-MEN
    movies of the new generation but its a good and watchable movie, but
    having said that this comic needs a new director as for me this was
    just not as good as X-MEN First Class And X-MEN Days Of Future Past but
    as the same time much better than watching Batman V. Superman.

    The action scenes in the movie were the only good thing about the movie
    really, it was boring, only in the middle of the film it started to
    pick up. The only three acts who have been making these new films
    watchable have always been, Michael Fassbender who acts as Magneto,
    James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier and Jennifer Lawrence as
    Mystique. Like most of the X-Men fans who have been talking bad about
    this movie because Oscar Isaac is just a small actor who acts as
    Apocalypse was just not the right guy for the film.

    I Mean Bryan Singer did a good job with X-MEN days of future past and
    X-MEN 1 but i think he needs to step away and let something new take
    over. i really wanted Matthew Vaughn who directed X-MEN first class
    which for me stands out as my favourite X-MEN movie.

    Then again, I at the same time, did not feel like this movie was
    rubbish or decent, it was just a good movie which fox has not missed
    up. Fox have only missed up X-MEN 2 AND 3.

  • Samahire404May 20, 2016Reply

    Best film of Xmen series i’ve seen.

    X-MEN APOCALYPSE REVIEW – Finished watching one of the most Anticipated
    Hollywood flick of the year XMen Apocalypse and i am thrilled. Kick
    Ass, Faadu, Brilliant, Outstanding and bla bla, in 1 Word (in Indian
    Language) K A D A K…. Certainly Best Xmen series film i’ve watched.
    Better than previous Xmen films, Avengers Series in short Best
    Hollywood Flick of the year 2016 so far. We usually don’t expect
    Quality film making and script from Money making entertainers but if we
    get Good Script with lots of entertaining elements then we call that
    film a Classic and exactly same happened to me after watching
    Apocalypse. I don’t call it a Classic but yes Film has surpassed my
    expectations and has forced me to watch it again in theater. Probably
    first Hollywood film of 2016 which i will watch 2nd time in theater.
    Excellent writing, Tight screenplay with zero loo breaks, Outstanding
    VFX and 3D effects and a perfect paisa vasool entertainer as a whole.
    Xmen Apocalypse doesn’t disappoint you in any field. The main reason is
    its screenplay which is entertaining throughout for 145 mins despite
    very less comedy. Visual effects and 3D Effects are best for any
    Hollywood film recently. First half lefts you on interesting note which
    doesn’t easily happen with other money making entertainers, and then
    2nd half completely surprises you with Good worthy a perfect climax.
    Wolverine surprises in his 2 minutes cameo. Erik’s son is surprising
    element because of its Lightning Fast speed super power. Overall i
    don’t have any minuses to count, this is a Perfect Entertainer for
    Hollywood lovers. I’m giving 8/10 stars which is really high for this
    kind of Entertaining Genre film. Go for this one, if you’re really
    looking for a perfect Hollywood Entertainer and i’m sure Film won’t
    disappoint you.

  • Anurag-ShettyMay 20, 2016Reply

    As mind blowing as its predecessor.

    X-Men: Apocalypse continues with the adventures of the X-Men, led by
    Professor Charles Xavier(James McAvoy). This film takes place 10 years
    after the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past(2014). Charles has been
    successfully running his school for mutants. However, everything
    doesn’t stay rosy, with the re-emergence of the world’s first mutant,
    En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse(Oscar Isaac). Apocalypse is unhappy with the
    world of today. So, he sets about destroying the world, as we know it.
    Apocalypse takes the help of, Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto(Michael
    Fassbender), Angel(Ben Hardy), Ororo Munroe/Storm(Alexandra Shipp) &
    Psylocke(Olivia Munn), to execute his malevolent plans. Now, it is up
    to the X-Men led by Charles Xavier, Raven/Mystique(Jennifer Lawrence) &
    Hank McCoy/Beast(Nicholas Hoult) to stop Apocalypse & his followers,
    from bringing about the destruction of the world.

    X-Men: Apocalypse is an outstanding film. Director Bryan Singer
    continues to make flawless X-Men movies after, X-Men(2000), X2(2003) &
    X-Men: Days of Future Past(2014). I am really happy, that they finally
    introduced all the fan favorite mutants like, Jean Grey(Sophie Turner),
    Scott Summers/Cyclops(Tye Sheridan), Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler(Kodi
    Smit-McPhee) & Storm. The visual effects are fantastic. The destruction
    set pieces, are one of the highlights of the film. The Peter
    Maximoff/Quicksilver(Evan Peters) set piece, tops the Quicksilver set
    piece from X-Men: Days of Future Past(2014) & is another highlight of
    the film. The climax of the movie is epic & is a fitting finale to the
    trilogy of rebooted X-Men films, that began with X-Men: First
    Class(2011). The 3D is eye-popping & has been put to great use, in
    pretty much every scene of the film. However, this movie is not just
    about the action & destruction set pieces. The script by Simon Kinberg,
    Bryan Singer, Michael Dougherty & Dan Harris, makes you genuinely care
    about each & every character. Not the titular villain, of course! The
    audience will love to hate Apocalypse. The performances are another
    highlight of the film. James McAvoy is spectacular as Professor Charles
    Xavier. McAvoy’s performance is more akin to Patrick Stewart’s
    portrayal of Professor X, this time around. No need to fret though.
    McAvoy makes his portrayal of Charles, his own. Michael Fassbender is
    flawless as Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto. Fassbender effortlessly portrays
    Erik’s grief & rage. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing as Raven/Mystique.
    Nicholas Hoult is awesome as Hank McCoy/Beast. Oscar Isaac is great as
    En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse. Rose Byrne is impressive as Moira Mactaggert.
    Evan Peters is incredible as Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver. I am so glad,
    that Peters’ character has a much more important & fleshed out role,
    this time around. Josh Helman is effective as Col. William Stryker.
    Sophie Turner is superb as Jean Grey. Tye Sheridan is perfect as Scott
    Summers/Cyclops. Lucas Till is good as Alex Summers/Havok. Kodi
    Smit-McPhee is excellent as Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler. Ben Hardy is
    impressive as Angel. Alexandra Shipp is great as Ororo Munroe/Storm.
    Olivia Munn is awesome as Psylocke. The supporting cast is effective.
    X-Men: Apocalypse is a must watch, for fans of the X-Men film
    franchise. Go, be thoroughly entertained!

  • Gordon-11May 20, 2016Reply

    Great visual effects

    This film tells the story of how mutants become stronger, how they
    unite and betray one another in a fight against an ancient Egyptian God
    that aims to destroy the world and rebuild from ashes.

    ”X-Men: Apocalypse” is filled with my favourite stars, and I have been
    looking forward to watching it. The story is a bit slow paced because
    there is a lot of detail to be told. How each mutant comes about, and
    how they befriend, familiarise and cooperate with each other is told.
    There is a lot of background story, and at times I think the story
    could be a bit faster.

    Fortunately, the film is filled with very good visual effects, such as
    the scene of the College exploding. That scene showcases the great
    visual effects achieved by the team, and provides comic relief in an
    otherwise tense scene.

    For the post credit scene, there is a bit of a pause between the end of
    the credits and the post credit scene, which made the cinema goers
    wondering if they sat through the credits for nothing. After watching
    the scene, that thought did cross my mind, unfortunately.

  • gulfaran786May 20, 2016Reply

    Better than BVS and civil war for entertainment

    Keeping this short.

    Not without its faults but it was a great watch hardly stays idle.
    Didn’t lose my interest at any point.

    Magneto oh how great he was towards the end he gets put back a little
    but the feels were strong.

    Quicksilver was amazing. Loved him puts a smile on your face.

    Cyclops and Jean built up nicely as well as Nightcrawler.

    Angel wasted but probably wasn’t a fit for this movie on general.

    Best Xmen movie by far because it’s not centered around Wolverine (as
    good as Hugh jackman was the movies were awful) and everyone in the
    main cast got to play a part.

    The villain himself was worthy but the choice of minions not so much.

    Purely on an entertainment factor I put this above both BvS and Civil
    War. Both of which I gave a 7 for different reasons. This does not try
    to be overly epic or blast open a door to a series of new movies. It
    gets an 8.

  • christinapichlerMay 20, 2016Reply

    Not terrible but also not good

    Similar to ”Batman v Superman” opinions divide greatly on ”X-Men:
    Apocalypse”. While Rotten Tomatoes is not fond of the movie, audiences
    and a great many people love it. In the end all this does not matter
    since everybody has to decide on their own whether they like a movie or
    not. And after all it is good that each person has a different opinion
    on a piece of art because it is fun to discuss and learn other people’s

    ”X-Men: Apocalypse” is set in the 80ies and adds a lot of new character
    portrayals to the franchise. The movie starts out with the awakening of
    Apocalypse, him learning about the present world and recruiting his
    four horsemen. A young Scott Summers discovers his powers and arrives
    at Charles Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters, where he meets Jean
    Grey. Meanwhile Mystique grew to be a role model for many mutants since
    the events in the 70ies while Eric lives secluded with his family in

    First of all, there are many aspects I loved and enjoyed about this
    movie. The performances in this movie where overall good. Jennifer
    Lawrence, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender prove again they are
    fantastic in their roles and we witness some good character
    developments. Especially Magneto has some emotional moments. Evan
    Peters stays the greatest Quicksilver ever put to screen, this time
    receiving more screen time and another outstanding scene even better
    than the one from ”Days of Future Past”. Olivia Munn is great as
    Psylocke and it would be cool if we get to see more of her character in
    the future. Nightcrawler was awesome as well!

    Unfortunately there were some performances that were not as great.
    Sophie Turner as Jean Grey was not my favorite part of the movie. I
    respect her as an actress but there were some moments in the movies
    when I could not help but see Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones on
    screen. Also Apocalypse left me disappointed. Oscar Isaacs is a great
    actor and one can tell he did his best but to me En Sabah Nur is
    another generic villain. He had some cool powers but I was not fond of
    his design and most of the time he was more annoying than threatening.
    In general the look and design of some characters bothered me (looking
    at you Angel and Storm).

    Additionally there is a section in the middle of the movie that felt
    forced to me, even though it is understandable why they had to put it
    into the movie but still this could have been handled better or left
    out and it would not have changed a lot about the plot. In general the
    plot is the main problem of the movie, since some parts felt
    unnecessary and forced and sometimes the movie is slow, though I would
    not describe it as boring. Furthermore some scenes were way over the
    top! Especially the end battle with a great amount of it involving Jean
    Grey. It felt stupid.

    As much as I hate to say this, but ”X-Men Apocalypse” is my least
    favorite superhero movie this year and ranks rather low on my list
    compared to the other installments of the franchise. It had great
    moments and was enjoyable but it still had too many things bothering me
    about it. Stay in your seats for the post-credit scene though!

  • jjaviergsMay 20, 2016Reply

    xmen apocalypse. The great movie that critics are trying to stop

    When i read the preview reviews of the movie I was like OK. it might
    not be great but Im going to give it a chance. But when I saw it I was
    like what’s happening with the critics?? The movie is amazing. x men
    apocalypse follows the path and style of First Class and Days of Future
    Past. All characters are great and the way that Singer choose to mix
    all together is really great. Of curse there are some details that
    could be better, like the Apocalypse design, but common people the
    movie as a combo works totally amazing, I don’t know why some critics
    are trying to stop people of going to see it. My opinion is that the
    movie is great and totally worth it, give it a chance.

  • Herish leonMay 20, 2016Reply

    Don’t get your hopes so high

    I think it’s time to give up on X-Men. they are getting less and less
    creative with every movie . Yes i enjoyed it and it was well produced
    and great acting . but the plot wasn’t enough satisfying . obviously
    bringing a huge weird shaped villain back from death or creating it is
    a very popular plot now adays from action movie . c’mon guys it was
    failure on avengers and look pretty well here too.

    also the movie suffered lack of Wolverine , a very slow start and
    screen playing didn’t rhythm with events.

    still worth watching , you gonna catch some funny moments and some cool
    action .

  • 2karl-May 20, 2016Reply

    the evil of the origins of the species bring his prophecy of his exctiction to life and rule the world his way

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jpatrick-68632May 20, 2016Reply

    Would’ve been heaps improved with Deadpool and Daenerys Targaryen.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mustafa Hassan MalikMay 20, 2016Reply

    Don’t listen to critics

    This is the first time I’m saying this but I have to say the critics
    are so wrong on this one, I don’t know if they are bunch of
    Disney/Marvel Fanboys but this is so much better than the average
    Avengers crap they rate 90%.

    A much maturer take on Comic Book characters and story with a lot of
    focus on characters and their relationships rather than having an
    ensemble for the sake of it. You don’t see Magneto, Xavier or any other
    throwing in a one-liner in the middle of fight, this movie is rock
    solid, though there are some weak points but nothing like they make it
    look like with RT score.

  • bumygMay 20, 2016Reply

    This movie is better than you think.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Harvey PensonMay 20, 2016Reply

    The Age of Ultron of X-Men

    This year in super heroes so far: Deadpool Awesome, Dawn of Justice
    Entertaining but could be better, Captain America Civil War Fantastic
    and X Men Apocalypse….satisfactory.

    Following on from the previous brilliant X men films Days of Future
    Past and First Class, X-Men Apocalypse raises the roof several times to
    a whole new realm of action, destruction, and of course mutants. Now
    Xavier’s school for mutants has become a proud established academy with
    many students, but a new threat has risen from the earth. Apocalypse
    rises to bring about a new earth and kill all life but with the help of
    four rogue mutants.

    To start off, X-Men Apocalypse defiantly promises what it delivers in
    the trailers and on the posters, so for the fans looking for what they
    see in the trailers is exactly what you get. However, this isn’t a
    super hero masterpiece, but it is very entertaining and enjoyable.
    Probably not the best out of the X Men series, but impossibly no the
    worst. I would call this the Age of Ultron of the X-Men universe, or
    the better version of Man of Steal (associating with how much
    destruction there is).

    Before I talk about negatives I will go over positives: good
    performances by cast (especially Sophie Turner), good direction of
    narrative to an extent, great score, entertaining, hype building,
    explosive, slightly funny, and cool use of costume.

    One of the main problems at the beginning was that there was too much
    going on, and there are numerous stories going on a the same time so it
    gets quite crowded. Not just with the story but also characters. It
    tries to pull focus on too many characters which makes it kind of each
    person gets their time in the spotlight feel. It is also far too long,
    which doesn’t make you bored but does slightly drag on a bit.

    I will also say there were moments which I call were awkward tense
    moments. This is when there are brief moments in the dialogue which try
    to be significant but are not delivered correctly. For example in Force
    Awakens when Ren and Rey are fighting and he mentions in a bad delivery
    ‘I can teach you the ways of the Force’ One of the strong but also weak
    points 0f the film is its very strong use in visual effects including
    CGI and editing. This consists of some remarkable scenery to be
    admired, but it is very repetitive and could make one dizzy.

    Overall X-Men Apocalypse is very entertaining, and is fourth out of
    eighth’ place in the series. I understand its hard to always top the
    previous film, but this still doesn’t quite reach the momentum of
    Future Past or First Class, but is still very good. 8/10

  • mattsullivan-21274May 20, 2016Reply

    What on earth is every hater talking about !

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • NeveriMay 20, 2016Reply

    Spoiler free quick review! No conclusions or plot spoils!

    I put my reviews very short as you might see in the future. Anyways..

    I was very skeptic how they could do something better than THE
    Quicksilver scene from Days of Future Past. But.. they actually manage
    to do a scene that is even more epic and hilarious. It was very visual
    experience and most of the CGI have been done very well. I had kinda
    mixed feeling from En Sabah Nur since I waited it so much. And I really
    wanted it to be overpowered as he should be. I had some things I didn’t
    like that much and some things I liked a lot. Don’t want to spoil
    anything and since this is spoiler-free and quick review I list pros
    and cons to bottom.

    ++ Michael Fassbender as Magneto: (Maybe the best thing in the movie!)
    ++ Quicksilver as goofy and kinda overpowered character ++ Visuals +
    James McAvoy as professor X + Storm +- En Sabah Nur / Apocalypse (as a
    character, powers kinda felt limited) +- ”New” Scott Summers (kind of a
    side character) – Stryker ( I didn’t like the ”young” Stryker at DoFP
    and not in this) — Psylocke (kind of a boring character with no bigger
    meaning) — Jean Grey (you’ll see if you haven’t yet)

  • paul-coultrupMay 20, 2016Reply

    Throughly Enjoyed, critics don’t know Jack!

    Saw it last night. With all the negativity surrounding this film, I
    expected to come out somewhat disappointed. But my view was quite the

    Loved the story, Magneto was great, liked his back story in the film. I
    thought that Apocalypse was one of the better villains, although his
    power wasn’t really shown in the film as it is in the comics. The new
    younger xmen characters all did the characters justice. Really liked
    nightcrawler, thought he was one of the better portrayed Xmen.

    The film was well timed, liked the pace leading up to the final
    conflict. I would quite happily see it again.

    Ignore the critics and go see it 🙂

  • quincytheodoreMay 20, 2016Reply

    Colorful new cast and beloved classic characters on generic apocalyptic brawl

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • youngybhoy1988May 20, 2016Reply

    Another top X men movie

    Really not understanding all the hate from critics on this one, its not
    without some faults but nothing that majorly took away from my
    enjoyment, if you already love the x men movies you should love this,
    i’d rate it 3rd just behind 1st class and x2, admittedly if you’re not
    already sold on x men movies this probably wont change your mind but
    fans should love, don’t listen to the critics too much, i think most of
    the criticisms I’ve read for this movie could also be put towards civil
    war but everyone loved civil war so overlooked its faults while
    trashing this, my main criticism is too many flashbacks, this is the
    6th x men movie, 9th if you include the wolverines and deadpool, by now
    it should be assumed anyone watching is following the series and
    doesn’t need flashbacks, all the new cast were great and have got me
    excited for future x men movies, fassbender and macovoy were great as
    usual, Oscar Issac was cool as apocalypse, quicksilver stole the show
    again along with a great cameo that i wont spoil if you didn’t already
    get it spoiled in the trailer, trust me, check this movie out

  • kpgvindMay 20, 2016Reply

    The X Men Rises From Superhero Mediocrity

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Biswajit KhatuaMay 20, 2016Reply

    Not the best but one of the best.

    S-P-O-I-L-E-R-S Ahead !!!

    I don’t know why people hated this movie so much. In opinion it was
    really a great movie. But not up-to the level of X-Men Days of Future

    First 15-20 min of the movie was about Apocalypse. It was kinda
    disappointing because I want to know why Apocalypse want to destroy
    human kind what instead it just show me humans hated him and betrayed
    him. But after that movie started catch its speed. For me the show
    steeling moment was Eric’s loss. That moment was so powerful and
    emotional that it could even make a cold hearted person cry. Michale
    Fassbender acting was just awesome. Action sequences were pretty damn
    awesome. Like the Days of future past again Peter steel the show. But
    my fav was the Wolverine berserk mode action scene. Awesomeness of that
    scene was unspeakable. In that 10-15 min scene Fox fixed all the wrong
    they did in the X-Men Origin Wolverine movie.

    What I didn’t like in the movie were Apocalypse, his horsemen character
    motivation. Well Oscar Isaac did a great job as Apocalypse but what I
    didn’t like was they didn’t treat him like Apocalypse. As far I know
    Apocalypse is one of the most powerful super villain, he can shape
    shift he can project energy blast, telekinesis and many more powers
    that makes him a god like being. But Peter beat him like he is nothing.
    All other horsemen except Eric has no character motivation. I mean why
    would Psylocke(Body Guard), Angel(Fighter) and Storm(Thief) want to
    destroy the world.

    So basically this movie is not a bad movie which some people claim that
    it is worse than the Last Stand movie. Bryan Singer did a great job.
    Great casting of character.In my suggestion if you are a X-Men fan
    you’ll love it.

  • ctowyiMay 20, 2016Reply

    This has brawn and brains and a whole lot of dazzle

    Gotta hand it to Bryan Singer. He knows the subject matter like it is
    the back of his hand. You may be watching a full-on superhero romp
    about mutants, but you can also feel it in your bones that the movie
    transcend to a different plane subversively. Just substitute mutation
    with the current hot-button issues like xenophobia and racism you will
    see a very different movie. Singer understands ostracism and social
    prejudice so well that his X-Men movies feel like veiled shout-outs of
    misunderstood people. In X-Men: Apocalypse, he has made another entry
    in the franchise that has brawn and brains and a whole lot of dazzle. I
    had a feeling that I wasn’t just watching a summer popcorn movie but
    something relevant and important.

    The script is whip-smart and manages to juggle so many characters, both
    old and new. In one funny moment it takes a clever dig at Brett
    Ratner’s abomination. The characters have link to the past and the
    future. There is pathos of the Shakespearean level and tragedy of the
    Greek magnitude. This is yet again a Defcon One ”End of the Earth”
    scenario with the Adam of all Mutants, Apocalypse. The chap may be
    buried under a ton of blue makeup and housed in a blue strait-jacket,
    but his quiet menace shines through. This is a villain with a capital
    latter ”V”, well-established, religious connotations all around and his
    motivations thoroughly well-drawn.

    The action set-pieces are well done with no hint of repetitiveness. I
    mean we have all seen Magneto and Prof X strut their stuff but it never
    feels old with the tweaks incorporated. For example, Gotta love how
    they up the ante with the Quicksilver scene, easily one of the
    highlights again.

    If I do have some quibbles I would have to say the runtime could have
    been shorten (I really felt the full 2h 24min) and the final climatic
    smack down is exhausting to watch (it felt like it will never end). I
    have read some of my favourite critics’ reviews and nearly all of them
    didn’t dig the movie. Their reasons are exactly the polar opposite of
    what actually worked for me. This isn’t as effortless and fun as X-Men:
    Days of Future Past, but it comes real close.

    3.5 / 5

  • tinovalkkiMay 20, 2016Reply

    Shameless entertainment

    More doesn’t always mean better. This time however it works well. X
    Men: Apocalypse is massive digital effect swarm, but surprisingly the
    story doesn’t get buried under all the effects. Story is set on 80’s
    during cold war era. Picture of the time has bring freshly to set,
    although it won’t bring all the cliche’s of that time to silver screen.
    The iron curtain and cold war era has brought well on set. Somehow the
    story reflects nicely that period manly world, but surprisingly strong
    women are the last and only hope for the human kind. There are of
    course some weakness in story. There are so many characters, that story
    have difficulties enough to no-one’s background. Maybe that is not a
    big problem here. Massive effect rumble is so beautifully implement
    that there is enough spine for weak story. 3D is executed spontaneous
    well. The story is not extraordinary, but movie’s razzle-dazzle is so
    entertaining and beautiful and collection of great young actors and
    actress satisfy easily. Limits of movie madness is tested on this
    movie. Does it means that we have finally reached all what these
    digital effect movies has to offer? I don’t think so as long as people
    are ready to pay price of a movie ticket to see them.

    Movie is typical summer blockbuster movie. Massive effects, action
    combined to a light story makes people to wander to ticket window. And
    there is nothing bad in it, you pay the price easily, especially when
    it has produces so well, than this is. Shameless entertainment.

  • iTobsiMay 20, 2016Reply

    Review X-Men: Apocalypse

    After seeing the Metascore and the Rotten Tomatoes score, I seriously
    disagree with them. X-Men: Apocalypse is now Bryan Singer’s forth X-Men
    movie and he’s giving the franchise a new direction. The story is that
    after many centuries the Mutant Apocalypse returns and is threatening
    to wipe out the existence of human kind. He’s recruiting Mutants like
    Magneto, Storm, Psylocke and Angel to his Four Horsemen of the
    Apocalypse. Now the X-Men must recruit them self again to stop him. You
    may think now is the same think over and over again but it actually
    isn’t. The movie talks about the consequences that happened in the last
    X-Men movies and meanwhile introducing new and familiar characters. I
    seriously love the new young cast. Sophie Turner, Ty Sheridan and Kodi
    Smit-Mcphee are great in the movie. There are some flat moments
    especially the first 20 minutes are very hard to get into, but after
    that the movie keeps the story interesting and even gets better. And
    not forget to talk about the Quicksilver Scene, which is even much
    better than in Days of Future Past. For X-Men fans there are many
    references to the comics or about the 80’s. And that’s maybe the
    problem for some people who don’t know about them. Especially in the
    End Credits, no one knew what that should mean or about what they are
    building up to. But for many Fans of the franchise it is the X-Men
    movie everyone wanted to see. It has my recommendation and I would give
    it a 8.7.

  • bhanu-pratapsinghMay 20, 2016Reply

    X- Men : Apocalypse – A mediocre visual fest

    As much as I am a fan of X- Men series this one disappoints me a little
    bit especially after Days Of Future Past which was by far the best X –
    Men movie and one of the best comic book movies . Apocalypse was more
    menacing in trailer than in the movie because he doesn’t do anything in
    this film rather than giving powers to his Horsemen . First half of the
    movie is pretty slow and I think that they went too far to build up
    hype for Apocalypse which he doesn’t stand up to . Its the second half
    and Quicksilver that made us to watch the movie . Quicksilver is the
    best in this movie I mean all his scenes are well made especially his
    entry . All the actors did their job perfectly , its their roles that I
    think were short. Like Four Horsemen should have been more terrifying
    but they didn’t do anything except Magneto . Second half is definitely
    worth a watch for visuals and characters because everyone gets to shine
    and has its moment in second half and now I come to the cameo , yes The
    Wolverine , his scene were very good and he was shown as the animal as
    he is in comics , more ruthless and more dangerous than he has ever
    been in movie which I think was very good for him because its what
    Wolverine is . All thing this movie does is that it is very good to eye
    but nothing exceptional . You can sure watch it but with not so much
    expectation but I’ll say watch this because of Quicksilver because he
    is the only one who can make you enjoy this movie .

  • amelbaliMay 20, 2016Reply

    Movie for children

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • johnnyjan16May 20, 2016Reply

    An okay addition to the Xmen Franchise…

    Having watched Days of Future Past, which I thought was by far the best
    X-men film i’d seen, I had high hopes for Apocalypse, regardless of
    reviews which didn’t seem too promising.

    I have to disagree with some of the reviews here about this film – it
    wasn’t particularly good. It just slots in with your run of the mill
    superhero film and won’t be remembered when the sequel is released.


    Some of the action scenes are excellent. CGI seems to have improved
    again in recent films and Apocalypse is no exception.

    I think the casting of Sophie Turner and Alex Shipp is a great move.
    Being a GOT watcher, I liked her introduction into this franchise. I’d
    never seen Alex before but that girl can do something different with
    Storm and move away from the Halle Berry rendition.

    Not so Positives:

    It’s getting difficult to do something really different with these kind
    of films; there wasn’t any shock (for someone that hasn’t read the
    comics). Having seen Civil War recently, this story really lacked that
    unique edge, whereas it’s competition had me from the beginning to the
    end. Apocalypse as a villain bored me. I won’t lie. He could have been
    so much more exciting! Instead it was just another bad guy wanting to
    start the world over again.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens next with the X-men Franchise.
    With the end teaser, hopefully it will be something new to keep up with
    the other Marvel projects that are leading the way.

  • virindraMay 20, 2016Reply

    Got to see the previous movies first.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • giannisaggelMay 21, 2016Reply

    Eye candy for the fans

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • BDabiMay 21, 2016Reply

    Worst X-Men movie since ”Origins: Wolverine”.

    I didn’t have huge expectations, but I was hoping to enjoy this movie
    at least more than ”Batman v Superman”. Well, I was being naive,
    apparently. ”Apocalypse” is the worst comic book film of the year so
    far, and the worst movie from the X-Men franchise since ”Origins:

    There are a lot of things that don’t work here (uninventive fight
    scenes, extremely cringe-worthy and dumbed-down dialogue, a messy plot)
    but, as I’ve always said, the pillars in any film (and especially any
    comic book film) are the characters, and they don’t work here. At all.
    Apocalypse is one-dimensional, dull and derivative. Magneto goes
    through the exact same path that we’ve already seen in previous movies,
    and it’s gotten extremely predictable and tiresome. Beast’s role is
    virtually non-existent. Xavier has lost everything that made him
    interesting in ”First Class”. Wolverine’s cameo is pointless. Storm,
    Psylocke and Angel are criminally butchered by a writer who obviously
    doesn’t give a f**k about the source material. They still don’t get how
    the Phoenix force should work. Nightcrawler has become nothing more
    than a device to transport people into places. And Jennifer Lawrence
    gives the most lifeless iteration of Mystique we’ve ever seen on
    screen. She does literally nothing during the whole movie. The only
    character who shines is, once again, Quicksilver, who gives us the best
    scene hands down, although it isn’t as surprising as it was in ”Days of
    Future past”.

    I’ve repeatedly read some fans of the ”X-Men” franchise defending it
    over other comic book-based film series because ”the X-Men saga
    includes mature and deep character studies”. Well, I invite you guys to
    watch ”X-Men: Apocalypse” and reassert that statement, if you have
    balls. It’s a mishmash of CGI with an unforgivable lack of heart and

  • Daniel RossMay 21, 2016Reply

    Don’t listen to the critics

    The X Men series has had it’s share of ups and downs, from the highs
    (The brilliant X2 and Days of Future Past) to the forgettable (Last
    Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine). Presumably the last film for
    returning director Brian Singer, the series will no doubt continue on
    without it’s creator, but it’s hard to see the quality continue to be
    this good following his departure.

    The cast is excellent. Returning Michael Fassbender as Magneto is even
    better, because he has more to do than in DoFP. Despite the title, this
    film is more about Magneto than Apocalypse. Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse
    was fantastic, it’s rare that I find a comic book villain genuinely
    intimidating. Likewise McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier faces his
    biggest challenge yet.

    I loved how the ending brought the series full circle, even if X Men
    and X2 now make no sense if you watch them straight after Apocalypse.
    Even with the time traveling shenanigans of Days of Future Past
    changing events, Nightcrawler’s introduction makes no sense compared to
    his appearance in X2, and Alexandra Shipp’s Storm looks and sounds
    nothing like Halle Berry. But considering the lukewarm reception to
    Berry’s portrayal, maybe that’s for the best. And considering that the
    timelines and character changes are at this point so convoluted that
    Deadpool is now making meta jokes (”McAvoy or Stewart?”), perhaps it’s
    best not to get too wound up about the whole timeline thing.

    This is minor carping though. The action and special effects are top
    notch, and Evan Peters steals the show with another crowd pleasing
    Quicksilver scene. My second favorite comic book movie this year,
    bested only by Captain America: Civil War. Kudos, Brian Singer, once
    again, you have taken this series to another level.

  • daisukeredsMay 21, 2016Reply

    Another ”nothing” movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • david-sarkiesMay 21, 2016Reply

    How Professor X Lost his hair

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • baqari-comMay 21, 2016Reply

    Epic…just the word to describe it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nathan OsbornMay 21, 2016Reply

    Enjoyable and well-acted but overstuffed and lacking originality

    Maybe it was the high-standard set by Days of Future Past, but
    Apocalypse was a little underwhelming. That’s not to say it wasn’t
    enjoyable – it was much closer in quality to Civil War than it was Dawn
    of Justice – but a victim of its own success. The main cast are as
    impressive as ever with new mutants making the idea of future
    instalments exciting (that is, if Lawrence, Fassbender, McAvoy and
    Hoult step down as I suspect them to) which is matched and intensified
    with impressive visuals. It offers very little new to the genre and I
    do wish it took more risks, but one should avoid penalising the film
    for its previous victories (although, I do admit that I made that
    mistake, as I have previously discussed). It still is, after all, one
    of the most unique and individual franchises in the genre, unmistakably
    X-Men with its coups and accomplishments.


  • StormSMMay 21, 2016Reply

    Worst of the X men universe.

    This one is just another Marvel blabber. You won’t find anything
    special here. Usually, the X-men series pack some story and intrigue
    into the film, maybe some schemes or few story lines. This one here is
    just the action sequence following to all American default story line –
    good guys, problem, bad guy, end. 10% story, which contributes very
    little to the Xmen universe.

    As you are probable a fan of GoT I guess, you will enjoy seeing our
    dear Sophie Turner on screen. But that’s not enough. Also, Dolby Atmos
    is fun.

    I was disappointed walking out of the theater.

  • jaesquedaMay 21, 2016Reply

    Fantastic !!!

    I enjoyed a lot this new movie about X MEN, because of the actors, the
    photographs, the locations, and the story. It have fantastic scenes
    that you are going to enjoy, if you liked X MEN. The music is very
    good. It remembered me the TV cartoon series. I liked The role of
    Jennifer Lawrence. You are going to enjoy action scenes, but it has
    also interesting dialogues, the X MEN saga takes continuity strong with
    this new movie. Remember see the post-credits scene. The story takes
    place during 80’s. It is linked very well to X MEN: First class, and X
    MEN: Days of future past. Quick Silver is spectacular. In 3D the movie
    works very well.

  • the_hoult_fanMay 21, 2016Reply

    short yet powerful story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Vivian ZhuMay 21, 2016Reply

    Enjoyably Mediocre

    I’m quite torn about this movie, as it is quite a ‘different’ movie. It
    has an intriguing enough story line, with mostly convincing characters
    and impressive visuals…I certainly enjoyed it while watching it, but
    after the fact I could not find a reason why I enjoyed it so much.

    It is certainly a film with many flaws. As an ‘action movie’, the
    action scenes were not too innovative or even impressive. The fights
    are largely what has been seen before in the X-Men franchise, just less
    of it compared to Days of Future Past. As a ‘superhero ensemble piece’,
    the fact that it was an ‘ensemble’ definitely took away from individual
    story arcs. With nobody really developing from the start of the film to
    the end of the film, at least not clearly. As a movie, the plot was
    incredibly cliché without many stakes.

    Superhero movies don’t necessarily need heroes to die in order to have
    stakes, it just needs emotional weight and connection between
    characters, and these connections being morphed or broken (like Captain
    America: Civil War). Apocalypse however, had no such stakes, only the
    threat of world destruction…which obviously would not be

    Though character arcs were lacking in this film, performances by the
    leads were mainly good. With the clear exception of Jennifer Lawrence
    as Mystique, who continues to feel like she has no connection with the
    character whatsoever. Both McAvoy and Fassbender gave great
    performances as usual, with great chemistry between them as usual.
    Especially with that one scene of Fassbender in the woods, the
    emotional layers in his performance were incredible. All the new X-Men
    also gave good performances, though the ensemble element drowned them
    and cut their development short.

    All up, Apocalypse wasn’t the worse X-Men movie, but it is far from the
    best. It’s still worth a watch for X-Men franchise fans, but I doubt it
    will entice any new viewers.

  • akira2045May 21, 2016Reply

    You Either like it or Dislike it But enjoy it.

    Just like B v S this year, X-MEN: Apocalypse is super-ambitious but
    just doesn’t know how put all its ideas together in a very interesting
    way. But unlike BvS X-men partially succeeded in actually making you
    feel that there are some missing story lines or backstories that could
    help make this into a really good film.

    Don’t get wrong I enjoy this movie for about 2/3 of it, but mainly
    because I lowered my expectations–to the point where I checked my
    brain out of the door, but it is a pretty straight forward story which
    lacks any form of complexity–which only engrosses you here and there,
    and for the rest of its running-time makes you wonder, ”uumm, I think
    Fox is tired of the X-men franchise.”

    The Direction is pretty tired at this point when it comes to Singer’s
    Vision of the X-men. I don’t know if I can see him direct another X-men
    movie, but interestingly enough Apocalypse left me wanting more.

    A great Cast, lead by Michael Fassbender as Magneto, who for the most
    part has a pretty interesting story, but just like the movie itself it
    collapsed under the fact ”we need a big CGI-heavy battle at the end of
    this, which feels ”small” in comparison to Captain America: Civil War’s
    either fight scenes, but they tried. Then you have Oscar Isaac who is
    heavily underutilized as the main villain Apocalypse. His story has a
    strong beginning, rather interesting and just plummeted into disaster
    by the end. And I asked myself, would it have been better if Apocalypse
    was completely Motion Capture (like they did with Thanos in the
    Avengers movie) and make him looked more like the Comic Book and
    Animated TV series version. Just saying, it wouldn’t take anything away
    from the movie.

    Throughout the movie I asked myself, what is Apocalypse big vision or
    motivation? Is he supposed to be a threat to the world or the X-men?
    For a man with all that power at his disposal why does he need the
    ”Four Horsemen” to conquer the world? And even when he has the Four
    Horsemen under his control He doesn’t do much but reaping the
    Earth/Nations Apart; monumental landmarks among other things. But not
    once, I was at the edge of my seat. No Threats or Danger. Nothing at
    all to make you invest in it emotionally, or cerebral enough like its

    The Visual Effects are great, but so repetitive and common place that
    they don’t ”WOW” you, but the simple moving and establishing shots made
    up for that.

    And for the STORY/SCREENPLAY, it is the complete letdown. It Could’ve
    been way better than what was presented considering the Apocalypse
    story-line is one of the most herald X-men comics.

    With that been said, I enjoyed Apocalypse for what it is. I think
    Superhero Movie fatigue is setting in even for the filmmakers. So, am I
    looking forward to another X-men film? You bet I am. But, in 10 years
    or so, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy Apocalypse…it is just a Movie
    Matinée in its core-a Transformers movie per say-but with common sense.

    NOTE: I don’t know if Apocalypse worth its $234 million price tag. They
    could have made a better movie with half of that.

  • laurentzyoutubeMay 21, 2016Reply

    Damn Near Perfect ! Singer delivers with X-Men once again!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • subhabrata-datta12May 21, 2016Reply

    Ignore Critics Ignore Rotten Tomatoes: Best SuperHero Movie of Recent Times

    X Men: Apocalypse is really epic. Specially those who are comic book
    fans and have watched the X-Men Cartoons will love this movie and
    understand why its the best Superhero Movie of the Recent Times. It
    does fair justice to the Comic Book Series and also the animation
    series (obviously deviations are there but minor).

    Just loved the movie and was beyond my expectation. It takes you to the
    edge of the seat since the starting scene. You will not feel bored for
    a single moment in this movie. The character building is superb
    specially for Magneto and how his character juggles between good and

    Ignore the Critics and Rotten Tomatoes, because most probably they are
    wretched souls who never got the chance the hold a comic book in their

  • brij-raychandaMay 21, 2016Reply

    X-men series never of the best of this year..

    One of the best movie of this year for sure… Love to watch X-men
    series and this one is also one of the best movie of X-men series..
    Performance of everyone is very good…Story and screenplay was tight
    and no unwanted scenes… direction and BGM was very good…Brayn
    singer is one of the good director for these kinda movies.. VFX & 3D
    effects are fantastic… Its good that young version of all the
    characters are also performing well…Missed wolverine too much in the
    movie… Specially I love the connections with previous parts in these
    series… and IMAX experience of this movie was great… no word to

    Must must watch in theaters in 3D and specially in IMAX.

  • robiu013May 21, 2016Reply

    Review: X-Men: Apocalypse

    ”At Least We Can All Agree The Third One Is Always The Worst”

    Interestingly this quote from the movie, that’s hardly connected to
    anything plot related seems to have turned out to be a self fulfilling
    prophecy, which is a shame, because this movie had potential to be the
    climax of the (at this point) trilogy. All the pieces seemed to have
    been placed quite neatly for it to work. Unfortunately it didn’t. The
    movie is especially weak in it’s early phases. While the first scene
    works decently as an exposition to who the films antagonist is going to
    be, the next couple of scenes slow down the pace, giving us
    introductory scenes to ”new” characters. This could have been fine, had
    the characters been interesting. But they weren’t. Luckily the movie
    has McAvoy, who even 3 movies in, is still the highlight of the series,
    due to the witty personality of his character (Charles Xavier). As for
    the other main character of this series (Magneto); this movie gives him
    a new start, but only as a setup for his involvement in the conflict,
    that is about to unfold. Unfortunately his character arc is just mashed
    into the large multi-character story line and therefore fails to peak
    the interest it’s intending to catch. Another character worth
    mentioning is Quicksilver, who can best be described as a big
    convenience for the plot progressing into the direction the authors
    want to. This may sound like a negative thing, but something about Evan
    Peter’s character just made me swallow it and go along with it. As for
    the antagonist; while not necessarily well written, I do feel like
    praising Oscar Isaac’s portrayal of Apocalypse. The plot is for the
    most part character driven, which could go either way. In this case it
    didn’t work out best, because the conflicts of the characters felt like
    something, that had been previously done already and some of the
    highlighted characters lacked the screen time to get an actually
    interesting characterization and development. Another aspect of the
    plot is the mutants using their powers to their advantage, which
    results in funny comic relief and entertaining battles. Due to this I
    actually felt the movie picking itself up towards the end, I was
    however displeased with the resolution of the conflict and it’s
    aftermath. Overally the film is entertaining and ignoring the character
    introduction scenes, I wasn’t bored during it’s run time. That however
    does not mean it doesn’t have it’s fair share of problems.

  • indifferentlyinsouciantMay 21, 2016Reply

    Mummy Resurrected Meets the X-Men

    ”Why be different when you can look like everybody else?” Nightcrawler
    (the blue-hued teleporter) questions Mystique (the also
    naturally-blue-hued shapeshifter) in X2, to which she pointedly
    responds, ”because we shouldn’t have to”.

    In The Last Stand, Storm, at learning that non-mutants have developed a
    cure that permanently suppresses the Mutant X-gene, cries, ”a cure for
    all mutants? But we don’t need a cure. Since when have we become a

    And yet, yet there are others who feel quite differently. Those who
    will give anything to feel ‘normal’ and are only too willing to give up
    that which makes them special. Because just as there is no doubt that
    innate (and often intimidating) extra-ordinariness renders a mutant as
    formidable, so too it is certain that it makes one aberrant in the eyes
    of others, such power-possessors only just about managing to outpace
    vilification, then rejection, social ostracization and even the threat
    of extermination.

    Which path then should the gifted choose for themselves? Should one
    live as a proud pariah or eternally condemn oneself to the fate of
    inert impotence? The question itself poses a seething paradox, because
    even if one were to pick the former things won’t ever grow easy, the
    risks attendant with pacifism or aggression, the only two approaches
    available, then springing to life, accentuated further by the one
    immutable dimension to the mutant conundrum: the inability of humans to
    rise above their prejudices.

    It is these emotionally resonant thematic threads that have since its
    inception set the XMen series apart from other superhero productions,
    interwoven as they are through deftly layered and penetrating allegory:
    the omnipotent thesis being the trials and inner conflicts of social
    misfits, the discrimination and dilemmas faced by minorities, be they
    ethnic, sexual, religious or whatever.

    Should a people assert the right to coexist under the umbrella of a
    proud and distinct identity or should they always aspire to blend in
    with the mainstream? Is society hardwired to fear those who look and
    behave differently? Is it possible to convince people to think in a
    manner that runs counter to their primal instincts?

    Apocalypse is a great spectacle, as are all the XMen movies without
    exception. But let’s be honest here. Really honest. It is not the best
    film of the franchise, the thus far unsurpassed one being Days of
    Future Past followed closely by First Class and X2.

    And this is chiefly down to the fact that this latest instalment, save
    for Magneto’s backstory, which in retrospect appears tired and stale,
    fails to pose any searing questions or to explore the though- processes
    and predicaments of the characters.

    Instead we’re served just another superhero movie populated with a
    galaxy of CGI-enhanced mutants, whose motivations despite the actors’
    tremendous performances (especially from the latest entrants), fall
    emotionally flat.

    What’s more, whilst the previous two instalments in the series drew on
    historical events in the time-period in which they were set (Cuban
    Missile Crisis and Vietnam War), Apocalypse could well have occurred at
    any time period. The film is none the richer for being set in the 80s.

    The plot is straightforward. In 1983, the mutant Apocalypse, having
    amassed the powers of many other mutants over millennia, awakens from a
    slumber and vows to destroy mankind and take over the world. With the
    help of his Four Horsemen, Psylocke, Storm, Archangel and a broken
    Magneto, Apocalypse plans to create a new for mutants-only world. As
    the earth convulses in doomsday throes, the X-Men, led by Professor
    Charles Xavier work together to prevent Apocalypse and his team from

    The performances are as usual all superb and the CGI eye-arresting. But
    the two performances that stand out are those of Jean Grey, whose
    perceptivity and latent vigour were brought alive to pitch-perfection
    by Sophie Turner, and of Quicksilver, played by Evan Peters, whose
    comic relief was so good that I will re-watch the film for just his
    scenes. I had high expectations from Oscar Isaac, but it seemed like
    his acting talents have been overmasked by CGI, so much so that he
    appears as generic a villain as any and his actions are the less
    menacing for it.

    Nevertheless, the closing battle scene is as grand and edge-of-the- eat
    nerve-racking as one might expect of an XMen movie; but do note that
    its enjoyment and understanding, as of that of the film’s as whole,
    will be compromised on for those not familiar with the events and
    characters of the previous XMen films.

  • rickbakshiMay 21, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • paixtouras13May 21, 2016Reply

    Bryan Singer does it again!

    After seeing some reviews on rotten tomatoes i decided to go check the
    movie for myself.The result was nowhere near of what the critics were
    saying.The movie may have its flaws but i believe there is no such
    thing as a perfect movie.Although the movie started a little slow with
    a 30 minute introduction to apocalypse,the rest of the movie was really
    great.Also i believe that Sophie Turner did a great work portraying
    Jean Grey,as well as the rest of the cast.It has action and in the
    right moments there are a few jokes.Don’t listen to the critics and go
    see the movie.I think it turned out to be even better than BVS proving
    once again that Marvel is always one step ahead of DC.

  • Troy_CampbellMay 21, 2016Reply

    Riveting and exciting, but a step down from First Class and Days of Future Past

    Since the first ¬X-Men movie was released way back in 2000 this mutant
    series has been quietly carving out its own piece of the cinematic
    comic-book pie, with both highs (X2, First Class) and lows (Last Stand,
    Origins: Wolverine) but a respectably solid overall output. This ‘new
    cast’ trilogy closer can’t reach the heights of the franchise’s best
    instalments, or its two immediate predecessors, although demonstrates
    just how thrilling and engaging this universe can be even when not
    performing at its peak. Centred on the eponymous ancient mega-mutant
    who wakes up after a few millennia to reclaim the world as his, the
    dramatic undercurrent is as compelling as the all-powerful villain
    (despite his underwhelming look) and generates a handful of genuinely
    intense and evocative scenes. A second-act tete-a-tete between
    Professor X and Apocalypse – during which the latter is causing mass
    destruction accompanied by Beethoven’s stirring Symphony No 7
    (Algretto) – is absolutely riveting, almost matched by a potent
    telepathic showdown within the climax. At this stage in the X-Men
    evolution there is also a certain level of competence that guarantees
    the action scenes will be nothing less than exciting and, with Bryan
    Singer at the helm, constructed and executed with endless ebullience
    and flair. The CGI struggles on the odd occasion, which is a bit
    strange for such a big-budget flick, however this is a minor blip
    amongst a collection of otherwise rousing set pieces that, just like in
    Days of Future Past, boasts a superb Quicksilver sequence that tops the
    list. There are a few missteps that weaken the film’s lasting power
    though: bland henchmen surrounding the big bad, Wolvie’s unsatisfying
    involvement, and an atrociously placed Stan Lee cameo that raises
    giggles at the most inappropriate moment. From the returning cast James
    McAvoy (Professor X) and Michael Fassbender (Magento) reliably bring
    the gravitas – although Jennifer Lawrence looks a tad disinterested in
    her third time out as Mystique – whilst Oscar Isaac (as Apocalypse) and
    Sophie Turner (Jean Grey) impress the most out of the newcomers.
    Undeniably a rung below the two preceding entries on the X-Men ladder,
    Apocalypse is still operating at a high enough standard to be
    thematically absorbing in addition to entertaining on a popcorn level.

  • monkeydluffy-43237May 21, 2016Reply

    Screw the ‘Critics’ and other negative reviews about this film

    Before watching the movie, I usually see how people are reacting to the
    movie and after seeing the ratings that this movie got, I did not
    expect much from this movie!! But, after watching it, I was blown away
    and honestly I don’t have any clue why there is a lot of negativity
    surrounding this movie!!

    Anyways, this movie was very very good and as I did not expect much
    before going to the movie, I really liked it. Although this movie takes
    sometime to build the story up, after that is done, the plot was much
    clearer, intense and amazing!!

    All the actors were amazing, they did justice to their roles and It is
    nice to see the characters that I liked in a new way and it was not at
    all disappointing!! Before ending this, If I don’t tell about the CGI
    in the movie, I would not be doing a wrong thing!! The graphics were
    amazing and one of the best effects in the recent past!!

    Overall, It is an amazing movie and it delivers what every X-Men fan
    would want!! Just screw the critics and their negativity man for gods
    sake!! They always over analyze few things…

  • yashrajs536May 21, 2016Reply

    Not Spectacular as First Class or DOFP ; but still good though…..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Joel BrownMay 21, 2016Reply

    Don’t trust the critics !!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • HorrorliefhebberMay 21, 2016Reply

    Good story line and 3D experience.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Soso JanaMay 21, 2016Reply

    This is Power Rangers movie, not an X-Men

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • autisticreviewersMay 21, 2016Reply

    Autistic Reviewers Opinion Of This Movie.

    I forget how many X-Men movies there have been but this latest version
    is a strong return for the franchise and is close to being with the
    best as First Class (my favourite film of the franchise to date),
    X-Men: Apocalypse is a character driven, emotional and yet entertaining
    comic book movie that will indeed keep not only the fans happy but the
    audience either entertained or bored.

    Pretty much continuing after the events of Days of Future Past and
    while connecting to First Class, Charles Xavier leads the path for all
    mutants to be taught to control their powers and live in peace among
    the human race. We see the younger versions of the telepathic Jean
    (Turner), ‘Nightcrawler’ Kurt (Smit-McPhee), ‘Cyclops’ Scott (Sheridan)
    and especially the return of ‘Quicksilver’ Peter (Peters) who was in
    DOFP. Their chances of peace are tested when an ancient figure known as
    Apocalypse aka En Sabah Nur (played by Oscar Issac, who is unrecognized
    with so much make up on) awakens from an deep slumber to see that the
    world now doesn’t rely or turn to the gods as his time had, so he
    recruits other mutants including Magneto and plans to destroy and
    rebuild life in his image, thus setting Xavier and crew to reunite and
    confront him in an ensuring battle for peace.

    What I loved about this film is that ‘character’ is taken to levels
    that made FC a worthy film. In particular the performances of McAvoy,
    Fassbender, Issac, Turner, Peters and Byrne are great and showcase the
    ranges of emotion and development to make their presence in the plot
    worthwhile. Lawrence was good as usual but there’s not much for her to
    expand unlike FC and DOFP. The supporting cast handle well as well.

    In terms of story, it does balance itself with the themes of religion,
    faith, redemption and choosing our destiny and it does follow wisely in
    a 2 1/2 running time. The action doesn’t kick in till the 2nd half of
    the story but it does take at least under an hour to make up for the
    1st half of dialogue and character development (I say this only if you
    are expecting something that Civil War had done much better, but this
    is not the case). The moments of Magneto’s story were pretty much spot
    on, we have seen the past of his life in the previous films and his
    established character but here we are given to how he copes in the
    world, where is often in a battle to fight to know where he stands in
    the world.

    Overall, it doesn’t beat Civil War by a long shot (to phrase that, the
    best comic book adaptation of the year) but it does prove itself to be
    a better installment following DOFP and using the key elements of FC to
    make this a rare return to the strong point of the franchise. With some
    key strong performances, emotional tone and a lengthy climax it’s worth
    a watch for the die hard fans of X-Men.

