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Yakuza Apocalypse

Yakuza Apocalypse

May. 21, 2015 Japan115 Min.R
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8.7 1,715 votes

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Hayato Ichihara isAkira Kageyama
Akira Kageyama
Yayan Ruhian isMad Dog (contract killer)
Mad Dog (contract killer)
Lily Franky isGenyo Kamiura
Genyo Kamiura
Reiko Takashima isSosuke Zenba
Sosuke Zenba
Mio Yuki isVampire high school student
Vampire high school student
Denden isYakuza


Akira (Hayato Ichihara) admires Genyo Kamiura who is the most powerful yakuza. Genyo Kamiura has been targeted numerous times, but has never died. He is called the invincible person. Because of Genyo Kamiura, Akira enters the world of the yakuza. His yakuza colleagues treats him like an idiot, Akira can’t even get tattoos because of his sensitive skin. Akira becomes disappointed in the yakuza world, because it’s not like what he say in the movies. Especially, in terms of loyalty and charity depicted of the yakuza. An assassin is then sent to take out Genyo Kamiura. The killers know that Genyo Kamiura is a vampire.

Yakuza Apocalypse
Yakuza Apocalypse
Yakuza Apocalypse
Yakuza Apocalypse
Yakuza Apocalypse
Yakuza Apocalypse
Original title極道大戦争
IMDb Rating5.5 2,428 votes
TMDb Rating5.4 31 votes

(22) comments

  • quincytheodoreJuly 6, 2015Reply

    I don’t do drugs, but this movie is probably the accurate visual representation of being high.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • David TjahyadiJuly 7, 2015Reply

    This is pure horse crap

    This is pure crap, I expect a stylish dark toned movie from Takashi
    Miike, he could have made this a simple revenge flick with a tragic
    ending and a nice fight along the way.

    But for the love of god a frog man? Gavanesgue monster with exploding
    volcanoes? This is utterly crap even for Japanese weird comedy
    standard, the fight scene are terrible, and Yayan is wasted in this
    putrid garbage.

    There’s no drama, no character development, not even logical comedy (if
    there’s any), it’s just pure 2 hours of horse manure, and at least give
    us a f**** showdown we paid our money for, not you throw punch i throw
    punch kinds of crap.

    Seems like Miike is trying so hard to make an abstract garbage which is
    really garbage and none of the abstract. I want my money back

  • Nick DeesSeptember 19, 2015Reply

    I am a sucker for Japanese films.

    This was not the best film I have ever seen. An I agree with the other
    reviewer that it was a little abstract. The Frog man was something out
    of the ordinary. As the Director told the crowd after the movie. He had
    some time, and money and decided to make this movie. It is probably not
    your usual run of the mill Japanese fight movies, but he wanted to make
    something different. And he definitely did that. Prepare to be shocked
    when you see this film because I can assure you it is probably not what
    you expected but sometimes it is good to mix things up a little. It
    might work for some people. For me it was barely acceptable. I didn’t
    hate it but I also didn’t love it. I will agree that something unique
    was made and I suppose if you are into the genre of films. Watch it and
    see how you feel about it.

  • onryou-18927October 9, 2015Reply

    Stay Foolish

    Considering the low budget that most Japanese films are made with, this
    was a textbook over the top Miike film. He’s not going to be remaking
    classics like Koroshiya Ichi or Rainy Dog. I hope he gets back into
    that mode. But that’s how it is when a director becomes a cult hero.

    This is really just a movie about the sociology of living in a small
    coastal Japanese town. There’s all the main components for small time
    organized crime to exist and flourish. Things turnabout, people get
    killed, things get sorted out.

    I’m a real fan of Ninkyo eiga, the chivalrous yakuza films. I believe
    the heart of this film is Ninkyo. The outside is all otaku jack-off
    material, and the wrapper is whatever the heck Tarantino did to make
    Miike quit making awesome films like Ichi the Killer, Rainy Dog, and
    Deadly Outlaw Rekka, which is everything that this movie just couldn’t
    provide for people who aren’t a huge fan of Miike to begin with.