    Nick – 3.5/5 Jay – 3/5

  • juleswinnfield-38225May 21, 2016Reply

    The movie was a success

    This movie definitely wasn’t a disappointment, it was as good as it was
    expected to be. X men apocalypse is arguably the best x men movie
    fighting with days of future past. The characters were great in the
    movie despite wolverine not showing up for even 10 minutes, this
    actually allows the movie to show off the other x men characters. Being
    a bigger fan of x men like professer x, this was my favourite part of
    the movie as this is the x men movie which finally shows off mystique
    and quicksilver as true badasses. Overall this movie doesn’t have many
    things bad about it at all, but most things in this movie are good.
    It’s a very enjoyable film and one of the best marvel movies that have
    come out so far.

  • tukkekMay 21, 2016Reply

    This review focuses on comparing the movie with the Age of Apocalypse comics

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • guzizagMay 21, 2016Reply

    9 because I would watch it again

    Okay so I had to review this movie because there are lots of different
    opinions. I say go watch it, you will not be disappointed because this
    movie is great, since the beginning of the movie you’ll be amazed at
    the scenes and all the epic scenarios, you will be seeing new stuff and
    quality so you can forget about the
    in-a-hurry-due-date-last-minute-editing that is pretty easy to
    recognize and ruins allot of movies. It is all you could expect from a
    superhero movie plus it will have scenes you won’t forget, it is the
    best than many inside its own genre (blockbuster superhero movie) and
    best of the last 2 x-men movies because I swear they really did a good
    job, it has something that we all appreciate from movies: that it was
    well thought from beginning to ending taking care of small details that
    if they didn’t you would be thinking (I wouldn’t have directed or added
    or cut that way), during the entire movie. Also like in any superhero
    movie it has lots of fanservice with decent effects and I gotta say
    Bryan Singer did well delivering it all to comics fans the way they
    wanted on this 3rd installment. I know lots of superhero movies are
    released lately these years and that can cause you to get tired of the
    same old hero-villain formula, let’s face it they are all pretty much
    the same, they just change characters and add more action scenes and
    there’s a point where your brain just gets numb! from all the similar
    explosions and fights and cheesy lines, but in this movie I assure you
    that won’t happen or maybe a little because Hollywood doesn’t know when
    to stop the action the thing is that they chose well what to put and
    not to put, or maybe was luck, anyway to conclude: if you like x men
    you will love this movie, if you like superpowers you will love this
    movie, if you expect quality watch it, deal with some flaws in acting
    and character background but that’s it this is the end of my review. I
    thank the level of production and directing for delivering something
    that was great to watch for a superhero movie this year again… If
    only they would be constant with this in all superhero movies and not
    just rely on the story or that it is marvel, but oh well that’s why I’m
    here to point out when they did a good job.

  • callistMay 21, 2016Reply

    Kind of disappointing

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ArgemalucoMay 21, 2016Reply

    X-Men: Apocalypse

    X-Men: Apocalypse is an epic film, full of action and special effects,
    but at the same time, focused on the internal conflict of the
    characters, which was always the most important thing in the comics.
    Speaking of which, I will mention that I’m not bothered by the
    irregular continuity in the films of this franchise, or the abundant
    inconsistencies which generated five previous movies (I’m not counting
    the individual spin-offs) made without such a strict unifying criteria
    as the one of Marvel Studios. Yes, the respect to the Holy Continuity
    is something I appreciate in the comics, but I don’t want to let it
    interfere my appreciation of a cinematographic adaptation… as long as
    it’s good, which is definitely the case of X- Men: Apocalypse, whose
    screenplay is quite well structured, gradually accommodating its pieces
    until building a solid and coherent story which simultaneously works by
    itself and as a continuation of the global themes of the saga. On the
    negative side, those same themes start feeling a bit repetitive after
    such many visits to the same creative waterfall… Charles Xavier
    trying to convince Eric Lensherr to help the humanity which hates them;
    Raven Darkhölme trapped between her good will and distrust against
    humans; and the young mutants who see their abilities as a punishment
    instead of a blessing. I know that those are the ideological pillars of
    X-Men, so their presence in every film shouldn’t surprise me; however,
    they are getting kinda monotonous. Fortunately, we have many pros on
    the other hand, such as the good integration between the ”classic”
    characters, the newcomers and the new versions of some old
    acquaintances; Sophie Turner’s excellent performance as Jean Grey; the
    scene with Peter (not ”Pietro”?) Maximoff, which isn’t relevant only
    for the plot, but also the character’s future development; a deep and
    tragic villain such as En Sabah Nur, with powers which go beyond the
    easy special effect (even though, to be honest, I didn’t find his big
    apocalyptic plan completely logical); and John Ottman’s wonderful
    score. As for the special effects… they are very good, but they feel
    a bit excessive in some occasions. However, the main pro of X-Men:
    Apocalypse is the fact that the story and the characters are always
    given more relevance than the visual spectacle (even though it’s not
    neglected either). In the context of the franchise, I would place X-
    Men: Apocalypse below X2 and X-Men: First Class, but above X-Men, X-
    Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

  • Leroy HenzenMay 21, 2016Reply

    Best X-men movie ever made!

    For me this is without a doubt the best x-men movie ever made. I am a
    huge X-men fan since my early childhood (love the comics and 90’s
    animated series) and my number one heroine is Jean Grey. I love almost
    every super hero comic (Marvel and DC), but the X- Men are my number
    one. This new X-men movie gave me the same happy and excited feelings
    the comics and animated series always give me. I love the 80’s start
    and that they are coming in to there powers. Apocalypse is great,
    Magneto is great, Xavier is great, Mystique is great and so on. And
    finally they got Jean Grey right! She is portrayed amazing! I was
    excited during the whole movie and completely lost track of time. I’m
    gonna see this movie at least 2 more times in the cinema. I really
    loved it. Can’t wait for the new trilogy.

  • Dominik SchlatterMay 22, 2016Reply

    The X-Men franchise has lost its touch

    X-Men Apocalypse left me with the same feeling I got after Batman vs.
    Superman. I’m getting tired of those franchises putting it on too
    thick. You know why Deadpool was so fantastic? It was fresh and fast
    paced. I am getting sick of re-watching origin stories (Magneto turning
    evil, then back to good for the third (?) time) of every X-Men
    character, while having to content myself with villains that get NO
    character development. I mean, true, the Deadpool-villains were
    one-dimensional too, but that was about the movie’s only flaw. This
    time? Psylocke is just a pretty face and body with a cool weapon. Angel
    is just an angry wing man.The other two were forgettable as well. Worst
    of all the chief villain. Jeez! I just can’t care about the action,
    when the characters are that bland. (Like in Batman vs Superman, when a
    totally underdeveloped Wonder Woman joins the finale. Nobody cares,
    right?) In the good old days of X-Men (1), these characters had some
    flavor to them. The studio was having fun with them. That kid Pyro, for
    example? Remember him? The only fun character left now is Quicksilver.
    Rebecca Romjin, now SHE was a fun Mystique. I think I’m ready to let go
    of the X-Men franchise now. Too bad.

  • Otaku_CriticMay 22, 2016Reply

    Cool but not great

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • haziqmuhyidinMay 22, 2016Reply

    Not a bad movie, not a great one either.

    Oh dear, where do I start?

    You would imagine with the success of X-Men Days of Future Past they
    couldn’t go wrong with this one. Sadly, no. They did go wrong.

    The movies starts of okay, paced itself well, introducing characters.
    But after awhile you seem to find yourself lost within the movie due to
    all the characters being jumbled up. The focus of the movie got lost
    halfway. And from that point out onward, the pace of the movie felt
    really draggy without any real movie tension in between.

    The fighting scenes were…meh at best. The could have done more with
    the fighting choreography. Some of the lines in the movie are really
    cringy, especially the jokes. The CGI for the most part of the movie
    were wonderful, but there are some parts that looked cheap and tacky –
    as if they didn’t really care about the production value.

    To conclude, it was alright.

  • caigruffuddMay 22, 2016Reply

    Don’t believe the negativity

    This film has received, in my opinion, fairly unjust reviews. Right
    from the get-go it is set up as a much darker entry to the X-men saga
    than any other film in the franchise, after just two minutes of run
    time already we see a man reduced to sack of broken bones, something
    the franchise would never previously dare to do. Other than the much
    darker moments there are also some much improved character writing and
    casting, I feel that Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Sophie Turner and
    Kodi Smit-McPhee were perfect for their roles and added a much needed
    depth to the characters that was not present in the previous cast
    simply didn’t have. Also, Michael Fassbender gave an absolutely
    outstanding performance as Magneto and no trace of his real accent can
    be heard like in ”First Class” and despite the disappointing design of
    Apocalypse himself, Oscar Isaac’s performance shone through the
    questionable prosthetics as he delivered a truly chilling and menacing
    performance. I believe that the only things that dragged this film down
    were the fairly predictable plot and the fact that it was released so
    soon after the outstanding Civil War possibly resulting in increased

  • Ste5000May 22, 2016Reply

    Maybe from the ashes of this movie… they’ll build a better one?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • NoneMay 22, 2016Reply

    It’s fine, but not great.

    I read a lot of people shouting why the other person is wrong. Which
    leaves me in doubt about people scoring 10 and other people scoring
    very low…. and basically the reason why I’m writing this review.

    I went to the cinema yesterday and I’ve a HUGE fan of anything with
    Marvel since I was 10 years old and that is 30+ years ago. I know all
    stories, read all comic etc. BUT a movie is not a comic… it can and
    never will be. Upfront I’m very positive towards this kinds of films.

    Looking at this film and comparing it with ”days of future past” it’s a
    lot less…. Is it a bad movie?? no, I will watch it again for sure.
    But is it a great movie?? no….. I walked away discussing right after
    the movie asking myself it if was good… and I couldn’t say yes…. In
    my opinion it was just to much going on while personalities had not
    enough depth to make it work… The start of the film felt way to slow,
    while in the end it was nearly blowing up the screen and it was hard to
    catch up on what was going on.

    Yes the movie was nice, but not nearly as good as the previous movie,
    so everyone giving this a 10, I have a hard time to understand
    that…because you cannot score a 12 for ”days for future past”. And
    lets me honest that it was plot, story and movie wise a LOT better

    It’s a fine movie, but simply not great…

  • neoyemiMay 22, 2016Reply

    Vey Nice Indeed, Thank You Bryan

    This was an entertaining movie from beginning to end with no downtime
    scenes but just pure entertainment. A nicely balanced screen time of
    all important characters, interesting dialogue, nice visuals and a
    really good steady flow; 144 mins literally just whizzed away. I was
    sceptical of this entry at first as this would be 100% Bryan Singer
    with no production assistance from Matthew Vaughn but after what I
    watched I must give credit to Bryan Singer for delivering a brilliant
    entry to the First Class trilogy.

    The European pro critics have gotten this wrong in everyway way
    specially the Metro Newspaper (London) review, very disappointing to
    read such negativity which could easily influence potential audience
    fending them off from viewing the film.

    I truly hope the US audience will view it with a more open and less
    constricted mind to the European audience and see how great this movie
    really is.


  • clock_meMay 22, 2016Reply

    great but missing something

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gab BengzonMay 22, 2016Reply

    Great sequel and prequel

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dev998May 22, 2016Reply

    Not as good as DOFP but still really good!!!

    I loved it!!! Sure its not upto the standards of DOFP n definitely not
    even close to First Class but its really good!!!! I really don’t get
    all this hate!!! Effect of living in a post MCU-era???

    People really need come to their senses and realise not every superhero
    franchise follows the nonsensical MCU format!!!! What is the general
    MCU format??? No story…no plot…no character development…just a
    bunch of ppl kicking asses and blowing up stuff from the word
    ”go”…add with it cheesy one-liners n repetitive humour n thats it!!!
    Thats pretty much what 9 out of 10 MCU movies are all about!!! And what
    better way to compensate for a lack of true content!!!

    X-Men has always been different and in my opinion…better!!! This
    franchise has always been darker…more mature…more plot
    driven…more character driven!!! Every X-Men movie including this one
    has content good enough to hold its audience without special effects
    and over-the-top-action scenes!!! For how many MCU movies can u say

    X-Men: Apocalypse had me hooked from the first scene and kept me
    engaged throughout!!! There is very little to almost no action till
    before the climax but the content as usual is good enough to keep u
    hooked!!! N the action lovers needn’t be disappointed…the last 30
    minutes has sufficient to makeup for the whole movie!!! N that by the
    way is a real fight!!! Where both teams give in their 100% to take the
    other down!!! The airport scene in Civil war was more like a new form
    of bromance!!!

    QUICKSILVER WAS AWESOME!!!! Once again he ruled!!!! He was awesome!!!
    Did I say that already??? Who cares!!! I can just keep saying it!!!

    James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were amazing!!! This is another
    thing about this franchise…it gives more space to its actors than
    most other superhero movies!!! Loved Sophie Turner as Jean Grey cant
    wait to see more!!! I was a little disappointed in Mystique!!! In the
    last 2 installments not only did she play a pivotal role but her
    character was really twisted…conflicted…i think mysterious is the
    word!!! In this one its pretty one-dimensional…still way better than
    Black Widow though!!!

    Not to give away spoilers…there was a major cameo…lets say Weapon
    X…that I feel should have been handled better!!!

    One last thing…for the Civil War lovers who are complaining about the
    villain here…Apocalypse was about to destroy the world and did
    actually destroy almost half of it in the process…please remind me
    what did the Civil War villain Zemo do??? Right!!! Make Iron Man and
    Captain America fight…except wasn’t that going to happen
    anyway…followed by their disagreement on the peace accords??? What
    did he really make happen that wasn’t already going to happen???
    Nothing!!! Which makes his character irrelevant if not useless…which
    makes Apocalypse a way better villain!!!

  • bartonj2410May 22, 2016Reply

    The latest X-Men instalment fails to live up to its name

    Five months into 2016 and we are already in our fourth comic-book movie
    of the year. We’ve had the fast-talking Deadpool, the gladiatorial
    battle of Batman v Superman and an epic showdown between superheroes in
    Captain America: Civil War but now it’s the turn of the X-Men in X-Men:
    Apocalypse, a film that doesn’t quite live up to its name.

    After events in Washington DC, the X-Men are disbanded and living as
    normal a life as they can. Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) runs a school
    for the ‘gifted’ mutants and Raven (Jennifer Lawrence), who is seen as
    a hero to mutants after her actions in Washington DC, goes in search of
    Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee), a teleporter.

    When the one considered to be the first mutant, Apocalypse (Oscar
    Isaac), awakens from a deep sleep in 1983 Cairo and gathers his Four
    Horsemen; Storm (Alexandra Shipp), Angel (Ben Hardy), Psylocke (Olivia
    Munn) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender), he plans to destroy the Earth
    and rebuild it in his own image.

    With this threat against the world looming ever large, the X-Men must
    unite to save it and its population, human and mutant.

    The biggest problem this film had was its titular villain, Apocalypse.
    He’s just so dull and lacks any character that could have made him an
    interesting opponent for the X-Men. A talent like Oscar Isaac tries his
    best to make it work but overall, he deserves better from the writing

    It’s the writing in this film that really does hold it back as well.
    The story feels flat, the dialogue is unbearably corny in places and
    there is no real room for any real character development. It’s a film
    that runs for far too long also, coming in at just under two and a half
    hours, meaning there are quite a few moments that feel like they drag.
    It doesn’t help when someone like Jennifer Lawrence is intent on
    sleepwalking her way through the film.

    The film does have some genuinely good moments, and you won’t be
    surprised to hear that Evan Peters’ Quicksilver is involved in two of
    them. He gets a moment similar to that in Days of Future Past, the only
    difference here is that it’s at a really dramatic moment which the
    comedic elements totally nullify. No surprise either that Michael
    Fassbender gets a few of the more memorable as both he and James McAvoy
    are once again the real stand out performers.

    These films have never really been about going for all out spectacle
    however, in this one they go all guns blazing with the finale and try
    to deliver a huge action set-piece. Some of it works but unfortunately,
    the whole thing feels all too unimpressive thanks to some some dodgy
    CGI and uninspired fight choreography.

    Introducing a slate of new mutants mightn’t have helped their cause in
    this case because they try to juggle the finale to showcase all of the
    talents that these mutants possess. I’ve spoken about the lack of
    character development already and it just seems strange to me that,
    apart from Magneto, the villains are totally void of it. Storm, Angel
    and Psylocke are all poorly served by the story and feel more like mere
    henchmen than powerful mutants. Out of all the new recruits, I was most
    happy with Scott Summers, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler played by Tye
    Sheridan, Sophie Turner and Kodi Smit-McPhee respectively.

    Jean Grey and Scott Summers in particular are dealt a better hand by
    the story and one of them gets one of the film’s best moments, almost
    feeling like a middle finger to how that same character was treated in
    The Last Stand. There’s also a very familiar face that turns up towards
    the end and his involvement was more welcome than I was thinking it
    would be.

    I can’t say X-Men: Apocalypse is terrible because it’s far from being
    terrible. It just doesn’t live up to the standards set by First Class
    or Days of Future Past, which is quite disappointing. The final part of
    the finale and the film’s closing moments do have me excited for the
    next instalment. Who knows, with this new team it could be the best

  • Nicole CMay 22, 2016Reply


    The story doesn’t really seem to have continued from the previous
    instalment, but that is how X-Men is able to entice both old and new
    audiences. Each X-Men movie has new characters introduced while still
    having the core characters at it’s centre.

    The acting is great, as returning actors and actresses have already
    established their characters and know how to portray them. Those new to
    the franchise also do well and it’s quite refreshing to see young faces
    portraying characters already established in the universe.
    Quicksilver’s unique character personality really shines through, and
    is undoubtedly the highlight of the film. Not only does Peters do a
    great job with expressing his character, but the visual effects,
    editing and directing, all played a part in creating this and the rest
    of the personas.

    Speaking of visual effects, the action is very well done, and the
    effects for the superpowers are exciting to watch. The vibrant colours
    as well, add to the immersive feel of the movie.

    Having said all that, while it was cool to watch, it wasn’t as exciting
    as the previous X-Men film. It was still interesting and I enjoyed
    watching it, but it seemed more like it was setting up for more things
    to come. It felt like it was lacking something, which I can’t really
    pinpoint what exactly. The screenplay is well written and has many
    comedic lines which add character to the film. But the constant
    switching between good and evil was a little tiresome and predictable
    to me.

  • bilsyMay 22, 2016Reply

    Loved it! Old and New coming together!

    My reviews are not technical nor are they very strategic. I like to
    just put it out there and say it how it is.

    Apocalypse killed it. Done so awesomely with every ones story all
    matching up and fulfilling each character just right. To say i was
    impressed is an understatement.

    It follows future past cleanly and doesn’t fall back on to much of the
    story and has enough of its own legs to carry its own story and leave
    you waiting to see whats next!

    New comer that plays bad guy Apocoalypse. Oscaar Issac was sensational!
    I actually was very drawn into the character and loved it! Although it
    went for 2 and a bit hours i didn’t get bored or move once!

    Well done to Director Brian Singer and crew. Amazing production with
    the right amount of everything 🙂

  • mistoppiMay 22, 2016Reply

    X-Men: Apocalypse > All Avengers movies

    X-Men: Apocalypse was what I hoped it to be! While I haven’t read what
    the (professional) critics have written about the film (and to be fair,
    I don’t care) opinions and reviews from the fans have been extremely
    positive. There’s been a lot of implying that Jean Grey’s scene at the
    end is better than the whole Avengers franchise, or that Logan’s cameo
    is better than the whole Avengers franchise. I can’t help but agree!

    X-Men: Apocalypse is taken to some pretty epic levels, yet it seems
    effortless. The X-Men franchise is full of amazing, intriguing stories,
    and I don’t think the writers have to dig too deep to find a story hey
    can make as epic as Apocalypse. Think about Days Of Future Past. X- Men
    manages to make these kind of stories while Avengers franchise seems to
    be slowly building to some kind of really epic movie, and that process
    is infuriatingly slow. Pick up the pace, Marvel!

    The writing is as good as it tends to be in superhero movies. There are
    few moments where the thrill is built up so well it takes your breath
    away. For example, when Scott Summers’ abilities activate. You know
    exactly what’s going to happen but you really feel how intense the
    scene is. It’s just fabulous. The plot itself is decent. The greatest
    thing is the villain, because he seems impossible to beat, which gives
    it even more thrill.

    Of course typical plot devices are used, like the antagonist team gets
    one from the good side and is about to use him in their diabolical
    plot, just like in X2, but even though that is extremely familiar trope
    to those who have been following X-Men since the beginning, all of us
    worry so much for the character – unless you are heartless and don’t
    understand why hurting him or using him is horrible.

    Is there something I don’t like about this movie? The dialogue was
    sometimes extremely clumsy, especially when Charles Xavier first
    mentioned Moira. That kind of clumsy ”schoolboy with a crush” dialogue
    would not suit sir Patrick Stewart, which makes it sound a little
    tacky. Also bringing back Moira was amazing, but it seems like the
    writers tried to make it seem like ”yup, professor X is straight and
    nothing’s going on between him and Erik”. Whoops. that didn’t work:
    their chemistry is too good. But I have to say my biggest annoyance in
    the film is this: there are a few characters that I thought seemed
    cool: they are new, and they have a lot of potential. But nope, they
    were killed to make another character develop again. I don’t think
    creating new characters only to kill them is a good way to go. Even I
    can think of other ways. What if he had lived alone, humans realised
    who he was the same way, and tried to capture him, being more brutal,
    so he’d see that oh yeah, humans are still that bad. I just didn’t see
    the need to introduce us to new characters and have them killed five
    minutes later.

    Usually it’s annoying when X-Men franchise brings in new mutants and
    it’s hard to keep a track of them. That has happened in, like, X-Men
    Origins: Wolverine, and in the future of Days Of Future Past.
    Apocalypse gives us new mutants, except they aren’t new. Scott Summers
    is back, so is Jean Grey, Kurt Wagner, Angel and Storm. Now we haven’t
    seen all the new characters in movies before, but they are still
    familiar from comics, like Jubilee and Psylocke.

    Tye Sheridan, Sophie Turner Kodi Smit-McPhee and Alexandra Shipp are
    phenomenal in their roles, some of them are better than the original
    adult actors, and I look forward seeing them in the possible next X-
    Men movies. Most of the old actors and actresses are just as good as
    they’ve always been. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender can’t really
    compete with Stewart and McKellen, but they are extremely talented and
    good choices. Evan Peters makes this movie so much more delightful as
    Quicksilver. Avengers couldn’t compete with their Quicksilver, Evan
    Peters is charming and so is his character. Oscar Isaac was fearsome
    and amazing as En Sabah Nur, but he has the problem many people in CGI
    filled superhero movies have: their face is covered up with all that
    technology. I like seeing the faces of actors and actresses, that tells
    a lot about their skills, but CGI is slowly killing this.

    True, I don’t really like CGI much anyway, but I think this film is 80
    % CGI. They couldn’t do most of that stuff without it, so I don’t think
    I can complain.

    X-Men: Apocalypse pulled me back to the fiery pits of X-Men hell. This
    movie has everything I love about X-Men movies, apart from ethical
    questions. In X-Men Apocalypse you can’t choose sides, because who
    would be on the side of a guy who wants to destroy the world? The X-
    Men movies tend to have several categories for villains, but at least
    this time the villain wasn’t a human being who hated mutants, like
    Stryker in X2 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Apocalypse is closer to
    Sebastian Shaw: a mutant whose goal seems to be to genocide but let the
    strong individuals live.

    X-Men: Apocalypse is intense in the perfect way, epic because of the
    story and the villain, and simply amazing. While there were less than
    perfect moments worth a good eye-rolling, as a whole this movie was
    astonishing. This film is the reason why I will always prefer X- Men
    over any other superhero franchise.

  • moelsawyMay 22, 2016Reply

    Good climax to the trilogy but could have been better

    After seeing the first two of the new X-Men movies, I had hoped that
    the third one in the trilogy would bring something slightly different
    to what we’ve already seen in previous movies. Apocalypse being one of
    my all time favourite comic villains, I couldn’t wait to see this
    omnipotent being come to life on the big screen. First Class was great,
    DOFP was fantastic and I really wanted this to be exquisite, but
    unfortunately it fell short of exquisite to just being ‘quite good’. I
    enjoyed it as part of a trilogy, as a good end to an otherwise great
    series. It had a lot of fanfare, which I really enjoyed, I loved that
    they included the retro comic book look of the characters. I really
    enjoyed the cameos of certain characters like Jubilee, who we all
    remember from comics and TV series. I even enjoyed the plot for the
    most part, but what I didn’t much like much was Apocalypse himself. I
    always thought when watching the trailer that his look, voice and
    overall demeanour didn’t really match what I would imagine an
    intimidating being would look like. I remember watching the cartoons
    and really feeling intimidated by this all powerful being, but I didn’t
    much feel the same way whilst watching Oscar Isaacs version of him.
    That’s not to say Isaac played him badly, on the contrary, I think he
    done a great job, but I think the character could have been made so
    much better than what he was. It just seemed like certain scenes were
    just squeezed in, with odd lines that Apocalypse would say, which
    didn’t much fit with the scene in which he was saying it. The horsemen
    were really good, I really liked their looks and powers, very good
    interpretation of the comics. Though I thought that Psylocke and Angel
    were very underused and would liked to have seen more of them, perhaps
    a bit of back story. I enjoyed Alexandra Shipp’s portrayal of Storm and
    her African accent was great, much better than Halle Berry’s version in
    my opinion and I hope to see more of her in future instalments. There
    was a good amount of humour to the movie, which seemed at times a
    little forced, but overall understandable, as it needed to balance the
    really dark parts, which there were some. At times I even thought to
    myself that it could have actually been a 15 rating (R-rated) movie.
    Quicksilver, there’s not much to say, but great as usual, funny,
    awesome, fast and his slow-mo scene cool, not DOFP awesome, but
    definitely very cool! The story was very good, very much an Age of
    Ultron type story, cleansing the world etc, but that was always
    Apocalypse’ goal and they got that pretty much on point. The last fight
    scene will leave everyone pretty excited for the future of X’Men and
    the different story lines that could be adopted. I left the cinema
    feeling like I had a good time, but with something slightly missing.
    It’s definitely worth watching, there is an after credit scene, which
    isn’t really worth staying for, but you might as well.

  • clock_meMay 22, 2016Reply

    great but missing something

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jimjams49May 22, 2016Reply

    Excellently done

    I think this was probably the best X-Men film to date. It was really
    well done and I thought Oscar Isaacs as Apocalypse was superb. The
    action was awesome, there were good comedic relief moments and Michael
    Fassbender gave a stunning performance as Magneto once again.

    Great to see the origin stories of Storm, Jean and Cyclops. Sophie
    Turner is brilliant as a young Jean Grey coming to terms with the
    extent of her powers.

    I would advise not watching the trailer before you see the film as it
    gives away so much!! I saw the film having watched no trailers and was
    pleasantly surprised by 2 great moments.

    I don’t really understand the Rotten Tomatoes critics rating as this is
    one great film, a must watch of 2016.

  • dcpalphaMay 22, 2016Reply

    Biggest example of Hollywood multilation of classic Comic script

    Being a comic book fanatic, I am always dismayed at how Hollywood and
    it’s lack of diversity and majority Zionist viewpoint never fails to
    tilt reality to their myopic worldview, spoiling the narrative for the
    rest of the world. How does WW-II, Nazism and the Holocaust always seem
    to find their way into every Marvel movie being made, when none of the
    comics had much mention of the above? Also, for some reason Zionists
    have a compulsion to distort Ancient Egyptian history and managed to
    transform Apocalypse into an evil ancient Egyptian, which IMHO, not
    only weakens but cheapens the plot.

    Hollywood was just under criticism for their lack of diversity in all
    of their productions, and this movie is more of the same. A vehicle
    that is less than the 20 page comic it represents, all because it is
    filtered through the very narrow and biased lens of Zionist producers,
    script writers and cast selection incompetents. The movie will likely
    make a lot of money, but seems more like Nazi propaganda than art.

  • GomezAddams666May 22, 2016Reply

    This year’s FANT4STIC

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cary-02582May 22, 2016Reply


    I enjoyed this movie very much, although it wasn’t quite as good as I
    expected. Still, it was time well worth spent, and it is a movie I will
    certainly be purchasing when it comes out on Blu-ray. It had action,
    humour, and drama. I thought that the story was good, and the
    characters solid. Quicksilver was my favourite, which isn’t a surprise
    as he was in the comics as well. I didn’t think that this movie was as
    good as ”Captain America: Civil War” or ”Deapool”, but I did like it
    more than ”Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Not that I didn’t
    like that movie, I just think that Marvel do a better job, whether it
    is with Disney or Fox. If you like super-hero movies please see this
    movie, I don’t think that you will be disappointed.

  • Abdelhamid Moawad ([email protected])May 22, 2016Reply

    The best XMEN and maybe the best comic ever made

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ivan AlexanderMay 22, 2016Reply

    Best Film 2016, And The Last Time…

    You have to see it from the zero point, this includes the opening

    The story combines biblical historiographical edgings and messianic,
    with some traces of modern conspiracy theory,that give the argument a
    solid and intriguing background.

    In the meantime, it appears Wolverine with a ruthless and bloody

    Comes a character who was this today ”capped” but from now becomes a
    figure mythical and unavoidable.

    The actor who plays shod like a glove, He played a memorable role, if
    not endearing, that will remain forever in the retina of the

    And talking about nonexistent characters, I mean ”Quicksilver” (For us
    agree that except for comic fans, nobody gave $ 2 per Quicksilver, and
    from now enshrined as an almost obligatory figure of the saga. Very
    welcome the revival of this character, and its interpretation by Evan
    Peters). As I was going, it is the scene of ‘Sweet Dream’s of
    Eurythmics. Without fear or exaggeration, It is one of the best scenes
    in all cinema history, but the best. And without doubt, it is a
    landmark that will remain in history and that marks a before and after
    in the world films.

    On the other hand, the villain of the film is really intimidating,
    because it embodies nothing more and nothing less than the figure of

    What more can I say? The film is long but very bearable. Charls Xavier
    and Magneto impeccable, with the rest of the characters in his
    fledgling side. In total, it is not perfect, but worth watching if only
    for the scene 2 ‘arrival of ”Quiecksilver” because alone all palms,
    laurels takes, and is a 10 Absolute. Bravo ”X-Men Apocalypse”. Viva ”In
    Sabah Nur”, Viva ”Quicksilver”, And death all Detractors of the film.
    (Mental shortsighted.).

    PS: Added 5.22.2016. I must clarify and recognize that I am a fool for
    it. He had not seen ”X-Men Days of Future Past”, had happened to me,
    and I saw her just now. Having seen before, maybe it would have slowed
    a little surprise effect that generated in me the scene of Quicksilver,
    but not much, I still think it’s the best scene in movie history.

  • alexanderpirkasMay 22, 2016Reply

    Really Good and entertaining (Non Spoiler Review)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SaNNeM FallonMay 22, 2016Reply

    Better than expected! definitely best x-men movie so far!

    I went to see it with lowest expectations. I figured, Civil War and
    Dawn of Justice were ones that were supposed to be best this year. I
    WAS SO WRONG! Fox nailed it this year! Deadpool will most likely be
    best secondary movie (compared to Suicide Squad and Dr Strange), and
    without a doubt – Apocalypse was best Main movie these three companies
    had to offer.

    I am surprised rotten tomatoes are against this movie as well (but
    after Dawn of Justice, I stopped paying attention to that. It’s most
    definite – they are working in Disney’s favor, not in favor of quality)
    ). If you go to see this movie, you’ll get: * Amazing soundtrack, best
    one out of all x-men movies (along with Deadpool – best soundtrack in
    comic book movies so far award goes to Fox);

    * promising new actors(Cyclops, Storm, Jean… well Jean was least
    promising, but it’s only start!) who will without a doubt replace old
    trio we all grew up with;

    * Amazing story line. They asked right questions, as always – you can
    pull parallels with our world with no trouble. Heck, throughout movie,
    on moments I’ve felt I wanted Apocalypse to succeed. That’s sign of how
    well written movie is;

    * Some funny scenes. Some seem forced, which is downside, but most
    scenes with Quicksilver had me laughing my butt off;

    * Whole movie is what we waited for. All characters are AT THEIR BEST,
    THROUGHOUT whole movie. Unlike in other big two, characters don’t get
    weaker and stronger on moments;

    * AMAZING BATTLES! And after such a long time, fights that I remember
    from cartoons were finally translated to big screen. Especially
    Xavier’s fights. God, I didn’t even knew how much I desired those until
    I saw it happen.

    When ya sum it up – it’s best X-men movie ever made. And if we have
    post credit scene in mind (you’ll might need to google it, I know I
    did), boy they can build A LOT now… we can get at least 2, 3 more
    QUALITY x-men movies. Whoever took charge for these new x-men, KNOWS
    what they should do.

    Downside exists. Downside is definitely that if you haven’t figured out
    time-lines until now, you’re gonna have some trouble. Even if you did,
    on moments time-line can be bit hard to get. Romance isn’t really
    something none of superhero movies (Except Deadpool) manages to
    deliver. That’s something what might break the tempo for you. And
    lastly, if you’ve seen more than just one trailer, there’s a chance
    you’ll feel few moments are spoiled for you. It’s best not to watch
    more than one trailer. 🙂

    Rating 9/10, downsides don’t affect it way too much, but they exist. It
    doesn’t change fact that it’s best X-men movie.

  • dikkyvendettaMay 22, 2016Reply

    Don’t believe the critics!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Charlie PicartMay 22, 2016Reply

    Underwhelming … but has some moments for the fans

    X-Men: Apocalypse is not a bad movie… However it’s going to be
    difficult to write a review that doesn’t dwell on the negatives.

    First things first: the plot is way too simplistic. Introduce bad guy,
    gather protagonists, gather antagonists, fight. That’s literally it.
    One could say it’s a good change of pace from the way-
    too-complicated-for-their-own-good other superhero offerings seen
    recently but in this case it feels flat and linear.

    The cast is basically the same as X-Men: First Class. Magneto /
    Fassbender and Xavier / McAvoy are still good but it feels like
    Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t want to be here? She’s supposed to be jaded
    in this movie but plays the jaded Mystique maybe a little too well…?

    In terms of characters: Quicksilver is still the greatest speedster
    ever on the small or big screen; Bravo to Synger on his interpretation
    of ultimate speed and how that could basically make you almighty. Well

    The rest of the characters are somewhat disappointing: the X-Men offer
    so many possibilities but it looks like we are limited to that leather
    look introduced by Synger 15 years ago. He invented the modem super
    hero movie look but now he is limited to the style he invented? The
    costumes are a bit ridiculous and Apocalypse is the best illustration
    of that: Oscar Isaac looks a bit odd…kind of off. And you get that
    across Psylocke and her way too small panties look, angel’s techno
    wings etc etc. Today, the X-Men could look better. And don’t get me
    started on the blue gang (Beast and Diablo don’t feel real; they really
    never did…)

    For the good: a lot of Easter eggs and fan service. The Wolverine scene
    is fantastic for those who know the source material. The end fight is
    satisfactory… but it’s difficult not to be underwhelmed.

    The X-Men need to be reinvented on the silver screen. Fox needs to go
    back to that glimpse that First Class offered and that was forgotten
    too soon after. We need something new; no more ”Magneto is not a bad
    guy really!” ” But he kills” that we’ve been served for 15 years. Time
    for a reboot. The source material is great and deserves it.

  • sanddragon939May 22, 2016Reply

    ‘X-men Apocalypse’ is an episode of an X-men cartoon brought to life!

    If ‘First Class’ was the prequel/quasi-reboot that refreshed the
    franchise for a new decade and ‘Days of Future Past’ was a celebration
    of the history of the entire X-men film franchise…then ‘Apocalypse’,
    the concluding chapter of this loose ‘prequel trilogy’ is Bryan Singer
    finally taking the X-men to its roots as a comic- book spectacle,
    something which a significant portion of the fanbase has been
    clamouring for, to varying degrees, since the very first X- film hit
    the silver screen. And it would be unfair to judge ‘Apocalypse’ without
    taking this into account…

    As a work of cinema, ‘Apocalypse’ pales in comparison to its two
    immediate predecessors and of course Singer’s original two films. But
    as a comic-book fantasy brought to life, it more than delights! There
    are no themes, overt and subtle, of discrimination and evolution and
    destiny here (well, there are somewhere in the background, but they are
    hardly of any importance)…what this film does have is the X-men
    valiantly flying into battle to literally save the world. It does have
    bright, colorful costumes, tons of continuity references to films and
    comics alike, mindblowing SPX, and an extended cameo by a certain
    franchise star that will no doubt have the audience cheering. And
    that’s fine! Not every comic-book film needs to be a ‘Dark Knight’ or
    even an ‘Iron Man’.

  • SpoodermanDerpMay 22, 2016Reply

    High Stakes, Colossal Destruction, but no weight to it.

    ”X-Men Apocalypse” is the next film after the clean slate we got from
    Bryan Singer’s much acclaimed DOFP. The previous did a great job at
    hard resetting the franchise in order to puff some fresh and newfangled
    air for the franchise and remove some of the plot holes that have been
    bothering the X-Men franchise. But what Apocalypse does is be quite
    simplistic or average at best, we see a lot of landmarks and
    infrastructure getting destroyed and a whole new cast and much
    potential from Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse and yet it ends up being trite
    and feels flat and lackluster with just a couple of standout scenes.

    Before you rip this review like the rest of the reviews out there,
    there are some aspects to this film that emerge to at least save for
    the dreary undertones. Like the already much talked about Quicksilver,
    he gives the film a way to bring in some fun and hilarious moments and
    his scene in the Xavier house is the most well made and aesthetically
    stunning in the whole 2h and 24 min run time. Once again the scenes
    with Fassbender’s Magneto are the most emotionally driven ones in the
    movie. It goes to show that he has one of the most striking character
    arcs that has ever been explored in the whole X-Men saga. The old
    characters like Scott Summers, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler reintroduced
    are spot on and have minimal flaws to say the least. In its core as
    well, is a film that doesn’t take itself that seriously at times and
    realizes how campy the 80s was. So it’s not fair to say that this film
    wasn’t fun or enjoyable, or that it lacks any spirit of exuberance.

    For the film’s flaws, it really is quite similar to what went wrong in
    Age of Ultron and if you liked that film then you’ll probably like this
    film too. The film suffers with a villain that is average to really
    below average. For someone who is called Apocalypse, has lived for a
    thousand or more years and is really god damn powerful, he doesn’t pass
    as menacing or even evoke a feeling of dread or trepidation at all
    whenever he becomes present on the screen. He also is literally just
    evil for the sake of being evil, sure he’s maybe a whole lot of a
    better villain that Ultron (just maybe), but the parallelisms are still
    there, like the reason why he wants to destroy the world is because
    they both looked in the media and current and past world events and
    thought that it was all bull crap and wanted to make a new world. Part
    of the reason why he felt lackluster was that there was so much thrown
    in to the film and some even felt like it was just there for the sake
    of being there without really needing to be relevant to any character
    arc or subplot at all. You have the introduction of young Scott Summers
    who we see is not in control of his powers and that’s about it so he
    goes to Xavier’s School of Gifted Children, and then he meets Jean Grey
    in such a clichéd way. We also get to see Nightcrawler once again since
    X2 and he seems just thrown it there for the sake of being there too.
    After their introduction, they had to cut back to Magneto, then had to
    cut back to Apocalypse recruiting the horsemen as well. The reason why
    Days of Future Past worked was because they only had 1 then eventually
    2 narratives to focus on. It was 1. what was happening in the past with
    Wolverine and the First Class cast. and 2. what was happening in the
    present as they were protecting Wolverine, and the second narrative
    wasn’t given much focus until the near end of the film. Every subplot
    and character arc in that film felt relevant, while in this film it
    just didn’t mesh well together. You also have inconsistencies with
    Apocalypse’s powers, one moment you see him taking down a group of
    people with just a hand move. Then you see him calling out someone
    instead of just using his powers to kill everyone else in his way or
    literally rip out a wall to get to him himself. Instead Apocalypse’s
    screen time and everyone else’s screen time are wasted in favor of
    average sequences with no pay off in the final battle except for a show
    case of their powers, what they can do, and basically defeating the
    villain and saving the day because we all know that a handful of them
    survived in the end of Days of Future Past.

    Verdict: 7.3/10

  • caniblcatMay 22, 2016Reply

    Better than Batman v Superman, not as good as Captain America: Civil War

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jason robertsonMay 22, 2016Reply

    Awesome Xmen film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Pipe Carrillo BuitragoMay 22, 2016Reply

    .”X-Men: Apocalypse” Closes the Trilogy With Many Visual Effects, Drama and Quality

    Bryan Singer, Apocalypse and Quicksilver compose a film about the

    After four films based on Marvel’s comics, Bryan Singer firmly
    demonstrates is owner of the best of the powers of the ”X-MEN”.

    One decade after ”Days of Future Past,” Professor Xavier’s young
    students must confront the villain more powerful and fearsome of the
    history, located in the pyramids of the ancient Egypt, close to El

    Oscar Isaac plays Apocalypse – unrecognizable after his work in ”The
    Force Awakens” as Poe Dameron or ”Ex Machina” as ”Nathan”, using blue
    makeup, boots with heels, prosthesis and a heavy costume that turned
    recordings into something hellish- a supreme being who over the years
    has absorbed the powers of many mutants, after 80 years sleeping under
    the Egyptian pyramids is accidentally awakened and seeing that his
    world is praising false gods decides to destroy the human race

    Singer decides to resume the franchise after ”X-Men: First Class” in
    2011, this brings back to the mutants better known as James McAvoy’s
    Professor X, Michael Fassbender’s Magneto, Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique
    and Nicholas’ The Beast, joining to spectacular cast, new and talented
    youths to the team.

    Cyclops (Tye Sheridan), Jean Grey (Sophie Turner from ”Game of
    Thrones”), Storm (Alexandra Shipp) and Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit- McPhee)
    are juvenile interpretations of mutants already seen in the previous
    films, they give you a touch more fresh and comical to each character
    while still retaining the essence itself. On the other side are the
    four horsemen of the antagonist, Psylocke (Olivia Munn), a renovated
    and young Archangel (Ben Hardy), Storm (Alexandra Shipp) and the very
    famous Magneto (Michael Fassbender) faithful to his master, until a
    certain point.

    A luxury cast bought 20th Century Fox to project for the fourth time to
    the ”X-MEN” franchise, nominees for the Oscars, winners of Oscars,
    nominated for prestigious awards increase the expectation of the fans,
    and from what I saw, action and drama are present in each framing.

    This is a tradition, this is an addiction, this is a necessity. Once
    more the fabulous Evan Peters’ Quicksilver runs a masterful slowdown
    scene in the scene, with many jokes, action, happiness and perfection.
    Since the moment that the scene becomes slow and a bee appears next to
    a flower, we knew what it was going to happen, the music plays and all
    goes to hell. It’s so amazing. I think that Quick has been established
    as one of the best X-Men, becoming like the actors for the film, like
    the water for humanity, he’s a necessity in the saga.

    Throughout the film, it also presents a pleasant and surprising cameo –
    in the full sense of the word – you know who we are talking about,
    despite being short and very bloody, the man does his job and leave.

    Bryan has worked a little more than sixteen years with the mutants, his
    knowledge is obvious to mix so many characters in a different age and
    yet provide a coherent, articulate and outstanding story. Relations and
    changes of the characters are also highlighted. The merit is not only
    to Singer, It’s to entire team.

    ”Apocalypse” might not be the best superhero movie to the public child
    considering that is very dark and sinister, but it can be pure
    entertainment for infants and adults, something not will like much the
    fans because the film replaces the lack of genuine entertainment by
    tons of action and CGI. Opinions are mixed, but it is irreproachable do
    not say that the film is worthy of receiving the name ”Apocalypse”.

  • rodneyaltamMay 23, 2016Reply

    Best X-MEN Movie!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • alexkeithwatsonMay 23, 2016Reply

    Better than I expected

    When I saw early glimpses of the film, I thought Apocalypse looked a
    bit naff, but Issac played him well. I especially like the darkness he
    brought to the character. Was a really entertaining film, the opening
    scene was done really well and set the pace which never lets up for
    long. Plenty of action scenes and fighting plus the CGI wasn’t over
    bearing or too obvious.

    I think the film was unfairly slammed by critics, a common critique was
    it had too many characters. I thought they had a pretty solid function
    in the story and weren’t just thrown in like Ant man (Civil War)was
    seemingly kidnapped in a van and asked if he basically wanted to go on
    a mission that would put him on the most wanted list, which he did for
    no other reason because hes Ant man and hes funny. All in all a great
    edition to the X-men series, wonder how many prequels they will get out
    of it though seems never ending.

  • lombligo2003May 23, 2016Reply

    X-Men Apocalypse Rocks!

    This movie was fantastic! One of the best movies I have seen in a very
    long time! This is definitely the best X-Men ever, surpassing Days Of
    Future Past which I thought was the best X-Men movie at that time for
    me…..will definitely watch it again. There are some stunning visual
    effects throughout the whole movie from beginning to end, and the cast
    is incredible, We get to see Magneto in a different light and in a more
    personal way,Quicksilver once again delivers and cracks you up.
    Definitely better than Captain America: Civil War. So, I would
    definitely recommend this one to anyone. Don’t listen to the critics go
    see it for yourself!

  • huskatnydelivetMay 23, 2016Reply

    Quite disappointing

    I love X-Men. Normally. This movie disappointed me though. True, the
    special effects were fantastic. The 3D effects – dazzling. But as soon
    as we focus on the plot, the dialogue, the characters, the story, the
    way-too-unnatural crook – it gets less interesting. I guess it’s still
    worth to actually see the movie in the movie theaters, if you are a
    fan, but it’s definitely one of those movies I would never ever see
    again… Despite being en X-Men fan. But of course – watching it in 3D,
    being in the center of X-Men universe, meeting familiar mutant faces
    yet again was a pleasure in itself. But for me, the move was definitely
    NOT up to the standard of the franchise.

  • Jesper Tved KorsgaardMay 23, 2016Reply

    Another year, and another great X-men movie to watch

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MastizMay 23, 2016Reply

    X-Men with an X-Factor

    Seen this movie this weekend, i don’t get all the negative messages
    this movie gets. Its just a good movie! Don’t read this negative online
    trolling and go see this one, i cant wait for the next X-men movie to

    Rated a 9 because a 8,5 is not possible on IMDb.

    James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender are just the two best men u can get
    for this role.

    Top class acting! Action, Humor, Special effects are also top notch!

    This movie has it all.

    Worth every buck i spent on a ticket.

  • TehmehMay 23, 2016Reply

    Neat collage of the whole series, despite structural flaws.

    I quite liked it. It’s not a very good movie in itself, but there’s
    definitely a certain quality to it. I’ll go through the things I liked,
    the things I didn’t and try to end this with a summary. No spoilers

    ”X-men: Apocalypse” could easily be called ”X-men: Everything”. It
    crams so much in one movie that it’s almost like a collage or
    celebration of the whole series. All the themes/elements we are
    familiar with are there. When you add gritty violence for a PG13-movie,
    plenty of ’80s nostalgia plus nods and tie-ins (some of them quite
    smart) to the other movies, we have a lot to soak in. Plenty of
    fan-service to be had, including the very last shots of the movie. This
    installment resembles a comic book or the cartoon series more than any
    other X-men movie before. It seems to be aimed at a younger audience
    too, despite the graphic violence. Strong individual moments keep the
    ship afloat, and it’s quite entertaining overall.

    The sheer amount of material demands a slow build, and it takes quite a
    while for ”X-men: Apocalypse” to hit its groove. For me, it kept
    getting better and better towards the end. The last 40 minutes are
    devoted to action, but unlike what I heard, it isn’t just idiotic
    carnage (even though it almost crosses the line). The battles have some
    narrative and emotional elements to them. This is what I always loved
    about Singer’s X-men movies: the action is part of the story, never
    full-blown noise and fury without any purpose or weight. It’s all
    charmingly confined, and the scale is only huge on the surface.
    Politics and military are left out, which is a plus.

    The main newcomers to the cast were good! Tye Sheridan, Sophie Turner
    and Kodi Smit-McPhee were immediately likable and convincing.
    Considering that they play some of the most beloved characters in the
    universe, the happier I am for them. If these three continue making
    these movies, I’ll continue to see them. Oscar Isaac was good too,
    although the heavy prosthetics and some clumsy writing weren’t helping.
    He had to be better than what he was given. Fassbender, McAvoy and
    Peters are solid professionals, even though the writing for their
    characters fluctuated throughout the movie as well. All three,
    especially Peters and Fassbender, got to steal some scenes. Nicholas
    Hoult is his likable self. I’m still not sold on Jennifer Lawrence, but
    thankfully the movie isn’t centered around her as much as I feared.
    Overall the cast was more than fine.

    I’ve always liked Tom Sigel’s cinematography, and this one is no
    exception. The colors, the lighting, shot composition and camera-work
    overall are handled well. I liked many of the sets, and generally the
    film pleased my eye, looking like a movie should. John Ottman composed
    his best score yet. The familiar theme music is there, but I recognized
    an entirely new theme too, and it worked beautifully in its simplicity.
    The craft of cinema is well represented, although (just a) few of the
    visual effects seemed rushed.

    On to the criticisms. The pacing feels clunky and the narrative
    disjointed. ”X-men: Apocalypse” struggles to find its tone and focus.
    It doesn’t have a tight core to it. The quality within a scene can be
    inconsistent. It does what it’s supposed to do and gets significantly
    better towards the end, but some of the impact is lost. There are so
    many transitions that sometimes otherwise good and emotional moments do
    not pay off in the grand scheme of things. In short: It seems like a
    collection of scenes. The movie isn’t nonsensical, it just doesn’t
    always know how to present itself best. I get the feeling that this one
    was a bit rushed, or that the writers and director Singer didn’t bring
    their A-game like they often did before.

    The writing. There are luckily some really smart moments in this film,
    but when the writing is bad, it’s noticeably bad. The dialogue as well
    as the narrative scene composition can and will feel tacky, blunt or
    forced at times. These moments feel like they used the first draft of a
    script accompanied with the first take of a scene. Oscar Isaac’s
    Apocalypse is good at best, but sometimes he’s reduced to a bunch of
    clichés. While I like the endless conflict between Xavier and Magneto,
    they had forced moments too. The movie didn’t always earn them, and I
    was reminded of the embarrassing JFK scene from ”Days of Future Past” a
    few times.

    Familiarity. If you are hoping for X-men to tackle all new themes and
    plotpoints, prepare to be disappointed. It’s all very familiar. I
    didn’t mind it, and I’m impressed how they still managed to make these
    old themes and tie-ins feel worthwhile at all, but be warned.

    Characters. Some characters are just henchmen or appearances without
    depth. It’s hard to avoid in an ensemble movie like this, and it’s not
    a problem in an already long movie, but fans of many characters will be
    left wanting.

    To summarize: ”X-men: Apocalypse” is a compilation of all familiar
    X-men themes in one movie that somehow manages to stay intact, despite
    almost tearing apart in many ways. It’s not tight narrative- or
    pacing-wise, it’s very inconsistent and it’s got some dumb bluntness to
    it. It’s still an ambitious effort and a quality ensemble piece. Some
    individual, powerful moments, elements and performances carry the movie
    when needed. Not nearly as good as ”X2” or ”Days of Future Past”, but
    nowhere near a failure. I was entertained. Recommended for fans of the
    series and especially the cartoon. Very re-watchable, will buy on
    blu-ray. I hope Bryan Singer will return to this franchise. If not, at
    least he tied all the movies together, one last time.

    Fox, you know what you set up with this one. Don’t screw it up.

  • kjell-ahlstromMay 23, 2016Reply

    Marvel does it again

    Deadpool is still the best Marvel movie of the year, but after my great
    civil war disappointment, I am happy to see that they are back at it

    X-men movies have always ended up a bit of a disappointment for me. So
    when I walked into the theater my expectations weren’t the best. I am
    always happy to see myself surprised in a good way though.

    An interesting powerful villain, a more human Magneto, and an allover
    strong cast with Nightcrawler doing a good job with the entertainment
    makes this movie a worthwhile watch.

    This is the strongest X-men movie so far.

    Sansa Stark is a bit of a distraction that is hard to shake, but the
    other characters are better casted. I really recommend it for any x-men
    or general comic book movie fan.

  • denes-lillaMay 23, 2016Reply

    A lot of contradiction in the Marvel universe…quite average movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Immanuel WilliamsMay 23, 2016Reply

    X-cellent Movie – Want to Watch Once More

    I liked this movie because, as a child I really wanted to know how
    pyramids were built. I was told that it might have taken years of toil
    for thousands of slaves. Now this movie presented a different idea on
    how it was built and I loved it.

    It is amazing that people have started to look at spirituality from a
    scientific perspective of mutation. At a certain time while watching
    this movie I thought Jesus too could have been a mutant or an alien
    with access to better technology. This perspective is of significance
    when mass obsessions like religion, race and nationality are causing
    divisions in human society.

    I had been watching all these 3D superhero movies recently and all of
    them displays a lot of fight. Fight between individual super people,
    and fight between clans of super people. During the fight normal people
    and what they value being almost turned to dust. This certainly
    signifies the power struggle between politicians, business-men and the
    wars they create in today’s real world.

    I was starting to feel bored of all this, that I was wanting to stay at
    home and watch Doraemon on TV, rather than going for this movie. TV was
    taken over by mom and sis so I had to go for the movie. And the movie
    made me think that the psyche of these story makers seems to be
    obsessed with some sort of clan formation and the struggle to prove who
    is better. With all due respect to Stan.

    All the actors had done a great job. My most favorite being Quicksilver
    by Evan Peters. Quicksilver had inspired a Tamil movie ’24’ which was
    released a few weeks ago. This movie portrayed a scientist freezing
    time with his watch.

    The audience in the theater where I was watching X-Men: Apocalypse,
    really applauded when Hugh Jackman appeared on screen. Sophie Turner as
    Jean was successful in portraying the inner conflict that Jean was
    facing. The fear about the dark side of her mutation and the love she
    had for her friends.

    Days of Future Past had presented the idea that, what we see in an
    X-Men movie need not really be what actually happened in the movie.
    Because there could be multiple realities based on the sequence of
    incidents. Events could be manipulated through time travel. This really
    helped overcome the multiple questions that might rise about specific
    characters and the incidents in other movies in X-men series.

    Because, we try to connect the events in one movie with other movie in
    the series. For example, In X-Men 2 we see Jean murdering Charles and
    in the Last Stand we see Jean being murdered by Logan. Where as in this
    one Jean ultimately realizes how to control her powers. In that case
    the movie that we saw earlier could be wrong. Storm’s accent was
    different in this one and so on. Altogether, great entertainment. I
    just had a nice time.

  • Sanniv KhareMay 23, 2016Reply

    this couldn’t’ be better, alias its the best

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Hanneke CandasMay 23, 2016Reply

    What a bloody joke!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • reubengoddardMay 23, 2016Reply

    Basically a reboot

    Hmmm, so whilst admittedly liking a lot about the new film,
    particularly the new cast which are all amazing and give truly
    magnificent performances, the overall narrative is maybe a little too
    ambitious for its own good. I personally believe this film is actually
    pretty good. In fact its great set up to an expanding universe. But
    with all the arcs, and a villain that feels lacklaster and not as grand
    and dangerous as initially set up to be. I see this new xmen film as
    just enjoyable set up to potential more grand. This feels as if it is
    brain singer’s way to try and reintroduced and revamp the xmen
    franchise with our old classics for a new generation. Its alright,
    nothing amazing or spectacular.

  • Rameshwar INMay 23, 2016Reply

    Poor antagonist, flat screenplay and lacks overall innovation, but holds its ground rather loosely with likable familiar characters and epic action sequences

    Watching X-Men: Apocalypse got me mired in conflicted thoughts as it
    keeps blowing hot and cold too frequently. Firstly, when you cast such
    a charismatic and talented actor like Oscar Isaac – you don’t hide him
    under a thick layer of prosthetics where you neither get to see him nor
    he can show his acting prowess. Secondly, such an uninteresting
    character for an antagonist doesn’t work if a movie has to rise above
    the heap of well-written superhero movies. Lastly, one would expect
    Bryan Singer who is the creator of this universe on the big screen with
    an experience of creating tense thrillers would come up with such a
    flat screenplay.

    This installment goes right to the start with the emergence of the
    early mutant through a ritual in ancient Egypt. When this procedure was
    interrupted by a few rebels, Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) lies in
    hibernation for thousands of years and is resurrected by a bunch of
    modern Egyptians for unknown reasons. Upon waking up, he catches up
    with the history thus far by inserting his hand inside a television
    that was playing a news channel – Duh. His modus operandi includes
    recruiting 4 other mutants and calling them ‘The Four Horsemen’ – the
    Biblical reference to bringer of Apocalypse and he goes about
    recruiting them with neither shortlisting from a potential list of
    candidates nor verifying their capabilities. They all even gather for a
    pose with Metallica’s ‘Four Horsemen’ blaring in the background
    symbolically which was too cheesy.

    On the other hand, Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) seems to have mastered
    his art and removes all of Moira’s (Rose Byrne) memories and
    conveniently puts it back at the end – that’s one hell of a memory
    management. While the Professor is focussing his energies towards
    making his school for mutants bigger than it is, Raven (Jennifer
    Lawrence) is hailed as a hero for her efforts in the previous
    installment in preventing a disaster at the White House and she has a
    lot of budding mutants looking up to her. Erik (Michael Fassbender) is
    living a peaceful life and even has a family until an incident provokes
    him to use his special powers which eventually leads to the death of
    his family. Apocalypse disturbs this delicate balance of their peaceful
    co-existence which starts the fight of Good against Evil.

    It starts promisingly (not in any spectacular way though) on both the
    fronts – emergence of the early mutant and meet & greet of the existing
    mutants but loses the plot midway. First with the negatives – there is
    no edge-of-the-seat screenplay which was a marquee element of the first
    2 installments of the prequel series, the visual effects though
    ambitious – lacks the finishing it requires (where some explosions look
    like they are straight from the 90s action movies), the spectacular
    Quicksilver (Evan Peters) show from ‘The Days of Future Past’ is
    disintegrated into an insensitive and uninteresting romp. Even after
    having reality expectations that is apt for a comic book remake, it
    gets too silly and childish many a times without the cheeky factor.
    Even the cameo by Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is so muddled that I wish it
    wasn’t there. The inexplicable need to destroy infrastructure or
    killing innocent civilians or police personnel without leading to a
    conscious consequence never grows into a solid drama.

    It does have some bright spots though, especially the refreshing
    character of Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee), great character
    development for Raven, subdued performance by Michael Fassbender,
    ambitious visual effects and an epic background score. GoT fans get to
    see a powerful and independent Sansa (as Jean Grey (played by Sophie
    Turner)) who isn’t short of attitude as well. It does seem to have
    reintroduced the origins of most characters which completes the cycle
    to merge the two trilogies.

    Poor antagonist, flat screenplay and lacks overall innovation, but
    holds its ground rather loosely with likable familiar characters and
    epic action sequences.

  • OneEightNine MediaMay 23, 2016Reply

    The ‘Batman V Superman’ of X-Men movies. (Yeah, it sucks that bad)

    Just so you know where I’m coming from. I liked X-Men First Class and
    thought Days of Future Past was just okay. But this stinker is just
    bad. After 30 minutes I started looking at my watch and about an hour
    into the movie I wanted to walk out. Like Batman V Superman, this movie
    has just so much going on; it feels bloated. And did anyone else notice
    how bored Michael Fassbender looked in the movie? Michael Fassbender is
    the guy who plays Magneto and is usually an outstanding actor but he
    looked like he just didn’t want to be there. Even during some of his
    emotional scenes he looks like he is just phoning it in. I’m guessing
    he is sick of playing the role. Anyway, the movie feels longer than it
    is and it isn’t even watching it in theaters just for the action. And
    what is up with reminding us about Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique every
    five minutes? Even when she isn’t on screen they literally show a
    picture or video of her. It isn’t as stupid as watching Wonder Woman
    check her email but sh!t, the director should know better. Maybe the
    producers are to blame, I don’t know. I just know that watching this
    stupid movie shouldn’t feel like doing homework. This movie is a rental
    at best. Don’t be fooled by the fanboys trying to act like the critics
    are wrong about this movie. I watched all of the X-Men movies and both
    of the spin off Wolverine movies and I’m going to straight up tell you,
    this movie is the worse of the lot. Does Quicksilver have a cool scene
    in the movie? Yes he does, but is it really worth watching a bad movie
    just to watch one scene? No, it isn’t. Be smart and wait to watch it on
    a smaller screen. The only thing I liked about it was the last 2

  • trashgangMay 23, 2016Reply

    the best one, excellent effects in the Quicksilver scene’s

    What a coincidence, just seen Gods Of Egypt (2016) and immediately I
    went to see X Men Apocalypse. When the flick started it immediately
    took us back to the Egypt era, I was confused. What has this to do with
    the X men universe but it came clear quickly. The oldest mutant came
    from that era and he is back to conquer everything.

    This time the X men flick is full of action, not that much of talking
    going on like in the earlier flicks. And the effects used are awesome,
    especially when Quicksilver is doing his thing. That sequence is
    superb. There’s even a bit of fun to catch if you look closely. But the
    villain too, Apocalypse is excellent too.

    Even as all characters are done by new actors it didn’t bother me at
    all. This one delivered the real stuff. Open ending of course so here
    we go. The best for me so far.

    Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 5/5 Story 3,5/5 Comedy 0,5/5

  • Sjoerd SchelvisMay 23, 2016Reply


    Do you like Science fiction? Do you like fantasy? Do you like X-men?
    Yes? Then Awesome, just go watch it.

    Most of the negative reviews of these kind of movies are always people
    without an open mind who definitely don’t review objectively.

    This movie is good and definitely worthy of the X-men title. It is not
    the best of the series, but not the worst. This movie is way better
    than 70% of all the movies in theaters.

    The villain is played very well by our Star Wars rebellion actor, Oscar
    Isaac. An actor which I had never seen before the latest Star Wars
    movie. A great talent that makes the movie really intense. Overall I
    give the movie a 7.8.

  • Koerake32-591-395477May 23, 2016Reply

    They just keep making excellent X-men movies

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sarkwalvein-152-153744May 23, 2016Reply

    The worst most boring comics movie I’ve ever seen.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vexylMay 23, 2016Reply

    enjoyable but not great

    I can understand both the haters and the fanboys because the movie is
    both good and bad depending on what’s important to yourself. There are
    three aspects that are awful dialogues (sometimes quite cheesy and
    dull), story (main story of this film) and Apokalypse. There is some
    great stuff too entertainment, atmosphere and story (x-men universe

    This makes Apokalypse pretty bad as a standalone movie but it can be a
    enjoyable movie if like the X-men. Its definitely not the best X-men
    movie i would rank the X-men movies like X-men2 > First Class > Days of
    Future Past > Apocalypse > Last Stand > X-Men1.

    Watch this Movie if you know all the other X-men because it connects
    the old and new movies very nice together or if you just want some
    action, fun and entertainment. If you expect a complex, meaningful or
    original story save your money.

  • Abhayjeet SahuMay 23, 2016Reply

    X Men kill the Rest

    I was just wandering, when i saw the theater, with this movie’s poster.
    Having free time i bought a ticket. And those 2 hours were the best
    moments of my life. X men’s canvas is so big that all avengers, batman,
    superman were small in front of this. After the movie ended i bought
    another ticket and watched it again. How can one still seek improvement
    or can quote like” it could be better”. This movie is the best. And
    apocalypse’s costume is just the perfect, even better than the original
    with an over sized jaw like thanos, and joker like lips. This is the
    finest comics based story. Its greatness forced me to write something
    about it, as i thought this movie deserve to be watched twice at least.

  • Sooza87May 23, 2016Reply

    ”Everything they’ve built, will fall!”

    X-Men: Apocalypse is the latest entry in the X-Men franchise and is
    about the first mutant who after being asleep for a long time is
    awakened into the modern world. A world which he believes to be lead by
    blind leaders and thinks it should be destroyed and recreated as he
    sees fit.

    Firstly – I loved this movie.

    I’ve seen a lot of mixed and negative reviews from critics and some
    audiences but I honestly cannot understand why… While Apocalypse’s
    motivations in this movie were nothing new or groundbreaking, a simple
    coherent story is sometimes much more enjoyable than a complex
    incoherent one and I found that to be the case here.

    The characters (who are mostly cast as younger versions than we’ve seen
    previously) were absolutely brilliant. Each actor played their part
    superbly and this was by far the most interesting line up of mutants in
    an X-Men movie yet. The fact that there were so many characters in this
    movie and yet they still managed to deliver a story which was both easy
    to follow and entertaining, is a credit to the film makers as we’ve
    seen previously what having too many characters in a movie can do.

    The special effects were perfect and I honestly didn’t find a single
    scene where the CGI was weak and felt like it took me out of the
    moment, which was impressive because a lot of special effects and
    green-screening was used to create this movie’s settings, environments
    and mutant powers.

    The score and sound editing were also great in this movie and
    Apocalypse’s digitalised voice was menacing, especially with some of
    the great lines he delivers.

    This movie was a comic book fan’s dream, having lots of X-Men easter
    eggs throughout the movie and just the right amount of fan service to
    stroke your inner nerd without being too in your face.

    One thing I have to say is it was absolutely fantastic to finally see
    the X-Men geared up (albeit too briefly) in suits that were much closer
    to their comic book counterparts rather than the standard all black
    leather get up they are usually stuck in. I hope Fox sees how awesome
    they looked and decides to use these suits for the next movie.

    The one criticism I thought of while watching this movie is the fact
    that they show Apocalypse as having the power to manipulate matter
    itself (eg; he turns a few people into sand) yet while he is fighting
    the X-Men he doesn’t use this power once… He fights them physically,
    using some of his other powers but really, couldn’t he just turn them
    into dust? Anyway, it’s a comic book movie so you shouldn’t think about
    it too hard…

    If you haven’t seen Apocalypse as yet, don’t believe the critics and go
    check it out for yourself as I found it to be a hugely entertaining

  • eftichristouMay 23, 2016Reply

    Forget what the critics say, this is great.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Syai AchmadMay 23, 2016Reply

    The mother of mutant resurrected to ”clean” the earth by destroying the entire civilization. The X-men once again have to come together and fight the powerful Apocalypse.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hegedus_dani02May 23, 2016Reply

    A Few Good Scenes Doesn’t Make a Good Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Esra HatemiMay 23, 2016Reply

    a very disappointing movie..over rated!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sujan Kumar (sujanfaster)May 23, 2016Reply

    An Apocalypse, that is a new beginning.

    We all know that the X-Men franchise revival started with X Men First
    Class. It followed by a not so great The Wolverine (I liked it though!)
    and then the most complicated, X-Men Days of Future Past set the tone.
    Bryan Singer has worked hard again to make the people forget the
    debacles of X2 and XMen-The Last Stand, it is totally evident when in
    this movie, some characters after watching the ‘Return of the Jedi’,
    come out saying at least we can agree the third ones are always the
    worst 🙂 But the film raises many questions and also it is completely
    up to the individuals whether they will like the movie.

    There are many reasons why X-Men would have evolved the way it has now.
    The veteran actors’ age and their commitments to the long-term projects
    are the primary ones. Although the way the franchise is moving now is
    somewhat questionable. We have the introduction of all the characters
    once again and now there is a lot more grey area. Of course even the
    movie making has evolved in the years and the hero- villain concept is
    simple like it is used to be. Although X-Men Apocalypse directs its
    focus on one main evil character, Apocalypse the story around the rest
    of the characters evolve around them choosing between good and evil.
    With this film, we are back to the Xavier academy, with more advanced
    learning facilities and a sponsored and designer Ray Ban eye gear for
    Scott Summers which is a clear indication of the new age film making.
    The visuals are a treat to watch, especially the ones from the past
    Egyptian Era. Action is great as usual and there are some fun moments
    added here and there to live up to the MARVEL brand. Yes the villain’s
    ideology is very stale ‘building a new world’ and what not, but isn’t
    that what every apocalyptic movies are about?

    The roles of both Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy get eventually
    sidelined by the fascinating characterisation and performance of Oscar
    Isaac’s apocalypse. I loved the costume design and make up for him
    although I thought there should have been more clarity around his
    mutant powers. I can’t say much about the new young actors except Evan
    Peters and Sophie Turner who have quite more to offer as Quicksilver
    and Jean Grey. Our dear Sansa Stark looks more and more beautiful grown
    up. Having occupied more screenspace both in XMen first Class and Days
    of Future Past, Jennifer Lawrence may have slightly a lesser role to
    play here. I loved Michael Fassbender as magneto and he is no less in
    this film also. I am slightly critical about the characterization of
    Charles Xavier here as it falls somewhere between powerful and
    helpless. Olivia Munn is in for the glam quotient and boy she is hot!

    I found X-Men Days of Future Past to be slightly complicated because it
    wanted to reverse everything just in a span of single movie and it was
    hectic. Although I eventually read about it and understood it better.
    X-Men apocalypse is much more simpler and entertaining to watch. But
    somewhere at the corner of your mind there can be a psychic voice
    saying, ”It may have been better”.

  • nikhilgeorge-eMay 23, 2016Reply


    X-men:Apocalypse never undermines the audience nor talks down to them
    and does all that is expected of it.It delivers great action, humor,
    effects and a strong connection between heroes, villains and those
    developing in between. The retro design is suave and making this a
    period piece gives it a cool and unique flavor. Director Bryan Singer
    did a great job.

    The movie is an absolute stunner – from storyboard, script, mutant
    characters, pace, cinematography, CGI, VFX etc… you get the picture.
    Some of the scenes got spellbinding visual effects. There are plenty of
    big action scenes throughout the film that really impresses.

    The cast are awesome. I think Oscar Isaac (Apocalypse) is a apt man to
    do the character. All the characters are perfectly done their job very
    well (Fassbender, McAvoy, Jennifer, nicholas, sophie etc…) The
    overall impact of this film leaves you with a great sensation of a job
    well done. And I forgot to tell 2 characters Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)
    his appearance only 5-10 mins but that scenes are amazing. and another
    one is Evan Peters (Quicksilver) he is awesome I think he steals the

    So go and watch the movie on theatres. Its a good movie to all

  • farah NogaMay 23, 2016Reply

    Enjoyable but not as good as expected

    I really loved the previous  movie in the x-men franchise. So it was a
    huge challenge to make the next movie as good as days of future past.
    The movie has flaws and some boring moments but overall it was

    The characters were good and as always Michael Fassbender as Magneto
    stole the show.  Oscar Issac as apocalypse was good but the problem is
    that they didn’t make him so powerful like the comics

    There’s a problem with the story, it didn’t have the element of
    surprise and it was very predictable. It was basically the typical good
    versus evil type of story.

    Overall the movie was enjoyable but it could’ve been better The action
    sequences  were entertaining and surprisingly the CGI in the movie
    looked so much better than how it looked in the trailers.


  • KanishkhaMay 23, 2016Reply

    Better than the so called ”Best Superhero Ever”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Matthew Luke BradyMay 23, 2016Reply

    Apocalypse – Movie Review

    Apocalypse: ”You follow blind leaders.”

    While X-Men: Apocalypse isn’t quite as strong as ‘Days of Future Past’,
    with the storytelling and it’s twist & turns, but it’s still a solid
    entry in the saga. I have to admit, I was surprisingly entertained with
    this movie which I didn’t expect going in, since I wasn’t expecting
    much with this movie. I had more fun with this than ‘Civil War’, and
    yes, I just said that and I’m not taking it back. The movie has it’s
    flaws but at least I never bored watching the movie.

    James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Tye Sheridan, Sophie Turner and all
    of the other supporting cast were all great in their roles. I felt the
    emotion, the depth and the unexpected humor from the characters. Now
    when I think about it, all of the X-men characters in this and the past
    movies feel like actual characters to really care for. The movies
    themselves feel like actual movies and not just superhero films.

    Oscar Isaac is such a terrific actor and I will always look forward to
    his next movie. In this film, Isaac plays Apocalypse (main villain of
    the film) and he was a pretty decent villain. He was very menacing with
    his own presence that actually made him quite treating, even tho he’s
    motivates of destroying the world has been done before many times with
    other villains. Apocalypse isn’t terrible or a weak villain as many
    critics have said, but I wouldn’t rank him as the best one. I mean give
    Oscar Isaac a break, he had to act in all that make-up on him and he
    did the best he could, so there’s that.

    Some of the CGI in the film was very noticeable in a few scenes. But
    the effect’s are not like that all the time, as there are many cool
    effect’s in the film that did make me go ”wow”.

    The movie dose take awhile to get going and I don’t mean it was slow or
    anything like that, but I couldn’t really care for what’s going on in
    the first 30 minutes. But as the movie went along it started to get
    going and each scene was better as it went along.

    Overall: X-men: Apocalypse is a very entertaining superhero movie that
    has it’s pros and cons. I was surprised of how much I enjoyed this
    movie and how engaging I was. Oh, and Quick Sliver once again steals
    the show with an amazing slow motion sequence that easily tops ‘Days of
    Future Past’ slow mo scene. I can already tell a lot of people are
    going to be mixed with this movie after seeing the audience reaction
    (so far), but that’s just opinions.

    P.S. The film itself is much better then what the critics are making it
    out to be. Maybe it’s because of the endless amount of superhero movies
    that are coming every week now. ‘Civil War’ is still being fresh in
    peoples heads. I mean the movie literally came out a few weeks ago.

  • j-prigmoreMay 23, 2016Reply

    Bemused by negativity

    Went to see the film with an older relative and a younger one. We all
    left the cinema buzzing about how great the film was. The last film we
    saw was Cap America Civil War and we all loved it but this was so much
    better in every way. The acting performances of Fassbender, Mcavoy et
    al were top notch, the action sequences were wonderful and then there
    was Quicksilver. Yes, Psylocke didn’t say much (she’s a henchwoman –
    they don’t tend to speak, that is their role in life); yes there are a
    few back stories (still interesting though); and the plot moved forward
    with due pace. I was certainly not bored at any point. In fact it was
    so good I ate 9 of my fingernails (only 1 for Civil War). Please do not
    be put off by the negative reviews – my mum remembers almost being put
    off going to see Star Wars back in the 70s because of the negative
    reviews and was so glad she ignored them. Take heed – if you enjoy
    action/Superhero films and do not go to the cinema to see this you will
    regret it.

  • Akram MuhammadMay 23, 2016Reply

    Don’t believe critics watch it yourself

    Lately, there is a trend that if you put a low score and criticize a
    superhero movie you feel you got a high movie literacy.

    I highly recommend you watch this movie first and feel about it.

    X-men Apocalypse must be understood by watching the old x-men movies.
    It evolves much on character emotions. Another recommendation is that,
    one must understand history a little. On what is happening in cold war
    or who is ”Ra, Yahweh, or Visnu” like what apocalypse said in the
    trailer. Then, only you would understand that this movie is big. It is
    not just the fun light heart superhero movie. Watch out the performance
    of Apocalypse! The actor is awesome

  • Lee WilcoxMay 24, 2016Reply

    Forget What The Critics Say!!!

    If you are a true fan of the XMEN you will go to this movie to enjoy
    seeing the Mutants on the big screen again. There are so many moments
    in this film I have waited to see over the years! Every mutant has a
    moment in the film that just lets you enjoy them individually! The
    backgrounds enrich the mutant history and the references to past XMEN
    movies are littered through the entire movie! Apocalypse just happened
    to be in this movie at the time. Yes there are three Nha you can pick
    at but who cares?? Enjoy it first just as a MUTANT MOVIE! The
    connection between Raven, Xavier and Magneto is strengthened and the
    cameo mutant will knock you socks off! The reveal at the end of course
    we all knew it was coming so why be a dork and say ”it was
    predictable”? It’s as predictable as the mansion blowing up or being
    attacked every 5 minutes!! So we the moments we all know are coming in
    the movie arrive, ENJOY THEM!! DOFP was my favorite up till now but
    XMEN Apocalypse is now the best XMEN movie in my opinion! Why?? Because
    we get to see our favorite mutants in action that’s why! And they are
    actually powerful and let loose with all their powers!!! That’s why it
    puts it at the top of the XMEN movies in my opinion!

  • Alexander HalsallMay 24, 2016Reply

    Not as good as the previous two films, but entertaining.

    When X -Men first came out in the year 2000 comic book movies were
    still finding their feet as we didn’t yet have the MCU, The Dark Knight
    trilogy or even Sam Raimi’s Spiderman trilogy. Now 16 years later the
    X-Men Universe has been joined by Marvel and DC in the superhero movie
    universe brigade/thing. Having helmed three of the previous X-Men
    films, including Days of Future Past, Bryan Singer has again been
    trusted in bringing the mutants to the big screen.

    It’s now the 1980’s and the first mutant Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) has
    awoken and displeased by the culture he has awoken within (perhaps if
    he had awoken in the 60’s he would have been more chill) decides to
    eliminate humans from the planet so that mutants can truly rule
    supreme. He recruits the orphan girl Storm (Alexandra Shripp), Psylocke
    (Olivia Munn), cage fighter Angel (Ben Hardy) and everyone’s favourite
    metal detector Magneto (Michael Fassbender). Elsewhere Professor X
    (James McAvoy) is running his institute for the gifted with Hank
    (Nicholas Hoult) and new student Scott/Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) arrives
    alongside current student Jean Grey (Sophie Turner). Mystique (Jennifer
    Lawrence) also stops by with Nightcrawler (Kodi-Smit Mcphee) as she is
    worried about Magneto’s well being following a traumatic event.
    Quicksilver (Evan Peters) is also alerted to this as he feels he needs
    to bond with Magneto who is his father. Whilst Professor X looks into
    Magneto’s disappearance he comes across Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne)
    again, as there were not enough sub-plots apparently.

    Basically there’s a lot going on, and it’s mostly entertaining but
    doesn’t really feel weighted in anything because there isn’t enough
    time for the film to fit everything in. Apocalypse was one of my
    favourite villains from the old cartoon series and I didn’t feel his
    more ‘subtle’ design was effective. Oscar Isaac is a terrific actor but
    his performance felt very repetitive and stifling, not because of his
    lack of ability, but there wasn’t enough time or nuance devoted in the
    film’s run time to keep him interesting. All of the returning players
    perform ably; Fassbender delivers a fine mix of gaunt expressions and
    passionate vengeance of a man going over the edge. Whilst the newcomers
    all perform promisingly in their roles they don’t get enough material
    to truly flourish and end up simply being promising additions. Whereas
    in Captain America Civil War Tom Holland was a great Peter
    Parker/Spiderman in Apocalypse Sophie Turner seems that she could be a
    good Jean Grey, and Tye Sheridan could be a good Cyclops etc. but they
    hover on the periphery battling for screen time with all the other
    characters. Having stolen the show in Days of Future of Past with a
    breath-taking slow motion (or fast motion I suppose?) sequence
    Quicksilver returns with a similar scene here. It isn’t as good, going
    for a bigger is better approach, it is funny in parts but lacks the
    surprise and intricate detail it had in Days of Future Past. Then we
    get lots of worldwide destruction that makes Man of Steel look
    conservative by comparison, say what you will about DC’s attitude to
    city wide destruction at least in Batman vs Superman they showed the
    destruction from a personal perspective to add dramatic weight. In
    Apocalypse we watch as cities are sucked into the sky and feel simply
    that the animators did a stylish job with it, but no empathy

    Despite my hang ups X-Men: Apocalypse has enough impressive action
    beats to be entertaining without being immersive. There are some funny
    gags, and impressive special effects but very little dramatic stakes.
    It’s definitely the weakest film of the ”New class” trilogy (First
    Class and Days of Future Past being superior) but with an impressive
    cast to sell it does the job.

  • evan_harveyMay 24, 2016Reply

    Average, average, average

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shiprabiswasMay 24, 2016Reply

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  • varniumMay 24, 2016Reply

    Almost Perfect

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • muvi-fan-73May 24, 2016Reply

    Hyped title- It’s all that

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ayan KarmakarMay 24, 2016Reply

    A good sequel but not the best

    I am gonna say that the movie was somehow up-to-the-mark. Bryan
    Singer’s Days of Future was able to capture the mutant magic much
    flawlessly which according to me made it the best X- Men movie till
    date. Yet this sequel wasn’t able to do so . The plot was a bit
    haphazard, as there are many interlinked stories in them, overstaffed
    with so many things yet highly entertaining. I seriously missed proper
    interaction between the characters. Screen time for a few characters
    (AM NOT GONNA NAME THEM) could have been increased. Now coming towards
    the positive side, I must say that the actors gave real effort even
    when there was no proper chance of acting. As usual the VFX was rather
    outstanding. The most positive factor of the movie is the 3D. X- Men
    Apocalypse was filmed with 3D cameras resulting in superb 3D visuals.
    From the Opening Titles till the End Credits, you feel as if you are
    really there which I simply missed in Marvel’s Captain America Civil

    Lastly I must say that X-Men Apocalypse is highly entertaining and
    watchable even with some serious flaws and plot holes (I AM NOT GONNA
    SPOIL). According to me, I advise y’all guys to watch, cause its

    P.S – Don’t’ compare it with X- Men Days of Future while watching cause
    DOFP is the greatest.

  • Pushkar SharmaMay 24, 2016Reply

    Another average x-men flick

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • immoderatableMay 24, 2016Reply

    Good, but lacking in emotional depth

    ”Why be different when you can look like everybody else?” Nightcrawler
    (the blue-hued teleporter) questions Mystique (the also
    naturally-blue-hued shapeshifter) in X2, to which she pointedly
    responds, ”because we shouldn’t have to”.

    In The Last Stand, Storm, at learning that non-mutants have developed a
    cure that permanently suppresses the Mutant X-gene, cries, ”a cure for
    all mutants? But we don’t need a cure. Since when have we become a

    And yet, yet there are others who feel quite differently. Those who
    will give anything to feel ‘normal’ and are only too willing to give up
    that which makes them special. Because as there is no doubt that innate
    (and often intimidating) extraordinariness renders a mutant as
    formidable, so too it is certain that it makes one aberrant in the eyes
    of others, such power-possessors only just about managing to outpace
    vilification, then rejection, social ostracization and even the threat
    of extermination.

    Which path then should the gifted choose for themselves? Should one
    live as a proud pariah or eternally condemn oneself to a fate of inert
    impotence? The question itself poses a seething paradox, because even
    if one were to pick the former things won’t grow easy, the risks
    attendant with pacifism or aggression, the only two approaches
    available, then springing to life, accentuated further by the one
    immutable dimension to the mutant conundrum: the inability of humanity
    to rise above prejudices.

    It is these emotionally resonant thematic threads that have since its
    inception set the X-Men series apart from other superhero productions,
    interwoven as they are through deftly layered and penetrating allegory:
    the omnipotent thesis being the trials and inner conflicts of social
    misfits, the discrimination and dilemmas faced by minorities, be they
    ethnic, sexual, religious or whatever.

    Should a people assert the right to coexist under the umbrella of a
    proud and distinct identity or should they always aspire to blend in
    with the mainstream? Is society hardwired to fear those who look and
    behave differently? Is it really possible to convince people to think
    in a manner that runs counter to their primal instincts?

    Apocalypse is a great spectacle, as are all the X-Men movies without
    exception. (OK, we can forget about X-Men Origins:Wolverine for the
    time-being). But let’s be honest here. Really honest. It is certainly
    not the best film of the series, the thus far unsurpassed one being
    Days of Future Past followed closely by First Class and X2.

    And this loss is chiefly down to the fact that this latest instalment,
    save for Magneto’s backstory, which in retrospect appears tired and
    stale, fails to pose any searing questions or to explore the internal
    thought-processes and predicaments of the characters.

    Instead we’re served just another superhero movie populated with a
    galaxy of CGI-enhanced mutants, whose motivations despite the actors’
    tremendous performances (especially from the latest entrants), fall
    emotionally flat.

    What’s more, whilst the previous two instalments in the series draw on
    historical events of the time-periods in which they were set (The Cuban
    Missile Crisis and The Vietnam War), Apocalypse could well have
    occurred in any time frame. The film is none the richer for being set
    in the 80s.

    The plot is straightforward enough. In 1983, the mutant Apocalypse,
    having amassed the powers of many other mutants over millennia, awakens
    from a slumber and vows to destroy mankind and take over the world.
    With the help of his Four Horsemen, Psylocke, Storm, Archangel and a
    broken Magneto, Apocalypse plans to create a new for mutants- only
    world order. As the earth convulses in doomsday throes, the X- Men, led
    by Professor Charles Xavier work together to prevent Apocalypse and his
    team from succeeding.

    The performances are as usual all superb and the CGI eye-arresting. But
    the two performances that stand out are those of Jean Grey, whose
    perceptivity and latent vigour are brought alive to pitch-perfection by
    Sophie Turner, and of Quicksilver, played by Evan Peters, whose comic
    relief is so good that I will re-watch the film for just his scenes.
    The one disappointment however is Oscar Isaac from whom I had high
    expectations. It seemed like his talents have been ‘overmasked’ by CGI,
    so much so that he appears as generic a villain as any and his actions
    are the less menacing for it.

    Nevertheless, the closing battle scene is as grand and edge-of-the- eat
    nerve-racking as one might expect of an X-Men movie despite the fact
    that its enjoyment, as that of the film’s as a whole, will be somewhat
    compromised for those not familiar with the events and characters
    featured in the earlier films.

    I give X-Men: Apocalypse a 7/10.

  • Koe PakpoomMay 24, 2016Reply

    Slow for the first half… Worst script in the whole series

    Don’t want to give too much away. So here’s the summary:

    1. The first half of the movie is too slow. I understand the narrative
    and all. But it was like the story of Eric and the story of En Sabah
    Nur are from different movie. Somehow they mixed these two stories
    together, along with the bits of X-Men. So it didn’t come out as smooth
    as it supposed to be for Bryan Singer’s movie.

    2. Way too easy on recruiting/finding four horsemen. Did it mean any
    first 4 mutants will be the chosen ones? It looks that way.

    3. I’m not sure if Psylocke has any line in the whole movie. Her power
    looks awesome. But she’s the only one wearing skimpy outfit, while the
    others wear armor…. sexy, I know. But it seems strange.

    4. Wolverine as a special guest. Great fight scene though.

    5. This one is a little disappointing affair for fan of Bryan Singer
    like me.

    But it was X-Men. No matter how bad or good people say about it, you’ll
    watch it anyway. So judge it yourself. For me I’d give it 6.5 stars.
    But there’s no half point here. So 7 it is.

  • mattslim333May 25, 2016Reply

    The third one’s always the worst

    Well, this isn’t technically the 3rd film in the ever expanding X-Men
    franchise, but it is the 3rd in the prequel trilogy, and it’s hopefully
    the last. X-Men Apocalypse is about the alleged first mutant who wants
    to ”cleanse” the Earth and keep alive only the strong. The X-Men try to
    stop him, and the film starts in Ancient Egypt and this is never a good
    sign as the plot has too many strands which makes it rather complex.
    This isn’t a criticism as all the plot elements are nicely brought
    together and overall the plot is OK. Michael Fassbender returns as
    Magneto and his character is seen in a different light in the 1st act;
    it’s good character development for Magneto. Jennifer Lawrence and
    James McAvoy do what you expect them to do, which is put in good
    performances. They aren’t challenged as the script is nothing special
    but it’s certainly not the worst writing I’ve seen.

    So what I’ve said so far suggests the film is mediocre and this is true
    but it needn’t of been. The part of the film, leading up to the final
    battle is actually pretty enjoyable. It moves along well and I was
    really getting into the film. Couple this with Quicksilver’s scene( the
    best part of the film by a mile) and it looks like a grand finale is in
    store. However, the finale is very predictable, as you could easily
    guess what was going to happen and there was no intrigue there at all.
    It was very standard action movie CGI stuff, so I actually found it
    pretty boring and it really spoils the good work of the rest of the
    film. It feels like the film builds to a climax that isn’t what is
    should be: it’s just a CGI, seen it all before fest. Despite this, the
    newcomers Ben Hardy and Sophie Turner excel in there roles and show why
    they should be in more blockbusters in the future.

    Overall, the decent script and decent acting can’t help X-Men
    Apocalypse which loses it way in the final act, even though the promise
    was there. The predictability of the finale and the CGI heavy action
    really make it boring. I’m all for action scenes but this needed to
    feel more realistic (if that’s possible in a superhero film) and more
    physical. I enjoyed parts of it, but it could of been so much better.

  • batbhaiMay 25, 2016Reply

    Is this really the last installment?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • s-senthilvelMay 25, 2016Reply

    Nice, but does not par with the revived series

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AudioFileZMay 25, 2016Reply

    Polarizing: For The Faithful Fan Who Will Likely Love It

    This is for real fans, those longstanding readers of this type stuff,
    but probably for CGI junkies and, more generally, for those who lap up
    things getting blown up real good. For others simply seeking
    entertainment, noting to see here, move along

    It isn’t entertaining in spite of stuff thrown in for the general
    moviegoer like the mid-part school rescue comic relief dialog It
    seems it’s hard to root for the good mutants, the X-Men, most of the
    flick because of the all-encompassing darkness. As in: either I hope
    this gets better or ,maybe, I should have gone to Deadpool a second
    time. It’s place is with the dedicated fan and to advance the celluloid
    story, it does both at the loss of the casual viewer who feels rather
    gut- wrenched and pummeled upon exiting.

  • Anirban PalMay 25, 2016Reply

    En Sabah Nur – The ancient mutant

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rogerdarlingtonMay 25, 2016Reply

    Fun – but not the best superhero movie of the year

    It’s interesting how from time to time we have two or even three films
    released close to one another which have essentially the same plot.
    Think, for instance, of ”Armageddon” and ”Deep Impact” in 1998 or
    ”White House Down” and ”Olympus Has Fallen” in 2013.

    So, in the first half of 2016, we have three movies that fundamentally
    tell the same story: in order of release ”Batman v Superman: Dawn Of
    Justice”, ”Captain America: Civil War” and now ”X-Men: Apocalypse”. In
    each, we have a superhero production in which superheroes knock the
    hell out of each other rather than concentrate on an independent bad

    Which of the three is the best? For me, it is ”Captain America”.
    ”Batman v Superman” had too few characters to fill two and a half
    hours, while ”X-Men” had too many characters with insufficient back
    story on most of them. ”Captain America” just about managed its large
    cast list and was helped by our knowledge of most of the characters
    from previous movies.

    Including ”The Wolverine”, ”Apocalypse” is the eighth outing for the
    X-Men of the Marvel Comics franchise and Bryan Singer, who helmed the
    first two and the last one, is back as director for the fourth time, so
    the work is in good hands.

    It looks splendid with yet more destruction of iconic world landmarks –
    although the apparent death of millions of innocents is totally
    overlooked in a work that references the Holocaust – but the problem is
    with the mutants themselves.

    The eponymous Apocalypse (an unrecognisable Oscar Isaacs) wants to
    destroy everything and everybody for no good reason and manages to
    recruit four aides or horsemen with ridiculous ease and again for no
    clear reason.

    The female actors are especially badly served: Jennifer Lawrence, back
    as Raven/Mystique, has too few decent lines, while newcomers to the
    franchise Alexandra Shipp (as Storm) and Olivia Munn (as Psylocke) are
    terribly underwritten. Best not to think too much about the plot or
    script and just enjoy the visuals.

  • makisp18May 25, 2016Reply

    Finally Cyclops

    Great movie of all others movies of X-MEN. Cyclops finally appears in
    this movie. All the characters shows their powers and their greatness.
    I recommended this X-MEN, i hate the others, because they are not
    showing Cyclops. This movie reminds of the cartoon series in 90’s. The
    music was also great. I hope to see more X-MEN movies like this one,
    THE FINAL BATTLE WAS BATTLE , and not like the latter movies. I know
    that has no relation to the comics unfortunately but it was good story.
    Tye Sheridan and Sophie was a perfect choice for Cyclops and Jean Grey
    roles. We see them involving to a relationship a yeah and talk to each
    other. Hope all fan of Cyclops, like me , to enjoy it !!!

  • CesarMay 25, 2016Reply

    Huge disappointment

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tonicurlinMay 25, 2016Reply

    Not the best but not the worst one

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • juan-66806May 25, 2016Reply


    To say that the X-men series is one of the most popular Marvel series
    in the world, this film does not live to the standards in my opinion.

    4 key points that attracted me to the series in the first place when
    X-men went mainstream:

    – Character development – Story line – Suspense – Action

    I did not see non of that in the new installment. Instead they dragged
    the film for too long with only very few action scenes.

    This is X-Men for goodness sake, there should be action and suspense in
    every single corner of the film!!!

    I’ve never fallen asleep in a cinema before… So I guess this shows
    how engaging the film was to it’s viewers. Please note that I was not
    the only one that fell asleep that day.

    I’m struggling to keep interested in the series from performances like

    I expected more from this film, hoping it will be as successful as the
    Avengers series. massive disappointment.

  • (msmurrain)May 25, 2016Reply

    Boring. Annoying. Cheesy.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dan HardenMay 25, 2016Reply

    Butting Heads

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nick Will Charlie PaulMay 25, 2016Reply

    Another Over Stuffed Film

    Unfortunately, X-men Apocalypse doesn’t live up the standards of the
    more successful entries, such as Days of Future Past and First Class to
    name the most recent. If I had to sum it up in one word, I’d say
    overstuffed. Which is harsh, but as a Bryan Singer helmed X-Men Film, I
    expected more – Bryan Singer might be losing his touch. The film is
    about a near god-like mutant, the first ever, and his quest to destroy
    the world.

    But first, onto the good stuff. It is safe to say the highlights of
    this film mainly revolve around Quicksilver. His scene is brilliantly
    made, and took months to complete – this could be a reason for some of
    the other issues of the film. It is incredibly inventive, fun and Evan
    Peters is a golden bit of casting in this role. I only wish we could
    see more, as Quicksilver’s potential return is the only reason I
    anticipate the next film. Michael Fassbender’s acting is superb, and it
    is evident to see this in a couple of scenes – you’ll know when you see
    them. James Mcavoy is also charming and funny as Charles Xavier, and I
    wished there were more scenes between his and Fassbender. Other
    highlights include Nightcrawler, Angel and Wolverine, although the
    first two should’ve gained more screen time. It’s worth noting that
    Angel is a much more interesting character before his transformation.

    Now the bad. As previously mentioned, it is overstuffed with too many
    characters. There isn’t enough time for them all. Personally, I didn’t
    really connect with the new team that well (Cyclops, Jean and
    Nightcrawler) but there are still some good moments between them. The
    four horsemen are possibly the biggest example of this however, with
    Psylocke and Angel not saying much and whilst Storm has a few more
    lines, it does not take long for any of them to join Apocalypse. It
    feels rushed and follows a similar problem to Batman V Superman.
    Magneto is the only one of the horseman that I enjoyed seeing, as I’ve
    already said, as he is the only one who you feel any emotion towards.

    Other problems include some of the special effects looking a tad weird,
    although overall they quite good; too many flashbacks to First Class
    (reminds us of a better film); Sophie Turner’s American accent wasn’t
    convincing at all to me, probably because I’m used to her British
    accent. But a big problem with this film, is a problem which I actually
    enjoyed seeing – Wolverine’s Cameo (not a spoiler its in the trailer)

    Wolverines Cameo scene was completely unnecessary in the film, there is
    no reason for it to take place, or for Stryker to appear, other than to
    shoehorn Hugh Jackman in. This time taken up by this film could’ve been
    purposed to serve as more time with new characters (preferably the
    Horsemen) and I feel like it was a requirement from Fox to put it in,
    although Singer does his best to make it work. The only benefits of
    this scene are to highlight the premise of an R-Rated Wolverine movie –
    Wolverine really cuts soldiers down, there’s a lot of blood for a PG-13
    rated movie. I should just mention this is a violent film, there’s
    people getting crushed, burned alive, folded and beheaded, so just warn
    any younger viewers of this.

    Finally, Apocalypse is a really mediocre villain – his power is amazing
    to watch, end even though it feels like he can do anything, you realise
    that because of the ending to Days of Future Past, that everyone makes
    it out okay. There isn’t really much development for Apocalypse. Whilst
    story arcs are absent with a lot of characters here, Apocalypse’s is
    simply to destroy the world and that’s it.

    Overall, X-Men Apocalypse has some fun moments (watch out for
    Quicksilver), some emotional moments and some decent action, but is
    ends up with too many characters with too little character development
    and a lack of sensible structure, with too many scenes not being
    necessary, and character motivations not explained to evident.

    It is worth a watch, but maybe not worth going to the Cinema .

    Nick Will Charlie Paul.

  • Scott CochraneMay 25, 2016Reply

    Can Bryan Singer undo this movie, Please?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mikecart1May 26, 2016Reply

    Not As Good As Days of Future Past, But Still Very Good and Entertaining

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • larsenorderMay 26, 2016Reply

    X- Meh.Average at best. – Lukewarm, apathy actors. (5/10)

    I was really looking forward watching this movie. But The CGI effects
    must have been expensive, because it seems the production saved money
    on the actors and plot. Apocalypse, the first mutant, neither his exact
    powers, nor his origin story, how he became the first mutant is
    revealed. Fassbender, as Magneto and in some degree McAvoy are the 2
    exceptions. ”Sansa Stark” was a horrible miscast for Jane Grey.
    Liveless, anemic , her ability is to put her finger to the temple, not
    even that is believable.

    This movie isn’t as bad as ”Batman vs. Superman” but still, the
    stand-ins for Cyclops, Storm, even Nightcrawler horrible. Chubby
    Mystique is hilarious.

  • blaudrukMay 26, 2016Reply

    Bryan Singer wasn’t able to follow in his own footsteps

    In the end, director Bryan Singer wasn’t able to follow in his own
    footsteps after the formidable Days of Future Past. He delivers an
    overstuffed movie with poorly developed characters. And obviously my
    intro was a hoax because superhero fatigue looms heavily over this
    movie. Though it’s not all bad; X-Men: Apocalypse is colorful, funny at
    times and ballsy. It’s a spectacular film that’s more appetizing to
    comic book fans than movie fans, but will still get the general
    audience excited for sequels.

    X-Men: Apocalypse is the movie equivalent of a: ”Study” buddy Pretty to
    look at, casual fun, proper entertainment. You’ll probably see it again
    at some point. You know…If you’re in the mood.

    Suitable for: Anyone who needs to know how Charles Xavier turns bald.
    Not suitable for: movie critics

  • nixon carmichaelMay 26, 2016Reply

    A good film, despite itself.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dazahuzaMay 26, 2016Reply

    Continuing the greatness of past installments

    A superb cast and immense villain help deliver a great superhero movie
    that ranks among the best in the X-Men franchise. The new characters
    make a welcome inclusion to the familiar faces we have already been
    introduced to in previous installments. The stakes are higher than
    they’ve ever been with Apocalypse threatening the world, forcing the
    team face there most powerful foe yet. Michael Fassbenders Magneto
    provides great emotional character moments and Evan Peters Quicksilver
    injects humour and fun into his scene stealing moments. There are some
    pacing issues, under utilised characters due to the big cast and the
    main villain is slightly underdeveloped, falling into generic ‘bad guy’
    territory with his motivations. However, X-Men: Apocalypse is an epic
    summer blockbuster that’s enjoyable, and sets up a bright future with
    new faces and stories to explore.

  • Alba DelgadoMay 26, 2016Reply

    Fixes all the mistakes made in the old movies

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • spudhead_12May 26, 2016Reply

    Could have been so much more!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • swillikyMay 26, 2016Reply

    A great addition to the X-Men franchise!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • willapediaMay 26, 2016Reply

    The movie was excellent

    The movie is visually stunning and engaging. While the movie has a long
    runtime, it doesn’t drag. The movie kept me engrossed the entire
    duration of the film. Critics have been far too harsh of this film, it
    is a good movie. There are some rather negative aspects of the film,
    though. One of those is the confusing timeline. It is a bit hard to
    trace through every character after the events of Days of Future Past.
    Even though the movie provides flashback to these events, it still
    remains rather confusing trying to remember the events of a movie that
    was filmed years ago. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and think that it is
    a solid addition to the X-Men film family.

  • OberratedMay 26, 2016Reply

    Glad to be wrong. I thought this was going to be horrible. It wasn’t!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Bryan Roderick (Bryan_Roderick)May 26, 2016Reply

    Character flaws but overall good.

    X-Men Apocalypse

    Bryan Singer seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to X-Men
    movies. Not to mention The Usual Suspect being one of the best films
    from the 90s. This makes me excited for the remake of 20,000 Leagues
    Under the Sea which will come out next year.

    Charles Xavier played by James McAvoy is once again almost perfect in
    the role I have some issues with how they wrote the movie but his
    performance was up there with Michael Fassbender as Magneto. Once again
    their friendship seems to play that card of ”oh I’m your friend, now
    your enemy, now your friend again.” Which is getting old.

    Jennifer Lawrence did seem a bit off, but not as drastic as some
    professional reviewers out there are saying. She’s not Robert De Niro,
    she doesn’t just make movies for money.

    I wish Hank McCoy spent more time as Beast and was actually a Beast. It
    was never on point for me. Nicholas Hoult was still a good Hank though.

    Moria Mactaggert, played by Rose Byrne, was just in the way. Like Lois
    Lane from BvS, she didn’t need to be in the film. Bleh.

    Jean Grey and Scott Summers were my favorites of the film. Sophie
    Turner and Tye Sheridan were great. Sophie is great in Game of Thrones
    and Tye was great in Mud. I can’t wait for Ready Player One where he
    plays the Parzival.

    Oscar Isaac plays En Sabah Nur, he played the role they wrote well.
    That being said the character that Simon Kinberg and Bryan Singer wrote
    was way off point. Imagine Deadpool with his mouth sown shut. Yeah it’s
    almost that bad.

    Verdict: Worth watching. I enjoyed it more than Batman Vs. Superman and
    the post credits makes me excited for the next in the series.

  • Almedin AndelijaMay 26, 2016Reply

    Definitely a great movie you won’t want to miss!

    I ended up going to see this movie because my friend was talking it up
    saying how great it’s going to be and I gotta say; he was not wrong at
    all! X-Men Apocalypse is definitely worth watching (and re-watching
    since it’s so good and full of action) even if you haven’t seen the
    other X-Men movies. I haven’t seen the others either but after watching
    this one, it is now my mission to watch every single X-Men movie since
    I loved this one and can’t get enough of the X-Men. Perfect cast, spot-
    on music choices, great visual/sound effects, and overall an amazing
    movie. I definitely recommend watching this movie and seeing for
    yourself; you won’t be disappointed!

  • Epic!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • VarunVKMay 26, 2016Reply

    One of the top X-Men movies

    REVIEW (Non-Spoiler): X-Men Apocalypse does justice to the X-Men
    franchise, the film is consistent with it’s plot, performances and
    action. Oscar Issac has done a tremendous job as Apocalypse and he
    might the next best X-Men villain after Magneto. James McAvoy and
    Micheal Fassbender have done it again, the duo has good chemistry and

    Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg did a great job of juggling around all
    these characters, giving all of them their moment to shine. The new
    actors added to this film work really well and portray their characters
    in a new light. There are places where the film could improve, this
    film has so much potential for greatness. The only drawback of this
    movie is to be released couple of weeks after Captain America: Civil

    With all that said, X-Men Apocalypse is a good, serious drama with
    right doses of action and humor. This might be in one of my top 5 X-
    Men movies.

  • elcieloeselimite ([email protected])May 26, 2016Reply

    Definitely the second best X-Men movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • templar77099May 26, 2016Reply

    First Class is still the best

    I had moderate expectations for Apocalypse. I’m not a big fan of the
    first X-Men Trilogy but since First Class, in 2011, I’ve grown to like
    this franchise very much. First Class was and still is the best of the
    bunch for me. My moderate expectations came from the fact that I
    believe Days of a Future Past fell a bit short in comparison with FC,
    but I still enjoyed it a whole lot. Bryan Singer is not one of my
    favourite directors and since he established this franchise, I guess
    his films lack the boldness and freshness that Matthew Vaughn brought
    to the series.