    If you don’t like this movie, then watch Deadly Outlaw Rekka, Yakuza
    Demon, and Rainy Dog. These are the movies that are not childish in any

  • Jqn_HgarOctober 15, 2015Reply

    They don’t get any crazier than this

    First off I believe Takashi Miike is a mad genius and a very hard
    working director i mean the guy makes like 4 movies a year and that’s
    pretty exhausting if you ask me but he manages to bring quality as much
    as quantity and his latest movie Yakuza Apocalypse is no different from
    his other works it’s got all the elements you want from a Miike film,
    genre mixing, gore, weirdness and over the top violence with little to
    no humanity to it. the plot is very simple, a Yakuza boss ,who is also
    a vampire but he managed to keep that a secret from everybody else, is
    murdered but before he dies he bites his henchman and the latter gets
    infected and decides to avenge his boss. if you think this is a serious
    movie please don’t watch it because you’re not getting the point or you
    probably never seen a Takashi Miike film apart from those serious ones
    he makes once in a while like 13 Assassins and Audition to mention a
    few. the point from this movie is that it’s absurd but it tries to be a
    serious film kind of like Leslie Nielsen’s character in The Naked Gun
    franchise he’s a very serious guy but everything around him is just
    plain stupid and absurd. but here comes the genius of Takashi Miike he
    manages to keep this film Absurd and Sublime at the same time he knows
    that there’s a fine line between Genius and Maniac and he walks that
    line with complete confidence. Overall this is a decent film it’s not
    Miike’s best but it’s still highly entertaining and fun especially for
    the people who are familiar with his work. My Rating 7/10.

  • politic1983October 17, 2015Reply

    Miike Undead?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ZobrasNovember 1, 2015Reply

    Miike’s best movie since GOZU.

    Miike produced a myriad of dull, forgettable movies in the last 10
    years, but Yakuza Apocalypse could be one of his last epic classics for
    a while. This movie is a mad, funny, dark, unpredictable,
    unconventional and violent Miike classic and has everything we came to
    expect from the director’s brilliant movie-directing.

    Don’t let the whole ”vampire” elements put you off. Yakuza Apocalypse
    doesn’t intent to take itself too seriously, but you can’t watch 30 min
    in the movie without noticing Miike’s genius all over it. It’s
    outrageously funny.

    I won’t dwell into the movie’s plot, and Ichihara’s brilliant
    performance, but Yakuza Apocalypse is really worth a watch, especially
    for Miike fans. In all modesty, this could well be his best movie since
    Gozu, and that’s saying a lot. A must-watch!

  • darthsitkurNovember 5, 2015Reply

    saints row meets blade meets sunset overdrive

    The reason I wanted to see it was because it had mad dog from the raid
    series in it, the second reason is because I love super gory foreign
    action thrillers. yakuza apocalypse is honestly the most violent,
    gruesome, insane vampire movie I’ve seen in a long time and it ROCKED,
    and it was so over the top that I was laughing out loud quite a bit, i
    mean, a guy in a frog suit beating the crap out of people, need I say
    more? Lol, there is tons of crazy brutal action and tons of extreme
    gore in this badboy, it’s a vampire action thriller on acid and it’s
    just so much fun, screw all the kiddie twilight movies, THIS is the
    real deal

  • grandmastersikNovember 14, 2015Reply

    Amusing but forgettable

    At moments during this film, fans will marvel at Miike’s nonchalant
    excellence… at others, they will either be scratching their heads
    wondering WTF they’re watching, or taking it at face value and enjoying
    it for what it is.

    But what is this film? For me, it was a satire of the absurdities that
    go on in Japanese comics and, for the most part, I quite enjoyed it.
    Come on, there’s that kick-arse villain from The Raid, a cool Yakuza
    lead and Bruce Lee in a frog costume – what’s not to enjoy?

    I have to admit, I really didn’t understand why the kid went after the
    female Yakuza and not the Priest-type dude, who quickly got relegated
    to a sub-par, may as well forget he exists villain, but most won’t
    likely understand ANY of this film, so it’s difficult to recommend it
    to the anyone I don’t personally know as digging this kind of off-beat

    If you give it a go, I hope that you laugh as hard as I did at the
    frog’s karate chop, which earned the film and extra star simply because
    I haven’t laughed so hard for a long time.

    This really is pretty much as love it/hate it as they come… only, the
    ”love” is always going to be replaced by the lesser word of ”enjoy”.