    Now it’s time to review Apocalypse. The first sequences of it were
    mind-blowing. Egypt, an old Apocalypse putting his consciousness on a
    newer body, the False God fighters and the colapse of the pyramids were
    just amazing to watch. Then it settles a bit and starts building-up to
    the final clash between Apocalypse and the X-Men.

    Despite roughly being 2 and an half hours long, I never felt it was
    dragging or boring. The action scenes were great and the more character
    development bit were fine. A big shout-out to the casting team : both
    Tye Sheridan and Sophie Turner were impeccable as the new Cyclops and
    Jean Grey.

    Oscar Isaac as I feared was only average as Apocalypse and the new
    actors didn’t bring much to the table – Olivia Munn is sexy, yes, but
    not much more than that. Magneto, Prof. Xavier and Raven are the
    standouts once more. After three entries I feel connected to their
    characters in way I’m not with the others. Charle’s and Erik’s
    ideological fight drives the plot as it did on the previous films and
    Apocalypse gives more attention to Michael Fassbender’s character pain
    and grief. Fassbender is really the best of the film. He acts so
    perfectly. He truly is Magneto. Above else, he is Erik Lensherr. Evan
    Peter’s Quicksilver continues to steal every scene he’s in and the
    slow-motion sequences are one of the best bits of the film.

    Plotwise, its what you’d expect from a big super-hero blockbuster.
    Simple and clichied, but it still works for the fun factor. We’re gonna
    see this film to be entertained for 2:30 hours and nothing more. Its a
    popcorn flick and its what you think it is. Oh, and there’s a very very
    sweet cameo in the middle which blew my mind.

    I just don’t know if it deserves the RT rating. Its certainly better
    than 49%. But will it be alongside Wolverine 3, the last we see of
    X-Men in the future?

    I hope not. Specially, if another director with fresh ideas is on

  • cindyslove79May 26, 2016Reply

    This Movie is a solid 7 out of 10

    The movies isn’t quite a 4* of of 5 just below it but its definitely
    better then the average movie out there. And it actually makes sense.
    If you are not formiliar with the x-men universe the movie. You would
    likely rate it at 60-62% unformiliar with it. I can see a few plot gaps
    that may cause some to lower it to average 5/10 but only a few would
    rate it as low as 4.

    Thats it. Worth a watch. Do suggest watching previous x-men movies
    first in the film order. X-men / X2 xmen united / xmen united / x-men
    first class / x-men days of future past. Then this movie.

    Leaving the Wolverine movies separate. Just a suggestion from a movie

  • Bridger Beal ([email protected])May 26, 2016Reply

    X-Men: Apocalypse

    In my opinion, what Bryan Singer has done for the X-Men universe could
    be considered one of the greatest feats of story weaving I have seen in
    modern film. For over 15 years he has been creating stories about the
    same characters, put into similar situations, but finds a way to make
    each more memorable than the last. At the root of what I found
    impressive about Apocalypse is the character driven plot. While there
    was plenty of action in the second half to please the casual
    movie-goer, the first half was more intriguing to me, because I was
    given a chance to see these characters before they really became who we
    know them to be. With a new ensemble cast, characters are tweaked and
    fiddled with, enough to make them fresh, but not enough that they don’t
    have the same soul as the characters in the original trilogy. In an
    altered time line, before the X-Men were officially formed, they face
    the most powerful mutant ever to walk the earth, known as Apocalypse.
    At times I didn’t understand his motives for wanting to wipe out the
    human race, but the only thing that really mattered was that he would
    stop at nothing. In the early moments of the film, we are ”introduced”
    to younger versions of characters, and the actors who portrayed these
    characters, especially Sophie Turner, did an outstanding job. I felt
    the same way towards these characters as I did to their older selves,
    and noticed the same flaws and strengths that help each throughout
    previous films. At times X-Men: Apocalypse seemed a little overlong,
    but I never felt that I was watching a pointless scene. The X-Men
    movies have never had quite the same level of hand to hand combat that
    I’ve seen in recent films such as Captain America: Civil War and Batman
    v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but that was never intended to be the
    focus of the story. The focus of the story is the story itself. While I
    don’t think it quite lived up to Days of Future Past, the strong,
    character driven plot, and Singer’s effortless way of connecting time
    lines makes this a film I will definitely see again.

  • sbfewMay 26, 2016Reply

    I’m not sure what the critics are complaining about…

    Fassbender, Isaac, McAvoy, Lawrence, & Peters are just a few of the
    incredible cast members in this film. There are moments when all of the
    cast has a chance to shine, which is an accomplishment given the amount
    of people on screen. You cannot be blamed for entering the cinema and
    expecting spectacle to completely eclipse character development in this
    film, however the characters and their motivations are not neglected.
    There are also no plot holes (as many people have stated). Even a
    character as grandiose as Isaac’s Apocalypse is presented with
    plausible reasoning for his actions; typically, its tough to justify
    the ”I want to destroy the world” plot, but it makes sense given his

    Most importantly, you can follow this film without being a comic

    If you liked Days of Future Past, this will not disappoint.

  • alxmxmffMay 26, 2016Reply

    Sad days for Hollywood, indeed.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • keyboard1018May 27, 2016Reply

    Loved it.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mhmd_ElgammalMay 27, 2016Reply

    This ties well with the other X-Men movies

    This was a kick-ass edition to the X-Men series. The mutants in this
    were intense with their powers. Some more than what is seen in previous
    movies. The opening and end scenes were awesome. But everything in
    between was steady. There was not the usual climax in the middle of the
    movie that one would expect. It was enough to keep the build up for the
    end of the movie, and it gave it a stronger finish.

    Wolverine had a small role, but he was more fierce and vicious with his
    appearance than ever before.

    Apocalypse could have been a bit better though; he was not doing much
    when he was on screen. His powers were not exemplified to his full
    capabilities as he was in the cartoon series. Magneto was stronger than
    he ever was in his older age. Mystique and Beast were not anything
    special in this story. Cyclops is still a douche who needs to stop
    wining all the time. Storm… Why was she from Egypt? Quicksilver and
    Nightcrawler were hysterical! The world now knows how Professor X lost
    his hair, finally. Arcangel was better before he received his superior

    It was cool to see Jean Grey use her power as the Dark Phoenix. It tied
    well to the story that happened in the future in ”X-Men: The Last

  • gdesinis-948-812948May 27, 2016Reply

    The good, the almost and the mutants

    This year superhero movies are something that is almost an obligation
    to talk about. Batman V Superman created almost a war between poles.
    And I ‘m at the side that liked a lot the movie. It was the movie I was
    expecting but for many things when I watched I was sure that many were
    going to be against it. The movie is dark, intense and Batman focus
    (yes, the weakest part is the Superman character, I hope soon they can
    fix that) If we talk about Capitan America Civil War the thing is more
    in balance, a good dramatic curve in the first half, with all the
    elements that brings motivations for the conflict. And then a little
    relief, a good presentations for all the heroes in a battle made for
    all comic fans. Then the tension and action comes again and the result
    is a great movie made with a formula that is well received for a great
    amount of viewers. Batman V Superman was bitter, Captain Civil War was
    more friendly. But let’s go with the X-Men. I was expecting a lot,
    Synger’s X movies are great and this was supposed to be another star.
    But for my point of view something happened. A lot of low interpreted
    characters, an art direction, costumes, special effects and other
    elements that for moments made me thought I was watching a TV pilot.
    Yes, costumes that made thought that I’ve seen better cosplay in comic
    events. Psyloche, Nightcrawler, and The Beast for example, it seems
    that they were taken out of a Halloween party. The CGI effects are low
    for a movie like this. Lack of render hours or talent?. The plot is
    simple, buy Singer works for made it boring and ”complicated” with too
    much characters and information, and sub plots not so interesting or
    well closed. I think almost every director has a lower point in his
    career and in my opinion this is Synger one. But for all the people out
    there, the formula has many of the components that the mass is going to
    like, so don’t worry I’m sure millions are going to love it. Aren’t
    Hollywood movie formulas made for that?

  • Pete FitzkeMay 27, 2016Reply

    Not DOFP but still a great installment into the franchise that is rewarding and sets up the future of the series.

    Apocalypse is a great mix of what we’ve come to see from the current
    trilogy and like the third part in any series it takes shots at itself
    in great ways while still holding a serious tone.

    Some of the highlights of the film include the new batch of X-Men of
    Jubilee, Cyclops, Night crawler and Jean Grey. The overall humor in the
    film could be the best of any X-Men movie in the series with several
    cleverly placed comments.

    The set up for future chapters in the series, and ultimately the ending
    scene as well as the post credit scenes should have any fan of the
    comics excited about the movie and the future of the franchise.

    The villain in the series is the pen ultimate villain of the X-Men
    comic books and although I didn’t feel he was done justice given how
    menacing he is in the 2D world, I felt they did a good job bringing him
    into the franchise and ultimately creating a legitimate threat against
    the X-Men as a whole.

    All in all the movie is in the upper echelon of all comic book movies,
    and although it’s not my personal favorite in the series it holds it’s
    own and has more mature tone then most of the bubble gum comic movies
    we see these days.

  • tyleramato-28680May 27, 2016Reply

    An enjoyable, fitting end to the First Class trilogy

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tjgoalie13May 27, 2016Reply

    Disappointing from Script to Special Effects

    X-Men: Apocalypse, the follow up to X-Men: Days of Future Past, is
    finally here, and frankly i’m disappointed. The film suffers from a
    plethora of problems, and struggles to limp through which is shocking
    considering how great Days of Future Past was. X-Men: Apocalypse is
    entertaining, but suffers from terrible special effects and post
    production, and a very weak villain. The most sad thing about this film
    is that it had so much potential to be great, and just took a long walk
    off a short pier.

    The biggest advantage this film has going for it is it’s super talented
    cast, who show up and give it their all, despite a weak script.
    Lawrence, McAvoy, and Fassbender all make this film as entertaining as
    they can, and the action sequences are fun to watch. However, the
    script has serious problems, many of which are too hard to overcome.
    Put frankly the story isn’t well crafted at all, it’s choppily thrown
    together more resembling a set of disconnected scenes following each
    other not a story.

    The film’s biggest crux is it’s special effects and post production.
    This may sound odd, but they are, in some cases, so bad that they are
    distracting. The dialogue is one major problem, as clearly there was a
    lot of ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement) or dubbing, and it often
    doesn’t match the lips or doesn’t sound like the actor has the rest of
    the movie. Above that the special effects, whether practical or
    digital, looks bad. The CGI isn’t very good, the sets are noticeable
    and flat, Apocalypse’s makeup is obvious, not very good, and

    On that note Apocalypse, the titular character is one of the movie’s
    biggest weaknesses. Noted as one of the comic’s coolest villains with
    an unflinching belief in darwinism, the film’s villain more represents
    a shell of that. Oscar Isaac isn’t the problem, as he gives the
    performance his best effort, but the character has weak motivations at
    best, and isn’t all that menacing or memorable. A product of a lazily
    crafted script where the character that binds it all together has no
    real dimensions and is essentially a flat shell of a cooler idea.

    It’s ironic that Fox spent almost 200 million making Apocalypse, and
    spent just under 60 million on Deadpool, a far superior film. The best
    way to describe X-Men: Apocalypse is a mixed bag, because it’s not a
    terrible movie, but it’s not a very good movie either, it’s just
    mediocre. The film is obviously the product of a poorly crafted script,
    which is a shame, because it could have, and thus should have, been

  • taylor walkerMay 27, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • subxerogravityMay 27, 2016Reply

    I think that X-Men: Days of Future Past was a little better than this one, but X-Men: Apocalypse was not bad at all.

    It’s 1983, ten years after Days of Future Past(Twenty years in the
    trilogy and yet everyone looks as young as they looked in the first
    film). Charles Xavier with the help of Beast and the reluctant Mystique
    must turn a group of students into X-Men in order to stop an ancient
    mutant and his minions, which includes Magneto, from wiping all of
    humanity out.

    All the actors were at their best in this film. Great performances,
    especially from James McAvoy as Professor X was really good. Michael
    Fassbender has a really good touching dramatic story.

    But Quicksilver turned out to be my fav mutant in this movie. They took
    what made him awesome in Days of Future Past and up it a level in
    Apocalypse which worked so well and was the best part of the whole film
    (even though Hugh Jackman does his cameo as the greatest X-Men of them

    The villain, Apocalypse himself I was not impressive with outside him
    driving the story. It was cool that Oscar Issac played the role as I’m
    a fan of his stuff, but once again, a superhero movie has a lackluster
    supervillain. I mean look at Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique who should
    have been a villain, but now they have to change the character
    altogether cause of her megastar status.

    I’m also still not so impressed with the way Bryain Singer handles
    Special effects.

    Anyway, it is a good flick, A lot of really cool comic book references,
    but at the same time a decent drama, It’s starts out a little slow
    trying to fit everyone’s origin story into the film, but in the end
    it’s very satisfying

  • baqkenMay 27, 2016Reply

    X:Men Apocalypse—THE MADE FOR TV MOVIE

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dave McClain ([email protected])May 27, 2016Reply

    ”X-Men Apocalypse” is technically masterful and fun to watch, but feels like too much of a good thing.

    Call 2016 ”The Year of the Superhero Battles”. After the Caped Crusader
    and the Man of Steel went at each other in ”Batman v. Superman” and the
    Avengers divided (then reunited) and conquered in ”Captain America:
    Civil War”, ”X-Men Apocalypse” (PG-13, 2:24) features mutants fighting
    each other. They’re fighting over a mutant’s mutant named En Sabah Nur.
    But you can just call him Apocalypse. That name reveals this film’s
    tie-in with another cinematic superhero trend of the 2010s – world
    domination. After the Avengers prevented a sentient A-I baddie named
    Ultron from destroying mankind and rebooting the world in 2015, an
    ancient mutant who is actually named for the end of the world tries to
    do the same in 2016. Or is it 1983? Heck, these movies’ own characters
    have trouble keeping it all straight – even within the X-Men universe.
    In a meta reference in 2016’s ”Deadpool”, as Colossus drags the title
    character across a bridge and says, ”You will come talk to Professor
    Xavier”, Deadpool understandably and hilariously responds, ”McAvoy or
    Stewart? These timelines can get so confusing.”

    I’ll try to keep from confusing things further with my plot summary, by
    limiting character references for simplicity’s sake. (To read more
    about who’s in this movie, God has given us IMDb and Wikipedia.) In
    ”X-Men: Apocalypse”, a variety of human beings with special powers
    continues their magical mystery tour of the planet, as the supremely
    psychic mentor and do-gooder Professor Xavier (that’s James McAvoy in
    this one, Mr. Pool) tries to bring out the good in all mutants – even
    the bad ones. Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto (Michael Fassbender) is trying
    to live a quiet country life in Poland when something happens that
    REALLY makes him mad and he’s not inclined to be magnanimous towards
    his enemies. We then meet three other overseas mutants who are morally
    ambiguous and/or evil to varying degrees. We also see the
    sometimes-but-not-currently-blue-hued Raven Darkhölme / Mystique
    (Jennifer Lawrence) traveling the world and recruiting (for Xavier’s
    academy) young mutants like the teleporting Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler
    (Kodi Smit-McPhee).

    Meanwhile, back at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in
    Westchester, New York, Professor X is working hard to help a growing
    number of resident mutants. They include the telekinetic Jean Grey /
    Phoenix (Sophie Turner) and Scott Summers / Cyclops (Tye Sheridan),
    whose eyes have just started shooting out extremely destructive laser
    beams. The Professor has help from the also
    sometimes-but-not-currently-blue-hued Hank McCoy / Beast (Nicholas
    Hoult), but X becomes distracted by the re-emergence of his
    memory-impaired old flame, CIA agent Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne), who
    is in Egypt investigating the legend of an ancient mutant, who’s also
    part of this movie’s 50 Shades of Blue.

    Back in ancient Egypt, about five and a half millennia ago (give or
    take a century), En Sabah Nur / Apocalypse (an unrecognizable Oscar
    Isaac) continued his habit of transferring his consciousness into the
    younger bodies of other mutants, and, in the process, adding their
    powers to his personal super power arsenal. When some mutant-haters
    betray him, and even his current generation of four helpers (later
    called ”The Four Horsemen”) can’t save him, he’s buried underneath a
    collapsed pyramid and forced to take a very, very, very long sand nap.
    As one summary of this movie has said, ”Fast-forward to 1983 (10 years
    after the mind-bending, time-travelling events in ‘X-Men: Days of
    Future Past’).” Some present-day believers unearth the king of the
    mutants, utter some chants, and release En Sabah Nur into the modern
    world. He catches up on everything he has missed (and learns to speak
    English) by touching a TV set and immediately begins gathering another
    team of mutant minions. He has decided that mankind has gone astray
    without his guidance and he plans to wipe out nearly all humans
    (whether they’re evil or not) – and he doesn’t even provide any of them
    with an ark! This harsh latter-day Darwinist will only allow the
    strongest to survive, destroy everything man has made, and then

    ”X-Men: Apocalypse” is impressive and entertaining, but seems like a
    little too much of a good thing. Its visual effects, action set pieces
    and hair-make-up work, taken as a whole, represent the most creative
    and best executed that I’ve ever seen in a single movie. At first
    blush, those sets of accomplishments seemed destined for some serious
    awards season love (with more than a few wins). However, the film’s
    extraordinary technical achievements are symptomatic of what’s wrong
    with it. Although Movie Fans who are new to the X-Men franchise will be
    unable to appreciate the layered character development and the
    references to the previous films, the plot of this film does stand
    alone and isn’t hard to follow. It’s fun and awe-inspiring to watch…
    but has too much going on. This movie naturally brings to mind previous
    X-Men installments, along with movies in which several (or all) of the
    Avengers appear. If this trend continues, Stan Lee himself (who, of
    course, has a brief cameo in this Marvel film, with his real-life wife)
    may have to develop a super power and pick up a shield or something.

    Come to think of it, I wonder if I’m the only one who would be
    interested to see Ultron and Apocalypse go up against each other. Of
    course, they’d both have to still be ”alive” for that to happen, but
    the way the X-Men franchise plays fast and loose with timelines,
    anything is possible. Then there’s the possibility that Ultron and
    Apocalypse, with their different but complementary skill sets and
    mutual penchant for destruction, could join forces. In that case, all
    the X-Men AND Avengers joining forces might still be unable to stop
    that dastardly duo. Even if such a battle were to be fought, the
    resulting movie (with cameras naturally there to capture every
    crash-bang-boom) would be even more cluttered than ”X-Men: Apocalypse”…
    which I’m giving a ”B+”.

  • afatedcircleMay 27, 2016Reply

    Not disappointing but not amazing.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RichardSRussell-1May 27, 2016Reply

    Progressively Harder To Pose a Credible Threat to Superheroes

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A single humanoid with immense
    powers wants to wreak global death and destruction just because he can.
    No, that was Avengers: Age of Ultron.


    2 evenly matched groups of nominal heroes with a wide variety of
    super-human powers duke it out over some arcane movie-mcguffin dispute.
    No, that was Captain America: Civil War.


    Regular human beings stand by helplessly as their buildings are
    toppled, cities exploded, and fellow citizens slautered by the tens of
    thousands during a pissing match between 2 supposed good guys. No, that
    was Batman v. Superman.


    We know from long experience that superheroes always defeat
    supervillains, so where’s the fun in that? It’s finally reached the
    point of detachment wherein the only credible danger that a superhero
    can face is another superhero — or possibly a god.*

    So it is here. The god in question started off in Egypt 5600 years ago
    as a regular mutant (named En Sabah Nur {not that anyone cares},
    portrayed by Oscar Isaac, better known as Poe Dameron from the recent
    Star Wars movie), but his particular power was the ability to transfer
    himself into the bodies of others, including other mutants. Every time
    he did so, he added their abilities to his own and eventually came to
    dominate the civilization of the Nile. But in his arrogance he was
    viewed by the common people as a false god, and a conspiracy among his
    own palace guard resulted in his being buried under a collapsed pyramid
    during a period of vulnerability as he was again changing bodies.

    Fast forward to the Reagan Era, when a CIA agent accidentally opens the
    ancient crypt, and empowering sunlight falls on the arcane runes which
    will reanimate the dormant deity. He spends some time strolling around
    Cairo, taking in the sights of the modern era, before recruiting 4
    mutants to be his henchoids, the 4 ”horsemen” to his Apocalypse. One of
    them is the grieving and misanthropic Magneto / Erik Lensherr (Michael
    Fassbender, who will grow up to be Ian McKellen). Another is
    weathermeister Storm (Alexandra Shipp, who will eventually become Halle
    Berry). And there’s Angel (Ben Hardy) and Psylocke (Olivia Munn, who
    will grow up to be Mrs. Aaron Rodgers). His come-on to all of them is
    that he can enhance their nascent powers into something truly

    Standing in the way of his plan of world destruction / domination are
    the students at the School for Gifted Youngsters run by Prof. Charles
    Xavier (James McAvoy, wwgu2B Patrick Stewart). And it turns out that
    Prof. X himself has the one superpower that Apocalypse covets most of
    all: the ability to reach into the mind of every human on Earth.

    Truly gargantuan quantities of wanton destruction ensue.** These are
    well done, as the various FX subcontractors dominate the film. There’s
    some pro-forma dialog, but hardly anybody gets a chance to truly act.

    Much of this film makes sense only if you’ve seen the previous ones in
    the X-Men series. Which I have. And I’m a comic-book fan. So I still
    liked it. YMMV.


    *Altho see the wry observation: ”Captain America met 2 gods face to
    face; still a Christian. Iron Man met 2 gods face to face; still an
    atheist. The Hulk met 2 gods face to face; kicked the snot out of both
    of them.” (except he didn’t say ”snot”)

    **Why can’t we ever have superheroes whose skill sets involve building
    things? Instead, the new kid in school is Scott Summers, whose only
    ability is to blast the living crap out of everything he aims his
    laser-beam eyes at.

  • drew_atreidesMay 27, 2016Reply

    Another solid X-Men movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CarycomicMay 27, 2016Reply

    Just got back from the Opening Day matinée and…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nbm14021May 27, 2016Reply

    Better than the previous ones

    Better than the previous two series for sure. Casting was good, effects
    were appreciable. I also appraise the 3D quality and surround sound
    quality. It was a great experience seeing in 3D in movie theater.

    I would also like to appreciate the direction of the movie. I’ve felt
    the audience of the theater responding synchronously to the actions,
    emotions, references and surprises in the movie. I believe it is a
    difficult job to achieve such response. I enjoyed the environment of
    the theater.

    Recommendation: # See in 3D and surround sound system # See with
    friends, preferably who knows related things, if possible # See in the
    movies if you enjoy the response of audience (may need to be geek, but
    in a tolerable level :P)

  • Screen_BlitzMay 27, 2016Reply

    The X-Men make a surprising but flawed return to the big screen

    It’s been sixteen years since the debut of the X-Men franchise in 2000,
    and the series is shown to still be running. Director Bryan Singer has
    given grace to the franchise, though it has fallen victim to a few
    disappointments along the way, take ‘X-Men: Origins’ for example. This
    ninth installment to the series continues the story after the events of
    ‘Days of Future Past’ when our hero Wolverine traveled back in time to
    save the world from the tyrant robots known as The Sentinels and
    restored peace, though the peace for the mutants was only temporary.
    The film opens up in ancient Egypt with the awakening of the most
    powerful mutant in the world Apocalypse (played by Oscar Isaac), a
    mutant born thousands of years ago as a god and is capable destroying
    absolutely everything in this path. When the mutants learn of his
    return and discover this plan to completely wipe out civilization as we
    know it while assisted by his four horsemen: Storm (played by Alexander
    Shippe) Angel (played by Ben Hardy), Psylocke (played by Oliva Munn)
    and later joining them is Magneto (played by Michael Fassbender). To an
    grueling effort to save humanity, the mutants band together to defeat
    Apocalypse once and for all. Joining the mutants is Mystique (Jennifer
    Lawrence), The Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Quiksilver (Evan Peters), along
    with some newcomers including Nightcrawler (Kodi-Smit McPhee), Jean
    Grey (Sophie Turner), and Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) assisted by Professor
    Charles Xavier (Jams McAvoy).

    This film serves a pleasant continuation to the X-Men storyline, but
    it’s not quite as fresh as it should be, hitting a few flaws along the
    way. The film begins with a truly compelling premise and introduction
    of the main villain Apocalypse to kick off the story which follows an
    antagonist who is portrayed as a god. So yes, the film does seem to
    implant some biblical symbolism in the story including the four
    horseman of the Apocalypse which some may be familiar with in the
    Bible. The execution of the story is strong enough to maintain
    interest. But if there is a major flaw in the story, it lies within the
    pacing along with the main villain Apocalypse himself. After a
    compelling introduction our antagonist, the story journeys through a
    bloated amount of exposition, moving the plot at an unnecessarily slow
    pace during the first half. I can’t argue that the establishment of
    Magneto’s story and his transformation from an innocent man to a tragic
    anti-hero, everything else feels a bit confused, at least until the
    story finally kicks off during the second half. The same goes for
    Apocalypse. With a villain as powerful and legendary as him, viewers
    would expect him to be treated with proper development. The part this
    villain fails at providing a clear motivation as why is trying to
    destroy the world other than just to destroy it. Without a solid
    motivation, the result is a villain that feels rather underdeveloped,
    though he reaches redemption from a decent performance by Oscar Isaac.

    While the film may not bless with the most engrossing villain of the
    franchise, we are fortunately granted with of course, exhilarating
    visual effects and action sequences to pinnacle our excitement. The
    action sequences are fun as ever, and given by the impressive CGI,
    they’re quite pulse-pounding to watch. The climatic battle during the
    final twenty minutes are easily some of the best moments. Like the
    previous film Days of Future Past, Quik Silver played by Evan Peters
    earns his time to shine in another of his big ”freeze-motion” scene
    accompanied a classic 80s soundtrack (Haha!). Apocalypse on the other
    hand, is cool to look at but the CGI and costume design on Oscar Isaac
    is not too impressive or particularly scary enough to make him look
    menacing. Even if the visuals effects don’t impress you, it’s great to
    see some of our favorite cast members return to the screen along with
    newcomers like Tye Sheridan and Kodi Smit-McPhee as Cyclops and
    Nightcrawler. The performances are incredible, especially Michael
    Fassbender who delivers as captivating, emotionally-driven portrayal of
    the iconic Magneto. Is his performance Oscar-worthy? No, but it stands
    truly memorable.

    X-Men Apoaclypse may feel like a slight step backwards in the series,
    but it’s solidly entertaining and marks an accomplished opportunity by
    director Bryan Singer as well as a worthy kickstart to the summer, even
    if it hits some flaws in the process. This film is worth seeing,
    especially for X-Men fans and bound to score big riches at the box
    office, much like every other Marvel-based picture.

  • k_l_harishMay 27, 2016Reply

    Good Movie. Critics are too harsh on this.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Randver ThorbergMay 27, 2016Reply

    Very enjoyable and a well-made film.

    I know some of you have heard pretty mixed reviews from critics, but I
    wouldn’t trust them. Critics do get things wrong from time to time. I
    saw the film recently and I must say that I was very entertained. The
    script is very good (though kind of Hollywooded), the visual effects
    are impressive, the music score is awesome, the acting and directing is
    fantastic and it’s well edited. But personally, my favourite thing
    about the film was the characters and the costumes.

    However, I do think this film is somewhat weaker than First Class and
    Days of Future Past. Those two films took a very different and
    inspiring approach to the franchise which did not fail to impress the
    audience. While Apocalypse appears to be more focused on the characters
    themselves. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, just that I was hoping
    for more. Nevertheless, Bryan Singer managed to bring the trilogy to a
    successful and a good end.

  • sterlingfuMay 27, 2016Reply

    Worst movie out of the trilogy!!!!!!BORING!!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jonathan RosasMay 27, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • griffolyon12May 27, 2016Reply

    A Spoiler-Free Review

    The X-Men are back in the sixth movie in the X-Men franchise and the
    fourth to be directed by Bryan Singer. While this is the end of the
    second X-Men trilogy, it also feels like a new beginning. The main
    thing to understand with X-Men: Apocalypse is that you shouldn’t listen
    to most of the critics lambasting it for its vast number of characters
    and story lines. Even though there is a lot that goes on in X-Men:
    Apocalypse, it’s all emotionally engaging and most importantly, fun.

    X-Men: Apocalypse takes place ten years after the events of Days of
    Future Past in 1983. The world’s very first mutant from Ancient Egypt,
    a being named Apocalypse who thinks himself a god, awakens from
    suspended animation and sees how the world has become without his
    leadership. Apocalypse sets out to destroy almost the entire Earth to
    start humanity over anew, with only those pesky X-Men standing in his
    way. In a nutshell, that’s the entire movie, but what gives X- Men:
    Apocalypse its emotional resonance is the fact that it is the sixth
    X-Men movie.

    This is a direct sequel in the way that The Empire Strikes Back was to
    Star Wars. The movie makers don’t waste time reminding us who these
    characters are or what they’re doing, they simply assume we’ve watched
    every other X-Men movie. While there might be a few passive fans of the
    franchise who do not like this approach, as a fan who has seen all of
    the X-Men movies multiple times, I was on cloud nine practically the
    entire runtime. On top of that, this one and Days of Future Past feel
    like the movie makers are finally embracing the more comic bookish
    nature of the X-Men. There are a lot more fantastical images in this
    one that look and feel as if they were taken straight from the pages of
    the comic books, and as a comic book fan, that’s just icing on an
    already delicious cake.

    Overall, I absolutely loved X-Men: Apocalypse and it’s my personal
    favorite superhero movie of 2016 so far. I know those are fighting
    words, but all of my favorite X-Men are represented in this movie and
    shine brighter than these movies have ever let them shine. From the
    teenage reintroductions to Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Nightcrawler, it’s
    like Bryan Singer was reading my mind Professor X style to deliver the
    X-Men movie I’ve wanted for years.

    I give X-Men: Apocalypse a 9 out of 10!

  • steve beard ([email protected])May 27, 2016Reply

    Good Story/Great Action

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ironhorse_ivMay 27, 2016Reply

    X-Men: Apocalypse was X-cellent, despite what some people might say about the film.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Pantelis AndreouMay 27, 2016Reply

    A perfect way to close the trilogy!

    X-Men: Apocalypse is not as good as First Class and Days Of Future
    Past;It’s a solid entry with a big ending! I really enjoyed Apocalypse
    but at times it felt a bit cheesy but the movie takes place in the 80’s
    so they attempted to give it an authentic era feel. The beginning was a
    bit slow and by slow I mean that there’s a lot of dialogue going on and
    that’s because i think they wanted to built the character of
    Apocalypse. besides that there are tons of great moments, especially
    another fantastic scene with Quicksilver. another concern about the
    movie is that Apocalypse himself never feels threatening. When he shows
    up, he seems like you should be afraid, but by the end of the movie he
    seems under powered and you wonder why his followers worked for him at
    the first place. Also Angel and Psylocke could have been more central
    to the 4 horseman. the final battle was epic and ransom and characters
    had nice costumes too! to sum up it’s a highly entertaining film to
    watch especially for the fans but for some others it might not pass!

  • waqil shopnil ([email protected])May 27, 2016Reply

    Good but not Excellent

    The movie is not what the critics are letting you believe. This movie
    is good but not excellent or Awesome.. If you watched DOFP and a big
    fan of Xmen, then don’t even think about keeping your hopes high.. You
    will just get knocked out :/

    If you keep your expectations low, then it is a pretty decent movie.

    The movie is interesting but I wouldn’t say it is worth craving.. It
    has few ups and downs but you would love to finish the movie.. It will
    bind you to your seats..

    The last thing is: I liked that JLaw wasn’t emphasized too much. This
    time it was Sophie Turner and she did her Jean Grey part brilliantly.
    Who would’ve seen that coming?? :v

    and Quicksilver tried a lot to save this movie :3 but Alas!

  • Matthew GangeMay 27, 2016Reply

    Best X-Men movie ever!

    I just came back from seeing this movie, & I found out that this movie

    …SUPER DUPER AWESOME! (Sorry, Civil War & Dawn of Justice!)

    Everyone who got involved in this movie did a great job! It was a great
    sequel to Days of Future Past (which I also saw in 2014). Apocalypse
    was so powerful x)

    The action, drama, and others are good.

    My fave scene in this movie is the part when Quicksilver appeared.

    If this is the last X-Men movie, then I’ll miss this movie. RIP X-Men
    film series


  • CanBafMay 27, 2016Reply

    An incredible villain and a likable hero, but at the same time many unsatisfying characters and an unsatisfying ending

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • amesmondeMay 27, 2016Reply

    Solid entertainment in a sea of other superhero films

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • aaron_phoenixMay 27, 2016Reply

    Epic X-Men Movie!!!

    X-Men has always been my #1 superhero team since I was a little boy and
    when I first heard about X-men apocalypse I got so excited. Well right
    before the movie came out I saw and heard about all the bad reviews
    from rotten Tomato and the like so I started to get worried about this
    movie. After seeing the movie all I’m thinking is did me and the
    critics see the same movie because this movie is one of the best so
    far. Truly Epic movie. Bryan Singer and the cast and crew did an
    awesome, amazing job. This is a must see. Screw rotten tomato and the
    critic’s cause apparently they know nothing about X-men and apocalypse.
    I just got done watching this movie and I can’t wait to see it again

  • Figgy66-915-598470May 27, 2016Reply

    Hell of a ride

    27 May 2016 Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – X-Men:
    Apocalypse. This is the next chapter of the prequel story, if that
    sounds confusing, you’re quite right it is. The film starts with a bit
    of history, way way back in time, then it jumps all over the place as
    it sets you up to bring all the characters together to the main story.
    Apocalypse answers all those questions you’ve been asking but ask many
    many more. A complex story, a web of cleverness and cast of characters
    each with their own mutant talent, range of emotions and code of what’s
    right and what’s wrong. I’m not going to comment on the plot in any way
    for fear of spoilers, suffice to say we are taken on an exhausting but
    exhilarating journey, hold on tight it’s a hell of a ride.

  • rossimarkMay 27, 2016Reply

    I enjoyed the movie

    I am honestly a bit surprised at how many bad reviews this movie has
    received. I actually really enjoyed watching this film and was
    entertained the whole way through-that’s the whole point to a movie
    right..Anyways, I enjoyed the XMen since a kid but, for some reason I
    don’t remember ever being introduced to comics as a kid. I have never
    had any but, I had the straight to VHS movies and watched all the
    series..So,Im not too familiar with the comic plot line of the movie so
    whatever way this may stray from that did not affect any opinion of the
    movie-nor would it normally if a movie strayed from original plot. I
    would recommend this movie to the person that enjoys super hero movies
    to begin with and who wants to watch a movie just to be entertained.
    That is just my opinion in a sea of the majority held ‘nay’ votes.

  • Leo OntiverosMay 27, 2016Reply

    Bad luck, it’s good but had to live up to the expectations, spoiler: it did not.

    I usually don’t write reviews unless i have a great grade to give or a
    very awful, but for the first time i decided to write a review along
    with an average note. Why? For starters the movie isn’t bad, its pretty
    darn entertaining actually, has some very emotional moments, some
    awesome action scenes, some great cinematography and music, some
    quicksilver, and it was hella ambitious in scale, and it actually was.
    So with all that said, why only average? Well, Days of future past is
    more than a good superhero flick, is an amazing film, everything about
    that movie was good, what Apocalypse tries is to be bigger than DOFP,
    and while it is it just doesn’t work. DOFP felt just so much important
    even tho there wasn’t a godlike ancient being trying to eradicate the
    human race. The movie is great, go watch it, but i just hope they try
    to make movies as good as DOFP, thats exactly where the bar should be.

  • jpach34May 27, 2016Reply

    The End of the World

    The end of the world. That is probably not what you wanted to hear, but
    it is coming and it is true, just not in the shape or form of a mutant
    destroying the world. The tag line is: only the strong will survive.
    But who are the strongest. Nothing is short of the strong-willed human
    being or mutant for that matter. When we left our friends/heroes, they
    were all divided and went their separate ways (Days of Future Past) and
    the beginning started for some. But then the unthinkable happened – the
    end of the world. I don’t want to spoil this review for the people who
    have not seen it, but I will say this everything this movie stood for
    and stands for will ultimately come out in the wash. Leading an
    all-star cast, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender give extraordinary
    performances. With this the second movie of Summer 2016, this movie
    will stand the test of time. It was beyond incredible. It was earth
    shattering. I know what you may be thinking. Not really, because unlike
    Charles Xavier, I can’t read minds. But the future is bright for the
    X-Men Franchise all the thanks for that goes to a brilliant director
    who lead the all-star cast and thousands upon millions of crew members
    and fans alike to stand up for what they believe in. Bryan Singer, you
    are an incredible director, you made it easy for us believers to
    embrace the strongest in us. Our world may be coming to an end, but not
    the end for the X-Men. Thank you, Bryan for your tenacity and for your
    blood, sweat and tears. So, for those of you who did see the movie, the
    post-credits scene – something is about to happen – I believe that
    there will be another one, another X-Men, do you?

  • mwcrunnerMay 27, 2016Reply

    Not as bad as critics think

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • arnieiamMay 27, 2016Reply

    So the era of big budget messy comic book films continues

    This is not Bryan Singer’s fault. I love the usual suspects and the
    first two X-Men films. I can definitely see a leaky script and studio
    meddling here.

    I don’t get it? Why does every comic book film since the advent of the
    Avengers have to be these poorly paced bloated CGI messes? And are we
    really following the messy continuity and character arcs of First Class

    Re-watching Singer’s first 2 films I realised how brilliant they are
    and how much I dislike everything since. Those first two films
    basically showed us how less is more. I found it strange how back in
    2000, when comic-book films were still finding their footing, Fox
    decided to adapt one of Marvel’s longest running and convoluted
    properties of a team of superheros where the roster constantly changes.
    Especially with a relatively low budget considering what they cost now.
    But it worked, since Singer stuck to limiting the characters, grounding
    the story and stylistic elements and focusing on the main themes of
    persecution and prejudice. And they hold up really well.

    It was unfortunate how the first two films focused a little too much on
    Wolverine. But hey, the character is the most popular and he serves a
    purpose so it really never bothered anyone. However for this new
    reboot/prequel series, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT MYSTIQUE! PLEASE FOR THE
    PIVOTAL CHARACTER! I don’t care that the studio got Oscar winner
    Jennifer Lawrence to play her. She is a shapeshifter, what good is that
    going to do when you are fighting a demigod who can bend reality?

    Oh yeah the villain, Apocalypse. He is your generic villain that wants
    to end the world while ensnaring other mutants to do his bidding while
    he speaks in a Buffalo Bill monotone. What you expected a villain on
    par with Ian McKellan’s Magneto or Brian Cox’s Stryker who were
    actually layered and multi-dimensional?

    And yeah Fassbender’s Magneto is so all over the place? What are his
    ideologies? What are his convictions? Why is he still on good terms in
    Prof X even though he paralysed him and dropped a baseball stadium over
    the white-house only furthering the fear of mutants?

    Usually I moan about character development especially with a film that
    features an ensemble cast, but actually some were done right. Jean Grey
    and Cyclops were actually pretty interesting. We see them young and
    trying to develop their powers, although still they have yet to explain
    why Cyclops can’t control his beams while his eyes are opened (hitting
    his head in a plane crash). And Jean Grey is mostly a telekinetic so
    why did they focus on her telepathy so much? The Quicksilver scenes
    were awesome as usual with his slowed down perception. One character
    who I felt somewhat got the Shaft was storm, as early in the film she
    became Apocalypse’s underling. She is one of my favourite X-Men and is
    very powerful but we don’t see her use them in a useful way.

    The pacing. There is one sub-plot which came out of nowhere and was
    used for fan service. And the many of the Mystique scenes.

    Ultimately this suffers from Age of Ultron syndrome. This is not a bad
    movie. Nowhere near the mess of Batman vs Superman. However it does not
    have the balance of Captain America Civil War. It is still another CGI
    orgy. In the end I really like the first two Singer films. They were so
    in tune with the themes of the comic book and didn’t really care about
    the look so this film is not my cup of tea. If you like the flashy
    stuff and not really care about character dynamics then you should be
    fine with it.

  • Jackson Booth-MillardMay 27, 2016Reply

    X-Men: Apocalypse

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • elliott78212May 27, 2016Reply

    WOW!!! X-Men Perfection

    Wow!!! What writer Chris Claremont did for the Xmen comic in the 80’s
    Director Writer Brian Singer is doing for the Xmen film franchise this
    movie brings us full circle even through the altered time line after
    Days of Future Past back to the first Xmen film only now that the time
    line was altered do we see the true repercussion. That’s saying a lot
    people get twisted with timeline alterations but this connects things
    from all the movies and of course from First Class to Apocalypse. More
    than that it gives more foundation to what we see when Logan returns to
    the mansion after Future Past to find Phoenix and Cyclops alive and
    more than that go back to the first film and remember Xavier knew
    things about Logan. When timelines are altered somethings stay the same
    but play out differently like Mystique working in the Danger Room make
    note of the Sentinels from the first movie to the newest perfect
    example of timeline alterations yet stay the same. Brian Singer is a
    Genius. OH Yeah go see it omg its so good critics be damned Long Live
    the Phoenix.

  • regula1May 28, 2016Reply

    See this movie in context and it’s epic. See it as a stand-alone film, and you miss the point

    ”Promise me you’ll find us…the X-Men…guide us.”

    This was Logan/Wolverine’s plea to a young Charles Xavier/Professor X
    in the previous installment of the X-Men franchise, Days of Future
    Past. That film essentially gave the franchise a fresh start, free of
    it’s past mistakes (ahem,The Last Stand, ahem). Now, we get to see what
    director Bryan Singer can do with his second chance.

    It’s 1983, exactly ten years after the future-changing events of Days
    of Future Past. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters is full of
    students, Eric Lensherr/Magneto is living low in Poland with a new
    family, and mutants, while not openly persecuted, still feel like

    Along comes En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, played by Oscar Isaac (Poe
    Damaran, is that you under all that makeup?). He’s the world’s first
    mutant, buried in stasis in Egypt after his subjects betrayed him 5000
    years ago. Now he awakens to a world that doesn’t worship any one god
    (read this as ‘him’), and he sets about to fulfill his name, with the
    help of his Four Horsemen (Magneto, a young Ororo Monroe/Storm,
    Psylocke, and Angel).

    Faced against the end of the world, Xavier and his students must band
    together and fight, as Charles states: ”Those of you who have the
    greatest power, protect those who don’t.”

    This film is basically the X-Men version of The Avengers. Most people
    familiar with the X-Men films know who the major players will be, and
    here we see them as separate people with their own problems who will
    come together to protect the people of the earth (at least X-Men aren’t
    squeamish about saying their team catch phrases on screen, unlike

    Now, for those who are seeing this as their first foray into the X-Men
    universe: don’t see this film yet. The plot will seem incredibly
    shallow without the character backstories that have been established,
    and in some cases rewritten, over the past 15 years.

    The reviewers who saw this early clearly did not have this mindset.
    However, I have to concede some of their points that, yes, the dialogue
    seems somewhat repetitive and dull at times, elements that are repeated
    from previous films seem cheaper and less fulfilling the second time
    around, and there was really no feeling of suspense. But honestly, this
    is a superhero movie, are there really any true shockers in those?

    In short, you won’t regret seeing this film if you are a fan of the
    X-Men franchise. The last film erased their mistakes. This new one is
    not a new mistake, but they now have no room for error going forward.

  • Vinicius AndradeMay 28, 2016Reply

    X-Men Apocalypse Review

    After creating an another time-line to the X-men Universe in Days of
    Future Past, X-Men Apocalypse delivers a satisfying and interesting
    story along with presenting the new generation of the future X-men

    In the opening scene, we got to know more about who Apocalypse is and
    all the cult that supports him. After such impressive scene, it made me
    more anxious for the rest. In the end, I wasn’t disappointed, just some
    directions which the film took that made me question about it.

    There’s no doubt that Michael Fassbender as Magneto and James McAvoy as
    Professor X are the ones who gave the best performance. Specially
    Fassbender who in the first scenes are fantastic, specially one in the
    forest. Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique also did a great job, but an
    issue that I had is the path which this character created through the
    films, because there’s so much Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games
    movies in the mystique’s personality that it quite a lot.

    Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse is incredible, the changes in his voice made
    the character feels much more powerful, the costume isn’t as good as
    the one from the comics but it’s quite OK. My problem were the four
    horsemen, the introduction of each one specially Angel and Psylocke is
    very interesting, because it shows a different mutant world that I
    would like to know more, even though it’s the focus of the film. As the
    movie goes on, it’s not given to them such importance and in the end,
    feels like they’re just Apocalypse’s stooges.

    The new generation is very promising, their arcs and presentations
    aren’t very extensive, it’s to the audience get to know the new faces
    of characters already known, as Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Storm
    and Jubille. A character already pretty established is Quicksilver,
    when he’s in the scene, he steals it, particularly in his special scene
    which is just amazing and fantastic to watch.

    Due to the nature of the film, it’s required lots of CGI. It worried
    me, because in some moments it was very perceptible, but overall, the
    special effects were really good, more so, when it was the powers’

    In the end, X-Men Apocalypse is a great movie to the a trilogy started
    in X-Men First Class. In regards of the action is one of the best, it
    falls in the drama aspect, except one or two characters who receive
    more attention, the others doesn’t have a lot to work with in relation
    with their dramatic plot.

  • Modulo mMay 28, 2016Reply

    Pretty good overall..

    I give this film kudos for trying to have a story, it just wasn’t all
    that great of a story. There were good aspects to the story but nothing
    I’d write home about. The scenes with Peter Maximoff are pretty much
    the best ones in this movie. We talked about it after the movie we
    decided what this movie lacked was great characters, and Maximoff is a
    great character who saved the movie for us. I think the characters in
    comic books that are most entertaining are of the Spiderman and
    Quicksilver mold. Just fun characters who do things that allow the
    people making the movie to also have some fun and entertain the
    audience in ways that aren’t just purely about the CGI.

  • Miguel NetoMay 28, 2016Reply

    closes the second trilogy of X -Men with a golden key .

    X-Men Apocalypse is a film that was panned by the critics, and was even
    well accepted by the public, closes very well the second trilogy, I
    still think the last two best films, more X-Men Apocalypse hits much
    points, the scene of the Apocalypse origin is one of the best already
    made movies based on comics, the cast is very good, Michael Fassbender
    as always great, James McAvoy great too, Evan Peters once again
    stealing the show as Mercurio in an excellent scene, Jennifer Lawrence
    fortunately has less prominent than we were waiting for the trailer,
    the new players are good, Tye Sheridan makes a good cyclops, finally, a
    cyclops who is not a weak, that we see a Cyclops that deserve more
    still have to improve, the more I liked Sophie Turner is very well as
    Jean Grey, liked the final scene it is great, Kodi Smith-McPhee steals
    the show as Nightcrawler, he is visually very faithful, and this very
    funny, 4 Apocalypse riders unfortunately not had much attention, taking
    Magneto, plus the Archangel, Psylocke that this fantastic visually and
    Storm returned no highlight deserved Oscar Isaac makes a good
    Apocalypse, more visually is weak, plus at least he had great scenes,
    especially when it showed its power, direction Singer is good, the film
    has script problems, the edition also has some glitches, and the film’s
    CGI has many flaws, especially in the final scene, which despite being
    very good, it fails in CGI, X-Men Apocalypse is a great movie. Note 8.2

  • jaina1055May 28, 2016Reply

    Do not be duped by the rotten score 100% cut throat!

    Do Not Be Duped by the rotten tomatoes score. it is a 100% cut throat
    business anyone with a shred of intelligence would realize that this
    movie was cut off from i-max for a reason, think about it? this movie
    screams i-max and yet its being blocked by Disney’s Alice Through the
    Looking Glass. that is not pure coincidence. and the rt score is
    totally off base, it was outstanding, if you had any interest in this
    film just go and you will thank me for it. i been going to the movies
    since i was a kid and this movie will blow you away, from the
    spectacular acting to the amazing special FX, absolutely epic villain
    and fantastic action throughout the whole movie. just be your own
    person and go!

  • dhuyphamMay 28, 2016Reply

    Very enjoyable, but I still liked DOFP a little more. Slight spoilers.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • fabio-1997May 28, 2016Reply

    So much fun to be had!

    I don’t agree with the critics on this one, they’re wrong. This movie
    has some issues, i know, but overall, this is very entertaining! The
    movie starts off on a high note, with a spectacular sequence set in
    Egypt that blew me away, and i mean BLEW me away! it felt like an
    adventure movie of some sort! After that action-packed opening we start
    to follow Xavier and Magneto and all those familiar faces that once
    again, shine. The stand out of this movie, on my opinion, is McAvoy.
    The guy is great! He creates such a reliable Charles, and he is just
    very likable! There are new faces, of course, and they all do a pretty
    good job with what they’re given. Sophie Turner in particular, her Jean
    Grey is very, very good. There are these amazing set pieces throughout
    the movie and some really magnificent scenes. One in particular being
    the Quicksilver one, which is indeed the best i have ever seen from
    him. Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse is fine, although coming across as a bit
    cliché. Overall, this was a fun movie, and yes, it has a lot of
    structural problems and some pacing issues, but just don’t dismiss this
    movie, while not great, it’s pretty good.

  • ThekeybaldemasterrisesMay 28, 2016Reply

    Critics are weirdos this movie ROCKED

    The critics are really tuning out when it comes to summer blockbusters
    and it’s such a shame. I was a little worried going into this movie
    because of all the bad rap it’s got right now. But to my surprise, it
    was AWESOME. And I think critics are trashing this film because they
    just don’t care, they think it’s repetitive and it’s pandering to fans
    of the characters. I’m glad it it was made for the fans of the comics,
    cartoons, whatever form you grew up with, because in my opinion this is
    the best live action adaptation to date of the X- Men characters. But I
    wanna make it clear that I don’t think it’s better than First Class as
    a movie, or Days of Future Past for that matter, but it’s still really
    good. In a bloated year of comic book movies this is one that feels the
    most familiar but still fresh. The X-Men franchise being out of
    Marvel’s hands is saddening to a certain extent, but it’s nice to see
    it provide something different from what we expect in the Avengers. My
    friend and I both agree it’s nice to have a more balance of drama and
    humor in the X-men films rather then having constant humor like in the
    Avengers, now I’m not saying I didn’t like this past month’s Civil War,
    I really enjoyed it, but it’s nice to move the focus to a more dramatic
    conflict and less on the one liners. There are a few problems I have
    that I want to address first before I describe what I love about the
    movie. My first problem is the four horsemen, I feel it was rushed and
    completely left open with not enough details. Magneto was really the
    only one who made sense to me why he would join Apocalypse, because
    with Storm, Pyslocke, and Angel you just don’t get to know them at all.
    They play off more as henchman rather than famous characters that we
    know. My other problem is Apocalypse wasn’t used to his full potential,
    I think Oscar Issac did a great job with what he was given, but his
    lines feel repetitive and corny at times. His powers are unexplained,
    I’m not too sure what exactly he can do and it would’ve been a nice
    touch to just see what other powers he’s capable of. On a more positive
    note I LOVED the urgency they showed with him, I really felt like there
    was a sense of danger finally which is a hard thing to find in the MCU.
    With the stakes being raised, it adds the tension and I feel that’s
    severely lacking in most of the Avengers films except for a few scenes
    obviously. It’s nice to see everyone from First Class reconnect and
    reflect on the memories from that film because it adds a sense of
    closure to that generation of mutants, especially between Xavier and
    Erik. While the new generation finally join the X-Men for a potentially
    awesome sequel in the 90’s. I have no complaints there, I loved Jean
    and Nightcrawler, and I thought Cyclops did fine. Quicksilver was
    freaking great as you might expect so I hope to see him come back.
    There’s so much I want to talk about but I want to keep it spoiler
    free. But let’s just say everything they hint at in this movie got me
    so amped up that the next X-Men is on the top of my anticipation list.
    If you haven’t done so, BUY A TICKET TO THIS MOVIE!!!

  • ChrisInMiamiMay 28, 2016Reply

    Passable but not as good as First Class and Days of Future Past

    Younger versions of the Xmen come together to battle the most powerful
    mutant in the world, who has been trapped and sleeping since 3500 BC.
    For me, going to the movies is always a fun night out, but this wasn’t
    necessarily a fun movie. There are some great sequences and some yawn
    inspiring dialogue… ”Use your Powers!” Some really good acting gets
    lost in poor camera angles and cinematography.The editing and direction
    seem to weigh down what was probably a decent script. There was
    probably a better movie there, but the editor didn’t find it. This
    movie suffers from the same meandering that plagued Last Stand. The
    over-use of CGI, especially in the final battle sequence didn’t help
    either. Characters that are wasted: Magneto, Angel, Jubilee, Havoc and
    definitely Jean Grey. Characters that shine, Apocalypse, Cyclops,
    Quicksilver(when he’s not spouting awkward dialogue). Worst chemistry
    between James Mcavoy and Rose Byrne, surprising given how well they
    worked in First Class. It’s worth seeing just for a few standout
    sequences though, especially another great quicksilver rescue and a
    psychic battle of the minds.

    Miscellaneous thought, the opening night 3D viewing I attended at 730pm
    was almost empty.

  • Special-K88May 28, 2016Reply

    nothing we haven’t seen already

    Just ten years after an event that forever changed history, trouble
    still lies ahead for both mutant and human populations when the
    original, all-powerful mutant En Sabah Nur awakens with a mission to
    ‘cleanse’ the world and build a better one. Naturally, this attracts
    the attention of Xavier, Magneto, Mystique et al who are caught in the
    path of his destruction. Lugubrious addition to the X-Men saga
    initially seems ambitious and exciting, but stumbles over its excessive
    narratives, provides little in terms of character, and fails to
    overcome a feeling of redundancy. Livens up a bit in its third act, but
    till then it doesn’t bring much of anything new to the table, nor does
    it provide an honest ending to resolve any of the series’ long-standing
    continuity issues. **

  • vishalpanchal-93558May 28, 2016Reply

    Reviewers who think this one doesn’t live up to expectations should definitely be in their 40’s. you guys should retire now. This job is not for you.

    That was again the best and worth watching movie I saw today.
    Fassbender was always the best choice for Magneto so is James McAvoy
    for Charles. New entries were just perfect. This would be in my blu ray
    collection soon.

    As for other professional movie reviewers out there..

    I can’t believe I was actually going to miss this one because of all
    the negative reviews all over, but man were they wrong. Won’t criticize
    them as that is not our job ! but guys please do you seriously think
    the movie was that bad was it you were in a bad mood when you went to
    see it. or was that a paid bash just like you did for… use your
    imagination which could it be.

  • PWNYCNYMay 28, 2016Reply

    Not a bad movie, overly long, some strong acting.

    Simple plot, lots of special effects, predictable outcome. This is the
    formula that drives Hollywood movies today, and this movie is no
    exception. The movie contains strong acting, but that is totally
    upstaged by the immense use of special effects which gives the movie a
    cartoon-like character. As this movie is based on comic book
    characters, that should not be surprising. The premise of the story is
    a shaky one – humans divided into two subspecies, one mutant and the
    others normal. The cause of this division is not explained. For the
    story to be engaging, this division has to be accepted without
    question. Otherwise the entire story is meaningless and contrived. The
    movie offers two and a half hours of almost nonstop special effects.
    There is some character development which adds some substance to the
    plot, and makes the movie more watchable. But about two-thirds of the
    way into the movie, the story becomes rather tedious as it moves to its
    inevitable outcome. The problem with comic book characters is exactly
    that – they are comic book characters, and frankly, how emotionally
    invested can anyone really become in characters that by their very
    nature are pure fantasy?

  • The_Stoic_MinionMay 28, 2016Reply

    A little disappointed…

    It’s a shame, I was highly anticipating this movie but I left the
    theater…less than thrilled with the result.

    We begin the story with a quick backstory on Apocalypse. The story then
    shifts forward to the 80s where we get a lot of different introductions
    to new mutants, and old. Magneto is revealed to be living a normal life
    but his subplot felt unnecessary to the story, even though a great
    scene resulted in it. Xavier is finally settling in with the school and
    Mystique is running around being a hero (huh?). Once Apocalypse
    resurfaces, he begins to recruit his 4 horsemen and attempt his plan to
    take over the world. The rest of the film follows.

    This movie features some great action, an interesting villain, and a
    surprising amount of violence. So why didn’t I love it? Well..

    We’re introduced to SO many different characters all at once that there
    wasn’t really anytime spent on actually developing them. Funnily
    enough, we got most of the character development from those we already
    know so much about. The writers try to connect a lot of what is
    happening in the movie to the sequels but it doesn’t really work when
    there are already so many inconsistencies.

    I enjoy Jennifer Lawrence but Mystique leading the X-men seems
    ridiculously out-of-character. Sophie Turner seems really off as Jean
    Grey and Tye Sheridan didn’t really sell me as Cyclops, then again I
    blame the writing for that one. Psylocke, Storm, and Angel, all seemed
    replaceable and weren’t even remotely memorable since they feel thrown
    into the story. Quicksilver was great but his storyline twist felt a
    little tacked on.

    A lot of the comedy fell flat and was forced at times. The romance
    subplots felt underdeveloped and their is a serious lack of chemistry
    between Cyclops and Jean.

    In the end, I just wasn’t impressed.

  • ParsingHausMay 28, 2016Reply

    Haus Verdict: Weak villain, much CGI, not much sense. The elements are there, but it doesn’t hum. But that Quicksilver scene is the flippin’ mustard.

    An omnipotent deity falls into a thousand-year sleep, leaving humanity
    to fend for itself. I know what you’re thinking–ah, so that’s why
    there haven’t been any Haus reviews!–but no, my flock. ‘Tis not my
    apologia. ‘Tis, rather, the soft undergirding of what passes for a
    backstory to X-Men: Apocalypse.

    Quick recap: First Class (2011) was awesome, a fact attributable
    entirely to Matthew Vaughn’s direction. Bryan Singer’s 2014 Days of
    Future Past was a messy muddle, though plenty of people seemed to love
    it. Singer’s now back with Apocalypse, which is–to put it kindly–a
    trifle uneven.

    Whereas some superhero films cling to reality by the tenderest of
    bowlines, the X-Men franchise cast off from those shores long before it
    ever got green-lit. As you probably know, the various characters wield
    arbitrary and wholly impossible powers, which absent careful
    story-rigging would lead to some very uneven title fights indeed. As
    usual, there’s really no sense belaboring the lack of realism in the
    X-Men films, but it’s perhaps worth noting that unlike some of its
    sibling installments, this one doesn’t even try a pseudoscience gloss.
    Mutants here are closer to gods, which is perhaps how they’re properly
    seen. (Once I decided this, in fact, I enjoyed the climactic battle a
    good deal more.)

    Story wise? Well, as the trailer suggests, an ancient Egyptian
    mutant/god (Apocalypse, who according to the credits is played by an
    unrecognizable and deeply slumming Oscar Isaac) awakens from his
    poorly-explained sleep to seek–what else?– the destruction of the
    world. He identifies other mutants as henchmen and augments their
    powers. Some mutants join him, others try to stop him. He wrecks some
    things (largely of the Egyptian variety) though never manages
    effectively to convey his motivation for pretty much anything he does.
    (He’s also not frightening, coming off more like a lumbering eighties
    action figure with seaweed-colored pancake makeup.) Humans, perhaps
    mercifully, play virtually no role in this film–eschewing even their
    traditional duties of gawking helplessly as heroes and villains wreak
    havoc. A couple of cut scenes show Pentagon-types wringing their hands,
    but that’s about it. Mutants Only.

    Coolest scene ever. Coolest scene ever. The good? An absolutely
    brilliant (and appropriately long) scene featuring Quicksilver racing
    through frozen time takes the Haus trophy for best Sweet Dreams montage
    ever put to film. Evan Peters (that’s right, Kick Ass’s best friend)
    playing Quicksilver– that’s great too. Olivia Munn’s monotone glare.
    Olivia Munn’s outfit (for comedic value, natch). Legitimately strong
    performances by the main leads.

    The bad? The story leaves aforementioned main leads often with little
    or nothing to do. The villain is lame. It’s long. Is any of this tied
    to reality in any form at all? And this may be sacrilegious, but I
    really didn’t find much of the CGI to be that good. Your mileage may

    The big question is, should you see it? Eh, maybe. If you’ve already
    seen Captain America: Civil War (a far better version of Marvel hero
    overload that’s also out now) and Zootopia (a fabulous Pixar film,
    still playing as I write), and you still fancy a summer blockbuster
    type experience, this one isn’t all bad. I’ve seen worse. And for an
    X-Men film, around these parts, that puts it right around the middle of
    the pack.

    Haus Verdict: Weak villain, much CGI, not much sense. The elements are
    there, but it doesn’t hum. But that Quicksilver scene is the flippin’

    X-Men: Apocalypse opens everywhere today, May 27.

  • hakunabearMay 28, 2016Reply

    Better than expected with an unremarkable villain (7/10)

    I didn’t have high expectations from this movie. Amidst all the
    grandeur marketing for other superhero movies like Civil War and Batman
    v Superman, this movie had the lesser share of anticipation from the
    fans, which could be attributed to the fact that the trailers were
    quite dreary and uninspiring. Also, the movie currently holds a score
    of 47% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. So, critics seem to be divided on
    this one. That being said, I have stopped taking Rotten Tomatoes
    seriously ever since Furious 7 got a score of 81%

    I should mention that Days of Future past is one of my all time
    favourite superhero movies and was unanimously praised by fans and
    critics, so in this movie’s defense, it was a tough act to follow.

    Possible spoilers up ahead!

    THE GOOD: Quicksilver: Quicksilver was one of the highlights of Days of
    Future Past, and the tradition carries over to this one as well. He has
    one incredible action scene, where he showcases the full extent of his
    powers. Pretty much the best part of the movie, if you ask me.

    The New Mutants: I really enjoyed the introduction of the new mutants
    like Jean Gray, Cyclops and Nightcrawler. This is a new iteration of
    these familiar characters from the first few X-Men films. The
    performances of the new actors are reminiscent of the previous films,
    yet stand out in their own way.

    Sophie Turner as Jean Gray was probably the best one of them all. She
    plays a conflicted yet incredibly powerful mutant, scared of her own
    abilities and I can’t wait to see her in the future X-Men movies.

    Professor X and Magneto: James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are
    phenomenal actors and as you would expect, they continue to give
    brilliant performances as Professor X and Erik Lehnsherr.

    However, we didn’t get to see a fleshed out ideological conflict
    between them, something which was one of the best parts of the last two

    Opening Scene: The first scene takes place in ancient Egypt where we
    get our first glimpse at Apocalypse, and his four mighty horsemen which
    kicks off the movie really well.

    Bizarre Mind Tripping Action Scenes: There are a few bizarre and trippy
    action scenes involving Professor X and Apocalypse, which I thought was
    a refreshing break from the usual CGI heavy climactic action scenes in
    summer tentpole movies. Keep an eye out for that.

    THE MEDIOCRE: Apocalypse: Apocalypse was unsurprisingly mediocre. The
    main problem with him was that his motivations didn’t add up. For
    someone who is the titular character of the film, he just seemed like
    another bad guy with another clichéd world domination plan. I wish the
    movie could have done a better job explaining his actions. Why does he
    want to cleanse the world? If he has been doing this since the past
    several thousand years, it seems he’s pretty bad at it, cause he’s been
    unsuccessful at creating a better world every single time.

    Also, I wish they could have made him a bit more physically
    intimidating. There are several scenes where he is standing alongside
    the other female mutants, he is just as tall as them. They should have
    done the trick used in 300, and made him look like a 7 feet giant which
    would have definitely transformed his screen presence for the better.

    Perhaps the thing that somewhat saves this character from becoming any
    worse is his voice and Oscar Isaac’s performance. This could have been
    a really cool character, and I really wish the writers could have done
    a better job with him.

    Psylocke: Psylocke is one of Apocalype’s four horsemen portrayed by
    Olivia Munn, a character I was really excited to see, but sadly she
    didn’t get the time to shine. She remained largely stoic and didn’t get
    to say even a single dialogue in the entire film which is the
    consequence of juggling a plethora of characters in a 2 hour movie. I
    think Munn was trying to do the best, with what she was given, but the
    character just wasn’t written well. It could have been any other XYZ
    villain, and that wouldn’t have made a tad bit difference to the
    overall plot.

    TLDR: This is my score a few hours after the first viewing. It could
    change after the second viewing however.

    Final Verdict: 7.1/10

    It’s a fun action movie with a stellar cast and lackluster villain. If
    you are expecting another Days of Future Past, you will be
    disappointed, but in its own merit X-Men: Apocalypse is a good time at
    the movies.

    P.S. There is a after credit scene which teases the antagonists of the
    future X-Men movies.

  • Austin S. Russell (arussell23)May 28, 2016Reply

    X-Men: Apocalypse is a great X-Men film and managed to keep me enthralled until the end

    X-Men: Apocalypse is set ten years after Days of Future Past and
    follows the return of the first mutant, Apocalypse, as he gathers his
    four horsemen to take the world back for those that are more powerful
    than regular humans. Only Charles Xavier and his team of mutants can
    stop the inevitable Apocalypse before it’s too late.

    I haven’t been an X-Men fan for long, I must confess. I first saw an X-
    Men film when I saw The Wolverine at a drive-in in 2013. Then, I went
    with my dad to see Days of Future Past in 2014. Since then, I’ve seen
    every X-Men film except X-Men Origins: Wolverine (for obvious reasons).
    So I’d like to think I know enough about the X-Men to say that this is
    a really great movie.

    Let’s start with the acting. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender
    continue doing fantastic jobs as Professor X and Magneto, and the fact
    that they’ve had two movies to be on screen together, they help bring
    an extra dimension to the fight with Apocalypse considering Magneto is
    one of his horsemen. Speaking of Apocalypse, Oscar Isaac did a great
    job and he was extremely menacing as Apocalypse. Even though some say
    he’s too short to be threatening (what kind of complaint is that?), he
    managed to make me believe he was going to tear the world apart.

    Tye Sheridan does a great job as the new Cyclops, and really made me
    believe the struggle he was going through. My one issue is Jennifer
    Lawrence, but not in the way everybody else has a problem with her. I
    like her acting, and I think she’s fine, but that’s just it. She’s
    fine. Nothing special. That’s what bothers me. But whatever. Rose Byrne
    returns as Moira which made me happy as she was one of my favorite
    characters in First Class. Nicholas Hoult also returns as Hank, which
    also made me happy. Basically, the cast is overall pretty great.

    I thought the action and the CGI were extremely well done. I could tell
    exactly what was going on, and there were a lot of vibrant colors going
    on during quite a few of them, which helped my enjoyment. The music, by
    John Ottman, was absolutely stunning. The score in the opening sequence
    with Apocalypse is one of my favorite superhero scores ever, because it
    was so menacing and really helped sell the idea that this is an ancient

    The script was pretty good. I mean, coming from the guy who also wrote
    The Last Stand, it works pretty well. Giving Magneto a reason to be a
    dick this time around really works, and it makes the film that much
    more powerful. A lot of new characters are introduced in this film, and
    Kinberg’s script balances them extremely well. Everything felt really
    well balanced, and that’s surprising to me considering the track record
    of some recent superhero films. Bryan Singer returns again to the
    directing chair, and as usual, he does extremely well. Some of his
    other films aren’t as good, but I’ve always liked the X-Men films he’s
    been involved in.

    My biggest issue with the film is essentially the final 10 minutes.
    Nobody dies. I don’t know if that’s really a huge spoiler at this
    point, but only one person dies in the entire run of the film, and
    that’s it. Everybody else lives, and I feel like it’s a bit of a cop
    out. I’ve noticed this trend more and more, and I hope it dies out,
    because a film where only one person dies and it’s not even a main
    character really doesn’t feel like a movie that should be taken
    seriously with high stakes.

    Also, one more thing I almost forgot to mention: for all the fans of
    Quicksilver’s scene from Days of Future Past, his scene in this film is
    much in the same vein, and it even tops it in my opinion. Sweet Dreams,
    for sure.

    Overall, however, X-Men: Apocalypse is an extremely well-done superhero
    film. Is it as good as Deadpool or Civil War? No. Is it as bad as Dawn
    of Justice? No. The acting was superb, the action and the CGI all
    looked brilliant, the music was absolutely stunning, and the script and
    direction all worked too. If you’re looking for a fun time at the
    movies, this one gives it to you. Fear not, X-Men fans, the franchise
    isn’t dead yet.

  • stace-3200May 28, 2016Reply

    Good movie!

    A movie you can enjoy without having to think too much. They have
    finally given cyclops something to do! Which the character deserves.
    Sophie turner as Jean is a great choice and her end scene is worth
    waiting for! I do miss Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen as Xavier and
    magneto however the younger versions are still great actors. I wish
    wolverine made a longer appearance but when he came out it amazing!
    Can’t wait for that movie to come out. I feel like mystique could have
    done more fighting but she made room for the new characters. Over all a
    fun movie and one of the better in the franchise. Can’t wait to see
    what’s next

  • stav_leflerMay 28, 2016Reply

    An hour too long, still an OK movie

    Throughout the movie I was in favor of the guy, Elohim, Ra, whatever.
    He was the only one who made sense and displayed a coherent agenda. But
    in the end, he (in my mind, symbolically, the MIND) doesn’t win,
    because apparently he is alone, and wants to be fully in charge. So it
    looses to a bunch of weaker, emotion-driven beings. Oh wait, the mind
    has one emotion: rage. How cliché.

    And: how come CGI fire STILL looks like CGI fire?!

    And: Why is Jennifer Lawrence held in high acclaim as an actress?

    A bit more humour than usual was apparent in this movie. But then
    again, he had to shove Auschwitz in there again, several times in this
    one. Oh, Brian.

  • primoy9May 28, 2016Reply

    Best superhero movie this year

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Marko KMay 28, 2016Reply

    Great movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • marcferrantejrMay 28, 2016Reply

    I enjoyed it, but I can see why the reviews are so mixed

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jose SaenzMay 28, 2016Reply

    A limping sequel compared to Days Of Future Past

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • taggartcatherineMay 28, 2016Reply

    Fantastic movie!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dahlswedeMay 28, 2016Reply

    Not Very Tolerant

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ([email protected])May 28, 2016Reply

    ”Sweet Dreams Are Made of These” ; indeed they are in the best of the series thus far!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jay HyphenMay 28, 2016Reply

    Keeps getting better & better

    I went to the cinema today with low expectations since First Class and
    The Days of Future past were excellent, this movie was just as great,
    if not, better.

    The music, the acting, the action, and the characters were all amazing.
    Each character had all their turns equally in the movie and I thought
    that was a great idea to get to know them better. Charles Xavier and
    Magneto were both well done and I thought that Isaac AKA Apocalypse did
    really well in the movie. All the other mutants did exceptionally well.

    In my own opinion, I’d go as far to say, but this is the Superhero
    movie of the year for me, even though the year hasn’t ended yet. The
    battle and the intensity of the movie gave me goosebumps and I was at
    the edge of my seat. I hope that they are going to make more Xmen
    movies in the future.

  • merpmanMay 28, 2016Reply

    They got some of it wrong, but what they got right was thrillingly fantastic

    The problem with an x-men movie is that someone is always going to
    complain. For one, you have the comics and then you have the movies.
    Some would say the only similarities are the names of the heroes. But
    then, there are so many different versions/timelines of said characters
    in the comics that its kind of strange to complain that the movies to
    match them enough. I am sure the biggest complaint that your typical
    hardcore xmen fan will have is that their favourite villain, Apoc, was
    not done nearly well enough, and you know what, they probably have a
    beef. But the rest was done so well that you can overlook this and
    really enjoy a great movie. I would even go to say that if Apoc was
    done in such a powerful way as you might expect, then he would have to
    have met his end in an equally or more powerful way, and there’s really
    only on hero capable of that and if that hero did that, well, there
    would be no where else to go for that hero really afterwards.

    Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed it, this being a fan of the comics that
    never read the comics hardcore.

    One more thing though, has to be the most violent of all the Marvel
    movies to date, lots of people meet their end in a not very nice way,
    not too visual, but visual enough.

  • gray-20251May 28, 2016Reply

    Best Super Hero Movie Ever

    Don’t blink. This movie is non-stop action. Has some of the most
    amazing scenes on all time (Sweet Dreams).

    The beginning of the movie introduces you to the super villain,
    Apocalypse. As the movie continues you get to see some other emotional
    attached scenes that really set-up the movie.

    The super powers of these x-men really shine.

    I never had a chance to rest. Kept me at the edge of my seat the whole

    A couple scenes made the entire audience cheer out loud and other

    This movie deserves multiple views. I’m going back to see it again.

  • andfhood-762-37472May 28, 2016Reply

    Should and could have been so much better

    This movie fell short of what I hope for, and to compare it to the
    Captian American civil war, Cap. Blew the x- men away. I’m not saying
    this movie is not worth seeing but it was missing something, by the
    time it was over I was ready to go, I was kind of bored with the movie
    as a whole; however, as far as the CGI effects it was off the charts.
    But even the effects of x-men in my opinion fell short of Batman vs.
    Superman. I know there will be some who disagree with me but as far as
    the younger class x-men movies this one is at the bottom of the list.
    The only two characters that made this movie stand out were Quicksilver
    and Magneto. All the others came off as weak and the story line seemed
    to be jumbled up. Yet, giving all that I still rate it around a 7.5.

  • Thomas DrufkeMay 28, 2016Reply

    False Gods

    With it being the 9th film to date in the series, and the fourth
    superhero film to come out in 2016, X-Men: Apocalypse had a difficult
    task in keeping the genre and franchise fresh. While it struggles with
    some of the same problems as most of these superhero ensemble pieces
    do, Apocalypse serves as both a satisfying conclusion to the second X-
    Men trilogy and an exciting beginning to the next chapter.

    Bryan Singer returns to the franchise once again to direct, as do James
    McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Evan
    Peters, and Rose Byrne. Newcomers include Sophie Turner as Jean Grey,
    Tye Sheridan as Scott Summers, Kodi Smit-McPhee as Nightcrawler, and
    Alexandra Shipp as Storm. A strong point in all of the X-Men entries
    has been the acting, and Apocalypse is no different. McAvoy and
    Fassbender perfectly portray Professor X and Magneto as the two
    opposing viewpoints to the mutant situation. Unfortunately, they don’t
    get as much screen time together as the two previous entries, but that
    makes their scenes together that much more special.

    As far as the newbies go, while they weren’t the central focus of the
    films, I really connected to Jean Grey and Scott Summers. Nightcrawler
    provides some comedic relief and Angel doesn’t really serve any purpose
    in the film, but Scott and Jean were handled well, especially the
    ladder. Being that Sophie Turner didn’t completely prove herself till
    the last few seasons of Game of Thrones, I was skeptical of her going
    in. But Turner did a nice job at balancing the immense power of her
    character while giving her a relatable appeal that made Famke Janssen’s
    performance so great.

    The introduction of Apocalypse was also a tough sell. Adapting the
    character from his comic-book counterpart is one thing, but I was
    pleased with how smoothly his origin fit into the film. It’s hard
    finding a villain that can one up Magneto on a scene to scene basis,
    but Oscar Isaac’s titular villain does just that. Perhaps seeing a bit
    more of him would have served the story more, but his short and
    significant scenes with each of his four horseman were enough to sell
    me on his ominous presence.

    I think some of the faults of the film involve the overabundance of
    characters the film decides to focus on. Every X-Men film is an
    ensemble piece, but ‘Apocalypse’ tries its hardest to do service to so
    many characters, and sometimes it can be a little messy. I don’t think
    there are even scenes I really disliked, but there are some that feel

    Overall, the film succeeds at so many levels it’s hard to be
    disappointed in the outcome. The X-Men films have always been one to
    pull and tug on emotions that other superhero films and blockbusters
    fail to do, and ‘Apocalypse’ definitely does that. For all of the
    explosions and disaster that Apocalypse causes, it still feels very
    personal to the X-Men, and I can certainly appreciate that type of
    storytelling. A little bit of extra care to the script and direction
    will lead to a much tighter film next time around.

    +Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey

    +The newbies are handled well

    +Introduction of Apocalypse

    +Fassbender and McAvoy are once again powerhouses

    -Overabundance of focus on too many characters


  • srdjan_veljkovicMay 28, 2016Reply

    A jumble of a movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RJBrezMay 28, 2016Reply

    I enjoyed, Others will complain.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sweetemotion2May 28, 2016Reply

    The best in the series!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • stansellbMay 28, 2016Reply

    Damn! It was actually good!

    After DoFP, I was skeptical if the First Class reboot could go any
    further. Long story short, DoFP left so many open threads that didn’t
    make sense that I couldn’t keep them all straight. Apocalypse comes
    along and it was the nice shiny bow that tied up the hanging threads of
    DoFP. Well.. most of them anyway.

    Without giving too much away, Apocalypse is definitely a continuation
    of the First Class and DoFP timelines, so know that you won’t
    understand much of it unless you’ve seen those films. You can enjoy it,
    sure, but don’t expect to understand it. Like seeing the Avengers
    without seeing Iron Man or Captain America.

    Watching Apocalypse felt like I was watching the old Saturday morning
    cartoon series from the early 90s. It was nice to see Jubilee there
    (even if she doesn’t use her ‘powers’) but it still left me wondering
    when they’re finally going to bring Gambit into the picture. I suppose
    Colossus was off futzing with Deadpool. We even get to see Prof. X kick
    some ass which was nice however I won’t reveal how.

    The end feels a lot like the end of Civil War which may be my only
    complaint. Without spoiling it, it also allows for the connection to
    the first 3 X-men in a plausible way. My only complaint might be that
    Weapon X was a program and not a man.

    In any case it’s an excellent continuation to the X-Men saga that any
    superhero fan should go and see.

  • beandip57May 28, 2016Reply

    I hated all X-Men movies but this one

    OK, I really didn’t hate all the X-men movies, but none of them are
    what I thought were Awesome!

    X-men are my very favorite…. except in their movies. That being said,
    to me, most of the X-men movies either messed up story lines, made them
    just boring or had little to offer but a 10 sec fight scene. The latter
    movies like Day of Future Past or First Class have been better, but
    still not great. Don’t get me started with Wolverine… wow..still mad
    about that one.

    So going into X-Men Apocalypse was kinda of dread moment for me. I was
    hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. So my girl and I went to
    matinée. And I was surprised how much I liked it.

    The movies starts strong and keeps a good pace. It was definitely not
    call it boring. There are plot holes and weak character development,
    but with all the movies they have done, you get most of the characters.

    CGI is pretty cool Action is decent, not the best but good Comic purist
    will hate it (with good reason and bad) Superhero movie fans I think
    will love it Acting fans: 50/50 Olivia Munn fans, sorry she was really
    under utilized X-Men fans: well, you have to judge for yourself.
    Wolverine fans… I won’t spoil it for you, but… I was happy.

    The best thing I can say about this movie is that they seem to be going
    in a right direction, which leaves me with the new invigorated sense of
    hope for the X-Men franchise.

    Deadpool and X-Men Apocalypse have introduced 3 more characters that
    were in X-Force, in Deapool, Angel and Psylocke. Days of future past
    had a brief character in Warpath and there is Wolverine. That means you
    have 4 out of 6 characters for X-force. Come on Fox, and X-force R
    rated would be insane, learn from the future success of Suicide Squad
    and the great success of Deapool.

    Hope you all enjoy X-Men Apoc as much as I did. nuff said.

  • CallMeFactorMay 28, 2016Reply

    Visual Effects far outweigh the story telling and theatricality

    Overall, I really enjoy the strong and fantastic visual effects,
    nevertheless I have some of questions:

    1) What is the motivation of the followers of the ”God”. If the memory
    is eliminated from human after each return of the ”God” to the earth,
    what makes the followers keeping on calling the ”God” back; If not, why
    these followers insisting on calling back the ”God” to restart the
    civilization by massive destruction, as the price is so huge.

    2) why the ”God” need to find teammates, seems he can easily control
    the human minds (a fact here is he fires all the nuclear to the sky
    through invading and control the mind of the soldiers)

    3) the ”God”’s intention is destroy the current civilization, seems
    firing all the nuclear weapons down to the earth is ten times enough to
    destroy the earth, why he is so stupid.

    4) why the ”God” is easily be betrayed. what is the motivation of his
    ”teammates”, seems not clearly presented.

    5) finally, why the ”God” is defeated without even sweat, a girl who
    overcomes her inner fear become the last straw of the ”God”, hard to

    6)I had thought our Magneto is a faithful men, but he had a bastard;
    and his bastard are eager but reluctant to tell him the truth…..why
    why why…..even in face of the destroy of the earth.

  • mikekittMay 28, 2016Reply

    This board is run by movie marketers they hand out 10’s like candy

    The movie was just so so and that’s sad because Brian singer is a great
    director.Sophie turner was just plain boring.None of the woman in this
    movie were other than unremarkable.This discussion board is taken over
    by marketers just like batman v superman was.One would have to have a
    complete lack of intelligence to rate this higher than five or six.The
    other Singer films are very good as well as his TV show House.Xmen
    first class was excellent and had a very good young cast.These new
    actors lack any charisma.Was it worth 7 bucks to see it at the
    matinée,yeah I guess,but you will forget it in a couple of days.Except
    for the special effects this movie looks like it was made by fan boys
    instead of filmmakers.The look on StanLee’s face in his cameo says it
    all,he’s supposed to look frightened and worried because of the
    earthquakes and chaos,but he’s worried the franchise is going off the
    rails.This movie will fade away by next week and so far this summers
    big budget movies seem to be hit or miss.Civil war was epic,batman v
    superman and X-men are misses in my book,because special effects alone
    can’t save a movie from uninspired writing.The next big budget ensemble
    cast movie is SUICIDE SQUAD and I can’t wait, and it looks like DC and
    Marvel will have one great movie and on so-so movie. American movies
    are the best in the world at making special effects,no one comes
    close,but people are smarter and more sophisticated now and we deserve
    better writers.But watching this movie I felt like i’ve seen it all
    before and even the actors seemed bored with this one.

  • mr_bickle_the_pickleMay 28, 2016Reply

    Why so much hate?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • paulaxelkonstMay 28, 2016Reply

    pretty good

    The new X-men movie is entertaining and fun, with some new people in
    the cast just makes it more exciting. Sophie turner did a great job as
    jean. The plot is interesting, but the weakest links in the movie is
    the villains. Oscar Isaac did a OK job as the main villain. But the 4
    horsemen( expect for magneto ) for forgettable.

    Quicksilver was fantastic, just loved every scene that he is in. (
    expect one annoying theme)

    His Slow-mo scene is great. The movie has good humor, its has good
    action. Wolverines scene is also a fun action sequence. The movie has
    its flaws indeed but they aren’t that big or annoying to destroy the

    This movie made me hungry for more. It will be very interesting how
    they develop some of the new characters. ( and i would love to see
    quicksilver in a standalone film). I can’t understand why this movie
    has got some big negative critic. Overall a fun superhero movie, if u
    are x-men fan u will enjoy it. Of all the x-men movies ( not including
    standalones) This is on the top 5 list for me.


  • m-s-mcgowanMay 28, 2016Reply

    Bryan Singer should no longer be allowed to direct X-Men movies, if not all movies

    What I loved about films like _X-Men_ (2000) and _X-Men: First Class_
    (2011) was the way they lifted ”comic book movies” out of the realm of
    the cartoonish. They were smart, complex, and cool, and made me even
    more proud, in a sense, to consider myself a comics person. _X-Men:
    Apocalypse_ is big step backwards, I’m sad and really annoyed to say.
    This movie is a big step backwards for Bryan Singer, too, I believe.
    His abilities as a director seem to be–seriously–diminishing, not

    In theory, all the elements seem to be there for an awesome super-hero
    movie: a compelling tie to history, the complex interactions of a host
    of interesting characters, the giant budget. But what we end up with is
    tons of awkward pacing, who-cares attempts at drama, and dialogue that
    swings between melodramatic, shallow and flat. In the end, it just
    seems like a great waste of resources on everyone’s part–from the
    actors to the audience.

  • iamshadabMay 28, 2016Reply


    First things first, movie is good, but there’s a lot more that could’ve
    been better, like they can link the movie with X MEN Origins:
    Wolverine, as there is a sequence where it feels connected but not the
    way it should, the story, well every comic fan knows what and who
    apocalypse is, but his get-up and make-up was awful, and people who are
    not familiar with comics will definitely don’t feel connected to the

    Psiloc has finally mad her debut in the series, and she is how she was
    in the comics (only thing that relieved in the movie to see her that
    way)but still her character and her powers needed explanation too,
    she’s probably one of the influential mutant but they just avoided her
    may be due to the whip which makes her similar to Wonder-Woman.

    The movie has became more of a special effects treat rather than a
    complete package, although there are elements which you’d like too,
    this movie is made for Magneto, or naming it X MEN:Magneto will not be
    a bad idea, and yes, you must watch it if you are a fan of him… And
    here I’m talking about the good Magneto, not much here for fans of
    wolverine rather than just cameo…

    Verdict : Watch it only if you are fan of XMEN series, else there’s not
    much for a average movie goer….

  • Aminul HassanMay 29, 2016Reply

    Passable run-of-the-mill superhero fare

    An ensemble of mutants spanning generations are involved in this
    likable but clichéd comic fare. Here, the mutants have to fight the
    first mutant of them all, En Sabah Nur, an ancient Egyptian
    supervillian played an inexpressive Oscar Isaac who’s lost under the
    layers of CGI.

    En Sabah Nur- also known as the titular Apocalypse- awakes from his
    millennia long slumber in his pyramid where he was entombed to find
    that non-mutants rule the Earth and have the vanity of to call their
    political entities ”superpowers”. The movie builds to an inevitable
    crash-bang-wallop conclusion; and with the other recently released
    superhero movies focusing on the collateral damage from their
    squabbles, the increasing levels of destruction in the finale feels
    incredibly lightweight. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender add an
    element of gravitas to the acting but the cast are hampered by the
    script which involved clichéd lines and self-referential jokes which
    fall flat. And with a running time well over two hours, it is a baggy
    and bloated affair.

    With the three spring comic-book blockbusters now released, Apocalypse
    slots in somewhere between Civil War and Batman vs Superman in the
    pecking order. It’s an acceptable film, but if you are an X-Men fan
    looking for character development and some substance beyond the surface
    level spectacle, this is not it.

  • jtaveras64May 29, 2016Reply

    X No more Please …

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • parleon-thedonMay 29, 2016Reply

    X-Men: Apocalypse – review: It’s pretty damn good

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • M A NayeemMay 29, 2016Reply

    This is not a movie, this is x-men

    I’m very familiar with IMDb but I’ve never written a review. Today I
    just signed up here to write this review. Believe me or not this is the
    greatest x-men movie ever could have been made by anyone. I’m just a
    crazy fan of x-men for last 25 years (though I’m just 31 years right
    now). I’ve played each of their games, have seen each & every movies,
    cartoons everything, anything but this one is the greatest. This is for
    the fans, the real x-men fans. What they really want, it is all about.
    Just forget the critics, ignore whatever they say, they just want a
    movie rather than an x-men movie. Just go to the hall right now and
    watch it. Just watch it.

  • DragonsoulsMay 29, 2016Reply

    Don’t listen to critics! This movie absolutely popped my brain!

    There has been a trend in Hollywood lately, several trends in fact. One
    of these trends is the overproduction of mindless or crass films, which
    sadly, are usually the ones that are well received and make a lot of
    money. X-Men Apocalypse is not dumb Deadpool, or an action-packed Civil
    War film, which was thin on plot and high on action. I loved Civil War
    but X-Men Apocalypse is a different animal all together. X-Men
    Apocalypse is a very theological film, full of wonderful writing and
    deep, insightful character arcs that make you consider the human

    X-Men: Apocalypse makes you realize that being transcendent doesn’t
    mean you have more knowledge than everyone else, or that you are
    smarter. It means that you grew past your own inner torments and don’t
    let the pains of your past affect you and your future.

    It’s also a bit dark, darker than any other Superhero film I’ve ever
    seen, including BVS. The Magneto scenes in this movie made be cry my
    eyes out, they were that disturbing! That’s all I’ll saw without
    spoiling anything, but man, I don’t know how this film didn’t get an R-
    Rating. I saw a lot of people walk out of the theater with their kids
    and I don’t blame them. But anyway, back to what made the movie great.

    The acting by Fassbander and McAvoy. As good as it gets in the genre.
    Then we have Singer’s excellent direction, and brilliantly paced story,
    which had a good blend of character driven drama, humor and of course,
    an excellent plot. However, some of the sets looked cheap at times, and
    I had wished that the film had more extras during the action scenes.
    Luckily, whenever Apocalypse did something terrible, we’d get a news
    report every now and then, which helped you realize that so many people
    were indeed affected.

    Speaking of Apocalypse, Oscar Issac absolutely stole this film. Say
    what you want about his look, but man, Boris Karloff move over! He
    looks just like him! I thought he was scary as hell and had some of the
    best lines in the film. He kinda had that Darth Vadar thing going for
    him for a while, and I actually agreed with 90% of his philosophy about
    humans and our destructive behavior.

    It saddens me to see so many people dislike this brilliant piece of
    cinema. I agree, that it was a bit more plot driven than the last
    movie, but hey, some of the best science fiction novels are plot
    driven. I don’t mind theology every once in a while, we need more of it
    in Hollywood, and like BVS before it, it seems like people cannot stand
    esoteric films anymore. And that my friends, is a tragedy.

    9/10. One of the top 3 best X-Men films of all time and a top 10
    favorite of mine. Don’t let critics shape your opinions!

  • MisterWhiplashMay 29, 2016Reply

    sweet dreams are not made of this

    X-Men: Apocalypse, where we get the X-Men another full ten years later
    (also still have barely aged a day since First Class, but whatever,
    movie), and now the stakes are GLOBAL! It’s time for a blue-skinned
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie villain steps up to bat to take over
    everything to ”cleanse” humanity, and take on his four horsemen/women
    for this apocalypse while the X-Men sort of race to stop him (I say
    sort of since they get captured at one point).

    This movie is… a movie, that exists. It’s the textbook definition of
    an ”eh” experience. I didn’t hate it, there’s actors in it still trying
    and working their butts off to dig deep into characters they’ve been in
    for three movies now (McAvoy and Fassbender come off best, Lawrence is
    sometimes in it and sometimes not), and there’s new people (Sophie
    Turner for one) who are trying as well. But what they’re given is…
    minuscule, too little, and too undercooked. This is the kind of movie
    that features both Beethoven’s 7th symphony/2nd movement and it made me
    think of the Nic Cage flick Knowing and how *that* used the song better
    (which wasn’t much at all), and then uses at another point Metallica’s
    ”Four Horsemen” because, hey, title!

    These may sound like small points, but they’re what I latched on to
    while watching this. It’s a plot that is both stupid and rehashed not
    only from other X-Men movies but from other movies in general. The End
    of the World OMG scenario doesn’t cut it anymore (not that Fox will
    stop if Independence Day 2 is any indication, but I digress). And
    unlike the previous two films which were rich in character and
    motivation and using the period they’re set in – 62 and 73, the height
    of Cuba and Nixon – there’s not much here to distinguish it from the
    80’s aside from the obvious Thriller jacket and Star Wars reference
    (which is so out of place I’d wish that Kevin Smith could come and
    smack Singer across the face).

    Here’s my analogy for X-Men: Apocalypse: if you’re the kind of person
    who likes to go to Burger King, and you haven’t had a Whopper in a
    little while and you go to the local Burger King and get a Whopper
    that’s been sitting around for half an hour – so it’s not inedible for
    it’s not cooked fresh – and you eat it and go ”Well, it’s a Whopper,”
    and don’t ask them to cook you a fresh one and take what you’ve
    received and don’t ask for anything else… well, you might be fine
    with this movie. But it’s the textbook definition of a movie with a ton
    of great actors without a good story.

    Also, if you happen to love Oscar Isaac as he’s one of the most
    magnetic personalities in American film right now… this is a stunning
    low for him as a character to play. He has NOTHING here, compared to
    this Poe Dameron in Star Wars is Michael Corleone as far as complexity

  • darkreignnMay 29, 2016Reply


    This movie was a disappointment.

    I was so excited for this movie. The first trailer gave me chills. I
    was ready. I was prepared. I was lubricated. And you know what? This
    movie didn’t go down smooth. It was long, rough, overstuffed, and worst
    of all, boring.

    You’ve seen the trailer. You know that Apocalypse wants to destroy the
    world. Why? Who knows at this point. There’s ”false Gods” and ”idols”
    so he’ll destroy the Earth ”and from the ashes, build a better one!”
    But where’s the real motivation? We’ve seen the ”bad guy wants to
    destroy the world and make a better one” millions of times before, and
    seeing it once again was not exciting in the slightest. And Apocalypse
    wasn’t even menacing either. What were his powers? Giving motivational
    speeches? Seriously, all Apocalypse does is talk and talk and say the
    exact same things over and over. However, he did have one AWESOME line
    that had to do with the Tower of Babel, but other than that nothing
    about his character was memorable or menacing.

    And what about the four horsemen? They hardly did a thing. Storm? Did
    nothing. Angel? Nothing. Psylocke? Nothing. They were recruited, and
    then dropped until the climatic battle scene at the end of the film.
    They weren’t intimidating at all. Now, the film did a good job of
    setting them up (except for Psylocke in my opinion, she literally had
    almost nothing to do at all) but once they were recruited, I don’t
    think they said a word ever again. They just stood there, fought a bit,
    and that was that.

    Now let’s talk about Jennifer Lawrence. Please, for the love of God,
    get another actress. It looked like she wasn’t even trying in the role.
    She looked so incredibly bored, so incredibly dull, that it looks like
    she was reading her lines directly off of the script. Everyone else at
    least looked like they were trying, and then Ms. Lawrence comes on
    screen and all enthusiasm is immediately gone. And I don’t hate
    Jennifer Lawrence. I liked her in First Class a lot, but now it just
    looks like she doesn’t even want to be in these movies anymore.

    There were some good things in this film. James McAvoy and Michael
    Fassbender were absolutely fantastic in every scene they were in.
    Fassbender especially had a fantastic scene in the woods, and he was
    about to have a fantastic scene in his place of employment (you’ll know
    it when you see it) that was instead ruined by Apocalypse intruding and
    ruining the momentum. I do want to say though, that the amount of
    tragedy that Magneto is now suffering in this series is ridiculous.
    They need to stop making this character suffer over and over just for
    the sake of him becoming a villain; at this point it’s ludicrous.
    McAvoy is of course great (I haven’t seen him play a bad role yet) and
    I really hope he continues to play this role well into the future.

    Quicksilver returns, and his scene was just as thrilling as it was in
    DoFP, if a bit longer and a tad drawn out. I liked Sophie Turner as
    Jean Grey a lot, even if her accent was a bit spotty at times. She
    really did seem to be bringing her all to the role, and I look forward
    to watching her in future installments. I also liked how gruesome this
    movie was for a PG-13 film. There were some bloody, gory parts in here
    that literally had my jaw hit the floor, as I didn’t expect to see some
    of the things I saw in a PG-13 superhero movie. Also, there is a
    sequence, that I will not spoil, that includes some very violent and
    very raw action, that unfortunately takes place in a section of the
    movie that honestly could’ve been cut out. The sequence, however, is

    Overall, this movie was a big disappointment, and I’m sorry to say
    that. I honestly thought the movie was going to be great, as I
    absolutely adored the first trailer, but unfortunately it is not. You
    can’t relate or understand where the villains are coming from (except
    for Magneto), so it’s hard for the audience to be invested in them or
    to care about the stakes. The amount of destruction in this film is
    almost pornographic, yet there is no impact as all of the carnage is
    seen from a distance, and not from street level, so the audience feels
    disconnected to everything that is happening on screen, and in a film
    that desperately wants its audience to fear its villains and root for
    its heroes, this is unforgivable, as instead being of thrilled and
    invested, the audience is bored and detached.

  • monstermayhem32May 29, 2016Reply

    The battle against the oldest mutant

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Terence SmithMay 29, 2016Reply

    I will never see another Singer X-Men movie.

    For all of those writing in anything above 8 stars, I question your
    sanity. This movie is only a hairs breath above X-Men 3 in the entire
    pantheon. This movie is just bad. If you know the original source
    material, this movie will just kill you. A wise man once said, if
    you’ve got 4 screenwriters, you’ve got no good screenwriters. I’ve
    lived by that mantra, and this doesn’t fail it. The writers take one of
    the most iconic mutant villains, second only to Magneto, and reduce him
    to vague and ominous (insert bad guy here) style of antagonist. Only a
    mixed up, ethos of the original character remains. They also take the
    villains original abilities and just give him any power they want. To
    play off this God persona of the character. It seemed like the only
    thing was written towards was another movie to introduce whatever cast
    they want to try and sign for the next 2 movies. There is one they
    wrote into their very own movie. ”Everyone knows the third movie is the
    worst.” Of course, a tongue in cheek reference to X3 (one of the worst
    movies I’ve ever seen). However, since X-Men first class, what do you
    know…it’s the 3rd movie to try and reset the whole universe. Well,
    played Singer, but not well enough. We know your 3rd movie in this
    trilogy should be thrown out as well.

  • mother_of_popcornMay 29, 2016Reply

    Visually spectacular but underwhelming

    The trailer for this latest instalment of the X-Men reboot/prequel
    franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse had my quite excited. I thoroughly enjoyed
    both X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days Of Future Past so I figured
    this third film in the series is sure to deliver.

    I won’t go as far as saying that I didn’t enjoy this film, because I
    did. The effects were flawless, the action sequences were amazing and
    it was great to see a little bit more about the history of the X-Men.
    However, the movie left me feeling slightly underwhelmed.

    Played by the always engaging Oscar Isaac, the main villain in the film
    lacked motivation for me. I found that whilst I knew what his aim was,
    I didn’t truly connect with what his motivations were. I also felt like
    there was a huge amount of ‘filler’ scenes in the lead up to the
    climax, which had me a little bored. Not only this, but being a
    stickler for consistency and details, there were two things that
    bothered me which may not have even registered to any other (sane)
    human being.

    Firstly, Sophie Turner plays a younger version of Jean Grey who you may
    remember from quite a few of the previous X-Men films (played by Famke
    Janssen). Granted I haven’t seen the previous films in a while but I
    can’t really see the resemblance there – this was particularly
    bothersome to me when all other characters’ prequel counterparts were
    cast so well. It may be a little nit-picky but I can’t change the fact
    that pathetic things like this annoy me.

    Secondly, we come to be introduced to an early incarnation of the
    character Storm. I won’t spoil the film for you but all I will say is
    that she is meant to originate from Egypt yet miraculously when we come
    to the ‘modern day’ X-Men, Storm (played by Halle Berry at the time),
    has a pretty clean cut American accent. You may recall my previous
    qualms regarding Marvel and the astounding evolving of accents at
    super- speed in my review for Captain America: Civil War. Again,
    something that most people won’t bat an eyelid at but it’s the details
    that are overlooked which disappoints me. It gives off a vibe that the
    filmmakers just didn’t care enough, and in turn, why should I care
    about this movie and the characters that reside within it’s realm?

    Other than these small intricacies, I will still maintain that it is an
    enjoyable film and I do anticipate what’s in store for the mutants in
    films to come. I just hope they at least get their accents right in the
    next one…

  • JacobMay 29, 2016Reply

    Another Great Entry To The Xmen Franchise

    X-men apocalypse is yet another superhero film to come out this year
    and is a fantastic follow up to the previous x-men movie days of future
    past also directed by Brian Singer.

    Essentially the x-men must unite yet again to stop a extinction level
    plan created by apocalypse. Now firstly I was skeptical going in to
    this movie as how apocalypse was going to be played out. However Oscar
    Isaac’s performance gave the character a very menacing and powerful
    feel, which was hugely needed for a character that is said to be the
    most powerful mutant. Alongside him you have magneto who gave the best
    performance of the movie in my opinion and 3 other characters which
    were ultimately there to be muscle.

    Then you have the x men, and as in every x men movie you are introduced
    to new and old x men.The two new x men being reintroduced to the x men
    universe were Cyclops and Jean Grey. After seeing the movie I was sold
    on the two characters, they had great chemistry and it was fun to see
    younger x men helping out the x men from the previous movies. Which
    speaking of,Quicksilver. He is absolutely incredible in one scene, and
    throughout the movie he gives the comic relief where appropriate.

    To top this the effects and cgi were on point especially during fights.
    The plot was very entertaining, always giving you something to keep you
    entertained. Overall the movie was very solid with some issues along
    the way which can be overlooked for enjoyment.

  • Riordan KingMay 29, 2016Reply

    Pretty good, a lot of fun

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Chappy WatchedMay 29, 2016Reply

    Chappy Watched: X-Men: Apocalypse

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TheLittleSongbirdMay 29, 2016Reply

    Uneven but not bad

    Ranking ‘X Men: Apocalypse’ alongside the other X Men films, it’s for
    me third weakest. Better than ‘Last Stand’ and ‘Origins’ (though even
    they had merits), but not in the same ball park as ‘X Men 2’, ‘First
    Class’ and especially ‘Days of Future Past’ (also preferred the solid
    if yet-to-find-its-feet-feel first film) and only just slightly under
    ‘The Wolverine.’

    There is a lot to like about ‘X Men: Apocalypse’. It looks great, being
    very slickly filmed and photographed, production design being grittily
    atmospheric yet audacious, smoothly edited and with effective costumes
    and make-up. The special effects are of extremely good quality too, the
    much applauded big Quicksilver scene being particularly note worthy,
    and there is not an overload or underuse of them. John Ottman makes a
    welcome return to the series and his score is one of the more memorable
    and fitting (with that for ‘Days of Future Past’ getting first prize
    for the most) of the series since ‘X Men 2’. The script provokes
    thought and doesn’t make the mistake of rambling, while the action is
    dynamically choreographed, thrilling and emotionally charged on the

    For effective scenes, highlights do have to be a suspenseful and very
    arresting opening sequence and particularly Quicksilver’s super speed
    life-saving scene, which is one of the series’ most jaw-dropping. The
    story starts off really well and is very diverting with anything with
    Magneto. There are some terrific performances here, James McAvoy and
    Michael Fassbender (whose character writing is the meatiest here)
    especially apply here and they make keep the story on point and from
    completely derailing. Sophie Turner shows off Jean Grey’s conflicts and
    flaws very effectively and touchingly, while Evan Peters steals every
    scene as Quicksilver, Nicholas Hoult continues to be fine as Beast and
    Hugh Jackman makes a ferociously charismatic cameo.

    Was mixed on Oscar Isaac (heavily made-up and unrecognisable) and Bryan
    Singer’s direction. Actually Isaac’s performance as villain Apocalypse
    himself is pretty decent and effectively menacing, but it’s the clichéd
    and underwritten way in which Apocalypse is written that prevents Isaac
    from doing anything that special with the character that stops me from
    feeling more. People have said that Apocalypse here is more Ivan
    Ooze-clone than the character of the comic book, and it’s easy to see
    why they would think that, this said Isaac does do a good enough job
    with what he had. Singer is at home in the style and the action, but
    when it comes to making the characters and story completely interesting
    and giving depth to them he isn’t quite as confident as he was before,
    competent and stylistically classy but a bit bland.