  • Daniel RodriguesNovember 18, 2015Reply

    Garbage and nonsense

    This movie is a poorly attempt to create a stylish vampire/mob movie.
    It has some stupid elements, in an other poorly attempt to create
    comedy, perhaps trying to appeal to more than one type of viewers… To
    bad that didn’t work. I was hoping, that, when I saw Yayan Ruhian in
    the cast, that the movie would have been more competent in the action
    scenes… even though the excellent work of Yayan Ruhian, the movie
    went down the drain very fast…

    Takeshi Miike was always connected to excellent film-making, but this
    is awful and boring… Some once told me that From Dusk Till Dawn 2 was
    stupid, because there was no logic, on having vampires steal a bank…
    I enjoyed that one… but this one is a mess… not worth watching it.

  • zetesJanuary 5, 2016Reply

    Too much weird stuff here to hate it, but it doesn’t really work, either

    Miike melds genres in this yakuza/vampire flick. This is certainly
    crazy, but I don’t think it’s one of Miike’s better films. Hayato
    Ichihara stars as a yakuza henchman who sees his boss decapitated in
    front of him. The boss has a secret: he’s a vampire. And before his
    head dies, he bites Ichihara on the neck and imparts his powers to him.
    With those powers (and the power to create more vampires), he looks for
    vengeance for his boss. Simple enough set-up, but there’s a ton of
    other stuff packed into the film. A lot of that stuff is fun –
    particularly the late-film appearance of a giant green frog monster who
    kicks all kinds of butt – but none of it is very coherent. It feels
    like just weird stuff for the sake of weirdness. Still, there’s enough
    here worth seeing that I’d recommend seeing it, particularly if you’re
    a fan of Miike or just cult cinema. Yayan Ruhian, who starred in The
    Raid and its sequel, also stars (he also briefly appears in The Force
    Awakens, but at least here he gets to fight).

  • JoeJanuary 7, 2016Reply

    Japanese gangsters and zombie vampires… You read that right!

    For those not experienced any of Takeshi Miike’s previous work, you are
    going to be in for a bit of a door slamming in the face experience with
    this one. There’s no denying that he can direct a movie (and he has
    made some excellent movies) but some of his most popular films have
    been more offbeat & comical like this.

    There’s no point explaining the storyline as it’s non-linear,
    intentionally a farce and practically irrelevant. Don’t bother trying
    to intellectualise any of it either like one guy I overheard did as I
    left the cinema. It’s just a farce, and makes no pretences to be

    You’ll either fall for its ludicrous charms in much the same way many
    do with Month Pythons’ work, but it will leave many cold. The humour is
    quirky but often violent and cruel so won’t suit all. Might even offend
    some sensibilities. It often bored me but others in the cinema were in
    hysterics. Lots of teenage boy level humour too.

    For those who lose patience with this, the only respite is that despite
    the silliness, you’ll find at least something somewhere to laugh at.

    It’s not by any means the director’s best work. Not by a long shot.
    Still for fan boys they’ll lap it up, for all else it will likely miss
    the mark even if doesn’t do so on the screen.

  • FlashCallahanJanuary 10, 2016Reply

    Just, beyond bonkers…….

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • klusebaMarch 8, 2016Reply

    Crazy in a positive way

    ”Yakuza Apocalypse” is one of last year’s most flamboyant movies. It
    shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s the most recent movie of famous
    Japanese director Takashi Miike, a diversified workaholic who shoots
    numerous movies each year and who has gained critical acclaim with
    psychological horror movies such as ”Audition” (1999), gangster movies
    like ”Family” (2001), experimental flicks like ”Gozu” (2003),
    historically inspired action movies like ”Thirteen Assassins” (2010),
    courtroom dramas like ”Ace Attorney” (2012) and brutal revenge flicks
    like ”Shield of Straw” (2013). Obviously, there is a lot of hit and
    miss in this director’s extensive filmography but I have adored most of
    his movies. No matter what genre Takshi Miike touches, his movies are
    often direct, intense and surprising and he has a very distinctive
    style that some people love and others despise. There are only few
    people who would describe Takashi Miike as an average director and his
    movies mostly get very positive ratings or extremely negative critics
    which is the reason why most of his movies still have balanced
    averages. ”Yakuza Apocalypse” is definitely a controversial movie.
    Some people might get lost while watching this film while others will
    adore this movie’s eclectic style.