    ‘X Men: Apocalypse’ suffers from being rather too overcrowded, with a
    fair bit going on and with lots of characters but effectiveness of
    executions varies wildly. Some good characterisation and great scenes,
    but a lack of constant dread and urgency and too many characters given
    short shrift, though nowhere near as badly as in ‘Last Stand’ and
    ‘Origins’. The pacing is diverting at first but starts to drag once the
    plot gets more rambling and more bogged down by content. ‘X Men:
    Apocalypse’ includes comic relief and romance and they don’t come off
    well, the comic relief is very goofy and at odds tonally with
    everything else and the romance is completely under-developed.

    Jennifer Lawrence clearly looks bored too in a complete waste of
    Mystique, and Olivia Munn is underused and basically just eye-candy in
    a role that has little depth to her if at all.

    In conclusion, uneven but still decent. 6/10 Bethany Cox

  • abisioMay 29, 2016Reply

    Another mediocre X-MEN movie by Brian Singer

    I love the X-MEN saga and acknowledge that Singer made a very good job
    with the first two movies (specially X2 ); but I still consider X-MEN
    UNITED (directed by Brett Ratner) one of the best of the whole series
    (the movie was more expensive but even under-performing; made more
    money than the first two; and is still the second best of the series.
    Singer left X-MEN to pursue Superman; but failed and his next two
    movies as well. He finally returned for Days of Future Past (a huge
    commercial success; but as a movie far less interesting the previous
    installments. However; smartly Singer joined past and actual main
    characters in one movie and that underused trick help the movie become
    the highest grossing of the series. In another smart move; he end Days
    of Future Past with a hint of Apocalypse; the most beloved of the X-MEN
    comics; grating a lot of attention and expectation on this one.

    Well sadly this time; Singer imagination run out and the movie become a
    very poor mess. A lot of characters with poor development. QuickSilver
    (Evan Peters) and Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee) are the only ones to
    give some humanity to their characters. McAvoy, Fassbender and Lawrence
    do what they can; but the script does not help. Byrne and Hoult (and
    the rest of the cast) has very little to do and look uncomfortable.
    Even Oscar Isaac fails to create a good baddie.

    In terms of special effects; things are not that better. Lack of
    imagination is everywhere. The final fight; seems copied of older
    movies and the FX and digital images look cheap.

    X-MEN interest on the saga is based on the characters. McKellen and
    Steward or Fassbender and McAvoy as Magneto and Xavier can carry a
    movie by themselves if they let them; but in this case their characters
    are secondary to a bunch of new mutants and a bad guy none of them
    interesting or close to charismatic.

    In brief; it could have been the best X-MEN but lack of imagination
    made it the worse.

  • jeromeantoneMay 29, 2016Reply

    One of the best superhero movies of all time. A solid 10 out of 10!

    Just saw the move today. It was beyond amazing. There are plenty of
    people out there saying it’s not very good. However, I’ve been a fan of
    the X-Men franchise since the very first movie. Don’t believe all the
    harsh negative critics. Go see the movie for yourself. You can be the
    judge. It’s more than worth the price of admission. 20th Century Fox is
    doing wonders with this franchise. Marvel could never do the #XMen
    justice. It’s honestly one of the best superhero movies ever made. At
    least in my opinion. A lot of people are quick to judge when they
    haven’t even seen it or refuse to watch it altogether. I don’t get all
    the negative criticism. It had action, suspense and even heartfelt
    moments. I give it a solid 10 out of 10 rating. #XMen #Apocalypse

  • tylervirtualMay 29, 2016Reply

    Video Review for X-men Apocalypse

    Here is the link to my X-men Apocalypse Movie Review. I have a few
    problems with it but in general it was a huge surprise for me with how
    much I enjoyed it. X-men movies have always had a formula with
    following a subliminal message of civil rights and discrimination. This
    movie doesn’t follow in those footsteps and tends to be more of just a
    regular superhero movie. Nevertheless it still can compete right up
    along side with Civil War for how entertaining and emotional it was.

    X-men Apocalypse although less mature, doesn’t have the greatest
    structure with plot, and has a few boring scenes. This movie still
    manages to be good with its amazing characters. Check out my video for
    a more in depth look at it. No Spoilers

  • JacobMay 29, 2016Reply

    Very Entertaining film from a Smart Director

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Cirja OnisimMay 29, 2016Reply

    Another well adapted comic book movie, another misinterpretation from critics(minimal spoilers)

    Just like BvS this year the critics don’t know how a comic book adapted
    movie should be done. Here’s my honest opinion about this movie:

    The good: I start with the good, because the bad parts are not so many
    as the good ones. So, the movie starts with an Apocalypse prologue and
    it’s that powerful and full of tension like Bane’s in the Dark Knight
    Rises, also the music is fantastic, watched the film in IMAX 3D and the
    sound was awesome by the way. There are another memorable scenes in the
    movie but I’ll try not gonna disclose anything that happens in the
    movie. The pacing is really fast, and at times it might seem like a
    stupid movie or a mess of a movie, but it’s not, and if you leave any
    expectations behind you’ll enjoy the way this movie is made. Another
    great thing about it is that it introduces most of the ”new” X-Men, and
    I say ”new” cause Cyclops and Jean are well known. I really liked the
    way they introduced Cyclops, and you can actually see his struggle with
    his powers and maybe feel a little of what he was feeling. The battle
    scenes are cool, very simple yet very good. And yes indeed Quicksilver
    is again awesome, if you thought that his scene from DOFP was awesome,
    you need to see this one, absolutely brilliant! And the thing I
    realised I liked after the movie is that is very well adapted from the
    comics. It’s literally a guy who’s trying to lead the mutants into a
    new world, and the X-men must stop him. Oh, and I like to point the
    fact that unlike Marvel’s new additions, this movie actually has a good
    humor, not exaggerated or misplaced, but very well added and
    executed(especially Quicksilver). And last but not least, the powers of
    the superheroes were showed brilliantly, especially Cyclops’s and

    The bad: Even though there might not be to much to say about the movie
    that is bad, I’ll say what I’ve noticed. The main problem is that this
    movie is not profound. I mean you don’t really feel the motivation of
    Apocalypse, because for a mutant of ”God” sizes you would expect(or I
    at least expected) to have like a real profound reason for what he’s
    doing. Apart from that there is nothing too memorable from him except
    his manipulations, there aren’t any quotes either from him or the other
    actors, which is unfortunate, cause sometimes in comics we have moments
    like this. Next the way Apocalypse rises again is very weird, I mean he
    literally stays buried for 3000 years, but is not explained either how
    he survived or what was that caused his rise in the present, and this
    might seem to some of the people watching the movie very convenient,
    but honestly I didn’t have that much of a problem with that, I mean
    it’s a comic book movie.

    OK, and in the end let me tell you why critics don’t like this movie or
    any movie too much adapted from comics. Haven’t you noticed that
    critics like comic book movies to be filled with political things or
    social things, controversies, that’s why they liked Avengers or Civil
    War, and especially X-Men 1 and 2, First Class, Days of Future Past.
    The critics like the comic book movies to feel like this actually might
    happen, or to feel real, which is not the case. And that’s why every
    time comic book movies adapt very well the source material, and do not
    introduce politics or social things in their movies critics say it’s
    c**p(see BvS early this year).

    So with that being said, this is my personal opinion, a subjective one,
    even though I tried to be objective, it’s my opinion, you might like
    it, you might not, but this is how I think the movie was. I rate this
    with 8, cause it’s a very fine addition to the X-Men franchise, and I
    like this franchise to go on especially with this new young cast they

  • jcon5000May 29, 2016Reply

    Expect Fun, not Perfection

    X-Men: Apocalypse is a very long movie that doesn’t feel very long.
    It’s not the kind of movie that is going to win awards or necessarily
    be remembered in 50 years, but it is the kind of movie that keeps you
    glued to your seat throughout, no matter how badly you have to pee or
    how much you want to get a refill at the concession stand.

    The movie has slower parts, sure, but it never really drags (which is
    more than I can say for Marvel Studio’s ”Civil War”). Nearly all
    villains lack depth in superhero movies these days and Apocalypse
    doesn’t buck this trend, but he is fun. ”Everything they’ve built will
    fall!!!” Is my favorite trailer quote of the year so far and the line
    is just as cool in the actual movie.

    All of the action is well done and the performances solid. Standout
    scenes include another Quicksilver foray in slow-motion and a
    slightly-extended cameo from an old friend. The climax actually feels
    climactic (gasp) and the ending hints at more good things to come in
    the X-Men cinematic universe.

    Is this movie going to change the way you view the world? Nah.

    Is it worth the money and time it takes to see it? Yes yes yes.

    If a movie isn’t aiming for profoundly thought-provoking, it should aim
    for fun- a target that Bryan Singer and the team at Fox have certainly
    hit here.

  • bankofmarquisMay 29, 2016Reply

    A Rollicking Good Time

    I have a soft spot in my heart for the X-Men movies, for before IRON
    MAN and the ”Marvel Cinematic Universe”, there was the X-MEN. I loved
    watching Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan duke it out as Professor
    Xavier and Magneto with what was then a cast of young up- and- comers,
    Halle Berry, Famke Jenssen, James Marsden and an unknown by the name of
    Hugh Jackman. I enjoyed their adventures, even the much maligned 3rd

    I was excited for the ”re-boot” with James McAvoy and the great Michael
    Fassbender taking over with a new group of ”up-and comers” including a
    relatively obscure actress by the name of Jennifer Lawrence. X-MEN:
    FIRST CLASS was a fun ”retro” caper set in 1963. To be honest, putting
    both the ”old” and ”new” casts together for X- MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST
    was fun, but a bit over-stuffed and, if I’m going to be totally honest,
    the reliance on Jackman’s WOLVERINE character was beginning to bore me.

    So, it was with some trepidation that I ventured into the movie theater
    to see X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. This was definitely the movie where the X-
    MEN try to out-Marvel Marvel. The ”big bad” in this is an all powerful
    ”god-like” entity (the titular APOCALYPSE) hell-bent on destruction of
    the Earth. Can the X-Men – including a large band of ”newbies” as the
    younger versions characters we already know – band together to defeat
    this entity in what will more than likely be a CGI-fest? Or will
    director Bryan Singer sink this movie under the weight of the many,
    many characters and CGI that this film will require?

    I am happy to report that X-MEN: APOCALYPSE is a rollicking good time
    with a strong group of characters (including the ”newbies”) that leads
    to a satisfying ending that left me wanting more of these new X-MEN.

    Apocalypse starts 10 years after the events in Days of Future Past.
    That is, in 1983. Charles Xavier is running his school for gifted
    children, mutants are kept at arms length and are not highly regarded
    while Magneto has gone underground and is happily living as a husband
    and father. But, of course, these times don’t last.

    Magneto is involved in an incident that further darkens his heart at
    the same time that the god-like entity Apocalypse is inadvertently
    released. It doesn’t take long for these two to get together and it is
    up to Charles Xavier and X-Men to thwart their plans.

    McAvoy and Fassbender are strong as Xavier and Magneto, they clearly
    have grown into their characters and they are ably joined by Jennifer
    Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult and all the ”newbies” (most notably Evan
    Peters Quicksilver – a fun character introduced in the last film that
    is expanded on in this one), as well as the reliable Rose Byrne.
    Director Bryan Singer knows how to make these movies, so moves easily
    between character direction and big action set pieces, filtering both
    in enough so we do not get tired of either.

    The highlight for me in this movie is that this is the first time that
    all the X-Men had to COMBINE their talents to defeat the villain. In
    the past, each X-Man had to use their talents, but it seemed a series
    of individual climaxes combined to form the big climax. In this film,
    the X-Men need to come together and use their skills in tandem to win.
    I’ve been looking for this type of ending since the first film.

    Oh, and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is used sparingly in what is , in
    essence, an extended, vicious cameo that ably foreshadows what should
    be a bloody good time in the upcoming R-Rated (and last, for him)
    Wolverine movie.

    Is it a perfect movie? No. At 2 1/2 hours, the movie is a bit long. I
    could recommend a few places in the first 1/2 of the movie that could
    be trimmed up, but as the action kicks in, it is a fun ride with
    characters that I enjoyed rooting for and villains it was easy to root
    against. Also, the villain, Apocalypse, is pretty generic and wastes
    the talents of Oscar Isaacs. Since Jennifer Lawrence is now a
    SUPERSTAR, they give her character a much more prominent role than it
    probably deserves, but it’s Jennifer Lawrence, so I’m not arguing. My
    final quibble, is that it is a bit dense in X-Men mythology, a fact
    that I enjoyed, but others might get lost in.

    My advice, roll with it, don’t worry too much about the things that are
    going over your head. There is no doubt about who the good guys are and
    who the bad guys are. And the X-Men are, definitely, the good guys.

    8 (out of 10) stars and you can take that to the Bank (of Marquis)

  • timothyalanwilliamsMay 29, 2016Reply

    Satisfactory But Not Superior To Any Other ”X-Men” Movies

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • spook-19May 29, 2016Reply

    X-Men: Bryan Singer’s Apocalypse

    While having enjoyed X-Men: First Class and Days of Future Past, I had
    mild expectations for this to be a good film. It seems Marvel has made
    it a point in creating 2 dimensional characters and knocking them down
    further and then some. Fassbender and McAvoy are great in their own
    regards. Erik’s Polish story arch was a good emotional touch but It
    felt as there was nothing more to him after that part ended.

    Where do I begin with Apocalypse. He comes across as nothing but a weak
    parasite feeding on others, more like a wannabe teenager wanting to be
    in some cool kids’s entourage. After thousands of years in hibernation
    (due to his own failure), he comes back only to repeat the same mistake
    in what seemed like a day. He posed no real threat to the X-Men as all
    Marvel stories have a tradition of doing.

    The visual effects were laughable in parts, especially when Apocalypse
    starts to tear the world apart (Cargo ship containers).

    Bryan Singer successfully abolished ”Superman Returns” in 2006. He has
    tried to do the same to X-Men but has not succeeded entirely.

    This is a very forgettable movie along the likes of Age of Ultron,
    Green Lantern, Civil War and the Spider-Man movies.

  • Green217May 29, 2016Reply

    The critics are WRONG

    Before I came to this movie, all I had seen were the metacritic numbers
    and those of rotten tomatoes. They were low. Lower than I had expected
    for an X-Men movie directed by Bryan Singer. So going in, I was
    apprehensive. First Class and Days of Future Past were excellent-
    really, amazingly excellent- and I didn’t want a repeat of *shivers*
    Last Stand (In which the first two are great and the third is cringe
    worthy). To my relief, these fears went largely away once the movie
    really kicked off. Admittedly, this installment didn’t feel as polished
    in the beginning as the before mentioned FC or DoFP, but it didn’t need
    too, because once it really started moving, it went moving FAST. The
    action? Great The humor? Not overdone (like a certain AoU I can think
    of) The drama? Tasteful and achieves what it set off to do The
    characters? Likable, new and returning The Magneto? EXCELLENT. The
    special effects? Solid The villain? Oh boy, they got him spot on The
    inevitable Quicksilver scene? Just as good as you can imagine As you
    can see, this movie was awesome. I highly advise that you go see it,
    for this one, the critics were DEAD WRONG.

  • aharmasMay 29, 2016Reply

    Coming Back with a Mission

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • David ChristensenMay 29, 2016Reply

    Good job Marvel, you ruined X-Men

    To start, this review will be free of spoilers, all this will be is my
    reaction and thought on this movie.

    I got to see this movie for free with a very good friend of mine that
    works at my local Movie Theatre. I had high hopes for this movie, due
    to my personal opinion that the franchise of X-Men had been on a steady
    increase in quality of their productions.

    While sitting in the Theatre, I started to look around. In this small,
    packed screening room of around 40 people, I noticed only around 3
    people where actually paying attention. I noticed around 5-6 people
    actually stand up and just leave this movie, I also noticed around 10
    people sleeping, and the volume level in the room was high due to
    discussion. And the best part is, there was someone sitting of front of
    me who simply just decided to watch YouTube just right then and there.

    If that isn’t bad enough, the story was bland and barren, and the parts
    of the movie that seemed to have somewhat potential, where eventually
    also ruined by the poor story of this film. The film seemed to go on
    and on. A good movie could tell the same story in half the time.

    I honestly would have had more fun and entertainment getting a blood

    Marvel had released a few films that had set the bar high for me on
    this film, but this was just so beyond marvel. Good job Marvel, you
    ruined X-Men.

    If you are a fan of a movie with CGI that will simply give you a
    migraine after about 3 minutes of continuous attention, and a movie
    with a bland story that will put you to sleep, I would highly recommend
    this movie.

    As my final thoughts, I would strongly recommend for you to save your
    money. This movie is a waste of time. This movie is a joke. This movie
    is a failure. Due to this, I would rate the movie X-Men: Apocalypse a

  • super-hero-coMay 29, 2016Reply

    Nothing new with wasted characters

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CyclopsKnowsBest24May 30, 2016Reply

    Apocalypse feels like an X-men comic, but it comes at a cost

    ”X-men: Apocalypse” is the first X-men film (aside from the ”Deadpool”
    2016 spin-off film) that feels like it almost completely embraced the
    comic book series. The new characters are mostly teenagers who are
    unsure/frightened of how to use their powers, and the villain,
    Apocalypse (played by Oscar Isaac), is the first straight-up comic book
    style X-men villain that isn’t Magneto (Michael Fassbender), or another
    human villain such as William Stryker (Josh Helman).

    This entry in the XCU has been met with mixed reviews from professional
    critics. Some are saying it ”paves the way” for the franchise to grow
    in a new and fresh direction, while others are bashing it when
    comparing it to ground breaking films in the franchise (such as ”X-men:
    Days of Future Past,”2014).

    I happen to see a lot of strengths in this film, but also a few
    weaknesses as well. Let me start with the strengths.

    ”X-men: Apocalypse,” first of all, does not feel like another typical
    ”Bryan Singer X-men film” (which might be where some of the criticism
    comes from).

    Singer does not repeat the slow build up that films, such as ”X2”
    (2003) and ”X-men: Days of Future Past,” had before they build up to
    the final climax. The whole film (despite being one of the longest
    running films in the franchise at 2 hours and 24 minutes) flows by
    rather quickly. I never once got distracted or started wondering when
    this film would end, like I have with other comic book films.

    Singer also manages to make the action flow throughout the whole film.
    Many complained about how little action there was in ”X-men: Days of
    Future Past” when compared to the dialogue, but ”Apocalypse” manages to
    make equal time for talk and action and often combines the two

    The new cast members also impressed me, though some get more screen
    time than others. Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) finally is given his due
    justice, and has some of the best character development than he has
    ever had in the previous films. Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) also
    impressed me (I was very concerned about her casting after the first
    trailer), and Nightcrawler (Kodi-Smith McPhee) proves yet again that he
    is one of the most likable characters, next to Quicksilver (Evan

    Other new characters get decent amounts of screen time, though maybe
    not as much as they deserved from a fans standpoint. Psylocke (Olivia
    Munn) was one who I really enjoyed on screen and hope to see more of in
    the future (possibly in an upcoming Deadpool sequel or X-Force movie).

    Also, don’t worry about the ”First Class” cast, they get great and
    equal amounts of screen time as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see
    that Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) didn’t take over the film like the
    trailers tried to make you believe, and she was written in a way that
    made her character’s previous development useful for the plot, and not
    forced because of a contract.

    Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy both impress yet again in their
    strong emotional performances as younger Magneto and Charles Xavier. I
    hope the X-franchise continues to use them in future films, because
    they are magic on screen.

    Lastly, Evan Peters Quicksilver proves yet again that he has the most
    fun character in the film. If you liked his ”Days of Future Past”
    scene, you will absolutely love his newest scenario. His role is much
    bigger in this film and a lot of the humor comes from his character

    Now that I’ve sung my praises, it is time for some negatives. The
    biggest flaw in ”X-men: Apocalypse” is that the film doesn’t quite
    reach the intellectual and emotional impact that we have come to expect
    from previous films in the franchise (especially the ones made by Bryan
    Singer). There isn’t much to talk/think about with the ”Civil Rights”
    metaphors (in fact this film barley acknowledges it), and even the
    religious metaphors and ideas such as Apocalypse being a ”false god”
    fall short and aren’t given enough time to sink in.

    Apocalypse as a character also feels somewhat one-dimensional in how he
    wants to destroy/cleanse the world. He is never truly defined as a
    character, despite Oscar Isaac giving his all to the role. When he is
    convincing the horsemen to join him, it isn’t given much thought or
    reason to why they join him (other than Magneto). Towards the end of
    the film the character improves as a villain, but by then we still
    don’t really understand much about him. In a way this is refreshing
    though, because it gives the other X-men room to grow as characters and
    we get to watch them have fun fighting someone other than Magneto,

    In the end, ”X-men: Apocalypse” is a solid film in the franchise and is
    probably one of the most entertaining films they’ve made. Intellectuals
    and fans of Bryan Singer’s older X-men films may be somewhat
    disappointed, but the film has proved that this franchise still has new
    life and stories to tell.

    I look forward to seeing where things go from here.

  • PRATIK POWARMay 30, 2016Reply

    The Mummy (1999) + FANT4STIC (2015)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jemz-03460May 30, 2016Reply


    This will be short and to the point. The movie was great. Not
    perfection, but how many movies are? That being said, some people here
    who gives this movie a low rating are either difficult to please or
    just brain dead and is hard of understanding. If your beef is that the
    movie doesn’t mesh with the comics exactly, then you need therapy. Try
    using your little noggin to figure out why that is. I only gave it an 8
    be a use I don’t rate anything a perfect score because there is always
    something out of place, even if I don’t notice it. I’ll definitely see
    it again, though. Apparently IMDb wants me to dig deep within my soul
    and come up with more filler so that I can post this review. So be it
    then. I think this was THE X-men movie we’ve been waiting for. Days of
    future past was awesome to, just not as awesome. I can’t wait until the
    next one. Mr. Sinister, baby! I won’t spoil what gives the huge clue
    that he will be the next villain in the next movie. OK. Let’s see if
    IMDb is satisfied with this amount of sentences. Good to go. See ya.

  • judyMay 30, 2016Reply

    Another boring superhero movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jcramadiMay 30, 2016Reply

    XA (X-men Apocalypse) A supercharged X-men movie

    OKay the critics were over-exaggerating this movie. The movie had
    everything that makes a superhero movie super. Over the top action,
    decent story, great characterization, and a menacing villain.This movie
    gave me the feels I have never felt in any superhero movie before. And
    some of the scenes were so engaging I was afraid to blink.

    Now as much as I enjoyed this movie I do strongly believe Days of
    Future Past was much better because of better execution. XA’s major
    problem lies with the execution of the villains(4horsemen and
    Apocalypse). These guys were suppose to bring the end of days in the
    most biblical sense and it fell short of that. The four horsemen were
    not utilized to to their full potential. Like Storm should have cause
    worldwide weather phenomenons like hurricanes forming on land,
    thousands of tornadoes, floods, electric storms. Psylocke could have
    dropped on cities like a nuke with telekinetic forces, and Archangel
    should have used his metal feathers to rain death on the population.
    And Apocalypse could have been the one pulling the strings and picking
    up the pieces laid waste by his horsemen. The four horsemen do not get
    much attention to and its just too bad. These guys were to be the ones
    who drive this movie and I believe if they had been more focused on
    this movie would have been better than DOFP.

    The movie didn’t reach the potential that its predecessor reached, but
    its very enjoyable. The high-energy of this movie is nothing like you
    ever seen in any superhero movie. Mutants let their powers out and its
    fantastic. Quicksilver!!!!!! Damn!!!!!!!!!!!! Great movie all around.
    2HRS 24 mins and it felt short. GO AND WATCH IT!

  • M TMay 30, 2016Reply

    A solid Conclussion to the new X-Men Trilogy

    I don’t get the Rotten Tomatoes Score. This isn’t a bad movie at all.
    Yes it has it’s flaws, yes it is not as good as Days of Future Past,
    but I think it’s still a well made movie.

    The characters are well balanced in the Story I think each character
    had the right amount of screen time. The new characters were great
    although Nightcrawler’s accent changed from time to time it didn’t take
    me out of the movie. The old cast was great too. McAvoy and Fassbender
    played phenomenal. Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult etc. were also
    good. And the one guy that stole once again the show was Evan Peters as
    Quicksilver I think this scene was even better than the one in Days of
    Future Past and I would be so happy if he would get his own movie I
    think he deserves it.

    The movie still has flaws, I think that the movie was a little bit too
    long and the pacing wasn’t that good. And yes it is a nitpick but I
    think it’s kind of funny that this movie is set 20 years after First
    Class and the characters didn’t age one year.

    I think this is a well made entertaining movie and you should watch it
    even if it has mixed Reviews.


  • Cizzurp215May 30, 2016Reply

    Entertaining for sure

    Once I released myself from my self proclaimed comic book opinions of
    how First Class ruined the timeline, I was able to thoroughly enjoy
    Days of Future Past. Seeing Apocalypse as the next hurdle, I was super
    excited for this movie. I can say I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the
    story line and there was tons of action. They managed to avoid the trap
    of comic books movies of late, re-telling of origin stories and they
    still managed to introduce new characters and allow for further
    development of others. I look forward to the future as well. I could
    nitpick but I would rather allow myself to enjoy as much as possible.
    Obviously I have questions about some things but hopefully they will be
    answered in the next few movies.

  • bkrauser-81-311064May 30, 2016Reply


    What can I say, I like to root for the underdog. And since DC and
    Warner Bros. have metaphorically s*** the bed with Batman Vs. Superman
    (2016), 20th Century Fox’s X-Men series (2000-Present) is the biggest
    superhero game in town other than Marvel. Being a fan of the comic
    books, growing up with the animated TV series (1992-1997), and enjoying
    the ever expanding bevy of merchandising material, I admit I am bias
    when it comes to this particular IP. Of course I enjoyed the high-
    water mark that is X-Men: First Class (2011). Yes, I unabashedly love
    the original movie trilogy. Yes I even like X- Men: Last Stand (2006).
    These guys have been doing the superhero team-up shtick on the big
    screen much longer than some. At their best, their aesthetic gives
    those lapsing into superhero fatigue but still looking for that
    explosive kick a much needed respite. At their worst their soulless,
    characterless and confusing cash-grabs that cheapen the civil rights
    subtext that gives the X-Men their unique flavor.

    X-Men: Apocalypse begins in ancient Egypt where a gaggle of mutants are
    adored by throngs of people witnessing a processional. Apocalypse
    (Isaac) heads the pack and is about to transfer his consciousness into
    a self-healing mutant when something goes wrong. Fast-forward to 1983
    where Charles Xavier’s (McAvoy) school has just enrolled series
    regulars Scott Summers (Sheridan) and Jean Grey (Turner). Meanwhile
    Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto (Fassbender) attempts to live a normal life
    in Poland after the events of Days of Future Past (2014) have made him
    the world’s most wanted man. Thanks to the sleuthing of CIA agent Moira
    Mactaggert (Byrne), Apocalypse is unleashed and sees humanity’s
    dominance over mutants as reason to pretty much end the world.

    X-Men: Apocalypse lies somewhere in the middle of the pack as far as
    quality. The action, while occasionally repetitive never ceases to
    amaze and newcomers Sheridan, Turner and Alexandra Shipp as Storm
    manage to find deeper dimensions to their characters despite finding
    precious little time to do so. Additionally, the emotional epicenter at
    the core of this film (and indeed every X-Men film), the relationship
    between Charles and Magneto remains as complex as ever.

    Yet with so many mutants crowding the halls of Xavier’s School for
    Gifted Youth, not to mention the streets of central Europe, it’s truly
    impossible to really let a lot resonate. X-Men: Apocalypse has enough
    story to fill three films yet with a huge amount of characters to
    appreciate and the same dour cinematic choices of its predecessors, the
    film feels simultaneously rushed and turgid. The inclusion of fan
    favorites Nightcrawler (Smit-McPhee) and Quicksilver (Peters) manage to
    serve as convenient plot devices or worse, contrived fan-service that
    detracts completely from the plot.

    It’s really hard to get excited one way or the other about X-Men:
    Apocalypse especially in a year that simultaneously gave us a truly
    great superhero film in the form of Captain America: Civil War (2016)
    and one of the worst in the aforementioned Batman Vs. Superman. X- Men:
    Apocalypse isn’t even the best X-Men movie this year; that distinction
    is deservedly bestowed upon Deadpool (2016) which called out the aging
    series for being too far up it’s own a**.

    All said and done however, the newest X-Men movie still has a couple of
    showstopping performances. The talents of James McAvoy, Michael
    Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner and Tye Sheridan, if
    utilized correctly next time, will assure that the franchises’ best
    days aren’t behind it. For now, those very performances saved this film
    from completely cratering to the ground.

  • ECENerdyJack .May 30, 2016Reply

    Prepared too long for the final fight, yet the final fight is too short

    The first half of the movie is very very very very long. The director
    prepared a lot for the final boss fight, that it’s even a little boring
    at the end, but the ”boss” fight is not exciting enough. Personally, I
    think the boss is not powerful enough to deliver enough visual effects.
    They should shrink the preparation part and focus more on final boss
    fight. Still, the quality of this movie is great, while it is not a
    10/10, it deserves a solid 8 to 8.5 IMO.

    Those who were confusing about the X Man original 3 movies can find
    most of their questions answered here in this movie. Highly

    Graphic: 10/10 Story: 9/10 How movie time is managed and proportioned:
    7/10 Know more about X Man: 10/10 Action: 9/10 Follow X-Man Lore, no
    plot holes: 9/10 A movie to watch with girlfriend: 6/10

  • adonis98-743-186503May 30, 2016Reply

    The Best of the X-Men Prequels

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ericrnolanMay 30, 2016Reply

    A review of ”X-Men: Apocalypse” (2016)

    At the start of ”X-Men: Apocalypse” (2016) I was worried that I was
    finally beginning to experiencing a degree of ”viewer fatigue” in
    connection with the beloved franchise. This would be the ninth film
    since the X-Men first hit the big screen in 2000, if you count this
    year’s ”Deadpool,” and its somewhat formulaic setup felt by-the-
    numbers. Once again, a diverse, earnest, international group of young
    people unite under Charles Xavier’s leadership to combat an even
    greater threat than the one presented by the last film. (This time it’s
    ”Apocalypse,” a Big Bad with truly godlike powers.) And they save the
    day despite their youth, their inexperience, their self-doubt or the
    suspicions of a prejudiced humanity.) How exciting can the arrival of
    Angel (Ben Hardy) and Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee) be if these were
    already key reveals in past movies? And … the cameo?

    There are script problems. The whole thing is cluttered with too many
    major characters. Many are thinly drawn; a few make inexplicable, major
    decisions that affect the plot. Fan favorites like Mystique (Jennifer
    Lawrence) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) get too little attention to
    make their ardent fanbases happy, I think. The villain looks like a
    middle-aged and particularly grumpy member of Blue Man Group.

    And, yet … I still frikkin’ loved this. I’d grudgingly give it a 9 out
    of 10, simply because I enjoyed it so much. It’s the X-Men. It’s a
    big-budget, globally staged smackdown with great special effects, and
    it was obviously made by people who love the source material and tried
    to stay true to it, despite its inevitably campy nature and its
    implausibility. Characters like Havoc (Lucas Till) and Psylocke (Olivia
    Munn) are fun to watch. (Am I the only one who nostalgically remembers
    the latter character from the 90’s comic books?) There is even a really
    nice stab at self-referential humor poking fun at the earlier films.

    This movie had two things going for it that really made me want to see
    it a second time around. The first is Quicksilver. The X-Men movies
    will probably never equal the skillfully made blockbusters of that
    other Marvel universe, but I’ll be damned if the franchise doesn’t
    totally beat them out in rendering this character. (Yes, this is indeed
    the same character in the comics who inspired Scarlet Witch’s brother
    in ”Avengers: Age of Ultron” (2015).) Evan Peters brings great charisma
    to the role; the special effects connected with his action sequences
    are beautiful and goddam perfect. He’s easily cooler and more likable
    than any other teen superhero I can remember — and that includes Tom
    Holland’s excellent new Spider-Man.

    The second thing that make me want to watch it again is the action
    sequences. The finale is damn fun. I think it must be difficult to
    write, stage, direct and physically perform a melee among a group of
    combatants with various superhuman abilities and varying degrees of
    power. But the climax here works. It’s an entertaining battle that
    feels like it was lifted perfectly from the comics, and it ought to
    please fans of the genre.

    Anyway, I obviously do recommend this. Check it out.

  • saustersMay 30, 2016Reply

    Why do they keep letting Singer make these movies

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Lynn RushMay 30, 2016Reply

    Enjoyed this!

    Great movie. I was confused at first about the time line stuff, but
    once I got home and got on the IMDb message boards, things made more
    sense. Really loved the effects, the action scenes. They were intense
    and pretty believable. Apoc was interesting, too. Glad that started
    movie out with a bit of how he came to be, helped me get into his
    character more. Loved Magneto’s backstory and character growth–it was
    pretty intense but fit the story well And Mystique…She’s really
    intriguing. I hope to see more of Quick Silver. LOVE him & his humor.
    Really enjoyed that it was based in the 80s. Professor Xavier…great
    character. Love the actor who plays him a bunch. 🙂 Nicely done.

  • natethegreatman2870May 30, 2016Reply

    X-Men Re-introduced

    Two years ago I saw X-Men Days of Future Past and it was then that I
    fell in love with the cast of the ”new team” if you will. The new cast.
    To put into words how I felt about the movie I waited two years
    researching everyday about when the new one would come out and how they
    would portray the infamous villain Apocalypse. After two years I saw
    the film and was amazed at how terrific it was. I chose to give this
    film a ten for a few reasons. The way the actors and actresses that
    were new to the scene playing younger versions of Jean Grey, Scott
    Summers, and even Nightcrawler himself felt like I was watching a true
    comic book on screen. I felt a little disappointed in the way that they
    held back on Apocalypse. It was like they didn’t let him show his full
    potential and powers like in the comics, but Oscar Isaac did a
    fantastic job at how they wanted him to. So I chose to watch this film
    as one of it being about showing the X-Men how they should’ve been and
    what went wrong after X3. Like most people have said, Quicksilver
    steals the show again. And I hope that fans will speak up enough for
    him to feature in his own movie. Deadpool is a perfect example. It
    never would’ve happened without fans speaking up. Quicksilver’s
    character is one that would really build on the X-Men franchise and
    would show us a side of the films that we’ve never seen before.
    McAvoy’s Professor X is once again a fantastic portrayal after Sir Pat
    Stewart’s X. A certain cameo from another classic X-Men character I
    felt was cut short too soon. But it did help us get over the not so
    great 4th installment in the X-Men franchise from back in 2009. To
    finish this up and hopefully bring some light to some of these negative
    reviews, this film is wonderful. A classic X-Men film with a fitting
    amount of screen time for almost every character. Quicksilver’s scenes
    bring heart to this movie and if we speak loud enough, maybe, just
    maybe will they hear our cry for a Quicksilver standalone film that
    will explore his relationship with a certain character. The film is a
    turning point in the series and is a perfect way to continue the team
    of mutant students known as the X-Men.

  • Gibbs CliffordMay 30, 2016Reply

    I wanted to like it

    I paid my money and went to see X-MEN: Apocalypse. I am an eternal
    optimist and although I was terribly disappointed with the first 2
    Bryan Singer X-MEN movies (I mean… character re-write of Rogue was
    criminal). I thought maybe he would get it right this time.
    Unfortunately, my optimism was not repaid and the movie was again
    disappointing. In my opinion the problem is the stories, then are just
    so bland which is a direct result of the Bryan Singer re-writes from
    the original X-Men stories, which were awesome. BUT… Bryan Singer
    does not limit his poor quality story telling to the X-Men movies – No!
    Just look at the awful Superman returns movie from 2006. This was the
    pinnacle of boredom and was the worst superman story I have ever had
    the misfortune to watch. Maybe Hollywood is happy to throw money at
    poor quality stories at the expense of CGI and special effects but the
    paying public (I hope) will not tolerate this forever. I will avoid
    movies directed by Bryan Singer going forward….

  • Eshan_2110May 30, 2016Reply

    New decade. New X-Men.

    ‘X Men: First Class’ (2011) showcased the origins of the heroes and
    villains we had seen in the original trilogy. It brilliantly
    encompassed the 1960′ backdrop of the power struggle between the world
    powers. ‘Days of the Future Past’ (2014), set in the 1970’s, completely
    eradicated the established continuity-allowing Apocalypse to act as a
    ‘soft reboot’ of sorts. With Bryan Singer back to the director’s chair,
    this film is a continuation of Days of The Future Past, in which the
    whole timeline had simultaneously been reset. Now set in the 1980’s,
    the heroes face their biggest threat yet, in the form of an omnipotent
    and omniscient mutant called Apocalypse. He is the world’s first mutant
    who simultaneously wants to destroy everything this new world stands

    Apocalypse starts by introducing the titular antagonist’s origins in
    Ancient Egypt. Singer captures this mythological world rather epically
    and composer John Ottoman helps capture this feeling. Obviously,
    something doesn’t go quite right, and Apocalypse is later reborn in
    1983, the same year in which Star Wars; Return of the Jedi was
    released. I love how this film addressed the film as a little
    reference, but more importantly, one thing that separates the current
    X-Men films from other superhero films is the setting. Since ‘First
    Class’ each film makes the setting feel special, whether it be through
    the cinematography or props.

    The film reintroduces heroes such as Cyclops, Jean Gray, Storm, Angel
    and Nightcrawler but they are younger, less experienced and not a part
    of the X-Men. I really enjoyed Tye Sheridan as Scott Summers, whose
    ability to shoot beams of energy through his eyes acts as a burden at
    first, as he is unable to live a normal life. However, when he is
    introduced to Professor X’s School For Gifted Young Youngsters, he
    learns that his powers are not a burden but can be used for good. Out
    of all the youngsters, he and Jean Gray probably had the most character
    development. Speaking of which, Sophie Turner’s Jean Gray leaves
    something to be desired- I think I just need to see more of her before
    I judge her portrayal. Although, she does somewhat capture the anger,
    loneliness that Jean Gray has, because of the extent of her powers.
    Kodi Smit-McPhee’s goofy portrayal of Nightcrawler was reminiscent of
    Alan Cumming’s memorable performance in X Men 2. He was enjoyable and
    acted as the comic relief, much like Evan Peter’s Quicksilver. An
    overriding theme of the X-Men films is identity with a particular focus
    on acceptance. This is one aspect of the film that I really enjoyed as
    Bryan Singer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg address these themes and
    generally the franchise has done a good job of tackling these themes-
    something ‘Fantastic Four’ (2015), failed miserably at doing.

    Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse didn’t work for me because he just wasn’t
    entertaining or captivating enough. I’m not saying he needs to break
    out dancing in between a fight or crack numerous jokes at the expense
    of the heroes, but there’s something about a villain who is arguably
    less one dimensional. He was clearly powerful, threatening and his
    motives were clear as glass, but they weren’t necessarily interesting.
    It’s the sort of motive we’ve seen before and that’s why I didn’t enjoy
    the character.

    Michael Fassbender’s performance is also something that stood out,
    particularly in the first quarter of the film as we see him trying to
    adjust to life as a father and husband, whilst also hiding his powers
    and identity from those he has met in this newly formed life. There is
    one scene in the forest that was fantastic and much like X Men: First
    Class, Fassbender gets to show off his acting prowess. The film does
    feature numerous characters in this ensemble and this review would go
    on for too long to talk about each performance, so the ones mentioned
    are the ones I particularly felt were worth talking about.

    My biggest gripe with apocalypse is the ‘end-of-the-world’ narrative. I
    think the X-Men films work better when the story is more close to the
    heart. To elaborate, narratives revolving around the theme of identity
    that highlight the divide and difficulties between a world with humans
    and mutants living side by side have previously allowed the X-Men
    franchise to stand out. That said, Apocalypse’s narrative acts as a
    tool for conventionally forming a team, the X-Men. In this regard the
    narrative works, but it doesn’t make the film stand out or seem unique.

    Apocalypse is an enjoyable film through its setting, some particular
    set pieces (including a particular fan favourite cameo and Evan Peter’s
    Quicksilver) and some truly great performances fronted by Fassbender,
    Tye Sheridan and James McAvoy. It’s problems lie in the fact that it
    tries to up the ante and scale, whilst world building and introducing
    new and old characters, meaning that in my opinion it lacks the heart
    of some of the other X-Men films.

  • Ira NoviantiMay 30, 2016Reply

    Watch it! Don’t listen to the bad reviews!

    I won’t give any spoiler.

    I don’t understand how people could give this movie 1/10. I mean, yes,
    it’s not as good as Civil War, but it’s not that bad either.

    I enjoyed this movie a lot, I think it’s good. In fact, i enjoyed this
    movie more than the other ”Ok” comic book movie (it’s not Deadpool),
    much more.

    I give this 8 out of 10, because it is good and you won’t be
    disappointed in this movie, I promise (except you are X-Men fan who has
    high expectation). And yes, it has not such a good plot, but it’s still
    worth watching.

  • rorymarsh00May 30, 2016Reply

    Why the cynicism?

    X-Men has stood firm over the last few years alongside its major
    competitors and has, in my opinion, produced a series of quality films.
    This one is no different, and doesn’t deserve the majority of the
    criticism to which it is subjected. Whilst the film is flawed in
    places, it it definitely worth a watch and a worthy inclusion to the
    franchise. Structurally, it is rather muddled, with a few pacing issues
    but nothing major. Several characters are stand-outs, such as
    Nightcrawler, Cyclops and another fantastic rendition of Quicksilver by
    Evan Peters. Wolverine’s brief appearance also lifts the film and will
    certainly entertain fans. Others, on the other hand, drag the film
    down. Oscar Isaac, whilst an excellent actor, gives a surprisingly
    un-menacing performance as Apocalypse, and Angel is near useless and,
    despite his supposed power, remains in the background and rather
    irrelevant. Bryan Singer has, once again, given his audience an
    entertaining, awe-inspiring, if a little confused film, and excellently
    introduces younger X-Men for a new generation. If you are a fan of the
    X- Men, or superhero films at all, you wouldn’t be making a mistake by
    seeing this.

  • PedroPlazaMay 30, 2016Reply


    X-Men Apocalypse is a another disappointing film of the x-men franchise
    since X3(not including Origins)because the soft-reboot starts strong
    with First Class and got even stronger with Days Of Future.

    Apocalypse an be compared to Ultron. Generic,cliché and wasted.Oscar
    Isaac did a good job but his character was just unfocused and badly
    written.His plans is just to take over the world which we have seen so
    many times from now and his costume is just terrible(I’m sorry I just

    The cast was fantastic but it was again unfocused.The main Characters
    were great especially Nightcrawler which was great,cyclops was
    charming,Jean Grey was not bad,Havoc was lovable Beast was good and
    finally the best Professor X.The 4 horsemen were underdeveloped except
    for magneto,whos was just fantastic in the film,Psyloche is just there
    for some reason,Angel was underdeveloped and storm was okay but again
    underdeveloped another one which is not from the 4 horsesemen is blue
    katniss(Katniss Everdeen/Mystique) who was annoying and cringe worthy.I
    almost forgot about Quicksilver,he stole the whole me for me in just
    one scene and that scene was creative and well executed.

    Verdict:The film has so much potential but it suffered by an unfocused
    Story and a emotional scenes which was completely wasted
    ,Underdeveloped characters,weak and clichéd villain,dull 1st act and
    unbalanced because of the overabundance of characters.X-Men is the good
    example if a franchise is now tired and run out of new ideas.

  • spmactMay 30, 2016Reply

    Not terrible, but definitely the weakest of the 3 ”new” X-Men films

    There’s a generally accepted idea that the 3rd X-Men film was the
    worse. Well, I have to say the same about the new semi-rebooted series.
    The film just failed to live up to its potential. Firstly, the villain
    was somehow wasted, even though Oscar Isaac did a great job. I remember
    watching the animated series and being intimidated by Apocalypse (even
    as an adult). The movie Apocalypse somehow failed to evoke the same
    reaction. I never really thought he was unstoppable like he was in the
    cartoon. Jennifer Lawrence seemed tired of her role and was phoning it
    in. Magneto had a great start, and I loved how they initially covered
    his reasoning for doing what he did, but then he just gets relegated to
    the background for the most part, and his reasoning for doing what he
    does at the end don’t really seem earned like they did at the
    beginning. Things seem rushed near the end, and it seems they were just
    trying to pack in lots of cool things at the end and it gets a bit
    muddled. The Quicksilver scene is awesome, and is the clear highlight
    of the film (again). At the end of the day, it doesn’t go full
    Transformers and highlight action scenes over story elements, but it
    was definitely leaning in that direction, which was a shame.

  • sccstudent ([email protected])May 30, 2016Reply

    Great movie for the X-Men gurus and fans!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Koodle0101May 30, 2016Reply

    Had high hopes for Apocalypse and it was a huge let down.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CANpatbuck3664May 30, 2016Reply

    A Solid Entry To The X-Men Franchise, It May Not Be The Best One But It Doesn’t Deserve The Hate

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Isaiah WilsonMay 31, 2016Reply

    While it falls under the shadow of DOFP, X-Men Apocalypse is another great entry in the superb X-Men series

    With the great amount of superhero movies released today, it is
    difficult for many directors to deliver a high quality of movies of the
    course of a series. With X-Men Apocalypse, Bryan Singer may have just
    proved himself to be the best superhero movie director. Singer once
    again crafts an interesting story, balances a large cast of interesting
    character, and shows his ability to direct elaborate action sequences.
    Although the overall execution is not perfect, it still results in
    another entertaining superhero film. As with any superhero film, a hero
    (or in this case heroes) are only as good as its villain, and
    Apocalypse emerges as a well-done villain, which is a welcoming sight
    compared to some other recent superhero villains. The opening sequence
    provides a great backstory to the character, and perfectly establishes
    him a false god who can’t possibly exist without the presence or
    physical bodies of other mutants. By the time he awakens in 1983 and
    begins to enact his plan of eliminating the weak, it all makes sense
    and has actual purpose. His role as an alien of sorts who doesn’t
    understand today’s world perfectly lends itself to his plan. It gives
    the character a commanding purpose, and as a result makes him feel like
    the all-powerful character Apocalypse is meant to be. Where X-Men
    Apocalypse especially shines is in its decision to go with another new
    cast of X-Men. Each actor does a nice job capturing the spirit of their
    young, inexperienced mutant. Tye Sheridan especially impressed me as
    Cyclops, showing the mutants growth throughout the movie from fearing
    his powers to becoming a member of the new X-Men. The addition of
    fan-favorites like Nightcrawler and Quicksilver were also pretty
    awesome as the two prove to be the movies biggest scene stealers.
    Talking about great scenes, I have to mention THAT scene. Yes, X-Men
    Apocalypse boasts another AMAZINGLY AWESOME Quicksilver scene that
    somehow transcends the previous one!!!! Combine that with the equally
    excellent Weapon X cameo, and you’ll be sure to walk out the theater
    with mind blown! For all the flashy scenes that X-Men Apocalypse may
    boasts, it is littered with flaws. To start, coming into this movie,
    the X-Men storyline had already been riddled with a number of holes,
    and this movie only compounds the problem. Even the most dedicated
    fanboys will have trouble trying to piece together the events from
    X-Men (2000) to Apocalypse. Also, while the addition of a number of new
    characters did help to expand the scale of the plot, the movie
    definitely reaches a maximum occupancy level, which results in a number
    of characters serving absolutely no purpose. While X-Men Apocalypse’s
    flaws do prevent it from being the best in the X-Men series, it in no
    way keeps it from being another superb superhero movie. Singer has
    created a fantastic formula for superhero movies that has shown itself
    time-and-time again with great results. His ability to create
    compelling characters, action sequences, and (most importantly) stories
    has made him one of the best superhero movie directors. X-Men
    Apocalypse is just another example of the greatness that results from
    Singer’s formula.

  • Filvies144May 31, 2016Reply

    Its not amazing, but the critics were too harsh.

    This was actually my first time watching an X-men movie. I never seemed
    to be interested in the movie series from X-men 2000 to X-men Days of
    Future past. But like Captain America Civil War, (which is a great
    super hero movie, a must see) I once again chose to see this over the
    Angry Birds movie. But that’s not the point. I came in with low
    expectations, expecting it to be only a little better than 2015s non
    MCU Marvel film Fantastic 4 (which is underrated, but still not good).
    But I actually found it quite good. Here’s why:

    I found the story in it a rather interesting story that puts you close
    to the edge of the seat. It includes very funny humor, backstory that
    doesn’t fall at a boring level, and intense , but riveting action
    scenes. One issue is that the bland characters (which I will get into)
    gives this interesting story a stale and bland side, but that still
    doesn’t destroy this riveting action movie, Like I said, the characters
    in the movie are mostly bland, but with little exception. Charles
    Xavier, for instance is like Nick Fury from MCU films, but he lacks big
    personality. Raven is also a pretty bland character, and I think the
    writers /directors could’ve used the character and Jennifer Lawerence
    better. But some exceptions are some comic reliefs that are actually
    funny, and provide most of the great humor the movie has to offer. The
    villain Apocalypse, lacks a big villain build up, and lacks a
    personality, but he does have great reasoning for being a villain. In
    fact, it may b a character a lot of people could possibly root for.

    So overall, I think that this film is worth your time with Great
    special effects that look very believable in it’s effort, and a great
    story and humor. It’s not as good as Civil War, but it’s fun exciting
    and exciting, trust me.

  • wildhunt1-585-849528May 31, 2016Reply

    A Great X-Men Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • donuts_69May 31, 2016Reply

    Please, make it stop!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jacob KlumbMay 31, 2016Reply


    X-Men: Apocalypse is a decent follow-up to Days of Future Past.”X-Men:
    Apocalypse” is definitely not the train wreck that most critics are
    making it out to be. In fact, it is rather good. Most of the
    performances are good in this movie. Except for Jennifer Lawrence who
    obviously does not want to be in these movies at all and it shows.
    Oscar Isaac who stars as the villain Apocalypse is quite good as the
    villain. But the problems for Apocalypse is his motives. You don’t know
    for sure what this guys motives are, he does explain it once where he
    wants to ”Cleanse the earth for the strongest” but you don’t get enough
    of his motivation. Quicksilver in this movie shines and steals the show
    again like in Days of Future Past, with another awesome scene with his

    X-Men Apocalypse is really fun time and does not deserve under a 50% on
    a Rotten Tomatoes.

  • juan casado y bartonMay 31, 2016Reply

    An utter mess, a complete disappointment

    I’m being kind by giving it 6 stars.

    While not the worst in the X-Men franchise (that accolade still goes to
    Origins), Apocalypse is a film that never makes it out of the starting
    gate and stumbles towards a dull, fantastically messy end.

    I waited two weeks after the release to go watch. Having heard nothing
    but bad reviews, I said to myself ”These people have high expectations
    after Civil War and Days of Future Past.” Obviously, I too had high
    expectations but I reminded myself to accept it at face value: as

    It was clear from the very beginning when Xavier (James McAvoy) began
    his speech about mutants and humans that this series had run aground,
    was out of steam. Everything about the film has been done in previous
    ones and has been done better. The action is limp, the special effects
    are bombastic but uncharacteristically unimaginative. Characters
    dissolve into puddles of nostalgia and dreariness. What remains of plot
    is nothing but a hodge-podge of half-baked strands from the previous
    films – Jean Grey and her worrisome dark Phoenix power, Xavier trying
    to convince Magneto not to be evil, Magneto trying to be good but
    ultimately letting evil win over, Cyclops trying not to blast Jean
    Grey. Hell, even Wolverine turns up just long enough for him to escape
    from Stryker and get his memories back (cause that already happened in
    X-Men, X-2 and Origins, right?).