    It’s not easy to describe this unpredictable movie. It’s basically a
    mixture of a gangster movie with a supernatural horror film and an
    absurd fantasy parody. ”Yakuza Apocalypse” works a lot with contrasts.
    It features a rape scene and a brutal assassination on one side but
    humorously exaggerated special effects and slapstick fight
    choreographies on the other. There are profound dialogues but there is
    also a lot of situation comedy. The mood of the film can switch from
    brutal to light-hearted, from emotional to superficial and from serious
    to ridiculous in a few minutes. It’s remarkable that the director still
    doesn’t lose the film’s guide line and manages not only to tell an
    intriguing story but also to include some smartly hidden social
    criticism here and there by ridiculing conservative gangster codes.

    ”Yakuza Apocalypse” tells the story of a disrespected young Yakuza who
    wants to avenge the death of his mentor who was assassinated by the mob
    of an international gangster syndicate. What makes this movie
    outstanding are the eclectic characters in this potpourri of genres.
    You will encounter a weird woman whose head is filled with a noisy
    liquid, a smart Asian gangster who looks and talks like William
    Shakespeare, an Indonesian martial arts expert, a hyperactive kappa
    goblin and a giant frog that wants to destroy the world. Expect the
    unexpected and you will get some very original entertainment.

    In the end, even by Takashi Miike’ standards, if he has any, this is
    one of his weirdest movies along with ”Gozu” which is one of my
    favourite films of all times. This movie here is a little bit less
    atmospheric and the acting is only of an average quality. Still, this
    film offers multiple fireworks of creativity and has the potential to
    become a true cult movie in the future in the key of odd, recent North
    American films like ”The Interview” and ”Tusk”. This flick has so many
    incredible genre changes, hilarious details and weird characters that
    it can be watched a dozen times without getting boring because there
    will always be something new to rediscover. ”Yakuza Apocalypse” offers
    many flamboyant scenes that should lead to controversial debates with
    your friends but you can also switch your brain off and enjoy this
    incredible fun ride on your own. If you’re expecting a serious
    mainstream movie though, you will be disappointed and get the exact
    opposite. Those who aren’t familiar with Takashi Miike’s works should
    maybe try out ”Gozu” and other movies before approaching this pleasant

  • kosmaspJune 27, 2016Reply

    This is mental

    And that’s putting it mildly. Far out could be another description that
    is fitting. Complettely off your (insert your own term of derangement
    here) would be another. Like it or not, the violence level is high. The
    nudity may not concern you as much (as there is little here to be
    seen), but you may have an issue with how people get treated in
    general. Than again, this wants to provoke and it doesn’t take itself
    or anyone else for that matter seriously.

    It’s tough to describe what happens and there are a lot of ”wtf”
    moments happening here. Some were so outraged that they left the cinema
    I was watching this in (was playing at a festival). You can’t walk out
    at home (well you can, but you know what I mean), but I reckon you can
    push the stop or pause button to catch your breath. Or maybe stop
    watching completely. It’s up to you, I cannot really recommend or
    disregard this for you, it will also depend on your mood most likely.
    Are you up for some crazy?

  • juanmuscleJune 29, 2016Reply

    What The….

    Talk about creative writing 101 zillion trillion!!! All out effort to
    truly entertain the good ol’ fashion Super Creative Writing all the way
    and beyond, I was transfigured , transported into a transcendent being
    of out space proportions! I cannot believe this flix! You are going to
    be like ‘No Way!’ in a total fun way as you are led astray into the
    land of infinite imagination! Loved every second of it… I mean green
    puppet monsters and vampires about to duel for the right to rule earth!
    No way! I just said cause I felt it whilst watching this really coolx
    flix, though I don’t think watching is what one does in a super
    creative experience such as this one! Never ever underestimate the
    Asian translation invasion in no way ever rule them out or anything!
    They are the greatest writers of all! I don’t know if producers just
    give the artists a plop of money and walk away as it should be but
    Hollywood can and will never compare until these ungainly ugly lazy no
    good wastrel gross avarice artless producers walk away and let the
    wonder of art engender creative art! Oh yes would it be so nice to
    really have scripts like this precipitating from all parts of the world
    , this would would never ever be boring again! Ennui just died forever!
    This is better than any drug you can take and it really doesn’t hurt so
    much when the unsuspecting pessimistic brain cells bounce back , it
    will be all good cause all of you and those stuffy brain cells will
    always love super creative writing coming out of the Asian Invasion, it
    is all good! Loving every second of it!