    In the previous 3 films (Wolverine, First Class and Days of Future
    Past), a lot of effort was put into location and setting. Part of the
    fun was the attention to detail as these established characters
    navigated various periods or cultures. The groovy spy flavours added to
    First Class and the mind bending, time bending disaster epic of DOFP
    helped elevate those films beyond simple superhero fare. Sadly, Singer
    has dispensed with setting or detail and plays this simply as a monster
    of the week episode of Buffy. And while we visit Poland, USA and Egypt
    in the 1980s, they could be anywhere. The closest we get to the decade
    is a throwaway conversation about Star Wars and the Eurythmics ”Sweet
    Dreams” in another Quicksilver set piece.

    The direction, and this is a major upset for me because I think Singer
    is fantastic, is dire. At no point does he even bother to build tension
    or ratchet up suspense towards the inevitable conclusion or good vs
    evil. His villain, Apocalypse, spends 3/4 of the film trying to get his
    team together and the final quarter losing. For all his apparent
    smarts, he chooses the worst possible horsemen in Storm (a
    self-confessed fan of Mystique), Magneto (who apparently has tried
    living in communist Poland with disastrous consequences), Angel (a
    drunk) and Psylocke (apparently a great fighter). None of them interact
    with each other, none of them do much other than stand around, gurning
    at the camera. Needless to say the twists as members turn on him and
    others get defeated easily doesn’t come as a surprise. There’s little
    offered that suggests that Apocalypse is a force to be reckoned with
    and his team do nothing but grin and stand behind him for majority of
    the film. Bizarrely, Stryker turns up halfway through but his
    appearance is confusing and does nothing to propel the story. So far
    the story seems to be that Apocalypse wants horsemen and that seems to
    be it for plot.

    None of the cast get much to do. The new additions are quiet and behave
    in a confused manner. Apocalypse wanders around like Emperor Palpatine
    but with all the menace of Father Jack. Oscar Isaac tries to chew up
    the scenery as Vincent Price, it just made me want to watch Vincent
    Price. Much excitement was incited when Jubilee turned up in the cast
    list but clearly she isn’t Singer’s type because she has even less to
    do than some Egyptian fanatics at the very beginning. There is a repeat
    of Quicksilver’s hilarious power but it serves only to highlight the
    lack of ideas present. Sophie Turner and Tye Sheridan do get more to do
    than most others but Turner still has a long way to go until she’s as
    captivating as Famke Jansen. Her relationship with Xavier is barely
    explored so when he begs her to ”let loose! Unleash your power!” you’d
    be forgiven for wondering why she would when she has probably zero
    trust in him and he in her.

    Ultimately, the film is a fail. There’s very little to get excited
    about here. The returning cast deliver their lines with a cringeworthy
    manner that suggests they’re ready to move on and the lack of detail to
    character, setting and themes proves that Singer has gotten all he can
    out of the X-Men. Perhaps Fox should bite the bullet and return the
    X-Men to Marvel before they attempt to ”reboot” the franchise again.

  • galahad58-1May 31, 2016Reply

    X-Men Franchise Needs to End

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • paxastaxMay 31, 2016Reply

    Complete over reach. Visuals over plot originality

    A pure example of over reaching, particularly with a classic.
    Especially, a classic that has run its full course 2 settings ago. I’m
    assuming the movies overall score is primarily awarded for mere
    aesthetics; to which one must wait long periods of time to see. Best
    part, Apocalypse the character, convinces a posse of 4 to follow him: 2
    teenage emo’s, a cougar, and magneto. Sounds like an all out
    apocalyptic brawl to me… Not so much. Well, it fell short, even
    remotely close to a chicken fight, let alone, apocalyptic. Time to drop
    the act and move on from this sequel. Unfortunately, it saddens me to
    compare this classic to anything else, but, I’m getting the feeling
    this sequel is following the Fast and Furious exaggeration.

  • ShazaliSharainiMay 31, 2016Reply

    X-Men:Apocalypse IS GOOD!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rodriguezedwin-38795May 31, 2016Reply

    One of the Best Super hero movies

    I loved X-Men Apocalypse, I thought that X-Men Apocalypse had Awesome
    Action and Amazing acting a movie could have that made made X-Men
    Apocalypse a dramatic movie. I thought that QuickSilver was a very fast
    and cool character and I felt that Nightcrawler had a little more
    personality than X-Men Apocalypse. Magneto made me feel more sympathy
    for him, but he was also a very strategic and formidable villain and
    Apocalypse was a very ruthless and immensely powerful God-like villain.
    Apocalypse was a unique character that thought only the strongest
    should survive and thought that there was no room for the weak. X-Men
    Apocalypse started very compelling and then started to get more and
    more intense. The movie has much higher stakes, making it one of the
    best X- Men movies. X-Men Apocalypse may not be perfect, but I loved

  • Jonathan HuffMay 31, 2016Reply

    A Great Revival

    This movie is a great new start for the x-men franchise, the young
    actors do a great job portraying their characters which they will sure
    enough grow even more into the roles. The movie is long at 2hr46min but
    it draws you in so well, & keeps you interested to where it seems like
    its over too fast. The movie had loads of emotional as well as loads of
    action packed scenes & doesn’t just focus on one character. In the end
    i see a lot of bad reviews, but in all honesty i loved this movie any
    flaws are easily looked past if you truly appreciate someone even
    bringing the X-Men to the bring screen.

    Overall i feel this movie was a great reboot that will only keep
    getting better if Singer directs.

  • rakeshmairembamMay 31, 2016Reply

    expected more out of x-men series, but disappointing

    The whole story line is somewhat seems like a scramble egg. Not
    properly describing the origin of main villain of the movie Cutting
    down to action and fight scenes only.

    Less story and only fight scenes to be precise.

    Overrated powers of some mutants. When you are overrating one character
    in one sequel, then whole lots of question arises for the previous
    releases. Specifically speaking, the role of magneto in this sequel.

    Brilliant acting from the side of James McAvoya and Michael Fassbender.

    Overall, if provided a better and interesting story-line rather than
    just simple brawling from start to end, then it would have been a
    successful movie like Captain America: Civil War.

  • Enrique IglesiasMay 31, 2016Reply

    X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

    The superhero genre has gone through dramatic changes since Bryan
    Singer directed ”X-Men” in 2000, and now finds itself in a precarious
    place. The city-level destruction that characterizes so many third acts
    has become visually rote and morally abhorrent. And how many more
    movies can we handle about white men given great power who churn out
    jokes and punches with equal aplomb? The genre desperately needs to
    diversify not just in terms of race and gender but also the kinds of
    stories on which filmmakers choose to focus. ”X-Men: Apocalypse” should
    be a corrective measure, considering its ensemble allows for the
    opportunity to focus on popular female and people-of-color characters.
    Instead, it magnifies all the worst issues of the genre, serving up a
    story that would have felt dated five years ago.

    ”X-Men: Apocalypse” is a confused, bloated mess of a film. There are
    several films crammed into one, all battling for the spotlight, and
    none of them wholly work; there is really no central story-line or
    heart to the film. The first hour is almost entirely in service of
    setting up new players and establishing what the veterans are up to.
    Charles Xavier/Professor X (James McAvoy) is successfully running his
    school for mutant kids. Raven Darkholme/Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) is
    rescuing mutants, including the walking punchline Nightcrawler (Kodi
    Smit-McPhee) on her own, and struggling with being seen as a hero. Then
    there are the teen-aged Scott Summers/Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) and Jean
    Grey (Sophie Turner) who are struggling to cope with their powers and
    fledgling attraction to each other. Sheridan and Turner seem to
    actually be enjoying themselves but their development staggers under
    the weight of everything else going on around them; Jean grappling with
    the dark side of her abilities is especially fertile ground. One of the
    few evocative scenes involves her having a nightmare which rocks the
    school and burns the walls of her room before Xavier comforts her. Even
    though she gets a big hero moment at the end, it doesn’t land well,
    given how poorly she’s developed. Singer doesn’t offer the scant
    interesting moments enough room to breathe. He’s too interested in
    hurtling to the next plot point, the next introduction, the next fight

    The greatest sin of ”X-Men: Apocalypse” by far is how terribly it
    wastes some of the greatest modern actors.

    Michael Fassbender can’t give Magneto’s story-line the emotional depth
    it needs. But could any actor distract from how that story-line
    embodies the most onerous clichéd in regards to the treatment of women
    in comics? How many more wives and daughters will be killed in these
    kinds of films in order to give a male lead some angst?

    As the movie’s world-destroying, god-like mutant, Oscar Isaac struggles
    to make Apocalypse even the least bit menacing. How can an actor as
    charismatic and dynamic as Isaac feel so torpid here? The failure to
    make Apocalypse engaging is mostly the fault of Simon Kinberg’s script.
    These operatic, world-destroying villains don’t seem to work on- screen
    as they do in comics. Their motivations are— at best—confusing and
    nonsensical. They seem so disconnected from the world the heroes move
    through that they almost exist in entirely different films. Perhaps,
    ”X-Men: Apocalypse” also exhibits the worst traits of these sort of
    stories in the comics, which can be damnably inert, nihilistic, and
    overcrowded on their own, before even being adapted for the screen.
    Despite Apocalypse’s backstory and grandstanding, he spends more time
    imbuing his Four Horseman with power than wielding his own.

    The rest of Apocalypse’s team are the smug yet forgettable Angel (Ben
    Hardy), Psylocke (Olivia Munn) and a young Storm (Alexandra Shipp).
    None of these characters are all that interesting but Psylocke and
    Storm embody the ways this entire series has failed its female
    characters; Psylocke is such a one-dimensional villain she seems two
    steps away from twirling a mustache. Singer and Kinberg are seemingly
    incapable of developing more than one female character at a time.

    There’s also something deeply troubling about a series that trades in
    the language and ideas of the Civil Rights Movement without caring one
    iota about its characters of color. Storm is once again given very
    little to do. She has none of the emotional inferiority, swagger or
    complexity of her comic counterpart. Jubilee (Lana Condor) is such a
    non-factor she could be taken out entirely and nothing would change.
    Raven and Jean are slightly better served, but Jean’s development is
    too inconsistent to leave much of an impact. Raven comes off far worse
    due to Lawrence’s obvious disinterest in the role, coasting from scene
    to scene with none of her trademark charisma. When Raven reverts to her
    natural blue form (which is probably one of the worst translations of a
    character from page to screen in modern comic book films) her
    performance somehow becomes even more non-engaging.

    While much has been made about how superhero films rely on the
    destruction of cities in order to make the stakes higher for heroes,
    ”X-Men: Apocalypse” takes this idea to the next level with startling
    violence. It isn’t just one city that hangs in the balance, it’s the
    entire world. The destruction in the third act is so wide-ranging, so
    cataclysmic, that it zaps the film of any tension. There is no sense of
    danger here, only the distinct feeling that nearly everyone involved is
    counting down the minutes until this whole affair is over.

    There is one scene involving the surprisingly fun Quicksilver (Evan
    Peters) that gives ”X-Men: Apocalypse” one of its only visually
    interesting moments. He uses his super-speed to traverse through
    Xavier’s school saving people from an explosion, as set to ”Sweet
    Dreams (Are Made of This)” by The Eurythmics—a confounding music
    choice, to say the least. Singer finds some physical humor and levity
    in Quicksilver’s ingenious ways of saving everyone.

  • wolftopicsMay 31, 2016Reply

    A True Superhero Movie

    This movie is not without flaws. So, why did I give it a perfect score?
    Because no movie is without flaws and this one surpassed my
    expectations and took me on a journey that I had never been on before.
    Now, this movie is not to be watched as a standalone film. If you are
    thinking about watching this movie, watch First Class and Days of
    Future Past back to back. The reason for this is because Apocalypse has
    so much emotion packed into it that it would be lost if you haven’t
    recently watched the previous two. That being said, this movie was
    incredibly balanced on the emotional scale. I found myself feeling
    anger, sadness, happiness, and suspense at different, perfectly timed
    points throughout the film. There was never a dull moment or a scene I
    could cut out. Everything just worked. That being said, there were a
    couple of minor flaws, all of which can be overlooked by the full scale
    of the movie. I also must applaud director Bryan Singer, as he managed
    to take over 10 super-powered mutants, put them all in one movie, and
    give them all equal standing throughout the film. I didn’t see too much
    of one character or too little of another (though I would’ve liked to
    see more of all of them). Every character had their strengths and
    weaknesses that fit together with their own individual stories. And my
    biggest praise for this film is that it did something that no other
    superhero movie has really done for me: every character pushed the
    limits of their powers. It wasn’t like the Avengers where every time
    they throw their hammer or punch a bad guy they don’t even show a sign
    of struggle. I could feel the characters giving it their all as they
    fought off a truly formidable foe. Everything in this movie worked: the
    humor, the action, the story; all of it. I could nitpick here and
    there, but I won’t, because it seems like the rest of the critics have
    done enough of that already. If you go into this movie with the last
    two under your belt and an open mind, you will come out feeling like
    you can take on the world.

  • erkucz00May 31, 2016Reply

    Best Superhero Movie of the Year

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mrfish5000May 31, 2016Reply

    An X-Men movie that needs a look in the mirror, or a better editor.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • richardelariosMay 31, 2016Reply

    A real comic book movie.

    I was recently blown away by Bryan Singer’s new X-men movie. As an
    longtime avid comic book reader it is easy to see that Singer has a
    real handle on comic book story telling.

    The first act does a great job of truly giving more depth and
    understanding to multiple characters. It made me glassy eyed on
    multiple times, and giving me chills on others.

    The second act, was fun and action packed. It had me on the edge of my

    The last act, although not bad was definitely nowhere near as good as
    the first two portions of the title. The big bad is not a real threat,
    and so when the big guns are brought out it seems unwarranted. If they
    had done a better job of building up the villain I would have said that
    this was a perfect comic book film.

  • jbmajzner-87228May 31, 2016Reply

    Hazel says…3.5 stars

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RobotvideoMay 31, 2016Reply

    Epic Letdown

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pak_kiMay 31, 2016Reply

    To all film critics: pull yourself together, this is an action movie not a drama movie

    The film critics in general praise Days of Future Past and give
    negative reviews to this movie. The most common criticisms against
    Apocalypse are that the movie is stuffed with new characters,
    overloaded with action scenes, and there is a lack of depth for both
    characters and storyline. And I think if I am looking for depth in a
    movie, I won’t watch an X-men movie. Apocalypse is very entertaining.
    If you are expecting a movie which is insightful or educating, there
    are a lot of movies produced with that purpose. To sum up, it is
    laughable to me that the professional or serious film critics judge an
    action movie using standards which should really be used on drama

  • markwooMay 31, 2016Reply

    On a par with x-men first class

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Irie212 ([email protected])June 1, 2016Reply

    A question for comic book fans.

    This isn’t a review of X-Men Apocalypse (a movie I enjoyed, as my
    rating indicates). Rather it’s a question– an observation, really–
    about the genre.

    Screenplays are based on original ideas, or they’re adapted from
    another source, such as a book, a fairy tale, a play, a TV show, etc.
    Comic books have recently become a gold mine for adapted screenplays,
    but the genre isn’t new. In 1931, the movie ”Skippy” was based on a
    comic strip, and the screenplay was nominated for an Oscar. Two more
    nominations came in 2003, for ”American Splendor” and ”Our Cancer
    Year,” both based those respective comic book series.

    Most moviegoers understand that adapting a film from a book or another
    source means a departure from the original material. Film, after all,
    is a different medium with different demands on creativity, including
    whole armies of creative collaborators led by the director and

    But fans of Marvel and DC Comics don’t seem to understand that when
    they enter the movie theater, they’re going to see a movie, not a comic
    book come to life. Many reviews posted here seem to be looking for
    absolute faithfulness to the original material, which is not only
    unrealistic (film has different tools), it is an insult to the creative
    filmmakers who adapt the material.

    I’ve seen all the X-Men movies, and the various Avengers films, and
    Superman and Batman, and etc.– I’m a genuine fan of the genre. But I
    have read none of the comics. Not one. I was a film student, and
    learned to appreciate that medium on its own terms. My favorite novel
    is ”Moby Dick,” but nobody needs to read Melville’s masterpiece to know
    that the movies based on it are mediocre. Nor does anyone have to read
    ”Moneyball” or ”The Martian” or ”Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”
    or ”The Maltese Falcon” or ”Rebecca” to know the film adaptions are

    Films must be judged on their own merits, not on how closely they
    adhere to the original source material. If comic book fans come to
    terms with that, they may find themselves enjoying the original as well
    as the adaptation.

  • KalKenobi83June 1, 2016Reply

    Oscar Isaac Leads an Amazing Cast in Fantastic X-Men Film

    Watched X-Men Apocalypse Featuring Featuring Oscar Winning Actress
    Jennifer Lawrence(Joy) as Raven Darkholme/Mystique, Sophie Turner(Game
    Of Thrones) as Jean Grey/Phoenix , Nicolas Hoult(Mad Max:Fury Road) as
    Hank McCoy/Beast, Tye Sheridan(Tree Of Life ) as Scott Summers/Cyclops
    ,Newcomer Lana Condor as Jubilee, Alexandra Shipp(Straight Outta
    Compton) as Storm , Two Time Oscar Nominee Michael Fassbender(Steve
    Jobs)as Erik Lensherr/Magneto . James McAvoy(Victor Frankenstein) as
    Charles Xavier/Professor X, Rose Byrne(Spy) as Moira McTaggert, Olivia
    Munn(Ride Along 2) as Betsy Braddock/Psylocke,Ben Hardy(EastEnders)as
    Warren Worthington III/Archangel, and Golden Globe Winner Oscar
    Isaac(Star Wars:The Force Awakens)as En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse The films
    Main Villain Also my Favorite Character of the film. The film was
    setting the stage for Charles,Erik’s and Ravens Future relationship
    also really enjoyed the Dynamic between En Sabah Nur and Magneto which
    was awesome I also enjoyed The References and Easter Eggs also This My
    Star Wars Episode VIII Primer Not as Good as X-Men Days Of Future Past
    which is the best X- Men Film to Date but still worth Buying On Blu-
    Ray . also Amazing Score From John Ottman(Fantastic Four), Screenplay
    By Simon Kinberg(Sherlock Holmes), Costume Design from Louise
    Mingenbach(G.I. Joe Retaliation) and Direction from Bryan Singer(X- Men
    Days Of Future Past) Oscar Isaac Leads an Amazing Cast in Fantastic
    X-Men Film 8/10

  • Anish DJune 1, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bigjayceJune 1, 2016Reply

    I really wanted to like this

    I’m a huge fan of Marvel, DC etc and loved the previous X-Men films but
    this one left me scratching my head wondering what happened, it was a
    2h24m film of which 2 hours seems to just be talking and the 24 minutes
    is action.

    The film, for me, never really seems to get going, my wife actually
    fell asleep and to be honest I wasn’t far behind her but if I had I
    would have started snoring and cleared the cinema.

    People will say ‘well what exactly were you expecting’ – I don’t know
    to be honest but not this 🙁 it reminded me of Civil War really which
    didn’t hit the spot either and BvS Dawn of Justice which was just plain

    I ended up going home disappointed and deflated in fact I was so down I
    ended up watching Prometheus again and that’s terrible !

  • Dante WilliamsJune 1, 2016Reply

    ”The third one is always the worst”- Jean Grey

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • roselaarJune 1, 2016Reply

    Something old, something new

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • himynameisartJune 1, 2016Reply

    Bloated with characters but still a blast!

    This movie was also surprisingly funny at times! Nightcrawler and
    Quicksilver were the comedy relief. I liked the chemistry between Jean
    and Cyclops, the emotional moments Charles and Eric had were great!
    This movie was a roller coaster of emotions, and i loved the Easter
    eggs too.

    I’m giving X-Men Apocalypse an 8.5/10!!! It’s definitely worth watching
    you guys that 48% on RT is just BULL!!! This movie is miles better than
    that! Stop being sheep and go see the damn movie and make up your own
    opinion!!! OHH and those new costumes at the end of the movie were

    IMDb review format SUCKS find me on Letterboxd! as ”hi my name is art”
    no spaces! 🙂

  • tempestnyxJune 1, 2016Reply

    An Exiting and Action Packed Film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gary FreemanJune 1, 2016Reply

    Not An MCU Movie, Needs to be Negatively Reviewed!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jackson PrestoJune 1, 2016Reply

    Another X-traordinary film added to the franchise!

    I recently watched the latest instalment of the X-Men franchise. I had
    heard a lot of negative publicity towards the film and to be honest I
    think that X-Men: Apocalypse is actually a very well made and
    interesting movie. All of the performances in the film are flawless.
    However, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender’s performances are very
    powerful and bring a great deal to the film. The character Apocalypse
    (portrayed by Oscar Isaac) is also extremely intriguing and nothing
    like anything we have seen before.

    The storyline of the film, although following a lot of individual story
    lines, is very straight forward and easy to follow without being too
    clichéd. Singer’s direction is on the money. However, he has proved
    himself multiple times already – so much so that I would expect nothing

    Inspiration from the comics has clearly been interwoven into this film
    as characters such as Psylocke are seen rocking costumes almost
    identical to those seen in the comics.

    The CGI and other special effects seen in the movie are also breath
    taking and it is clear that now the X-Men films have truly perfected
    their style. It is easy to see that many people have worked very hard
    to create such spectacular effects.

    Overall, I would give this film 8 out of 10 because it is everything a
    good X-Men film should be: interesting, relatable and impressive. The
    film even has a cameo from a very familiar friend to the franchise and,
    although this time he is not a front runner, it is okay because even
    just a taster is fun to see.

  • trooper5783June 1, 2016Reply

    Just as good as Days Of Future Past- can’t wait to see what happens next

    On Saturday, I went with a friend to go see X-Men: Apocalypse because I
    needed to spend some time out of the house and with my friend I haven’t
    seen in a while. I did see DOFP in the cinema as well and I highly
    enjoyed that one, although I don’t remember much about it other than
    that fantastic Quiksilver scene and the ending, and I highly enjoyed
    this one as well! What makes this X-Men interesting is that it revolves
    around different themes and other items in storytelling than in most
    superhero films released in this day and age, and for some, it might be
    easy to confuse or frustrate. But I appreciate this new brand of
    storytelling in this film, I think what any comic book movie should do
    is make you think to make it unique in its own way, and this film does
    that to make it something genuinely special. Oh, by the way- Oscar
    Isaac NAILED it as Apocalypse, he’s so intimidating to the point where
    I would watch it solely because of him! And although all of the action
    sequences are so much fun, there are two of them that stole the entire
    movie for me- if you thought Quiksilver’s scene in DOFP was amazing,
    you ain’t seen nothing yet! I’m already seeing this movie again in the
    theater, and I honestly think it’s that level of worthy! Also, I did
    see this in 3D, and although it doesn’t add much to the movie’s
    quality, the added depth does look nice in a lot of certain set-pieces,
    so if you love 3D, then you’ll probably get a kick out of this one, and
    I thought it looked cool enough, so whether you watch it in 2D or 3D,
    this movie’s a lot of fun all around.

  • Hayden LewisJune 1, 2016Reply

    Best Adaptation of a Comic Book

    First and foremost, yes of course this movie does contain flaws, and
    the group I went to see it with actually really disliked it, and I was
    shocked. I love the first two in this series, Days of Future Past is my
    favorite, but First Class is very close. The only complaint I have is
    as a huge fan of the X-Men comic books and the TV series, these two
    previous movies were brilliant, but I never thought of them as
    translations from that source material. Which is where we get back to
    Apocalypse, this felt like the best reputation in a long time by any
    comic book movie, they nailed almost every single character, with the
    exception of maybe one of them that I will get to. Now I get to the
    three complaints I have heard from my friend. First, the movie felt
    incredibly long, and maybe this is just me but this felt so short to
    me, like a one hour special on the TV series almost, I personally could
    sit down and watch 10 hours of the X-men. Second was the movie wasn’t
    explained about certain parts, without going into spoilers they had
    said it was very confusing at parts, which most of them aren’t as
    familiar with the universe as me so I like to say that is the reason.
    Now we get to the main villain which if you haven’t seen it understand
    that Apocalypse is a flawed villain in general and probably the highest
    degree of difficulty to pull off, now with this in mind I thought they
    did a great job to still get the character right. I would definitely
    love more and more of the X-men movies as they are still my favorite
    franchise thus far, and I can say they are definitely certain problem
    that I might have missed that I turn a blind eye to because they nailed
    the X-men so well.

    Hayden’s score: 9.4/10 Definitely go check it out, this movie should be
    making a ton more financially.

  • view_and_reviewJune 1, 2016Reply

    World Domination Old Hat

    Comic book-wise, X-Men has always been my favorite. I was introduced to
    them at a very young age and have always been a fan. Movie-wise, X-Men
    are starting to fade. Still better than most movies but no longer able
    to keep up with the high bar set by other movies in the MCU. There are
    only so many huge and cataclysmic events that can be foiled before it
    becomes routine. As a quote I read once stated: ”If miracles happened
    everyday they wouldn’t be miracles.”

    The nemesis of choice in this movie was Apocalypse and his goal: world
    domination (of course). Along with Apocalypse we were introduced to
    some new characters (Psylocke and Jubilee) and reintroduced to a couple
    of other characters (Storm, Angel, Cyclops, Jean Gray and
    Nightcrawler). The point in showing any character should be for
    displaying his/her skill set. Since the majority of the characters had
    already been seen at one time or another between X-Men (back in 2000)
    and X-Men: Apocalypse there were no real surprises with what the
    characters could do. If any character made me giddy it would’ve been
    Quicksilver and the demonstration of his abilities.

    Besides the rehashing of characters the story wasn’t that compelling.
    Apocalypse claims to be God and wants to dominate the Earth. He
    frequently references himself as a deity and refers to mutants as his
    children. It was overly dramatic and unoriginal. I don’t know if this
    movie is the last of the X-Men before being laid to rest but if it
    isn’t; they need to dig deep for the next installment.

  • rioksane-02950June 1, 2016Reply

    X-Men: Apocalypse does just about everything right!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Cane FaganJune 2, 2016Reply

    Like watching Fan blades spinning

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CraigsCritiqueJune 2, 2016Reply

    Fun If Equally Messy

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • caseynicholsonJune 2, 2016Reply

    A Good (But Not Great) Chapter in the X-Men Saga

    I’ve been a fan of the X-Men since I first read the ”Age of Apocalypse”
    comics in the mid-90’s, and as such I was intrigued by this film. I’ve
    of course seen all of the X-Men movies leading up to this point, which
    put me at an advantage over someone who wanders into this film blind.

    This is a reasonably good movie. The whole Egyptian element of
    Apocalypse’s background and the setting for much of the film doesn’t
    really work for me (it makes for a strange hybrid between comics and
    Egyptian mythology, in my view), but the movie is faithful to its
    source material in this regard. Similarly, the story is a bit
    convoluted, but that, too, is something that has precedence in the
    comic books.

    That said, there’s much to like about this movie, from its reasonably
    good acting and its well done CGI effects, along with a good script
    overall. This is not a bad movie, by any stretch.

    However, there is something about this film that is hard to articulate
    that is simply bothersome. My biggest problem with the X-Men franchise
    at this stage is that it has become hackneyed. The previous
    installment, ”Days of Future Past”, reset much of the story’s timeline
    so that a new generation of actors could bring us new stories to the
    big screen, which is great–the new cast is off to a nice start.

    And yet, this film feels very much like a direct sequel to ”X-Men:
    First Class”, a film which is itself five years old this year. And
    ”Apocalypse” features so many references to previous films (including a
    clever self-deprecating dig at ”Last Stand”) that the movie takes on
    the feel of the latest chapter in a t.v. series more so than a feature
    length film. That serial nature of this film, and others in the series,
    is both the franchise’s trademark feel and yet also takes away from the
    individual films as standalone movies.

    All this said, I’m going to give this movie 7/10 stars. It’s well made
    and fun–a good popcorn movie, as they say. But it’s not outstanding.
    Worth seeing if you’re an X-Men fan or a comic book fan in general, but
    not mandatory viewing for those who are just fans of good movies,

  • HellmantJune 2, 2016Reply

    Way too ambitious!

    ‘X-MEN: APOCALYPSE’: Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    The 9th film in the ‘X-MEN’ movie franchise; including two ‘WOLVERINE’
    films, and a blockbuster ‘DEADPOOL’ flick. This chapter finds the
    outcast Marvel superheroes taking on an ancient mutant, named
    Apocalypse, and his team of four ‘Horsemen’. Apocalypse was just awoken
    from a very long sleep, and he now wants to take over the world; by
    destroying all the humans. It’s up to the ‘X-Men to stop him. The movie
    was directed by Bryan Singer (who also helmed ‘X-MEN’, ‘X2’ and ‘X-
    MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST’) and it was written by Singer, Simon Kinberg,
    Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris. Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy,
    Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Rose Byrne and Evan Peters all
    reprise their roles (from earlier films); while Oscar Isaac, Tye
    Sheridan, Sophie Turner, Olivia Munn, Alexandra Shipp and Kodi
    Smit-McPhee all join the cast. It’s received less than stellar reviews
    from critics, but it has performed well at the Box Office (thus far). I
    enjoyed it, but I also found it to be kind of disappointing.

    En Sabah Nur (Isaac), also known as Apocalypse, was a powerful mutant
    in Ancient Egypt; who was betrayed by his people, and entombed alive.
    He awakens in 1983, and decides the world must be destroyed and
    rebuilt. The ancient mutant then recruits four new lieutenants, to help
    him; including Erik Lehnsherr, also known as Magneto (Fassbender). Erik
    recently lost his family in a tragic accident, so he’s easily
    manipulated by Apocalypse. Mystique (Lawrence) discovers what happened
    to her old friend, Erik, and enlists the rest of the X-Men, to help her
    save him (and the world).

    I’m a big X-Men fan; I grew up reading the comic books, and I
    absolutely love the other Bryan Singer helmed films. Sadly, he kind of
    missed the mark here. It’s still a good movie, but there’s just way too
    much going on. There are so many characters, and the movie would
    honestly be pretty hard to follow; if you’re not previously familiar
    with the material at all. I still enjoyed it, but it is way too
    ambitious. Hopefully the filmmakers can learn to minimalize what’s
    going on, in future installments.

    Watch our movie review show ‘MOVIE TALK’ at:

  • Joseph NewburyJune 2, 2016Reply

    Cameo appearance of the century!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Oliver RendchenJune 2, 2016Reply

    Mostly well-done with one of the best villains of the franchise. One or two flaws.

    So X-Men: Apocalypse is either the third, sixth, or ninth film in the
    series depending on how you’re counting and stars James McAvoy, Michael
    Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence returning for a third time while
    bringing in new cast such as Oscar Isaac, Sophie Turner and Tye
    Sheridan. The basic plot is that an ancient, powerful mutant known as
    En Sabah Nur has awoken in the 80s and wants to ”cleanse the earth” of
    the weak and so the X-Men must stop him.

    As a whole, I like the X-Men franchise; despite it’s bumps I’ve always
    felt it’s had it’s own vibe and personality and is different enough
    from other comic book universes such as the MCU and the not-
    so-connected DC properties. X-Men: Apocalypse continues in this and
    although shares similarities with other movie plots still feels like an
    X-Men movie. The stories we witness in this film are some of the finest
    we’ve seen in the franchise. The two biggest characters we’ve been
    following for years of course are Professor X and Magneto and each of
    them are so well-developed and incredible characters you know exactly
    what they are feeling and why they are where they are. Magneto’s arc in
    this film is a highlight and from one particular scene in a forest you
    are hooked on his story and understand why he’s doing the things he is.
    Professor X is great as the leader and strong-minded force who keeps
    the X-Men together and he really has some great scenes, especially
    towards the end. Another story in this movie is of course the one of
    the titular character himself, Apocalypse; his backstory in Ancient
    Egypt alone was a thrilling and well executed event and when you really
    see what he can do in the 80s I found him to be the most powerful and
    best villain they’ve had in the franchise. Just his voice, and
    mannerisms are so dark and menacing you really feel like he is an
    unstoppable threat.

    Apart from those three, other character highlights were the young Jean
    Grey, Cyclops and Nightcrawler who fit well into the story and I really
    enjoyed seeing them, and then of course Quicksilver returning from Days
    of Future Past doing much more in the movie including one of the best
    scenes of any superhero movie, beating that of his previous. Everyone
    else did OK but weren’t really used as much; Jennifer Lawrence’s
    Mystique doesn’t do quite as much as she has done and never has her own
    ‘action piece’ as it were and then three of the horsemen, Psylocke,
    Angel and Storm each had one particular shot that was cool but mostly
    stood around until the climax where they still didn’t have too much
    screen time.

    Effects wise, all the powers and abilities looked fantastic. There was
    a lot of CGI and green-screen during the climactic battle and for me
    personally I thought that all looked just fine. There were one or two
    specific shots which weren’t particularly good in my eyes but that was

    Some problems I had with the movie was that, as I said, some characters
    didn’t really have much screen time and/or didn’t really do anything at
    all (looking at you Jubilee) and then another thing isn’t really a
    problem as it is the ninth X-Men-related movie but X- Men: Apocalypse
    requires you to know and remember quite a bit of the past films and
    this universe in general, so it makes it almost inaccessible completely
    to the general movie-going audience and unless you’ve seen at least
    five of the other films a lot will go over your head and seem out of
    place. And as a final negative point there were two scenes in
    particular that pushed the 12A (PG-13) rating to it’s limits which will
    be fine for a lot of people but I think some will be quite surprised at
    how dark they went.

    Other than that X-Men: Apocalypse is a really powerful and thrilling
    superhero movie, and for me one of the best in the series, not quite
    beating First Class as my favorite.

  • palavitsinisJune 2, 2016Reply

    It’s goooood!

    Have been reading quite some reviews before deciding to write my own.
    My opinion? I think that this one was probably one of the best X-Men
    movies of all time. I mean, if you take out the first one that I
    watched when I was half my age now and I was amazed by it, I think the
    others are pretty much below this one.

    I read comments about the CGI, the costumes, etc. I am all for it. I
    also agree that the X-Men franchise has been struggling a lot with
    costumes and effects, more than someone would expect. I mean, we have
    seen nice CGI elsewhere that also looked as realistic as they can get
    (Deadpool for one). I can’t understand why they can’t make Psylocke
    look real when she is running on that rooftop in the final battle. This
    was disappointing as hell. And of course, it seems like Mystique was
    better off with CGI and not with this weird costume that looks like it
    came out of a cheap rental for Halloween.

    Other than that, the movie had the funny element, albeit not that much
    as avengers or deadpool of course, but it was nicely made. I completely
    digged the story about the first mutant and I liked it a lot (would be
    amazing to have this in ancient Greece, no?). The cast was good in
    their roles, although I would like to see someone else as Jean Grey.
    Sophie Turner did a great job but I think her looks just wasn’t enough
    for me. I think that the previous Jean Grey cannot be surpassed.

    The scenario was really good also but I felt at times that the movie
    was too much spread out all over the place. Maybe keeping things more
    tight would be better for the movie. Overall, it had so much material
    that the easiest thing to do is to find loose ends. But that’s beyond
    the point of such movies. For example, I also didn’t like the fact that
    they magically build the house back and I don’t think that their powers
    allow them to do such things, but anyways, I won’t sit down and nag
    about the plausibility of such thing in a superhero movie!

    Looking at the movie afterwards, you can say lots of things and really
    go into details and miss the essence. My feeling while seeing it was
    that this is 8.5/10. I can’t give halves, so I bump it down to 8 cause
    9 seems too much. Apart from one or two scenes, I was truly immersed
    and I enjoyed every part. And of course, the nice connection in the end
    with the next movie was worth waiting for. This was a nicely done movie
    and it would be rated even higher if it wasn’t so closely released with
    Deadpool or Civil War.

  • chrisdye-99606June 2, 2016Reply

    good for what its supposed to be

    OK i hear so many people complain about how this movie isn’t smart its
    too dull ‘the list goes on and on of complaints’ well news flash folks
    ITS NOT TRYING TO BE Oscar MATERIAL HERE its just meant to be a good
    popcorn flick full of action and surprises and for that purpose i think
    it was fantastic a pure summer gem that really cant be beat if u are
    looking for fun i strongly suggest seeing this movie a nonstop battle
    to the finish sure to delite even the toughest of hearts its funny as
    well ‘in places’ well worth the money to see it perfect way to
    celebrate memorial day or any holiday just go see it now trust me u
    wont be sorry by the choice u made

  • Duke WeaseltonJune 2, 2016Reply

    X-Men Apocalypse – Review

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • EJ Clark Jr (EJTheG)June 2, 2016Reply

    X-Men: Apocalypse is a must see!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RforFilmJune 2, 2016Reply

    X-Men: Apocalypse makes up for a dull villain by providing a new batch of mutants and some fun action

    What’s fascinating about history is that even though the Ancient World
    had claimed large empires from Rome to the Greeks to the Egyptians, we
    still know very little about it as much of the evidence is either lost,
    destroyed by time, or is still under the sand waiting to be
    rediscovered. I took a trip to Scandinavia a while back and learned
    about the Norse gods that the people worshiped and said to have built
    the lands. While it’s easy to dismiss the images and ideas of these
    ”gods” as morality created for Scandinavian society, part of me does
    believe that the ancient world may have worked differently then the
    modern world does. Perhaps there was some magic centuries ago.

    The X-Men are a series of characters that you could argue are like
    modern day ”gods” with their mutant powers. Like the gods of the old
    world, they could take either side of good or bad, and were
    controversial with the government. Their movies have done well
    (especially First Class and Days of Future Past) to reflect this while
    making it a fun blockbuster for everyone. The young mutants face their
    biggest challenge yet when the first mutant returns in X-Men:

    We begin in Ancient Egypt where the world’s first mutant En Sabah Nur,
    or better known as Apocalypse (played by Oscar Isaac) rules as pharaoh,
    along with four other mutants as his ”four horsemen” until he’s
    betrayed by fellow worshippers. He’s trapped in a tomb for centuries,
    until he’s accidentally woken and uncovered in 1983 where he decides
    that the human race has no place in this world. He recruits a young
    Cairo pickpocket, a then unknown Storm (played by Alexandria Shipp),
    along with a man with bird-like wings Angel (played by Ben Hardy), and
    telepathic energy manipulator Psylocke (played by Olivia Munn), and
    eventually, a heartbroken and cold Magneto (played by Michael
    Fassbender) to become the new Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    Meanwhile, Charles Xavier (played by James McAvoy) and Hank McCoy/Beast
    (played by Nicholas Hoult) has been successfully running his school for
    mutants, but is reluctant to call them into action. He’s put his focus
    on students like Scott Summers/Cyclops (played by Tye Sheridan), Jean
    Grey (played by Sophie Turner) and Jubilee. So it comes as a surprise
    when Raven/Mystique (played by Jennifer Lawrence) comes to the school
    along with a teleporter Nightcrawler (played by Kodi Smit-McPhee). They
    see how much of a threat Apocalypse is and join together to stop this
    guy from destroying everything.

    This movie had A LOT to follow up with, considering that Days of Future
    Past is one of the best super hero movies around. X-Men: Apocalypse
    does provide a bigger world that’s taken advantage of. The introduction
    of Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Jubilee, and Storm are welcome to this
    younger franchise, as they bring some new insights on what it is to be
    a mutant from different perspectives. I even liked the newer villains
    that were used…except for Apocalypse. They try to give him these big
    powers and a cool make up design, but he is a dull and boring to hear
    from. You’d think that a centuries old pharaoh would have more to him
    then evil.

    The best performances are still the original four (James McAvoy,
    Michael Fassbender, Jenifer Lawrence, and Nicolas Hoult) who continue
    to evolve their characters.

    The action scenes do provide a lot for the X-Men to play around with.
    The final battle itself goes on a little long, but it did give us
    plenty of different mutant powers at use. Much of the story does rely
    on knowing what happened on the last couple of movies, so I’d defiantly
    say to start with First Class before coming to this.

    I’ll give this seven Julilees out of ten. While the scope and weight
    isn’t as large as Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse was a
    fun addition to the growing franchise. I’d say give this a watch, but
    if your not familiar with the X-Men, then go back and watch the others

  • Cecelia AJune 3, 2016Reply

    This movie is a joke!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • David RoggenkampJune 3, 2016Reply

    It was far better than what I’ve been hearing

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RenCatReviewsJune 3, 2016Reply

    Muddled, long, and cliché.

    ‘Apocalypse’ is a very odd film. It’s kind of the sequel to ‘Days of
    Future Past’ but it’s set before the events that we see at the end of
    ‘Future’. So, it’s a sequel, prequel to ‘Days’. At this point
    everything that is happening in the X-Men universe is very difficult to
    follow. There are so many different stories being told in separate
    times and places. This film tries to capture every single one that is
    happening around this time period. For some reason Magneto is like
    retired or sometime and has a family I guess. And Raven is running
    around saving other mutants inexplicably. After the film wastes about
    thirty minutes setting all these characters up it actually gets going.
    I can’t understand why Singer felt it necessary to reintroduce these
    characters as if we had never seen them before. It takes so much time
    early on showing what every single person is doing that It’s hard to
    connect with the story later on. We don’t need to see what literally
    everyone is doing or how they are doing it.

    Not only is that a waste of time but it robs the actual main characters
    of having any character. We don’t need to see how Angel or Nightcrawler
    got where they are. We don’t need to spend twenty minutes with
    Magneto’s family that we all know is going to die. And with in thirty
    minutes, oh what do you know! They totally die for no reason.

    Having a main character filled with rage over the death of two
    dimensional family members is so cliché at this point that I actually
    burst out laughing when they died. Like a guy double kills his wife and
    daughter with a bow and arrow without even looking. Why did this guy
    have his bow drawn in the first place? He was being attacked by birds
    but still had his bow perfectly aimed at them and just happened to let
    go of the arrow.

    It was absolutely ridiculous (and hilarious). Of course this plot
    convince spurs Magneto to join Apocalypse’s band of misfits but really?
    How many times has that been done before? And if that hadn’t happened
    would he have not joined the bad guys? It seemed like a lot was hinging
    on that moment and it was freaking stupid.

    And lets talk about Apocalypse. Not only was he as cliché a villain as
    you can get but his climatic fight scene was ridiculous. We literally
    watch him decapitate people with sand but once we he is fighting the
    X-Men he just kind of tosses them around. How can I feel threatened by
    a villain that is this atrocious? He’s a big deal in the comics but he
    amounts to zippy zap on screen. He gets beat up a lot and does nothing
    about it.

    But he’ll turn around and annihilate an entire city within seconds of
    stretching out his hand. Granted these scenes where pretty cool though.
    That’s really the only thing that carried this film. The action
    sequences. Everything in between them is rubbish but when the action
    hits, it hits big and hard.

    And it’s elevated by superb performances from McAvoy, Isaac, and
    Fassbender. Fassbender in particular (Magneto). The scene in Auschwitz
    is arguably the best sequence in the film thanks to his performance.
    You really feel his pain and rage as he tears everything around him
    apart, screaming at the air all the while. It was the only powerful
    thing that the film had to offer.

    If anything, I was thoroughly entertained while watching this. There
    was three or four excellent sequences that blew me away. One including
    Quicksilver that even up staged ‘Future Past’s scene. But aside from
    the technical aspect of the film and some great scenes there isn’t much
    here. The characters a flat, the plot convoluted, and the story bloated
    with far more personalities than the film could handle.

  • scott-swJune 3, 2016Reply


    In no way am I saying X-Men Apocalypse is a bad movie. However, with
    the glut of super-hero movies done well, this one is definitely in the
    average category. Apparently, Apocalypse was one of the first Mutants
    to appear a little more than 5,000 years ago in Egypt. With untold
    power, he was about to transfer his mind to another when the attempt
    was thwarted by his minions. It left him buried underneath the Earth
    until a cult reawakens him. Also discovering this long-forgotten mutant
    is CIA Agent Moriah MacTaggert (Rose Byrne). When the vault is opened
    it causes a world-wide tremor that alerts our favorite wheel-chair
    bound Mutant, Charles Xavier (James McAvoy). They reunite. At the same
    time, we find Erik/Magneto (Michael Fassbender) living quietly in
    Poland as a working man with a family. He has a wife and a child.
    However, he is discovered and local authorities kill (by accident) his
    new loved ones. His new anger makes him ripe for recruiting for
    Apocalypse who is seeking new minions. He also adds Ororo Munroe/Storm
    (Alexandra Shipp), Angel (Ben Hardy), and Psylocke (Olivia Munn). At
    the same time, other mutants make themselves available to counter the
    power-mad ancient Mutant. This includes Jean Grey (Sophie Turner),
    Scott Sommers (Ty Sheridan), Night Crawler (Kodi-Smit McPhee),
    Quicksilver (Evan Peters), Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), Hank
    McCoy/Beast (Nicholas Hoult) who all must band together to stop
    Apocalypse. The movie has some good things – mostly in McAvoy and
    Fassbender as Xavier and Lensher, respectively. Both men play their
    familiar parts with such adeptness and depth – especially Fassbender.
    Magneto is one of the best Mutant Villains because of his complexity,
    conflict, and pain. He is someone you can sympathize with, especially
    with the discovery of his family. Another great aspect are some of the
    supporting characters, especially Quicksilver who steals about every
    scene he occupies. He also has a great scene of his endeavor to save a
    bunch of young Mutants from an explosion. Jennifer Lawrence is probably
    the best, usurping the role from a quiet, sinister Rebecca Rojmin
    Stamos. Also, this one (like First Class and Days of Future Past) is
    wonderfully etched with the time surrounding the events. This time, it
    is 1983 where we have the musings of Return of the Jedi by the cadre of
    Mutants. However, as they ponder the points of the finale of the
    original Star Wars Trilogy, a huge hint of foreshadowing occurs when
    one of them says ”The third is usually the weakest of a trilogy.” They
    hit the nail head on. Not every trilogy ender can be an Iron Man III or
    Captain America III (and the Mutants could have used the Avengers help
    in this one). First, there are too many characters and sub-stories to
    follow. Just like Last Stand, do we need this many main Mutant
    characters? At a point, it becomes exhausting. And while Fassbender,
    Lawrence, and Peters are stellar, the rest of the Mutants don’t have
    much depth. Another strike is the use of special effects over story and
    character. It is too much, especially towards the end with an over-
    the-top climax and resolution where the CGI distracts from the
    conflict. Moreover, one really has to know the whole plot line from
    First Class, Days of Future Past, and even the original X-Men Trilogy.
    In other words, this one is hard to watch unless you have seen ALL of
    those previous movies to know how they progress with the story arcs.
    I’m not saying it is a total washout. It is certainly no Spider Man 3,
    or even Last Stand, but it fails to deliver the depth, fun, story, and
    character the two previous installments offered. I still recommend it,
    just don’t expect it to be as entertaining as previous installments.

  • jdesandoJune 3, 2016Reply

    The worst of the series.

    ”I’ve been called many things over many lifetimes: Ra, Krishna, and
    Yahweh. I was there to spark and fan the flame of man’s awakening, to
    spin the wheel of civilization.”Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac)

    Yep, we’re in trouble as you can tell from that quote. Sounds almost
    like a power-deluded presidential candidate. I would call X-Men:
    Apocalypse ”absurd,” but even that dramatic genre has an element of
    believability, such as waiting for a god that never shows. Waiting for
    Apocalypse produces only a doomed demi-god from very ancient Egypt,
    visiting the 1980’s and taking over the world.

    Besides the usual Hollywood fire and brimstone, this hot mess has no
    redeeming conceit, such as a race of mothers nursing humanity to evil.
    I can’t tell you the special circumstance other than weeping over
    Apocalypse because the great actor underneath is so hidden he could be
    a reality TV host firing everyone who doesn’t agree with him.

    Except for Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique in a very skin-tight costume,
    even the CGI is ugly, disguised under tons of smashing rocks, rocks all
    over, nowhere near aesthetically inspiring. The crew of X-Men is pretty
    much dealing with two men, the aforementioned Apocalypse and the
    estranged Magneto (Michael Fassbender). As in the case of James McAvoy
    as Xavier and Fassbender, these two superb actors pale next to Patrick
    Stewart and Ian McKellen, possibly because those Shakespearean Brits
    brought so much gravity from so many years of living. No fault of the
    younger actors, who are given scant smart dialogue that abounded, for
    instance, in the anti-heroic Deadpool.

    Other marvels such as The Avengers do quite well in the character and
    wisecracking categories; the X men are humorless except for some
    attempts from younger heroes like Nightcrawler (Kodi Smitt-McPhee) and
    Quicksilver (Evan Peters), e.g., ”No matter how fast I run, I always
    seem to be too late.”

    A bright note is the thematic capstone declaring the key to human
    success, companionship:

    ”It’s over, Charles. You are beaten.” (Apocalypse) ”You’ll never win.”
    (Xavier) ”Why not?” (Apocalypse) ”Because you are alone . . . and I am
    not.” (Xavier)

  • Gabriel CurleJune 3, 2016Reply

    Not as good as First Class and Days of Future Past but still worth your time. Don’t listen to the critical reviews!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rushmorasJune 3, 2016Reply

    A good bloc-buster, but too long

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • NDbportmanfanJune 3, 2016Reply

    Wasn’t Great but Still Deserves a Watch

    X-Men Apocalypse takes place in the 1980’s, 10 years after the events
    in Days of Future Past. A god-like mutant has awaken and wants to
    destroy civilization in order to regain his rule. The X-Men must stop
    him before he becomes to powerful.

    I simply didn’t find this story to be particularly interesting or
    believable compared to the other superhero movies in recent years.
    Apocalypse didn’t look or feel all that powerful even though his powers
    would indicate he was. He was shorter than some of the mutants when in
    the comics he is a giant and didn’t need much assistance. The gathering
    of the horseman was also kind of sad as he felt like he just picked up
    the first four mutants that he saw. There was nothing special about
    them, they each said I will join you but that is about it. Apocalpse is
    the kind of villain that you make into two movies, like what Disney is
    doing with Thanos. The first movie could have been used for Apocaplse
    to acquire his army of followers and the second could have focused on
    the battle and how the X-Men will respond to the situation. I guess
    that is why they are not doing that as the two would look similar. I
    personally don’t think we needed another end of the world X-men movie
    given that we just got one. DoFP just seemed more intense of a
    situation which also lead to my mediocre interest in this battle.

    The scenes that didn’t involve Apocalypse were for the most part quite
    enjoyable. Most notably the Quicksilver scenes as Evan Peters once
    again steals the show. The new actors also did great in their roles and
    had good chemistry with one another. Of course, this may be my own
    personal problem but again I find Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique to be
    just bland. The lines she spewed just lacked emotion and her one liners
    fell flat. I am glad that this was her last movie.

    I didn’t enjoy the movie as a whole but the parts that I did like made
    up for the fact that it is just rather mediocre. I still recommend
    seeing it just be warned. 7/10

  • revlissatriaJune 3, 2016Reply

    One of the best x-men movies

    The movie gave everything I expected from it, and more. This movie is
    better than the old one, the old one sucks. they made the cast perfect
    for their characters, the costume are amazing (love storm’s hair), the
    cgi is awesome. They add more character like psylocke, angle, young
    storm, young jean grey, nightcrawler, jubille and many more The most
    favourite one for me is quicksilver he’s awesome and apocalypse is
    really awesome too. I think the old x-men franchise is not part of the
    new universe, because they changed character origins too

    If you want to watch this movie you have to watch x-men first class and
    x-men days of future past. Some people says that this movie was a

  • Cole Waters ([email protected])June 3, 2016Reply

    X Men

    X Men is your typical movie where you know it is going to have some
    stuff where you are like really this is in the movie and this is one of
    those movies where there is way to much action way to much stuff but
    not enough Jennifer Lawrence she is beautiful and there was not enough
    of her but the movie it self was great just not 10 star worthy but good
    enough for 8 stars.

    Parents this movie has a lot of brutal action scenes in it so if you
    don’t want your little ones to see all of that stuff then don’t take
    them to see this action packed movie full of full. I really was hoping
    the movie to be stupendous but it was not it was average like every
    other X Men movie. So if this is bothering u that I am not the biggest
    X Men fan I am sorry I was just not crazy for it.

  • Josh TurnbullJune 3, 2016Reply

    A disappointing end to the trilogy and the to climax of the six movies.

    X-Men Apocalypse… Well the early scenes were promising, but the film
    got very dry very quickly. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t hate this movie,
    I just didn’t enjoy it half as much as I had hoped. The plot of the
    movie is too weak for starters ”an ancient mutant (who sounds like a
    robot and looks worse than Thanos) is awakened, he decides to bring
    down the world with his four horsemen. Alexandra Shipp’s Strom who gets
    far too little to do given how well she does it. Ben Hardy’s Angel who
    looks cool but makes no impact. Olivia Munn’s Pslocke who’s only cast
    for her boob shot, shown in the trailer. Finally Nicholas Hoult’s
    Magneto which by now has been the villain far too often…I mean how
    many times can Professor X remind us that there is still good in him?
    He’s murdered hundreds of people. It also takes the whole of the first
    hour to introduce and assemble all the new and existing characters
    passing from one to another at a zappy pace. My nightmares came true
    when Jennifer Lawrence re- appeared as Katniss Everdeen with super
    powers rather than Mystique. Which is a shame because this movie could
    have used less inspirational speech making and more of the kinkiness
    Rebecca Romijn’s Mystique had. In short this film leaves questions
    like; What was Apocalypse’s ultimate goal? Did they need to replay
    entire scenes we’ve seen multiple times before? How many times will
    Professor X introduce a student to Cerebro? Why is it when entire
    populations are vaporised our heroes don’t appear to warrant even a
    momentary look of horror? And how many movies will they make? All
    together Apocalypse was a messier and heavier than the previous Days of
    Future Past. I did like the Quick Silver scene though.

  • sergiok3June 4, 2016Reply

    I cannot believe all the negatives. This movie is GREAT. (WARNING, SPOILERS)

    What the hell is wrong with all the bad reviewers? This movie is so
    great, sure it has a few things that they could’ve done differently but
    name a movie that’s completely perfect? It’s an over all awesome movie.
    So many people are talking trash about Apocalypse, how bad the
    representation in respect the comics was…are you freaking kidding me?
    This is for me by far the best villain of any superhero movie. Yes,
    he’s not exactly like in the comics, but c’mon people, Oscar Isaac does
    such an AMAZING job interpreting his character. I really don’t
    understand why people are so upset. I mean yeah, he is too much of a
    villain to have died, but hey, we’re talking about a Hollywood budget
    movie, it’s not like in the comics where they can make dozens of
    editions with alternate endings or reanimate characters. People who go
    see a movie need to understand that making a movie like this is
    extremely expensive and it’s just impossible to explain every single
    detail about all the characters in just 2 hours. They do the best they
    can and while yes, sometimes movies are total trash, this X-men movie
    was for me, the BEST of all. And Apocalypse is by FAR the best
    interpretation of any villain out all the superhero movies. Thank you
    Oscar Isaac for such amazing role. Mad acting skillz right there.

    Peace out

  • ericnottellingJune 4, 2016Reply

    the worst of the xmen series yet

    The more I learn about film the harder it has been to actually sit down
    and watch bad movies. There is an exercise called scene analysis. You
    break down everything that happens in a scene, and it allows you to see
    why a scene failed and why a scene succeeds. Once you get into the
    habit of looking at movies this way it become painfully hard to see why
    movies don’t work. This movie starts out fairly well. You are
    immediately set into the plot. There is no waiting around on the movie.
    However the movie falls apart from there. The screen is big, it’s big
    for a reason. We go to SEE something. In film it’s called exposition.
    Where you see things or hear things to move a story forward. I read an
    example of this years ago. That makes total sense and shows why movies
    fail. When you see a good movie, it never entails two characters
    talking about the movie or the plot of the movie. That’s what the big
    screen is for, to show us. The constant use of character dialog
    exposition in this movie is simply painful. No one wants to hear a
    character say ”we have to get the bomb in the bank or it will blow up
    the whole orphanage next door and none of those kids will ever get to
    be adopted to a loving home” Instead, we want to see the the bomb in
    the bank, with the bank next to the orphanage, with some sort of
    character tie in or an orphan kid with a chance of being adopted. Show
    us, don’t tell us! We came to SEE a moving picture. This kind of poor
    script writing is all over this xmen movie. It’s painful to watch it
    once someone points it out to you. I must also comment on why they are
    always kidding bopping these superhero movies. Their audience is
    greater than 14 year old kids. It’s like Hollywood misses that. It
    reminds me of spiderman constantly being some highschool kid, He was a
    full grown man and scientist in the comic books!! This in xmen is no
    difference. The how they aged and history setting part just falls flat
    as they come in as it reduces the movie to a teeny bopper movie. Lastly
    the acting in this movie. This might have been the worst one yet.
    Please for the love of god someone teach sanza stark how to act. She is
    horrible in this. Is she simply type cast into the same, scared naive
    role in everything she does? She simply stands out in this movie like a
    crap stain on a beautiful white rug. She was by far the worst possible
    person to put in this movie. Not only for the movie, but frankly her
    career. As the script was never going to sell her as a more dynamic
    actress. And why is wolverine in this movie. There is no continuation
    or story line of him that makes any sense. He was already in the other
    2 movies that were ”retro” but yet he’s here again trapped in this
    thing. Just no concept of continuation in the series or the story
    lines. The script on this movie is about a 2/10, the acting about a
    4/10, the special effects were OK but nothing mind blowing. Some of
    them actually looked pretty hokey like the brooklyn bridge in New York.
    4/10. I feel bad for the x-men series. It has such great potential and
    possible story lines. But it has been destroyed by Hollywood drivel
    poor acting, and awful script writing. It needs a real remake. You
    can’t look at movies that got it right like deadpool and then come back
    to this one and say they are even close to the same level. Save your
    money, this is a flop.

  • matej-trkanjec-133-920386June 4, 2016Reply

    Unlike the other superhero movies, this one got it just right

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hiisberghJune 4, 2016Reply

    Can a movie about superheroes be boring? Yes, yes it can.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Fred SchaeferJune 4, 2016Reply

    Better than the critics would have you believe.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • The Man XXJune 4, 2016Reply

    Good but worst one of the Trilogy

    Before i watched this movie,i wasn’t really pumped up for it neither
    was i expecting a lot from it and after i watched it the result was

    What i can say is that X:Men Apocalypse is like the Age of Ultron or
    Transformers of the X:Men universe and that appealed to me because they
    tried to do something different with the franchise,its almost more like
    a blockbuster movie than a drama-like comic book movie that they did
    with X-Men:First Class and Days of Future Past and i liked that they
    took a different route.

    This movie was long though and that’s fine as long as it is
    captivating,but some scenes where just dragging on and on like the
    multiple times Apocalypse was recruiting his ”Housemen” which began to
    feel a bit longer than it needed to be.One advantage though is that the
    characters of the movie were developed nicely and key moments between
    them didn’t feel rushed which was a plus,however for a comic book movie
    it takes a longer time than usual for the movie to kick on.Best way i
    can describe it is like this is a film of two halves as the first half
    is slow paced and plot hand-holding while the second half had a faster
    pace full of action and explosions.

    Most of the new characters in this movie are great like Scott
    Summers,Jean Grey and Nightcrawler,i really liked the way how these
    characters were handled because they are given a good backstory and
    their introduction is quick.I especially liked Tye Sheridan’s Cyclops
    because in the past X:Men movies Cyclops was never given as much time
    as i hoped and in this one they all are.Psylocke however wasn’t used as
    much as i hoped,Olivia Munn was OK as Psylocke but she didn’t do much
    in the movie,its like she is just there and not really fleshed out(she
    did have some cool action scenes though),also Alexandra Shipp’s Storm
    is another case as she was introduced well but felt flat as the movie
    went on.

    Quicksilver is back in this movie and he is again awesome as he had
    another speed scene and i am glad to say it was bigger and better than
    the speed sequence he had in Days of Future past.One character i wasn’t
    sure about was Magneto,i really doubted if he needed to be in this
    movie because Apocalypse was the major villain in the movie.Magneto
    starts out well as he is given a simple arc and you understand why he
    joins Apocalypse to destroy the world,but at the end of the movie his
    arc doesn’t come to a satisfactory conclusion as he took a backseat and
    felt like he didn’t have a voice of his own and that is what i was
    afraid of.

    Out of the Trilogy,X-Men Apocalypse is the one with the most
    action,although there isn’t much when compared to the length of the
    movie,because the movie starts out with an action sequence but after
    that there isn’t another one for a long time until the last third of
    the movie which is fine because like First Class and Days of Future
    Past it was interesting enough and it was cool to see the more action
    in an X-Men movie as both First Class and Days of Future Past didn’t
    have a lot of it,although there was a downside as some of the action
    didn’t have much fluidity and came of a bit stiff.

    Now the villain.Apocalypse was a mixed bag for me in this movie,he had
    a satisfactory reason for destroying the world or remaking it,he is
    given a brief introduction but he was an interesting enough villain as
    the movie went on (and he monologuing for days).He was manipulative and
    powerful which i enjoyed,but during the last act of the movie he
    somehow falls flat as he had this particular arc in this movie,but it
    just felt sluggish and unnecessary and in the end he doesn’t have a
    strong impact like previous villains had.

    In terms of Story it really isn’t that great compared to First Class
    and DOFP,it is bigger but not better as it didn’t have much dramatic
    moments which you are used to seeing in the X:Men movies and some
    scenes didn’t have the gravitas it should have which is really
    disappointing.There is a lot of good humour in this movie as well which
    for me is always welcomed,The Wolverine Cameo was awesome and without
    giving much away Jean Grey in the last act…nailed it….nailed it.

    X:Men Apocalypse maybe not as great its prequels,but it is an enjoyable
    movie with in its own right and it really makes me more excited for
    more X:Men films to come.

  • xamtaroJune 4, 2016Reply

    Sacrifices thematic depth and complex characters for superficial thrills and repetitive plots

    The word ”apocalypse” brings to mind an end-of-the world event of
    biblical proportions. X- MEN APOCALYPSE brings to mind some Japanese
    anime and a yearning for the better X- men movies of the past. The
    third in this ”new trilogy” that began with X-MEN FIRST CLASS, the
    franchise reached its high point in the epic X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST
    but now tips back down to a rather typical tale of good vs evil
    intertwined with the usual hero’s journey. Thankfully the masterful
    execution of dialogue and acting chops saves this film from sinking
    into mediocrity.

    There are lot of plot threads to follow. Fortunately or unfortunately
    it does not require much inferring or complex thinking to follow the
    story. It is very simple and it is in its simplicity that it loses out
    on the richness of character than past xmen movies had. Our characters
    are all reduced to two dimensional archetypes each with familiar story
    arcs. So familiar in fact that the whole movie is a pastiche of plot
    points taken from past xmen movies. Eric is the grief stricken blood
    knight who goes evil with vengeance when tragedy strikes, again. Scott
    jean and Kurt are the inexperienced loners who have to work together to
    overcome their challenges, a little like pyro, Bobby drake (ice man)
    and kitty pryde (shadow cat) in X-men 2. Mystique replaces wolverine as
    the badass wanderer who is thrown into a leadership position to guide
    our young loners. Xavier is once again captured and the X-men’s home
    base is compromised, again like X-MEN 2. Powerful mutant with delusions
    of godhood and a gang of loyal followers is Apocalypse this time
    replacing magneto’s role in the first 3 xmen movies. Call it homage or
    call it cliché, I feel that this story manages to toe the line between
    familiar and fresh. The familiar elements gives us a sense of the
    revolving nature of conflict, that history repeats despite the best
    intentions. The fresh elements of course add new facets to a film which
    could have otherwise been a complete bore, thanks to the slow burn
    nature of the plot which mostly sees both good guys and bad guys
    gathering their key players for the final showdown. Those who can
    appreciate a slow build up would love this while those who need their
    immediate action fix would be left disappointed.

    Divisive might be the best word to describe this movie. When the action
    does come, it is a special effects spectacle of mutant powers on
    display where everyone…….pretty much stands around shooting things
    at each other. Oh look, the villain is getting the upper hand! Let’s
    shoot more! Where physical stunts and fights come, they are a thrill to
    behold except the dated wire work which feels artificial. Interspersed
    between these divisive battles are particular scenes of movie magic.
    Quicksilver (last see in DAYS OF FUTURE PAST) returns and we get to see
    the full extent of his powers once again only on a larger scale. And at
    least this time he has a purpose in the story other than being a just a
    miraculous attempt. But as mentioned earlier his motivations are
    touched on but not explored. His character is simplified into yet
    another archetype.

    Beneath the visual spectacle, the movie under utilises its cast of
    characters. Ty Sheridan’s Scott Summers could have been great as the
    new audience surrogate, going from meek bullied loser to taking his
    first steps as confident leader of the X-Men. Instead he is also shoved
    into the background after his introduction. Kodi-smith mcfee’s more
    feline looking Nightcrawler is also another intriguing character
    sidelined. Instead we get more Charles Xavier and more Eric playing out
    their character drama like star crossed lovers. Don’t get me wrong,
    they are fantastic actors, especially Michael Fassbender completely
    nailing the tragedy of Eric’s character arc. But their story came to a
    decent close in the last movie and this one just feels like more of the

    Apocalypse himself is a villain that is as equally divisive as the
    movie itself. On one hand, it seemed that the creators were going for
    the ”all powerful but frail” type of villain ala emperor Palpatine of
    Star Wars. The snake-like menace that Oscar Isaac exudes through his
    sinister delivery is betrayed by a design that borders on corny.
    Oversized platform boots, plastic looking Armour and an ill defined set
    of powers all downplay the threatening presence of the villain. His
    motivations could have been much deeper. A commentary on modern
    commercialism replacing the religions of old perhaps as the new ”cult
    following”? Or a criticism of humanity’s arrogance and self glorifying
    nature? Maybe even a critique on how common folk are quick to idolise
    mortal ”false gods” of the influential and powerful? No, no and no.
    None of that thematic depth here. Apocalypse is merely your Saturday
    morning cartoon variety villain who wants to destroy the world to
    rebuild in his image.

    It is not a bad movie per se. Visually stunning, an easy-to-follow plot
    and well cast characters set to a script filled with witty dialogue
    that does not overdo the comedy. The acting is professional and the
    music by John Ottman is a grand thematic continuation of But for a
    grand finale it pales in comparison to films like X-MEN 2 by glossing
    over its deeper themes of social commentary especially, in the
    treatment of mutants as an allegory to prejudice against social
    minorities. It lacks the urgency, high stakes tension and emotional
    depth of DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and the chemistry among the cast is no
    where near XMEN FIRST CLASS. I would place it as a middling entry into
    the X-men franchise that succeeds in opening the doors to a whole new
    generation of X-men movies.

  • dave_maguireJune 4, 2016Reply

    A decent entry but not without it’s faults

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Fallen EyeJune 4, 2016Reply

    Apocalypse: Only a Supervillain, not an Event

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kunta31June 4, 2016Reply

    She did not deserve her memories back.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dcobbimdbJune 5, 2016Reply

    Way over the top & tons of holes & contradictions

    I usually love marvel movies and have liked pretty much all the X- men
    franchise to date, but this movie was just retarded. It’s great that
    special effects wise we can do pretty much anything nowadays, but this
    movie took that idea and just went too much with it to the point where
    everything was ridiculous.

    I’m certainly glad I didn’t pay to see this. I guess every movie mo
    matter how good or bad rubs some people the wrong way and I guess that
    was this for me. I just felt that everything power and destruction wise
    was just too much to the point where I was no longer enjoying a movie
    but rather being reminded that I was seeing one.

    Part of the thing I hate about evolution especially when it comes to
    movies is just how they feel they need to one up everything, but what
    those retards don’t realize is that at a certain point it just all
    looks fake and stupid, and that’s pretty much how this movie ended up
    for me.

    Far as time lines, it seems to me they broke so many aspects of peoples
    encounters and other such that it just seems ridiculous. Wasn’t it just
    a couple movies back that Kurt was introduced and Jean and Storm found
    him, and didn’t know of him? Yet they were in this movie all together?
    So many stupid things like that plus the over the top powers just made
    this an utter mess…

  • Bradley SheaJune 5, 2016Reply

    ‘The third one is always the worst’

    After an opening sequence set in ancient Egypt, X-Men: Apocalypse
    rejoins Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique in Berlin 10 years after the
    events of Days of Future Past. Witnessing an illegal, underground fight
    between two young mutants, Angel and Nightcrawler, Mystique quickly
    shows her colours to those gathered to watch the brawl, using her
    unique set of skills to free the battling mutants. From here, we jump
    from place to place, visiting Xavier’s school in Westchester, a modern
    day Cairo, and Poland where Magneto is in hiding. It’s an introduction
    that sets up every piece of the narrative as quickly as possible in
    order to really get the ball rolling, yet because of this, it often
    feels unsettled and unsure of how to handle the new characters it
    introduces along the way.

    Of these new characters, the young versions of classic X-Men Cyclops
    and Jean Grey that are handled the best. Tye Sheridan shows all the
    early signs of a born leader as Cyclops while Sophie Turner struggles
    with a power she can’t control as Jean and the two actors display good
    chemistry on screen which makes their interactions all the more
    enjoyable to watch. Kodie Smit-McPhee is also entertaining as the
    German born Nightcrawler who was last seen attacking the President as
    an adult in X2, yet his main function is to provide the film with comic
    relief and he’s not given much depth. Other new characters are not
    nearly as well presented as this young trio, with Psylocke, Storm, and
    Angel being underused for the entirety of the film. Olivia Munn may
    look the part as Psylocke yet she’s given very little to do throughout
    the film and the same can be said for the other two characters, with
    Alexandra Shipp receiving not nearly enough screen time as one of the
    X- Men’s most prominent members. Perhaps this is down to their role in
    the film, serving as ‘horsemen’ to Apocalypse, portrayed by Oscar

    Resembling a Power Rangers villain – you know the one – and intent on
    taking over the world, Apocalypse is the closest we’ve come to a
    maniacal comic book antagonist in an X-Men film. Isaac delivers a
    restrained performance, for the most part, choosing to present the
    mutant as a calm individual despite his immense power, yet come the
    final battle, he can’t help but indulge himself in the material written
    by Simon Kinberg and go full super villain. At times it may be cringe
    worthy but Isaac is a good enough actor to pull the role off without it
    feeling campy and he deserves a lot of credit for this because in the
    wrong hands, Apocalypse may have been unbearable on the big screen. At
    the very least, his inclusion paves the way for the biggest on screen
    battle ever seen in the X-Men series which provides the film with some
    entertaining spectacle, but even as Cairo is ripped apart from the
    ground up and debris fills the screen, the full threat of Apocalypse is
    never really felt.

    While the new characters are somewhat lacking, James McAvoy and Michael
    Fassbender are once again on fine form as Professor X and Magneto. One
    scene in particular requires Fassbender to display his full acting
    ability and proves to be extremely heart wrenching, even if the event
    he is reacting to is a little clichéd after this many superhero films,
    while McAvoy remains poised as Professor X who finally goes bald in
    this outing. Sadly, Jennifer Lawrence is extremely one note throughout
    and no longer seems to enjoy playing Mystique, a character that has
    been severely mishandled in Apocalypse largely because her name has
    been attached to the role. As she delivers a speech to the young team
    at the end of the film, it’s hard not to picture her as Katniss in The
    Hunger Games and it appears as if she’s merely going through the
    motions and delivering a performance we’ve become all to familiar with.
    Thankfully, Evan Peters makes up for her lack of enthusiasm as
    Quicksilver who once again steals every scene he’s featured in,
    including a much more complex slow motion sequence in the Xavier
    mansion which should put a smile on the face of every audience member

    Characters aside, the film does suffer from some shaky CGI as well as
    an overabundance of moments that can only be described as fan service.
    One of these moments includes a nod to the audience about Brett
    Ratner’s disappointing X-Men: The Last Stand, while another sees
    Professor X urging Alex Summers to ‘wreak havoc’ upon Cerebro to
    protect them from Apocalypse, a tongue in cheek reference to the
    characters codename in the comic books. As cute as these moments may
    be, they do occasionally break the suspension of disbelief and may
    throw audiences out of the film, and the worst of these is a sequence
    involving Wolverine. Though it’s always a pleasure to see Hugh Jackman
    as the character on screen, his involvement here is unnecessary and the
    films narrative seems to stop momentarily so that we can admire
    Wolverine’s berserker rage in all it’s glory. With another solo outing
    scheduled for 2017, perhaps the character would have been better left
    on the sidelines for this film.

  • John MaverickJune 5, 2016Reply

    Everything they’ve built……will FALL!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SnoopyStyleJune 5, 2016Reply

    good with a couple of problems

    En Sabah Nur is Apocalypse, the first mutant who ruled ancient Egypt
    until he was entombed. It’s the 80’s. CIA agent Moira MacTaggert goes
    to Egypt and witnesses his emergence. He recruits his four horsemen
    Magneto, Storm, Psylocke, and Angel giving them greater power.
    Meanwhile, Raven recruits Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler from an East Berlin
    fight club. Alex Summers brings his younger brother Scott to Professor
    Charles Xavier’s school. Quicksilver arrives at the school just in time
    to rescue almost everybody from an explosion but Professor X is
    kidnapped by Apocalypse.

    I really like the first half. There are some good introduction of the
    new characters. It’s working fine for the most part. It hits the
    pinnacle with Quicksilver’s rescue which is funny and exciting. It is
    visually dynamic and a joy to behold. The rest of the movie feels like
    a long slow slide into mediocrity.

    The most troubling problem for the continuing franchise is the use of
    Mystique as the leading X-Men. That character has never been in that
    role. JLaw is struggling to put out the intensity to match the central
    part. She and her character is not up to the task so far. It’s also
    funny that her powers is to not be JLaw. The other problem is
    Apocalypse. I hoped for better but his mega-destruction is
    underwhelming. It’s a lot of bland and his powers are nebulous. I
    actually think it would have been better to allow Apocalypse to be a
    two-parter. As an one-and-done villain, he isn’t allowed to be anything
    more than a monster of the moment. With a lower level of power from
    him, it could be more compelling to struggle for the soul of each
    horseman. As it stands, the character Apocalypse is nothing special.

  • gyndesilvaJune 5, 2016Reply

    Best of the series if not one of the best this year so far..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • horcrux2007June 5, 2016Reply

    X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

    This seems to be the year of superheroes vs superheroes with DC and
    Marvel releasing their tentpoles, Batman v Superman and Civil War, and
    now Fox has released one for the X-Men with the lackluster X- Men:
    Apocalypse. In Apocalypse, the world’s first and most powerful mutant,
    aptly named Apocalypse, has woken up from a slumber after thousands of
    years to find that society is not revering him as a god as they used
    to. Apocalypse throws a tantrum and assembles a team of four mutants to
    destroy modern civilization and create a new world order. As the fate
    of the world hangs in the balance, Mystique and Professor X assemble a
    new team of young mutants to save mankind. It seemed like having God
    and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse be the villains would make the
    movie at least somewhat interesting, but, really they don’t do anything
    for a majority of the 144 minute running time. For most of Apocalypse’s
    story, he’s just assembling his team while the Horsemen he’s already
    recruited just sit around while he convinces another mutant to join the
    group. That’s not only an issue with the Horsemen, unfortunately.
    Almost all of the other mutants, Mystique, Professor X, Nightcrawler,
    Jean Grey, etc, wait around until something bad happens. There’s a ton
    of interesting characters in this film that aren’t given anything
    interesting to do. Almost all of the mutants spend the entire movie
    feeling sorry for themselves, and there’s really no good action until
    the very end. Even the final fight scene gets underwhelming at certain
    points. At times, I felt like I was watching a bad Roland Emmerich
    disaster flick. One positive is that Evan Peters steals every scene as
    Quicksilver, giving a great personality to the character. He was the
    one thing I wholeheartedly enjoyed about the movie. X-Men: Apocalypse
    has a couple moments of visual flair, some decent action and clear
    ambition, but its muddled plot and bland characterizations make it a
    disappointing misstep.

  • Matt GreeneJune 5, 2016Reply

    A Messy and Mangled Mutant Melee

    I’ve liked many of the X-Men films, but is it just me, or do we all
    collectively forget this franchise exists until the next one is
    released? This is especially a problem with 9 films in 15 years, with
    so many sequels, prequels, sidequels, spin-offs, and jumps-in-time that
    keeping track of the plot and the multitude of characters requires
    mutant-esque power in itself. The unbridled success of the last film,
    Days of Future Past, would discount those worries of franchise amnesia,
    only it’s appeal was mostly in its 70s nostalgia and intention to stick
    with what we know. Apocalypse, an intense series continuation that
    requires much of its audience and offers little, may be the least
    inspired film in the bunch. There’s nothing to the plot: an ancient
    being with seemingly endless power rises from the ashes to end the
    world, and only the X-Men can stop him. It’s boring and over-done.
    Sure, McAvoy and Fassbender continue to enhance all the material
    they’re given with a gravitas and depth beyond anything else in these
    films. However, those great central performances can’t save a movie
    whose villain is so dumb, uninteresting, and paper-thin that the
    normally-great Oscar Isaac even comes off as plastic. The rampant deus
    ex machina and muddled motivations give the high-danger plot a feeling
    of having no stakes at all. It’s a shame the overall experience is so
    muddy and ill-advised seeing as how there are definitely some great
    scenes found throughout. Scene stealers Magneto and Quicksilver each
    get there times to shine, in moments both cool and emotionally
    interesting. Unfortunately, a collection of cool set pieces can’t
    overcome the tired and hasty story.

  • lvacavlievJune 5, 2016Reply

    Great time-killer.

    Even though it’s much worse than ”Days of Future Past” it was still a
    good movie. There were some themes that actually kept me interested.
    The Magneto story line was absolutely gorgeous. The action was violent
    and well performed. But all of this doesn’t make it perfect. It was
    filled with idiotic one liners and there was a point in the movie where
    the CGI landscape looked like an ”Overwatch” map. Apocalypse didn’t
    actually spread his wings and his sidekicks were TERRIBLE! I was very
    hyped for Olivia Munn as Psylocke, but she had 3-4 lines in the whole
    movie! She and the Angel guy had no contribution to the plot and Storm
    was nearly as useless as them too. It was filled with plot holes and
    questions that cannot be answered with the sentence: ”It’s the power of
    the mutants” or something like this. But at the end of the day, ”X-Men:
    Apocalypse” is an awesome and fun movie, which actually tries to expand
    into some deep themes which can make the audience think after the movie
    has ended.

  • repusJune 5, 2016Reply

    Another failure in attempt to create a good action movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • user-27292June 5, 2016Reply

    Don’t believe the hype, Apocalypse rocks!

    I went into this film after reading lots of spoiler free negative
    reviews, which is probably not a good idea. However, by the end of the
    first 30 minutes, I was already questioning the sanity of those

    First up, the story is not only a good one, it’s a great one, and more
    importantly, it makes sense.

    The cast is at the top of their game here, and it shows. There’s a
    certain scene where one of the antagonists of the series loses some
    loved ones, and you can almost feel their pain. This is how you make a
    great movie, story first, then have a cast that can deliver in bringing
    that story to life.

    The special effects are first rate, and there are a lot of them, even
    for a movie that features superheroes doing their stuff. But there
    aren’t many times (if any) where you think any of those scenes could
    have been done without a building or bridge being destroyed. Every
    special effect featured in Apocalypse was required to bring that part
    of the story to life.

    The movie’s run time is just under 2 and a half hours, and every one of
    those minutes is put to good use and never wasted. When you walk out of
    a theatre thinking you were only in there for 90 minutes, you know that
    you were entertained from start to finish.

    Even the cameo by Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was great.

    If you’re an X-men fan, well, a fan of the X-men movies anyway, you’ll
    enjoy this film for sure. I’d rate it at least as good as X2, and on
    par with Days of future past, and a little better than The Wolverine.

    How this movie could be rated as anything other than excellent, is
    bewildering. Go see it. You won’t regret it.

  • BenJune 5, 2016Reply

    As a Singer Fan This Was a Tough One to Swallow

    I’ve always thought Bryan Singer’s X Men films were not just the best
    of the X Men franchise but also the best of the entire superhero genre
    as there was always something more intelligent going on with them. The
    mutant struggle for equal rights perfectly parallels the prior Civil
    Rights movement and the differing approaches on how to achieve equality
    shined in the lead characters of Xavier and Magneto. Xavier
    representing the path of diplomacy and peace like Martin Luther King
    and Magneto going the more forceful path like Malcolm X. When Singer
    left the franchise I had never been more let down by any film as I had
    been by Last Stand as all that was smart about the series was traded
    off for a generic action film with the team needing to defeat an all
    powerful mutant who was poorly developed and hardly used in the film.
    Of course Singer’s return seemed to undo all this with the excellent
    Days of Future Past and it seemed like the series could move forward in
    a very positive way. Unfortunately I would go as far as to say that
    Apocalypse somehow managed to be much worse than Last Stand. The main
    reason being that Apocalypse himself is a very flat character devoid of
    any motivation for destroying the world and nowhere near as menacing as
    the version of Apocalypse from the 90’s cartoon. The story also jumps
    all over the place between different characters without developing any
    sense of rhythm for story progression and I constantly found myself
    just wanting the film to get to the big dumb ending it was building
    towards just to get it over. The dialogue is very corny in many parts
    and it’s nearly impossible to root for any of these characters played
    by these new adolescent actors. Worst of all, the complex friendship
    between Magneto and Xavier which was the driving force of all the films
    is completely absent and all we have is a special effects extravaganza
    of super mutants duking it out over a world ending event which we never
    feel invested in. At this point I don’t know what the series can do to
    correct itself again and if Bryan Singer does not come back I don’t
    think that would be so bad because he has clearly checked out with this
    latest attempt.

  • zarion-22109June 5, 2016Reply

    One of my favorite characters made silly

    Apocalypse and magneto are my favorite characters in the men universe.
    Magneto so far they have done a good job with but how they made a
    god-like unstoppable figure look so weak is beyond me. This movie feels
    rushed and singer needs to hang it up.

    Apocalypse is suppose to act, look and sound like this…… v=OYt78FWfa5M

    What the movie could have been but wasn’t smh

    I hope apocalypse isn’t finished because they totally missed the boat
    on him. Hopefully somehow he is still alive and transferred his
    consciousness to psychlock or somebody else.

  • notqyteneoJune 5, 2016Reply

    Best Action Movie Since TFA

    I won’t argue with the Comic book purists who complain about the
    deviations from the comics, except to say that the deviation(s)
    happened in XM:FC. They have followed through with the story-line they
    started in First Class. I understand those who don’t like the sometimes
    good(or flip-flopping) Magneto and Mystique, but it’s been that way
    since FC. The characters have been written/portrayed consistently IMO.

    I’m not a comic-book guy – I just wanted to good, entertaining film.
    And IMO – it delivers and then some, AND THEN SOME MORE! I was on the
    edge of my seat from start to finish. It doesn’t have that bad start
    that BvS has, and it doesn’t have the bad ending that CA:CW has. It is
    emotional and intense from start to finish. The story-line from FC
    through DOFP to Apocalypse has been consistent and compelling IMO. This
    is a fantastic conclusion to the trilogy.

    It does seem to me that there’s now a heavily entrenched bandwagon
    paradigm(among fans and critics alike) that anything from Disney/Marvel
    is an instant classic when announced, but anything from any other
    studio is trash before it is even done with post production. I’m not
    buying that.

    I can’t wait to see this one again.

  • millanttJune 5, 2016Reply

    Visually great…Storyline poor

    I will make it short…this movie was visually great and the acting by
    James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Oscar Isaac was awesome.

    But as usual we have a Marvel movie that does not quite stick to the
    comic. Apocalypse is supposed to be immortal and invulnerable. So, I
    was surprised that he had to transfer bodies and that he was defeated.
    Bryan Singer could have have written a different ending to make the
    movie more interesting.

    We have mutants that powers were enhanced to their full potential by
    Apocalypse and yet were easily beaten by these little inexperienced

    For once, I would love to see a movie where the human race actually
    gets defeated and mutants gets to rule. Charles X needs to grow up and
    realize that the human race will never accept mutants and we cannot
    live together in peace. Humans needs to realize who’s boss and submit.

    Isn’t that how the world is since day 1. Submission to those who are
    the most powerful. Food for thought.

  • ngannguyentcxaJune 5, 2016Reply

    As a big fan of X-Men, I don’t want to see another X-Men movie after this

    I absolutely love the X-Men franchise, for me it the best superheroes
    franchise out there. I love them since I first watched the Animated
    series in the 90s. With that being said, this is one of the worst X-
    men movie to date, worst than the Last Stand, better than both
    Wolverine movies.

    I used to trust Bryan Singer wholeheartedly, he did produce 3 best
    X-Men movies after all but this one is a flop. It make me wonder maybe
    Singer has run out of idea, maybe he should pass on the torch to
    another director.

    Michael Fassbender was great, his performance along with the ever
    charming James Mcavoy was the highlight of the movie. The visual
    effects was good, Quicksilver and Wolverine action scenes were highly

    Apocalypse has so many potentials, so much powers but just fall flat to
    me. He destroyed some buildings and that it. The ancient ”god” being
    defeated by a teenager Jean Grey and she hasn’t even let out the Dark
    Phoenix yet! Why was his name Apocalypse again?

    I love the 4 horsemen idea but they only focused on Magneto, the other
    3 were underdeveloped just like many other new X-men characters. I
    thoroughly enjoyed Storm (Alexandra Shipp), Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) was
    okay at best.

    Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss was just ridiculous! But this is because
    of the script, the writers wanted her to take the center roll, made
    Raven become a strong female lead but it was too out of character in my

    Sophie Turner as Jean Grey was a bad, bad decision! Jean Grey has such
    a big roll in the movies to come why didn’t they hire someone who can
    act? The only reason she got this roll is because of Game of Thrones
    fanbase and sure enough she bring Sansa Stark into this movie.Turner
    lack of acting talent plus her trying to be American accent were just
    terrible. I don’t want to see her in the future movie at all.

  • Foaad SoleymanyJune 5, 2016Reply

    ”We Are Home!”

    By far the worst x-men movie to date. I was thinking: ”wow, the first
    x-men movie(2000) was AMAZING!”. The movie is made for younger audience
    whom may not know much about x-men characters or what a ”mutant” is. so
    many long, boring, and useless dialogues over similarly annoying music
    through out the movie. usually Ii fall sleep through boring movies,
    this time I was TRYING to fall sleep but i couldn’t. where the movie
    loses real fans with lack of story line and misrepresentation of
    characters powers and back stories, it makes up with so much
    unnecessary over the top violence it makes you yawn. the only thing I
    remotely liked was Olivia Mann as Psyloke. I say skip this one if you
    get annoyed by crappy and money grabbing movies.

    PS. Gene Grey is NOT the Phoenix. The Phoenix takes over genes body
    because it chooses too not the other way around!

  • RNMortonJune 5, 2016Reply

    Good Stuff

    X-Men is really an unusual franchise for Marvel. As an avid reader of
    Marvel during its breakout period fifty years ago, X-Men was a nice
    magazine but I would guess not one of their top sellers. Back then the
    talents were a little more modest, Cyclops and X-Girl were around along
    with Angel, Iceman and Beast (not blue). As a movie franchise I would
    guess X-Men is Marvel’s top seller, they have gotten a lot of mileage
    out of the characters and have almost flawlessly crossed over to a
    younger cast (but for Wolverine). I have seen two or three of the most
    recent entries at the movies, but even though I have enjoyed them they
    are not something I die to watch again on cable.

    Which brings us to the most recent X-Men. Right off I have to say that
    Marvel excels at casting and the newer X-Men are no exception, the new
    Prof. Xavier (McAvoy) continues to be spectacular as does Fassbender as
    the Magnetic One. I thought the rest of the characters are done well
    also, including Peters as Quicksilver and a stunningly gorgeous Munn as
    Psylocke. The adversary for the X-Men is an ancient Egyptian mutant who
    seems too much to handle, the problem with these apocalyptic show-downs
    is that the next time out they sometimes feel they have to top it (ala
    Avengers I and II). This movie was not something I would necessarily
    see again (maybe?) but it never let up and me and my 11 year old never
    thought of leaving early, well done.

  • inkwarpJune 5, 2016Reply

    x-men to z-men

    yes, this is a bad film, not irretrievably bad like Gods of Egypt, not
    quite laugh in it’s face bad, just lazy, cliché-riddled repetitive.
    this well is exhausted. if it weren’t for the presence of michael
    fassbender it would have no weight whatsoever… CG overkill cannot
    rescue films such as this anymore. the technical aspect of spectacle
    totally underscored with plot, character development … a scene that
    takes place at the gates of Auschwitz is what sent this straight down
    the toilet for me. doesn’t a super villain who wants to ‘cleanse the
    earth’ make the inclusion of that scene utterly risible? and when said
    ‘super villain’ utters lines like ”you are all my children’ you know
    you are watching lazy garbage. and the necessity to have to be aware of
    plot lines and characters from ‘the marvel’ or ‘DC universe’ precludes
    many viewers who have no interest in being a citizen of these
    ‘universes’. characters do ridiculous things for ineffable reason, and
    there are so many characters all ‘super in some way’ that this genre is
    now almost utterly vitiated. these films are either reboots or remakes
    or reboots of remakes etc… while bringing nothing new to the genre
    other than a newer younger face. ( that being said, Sophie Turner is
    utterly miscast, not her fault, just rubbish script writing) .. i wish
    for the days when a movie had the power of originality, and writing
    good enough that you could spawn a whole mythos from one solitary film.
    watching Under The Skin gave me that and so i define that as art. X-men
    is derivative shallow nonsense and hence i describe that as garbage. (
    apart from the lovely caveat in the end credits say 1500 people where
    employed in making this movie, that is laudable i guess)..

  • jmhowerton-44373June 5, 2016Reply

    Pretty good

    X-Men: Apocalypse was very fun, but got quite messy at parts. X-Men
    fans will like this just like I did. it is a huge step down from Days
    of Future Past and has a pretty clichéd villain. I forgave the clichéd
    villain because of how cool and how frightening he was. Oscar Isaac did
    so good as Apocalypse. The characters are well developed, but some of
    them do not get enough screen time and some get to much. Angel,
    Psyloche and Storm have no motivation, there is no reason why they
    agreed to help Apocalypse destroy the world. What would they gain?
    Overall I thought the movie was good, I had a blast watching it and
    will be watching it again.

  • Aaron1375June 6, 2016Reply

    The X-men just band together to avoid the Apocalypse!

    My expectations were low coming into this one so I am happy to report
    that I was pleasantly surprised by this film. It was not perfect, a
    Bryan Singer X-men film is never going to be perfect at this point, but
    it did contain a lot of cool action and quite a few mutants. Sure, I
    was not happy when I initially saw that Storm, Magneto and Psylocke
    were three of Apocalypse’s horsemen in the film when none of them were
    in the comics; however, the story of why those three joined worked
    enough that I am not quite as baffled as I first was. I was
    disappointed by the fact that Angel was a bit more underutilized again,
    not sure why they find it so difficult to do him, but he does have more
    of a part here than in the his other film, X-men: The Last Stand which
    this film takes a jab at. I thought that was uncalled for, I do not
    understand why everyone dislikes that one so much as that one still has
    some of the better action sequences and fight sequences of any of the
    X-men films. A lot of people have been panning this one too, but as I
    said, I enjoyed it as I was expecting to dislike it quite a bit more
    than I did. It did do some things I was not fond of, but for the most
    part this one delivered for me.

    The story brings us back to Egypt where a strange being with great
    powers is about to transfer his consciousness over to a person who has
    great healing ability. This process is interrupted by people who tire
    of this being, claiming he is a false god and they collapse the
    pyramid. Unfortunately, the false god is not killed, but only locked
    away in a sleep. Flash years later and we witness a young Scott Summers
    learning his amazing ability, Mystique still trying to rescue her
    fellow mutants and Magneto trying to live life as an ordinary man.
    Things begin to be set in motion; however, and soon Apocalypse has
    awakened and he immediately takes a young girl who controls the weather
    under his wing and gives her incredible powers. He also finds a young
    woman named Psylocke, Angel and Magneto and he begins his plans to
    destroy the world and create it anew! Only the new students at Xavier’s
    school for the gifted stand in his way of world domination!

    Once again, Mystique plays an important role in this film and pretty
    much aligns with the good guys. Once again, this baffles me as she was
    never that important in the comic and she never really joined up with
    the X-men, at least not up to the point I was reading them. They did do
    a good job of giving Storm and Magneto reasons for joining Apocalypse,
    but I was kind of disappointed by the way Psylocke was depicted as my
    mother who had never read the comics assumed that she was a villain in
    the comics. She is a good guy and though she looks the most like her
    character than any other character depicted in a Singer film, he
    managed to make her look too villainous. Nightcrawler was done well and
    though I still think they do not make Scott as good as he was in the
    comics he was done better here than the rest of the films. He actually
    got some good hits in this time! Of course, Quicksilver was once again
    quick and the most funny of the characters.

    So this one was good, could have been better, but I will not complain
    too much. The film is rated PG-13, but it has to be a pretty hard PG-13
    as there were some pretty graphic deaths throughout this one. It would
    not have taken much more to make it an R. It was nice to have a
    different villain this time in Apocalypse and from the post credit
    scene if they do another film it will be another villain in that film
    as well. Though next up will be the next Wolverine film and after that
    probably Deadpool before another X-men comes out; granted, Deadpool
    more than likely does not exist in this universe though his character
    is owned by Fox too. Not sure how he’d do in one of these films, but I
    do know he would want to be the one to drop the one F-bomb in a most
    likely PG-13 X-men film. This one was not perfect, but better than
    expected so overall I was happy with the result and not mad I dropped
    money to see it in the theaters.

  • tendoughtJune 6, 2016Reply

    X-Men: On Crutches

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nik-kirilovJune 6, 2016Reply

    Great movie…but not according your girlfriend

    No spoilers.

    For a good or a bad – it is the (more or less) the typical
    X-men/Superhero/Super power movie. I’m not some sort of a mega fan or
    anything but I do enjoy all X-men movies. If not for anything, at least
    watch ’cause that’s the last time that Hugh Jackman will play
    Wolverine. VERY sad fact for me!

    The movie has a lot to offer but still nothing that original (more or
    less). In saying that – it’s very colourful and the actors are First
    class! Im kinda sick of Game Of Thrones actors to be in every new movie
    in 2016 but I guess it is, what it is.

    Anyhow, long story – it’s a great movie to watch it in the cinema –
    don’t wait to come out on blu-ray or anything like this. You’ll
    probably like it…but your girlfriend probably won’t 😀 but she won’t
    hate it either…so…go son! 😀

  • Frederico de AzevedoJune 6, 2016Reply

    Amaze yourself with the rebirth of the Power Rangers

    Really…? Don’t waste your time watching this reboot from a Power
    Rangers movie from the 90’s. This is a TV movie that has made the big

    Here’s a song for you:

    They’ve got a power and a force that you’ve never seen before. They’ve
    got the ability to morph and to even up the score. No one can ever take
    them down the power lies on their side.

    Go Go Power Rangers Go Go Power Rangers Go Go Power Rangers Mighty
    Morphin’ Power Rangers

    They know the fate of the world is lying in their hands. They know to
    only use their weapons for defense. No one will ever take them down,
    the power lies on their side.

    Go Go Power Rangers Go Go Power Rangers Go Go Power Rangers You Mighty
    Morphin’ Power Rangers

    No one can ever take them down The power lies on their side

    Go Go Power Rangers Go Go Power Rangers Go Go Power Rangers You Mighty
    Morphin’ Power Rangers

    Go Go Power Rangers Go Go Power Rangers Go Go Power Rangers

  • sasquach1June 6, 2016Reply

    talk about screwing up a great comic story line arc

    take what really should have been 2 movie’s and squeeze it into one
    movie. Then take away just about all character development and any true
    explanation as to the back ground of the main villain and you have the
    blah movie I just watched.

    If you just want to see a movie with mutants fighting this it. If you
    want a story that has any real relation to the comics then your guess
    is as good as mine as what to watch.

    Apocalypse has such a huge story arc and they just chewed it up and
    spit it out.

    Oh mystique, please send her off somewhere, some remote island…maybe
    abducted by aliens. There is absolutely no reason for her to have such
    a large screen presence

  • Ahmad Fadlan AminJune 6, 2016Reply

    not like what i expected , but still good

    I don’t get all the hate towards this movie. X-Men Apocalypse went
    really really slow , I admit that. And almost half first of the movie
    there barely something happened. But it’s kinda necessary to built a
    background story to the character,which it should take a little longer
    because 45 minutes is not enough and make it kinda ”rush it” because
    the story happened 10 years after the previous movie and I must tell
    you it’s not really boring at all. There are some few ”funny” scenes in
    this movie , although some of it maybe will make you cringe. I guess
    Bryan Singer kinda playing it safe because of what happened to all the
    hate towards BvS movie for being too ”serious” and ”without” humor. I
    guess these times you can’t really make super hero movie without a
    funny scene.

    The visual effects is superb , as usual. The fighting scenes is also
    cool. Probably the down low about this movie is that it has a really
    interesting plot with something different in it which kinda cool but
    there’s a few minor clichés and some irrelevant secene. It’s really
    worth the watch , especially because it’s visually cool and it’s kinda
    different than any other superhero movie.

  • slicedbread117June 6, 2016Reply

    Another Wonderful X-Men Film, With Untapped Potential to be Something Greater

    X-Men: Days of Future Past was quite possibly one of the best superhero
    movies of all-time, and my personal favorite X-Men movie. With big
    footsteps to follow, X-Men: Apocalypse goes bigger and better in some
    aspects, and continues the franchise’s path of success, but doesn’t
    quite shine like some of its predecessors.

    Director and writer Bryan Singer has been able to craft some amazing
    stories in this growing X-Men universe, with spectacular character arcs
    spanning two separate main casts, and intense, intimate action steering
    the ship. The plot of Apocalypse gives an enticing premise, and a great
    story for longtime X-Men fans to love; the story of the world’s first
    ever Mutant, the title character, and his eternal quest to rid Earth of
    mankind to build a new Mutant-ruled world. In ways, this is a story
    we’ve seen before with Magneto as the main antagonist with his idea of
    a better world run by Mutants, but the large difference here is the
    villain, who doesn’t want to rule humanity, but extinguish it. In my
    opinion, Apocalypse is a terrific villain, he’s introduced right from
    the start of the film, and his development through the movie is steady
    and strong. We have ourselves a great, wicked, powerful villain by the
    end of the movie, which at the end of the day, helps create a better

    The pacing of the film was solid for the most part, outside of a few
    scenes where it starts to feel choppy. One place in particular, is when
    Quicksilver’s spectacular scene is put back-to-back with Apocalypse’s
    first encounter with Professor X. After an epic showdown between the
    two characters, ending in the X Mansion, we quickly cut to an entirely
    different feel, with an 80’s soundtrack and loads of humor. Now
    individually, both of these scenes are brilliant, but put side by side,
    Apocalypse and his awesome evil ways seem to feel dumbed down, and the
    movie falls out of place momentarily. Aside from that large hiccup in
    pacing, the movie has a good flow to its storytelling, and with that,
    maintains a track record of great stories being told in the X-Men

    The action in the film was great. It was large in scope and scale and
    for the most part, we get to see every character on display a least for
    a short time. The action sequences don’t bog down the pacing of the
    film, each action scene is written well enough towards the progression
    of the plot that you won’t be caught wondering what the heck is going
    on. The action is visually engaging, fairly well choreographed, and
    primarily keeps your eyes glued to the screen.

    The X-Men universe is a large one, and with separate time lines now a
    staple of the franchise, we have two actors for almost every character
    introduced since the first X-Men film in 2000, older and younger
    versions. For the most part, this has been a strength of the franchise,
    with two casts being able to develop the same characters. In
    Apocalypse, we get to see the introduction of younger versions of some
    iconic characters, including Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Nightcrawler,
    Angel and Psylocke. Unfortunately, outside of Nightcrawler, who
    provides some of the films best laughs, and Cyclops, who is played very
    well by up-and-comer Tye Sheridan, there is some massively
    underwhelming development and lack of screen time for the other
    aforementioned characters. I would have loved to see more time spent of
    Jean, chiefly given that a redo of the iconic Dark Phoenix Saga is
    reportedly on the way. Storm, Psylocke and Angel were poorly used and
    heavily under powered, mainly while enlisted as three of Apocalypse’s
    Four Horsemen that he recruits to help him conquer the Earth. The
    actual performances by the character’s actors are frankly wonderful,
    but the writing of their characters were not so much.

    While some of the newer heroes have yet to blossom into their full
    potential, the likes of series mainstays Professor X (James McAvoy),
    Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), Beast
    (Nicholas Hoult) and even fan favorite Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) all
    return and continue to deliver outstanding performances. Wolverine’s
    cameo in the film just might be the best written scene with Wolvie in
    16 years. He’s fast, looks the part, and is brutally violent, with more
    blood spilled in one scene than the rest of the X-Men movies combined,
    a sneak preview at what’s to come in next year’s R- rated Wolverine
    movie. Along with Oscar Issac’s spectacular portrayal of Apocalypse,
    and another wildly entertaining performance by Evan Peters as
    Quicksilver, the majority of the cast and their characters are done
    very well and are highly entertaining.

    X-Men: Apocalypse isn’t the best film in this franchise, or arguably
    not even in the top 3 of films (Days of Future Past, X2 and First
    Class), but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great film. Yes, there are
    some inconsistencies in the pacing of the film, some criminally
    underused characters and a lack of overall development for those
    characters and the continuing growth of their arcs, and the X-Men
    franchise at large. However, those flaws cannot hold the film back from
    telling an engaging immediate story with plenty of humor, showcasing
    some exciting, occasionally grand action scenes, or having a huge
    roster of characters played extremely well by every one of their
    actors, with special recognition to Oscar Issac, Michael Fassbender,
    and James McAvoy. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the last scene of
    the film, which is arguably the best. It pays homage to the Bronze Age
    of comic books, includes terrific fan service and teases the future of
    the franchise. Even with consistent pressure from fans to return the
    X-Men film rights back to Marvel Studios and the MCU, Fox and director
    Bryan Singer continue to prove the doubters wrong with another great
    entry into the epic X-Men universe.


  • KineticSeoulJune 6, 2016Reply

    The weakest in the trilogy, but not bad.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Alper TekJune 6, 2016Reply

    An enjoyable film for X-Men fans

    X-Men Apocalypse is an enjoyable experience. It has very good special
    effects. Stunning, if I might add. There are many characters, which is
    a great thing. X-Men movies are about mutants being connected and by
    doing everything together, they can achieve greater good.

    About the film: -The main antagonist Apocalypse does not feel like a
    scary and all-mighty villain. -His lines are simple and a bit dull.
    There should be more depth to them.

    +Great CGI +Amazing cast, Fassbender NAILED it as Magneto (once again)
    +Many characters +Scenes you will never forget (in the best way)

    I still feel like Days of Future Past is far better than Apocalypse.
    Only thing this movie was missing was the depth of the antagonist.

    Still, do yourself a favor and go watch it.

  • Vlad_the_ReviewerJune 6, 2016Reply

    Lost its Superpower

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AlcoholicGoatJune 6, 2016Reply

    As Dwight Shrute would say: Good, not Great

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • angelmarkovJune 6, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • parmetdJune 6, 2016Reply

    One of the worst movies of all time.

    Even if you aren’t into the old school comics, this movie is
    practically unwatchable. The CGI is enough to make you vomit. The plot
    chugs along slow and incoherently.

    If you are in the old comics, omg run! This movie will destroy your
    childhood. Bryan Singer could not have done a worse job if he had been
    told that was his objective. Bryan Singer is now on my black list for
    any project he is involved in.

    The thing is what happened here was a budget was created and financial
    targets and all the business side stuff before even considering the
    script, content and delivering something fans could be proud of.
    Classic 101 error.