  • joaocarlosalimaJuly 19, 2016Reply

    Run from this like the plague

    When I started watching, the only information I knew about it was the
    basic plot I read here, which seemed interesting, from an action movie
    point at least, and it had a 5.5, which wasn’t that bad also.

    Boy, was I wrong.

    The story does make sense for the first 10 minutes or so. After that,
    it turns into an insufferable 1:30h+ of stupid dialogue, ridiculous
    characters, and nonsense scenes. I seriously can’t pick one single good
    thing about it once it starts sinking.

    I managed to watch the whole movie, don’t really know why, but at least
    I can write this review to warn others not to make the same error.

    You’re probably thinking ”It can’t be that bad”. And for those who are
    thinking that, this is my first review on this site, and I took the
    time to come and write it because it really is an awful movie.

    The worst part is that this could have been a good movie, if they
    didn’t screw every single part of it. I even stopped to see if this was
    based of an anime or something, because that could justify some of the
    ridiculousness of it. Do yourself a favor and delete this movie from
    history, I’ve seen low budget shorts with more quality.

    Now I’ll just go wash my eyes and pretend I’ve never seen this mess.

  • Roku daimeSeptember 20, 2016Reply

    One of the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen.

    The picture on the cover has a tattooed dude with a katana doing a
    pose, and the text ”from the director of 13 Assassin’s and the creators
    of The Raid” on it. And it has an age rating of 18. Based on this, I
    thought I was in for an awesome high-paced, ass-kicking action movie
    full of cool fighting and general badassery. If like me you’ve seen
    ”The Raid”, and loved it, then you know what I mean (”13 Assassin’s” is
    a cool movie too). Instead I got this boring and utterly ridiculous and
    idiotic turd of a movie…I didn’t find it neither cool nor funny, just
    lame and stupid. Threw it in the trash after suffering through the
    whole thing. Really wish I could get my minutes back. Don’t waste your
    time on this.

  • Bram VenemanOctober 26, 2016Reply

    not for everybody. gore/action/japan/

    This movie is from Takashi Miike so its on the weird side. That said,
    if you like slow paced Japan style logic and if you like action; this
    movie delivers in the most pure form. Combining the crazy and absurd.

    – ” Like Sukiyaki Western, but not a western and way better! ”

    Story 9/10 Action:8/10 Romance: 7/10 (there is) Acting:10/10

    The story line is insane but also good if you think about it. If you
    think there are gaps, you need to let go and just take it and move on.
    There are mysteries in life too and these gaps were put there
    purposefully. Thats the difference.

    Fights are well fought, and the final fight is the essence of fighting:
    brutal. Its a stupid fight but isn’t all fighting meant to be stupid.
    You can argue, but fights don’t decide whose right, just whose left.

    Visual aspect is whats most surprising. I watched Full HD. Selected
    scenes are portrayed in such a cheap way, its almost nostalgic.
    Reminded me of watching stuff like Power Rangers or Teletubbies. And
    still it was good.

  • Leofwine_dracaApril 2, 2017Reply

    The definition of ”cult”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • G-LangeApril 17, 2017Reply

    Well you don’t see that everyday

    As usual, Takashi Miike – director of ”Audition”, ”Ichi the Killer” and
    the ”Dead or alive” trilogy – throws things at the wall to see what

    In that case, we have the ninja with the frog costume, the knitting
    circle/blood farm underground and the always excellent Yayan Ruhian of
    ”The Raid” fame. That’s enough for me.

    The vampire story pales a bit by comparison, but still keeps the story
    together. It tells you something about a movie when the yakuza-vampire
    angle is the grounding part.

  • SpottedZebraMay 31, 2017Reply

    Weird as F*** and no, I do not think there was any deeper meaning to it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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